The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, January 24, 1906, Supplement, Image 6

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g- I will sell at Public Auction at my barn in Columbus, Nebraska, on
z Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. 150 head of good young
Sr horses, consisting of
g 40 head of heavy draft horses weighing from 1400 to 1700 lbs., 60. head of
p good young farm horses weighing from 1200 to 1400 lbs., also 50 head of good
- Southern horses and good general purpose horses, also 50 head of mules.
I am to buy 4 loads of horses myself for this sale and have already listed a
.y number of outside horses and mules. I will have buyers here from the Eastern
and Southern Markets to buy all the horses that come in, Class not excepted.
Come and bring the horses and help me make you a market at home for
y your stuff. Livery horses sold in my sales must be as represented, or its no sale
"" and there will be no hard feelings afterward.
In order to satisfy everyone who bring horses to my sale, I wish to annouce
I will sell all the commission horses first and remember this sale commences at
y 10 o'clock a. m.
TERMS: Nine months time on bankable notes at 8 per cent.
W. I. BLAIN, Auctioneer
H. A. GbARKE, Clerk
Thomas Branigan
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-..- . . .
J . -.
Dr. J. W. Terry
Best Equipped Optical Offices
U The West
in the front rooms over Pollock
& Co.'s Drug Store. Will be in
Columbus offices Sunday, Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday of
each week. Spectacles and eye
glasses scientifically fitted and
repaired. Eye Glasees adjusted
to any nose.
Dr E. H. Nanman, Dentist, 13th St
A fine line of new handpainted
china at Bushman's Racket store.
J)ra. Martyn, Evans fc Evans. Con
sultation in German and English.
Try our Rex Lump Coal S7 at the
yard. P. D. Smith. Co. Both tel. No. 8.
Fine stationery and school supplies
at Bnschnian's Packet store. Get onr
Dnnt forget that naturalization will
cost under the new law three times what
it now costs.
WAY UP is used by all who desire a
fine quality of patent flour. The Co
lumbus roller mills makes it.
WANTED: Good farm loans at 5
per cent. No commissions, W. L.
May, Omaha, Neb.
Excellent seed potatoes for sale.
Early Ohio variety at 75 cents. Don't
wait until spring and pay f 1 50. Tur
ner & Jenkins. 1-2 .
vH-MK':-H'H- 1-H"H"M M"I1
Staple Sl Fancy Groceries '
It has been our experience in the past that
people appreciate a good article at a
fair price. We carry a large
stock of the best grades of
Flour, Tea, Coffee
And Canned Goods.
We handle the following articles in large quantities for t
.....Stockmen and Poultrymen....
Highest Prices Paid for Butter, Eggs
We ask a Share ot Your Patronage I
Henry Raptz & Co,
IMraska Plum 29. liriepMiiiit Pfcius 29 aid 229.
InuHiTTTtmimTTnimiiMT'if TtTfMMiiiinnt1
Dr. Paul, dentist.
Cool smokes at Hagel's.
Journal ads bring results.
Dr. Hark T. HoMahon. dentist
Dr. Vallier, Osteopath, Barber block.
Prof. Sike, teacher music. Barber bldg.
Guaranteed watch repairing bj 11th
St. Jeweler. tf
The Journal wants all the news.
Phone or write it in.
If yonr eyes, ears, nose or throat give
yon trouble see Dr. Lueschen.
Jo Dodds of Cambridge, Nebr,, visited
in this city a few days last week.
Dr. D. T. Martyn, jr., office new
Columbus State Bank building.
Boys, buy your cigars and candy at
Smith's, opposite U. P. deot. tf
FOR SALE : A second band piano,
almost new. Inquire Journal office.
Dr. C. V. Campbell, Dentist with Dr.
Lueschen, Arnold's old stand. Olive si.
We lead them all in clear Havana
and domestic smokes. The Bowling
Blake Maher, Chris Gruenther and
Homer Robinson went to Omaha last
Onr Blind coal is still the best 85.50
6tove coal on the market. Telephone
74. Weaver & Son.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bixby of Lincoln
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Sheldon of this city.
Sunday forenoon at about 11:30 o'clock
fire broke out in Victor Reed's residence
three and a half miles south of St. Ed
ward. The fire apparently started un
der a trunk on the second Hoor, and
until the smoke from burning clothing
reached the family down stairs, they
were unaware of their danger. A lad
der was soon placed at one of the up
stairs windows, the window broken in,
and by the lively work of a bucket bri
gade the fire was after about thirty
minutes hard work, extinguished.
Messrs. Tom Scanlan, Dave Preble,
Gene Collins, and Parker Stevens,
neighbors of Mr. Reed's assisted very
materially in the work of the bucket
brigade. A match is supposed to have
been under the trunk, and the trunk
having been moved out from the wall
that morning, it is presumed in some
way ignited the match. The loss sus
tained is about $200, and is partly
covered by insurance. Carl, Mr. Reed's
eldest son, in breaking in the windows,
cut his hands quite bad, but his injuries,
while very painful, are not considered
to be of a serious nature. Boone Coun
ty Advance.
Columbia Lodge A. O. U. W. and
Royal Lodge D. of H. held a joint in
stallation of officers last Friday night
and it was a roost pleasant function.
Mrs Mary Latkey of Lexington, grand
chief of Honor installed the officers for
the Degree of Honor and G. W. Philippe
Deputy Grand Master installed the offi
cers of the A. O. U. W. Frank Matthews
acted as Grand Guide. After the instal
lation ceremonies an elaborate supper
was served at the Home Restaurant
after which Mrs. Latkey and G. W.
Phillips responded with well worded
speeches. Mrs. E. F. Kirpatrick was
largely responsible for the arrangments.
The A. O. U. W. officers installed were
Edward Rossiter, Master; J. W. Herrodi
Foreman; Irwin McFarland, Overseer;
Richard Ramey, Recorder; Louis Held
Financier; W. A Way. Receiver; Lee'
Laughlin, Inside Watchman; W.. W.
Mnsgrave, Outside Watchman. The
Degree of Honor officers were: Mrs.
Nellie Dolan, Past Chief; Mrs. E. F.
Kirpatrick, chief: Mrs. LizsieDolan. H;
Mrs. Mary Cuneingham. C. C; Ed!
Rossiter, Recorder; Mrs. G. E. Willard!
Financier; Mrs. Mary Lannon, Receiver
Mrs. Odelia Patsch, Usher; Mrs. Geer!
L W.: Mr. Hughes, O. W.
G. R. Preib, painting and paper
hanging. dwtf
Born, to Mr. and Jim. Barney Micek,
Thursday, a twelve pound girl.
O. L. Baker began making ice last
Monday with a large force of men.
Mrs. G. W. Merrill of Silver Creek
spent Sunday with Mrs. J. E. Peterson.
Wanted A good girl for general house
work, four in family. Call at this office.
We do not sell any cheap sooty coal.
Any ooal you buy from ns will be clean.
Telephone 74. Weaver & Son.
Rugs made or old carpets by
Columbus ltug Factory. 211,
11th street, Columbus, Nebr.
WANTED- Good woman for general
housework on the farm One to cook for
Good wages. J. W. S. Leigh, Neb.,
R. F. I). No. 1. 3t
If yon have a lot the Equitable Build
ing Loan & Savings Association will
furnish you money on a moment's no
tice to build a house. 2t
FOR SALE 10 acres of good farm
land two and one-half miles northeas
of Columbus. SCO per acre if taken soon.
Inquire of E. H. Naumann, Colnmbus,
Neb. 36-tf
WANTED. Bright, honest young
man from Columbus, Neb., to prepare
for paying pesition in Government
Mail Service, fox one, Cedar Rap
ids, la. 8t
Don't forget the new Bnschman Rack
et store with its new stock and re
duced prices C. H. Bnschman.
E. H. Chambers went to Osceola
Tuesday morning, Gus Becher going to
Platte Center at the same time on land
If you enjoy playing billiards or
pool spend your spare moments at the
13th street billiard and pool hall.
Coroett & Welch.
The Misses Martha oand Alfreda Post
and Harriet Seltzer and Florence Whit
moyer will enterntain the Card Club at
seven o'clock dinner next Friday even
Platte connty poultry men are again
on top. At the state poultry show at
Lincoln last week Platte connty exhibi
tors drew fifteen blue ribbons, more
than the exhibitors from any other
county in the state. Every exhibitor
from here won a blue ribbon. Mrs. L.
North, M. Schilz, P. J. McCaffrey, W.
H. Swartsley and J. E. Fnlmer. The
birds were in charge of the two men last
named and they evidently understood
what judges like to see in chickens. At
the business session of the state asso
ciation last Friday. W. H. Swartsley
was elected on the board of directors,
and he was high man on the first ballot
in spite of the fact that the poultry poli
ticians had started another man for the
place. This is a high compliment to
Mr. Swartsley from the poultry men of
Nebraska among whom Mr. Swarts
ley stands well to the head.
The annual meeting of the Congrega
tional church of this city was held last
Thursday night. Reports of church offi
cers were read and Rev. Munro gave an
interesting review of the past year's work
and recommendations for the coming
year. Miss Elizabeth Sheldon, clerk,
reported $492 raised for benevolences
dnring the past year; $2154 for home
expenses, and $100 raised by the ladies
to apply on the church debt Besides
this, the ladies paid for a church carpet,
a chancel rail and kindergartenc hairs in
the Sunday school. At the close of the
business meeting, the ladies of the
church spread a Innch and the business
meeting was changed into a most n.
joyable social gathering. The officers
elected for the ensuing year were as fol
lows: C. G. Hickok, deacon; Dr. J. E.
Paul and W. L. Chenoweth, trustees;
assistant committee to the pastor, Mes
dames Brindley, Brugger and Hobart.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Will Ragatz,
last Saturday a son.
Mrs. G. E. Willard went to St. Edward
Tuesday for a week's visit.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. -Ed. Btayberger
of Oconee last Friday, a girl.
Get the ambit of buying your candy
at Poeech's. Bargain prices every
Saturday. 2t
License was issued thiB week for the
marriage of 'Frank Knseck and Mary
Zoucha of Tarnov.
The Equitable Building Loan &
Savings Association running tock earns
10 per cent dividends. ' 2t
S&OOperton. Our Carney Lump for
heat can't help but please you. Tele
phone 74. Weaver & Son.
The damage case of Randall vs.
Logerman was begun Tuesday, but post
poned to Thursday of this week.
If you want a flour with all the nu
tritious part of the wheat buy GOLD
DUST made by Columbus roller mills.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Morse of Clarke
will arrive tomorrow to be guests for a
few days at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
D. T. Martyn.
PRIVATE SALE:-I will sell at pri
vate sale at once some of my best furni
ture, inoluding a good roller top desk.
Rev. Wm. Cash.
A foreclosure suit was filed in district
court this week by P. E. McKillip, nam
ing Mariana Mostek and others of Tar
nov as defendants.
City physician Platz announces that
the diptheria quarantine which has been
over G. R. Prieb for nearly two weeks,
will be raised in a few days.
J. E. DeMarre, train baggageman on
the Columbus-Spalding Branch was
called to Nebraska City last Thursday
by a telegram announcing the death of
his mother. He is detained there by the
serious illness of his father.
Buster Brown which will be seen at
the North, Tuesday January 30th, is
one of the very most popular cartoon
comedies on the stage today. Manager
Saley was fortunate in securing this
attraction. The seats are going fast
Journal readers who live in towns tribu
tary to Columbus arc nrged to attend
this attraction.
The Journal calls attention to the
number of sale ads it carries for Platte
county farmers. The Journal goes to
several hundred more farmers than any
other paper in Platte connty. That is
why it is the best advertising medium
for the merchants or farmers who have
anything to sell to farmers.
Henry Carrig returned last Thursday
from a ten days trip to Lincoln and he
brought with him the papers which
show his ownership of the Lincoln Har
ness and Implement Co., a large whole
sale and retail business. Mr. Carrig has
hired a competent manager for the busi
ness and he will watch it grow at long
Mrs. A. Anderson is enjoying a visit
from his two brothers, Peter Ancerson
of Ft. Collins, Colo., and Gilbert Ander
son of White Water, Wis., who came to
attend the annual meeting of the First
National bank. . Mrs. Peter Anderson ie
expected to arrive the latter part of the
week, from the east, where she has been
The University of Nebraska Glee and
Mandolin Clubs are among the best
musical organizations in the state. The
clubs are composed of the best musical
talent lrom all parts of Nebraska and
they give one of the best and most
interesting programs that has ever been
heard in the state. They will appear at
the North Opera House Saturday Jan.
27. The Journal vouches for the excell
ence of this entertainment and urges a
large attendance. Nebraska University
is noted for its music as well as for its
foot ball.
Bandaged heads and swollen eyes
were in evidence in O'Briens Court last
Monday as a result of a scrap in Scor
upa and Valasek's saloon in which Valn
sek and Joe Mostek figured as princi
pals. First Mostek was tried on com
plaint of Valasek for disturbing the
peace in the latter' saloon and fined 810
and costs. Then Valasek was tried on
complaint of Mostek for assault and
battery and was dismissed. The evi
dence all tended to show that Mostek
had been drinking and started to fight
in the saloon and that Valasek under
took to put him out. using bis strong
right arm to help in the process.
The Orpheus society held their Tenth
Annual ball and banquet last Saturday
night and the fnnction measured up to
the standard of all Orpheus functions.
Two hundred and fifty members and
invited gnests were seated at the ban
quet tables heaped with the good things
from the hands of the wives of the Or
pheuB members. The banquet was pre
ceded by a short informal musical pro
gram contributed by the musical talent
present. There was none of the formal
speeebmaking which has characterized
former anniversaries of the society.
After the banquet the tables were cleared
away and the rest of the evening was
given to dancing. The Orpheus society
numbers 104 members and has recently
expended 9500 in improvements on their
large hall.
The Columbus Fire Department held
their annual election- of officers last
Monday night and listened to a mct
interesting report from ex-chief L. F.
Gottschalk, which reviewed the excel
lent work of the past year. No city in
Nebraska has a more efficient volunteer
fire department than Colnmbus. The
officers elected for the eneuing year
were: W. R. Snell. president; Otto
Schrieber. vice president; Fred Plath,
secretary; L Mohlman, treasurer; B. J.
Galley, chief ; Ed. Kavanaugh, assistant
chief. Mr. Gottschalk has served three
years as chiefs and retires with an ex
cellent record. His successor, Bert Gal
ley is acquainted with every detail , of
the work and enjoys the confidence of
the whole department.
C. E. Adams Jr. spent Sunday with
his family here..
W. M. Cornelius made a business trip
to Bell w ood Sat urday.
See Branigan's horse sale ad and plan
to buy a good horse.
Call at Bushman's ltacket for tinware
woodenware and hardware.
Naturalization papers at the court
house Saturday, February 3.
Miss Anna Gass and MissLida Clay
ton spent Sunday in Schuyler.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clark went to
Omaha Thursday, returning Sunday.
WANTED:-Girl to work in seed
slore. Must write a good hand. A. C.
Anderson, 813 E 8th St. it
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Shntt of Belwood died last Saturday
and was buried Tuesnay.
Mrs. Bernard Meyer, jr., and child of
Corn lea are guests this week of Mrs.
Meyer's sister, Mrs. L. A'. Lacbnit.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lachnit and chil
dren of Platte Center are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Laulinit this week.
A general meeting of the Woman's
club will be held two weeks from Satur
day at the home of Mrs. Howard Clark.
Mr.nnd Mr&Georgo Thomas of Schuy
ler have been guests since Saturday of
Mrs. Thomas' daughter, Mrs. W. I.
J, C. Tschudy, car repairer for the
Union Pacific is still laid up with a
sprained back received while working
under a car two weeks ago
WANTED: A position by a com
petent young lady to do general house
work, two days in the week. Good re
ferences. Ind. Telephone H 221.
Miss Petite Martyn is expe'eted to re
turn tonight from Omaha, where she
has been for the past week. She at
tended the Ben Hur performance while
A pretty little private christening
service occurred at fonr o'clock last
Sunday afternoon at the Episcopal
church, when the infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Speice was baptized
DorthyElla. Only the families were
The Journal office was moved this
week lo its new location in the old Co
lumbus Slate Bank building on Twelfth
street. For nearly thirty years the
Journal has done business in the Turner
bnilding on Eleventh street ami its re
moval obliterates one of the old land
marks of Columbus.
The musical department of the Wo
mans' Club met this week at the home
of Mrs. Beintz. A pleasing feature of
the program was a paper by Mrs. W. S.
Evans on the American composers. At
the close of the paper ehe deftly wove
the name of each member of the club
into a bit Jof original poetry, referring
to each as a modern composer. The
next meeting will be with Mrs. Frank
l' dmmnnnnnnL
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.bbbbNiL "''PL "fi
6000 IDEA,
fell It? .
To have your pho
to taken in winter
coeiume. It 't styl
ish and you cer
tainly may feel
proud of it. The
McAllister SNii
makes a
. Perfect Portrait
Our panel pic
tures are popular.
They can't be ex-celled-they
are the
proper thing for
family keepsakes
and presents to
friends. Call and
see our new sam
ples. No trouble
to show them.
'olive ST.,
Columbus, Nebr.
Over Phillipps Storf
Mrs. C. E. Pollock is expected home
from her visit to Papillion next Satur
day. Read the sale ad of W. II. Swartsley
on editorial page and plan to attend this
Myron Gray is so far recovered from
his attaok of pneumonia as to be down -town.
Don't miss the three day special sale
at Gray's this week. See their big ad
on last page.
Dr. N. R. Cornelius has been re
appointed county physician. This is
the Doctor's third term.
Gray's store will be orowded this
week with people attracted by the splen
did bargains offered on the last page of
the Journal. Those who can do so are
urged to call early.
Bruce Webb is the best auctoneer
in Platte county. Make dates at this
office. tf
E.M. Morehead, auctioneer, will be
located at Newman Grove. Dates can
be made at this office at any time. Tel
ephone either bank at Newman Grove
Real Ets"te Loans.
We are prepared to make loans on
all kinds of real estate at the lowest
rates on easy termB. Becher, Hocken
berger & Chambers.
naturalization Papers.
Jndge Reeder will be at the court
house Saturday, February 3, at 2 o'clock
for the purpose of granting naturaliza
tion papers. Applicants must bring first
papers and two witnesses unless they
trok ont their first papers in Platte
mmm of Nebraska
Glee & Mandolin Clubs.
Will be at North Opera House
Don't fail to attend this
Concert as it will be the
Musical Event of the Sea
son. Seats on Sale at Pollock's. Popular Prices.
m w w
jSpeEao oz.sizeJj
Uiivvotxixiro oi grateful customers in
every state attest the WONDERFUL
Tin Only Liniment that HealswithontaScar
It enrj cut. spram. I.rnlsos. sores, swellings,
lameness, old wounds, liinil'a'.'o. chapped hand, frost
bites, etc.. and is the standard remedy for barbed
Hire emts on animals, harness and saddle Kalis,
scratches. jrreas hrel. caked udder, itch, mange. etc.
It heals a wound from the hottom up and is
thoroughly antiseptic. KING CACTUS OIL is
sold by druggists in 15c.. .TOc. and $1 bottles. $3 and
5 decorated cans orsent prepaid by the manufac
turers. OLNEY 6 jHrD.-fO. Clinton. lobia. if
not obtainable at your drugcists.
50 laired Plyniuih Rtck
Cicktr tls Ftr Sale.
The Farmer's Kind. Price 75c
Each or 6 for $3.75.
Also one Poland China Herd Boar
For Sale.
Independent Phone S2i2
Save this ad. It will appear only a few times.
-tl!jn.Vfa'i& v-1 .-ii...