The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, November 29, 1905, Image 8

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Platte Center.
(From The Signal.)
W. P. Schelp and Mies Alice Con
aideoe started for Land, S. D.. Tuesday
evening. Schelp geos to look after hi6
homestead and Miss Considine will
purchase some land if a desirable tract
is found.
Mrs. George X. Hopkins, who died at
'her home in University Place last week,
was, a member of the Royal Highlander
lodge at Platte Center, and had insur
ance of one thousand dollars in that
A bright little daughter made her
appearance at the home of Mr. and
lira, August Handing, west of town, last
Monday. Three sons have been born
to these people, but they all died.
This, is their first daughter.
Village Marshal Maher picked up a
couple of young Indians who had run
away from the school at Genoa, Satur
day evening. He detained them until
Sunday morning when the authorities
sent a team and took them home.
From the Democrat
The residence of W. Z. King in the
north part of town is under quarantine
on account of dyptheria, the daughter
Iryl having contracted the disease in a
very mild form.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Bobison left here
Monday for Pasadena, Cal., where they
will make their home. It is with much
regret that wc see the Judge and hi6
estimable wife leave. Mr. uud Mrs.
Robison are among the earliest settlers
here, and have the respect and good
feeling of the entire community.
Edgar Howard, St., of near Cornlea,
went down to Omaha the first of the
week to have another operation per
formed for cancer of the mouth. A few
months ago he had the greater part of
of his lower jaw removed on account of
the same disease. It is thought that
after this operation he will be entirely
cured of the disease.
The marriage of Joseph Krause, of
Cedar Rapids, and Miss Lizzie Ro
hatch of this place was solemnized in
St. Francis church in Humphrey on
Wednesday morning of this week, Rev.
Father Kurzer, officiating. The bride
is the daughter of Mrs. Rohatch who
lives east of Humphey, having made
this her home for a number of years.
The groom is a eon of Mr. and Mrs.
Wally Krause who live southeast of
Humphrey. The young couple are well
and favorably known here and they have
many friends who wish them happiness
and prosperity during their married
life. They will make their home on the
groom's farm in Boone county.
Too late for last week
Special Illustrated Edition was The
Monroe Republican issued last week,
and Monroe people have every reason
to be proud of both the paper and the
town. We did notknow what a gcod
place we lived in until the facts were
published. As a piece of artistic print
ing this edition is as good as any and
better than some. The cuts are all clear
and show up the town and surrounding
country very nicely. Editor Strother
has devoted a great deal of time and
money to the publication of this illus
trated edition, and as he has sort of a
satisfied look the last few days we im
agine he is as well pleased with his
work as all of his patrons are.
Little Laura Gibbon had the misfor
tune Friday '.while playing on s horse
power which was being used in thresh
ing squash pulp on her fathers farm, to
have her feet canght between two cogs
and badly mangled. A physician
dressed the injured foot and there is
every reason to believe that she will
have a useful foot.
f From the beaaer. I I
Mrs. John Parker is making arrange
ments to move to Columbus to reside
with her daughter, Mrs. Swain. Henry
Peterson has rented the house and will
move into the house.
B. A. McMillan and Dr. Davis are ne
gotiating the purchase of the brick
building adjoining McMillan's drug
store. The deal is not yet closed but
probably will before another issue of the
Leader. If they purchase the building
we understand that McMillan will move
his stock into it
What is the matter with the curfew
bell that it remains silent these nights?
Oar streets are full of kids from six to
fifteen years old every night until a late
r t o
Oregon or Washington X
via m
K From September loth to October 31, 100. L
Short Line Fast Trains No Delay I
as Ms
' - Be sure your ticket reads over this line. U
L. Inquire of B
W. H. BENHAM, Agent. F
is made of Grape
Cream of Tartar
Absolutely Pare.
Makes the food
more Wholesome
and Delicious.
liour. If the parents will not make an
effort to keep their children off the
streets, the authorities shoul.1 take the
matter in hand and in force the curfew
(Genoa Times.)
Mrs. Emma Clark, widow of G. W.
Clark, died at her home in Hiawatha.
Kansas, November I), 1S103, aged TO
Deceased wus born in Ohio. From her
native Btateshe moved to Illinois, where
she resided for several years. In 1872
the family moved to Richland county,
this state, where tbey livi d until 1890.
when they settled in Nance county.
Here tbey resided until 1!)02, when tbey
went to Hiawatha, where Mr. Clark died
soon after leaving Genoa. Deceased
leaves six ehildnn- three boys and three
girls. Our townsman, Frank Clark, is
one of the sons, lie left here tho day
his mother passed away in response to a
telegram notifying him that 6he was
dangerously ill, but did not learn that
his parent bad passed away until he
readied Hiawatbsi.
J. E. Weldon and Roy Clark were
the first to shell new corn. It is of
fine qnai'y and good weigbt.
The Woodville ladies met at the
home of S. J. Lingle Thursday and
had a fins time quilting.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Ellis gave an
oyster supper to the young people Fri
day evening, which was greatly en
joyed by all.
The boys and some of the married
men of the niaghborhood gathered at
John Bonster's Saturday evening and
from there went to the home of Her
man Lotzki, where they gave Chris
Smolinski and his bride, (nee) Ida
Lutzki, an old fashioned serenading.
The groom was already for the boys
and handed out two kegs of beer.
Rev. Parker of Carlsville. 111.,
preached at the Big Cut 6cbool house
Sunday afternoon.
Fred Werner bought 12 or 14 tur
keys of Hugh Smith this week. The
turkeys are to be disposed or at a
"shott" to be held near the town hall.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gray and Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Mnrdock will enter
tain the Evening Card club Friday
Of Round Trip Rates
Special Homeseekers' Rate: Greatly
reduced round trip rates to the North
Platte Valley and the Rig Horn Basin.
November 21st December 5th and
19th. This is an unusually good
chance fer yon to look at lands in
theee new regions, which offer a big
profit to those who secure them early.
Winter Sunshine in the Mountains:
Daily low excursion rates to Colorado.
To the Sunny South: Winter tourist
ntes daily until April 30tb. Return
limit June Ui, 11KXI.
Cheap Homeseekers' Rutes to the West.
Southwest and South tho first and
third Tuesdays of each month.
Write me just what trip ycu have in
mind and let me advise you the least
cost and the best way to make it.
Agent C. B. & Q. Ry.
G. P. A. Omaha.
-j- Adventure of
the Missing Three
Quarter No. 11 of the Series
(Cfyrigkt. 1904. h A. Ctumm 9t)h ami CMim
(Ctyritht. 1905. h MtClmn. Mil if, tf C.)
E were fairly accustomed
to receive weird tele
grams at Baker street,
but I have a particular
recollection of one which
reached us on a gloomy
February morning, some
seven or eight years ago, and gave Mr.
Sherlock Holmes a puzzled quarter of
an hour. It was addressed to him and
ran thus:
Please await me. Terrible misfortune.
Right wine three-quarter missing, indis
pensable tomorrow. OVERTON.
"Strand postmark and dispatched
10:30, " said Holmes, reading it over
and over. "Mr. Overton was evidently
considerably excited when he sent It
and somewhat incoherent in conse
quence. Well, well, he will be here, I
dare say, by the time I have looked
through the Tlmesal ttteft e shall
know all about It Even the most insig
nificant problem would be welcome in
these stagnant days."
Things had Indeed been very slow
with us, and I had learned to dread
such periods-of Inaction, for I knew
by experience that my companion's
brain was so abnormally active that it
was dangerous to leave it without ma
terial upou which to work. For years
I had gradually weaned him from
that drug mania which bad threatened
once to check his remarkable career.
Now I knew that under ordinary con
ditions he no longer craved for this
artificial stimulus, but I was well
aware that the fiend was not dead,
but sleeping, and I have known that
the sleep was a light one and the wak
ing near when In periods of Idleness
I have seen the drawn look upon
Holmes' ascetic face and the brooding
of his deep set and inscrutable eyes.
Therefore 1 blessed this Mr. Overton,
whoever he might be, since he had
come with bis enigmatic message to
break that dangerous calm which
brought more peril to my friend than
all the storms of his tempestuous life.
As we had exjected, the telegram
was soon followed by its sender, and
the card of Mr. Cyril Overton, Trinity
college, Cambridge, nunouueed the ar
rival of an enormous young man, six
teen stoue of solid bouc and muscle,
who spanned the doorway with his
broad shoulders and looked from one
of us to the other with a comely face
which was haggard with anxiety.
"Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"
My companion bowed.
"I've been down to Scotland Yard,
Mr. Holmes. I saw Inspector Stanley
Hopkins. He advised me to come to
you. He said the case, so far as be
could see, was more in your line than
in that of the regular poliee."
"I'ray sit down and tell me what is
the matter."
"It's awful, Mr. Holmes. Simply
awful! I wonder my hair isn't gray.
Godfrey Staunton you've heard of
him, of course? He's simply the hinge
that the whole team turns on. I'd
rather spare two from the pack and
have Godfrey for my three-quarter
line. Whether it's passing or tackling
or dribbling there's no one to touch
him, and, then, he's gat the head and
can bald us all together. What am I
to do? That's what I ask you, Mr.
Holmes. There's Moorhouse, first re
serve, but he is trained as a half, and
he always edges right in on to the
scrum instead of keeping out on the
touch line. He's a fine place kick, it's
true, but then he has no judgment, and
be can't spriut for nuts. Why, Mor
ton or Johnson, the Oxford fliers,
could romp round him. Stevenson is
fast enough, but he couldn't drop from
the twenty-five Hue, and a three
quarter who can't either punt or drop
isn't worth a place for pace alone.
Xo, Mr. Holmes, we are done unless
you cau help me to find Godfrey
My frieud had listened with amused
surprise to this long speech, which
was poured forth with extraordinary
vigor and earnestness, every point be
ing driven borne by the slapping of a
brawny baud upon the speaker's knee.
When our visitor was silent Holmes
stretched out his hand and took down
letter "S" of his commonplace book.
For once he dug in vain into that mine
of varied information.
"There is Arthur H. Staunton, the
rising young forger," said he, "and
there was Henry Staunton, whom I
be!pad to bang, but Godfrey Staunton
is a new name to me."
It was our visitor's turn to look sur
prised. "Why. Mr. Holmes, I thought you
knew things." said he. "I suppose,
then, if you have never heard of God
frey Staunton, you don't know Cyril
Overton either?"
Holmes shook bis head good humor
"Great Scott r cried the athlete.
"Why, I was first reserve for Eng
land against Wales, and I've skippered
the varsity all this year. But that's
nothing! I didn't think there was a
soul In England who didn't know God
frey Staunton, the crack three-quarter,
Cambridge. Blackheath and five in
ternationals. Good Lord, Mr. Holmes.
where have ran Hred?" ,
Holmes laughed at the young glantV
naive astonishment.
"You live in a different world from
me, Mr. Overton a sweeter and health
ier one. My ramifications stretch out
into many sections of society, but never,
I am happy to say, into amateur sport,
which is the best and soundest thing !n
England. However, your unexpected
visit this morning shows me that even
In that world of fresh nit and fair play
mere may be woTfc"for me 'to do. So
Sow, my good sir, I beg you to sit down
and tell me, slowly and quietly, exactly
what it is that has occurred and how
you desire that I should help you.
Young Overton's face assumed the
pothered look of a man who la more
accustomed to using his muscles than
his wits, but by degrees, with many
repetitions and obscurities which I
may omit from his narrative, he laid
hlsstrange story before na.
(To be continued. )
BAST BOOM . Alt 111U.
ho. 12, Chicago Special 505 a.m.
So. 4. AtlaaSo Express.
No. 8. North Platte Local z:2 p. m.
No. 10, Fart Mail .. l:0Up. m.
No. , Eastern Ksptsss. 220 p. a.
No. S.Orerland Limited 5:40 p.m.
No. 58. Local Freight 5 Mm. m
No. 5. California and Oregon Ex 7:50 p. m.
Nu. 11, Ulo. Special lUUUa. iu.
No. V. Fast Mail 11:15 a. m.
No. 1. Overland United. 12:10 p.m.
No. I, Colorado Express 625 p.m.
No. 7, North Platte LocaL. 11:00 a.m.
No.2t. Local Freight 7 .-00 a.m.
No. 29, Passenger 8:00 p. m
No. 77. Mixed 715 a. m
No. SO, Paaaeocer 12: 45 p. n
No.78. Mixed 7:10p.
No. fl. Pa eager 225 p.m.
No.79. Mixed liMm.m.
No. 12, Passenger 12S5p m, Mixed a.-uup. ai
Norfolk pssseuger trains ran daily.
No trains on Albion aad Spalding brand
AJi main line paMMnger train dally.
W. H. Bkmbah. Agent
Time Table
St. Joseph
Kansas City
Bt.Lonls and all
points Baai uia
Denver ,
Salt Iaks City,
8s n Francisco
and s 1 1 points
No. 22 Passenger, daily except Holiday. 7:25 a. n
So. 32 Accommodation, daily exeept
Saturday 4 JO p.m
tbaimb abbivk.
No. 21 Passenger, daily except Banday. 8:50 p. r
No. SI Accommodation, dally except
Banday 140 p.m
THROUGH Standard and
J. Tourist sleepers, chair
cars and coaches to Union
Passenger Station, Chicago,
every day from all points on the
main line of the Union Pacific
Railroad. These cars arc carried
on through trains arriving in the
heart of Chicago at 8.35 a. rn.,
9.25 a.m. and 9.30 p. m., afford
ing a convenient choice of hours.
Route Union Pacific Railroad
Milwaukee and St. Paul
Any ticket agent of the Union
Pacific will send you East via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway if you ask him to do so.
It is worth your while to insist
that your ticket read this way.
Complete information about
rates, routes and train service
sent on request.
General Wrntern Agent
1524 Famam Street. Onmhn
Is the Yeast
that Raised the
First Grand
at the
It is a truly wonderful
YEAST FOAM is sold by all
grocers at 5c a package enough
for 40 loaves. Send a postal card
for new illustrated book " Goon
Bbead : How to Make It.' ,
That is the kind of pillows we keep and recommend,
them how comfortable and restful thev are.
Sold By
Wishing to reduce the number of
my herd, I will offer at Public
Auction at the
Koatskotoos Stock Farm
Two miles east of Genoa, on
Tuesday, Dec. 5
100 Head of Registered
and High Grade Short
Horn Cattle
Consisting of....
10 Reaistorsd Bulls
Including my herd bull "Levi the
Great," conceded by competent
judges to be one of t'ie best bulls
in the State.
21 Registered Cows and
Representing some of the best
families of the Short Horn breed.
50 Cows and Heifers
7-8 and 15-16 Short Horn, many
of whicTTwill make fine milch cows
20 2-Year Old Steers
Carrying more Short Horn blood
on the average than the cows and
the heifers.
TERMS One year's time on bank
able paper at 10 per cent interest.
Sale Begins at 10 O'clock a. in.
No postponement on account of
weather as sale will be held under
cover. Write for sale catalogue.
Robt. C. Anderson
6tRM, Ntbraska
w Dr. King's
New Discovery
0UGHS ssa
50c & $1.00
Frts Trial.
Sorest and Quickest Core for all
Niece and Nephew
of Uncle Sam
should be deeply interested in what he has said about soda
crackers, because they are the one food with which all of
them are familiar.
Uncle Sam has given out figures showing that soda
crackers are richer in nutriment and body-building elements,
properly proportioned, than any food made from flour.
This is saying much for common soda crackers, and
much more for UltMClc BlSCtllt, because they are
soda crackers of the best quality. They are baked better
more scientifically. They aie packed bettei more cleanly.
The damp, dust and odor proof package retains all tne good
ness and nutriment of the wheat, all the freshness of the best
baking, all the purity of the cleanest bakeries.
Your Uncle Sam has shown what food he thinks best
for his people. His people have shown that they think
UlieSda BfSCMlt the best of that food, nearly
400,000,000 packages having already been consume!
Uneeda Biscuit
HENRY GASS, Columbus,
The 80-acre farm abou8 1
and 1-2 miles east and 1-2
mile north of Columbus, just
east of the farm of H. E.
Babcock, now occupied by Ed
Morrow; 80 acres of good
land; present price, $65 per
Also for sale, sw4 sw4, sec.
15, twp. 19, rg. 1, east, just
west of the farm of H. E.
Babcock, about 1 1-4 miles
east of Columbus; nnimprov'd
land. This is close to the city
and will make a splendid
home. Price is very low, $40
per acre.
Apply to
Leonard Everett
18 rsarl as.
Gstmcll Skiffs, la.
Low Thnkagjrinjg Rates.
Burlington Konte will sell tickets to
all points not over 200 miles at the rate
of one and a third fare for round trip on
Nov. 29th and :K)th, good returning until
Dec. 4th. h. F. Kectob.
33-2t Agent C. B. & Q. Ry.
Palace Cafe
M. 6. J&RUZflL, Prop'r.
Kansas City Southern Railway
Southwest Missouri, Indian Territory, Arkansas,
Louisiana and Texas
Dates of Sale -November 7 and 21, Decern b r ." and 19.
Stopovers on coint' and return trip.
Limit 21 days from date of sale.
The tide of immigration has turned to the south, where lanrl ia niw....
and crops abundant The Land of
the country promises snch great return from products of the soil and
increased valnee.
Write for free illustrated literature.
H. D. DUTTON, Trav. Pass Agt.,
Kansas City, Mo.
F. E. ROESSLER, Trav. Pass, and
Clean House
Means Clean
A lot of people use the
same pillows too lonj;.
Just liccaiLse a pillow is
covered and you can't see
the dirt is no indication that
the dirt is not there.
The careful housekeeper
will not keep her old pillows
too lonjj and to injure com
fort in the new ones she will
le certain that they are the
famous Emmerich pillows
bearing this tag
You know when you sleep oc
I carry the best of everything
in my line. The drinking pub
lic is invited to come in and b
for themselves.
JAS. NEVELS.rrsprtoter
51G Twelfth Street Phone No. 116
sSly's Cream Balm
This Remedy is a Specific,
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It cleaiLxen, soothes, henls, and protects the
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IJeatores tho Senses of Taste and Smell.
Easy t use. Contains no injurious drug.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size. 50 cents at Druggists or by
mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY MOTHERS, 5S Warns St. Hw Ysrk
Fulfillment. No other section of
S. G. WARFER, G. P. ad T A
Kansan ret. "'
Imfc'n Aent, Kansas City, Mo.
Dr. Paul, dentist