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Wedding Cay Set for Some Time in
Month of June..
Residents of Des Moines, Iowa, were
J surprised to hear that James Wilson.
secretary or agriculture, is io ue mar
ried in June. The news came from
Mr. Wilson's old home in Iowa. The
name of his fiancee is being kept
secret even from his boyhood triends,
although the prospective bride is
nA 4
isra ,4SL3Tf!S& ?
fc-r "
rV?fV fggfii' w'LX - r KSBJI K- " i 5 1 "f B
Vc 4 w.ZQ M a Wf-Jl bV. Ikhbt - V H AvA VAv ay
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Qualified for the Witness Chair.
"You Lave heard the story of the
Spartan boy who stole the fox and
hid it under his shirt until it tore him
to pieces?" said his friend.
"Oh. yes." replied the trust mag
ne. "I have always admired that
toy. He would have been just the
sort cf chap to send up before an In
vestigating Committee."
The Real Scheme.
"There's alwa's somebody bobbing
np with a scheme to extract gold from
sea water."
"Their real scheme Is not to extract
from sea water."
"What then."
"To extract gold from lobsters."
Why did Miss Antique take to the
Because a bow goe with it, I guess."
Trouble for Pa.
Eobbv "Ma. what do folks do with
typewriting machines in opera
Mamma "Why. nothing. What
qncor ideas have ou got in your head
Bobbie "Well. I lie:""'1 I)a teIll"S
Mr. Hoggs that he had a great time
with his typewriter at the show last
night an' "
Papa "Bobbie, go to bed. Clee-
land Leader.
Wanted a Blanket Policy.
Pausing uncertainly before a desk
in the big insurance office, the Hiber
nian visitor said to the clerk: "Oi
want to tek out a pawlicy."
"Life, fire or marine." drawled the
dapper 'clerk with inhnitc sarcasm.
"All three, O'im thinkin'," retorted
the applicant. "Oi'm goin' fer a stok
er in th' navy." Puck.
Why She Differed.
"What are they quarreling about?"
'V.e says she is the best looking
girl in the town."
"Does she deny it."
"Indeed she does!"
"That is strange."
"No; she likes to hear him argue
the po'inL" Illinois State Journal.
Knew How.
"What's the matter. Stanley?" asked
the mother. "I haven't heard you
say a word in half an hour, and Lil
lian's tongue has been going inces
santly." "Oh. we're just playin we're man
and wife!" came from little Stanley
Yonkers Statesman.
His Little Joke.
Joakley "It's funny that so mwy
farmers are swindled by bunco mc."
Coakley "Oh. I don't know. Farm
ing isn't calculated to make a man
Joakley "But to be a successful
farmer one has to be sharp as a rais
er." The Mean Man.
"Oh." says Mrs. Gossip, "what a
beautiful spring hat your wife has!
Isn't it a dream?"
"On the contrary." replies Mr. Tight
phist. "I happen to know from ex
perience that it is a perfect night
mare." Tacoma News.
Clever "You say your grandfather
had three doctors and they were un
able to agree as to the nature of his
Gyer "Yes. You see, they were
unable to get together and hold a
"Don't you want to leave a few
footprints on the sands of time?"
"No." answered Senator Sorghum.
"Footprints are 'notorious for furnish
ing clews for the detection of things
ou don't want known." Washington
- Liquid Burden.
Myer Did I understand you to say
fhat Swiggs had a stroke of paralysis
day before yesterday?
Gyer I don't know what you under
stood me to say. but I merely said he
was badly paralyzed.
Soft Fellow.
Miss Ascum Have you really bro
ken off your engagement to him?
Miss Flytie Oh, yes; I just had to.
He was getting too sentimental; be
gan to talk to me about matrimony.
Perhaps That Was Why.
"Miss Solo's singing drives me dis
tracted." "I thought jou had an ear for mu
sic?" "Well, what's that got to do with
it?" Houston Post.
Might Have Saved Money.
De Grippes Great heaven! There's
going to be a collision and we'll all be
Tightwad Just my luck. I went
and bought a round-trip ticket!
Couldnt Fool Her.
"But, my darling, won't you marry
me? Won't you have confidence in
"So that is what you want, eh?"
said the wise young woman, a con
fidence game
Well Worth the Money.
Blanche Didnt Mr. Smith have an
expensive funeral?
Grace Yes; his wife probably
thought the "end justified the means."
fttaeetoa Tiger.
His Luck Charms.
"To what," asked the quail, "do you
attribute your luck in always being
aide to escape from dogs and hunt
'Well. I'm not very superstitious."
answered the rabbit, "but I've always
attributed it to the fact that I carry
four rabbits' feet."
Leaves the Holes.
The Gourmet "I tell you. I certain
ly am fond of Swiss cheese sand
wiches." The Dyspeptic "Oh! that's the
cheese with the holes in it. Very in
digestible." The Gourmet "They are, eh? Well.
I never eat them."
Swapping Compliments.
"I have just invented a new sau
sage." said the butcher, handing some
to the pout for him to try.
"Ah!" exclaimed he, "it is a poem!
By the way, have you read my latest
"Indeed, yes," replied the butcher,
wuii a iigjit of
appreciation in his
eyes; "it is
a sausage." Houston
Cautious Fervor.
"When the crowd cheered Kloseman
quite forgot himself for the moment
and tossed his hat in the air with the
"You're mistaken. He didn't forget
himself quite. It was another man's
hat he tossed up."
A Dead Reckoning.
The Lady "And what are these
ropes called?"
The Sailor "Them's the shrouds,
The Lady "How grewsome! I sup
pose they are used at the wake of a
On an Ocean Liner.
Mrs. Plate Who is that chesty man
who looks as if he owned the boat?
Mr. Plate I guess that's the janitor
of the ship. Yonkers Statesman.
Ups and Downs of Weather.
"Looks like a heavy rain was com
ing up."
"What I'm afraid of is that it may
be coming down.
22d birthday," said
"Did you know it?"
promptly replied Miss
"This is my
Miss Passay.
"No, I don't,'
Cf ' ri ffb
Sunday School Teacher What must we all do before we enter heaven?
Willie Die.
Sunday School Teacher But what must we do before we die?
Willie Get sick and send for the doctor.
The Sooner the Cheaper. J His Dig.
4 i . -
Father You have debts amounting
to S20.000. eh? Well, I'll have to look
. .. a . A 1-..!- I
into things before 1 give my consent.
Suitor But. my dear sir. the longer
you wait the more debts there will be
to pay. Fliegende Blaetter.
Bent and Broke.
Rubber "Were any of your family
ever bent on farming?"
Cumback "Yes. my oldest brother.
First he was bent on it. and then he
went broke on it." Washington Post.
Woman, Lovely Woman.
"Don't von know." said Miss Over
seven, "that I am really feeling young
er to-dav than I did a few years ago?
"Yes." replied Miss Inerteens. "I ve
noticed of late that you are getting
quite childish."
Monster of Fearful Mien.
First Russian Had a terrible night
mare last night. Dreamed I was at
tacked by a giant.
Second Russian How big was he.
First Russian Big as a Jap Life.
The Fan.
"I think," said the first Washing
tonian, "that our senators should be
selected by popular vote."
"G'on!" exclaimed the sporty one.
"What kind of a ball team could we
Sit that way?"
With Her Foot.
"The hand that rocks the cradle is
the hand that rules the world."
"Sure." replied Pat, "the hand that
rocks the cradle at our house Is a
foot." Houston Post
Family Jars.
Mrs. McBride "You have insulted
my mother!'
Mr. McBride "I guess I have."
Mrs. McBride "You will be bitterly
sorry for it!"
Mr. McBride "That is quite possi
ble." Mrs. McBride "She is going to
leave this house forever!"
Mr. McBride "Thought you said
I'd be sorry?"
Her Cther Eye.
"Let me see," said the Boston ocu
list, "it's your right eye that troubles
you, is it not?"
"Oh, no." replied the lady; "it is
quite true that my right eye causes
me some annoyance, but I am both
ered more by my 'alter ego. "
Worried Over His Investment.
"Deah me, Chawley, heah's a scien
tific French fellow who says that the
future man. don't you know, is going
to be legless as well as brainless."
"Good gwacious, and I've just gone
and invested in a silvah-plated trou
sers stretchaw!"
Hercules was twisting and
gling in the shirt of Nessus.
"What's the matter." he was asked.
"Isn't it comfortable?"
"It is as uncomfortable as my first
pair of pants!" growled he. Hous
ton Post.
Triumph of a Millionaire.
Tainted steel magnate What's
Stonyfeller goin around so uppish
Tainted beef magnate I dunno.
Tainted oil magnate I do. He suc
ceeded in giving away $50,000 last
Can Handle a Broom.
She I see by this paper that the
housewife of Finland buys a new
broom every morning.
He That looks as if the husbands
of Finland have a pretty warm time
when they get in late at night.
His Impression.
Uncle Josh What do they mean
by a codicil?
Uncle Silas That's somethin law
yers add to a will. I s'pose if they
think yer will is too strong to break
they git you to put in a codicil to
give 'em another chance at it.
Both Sides of the Question.
"There are many things you can't
do with money." said the man who af
fects philosophy.
"Yes." answered Dustin Stax. "But
there are a whole lot more things you
can't do without it."
Not on the Water Wagon.
Pat "Did you say Dennis went out
Mike "Sure, I did."
"And did he have any luck?"
"The best of luck; he came home
i 'half shot, shure!"
Where It Hurt Worst.
Johnnie Mummie, I just feel ill all
over, somehow.
Mother Where do you feel It
Johnnie In school. Half-Holiday.
Must Have.
C'inton "Hear about the weather
man? He had a stroke of heart
Streater "Gee! At what? Forecast
come true?"
jonn, co you think this man Atkin-
Crr 1C i-vl- n.? A
son is right and that a woman should
be able to dress on $63 a year?"
"I certainly do."
"Well, can you let me have my $65
now?" Houston Post.
Tommy Learns.
Tommy Figgjam-"Paw, what are
oaths of office?"
Paw Figgjam-"They are the lan
guage man employs when he finds out
that he's to lose his political job."
Not an Extravagant Wish.
Stewardess-Madame is unreason
able. I know she is seasick, but she
wants too much she asks for im
possible things.
The Sufferer-It's cot true all I
want is the earth.
Talks of Work.
Patience I guess from the way
Will talks he's not afraid of hard
Patrice-No; talking about hard
work never killed any one.
A Hammer Duet.
"That fellow Fibbers." m? t...
contemptuously. "He seems to J
afraid of the truth."
T11; yU know'" replied Billson.
it is always best to be cautious of
He'll Certainly Walk .
"what kind of exercise would you
suggest, doctor?"
"Oh. riding and walking"
"Very well; 111 get an automobile."
Yonkers Statesman.
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XA i I'k'Mn lr4 -l-SJj4aF3l5ERHk?--.a
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ii ii i iij i v:waL-;- .irck. mj r "ii
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ojxy amemro
The contest at cnieago between the
Employers' Association and the strik
ing Teamsters' union has been mark
ed by much violence. Our illustration
depicts a scene at one of the princi-
Progress cf Race Determined by the
Number and Efficiency.
Civilization from its very inception
has been "machine-made." says David
Graham Phillips in the Reader Maga
zine. It began when our remote an
cestor snatched the bough of a tree
and decided thenceforth to walk erect,
using the bough as staff and club
that is, as a machine. Every tool of
every kind has been a machine, and
the progress of the race has been
determined by the number and effi
ciency of its machines, both those de
signed to compel peace and those Ie
signed to further the arts of peace.
If you wish to measure the actual
value of any civilization vrlue in
producing healthy minds in healthy
bodies you need only inquir.- into the
kind and number and efficiency of its
machines. Why? Bec:.u-e the ma
chine represents the effort of man to
adjust hinelf to his cT-wronment, his
environment to him'lL ll gives
power to himfrwrotxer he may be;
that learns to use it; it leaves him
who docs not avail himself of its aid,
whether through idleness or ignor
ance or intemperance or incapacity,
about where he would hare been cer
tainlv no worse off than he would
have been had mankind remained in
the helpless, machineless "state of
Consignment of "Volunteers."
During one of the frequent revolu
tions in Hayti the commander of the
government forces at port au Prince
made a requisition on the authorities
at Cape Haytien for men to aid In put
ting down the uprising. After a some
what rough experience of two or
three days the authorities got together
the required number of men and load
ed them on board ship. Then the fol
lowing message was sent: "Command
er Government Forces. Port au Prince
Sir: I send you per steamer Sagi
naw today 100 volunteers. Please re
turn the ropes with which they are
tied. Commander at Port Haytien."
Why Italians Stay in Cities.
One impelling reason for the settle
ment of Italians and other immigrants
from Europe in New York and other
large cities of the east is that when
they reach this country they are com
pelled to find work at once, and the
daily wage offered being so much in
excess of anything they have known
they settle easily in the rut. adding to
the congestion. If given an oppor
tunity to reach other parts of the
country, and especially if given the
opportunity to cwn land they would
cladly seek fields more promising and
better for the country as well as for
themselves. Atlanta Constitution.
Consul Gowdy Coming Home.
Word comes from Paris that John
K. Gowdy. American consul general at
the French capital, is happy in the
thought of returning to his Indiana
home next fall. Mr. Gowdy is show
ing signs of ace. but he continues very
active and enthusiastic in the affairs
of his office. He has mastered con
siderable of the French language dur
ing his years in Paris and he speaks
it fairly well. He will return home
in October next. He will be relieved
on Sept. SO and will start for home a
few days later. Chicago Chronicle.
Fleas and Red Tape.
A custom-house decision on fleas
has been rendered in Switzerland. A
package marked "Trained Fleas"
reached Geneva. The nearest analogy
the officials could find was that of
June bugs, which had been ruled to
be "edibles." The case went from one
official to another till it reached head
quarters at Berne, whence after much
investigation and deliberation the con
clusion was reached that the fleas
came under the head of "wild animals
in a menagerie."
Letter Written by Jefferson.
John Wirt Randall of Annapolis,
Md., a descendant of William Wirt,
has in his possession the original let
ter written by Thomas Jefferson offer
ing to the distinguished Maryland law
yer the position of president of the
"University of Virginia.
Cuts Route to 'Frisco.
Via Cape Horn the distance between
New York and San Francisco is ap
proximately 15,000 miles. The cut at
Panama will reduce this to something
less than 5,000 miles.
fl f-V-l'
- . .
10 :.,',
trctiumau&s nm TCP crimen:
pal street crossings of the city, where
a caravan of wagons driven by import
ed negroes is interfered with by the
union men on stril . Public opinion
condemns the importation of negroes.
Future of Province Promises to Be
Magnificent One.
Writing ot the probable develop
ments in Manchuria when the present
war in the east shall have closed, a
critic says: "First of all, Manchuria,
with its vast capacity, is but sparsely
peopled. Therefore, the immigration
of Chinese into Manchuria, too long
discouraged by Pekin, will be utilized
to create a mighty barrier against
future aggression from the Amur, in
the shape of multitudes of stalwart
yellow men. Had this been done long
ago Russia, in place of deserts, empty
steppes and great, lonely rivers, would
have been met by a teeming popula
tion, which would have made it im
possible for it to push southward to
Port Arthur.
"Japan's future policy is to see that
these vast solitudes of virgin soil are
thickly colonized by Chinese, with a
judicious leaven of her own people,
officials, soldiers, advisers and traders.
Under these conditions the future of
Manchuria should be a magnificent
"In a few years It might easily be
come the greatest wheat-producing
country in the east, the greatest lum
ber field, the greatest gold 'mining
Queen Has Eye for Beauty.
Queen Helena of Italy is essentially
feminine and loves to see her children
in pretty though simple attire. She
has a special fondness for what in
American woman would be likely to
term "cunning" effects. Her little
daughter. Princess Yolanda, has a
cart and pair of pure white Sardinian
donkeys, the whole turnout being pret
ty as a picture. Wearing an immense
sunbonnet, the princess, though less
than three years old, drives her little
carriage very well, though carefully
watched by a groom, who walks along
side. Yolanda always wants him to
go away, and when her entreaties fail
she tries to whip up her steeds. Her
blows are no more than caresses, of
State Highway Commissioner.
Paul D. Sargent has been appointed
highway commissioner for the state of
Maine by Gov. Cobb. Mr. Sargent is
a civil engineer and is to receive $2,
500 a year, with $1,000 for an assist
ant or clerk hire and not exceeding
$1,500 for expenses. His duty will he
to inculcate correct principes of road
building throughout the state, and he
can be consulted by county and city
and town authorities as much as they .
wish. Commissioner Sargent, aided
by the county commissioners, must
hold each year one good roads meet- j
ing in every county of the state.
Jail for "Auto" Speeders.
"Big Bill" Devery. formerly chief
of police of New York, thus delivers
himseif regarding auto speeders:
"Them people that's got enough dough
to own autos don't care no more for a
fine than they do for a spot of gaso
line on their pants. This thing of
finin men that have fun makin' peo
ple do kangaroo jumps on street cross
ings is a comedy. For them, jail. If
these swift boys was to stack up
against that grub on the island for a
few days they'd put drags on their
machines in the city streets."
Safer Games Than Chess.
Checkers is a less dangerous game
than chess. Few checker players go
crazy, although many are crazy to
play. A safer game than any of them
is seven-up, and there is nothing the
matter with four-handed euchre. And
then there are cribbage and sixty
six, both of which are almost entirely
safe, as very few cribbage or sixty-six
players ever get more than half crazy,
and then only when they lose seven or
eight games in succession. Lafayette
(Ind.) Journal.
Birthdays Well Chosen.
Sam White of Riverside, on the
Klamath river, in California, has a
boy born on Feb. 29, and in addition
has one who was born on Washing
ton's birthday, one on inauguration
day, two on all fools' day April 1;
one on Thanksgiving day and one on
Feb. 2 ground hog day. Also three
more boys born on other dates.
Wages in Japan.
Sixteen cents a day is now good pay
for unskilled labor in Japan. Ten
years ago it was 6 cents.
known to be a department clerk. Miss
Wilson will not return from Europe
for the wedding.
Good Times for Young America.
The boy and his bat is one of the
cheerimr signs of the day. He is out
for tin- game of games. He gets into
the o;ien and sans mit. sans mask, and
usually sans everything which makes
up the player's equipment, he goes
into the sport as though the destin:
) his world hung upon his succes
ou can find him in the clear aftf
noon on every vacant lot. You he
his lusty cry and see him with eve
muscle in action. Physically and m
tally he is the better for it. He
pands. His brain is stimulated. 1
tendons hardened and he emerge
from the contest bright-eyed and ros.
cheeked. This is just as it should b
What the American boy needs h
good, wholesome play in the bracing
air, and there is no play as good for
him as baseball. Philadelphia Tele
graph. New Terror for the Fourth.
Such is the degree of personal
liberty in this great republic that a
man may manufacture what he will,
except distilled spirits, and in some
states cigarettes, even to instruments
for the torture of his fellow-citizens.
Thus the head of the physics depart
ment at Lehigh university, evidently
with intent to join the increasing band
of millionaires, has invented and will
put on the Fourth of July market a
cannon which may be fired 5.000 times
at a cost of but 5 cents. A peculiarity
of the instrument is that, however
acute may be the sufferings of those
who cannot get beyond reach of the
sound, the boy who does the firing is
in no danger of death or injury save
at the hands of the distracted neigh
bors. Philadelphia Ledger.
Arabian Nights and American Days.
Stupendous were the marvels Alad
("in wrought with his wonderful lamp.
Stupendous till the hour of Rocke
feller and the lamp filled with Stand
ard Oil.- Stupendous till the moment
of Edison, whose lamp is a glass jar
and its tlave the tiny electric spark.
Stupendous till telephone days, when
at last the very walls have ears and
distance lends enchantment to the
voice, no less than to the view. Stu
pendous if we had not seen the Roent
gen ray penetrate a solid body, giv
ing us glimpses which make us
astounded at the modest imaginations
of antique bards. So far has fact
outstripped fancy in the race between
the real and the ideal. Boston Globe.
Typical Book Agent.
A confidential clerk in George
Gould's office the other day broke his
reserve under an impulse to part with
this story: A man with a silk hat and
oily smile tried to get a personal in
terview with the millionaire. "You
can't see Mr. Gould." said the clerk.
"I would advise you to write a letter
and ask for an appointment. That is
the best way you can do." This letter
was duly received: "My Dear Mr.
Gould: Please meet me at the corner
of Broadway and Forty-second street.
I have a very fine edition de luxe
Shakespeare; would sell it to you on
To Preserve Paul Revere's House.
Prominent residents of Massachu
setts, including Gov. Douglas and Pat
rick A. Collins, mayor of Boston, are
taking steps to preserve the house of
Paul Revere in North square, near the
old North church in Boston, from
which he started on his night ride to
arouse the countryside way up to Con
cord and Lexington. April Id. 1775.
The place was about to be torn down
but a number of citizens have under
taken the task of raising $17,000 to
buy the property. It will be put in
good condition, restored to its colo
nial dignity and preserved -as a revolu
tionary relic.
American and British Banks.
The banks of the United States
hold deposits to the amount of $10,
440.782.094: those of Great Britain,
$4,303,055,000. It is not surprising
that a country with S0.000,000 people
should be able to make a superior
showing in this regard, but the tre
mendous rate of the growth of depos
its in this country compared with that
of Great Britain is striking. In this
country the increase since 160C has
been $5,278,657,124; during the same
period British deposits increased only
"Revival" That Is Real.
A friend in Newcastle. England,
writes: "There is an extraordinary
revival going on in Wales just now.
I am not much on that hind of thing,
but it has put money jn my pocket.
We have dropped a good deal of mon
ey in Wales for the last few years,
and wrote off a number of our ac
counts with some Welsh firms as bad
debts. Within the last fortnight we
have received payment from all the
defaulters with interest to date. I be
lieve in that kind of revival."
Trouble for Legislative Chaplain.
The chaplain of the Hawaiian
House of Representatives, the Rev. S.
L. Desha, is in trouble because he
prayed aloud in the House that God
would forgive the members who had
voted for the new Sunday bill and
passed it over the Governor's veto.
Chinaman Is a Detective.
A Chinaman who was formerly a lay
reader in the Methodist Episcopal
church is now a detective in the em
ploy of the New York police department.
Mrs. Mary E. Marcey. the stenogra
pher who furnished packers letters
and secrets to the Chicago grand jury
in the beef trust inquiry, is now in
Kansas City.
"I am sorry I cannot tell you all
about it," she said, "but the District
Attorney told me that I must not tell
anything about my testimony. You
know there are a whole lot of people
to be examined yet. and some haven't
I-een subpoenaed. If I told all I would
like to tell they would all go away
b-foro tho subpoenacs could be
"I had to promise to keep still about I told the grand jury, but I can
tell all at the trials. They said I
would have to come back and testily
when they have the trials."
"Then your testimony will help to
cause new indictments?"
"I suppose so. That seemed to he
what they expected. Anyhow, they
caid I would have to come back."
Richard Cobden's Deep Insight Into
Russian Affairs.
A letter by Richard Cobden. written
after a journey through Russia, is of
much interest at the present juncture.
The observation on the personnel of
the Russian fleet has a very pertinent
application. The letter, written on
Oct. 15, 1S49. is as follows:
"It is not possible in a note to do
more than indicate the grounds of my
opinion upon tho subject to which
your letter refers, the power of Russia.
I wivh the alarmists about the vast
resourcos cf ihe czar could all take
a trip, as I have done, in tho interior
of that country. Russia is a succes
sion of villac'-s. composed of Ioghuts
widely scattered over an Intermin
able pine forest, in a country whore
coal does not exist and where the
w inter last half the year. People con
found In their minds the defensive
force nnd the angressivo i)Owir of
Russia. She is invulnerable against
foreign attack by land, because no
large army car. be concentrated with
in her borders (unless it be m Mos
cow or St. Prfi-ahurg). for want of
accumulated stores of food. etc. She j
has. it is true, a large force of ships
of war. but they are manned by serfs
taken from the villages of the interior,
who are undeserving the name of tail
ors, and it i nr ty certain they would
never enture into an engagement
viith an English or American Heet,
and if they did it i quite c rtain they
would be taken or destroyed."
Profited by Hint.
A British o!!cr. in his expense list
-n government serviro, put down:
"Porter, 2 pence." The war office,
in a verbose letter, pointed out that
refreshments, while in the execution
of public duty were not chargeable
to the nation. The officer replied that
the item did not represent refresh
ments, but a fee to a carrier. The
officer replied: "You should have said
porterage,"' The officer treasured
the hint. Next time he had occasion
to take a ha?kr.ty coach he put down
in his accounts. "Cabbage, 2 shillings."
Jockeys and Toreadors.
The gains of a first rate jockey are
large, but it may be doubted whether
they equal those of a Spani.-h toreador
of the same grade in his calling. This
reflection is strongly suggested by the
retirement of "Bombifa." perhaps the
greatest, as he Is also one of the very
youngest, of the toreadors. He with
draws finally from the arena at thirty
years of age, with a fortune of 3100,
OijO, without counting jewels worth
about $50,000 more, presented to him
by admiring enthusiasts.
Add to Municipal Debts.
Every town in England is in pawn,
and instead of paying anything off our
old debts, we are constantly adding
new burdens at the expense, directly
or indirectly, of the unhappy owners
of property. London Gazette.
Long Newspaper Career.
Col. Stephen N. Winslow has been
connected with the Philadelphia In
quirer for sixty-three years and is still
In the business, beginning as a night
reporter in 1842. The colonel Is SO
years old.
Mrs. Mary Marcey, the woman, who,
as a stenographer employed by. Swift
and Armour, claims to have secured
copies of incriminating letters written
by the Beef Trust chiefs, is shown in
the picture above.
Member of German General Staff Dis
cusses Possible War Plans.
In an interview, a member of the
general staff discussed in an outspo
ken manner the chances of Great
Britain if she were attackeii by Ger
many, says a Berlin special to the
Kansas City Journal.
"A conflict with Great Britain." he
said, "must be considered by Ger
many, for a powerful, progressive Ger
man trade forms for the power of Eng
land at least as great a danger as 'lie
progress of Russia toward India. Eng
land's weakness lies in that factor
which constitutes our strength the?
army. The English army corresponds
neither in quantity nor in quality with
England's position as a great power,
and does not even correspond with
the size of the country. For England
feels convinced that invasion of her
territory can be prevented by the
Heet. That conviction is. however,
not at ail justified .
"Theiefore. in case a war with Eng
land bliould be thieatening. Germany
should endeavor to throw part of her
army on the English cnnM. and thus
shift the decision from the sea onto
the enemy's country. As our troops
are far superior to the English troops.
England's enormous naval power
would not have the slightest influence
upon the final decision."
His opinion of the English volun
teers is shown in the following state
ment: "The first object to be aimed at in
invading England would be the Eng
lish field army. The second would be
London. However, in all probability,
both objects would be attained simul
taneously, as in view of the small
value of the volunteers the whole field
army would be required for the de
fense of the fortifications of Iondon."
Hapsburg's "Bird of Evil."
It is not generally uiiown that the
Hapsburgs have a Iiorroi of the raven,
which has always been a veritable
"bird of evil" to the house. Wnen
Emperor Francis Joseph accepted the
Austrian crown a flight of ravens
passed over Olmutz and sent a shiver
through his supporters. Before the
ill-fated Maximilian started for Mexi
co a raven followed him and his wife
through the grounds of their castle
of Miramar and fluttered on to the
princess' train. When King Alfonso's
mother, then an archduchess. left her
native country for Spain a raven es
corted her to the railway station.
More remarkable still, a huge raven
flew into the face of the late Empress
Elizabeth the day before she was as
sassinated at Geneva. Tho raven,
which was the bird of hope and vic
tory to the vikings, seems to attend
the Hapsburgs as the precursor of
Sorry for Russell.
A fri'nd of Mrs. Charles Theodore
Russ-el! (the mother of the late Wil
liam E. Russell) was a frequent visi
tor at the Russell borne when the late
governor of Massachusetts was a boy,
and had undoubtedly at some time
been the victim of a boyish trick or
two. When on a trip around the world
she arrived at Shanghai, and was en
thusiastically greeted with the news
that William E. Russell had been elect
ed governor of Massachusetts. Her
reply was: "I always knew that Biliy
Russell would come to some bad end."
Offers $7,000,000 for Education.
Sir William McDonald, the million
aire tobacco manufacturer and educa
tional philanthropist, of Montreal, has
informed the Protestant council of
nublic instruction of the province of
I Quebec that he has a tchr-me which is
said to involve me expenuiuire or $7,
OOO.OuO. In addition to an agricultural
college, which he will build at St.
Acne de Bellevue, Sir William pro
poses to endow a normal school in
close proximity to the agricultural col
lege for the training of teachers.
Tcbacco Decreasing Men's Size?
During the course of a recent lecture
Rev. Dr. Anna Shaw stated that for a
long time woman's stature has been
increasing, while that of man has
shown an opposite tendency, and she
attributes the decrease of the men's
stature to the excessive use of tobac
co. Statue of Senator.
In memory of the late Senator Or-
ville H. Piatt of Connecticut a statue
costing 115.000 is to be placed in the
state capitol or in the capitol grounds.
- sjy