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Tss Mas i Vastly PUltturi
Immensity of Ah
Few people realize the immensity of
' the area, of Alaska. With its 577.290
. square miles. It is larger than til
.three largest states in the Union, name
if, Texas. California and Moutaaa. the
'.total area of which is only 570.223
' atuare miles.
la It Net Worth While
if you travel, on business or nl
s to. i;et the best service for the Iow
rates T AsIc the Erie ""''
nan?. 5as Railway Exchaaee. rkb-ar
for full infoncartoc. Booklets free ee
-scribtnc Sua-mer Tours and the Beau
tiful Chautaae.BC Lake Region: "Vt
'Cambridge Spriaea.
The presence of moisture in tobacco
is. the Lancet believes, of some im
portance to public health since the
combustion of tobacco containing; a
large proportion cf moisture is im
peded, while as the generation of va
pcr is increased, so are the chaaces of
the poisonous principle being; carried
into the mouth.
A Syllogism That Proves Much.
The famous syllogism of Tbemisto
cles was that his infant son rud the
whole world, proved thus.
My infant son rules his mother.
His mother rules me.
I rule the Athenians.
The Athenian rule the Greeks.
And the Greeks rale the world.
Units States Fieri Catch.
Accord his; to the National Geo
graphic Magazine, the total catch of
food fishes in the United States and
Alaska, as shown by the last canvass.
was 1.723 J 14.324 pounds, valued at
4a,5314. The number of men em
ployed was 214.056. and the capital in
vested was 172.2S1.646.
Of Wide Interest.
Breed. Wis, July Is Special
Charles Y Peterson. Justice of the
Peace for Oconto Co, has delivered
a Judgment that is cf interest to the
whole United States. Put briefly, that
Juagzient Is. "Dodd's Kidney Pills are
the best Kicaey medicine on the mar
ket to-day"
And Mr Petersen gives his reason
for this Judgment. He says "Last
winter I had an aching pain in my which troubled me very much.
I the morning; I could hardly straight
en my back. I did not know what it
was but an advertisement led me to
try Dodd'a Kidney Pills. After taking
one box I can only say they have done
more for me than expected a I feel
as weil no-- as ever I did before. "
Pain in the back is one of the first
symptoms of Kidney disease. If not
cured by Dodd s Kidney Pills it may
develop into Bright s Disease. Dia
betes. Rheumatism or some of the
other ceadly 'onus of Kidney Disease.
Grain-Eating Songsters.
Fine voices, it is said, are seldom
found in a country where fish or meat
diet prevails. Those Italians who eat i
the most Ash (those cf Naples and j
Genoa i have few fine singers g 1
them The sweet voices are found in
the Irish women of the country and
nor of the towns Norway is not a
country of singers. Decause they eat
tea mucn nsh, but Sweden is a coun
try of gram and scng. Carnivorous
tires croak, grain-eating birds sins.
Where Most Wheels Go Around.
There is no place in the world where
the waon cr cart traffic is equal to
tnat of Newch-jrarg During the win
ter months, when the reads are firmly
frozen, there are not less than 2.000
carts ewich carrying two 'one per day,
coming to the port, each drawn by
from four to seven mules or ponies;
some of these carts are from thirty
to forty days on the read in order to
reacc the market.
Longest Convention.
The longest convention in our polit- '
.teal historv was the Democratic na- .
tiona! conv-ntion which met at '
Charleston. 5. C. in ISoO At the ead i
'of ten days it nad accomplished noth
ing, and adjourned to meet in Balti
more Even when the majority of the J
celegates reconvened in the last-
named city they needed four days to
,r. res is ate Stephen A. Douglas j
ettied the Case Wfth He.
Many great discoveries have
made by accident and things better i
than gold mines have been fouad m
ta waj. for example when even ta 1
accidental discovery that coflee is the
real cause of one's sickness proves of
most tremendous value because it k
rates the cause and the persoa ami
then a eaaace to get well.
"For over 25 years." says a Miemwl
woman. "I auStrnd untold agoaiea m
my stomach and even the best
sicians disagreed as to the camte
out giving me any permaaeat help.
different ones saying it was gastrMm.
indigestion, neuralgia, etc, so I
dragged along from year to year, al
ways half sick, until fiaallj I gave av
ail hopes of ever being well
"When taking dinner with a
oae day she said she had a new
which turned cut to be Poetnm
I Hked it so well I told her I
I would stop coffee for awhile aad
it. which I did.
"So for three munrhs we had
turn in place of coffee without ever
having one of my old spells bat
always healthy and -rigorous.
"Husband kept saying he was
voiced it was coffee that censed
eacUr. but even then I wouldn't be
lieve it until one day we got oat of
Postum aad as we lived two
from town I 1 1 1 imj.1l I to use the
we had in the ssmee.
"The result of a week's use of cof
fee again was that I aad another
rihle spell of agoay aad disci ess.
mg that it was me coffee aad
erne. That settled it aad I si
feve to Coffee forever
akme has bees, our hot
y frieads all say I
better aad my cnmjlsihis m
imBroved. All the
of our family have he
i. im, hy Postum ia place of the am
Arm. eeCee." Namegiveahy
CnamttJe Creek.
Tea day trial af
ta ike
a trml
cat- ItvaiMcta
"UB bait biuad ttiTmi aezr hm &.
lb. - ' Tie 9cMc ruiWtliMof IB.
miBCKffiJBIita ! in - - -
w k sbs wiKTxai B
The Ward of
"I have brought the boy home by
reason of the King's command that he
be held in safety and because it was
my pleasure to succor him. I desire
your love will, as is becoming, re
ceive him. kindly and charitably."
He raised his hand as the pertest of
the maids would have answered him.
aad there followed an uncomfortable
pause. Then seven gowns swept the
reee-strewm foor as seven courtesies
fell, and the young master walked
quietly to the door.
Homesick and heartsick, the waif in
the page's dress was left facing the
unfriendly glances. Even in her brav
est days, she had never known whtfr
it was to be disliked, and now I Sud
denly she limped after her friend and
caught at his cloak.
"Let ate go with you. she cried. "I
beseech It of you! I want not their
After a moment, the Etheling threw
his arm protectingly around the boy
ish figure.
I do not blame you. poor young
ling." he said. "I was wrong to treat
you as a child when you were bred
up as a man. Ton shall have a bed in
the cloeet of my chamber, and they
shall not enter except as you will ir
Aad you shall eat off my plate and
drink from my cup. Come!"
The Fercign see.
It was August, when Mother Earth
had nearly completed her task of pro
viding for her children, and the ex
citemeat of a mighty work drawing
to its close was in the air; when the
3un-warmed stillness was a-quiver
with the pulse of growing things com
ing to their strength, and every cloud
'ess day held in its golden heart a
ong of exultation. A groom loungee
"For the dear saints' sake, let no en
in the shade of the wide-spreading
trees as he kept a lazy eye on the
croppings of two saddled horses, and
an endless chain of fagot-laden serfs
plodded joylessly across the open. On
one side of the great entrance arch a
half-dozen of the manor poor gabbled
and basked in the sun while they wait
ed to receive their daily dole of food;
on the other, a lark-locked foreign
page sat on the mossy step abiding
the coming of his master
The page bent to pillow a cheek on
the soft cushion of the dog's head,
then drew back and straightened him
self stiffly as a strapping serving-lass,
flagon-laden, came out of the door be
hind him. She saw the motion and
looked down with a teasing laugh.
"Aha. young Fridtjof! How do you
like being sent to cool your heels on
the doorstep while your master eats?
What' I think that the next time
you thrust your foot cut to trip me up
as I hand my lord his ale. you will at
tend to keeping it under your stool."
Young Fridtjof regarded her with
a kind of righteous indignation. "And
I think that the next time you will
look where you are going, even if it
happen that it is Lord Sebert's ale yoa
are bearing. Silly jades, that cannot
come nigh him without biting your
lips or sparkling your eyes! I won
der he does not clap masks over your
"And I wonder he does not clap rods
to your back" the lass retorted with
sudden spite. She flounced past him
down the step, on her way to the
great lead-roofed storehouse that
flanked the forest side of the Tower.
The boy looked after her sternly. "It
is likely that you will be less pert of
tongue after I tell what I found oat
ia the corn-bins yesterday." he said.
The maid whirled. "What did you
And out. you mischief-full brat?"
He continued to stroke the dog's
head ia dignified silence.
"If you mean the the browa
cloaked beggar. let me inform you that
that is naught."
Busying himself with pulling burrs
from the hound's ears, the page be
gan to hum softly.
Wke came a step nearer, and her
voice wheedled. "It was only that he
was distressed for drink, poor fellow.
and followed me into the storehouse
when he saw me go in to fill the mas
ter's flagon. It was naught bat a
swallow. My lord would he the last
to grudge a harmless body"
"Harmless r the page said steraly.
"Did I not hear him tell you thesamd
as that he was an hma" ill spy?
The girl abandoned the last shred
af her dignity, to come and stand be
fore aim. nervously fingering her
apron. Tor the dear saints sake, let
no, one hear you say that, good Fridt
jof! Alas, how you have got it twist
ed! He is an evgwHTn who beat
his head for food ia the evil days. Aad
sow they that bought him win aot set
him loose, so he has cast off their
yoke aad fled to the Danes to get free
dom aad fortune. Say tnat you will
hold year toagne. sweet lad. aad I will
make boot with anything yea like.'
He was very deliberate about' it.
the page, porsiag his rosy mouth iato
any aamher of judicial puckers; hut
at hut he coBceded. "If I do
wSI yoa make a bargain to m
to year ntUy behavior toward my
lard? WU1 yuu uadertake to deliver
hm dishes iato my heads, aad leave
it far me to paaa his cup?"
"Tea. ia truth: hy Father Jmfxlph'a
fSXl ff&mMBmHfm WamBBT luBB. J""T- fv
.HrflEmB-VmlimA TsmVmkfc' " J
i HHBL- CP"Q tBmumLA mV. t-J ' I ' B er-i.
mlStrmEO fr
F Kz. rf awamBBTBvZ i af - - ' .i J
Wmi rl tmmmoaomeVA ''rl-T j- " I " A
' ' MJP i ' 'TA 1 l IVS
....... lBFJxtL fcMB
fc-iWAJmBiT 1 11 1 . I V
mature, "la that ease I wiM aot be
King Curate
so mean as to refmse you." he
seated. Aad he sat smfTimc to him
self in sly content after she tad har
ried away.
Followed by old Morcard aad the
fat monk, the TEraeHng descended
from the doorway and stood oa the
broad step, shading am eyes from the
glare of brilliant light while he looked
about him with evident pleasure in the
fairness of the day.
"If the question may be permitted
me. whither do yoa betake yourself,
my lord? the old caiht asked.
With the light wand he carried, the
young- man made 4. gesture quite
around the horizon. "Everywhere and
nowhere. After I have been to see
what they are doing with that portion
of the palisade which I bade them re
pair as soon as they had fiaisaed the
barrier. I am
"That is something that had eleaa
fallen out of my mind to tell you. Lord
Sebert," Morcard spoke up hastily.
"Yesterday, before you had got in
from hunting. Kendred of Hazisford
came, as spokesman for the rest, to
say that inasmuch as the Barn Month
is well begun, it will not be possible
far them to labor more upon the build
ing: and. by your leave, they will put
off this, which is not pressing, until
after the time f the harvest."
It was several moments before the
Etheling spoke, and then his voice was
noticeably deliberate. "Oh!" he said,
"so they ask my leave, but stop at
their pleasure?"
My lord!" the old man looked at
him in surprise "they act only ac
cording to custom. Surely you would
not have them neglect the harvest,
which waits no man's leisure, to pot
to their hands as laborers when there
is no present need, now that they have
completed the barriers by the stream?
What present harm because the drain
off the hill has rotted the palisade?"
e hear you say that, goad FriajorV
After a moment the young noble be
gan to laugh. "I will tell you how I
am going to spend my morning. Mor
card. I am going to ride over every
acre that is under my hand and see
how much I can spare for loan-land.
And when I have found cut. I will rent
every furlong to boors who shall be
bound to pay me service, aot whea It
best pleases them, but whensoever I
stand in need of ir"
Old Morcard turned and stepped up
into the doorway, from which he
looked down indulgently upon his
laughing master. "It happened for
merly. Lord raeberr, that I knew how
to command your earnestness, aad
that speedily; but that time has Ioag
gone by Methinks I can accomplish
more among the watchmen upon the
platform. By your leave, my lord!
Bowing, he disappeared in the dark
tunnel of the archway, aad the Ethel
ing was left alone save for the grace
ful figure awaiting him beside the
step. The instant he moved, it
sprang forward.
"Lord, is it your wish that I get the
"Yes; go bid them fetch the horses,
and we will have another day of blithe
Blithe they were, ia truth, as they
cantered through shaded laaes and
daisied meadows, nothing too small to
be of interest or too slight to give
them pleasure. By grassy commons
and rolling meadows sweet with clus
i tering haycocks, they came at last to
the crest of the hill that guarded the
eastern end of the dale. The whole
round sweep of the horizon lay about
them in an unbroken chain of ripen
ing vineyards and rich timberland, of
I grain-fields and laden orchards; aot
one spot that did not make glorious
pledges to the harvest time. Drinking
its fairness with his eyes-, the lord of
the manor sighed in full content.
"When I see how fine a thing it is to
cause wealtn to be where before was
nothing. I cannot understand how I
once thought to find my pleasure only
in destroying." he said. "Xext month,
when the barley beer is brewed, we
will have a harvest feast pleatiful
enough to flesh even your bones, you
The Danish page laughed as he
dodged .the plaguing wand. "It If
true that you owe aomethiag to my
race. lord. He had great good sease,
the Wide-Fathomer, to stretch his
strips of oxhide around this dale aad
turn it into an odaL"
"Nay. now. it was Alfred who had
sense to take it away from aim." the
Etheling teased.
But the hoy shook hack his loag
tresses in airy defiance. "Them wfll
Canute be foremost in wisdom, for
soon he wfll get it back, together with
all England. Remember who got the
victory last -veek at Brentford, lord."
Ia the midst of his TaiHg; emmf
came over the young EacMshmaa'a
smile. "I would I knew the truth eaa-
eemlug that." he said slowly.
maa who pair to-day
thing; whoso eomes
story. Yet
free to
He did aot finish, aad far a wham M
appeared as though fee did
sunlit fields his eyes
But saddealy the hay
him with i
"Look, lard! Is
the third haycock!"
The mom sat that he had
ICC 4DvBatlM'rB
"Bat I wfl mate htei aeuh-m far
a aew tome. "By saint
Swtthm. Tmd. I tmak they have
sease thaa we. that liamer a
hour's ride from food with a
day sea scaadiag ia the sky! It Is
ia upea me that I am starviag-"
am hone oat of the
he was patthsff him aauut hi
haste, whea the hoy leaped ia his stir
rups aad clapped his haads.
"Lord, we aeed aot he a Tfieur
from food! Yoader, cries the stab
bis. is a farmhouse. If you would corn
seat that I might use your name, them
would I ride thither aad get their
best, aad serve it to you here ia the
elves' own feast-balL"
The aaswer was a amp am the
green shoulders that aearly tumbled
their owner from the saddle. "Now.
I was right to call you elf. for yea
have more than human cieveraesa!"
the Etheling cried gayly. "Do se, by
all meaas. dear lad; aad I promise ia
return that I will tell every puffed-up
dolt at home that you are the blithest
comrade who ever fitted himself to
man's moods. There, if that coatemts
you. give wings to your heels!"
(To be continued.)
Very Strang Hint Given ta
But Bashful Swaia.
Prof. Gates of Harvard was illus
trating the other day the figure that
is known as double entendre, or dou
ble meaning.
"I heard last week." said Prof.
Gates, "a good example of double
entendre. There was a maa who had
been courtiag a woman for five or
six years. This maa. It was plaia.
loved the woman; he called oa her
five nights in the week; but. in that
shy mood so commoa ia New Eng
land, he could not bring himself to
"He sat one evening opposite his
sweetheart. He had grown quite bald
since his courtiag had begun; and.
as for her. little lines had appeared
about her mouth and eyes, aad she
stooped as she walked. Very des
perate she was. It seemed to her
that they might have been married
five years ago.
- 'I seen.' said the shy lover. 'I seen
aa ad. to-day for a suit for 10.'
" 'Was it a wedding suit?' the wom
an asked in a strange voice.
"'No. he answered nervously; 'it
was a business suit.'
"'Well. I mean business,' said the
criptie sf Position.
J. S. WUlison. a Pa editor,
ia a recent speech told a story of the
Horn. Edward Blake, bow M. P. for
Longford in the British House of
Commons. Mr. WUlison was of the
press gallery force at Ottawa whea
the Canadian Pacific railroad coa
structtou was up for discussion. Mr
Blake was then leader of the Liberal
party ia Canada, aad was opposing
the building of the transcontinental
railway ia speeches that were noto
rious for their length. Mr. BUke was
aa orator who required little notice
to make a telliag speech, but at this
time he had fallu into tle hahit ot
writing out his speeches end readies
them off at a trenicdrc nte. Hi
had been speaking for six hour wbsn
one stenographer. In nriicva? hi", fel
low, asked: "Wherri ia fc3 atJ-s-?"
Quick a; a flash cam-i. :h? snswet
from the man who bid ca rested te
keep up with the crater:
"He's an thz south bunk cf tk? Sas
katchewan, en the dowu rradc. sad
going like ! ' Xuw York Tloxa
Mask His Tsts "it.
James Whitcomb BUey-:&: a story
ot an old fellow wfeu asked for work
at the Biley farm at tu poet's bey
hood. He was sec at as sac potatoes.
but did aot prove to Irs oipacislry in
dustrious. When takes at task 1st
his lack cf aiaUsatice !? c-ly re
"Wall, tie Gc.l 3ek r.rj3 To 3
'g in moderation."
"Well, it came on dlanar t'.acc ?t
last," says the huaonat, "and the old
codger did his share nobly. Li fast,
he ate enough to kflJ rrc er thru or
dinary men. Some oae 'ScaBy biated
that his text didn't seetu t3 apply
He opemed a were little Bible aad im
perturbably poiated to a rases; It
"'Whatsoever thy tax! tsdeth as
da do it with an th7 might!" New
Tork T
lupsirtilion Easily Satisfied,
"Speaking of the superstition af
women." said Phil Thompson at the
Waldorf the other might. "I aavo a
friend who lives is a studio baEdrau.
Not long ago a man committed su
cide in the building. She was dis
tressed. She was sore that twe
other suicides would be committed
before the reign of disaster was fin
ished aad dome with. She was afraid
that she would commit suicide herself
to move the thiag aloug.
"Later I met her. She had a
satisfied air.
"Wett, said L 'how did it
"A11 right,' said she. Two oi imy
goldfish died aad that mads the
three.'" New York Times.
Easily Cnpliiasd
"What did you say was the trauhle
with my ole man's stomach?" aafcad
who had beem called ia ta prumc.ihs
for her husband.
"I said." replied the doctor, "that
he water heaea sr pyrmos. as we doc
tors call it- He mast be mure careful
retaxutag the food he eats.
"Cat am jmat what am the austtak
with him pfaiiuii " said she. "rno's
the simmst ham' for pie you aocr see.
Ho eats most three pirns shnj mul
It surety am imerasa he asm safiormg
bwow WMUW4UUT1 may,
sssdmr ta ho smut mem at his wad
wtobk soak Shot I oomol ho dalififefid
msmav asssmg hash TmQs of sick
afsmtya. it aches wfesm yoa work.
ft ajcfcmm wham yoa try to rest. It
throbs m
TJrmmry troubles
add to your mis
ery. No rest, ao
comfort, until the
kldaeys are
wen. Cure them
with Dean's KM
aey PiHs.
Mrs. W. MLDaa
scher. of 25 Wa
ter St, Bradford.
Pa, says; "I had
palm ia the small of the back.
My amUea. feet, haads sad almost my
whale body were bloated. I was lan
guid aad the kidney secretkms were
prides Physicimu told me I had
vfihvTrn ta its worst form, aad I fear
ad I would never recover. Dean's Kld
mey Pllia cured me ia 1&9V aad I have
beem well ever siace."
. A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
aey medietae which cured Mrs. Dau
scher win be mailed to any part of the
Taited States. Address Foater-Mil-hurn
Co, Buffalo. N. Y. Sold by all
dealers, price 50 cents per box.
Can Medals.
Am iafuential committee has been
formed ia Paris for the purpose of
strlklag a medal ia hoaor of the mem
ory of the late Prof. Corau. The com
mittee includes maay members, for
eign associates aad correspondents of
tae Iastttute of France, as well as oth
er leaders ta the scientific world. The
medal will be in bronze, .silver bronze
aad silver, and the price will he 15
frames. 20 francs aad 50 francs, re
.The Defiance Starch Co. will give
25 ladies a round-trp ticket to the St.
Louis exposition .to five ladies in
each of the following states: Illinois.
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missou
ri who win send in the largest number
of trade marks cut from a 10-cent, 16-
package of Defiance cold water
starch. This means from your
owm home, anywhere In the above
aamed states. These trade marks must
he mailed to and received by the De
fiance Starch Co.. Omaha. Neb., before
September 1st, 1904. October and No
vember will be the best months to
visit the exposition. Remember that
Defiance is the only starch put up 16
oz. (a full pound) to the package.
You get one-third more starch for the
same money than of any other kind.
and Defiance never sticks to the iron.
The tickets to the exposition will be
seat by registered mail September 5th.
Starch for sale by all dealers.
Ban on American Dentists.
The Supreme Court of Germany has
rendered an opinion that the title of
doctor conferred by American dental
colleges is not to be recognized in
Germany, constituting a violation of
the German law against unfair compe
tition aad is therefore prohibited to be
used. Three hundred and 'twenty den
tists in Germany . who heretofore held
the title of doctor from American col
leges, are affected by this decision.
A Trip ta Comrade, Utah sr California
is not complete unless it embraces
the most beautiful resorts and grand
est scenery ia Colorado, which are
fouad os the Colorado Midland Rail
way, the highest" standard gauge line
in the world. Exceptionally low sum
mer round trip rates to Colorado in
terior state points, Utah. California
M the Northwest are offered by this
line. For information address Mr. C.
H. Speers. General Passenger Agent,
Denver, Colo.
When Wrestlers Oiled Bodies.
is Grecian and Roman wrestling
bouts the .bodies and limbs of the
wrestlers were plentifully anointed
with oil and grease. The object of
this was to prevent a hold being se
cured by as opponent. Modern ar-
tides of agreement, however, state
explicitly that no oil or grease shall
be used.
Bs You Want the Lowest Rates
otter ome-way or round-trip excursion.
te amy point east of Chicago or St.
Louis? Ask the Erie Railroad Com
pear. 555. Railway Exchange. Chicago,
far complete Information. Three fast
traias doily from Chicago and St.
Louis through to New York, Boston.
Buftalo. Pittsburgh and other eastern
potats. Stop-over without charge at
rfmgara Falls. Cambridge Springs and
Bsastlfti' Chautauqua Lake.
The Asademy of Sciences of Paris
has elected Prof. Barrois of Lille, to
fill the vacancy left in the section of
miaeralogy by the death of the fllus
trious Fouuue. This recognition of the
claims of oae of the most distinguish
ed geologists of the present day wfll
feu welcomed far and wide.
The Haanbeck Animal Paradi and
Trained Animal Circus on thr Pike at
Sc Loots attracts great crowds every
day. There are wiM beat3, lions, leop
irds. pumas, hyenas, bears and risers
rauulBa iar their native jungle together
with doousticated animals in perfect har
mony. The Hasenbeck trainers present
the moat thrilling performances o' per
fect animal training daily in the steel
cage of tae fcuai arena. Tju should nor.
fail to see it- It is the greatest attrac
tion at the World's Fair.
Keep Meat of rVoaucts at Home.
In the czty of Smyrna there are
factories that make thread yard, cal
ico prints for head wear, boxes, etc:
there are Sour mills, machine shops,
carriage aad cart factories, and a
cigarette factory. None of the mana
factured articles, with the exceptiom
of carpets, is exported.
Inoiot en Getting rL
ftome grocers say they don't keep
Deaaace Starch. This is because they
have a stock on hand of other brands
coats rntwc only 12 oz la a package.
which they won't be able to sen first.
btcsus-. Defiance contains 1C on. for
De you waat 1C cr. instead of 12 ea.
moaev? Then buv
Bcquires so eookiag-.
ia Werid.
Madrid ?""" to have the oldest
wosaaa in the world Maria Nieto.
who has lived in three centuries. Bar
bara ia 1781. She was twice
sad had Biaeteam children, an
blow out: hr oa
you estate Better
aad the world laughs with.
Aad it also laughs at yoa aad
to take you se-
uomuuom thotVhad th-m is
TUl'irm 1 inlMlll Tliillj ii tin if II
acsautvaoKL X. W.O'sbuuw. SS Thix-a Ave
Another Brcnkfzst feed.
Seaweed, though not the diet of am
epfenre. is. when dry. richer thaa oat
meal or Iadlaa corn ia aitrograoua
ccmotitmeats. aad takes rank among
the most nutritions cf vegetable foods.
Uncle Americas Prayer.
TJacle Americus, an old-time darky,
commenced his prayer thus: "Oh.
Lord, we tftawTr thee that we ars once
more permitted to dissemble is tha
latitude of prayer."
Wall. Optimism Py.
When a tt-t loses his hair he al
ways consoles himself by thishfes that
being bald gives him a dice, fatherly,
patriarchal sort of look. Baltimoro
Ancient Stadium Is Rsnovated.
Having been restored in white
irble at a cost of over 100.000. the
ancient Stadium cf Athens has been
opened for athletic sports.
Patagonia ta Be SetrJed.
Europeans have discovered that Pat
agonia is not aa irreclaimable wilder
ness and the tide of immigration is
turning that way.
Song Many Centuries Old.
A song called the "Hynm to Apol
lo, written 2a0 years. B. C has just
bees sung far the first time is Ens
land. Peculiarity cf Electricity.
An electric current of 500 volts is
fataL Increase the voltage to 500,.
000 and it will be quite harmless.
Antidote for Carbolic Acid.
Turpentine has been found to be as
antidote for carbolic add.
Everything depends on comparisons
to the worm the tortoise is a reck
less chauffeur for speed.
Ton never hear any cne complain
about "Penance Starch." There ia none
to equal tt in quality and quantity, is
ounces. 10 cents. Try it now and save
your money.
After a girl has been married about
three weeks she returns to earth.
34 Mart
hiT nB or Dr. Kaw i !" MaC
z. Sutrar PKKS: UtS-OS trial batzir ial rimni
Women's imperfections are known
only to their dressmakers.
Defiance Starch is guaranteed biggest
and brst or money refunded. 16 I
ounces. 10 cents. Try it now.
Umbrellas and t'rtenus are seldom
around in the hour oi need.
-fnm Bo crash) m Be hasy cssJr
I so. yam eojst hi horn a
OTJB PHOENIX Walking' Chair
holds the child securely, pre
TencLsg those painful falls and
bumps which are so frequent when
haby learns to walk.
The chair is provided with, a re
naovable, sanitary cloth seat, widen,
sopoorta the weighs of the child
asa prevena bow-legs asd spinal
troubles; is also has a table attach
ment which enables baby to find
amusement is its toys, etc, with
out any attention.
"At JBPiifwnris's as a entU."
It is so constructed that is pre
vents soiled cicthes, sickness from
drafts asd fleer germs, asd is
recommended by physicmss asd
Combines pleasure asd utility.
No baby should be without one.
JULY 26th ti AUGUST 6tl
MADE. : : : : :
An Aggregation of
Attractions Never
Before Equalled at
an Exhibition of this
Kind. - - - -
AccuMtiatin for Visit:.
Low Railroad Rates from
all United States Points.
Particulars Given by
Canadian Government Agents
or Nearest Ticket Agent.
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I Vbrrja.Carvuba)ccJewerish- H
I lac Sense Signature or H
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9 JS P.i.
9.11 P.M.
7.35 A.M.
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Ar. IMmmllU
Every Monday and Trturedav
Ly. ST. UtW, . ( . - J2.3S Hm
Ar. wtTMAL, - - -1 7.15 P.M.
oacexo oat) 1
Ar. HbTUM, 11JSA.M.
Ly. CT.LMNS, 9.10 A.M. US P.M.
Ar USTM, S.29P.M. 9JShJL
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to seOEUta: by zZz Goveraziea; la Juiy. TIae
loads are 6ir- rcadusi &y e Chicago ittrza
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Catcao -j Buaesuel. a. D. All xai a sea
Ccksts TU.tlaisli2i Special low rar.
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fioa of tae sail. '"'- nahr aad atia ml
resosrees. aowos. scaeuts aaa eiaLxnts.apj ir-
rar mow ! r n.k,is ellij za
H. E. MOOBES, Q. A. . Bw
801 Famam Btroot. Omaha. HoB
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The Karl Yn Urn
Always bight
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
PILE COftE CO., CrsH.1
A Larzs Trml Bom ass
stractloas ahiosatirly Free a
paid, eaough to prove the
The formoa of a aousd I
mi amd with treat axceom Va
Wash, for Leacorrhcta. Pdvk Catarrh, Nam.
Catarrh. Sort Throat fare Eye Cam,
and al jorencrs of i
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faiTAln-ih'e. Cieti as Yagizal "VfU
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at!ots adtir-a K.VHRT S. MOORam.
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