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Consolidated with the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January 1, 1906.
Legitimate banking business Is han
dled by us.
We keep your valuable papers in
safety deposit boxes.
We sell drafts and foreign exchange
payable any place in the world.
We cash all sorts of money orders or
checks on any bank.
Why go out of your way to get these
items cashed when we are handy?
Tun Old Keliaiilk
Columbus State Bank
Marriage Licenses
Alfred Loeseke to Rosa Schneider.
Schnyler; John Nelson. Genoa to Lillie
Johnson, Lindsay; Herman Loseke,
Leigh to Barbara Schneider, Schuyler;
Charlie C. Moore Columbus to Mary C.
Moore, Richland; Geo. Jurow&ki, Fuller
ton to Veroniku Lies, Duncan; Ottis
Dasher to Blanche Showar, Creston
Nicholas Mueting, Cornlea, Katie Menl
ken, Humphrey; John E. Kumpf, Co
lumbus, Elna M. Walsh, Columbus;
Oliver P. Newman. South Dakota,
Annie Kraute. Creston.
Tuesday evening at 9 o'clock Judge
ltatterman performed the ceremony
which united in tin bonds of matrimony
Jolm E. Kumpf .mil Miss Edna M. Walsh,
both of Hub city. Mr. Kumpf is one of
the obliging clerks in the Henry Bagatz
& Co. store, and Miss Wali-h has been
one of the telephone operatojs in this
city for some time. The many friends
of both the contracting parties wish
them ali tiie good things this life affords.
For wedding stationery, vis
iting cards and fine stationery
call on the Columbus Printing
& Specialty House tt
Farm loans at 5 and .;; per cent, no
commission. Elliott, Speice & Co
Farm for Sale.
My entire tnict of land of oOO acre
in Shell Creek valley is for sale at a very
reasonable price and on cas terms.
Call booh if you want to uet in on the
ground Moor, tf Jos liCNr.OKLCit.
E.M. Morehoid, auctioneer," will be
located at Newman Grove. Dates can
be made at this office at any time. Tel
ephone either bank at Newman Grove
Wedding Presents.
I have ordered home new things in
queensware especially aporopriate for
wedding gifts, at medinm prices.
Newman & Welch have coal from
$5 to 8 per ton at yard.
Heal Ets"te Loans.
We are prepared to make loans on
all kinds of real estate at the lowest
rates on easy terms. Becher, Hocken
berger & Chambers.
Farm for Sale.
200 acres. 140 improved, balance
pasture. First clasd buildings. Three
miles north west of Columbus.
Boyd Dawson Stp
N itepaitnipnt of the Interior.
.Lfi'iA ttKc at Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jimuarj 29. 11M5.
Notice is hereto given that the following nam
ed settler hat. ril-i notice of his iukn ion to
make final proof in supiort of his claim, and
that said proof will he made before the
Clerk of District Court, at Coluuibus, Nebraska,
on March W. WW. viz: Frank liaggi. lid. No.
17694. for the sel. Sec 2S, Twp: 17 N, Range 3 w,
6th P. M.
He name the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence Uon acd cultivation of
said land, viz: Abraham LaRue. of Genoa. Ne
braska: Frank Toia.-m. Genoa, Nebraska; Mat-.
thew Morris, of Genoa. Nebraska; Hector Kurth.
of Genoa. Nebraska.
W. A. GREEN. Register.
Has one of the best dental offices
in the state.
FullyNequipped to do all den
tal work in Firat-Ciass manner.
Always reasonable in charges.
AH work guaranteed.
Over 14 3'ears practice in Co
lumbus. g5- Dr. E. H. Nhmii.
Mifcs Fughley of Genoa is a guest at
the home of Loyd Swam.
. Mr. H. B Robinsou was an Omaha
vibitor Wedesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Anna Lehman is confined to
the hoafe on account of sickness.
Mrs Myron Wheeler returned to
her home in Lincoln on Saturday
Heurv Sturgeon moved this week to
bis new home at Stockville in Fron
tier county.
Miss Nellie Crouse of Schuyler was
in the city last Thursday the guest or
Mies Lida Clayton.
Mrs. Angnst Wagner and her sister
Miss Pauline Elias visited friends in
Lincoln on') day last week.
Mrs. J. G. lieeder entertained at six
o'clock dinner Friday evening in
honor of Mrs. Wheeler of Lincoln.
Mrs. O. L. Baker left for Red Oak.
la. Mouday morning to be Dresent at
the Binns-Baker wedding on Tuesday.
Miss Wetton of Cnicago who has
beun the guett of Mrs George Wbaley
expects to leave the latter pare of the
week for her home.
If yon want to be enred of catarrh,
gut a Hycmei outfit from Drnggist
Chas. H. Oack, price $1. Money hack
if it fails to enre.
The young people's clab met with
Mr. and Mrs. Swain on Saturday
evening. The prizes were won by
Or. Martyn. jr., and Miss Florence
Mrs. J. J. Sullivan gave a four
oonrse lncheon in honor of Mrs Myron
Wheeler Fri afternoon. Twelve ladies
were present and after the lunch they
played bridged whist
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pollock enter
tained at " o clock dinner for Mrs.
Myron Wheeler of Lincoln on Satur
day evening Those present were:
Dr and Mrs. Evans, Jndge and Mrs
J J. Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Cham
bers, and Mr. and. Mrs Robinson.
R. H. Wurdeman came over from
Leigh Monday and took home with
him his son Henry who has been a
student in the Columbus Business
College and who has been saffering
recently from an attack of appendici
tis The boy will not be able to re
sume his etudies before next fall.
Frank Kudge, Charles Sues and Tom
Mucok wt't brought before Justice
O'Brieu 011 .lie charge of disturbing
the peace 111 lh city limits in voca
tion of city ordinance. They were
shooting tame pigeons. A hue of 1
each and coats was imposed. Sues
being under fifeeen years old was dis
missed and the other two went to jail
to board out their fine.
Captain Wagner and Lient3nants
Brock and Wilson of Company K at
tended omcers school in Lincoln dur
ing the most of last week. A law was
recently passed in this state providing
for the instruction of National Guard
officers by competent instructors from
the regular army. The school is held
about twice a year and continues
about five davs each session. Only
officers of the Natonal Guard are
eligible. Nebraska was the first
state to adopt the idea and other states
are falling in line.
The Pionneer Hook and Ladder
company held their thirty-second an
nnal ball at the Orpbens last Tnurs-
day night. The ball was perhaps the
most successful one ever given by the
company both from a social and finan
cial standpoint The proceeds amount
ed to abont $120 net. Nearly one nun
tired dancers were on the floor. The
masks worn were of unusual variety
and boautv. Miss Victoria Waps,
masked as a bar-maid won the ladies
five dollar prize and Charlie Becher,
in the mask of a silly boy, won tne
same prize offered to men. Perfect
order prevailed during the whole
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Robinson and
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pollock enter
amed the Enchre clnb at the home of
the former on Thursday evening.
A two course dinner was served. The
prices were won by Mrs. O. C Gray,
Mrs. Wheeler of Lincoln Mr. Carl
Kramer and Mr. W. H. Benham
The clnb being given on the evening
of Washingtons birthday, the house
was beautifully decorated in red white
and bine. The place cards and score
cards were small hatchets, and larger
ones were suspended fiom the chan
deliers in the different rooms. A
cherry tree loaded with cherries was
the center piece of the large table in
the dining room.
Sunday an accident was averted
only by distance. At the German
Lutheran church while Mr. and Mrs.
Abbie Franzen were getting in their
carriage to go home a 22 caliber bul
let came buzzing along and lodged in
the carriage lap robe Lnckily Mrs.
Franzen had jnst gotten iuto the bug
gy, and was arranging the robes while
Mr. Franzen was untying the team
when it oocured. Had Mrs. Franzen
stood a moment longer the bullet
would no doubt struck her in the face.
From all appearance the bullet had
been fired from a distance and had
spent the most of its force before
lodging in the robes, but it was go
ins of sufficient rapidity to have made
Bevere wound had it struck the lady
la the faoa. LeUa World.
You will
in addition to our new
stock of of Wall Paper
a full line of .Picture
Moulding, Plati Rail,
Photograph RsukBead
ing, etc. Tflp.Jnee
will please yotj:
Chas. H. Dick
COBS FOR S ALE : Caltfup Inde
pendent Telephone No lOSft' ltp
Miss Martha Poet wenttb Ldncoln
Saturday morning returnin- Monday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs.' ' Johannes,
Sunday evening February 25. a girl.
O. A. Speice remains abont the
same, nis condition still befog criti
cal. ,t
Miss Mamie Elliott returned to her
studies in Lincoln Monday after a
forced vacation on account of sick
ness J. W. Fanble went to Grand Island
last Thursday to construct a business
block for which he secured the con
tract. Ornggist Chas. H. Dack has received
a fresh lot of Hyomei, the catarrh
remedy tnat he guarantees will cure
or cost nothing.
LOST : On afternoon of Sunday
February 20th, an Opal brooch.
Finder please return to this office and
receive reward
Tom Adams returned home last
week from Michigan, where he was
called by the serious illnses of his
bister Miss Adelia Adams. -c.
Mrs. O. H. Sheldon ""Mrs. CVc
Sheldon aod Miss Sneddon entertained
at five o'clock tea yesterday afternoon
at tne home of the former.
Mrs Ernest Brown of Norfolk left
Saturday evening for her home after
a few weeks visit at the home of her
parents Judge and Mrs. William
Mr. Frank Stovick requests all per
sons that wonld like instruction in
brass or band instruments to call at
Scbostng rijrar factory for further in
formation It
rIri. Ralph Searles of Eldora, la.,
visited Columbns friends last Thurs
day. Mrs. Searles was formerly Miss
b ranees Maynard, the efficient opera
tor on the Journal' typesetting ma
chine. Mrs. A. Anderson and MrB. Peter
Anderson left for Fort Collins Friday
evening. Mrs. A. Anderson will visit
there for three weeks and Mr. Ander
son will meet her on his retnrn from
Mr. Will Baker of Columbns and
Miss Edna Binns of Red Oak, la.,
were married at the home of the
brides' parents in Red Oak on Tues
day. February 27. Mr. Baker in a son
of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Baker of this
Mr. Percy W. Nichol of Leigh and
Miss Edith Postle, dangherof Mr. and
Mrs. L R. Postle of Peabody. Kan.,
were married by Judge Ratterman last
Wednesday afternoon. The groom has
many relatives in this county. The
young people after a few weeks will
go to Peabody, Kan., to make their
M. M. Steele, the rural route agent
who has been investigating the feasi
rilitv of giving Platte county abso
R. F. D. service, has about two weeks
more work in tne country, when his
report will be sent to tne department.
Ju6twnat that report will only Mr.
Steele knows, but from his countenance
when asked, it is burnmed that it
will be favorable.
Jndge Ratterman performed the
ceremony which united Mr NicboIa
Mueting. of Conlea to Miss Katie
Meintken, of Humphrey, yesterday
morning at 10 o'clock. A brother of
the groom and sist r of the bride ac
companied the happy couple to this
city last night and witnessed the cere
mony. They are both well known in
their respective commnnities.
Mrs. Meila McKelvey and her two
daughters. Hazel and Marguereite
will leave the first of March for Ful
lerton where they will make their fu
ture home. Fullerton was formerly
their home nntil the death of Mr.
McKelvey. The two girls will take
charge of the Fallerton telephone ex
change which will o placed in their
residence. Miss Hazel has been in
the employ of the Nebraska Telephone
company here for a number of years
and Marguerite has helda similar po
sition in the Independent exchange
Fred Gerber was in Omaha last Sun-
i day.
v !is Madge Kanffmtiti lefi for Chica
go today.
Miss Ldia Sturgeon left yesterday
for Omaha.
Mrs. S E. Baker visited over Sun
day in Schuyler.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas H Dack,
Tud iy, February 27th, a daughter.
Mr. George H 11 1st, of Omah:i was a
guest at the Martyn home last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C Johnson, of
Cambridge, Neb., are visiting with
Mr. ana Mrs S. E. Baker.
A basket social is to be given at the
Adamy school on the evening of
March 9th,. Everybody welcome to
The Misses Vie and Vera Stevenson
entertained the O. K. C. girls' last even
ing, an enjoyable evening was spent by
1 hose present.
Don't be troubled lunger with ca
tarrh Druggist. Chas. A. Dack says
that if a $1 Hyomei outfit does not
cure you completely, he will pay for
The Democratic City Central com
mittee neld a meeting last night and
set the date of March 19th for a con
vention to nominate the oity officers
to be elected this spring.
TAKEN UP. At my farm four
miles north of town, three calves, on
November i7th, 1905. Owner can
nave same by proving property and
paying expenses. Inquire of O. J.
Miss Anna entertained the O. K.
C. girls at her home last Friday evening.
The evening was spent in playing pro
gressive games. Miss Itose Gass and
Miss Emily Kagatz won the prizes.
Refreshments were served.
Hans Albert will give a violin reci
tal at the Methodist Episcopal church
next Tuesday evening, March 6. Lov
ers of good music cannot fail to ap
preciate the opportunity to hear this
celebrated artist. Admission 10.
West and Vokes and Miss Margaret
Daly Vokes presented their comic
opera "A Pair of Pinks" at the
North Opera house last evening to a
well filled house. Margaret Daly
Vokes was the hit the evening, with
.Charles Stewart as the Hebrew a
"fckise second. West bad" vokes as the
two "Piuks" were olightly below
what had been expected and the
chorus, wall, as Margaret Daly Vokes
sung in her hit. "It s best not to
say to much about it."
Mrs.;C. H. Sheldon, Mrs. C. C. Shel
iiuu and Miss Sheldon were hostesses
I uesday at a dainty and novel five
o'clock tea to fifty-eight of their lady
f net ds. The rooms were decorated with
twisted streamers of scarlet and cream
crepe paper strung from the chandeliers
to the sides of the room. The tables
were decorated with Hugs of all nations,
one large flag in a jar on each table.
The guests were given small flags to cor
respond, instead of place cards, to find
their places at the tables. Red and
white carnations were also used in dec
oration. The general meeting of the Wo
man's club will be held in the high
school gymnasium on Saturday, March
3, at 3 o'clock. The papers read will
be on educational topics and the high
school building will be opened to the
clnb, wer6 some art and industrial
work done in the schools will be on
exhibition. The following program
will be given : Piano solo. Seleoted,
Mrs. ). E. Adams; Paper "Industrial
Work " Mrs Brndley. Paper, "Mu
sic in the Schools." Mrs R. T. Page.
Vocal solo. Selected, Miss Morgan.
Practical Demonstration in Manual
Training Work, Mr. E. V. Graves.
This meeting was to nave been held
at the residence of Mrs. Millard but
owing to tne illness in her family it
was impossible for Mrs. Millard to
receive the club.
bears well repeating as will your suc
cessful real estate investment. We
have walked the path to' success in real
ty matters with the firm tread of exper
ienceand this experience and knowl
edge of values is at your command. We
can show you some of the finest im
proved property lying out of doors and
quote you a price so low with easy
terms of payment that even those who
run can count its sure increase in value.
Not one piece, but hundreds, and all
well located that for you to see will cre
ate a hond of sympathy between the
price and your savings.
Bf cher, ffackeiibtrgtr .
& Chmbtrs
Uth St. OalaBbua, Nebr
y ?B 1
Whether you expect to spend a considerable sum for a gift or whether
you wish only some little thing to grace the occasion -in either case Nie
wohner's should be your objective point.
Two advantages will be yours tne opportunity to select from an un
usually large stock and certainty of the value and good taste of whatever
you select.
Silverware Cut Glass Hand-Painted China Leather Ceeds
ED. J. NIEWOHNEH, The Jeweler.
Farmers Institute.
The fanners of Platte county at
tended the institute Monday afternoon
and yesterday in numbers and listened
with a great deal of interest to the
several able speakers.
Especial interest was shojrn in the
address of Hon. Wlliiam Ernst, of
Graf, Neb., Tuesday afternoon on the
subject 'Growing Corn," and many
valuable hints were given to the at
tending farmers.
Mr. Poynters' address, on the sub
ject of "Farm Dairying ' was also
well received, and was filled with
merit, showing our ex-governor to be
well versed in the fine points of bis
Mr. W. D. McKee consumed nearly
the entire morning session with his
subject "The Feeder Type of Beef
Steer," and gave his audience many
pointers on the choosing, care and
fattening of feeders. Ex Governor
Poynter also gave a chicken talk Mon
day afternoon T. G. Furgnson, of
Beyer Crossing discoursed on the sub
ject of "How to Till and Fertilize the
Farm," telling the assembled farmers
many things they bad not known, and
giving them interesting bits of know
ledge that they already knew, but had
never realized. Mr. Ernst also spoke
on "Maintaining Tame Pastures
The evening session Monday was de
voted to the ladies, and a goodly num
ber were in attendance to bear Miss
Rosa Bouton. of the State University
discourse on Domestic Science and the
The following are the officers elect
ed for the ensuing year:
Executive board, J H Drinnin.
Chris Binz, G. Draper, Fred Luckey.
and Craig Turner. President, John
Grosnicklaus ; vice-president. Carl
Rohde; and secretary and treasurer,
Albert Stenver.
Mrs Margaret Brady.
Death claimed another of Plane
county's pioneer citizens last Friday
when Mrs. Margaret Brady passed to
her eternal rewatd. Mrs. Brndy was
born in Kings county, Ireland iu IS34.
Both parents having died suddenly
with cholera, she with her brother
and sisters came to America and lo
cated in Chester county Peun., in
1847. In 1836 thev came to Platte
county. Neb. , where she was married
to Adam Smith in 1859.
He was one of the victms of the
Arapahoe massacre near Genoa in I860.
Four yaers later she married Thomas
Brady who met a tragic death in a
runaway a few years loter. She con
tinued to make the old homestead her
home until 1893, when she moved to
Columbus and has resided, here con
tinually until her death. Of a family
of five ohildren she leaven only one
son Adam Smith besides her brother
Patrick Murray and two sisters Mrs.
O. Gushing of Columbus and Sister
Auastasia of the Visitation convent
at Wheeling W. V. to mourja her
loss. The funeral sevices were at the
Oathollo church Monday morning at
10 o'clock and interment made in the
Catholic cemetery.
Sherman Township.
Gus Loseke drove to Herman Ahrns
place on business Thursday.
George Hoessel of Crossplaine, Wis.,
is visiting with his brother John and
family the past week
Adolph Hellbusch lost a valuable
horse one day last week.
The public sale of Nirk Hofn.-r was
well attended and everything sold for a
good price.
Mre. George Handing who was quite
sick is slowly improving under the care
of Dr. Metz of Humphrey.
R. H. Wurdeman has moved from his
home farm to the Davis farm of 80 acres
and will farm on a smaller scale and
devote his time in raising chickens.
Fred Dasenhrock loaded a car of hogs
at Leigh Wednesday evening headed
for the South Omaha market.
E. Lueschen and D. B. Gorman are
at the County seat this week they being
drawn to serve on the jury.
Martin Dierks took snddnly sick last
Herman Jnselman is busy these das
delivering corn to Frank Wurdeman.
Cards are ont announcing the mar
riage of Miss Anna Krause to Ollie P
Newman which is to take place Thurs
day March 1st, at the home of the bride's
brother Panl Krause in Sherman township.
Four Men Suspected of the Robbery
Under Arrest-
Between midnight Thursday and
morning Friday an attempt was made
to rob the bank of Monroe. Entrance
co the building was gained by
forcing the front door. In order
ro get tools to work with they broke
pen the hand oar house near the de
pot and secured ft heavy orow bar and
also took a sledge and some other tools
from John Truelove's blacksmith
When the section foreman Chas
Cummins, went to work this morning
be discovered that the tool house had
been broken open and the bar was
gone, and surmising that something
was wrong went first to the depot and
later up town, and discovered that the
front door to the bank was open. He
at once gave the alarm and an inves
tigation diolosed the fact that therob
bers had broken the combination oftne
the vault but had failed to get into it,
although they used at least one charge
of high exDlosive
wm. Webster, the president, was in
the bank until alter midnight Thurs
day checking up a sale he had clerked
and had the robbers succeeded in
opening even the vauit wonld have
secured several hundred dollars.
In order to make their escape they
stole L. D. Smith's team and wagon,
which were found near the old fish
pond at Columbus and recovered.
Sheriff Carrig was notified at once
and he 6et to work to apprehend the
criminals. This afternoon word was
received that four suspects had been
taken from the train at Silver Creek
and taken to Columbus Monroe Re
publican. Fonr men suspected of the Monroe
bana robbery are safely lodged in tne
county jail and will probably stand
trial under that charge at the present
tession of tne district court.
The story of the robbery is told be
low in detail in an extract from the
Monroe Republican.
Taking np the story at the point
where the stolen team wan found Fri
day morning in west Columbus, four
suspicious looking characters appeareu
in Duncan early Friday morning and
Sheriff Carrig who was notified, went
to Duncan on the first train, arrested
them and brought them to Columbus.
That the sheriff got the right men
is supported by ample circumstantial
evidence. Near Duncan, along the
railroad, where the men had cooked
their breakfast John Sokol a resident
f Ucucan discovered some fresh dirt
thrown np. Digging down he dis
covered two large 44 calibre revolvers
and a full set of safe-blowing tools
including a pint of nitro-glvcerine,
chisels, drills and skeleton keys. And
not far distant, two more large revol
vers were found bnried ia the same
manner. The cloth in which the
(ihiaels and drills were wrapped was
of the same material as that wrapped
around the chisels found in the S-uith
buggy in Columbus Friday morning.
Another bit ot evidence which forms
a most important connecting link is
the positive identification last Satur
day of two of the men by Fred Goke
and Fred Swannon of Monroe as the
men who called at their homes three
miles west of Monroe on Thursday
afternoon and demanded food. When
they were refused food, they threaten
ed to return at night and burn the
houses of these two farmers.
Upon preliminary examination Tues
day the suspects were all held to the
district court and will probably be
ttied this week.
Advertised Letters -C.
C Andrews, Mrs. Pearl Arnold,
Bnrch. Mrs. M. E. Cogin, M. J.
Dor.cey, H. A. Downs. H. C. Ebrlic,
.1. A Field, Walker Geerheart, Mrs.
J. G. Graham, Earl Hroth. James E.
Kelly, Eno. F Leroy. E. M. Lindsay,
Miss Rae Morris, Mr. Marx, G.
Rocch, Mrs. Emil Schoen, D. Smith,
James Smith, Mrs. Annie Wilkerson.
and Roy Wilson.
The following subjects are an
nounced for the Methodist chnrch
next Sunday morning, "The Unim
peded Traveler." Evening, "Unjust
Demands Upon God." Special music
provided for the evening service.
Walter, the three-year old son of
Mr. and. Mrs. Spencer Rioe is quite
ill with catarrhal fever.
of the country
time is shown in
the banking busi
ness. The few
banks then in ex
istence were main
ly for government
business. Trades
men kept their
money in chests.
Servants left their
savings with their
masters. The pro
gress is shown by
TIN First NatiM
alBuk which will open an
account with as
little as one dollar.
And it is a sounder
institution than
some of the gov
ernment banks of
long ago.
ftLB'oftK' V.
Miwitf ;
The First NatUnal Bank
Card of Thaaka.
The relatives of the late Margaret
Brady desire to thank too kind frleads
and neighbors who so kindly agisted
them with their presence aad sym
pathy during Her illness and death.
Public Sale
J. E. Niohol. residing four mikw
east of Columbns will Mil nil hia
I dtock and farm iaplesaents at pablie
auction on March 5.
He will offer a large aaaber of
horses, and cattle of excellent quality
and all kinds of first implemeata,
buggies, wagons etc
Nothing will be reserved as Mr.
Niohols is going to leave the coaatry.
A free lunch will be given at boob.
Remember the date, March 5. Tense
f 10 and under cash. Over that asaoaat
10 months on bankable note.
BRUOE WEBB, auctioneer.
In farm mortgages at from 5 to 8 per
cent lor sale by Elliott. Speice & Co. 2t
Brnce Webb is the best auctoaeer
in Platte county. Make dates at this
office. tf
For Rent.
280 acres land 2 miles northeast of
Columbus. Good improvements. 200
acres under cultivation, balance hay
land For full particulars call on or
write to
Elliott Speice & Co.
P. O block 48tf
I am prepared to respond promptly
to all calls for a practical auctioneer
in Platte county territory. I pay for
all phone calls. W I. Blaine. Scaay
ler, Nebraska Phone No. 63.
FOR SALE A modern resi
dence, 10 rooms and bath, good
barn, eYery convenience, best
location in town. Call at Jour
nal Office. tf
Wheat 65
Corn 28
Oats bushel 23
Rye-r bushel 51
Barley, 25
Potatoes 3? bu 30
Batter t). ig to 18
Eggs r dozen 10
Hens J g
Roosters 6
Hogs 5.50
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jftnnnrv 99 1QTM
Notice is hereby K vent hat the following named
Hettler has filed notice of hi intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before the Clrk of District
Court, at Columbns, Nebraska, on March 19. UK.
viz: Abraham W. Laltue, Hd. No. 17637. for the
sw' Sec 31. Township 17 N, Range 8 W 6th P.M.
He names the following witnesses to pcove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: Frank Buggi, of Genoa, Nebras
ka; Milford Beckwith. of Silver Creek. Nebras
ka; Michael Kusz. of Genoa. Nebraska; Martin
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W. A. GREEN. Register.
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thing we have to offer.
we can and do fill and extract teeth
We give a written guarantee with all
work. If it fails or proves unsat
isfactory AT ANY TIME
we will either replace it
or refund the money
Dr. J. E. Paul, DoiitUt.
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