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IttvMiirf. iping Exffit
Sep. 29, 30. and Oct. 1st.
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Every Lady m Platte County is Invited
whether you want to make a purchase
or not.
t 'k
dav -At our store. Be
with your ticket at our store at. 3 p. m. Octo
ber 1 5th. uicket must be presented in 20
minutes after award is made or new draw
ings will immediately take place till ticket
srettins: the stove is resented.
Fall Announcement
AKITR New Stock of FALL and WINTER
has just arrived. v e are now showing one
of the most complete stocks in Columbus.
When you come in to the Big Rally don't
fail to get our styles and prices.
4. - - -iii
:& '--s"r
eeO"' io
: 4eiiaS; and Boys' Clothing
;jjikHIS department is filled with new and
sk : 'desiirahle goods, and our prices are low-:v-;-
er than ever on good materials well
-made;- An immense line of Clothins to se
. "lee t vfeoai.
:;i Special Prices This Week
:; on Our Bovs' School Suits
-.- -. ; ."." : -
w&S.for Siandar-c Ps-trerns Fnce
.6cT:i:.c""-"Ga-ir Get s Plate
" -. " " ". - - - -
505 Ele
:vent St,
fc : ? 11L1g1ilj: ; , M
Millinery design
ers have excelled
themselves this year
producing some of
the most beautiful
creations. We have
an array of Autumn
Modes that will sur
prise the Ladie3 of
Columbus and Platte
County, and we are
in position to please
the most fastidious.
We have a large ex
hibition of tne most
favored shapes and
designs for Autumn,
at Prices that you
l-f - . . . . - -'0
i'r ' . .... ... 7V
v. -si si :.
: u trwi Pri.'e Vn.
Get a ticket at our store to
day. It may rive you without
a dollar cost a
The stove that saves half
vour vslnter s fuel that keeps
your plants from freezing
thar gives you a warm house
to dress in every morning.
Stove Is awarded absolutely
free of cost on same plans as
used by the United States gov
ernment in the allotment of
xttv t. uci a. i.Ksxx;i. lkj
on hand at- the award
I)r. Gfeczec oentist.
Alvin E. P00L -ciQliiiiiit. Three 65.
The latesz m hats at the Koyal 3IH
lmrv, fcess quality and prices lowest.
Dr.Cha&K.PlazT hameopthie pay
rTar arc scseoc poetoffice bcflning.
Do cot fail to see oar S-foot galraa
tzee steel mill far $32.00. A. Dwell &
Dts. Martyr. Evana. Eraca i itartyu, I
Jr cce three deers north of Fried-
hefs store.
FflK t Al. Liooa fiAtarrr' ssncri
. , , Z
.wagon wc emopy top. top almcs: w,
cmre at Journal office.
UUU) itwi uuui, oiaue u uic vju-
tumbcs BClLLEH mills has co equal
far staying qualities.
When .in Columbus next week
attendiEg Jhe bie "rally", ake a
sack of WAY UP near home with you.
Made by Columbus ROLLEF. MILLS.
.51 las Grace Dodds left tcdav for Kan-
sac City, where she will enter the Agnew ! governorship. Gorernor Peabcdy, re
hoepital to train for a profeeeional nurse, j publican candidate, is opposed by the
The coarse requires-two years study.
Charles Eouie of Fremont and Miss
Libcie Verjaai of Lincoln were married
Tuetsiav at the home o L. Weinberger,
Ev. Lohr officiaunjf. The couple left A: business sessicn which fol
the ame day for their home. (vmi rh cnTor mwHn7 ! r
The folio wing ladies have been
ch-csec as xxside and matrons of honer
ilnrinrr the Ak-Sir-Ben weekinOmaha
Hisses Anna Gae and Florence Eram- gares to the state association of Con
er, ifssdarns Fred Roberts, A. M. gregatiocaiista which will meet m Lia-
Gray, Churlee Dack and Garret Hulst.
Mrs. J. D. Brewer sold her home
en Eightesnth and Murray street last
; Honday to her son Will Bre-wer. and
it is no-w our intention to move to
Oklahoma some time before winter,
where she will make her future
Rev. and Mrs. Jonn Eracaer vis
ited the family of K . D Wilson and
. other friends, yesterday Rev. Krach-
er was formerly the German Metho- ,
' dist minister of Don fan and Columbas,
and is sow stationed near Beatrice. (
t returned yesterday from a trip to t
Wheeler county. Ke is enthusiastic f
over the croo conditicas in that county
and oroognt an average specimen ox
cura to show what they are raising
tners. Two ears weighed two pounds
and two ounc. Mr Dack says she
cars crop therts is splendid.
iln xntee from Germany that he and
his wife will make visits to Munchcc
Fimfbeoc. Wafuimgec. Dam, Hamburg,
and from inert conic direct home. Mrs.
Anna Lehaan. vho -went to Germany
xrith tc Here's, will prooafaly return
rth t!vm. saihnr- October ".
Tne members of the lectare eenrse
have been arransea for this year The
nrst lecture will be by William Eaw-
lev Smith some time in October. The
others are General Z. T Sweeney.
Fersruson's Dixie Jubilee concert com
pany Edmcnd Cook, aad the Mozart
fynipaony club.
Ladies who want ap-to-date styles
in printed or enrraved cams-and high
grade stationary would do well to call
at the Journal cSce. We have cor
rect stylcE and size fresh from, the
' east and can supply yon, at a lower
, price rr" you can g"t front the larger
crises. We have some samples that
will interest yoo.
KeT and Its. Johansen will arrive
tms evening from Jausas and will re
main with the family of Jaaib Zin
necksr until they have selected their
home 12 Duncan. Rev. Johansen is
the newly choeen German Methodist
minister for Duncan and Columbus.
The couple have been married bat a
few weeks.
A peculiar circumstance created con
siderable excitement among the farm
ers along the Piarte river from Silver
Creek west to BeHwood yesterday. A
young danghser of Peter Borrough.
living sevvn miles east of Silver
Creek, want with friends to Silver
Crsek yesterday, and deciied after a
short stay tc that town to walk home.
Se lost her way and following the
n-rtr walked almost to BeHwood.
Near that place two men from Oolum -
bus, who were working with a fence
machine gang, picked her ap and re-
rurned her to her hoxae.
TtUUt BaOx '
Call as McAllister's studio aad see our
smmie. We have something ine m
-cJarged portrait work m sepia, water-
eclar and paBtels. We guarantee ocr
arork and give you a nee portrait at
r&asot:abIr prices. Up stairs. Olive
street. tf
LOST A family cow, black in
coior, brass label en one ear. Five
dolors reward to finder. Otto Men. (
Miss Olive Burstch of Bellevue, a
niece of Mrs. Edzar Howard, arrived
toiay en a shors visit to-her aenr.
Mrs Wnu Bagatn and children re- ,
turned last evening front Petersburg,
Illinois where she went with sisser (
about eve -weeks- ago.
Miss Emily Eorer and Dwignt Dick
inson have goo to Creta where they '
will attend Dane college this year.
Mr. Paul Hagel who tas been ser
iously ill at the hospital foe several
. days, was operated npen for the
f second time last evening.
. Fin Howard went to LhTroln to
enter the cease univermry and John
Early will go tomorrow ta Uncols. tc
Mrs. Ghas. Dack is ncertaining
about fourteen lady friends this after -,
noon at a Kennsington in honor of
her sister. Miss Minnie Cramer
FUXERAL. The funeral of Mrs.
Henry Welch, which took place yes
' terday at 12-JS6 in the Shell Creek
i chnrch, was one of the largest atten
t ded funerals ever held in she neigh-
borhood. There were aaons eihry
j fire carriages in procession. Rev.
' rsmfc of this ciry condncsed tne ser
Lvice. Postmaster Lockhart cf Erirw is
is the eirr today. Hs says that tne
dam at Lake Erinrf is abont eoa-
jplBted" and tanra special srain will be
s rwa. to that "nns Vrf and han-
ing rtMort ahewt October 15th. Sign-
teen, ""Al at i lint if have
ja tte cgnjtractio .f t
Dr. Paul, demist
Dr. Vallier, Qsteppatb, Barber block.
Prof. SDceT teacher music. Barber BIdff.
Dr. X- T. Mrlfahfin, denaac, orer
pcwtof5c. tf
The latest creations in hats at the
Eoyal iCHinery.
Go to G. R. Pteib for paintinx mad
paper hanging J"irst door eorn of
Pollock's drug afore. tf
Thoa. F. 3iUer of Fullertoo
H. C. JtcGatn of Ciarka are in
Iambus today faking
for their bis Poland China hog aale
which will be held here next month,
. . .
iae sle wut am m tte ioc ac
Qf WinsIcw,s fc,
. rf higgegt rf the
F. A. Bullock, formerly of St. Ed
ward, now employed, by the Union
Pacinc as Denrer. stopped in Colam
bes today between trains on his way
to visit his- parents in Sc Eaward.
Mr. Bollock says the political excite
ment in Colorado is confined to the
miners unions, and the campaign is
I gutting warmer every day. Colorado '
o practically unanimous for Boose- j
els- ,
the Congregational church last erea-
f ing, Mr. C 5. Hickok, Mrs. Monro
ami Mrs. Brr!?p o- Ixcail tl-
( coin October 7 to 10. Rev. Monro will
preach the principal sermon daring
tne gasaenag. us subject wiu oe,
"Jesus Only" he will deliver the open-
mg eTtauajs ox cae association.
C H. Gietzen and family are packing
their household gseds preparatory so
moving to Omaha tomorrow. Dr
Gietzen has an excellent position
! offered him in a dentistry business
there. He did not decide until this
week to go to Omaha, and is nahli
to complete all his professional en
gagements before leaving. The many
friends of both Dr. and Mrs. Gietzen
will be glad to kno-s" of their good
fortune but will regret to see them
m?a CnlnmTia TV" fiarian Kaa
-. "'" ' . ... .. A... .W.-.W. I
practiced dentistry in Columbus four
years, coming nere direct from Lcica-
go. He has had an excellent practice
from the first and his patrons can well
recommend him to Omaha people.
Sstaras Daily JaazmaL
Edgar Howard
spent vesteraay in
Lincoln vuitins hi
Wis snf. Vm n
( ozk the scate
university law
.. .
iln. (iiliof SC r-1 wari returnee
j. t0 ner fcOExe sce j
ba6n at hams oi ilrs Watims
wo meekSt wnere dderwent an
The Epworth League gave a 10 cent
social at tne home of J. C. Echols
last evening, wnich replenished their
treasury abont sx dollars.
Mists A"" Baker who has been en
joying several months vacation, has
returned to her work as clerk in tha
v Dacrham dry goods store. She began
; work thL? morning
The home of Jas. Kosehmski was
quarantined this morning for diph
theria, the two year-old daughter be
ing tfee patient. Mr. Kcschinski re-
I sides m the southwest part of the
city. The chili is pronounced by the
physiciaas to be very liL the disease
having gained headway
doctor was summoned.
cfore the
FAIH. The Christian
Endeavor of the Presbyterian church
will give a county fair entertainment
the Friday before
Watch the date.
evening the young people society of
the Presbyterian chorea enjoyed a
watermelon social as the home of
Lis4 Helen Jerome.
Subscribe for the Jouraal and get a
wall atlas, also all the news. The
Journal is different 'from any paper
you riad.. got up different and yet is
' not altogether indifferent,
( a suit was Sled in district court
' today by the First National bank in
which it prays for judgment against
Garrett Heist and Lucy Heist tor
fTCvy witn interest at - per cent from
i August I, 114. Tne amount is mace
( up of
four notes which are respec
fcr flQOO, 10, ICO0 aad
CSZSTON. Special telephone
the Daily Journal. Brace Webb of
t Cresson is hnMing ar Humphrey this
afternoon the nrst registered heg sale
' ever held at that ciace. P E. Mc-
EHilp of Humphrey bought a sow and
pigs for f 10.3.
Will Craun, 7ho has beeu in the
hospital for several weeks on account
of typhoid pneumonia, is able to be
at the home of nis sister Mrs. Wolhe
Craun north of town. Mr. Craun has
for several ereeks been connned to his
father's home in this city from pneu
monia. County Comaisstoner Peter Bender,
of Platte county, was in the- city yes
terday conferring with the board cf
county commissioners of Madiioc
relative to seme business in which
both counties were interested. This
oCce acknowledges a pleasant cell
from Peter, Maoiscn Chranicie.
g jj K gg. wgrg
,nwa ndx7 cn s.
ro yorti fiend, wnere thev
r will be saatienfid the next vear. Thev
have been traveling the past year with
Mrs. Ccnklin the lecturer who
J nere two years ago, but are now ready
to return to church work. Their
household goods had been stored in ,
St. Edward and it was to look aftsr .
these that they had made tne trip to '
that town.
Mrs. Chas. H. Dack entertained at
a Kensington yesterday afternoon in .
honor of her sister, Miss Cramer of
Cbrinda, Iowa. At 4:20 a rwa-ccurse ;
.naarnrcxxm luncheon was served in the
library and. dining room. Mrs. Dack
was assisted by Mrs. H. A. Hansen.
Those present were : Mwda7Tii Clnrkp,
-Arthur Gray, Whaley, Abbott and
Bncher, Parker,
Alfreda Post, Whitmoyer. Martha
Poet. Gieaen, Florence- Earmer, Tern
ana Galley.
See. that elegant lice of fallotreet bats
as the Eojal Mxffi&ery.
a tpacial ages: far the Uaiom Pacific,
made complaint in Cotmty Jadgs'
Rattermaas court this morning igifTvit
three men for steaiiag coal from th
yaroa of that compaay. It ic gener
ally understood that there will be a
camber of tawaaide, as Mr. Bowers
has been workzaf oa th caae fbraome
time. The eanoiaurti were filM
sgaincc Edward ELstoB, Thoiaa Odell
i ana Micttaet Hoagna, lae iaec two
! aasied plead guilty to the charge.
j jfa. cJogin of Tfru-n coanty.
I Mlaoori arrired here last eveaia to
, dlS mTS
, J
Cogin will be remembered here as
Mrs. S. A. Waddei, bat since her last
isit here ghe has bees married tMr.
Cogin. Her husband is the assistant
superintendent of the new railroad be
ing bailt by the B. A M- between
Monroe, Missouri and Mexico, Mrs.
Cogin is accompanied by her two
youngest children Alberta and Arthar.
Mam4Ts Da&r
Miss Lottie Perkinson of Platte Cen
ter visited Mrsi J. F. Carrig over
t Sunday.
' Mr. and Mrs. Browne, of Lincoln
I returned to therr horae Satmrday,
( f cer a Ti3it to Judge Hensley and
i family.
Jonn Early and George Wilson left
Saturday for Lincoln where they will !
j University
, TonEergen and his mother. Miss
j Lydia Grtach aai Mr. Fenniaore,
. -stumed home Sararday from a trip
to St. Lonis.
POOT BALL. The foot ball game
between the Columbus and David
City teams is Darid City last Satur
dav rasoltpd in a score of 1!: to 0 in
favor of David City.
The republican convention for she
nominaion of supervisor for Ccinmbus,
Cciambus townsnip, Batler and
Loup townships will be herd at the
council chamber in Colambus at 3 p.
m., Satorlay, October ath.
The fnends of Mr. and Mrs. Iven
Homes, now of Ryvenna, will be
pleased to know of the arrival of a ten
pound son at their hcoe last Friday,
thir first born. Mrs. Holmes
formerly Miss Theressa stovicek.
delivered bu one lemion yenteniay
ae has been his eastern during the
aaaer month. In the evening the
pastor aad a large number of his con
gregation visited the Presbyterian
Mr. and Urs. fi. P. H. Oehlrich are
visitiuz in Omaha thL- week. Mr
Ohlndi took four carlnadi of cattle
to the Omaha market. Mrs. Oehlrich
' met her husband in the dry Inter.
They -will Tisit the horse show while
in tha;
Harry Askine will leave Wednesday
for Spokane, Wash., where he expeftH
to make his home with a sister. Harry
has been at home with his father dur
ing the- summer months, coming f rem
the western starae where he had been
for several years.
Mrs. Anna Henry left this nocn for
ner home m Pig Trail, Wyoming after
a visit during the summer to her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. Hamer. Mr. Henry
came last week and remained til
Saturday when he went to Bay Springs
to inspect zhe Taylor cattle ranch.
Cam Webb, a former Colambus
voung man, was in the city a -rew .
inurs betwten trains today ec his way
t. Mr. Webb is. now field agent for
' the Balch Bros., publishing house of
Boston, a company which devotes all
its labor to the publishing of high
class literature Mr. Webb has charge
o" the states west cf Chicago.
I BAPTIST There will be no church
1 services m she Baptist church aet i
Suaday. Rev Uhaer the pastor, be- '.
' ln absent from town to attend the
stare association of iiaptists wnicn
meets la Fremont,. October l to &
Mrs. H. Burruss and Miss Daisy
Paeschel are aelegates from the Co
lumbus church to this association.
Harry Mourey, Sam Eelstcn and
Lae Jenkins returned home Saturday
from their overland trip to South Da
kota. The youns men left nere July
12, going direer to Eonesteel where '
tsey regiscered tnerr names tor a
homestead in the Rosebud. Front
there they weat north as far as Water
town. Mick Schram, wno accempan-
' led them, will
turn heme on tne
METHODIST Sev Millard. th
presiding alder for this district, was
Dresent curing tne Sunday services,
and introduced tae new pastor, Rev.
DeWolf. tc the congregation m the
acrning service The new pastor
made a very favorable impression
witn his congregation, wno look for-
ward to a pleasant and profitable year '
under his guidance. Mrs. De Wolfe
and their child, will not be in Colnm-
' bus until the latter part of she week,
f but Rev. I3e Wnlf wiH rsmain in the
city and become
acouainted with his J
PRE5E y-IERT5" The surprise in
store for the Sunday school was a
chalx-talk by the pastor, who review-'
ed the lessons of the quarter. The
"Reds" are still ahead in the contest
for new pupils. The ladies missionary
society have re-elected Mrs. C. S.
Hraney and Mrs. W. X. Halsey
delegarss to the state convention,
which will meet in York in October.
The Christian Endeavor have elected
Miss Dorothy Post and Miss Eulalia
Rickly to represent tneir society- at
the same meeting.
Hamer a former Columbus yonng
man, son of Mr. and- Mrs. ffsirr of c
rfa fitr -ma TrrTr? 'mrne. Tain- 4
day to Mlm Mary E. Jonea nf Bardner J
Ohio, as the heme of her
Hamar has been in the employ of ex
press companies for sixteen years, six
years in uolnmbas- and the .past ten
years in Omaha, Denver and Chicago.
In Chicago ke
wish the Wells
t Fargo eoapnnr.
Edwin will receive
L the. hearry
of nis Many
I friends In Catenbn.
wno are conn- f
rdemr.thnt he will-
model has -
' sand.
Dr. Sanmann;,dsctkt.
ParkerandEooseTelt enpe a: Galley a
Hcase so rant. Gall on Mra. S
Wobos. iew
FRiSHOYSTTRS ar Eersenhrock
and flarke'a. tf.
Go to SsH'i EilikBd aall for all
kinds of tobacco.
Dr. Lv C Tosa Hacneopathic physi
ac, Cciambus. Jieb.
For room, and bonri call en Mrs.
Susaa Wood. is w.
The Sundard Desisnsr Hie a eepy.. or
SSc-a year, at Galley a
Joan Janing retorned Satorday from
Charlie Ssgelke mow of Omaha, vis
ited his relatives here oyer Saaday.
Pan! Duffy left Monday for Eaasas.
City where he will remain several
Mrs. Jas. Eirkpatrick of Gjand Is
land is in the city visiting her son
and his wife
Millinery opening at Fillmanc'
Friday and Satmrdav. September 30
and October 1. ltw-2td
Miss Hattie Seltzer was a Sihaylr
'nsitor Sunday.
Mrs. S. J. Ryan, and childrec are vis
iting in Schuyler today.
IPCra. Walter Scott went-to Omaha to
day to vtsic friends about ten days.
Mrs. Neomarker and daughter
Miss Emma were In Fremont Sunday.
Miss Amanda Gladner of Norfolk came j
to town this saming and is the gaeet of
Miss Maud Wooefey.
Mrs. Henry Brunhoben returned to
day from Spalding with her household
goods, expecting to make Columbus her
Willie Hecsr came dows from Hum
phrey today, where he has employment,
and will go tomorrow so Omaha for a
short visit.
The lecture course committee re
ported two hundred and thirteen do-
I iars worth of rickets sold rh? morn
ing. The United Brethren conference, at j
I their meetings held last wsek assign- ;
. ed Rav. Lohr to the Colombo charge ,
for anocner vear.
lr. and Mm. Howland at Silver
Creek are in town teday Mrs. How-
t land is in the ncspital, where doctors
here performed an operation.
' lira. W. JL Condon of Humphrey was
m town, oetween trains today on her way
to Omaha, wnere she wgnS So meet the
' doctor, wno Las b-ec in Tezae:u: a basi-'
oees rnp.
The same grease spots never return
after being treasea as she;SUITOS-'
IUM. They have gone to stay. Jen-
kins, over Niewohnes's. iw 4d
Prof. Delzell representing the Ne- '
braska Teacher, of Lincoln was in
the city between trains today on nis
raturn home from Norfolk.
Thos. Dack expects to drive to
Omaha tomorrow where he will re- .
main daring the Ak-Sar-Sen. Mrs.
Dack will follow hjt gu th rrain.
J. J. t'g representing Ginn &
Co., and W- N Delzell. represent
ing thfi University Publishing com- '
pany wert in the city on business re-
For Sale Chep. Uood chest of car
penter Uids. Just tne tcing for faraers.
Inquire of E. D. Ingrain, Brunsxick HH
iiard HalL w3t
For the IaJest scd best ic art photo
graphy call at McAiljiKer s studio. W
do the latest in sepia and platmcs '
effects. We have tc arato:rat and ail
the ne w designs in mauidiszi. Upstairs 4
Oisve street. tf
Misses Margaret and Mamie Mc-
xaggert entertamec aoous twenty
young friends last evening in nonor ct
their cousins, John and Charlie Mc-
Auley Of Mrnitann Cards and rF??tfrtg
were indulged in until a late hoar.
Refreshments were served.
WANTED To bey a niale St. Ber-
J"nard pup. Adraae Sydney Eastman.
Crsston. Nebr. tf
EAND BOYS Martin Schliz, Herb
Clark and Jack Stovicek will
go to
Omaha nes? week to play with the
Broken Bow band, under leadership
of Prof. Garlichs. They will be in
Omaha during tin Ak-Sar-Ben fe-ti-
0PEF.ATI05". Mrs.
Jaiins TTinklemaB is at the hospital
where she is rcoverin from the
effects of a very serious operation per
formed, upon hr last Wednesday.
She is recovering as ?atid2y as pci
ble. Dr. Xenmarker returned today from
r-w.k - x -. i
uma&s. werw ae w en nis way io
lows so astenc a conterence. ne
had been in Fremont several oav, in
cccnecuon with business of tne Gr- .
man Reform church and was on his wav I
; to Iowa, when a telegraphic meseaz
' n? . 5 oi -'
ruurrui &. m -aee- t
' "J11- wao joine: tne regular army
f honr oce month ago and is
mnrr- I
' ""Stoned on AngJ Island nearSnn
', Franciseo, writes heme that they have
i . ...
?eceivec notice tnat tney wur sail
October 1 for za Philippines. Will
has enlisted, in the army for she three
years term.
WEDDED. The marriage . of Miss
' Enuna Scnroeder and Jonn Brcnannae,
I two yonng people of the Grand Prair-
le neigh tcrnoesd, tec place this
. morning at S o'clock in the St. An-
as-tthony Gathoisc church. The bride
' wore a wnie silk zown and veiL Mr.
-N ick Scnroeder and Miss Mary Bron-
j enhae, brother and sister resnectively 1
of the bride and grocn. attended the
aounle durin the cermcnT. After the I
wedding as the ehnrch the parry re-
paired to- the home cf the bride's J
nrother, John 5chaoeder-r where the
entire day and this evening will be I
in rimnng mncv visiting by a
1re cro invited guests.
A. Chicago judge, the-other day, de
cided that 4nxillinery" was net a
--work of art", but mly "-skilled !a
WE'RE AT. or care. Bat wado claim
to be expert on "CLEANOLOGY",.
and "PRESSOLOGT". Weimre been
kept bnsy tnia pass week, for which
I ever Wiewohner's.
( ir 1 1 tji : i. iV. 1 1 i r ! r.i r'r 1 1 iii r 1 1 Hi 1 1 i"i i n m i n 1 1 1 i
1 Tftmm tizmH !PPJh I M sa h m m m w m-m m m m m as ,. sa. "r
S 1 al ,4 'w FwanW W .- w' w7 -7,
Everything; in the line of Groccrie
and Queenswaie. It it isnt right we
will make it right or GIVE BACK
YOUR MONET. Our invariable aim
is to please every customer and we.
will not allow any customer, large
or small, to be dissatisfied with, the
service we give. PROMPT DELL
VERY is one thing on which .we
pride ourselves, COURTEOUS and
FAIR TREATMENT is another.
Here is some special stock:
We have every kind ot Fresh Fruit
and Vegetable in their season, and in
2. a
Are you putting up Fruit?
Get your FRUIT JARS here.
I lm at m line of hmi mi (jlBgimft.
Cleanest, Biggest, Prompt-
est Store in
v-I I M 1 1 i I
! Home Restaurant
Hamburger Steaks
i Kersenbrock & Burke
Miss Goldia Nhols w?nt to Omaha I
Saturday to visfs relatives
Fred Burgeman went ro Stuart. Ne- f
hraska this mormre. on bestesc.
Rev. A. S. Becklnnd. living in f
Platte cccnty, eac? of St. Edwards
was in the city tcday. .djys- limit; aligny highr fats for'
Call and see the new styles at sae vckets cr:c in sleeping cars wii iscger
opening at Fiiimau's Tnday and Sat-5hnuV.
urday, September JO and October 1. . "ery low ou-way ra:s to ifAr W4s
- -
Hiss Cora Graves- returns
dav frcm Sliver Creek aft?
" t
i- "
ay s' visit wizh tar sisrer. Mr.
15 re
Miss Lizrie Jonei cf Pcstvilfe
sidiu witn the famii
R. E. JcBe:
' y leoraing tne tiressniak:
, witn Mrs. Murray
J. D. Snrts left tnis
Phiiadelpaia. 2ew To
in "ew Jersey on tsrrai
aicming Tor
k. 3:ii peinf?
bnisss and
to- visit his aged father.
Miss Etnel Es
of Coiraco
Ust evsnms
springs, amvtl nere
aad is the guest of Airs
s. r n. ueer
to Shnyiar to .
tU 2? -rmm sm
visfs fne
Br. jed iL-s. Frani; 'J-iaioc. ratnrs-c
today nocii iroci ther viit & s-v-u
weeie n?ar B.stoc Taey repar z. icai
they baa an e:tceec;rvjly pleasani -T3it. '.
but as they wr retfrmi&r ncne. o?r
tne Xe" Y"v:k Centra! ryiil. tee" er-,
on rietraui -whicn "as baH? wrecieU.
Sonday nrcminr. Tc- accid-nt ccccr-
cc agcosct of a
. 3 - ,-.- ,. J. -.. -i,'
. .,v.j r-,u
r". ta";-.E
jnred.a3c.0ce Toaat nliec lue car
3Ir. and Mrs- Gleasoc sre in ws nent
I uraiid cars, and th-v Ulz zh.c
fheaw jolt wnen th wrack, came. Xz.1
! .-r : 3 t . ,
4rie4iuu scu to. u?i.
an- cr n-ip-'
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.oee- under tne ticiors
TT&e one wamais who fos-" her life was-
,i. , ..
president- of tl 3Iar-
MC i.w JU t-C
cuette railrsati.
All my farm lands m Plattfe. "Uadaec I
Nance aad Enoz counties Neb- at much "
iese than prevailing pnc?. Gall at nr; "
omce. L GLUCE. Columbus. Nfa. '
The Uainc-Pacific m cosecticn with
trr - . "UahI Tjt- nnf rtms th-roTiah
Electric Lis:::c Secrs zo St. Lcnis;S22.00 W,5a,?i. lea in-"
aad rutm. Pas&scers are landed at other Cahf crnpccM
rzox. ertrrrv of Expceicx a: s crann-"
,1-nr.n. m !- inns savHur
cc hocr in tne momins. tens sa
rime and expense on arrvral ar5s-Lcuis.
r svmdicrr th zraz crowds at the hzs .
t Union Scaacn. Man- hours aoicksr
:han anv other ronte. No cnangs
musraSed snid to in Fair free an i
aaDlication zo W.E.B-Ev--Lijrji. '
Birds-Eye Tiew or tie Colum
bia Hirer tS22.50 Spctac itrmi--
mteO. 2. i . poms. .t&
An aitnetive tcp;eraphical aip.. in' "Xetatche .
coJorscivingaccsaorehensiveideaof the! late points. '.
country, so and tnoctarr to the Colnni-
Ota iiivec. laanap.isit toicer iarm.i
on the reverse side contains mihteress-1
liii urn rifKJui. ul ioc xjiiir, i in .ei
rroate. Gopies sens free by 32. X. -LO-
k j P- n ' . I r I -wmn r v -v.
MAX. G. P. i(Tl A U. P. 2. E. COi
jQngas, yefe. on -receipt
of .our cents
Columbus. I
x :::::::: : !; i a z: i-c 1 1 nut
and Meat Market
Homemade Sjysaji i
l Isrsan. Tha Great Szeorsua Itttai.
To-Ss. Louis. You will regrwt It for
years if. yoc. fail to she St. Lcaia Ex-
I t-"--.-i zyMn: .u- wii. iwub ate made cay mzb. week from
SunJay ta ThurLiy, inciusiv; svc
raciEc coarft. For instaac. K&.W
:t5 Ctiir3ia and Paget Sunns;
i . .. ... r . .
na!ii3 and
vmtarv. Thia low
:ra: we:ecund. xheu idd to your
reuorn rates eaasboend. maksM x vmrt hw
. ai?meekap9 Escnrstocs tee nrst and
"third TaeedAjs of eMChnactltto corth-
Tfe5tand socih-jt.
To Chicago and bck. Daily Jov rza
erthtar dirsit or vi ii ioai in eitnr
cirecti;. wist stocovrj- at 5c Larcm
acas Ciry cr Omaha.
Hob:- Vbiiors" Xxccrsicns" Ylr to
o!ti cttne. baca east. Septstn br 2T aad
October II, half rates pics- L00 to Iadx
m and & ziazj pomta in Ohio -Mid
NebraoS Dya ite- St. Looa Exposition-.
Tnesday. O'ber 25. Ail gocii
3Tebrakacs anonld fc- tnere and tt?
ezpioit th- pr-ifp-riry of ocr grand
I F Bscroc. Tick-; Aaent.
L. W. W-ahzst G ?. Agent. Oraan.
tie mm nam
isswwfi lif ir TatwMMlt
Zazjiii Cisj sa '"ccacil "3it. tciiauT- t
15tkt0CT. lStk-UOt -
25.00 '- iK. rassavwij.,
VTiatooc VaueoeT-r, 's.
SZO.OO " Partra. Astn. i-v-
7 i : : a. m " i : "". . :
soma inc- Seattle.
- Stg 5.00" t--i-Jcasc. Sosti-Bury,;. Eu
" ne. ilcssj auc 5nlcs:--
eluding branch -lines m-Drs-
L-lLf vv .tj...... .1 :. .no :!-
ana all iniiruieca.jcain,
hne poinu. - y,, .;''
S2O.00 72 1? Irr- rk?
Ime pcinsa. ". ... .".-"- 'i
p fwrw faforniCffwr e&f Jor
W. E Benham,' Agent, Coluanoni,
.- ."-
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.:- :.. . .- ; -
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