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M mil i 111M1 in
I i
CTs 'Return of 3M
UJFJLO-tr t-r
Author of "Tin Adventure of Sherlock Hnlmes,'
"Tti Monad of Hi Bt.Urrvllln." "Hit Slilri
ut flit four." "A Study lu Jctrlnt." Lie
:A A 1
"I i1j:i t UvA uliuUnr )iu lire llu
liiK a k '' witli in, Mr Hhwln-i.
lluliin'," miiil lit' "If J mi l.rimv nn
thliiK jwt can luircly i-.iy It Ith. mt a, I
tliJ tumloolun."
"I llaJillfU Oil, III) K'l.lll I.IHtlilllf,
llinl 1 I lie mi t a. I'llciit ten mil for
H'Wr.N lliliii; ( 1 i!i Vmi inn i)mI
lily ri'iix-iiiln r (hut y cliaiTisI ine a
lit t lo Minn' Ikmii'm ntfo wlien the huh
Heeineil on your Hlilu of tin' lii'lK'. "
ymi must not nuk-o me a little ioiiii
ami ciTi'innny now. MIkIi I imli .Mill,
Wnlxiiii, to njien Unit window ami lluii
Ito put n muted td tliu n!,'o of tin'
I illil ho, anil, driven liy tin- draft,
it foil nf i;rny mn.ilii' Hwlrli'd down tin1
I'oiTliItT, while tlio dry Mtnuv uiiirkliit
'ami lliiHKt).
i "Now we must, hit If vteenn Had till.
,wltiieiH for ymi, l.i'stradi'. Mljiht I
list; you nil to Join In tin- cry of 'i'lie''
Now, tlii'ii onr, two, llinv!"
'Tiro:" we all yelled.
"Tlianl; you, I will trouhli you ouco
n pi In.''
I'll !!"
"Jiini nine inon cciitlciiii'ii, and all
"I'lre!" Tlif nlintit must have vnun
over .Viii'wn id.
It hud liurilly died nwny when an
anui7,.lii..' tiling linfijtciinl. A door Hint
,donly llcw ojieii out of vtlnit anjii'iiri'd
to ho solid wall at the end of llii' for
.rlilor mid a little u Ironed man durli'd
iout of II lil.e a ralililt out of Hit Imr
"Capital!" miiil llolme-i calmly
"Watson, a Inii'liot of water out the
lit raw. That will do! I.ealnide, allow
llle to present you Willi J our pl'llli'lpnl
iiiImhIiij,' wIIim'si, Mr. .Ioiium tlldacie."
Tile lifted Uo Hturnl at Die ueveoui
it with li'-inU ainn.emeat. 'llin In Iter
WllH hllliKin.; In the litltit Ituht of tint
eoin'li'.oi' no I peeilnc at im and at the
BinolilerM ; in It wiim mi ndloii'i
'face- era It;. . flc'oiin, mulltfiiiiiit, with
.shifty. Ih;ht criiy eyes and while
, "Vliif' till". tlirnV" wild l.eitradeat
llnst. "What liuy you heen lining all
.this Uine. eh 7"
OIiliiiTr uiim' mi imifisy laui;h, shrink
HiiK hack I Mini the furious red face of
the ninny detective.
"1 li.iw: d ine no h.irui "
"No hut-in V You have il me jour licit
to t;ct nu limoi-eiit man leihueil. If It
wasn't fur thin Kcutleiumi uoro I nui
not (aire tint you would not have site
reeded." I'l'ho wieti'lied cieature lieuau to
, "I am Mire, sir. It was only my prac
tical Jjlie."
"Uli, a J !.i was It? You won't 11 ml
Ithe IiiiikIi on yniir side, t promise you.
'.Take him down and keep him In tho
hlttlin; ro.mi until I come. Mr. lIolmoM,"
li iillu'ii"! when they hud Kntu, "I
coiilil not .speak before the cautf ntilc.1,
Inn I don't tnlnrt Haylnu' In tho presence
of I ir. Watiion that this Is tho
thlnj: that you have done ct, ttmuli It
Is a myHtery to me how jnii did It. You
hae savetl an Innocent uimu'h life, and
you have prevented a very nrae hcuii
did, which would hao iiilued ui. rcini
tatloii lu tho force."
Holmes si, died and elapped Kestrade
Upon the hoi'liler.
"liiHti-'id of iei?ii ruined, my ipxxl
sir, j hi wdi :n d that join icpntatlon
hurt heen eh n uionsly etih.ilictd. Just
make a iVi- nltcratloim lu tint icpirt
which j mi were wrltlui; nnil liny will
iliiderstiiiid I iv liiird It In ti throw
dust in (lie eji's of Ilipeetor I.i'ilrade,"
"And you dou'l want jour n.iine to
"Not at all 'Il.e mk I, It-, iwn re
ward. lVrliaps I hhall i;tt the credit
also at K.omn distant day, when I pi r
inn my 7eai ins uihtonaiL VJ HI. OUt I. . .
hy r. i). srn.LE
tW -GtASSX rfBrwW f OTW S
fcijl.i. ot.i ' l'M'i. ' !i. T' Well.
Iin. , I i . .h"ii tln I. it I. il li'i a
llll '. H.
A imli .11. ! pi i-lcr partition h.ul 1m e.i
ri.h in Mm the p.ihS.lUe h: feet from
Hi" ml, with ii door cunningly coincil
iil In It. It w is lit within y hIMh un
der the e-Hcs. A few articles lit fund
turu n ml a supply of food iitnt water
were within, I wilier v it li a nuuiher
of do il; and piipciH.
'Ihere'H tin- llllMllllatfe of lil'lllC n
hiilldcr," inld llnlmei' as we cuiiiu out.
"lie wan alile to t'x Up Mh own Utile
hldlni; place w!'' ';f any eonfiilerate.
eii of iourt", that prei Ions house
l.eejier of his, Whom 1 ulloi'ld lone no
time In iidillnc lo your tunr. I.e-itrnde."
"I'll take jour mUlcc Itut how did
ymi know of (IiIh pla", Mr llolmesV"
"I made up my mind the fellow
wiih lu lildim; lu the Iioiim- 1i-:i I
pitct'd one on Idor mid loiniil it nl
feet nhorier tlnin the eorrespiindinu'
out' lielow it pretty clear v. I eti
he wan I tlioui;hl he not the lnl'v e
to lie ipilet helore nu alarm of lire We
could, of course, lime Koue In and tak
en him, hut It nmtiM'd me to make hlni
reveal MiiHi'lf. I'.esldes, I owed you n
llttlu inystltlcatlon, I.estrmle, for your
chiilf In the moraine"
"Well, Kir, you certainly cot equal
with ine on that. Itut how In the world
did you know that he wart In the house
at all'.'"
"The thumli murk, I.estrade. You
said It was tlnal, and so It was lu a
very different sense. 1 knew II had
not Ixm'Ii there the day hefoie. I pay
a i;nod deal of attention to matin's of
detail, a.s you may have ohscned, and
I hud cMimlucd the hall and was miro
that the wall wiih clear. Thcrefoio It
had heen put on ilurltu; the niulit."
"Itut how'.'"
''Very Klmply When tho-ie packets
ero healed up Ioiiiih (ililacie ot Me
rarlane to hecure one of the heals hy
putting his lliuaili upon the oft wa.
It would lie done so ipuckly and so
naturally that I dare say the j-duuh
man himself has m lecolleclion of It.
Very likely It Just xo happened, and
Oldacre hud Inn -ell' n notion of the
use he won! 1 p ,t It t" ItroodlUi over
the cane lu that den of his. It suddenly
Htruck him what absolutely thiamin;;
iMldiiice he could make against Me
l'"arkine hy usli iliii thumb murk.
It wa.s the Mtuplct tlilni,' lu the world
for him to take a wax Impression from
tho 'ieal, to moisten It In fii inucl)
blood n.s he could (,'i't from a plu prlelc
mid to put the iinik upon the wall dur
ing tin1 nlcji! either with Ills own hand
or with that of lil-t InnHekeeper If
you eamtue anion; those doi-umeutM
which he tonic with him Into his ie
treat I will lay ymi a wnK"f tint joii
lltid t''e M-ul .lth the thumb in. ill,
upon It."
"Wondciful!" mild I.estrade "Won
derful! M'h all as clear as as
you put It. Itut what Is the obje. t of
this deep deception. Mr. Holme-'"
It W.l.s muusluc to ine to see how the
ileti'ctlw'H ovcrbearlm: inauuer had
chunked suddenly to that of a ehlld
HhkliiK iUi'StlotiH tif Its teacher.
"Well. I dou'l think that Is veiy bard
to explain, A i'ry deep,,
lndlcthe person Is the Kcutlemau who
Ih now waltlui; tin downstairs. You
know that he was once refused lij Mc
I'arlanc's inoJherV You don't! I told
jou that oii should i to lllacliheath
th'st iind Norwood afterward Well,
this Inlury, as he would consider It,
has lankled In his Wicked, SrluuilllIU'
drain, and all hli life he has loured for
xi'iiiteaiice, but neer seen Mh chance.
1 Mii-lii; the I i-1 jcir or two things liae
cone aculust htm .ci'i'et s'pcculatlon, I
think- and he tlniU himself lu a Uu
way lie ih ti rudiivy to swindle hU
vii-ii rn. nnil lor t'lt-i nuriHe ne :a;.;
lurne tin .... t t n 1 1 .ii,., .Mi ( in at. ia , i
who Is, I im.iiiie. him elf under an tin .. I not tr.i'i-J tln-oo
i-heios jet, lint I lane tu doubt that j
I they vei- bin kid under that n.iino at
I fioine provincial town, where Oldacre
IV i'ii tltne lo time e,l a ilnlible exlt
j UK. Ik- Intended t "hnni;e bin name
i altowtlicr, draw, his money and van-
Ish, r-tnrtliiK life nnlii elsewhere."
"Well. tliul'H likely enough "
"It would strike him that lu dhap-
poiiilim ho mlKlit throw all piusiilt off
Ids track mid at the name time have an
I amide and crushlm; revenj;e upon his
i uld bwuelheart If he could io the Itn-
lressloti th it he had been murdered by
her only child. It was a masterpiece of
villainy, and he carried It out like u
muster. The Idea of Die will, wlilih
would iilif mi obvious uioilM' for the
crime, the secret Mt unknown to his
own parents, ih" retention of the stick,
the blood and the anlmiil remains ittnl
bill tons In the wooil pile all were ad
mirable. It was a net from which It
M'i'iiiiil to me. a few hours atfo, that
there was u i possible escipe. P.llt he
had II )t tint siipteilie j;ift of the artist,
the knowledge ,if when to ilop. lie
wished to Improve thai which was a!
ready peiTuol in draw the rope tlchter
yi't round the ucivk of hit iiiifortiiiinti!
victim and no he riilned all. I,et -.i
divcend, I.viilride. Theie nre Just one
or two i.ued'ous that 1 would nsl:
Tin- nialliruant ficature was scat." I
lu Iim nun pir. ir with a polneman
uoii " o h ' - ' f him.
"It e, i, i j .;.e, my id sir n prac
tical Joke, ii iihlii!,' more," he whlnnl
Incoxsiintlj. " assure jou, uir, that I
tdmply coiicealcil injself lu older lo
see the clfoct of my ilisnppearance. mid
I am Mile that jou would not be sj
unjust as to linuuliie that I would
allowed uny harm tu befall poor joinm
Mr. McKarliuie."
"That's for a Jury to decide," said
l.e.striide. "Anyhow, we hhall li,'e
jou mi a charge of coti-piracj, If iut
for attempted murder."
"And you'll probably lliul that ycr
creilllori will Impound the bankii u' ee
count of Mr. c iriielius," -uiii Hoi-.. -
'1 In little man started and turiml hi
mallmi.uii eyes uion my friend.
"I have to thank jou for a cood
deal," said he. "I'eihaps I'll paj li'j
debt some dll.V."
Holmes mulled llldlllueutly.
"1 fancy flint f- some few j-".ir-jou
will llud your time very fully oc
cupied." said he. "I'.y the way. what
was It you put Into the wood pl! be
lildCs J our "'d tlollser-.'.' A dead i ij
or rabbits, or whatV Ymi wont tell'
Hear me. how very unkind of you!
Well, well. 1 dare say that a couple of
rabbits would account both for the
blood and for the barred a be If
evr you write an account, Watson,
you i-aii make rabbits serve your
ttnvr if -In Ml rotintrtfrll.
"Wo have H jjiiiii u this olllce," ro
maiki'd ouo of tlnS othclalfi of the Iron
ury dopartmctit tho other day, "who Ii
without a peer anywhere lu the coun
try when It comes (o spnltlni' a coun
terfeit coin. I Tim f 'icnlty for telllni,' tin?
tHpurloliH pi'odu"t b I e si di M'lojied ti)
leliinrkflble de "ee. He ivc an llllW
tratljii of hin i kill tbe'.iiber day. On
that table lu the corner there wero
piled Up a collide hundred half dollars.
Apparently tiny were all iioi'.iul and
h'eiiulnc specimens from the govern
uiL'iit mint, our expert walked Into tho
room, ami, clvin one dunce ut the pile.
nf halves twenty-live feet distant, he
ipil'-tly lemarkeil.
'"'I here's a counterfeit In tunt Htuek.'
"He then ntepped tip to the table and
pulled u coin from out of the middle of
the pile. It was tested mid found to tin
spurloti.". I asked the man to tell how
h ciKcmiTul the counterfeit.
"'My the lelleetloli of tho Ili'lit, he
replied. 'The ray.s cast from that colli
weie w hilly (Mll'eieiit from those sent
out bj the other pieces. That coin stood
out as dlstliu tly from the rest as it
blirvd red p ppy in a Held of whlto
llowers.' " Washington for. IJrooklyis
'tMilini llldllVM JON.N V, III MUth
'I'-rH Illll.N llllK
thiTIII (II MU.fH .1. ('.MIUMI
sii'iriM'inlitit . . .1,. II. I.iavi
m-imii InilN .1. liM.I.KX
IiiiIi;i . . John KrilUlMN
.ttirii I,. It. 1,1'IIIVM
rrniiKiinT Dllili A. llM'UKIi
I'lt-rk of lllhtiirt Court . . (', J I, liHt'K.v iioh
iHi.ii- f :. ii.Mktz
Siu'nr It. I ItosMlitcii
DM. I John (inKT.
I'lM pi i mi IIi-mikii
In-il. .1 loil.N MWANSON
Hki. I I';;M, Kn iin., Clniliiiiiiii
.'Iff f. liniol.i'ii C. .Mtu.l.K.u
Di"l H-7 l.ollsll)l.i.l:..l. KlINSl
(To ho continued. )
You Can't Loses 'Em.
Mis. Siiblnihs When you f;o to look
for ii Rervunt Klrl toinoriow, try and
i;ct a "public" ono.
Mr. Siihbulifl What do you mean by
Mr. Rubhiilia Why, I rend n para
graph about "public, nervatits" In to
day'M paper, ami It wild, "few dlo ami
iioiiu resign." riillndelphlii 1'rcsti.
U H. Si.Mioiis I. II. Milliml, llliiiir.l. Ilnr
Mt'iiifii ok Cosniirss, :in Disimrr, J, ,1,
Ui( urtlii.
siaikoi ricrits.
(iioi'ilmr, .lelili II. Jllikvj j lili'iiteiimit (io
iTlinl, I'.. II Xlollllliili. SiM'tiliii), A. tint-ii1ii.-.
An llii. I, I Jl. Si'iine, Jt.; I'rciiHliri'l,
I'.-'.r MoitwiM'ii. Aitoiiii.) (iriiiTiil, Nerilx
lliuvii. StiH ih,ti'iiili.,i I'ulillc liihlrtit'tioii, .1,
I. .Mi'ilrii'ii; ( lliItll--iiIit-i I'lililli' l.llliiM, II,
M. Il.len.
J i ! ' lira Ji'Mrivi. Disriuci- C. Ilollru'
Ihs'Ii, .1. li. K".iit
.si s Mini lliii.'li lbu.-lirH,
UM'llV -.KMMIVK Jllll I lis Mill' I' -JAV.IIi'Mlll-r
li"i l.i i'ii. n v.tcii i. 1 ml lluiir.
( OMiKl.dArioNAI, Nililmtli nIiim.I, H:ir. u.
ill. I'lwu-I U.K. II i, In. liliil - I'J i. tu. N-lllol
I. til ,m.i. m . iii. I'm) 1 1' nu i tun.' TIiiiimIui
-?J i II, I -I'll, h A'Ulllll.) Iirrt Wl'lllil'wlll) in
isn'li ii. nlli ut . til p. in, I ,m I lip MlM-inliHI)
HMi.lj ,iht Willi iv I, i) in i, uli iiietilluit II p. hi
li A Ml Mio, I'liHinr.
Ml.liiAN I Ni.''IHMI.SI'AVr
SiiihIh) i l I, ii ,::i i,. hi. I'leM'liiiii- hi'ivio-,
III .10 II III. Iim 1 fill li.'i. Nil-li-l, C1TJ lll
VM'Kh, Sallliil it -HI i III. I.llllirn Aill NH'ifl),
hirt lliiirMi i i i .i'ii iiieaiii. J .in p. tn. I'iiiii.
I'liml m hin,,, :!, ion , i'ii, u ii, iii ( iiuliiiim
tliiu t iit-i", 'I in- I ,i:ni I iiii i,, , lii il p, in,
In v li .Ni ' win. 1 1,, 1'nMiir.
Advantage of Riches
(leorim Could Ih mill wrurlui; a straw
lint, which HlmwH ono nilviuilnpn lu be
luit rich. If mi ordinary mail wero to
wear a striiw hat at this time of tho
jar his frlenda would say that he didn't
tune money enoiii'ii to buy now head
i;oar. St. Imls Itepubllc.
Qtiullfled EiidoisiMuciit.
"And you hi;y he In perfci tly relia
ble?" "Not nt all. I said you could linllovo
nvcrytlilui' he says, hut he never snys
anything wnith b'-'tlmlns " llaltliuoro
I'UISIIX IT.ItlAN S.ili!..illi Si-I I. '.I C. ii. Ill
r'riiuiii, II t.c ti ai t-fii it .r I'lnlriitoi, V.iiO i in.
I.ti'iiiia: mtiii. h.siHi I'mji.r iii'Tlinu ami Mud)
of the S.ilitinlli M-lnMtl lenciin. Ml ti in. Tliiirnil..i.
Ijulii'f .Mihhii.linr) Hurii't) iiiht I l li l.i) ut titer)
iiiimlli. biutii r- Aiil iilii.riuili' Wi'iltii'Mlii) ef I'lii'li
Protected by
Block Sknals
The first railway in America su adopt tho ah?r
lutc Block System in the operation of all trains
was the
Chicago- Milwaukee & St. Paul
The St. Paul Jload was the first railway lo liirjil (
its trains by electricity. The St. Paul Koad
was also tho fnst to adopt the stevm heat inp
system. Tree throti.uh daily trains to
from all points on the main line of the Union
I'ocific Railroad. For time table, special rates,
etc., see Union l'acilic Ajrcnt, or write
F. I. NASH, Gen'l Western Agent, I524 Parnam St.
Take the Burlington from Columbus to
rortluml. Seattle. TiM'i.nm mi! Ki'tiirn. (Iliuil Itnuli-i, Pallj f n m Mny'-Jil $-ir.00
I'm tlnnil unit Itrtuni, (One Wnytl.i Ciilifurtii.-i, Mn SSI, 21. T.. i.".. Mi. .11 , .1 u m-1,'.: r
LM. II. II. 10. SJ. "1.27, !.l!'A.Mi. July I.S.St, (1. 7, K 111, II, IL'. III. i"..ll'. :!7. A.lill
tioiiulrfaUiiti AiiRimt ninl Si.i(iiuIi r . . ... Rtt 00
S.itil'riuiiJJrro. l.(irtAni:t' llnint I! .) Atnte I ..! fii.tlt
Kan, l.ns Ani'i leiiinil lli-ltnii, (lllml l.'i.i.l, ) Mn '"i, I'd, '.I,, linn 1, Auj.--
Uktlli, II, I2.i:t, ll.Orti.Urli. IM'.i. rn.'t. .... Ctl.lli)
lliullth i h It N. II, riiitlnr.
.MKI'HODIM rri'Mlilni.', III. iitul h.liJ
p in Similii) ii'liiml. IJkiiii iliiiiiiir Li'iiK-iio, 1 1 in. r.ittnitli Liumie, i.-mi p. in. I'rui'r
mi t-Tiiitt, riiiirh.liij.'Hii iii. Ijulii-f. Aid Mii-int)
iitcrj ethi. i Wtiliii-i-ilii ut .Mi i. in.
I .el ltnn Di- Woi.r, I'li-ler.
IIA1 I'l.Sr Suinliiy uliiiol, U'.IHI it in, S'TinuD
II iim in .liiiui.r H, 1 I'. U., i, in, Ueuier
II. . I' L' nt 7ui p. in. SeriiKin, CUD i. in.
t'niji'i ine. linn 1 InirMlii), ,) p. in.
lilt, I-.. J. Li.mmi, I'dnter.
Tln-e i:iti' :iid ne Hie Itutllm-tnii's lUn-i I line tu PiliM'i, Iheiie
tlltiillull n-nir I'ebii.uhi.iuil .-ill
Alnnei tlir Hiillii"tnii-Niilln in I'n ilie lln . t li i v ti.uli to l'ui I
.smiiiil Mint I'nill mil.
'l'lie inict i'euiti lu iiii- tutu- i, i He' I'H-liM n i.i, iiniuilin. cilireinin,
-III 1,1 l.'nllte. I'niH.itiil riiiinii. I'l..:i Niui il title., V ililli" tun iiml
.Miillt.llia cm In tiuiile II-Iiil Hie niell- I'.liilin :lni j iin Lines,
'l'lie Ituililliitiili I- till- ' Mil) litn b Ini II ; Mill i- Hi in I lie 111 li I, IhlN
ami I'.i - limn iuuiiti in rniim etiuu illi tin- ui w ith mi hIiIIIiumiiI i m i,h
Diilh tliiiiifli I'lillnnin .-i.iimI ml -..,ii tu --m I i;im i-,',, i Ihntei,
Sil'llli' ( llllil.'illll , -till ,.i!,r,
Ai'l'l) to tlir iimli i-l-.'iii'il rm I'm 1 1. mil I uMt!nn Inhbr,
.ih I'm ni i lnlili i, I mil i-t i'ciiiien fubli i, lei lint li, in I'm m
iiiiui, tlii.i t-, i ii .;
I ihe nii 'Miiii-i'il ttip .mil li I meaihl.c jell the . .i-t
rn-l mil the lie-t w.ij to ni il,i it.
L. F. RECTOR, Acnt, Columbus, Nebr.
. ' ..i.':xiT'r:..
-V t.maez-'ti'z&H,
, .... '.k.O
1-, ,:
" tl55
"1 nip'.ioie your son N itlll HtmlyliiK
liaril to bi'i'oine a iloctoi'V"
"Oh. mi, he'i titUlim a i;ooil Ioiik rest
now, with nothing to lo. He has Krailu
nteil iiinl st.irti'il to jirnctlee " -I'liUa-ilrliilili
liltAl I. I'l'I.Sl'OI'AI. Low lelWiriitinn. H.(
ii. in. Htnnlii) Sri I, Kmni ii, in. I'ri'iii'liiim,
H.I1IH. in. Kti'iiiiiKM-niri', (t.eo p, in. Hi. An
ilmttn lllntliiTn, firiiliil Tiii'mIii) uf rm'li tilt tut li,
DiiiiillitiTf nf tlm Kiiik', M't'iiiiil '1'iii'Hliiy ef eiii'li
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i'.ii'Ii ini'iilli. IthV. W. A. Camii, lleotor.
( LU I'MLHAN I'r.'iii'hiiiu, 10.00 u. in.
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Ill v. II., I'uBtor.
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m ii
When the Kidneys fail to perform their functions properly by not straining out the poison
ous waste matter from the blood as it passes through them, the poisons are carried by the
circulation to every part of the body, deranging the different organs. This causes heart
trouble, stomach trouble, sluggish liver and a host of other ills, all due to deranged Kidneys.
corrects irregularities and cures Kidney and Bladder diseases in every form, tones up the
whole system, and the diseases that have
resulted from disordered Kidneys disappear,
because the cmisc has been removed. Com
mence taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE
Mr. IJot'fM O. Ihirlif, Klnorit, Smslacit Co . N V , wrltr. 1 ,un Kloi1 to have in oppor
tunity tf tt-lllni; wlmt maenilicriit rrjulti I liuve Inul from uin l-'OLKY'tl KIDNRY
CUKK iiftrr linvinif tilcJ othrr mlvrrtWrd mr Jiclnri mid Kpvrrul pliyslclAii.. llrforn I brnun
It I had to Ret up frnm II tu Jo tinici rm h nlln tu r? Ilrvn my blaiJrr. 1 win nil hlomril I tin
with tlrop.y unJ my ryr.ntit wni no I np.i rr.l ttiat I cuul.l .cmcrly .-p tms of my fainlly
cidih thn r .uin In tict, 1 wu. sn lj t.y u r,l up that I hJnlvn up hoitp of hvinii when I
w. ururiU-v u frlrml tu try fOl.l.Y S KltlNhSf tURli. Onr jilcrni twttll, woKwoii'
drr, unil befure I hit I tnken thr tlnr.i IkhiIb tlic mpcrlltiou. Ilrh ho,t coup, us wrll iu nil
othrr .ymptonm of Kidney trout'ln. fn -ml. vrio muprl.rd that 1 wjt currd, in thry
II thouKht I was goinn to di. l.vrry ( n da . nonir o ionn from nult-s iiwny to tram
the nnm of thr wonderful inrdici.-w tl at t.uieJ me U Hruhf Uueu.e, and nut one that
has tried It has. failed to bo benefitted.
at the first sign of danger. Do not risk
having Bright' s Disease or Diabetes.
Two Sizoo. 50 Cents and $1.00.
Columbus, Neb
rm jLczj. r iizTBmm&iM2M&&rM
Kansas City Southara Salway
".'iraii'iit ri'i 'iio rrov,' Hies"
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lull it'-, Ii. iil', r.i.ilt', liei- ,-iin',!.,r .'! Mini A inMI.'l i'oilt.1.
W.llii for i"ji 'i'iIIc! Corceriiln;)
NdM Culti I '.-.ilins, litpnufit Fafm, Ml.isrnl Linils. Illcn l.amli nnit Tinibrr
Lanys, .mi! jr cojin-s ol '' Emnts," 1'uslnuss Oi(.ortui.i!.iis
Hue HcuX, K C S Hook
(.lieNji rutin I trip lic:ncai'i-ker tlel.-rl.-i on !,rt!o Unit end t'llnt TiicmlarM nf
i' ii li iimiilli,
M. D. DVTTOV, Trav. Pmo. Agt. B. U. WAKHEB, O. V. and 'A A.
Xantaa City. Mo. SiuisiucitT.niii.
J S. KOEBLBB, Trav. Pans, anrt Imlg'n Aft., Kunsas Clty.tSo.
EVKUY DAY from .Inly USth with
final rclurn limit Octdlior.'Ust
Ho sun J'niir lieliet reiuln linn line
Ill'ie or
W. II. llliN'IIAM. Annnt.
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