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Soda Crackers
anything yon choose milk for instance or alone.
At every meal or for a munch between meals, when
yon feel the need of an appetizing bite to fill up a vacant
corner, in the morning when you wake hungry, or at
night just before going to bed. Soda crackers are so
light and easily digested that they make a perfect food at
times when you could not think of eating anything else.
But as in all other things, there is a difference in sod
crackers, the superlative being
Uneeda Biscuit
a soda cracker so scientifically baked that all the nutri
tive qualities of the wheat are retained and developed
a soda cracker in which all the original goodness is
preserved for you.
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oing East
Four fast daily trains via the Union Pacific R.R.
and The North-Western Line take you through
to Chicago without change of cars over
Tub OrJy Double Track Railway Between
the Missouri River and Chicago
'Pullman standard and tourist sleeping car
dining chair cars and day coaches.
Direct connection in Cmaha Union
Depot with fast daily trains to Sioux
City, Mankato, St. Paul, Minneapolis
and Duluth.
rcr rates, tickets and full information apply to
Agents of the Union Pacific R. K. or address
J. A. KUHN, Astt. Gai. Fit t Piss. Aaurt
Chicago A North-Western Ry.
' ftc. '2C1 FAKNAM ST. OMAHA. NEB.
free re-
and 20th the Burlington makes very low excursion rates
to the Big Horn Basin, the North Platte Valley and
Eastern Colorado.
ernment work is under full headway towards putting
water on two hundred thousand acres of land adjacent
to the Burlington road, at an average cost of $25.00 an
acre. It is possible today to secure homestead lands
along these great ditches, in advance of the water. You
can also buy from private concerns very fine irrigated
lands, under a full and permanent water supply, at
prices ranging from $25 to $40 per acre. The history
of western irrigated lands shows that their value has
increabed over 100 per cent in the past few years. There
are arers of irrigated lands in the west that cannot be
bought today for $300 an acre. .
IT WILL PAY YOU to get interested in irrigated
lands, and to get in touch with the land agents in the
North Platte Valley, the Big Horn Basin, the Billings,
Montana, district, or Eastern Colorado. If you will
write me for irrigation literature descriptive of any of
these localities. I will mail it to you free, together with
a list of land agents.
General Passenger Agent.
Attorney -at -Law
Ol.l Suite Kink !!!!. COLU.Mlil .NEHK
ft. M. POST
Attorney : at : Law
Columbus. Neb.
t v. ctTiKefe.
(Who Oliv Hr toarth door norm of Firet
Nrrionsd Bank.
A Bargain
in Land...
160 -Acre Farm
Two miles northeast of
Oconee; Present price
$50 per acre, part cash,
balance on time.
160 -Acre Farm
About 1 1-2 miles south
of Oconee; part cash,
balance on time, $30 per
Apply to L. N. HITCHCOCK,
Oconee, Nebr., or to
Council Bluifs, Iowa ,-
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air fanritT unit CD
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L m, - Nf 18b
- 3 rsi
H'LTSAKDS of grateful customers in
even- state attest the WONDERFT'L
The Only Liniment that Heals without a Scar
It euro cats, pp-aii-v hruiscs. soro. swenimrs.
lameness, old wounds, lumliaso. chapped hauds. frost
bitrs. etc.. and Is the srmriard reasedy tor barbed
Hire cats on anttnals. harness and saddle piHs.
ecmtclies, sreaslicel. caked udder, itch, aanscetc.
It heals a wound fmra :'ir hottcsn up and is
thoroughly antlvptic KZIiG CACTUS OIL is
sold bj druspists in l.V . :"W . and si bottles. f3 and
IRdecoratlcans.orsH'nt prp:" h the manufac
turers. OHiEY O McPAIV. Clinton. I0W0. if
not obtainable at your drucci'ts.
ruL,iuiia i7. t
y&ri -v
keeps fresh longer
tastes far better
does you more good
when it's made with
the wonderful yeast
that took the Firt Grand Prize
at the St. Louis Exposition.
Yeast Foam is Hold by all gro
cers at 5c a package eriouch
for 40 loaves. Send a postal card
for our new illustrated book,
"Good Bread: How to Make It."
St Edward
(From th Advance. '
William Fox, who ban been work
ing od the Pierson I). Smith ranch,
left Tuesday for his home at Colom-
DOB. .-.- . . r-J.
" Harry Hlnnian returned home from
Oafedale last Friday evening where he
had been helping in one of the bank.
He had been substituting for one of
the regular employees wi.o had gone
to a hospital to have hiB eyes operated
News reached St Edward the latter
part of the week that S. J. Peterson
who had shipped cattle to Omaha had
betn taken suddenly ill. Hie friend
T. MnrtinA'jn, at whose home he was
stf;ing, an. thfl pd new.s to his re
Utirns hflr3 Mr. Pnrefn was raken
ro the Swedish botnital where it was
dionvred that au immediate opera
fiun would be iieuffMry to save bin
life He underwent the operation
Friday and late reports ay tha the
jvbII on tht way to recovery Mrs J.
3. Martinson, uccompanied by her
Impound, left Saturday for Omaba to
remain witn hr fahtr until he is
ablo to come home
Pirating Foley's Honey and Tar.
Foley A Co., Chicago, originated Hon
ey and Tar a a throat, and lung remedy
and on account of lliu great merit and
popularity of Foley,s Hony and Tar
mauy imit'itions are offered for the ien
niue. Tbei- worthless imitations haw
similar sounding names. Beware of
them. The genuine Foley's Honey and
Tar is a yellow paek;e. Ask for it and
refuse any substitutt- It is the best
remedy for coimlis and colds. Mc
Clintock & Carter.
Fr'im the Post.
A number of fiionds cathered at the
borne of Geort: .Tostes, Sunday even
ing, and hepted hint celebrate the
anniversnty ot his birth.
Ohris Steiner lefc Tnesdy.fur New
man Grove. From there he leaves,
Thursday for Pateros, Wash., wnere
he has property interests
Joe Pole in of Lindsay and Miss
Katie Schumacher of Platte Oenter
were married, Toessdav, at the latter
place in the Catholic chnrch. The
groom is very well known here and
has many friends ta re who extend
their congrAtnl ation
Dr. Walker has made a couple of
trips to Spalding this week, where he
is siving medical attention to Ed.
Fitzimmons t-r . who has been very
ill for some time.
The marriage bann of Frank Kie
niig and Mi?s Anna Mirr were an
nounced in the Holy Family chnrch.
Sunday. The wedding will take place
here this month ome time and not at
Kansas where stated last week.
Fred Smith purchased the bailding
occupied hv the Lindsay State bank
last week for $1500.00 and will utilize
it to enlarge hip tpice for furniture
bnsiness. The Lindsay State bank is
uotv repairing the old building on the
cornur, formerly occupied bv Mrs. D
M Andrews and will move into it
about A"ril first.
For Biliousness and Sick Headache
Take Orino L ixaiive Fruit Syrup. It
sweetens the stomach, aid digestion
and acts as a gentle tiraniant on the
liver and bowels without irritating these
ais. Orino Laxative Fruit S nip cures
hiliiouene-s and habitual constipation.
Does not nauseate or gripe, is mild and
pleasant to take. Remember the name
Obino and re.'use to accept any substi
tute. McClintock .t Carter.
From the Lioaaer.
Mrs. Will Thompson went to Co
lumbus the first of the week to join
her husband who recently returned
from Waehinton to accept a position
in a creamery
Considerable interest is being taken
in the approaching election of the
Monroe Telephone company which
occurs on the 28th of the present
month. There seems to be two frac
tions figb(ing tor control and a large
amount of hustling is being done
among the stockholdres.
News was received the first of the
week announcing the death of tho
husband of Mrs. Welchans, who
tangbt mnsic in onr city last year.
While attempting to board 3 tram in
an Iowa town, the last of the week
his foot caught, in a frog and he was
thrown nnder the train receiving in
juries from which he died Sunday
The deceased was a traveling man and
was known to many of onr citizens.
Columbus must have a large number
ofcitizens who can be termed easy
guys About as often as the moon
chanses the announcement is made
that several citizens of that town have
invested in wild cat mining stock of
some kind that is bound to make its
possessors millionaires The latest
investments are in the stock of a won
derfnoil well down in Oklahoma
We wonder if there is a single citizen
of Columbus who ever drew a cent of
dividends on stock of this kind.
Ken Fast Sixty in Danger
More than half mankind over sixty
years of age suffer from kidney and blad
der disordars, usually enlargement of
prostate gland. This is both painful
and dangerous and Foley's Kidney Cure
should he taken at the first sign of dan
ger, as it corrects irregularities and ha
cured many old men of this disease. Mr.
Rodney Burnett, Rock Port Mo., writes:
"I suffered with enlarged prostate gland
and kidney trouble for years and after
taking two bottles of Foley's Kidney
Cure I feel better than I have for twen
ty years although I am 91 years old."
McClintock & Carter.
Fioui the Democrat
James McDermott J returned
Omaba last Saturday night where he
had been called a few davs previous
on account of the illness of his son
Edward who is attending school there.
The young man ,was sufficiently re
covered to be able to accompany his
father home and he will remain at
home for a week or so before retron
ing to his school duties.
James JNevels secretary of the Ne
braska's liquor dealers association and
P P. Reide of Lindsay a member cf
the advisory board of the same asso
ciation were in town this week look
ing up the mutferh pertain ng to the
suit brought against the Humphrey
saloon keepers by Mrs. Mary Savidge
widow of the late Charles Savidge
Mihs I$ Maclaren has sued the
Humphrey school district for the pay
ment to an order of $50 for teaching
school in the Humphrey schools for
the month of January 1906. The order
was refused payment bv J. E Hogg
treasurer of the sohool district on the
grounds that Miss Maclaren was not
legally hired. At the time of tho
death of Miss Durrie who was teaob
er in the primary room. Miss Ma
claren was hired to take the place of
tbe deceased teener until the first of
January, and until the end of tbe
school year, provided she gave satis
faction. In substance the above is as
the minutes o' tbe meeting appear on
the books However, it i6 claimed by
members of the board that an agree
ment was entered to requiring Miss
Maclaren and Mies Carrig, who for
some reason or other had been nn
frinudly to each other, to lay aside
the differnces and bbcouie friends It
uppears that the two teanbtrc contin
ued to be unfriendly, where upon at
the meetinng of tbe board in Decem
bre, as The Democrat understands it
an effort was made to declare the posi
tion vacant. A vote was taken wbicb
resutled in a tie and this is the v.v
tne matter stands at. the present time.
Miss Maclaren ban continued to teach
in the primary room
Return of..
Sherlock Holmes
"Exactly. This end, which we can
examine, is frayed. He was cunning
enough to do that with his knife. But
the other end Is not frayed. You could
not observe that from here, but if you
were on the mantelpiece you would
see that it is cut Hean on without any
maik of fraying whatever. You can
reconstruct what occurred. Tin man
needed the rope. He would not tear
It down for fear of giving the alarm
by ringing the bell. What did he do?
He sprang upon the mantelpiece, could
not quite reach it, put his knee on the
bracket you will see the impression in
the dust and so got his knife to bear
upon the cord. I could not reach the
place by at least three Inches, from
which I infer that he is at least three
inches a bigger man than I am. Look at
that mark upon the seat of the oaken
chair! What is it?"
"Undoubtedly It l blond. This alone
puts the hfi.y's story out of court. If
she were seated on the chair whe.
the crime was done, how comes that
Mrk? No, no; she was placed in the
chair after the death of her husband.
I'll wager that the black dress shows
a. corresponding mark to this. We
have not yet met our Waterloo, Wat
son, but this is our Marengo, for it
begins in defeat and ends in victory.
I should like now to have a few words
with the nurse. Theresa. We must be
wary for awhile if we are to get the
information which we want."
She was an interesting person, this
stern Australian nurse taciturn. k;js
picious, uugracions. It took some time
before Holmes' pleasant maimer and
frank acceptance of all she said thaw
ed her into a corresponding amiability.
She did not attempt to conceal her ha
tred for her late employer.
"Yes, sir, it is true that he threw the
decanter at me. 1 heard him call my
mistress a name, and I told him that
be would not dare to speak so if her
brother had been there. Then it was
that he threw it at me. lie miht have
thrown a doen if he had but left my
bonny bird aloue. He was forever ill
treating her. and she too proud to com
plain. She will not even tell me all
that he has done to her. She never told
me of those marks on her arm that you
saw this morning, but I know very
well that they come from a stab with
a hatpin. The sly devil God forgive
tne that I should speak of him so now
that he ia dead! But a devil he was it
ever one walked the earth. He was all
honey when first we met him. only
eighteen months ago. and we both feci
as if it were eighteen years. She had
only just arrived in Loudon. Yes, it
was her first voyage. She had never
been from home before. He won her
with his title and his money and his
false London ways. If she made a
mistake slit has paid for It If ever a
woman did. What month did we moot
him? Well. I tell you it was jint :tf
er we arrived. We arrived in June,
and it was .!u!y They were married
in Jamiarv of lat year Ye, she a
do vn in the morning room again, and
I have no doubt she will see you, but
you uiibi no: ask too much of her. for
she has gone through all that lle.-li and
blood will stand."
Lady Uracl.entall was reclining on
the same couch, bill locked brighter
than before. Tic maid had int.- .!
with us and begun once more to foment
the bruise upon her mistress' brow.
"I hope." s.fid the lady, "lint you
have not come to -ro.s examine mu
"So," Holmes answered in his gen
tlest voice: "I will not cause you any
unnecesary trouble. Lady Bracken
stall, and my whole desire make
thing" easy for you. for I am convinc
ed that you are a much tried woman.
If you will treat me as a frieiitl and
triKt me you may tiud that I will jus
tify your trut."
"What do you want me to do?"
"To tell me the truth."
"Mr. Holme!"
"Xo. no. Lady Rrnckenstnll: it is no
use. You may have heard of any little
reputation which I tosos. I will
stake it all on the fact that your story
Is an absolute fabrication."
Mistress and maid were both staring
at Holmes with pale faces and fright
ened eyes.
"Yon, are an impudent fellow!" cried
Theresa. ';I)o you mean to say that
my midres has told a He?"
Holmes roe from his chair.
"Have you nothing to tell me?"
"I have told you everything."
"Think oncemore, IjidyBracken-
srait. would it nor no oetier to ne
For an in-Uant there was hesitation
in her beautiful face. Then some new.
strong tlrui.ght caused It to set like a
"I have told you all I kn w."
Holmes took his hn't and shrugged
his shoulders. "I am sorry." he said.
And without another word we left the
room and the house. There was a
pond in the park, and to this ray friend
led the way. It was frozen over, but a
single hoi" was left for the conven
ience of a solitary swan. Holmes gaaed
at it and then passed on to the lodge
gate. Then he scribbled a short Bote
for Stanley Hopkins and left it with
the lodge keeier.
"It may Ih; a hit or It may be a Bsias,
but we are bound to do something for
Friend ITopUns just to justify this sec
ond visit," said he. "I will not quite
Like him into my confidence yeL I
think our next scene of operations
must be the shipping olBee of the Adelaide-Southampton
line, which stands
j at the end of Pall Mall. If I remember
right. There is a second line of steam
ers which connect South Australia
with Englaud. but we will draw the
larger cover first."
(To be continued;)
- A Card.
This is to certify that all druggists are
authorized to refund your money if Fol
ey's Honey and Tar fails to cure your,
cough or cold It stops the. cough, heals
ihn lungs, and prevents serious results
from a cold. Cures la grippe cough and
prevents pneumonia and consumption.
Contains no opiates. The genuine is in
a yellow package. Refuse substitutes.
McClintock .v Garter.
rS iollll
,V fill I Mt- A II t IS lfijLJ ljJ
rfflnk w In Wn
1 1 1 llv- l
Bernhardt 3S CAMULE
Omaha Auditorium, Friday
February, 27.
All new goods warranted by the manufacturers the best grade made.
Will last the longest and work the best. Our entire stock of Farm Machinery
will be sold at personal sale to the highest bidders, commencing
and every Wednesday until sold. The following is a few of the
many different articles and brands, naming the regular cash market price, time
sales, bankable notes. Bids by mail can be sent at any time.
J I Cse Edge Drop Corn IMnmer 540 00
Rock Island Four Wheel Piautei 38.00
Rock Island Two Wheel I'ianrer 37.00
Brown Staol Queen Planter 36.00
J I Case Foot Lift Sulkey Plow (the best).. 40.00
J I Case Spinner Sulkey Plow 34.00
Rock Island Toiignelesn Snlkev Plows 32 00
Rock Island High Low Sulkey Plow :M 00
Rock Island Columbia Sulkey Plow 38 00
Brown High Lift Sulkey I'luw 37.00
Brown Gang Plow, 12 inch 57.00
Bt-ment Gang Plow, 14 innh CiOOO
Case Double Breasted Walking Plows du
llest made 1 per inch . .- lti.00
Case In Foot U bar ".tei-l Lever Harrow... 1(1.50
Flexible Wood bar 15 Foot Harrow 14.50
Grain Grader Fanning Mill 25.00
Clipper Fannintf Mill 24.00
Case Eclipse Riding Cultivator 27.00
Ohio Hammock Cultivator 25.00
Case US Walking Cultivator lb'.00
Cntawav Dit Harrow lfJ-18 29.00
Rosk Island Disc Harrow 14 16 2T.0O
Cnse Disc Harrow with Hoo pat. scraper
and chilled ring boxes 32.00
Ohio Bellevue Disc Harrow 28.00
Johnson Harvester Co Disc 16-1; 27.00
Erwny Three Row Listed Corn Disc 65.00
Rock Island Single Lister 40.00
Rock Island Emperor Lister 38.00
Rock Island Injun Lt6ter 33.00
Hock Island Walking Lister 25.00
Jackson Wagon, complete 3 14 70.00
Jackson Wagon, complete 3 157.00
Mitchell Wagon, complete 3 1-4 65.1K)
Old Hickory Wagon, t-omplese 31-4 65.00
Concord Harness. Oak tanned Leather 40.00
Bnggy Harness, Single, Oak tanned Leather 17.t:0
Bnggy Harness, Single, Oak tanned Leather 16 00
Buggy Harness. Single, Oak tanned Leather 13.00
Eldredge Rotary Sewing Machine . ........ 5i.tKj
Eldredge No 74 Sewing Machine 35.0i
Special No. 14 Sev ing Machine 20.00
We also carry n stock a full line or the very
best grades and nmkes of Carriage-. Buggi-s. etc.
American Patent Fencing. Wind Mills, Pumps,
Great Western Msnure Spreader), Wenona Stock
Foods free on tnai We undersell all on the best
braads of Axle Grease. Oil-, Sewing Machine
needles of all kinds and repairs.
We also furnish a Chicago catalogue of 1350 pages, the best you have ever "
seen. W.e ore stockholders in the firm and guarantee the-best goods for the Z.
money; we also list high grade goods that are not carried by country dealers. We -
want your orders and will save you postage and money order fees and part of the Z.
freight, and we will take the risk of loss, breakage, etc., in shipping. Weguaran- Z.
tee satisfaction as we will personally make you yrices that are the same as retail -
dealeas pay to jobbers on all of the goods, except where tliep buy in gross and in Z.
carload lots. We also take orders for Threshing Machine outfits, "Gasoline Engines, -
Corn Shellers or anything you may want. It is our business and we are at your "
service and will save you time and money. We also own and have for sale a 7 -
room house and 5 4-acre outlots to the city of Columbus, also a 7 room house and -
lot. We have some farm bargains. Ask for buyer's list of the Great Union Land
Agency System; allows R. R. fare, show free the best bargains everywhere. Local Z.
and traveling agents wanted. Send picture, age, references or calif Send us a ' -
bid fof what you can use or call next Wednesday. "
y -,fefrfr4tt j - je&'i'