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fkoaineat Physicians
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Platte Center.
Mr. James Lee and Miss Joseph ilen
neey were married at St. Joseph's church
at Platte Center at 9:30 Wednesday
morning. Rev. Father Syamith officiat
ing. The bride wore white silk, a white
veil and carried white roses. The groom
wearing the customary black. They
were attended by Mr. D. Lee and Miss
Gertrude Hennesy. The contracting
parties are among our most popular
young people and have a host of friends
who vie in wishing them the best life af
fords. Mr. Ben Nilson and Miss Hattie Keel
er, both of the Wattsville neighborhood
west of town were married in Columbus
Wednesday. Mr. Nielsoa is a prosper
ous young farmer and Miss Keeler is the
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Keeler, pioneer settlers of Platte coun
ty. These young people are well and
favorably known in this locality and
have many friends who wish them only
the best.
Mrs Grace Dockborn of Arcadia, Neb.,
has been visiting friends here for several
The dance at Henry hall last Friday
was rather poorly attended. However
those present report a fine time.
D. D. Roberts is the hardest worked
man in town these days. Between buy
ing hogs and trying to make people be
lieve that he believes a single democrat
ic nominee will be successful this fall.
Denny said one day last week, for ten
dollars worth a certain republican candi
date would be defeated. He got a tele
gram next morning 'saying that there
was a five sent drop and unloaded to n
sympathizer at a few cents below par.
Politicians galore' . number of candi
didates have been here this week, among
them John Graf, nit. We are all Lus
ienskimen up here.
Mr. Joseph Lamb of University Place
came up Saturday to look after his farm
northwest of town.
By the way, Mr. Editor, publisher or
what ever you may call it, of the Signal,
is it not a fact that the republican can
ditatea that you spoke of as not having
lived in the county long enough to be
interested, have any one or all of them
been here longer than yourself; Well
they are pretty much interested just
now, and from the tracks that the court
house gang are making it would appear
that they too were becoming interested.
We wonder why!
The new High school building is pro
gressing very satisfactorily and the
building will be ready for occupancy
about January 1.
Edwin Hoare lost a fine driving horse
Hello Denny! What are hogs worth?
What odds are you giving on election
today? Called.
A stranger drifted into town Friday
evening and after imbibing freely want
ed to make his lied in the gutter. Can't
do that here, we have a place for drunks
Ed. Lnsienski will make as good a
county clerk as he is a ball player. He
is always in the game. Home run old
man. Ditto Doc Morris.
Mr. L N. Jones was in town Wednes
day on his way home from South Dako
ta and he reports quite a snow falltlierr.
Also said Joe Frevert is as fat and jolly
as ever and is improving his homestead
Sorry we couldn't sandwich in a little
politics but we don't talk it up here,
just do things, see!
Mt Pleasant.
M. H. Oailes and wife, after a brief
visit with Mt Pleasant friends
retained to Beatrice Monday.
Shell Clark and son spent Sunday
ia Oolambns.
L. Jastns went to Omaha on business
this week.
J. B. Weloh went to Columbus
Saturday to visit his wife at St Mary 'f
. Lomis Crunn is suffering with a
spraiaed wrist.
Z Messrs. Will Binner and Fred
Frank of Iowa are husking corn in
Mt Pleasant neighborhood.
Melooate Marshall and family visit
ed their parents Sunday.
The Home Meat Market
The best of everything in the eating
line. Meals at all hours, day or night t
Fresh Fish and Game in Season
. . ?
Herman Kersenbrock J
The Opinion.
By their refusal to prcai'yo needed
reform?, the democratic randidates
virtually nncennce that thy wonlil
rather bo defeated than to qnir. graft
ing the taxpayers So bo it.
Throughout this campaign the de
mocratic papers and the democratic
candidates have lonillv announced that
the candidates were akius for bup
port on their "records;" and yet it
seems impossible to get one of them
to really talk afcont those records.
Whenever a republican paper takes
thorn at their wont and begins to
hunt up the records ot these men and
tell rho peoplf about tbPin the demo
cratic riegsters and newspapers begin
to yell "Liar' Mudslinger!" etc.
The Opinion Ims a notion to offer n
prize to anyone who can get a demo
cratic Candida;) o a ilomocratio
newspaper iu Platte county to really
discus the iccord of a democratic
coantv candidate not his record as a
'good fellow" bnt his local record.
I From the World
Gerd Asche sr., returned
cvrn n from a trip to PtMbodj, Ivan
s', and Enid, Oklahoma.
Xornvin Markhim and (ilfiin Deity
rHurded Monday nojn from Wheeler
county whert they h ivo been on a weeks
huniiug o-V-'ur-ion. They had a One
hunt and brought back a big bag of
Superintendent Leavy was visiting
the schools ia Woodville township thip
week. He spent Wednesday nicht
with his old friend Frank Kieruan,
taking dinner Thursday with Kay
Clark. He was also looking after nis
political fences.
Miss May Covins of Mt. Pleasant is
spending the week with Mrs. J. V.
Miss Mand Abernathr and Miss
Mcrv Thompson were Albion visitors
Saturday. The young ladies missel
the last train and so wem obliged to
spend a little more time in the conn re
seat tbau thsy had intondeil.
Mr. and Mrs John Fiuch toak tea
with G. W. Price and family Saturday
Mrs A. S. Fonda of St. K:iwarri
visired s. Kay Clark jv few day3 .this
J. E. Weldon, Lawrence Clark and
Will Mahon wero hunting ducks over
on the Loop Saturday and Sanday.
Mrs. Weldon stuved with Mrs.
Mahon during the boys absence.
Doctor and Mrs. Ola Britell
tea Wednesday evening with Mr.
Mrs. Roy Clark.
Grandpa aud grandma Finch of St.
Edward spent Thnday and Friday
with their 6on, Will.
Andrew Chnstcnson of Gregory, S.
D , arrived in Wordville Tuesday.
He will assist J E. Weldon through
earn husking Andrews many friends
were very glad to seo him.
Horn, to Mr. and Mre. Lou Faliuor,
Friday. Ocrober 27, a girl.
Several of the Woodville ladies
attended tte Ladies Aid society held
at Mrs. J. W. Fonda's last Wednesday.
William L. Smith of Monroe, re
publican candidate for County Treas
rer, was in the neighborhood this
week doing a little political work.
DON'T FORGET to help the Jour
nal swell its subscription list to 2,0C0.
Many new names are coming in.
Read the Journal ads this week, if
you waut to see what the advertisers
think of the Journal as an advertising
Through Tourist Cars
If you elcet to go to Caliomia in a
trourist. car, as many d you need
not wait for certain davs, but can go
any day in the week on the Union
Pacific, as this line runs daily toutiot
cars to the Pacific Const and personal
lv cendncted excursions four times a
Double sleeping car berths. Tickets
on sale every day. Inquire of
Route 4.
Mrs. Schonlow of Omaha is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Al Butler this
Mrs. Thomas Shaffer gave a delight
ful nallowe'en party to abont twenty
five guests last night. '1'he house was
decorated with jacko'lanterns. Stories
and games amused the guests till mid
nigos when lunch vran Fervod. The
guests were all costumed ns guests.
Mr. x. E. Campbell and daughter
jJnzin entertained the Vesta circle
last Thur-day iu celebration of the
first anniversary of !be organization.
Tea was served is the evening
Mrs. Grace Bark horn left this week
for her home in r -ndia alter s-veral
weeks visit among friends at Oconee.
Rot Doods left for Portland. Ore.,
last Light.
Ed. Mayberger is hauling lumber
for a new corn ciib.
Mtts Kelso was called to Lincoln
la t Wednesday by at telegram an
nouncing the very critical condition
of her bister. Mm John Burky of
U lysis, who had undergone an opera
tion ar St. Elizabeth's hospital. She
rer.ched the bedside of her sister jnst
before her death.
The following marriage license were
issued lat week : Benjamin L Nel
son and Hattie M. Keeler. Monroe,
William H. Cur, Lincoln r.nd Cather
ine A. Burgess, Collego View; Mike
.1. Duraneki and Lucy BorowiaV. Co
lumbus; John Bugher and Lottie
Ruseli, Oconee.
F. T. Walker and a number of capi
talist of David City snd Lincoln have
opened up an office at Warneta Chase
count v. Neb. The name of the con
cern will be the Wanneta Falls Land
Co., and they have secured control of
30,000 acres of farm land in Cbae
Hitchock and Duady counties, wh:ch
they are goinng to pat on the market
on November 1st, 1903
J. M Curtis, police judge agairst
whom the council ordered impeach
mont proceedings for his alleged re
fusal to correctly record certain com
plaints, and who on his part refused
"to make fish of ono aud fowl of an
other, has resigned and is absent to
look after a position as telecraph
onerator for the Great Northern.
William O'Bnonwa? appointed police
judge to fill the vacancy until another
Myron Gray sustained a fracture of
the large bono of hie lower leg about
four inches abave the ankle during
the Columlms-Kearney foot, ball game
Inst Saturday Although the bone
was broken squarely off, young Gray
went into the game and played for
two downs. Then his father C. C.
Cray induced him to quit and under
go an examination. Gray is one uf
the strongest; players on the Columbus
team and his injury in the early part
of the game caused Columbus defeat.
Ho will not be able to get into the
game again this year.
Were you visted by ghosts Tuesday
night? The Idlers ten ic nnmber,
dressed, in white shoes and spooky
white clothes went around town, and
at each house visited, opened tho doer
without the ceremonv of knockmr,
and in ghostly array, marched through
the house, aud wherever fruit was
standing on tho tibia they helped
themselves to it, and left by the back
door as silently and mystorously as
they had come. After travelling
aronnd until their ghostships wore
rire.l. they repaired to the home of
Mrs Julius Nichols where they were
served cake and ice cream.
j ,
Tno 8u.nnro -foi.m nkn.iC 1
5 and 1-2 miles east and 1-2
mile north ot Columbus, just
east of the farm of H. E.
Babcock, now occupied by Ed
Morrow; SO acres of good
land; present price, $65 per
Also for sale, sw4 sw4, sec.
15, twp. 19, rg. 1, east, just
west of the farm of H. E.
Babcock, about 1 1-4 miles
east of Columbus; nnimprov'd
land. This is close to the city
and will make a splendid
home. Price is very low, $40
per acre.
Apply to
Leonard Everett
t8 Paari St. Council Bluffs, la.
Oliver ( LofelibanKii, otherwise known ai O.
0. Lo-lilmiJ'.-h. Levi Li-Ii!):i'jk!i, Ma (Jri-soin
ami William (iri.-om defendant-, will tako no
tice t'mt on the 17th il.ij of Octo!r, 1W, IVrry
11 Ijnshbaash, ilaintifT, herein filul his petition
in the Di-trict Cosrt or Platte County, Ne
braska, against said defendantf, (impleaded
with another.) the object and prayer of which
ar" to reinire defendants to forth the nature
of any claim or claims they may ha in the
following J'sniSte'l nreraise. to-wit. Th" north
half of lot nnni'iHTtt) and I he north half of l.t
unnilxrn) ia block iiuinlxr one hundred and
it i IiXi in tho city of Columbus I'latte
coanty, Kibmka; that all adverse claims to
Nid premis? may bo de:ermine.l by a decree of
feaid District Court of I'latte County, Nebraska;
that a decree may ! entered by eaid conrt
wherein it may be declared and adjudged that
defendants have no estate, interest, claim or lien
of any kind whatsoever in, to or upon said
premises; that title maybe declared good and
valid in plaintiff in fee simple; that the dofen
danU and all persons claiming by, through and
under them may be forever enjoined and de
barred from asserting any claim, right title,
interest, or lien in to and upon said premises.
You are reqnired to answer said petition on or
Iwiore the 27th day of Xovemlwr, 1!KT.
1L W. IIobabt, Att'y. for Plaintiff.
Absolutely Pure
A Cream of Tartar Powder,
free from alum or phos-
phatlc acid
Mr. E. E. Fitpatrick is reported
seron-ly ill again.
Telephone No. 74, Weaver &
Son for gcoi coal.
Born, to Mr. and Sirs. Thomas
Adiua3 VtinB(lAy, November 1, a
Mrs. Cnas. Dack went to Olarinda,
Ia , Monday for a visit of several
weeks with relatives.
Dr. and Mrs. 6. A. Young of Lin
coln arrrived Monday night for a
week's visit with relatives.
Leland Waters, who had an slight
operation on his throat Saturday, ia
diiig nicely and has returned to
school at the convent.
Miss Minnie Mo Mahon returned
Tuesday night f. o n a visit of several
weeks at Geneva ith her 6iter, Miu
Lida McMahon, who accompanied her
home, retnrning to Geneva today.
Manvitz Landenbere was brought
before William O'Brien anting police
judjre. Tuesday and fined 1 and costs
fur allowing a cow to ran at large in
violation of a citv ordinance. He
appealed the case to the district court.
At the Congregatonal church Sun
day morning, Rev. Minro will dis
cusp, the Great Exemplar, answering
incidentally the question : "Is Hull
horbt a Heretic. " lathe evening, a
political sermon. Bow should we
vote at next Tuesday's election."
Lafit night was hallo we 'en and of
courso more or less devilment was
carried out by the boys. No damage
has been reported and the way our
police conducted matters made the
merrymakers loath to meddle with
people's property. A few coal sheds
und other small buildings were turned
star-board and aside from a few of
these small maneuvers nothing of un
usual note occured.
Joe Casev has a very sore knee.
Me is lucky not-to have a broken leg.
He drove into the country Monday for
a load of hay. He loaded the hay
alright and after riding a few miles
homeward bound, his horses missed
the main traveled road and the hay.
Joe Casev and the wagon went into
the ditch. Joe is still on earth but
dcelares tbat a few more accidents like
the last one may lead to serious re
sults. GROTON
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Calls promptly answered bay or night.
Creston, Nebraska.
We are headquarters lor
everything in Drug sun
dries, Paints, Wall Paper
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Prescriptions a specialty
lyvs Cream Balm
This Remedy is a Spsclflc,
Sure to Cive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives awav a Gold in the Head
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Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, SO cents at Druggists or by
mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY MOTHERS, 5t Warraa ft, Ntw Ytrfc,
Soda Crackers
That is the kind of pillows we keep and recommend,
tbem how comfortable and restful they are.
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WANTED: -500 new subscribers to
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Hollowe'e Party.
The Hallowe'en party (riven ly
and Mrs. E. V. Graves for
was a delightful success,
was decorated and lighted
the Junior
The houet-
ffith jack-'o
lanters, appropriate to the occasion. The
place cards at the table hnd jack-o'lttn.
tern designs, and at each plate stood a
candle set in an apple. In a dark room
stood an im pro visaed coffin, with Hora
tio Adams in it, looking a very life like
corpse. Into this dark room the Jun
iors were led one at a time. Screaming
was the principal occupation here. Prof
and Mrs. Graves had devised a very
clever guessing game which we pnblisb
for its ingenuity, with the answers. The
questions were to be answered by the
name of some one in the high school.
They were:
1. Which one uf the. foot ball team
makes the best light? Gass.
2. What is a popular way of crossing
a-river? Boen.
3. What usually brings a rainy day?
4. What bread do doctors prescribe
for good health? Graham.
5. What is a popular outdoor game
for girls? Hockey.
6. Into what is our last step on
earth? Graves.
7. ' Whose forefather cot canned?
8. How do Jr. eirls dress differently
than others? Neater.
9. Who is a namesake of one of our
presidents? Hays.
10. Give a good seasoning. Mace.
11. What great general is represent
ed in high school? Sherman.
12. What boy in high school will
make a literary man? -Seeder.
13. Who has one of our great authors
for a namesake? Byron.
li. What is it about the head tbat
signifies old age? Gray.
14. Who is the heroine of "The Lit
tle Minister?" Bab.
Moataia Buffalo lobes.
We desire to call your attention to
our Montana Bnffulo Itobes. Those
robes are the warmest, most durable und
water proof. Prices are from $7 to S9
for best large size.
tf L. W. Weaver & Son.
For hard coal, furnace
coal and all kinds of soft
coal Newman $ Welch.
ia Cbiaa Paiatng-
Mrs. Graves will give lessons in china
painting beginning November 1st. Also
take orders for Christmas work. 21
any-thin yon choose aulk for instance or alone.
At every meal or lor a winch between meals, when
yon feel the need of an appetizing bite to fill up a vacant
corner, in the morninf when you wake hungry, or at
night Just before going to bed. Soda crackers are so
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times when yon could not think of eating anything else.
Bnt as in all other things, there is a difference in sod
crackers, the superlative being
Uneeda Biscuit
a soda cracker so scientifically baked that all the nutri
tive qualities of the wheat are retained and developed
a soda cracker in which all the original goodness is
preserved for you.
HENRY GASS, Columbus, Nebraska.
n wrTt!ZIIiiiiTitt--"iTri,fciiilii'wu'twtt iuui'
ggfMfcj.ggSigf H
M m ti in.nituw.mntH MtiiMH Hntwtim'w f tilifcm-'tt tinTiT
I XdabkrYeparationfofAs- B
I simjIalingieFoodandBegula-
I biicStoutfcsalBowcisof m
I vBBBBaaaaaiaMiaaaBB D
RonolesDigedtionJCfaerFul 9
ness and RestContains neither H
r ijjuiiiui ;n uui mil pMMj
H vMvMBiaaaB'aBBBBaaaaBBva H
Aperfecl Remedy forCoaslipa- m
lion. Sour StOBUCh.Diarrtwca m
Worms.Convulsions.Feverish- M
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tfred stomach, weak stomach, windy stomach, puffed stomach, nervous
stomach and catarrh of the stomach. A guaranteed cure I
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sftss tfss sVosf SHRssaf
4 assess
Clean House
Means Clean
A lot of people use the
same pillows too loni;.
Just lecauo a pillow is
covered and jou can't see
the dirt is no indication thai
the dirt is not there.
The careful housekeeper
will not keep her old pillows
too loin and to insure com
fort in the new ones jhe will
be certain that they are tha
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bearing this tajj
c. &.
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w m -j
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Always Bought
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For Over
Thirty Years
iwiww. mcw toub cnr.
Dack, Dnusist.
i -a Hi1
fl atlt
. rf- 1fcU.' -A4 -m& j