The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, January 24, 1906, Supplement, Image 9

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For Friday, Saturday and Monday, Jan. 26, 27, and 29, 1906
We Have Dixg Up Quite a Number of Exceptional Bargains that were Overlooked During
Our Clean Sweep Sale. Read Every Special of this Three Day Sale. It
will Help You to Start a Bank Account.
Special No. 1.
Black Taffeta $1.00
36 inch all Silk Black Taffeta
guaranteed, 1 25
quality, at
Special JNo. 2.
Fancy Silk 39c
36 inch Fancy Changeable
Silk, 50c to 60c quality at. .
Special No. ;!.
Black Peau de Soie 75c
20 incli Black Peau de Soie
Silt, the $1 quality at
Special No. 4.
Black SatinPrunella 69c
36 inch' strictly all wool Satin
Prunella, the regular $1 ZCk
quality for. VJjr
Special No. 5.
Cotton Broadcloth 17c
A nice line of colors in cotton
Broadcloth, regular 25c qual
ity, only.
Special No. 6.
Plaid Silk 79c
Plaid Silks in Shirt Waist Pat
terns, 5 yard lengths, per JCk
yard : vC
Special No 7.
Suiting 59c
54 inch all wool suiting the
regular $1 quality at
Special No. 8.
Fancy Ribbons
35c Fonoy High Grade' Ribbon Q
in a beautiful line of patterns 7
Special No. 9.
Linen Center Pisces 12c
15x15 Pure Linen CenterPieces
with 2 skeins braided wash em
broidery silks, worth 25c at. . .
Special No. 10.
Laundry Bags, 15c
2ox30 Laundry Bags, made of
fancy linen and duck. These
aae a good article at 25c. 3 " f,
days only at J
. "
Special No. 11.
Dress Shields 5c
Regular 10c "Goodenough"
Dress Shields at C
Special No. 12.
Ginghams. 10c
Toil du Nord Ginghams in new
spring patterns, regular 12J-C 1
quaiities, at AJ
Special No. 13.
Silkalines 10c
A beautiful line of Kensington
Art Drapery Silkalines, the 1
12c and 15c qualities at IOC
Special No. 14.
Union Suits 1-2 Price
We have just a few Indies' Wool Union
Suits left and will close them out at
Just Half Price
Special No. 15.
Ladies' Wrappers 98c
The remainder of, Indies' Flan
nelette Wrappers, the $1.25 and QQ
$1.50 kind at O
Special No. 16.
. Ladies' Hose 27c
Ladies' Fast Black Seam
less and fleece lined hose, -ribbed
and plain tops, the OF
35c quality st C
Special No. 17.
Rough & Ready Hose
20c Rough & Ready Hose for
children, absolutely fast black
every pair guaranteed to wear 1 fZ
(for three days only) at MjC
Special No. 18.
Golf Gloves 35c
Our entire stock of 50c cash
mere silk lined and golf gloves
...A Flyer in...
High Grade, Double Coated Kitchen Utensils
...Look at the Price...
156 Pieces will be sold
at this exceptionally low
price and NO MORE.
First come first served.
Special No. 19.
Daisy Waist 15c
Children's fine seamless ribbed
vests, bleached and brown, the 1 fZf
20ckindat 0'
Special No. 20.
Hose Supporters 10c
Bon Ton Hose Supporters for
children and ladies, usually 1 f
sold for 15c at 1JC
Special No. 21.
Mourning Pins lc
50 superfine German'Mourning
pins, white and black, usually I
sold for 5c at... 1C
Special No. 22.
Pillow Tops 25c
AH of our 35c, 40c and 50c
Pillow Tops at
Special No. 23.
Lace Curtains 1-2 Price
30 Pairs of Lace Curtains, one and one
half pairs to match, three days only
At Half Price.
Special No. 24.
Waisting 59c
36 inch Fancy Waisting white
ground with Jackard pattern Q
the 75c kind at DjFC
Special No. 25.
Table Linen 98c
72 inch full bleached table
linen, 'the $1.25 kind at . . . .
Special No. 26.
French Flannel 35c
60c quality of French Flannel
in Oriental patterns at
Special No. 27.
RoyalKamonaCloth 17c
25c Royal Kamona Cloth, very 1 '
desirable patterns at Jl C
Special No. 28.
Lace Curtains 25c
A splendid line of sample lace Q
curtains at J C
Special No. 29.
36x36 Rugs 45c
A splendid special line of
all wool ingrain rugs, worth AtZ
I DC &L ...... .... ...... ..... Jr
Special No. 30.
All Wool Carpets 49c
All wool super ingrain carpets yl Q
worth 65c, 3 days only YjT
Special No. 31.
Ladies' Skirts $2.98
One lot of Ladies' wool walking skirts
worth up to $6. There are about two
dozen to select from O Qfi,
Your choice for P "r jF 5
Special No. 32.
Ladies' Jackets
We have about 18 not the newest style
jackets worth up to $15.
Friday your choice for
Saturday, your choice
of what is left. ..,
Monday, your choice of
th balance
Special No. 33.
Dressing Sacques 98c
A beautiful line of eider down
dressing sacques worth up to fQ
$1.25 at.
Special No. 34.
Petticoats 79c
Nice line of sateen petticoats Ck
worth up to $1.25 at
Special No. 35.
Children's Cloaks $3.75
Friday, Saturday and Monday you may
have your choice of any child's cloak in
the house that sold up to k i fS
$7.00foronly 0. iO
Special No. 36.
Ladies Cravenettes
Yourcgoiceof any $12.50, $14.50 or $15
ladies' cravenettes
Special No. 37.
Ladies Suits $10.50
All $12.50, $15 and $16 50 Ladies Suits
Friday, Saturday & fc 1 f Sf
Monday go at tpM.KJJJ
Special No. 38.
Ladies' Belts 25qj
One lot 35c, 5qc, 60c belts go
at one price for 3 days
Special No. 38.
Bed Spreads 98c
Extra large size Whitethorn bed spreads
usually sold for $1.25 special QQ-
Special No. 40.
Table Damask 63c
72 inch heaxy all pure linen unbleached
floral and dice patterns,
usually sold for 75c, at. . . JU
Special No. 41.
Hose, 2 Pairs for 15c
Childrens fleece lined hose, the kind you
are in the habit of paying 12,.e I jSf
for are 2 pairs for J
Special No. 42.
Ladies' Knit Waists 42c
Ladies knit waists in blue and black,
blue and white, black and red. yf O
usually sold for 65c at.
mm M0
Special No. A'.).
Shopping Bags 59c
All our shopping bags worth flZCb
upto$1.00 at 3 y
Special No. 44.
Ladies' Collars 19c
One lot of ladies' lace and stock
collars worthjup to 50c at
Special No. .'".
Infant's Jackets 35c
Infant's, Shetland floss jaskets i
worth up to 60c at -J
Special No. 40.
Ribbons 10c
All silk ribbons 2l to 'll. inches
wide, black and all colors.'worth "9 -
up to inc per yard at &
Special No. 47.
Union Suits 50c
Ladies ribbed Union Suits in
gray, and cream white, worth
up to 75c at
Special No. IS.
One Doz. Hair Pins 5 c
One doz. horn hair pins ?1.. in. V g
long worth 10c at . .
Special No. 19.
Pearl Buttons 5c
Fancy pearl buttons that are
alwa.s sold for 10c at
Special No. 50.
Tarn O'Shanters 29c
All wool Tam O'Shanters In any O
color you want, worth up lo 60c J
Special No. 50.
Corsets 50c
American Beauty Globe I. C l
Corsets, worth up to $1 25. to fZf
close out at J