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Thursday's Doily Journal.
Alvm E. I yul. violinist. "Phone V.
C. Jen? of Huniuhrey is in the city.
Mrs. J G Retder weut to Fremont
this afternoon l,r a brief visit.
Sir. and llr Lander of Genoa are
gnests of m the city today.
Mike Hagel went to Omaha tcilay
to accept a position with the Cudahy
Packing Conijiauy.
Misse- Jennie and Emma Jones re
tuaed today from their vi-it to
Genoa, ISuarop and St. Edwntnr
Mr. and Mrs-. J. E. lvnsffmnnn went
to St.iplehar.-t this morning called
by the now of the death of Mr?.
Kantfinann - fa'hcr.
G::irie Manro went to Humphrey
yesterday white he ha? secured a po
sition n stenographer with the First
National bank of that place.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Hockcnbercer and
Mr. and Mr?. Win. Cornelin will
entertain the Evening Card Clnb to
night at the ho'tie of th" former.
Mesdnnio? Frfvd::: an i Naumnuu
onteitained tho Ladies Aid Societv ol
the Presbyterian chnrch at the home
of the former yo-terday afternoon.
Ed. Johnson, manager of the Uonr
ing mill-- at Fnllerton wa- in Colnm
bus yesterday He attended a dis
trict meeting of miller, held here
Mr. iind Mrs E E Kester returned
to their home in Lincoln todav Mrs
Kester will return in a few clays to
organize a camp 01 Royal Neighbor.-.
li:i-r'd Plymouth Rck and Jio-e
"j:iii lirowii Leghorn egg- for 1
at f! " f-r 1". or f- "! for .;. (olui:i
bu. PtiuPry Yard-. M. Sehilz.
K m:i Hergen It-It todav f.jr Omaha
r bogji: Ids work with the Ca-penrei
Paptr Comjiany. He will go on the a- travelling talesman in a short
Mr. and Mrs P. E McKillip were
in our city a short time la-r evening
Th-v arrived from the e.nt and went
to their home in Humphrey on the
Norfolk branch.
Dr. C. 1). Evan.- and .Tame- North
are m Omaha today to attend a meet
ins: of Scottish Kite ma-ous at which
Mr Kic.hard-on.head of that branch of
m-i-onry in the United States, will le
Ev county Judge T. D Robinson
was circulating about our city yester
day on He joined the great
lainiiy oi Journal reader, anil will J
mixv gt the new? from the cfmntv j
peat :i- it occur.- on record. I
Mrs W W.K.ithbiirn lias entertain-i
eil two out of town guest this week j
-ir , i, iMiii H rnmrose ner '
guvt daring the Woodmen convention
r.nd Mr-. Clin- Stoops of
n.ivn! Cirv
arrived vo.-t-rdav for a lew dav.- visit i
Dr M T. McMahon, Ed Fitzpat
riek. Jx. and F J. Gerharz returned
ye-toidi from Lincjln wheie they
had been n at a- delegates to theStato
Gouucil nf the Knights of Columbus.
Mr Fitjhifrick who is -tate secretary.
! Home Restaurant
The best of everything: in the eating
line. Meals at all hours, day or night
Fresh Fish every day during Lent
Rersenbrock & Burke
Yt- - f - J'V?
Henry Rag
Of the First Quality
A Full Line of Staple and Fancy
Provisions, Queensware, Glassware and
Fancy China.
j& COFFEE j&
Our "Kichelieu" in bulk gives entire
satisfaction at 30, 25, 20 & 15c a lb.
The following in tins 1-lb 2-lb 3-lb
"White House" ... - .40 .75
Chase & Sanlwrn's Seai" - .40 .75
Lipion's - .40 .75 1.00 J
"Richelieu" - - - .10 .75
"Rairatz" -;"0
..I i .. .--
j& TEA .&
Japan. Gunpowder and English Breakfast, in bulk
and packages, the finest grown and Guaranteed
to rive Ferfect Satisfaction.
A full, fresh and complete assortment
ot everything usually sold in our line. We
buy our goods direct from first hands for ?
cash, and consequently buy at the VERY ?
LOWEST PRICES. We can and do sell the
are confident we can convince everybody of
that fact who will give us a trial.
Henry Raptz & Co.,
Nebraska ?im 29. Impendent Phones 29 and 229.
7. . . . lllTT-----T l I I '
1 .av- ' 'l ' ves- State Council will
meet is Colcmbus the first Tuesday
of ii"St May
Ahy is r.-:.r Schmitt so popular
with tiie ladi' Because they like
the tiiur be Makes To try it once is
to n- it always Htf
Cel (ico E ie:i::3ssnd his daugh
r, Miss Emuy J-uhins, were guests
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. 0. D.
Evans during the Woodmen conven
tion. Miss Jenkins will continue her
visit a few dsys.
Yeteruay there wa a district meet
ing of miller.- frnni this jart of the
-tate Thry met at the oltice of the
Elevator Roller Mills and considered
matters pertaining to the god of the
The family ol J M. Gondrmg left
lor Lo.-Ancelp- last night where they
expect to make their future home
About a hundred of their Columhus
friends went to the train last night
to bid them good-bye. Mr Gondrmg
occupies r. warm in the hearts
of the legal and bnsine.-.- fraternity of
Columbus and hi? family will be
greatly mi-sed
Friday Daily Journal.
Dr. Paul, dentist.
W. Siems is registerr d from Platte
Leo. Geitz.'n came u on theNorfolk
branch this noon.
Dr. T. A. Leach of Hroken Bow
called on his brother Dr. E. A. Leach
P.orn. to Mr and Mrs V II Ben
ham. Wednesday Dighr. May J, a
Miss Emily Jenkins r f Fairburv is
a gue-t at tho home of Dr and Mrs.
c 1j tvau.- this week.
Rlake Maher came down from the
"enter this noon and is among his
numerous friends in our city today.
Jndge Katterman today married
Georg" Henderson of St Edward and
Allie Baer of Bellwood at the conrt
Mi.-s Lida McMahon. matron of the
Girl- Industrial school at Geneva,
wno has been in Columbus on a visit
to relatives, returned yesterday.
u. E Halt a prominent hardware
man of Grand Maud is in the city to
day, lie came in with an automobile
from Omaha ami will remain until to
morrow. Henry Ua, jr
returned last night
Mrs. Gass will re-
They were called
the death of Mrs.
from Staplehurst
main a few day-
hn I"-' by
Gas - ' grandmother
.ticnt wnguer. atter a
ond run
rught No 11 east this innn. Don't
know wiiere he went but quite likely
ua- a
bnsine;-!- trip or he would not
jhae bucked time quite .-o hard.
1 "Ca-h" Jones is home from a trip
' r,y tbe branch. They snv "Cash"
i will leave soon for the balmv clime of
the western slope, having lately dis-po-ed
of much of his real estate here.
ami Meat Market 1
- - f
atz & Co.
- ----- ,, lMl..lTnllTnTlAAj
Miss Marion Smith went to Lincoln
this morning for two days visit. Mrs.
Sarah Brindley will also go down this
evening. Frank Larmer. a Fnllerton barber
was in our After twenty-
years of lviug in that city he has
caught the western fever and in two
weeks; leave Nebraska for Portland
A larjre delegation of Workmen from
UolumbuB will go to Omaha Sunday
and Monday to work for the election
Marc G. Perkins to the office of
rand Receiver, for which he is a
Hester Kewburn'of'Schuylerrage
thirteen, was broupht to Columbus
today for treatment in St. Mary'sHos
pital. She was brought in a rocking
cha-xma complexly Reinless condi
tion. She is afflicted with dropsy.
John Dires, a Fnllerton merchant
was in Columbus a iew hours today.
Mr. Diers is one of the leading busi
ness men of his town and was return
ing home from Omaha where he had
visited the large wholesale houses
In mentioning the name of promin
ent Chicagoans who visited Colnm bus
yesterday, we ommitted mention of
John McCarthy, assistant cashier of
the Continental National Bank, which
carries deposits aggregating 50 or M)
(.'has. Reynolds, clerk of the dis
trict court of Wayne countty, passed
a few hours in our city before leaving
for Fnllerton where he will visit
relatives. He is one of the few demo
crats who succeeded in seeing first
base in the election last fall.
The U. P. board 4)f examiners will
be in Colnmbns this afternoon and to
morrow to take the various employers
here through a general course of
epronts. All the railroad boys here
seem to be a husky set anu the report
sent in to the headquarters will no
doubt bo O. K.
About a dozen friends of Mrs Amanda
Saffron surprised her yesterday after
noon by dropping m to celebrate with
her the sixty-first anniversary of her
birthday. They brought her a number
of presents as souvenirs of the occasion
and the afternoon was sfient in a very
pleasant manner.
Yesterday Leo, the four year old
son of Frank Gerhart, in a fall among
some rongh timbers ran some large
splinters nf wood into his leg and a
physician had to be called to remove
them. It will be several days before
he can walk with tbe injured member.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hockenberger and
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. tjornelins enter
tained the Evening Card Clnb last
night at the home of the former.
Tnis was tho hrst meeting of the
club since tbe lenten season. The
prizes were won by Mesdames Arthur
Gray and H. I. Murdock and Judge
Sullivan and Mr. A. Anderson.
Invitations have been issued by Mr.
anil MrrJ. M. Jenny of Sherman town
ship, to a double wedding on Wednes
day. May 17th. Their daughter Anna
will wed Mr. Henry Dascnbrock and
their son Rudolph will be united to
Miss Mary Gigax. The wedding will
be at St. Panl's church. Sherman
township, and the wedding feast at
the Jenny home.
O.A.Kelioch the popular night clerk
at the Meridian Hotel quit work to
day. Mr. Kelloch has hld the posi
tion for three years and one month and
has not missed a night or a call in that
time. He is a general favorite in Co
lumbus; every man who meets him
becomes h's fast friend. The boys
on the road as well as the boys in Co
lumbus will regret to see "Dad
Kelloch go. It is hoped his future
plans will keep him in Columbus.
This afternoon the team of Chris
From, while standing hitched to a
dray by the creamery, wandered np
to the excavation on the corner where
the new bank is to be built. They
got so close that one horse slipped
down into the hole, pulling the other
horse and the wagon along and spill
ing several cans of miik that were on
the dray. They were untangled and
got out with no damage to team,
harness or wagon.
I Sstardsy's Daily Joaraal.
Dr. Vallier, Osteopath, Barber block.
Prof. Sike, teacher music. Barber bldj;.
Miss Edith Peitch went to Geuoa
Otto Zuelow of Schuyler is in town
today on business.
Everybody is going to the circus
and to the minstrels today.
Mrs. J. C. Dawson of Oconee is
registered at tbe Clother today.
Dr.Chas. H. Platz, homeopathic phy
sician and surgeon, postofGce building
Attorney Win. Rose of Fallertou
was in the city today on legal busi
ness. Colonel Joseph A. Storch, of 1st
regiment N. X. G. was in Columbns
Miss Ida Egger is taking a rest for
a clay or two from duties in the Tele
gram ofiice.
Mrs. Com Ifedberg and son Floyd
left yesterday for a week's visit with
friends and relatives near Srromsburtr.
Dr. D. T. Ifartyn. Sr. returned
home this morning from bis visit to
Chicaco. Miss Petite is extending her
visit for a few weeks longer.
Miss Nellie Maynard, arrived today
from Schuyler and will spend Sun
day with her sister Miss Frances, the
machine operator in this office.
A few more copies of the illustrated
edition of the Journal. Order quick.
Send 5 cents each for as many copies
as you want. Tell us where to mail
them and we will do the rest.
Hi Henry's Minstrels drew a good
crowd today as they always do. There
has been a large sale of tickets to
night and the house will be packed to
nee one of the best Minstrel shows on
the road.
When the show pulled in this morn
ins the usual crowd of men, women
and children were at the depot wait
ing to see tbe elephant. A reporter
noticed a preacher aaoajr thn anxious
gathering also.
New Summer
The newest things in nnlmi!
nier millinery just aniveil.
1st Door East of Niewohner's
The Woman's Club are entertaining
this afternoon at the home of Mrs C.
J. Garlow in honor of Mrs. H. M.
Bushnell of Lincoln, president of the
State Federation of Woman's Clubs
Mrs. Bnshncll will remain in the
city until Mcndny.
Campltell Brothers' street parade
today was much larger than it was last
year and those who attended the show
this afternoon say it is much batter,
in fact that it is a first class perform
ance that the residents of Columbas
should not fail to see.
Rev. Haley will go to Fulletton to
day anl on Sunday will occupy the
pulpit in tbe Presbyterian church at
that place. Rev. Houseman will
arrive from Fnllerton Saturday even
ing and preach to tne congregation of
Rev. Halsey's chnrch.
The family of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Clayborn, in Lost Creek township is
experiencing considerable more than
their share of sorrow. A day or two
ago the parents buried one of their
children and following closely to this
loss, another of the children met with
a servere accident. Two of the little
girls were handling a rifle and the old
story that the gun was not loaded,
proved auother victim and now one of
the girls is lying very low with a
bullet in her body A Platte Center
doctor was called and the child is get
ting along very well.
Monday's Daily Jonraal.
Frank Mire's has gone to Omaha.
Rev. Millard returned home on the
branch today.
Tcm Miner came down from Fuller
ton this noon.
Mrs. Ben Walter went to Omaha
today to visit her mother-
Eliror Donophan of tbe Madison
Star-Mail came down to-day.
J O. C. Shannon and family returned
yesterday from a trip of a week in
( 'olorado.
Drs. Martyn. Evans, Evans .t Martyn,
Jr.. office three doors north of Fried
hofs storr.
E. H. Chambers went to Loup City
today on business that will detain him
three or four lays.
Miss Emily Jenkins of Fairbury
who has been a guest of Mrs. C. D.
Evans the past week returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shoemaker
returned this morning from California
where they have spent the past six
Clarenco Sheldon ami O. L. Baker
left this morning with l."0 head of
cattle for Belgrade to be pastured by
Walt Butler.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Jenkins went
to Loup City to visit their son, Lee,
who is helping Bert McKinnie hold
down a ranch.
Carl Kramer went to Omaha this
afternoon to attend the meeting of
tbe Grand Lodge of the Knights of
Pythias tomorow.
Jndge Reeder was bnsy today read
ing the docket and assigning cases for
trial for tne May term of court which
is to begin next week.
Mrs. C.C.Goodrich of (.'edarRapiis,
Vkho has been the guest of Miss
Florence Whitmoyer since Saturday
returned home this afternoon.
Miss Mabel Robertson ofGeno who
has been visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Werener Schupbach and other rela
tives here, returned home today.
Frank Blake came down from Fnl
lerton today. He is a cigar maker
by trade aud will try to secure em
ployment in some of the factories here.
E. Schostag our hustling and ever
enterprising cigar manufacturer left
this noon for a short trip among his
customers in various towns about the
Miss Florence Kramer met her
cousin. Miss Edith Kramer of Grand
Island at the train this afternoon.
Miss Edith was returning to Chicago
to live.
Mi6s Lottie Cummings has resigned
her position as head waitress at tbe
Clother and today left f orOmaha where
she has secured employment at the U.
P. depot resturanr.
G. Launer returned today from
Excelsior Springs where he has been
for several weeks. He expresses him
self as much pleased with his visit
and improvement in health.
Mrs. Perkins came in from St. Paul
this noon and will, remain in our city
a few days. If suitable quarters can
be secured she will remain in Colum
bus and conduct a boarding house.
Attorney Jim Nichols came down
from Mat iso n on the Norfolk branch.
He did not say what his mission was
but an attorney generally has some
thing in his bonnet when he packs
his grip and goes somewhere.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Robinson of
St. Edward, passed through Colum
bus today enroute to Lincoln where
Mr. Robinson will attend as uelegate
a meeting of tbe state photographers'
association which meets there this
O. B. Legg of Fnllerton is in the
city today. Mr. Legg will be th first
to open after two years of strenuous
dryness in Fnllerton, a place where
the citizens can appease their thirst on
everything that is generally kept be
hind a mahogany bar.
Tbe Tenth grade of the Columbus
high school has made all necessary
arrangements for a big time at Mc
Pherson'q lake next Saturday. Tbe
gathering will be in tbe nature of an
entertainment expressly prepared in
honor of the Senior class. A program
has been carefully prepared and if the
weather permits will eclipe anything
yet givea a: the lavor'te camping
place. Lunch baskets will be jammed
to iverflowing witn toothsome edibles
and every game imaginable will be
It is seldom that a want ad in a
newspaper costing but twenty-five
cents bring over twenty-five dollars
returns. Well it did just the same
and it was a little five line ad in tbe
Tournal that did the bmines.. It
will be remembered that Miss Collius
lost a gold watch a few evenings ago
ou the streets of our city and quite
awhile passed before she thought of
advertising for the lost article A
friend advised her to go to theJournal
and have a mention made of the loss.
The ad cost her 2o cents and now she
has her watch. The watch was a gift
from her father who lives inFcllerton
and the value she places on it cannot
be estimated. The finder is to be
praised for his honesty.
Yesterday Daily Joaraal. I
Mrs. J. E. Paul is ill.
Dr. L. C. Voss, Homeopathic physi
cian, Columbus. Neb.
E. M. LaGrange of Fnllerton was
in the city last night.
Mrs. K. S. Dickinson returned home
Blake Maher will go west tonight
on real estate business.
Dan Cabiil of St. Edward was in
Columbus this morning.
Geo. W. Williams of Albion was in
the city between trains today.
Mr. ana Mrs. Kennels left for a two
weeks visit to Sioux City today.
Miss Lottie Becher has been kept
from her work yesterday and today
by illness.
At '::0 last night AlfyHeintz raised
money to pay his fine and was releas
ed from jail.
There will be a special meeting of
the M. W. A. at the K. P. hall next
Thursday night.
Rev. Moore, formerly a Methodist
minister in Columbus, called on
friends here today
1 Roy Watson was in tho city last
nigh? and retnrned to his home in
Fnllerton this morning.
The marriage banns of Mr Martin
Schilz and Miss Rebecca Brock were
published last Sunday at the Catho
lic church.
Mrs. C. A. Gibson and son Fred
of St. Edward who have been visiting
Columbus relatives a few davs return
ed home this afternoon.
Dennv Roberts, the Shell Creek
politician and statesman, was a guest
of our city last night. He retnrned
to his home in tbe Center this morn
ing. Mrs. Gus. Becher left last night for
an extended trip to California. She
will stop inlJenver to visit her daugh
ter, Mrs. Adams. She expects to be
absent all summer.
Mis Clara Licbtenberg, assistant
principal of the St. Edward high
school, who was a teacher in the Co
lumbus schools last year is here tak
ing a week's vacation on account of
Judge Ratterman issued maniage
license this week for Rudolph E.
Jenny, Leigh and Mary Gigax. Co
lumbus ; Henry Dasenbrock and Anna
R. Jenny of Leigh ; John B. Law
rence and Minnie Johnson of Illinois.
A valuable horse belonging to
Ernest Rodehorst took suddenly
sick last evening and the animal was
brought to town and through immed
iate attention of the veterinary was
saved from the boneyard.
F. T. Walker left for Cambridge,
Nebr., this morning to be gone two
or three weeks. Mr Walker is Sec
retary anil General Manager of the
Republican Valley Land Co., and goes
to look after their interests at that
The man who was arrested yesterday
under the name of Jorgensen, tnrned
out this morning to beCIarence Woods,
who heretofore has borne a good rep
utation. Several of his friends raised
money to pay his fine and the dam
age done to Asche's show cases, and
he was released.
James Gadsden of Schuyler stopped
oft here this morning enroute from the
west. Mr. Gadsden was interesting
himself in the Wertz-Sprecber case
in which he is a witness and desires
to draw the indictment quashed. The
case comes up in tbe district conrt
here next week.
Fred Gregorious of Columbus, was
in town Thurday on business connect
ed with the NebraskaTelephone Com
pany. It is understood they intend
putting in another line running north
from Schuyler to connect with a num
ber of farmers who have been running
a system of their own. Schuyler Sun.
The Sophomore class is not the slow
est class in the Columbns HigbSchool.
They ha7e proved that before in the
various hair-cutting contests in which
they have been engaged. But now
they have proved if by rapturing the
High School banner which is a reward
of scholarship. The Seniors had tbe
banner one month. The Juniors have
held it all but the two months.
Patrick Igo, a railroad engineer
from Council Bluffs, aud a member
of the Catholic church, preached for
an hour on Niewohner's corner last
night to a more or less interested audience-
Pat insists that people don't
get to heaven through any of tbe
churches and he thinks he has been
Hotel Merz...
...Old Grand Pacific Remodeled
Open to the Public for Supper.Saturday
May 13.
$1.00 a Day
Everything New New Furniture New
Plumbing -Electric Lights -SteamHeat
.. r
Lime or Amman ia in food maaa witn
It makes pure food.
"called" by the Lord to preach the
true way to his tellow men. He re
fuses to accept any offering on the
theorv that the Lord will provide for
those wl o preach tl.e free gospel.
Patrick says he has a family bnt he
does not explain whether the Lord has
"called" him to provide for them or
Little Hazel and Harry Shannon'
two of tbe brightest little ones who
have recently gained celebrity upon
the stage, are spoken of by their
friends as being the mos.t talented
children nw before the public as
stars aud ibis view is taken by the
most critical. These little ones are
native products of Michigan, making
their home in Ludington, where they
pass their vacation in a beautiful
home purchased from tbe profits of
their tours, ihey probably being the
youngest people who have by their
own individual efforts secured so fine
a property. Little Harry, who is a
most manly little fellow, was not con
tent that himself and sister should live
in the house that their parents owned
and insisted that their earnings
.should go to buy a "home of their
very own." Being backed by bis
sister they were enabled to convince
their parents that such was the proper
course, the result being that they now
occupy that" home of their vervown"
and a beautiful one it is. In their
tours they are accompanied by their
parents. To their mother, who is a
proficient musician, being a very fine
pianist and an actress of note, they owe
much of tbeir proficiency. Their edu
cation is looked afer by their govern
ess who travels with the company.
Manager Saley takes pleasure in an
nouncing that "The Shannons" will
be seen in tbe powerful scenic produc
tion. "The Banker's Child" at The
North Opera house for one night onlv
Thursday May 11th.
Cleared for Action.
When the body is cleared for action,
by Dr. King's New Lite Pills, you
can tell by the bloom of health on the
cheeks ; the brightness of the eyes ;the
firmness of the flesh aud muscles ; the
buoyancy of tbe mind. Try them. At
Chas. Dack's drug store '?." cents.
Now is the chance to make the de
lightful trip to Californiafor just one
half of the expense incurred in mak
ing the trip at any other time. Don't
postpone for you may not soon again
be offered the low rates of 2." 00 to
SanFrancisco, Santa Barbara. Los An
geles.San Diego and many other Cali
fornia points. Literature about Cali
fornia free on application to W. H.
Benbam. 4-2(5
Harry Shannon's powerful Comedy
Drama, "The Banker's Child." As
tbe apple blossoms fall in the spring
after a shower of rain and the wind
has blown through the orchard, so do
the tears fall from the eyes of the
spectators during the production of
the "Banker's Child. "And just as the
sun follows the rain, so does laughter
succeed the tears in the rendering of
tbe play. It is not an affected storv,
but a simple tale woven around the
lives of a few people, among them a
man who deserts his wife and little
child, tbe principal incidents of their
lives tied together with beautiful
language. It is just a stage poem
with all those things which make
tears and laughter commingle. This
great play will be presented by The
Shannons, suported by a most clever
cast. The play is from the pen of
Eunice Fitch. At the opera house for
one night only. Thursday May 11.
Saved by Dynamite.
Sometimes, a flaming city i caved
by dynamiting a space that the fire
can't cross. Sometimes, a cough hangs
on so long, you feel as if nothing but
dynamite would core it. Z. T. Gray,
of Calhoun. Ga . writes :"Mv wife had
a very aggravated cough, which kept
her awake nights. Two physicians
could not help her so she took Dr.
King's New Discovery for consump
tion, coughs and colds which eased
her cough gave her sleep and finally
cured her." Strictlv scientific cure
for brouchitis andLaGrippe. AtCbas.
Dack's drug store, price ."0 rents and
11 guaranteed. Trial bottle free.
Notice to Defandants
Cornelius Steenis. Mary Sreeni6,
Anna K. Parker, Frank Parker,
Jane W. Sutliff, William Suthff.
William Borrhers. John J. Steenis, a
minor over fourteen vears of age and
James Steenis, a minor under fourteen
years of age. defendants, will take
notice that on the 1 1th day of April
I'.XVi. .Tulm Borchors. i JaintilT herein.
tiled hr peMtioti in thr district court
of Platte county, Nebraska, against
said defendants, the object and prayer
of which are to have a partition and
accounting for rents and profits for the
east half of the northeast quarter of
the northwest quarter of section eigh
teen, township twenty, north of range
one. east of Sixth Principal Meridian
in Platte county. Nebraska; also a
tract of land situated in Outlof'A" of
the village of Creston. Platte county,
Nebraska. described as follows : Bound
ed on the south by the north line of
Elm street, on the west by a line par
allel with and distant east sixty feet
from the extended east line of Sec
ond street, on the north by a line
parallel with and distant north one
hundred and forty feet from said
north line of Elm Street and on the
east by a line parallel with and dis.
tant east one hundred and eighty feet
from the said extended east line of
Second Street. That if partition of
said premises cannot be had, that said
premises may be sold and the pro
ceeds divided among the several par
ties as their interest may appear Yon
are required to answer snidna'tition
on or
day of
before the twenty-ninth iaakh
May, 1905.
Rw vtrxml1 Bori!,,2.r' pniW
Dated April 19. 1003.
Women's Spring Suits
..And Silk Shirt Waist Suits..
Just the kind of togs that give the great
est satisfaction. The kind that meets the
requirements of fastidious feminine wearers
The kind that has merit, goodness and dura
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mings and the newest fabrics. Every suit
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tailored and perfect fitting. Every gar
ment the very best of its grade, true to
fashions and at less price than it is possible
to find at any store in Columbus.
Special Friies for Friday d Saturday
Ladies' Cloth, l'egiilnr S1..C1) Hint at SI.''.."i0
Ladies' All-Woi.l I'la.-!: Voile S1."IH Suit at i;.7)
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Ladies Silk Shirt Wui&t Suits .M. - VrA)
Ladies Silk Shirt Waist Suits in lilue. I!ro:vn and I 'lack. Specials at l.'.OO
Complaint Is Made cf Ra:5 on Com
., ,. -.u - -., M--.!
Compnrcd V,.th . ne on -,.!.
Chicago. May li. Cu:.;pls:a:j "-'
hv minors ni" Mipf iiri Tl" r
against railroad rates on irn i-r '
nets from Missouri rier psints
Fouthcrn Texas were tne siihjcrt of -n
investigation hegun hrre hy the ir.t1.
Etate commtri-f cjnimirion. The
sertion is mai'i that rati-s discrim
inate in favor of the Texas r.nd I.ou.r
iana millers. C. A. lavis of Kansar
City was the firit vitn jr. Mr. Dais
fctated that at Missouri liver point."
there are twenty-on" ereal mills v
operation, representing an invoftmenl
ot 52J.'H'M,,. Ho s-ata tw- mills liau j
been in operation n.r siten year '
fhippin? tin manufactured produc f
Texas and Atlantic coaM pom-.
gcrding tho rate from Kansas City :. ,
Texas on Mr. Davm u-rtiiit ll
that the freisht chart:,- en m.-al a?
31"'j cents to the southern part :
Texas. Tho rate on corn to the sam
points, he said, was "'. centj. Th"
difference in rate. Mr. Davis declared,
thus gave an undue advantage to Tex
as manufacturers.
Evidence of millers who l.nv
lodged complaint against the rai!v.-nvs
which they patronize in making
ments to Pac.tic coast points was
""' itm.T ...u
l.n.,l Tl.,., ,. r.;.w.;....l1.. I. J
rted in Nebraska, complain that a
10 cent increase in tho rat on corn
products over tho rate on corn is er -
1 . , , .....
cfssiveand shows a discnmination -n
uie ii. i l ui me uii.i.i.o m Hum ii
"vaiuiH 1.I..IH4I ... iiu.-is. .... .. ..xiij
of Beatrice. X 1., was, th.- chief wit
ness against the railroads and de
clared that the millers did i't demand
to much a redm Mon in the ratv ac
its equalization
, Ml . .1
me iduicuus .-.- uj m-ir h-jmuw obtained o' I. L. LoriKii, G. P. ic
for maintaining i he present rate-that; T. A, Omaha, Neb. ""
a greater risk i- incurred in iiftm-i, -?!
corn nroducts than in carrvir.n t
corn, because .i the greater liability
of damage to tl product and '!-. f
the railways i:. raying for the dam
age. Finkbine Onr.cscs Rate Lcci;lation
Washington. Muy 0. K. P IJacon oft
Milwaukee appeared before senate
interstate com' rce commie. Mr.
lidcon said trat person- sufferin
from excessive rat. s pn. under th "
r is.
Elkins act. pr- hibited from secur.n.;
redress, it
,. i imnn:t.'li!ft f.- r .-
. J J ..l'v. f 1V.1 t ..
committee to fix rites in the who!"
country, he di-ared. but the coirmi -
sion should be mpovcr'd to crd r un-
just rates cha'i-ed. la the yi fie
years ne said !. re "ad oeen .a'.g' -
m classificatH r. r'-uumg in an a:
vance of 21 p r -'nt. Te-t.nny '"
posing anv rh:
-e in the pre
rt co-
rition was gi-t- '? E. C. Finkbin. -Des
Moin- ar-d sev ral othtr.
French Army OfT.cerc on Tnsl
Paris. May 9 F..- persons, it id
mg Captains Tar.-urina and V-'.r-rt.
were before th. pe court -varged
Tith plotting a n-piracy a-ri u-t the
state and having a their l"s,!sion
militarv enu:pn.. nt and ammunition.
Several offl't-r- t-stifled that Captain
'"amburina had proposed the seizure
o' President L-ri't and the ministers,
the palace of the Elysee and other
; ublic buildings The accused denied
.v ,..m. nt The uniforms and
l,-.fnn the accused claimed,
f lljiimmnv"
uniuua, "-
was the roaauo - '-"''-IftTDriE;.-
- iitisea embank-1 1
' Cheap Excursions.
Cheap rates one way to California.
. fJ Sound and the Northwest conn-
' V' IUly UUtl1 MftV inth- LOW ,,O0-
.. r(mn(i
to eastern f-?nlnm.i ,i.. u:- ..-
, .. ....w. lut IJI UUIU J-
fin and North Platto Vallev where
there is an excellent chance of cettinir
in on the ground floor ahead of tho
crowd and pick up bargains in irrigat
ed lauds.
EASTERN TRIPS. -If yon aro con
templating an eastern trip thin sprine
better write me for information. We
will probably be able to ofTer you
nioupv saving suggestions.
Ii W.Wakely. Gen. Pass. Agent.
L. F. Rector Ticket Agent.
ltl"lTl.CIl. T- m.
Interest in California.
(i,iiflirnn .nc ..., .. .
vuiiornia lias numroti3 nnttimi
I vwiiuujj.4 u.-ib numerous natural
bridge, caves, etc. of no little interest
The Mamoth C.IVe nf fT:i!riv..r;.B .1.!
covered by miners in 1K7J; the Alabaster
Cae; the Crystal Palace- Cave, contain
ing a number of attractive subterranean
appartmente, such as the bridal Cham
ber, the Chrystal Palace Room. Acuri
ou&apparttiifQt called .Music Hall, where
the deposits of aqueous, origin not only
take the form of organ pipes, 6ounding
boards etc.. but emit, when st mob- m;
cal sounds and vibrations. Near this cave
.... .Uv. .luiiiuuu?. - ear iuib cavO
are tWu mif.ll ml dm !n lfl.l.k .1.,. .
13t ,caa,vV"t aatl r"m to the railroad
'? MaIf ;!n ,our- The 0'y natnral
V.; "The n J rf T? "! ,lnt1'!rMt
, V1'1 Iu tnerland Limited, Route "
comprising the Union Pacific and South-
'era i acme, now n-alv one line. The
I . .l.. i. . - . - w -lutr
oui line running through trains to San
Francisco from Urn.dia. its fast trains,
arriving sixteen hours ahead of all com
petitors. Pamphlets and maps describ
ing the Wonders of Californju i.rwl ..11
, information about the most comfortable
. . it.iu VUlHf.Ciin
anri mreor rntirt. .. ,.. i'-.,...; ..
Try our v. m columns. Some-
fl Ixxjy
S sejj
want.', v.hat you want to
Do you want to buy something?
Ask for it in our want columns.
Somebody has what you want
and will sell cheap. We guaran
tee satisfaction. If our work
doesn't please you. tell us about
it; we'll take pleasure in making
it right.
Do you .iced some, staoionyry?
If so, call us up on either phone
and a Journal representative will
call on you, or come up to the
office and we will fit you out.
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