The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, July 19, 1905, Image 6

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V-srasrs. -i.
( CTs Return of
Author of "The AtlvfiiturM of Sherlock Mnlmet,"
Th llnurnl of thr BukrrvlIlM," "fhr Sln
of the four," "A Study In SurleC," I Ic.
ifoltlll'M held It OUt tt UK' "A Hoft
revolver liullet, iis J oil peivelve, Wat
urn. There'H (senilis In Hint, fur who
would 'NH-it to IiihI mich a hlii tired
from mi nlr 1:1111. All il:ht. Mm IIiiiI
hoii; I tun inueli ohllp'd for jour 11s
HlHtniH'K. Ami now, Watson, let me n-e
you In jour old seat unee iiimi , for
then arc i.evernl polntH which 1 hIioiiIiI
like to dlsiiiss with joii."
Ho had thiown olV the reedj' frock
coat, mid now ho wiih the llnlniei of
old In tin mown' colored dressing jrown
which ho took from IiIm ellluy.
"Tlio old iiliiUarl's nerves Iiiim not
In-d Hielr Mleadlness nor IiIh ejei their
l.ceiiuess," hmIiI he, with 11 IiiiikIi, as he
lnni.vleil the shattered forehead of IiIh
1 tllHt.
"I'llllllli III the middle of Ihe hael. of
the head mid siuael. through the hr.ilu
lie Will the lies I shut In India, mid 1
.iect that then- me few heller In
London, lime you heatd the inline',"
".No, I have nol "
"Well, well, mich U fame! Hut, then,
If I rcineiiitier ilnht, 3 on had not heard
the 11:11110 nt Professor .Imiies Morlarly,
who had taie of the ureal lualns of the
celitlliy .lllst Kle ineiliiuii Illy llnle
of hlnm-iiihles from the shelf."
He tinned oxer the paes la.lly, lean
Iiik Imel. In his chair mid IiIowIiik meat
clouds ft iiiii lilrt elpir.
".My collection of M'h Is a line one."
niild he. "Moilarty himself Is enough
to iiuihe 1111 v teller Illustrious, mid heie
Is Morgan, the polnoncr. and Menldevv
of nhoiiiluahlo iiiemory, mid Mutln-us,
who l.llocKed out my left eaullie III the
waltliiK loom at Charlui; i'i-ush, mid
llmillj here Is our friend of tonight "
He handed oer the Pool,, mid 1 read:
".Murau, SchaHtlau, colonel. t'liem
lilnjed. I'iii'iiutI) Klrat lleuKalmo I'lo
lieew. I'.oiu Loudon, INK). Son of
Kir Augustus .Mm an, (' I!, once Hi It
lsh minister to IVi-hIii. lMuc.itcd Llmi
ami iixfonl. Served In Jovvnkl cam
jiulKii, Afghan cmupalmi, Clutraslah
(dispatches), Sheipur mid Cahiil. An
1 1n it- of 'Heavy (iailli' of the Western
HliiialtttiH (ISM); 'Three Months In
the Jum:lo' (issl). Addiess- Conduit
Htieet. t'luhi The Anglo Indian, the
Tiinkervllle, the Itnuiilelle Caul cluh."
(in the margin wax written In Holmes'
prcclMi hand, "The second uimtt dun
Kcrous iiiau In London."
'Thin "in tiHfonlsJiftiR," until' I Vis" I
liauihsl IhicIc the volume. "The man's
career b that of an houorahlo mil
iller." "It Is trtio," Holmes answered. "I'p
to a certain point he did well. He was
iIvviij-h 11 man of Iron nerve, mid Iho
Htory U still told In India how ho
crawled down 11 drain after a wound
til mini eating tiger. Tllcle me snme
trees, Watson, whhh i:iow lo a cor
tain height and then suddenly deelop
home unsightly eeeentlli-itj. ) nil will
see It often In humau.s. I lime a the
ory that the IndlvliliiMl icpreseiits In
Ids development (lie whole ptoeesniou
Df Ills ancestors, and that such a sud
den tut u to good hi- evil stands for
Homo stiolli: lullllelico which ciuie Into
the lino of his jit-dlgi'iv. The pernou
liecotues, an It weie, Iho eplloine of the
history of Ids own family."
"It Is miivIj rather fanciful "
"Well, I don't In-lst upon II. What
ever tin' mii.i-, Colonel Mm-iiu Iu-i;iiii
to i;o wrung llhoiit uuj open cau
dal he still made India too hoi to hold
IiIm, He ictlrcd, came to Loudon mid
again acipilted an ell a, line It was
at this lime that he was i.unglit out h,
I'nifi'ssiir .Mniliirtv, lo whom lor a
time he was chief of the staff. .M01 lai
ty mipiilled him lllier.illj with mutiij
and lined him mdj In one or two vei-.v
high class Johs whii h no onllu.iry erlui
lual could hae iiudeitaKeii. Nun imij
have i.oiue recollection of the death of
Mrs. Stewart of Lauder In Iss7 Nop
Well, 1 am sine Morau was at the Pol
toll! of It, hut Untiling could lie nnved
Siii'leveil) was the colonel coiucalcd
that even when the Motlait. gmg w.u
lirol.cii up we could not Im rimiii ile
li tin. You lemeuilicr at that dale, when
I called upon .Mm In onr mnim, liow
1 put up the uliiittert for of nlr
pints? .No doutil win thought me fund
I'll! I I, new 1 n tl whit I wa 1 do
lllg, for 1 Knew of the eslstelire of tills
reiuaiKahle pin, and 1 Knew sl.o
olio of the hest shots In the world
would Ik' liehiud It. When we were In
Switzerland he followed us with Moil
nitj, mid It was undoiilitcdh he who
;;avo me thai evil Ihe minutes on the
lll'lehellhliell ledge
"You may think that 1 read the pa
pera with some attention duriiu; iu. so
Jolirn In 1'raine, 011 the I00K0111 lor any
chance of 1 : 1 1 1 1 K I1I111 hj the InvN r-'o
IniiK as he miii free in london my life
would really not have heen worth ll
lug. Night and ta the shadow would
huvu heen over me ami sooner or later
his chance must hao come. What
could I do? 1 could not shoot him at
Hlght or 1 should ui)M-lf lie In the docK.
Tliero was no um- appealing to a iiumU
trato. They cannot Interfere 011 the
strength of what would appear to them
to bo a wild misplcl 111. So 1 could do
nothltitf. Hut I wat lied the criminal
now, knowing that i-ooner or later I
Hhoultl p't him. 'I'lien came the tle.ith
of thlti Jloii.Ud Atlalr. My chance had
t-oino nt hist, Knowing what 1 did,
wiih It not feiialn that Colonel Morau
had douo It? Ho had played cauls with
tlio lad; ho had followed him homo
from the club: lie had nhot him t!rou;;!i
tiie opt n wii'low. Tin-re was not 11
doubt of It The bullets iiloiit' arc
euomth to put his head In a noose
"I caine over at 01 I wiih seen by
the rent Hud, who would, I knew, direct
the ciiIiiiii'I'm attention to my presetuo.
He mill not fall to connect my sudden
relni 11 w llli his erluii' and to be terribly
alarmed I was sure he would iiial.e
an attempt to pet me out of the way
at mice and would brlnu' round tils mur
derous weapon for that purpose. I left
him mi escelleiit mark In the window,
and, limine w irued the police that
they inlKht be needed by the way,
Watson, j 011 spotted their presence In
that doorway with iinerrlm; accuracy
I took up what seemed to mo to In n
Judicious post for observation, never
dreaming that he would choose the
same spot for his attack. Now, my
dear WalMUi, does anythlm: remain for
me to esplalliV"
"Yes," said I "You have not made It
(little clear what was Colonel Moron's
motive In inuiilcilm,' the Hon. Itouald
"Ah. my dear Watson, then' w como
Into those realms of conjecture whm
the most logical mind may be at fault.
Hiu li may form his own hypothesis up
on the present e Ideiice. and yoiiw In
as likely lo lie correct ii'i mine."
"You have formed one, then?"
"I think that It is not dltllciilt to ex
plain the facts It came out In evidence
that Colonel Mora n ami yon m; Atlalr
had between them won a considerable
amount of money Now, Moran un
doubtedly plajed foul. Of that 1 have
lone been aware. 1 believe that on tlio
day of the minder Adair hail discov
ered that Moran was cheat I m,-. Very
likely ho had spoken to him privately
and had threatened to expose him un
less ho voluntarily resigned his mem
bershlp of the club and promised not to
play cards aealii. It Is unlikely that a
joiiliKstcr like Adair would at unco
make a hideous scandal by exposing a
well known man so much older than
himself Probably he acted as I SUB
KcM 'Ihe cNclusioii from Ills clubs
would mean ruin to Morau, who IImiI
liy his III gotten card imlus. He there
fort' murdered Adair, who at the lime
was cndemorliu: to work out how
much money he should himself return,
since he could u it prollt by Ills part
tier's foul play lie locked the door lest
the ladles should surprise him and In
sist upon knowing what ho was dotuj;
with these mimes and coins. Will It
"I have 110 doubt that you have hit
upon the truth "
"It will be crlllctl or disproved at
the 1 1 Int. Meanwhile, como what may,
Col mi'l Morau will trouble um iiii more.
The fin ions air 1:1111 of Von Herder will
embellish the Scotland Yard museum,
and onto again Mr. Sherlock Holmes In
flee to devote his life to eamliilii
those InlerestliiK little problems which
the complex llfo of London ho plenti
fully preaentH."
The Adventure of
the Norwood
No. 2 or tlu Sorlci
CCtM'Mi. 1W1 h i Ui.ii lKlt 411J I'Mtr't
II llll) )
(tcf,ilthi llt'i h Mn Kit, VhiUlii tf ft .)
liii.M the point of view of
the cilniliial expert," said
Mr Sherlock Holmes,
"Loudon hat become a
liieiilailv iiiilutcicstlui;
ill since the death of
the lite lamented I'm
Morl.irtj "
haidh tl.iul. that vou would
llnd mail decent cllleus ti. amee with
ou " I iiiisweied.
"Will, well, 1 11111M not lie selfMi,"
o.iltl he, with a '.mile as he pushed luck
his 1 ban limn tln breakfast table.
'"Ihe coinnirmlly Iscirlainl) the valu
er and 110 one the later sae the poor
out of work .pft-lnllM, whme occupa
tlon has cone. With that man In the
lldd one' i itioiiilnu paper presented In
Unite p.usibiim,-, oiti-n it win only
Ihe smallest trace, Walson, the faint
est Indication, and ju-t It was enoiieli
to tell me that the Ki-eat uialL'iiiuit
brain was tln-ie, as the m-ntlcst tre
lliois of tin- cdKt'N of the web r Illd
one of the toiil spider which lurks In the
I center l'citv thetts, wanton assaults,
purposelest oiitnn,'!' to the man who
1 held the clew all could be worked
1 Into one connected whole To the set-
j entitle student of the hlKher crhuln-il
world no capital In Lurope oiVcicd the
iitlvantiiKes whhh Loudon then pos-
ft-ssisl I'.ut now" Ho slu iiKiretl IiIh
shoulders In humorous denreeatlon of
the slate ot things which hu hail him
sell tlone so uiilill to piodllce
At the time of which I speak, Holmes
hail been back nu- some mouths, and
I at his request had sold my praetteo
ami returned to slime the old iuaitor.s
lu llaker street. A soiuij: diH'tor mini
od Veruer had purcliased my small
Ki'iisliiKton practice ami kUcii with
astoiilshlmrly little di-inur the hlhest
price that 1 M-uturcd to ask an Inci
dent which only explained itself souio
lime later when 1 initial that Veruer
was a distant iclatlon of Holmes and
that li was m friend who had roally
found tlio mom1).
W 'W
les- or
" i-.n
uur luoiuh'i of partm-rshlp had not
been no uneventful us he had stated,
for I llnd 011 looking over my notes that
tills period Includes the case of the
papers of fx l'lcsldcnt Murlllo, and al
so the Hhoc-kliiu allalr of the Hutch
steamship I'rleslaiid, which no nearly
cost in both our lives. His cold and
proud nature was alwajs averse, how
ever, to niijthliiK In the shape of public
applause, ami he bound 111 e lu the most
strliiKi-iit terms to say no further word
of himself, Ids methods or his
a prohibition which, ax I bavo
explain!, has only now ht-oii removed.
Mr Sherlock Holmes was k-unliiK hack
In Ids chair after bin whimsical protest
and was unfolding his morning paper
lu a leisurely fashion when our atten
tion was nriested by a tremendous
1I11K at thu bell, followed Immediately
by a hollow ilrummiiik sound, as If
some one were beallnc on the outer
door with Ills list. As It opened Iheie
came a tumultii ais rush Into the hall,
rapid feet elatteied up the stair and
an liHtaut later a wild mid frau
tie yoimi: man, pale, til .hoveled and
palpltatltu;, la list Into Ihe m an, He
I iiiki'il from one to the other of 111, and
under our ;.c of itnpilry ho became
conscious that some apology was need
ed for this unceremonious entry.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Holmes," he cried.
"You mustn't blamo mi'. I ma nearly
mud. Mr. II dines, I am the unhappy
John Hector Md'ariiine."
He made the aunjiutici'im.-nt as If Ihe
II 1 1 e al me would explain both his
visit and It 1 manner, but I could see
by my eompinlon's unresponsive face
that It meant no more to blin than to
"Have a cigarette, .Mr. Mt'I-'arhiiie,"
nil lil he, pushing Ids case across. "I
am sure that with your symptoms my
friend Dr. Watson bom would pre-Nt-rlbo
a wslatlve. Tlio weather has
been ho very warm tlieso last few
days. Now, If you feel a little moie
composed I should be Kind If you would
sit down In that chair mid tell us very
(dowry anil tpilctly who you are and
what It It that you want. You men
tiontsi your inline as If I should rccou
nl.e It, but I assure you that beyond
the obvious facts that you aro a bat h
dor, a solicitor, a Freemason and an
asthmatic 1 know nothing whatever
about you."
l-'ainlllar as I was with my friend's
methods, It wiih not tlUllciilt for me to
follow bs deductions iiikI to observe
the untidiness of attire, the sheaf of
lemil papers, the watch charm and the
breathing which had prompted them.
Our client, however, stared In iiiuirc
"Yes, I am all that, Mr. Holmes, and
In addition 1 am the most unfortunate
man at this moment lu Loudon. For
heaven's sake, tloil't abandon me, Mr. f
ninnies; ir uiey come 10 iiitcsi me lie
fore 1 have iliilshfd my story iiiako
them Klve me time so that 1 may tell
you the whole truth. 1 could go to
Jail happy If 1 knew that you were
worklm: for me outside."
"Arrest you!" said Holmes. "This Is
really most unit I most Interesting. On
what charm' do you expect to bo ar
rested?" Tpon the charge of murdering Mr.
Jonas Oldacre of Lower Norwood,"
My companion's expressive face
showed nsyniiiahy which was .not. 1
Hin arraui, entirety unmixed with sat
isfaction. "Dear me," said he, "It was only this
moment at breakfast that I wiih Hay
ing to my friend Dr. Watson that sen
national cases had disappeared out of
our papers."
Our visitor Htrotclied forward a tpilv
crlug baud and picked up the Daily
Telegraph, which still lay upon Holmes'
"If you had looked nt It, nlr, you
would have neen at n glaneo what tlio
errand Is on which I have come to
you this morning. I feel ns If my
name ami my misfortune must Ik lu
every man's mouth." Ho turned It
over to expose the central page. "Here
It Is, ami with your permission I will
reml it to you. Listen to this, Mr.
Holmes. The headlines are: 'Mysterious
Alfalr at Lower Norwood. Disappear
" f n Well Known Hullder. Sus
picion of Murder uud Arson. A Clew
to the Criminal.' That Is tlio clew
which they are already following, Mr.
Holmes, ami 1 know that It leads In
fallibly to me. 1 have been followed
from London Hrltlge station, uud 1 am
Hiiro Unit they lire only waiting for the
warrant to arrest me. It will break
my mother's lwurt-It will break her
heart!" He wrung his hands In an
agony of apprehension ami nwayed
backward ami forward lu Ids ehalr.
I looked with Interest iiimiii this mail
who was accused of being tlio perpe
trator of a crlniti of violence. He was
tlaxeii haired ami handsome, lu a wash
ed out negative fashion, with frighten
ed blue eyes and a clean Hhiivon face,
with a weak. Honsltlve mouth. His agu
may have been about twenty-seven, his
dress ami hearing that of a gentleman.
From the pocket of his light summer
ovVrcoat piotruded the bundle of In
dorsed papers which proclaimed his
"We must use what time we have,"
said Holmes. "Watson, would you
have the kindness to take the paper
and to read tlio paragraph In ques
tion?" 1 naerneath the vigorous hendllnps
which our client had ipiotod I reml the
following suggestive narrative:
(To bo continued. )
A hedgehog curls Itself up by n frown
-that Is, by muscles like thono which
produce a fiovvn and It frowns se
verely or gently, according to circum
stances if it Is poked hard It "sighs"
itself tighter. If really hurt It frowns
Into a tight ball Tlio prickles can bn
erected In n measure, though as they
point all ways this Is not needed. They
are iik sharp 11 h netslles. We hnvo only
known one dog, a lurgo black and
whltn Hcttcr, which would deliberately
bite n hedgehog till It killed It. Rut this
dog was quite mud and ahuml some of
thu auacHtticiiln common to certain h
niitica.- London Spectator.
!toirrMritntlp Jo.s.vW, Hf.siiKk
'li-rk John h ha
SIliTit! t'UVIII.I-H J.C.MlllUl
11. r nu L.lllllltl
..I.. II. I.ri
Sllirl!llllllllt!lt , .
A-Hifpor ,
Jinkv .
1'ri-nMin-r . ....
I li-rkuf l)-lrld liiiirt
..John J.Oai.i.rt
iIoiin ItvrrriiMAs
li. It. Iivriivji
. 1)1 nit A, lln-incH
(', M.iliit-fNriirH
t:. 11. si mi
It. I., IIiiimITIH
John dorr?
I'l I HI IlKMiHl
. .IllllN Mt V.XSON
.l-'llVXk KlMl.NVS, CIluiriliHtl
I'.lliol.lll I . .Wl'I.I.Ml
l.'iCIn II I. li, i:, J. KllNNT
l)Ut. 1 .
Ill-t. .' .
I'ixl .1
Jl-I I
DIM 1-7.
U. S. Skv.viuiis -I. II, MIIIhuI, Klmtr J. linr
.MrMiiru or Cumiiikss, Do DisTiuur, J, J,
(lovi-riiiir, .Inliii II, Mlt-ki-is l.ii'iiti-iiioiHIiit.
i-iiinr, i:, II, Mclllllcii! Sti-ri-iur) Hliil.-, A. (ml.
iixlii-, Aiiilltur, K SI Mriirli-, Jr., Inwm.'r,
1'iti-r .Mm Ii-ii-cii, Atliirm-) lii-iii-nil, .Norrlc
llniwn. Mi 1 1 M-ri 11 in l,-i it I'nlilii-liintriii-tliiii, .1.
I. .Mi-IIiIi-ii, I iiiiiiiiixsiiiiii-r I'ulilir UiiiUk, II,
,M. Iiitoii,
.lnniOH ilia ,liiiucivi Disriuer ('. Ilollnti'
Mrk, .1, II, HiihIit
Mil Mini llni'li lllli-lii-M.
IIi-i-iisinmii Mm HiitriiieT .I.W.IIi-nili-f
I'i.ovi ItH'io-oM vnvi In it
i im:i:kiiationai. s.ii.1.111. h iii.ui, h c,H.
in. I'ii-iii liiiu;, II 11. 111, mni -hi ,, Ml Mcniui
I iiili-.-itiii, 1 im p in, I'iiijit iin-i mm I t
Himi in l.iiili.M ,vnxilliii In nl Wiilhi'-.l i) lu
i-.-h-Ii nu. nlli ill Him . in, l.nli..
MiM-ii-l) limt Wi-iIiii-mIh) In cm. -li iiiiiiiIIi i,l :i ., in
11 A. .Mi'.Mui, 1'iiHn.r,
l.ntMAN lAAMlCl.ll'AI, 1'ltiHI.SI'ANr-
Siiiniiij i-iliiiiil, 11 .mi 11 in. I'li'in 1,1111: hcitii-e, it in. Vi.iii,,. p,Hi,ii,'H N..111I), t-t Iho
uii-kn, rtiimlii) mil i. in. LiiiIk n ,ii Sisli-I),
In -I lliiiri-lij nf imi-Ii 1111. nlli, j ,111 p. in I'aro-rlu-il
m-IiihiI, Miitiinln) 11 in IJ 11. in. 1 1. hlmim
linn rliiKH, I nt. 1 1) an. I I nil i), lull . in.
Iliv It. ,Sit i vmikiii, l-iihtnr.
I'ltl'.SIIV ll.lilAN Siililmtli Ki-Iiih.I, li r, 11. in
iHi-riiniii, II Mia in S-liler l-n.l.Hti.r, i hi i hi
I'ltl'llilll! hi-llin n.iin rniji'i I Illil-lllut Hint)
f tlll'flllllllllll ll-rmllll, S III . in Hiiirmlll)
I, h.ll. -n .Mixxioiiiir) mii'IiI) l.ihl I 1 1, lii) i.l i.ii.ri
1111. I1II1 Lull, n Alii nil. 'll. 11I1. W imIih mIii) nl fail,
(III, Mil. VVMII-.l.N II VI.SIV, I'iihIiii,
.WKiiiiiiiisr I'liii.'tiiM,-, iD.i',11. in, Mt.ii k
. Ill Sllllllll) M'lilHil, I.' 11 III .lllllil.l Ij'I.Mi.
.1 .iu. . 111, I.ihiiiIIi l'iii-iii-, tin i in -iii)ii
llll'.Tllll-, llllllhill) MM, Hi, Llllll n All! Mil il)
i-ii'i) nllii r W11I111 mIh) hi ,nki , in
l.ol VN Id-Mi III Wol.K, I'liHlnr.
IIAI'lllil Hiilula) m-IiihiI, Kin in. H.TIMOI.
II iiii 111. .Iiimii.i II. I'. J ,;-.ii 11. in, rd'uiiii
II. V 1' l nl i HI i, in. Mt'iiniiii, niKI i, in
I'IIIJIT Mil- Hin; I lillliulll), H,ltl i III.
IUV. L. .1. (JI.)IHl, I'll-llir.
liUAIM-. I-II'ISCOPAI. Low t-i-li-liriitliin, b-U
11. in. Nuiiilii) hili.Hil, Hum 11. in, I'liiiililuK,
II mill. in. l-.n-iiliii'Mi-rvli-e, H-H) i. in. Hi. Au
Irmtx IIiiiIIii-in, Hi-rnliil 'I'iii-mIm) of fnili iiiiiiiIIi
lliHU'lili-IN nl Um Mill!, M-riilul I'llwilii) nl i-iii-l,
Mil. Mill, Ijlllil'H lillllll, Mtllllll WllllllKllll)' III
iwli iiiiiiiIIi. liM. W. A. I '.via, Um-lnr.
IIKIt.MAN l.ll I III.IIA.N I'l.-nililnir, IIIUIii. 111.
Siiinlii) MiImniI, -j p. 111, Lnlli'H Mtiiu-I) iuih'Ii
nun I IiiiimIii) 111 1 in li iiiniah.
liH. II. SIlKSHI.KII, I'llnlur.
UKOItll.VM.l'.li rill 111 II 01-- LAlT'Kli
IIAISVIMH HiliUtilihi'liiHil, 111 11. 111, I'lrnili.
Iiik M.rvii-i-, ll 11, in, MiiHin.'Mlnl M-rvii-ii l.ii
HllUllll) ill Ulll'll llililllll.
llmiml W. llu.l.M, Kliti-r.
HI'. IIONAM-M'lltA I' HiiihIh)
Hnrvli'i-N, iiiih mill mi an. n hI h, U iiutl IU it
o'clock, hiiiulii) mIiim.I mill lii-iii-ttii-tiiiii nt l
oYlurk. I In-i ii'iliM'k iiiiikh in uiti-n in I'lilinl.
Hlnl Um MoYli.i'k iiiiixh iilli-rinilil) ililji-riiiiiliitliil
KukIIkIi, Wnk 1I11) iiiiikh i'iit) iniiiiiiiiK m t
ii'i-liH-k, r'iiilii)ti iti 3;l'i ii'i'liM'K, hiiiiiuiiH mill
In-lii-ilirtioll, I iilili'i-Mi.lin I111111I fiiiui 4 Iti n
ii't-tiH-k Hiiliniliis mnl Irniii V lo U nu HiiuiIh)
llllirilillK. 1'nllli'i.hlnlin lllnurtliuilll) iimruiUK Im
luri) B o'rliH-k iniiKH,
Kwnm 1111.oiiM.11 Kai.vmaja, I'riiwt.
The SlRktaeer riada If nay Tkiata ei
Iateret ta CaliforaU.
California Iiiih niiiueroua natural
brnlgt'H, caves, etc. of no little intercut.
The Mainoth Cave of C-'alaveriiH, dia
covered by miners ill IKM); the Alabiiater
Cave; the Cryatal l'ahieo Cave, contain
tug a nuiulair of utlractivu subterranean
iippartnientH, hiiuIi aa tlio bridal Cham
bar, the ChryHtul l'alaco Koom. Aouri-
ouHappartinent called Music Hall, where
tlio depositH of iuueoiiH origin not only
take tlio form of organ pi pea, Hounding
boards etc., but emit, when Htrtick, iiiiihi-
calHoiiuilHiiml vibrations. Near this oave
are two natural bridgea which the tour
ist oau visit and return to the railroad
within half an hour. Tlio only natural
way to reach these scenes of interest is
via "The Overland Limited, Jtotite,"
comprising the Union facillnantl Mouth
ern I'ai'illc, now rcaly 0110 lino. The
only line running through trains to Han
Francisco from Omaha, its fast trains,
arriving sixteen hours ahead of all coin
potitors. l'aiuphlotH and inapH ileseril)
ingtho wonders of California, and full
information about the most comfortabl
anil tlirett route to tlio Paoillo CoatH.eae
be obtained of K. L. Loinm, (I. l'.j A
T. A. Omaha. Xeb.
For Infanta and Children.
Thi Kind You Havi Always Bought
Boars tho
Slgnuturo of
jffttQ Special Reduced
WmT Excursion Rates
Milwaukee mid return Juno 111 toll).
Knturn limit July ttfth. Kate, one
fare pins tlfty oentn.
Milwaukee, Wis and return, on onln
Juno Kith to inth, 0110 faro plus lifty
Toronto, Out., (mid rot urn. On sale
.In no IS, V., 'J I, & -.'. Ouo fare plus
'.'.oo. ,
IndlanopollH, Iml. and return. On
sale Juiin ID - lUu. Ono faro plus
lliilTalo, N. Y., mid return. On sale
July 7 to '.. Ono fnro plus f0 cants.
Ashurr I'nrk N. J ami return. On
alo June 'M mid 'li to July I. Ono
I are plus $:l.:tr.
Ihilttmoro, Md. mid return. On kale
July I to :i. one faro plus f-.'.ix).
Chicago, Milwnuken and Southern
Wiscciihin pniutr and return on sale
Juno Iht to tjept ::oth.
JJ. A KUHN.i A. G.F. & P A.
Omaha, Netr.
Protected by
Block Sienals
The first railwiiy in Ainorir.-t p atlo.l the ;.bo
lute Block System in the epuialion til" alUrainu
was the
Chicago- Milwaukee & SI, Paul
The St. Paul Howl was tlio first railway to light
its trains by cloctneily. Tho SI. Taul Koad
was al:o the fust to adopt tlio stovm heating
system. Tree throuj-h daily trains to Chicago
from all points on the main line of the Union
Pocilic Hailroad. Tor lime table, special rates,
etc., see Union Pacific Ajront, or write
F. I. NASH, Gen'l Western Agent, IS 24 Far nam St.
OMflHfl. NKBim.SKft,
wan arMd
Take Ihe Burlington from Columbus to
l'iirllniiil.S..nti(..TiiniMmiii,i!iiiiiii (Itmii l.'i.iit,... ).s fmn, m-u jm MO 00
I'urtlmiil mur It turii. (line W.u u Calilnini i. ,M n ,ri..'i -,, ". - .,, ,,,i;i.i!-. iN.y.i.-a,,,!,,!, i, j. i. ,. , s m n.i., n ,...,:. Al,,,;
lloiml ilali-H in AiikiihI utiil !!, mUr j, ()0
SmiKriiiiii'rii.l.oAln'i'liHiiii.l!iliiiii.(li1,.,i ;t, ) AUite IMIim fifi 00
HtnKniiHiMrii.l.oMAiiKi'lisiiiiillJWiini.utliiit Ci.iiti ) .M,u :i, u ::i,.hiiif I Am-.
ii-tlli. 11,11!, Ill, IMMuIhi 1.. Is, 'i..-ii, I. ' ' r.O 00
'I life l.ile:i.,j nvet lln '.uilm.;l.ii,N iLui.l Inn lo Hmvei, thenee'
lllllillL'll St'i'lde Ciilui iilii.iiul .il
Sm.u,l!.'M;ntilwi!M''1''ll'N,l',l'',h ,"'," '"""' ....ll.vv.v, ,,,. , ,..,,,
TheliliM i.laii-lit.e lull. . , ,.,.,, ,, ,,,, (. iltlomi.t
h.i tu llmile. I'liill I-.ii.i(,i,. I'liati Miiiinl title..'tou .mil
Mtillt.lll.'l full In tll.nle ll.ile' lln V iilnlis lilllllictnli .Mtili Lilies.
The lllllliiieluli I- llle.inlj lii,. I, wlinli vim i in I il.r Ihllli' J, , lll
llllll Hi" lllllllillllllllV ill I l I li.ll Uilll till. In,, will, , Iilillunil i .r,hf
IMilt tliiiiimli I'lillimm i.iml.iii .i,.. t ., , ,,,., vii li. i, mm
Si't'llir rtihilfidli lllll -:ilt Like. '
Aiily tuthe limlel. lulled Im I'nit l.inil i:i., ,,.,
iililiniiii li.lilii. luiiiist i miii. inn luliln, im ln'itli-. iitUnm
.Itillll, I. I'll I-. 1 1, .
Ie I'lil.e Jl.lll in.o. i Id), mil li I Hie Iliv Im- Villi t III- ll i-t
nt llhl Hie In w iv In in ike ll.
L. F. HECTOR, Aent, Columbus, Nubr.
Kansas City Soirfheni fiai
Straight ir:
AlniiKMUIIiif HriMliPilmtlittin ,i iiltnl fm rr.ivvlii,'ni nl crr.lii , .in Hu
ci.iti.i,, t..r.iiiii,ne,.l,,U ,..,. li...,i iJf.i.i.t ,,,,. , i I,,'
f..r-imN,,.ll,1.,M.nllU,.ll.l,.; f, ,,,,.. ,.(, .nmhl,' iln.l el . I , . , ,r
li.ifM.,, imi.fM.MHle, im,.,, ,,., ,,. pnuliiynnii,. '
Write Inr liiiuriinlloii Co.K.u.nim)
Culon IimhIijiis, Impnivml Fflrm . Minrritl MiiiU, llltn tmi.lf .mil ri.nbu,-
UnJ!,. ami to. toim.s ut "Ciifini 1 1 unis." UiKlnuts OhiuiIumiiu
lilcu lliinl., K. C U. I dill liiibk
Che.p roua.l-trip homcjet kern' ti Let t ..n M,:. jirt nncl Hunt '1 iiouh of
i ii.'Ii iiiiiiiIIi.
D. DUTTOW, Trav. Pm. A?t.
Vmaa City. Ma.
T. . KOBBLCtt, Tiuv. Pftnc
nf the Aim iii.iii ('niiliin nl
Vellnvv.tniie Niiiinmil n, ' h.
(ili'tll Sli.i-li.nie K.ilU, Tin I nliliii
Inn liivii; .Miiiinl II. Mi.l. Hi. ',i In,,
ul'l'iililiu ma, The Y.i i null ; I, in in ',u I HI
lieti iie:it Suit l.uki
t.w .vi. i. in: ,-i i.. u . u:if i,u nu
AXtl I H.N.MI llll.
PORTLAND. OHbOON, rlm.t-1 in ot I lo. 190.',
liniure o(
W H. 1IENJIAM, AbhiiI.
... u i.thi
BBS -moL rsiartia:
tho Crow c.,,
TO THF. (VJIT ssi V.VI v, x.j . i iu
H. U. WAUNCU, U V ami T .
v..u ... .i... .? .
end Imlr'n Ati.,, K..nn.i.i fit y, ia
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