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Q. Whatlstflebesinnlaiof
A. Constipation.
Q. Vtut is Constipatioa?
A. FaUnre of the bowels to carry oS the
waste matter which lies in the alimentary canal
where it decay and poisons tee entire system.
Eventually the results are d-aih under the
Btaeot some other disaj.-. Note the deaths
trom typhoid Jever and appendicitis, stciaaca
and bowel trouble at the prefect time.
Q. What causes Constipation?
A. Neglect to respond to the call of nature
promptly Lack of eserci. Excessive brain
"work. Mental emotion and improper diet.
Q. What are the results of neglected Cocrti
pation? A. Constipation causes more suffering than
any other disae. It" rheumatism. cols.
fevers, stomach, to1! k:dney lung and heart
troubles, etc It 1-. the one that starts
all others Indisron dyspepsia, diarrhea, loss
it sWp and str"nifih arr; its syirptoms piles,
appendiciti and nstuia, are caused by Constipa
tion. Its conjurnces are known to all phy
sicians, but few suSerrs realize thir condition
until it i too late. Women become mr!i-med
invalids as a result of Constipation.
Q. Do physicians recaen'ze this?
A. Ye. The first quttion your doctor asis
you is "are you constipated?" That is the secret.
Q. Can it be cured ?
A. Yes, with proper treatment. Th common
error is to resort to physics such as pills, salts,
mineral watr. castor oil intlona. etc . every
one of which is injurious. They weaken and
increase the malady. You know this by your
own experience.
Q. "SVaat then should he done to cure it ?
A. Getabottleof Mull's Grape Tome at once.
Mull's Grape Tocic will positively cure Consti
pation and Stomach Trouble in the shortest
space of time. No other remedy has before been
known to cure Constipation positively a&d per
xcanently. Q. What is Mull's Grape Tonic ?
A. It is a Compound with 40 per cent of the
juiceof Oracord tiixps. It exerts a peculiar
strengthening healing influence upon the intes
tine, so tbut they can do their work unaided.
The process is gradual but sure. It is not a
physic, but it curs Constipation. Dysentery.
Stomach and Bowel Trouble. Havln a rich,
fruity grape Savor it is pleasant to take. As a
tonic it is unequalleii. insuring the system
against disease. It strengthens and builds up
waste tissue.
Q. Where can Mull's Grape Tonic b had ?
A. Yonr druggist sells it. The dollar bottle f
contains nearly three times the 30-cent size.
8oo4 fa ailing Cbildxsa asd Harsiag Btotfcsrs,
A free ottl" to sll who hare neTer used It
because we know it will cure you.
1 1403
Send this coupon with Tour name and ad
dreia and your druxirist's same, for a free
bottle of Mull's Grape Tonic for Stomach
and Bowels, t
18 Third Arl ae. Rock Island. Tlltnnsa
Gin JWI JLddrat and WriU JHaitCf.
The SI 00 bottle contains nearly three
times the 30c size. At druz stores.
The genuine has a date aa.1 number stamped on
the label take no other from your druggist.
3555 Qoum
It is safe of the bet
ttotenab. in black or jtfow.
fully (uannteei tad sol4 bjr
rckUc dcslcrs cvcrwhcrc.
a JTowea co.
W. L. Douglas
m. ka n m aa n mm
S & w wMwtwL1 '
H. L. Douglas 94.00 Cilt Edge Line '
cannot be equalled at any price. !
mome MEm'M
CIO Ortl REWARD to MYcns wfta ean
IU,UUU diapravt tms statemsnt
W. L. Doagla $3.50 shoes bare by tbeir ex
ceUent tle. aasy fitting, and sureriorwearniK'
qualitiea. achieved theUrjest sale of any $3.50
sftoe in the orld. Vtiev are Just as good a
thow that cost you $5.00 to $7.00 the ely
ainerenca is te price, if I could take you into
my factory at Brockton. Mass.. the larxest in
the world under one roof snaking men's fine i
xJfSmmwf I l
VkaaH gi
vjv r m a
P mtW i
fiSgiSi! l
shoes, and Sow you the care with which every J at onc. Xot alone because it is guar
w"bv04Pl.B!5o sVi,ETil! anteed by the manufacturers to be su
ri&.crtia'S. SSl"" I perior to any other brand, but because
it 1 coula how ou the difference between the each 10c package contains IS ozs..
shoes ssaJe in mr factory and those of other ' while all the other kinds contain but
makes. ou would understand why Douttlas ' ozs j. Is safe to say tnat the lady
ttT.ZSX&Jft -0 once uses Defiance Sarch will use
grater Intrinsic iue than aay other $3.50 no other. Quality and quantity must
shoe on the market to-day. win.
toanjfos tr0 tmudm ! rest
B2.SO.02.OO. Bmy'MmhmmlA, 92. si.73,
CAUTION. Is:st apon h tris W.IImic-
las !hv. Tke ao sulwtjtnt. None cnuine
without hi nnie xnd price stamped on bottom.
WAXTED. A ho dealer in eTTTtowTSirhere
W. L. Douglas Shi' are not sold. Fall line of
aropl?fl sens fre fr inspection upon request.
Fast Cofer fyeeti uteii- tt-ej will rat cear brassy.
Writ for MnstrrM Catalog of Fall Stvlea.
IV. L. DOUGLAS. Brockton. Mass.
A confuted vein pressisg en a nerve accounts for the swelling, throbbing ache of
St. Jacobs Oil
frees the circulation, allays the prsssurs and soothes away the pain.
Pric. 35c. avxad 50c.
25 Cts.
finest liaas. I
BastCesxa Syrup. Tastes Giod. tsiH
Real Animus f Movement Against
Remedies Deservedly Popular.
An adroit bat plausible scheme by
which it is hoped to prejudice the sale
of riroprietary medicines is the propo
si I, a to prohibit the sale of any rem
edy which "contains poison" unless
each package or bottle is expressly la
beled "Poison." Such bills are also
well designed to impose upon men who
have no familiarity with the subject
matter. The pretense of protecting
the public health put forth in support
of such bills is generally the merest
subterfuge; and whenever you hear a
demand for a law of this kind it
originates with those who have
a direct pecuniary interest to serve by
destroying the sale of proprietary rem
edies. Some of the best and most widely
used remedies in the world contain
some one Ingredient which, if taken
in sufficient quantities, might be poi
sonous, and yet the preparation as a
whole is not poisonous at all. Opium,
for instance, is used in small quanti
ties in many of the best cures for
coughs, colic, diarrhea, etc, in tooth
ache drops and in almost all liniments.
To require such medicines to be false
ly labeled "poison" would be merely a
cunning device to alarm the public
and thus bring about the destruction,
of the sale of those remedies, and in
directly to compel people to procure
the medicine they want by the more
expensive method of consulting a phy
sician and getting his prescription. In
other words, it is an effort to prevent
them from getting cheaply the reme
dies which they and their fathers be
fore them have used for many years.
Medical exchange.
Without good health life is not
worth living. Sickly, peevish chil
dren are a source of endless trouble
and anxiety to their parents, yet the !
children's condition is frequently due i
to their parents' ignorance or thought
lessness, or both.
To make children healthy and to
keep them in that condition it is nec
essary to feed them proper food and
to see that they get plenty of exer
cise and fresh air. Meat is very bad
for children. It should be avoided
and food rich in phosphates, such as
1 Pillsbury's Vitas, should be given in
its place.
This food Is truly the "meat of the
wheat." It is made by the world's
greatest millers and it is free from
artificial coloring or adulteration. It
! is not especially a child's food. Your
whole family will enjoy this common
sense cereal. It makes a wholesome,
' substantial breakfast or an appetiz-
. ing dessert and can be prepared in
one hundred different ways.
' Every good grocer will supply you
I with Pillsbury's Vitos. Large pack-
age enough to make twelve pounds
of strength-building food. 13c, Rocky
Mountain Territory, 20c. Ask your
grocer about It to-day.
Cactus Blossoms.
The cactus Is coming Into fashion in
England and Germany. A German
' writer maintains that cactus blossoms
excel all others in variety and in beau
ty of form and color.
Every housekeeper should know
that if they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they ;
will save not only time, because it Y
never sticks to the iron, but because '
eaeh nackaee contains 16 oz. one full ,
pound while ail other Cold "Water
' Starches are put up in i -pound pack
l ages, and the price is the same. 10
cent3. Then again because uenance
Starch is free from all injurious chem-
I icals. If your grocer tries to sell you
I a 12-oz. package it is because he has
a stocK on nana wnicn ne wisne? to
dispose of before he puts in Defiance.
He knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package in large let
ters and figures "16 ozs." Demand De
fiance and save much time and money
, WK. . .w..-..
Ing. Defiance never sticks.
Business in Lhassa.
Lhassa. the Forbidden City of Thib-
ai. , t- hnrI,nj rvrmTo rtrn-t-hirHs
. """ "-" - -..-,....
'of whom are women, who conduct all
the business of the city.
To the housewife who has not yet
bcome acquainted with the new things
i of everyday use in the market, and
who is reasonably satisfied with the
old. we would suggest tnat a trial or
Defiance Cold water Starch be made
Our worst enemies are the friends
who have failed to find us profitable.
Tltm. Wlnstow SootMnc Syrtrp.
for ehlMr-n teet&ln. softens tne gsrs, reduces W
flaaumi-ou.a:iji pain. carta wind cuUc Scabool
Diamonds have been found in meteorites.
I woat Mil aM S3rtl to a dealer who won't CwJtrsatee
Ik Call for roar MOSIT BACK IV IT BO.VT C17KC.
V. W.Mem er,mM.,tlumtrwtniafHnafUt Mm.
for strchia?,Ciaef Mm. SfllYtRir PtSt Cai-S.
, ., . , ,- ,,.-.,,.
Postal Card Co., Coney Island, N. V
FOR rARMERS. Bay tie cheso-
Alill hA en snd he. Send for prices.
ww.. w iniean acaia ua vmua ill
C&icacs Seals Ca
SaSThMptM't Ejt Wtrtf j
investigation which aligned with the old Quay machine
Following an
disclosed that the Enterprise Nation-
al bank of Allegheny, Pa., was in
solvent, T. Lee Clark, cashier of the
institution for many years, committed
One of the most sensational fea
tures of the affair is the charge that
Clark had loaned thousands of dollars
to Pennsylvania politicians who were
Nations of the World Likely to Rest
for Some Time.
We are optimist enough to believe,
as even the pessimist hopes, that an
era of peace is at hand. Some, in
deed, contend that its advent would
be assured by some international
agreement to reduce armaments.
There seems, however, far stronger
ground for holding that mischief
would arise out of an international
discussion on the subject than for ex
pecting that it would hasten the mil
lennium. The strong man armed Is
the trustiest custodian of peace. It
is not the best policed district that
is the most exposed to the enterprises
of the burglar. The growing cost
liness of war in blood and treasure is
the strongest guarantee against reck
less recourse to it by any power that
is not absolutely desperate. Under
modern conditions the victor must be
prepared to contemplate years of
straitened means and painful sacri
fices: bankruptcy and ruin are the
probable penalties of the vanquished.
The progress of science is doing as
much as the advancement of morality
to convince mankind of the hopeless
wickedness of any war which is not
undertaken in defense of national
honor of national existence. London
Delights of Fall Days.
Given health and the physical ca
pacity for appreciation of this season,
and man feels the joy of living in its
fullest extent. Mere existence is ex
uberant. Its delights are the right
and the possession of the poorest as
well as the richest. There is no plu
tocracy in nature. Wealth cannot buy
the joys which the humblest may
gather for themselves. And the in
spiration for the future which comes
with this season is universal. It is
the time of new endeavor for new en
terprises. The vigor which springs
in the sound mind in the sound body
under the impulse of this period
makes for great accomplishment. The
harvest of the fields has been gath
ered, but for humanity it is the seed
time of action. Boston Post.
Awakening of China.
Luella Minte, writing from
Pekin. says: "Few realize that al- i
ready we have a new China, not quite '
steady as yet on her feet, nor quite
sure of all that she blinks at with her i
long-closed eyes, but full of real life !
and ambition. There are over sixty j
high schools In Pekin. with an aver-
age of over 100 pupils each. These
are all schools of 'western learning' .
and are closed en Sunday. One has !
six teachers, three of whom speak
English well. A few in high power !
still hold to the old regime, but it will
soon be swept away, and then changes
will come suddenly. Four hundred
millions are now in a state of transi
tion, plastic, inquiring, and the church
has never had such opportunity as
Largest Drydcck in World.
United States Consul Bardel of
Eamberg. Germany, reports that to
ward the end of the year 1305 the
port of Hamburg will have the big
gest drydock in the world. It is to
have a lifting power of 33.300 tons;
the largest dock at present lifts 17,-
500 tons. The largest ships of the
mercantile marine can be decked in
it. In building this dock care is
taken that, if necessary, it can be
transported to the lower Elbe, near
Brunushausen. "vrhich, in the event of
war, would be important.
Pastor Refused Increased Salary.
Dr. Robert Mclntyre, formerly of
Chicago, is now pastor of the First
Methodist church in Los Angeles. His
congregation is so well pleased with
his work that it was about agreed to
advance his annual salary $1,000.
When the doctor was informed re
garding the matter he said with char
acteristic impetuosity: If you do
that I shall resign my pastorate." Re
iteration of their desire by the dea
cons had no effect, the preacher stick
ing: to his first position, and so the
taaideat closed.
Frederick Gwinner, the aged presi
dent of the institution, said: "Nearly
$700,000 of the $500,000 state deposits
of our bank is out on paper of state
politicians. "W. H. Andrews has bor
rowed nearly $400,000; Frank J. Tor
rance has borrowed considerable I
do not know how much. But the
bank is solvent"
Mrs. Arthur Henry Takes Much Pride
in Her Collection.
Mrs. Arthur Henry, wife of the nov
elist, probably owns more trees than
any other woman in America. Some
of them grow on the mile square
tract which the Henrys possess up in
the Catskills, but most of them grow
on other people's land. Tree collect
ing is Mrs. Henry's fad.. Whenever
she sees an especially fine tree she
goes to the people on whose land it
stands and offers to buy it. Usually,
when the owners find that she wishes
neither to cut down nor to transfer
the tree, but only to feel that it is
hers they make her a present of it.
Most of her trees are named and all
of them have their pictures taken and
filed away in an immense album.
"My pet tree just now," she says, "is
a eucalyptus out in Riverside, Cal.
It's named Bernard Shaw. It's an
original tree. It sheds its bark when
other trees content themselves with
shedding merely their leaves and it
holds its leaves edgewise to the sun,
so that the tree doesn't give a bit of
comfortable shade to anybody. It's
a tree that wouldn't conceal anything,
least of all itself."
August Belmont III Enters Father's
Banking House as Clerk.
August Belccnt III. the third scion
of the famous banking family, is soon
to enter his father's banking house as
a clerk. He is 22, but looks older. He
is a trifle below medium height. Likf
his father, he is an athlete, an ardent
sportsman, a lover of horses, a good
sailor, a fair boxer, a hard hitter and
a simple liver. He dislikes notoriety
and is less known to the public than
any of the young men of New York
destined to inherit many millions. The
only time his nam h mmo into
print has been in connection with sail-'
ing his boats in regattas on the sound
or in playing polo, a sport which he
is as passionately devoted to as his
father always has been and in which
he plays almost as good a game as
his father does.
Proper Use of Spectacles.
Spectacles, according to an ocnlist,
often increase the eye trouble they
are meant to correct because they are
improperly used. "The man who
needs glasses to read by, but not to
see at a distance, often puts them on
in a street car or similar place," says
this oculist, "and then when he looks
up still uses them for looking at
things a little way ofT. This gradually
changes the focus of the eye, so that
he comes finally to see better with
them than without them. Then he
needs stronger glasses to read with,
and the trouble gets worse and worse.
One way to avoid this is to wear the
reading glasses so low on the nose
that they may be looked over instead
of through when the glance is raised."
Philadelphia Record.
Grave of Patrick Henry.
Inquiry is made now and then as
to where Patrick Henry Is buried
The orator lies in a quiet grave on the
estate in Charlotte county, Virginia,
where he formerly lived. Red Hill is
the name of the estate, which is on
the Staunton river, thirty-eight miles
from Lynchburg. When Patrick Hen
ry bought the place it comprised
about 3,300 acres. One of the near
est eighbors was John Randolph of
Roanoke, fifteen miles away. Red Hill
Is now owned fay Henry's grandson,
W. "W. Henry. New York Tribune.
All Copied Irving.
Sir Henry Irving furnished the mod
el for the typical actor of the comic
papers. Xo actor was ever so much
imitated by his co-professionals, and
in their attempt to loik like Irving
there was developed such exaggera
tions of his manner and his appear
ance that irresistibly called for cari
cature as a type. Yet no man wu
further from being of that type than
Sir Henry. The fact merely adds an
other proof, if any were needed, of
the acknowledged leadership af the
great actor.
Siberian Reindeer Farms.
In Siberia reindeer farming is a
growing industry. Owners of young
deer brand the animals on the ear.
In capturing the creatures a long Ias
300 with a thick knot on one end and
a noose on the other is used. The
weapon is composed of sealskin
straps braided together, and some of
the young women on the reindeer
farms are as expert as the men.
Hers is Relief for Women.
Mother Gray, a nurse in New York, dis
covered a pleasant herb remed v for women's
ills, called AUSTRALIA-LE"AF. It is the
only certain monthly regulator. Cures
female weaknesses, Backache. Kidney and
Urinary troubles. At all Drureists or by
mail 50 cts. Sample mailed FREE. Address,
The Mother Gray Co., LeRoy, N. Y.
A Swede, intending to leave the
country, started for the steamer, ac
companied by a friend. As they
reached the dock the boat was leav
ing. The friend excitedly exclaimed.
"Yump, Yon, yump! I dank you can
mok it in a couple of yumps!"
When Your Grocer Says
he does not have Dea.ance Starch, you
may be sure he is afraid to keep It
until his stock of 12 oz. packages are
sold. Defiance Starch is not only bet
ter than any other Cold Water Starch,
but contains 16 oz. to the package and
sells for sme money as 12 oz. brands.
Highest of World's Trees-.
Highest of all trees in the world is
a specimen of the eucalyptus colossea
in the Dandenong mountains near
Melbourne, Australia, it nas a nignt
of 494 feet, exceeding by 25 feet the
highest of the big trees in California.
Piso's Core Is the hest medicine we ever used
for all aSections of the throat and lungs. Wa
O. SsnsuY. Vanburen, Ind., Feb. 10, 1900.
Beer and Heart Disease.
Some German writers think there
is a connection between the fact that
the consumption of beer in Germany
has trebled in twenty years and the
fact that there are now almost four
times a3 many heart disease "rejects"
at the recruiting offices of the army
and navy as in 1S91.
Struggles of Life.
In the realm of conscience and char-
acter man must work out his own sal-
I vatlon through ceaseless struggling.
toiling long, hard, and patiently. And
I just in proportion as he goes toward
cult. Newell Dwight Hillis.
Little Girl's Awful Suffering With Ter
rible Skin Humor Sleepless
Nights for Mother Speedy
Cure by Cuticura.
"My little girl had been suffering
for two years from eczema, and dur- j
ing that time I could not get a night's j
sleep, as her ailment was very severe.
I had tried so many remedies, deriv-'
ing no benefit. I had given up all hope, i
But as a last resort I was persuaded
to try Cuticura. and one box of the
Ointment and two bottles of the Re
solvent, together with the Soap, ef
fected a permanent cure. Mrs. L B.
Jones, Addington, Ind. T."
Selling Out.
A legitimate, bona fide advertise
ment: "A young couple has to ride
out in the country for some purpose,
and has seven rooms, with best furni
ture, with piano, to be sold cheap be
fore eight days around."
Omaha, Nebr., Oct 26. It ia re
ported from Casper, Wyo.. that sales
of town lots for the new town of Sho
shone, located at the edge of the
Wind River Reservation on the new
line of The Chicago & North-Western
Railway across the state from Cas
per, have been unprecedented.
Bidding for town lots runs high and
a Iaice number have been disposed of
within a short time. Buyers evident
ly figure on the growth of the city
here when the Indian Reservation Is
thrown open to settlement next June.
OiVA a woman a Oiana ei,A
Viive a woman a CUance to ShOW Off
and She Will make good
I. tt Bl-llt
similating tteFoodandBegula
Uag tfcStoaacis andBowels of
Promotes Dieeation.Checrfur-
nessandRest.Contains neither
0pium3forphine iwr Mineral
Aperfecl Remedy for Cons lipa
lion. Sour Stonach.Diarrhoca
Worms .Convulsions .Fevens h
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
ygy YORK.
tm ajart Wnts avtrsotssUlt
Two Grateful Letters from Women Who Avoided
Serious Operations. Many Women Suffering
from Like Conditions Will Be Interested.
fS .AMKsBBBaFVaswfew lV rs'ABW?t-"aJfV.
JFgafcTJfflH Wlsssi "" (lw BSsrTfflWwsrwaffn
llsti":fiiLEK "k BiBBK?Arti3l'4Bls9BBBBBBBBvSvA
1 Wf iMrt-r.y g " BBBBBk 9Mi ssw- zm BsaBsa3Br?BmvBi
IBEw" t"- BBSW-'"--' lCr l ICSBBBBBBH BIf
"J- as - -jssbbLaV" " "5 bbbbbeS--4SB
Wl vbbVlWs- a t- I w w-t" v VasBr Mil Was . - -s. X .sssTSI
1 Br-JyF Jk . "7,y - V " 3" mW fll fcr -vr- "tZTw-af . " Jk4S- "SBBW
1 V kF-.""- " M "w-l T 11 t c5!rf - "-"-jSv 1 kw U
When a physician tells a woman, suf
fering from ovarian or womb trouble,
that an operation is necessary it, of
course, frightens her.
The very thought of the operating'
table and the knife strikes terror to
her heart. As one woman expressed I
, it. when told by her physician that she
must undergo an operation she felt
that her death knell had sounded.
Our hospitals are full of women
who are there for ovarian or womb
It is quite true that these troubles
may reach a stage where an operation
is the only rtisource, but such cases are
much rarer than is generally supposed,
because a great many women have
been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound after the doctors
had said an operation must be per
formed. In fact, up to the point where
the knife must be used to secure instant
relief, this medicine is certain to help.
The strongest and most grateful
statements possible to make come from
women who, by taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, have
escaped serious operations.
Margrite Ryan. Treasurer of St. An
drew's Society, Hotel English, Indian
apolis, Lud-.writes of her core as follows:
Dear Mrs. Pinkhara:
" I cannot find words to express mv thanks
for the good Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound did me. The doctor said I coul.i
not get well unless I had an operation for
ovarian and female troubles. I knew I could
not stand the strain of an operation and made
np my mind I would be an invalid for life.
At Irs. FMhiaVs Atrfce-A Wi
Send postal for
"Book of
Presents "
for K C
nght a- m-;
way. It's
purer and
more efficient
than any Bak
ing Powder that
costs three times
as much.
25 oz. for 25c
All grocers
Washington, D. C, Established (Mi.
Send for our 43rd AnnlTerssry free Booklet. "Iw-
UKriiiawrsKonsof Mechanics! MTement. Befer-
ence.Brsdstreet snd thirasacd f sUfled clients.
, CommunicaCon cenfliisnrlsl. Wrfce as to-day.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
llsessDyt. Moachasa MaC4on. mommo
Hearing bow Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound had saved other women froaa.
serious operations I decided to try it, and ia
loss than four months I was entirely curve's
and words fail to express my thankfulness."
Miss Martrret Merkley of 275 SA
Street, Milwaukee, Wis., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:
" Loss of strength, estrwne ncrvonseea,
severe shooting pains through the pelvio
onrans enropsj bearing down pains and
extreme irritation compelled me to seek
medical advice. The doctor, after makiasj
an examination, said that I had ovarian trou
ble and ulceration, and advised an operatioa
as my only hops. To this I strongly objected
and I decided as a las rvort to try Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" To my surprise the ulceration healed, al
tne bad symptoms disappeared. ani I am
more strong, vigorous ana well; ana 1
not express my tnanas lor wnac it nas i
Ovarian and womb troubles
steadily on the increase among '
and before submitting to an opera
tion every woman should try Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. aaA
write Mrs. Plakham at Lynn, Masa
for advice.
For thirty years Lydia E. Pinkhaart
Vegetable Compound has been curias;
the worst forma of female complaints,
all ovarian troubles, inflammation. al
ceration, falling and displacement ef
the womb, leucorruoea. irregularities
indigestion and nervous prostratioaw
Any woman who could read the maa
grateful letters on file in Mrs. Pimk-
ham's office would be convinced of 1
efficiency of her advice and Lydia
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
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you know
the secret of
the Wave
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Tht 6tf tnMtflf tf Cauda
settler m
sired aa
acres ef
Land adjoining this, can be purchase,
from railway and land companies at froat
f6 to $10 per acre.
On this land this year has been prodncea
upwards of twenty-live bushels of wheat te
the acre.
It is also the best of grazing land and fo?
mixed farming it has no superior on tha
Splendid climate, low taxes, railways
convenient, schools and churches close as
Write for "Twentieth Century Caa-ida'
and low railway rates to Superintendent of
i Immigration, Ottawa, Canada; or ta
authorized Canadian Government Agent
' W. V. Bennett. SOI New York Life Builo
1 ing, Omaha, Nebraska.
I (Mention this papezv
InaUes wita ills secoliar ta
ueir sex. asea aa a aoucne is norvelooslw sac
cessfol. TlwrotttJilycleaass,fcIl3 disease wraia,
tspa diacaarres, seals infiam-nar, aa acu
Pixane is ia powder form to be dissolved ta pot
witer, and is far more cleansing, healing, geraicidss
and rrrmmmral than iiqeid aasscpfces for au
For ale at drapsK, CO crr.u a box.
Trial Box aaa Book of Instructions Frsss.
ec a. fturroM Com ran v Bcstch
"FsJIsw tar. Flag"
Home Visitors
Movember 371b
To many points in I Jinois, Indiana.
Ohio. Kentucky. Western Pennsylvan
ia. New York ami West Virginia, at
The "WABASH has solid road-bod.
rock ballast, ana new pquiptEent. Re
clining cair cars SEATS FREE.)
For rat-. map" a-d ait Information
call at Waba-h City OlSce. 1501 Far
nam Sr or addss
G. A. P. D., Wab. R. R.. Omaha. Neb.
W. N. U. Omaha.
No. 44 19Q9L
OBUm CO., UmimmwmS. mtm9mtj
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