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Cc Journal is Read by More People than any Other Paper in Platte County
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So Gonso;vative
T w i ' u j rich in a da
n'w . i.iil. I- is ii nervative peo
ple wii .ii'.i ir 1 -; t depositors.
Our Bank is Conservative
We trat patrons mirtoiiI. hut
iidvKe them to takn mi risks.
In banking wi'h us you gt the ben
eflt of wise council. It may :v jou
from disaster.
The First National Bank
Mia Emma Higgins, of Schuyler, ris
ited over Sunday with her sister, Mr.-.
Sam Goes.
Miss Leal Crozier of Osceola is visit
ing at the home of E. M. Spnrhawk for a
couple of weeks.
Matt Leach and Attorney Will Hose,
both of Fullerton, were in Columbus on
hmines yesterday.
Col. Storchof Fullerton was in Colum
bus yesterday returning from a meeting
of the military board at Lincoln.
Humphrey's legal fraternity is repre
sented iu district court in the persons of
E. 1L Drake and F. M. Cookiugham.
H. Hockenlwrger and John Moffett of
I'latte Center accompanied Max Gott
berg in hi automobile to Creston Mon
day. 1L W. Hohitrt returned last Thursday
from a trip to Sioux city where he went
on important legal business for one of
his clients.
Seth Braun is going to have a big dish
pale during Thanksgiving week. He
will offer a part of his tine line of dishes
below cost. Best hargains ever offered
in Columbus. It
There .will he a missionary tea at the
home of Mr. M. K. Turner, Friday ov
ning. given liy" tfiB Ladien' Society of
the Methodist church. A musical pro
gram will be given.
The ladies of the Altar society of the
Catholic church will entertain at euchre
at tliu hstuc i if IX C Kavanaugh tonight.
The ladies of the society are divided in
to groups of eight.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will give a tea at the home of Mrs. Llans
Elliott Thursday afternoon. As is cus
tomary at these popular teas, the public
is in v) ltd to attend.
Mrs. W. M. Cornelius had the misfor
tune Sunday to slip on the stairs and
fall part way down, wrenching her knee
badly. While the injury is very painful
it is not believed that any permanent
trouble will result.
Lon Miller, of South Omaha, has been
in the vicinity the past few days visiting
his brother-in-law, Ed Westcolt who is
leaving this country to take up a new
home in Washington. Mr. Miller re
turned to his Omalia home yesterday.
Kev. Millard went to Central City
Tuesday to be present at a reception
given by the Methodist church to their
vast number of converts who have been
received during the union revival ser
vices. He returned Wednesday.
11. J. Alexander who has been in Co
lumbus for a week will leave for Stock
Title. Nebr., where he is engaged in
the real estate business with Sawyer
Itros. Mr. Alexander's numerons friends
here will be glad to learn that he is en
joying large prosperity there.
The Woman's Home Missionary socie
ty will hold a social at the home of Mrs.
M. K. Turner Friday evening. A musi
cal program has been arranged and Mrs.
Millard will give some echoes of the na
tional convention at Indianapolis, which
she attended three weeks ago.
Mr. and Mrs P. J. Murphy, Jr. and
two children, Mrs. P. J. Murphy, Sr. and
Miss Anna Murphy of Platte center were
guests Tuesday of Mrs. McMabon. Mr.
and Mrs. Murphy have been guests cf
Mr. Murphy parent? at Platte Center
and are now on their wav to their home
in Butte, Montana.
Dr. E.H. Naumann
Has one of the best dental offices
in the state:
Fully equipped to do all den
tal work injMrst-Class manner.
Always reasonable iu charges.
All work guaranteed.
Over 14 years practice in Ct
lumbus. mfcsu t.
Dr. E. H.
To the Voters of Platte County.
Geatlemon, I do not wish to disap
pear from the political stage without
expressing to you my appreciation of
your kind treatment during te cam
paign and your hearty support at the
polls. I came among you with the
plea that the ollise of county superin
tendent should not be political and
nk(-u your support ou the grounds of
tituoss for rue position, and of meri
torious t-ervice, I tried to conduct my
iart of the camDaign in a way becom
ing the head of the schools oi the
countv You know how well I sjc
ceedM 1 was received with kinl
;onsideratioii bv -ill. regardless of po
litical ufiilittiut I am confident
that my t-upporr wns composed largely
of those who are directly interested in
ihpihlic schools of the county. I
submit gr.un follv to the will of the
majority, anil shall give Mr. Leavy
my heartv support in his efforts to
improve the conditions of our schools.
I am perfectly satislied with the
treatment received at tne hands of
those who conducted the campaign.
1 beleive Mr. Hoare was loyal to every
man on the ticket, nnd that hn diil all
he could to secure their election. The
republican papers made a sacrifice in
their support of the ticket and shonld
be Kindly remembered, not only by
the candidates but by nil who are in-
terQsted in the success of the party in
the county.
With best wishes for the public
schools of Platte county, I am with
out political aspirations, verv truly
yours. O. H. SMITH.
Fans Happy.
Columbus fans aro happy. " Jaok"
Corbett, who with his brother Jim
bought Wai den's pool hall last week
will bo on deck next summer to pre
side behind the bat and "Kelly"
Welch, the Oamha league pitcher who
is working for "Jack" will also be
here if business keeps up a it has
started out for the boys.
With "Jack" Corbett and "Kelly"
Welch Columbus will have the fastest
" bunch" in Nebraska outside of the
league. And the boys will see to it
that "Jack" and "Kelly" will bo too
busy next spring to sieu any contracts
away from Columbus.
"Jimmio" Corbett, who won 5S out
of C:S games when he was pitching
for the- HebTMka-indi ,ara aaina - - the -
strongest teams in the United States
outside of the leagues, is "itching"
to go into the box again and his arm
has recovered until it has its old
time strength.
With ' ' Kelly" ' Welch and ' Jinimie"
Corbett to change off with the old re
liable. "Dad" Lohr and "Kid" Do
Ian in the box, Colnmbns will have a
good strong prescription to administer
to every visiting team.
A Promotion.
Ed. Fitzpatrick, the efficient assis
tant postmaster of this city received a
telegram last Thursday notifying him
of his appointment to a position in
the Postoffice department on the
Panama Canal zone. The telegram
contained no particulars but it is
known that the appointment is a pro
motion which will add materially to
Ed's salary nnd it is believed that the
position is either that of assistant
postmaster, or postal clerk. Last
Saturday Ed. received a second tele
gram asking him to report at New
York for further instruction and in
response thereto, Ed. left Tuesday
Ed. Fitzpatrick has been six years
in the Columbus postoffice where he
has done proficient service and has
mnsterted the details of hi6 work so
as to give him excellent preparation
for the promotion.
Ed will be missed in Colnmbns
social circles, where he has always
been a prominent figure.
Card of Thanks
Unable to personally convey our
thanks to the friends and neighbors
who gave us aid and sympathy during
the sndden death of our child we de
sire in this public manner to acknow
ledge to each and all our debt of gra
titude. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Luchsiuger.
Sound Teeth
may be had no matter what your age if
you will have a competent Dentist make
and fit them. As a matter of health as
well as looks
flow Important
it is to have firm, regular teeth to prop
erly masticate your food.
Call and have an examination and es
timate of cost made that will give you
perfect teeth.
ILaVnv'iKX? ALaaaaaaaaaasfl
IxLasssssaV av .Jfi)k mt7iL
District Court.
The court house is crowded today by
spectators eager to hear every word of
the testimony in the sensational kidnap
ping case in which Fred A. Brnenhaber
went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Wiseman last Saturday afternoon and
forcibly took away his three year old
daughter Lula Marie.
It was an interesting but pathetic
spectacle to eee Mrs. Wiseman on the
witness stand with the sweet little girl
not her own, clinging to her neck and
refusing to recognize the real mother
and father sitting near, to whom the
child has been a etrantrer from infancy,
but whose parental instincts have led
tliem to seek by force, the child of their
blood after three years of separation.
The story as briefly told by witnesses is
is follows:
Three years ago Bruenhaber whs night
-ugineer at the city waterworks here
and lived with his wife and four children
the youngest a babe at its mother's
breast. Estranged from his wife he left
her and the children without means of
support and Mrs. Bruenhaber took the
babe to Mrs. Wiseman, her husband's
a'ster. The conditions upon which the
child was given up are in dispute, but at
any rate the mother seldom saw the lit
tle girl who has come to look upon Mr.
and Mrs. Wiseman as father and mother.
Finally Fred Bruenhaber wrote from
Denver for his wife and family and they
went to him. Recently they returned
to Columbus and Mr. Bruenhaber went
to his sister's home for his baby, and be
ing refused, the testimony is that he
choked Mrs. Wiseman and took the
child by force. Taking a team and bug
gy he drove to David City with the child
where he was apprhended by Sheriff Car
rig Saturday night and brought into
district court to answer the charge of
kidnapping. The testimony of the de
fense is not in as the Journal goes to
Since last Saturday the court has dis
posed of the case of Oscar Nelson against
Strand, the slander case from the Look
ing Glass in which the defendant is said
to have accused the plaintiff of stealing
a whip, the verdict being for the defend
ant. In the case of Dr. J. C- McKinley
against Gustav Teske for a doctor's bill
the jury found for the defendant.
A case has been filed in district court
from Burrows township, Olsofka vs Ols-
- of ka, the wife seeking, to njoin the bos-
band from selling real estate and other
Route 3.
A magic lantern show was given at
the Nick Adamy school house last Fri
day by an amateur who is showing at
the country school houses.
John Kamm is serving on the jury.
Corn husking will be completed on
this route by Thanksgiving.
Boute 5.
Mrs. Libbie Coffee visited friends in
Monroe last week.
Ed. Hahn and Chas. Redding have
finished husking.
Bert Bryan has gone to the table lands
to husk corn the rest of the fall.
Word was received today from Fuller
ton announcing the birth of an eleven
pound girl to Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Mattson
of that place.
H. P. H. Oehlrieh shipped nine car
loads of fat cattle to Chicago Saturday.
If he doesn't get right markets he will
ship to Europe.
Wm. Mattson and daughter, Miss An
na, of South Omaha are guests at the
home of Mr. and Sirs. G. M. Hall this
week. MissAnna will remain two weeks
longer to visit friends at Monroe and St
Mr. Dahlberg of St. Edward was ex
cused from the jury last Saturday morn
ing to witness a very delicate operation
undergone by his son Elmer in which a
part of the skull was removed The boy
is doing finely.
The engine pulling the Albion branch
train jumped the track at St. Edward
yesterday and delayed traffic from Spald
ing six hours. No damage to speak of
resulted. A number of Columbus citi
zens were caught by the accident and
detained for several hours, their wives
however were greatly pleased when they
' t home with no bones broken.
The Spalding passenger instead of ar
riving at 1 o'clock, pulled to the depot at
6:10 and fi rty minutes later made up its
train and returned to Spalding.
Mrs. M. McGowan. liviug in wet Co
lumbus, was the victim of a complete
and happy surprise Saturday evening.
That day happened to be her 45th birth
day and her neighbors and friends to
the number of about 0 quietly planned
a program and when leant expecting an
cciHsisn of the kind the party swarmed
in'" Ik r home nd made the evening . no
o. j u and m-rriment. Every thing that
xa- good to at was in abundance and
on leaving at a late hour the friends
wished Mrs. McGowan many more years
of happiness.
Columbus society has been active dur
ing the past week in honoring Mra,C.D.
Brown of Papillion, gaeat of Mrs. Edgar
Howard. Last Friday Mrs. Thos. Dack
gave an elaborate six o'clock dinner in
her honor. On the following afternoon
Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Hanwa gave a
Kensington to twenty-five gueats. Tu
esday night Mrs. C. E. Pollock and Mrs.
C. D. Evans entertained nine tables at
four-hand euchre. Mm. Arthur Gray re
ceiving the prize for games. A beauti
ful guest prize was presented to Mrs.
K K.K's Entertained
Harold Kramer enteratained the K.
K. K.'s at a six o'clock dinner Satur
day evening. Afterward at a game of
gaessing advertisements, Arthur Wil
son won the prize, a Katzen jammer
Kids book. The olnb resumed its re
gular meetings this fall. Melvin
Brugger as the only new member.
The members were to regular is their
attendance last year, thai not enongb
fines were collected to give the theatre
box party as had been planned. But
these youthful promoters now have a
loftier aim. It is their ambition to
U6e their dnes and fines, together with
the proceeds from work done during
vacation to erect a small club house,
which shall be their own. Should
they succeed in this enterprise, no
donbt their lady friends young and
old. will be beseiged with pleas for
sofa pillows, pennants, rugs, and all
those feminine touches dear to bache
lor hearts.
At a recent business meeting Cliff
ord Galley was elected chairman nnd
Harold Kramer treasurer. The other
officers will be elected later. The
nnxt meeting will bo with Melvin
Phillips next Frida7 evening.
Furnished House for Bent.
A good house furnished centrally
located, desirable for keeping board
ers. Inquire Journal office. 31 2
Wheat i.. 68
Corn ai
Oats ? bushel 22
Rye $ bushel 53
Barley, 23
Potatoes $ bu m
Butter $ tt. 1 to. IS
Eggs dozen 20
Poultry 61..
Hogs 4.23to4.30
Perhaps your old hot water bottle did not
last as. long as it should. There might have
been better rubber in it. Our bottles are
made of pure Para rubber from Brazil, one
of the veiy best in the whole world. Our
hot bottles will not disappount you
Chas. H. Dack, Druggist.
District 44 and Vicinity.
Corn hnsking is in full blast. A
few have finished and larger ears were
never grown in this vicinity.
The finit trees are going, into win
ter quarters in better shape than for
three years past. The autumn thus
far being very favorable for the ripen
ing of the upper wood.
Dan Sheedy, about twenty -one years
old a eon of Michael Sheedy of this
place was taken qnite ill Thursday
evening just after finishing up their
corn bnskmg. He took to his room
where he remained an til Saturday p.
m. when he was conveyed to tbe
hospital a Colnmbns, where he could
recieve better care. Dan is an in
dustrious and a hardwoiking boy, and
has tbe sympathy of this neighbor
hood. His reasoning power seemed to
be affected.
With a slight knowledge of the
shrink in new corn from the first of
December to tbe first of Jane, follow
ing we are of tbe opinion that those
who are going to sell would do well
to dispose of that article now, at
present prices.
M. Sheedy has had "new chimney
tops put upon his buildings and -4 1
has caused a now chimney top to be
placed upon tbe schoo (house. Tbe
farmers are getting ready to receive
Old Boreas and a long winter.
J. H. Drinnin has been lookiug in
the mailfor a valuable farmers pocket
knife, which he drew as a preminm
for work done for the St. Lonis Semi
Weekly Star, when last Friday the
mail carrier showed him the package
with the proper address and post
marks, bnt the package had been
broken open and was empty. Post
master Kramer was informed of that
fact, and is now investigating.
The town board of Columbus town
ship will be in session on the first
Saturday in December at ! o'clock
a m.
Nearly every farmer in this neih
borhood has become happy nnd con
tented with his lot. On meeting one
yoa are greeted with a pleasant woid,
when you can see evidence of the
above in his countenance and, we are
inclined at this time of ytar to give
credit to pumpkin pie and other good
things served as our mothers use to
serve them, but then maybe we aie
partial to pumkpin pie.
Short Horn Bulls
At Branigan's Barn:
Yearlings and
2-Year Olds
Mian Lida Clayton spent Saniay
with her parents at Schuyler.
C. H Buscnraan on Decenberl. will
start a racket store in the old Home
meat market.
Bruce Webb was in
hoars today enroute
the city a few
to Omaha on
E. H. Chambers and H. Hock an
burser left for points in Kansas and
Indian Territorv the first of the week
on real estate business.
Rev. Mnnro announces his subjects
for next Sunday at the Congregation
al church as folio W6 : Mornin "The
New Commandment ;' evening, ' ' An
English Seer and Defender of the
There is located in
ing over Mrs. KeNo's,
instruction of ladies
and ladies' tailoring,
tisement next week.
the Barber huild
a school for the
in dress making
Watch for odver-
Saturday evening Earl and George,
the two yoangest children of H. E
tiabcock, were playing at the resi
dence of A Anderson with the two
little Anderson boys, when they got
some rat biscuits that the maid had
carelessly thrown in the coal hod. As
there were only three, not enough to
go around, George Babcock got none,
but all of the other children became
sick. With the Anderson children the
poison acted as an emetic and pro
bably saved their lives, bat little Barl
Babcock was very Hick, and all Satur
day night his life was despaired of.
By Sunday night, however, the physi
cians in attendance pronounced him
out of danger, bnt (till very sick and
East Lynne.
Iu the presentation of the Lewis'
East Lynne at the North Opera house
Monday evening of this week, some
thing out of the usual was seen, be
cause of the local interest attached to
the companv, and a pleasing prefor
niance was witnessed of an old yet
greatly admired play.
As a whole, from the rise of the
curtain, to its final fall the plav was
smooth, even and harmonious in all
details, stage settings, the cast of
characters, and the individual imper
sonation of them. Seldom, if ever,
has a handsomer dressing of the itige
been seen in Columbus.
Of course the chief both in the plav
and as a drawing card, was Miss
Kathryn Dale, the handsome and
talented daughter of Mrs. J. E. North.
In tbe difficult dual roles of Lady
Isabel and Madam Vine. Miss Dale,
throughout, displayed a charm and
power, in all the light and serious
shades which make up the sad love
and life story of tbe leading character
in East Lynne. She is an ideal Lady
Isabel, swaying the audience with
the varied passions which are stirred
in the breast of the jealous wife and
deceived and deserted woman of the
world, now bringing tears and anon
winning sympathy from all. It is
safe to say that Kathryn Dale's
Lady Isabel will be long and favor
ably remembered.
J'he balance of tbe cast was nnnsally
even and harmonion. each appearing
to the best advantage. Mr. Darcy as
Sir Francis Levis in made a handsome
appearance, and gave a genteel and
trne impersonation of the second part
in tbe play. Ivlr. Lewis' Dill and
Miss Lewis' Corney Carlyle, were
managed in a skillful manner repeat
ing on them great credit. Master
Jack Lemon made his appearance first
as a sweet little girl and afterward as
Lady Isabel's son Willie, capturing
the andience with tbe cutness and
ea?) of his sytle and manner. And
last but not least in either their im
portance in the plav or the. abilitv
with which they rendered their re
spective parts, were Miss Phoza Mc
Allister. O. B Nair and Ward
Osborne. Miss McAllister as Barbrn
Hate was as sweet and capible as the
pretty conntrv girl may be mad p.
This young lady riisplav an ease and
grace of appearance that border a sue
cesful career for her in the dramatic
world. Mr. Nair's Archibald Carlyle
was a neat and acceptable impersona
tion of that character, while Ward
Osborne appeared to better advantage
as Lord Monnt Servern, than any
thing in which he has neretofre been
seen. All in all, tbe East Lvnne en
eagmenfc'was a verv sgecessful oaa.
The company went west from here.
'Marriage license was granted last
week to Fredinand H. Wachter of
Norfolk and Emma Arndt of Platte
Gifts for November's
Winsome Brides
Hear the mellow wedding bells,
Golden bells!
What a world of happiness
their harmony foretells.
You "are probably made aware
of the fact that November
rivals June as a month, of
weddings by the number of
invitations you have received.
Of course you will have to
send presents to some of the
brides, if not all.
We've now ready an unusual
display of suitable things, the
latest efforts of the best do
mestic and foreign makers of
china and glass.
Marvellous creations for lit
tle money.
We'll hold your selections for
next month's delivery.
Ed J. Niewohner
The Jeweler
Mrs. Mark flatbburn will entertain
the Young People's card club tonight.
William Terrell and George W.
Turner left the oity Tuesday for sever
al days' visit in Sherman county with
the MoKinnie brothers, Carl and Burt.
Mrs A. B. Tomcon entertained at a
three course dinner at six o'clock Sun
day night for Mr. and Mrs. Lewip,
Mr. Nair and her daughter Phota
McAllister, who are members of the
East Lynne company.
Judge and Mrs. A. M. Post and Mr.
and Mrs. Howard Clarke and little
son Junior, took an automobile trip
to York Saturday afternoon to visit
Mr. Post's brother G. W. Post. Thev
returned Saaday night.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ewerr,
jr , residing eight miles northeast of
Columbus, last Friday an eleven
pound daughter. This is the first
grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Hake, who are accordingly proud.
M. B. Kari. who recently purchased
tin property at the corner of Fifteenth
ana uiive streets, nas a rorce or men
at work on a new brick barn 30x30
feet which is expected to be finished
before the severe freezing weather
of winter sets in.
"The Trident" a musical paper
published for the tri cities Daven
port, Rock Island and Mohne, 111.,
has on the title page a fine portrait of
Mr. Poole. In speaking of a concert
recently given it says: "Prof. Alvin
E. Poole rendered most artistically a
violin solo and responded also to an
enthusiastic encore. " A half column
of the same magazine is devoted to
the same musician from which we cnU
the following: "Mr. Alvin E. , Poole
the young violinist recently located in
Davenoort is meeting with splendid
success as a teacher and soloist. Mr.
Poole was for a number of years a
favorite pupil of Jan l Jan Ordt who
with Caesar Thompson is at tbe bead
of the violin department of the Brus
sels conservatory, Belgium, and is
therefore an able exponent of the
Belgian school of violin playing
Mr. Poole has opeaed a atadio in
Hibernian hall, and will devote his
time to teaching and concert work.
He wiU also direct a pupils amateur
orchestra. Public concerts and reci
tals will be given throughout the
coming season, and Mr. Poole will be
pleased to meet all those who ' con
template the study of this king of
all instruments the violin.
Do you belong to the
rent -paying number
in Columbus
A) I 111 I 'I
VLbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbL- I BSIb'SSuT 4vsf i
If you do, and desire to purchase
City Property either improved or un
improved call and see us. We have
many choice lota and residences for
sale as well as a' few desirable business
Elliott, Speice and Ce.
There is always a best way. Do
yon always find it?
The Old Reliable
Columbus State Bank
I always aims to find the best way, and
having found it, to pursue itr
It never chases rainbows, nor does
it indulge in speculation, or questionable
Mrs. Forest Merrill is visiting her
sister Mrs. Charles Mason in Eln
Mrs. O. A. Speice who has been eer
ionsiy ill for the past week is reported
as improving.
Mrs. H. I. Murdock and Miss Geer
are entertaining this afternoon in
honor of Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. H. P. Coolidge will leave
Saturday for Lead. S. D.. to visit her
sons. She expects to spend the winter
there and in Iowa.
Mrs. E. R. Brown, who has been
visiting her parents, Judge and Mrs.
W. H. Hensley wiU return to her
home in Norfolk Thursay evening.
Miss Nellie Harris entertained a few
friends at tea Monday evening in
compliment to Miss Julia Weissenberg.
Later in the evening tbe gentlemen
arrived and encher was played.
Dr. and Mrs. G P. Waller arrived
Sunday from Pennsylvania and wero
the guests until Monday of Col., and
Mrs. Whitmoyer. They were on their
way home to Los Angeles, after a
brief bUEiness trip in the east.
The new Branigan sale barn is almost
completed. The building is one of the
(digest and most commodious of its
kind in this part of the state, and fills
the demand long needed by the Btock
mra of this . vicinity wlic-teld- annual
stock sales. The building is Gl.xSO and
is substantially built.
Carpenters have been busy lately re
pairing the Storz storage house here.
Making ready for ico this early in tbe
season may look out of order, but Vogel
& Moschenross, the Storz' agent here
are right up to dato in every thing and
always prepared good and early to handle
what may come in their line.
The approaching marriage of Mr)
John Valasek and Mrs. Katie Micek has
been announced. The ceremony is to
take place at the Catholic church in Co
lumbus, Wednesday. Nov. 21. After
ceremonies the bridal party will go to
the home of Mr. S. Skornpa, two miles
northeast of town where the friends and
relatives will do honor to the event.
Mrs. II. H. Millard spent Sunday in
Norfolk where she addressed the Wom
an's Home Missionary society. Mrs.
Millard, as corresponding secretary cj
tho socitety visits many congregations
in this way. The society is about to
celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary.
While in Norfolk she received the silver
offering from that church which amount
ed to 873.
Mr. Joe Olsnwka and Miss Vera
Zyiaek, both of Platte county, were
married this morning at Duncan. After
the cermony the wedding party congre
gated at the home of the groom's par'
ents seven miles northeast of Colnmbns
and celebrated the event in royal style.
A number of Columbus citizens attend
ed the wedding among them being Mr.
and Mrs. Felix Smagacz.
Stephen Rolph of Fullerton passed
through Columbus yesterday on his way
to Omaha. Iu his haste to change cars
ha left his overcoat in the car on which
he arrived. It was a few minutes before
he missed his los. but the lost was in
good hands. Conductor Fox placed
the garment in what is called tbe "lost
ward" in the depot. The throng at the
train and Barney McTaggert's yell "bag
gage mister" must have confused tho
visitor from the town of the famous
"Lover's Lea;." His coat was safe.
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thing we have to offer.
We can and do fill and extract teeth
We give a written guarantee with all
work. If it fails or proves unsat
isfactory AT ANY TIME
we will either replace it
or refund the money
Dr. J. E. Paul, Dentist.
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