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New Tin Shop
Koclle fc Lange!ierger the new tinners have opened a .-hop
just west of the eohl stonige ami is prepared to do all kinds of
tiiL work, repairing of all kinds, tin roofing, spouting etc. Also
moving, repairing and storing of stoves. All work guaranteed
to he the very he-t, and prices reasonuhlc. If you try them
once they will always do your work.
West of Cold Storage, 11 th Street, Columbus, Neb.
Protected by
Block Signals
The first railway in America so adopt, the abso
lute Lilovk System in the operation of all trains
was the
Kod4. whereM its -UieeConsfdine teach -es
at, Saturday evening, was a deci
ded financial and social success Ona
of the most pleasing features of the
evening was tho inuBio furnished by
Misses Kittio Ziugg and Kittie Cons
idine. of Platte Center, on v iolio and
organ. Each ticket holders hud a
chance to draw a sofa pillow. Tom
Hoare held the winning number. The
net proceeds, about .?."!, will bo nsed
to purchase books fc;r Jhe school li
brary. Died, in Platte Ccntrr, Saturday,
May, liitl.l. Dorothy, wife of Geo. ,n,'oct !." years. Deceased
maiden uruip va Dorothy Goehry,
and fch was married to Mr. Scheidei
about three and one half years rpo.
Two years a o sho was i-tricken with
a cancer, and she has boeu a constant
sutTerer since, the la t eleven months
requiring the cens-tant attention of
a tiarse. The funeral was held Men
da v forenoon from the German Luth
eran chnrrh on Grand Prairie.
Milwaukee & St. Paul
The St. Paul Road was the first railway to light
its trains by electricity. The St. Paul Road
was also the first to adopt the stevm heating
system. Tree through daily trains to Chicago
from all points on the main line of the Union
Pocific Railroad. For time table, special rates,
etc., see Union Pacific Agent, or write
F. A. NASH, Gen'l Western Agent, 1524 Farnam St.
smB 'htoi """HH
B smmPsmsmmOs? smsmsssm?
I I'mm tjitt r '.'
A babv girl was born into the home
of ?lr. and Mrs. Herggner Wednesday.
Kels Christeuson loaded his house
hold ellVcrs into a car Monday and
will fhip them to South Dakota where
ho will inaku his home.
Forty hours devotional Kervice was
observed bv tho members of the Holy
Family church the first of tho week.
Father Kcmhcrt of Columbns, Father
Hilderbrand of Madison and Father
Alberts of St. Hernard were hero to
assist in conducting tho services.
(J. K.Charniui&t has purchased four
lots west of Win. Leivr John's nnil in
tends to erect a dwelling hnnse before
long. Mr. Leivejohn has several
acres west of his lioufe which ho has
always used as a mature, but is now
disposing of it in lots to those who
will build lionss on them.
Of tho Monroe phones in town, nil
bnt Fred Smith--, wcro bnrnt out
Tno.Mlaj- evening by tho lightning;
several on the l.ell farmer line were
also buriird; tho St. laniard phono at
thi oilico cxplodcil like a pistol and
the Bell was put out of working order
by beinc struck. Every phono should
bo supplied with a grouuu wire clcte
to the house Jo prevent mishaps. It
is best never to ne vonr phone during
a thunder storm for in spito of the
lightning arresters or other contri
vances, they arc nnafo during n storm.
IiFf week's paper recorded the death
ot a woman who was killed while at
the phone and mnnv others have re
ceived terrible shocks.
made ihe examination tbey found
that the right half of his lower jaw
was entirely gone, the left one badly
ehatered, the part of the upper jaw
beneath the nose gone, one-third of
his tongue off and the front part ot
his neck and throat in a mangled and
shattered condition. It was evident
that the man could not livo long, hut
he lingered until !:45 Wednesday
when death relieved him of his suffer
ings. How the accident happened no
one ever will know. lie went across
the field and the supposition is that
ho accidently discharged the gun
when he was crossing a wire fence.
The man in this condition showed
wonderful nerve and endurance iu
walking; more than a mile from where
the accident is supposed to have oc
curred. The funeral was held yester
day at 2 :3Ti o'clock from the Congre
gational church. Rev. J. F. Smith
ofliciating. Hurial was nintle in the
Leigh cemetery where there was a
large crowd of friends
to nsisst in the last sad rites.
Mrs. S. Eastman received a letter
last Satnrday from her father in Eng
land. He and Mrs. Pipbel will leave
Liverpool, Saturday May 31 on the
steamship. Etrnria and will reach
here the 23d.
Z. S. Black is going to haul cream
for the Beatrice Creamery Company.
Kaby Anson was taken suddenly
sick last night bnt is better now.
Wui. Beaver killed eleven young
wolves last week, obtaining 3 bounty
on each at Madison.
Charlie Anderson's tister loft last
night, for Little Rock for a visit.
One of the most
useful inventions for
the home. Compact
.and durable. Con
tents easy of acces.
It is a cupboard and a kitchen table com
bined. It saves room and saves money.
Come in and see it.
See our new line of Morris Chairs, Exten
sion Tables, Bedroom Suits, etc. Our stock
is up-to-date and our prices will please you.
Henry Gass
11 tli Street. Columbus, Nebr.
i Kn in Jlio IVnuirnit.)
The five year old daughter of M r.
and Mrs. .Tchn Arlt is qnito sick with
pnenmonm this week.
Otto Steiuhaus went to Columbus
Tuesday and from there he. expGcts
make an overland trip to the far vot.
Sir. and Mrs. C. C. Jens and fam
ilv went to Columbus Tuesday to at
tend the Schiller celebration given by
the German speaking citizens of Columbus.
Invitations have been issued fo'
marriage of Mis1) Minnie Jonas
daughter of Hove Johnson, of Olden
busch, to John 15. Lawrence, of Crek
IKrom tin- lAJiiitT.
O. E. Green met with a paiuful ac
cident the last of the week. Ho drove
over into Piairio Creek to look nMer
his farm and as he was setting into
his buggy to return home the horse
started unexpectedly throwing O. E.
to the ground, the buggy wheels past
ing over him. Ho was confined to
tho house fur several days from bruis
es received.
Tho asylum authoriticx at Lincoln
having reported that Mrs. Louis Smith
of Prairie. Creek had recovered from
her attack of insanity, Mr. Smith se
cured an order for hor release from
the connty authorities last week and
sho returned home with Mrs. Dos
on Friday last.
me tender joins tho entiro com
munity in hoping her recovery will be
Harry Fonda thinks he ha solved
the problem of keeping the neighbor's
hens olT your garden. Ho has pur
chased a young coyoto which he is
niiidrur on a hen diet. Ho prniroses
to lariat in the center of his lot with
a rope fifty feet long. Ho rnvs that
when he gets the hens cleaned oat in
his neighborhood ho will rent the
animal out at a dollar a day He al
rend has dozens of applications.
A two year old child of Mr and
Mrs Will Mabon of Beaver Valley
met with a bnl accident the first of
the week Mrs. Mahon was using an
ironing board which tho little one
upset by running against it Tho
hot (latiron fell upon the child's face
barning it badly while tne board cut
! 100. CO
ton, to occur Wednesday, May 17,5
a gash on tho side of her head. While
the injuries are painful fortunately
they will not disfigure the little one.
A small child of Charlie Lofingwell
fell from a load of sand this we-k
and the wheels of the dray pacing
over one of its hands crushed it badly-
Joppa Skoog who has l3en visitint
his brother, Nels, of this city, return
ed to Wisconsin the first of the week
after his goods and household effects,
.as ho has dacided to locate in Genoa.
There was considerable excitement
on our streea-the last of tho week
over tho appearance of two suspicious
rtlooking characters. Rumors were afloat
Beal Estate Transfer!.
Agnes Frank to Jos Switiatek
e se :il-17 3 w d 400.00
A Palmater ot al to ChasPal-
ninteer ne ne lii-20-1 w ocd "M 00
Cbas Palmateer to Ernst Marx
ne uel.V.'O-i w wd
NickPalmateer to Ernst Marx
so no 1520-1 w wd
J J Williams to JCUawsou Its
7&8 blk 3 Terry addition to
Monroe wd
R E Jonos to James Novels It
:! blk 4 Stevens nd Col., wd 0flO.r0
Wm Blodeoru UilslMckLbtCi
It ( blk S It 4 blk 11 and It
4 blk 14. PC DH.V.00
II IIoik'iiurtriMr Maggio
Flynn it 1 blk '. odchor SOO.OO
Geo Scott to Ivuth Walter It fi
blk IS Col. wd f.00.00
M A Muminert to II S Elliott
e 3 It blk Hi) Col., wd 3;.i.f0
T M It van to Alma Von Bergen
se se 17-11M w qcd
W W Sides to ThosBryant si o
0 31-17 0 w qcd
J A VonBcrgen to T M 1 1 van
se se 17-1JM w wd 1.(0
SophiaTober to MariannnCie
locha Its 5 0 blk 17 Col., wd l.W
J A Summers toFAIIunt, sec;
3-:n-7 P w wd (.ooo.u)
F A Hunt to Oscar Hunt sec
5-fj-7 w w d 10,000(0
M E Dickinson to L S Elliott
o b s-is-y w w.i :oo.oo
J C Ryan to ME, Dickinsou
It 4 hlk"E"Mourne wd 7J0.00
Deliallungeffonl to C C Jones
It.'! pt blk 0, Smiths nd Col. 1.000 00
V Paxton Frank VaAnlstine It
pt 11 blk 7, Smiths add CO.OO
Women who useYeast Foam
are always successful in the
art of bread-making. Their
bread is light, toothsome,
sweet as a nut, and full of
nutriment. Their families
have well-nourished bodies
and good digestions.
Nine timesoutof ten when
bread goes wrong the fault is
in the yeast. If you seem to
have lost the knack of good
oreaa, or are anxious
to improve, try
IHnis-Kye Vien r tln t'oluui
, 44 ia Hirer
An attractive topographical map, in
colors, giving a comprehensive idea of the
country on ,4nd tributary to the Colum
k r This map is in folder form,
on the reverse side contains n interest
ing description of the Columbia Uiver
route. Copies sent free by K. L. LO
MAX G. P. & T. A. U. P. K, K. CO.,
Utu'iha. Nebr., on receipt of fonr entn
I mark;
the veast that's
made of wholesome
and healthful malt, hops and
corn ; the yeast that's free
from brewerv waste or other
harmful ingredients; the
yeat that smells different,
tatcs different and never
i:rows stale ; the yeast that
holds the secret of the
lst bread you ever tasted.
The secret is in the yeast
Yeast Foam is sold by all
grocers at 5c a package.
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Pngot Sound ami the Northwest coun
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L. W.Wafcoly. Gen. Puss. Agenr.x
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Tliemi:e.i.pielii-ii:. I .. . r t. r , iti. ,....!, ,,.,-hidit.- rihn.rnu.
...:.......,.. 1 ..,.1.111.1 r.i...-ni,.n. I'm;, 1 . lll:, ntie-. .i
M.lil.ilin e.m In- llin - I . .1 i,,ii f.iii Iii,..n
Ihe r.iuliiii::..!. i, tin-,n,l li,It- i. wi,i,i, j,,
am: i.iir limn iiinilr in r mm . :i,:i w it It tlii
hiii"tm .mil
M.1111 l.iin-.
:nt l.i!.e in l!ie l'.;.i. k Hi!!,
lii w t It no :iilililiini:il rii-nsi
l)-l(K lllr. !..! Ill'l, ...... I.. I i ...
' - ' -' .-i.-i-eei 10 -.: iran.i-.-,, U) I,n,.,
.-"temr v tuiiratln :11m ;: l..ikc.
A t.lil 1.. tin. in..!....: .....! -.. i..i. 1 1.
' ' - '" ii'iiinn: i-.; o tlien lulilrr.
.1 it ri i.i l..I.hi. r..ini, eiii:.iiui C.'.ifi. I..i Lriili.
.it ion. t !.i t-. .-.
'. .1.1.. ji.ur ! 1. piiM-ii t 11. ,l ,t Ill( , ;,. ,,, t',.- l,-it an. I tin- l t w i li.'iiir.i- it
. iiilnim-
L. F. RECTOR, Ai;ont, Colunihus. Nebr.
Time Table
at St. John's Lutheran church, mJ.t one or both of them was the much
wanted Pat Crowe. Marshall Alfred
finally organized a posse aud rounded
I Tuesday s Post
MistfJvColeman has been hired
to teadttifKb intermediate room hero
tor ncxt;Mar. Miss Coleman has been
teaching-ftJJoiiH'lirey for six years;
prior to tharainio taught three years
stead near Lyman. S. D., Sunday.
A photograph of tho Albion sschool
building which onr school board will
probably copy after, hangs in ono of
Rruckner's front window.9.
Wo learn that the Scheidei ware
house, in which Mrs. Hehoe has flour
hero. Sho 'Utrcll known here and tho I stored, was broken into Wednesday
school patrons are glad that the board . night and livo or six hundred pounds
has hired such a competent teacher to
till tho placo mnde vacant by the res
ignation of Miss Daley.
Action was brought against Andrew
Nelson a short time ago by Dr. West
fall for balance, duo on a doctor bill.
Mr. Nelson had iaid ?-." of tho debt
and claimed that tho original amont
(:;) was an enormous sum for the
service rendered. H. llnlderson of
Newman Grove, nttornov for defen
dant found npon investigation, that
Dr. Westfall's diploma had never been
filed with tho county clerk of this
county, hence the doctor could not
collect his fee. The diiTiculty was
settled outside of court by Mr. NeUnu
paying $:7..0
Miss Coleman was ono of the un
fortunates to be on the train Saturday
evening which was laid over all nigiu
and all day Sunday at. Crtsto on
account of tho track being washed ont
west of town. Nothing daunted Miss
Coleman and she mado the passage to
Humphrey on foot.
Father DoVoss who has been pastor
of tho St. Michael's parish at Syalding
has been transferred to Alliance, iu
spite of tho protests of the members of
his flock. For several weeks it has been
known that Father DeVoss was to be
Eent from Spalding which caused
great consternation among his people.
and a petition was circulated and
fdgned by nearly a thousand iersoas
that he might be allowed to remain
bat to no avail All through his pas
torship at Spalding, he has been a
very zealous worker. He built a large
school and convent there when the
coantry was only prairio land. His
-''records Bhows the baptism of almost
a thousand children by himFclf dur
ing his twenty years stay there. As
a testimonial ot their lovo and respect
for lather DeVoss, tho members of
his church and the citizens ofSpalding
held a farewell reception and present
ed him with a purse of 2,000.
Platte Center.
" .rFrom the Signal-1
John Meyer retained from his hoae
of flour stolon. If tbey have any sus
picions as to tho thiof is they have not
proclaimed it.
Mr. aud Mrs. F. A. Brodfueher. Mr.
and Mrs. II. Rrodfnhcr, Mrs. 13aIloa
and Miss Martha Mover of Columbus
attended tho fnneral of tho lato Mrs.
Scheidei Monday.
E.Maher& L. Hnirmr.n started Mon
day to drivo about 300 head of cattle
to Holt conutv for summer pasture.
Fifty heard of tho cattle belong to
Huffman and the balance to Mnher.
Married, at 0 o'clock Tuesday morn
ing. May 1'th, at St. Joseph's church,
in Platte Center, by.Kev.F.IIyacinth,
Mr. Pntrick Langen anil Miss Lena
Parhman. Miss Nellie Langen, sis
ter of tho groom, acted as bridesmaid.
and Eddie Parhman, brother of the
bride, was beht man. After the cro
mony they drove to the homo of tho
bride's parents, near Oconee, where
the wedding festivities were celebrated
in the evoning. This worthy youmi
couple have gone to housekeeping on
the Langen farm, northwest of town.
The J-year old son of Prof. andMrs.
Lecron met with a painful accident
Thursday. He was in the cob house
and observing a can on a shelf
higher than his head, reached
for it and pnlled the content, turpen
tine into his face. His eyes were filled
and bis face covered and a portion ran
down his neck. Nothing more serious
than plenty of blisters resulted, but
theiewas a very uncomfortable baby
and a couple of badly frightened par
ents for a few minutes.
Messrs. Thomsen &Cossnirt are hav
ing all kinds of luck in putting in
their milldam The last of last week
they had the dam so far advanced
that they commenced to scrape in dirt
and when the rain came Tuesday even
ing had fill well under headway, but
the rain raised the creek suddenly and
Wednesday morning they found much
of the dirt hail r?on down stream.
However, they think if no other mis
hap befalls them they will be able to
start the mill next week.
The entertainment in school district
tho home diamonl Sunday afternoon
by a scoro of i: to T. Tho home team
is showing good resnlts for tho Prac
tice they have had, and will bo soon
able to put up a pretty still game of
The Fim National Bank people
havo just installed fifty new safetv
deposit boxes in their vault for the
use of their customers. This gives
tho First National one of tho most
completely cquipicd and fine lonkinc
vaults to bo tonnd anywhere.
A. A. Dodcndorf has accepted a
position as cashier of a now hank re
cently started at Boone, Nebraska,
and ho left last Scturday with his
familv and household goods for their
new home. Mr. Dodendorf nnd fam
ilv havo many friends in Humphrcv
wiio wiili them success.
Airy. H. M. Little nnd daughter
Helen returned from Omaha Tuesday
evening where thev havo been for tho
past sovoral weeks. They were nc
comjianio'l by Mis Dora Stevens, .f
Omaha, who corner for n short visit
am1 by Mrs. W. P. Wettengel and J wo
children from Macomb. 111. Mrs.
Wettogel will visit hero a few days
with her brother, H. M. Little and
family, and then will make her home
at 1 nrruiv. where her husband is cash
ier of tho Tarnov State Bank.
Grand Paririo townshhip.
The Lindsay base ball nine was'
defeated by the Humnhrey team on thom.nn when it was discovered the
I Sntnlnv rtffirttiinn Cii.:.i -..9.;inno lmmlnra worn
H'roin tho Wortil
Mr. C. E. Spear, of Albion, county
attorney of iRoone county, has con
sented to deliver tho Decoration Day
oration. Mr. Spear is recommended
to the committee of arrangements as
a torcible, patriotic and entertaining
speaker. Wo hope that our people will
give him a good audienro on that day
One of the most horrifying accidents hm Leon our doty to chronicle
for a long time occurred to John
Esgers some time Tuesday evening.
x lie n-culent cost him several hours
! of intnreo suiiVr'nc .m i;.,oi?- i,;0
life Tho storv as told by Dr.. Alger,
w'-.o was called to see him, as we
unuer.-tand it as follows: Mr. Eggers
and family live on Mrs. Catharine
Pall's farm northeast of town. In the
evening he started to eo over to his
brother-in-law's farm to sit up with
one of the family who is ill. He
took a double barrel shot gun with
him intending to get some game on
tho way home the next morning. He
never reachedMi. Clausen's at 1 o'clork
Wednesday morning the family of
Chris Reimers was awakened by a
rapping at the door, on opening it Mr.
Reimer beheld a man with a gun in
his hand and his face a mass of blood.
He was so disfignrcd that he could
Tin- Va ...
c xeL-ugmzeu. A rush call was
rent for Dr. Alger who went at once
and although he was well acquainted
wm 5fc RSerS failed to "cognise
him. The wounded man conld not
2S ""J I that " n1er.
stood and by writing his name was
made known. His family was senVr
Alien OfGlmrk.
When the phynicians
and Dr. S. G
also summoned
foia&id suspicions characters were
13111 Ames nnd N. H. McFavden, who.
having becomo tired of Nebraska
zephyrs blowing through their whis
keff had pealed 'em off. They are
a pair-e.ut8 and if we conld have
succeeded in getting a snap shot of
them wgnld have given our readers
the worst lookinc pair of mugs in Ne
braska, this week.
Mrs. D. O. Lawrence of Osceola is
visiting here this week.
Thu infant 6on of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Smith is very low.
Tho Saturday night freight did not
got through hero till Sunday night.
The Sunday School convention last
Saturday had a very small attendance
owing to the heavy rain.
Miss Lawrence, Mrs. D. O. Lawr
ence, Mies Edith Fuller and Miss
Laura Zegler drovo to the farm of E.
Borrows on Grand Prairie.
II. A. Mansfield went to Albion
last Thursday.
Our schools will clro next Friday.
A school picnic will be held Satur
day. Miss Nash went tr.Columbus yrster-
S. J. Percy is ill.
Mr. and Mrs James Smith of
Omaha vis ted here Saturday.
Rainfall last Saturday, .1.71 inches.
Last week tho lightning struck tho
barn of II. C. Percy. It hroko a win
dow and tore off some shingles. Sev
eral horses were in the barn but thev
wero left unharmed.
Owing to tho lain hero Inst Salir
day, the passenger train got stut k
hero until tho next evening. A half
mile or .track was wahfd out be
tween here nnd Humphrey. Six of
the passengers walked to Humphrey
and tl orest were thankful to lie r!ith
ed :n a sood town. Just think what
it would have meant, had they been
caught in some little ont of the way
place. Among the passengers were
Mrs. Pat Mullen and daughter and
Harry McConnell. Harry started three
times to walk to Albion, only forty
miles, but each time returned to the
coach. He had been away from home
just a week and was beginning to
feel the separtation from his family.
Mrs John Kilmer is reported better.
Dr. H. G. Moores of Omaha was
here over Sunday. He has decided to
locate here about Jnne 1
Our relief agent has. left us and we
have once more a regular man, A. J.
Mr. Wenk took his son Raymond to
Omaha Monday to have his left eye
treated by a specialist.
B. A. Austin has bought a shooting
gallery ontf it and will start on the
road to make his fortune.
John Handing has gone from the
blacksmith shop of Frank AdauuQto
that of John Lawrence.
Salt Lake City,
San Franciscc
and all points
No. 2.! Piuwncor, daily exre pt Hunilny. 7:25 a. n.
No. 32 AcroiiiiiiiMLitiitii, daily xrit
cvitunliiy.. ..... 4:30 p. tn
TUU.NS AlllllVK.
No. 21 l'usupuKer, daily except Hnmlay. H-SM p. iu
No. 81 At-i-oiiiiiiiMiution, daily nxrtit
nmiility ... .. .......... 1:30 p. n
St. Joseph,
Causas City,
St. Louis and all
points East and
.ys .
.L S H.!
12, Chicago Hiecinl
4. Atlantic Kx proas
8. North 1'lntte luteal
10, FiiHt Mail -.
', K-iMirn KxpnttM
uveriami Linutwl
r.:l! a. ni.
ti.-OO a. in.
No. .. Local Freight .
an. ., t alilornia and Un-Kuii l.x
Nit. 11, Colo. Hpucial
No. , FiiKt.Mail
No. 1, Overland Limited
No. 3, Colnnulo Kxprewt
No. 7, North Matte Local
No. 23, Local Freight
3:15 p. rn.
HO p. iu.
2: Jit p. in.
r.:li' p. m
:.-Mi) iu iu
7:50 p. m.
..10:10 a. in.
.11:1. a. rn.
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. 7:00 a. m
Thedford's Black-Draught comes I
nearer xvguianng me enure system
anu seeping ine uouy in lieami tnan
any other medicine made. It is
always ready in any emergency to
wear, ailments that are frequent in
any iamiiy, such as indigestion,
biliousness, colds, diarrhoea, and
stomach aches.
Thedford's Black-Draught is the
standard, never-failing remedy for
siomacn, bowel, liver and kidney
troubles. It is a cure for the domes
tic ills which so frequently summon
the doctor. Itis as good for children
as it is for grown persons. A dose of
this medicine every dav will soon
cure the most obstinate case of dys
pepsia or constipation, and when
taken as directed brings quick relief.
Danville, 111., Pee. 23, isos.
Thedford's Blnck-Drancht has been onr
family doctor lor tiro year and we want
no other. When any of us foul badly we
take a doso and are all rlirht in twelve
nunrs. e na.e spent lots or money lor
uucior Dins, om net alonir Just as well
w.tu iMnc-uraugoi. ,ItA u jjduk.
Art your dealer for a Dackasre of
-jneaiortra mack-Draught and if be
doea not keep it send 25c. to The Chatta
nooga Medicine Co.. Chattanooira. Ten n.
and a package will bo mailed to von.
Kansas City Southern Mlwm I
Straight as the Crow Flies"
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Rice Dook, K. C S. Fruil Cook
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Kansas City, ito. Knica.. Citj.SI.. t
P. E. BOZEICS, Trsv. Txss. aa:l Imirr'a Aft., K.r.nsF. City, Xo. S"
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No. 31, Pamenjrer 2af-"p. m.
No.7l, Mixed 700 a.m.
, Arrive
No. 32, Passenfrer 12:55 p. rn.
No. W), ahxed 8:00 p.m.
Norfolk paMenirer trains ran dully.
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Oflea, Olive HL, fnnrth door north of First
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PORTLflrtD. ORCCON. .iiuic. I l? (r.?.. IG. l,M!f, U
k Iniiir J
Many people who are neglecting symptoms of kidney trouble, hoping "it vrill wear away,
drifting towards Bright s Disease, which is kidney trouble in one of its worst forms.
tt.9 MICf
Stops irregularities. Strengthens the urinanr orcane: and hnild nn thp- mnm.nnr ficc
of the kidneys so they will perform their functions properly. Healthy kidneys strain out
the impurities from the blood as it passes through them. Diseased kidneys do not, and
the poisonous waste matter is carried by the circulation to every part of the body,
"-rrs ,MM"UMi wvvc, siumatu uuuwc, aiugibu iivcr, irregular nearc action, ere.
"you have any signs of Kidney or Bladder Trouble commence taking FOLEY'S
KIDNEY CURE at once, as it will cure a slight disorder in a few days and prevent a
fatal malady. It is pleasant to take and benefits the whole system.
tow to Find Out.
Tea on easily determine if tout IridneM an
potfof order by setting aside for 34 hoars a
bottle of the mine passed opon arising:. If
apon examination it is cloudy or milky or has
a brick-dost sediment or small particles foat
boat in it, tow kidneys are diseased, and
FOLEY'S UDNEY CURE sboald be taken
0. B. Burhatts Testifies After Four Years
G. B. Borhans of Carlisle Center, N. Y., writes:
"About four yean ago I wrote you statins that I had been entirely
Cared of a severe kidney trouble by taking 1-ss than two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the brick-dust sediment and
pain and symptoms of kidney disease disappeared. I am glad to say that
I have never had a return of any of those symptoms during the four
years that have elapsed, and I am evidently cured to stay cured, and
heartily recommend Foley's Kidney Cure to any ono suffering from
kidney or bladder trouble.'
Tw Sins, 5S Casts sad $1.00
Columbus, Neb