The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 03, 1904, Image 1

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vr- Tas5MaT3fSsaaT
and a Check Book and open an account.
wn& you. It is naady. zincn safer and
more? business hie- to have a bank ac
count, and ke-p you- mony here. By
giving checks tbe record of -ach pay
ment is kept. Then i no caang- to
make and no chance to depute the
iaoac: paid.
if you leave yon- money hre six
montiis and vuci can have it on demand.
The First National Bank
Time Table.
St Joseph.
Kansas City.
St. Lcois irii ill
points Zast and
Salt Lake City.
San Frauciscc
and all pcinta
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STATE OFFlcEK--Cruwnnr
Jft!i H. MicKey --crttrT Star,
wore- V Har-n AauiXor i iiirn- H. -lc.
Fraak S P-ncr ojvnatnii'nr Prjbijc In-irai -rum.
n'Uiiom h- t'-ier unan-ucer Patoi-c
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ar-w- 5nttT-. tuul Tn ar oif aca 2ioeu
EWujKjtr of xi" B. SiT tinii Ta lay of -a-)
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szsiiaj scuuoi. - p- m. Lauii
ustf Tstirsdar z twes monts.
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-. -.rrvrrp, . .jmTl ! 77oO; John Kotleret Louis Maier. I the first few weeks of their marriage
aT BONAVENXLUA ATHOLU -scuilay T- , - , ,, . - . ,, .,- -it . .. .-s. j
mcaa. 3u- azui -rson at 9 aaa iit L ndivided 12 parr lot o ox ll.,Colum- compisting the famishing andarrang-g-S-
o?s?J?TiI b b.i3Q0. Geo L Wagner to Lena M their new home which will m-
g":' e Cay niasw evr mnrii-- al -
-.r V-,. r 11 rv-l.--t -trr3..n -. -i
btvedxcctui. Cocft-i-iosi- heard tma I u
o"oc stfuair. au from z ro an serial
.auar;iar c33feiocH aio ioncay suitzisc b
F.iTHra rxomi, rTt7,v4JuPc-.
xrt wcmw of ca iocni. Mr. Min.j
J'"11 OQlg h& Jiu Fawssld. secn-sry.
Ultaui . . . y. s. ;!.- re.
aad iumtii Mfgnnr of rca wrti 13 "e
of P. iaUL Aiots luff, pradJeat jibiI J. .
ar W rtf X. Si- 3S- Mr derail 3nii fnrrrrr.
rmm..air U,tas V c' Tareagh the Jccrnal we wish to
OCCIDCfTAL LODGE. P tfet announce to the public that we have
IkS- J M-Craa'r- cently appointed Mr. R. W. Saley,
- wiLDty LODGE. No. u. J. O. O. F. ss maaager of the Auditorium Music Co.,
iSSSS: r-pbsii2itfor this aection,
nriT wPt" 'gTMrus v TAiwr'fcr tire Melville Clark pianos and
1 . z . rij t -, ; n r- j I
rj-C rxi t-Tj1-!J, I
ijbat wme. una na m ucti.fLtov9 1
XatESSUJU. i . .B. Mrat,
Most of Tkaa. Usdecided TEaether or
aot They "Will Become Set
tlers -Joker's Fso.
Five Columbus pecnir- were lucky
in the Rosenud land drawing, bat
none of them was very fortunate in
getting a low number Carle T Mc
Kinnie was the first Ccinmfans name
to come from the hat -with nnmber
73-L Mr. XcKinme l.ft Tuesday
i morning to look the ground over and
decide on nis selection. He conrem
clares becoming on actual settler, if
he can bay more land near his own.
He tninKs of starring a -rock ranch.
hni wants morp land than
Otro Hazel has ncr decided what
ce will do with his chance. He will
W3XI sntii hs can -er ldea cf zhe
value of -tne land he will jret.
Leo Gierezu announces that he is
thinking cf serrbmr up there because
he could then provide rood -hooting
for his father-in-iaw. Gus Schroeder
rat Poz is inclined to think he will
-ettle on his ncmesteac ami grow uo
witn tne country. I: depends sone
vrhar on how the situation looks lifter
tne lane is allotred.
T W Adams is net
thinkim: seri
ously cf movms en hi- claim
Hm, 'j.' i Trurrr" -t-alf r..,r'
towani tne
limit, and he does not
figure that
there is any jtreat fortune :n it for
ConMderable amusement was bad bv
some unknown j jkers last Thursiay
while the drawimr was m proirress.
Utto Hagei receivl a faa? telegram
informing him that he hal crawn nu
mber 14 and was offer etl 0.C00 for it.
The intelligence ciued scm excite
ment until it was discovered that an
abnormally large number of Columbus
citizens nau puneu at similarly larjie
returns. Investigation revealed the
fact tnat tne telegrams were all logus,
and the perpetrators of the deception
ar- still being sought atfer.
The citizens of Columbus who take
pride in the progress of the graduates
of cur hign school, after they get out
into the world for themselves, will
, b interested m the record that Guy
For has made m the employ of
rmour and Company m Chicago.
A few mcnth ago. Gay was prcniot
ec to the po-nion of assistant to the
general superintendent of refineries,
not througb any pull but simply be- f
cnas? ne nail dune well everytnmg
that ha.1 been assigned To him from
th time he entered the laboratory as i
assistant cnemist for the Armcur ccm- ,
pany up to zhc present time. Guy
graduated from the Columbus high .
srnoui in llr. and from the Chicago
school of Pharmacv in vj1, spending '
bis vacanens in tne drug store of Pol-
look and Company After his grad- I
nation m I-H)v he secured
a position as
pharmacist in a
Chicago drug store. '
.I-,.... -u
sir months he '
learned of a vacancy m the chemical
department cf tne Armucr company
and acceptetl it on a salary of 150 a
month, leaving a $1L position.
e aic
this because of
arc' fnr nn-T?n!
the opportunitv ofl-
origmai investigation m nis
field. Here Guy s progress
was rapid,
position of
He quickly outgrew the
under assistant and last
year was enr to the company's new
plant m Fort Worth, Texas as direc
tor of tne laboratory with a large
forre of men under him. Wnue act
ing in inz capacitv, tns accident ct
the sudden illness of tne superintend
ent of the rendering department placed
Guv ;n cnarge of work enrirelv- new
to him. wnie doing mis work, ne i
t,, r T,,.a .r,t ,, nwh-
began the investigate of certain
process- o cu: ciz seme ct tne
to cut eff seme
wastes. His wars, attracted
the at-
tenticn cf tne
general superintendent
and he was caLeu
before Mr. Armour
and a number o
the leading chemists .
cf the cempan- to demonstrate his
new discoveries. Shortly after this
interview Guy was called from Fort
Worth as assistant to the general
superintendent in Chicago, a pjsiticn
of responsibility and opportunities.
Guy hi' many friends here who
are pleased to know
of his success.
Seal Estate Transfers -Becher.
Hoickenberger & Chambers,
real estate dealers, report the follow
ing real estaxe transfers filed for rec
ord in the efdee of the county clerk
during the week ending July SO. ly04.
Israel Gluck to John PLcek, ne4
r'mt for deed, $&000;.and Mrs. Clark postponed their
Austin. It 3 blk z. Crestan $L,2(
. - ..
Vj. H- VtMs ta Liar Dans, lri his- . .
PpnnU ir? fl f-v w p,,-,.-
" ear?a-:i Aa LLtlSM . i . W Keuner
to J L. Erunken, ltG blk 100 Colum-
bus, $400. L. R. Hoffman, to TTrH J.
..specnt. wi tl . Blk: Li. p. Cen. tG00,
Fred Faagman to A. Faagman jr.
Out Lots Iz 13, Robinsons Out Lot
Addition to nampnrey, wd, $230:
a,! Qisen to Ernest Fischer. Iss -i
wt 5 Sl.-r,, r!, an
wJ. , J. -l- wj-ci. vu.
. ..
X)OUa P"n pinyers.
Jteivnie Liarx rinno Co.
Bead the JoumaL Get all the
f icneer iown site ix to Liiemens boneymoon trip until sosae future tn
Joste. It 5 blkz Hope Ad to Lindsay, i clmatinn prompts it, and will spend
C. K. Swallow of Humphrey
delegare re the dea-oenratic narin
convention and while thers got his
nanw in the tamers mi fooled some of
tie city reporters. It teems that tone
newspaper men obaerved that Mr-
i swallow cere tne same cognomen as i
Lne illustrious candidate tor pres-
, loent en tne prohibition ticket, and
j inquired if he were related to the cold
water statesman. Mr. Swalluw m-
farmed the reporter that he was a
grind-nephew of the candidate, and I
proceeded, to string nun along until
the news-gathers got the materials far j contract- far street lighta and Dr.
a story whidrupppears in his paper Heiatz, the owner of the prnsinf
and has been copied extensively over lighting plant, who has been faruiah
tne conntry. as follows: "C H. ' ing lights a-rng to the tarma of
Swallow grand-nephew of the'Prahi- ' an old ccntract, abut off the ligHa
biticn candidate for the President, is without any specific notice of his fn
a delegate from Humphrey, Nebraska, ten tiens. Dr. Heintz wanted a coa-
to the St. Loais Democratic con-re n-
ncn. He is as ramnaat a demo era:,
as his grand-uncle is ardent as a cold
1 water advocate.
"Are yen roing to rote for Dr.
Swallow 5" asked a man who learned
, of :he iaionbip-
said the grand-
company. It's
Not on your life.
a bad habit to
, --xla-t e 3 L kja
get voting for your
relatives, ami, besides . the old man
is m a bad crowd. I dou't think I
can vote for him.
""No, no iL shan't vote for my Uacie
Si. I've got a reputation to keep oat
in Nebraska. They'd think I had bats
m my belfry if I wasted a good dem-
ocratic vote by voting for a prchibi-
non president." And the nephew's
subsequent remarks indicated that ihe
Swallow family has a few black sheep
whose thirst is for something stranger
than cold water.
There was always sometniug funnv
about uncle," continued Nephew
Swallow "He never acted hfc an
ordinary boy when he was a young
ster, and wneu he grew 'up he was
still odder Why, just think or it. he
was brougnt up in the good old dem-
ocratic faith and her he ups and
gets en the orohihition ticket for pres-'
ident It's a nice thing, isn't it - We '
feel it keenlv but as I tell them back
home, we can't help it. Uncle gets
no votes from us. though, for there ,
are a few in the family who like their
water with sosaething in it..'
The prohibition candidate rone a
paper of his own, the Pennsylvania
Metncdisr, and he takes occasion
therein to deny relationship tn our
fellow citizen from Humphrey, saying
that zhe only grand-nephew he is blest
with resides in Iowa aad at present
j is three years of age.
Mr .Swallow of Humphrey thinks he
nas had a considerable nmnnnr of fan
th witn the reporter and with the
Rev Dr Swallow of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Clark
Dr. Clark, formerly one cf Colum
bus' leading physicians is married
again. The following clipping from
a Fresno"- paper tells the story:
"Bv tne pretty home wedding in Clov
is last evening, Fresno lost one of her
most estimable citizens and Clnvis
. ,.- r
a charmiag addition
circles. Miss .Prances !
Tr, ta. o,i
A. Bryant, Fresno's well known ar-'
tist. and Dr. Tracey B. Clark of Clov-'
is were the centracting parties.
The ceremony was performed at o'- ,
clock by Rev Jaf-kscn of the Eapnst
church of Clovis in the parlors of the j
handsome new name the doctor has
aust completed for his new bride. The
lector's son, Fred Clark, attended his '
father as beat man, and Olive Jackson (
of Clovis was the bride's maid of
honor. Miss Bryant's bridal gown I
was a handsome one of creme figuren ,
crepe, tailor made and meet becoming i
Only a few of the most intimate
friends and some relatives of the doc-'
tar and his bride were as the cere- j
monv.. T-nntf them Mr. aad Mrs. !
t,j -r. . x , a.r.r P .
CJl.KU A.. I, Ills -" . AM. J.r w w. I
p, yLms dj ATOy gj wife q ,
Pn Vin Alic- EatsMana and
gz v;nn; Tkria nf "P-oanrf- W-
tn Mrs. Frank Hinmaa. Mr. and
x?, 7 s.,i, si. .? rripfria
mi i a i - - taaAs wiaiai .naa aai i -
:imi-hf d- y q,. m-. jfc.
Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Eoblett of
t Miss Bryant came to Fresno about
two years ago from her home in Ohio,
and with her clever brush made a
place for herself in local artist circles, I
cu AS ilinnn m uM.ii ui
. fnenos who are
who are delighted at last
evening's happy occasion.
j Dr. Clark, too, is a comparatively
recent comer to California five years
, ago from Coin bans. Nebraska, but
his recognized abilitv in matters
medical has gained him a position of
inzuence in the profession, and the
. esteem of his fellow citizens. Dr
mediately be hospitably open to their
gpg- thieves are abroad. Last
Sunday, Frank Ku rare brock and a
rifle stolen from hie buggy at the
poor farm, where he had stopped for
a few miautaa to see some parties who
were at the dance at that place. A
mrge crowd waa present and Frank
thinks the thief took advantage of
tnat fact to cover up hie work. Five
dollars worth of
The Lindsay man. Milsan Yates,
charged with anatliat milk from the
stnaVaal naaaafl amamM j Til M 4nnnnr4e1,an a1nanar1sBt
TJnannnnntnr CsnanarnrntV nsnsar? "nW"aanl ffmaaVnT!
m and tne onmi nf tne notiau.
Ike city of Columbaa m is
out night. Tie city council
delayed toe nniT of- a fire
, tract for '25 closed arc lixkts atfSO
a Tear each for tht rin.' nf o
i years. Some members of the council
j doubt the propriety of tiding fntare
' administrations of the cirr nn c uh
a contract and arm timx rh livhra mrm
' costing the city too moch. They xrge
that the city already hires engineers
who could easily do the additional
, work incident to a lighting riant and
! thr. the only additional expense to
the city would be in the war of two
dynamos and one ongiryx agiJe from
the wiring, pules etc Estimates of
the first cost of a plant indicate
a plant that would suffice in Col
bus for the next
years would
j cost the city less than 115,000, the
( interest on a bend far which amount
would be far below the present coat
, to tne city,
Many Colmmbus basiaesa men. fav-
t or city ownerhip. The new revenue
t law will doubtless raise the valua
tion of city property to admit of the
bonding of the city for 115000, the
valuation this year being about 1200,
OjO higher than last year.
While this is a question for the tax
payers to settle, the Journal wishes
to go on record m support of the id
of municipal ownership of all city
utilities wherever the coaditioas will
Itee Mtf
JOT a lottery where
eumBBeunn nam " "avn MOT
a prize at the expense of others, but a
FREu gift to every one who pays
one year's subscription in advance.
This offer will be open only while our supply
of maps lasts. They are going last! Call and
get one or write for it before it is too late. No
Cheap-John aflair but a handsome and valua
ble chart, containing maps Nebraska, the
United States and the World, together with
statistics on government, indispensable in
every home.
Wlat tie Chart Cutiiu :
1st Page A handsome multi-colored
map of the world, varnished, the
only map of the kind published,
snowing the nags and coat-of-arma
of all nations. Retail price of this ,
map 3L23.
2nd Page A large and complete map
of Neoraeka. The best and latent
map of the state published. In-
dispensable to every Nebraskan. ,
Retail price. oc
3d Page A large map of the United i
States new. Contains 40 per cent J
more cf the smaller towns than us-
ually shown in a United States
map. The Electoral rote u print- '
ed in red jujures on each state.
Also fine half-tone pictures of all '
the presidents from Washington to
Roosevelt with their autographs.
Call, write or see one of our agents.
CoUns Journal Go.
A very striking example at tne faith
of people in what the journal con
tains came to our attention last week.
Arthur E. Bnyne of Klrtrk, Iowa who
was stopping in Columbus awaiting tne
outcome of the Rosebud drawing in
which he had a chance, nicked up the
Journal aad read in the' Many yean
ago" items about the large aqwnanae,
pumpkins and potatoes raised on Shell
Creek land that waa aelling for $L25
an acre. Mr. Bnyne did
date, 1S70, above the
to the Journal office to
of the large nr
erous Shell Creek
in to show the editor,
Shell Creek
land conic be obtained, It
rultohnveto inform thia
that the Jnnu in
likes thia country and will
ty if
clerk 12 aaane of
with hi
Baahee whaeh the nun- fient luaaaaar mt dtmtlm th ftn
waa and how thas the aw iianan for tins mrcnv th
i - raaAaajmaannj
Edgar Howard got up too lain thia Mr. aad Mm Wav Peaanh vautad at
moraiag to make the trip to MePhnmann. the haeaa ef . Faaeahu uueanta m
Flmann Tnay ware tehee atarlad at
Mrs. L. F. Paillippe aad k
esildtn both ilL
Gora WilMrd.aa aid Pkaftte
i in Colamh the
of teas
Will Qalkr
miffmt fiessi Oadar Bapidsi
wwi-ia He will visit his foiks
far a akact tma,
HiatsAsrasce Saydsx left today for
atwa vaaks visit in Palltrfcm. Her
piaee.isi the Tslepaoejp easfesssfe ie fill-
ad dasiac sw aaaeace ay
of the
charcsi will
ice cream en the
the evening of the
to be given by
the head in the pnUic concert aeriea.
A paaeal card froaa Rev. Meiader,
received by Ma. Baeche today, an
nwsaaaa the death of Mrs. Meissler's
tether, whoae aerioaa illneas had
called thaan emddenly to St. Loads last
Sasaraay. Her death ocemrred at
at nine o'daak an the morning of tne
preceding day.
A late news item reaches the Journ
al tnat Ralph Striker of Shelby arriv
ed in trwn today in search of a sedan
watch. He fonnd that the loet watch.
had beam pawned at Sehnlsa's
mediately had Bmce 5e
ed. and charged with the theft. The
news rani hi ma jnat at the time of go
ing to praas, so that no time for far
ther particalara is afforded.
Mrs. Spencer was badly frightened
by a " hobo one morning this
week. She was starting to the barn
atambled aver the farm of a
ed and aa fines tramn who was
apparpitly dead drank. She called
for tan assistance of A Drake wholives
near. When finally aroused, the hobo
showed fight bat was aooa seat on his
way by Mr. Drake. The fellow was
seen in the saaae neighborhood a little
later, bagging ?or an old hat to replace
l the one which he
id the wind had
blown off while he
on the train
Wajtart Free
one subscriber draws
Wlj Yn SfeNM Man
HISTORICAL: The oldeat paper
in the county. The Indian stories
in the -Many Tears Ago items.
alone worth more than the price of
snbaenptioc. 3c a week.
POLmCAL: The only republican
paper that gives the news of the
entire county.
BUSINESS: The beat business men
advertise in The Journal.
REMEMBER: The Journal sub
scription list represents the com
bined lists of The Journal and the
Times and is open to the inspection
of our advertiacra.
Jerry Cnrrig
porter to dig up som
of history mat week, anc of tne
recoras which he nerpa to
The first pace of an aid record book.
the aaases of
one of w:
pointed to provide for the
of a territorial county. The first mo
tion of thia aaanmittee recorded xa one
of a record
aooa: tor tne neaarj ae anon as
casae aseae Satarday
where aw ie
eeeak Monday aaornimg. Mr.
ManJaeaaatar reachinc her hedeitse
aao anmensn unaat mt Q. B. Stxlbnnn asnanra as the
inauarad Tne mm I ana waa Patrick Murray ,
waa pain- qaarter aactum of Franc TTanQlar
j nam mam Tne nrtlumbna Journal waa the first
final meeting!
nocuDirat of sTmxTisoM
(continmed from last weeki
July 15. The petirian of J. P.
Sokol et al for license to sell malt.
spiritona and vinous liquors in the
town of Duncan, presented and referr
ed to the committee en judiciary
A like petition was also read from
Flakas and Matya of Tamov. The
Board decided to give the remenstra
tors against this petition sill 2 o'clock
in the afternoon to show cause why
the petition should not be granted.
The Bev. Father Czeck appeared be
fore the board at that time on behalf
of the remonstrators and requested
the Board if they issued the license
to do ao only on condition that the
applicants agree to abide by the law.
Upoa.rceomaenda.tion of the jndic
mry committee, the bond of John
Baner, overseer of high ways in dis
trict 12, Lost Creek township was ap
proved. The fallowing bills were on motion
auowea. and the ciexs directed to
iame warrants in payment of the same
on the 104 county general fund
T"nn n nmiiioniltriiw rf rha. aorww. I
rive coaamittees the following claims
were denied far the reason that the '
same are not a legal claim against t
the county L. C. Thiemke, reward I
for arresting horse thief. J E. Ham
lin, M; Anton Faagman. livery, iti
quest E. Blattert. !; Ed Ressner,
special deputy sheriff circus day, $2.
The bill of A. Bauman. Jr., 10.33,
for boarding witnesses, carfare etc..
State vs. Kelly, deferred until next
of board.
Relative to the claims of L J. West.
sheriff of Butler county and Arthur
Warrren, manna' I of David City, each (
claiming a reward of $400 purported
to have been offered by the sheriff
reward of $400 puroorted
ari hrmir? nf !rww-riiri nf lrr
county, the board decided to defer ac
tion until it could be ascertain
which claim were valid.
On motion the following bills were
allowed and the clerk directed to issue
warrants on the 1904 county poor
fund : Nebraska school for the deaf,
mdse. far the Kata children, iUL 11;
Hayden Broa., mdse. for Kuta child-'
ren, $24 33; D. A. Becher, county
treasurer, cash advanced, $0.42.
n T,
The Omaha Printing company, mdse
zar ccxmtT, aiM ; vj. .a. vxraenuier,
C. D. C. costs, Greek vs Platte coun
ty, $15.2S, costs. Gram vs Platte
county, $13.13; costs State vs Kelly,
$"9.43. Uaderwuod Typewriter com
Pny. typewriter for county i7.30;
C. J. Camg, sheriff, boarding pns
cners, $13; same, jailers fees,
e, coats, scare vs rurgesscn. i. o,
. .
Vahanalra Talanhnna trt 3saacrYa V i
Afga.nmanan cac wuc - t. k..v -i, . ,
same, service far sheriff. I11.R.W
rJt it.- .C .3 i.
$29.00, Wm. Daesman, preparation1
J. JT J,
bocyE. Blattert. $5.00, F. H. Geer.
ci. t... 1.3 Cn,. wo urii-. i
M. D. post mortem, body Anna
Freiderich, $2.00; P. E. Metz, cor
oner, viewing body Anna Friederrch,
La the matter of tne complaint ct
Math FarrelL complaining of erron
eous a aaiarnr of personal property
in Granville township and asking
that his 1902 tax be reduced to $13.00
and his 19C3 tax reduced to $;.00.the
clerk was directed to correct tax lisr
according to the petition.
The anesament of a mortgage owned
by Alic M. Geer was lowered from
$400 to $200 on motion of beard.
la the matter of the complaint cf
J. D. Stirae to excessive assessment
lota 1 to 6, block 163 in the city cf
Columbus tee counrr treasurer
directed to accept the principal of the
tax without interest as payment m
The board denied the claim of Pat
rick Murray, asking to have taxes re
funded amountiag to $73.72, en the
ground that the lands taxed belonged
to the United States and were fcr
The fallowing bills were an motion
allowed and the clerk directed to
iasoe warrants on the county road and
bridge funds Gtto Ernst, account
Columbus twp, $144 23 ; Cruweil Lbr
and Grain Co. account Crestcn twp,
$209. SO; John F. Eelibush account
"bin am ii twp, $1.00; R. L. Rossiter
account Prairie twp $4.45 and Shell
Creek twp $4.43 , Geo. A. nr-agland,
account Bismark twp, IllU.oo, J.
W. Adaniscn, account Monroe twp,
The bill of J W. Adaatson. $247 0,
account Monroe twp was referred to
the Monroe township board fcr pay-
The board granted the petition of
J. C Dawson et al for opening the
road on rural route, number 4, aad
directed the clerk tu proceed in ac
cordance with law in opening the
The board granted the petition of
Bendy kowaki et al for the lo
af a public road 40 feet wide.
dag at the nc west cor Z4
17 1 and running thence south one
The petitiou of W. D. Wilson et al
for the vacation and location of cer-
of the "river road" waa
en the ground that "public
ty doee not justify the pay-
af heavy dnmagea incurred by
and vacation of the
the petition of
Xoeinu et al for the location
Soda - ligMfil
Is what they
all say about
our Ice-Cream
Soda. We
make it our
selves We
know it is pure
6ha& H. Daok,
of a public read en the
of sec 34
The petitions of August Beattchor
Gerrard and Liegler. John Zeylunand
WalMr were deferred
til tne
next sesison of the board.
Judiciary committee approved appli
cation and bond of 'Flakas andrMatki
for saloon license in Tamov and re -
sm- M a. 4 -3-4 l.. IiaaMnn B B at '
the som of $300. Adopred.
July lu. Fallowing resolution was
adopted Resolved that the county
clerk be directed to make special levy
of one and two-fifths mills upon all
LK - - I 1 J. . -. UT
- iar iae Py5 coe-uum ox
I WTk L M I 1 m
' i" ia an oeiuruueuimci
' 2o. 79 from district 29
I wTir v:ti tt j i
""t' "" -wwcu m.
tne clerk directed to issue warrants in
I payment cf some en the county gen.
eral fundr
Ed Rocsaiter, bailiff D. C. 1-C0;
i FJ0
Joan R. Brock, same. 110 00 ; Jno. M.
Gondring. def counsel Makey, $35.00 ,
D. A. Becher, co treas, cash advanced.
33. CQ, Jao. Graf, co clerk, name,
!27.!j0. L. R. Latham, co atty, same.
ilL 79 , Carl Schubert, repairs at jail,
S3 S3; K. L. Roesiter. acct bondsmen
, --- .-". . -- rw.
" -30.Louia Held. same.
,$lo.30. Peter Eender, same. $26.70,
Praak &Tmt . q.
erich. same, il'J.rxi ; John Goetz.
$29.30. M. E. Clother. same. $2S 10.
Tne beard filed a report Sni'Tg -hat
the proposed drainage ditcn for Lcat
Creek vicinity i necesaary directing
that same should be contsracted. L
, F. Gctischalk. surveyor and engineer,
i was anthenzed to survey the pro-
, . , , . ,
wu, m. i4.w.t. naA naac an .Hani
I . same, seizing atAiets aicng propoeeu
.-i , i
route. Mr Gottschalk was also aath-
crized tQ a sciedaie, showing
, . ' . ..
she benefits wnich would accrue to
, ,,,,,. .,.., .w
t iv. auuu t uc. auu tt uiig,
an estimate of the ccst of loeation and
construction to each, and a specifi
cation of the manner in which such
1 1 improvement snail be made aad com
pleted, and report same to the board.
Application and bend of J.iP. Sokol
for saloon license in Duncan was ap
proved and license fixed at $300. '
. Beard ad;cumed to October 10, 1904,
, at 2 o'clock p.m.
( A resolution was passed directing
i the counrr clerk to issue a warrant
I for 4.c0, favcr county treasurer the
' same to be placed to :h credit cf the
Camg Jewell 'itci fund, which was
shewn to be over drawn to that
," ij.j tJ
I a iuuuws oawjiiuaieu cuosij cni:g:
fu nd. Lost Creek tawnship,$2.23;ccn
, solidated county read fund, Shell
Creek township, .73. ccuary road
fund. Shell Creek township, $1.30
i All official bends on file with clerk
1 were referred to the committee an
. judicary and all bills were referred
' to the appropriate comautteea.
I Sixty names were selected by the
beard from which a jury fcr the 3To
vember term of the district court will
be selected.
Judiciary committee reporrs that
petition cf Wm Webster fcr location
and ccnstrucnac uf drainage ditch
in Lost Creek was in legal form
that accompanying bond had beea. ap
proved by Co. clerk, aad recemmend
ed that board proceed according to
law. Report adopted and an motion
board agreed to go witn Surveyor
Rossiter to view line of proposed im
provement and determine whether
said ditch is necessary cr conducive to
public health- convenience or welfare.
The families cf Mr and Mrs. Lisle ,
Seedham and Mr. and Mrs. G. W. 1
Lindell and F. 5. Thompson cf Alhicn
automobile d to Columbus last Sun- f
day. Mr. and Mrs. Keedaara were
guests of Mr. aad Mrs. Kcavr Rabin
son and Mr. and Mrs. Lindell and F
S. Thompson were guest? of Mr. and
Mrs. F H. Abbott.
John Peters of Mb; on was in Colum
bus Monday between train en his way
to 2orfaL. Mr. Peters was cue of the
first settlers m Boone county. He was
a close personal friend of 3L
Turner ni! nf !f tTa fmrhtvr whn '
practiced law in Eccae county before
the days of the t-.tTttm Xr. Petera
recalls an elect ion in those early days
: ,;.., v - 1:2 m f
-t uua mc waa 3. ca-Kuoaie xor coam
ty clerk ageiaar Loran Clark and in
which he says he owea hie election tn
the anpucrt given him by Mr.
thrcugh the JouranL
nnnl LA" Wil nl nnnns nnl
annnns nnnnnnnHmnnnnnnnnn mnnnsnnnnnnnnf
Invitad to answer the followiag quae
tioca: Where la the moaev yoa
earning all these years?
Have you spent it and given
else the privilege of saving what you've
Why not save at least a portion of your
earnings for yourself, deposit it at your
bank regularly and get 3 per cant inter
est on all you aave.
Z5e Columbus
State Bank
We own and control 10.000
acres of the choicest land in
j- Thomaa Country Kansas.
s Here la what we claim for
5 ii countrv
It i fine, smootn. well-grasaed
prair.e land; nch. deep black soil
off clay subsoil, an inexhaustible
! -
2 supply of pure water, and the
"; mot: cealthful climate in the atata.
Good neighbors and good schools.
The dairy vill. pay Uie Thoaiaa
3 county farmers $13QX)0.UU thia
J season. Thev raise bumper crupa
of all kinds over IJaWJsM baeh
j els of wheat this tanaue. maay
fields yielding 40 bushel per acre.
S Other crope m proportion.
E Thomas is the county of fat
5 cattle and hogs, fine horses and
" mule, and the thrifty hen that
3 never gets aiek in thia country. (
f Pnce. only J6.00 to f 15.U) per 3
acre, on terras to suit purchaser. 5
: Isn't this just what you have been
jE looking for0 We court inveati- l
S gatioc z
Columbus. Jfebr.
1 1 1 ir r : 1 1 1 : i r 1 1 1 1 r hi ! i ft
j jj"
t 4
We have a customer anxious
to huy a farm ot 120 or 160
acrt cIo?e to Coliiatbdi. He
will allow the present owner tn
retain possession this year. It
must be 'so A land, fairly well
improved. : : : :
. -'.j t t a i
Illlllllllll llllllllllllll
Ha jut rectiveii
a new stock of
FiHe Wal Papar
"VVs invite the pub
lic to look the line
over before bevmz.
ftiprs' StaiiftNr Tmk.
S-)Id 13 all tiad-. i zzit,cmg.
by 27 pai3X or txuermiaiam.
A mea&OTMi pcarsaeuc ill
Call cs a.
prMcA&Caaa. n
Two Persoially Coadactcw Ex-
cariion to nWataa tva tke
lrlinrta Koate.
Special excursioc to Boston iaavea
Lincoln August lltfc at 6dsl p. m m
charge of Chapiafr R E. RaudalL A
second excursion leaves Lincoln Anguat
13th at SaTO p. m- in charge of J. B.Fer
guaoc Through tounat ears from
Omaha. Short stops at the show places
. ul uic e-vw 3. niiRf- uj rwvara Tia ai.
Louis and ase the World's Fair the
by the hand of aaa.
If you are figuring-ae tan trip "r to
nn ifmnhnirr 'a-aiiiir n irnna a secy
low rate for the round trip, with all ean
rinnasi moat favorahte. Or; write me.
L. W. Waa-uz.
u. r. a- xtarrfngten j