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Consolidated with the Columbus Times April 1, 1904; with the Platte County Argus January 1, 1906.
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aIB iHft
Does banking business at some time
Don't wait till you are in need of the
services of a bank to cultivate an ac
quaintance. If you are the right sort,
a close acquaintance with some good
bank is a valuable assett. Come in and
let us know you.
Tun ()u UkmaiUji:
Golumbus State Bank
Supervisors Proceedings.
Tlit hoard of Mijerv!Fr nf I'latte Count
Nfbr"k. met in roiilar wnsiin at - o'clock
I. M., Hnil iti' railed to onler lj Comity ("lork
MovmI ii tipr. Scliatv that supervisor Svvati
miu v i-horn uh tHinp.irarj -li:iiramii of tlii-Ito-inL
Motion rarrii-d.
.Mofl I) Supr. (iortz that tlicrhair appoin
a rommittwof thiw on rredentialH. Motion car"
rird and chairman Swanson npointd as noch
ro umtttix', HUtMrvi-nr. (Itx'tz. Held and Clother
Tiit following was now read and rrfrrred to
the committer on rredontialtt:
To the Honorable Hoard of Suiwrriwirs of I'lnttn
County, Nebraska.
Ceutlenian: l.Johu llattennan. do hereby cer
tify, that I am dill) elected, iiialifid, and acting
county jndue. of the count court cf Platto
fount), Nebraska, and as &nrli judge. 1 am the
sal custodian of the files' and rwonU of tho
said county court I further certify, that tho
following, to-wit: A E. I'riebt of Moanm town
!iip. .1. F. Schure of Harrowa township anil
William .1. Newman of Columbus township'
liave each file! tfieir official lond in the nam of
t ne Thousand Dollar with (k1 and untticient.
mi n-tieH thereon, and tha t said lKnds have been
approved by me and have Ix'en recorded in th
records of my office. That each of the aforesaid
Gentleman have taken the official oath, and are
iialified to sit as memben of yonr honorable
IkmI). Witness my hand ami otlicial Peal this
Mh day of January, A, I. 1900.
John Itatterman, County Judge.
A brief intermission was ordered by the chair
and on reconvenement of the board she follow
ing report wan submitted: We, your committee
on credentials would report, that npon inresti
Kation we find, that A. E. Priest, J. F. Schnre
and William J. Newman have been duly elected
aiirdrtitorH in and for their respective dis-
trictnAhat thy have qualified and filed their
bond as provided by law, and we farther find
that for tlieensuinsc jear the board of supervisors
of l'latto County. Nebraska, will consist of the
following members:
John Goetz, Supervisor iu and fcr district No. 1
J. F. Schnre. Supervisor district No. 2. John
Swanson, Supervisor in and fordistrict No. S."
A. K. Priest. Supervisor in and fordistrict No. 4
M. K. Ciotlier, Supervisor in and for district
No.r.. 1-iouis Held, Supervisor in and for dis.
t riot No. and 7. Wui. J.Newman, Supervisor
in and for district No. i" and 7.
Ufcrfotfully submitted,
John Goetz )
Lonia Held Committee
M. K. Ciotlier )
On motion of Supervisor Newman the reiortof
ihe committee was adopted.
Koll call w:n now or.lerl by tie chair with
the following result. Pnhent: Supr's (Mother
tioetz. Held, Kewman, Priit, Schnre, anl
.Motel by Supervisor Priest that the temporarj
organization be made iiermanent and that Super
visor Swanson lie the chairman of the boaid of
snjerviors fir tho en-uing jear. Motion carried
unanimously and chairman Swanson in a few
well chosen words expressed his gratitude to the
members for the honor conferred.
Moved bj Knier ior, Coetz, that in accord
ance with an established custom, for the puriose
to give the chair an opiortunity to select the
standing committee for the ensning year the
hoard of supervisors now adjourn until 9 o'clock
A. M. to-morrow. Motion carried unanimously.
Columbus, Nebraska, January 10th 1905.
Pursuant to adjournment theloard of super
visors met at .' o'clock A M., Hon. John Swan
son chairman and John (Jraf, clerk.
Koll called resulting as follows: Pn-sent:
Supervisors. Clothci Goetz, Held, Newman,
Priest. Schnre and chairman Swanson.
The following standing committe for the ensu
ing jear were now announced by the chair:
Judiciarj, Louis Held, J. F. Schnre, and John
Goetz. Iliads and Kridges, M. K. Clother, A. E.
Priest and l.ouis Held Accounts and expendi
tures, A E Priest, John tioetz and J V Schnre.
Claims. John Goetz, liuis Held and Wm. J.
Newman. Supplies and Public tiroiterty, J F
Schurv, Wm J Newman atid M E Clother.
County Farm. Wm Newman M E Clother and
A E Priest.
Moved by Smervi-or "other that the chair ap-
point a committe of thni whose, dntj shall W
to submit to this lioard recommendations relat
ive to the county printing. Motion carried and
the chair appointed - s"ch committee supervis
ors Ciotlier, Held and Schnre.
Moved by SujH'rvisor Goetz that the chair ap
jMiint a committe of three for the pnrpose to
submit to this board an estimate of the proliable
expenses of the county for the ensning jear.
Motion carried and as such committee were ap
pointed by the chair supervisors Goetz. Newman
and Priest,
Dr. E.H.Naumann
Has one of the best dental offices
in the state.
Fully equipped to do all den
tal work in First-Class manner.
Always reasonable in charges.
All work guaranteed.
Over 14 years practice in Co
lumbus. IStfc Street.
Dr. E. H. Nmmii.
Moved by ijnpeivisor Newman that the clerk
of tlii board be directed to solicit bids for tbe
performance of the janilor work .at the court
house and conrt yard. Motion carried.
On motion of Supervisor Priest the clerk of
this board was directed to notify the local phy
sicians, that the board of supervisors will receive
proposals for performing the duties of coun'v
physician for the insning jear, np to 2 o'clock
P M to-morrow.
Moved by Sui-rvisor Schnre that the rules
governing the old lxanl le adopted as the rules
of this hoard. Motion carried.
Moved by Supervisor Clother that supervisor
Held lie appointed purchasing agent of the
county for the ensuing jear. Motion carried,
The petition of Wilhelm Loseke and others for
the location of a public road -lo feet in width,
commencing at the north weat corner of the
north eat quarter of section ! town 18 range 2
west and running thence doe weat on section line
and terminating at a point on said section line
to connect with the Thurston Itoad, was pre
sented and read and on motion referred to the
committe on roads and bridges.
The iietition of lgnatz Wileynski and others
for the establishing of a public road on first
street in the Citj of Columbus, was presented
and read and referred to the committee on roads
anil bridge-.
Tli"' petition of John 11 Wilke and others for
the location of a public road was presented and
read and on motion refernil to the committee on
ro.ids and bridges.
All bills on file with the clerk were on motion
referred to appropriate committees.
The following reiort was submitted:
Colnmbiis, Nebraska, January 10!h I!Oi.
To the suiervisors.
Gentleman: Yourcouimittecappointed to sub
mit to this hoard an estimate of the probable ex
jeiiss of the county for the coming jear would
reixirt thefollowingand recommend its adoption:
For expenses ..r ti.e district court $12,000.00
For officers fe-s and salaries, st000.(J0. For re
cords, printing, stationary and fenl, $T,000.00.
Ft ir expenses in feeble minded and insane cases,
$i,(J0U.W. For iiu'ideudnl excuses, $T.,O0O.U0.
Total general fund SS.OOU.O'J.
For exienses of the poor farm (poor fund)
$:,G00.i0. For county roae purjMises, .t2,000.00.
For county bridge purposes.. $12,000.00. For
Soldiers Kelief Commission, SDUO.Oit. For pay
ment of interest and 5 ier cent of piinciiuil on
$10,000.00 Columbus township bridge lionds,
Jl.200.00 For payment of interest and IS per
cent of on$i5,U00.00outstandingcounty
ref unding lxmls, $10,tW.00. Total estimate
J70.000.00. Kesiiecufnlly suhmitt-l,
J. Goetz I
A. H. Priest Cimmittee
Wm. J. Newman )
On motion same was adopted.
The committee on supplies and public property
to whom were referred the several bids for the
furnishing of lKxtks, blanks and stationary for
the jear ltOti, reported as followc: We find that
the Telegram Company of Columbus, Nebraska,
are the lowest bidder on books, therefore recom
mend that the contract for furnishing same be
awarded to said company. We find that the
Columbus Printing and Specialty House of
Columbus, Nebraska, are the lowest bidder on
blanks and printing, therefore recommend that
the contract for furnishing same be awarded to
said firm. We also find that for the furnishing
of stationary the Telegram Company of Colum
bus, Nebraska, are the lowest bidder, therefore
recommend that the eon tract for furnishing tbe
icin'e b" awarded to said company. And we far
ther recommend that the county attorney be
direcsed to prepare the necessary contracts and
bonds. Kespectfully submitted.
J. F. Schure )
Wm. J. Newman
M. E. Clother )
On motion of Supervisor Priest same was
Columbus, Nebraska, January 11, 190ti.
The committee appointed to submit to the
board recommendations relative to the county
printing for the coming jear recommended that
the following papers lie declared the official
paers of the county, to-wit: The Columhns
Telegram, the Humphrey,Democrat, the Lindsey
Opinion and the Nebraska Iliene, a German
Iaier, and that each of said pajiers Ite nlllowed
one-fourth of the legal rate for all county print
ing subject to the disposal of the county board.
Kespectfully submitted.
M. E. Clother )
Louis Held
J. F. Schnre S
Moved bj Supervisor Held that the rejiort and
recommendations of the committe be adopted by
the bo.ird.
Amendment offered by Supervisor Newman
that the Columbus Journal be substituted in
stead of tha Columbus Telegram.
Koll called for vote on amendment.
Supervisors, Newman and Priest voting "Yes" 2
Suiwrvisors, Clother, Goetz, Held, Schure and
chairman Swanson voticg"No" 3. Amendment
declared lost. Koll called for vote on original
Sujiervisors, Clother, Goetz, Held. Schure and
chairman Swanson v oting "Yes" 5. Sapervisors,
Newman and Priest voting "No"' 2. Original
motion declared carried.
Mr. F. H. Abbott, Editor of the Columbus
Journal now presented to the Ixianl of super
visors the subscription list of th Columbus
Journal and in his address to the hoard stated,
that on the strength of the large circulation the
Columbus Journal has in the county said paper
should have Iteen named as fine of the official
paers and that the board of suiHTvisors ought
to reconsider their action, but if the hoard should
not lw cnclined to reconsider their action in this
mattter. the clerk of thi bonnl be permitted to
furui-h to the Columbus Journal a copy of the
proceedings of the lioard at the same time he
furnishes a copy to the official papers. On mo
tion of SuiH'rvisor Held the request was granted.
The M'tition of Hon. J. G. Heeder and 60
others, relative to lighting the court room and
nii'sewraiomosiu me court lious, in- means
of electric light was adopted.
The following hills ujsin recommendation of
the committee were on motion allowed and the
clerk directed to isue warrant in pavment of
ame on the county general fund:
A M Pot, Counsel, State vs Daniel G Walker
SCAAi). Irve McFarland, Wit nes, State vs Cricket
Mien. 51.10. 15 S Dickinson, Witness, State vs
Cricket Miers 51.10. J M Curtis, Witness State vs
Cricket Miers 51.10. Wm Reason, Witness,
State vs Cricket Miers $1.10. Valentine Jurek
Witness, State vs Cricket 52.00. John
Peorock, Witness, State ts Cricket Mers 52.00.
C A Speice Coal for court house 51S2.10. James
Corbett, Meals for jurors, 6.50. H J Hcrbes
Pablishing legal notice J2.25. Platte Co. Ind.
Tel. Co. Telephone service $7.13. Nebraska Tele
phone Company 530.W. Nebr. Inst. Feeble
Minded Youth, care of Platte County inmates
$17.64. Peter Bender Sniervior, Services as
supervisor $33.20.
The following claims upon recommendation of
the committee on judiciary wemon motion de
nied by the board:
D A Beckford, Witness, State vs J A Green
wood $3.00. Lntie Beckford, Witness, State vs
J A Greenwood. $3.00. .James Sorensen, Witness,
State vs J A Greenwood, 53.00. Hans Loseke,
Witness, State vs J A Greenwood, $3.00. Dieder
ich Menke, Witness, State vs J A Greenwood,
Upon recommendation of the committee on
roads and bridges the following bills were on
motion allowed and the clerk directed to issue
warrants in payment of same on the county road
and county bridge funds:
Kick Blaeerac. Shell Creek Twp 26.50. Nick
Blaserac. BismarkTwp 38.25. Nick
Shell Creek Twp 1.73. II Hunker A Bro. Bnr-
Best on Earth..
Ghas. H. Dack
rows Twp 35.55. H Hanker & Bro. Humphrey
Twp 18.70. H J Biennis ac. Grand Prairie
Twp 11.45. Frank Kiernman Wood ville Twp 1.60
Standard Bridge Co. ac. Granville Twp 253.21
Crowell Lumber & Gr. Co. Humphrey Twp 170.35
II J Bruentg Humphrey Twp 2.90.
The claim of Walrath & Sherwood Lhr. Co.
$196.90, ac. Burrows township and the claim of
H J Brnenig $1.10, ac. Barrows township, were
upon recommendation of the committee on roads
and bridges referred to the board of Burrows
township for payment.
The board of supervisors now proceeded to
select sixty names from which the jury for the
February term of the district conrt shall le
The committee on roads and bridges to whom
was referred the matter of submitting plans and
specifications for the building of bridges in
Platte County, Nebraska, for the year 1906, re
ported as follows:
That we present herewith to this board plans
and specifications for their adoption for the
for the building of county bridges for the ensu
ing iear and we hereby recommend that the
county clerk be instructed to advertise for bids
in accordance with said plans and specifications,
bids to lie iter lineal foot.
We also recommend that .all bidders be re
quested to specify the time required by them for
the completion of said bridges. This applies to
all bridges ordered within one year from date of
contract and we farther recommend that all of
tha old bridge material be taken oat and placed
upon the bank of the stream over which the
bridge is to be constructed.
We farther recommend that the successful bid
der be required to give bond in the sum of
$1000.00 for tbe faithful performance of erecting,
building, constructing and completing all
bridges that may be ordered by said county.
,We also recommend that the county board re
serves the right to reject any or all bids and that
all bids be riled with the county clerk on or be
fore noon, March 8, 1908.
M.E. Clother )
A. E. Priest Committee
Louis Held )
On motion same was adopted.
Department of the Interior,
Land Office at Lincoln, Nebraska,
January 15, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that-said
proof will be made before the Clerk of District
Court at Columbus Nebr., on February 26th, 1906.
viz: Frank A. Dickenson Homestead No. 17662
for the Northeast quarter of section SO Township
17 range 2 west
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz: John B. Kyle, of Duncan Nebr.
Lou D. Dickinson, of Duncan Nebr., John Dick
inson, of Genoa , Nebr., Hamilton Hinkle, of
Genoa Nebr.
W. A. GREEN, Register.
Frank A. Lawrence, and Mrs. Frank A. Law
rence, first or christian unknown, will take no
tieethaton thelstdayof November. 1905, Wm.
O'Brien, a justice of the peace in and for Platte
county, Nebraska, issued an order of attachment
,for the sum of $17 18, in an action pending before
him, wherein, Edward D. Fitzpatrick, was
plaintiff and Frank A. Lawrence, and Mrs. Frank
A. Lawrence, first or christian name unknown,
defendants: that during the pendency of said
action the said plaintiff has died and that Mary
A. Fitzpatrick has been duly appointed executrix
of the said plaintiffs estate; that on application
of said executrix to said justice of the peace, a
Conditional Order of Revivor of the action in
her name lias been made, and unless you appear
and answer on or before the 24th day of February,
1906, showing good cause against said revivor
the same will lie made final.
The State of Nebraska, )
Platte Cbanty, S a
In the District Court of the Sixth Judicial Dis
trict of Nebraska, in and for Platte County.
Frederick Fromholz
Barnard Fromholz
vs. J-
and i
Agatha Reisen 1
Defendants. J
The above named defendants will take notice,
that on the 30th day of January. 1906, the said
plaintiffs will take the depositions of Louis C.
Eikoff, James D. Scarbrough, Milton C. Garber,
Max Frohlich, Rudolph Wald, Ernest Denner,
Theodore Stolk.-Mrs.Theodore Stolk,Fred From
holz, Kate Fromholz, Bernhard Fromholz, and
Conrad Breiban, sundry witnesses, to be used as
evidence on the trial of the above titled cause, at
the office of the Phoenix Realty- Company in the
city of Enid, county of Garfield and territory of
Oklahoma, b-tween the hours of nine o'clock a.
m. and six o'clock p. m.of said day, and the
taking of said depositions will be adjourned
from day to day. between the same hours, until
they are completed,
M. WamioTEB
A. M. Post,
St Attorneys ferPWatiis.
Wheat 70
Corn . 31
Oats W bushel 24
Bye $? bushel 55
Barley, 25
Potatoes J0 bn.
16 to
Butter $r ....
Eggs y docen..
Hens J
Roosters ,
To Subscriberi.
We are sending 'subscription state
ments to all subscribers who are not
paid np to Jnnnary 1. This is in accor
dance with onr policy announced sever
al weeks ago to place the Journal on a
cash -in-ad van c basis, in order that the
Journal may not h: forced npon any sub
scriber who does not wish to receive it.
This statement is not n "dun", but; sim
ply a notification that the subscription
has expired and that we do not desire to
continue it unless you want tbe Journal.
Ifanyone prefeis for any reason not to
pay a year in advance, rat us know and
we shall be glad to adjust the matter.
What we want is to place the Journal in
tbe homes, where it is wanted, and
where its value is appreciated sufficient
ly to warrant the prompt payment of
the small subscription price. It shall
be our aim to mike the Journal which
is now read in more homes than any
other Piatte county paper, worth many
times the small price of subscription.
Short settlements make long friends.
Send in your little subscription and
thereby show your desire to co-operate
with us in placing the Journal where
every business should be placed, on a
cash basis.
Tne Merchant of Venice.
On Friday eveuing, January 26. at the
High School Gymnasinm the second
number of a series of illustrated talks
will be given. This time Superinten
dent Sherman will take up the subject
of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.
Superintendent Sherman is especially
well fitted to handle any literary theme
and in presenting this comedy of
Shakespeare, he has secured about 20
lantern slides more than half of them
being first class colored slides of the
finest kind. The use of these to illustrate
his explanation of thecomedy will be a
rare treat to all lovers of good literature.
These talks are designed as educa
tional advantages for the" students but
all persons are always welcome and
parents would do well to accompany
their children and see what a splendid
opportunity for true development of
higher literary taste is offered by our
schools. The students, their friends and
the friends of education; in the city are
invited. A small admission, 10 cents,
will be charged at the door and the pro
ceeds will be devoted to the use of the
school in the purchase of lantern slides.
This is a new move in the edncational
affairs of ourcity andjeserves the pa
tronage of all.
Farmers' institute for Colombai.
Carl Rohde this week handed the
Journal a communication from the
University authorities which shows that
an excellent Farmers' Institute program
has been arranged for Columbus for
February 26 and 27.
The letter follows:
January 16, 1905.
Mr. S. PDriuniti,
Columbus. Xeb.
Dear Sir:
We have set the dates for your Far
mers' Institute for Monday and Tues
day, February 26 and 27. with afternoon
and evening sessions the first day and
morning ana aneruoon sessions tne sec
ond day.
The speakers for the first day are Mr.
T. G. Ferguson of Beaver Crossing, and
Miss Rosa Bouton, Director of the
School of Domestic Science of tbe Uni
versity. Miss Bouton will speak in the
afternoon on "Chemistry in the Kit
chen," and in the evening on "Domestic
Science and the Home." Mr. Ferguson
will speak in the afternoon on "Alfaifa
and Tame Grasses" and in the evening
on "Essentials of Successful Farming in
The speakers for the second day are
Ex-Gov. W. A. Poynter and Mr. W. D.
McKee, both of Lincoln. Both are very
strongmen. Mr. Poynter will speak in
the morniug on "The Hand Separator"
and in the afternoon on "The Care and
Development of tbe Dairv Cow.' Mr.
MoKee wul speak in the morning on
"The Type of the Feeder Steer" and in
the afternoon on the "Breeding of Beef
All four of these persons are very
strong Institute speakers and each can
discuss a variety of subjects. I have
billed them for the subjects that I
thought would be of most value to yonr
people, knowing your country as I do
and the manner in which these speakers
handle the subjects. Please let me
know if these arrangements are satis
factory and begin advertising your In
stitute at once. I am,
Very truly yours.
W. P. Snyder.
Buster Brown Coming.
A most refreshing announcement at
the North Opera house, is the appear
ance of Melville B. Raymond's most
succsesfol cartoon comedy ' Buster
Brown.," which will be presented for
one night only, Tuesday, January 30.
In farm mortgages at from 5 to 8 per
cent for sale by Elliott, Speice & Co. 2t
Thoroughbred Daroc-Jemy Sale.
I will sell at my farm 8 miles north of
Monroe, 5J miles south and miles
west of Cornlea, and 5 miles west and 1
mile south of Tarnov,
30 head of Duroc-Jersey Brood Sows,
all bred and safe with pig.
If you want a combination of size,
quality and finish, don't fail to attend
this sale as these sows are good ones and
I am sure you can find what yon want
Pedigrees will be furnished.
W. J. Panek, A. W. Lamb,
Auctioneer. Owner,
J. J. Dickey, Clerk. Monroe, Nebr
Weaver & Sons keep the largest and
best assortment of coal.
A Watch..
That doesn't keep accu
rate time is poor proper
ty. Our repairing and
cleaning are guarantees
for perf edf time keeping
Ed. J. Niewohner
..The Jeweler..
Struck by Train.
Lindsay, Nebr., Jan. 22 Special
Pat Ducey and his mother Anna Ducey
were struck by a moving box car here
today and narrowly escaped death, the
former sustaining a broken arm and the
latter a broken wrist besides being bad
ly bruised.
They were driving across the railroad
near the depot when the accident oc
curred. An engine was switching on
tbe siding backing a string of box cars
toward the crossiug. A coal shed shut
off the view of the moving cars, and Mr.
Ducy bad driven on to the track before
he saw them. The team had got across
but the car struck the wagon and threw
its occupants violently to the ground.
Had the car struck them an instant
sconer both of them would probably
have been killed. As It is, no serious
results are anticipated.
You can take stock in The Equitable
Building Loan & Savings association
any time. 2t
Adrertised Letters.
D. Busck or Medical Co., John Clas
sen, Pearl Foge, A. E, Gilbert; W. FI.
Gray, H. Jenniugs, John Pamzak, Joe
Speice, Fred W. Sterrill and G. A.
Turner. Carl Kramer, P. M.
From the World
At twenty minutes past five o'clock
Sunday evening searching parties found
tbe dead body of little Cecil Frease in
the ice pond near the house. Early in
the afternoon the little fellow left the
house saying that he would be back in
a little while. Time past but he did not
return, but no uneasiness was felt by
his mother because she thought he had
gone to one of tbe neighbors to play.
When it was discovered he was not
there a search was at once instituted.
Inqniry was made at the near neighbors,
and finally a general alarm was given.
This was four o'clock. Parties went to
tne rrease home and as tne child was
in the habit of playing about tbe creek
some of the men went there. They
found the boy's sled on the ice and
noticed a hole in the snow and slush in
a partially open place where men had
been putting up ice the day before, j
Prod poles were secured and a search
was made in the water. Soon Mr. Carle
ton strnck an object and after a couple
of trials the little body was brought up.
The indications were that life had been
extinct for three or four hours.
Ym Wait This Housi
or one like it? Or one more modest
or more elaborate? We can 6uit your
taste with anything in the way of a
home that you may wish. We have
tempting offers to make you as to terms
and prices within and around 82.000.
Drop in and see what we have.
echer, ItckMbtrgtr
ft Gbanbtrs
13th It, Colambus'NebrJMnouB.
Dirtrict 44 and Vicinity.
The director, J. M, Curry is still keep
ing bachelors hall. His good wife and
little ones are still visiting with relatives
in Illinois, where they went for the holi
days. They are expected home this
Last week seemed to be the hog week
week for farmers living norlheast of
this place and Wednesday was the ban
ner day, as two processions passed here
on that day one of which contained 13
wagons loaded with the above valuable
farm products. There don't seem to be
many fat cattle to move.
Superintendent of schools L. H.
Leavy made our school -a professional
visit last Wednesday and we dare sty he
found effective work, being done there
under the directions of the teacher,
Miss Mettie Hensley of Columbus.
One day last week 3Iiss Evelyn Drin
nln met with a very painful accident,
while shelling corn in a hand sheller
for her Hock of Plymouth Rocks. She
let go of the crank to adjnst some corn
in the measure, and in doing so laid her
left hand on top of the sheller, when the
crank came around anil struck her
hand at the wrist, lacerating the llesh
terribly. George now acts as assisting
Mike Cassin of Columbus came out
one day last week and bought of Frank
Ruth 24 very choice fat hogs, which he
will use in his market. He paid a pre
mium for choice of selection.
Ottie Baker of Columbus was also out
here and bought of F. Rnth a fine bunch
of 2-year-old steers, consisting of 17
"From ine Laaer. 1
Charles Savidge, who was takon sud
denly ill on our streets last Tuesday
evening, died of hemorrahges Friday
afternoon at 1 o clock in the rear of the
Peterson restaurant. Dr. Evans of Co
lumbus was called in consultatiou with
the home physicians, and everything
was done to save his life but without
avail. The deceased is of Polish descent
hdu was a resident or xarnov. lie was
42 years of age at the time of bis death
and leaves a wife and sis children to
mourn his demise. The remains vere
taken to Tarnov Friday evening, and
funeral services were held from the
Tarnov Cathelic church and interment
made in the Catholic ceraetrv.
Richland and Vicinity.
Whew! Ice making, hard on fnel,
solid on roads, right for furs and robes.
Gripp patients on the mend.
air. anu Airs. Herman ivltick spent
Sunday at Adolph Klucks.
R. L. Seifken of Platte was sight-seeing
in Richland Thursday.
Will Price, John Plum and Rollie
Brocklesby were moving mediums in
Columbus last Wednesday.
Pete Swanson and Fred Froholtz at
tended the Bracnigan horse sale at Co
lumbus on the 17th.
Clint Stevenson shelled corn Satur
day. James Ferdrick and family will move
iuiarHbuu in .tiarcn naviug rented a
farm near that place. We imagine
some of our farmers buying a threshing
machine of their own, as a few think no
one can thresh grain like Jim.
Seek Avisdoni from great books, in
spiration from good men, snd the Jour
nal for what you ought to know.
Henry Schroeder and Will Kluck are
.assisting Frank Stevenson to move a
barn and commence the erection of a
new one on the site of the one moved.
If you have a grudge never permit it
to ripen and grow old. Have it out like
a man and then wipe it from the tablets
of your memory, take your enemy by
the hand and start fresh. Life is loo
short io permit men to make maniacs of
themselves brooding over fancied or
real grievances. It never pays to brood
Better a goo.l healthful scrap than yaars
of vindictive and malicious imagining.
Forget it or have it out.
From th Times.
Alfreds .fc Peterson have sold their
dray line to the two Nelson brothers
living west of town. The price paid
was S2.")0O. Possession will be given
the first of Febrnarv.
Miss Hattie Trumau, daughter of the
venerable George Truman, is sick with
an attack of dropsy at her home east of
town. Miss Florence Truman arrived
from her home in Denver Monday to
nurse her aunt and look after tbe house
hold affairs.
Irving Lamb has resigned his posi
tion with the Nebraska Telephone com
pany and accepted a place with the
Western Electrical Supply company of
Denver at an increased salary. His
territory embraces the stutesof Kansas
Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.
Mrs. W. J. Brient received a message
Monday morning, stating that her
father. Milah Booth had passed away
at his borne in Gettsbnrg, S. D Sunday
morning. Mrs. Brient was unable to
attend the funeral, wh,ich was held
Nels Person, father of Ben Person,
met with an accident Tuesday which
resulted In an injured shoulder and
side. He was watering team when tbe
horses became nnmanagableand dragged
him several rods. His injuries are not
Spicial Attn
til Paii.
The bnilding np of
u substantial bank
ing business comes
from special atten
tion paid to every
account whether
of lady or gentleman.
Banking Renjiudtr
to our patrons is
to keep your se
curities in a well
protectsd safe or
v a n 1 1. Arrange
for that with our
bank as it's one of
the safest places in
the world for not
only securities bnt
for your money as
The First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Clark of Lin
coln tire spending a few days in Wood
ville visiting relatives this week.
S. J. Lingles' friends gave him a sur
prise party Monday, it being his 59th
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ellis
Tuesday, .January l(th, :t boy.
J ud C. Wilson has purchased the
George Hart farm of 240 acres paying
S.")0 an acre for it.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chirk entertained
friends Saturday evening, January 20tb
in honor of Mr. Clarks birthday. The
weather being a little severe several
failed lo respond to the invitation but
those present seemed to have a good
Mr. and Mrs. Thorn of Albion spent
a few days last week with their daugh
ter Mrs. Alf. Potter. Dnring their
visit Mrs. Thorn had an attack of heart
failure but is much improved and has
returned to her home this week.
J. W. Currier, Tom Dress and Roy
Clark went to South Omaha Monday
night. Mr. Currier shipped a car of
cattle and also of hogs, Mr. Dress a car
of bogs and 3Ir. Clark a car of cattle.
Farm loans at 5 and 5- per cent, no
commission. Elliot, Speice & Co.
Monroe, Boute 1.
Little Carrie LieberJ who has been
very siek with diphtheria is mush bet
ter, and is thought to be out of danger.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bryan returned
Friday from an extended visit in Iowa,
Little Loyil Hill has been under the
doctors care for the last few disys.
Austin Bennett of Genoa was renew
ing acquaintances in the Wattaville
neighborhood last week.
About twenty-four young people of
the Wattsville neighborhood gathered
at the home of Ben Nelson Friday even
ing and spent the evening dancing.
Mrs. John Potter is on the sick list.
Mr. Goehry spent last week with
friends in Grand Prairie, returning
Mrs. John Potter is on the sick list.
Mr. Jockry spent last week with
friends in Grand Prairie returned Fri
day. Fred Keeler traded a team to Ed.
Maher for some cattle last week.
"Buster Brown-"
There is probably not a theatra-goer
m this wide land, who is not familiar
with the name of "Buster Brown, and
his attendant misfortunes, laughed at
his mischeivous pranks, as drawn by
that humorous artist, Richard F.
Outcanlt and published in tho oclored
pages of tho New York Herald. By
special arrangement with that paper
and Mr. Outcanlt; one of the most
successful playwrights, has construct
ed a farcial comedy wheih embodies
uianv of Buster Browns most amusing
adventures. It will be "resented at
the North Opera House Tuesday, Jan
uary 30.
We have the only genuine Maitland
(Round formation) coal. Look at sam
ples it: our windows. Telephone 74.
Weaver .fc Son.
in an np-ro-date cilice, is the best
thing we have to offer.
'e can and do fill and extract teeth
We give a writton guarantee with all
work. If it fails or proves unsat
isfactory AT ANY TIME
we will either replace it
or refund the money
Dr. J. E. Paul, Dentist.
Over NiewohBer'a cor. 13th and OnVe St.
S. E. corner of;Park.