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Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
To Prove What the Great Kidney Remedy, Swamp-Root Will
Do for YOU, Every Reader of This Paper May Have a
Sample Bottle Sent Absolutely Free by Mail.
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Columbus Journal 60.
:Sfc"' w ' Z?TT!tl&iSZrc.-.
S Mr. Wragg Invites contributions of any
! new ideas that readers of this depart
t ment may wish to present, and would be
1 pleased to answer correspondents desir
; in? information on subjects discussed.
I Address M. J. Wragg. Waukee or Des
1 Moines. Iowa.
IroML, fAlNi rACTS
1. Pnre Unseed OU la Out foandatloa of ail Psdat DsmbOsty.
2. Tbe ponrrnl prejudice aralsMt Ready-Hlied Paint fa liestisl
ob Um fact taut xuot of ttiessi are adulterated wltls Inferior ell.
3. All pnint tn first sroand into a THICK PASTE, and tne steady
Sflzed paint maker tbrn dilate eery sralloa of lain paste wKJa a.
gallon of -oil" joa nave to take bis word for its parity.
4. Wnen yon bey Rrady-9Ilxed Paint, yea pay tne steady.9flw.ed
Paint price for lhl canned oll, or from 2 12 to 3 time tbe market
price for tne f re&n, pare raw oil la yoar local dealer's barrel.
5. Tbere 1 a paint wboe makers STOP, wisest the paste Is ea
pleted: conti'ct with tne profit on tbe paint alone and knewlasT
tbat any 14 3 ear eld boy can mix this paste and the pare raw etl.
both bonsht wparalely from the loccl dealer. Simply stir flogetner.
gallon for gallon, no more, no less, and nothlnar else, and YOU know
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honest price for both paint and oil aad year m personal knewl
edjfe of its pnrity and darability.
6. This paint Is Klnloch H onse Paint; which la nsade la a fall
line of Ntandard, popular and DURABLE colors. It Is not a patent
paint -ft-s just the good old time-tried paint materials, rrossd
together ready for yoa to thin down with the pure raw oil.
411 III I I I I ill I I I I I II I I I I I I III! Illlllllll IIIIIIIIIIM
and tHae
Without Change of Cars
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F. I. NASH, Gen'l Western IgenJ, 1524 Farnan St.
Nebraska to
Chicago and East
Six trains a day Omaha to Chicago, without
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St. Paul and Minneapolis.
av G he Best of Everything
For rates, tickets and full Information apply
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Chicago & North-Western Ry.
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"Straight as tfea Craw
Along its Use are tbe finest lands, tnitedf or growing caall grain, corn. flax,
cotton; for commercial apple and peach orchards, for other fruits and ber
ries ; Tor commercial cantaloupe, potato, tomato and general true, farms ;
for sngar cane and rleecnltlTatioa; for merchantable timber; forxauuf
horse, moles, cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry and Angora goats.
Write far lassrtl Csscsraiaf
sat Calsnv Locations. Imsravas Farm. tllaersJ Lands, lies Lass and 1
- r- -' . . t " in
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liMMSk. K. C.S.Fraitl
Cheap ronnd-trip homsseekers' tickets on sale flat an third Tuesdays at
each month.
"The fruit grower must be a willing
worker, and to be successful he must
be a pusher and ever ready to take
time by the farelook. He must in
advance rather than behind with the
work. The mulch for the strawberries
and compost for raspberries, black
berries, currants, gooseberries and
Lucretia dewberries should now be
read' near the garden. As soon as
the ground is frozen hard enough to
bear up the horses and wagon put
the mulch on the strawberry bed. Do
not undertake to cover deep enough
to prevent freezing, for if this is done
the wet snows will pack the mulch and
smother the plants. Good judgment
is required here.
"Straw of any kind, corn stalks,
with or without the blades, leaves,
evergreen boughs, swamp grass or
any coarse material that is free of
seed will answer. This mulch should
be left on the bed until all danger of
freezing is over. Just before the
crowns open, the mulch should be
raked off the plants to the space be
tween the rows. If the soil is loamy
and light the mulch may be parted
over the plants and left in that way
to prevent the earth from being
splashed upon the fruit.
"For other lines of small fruit com
post is preferred to strawed mulch as
the latter invites mice, which will
gnaw the canes and injure the plants.
The compost may be scattered broad
cast over the, entire surface as the
condition of the ground demand, or
be placed around the hills. In either
case the compost should be worked
into the soil by means of a shallow
cultivator as early as the ground is
ir. condition for work. To do a perfect
job the surface should be worked until
thoroughly fined. Working should be
repeated at intervals of six and eight
days until raspberries and blackber
ries are turning red. Small fruits
cannot be successful!- grown without
thorough cultivation and pruning sea
son after season. When the grower
becomes experienced the work in the
small garden will be considered more
of a pleasure than a task."
"How dear to our hearts is the old yellow
When orchards are barren of stuffing
for pies;
"When peaches and apples have proven a
And berries of no kind have greeted our
How fondly we turn to the rugged old
And pather the fruit we can never de
spise The bright golden pumpkin, the savory
The swtet. mellow pumpkin we make
into pies."
fbe Only Double
Track Railway be
tween the Missouri
River and Chicago
Fast daily train service via the Chicago, Union
Pacific & North -Western Line from points in
One would think farming had made
no progress in the last fifty years
to look at what the "authorities'
undertake to teach in the country
schools. The farmer is to spend his
life close to nature. Why, then,
should he not study nature and
natural law?
Professor King is authority for the
statement that late fall plowing and
deep cultivation in orchards of fruit
trees and in vineyards of small fruits,
after the wood is fully matured and
growth arrested by the cold weather,
will do much toward giving the soil
better moisture relations the next
spring. In cases where injury from
deep freezing is liable to occur, the
iate plowing will lesson this danger
because the loose soil blanket will
help to retain the heat in the ground
as well as the soil moisture.
In the. late plowing and deep tillage
there is little danger of increasing
the loss of plant food by leaching, be
cause the season is too late and the
temperature of the soil too low to
stimulate the formation of nitrates.
When ground is plowed late in the
fall, just before freezing, it then acts
during the winter and early spring
as a mulch, diminishing the loss of
water by surface evaporation, and at
the same time the roughened surface
tends to hold the snows and to per
mit winter and early spring rains to
penetrate more deeply into the soil
leaving the ground more moist at
seeding time than would be the case
if it were left unplowed.
Dead blackberry canes, if not yet
removed, should be removed without
further delay. They should also be
burned, as there may be among them
spores of some fungus disease.
As we traveled through the coun
try about a week ago we still found
many, many binders, mowers and va
rious other machines standing in the
ard with nothing but a barb wire
fence to shelter them from sun and
rain. In fact, quite a number did not
even enjoy the distinction of being
cared for to the extent of standing
in a row of fence, but were scattered
all over the yard, where apparently
it had been convenient to leave them
when the busy farmer unhitched late
in the evening.
There is perhaps no business where
system is so hopelessly lacking as on
the farm. A man on a 160 acre farm
has perhaps a grain binder worth
$l25, a mower worth $50, a couple of
plows worth $50, harrows worth $50,
ond perhaps wagons worth $100 or
$150. Here we have an investment of
$500 or more, the interest on which is
$30 per year. Will it not pay to take
better care of this property? An air
tight building is not necessary for the
protection of the machinery. Con
struct a lean-to on the side of the
barn, if you can do no better, and
board up sufficiently to keep out sun
and rain, and you have a place to
keep things.
Never put any machinery away that
has bright surfaces without a coat of
oil. Dry the bright surfaces and coat
heavily with oil. Beef suet also makes
an excellent material for that pur
pose. Next spring, or at any other
time, when you may need your plow,
it will be ready. It will scour as soon
as you put it into the ground. That
fact in itself may be worth several
dollars to you.
The harness needs to be oiled fre
quently enough to keep the leather
soft and pliable. It will last nearly
twice as long if well taken care of.
The work can be done on rainy days.
In many important European mark
ets receipts of American apples have
practically doubled every year for
the past years. In 1901 there were
exported from this counrty 1,600,000
barrels of apples. In 1902, 2,200,000
were shipped out. Cold storage and
rapid transit have brought the whole
world in touch with the Ozark apple
grower. Apples have been sold in
Hamburg and Liverpool within IS
days from the time they hung on the
trees in our Ozark orchards.
Every farmer in America knows t
a dead certainty that to produce win
ter milk with profit or comfort, he
must have two things in abundance,
says a correspondent. First, a warm
barn or stable for his cows whera
manure will never freeze or accumu
late in unsightly piles. G at once to
work, and bank up your old high-
floor stables so the cold winter winds
can not whistle under the barn, nor
rise up through the cracks of the
floor to make balloons of the milk
maids when they come to milk the
Put up inside double ceiling to the
btables; fill well with straw, shav
ings or chaff between
cold as much as possible, and there
by save feed and money both. Re
member always, feed is the fire that
cattle use to keep warm with, and they
are bound to keep warm and comfort
able first before they care a snap
about your calculations of whether
they furnish you a drop of milk or not.
Don't toughen your cattle any more
by compelling them to eat corn stalks
cut on a windy hill or some old mea
dow you want to revive.
We may live without poetrv, music and
We may live without conscience, and live
without heart:
We may Hv without friends, we mav live
without books.
But civi ized man cannot live without
He may live without books what la
knowledge but grieving?
He may live without hope what is hope
but deceiving?
He may live without love what is pas
sion but pining?
But where is the man that can live with
out dining?
Owen Meredith.
It used to be considered that only urinary and
bladder troubles tvere to be traced to the kid
neys, but now modern science proves that nearly
all diseases have their beginning1 in the disorder
of these most important organs.
Therefore, when your kidneys are weak or out
of order, you can understand how quickly your
entire body is affected, and how every organ
seems to fail to do its duty.
If you are sick or "feel badly" begin taking
the great kidney remedy, Dr. Kilmers Swamp
Hoot, because as soon as your kidneys begin to
get better they will help all the other organs to
health. A trial will convince anyone.
I was out of health and run down generally; had no
appetite, was dizzy and suffered with headache most of
the time. I did not know that my kidneys were the cause
of my trouble, but somehow felt that they miirht be, and I
began taking Swamp-Root. There issuch a pleasant taste
to Swamp-Root, and it goes right to the spot and drives
disease out of the system. It has cunnl me. making me
stronger and better in every way, and I cheerfully recom
mend it to all sufferers.
Gratefully yours.
Mas. A. L. Walkeb. 331 East Linden St., Atlanta. Ga.
Weak and unhealthy kidneys are responsible
for many kinds of diseases, and if permitted to
continue much suffering and fatal results are
sure to follow. Kidney trouble irritates the
cVir nut Via. ucrves, uuues uu uiii , rcsucss, ait::iJica auu
SjUUL out me . ;.i.i -r..i.T. . ...... r. .1. :
iiiiu.uit;. ..ii.irti;?) juu. p,i?a ivu.ic uitcix uuliu
the day and obliges you to get up many times
during the- night. Unhealthy kidneys cause
rheumatism, gravel, catarrh of the bladder, pain
or dull ache in the back, joints and muscles;
make your head ache and back ache, cause indi
gestion, stomach and liver trouble, you get a
sallow, yellow complexion, make you feel as
though you had heart trouble; you may have
plenty of ambition, but no strength; get weak
and waste away.
The cure for these troubles is Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root, the world-famous kidney remedy.
In taking Swamp-Root you afford natural help
to Nature, for Swamp-Root is the most perfect
healer and gentle aid to the kidneys that is
known to medical science.
H Kliisy.LtTer&Bladdsr H
BBBBa uTTAiiocf.uo crtint SBBBJ
aaaj UMMonfui bfr or aam bbbbj
nmls kad ft tbftl:imb BSBBJ
fl ClliUrwitfwaarcofdhifftolf. BBftV
Baas 5Iy CPmnwuf with vn&!l BBBBf
BSBS-SJ duVSMKllDCrtaM tofolliioM BBBBJ
J r mora, u Iba caa wgU
a Mamtanquira. BSSSJ
BSBBJ T&ia mat mrIy curat all H
J kian.y,ltif,MfclJfTIUri:
HSSSJ Ackt Uunlllaa an4 dlwnltri BSSSJ
J ia. to wtik k!.!cry, such u BBBBJ
BSBBj caurrh of tha UaJJr, gmtl. BSSSJ
BBBBl rh.Tr.titn, I:znbao anj BSBBJ
J Brvht'9 Oianat. whk h la It.
imni frrmnf ii Im r illama BBBBJ
J UUplnaanttotaka.
aaaaj nirmn oslt it aaaaj
H Sold by all Druggists. H
The season is again at hand when
opportunities to give orders for nur
sery stock to strangers will be numer
ous, and when new and wonderful
sorts to buy will be abundant. Now,
rot all stranger tree peddlers are dis
honest, nor are all new and wonder
ful sorts of fruits without merit; but
the percentage of dishonesty and want
of merit is so large that caution
should be observed in patronizing the
one or buying the other. The agent
who approaches you may be a strang
er, but if he represents a well and
favorably known nursery he is not
likely to deceive you. and if he does
you will be protected by his principal.
But if the agent and the nursery he
represents are both strangers, the
safest way is to pass up both. Where
the agent, his nursery and the things
he offers you are strangers it is best
to give the first his dinner, your bless
ings and nothing more. As for sorts
tc buy. the judgement of the bet fruit
growers in the state, usually repre
sented by the State Horticultural so
ciety, is the safest guide. All such
societies recommend the best tried
sorts for their respective regions, and
as a rule that recommendation should
be respected. If. however, one can
not resist the temptation to buy new
things let the purchase be small, so
that no serious loss will be sustained
if they prove worthless.
In Great Britain and also in Cana
da carrots are much used as a food
lor horses. Long experience has taught
the farmers in those countries that
carrots tend to keep in tone the di
gestion of the horses and colts to
which they are fed. They influence
the digestion of horses much the same
as turnips and mangles do the di
gestion of sheep and cattle. The reas
on why they are preferred to horses
over these is that horses are more
fond of them than of the other variet
ies of roots. This at least is one
reason why they are preferred.
Suppose grain and roughage are fed
tc horses in one instance without
carrots and carrots and roughage are
ted in another instance without grain;
m the instance last named the horses
will do as well as in that first named,
when not at work. If carrots could
be fed to horses in this Western coun
try in moderate quantities in the win
ter season, they would keep in better
tone than many of them do. There '
are no sound reasons why they should
rot be had, since they will grow in
any part of this Northwest. There is
considerable labor in handling them,
and that perhaps is the principal reas-
on why they are not grown more.
Hov to Find Out
If there is any doubt in your mind as to your
condition, take from your urine on rising about
four ounces, place it in a glass or bottle and let
it stand twenty-four hours. If on examination
it is milky or cloudy, if there is a brick-dust set
tling, or if small particles float around in it, your
kidneys are in need of immediate attention.
Swamp-Root is pleasant to take and is used in
the leading hospitals, recommended by phy
sicians in their private practice, and is taken by
doctors themselves who have kidney ailments,
because they recognize in it the greatest and
most successful remedy for kidney, liver and
bladder troubles.
(Swamp-Root is pleasant to take.)
If you are already convinced
that Swamp-Root is what yoa
need, you can purchase tha
regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles at the drug
stores everywhere. Don't
make any mistake, but remem
ber the name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilnrers Swamp-Root, and
the address, Binghamton, N.
Y., on every bottle.
EDITORIAL NOTE. So successful is
Swamp-Root in promptly curing even
the most distressing cases of kidney,
liver or bladder troubles, that to prove
its wonderful merits you may have a
sample bottle and a book of valuable
information, both sent absolutely free
by mail. The book contains many of
the thousands upon thousands of testi
monial letters received from men and
women cured. The value and success
of Swamp-Root is so well known that
our readers are advised to send for a
sample bottle. In sending your address
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N.
Y.t be sure to say you read this gener
ous offer in this paper. The proprietors
of this paper guarantee the genuine
ness of this offer.
Please write or fill in this coupon with you
name ana aauress ana Dr. Kilmer & Co.. win
send you a Frse Ssanple Bottle of Swi
tks Urest KMaey Kessedy.
St. aad No.
j City or To wa.
(Mention -sais paper.)
Twice as Good
One Third the Cosl
From now on cuttings of a great
variety of trees and shrubs may be
trade and planted. A large share cf
our prettiest flowery shrubs may be '
grown with more or less success from
cuttings. Mock Orange, Dogwood, I
Hardy Hydrangea, all the honeysuck
les can be grown in this way. The '
Catalpa. Basswood and some other
trees will root from cuttings but
are perhaps better grown from seed.
Currants are almost as easily grown
as the willow.
' Opa 3,;
Prof. W. D. Carlisle of Chicago, a
horticulturist of national fame, who
en a recent visit to the great Frisco
Orchard Co's site near Lebanon, in
Laclede county, secured some of the
red soil chemical analysis. He found
the red clay soil, so valuable to the
apple grower, to have been produced
by the decomposition of rock by the
large amount of pyrites of iron which
It contains. He also found large pro
portions of lime, soda and potash, all
of which, with iron orp make desir
able chemical elements for the growth
of perfect, finely flavored fruit. He
pronounces the soil the best adapted
tc apple and peach culture of any
he ever examined.
Every day is bargain day in the
Wave Circle. Come in and get ac
quainted. K C will help yoa cut
down the living expenses and make
doctor's bills a thing of the past. Do
you realize that you can get the best
and purest baking powder in the world
at one-third what you've been paying
for anywhere near K C quality. 4 25
ounce can costs 25c. Think of the saving!
Can you make money any easier ? Get
it to-day. The grocer returns the
price of can if you are not satisfied.
Jill Grocers
Send rostal for the beautiful
"Book of Presents."
; While the unloaded pistol goes on
slaying its thousands and the ever
loaded oil can its tens of thousands
there is something else that appears
j equally as innocent and unassuming
i that claims victims every year and
' causes much financial loss and ex
quisite suffering among men and ani
mals. The instrument of death and
suffering referred to is the upturned
rusty nail so common around the
. average farm and in the backyards
01 coumx siores. it ma seem a very
small and simple act to stop and break
off or turn down a nail, but the small
and simple service may be the means
of saving a life or of preventing the
most acute suffering the human body
can endure.
Don't forget that a cream separator
is a labor-saving implement in the
same degree as a mower, and a man
with a taste in decoration does not
buy a mower for a parlor ornament.
Honey absorbs moisture, and if kept
long in a cool, damp place it will be-
come thin and watery and lose its '
original flavor. It may not spoil it to I
treeze if the air surrounding is per-1
fectly dry, but damp cold is injurious.
If the honey gathers dampness and '
then freezes, the combs will crack
and the honey run down the outside. '
and it never looks or tastes quite as !
nice as it did before.
An ideal place to keep honey is '
where it is dry all the time and never ,
freezes. The kitchen, a warm room
over the kitchen, or the attic is the '
best place I know of without prepar
ing a special place warmed artificially
en cago.
It Has Cured More Cases
Than All Others Put Together
44 Wc Have never ran onto an
article that met with the success of
Mull's Grape Tonic It has cured more
cases of constipation and stomach
Perhaos it is not necessary to hint . trouble to our certain knowledge, than
that mice must be excluded. Extracted all other remedies that we ever sold put
honey, too. needs to be kept in a together.
warm, dry place, unless it is in sealed ' Mull's Grace Tonic must possess some
cans completely excluding the air. ccculiar aualitv that no other constioa-
Cne reason why more honey is not , Uoa 0,1 remedy has. All who ike it
used is because so few persons know
how to keep it in its original excel
The demand for big, symmetrical
draft horses is stronger than ever be
fore in this country and the farmer
who is raising plugs is wasting his
Perseverance is the only virtue that
cannot be counterfeited.
And now begins the war with mice
and rabbits. Let no one rest in fan
cied security unless thorough protect
ion has been given to everything that
they might devour. For mice, use
strychnine, with corn meal in cans,
scattered all over the grounds en
dangered. For rabbits, the first and
most useful thing that can easily be
done is to destroy their hiding places
by burning up brush and rubbish
heaps, and stopping up holes in the
ground made by other animals and
which they make their headquarters
in the wintry months. These holes
ore most commonly found in the
woods or along the steep banks of
creeks and ravines. We have as yet
found nothing better than the oldfash
ioned box trap to thin them out pro
vide a delicacy for the table.
Experiments at the Maryland sta
tion show that:
1. A "mixed feed" made by wet
ting shredded corn fodder and grain
together, is the best way to feed corn
2. The "mixed feed" was more di
gestible and produced more flesh and
milk than same food fed separately
and dry.
3. There was less fodder wasted
by feeding it as a "mixed feed" than
by feeding fodder and grain separate
ly and dry.
4. The digestibility of shredded
fodder was increased by feeding It
wet the increase being sufficient t
warrant wetting.
5. The amount of water consumed by
about the same with, the different
methods of feeding.
say that it adds to the strength and general
health and makes them ieel better in every
way. "We all know that ordinary physics and
cathartics have exactly the opposite effect they
have a weakening tendency. They leave the
digestive system in worse shape to overcome the
trouble than it was before.
"MulTs Grape Tonic is a pleasant, nat
ural, harmless, effective remedy that does the
work and does h well, and the people have
found it cot." "WOLFF & WILSON DRUG CO.
Sixth and Washington Avt St. Louis Mia.
sfrsJaT ssscsw. Cmmy mat takm tMmtm
tUm ysirf issfjr m trtml T
Whr suffer or take needless chancer with eonaUDStlon or Komaeh
troubles when toecs is a, perfect, harmless, natural, posture euro wtua
jour reach?
Constipation and Stomach Trouble
earns blood poison, skin diseases, sick neadache. blllcmnesa. typhoid
ferer. appendicitis, piles and every kind of female trouble as well as
many outers. Tonr own pbyiician will tell 70a tbat aU this Is true.
Bat don't drug or physic yourself. Cse
the cstnrsl. strengthening; harmless remedy that builds np the tisanes
of your dliresUTe organs and pnta your whole system In splendid con
dition to overcome an aiiacas. it is yery pieasant 10 use loauuiurea
like It and it does them great good.
33 cent. 50 cent and 11.00 bottles at all droggists. The tUOO dottle contains sbost
six times as much as the cent bottle and aboct three Uses as mucn as tne 50 cens
bottle. There is a great saving I n buying tne 11.00 size.
Upon receipt of your address, your drnggisfs name and We. to pay poscscsj
1 ii ..iLmiVumiiiafM ifmn ha iwrpriuMt Unit's uranaTocue.
I wlU also send yo a certificate good tor (US toward Use purchase of mors Toast
l row druggist.
MUX'S GftAIT TQIsK CO, tMlssri 4