The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, July 20, 1904, Image 5

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iiniiiiMiiiuiiiiniiiiniuun iiiinnnmnnn.
Hulsfs Cash Store
Columtms gourual.
"AR advertisement in Hie local
cohaasjt are charged at the rate of 20 t
eneiramufcicJiiiKzs. Eecxrj face-type
dosbtejjrice. -i
Sweet cream at tike
Dr: LtTo
dac Coiaxiba.3iak.
The kaby girl af
died this,
WKile they last
Come Quick
They will go fast
at this price j. :.
On all Summer
Wash (roods.
Shirtwaist suits
All Start Waists
list's Casb Store.
i I i I I I 1 i I I 1 i I i i I ; i I ; I i i 1 t ; I 1 1 I II i i U I i 1 I I 1 I 1 II II I I
KEEP .-."
-Uriu . Pool, mafiafff Tari 6a.
DrVaffier, IIiiIbbbbiI T?bibii IiTiii T
Prof. Ske. teacher mame. Barber bide.
loekat tie iftk aa?e of tai
Dr 1L T. MrMahnn, daaxiac. over
poeta5ce. tf
Miss Maude Yosag is Ttsitisg at
Xilden this.week.
L Glucfc oade a T"ni liaar trip so
Humphrey Friday.
Irv ipeice reraraed today from a
basmesa trip to Schuyler.
Dr.Chia-E.Piar:, homeopathic phy
mnv ana surgeon, postaaaee builaing
POE BEST Eght room house- Mis.
Mar? Cramer. Ccr. Olive and 16th Si. -Do
not fail to see our 8-foot galvan
ized steel 21 for 122.00. A.DaaeeEir
Miss MaHa Curtis is visitiaz her
aaat, Mrs. A. L. Peary, iu Cedar
Bjv. Millard conducted quarterly
meeting in the eveaing. a large crowd
being preeent-
Go to U. E. Preib for paiering and
paper hanging. First door ncrh cf
Pollack"! drag store. tf.
Fresk bitter Mill at tke
Creamery Ceataaay.
Mfai Ua! "What is? War, the
WArUP FLOUR, mad by Columbus
Boiler Mills.
Eothleitrer haa a new kind of enam
eled ware equal to imported Stracsky,
and rhfapw, tf
A ticket on a Bkiaestaae riac
witk ererr slass af sada water
at Psehs7
Misses Sophia trTnTi and Emma
Hoppen left Thnrsday on a trip to
Colorado Springs.
fiou&ewivea winhiaz to have rood
bread mast nae WAT UP IXOUE.
Try it and be convinced.
Tis Eoberta Gould arrived m Colum
bus Saturday msht from Mexico City.
Mexico on a visit to iiiss Maud Galiey.
Swift's Pride Soap lengthens the life
cf yocr clothes. It keeps them fresh
and clean. Order some for Monday's
James Morrison of Fullerton stopped
in Columbus between trains Monday
evening, on his "way to Omaha to
bay a raf cf western horses.
Miac Gertade Whitmoyer left last
Friday for Chicago where ske will
attend an art achool part of the sum
mer, going thence to Kannaa City and
St. Loci.
a Dcasel : Son have secured the
contract for installing tne nesting
plaac in the Central City scaooL build
iag. There are 14 rooms and the con
trait price far heating plant is $1,000.
GoTemor Mickey received many of
his old friends at the heme of Bev.
Millard Sanday afternoon. He left
eariT McndaT morninic for Lincoln
to be present at the meeting of 'the
SaadGaitey'i fall
paper, Hare
Bar a sia at Pceiek's
iraw a lady's
aitaera aardwar 1
in David City
Mrs. Schmidt of Cat
Mta. Fred Gurrr fit 1
H. Va
zeeetTad a telepkone
aaBB..C X.
I i : n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1:: 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 n 1 1 iu n 1 1 ua
- a a aaavaB aaaa aa m T
h mm co.
A complete stock of Staple and Fancy
cf t
ttfoceries, uroarary, Giawwin and laiaam
- iWe can wkttMfy you in quality, aaanrt
aaat and Brioe. In everv case where a mr-
Praf. aaal la. W. E. W
Mrs. Frad Ladd af Alaiaa
rur-ofMal Gixck
cween ttaias.
Mrs. Boae Eaxke cf C
ing the familv of aer
T. Eickley.
Drs. Martyr. Zrana, Gaer, Hiaaari
Martyn Jr, oce three doors- aorth of
Fnedhors store.
Dan Echols, who is eaapioyad ia a
bank at Cedar 'Rftpf'1?. apaas Saaday
with home fntfcg
EeT. Maaxo
ana is now anie to be wf
part of the time.
Alex McLean, E. & M.
Greeley Center, came haa
to visit his parents.
Another large crowd waax to Baa
steel Monday evaaiag to try ta
lack in the Rosebud drawiaaj.
Try the Xon-Nisctine Ofaac X!
Smoker's Friend. Oaly Se.
Mrs. C. C. Carrig aad caildren ef
Kearney arrived Sararday evaniaa; far
a short visit with relaxivaa linn
Will Farraad has renraed to Oe
InTHhas from P-fatmor where a aaa
been employed in a mercaatile aatab-
2iext Sanday a: the Eapoat caxrcfc
Bev. Uhser will preach bach, "-g
and evening on the tabject, " w"aat
cf the Harrest."
When J. H. Galley aaaocaoaa a re
duction in prices, people know vfcat
i: means. He ha bean in
the old stand for thirty.
Just look at his fall pace
men: in this paper. 2tp.
Nan-Nicotine Cigars. Its eqaal aaw
ksowB. No toaaceo keazt. Saaa
not affect tae aervaa. A plaaaaat aad
satisfactory smoke.
af Willaaai
3,000 kaadcr
aal aaldaaaka
vs s r EEB
' 'f
Jk E WISH to express our appreciation
to the Columbus Fire Department
for their prompt and excellent service in
extinguishing the hre above our grocery
department caused by lightning early Sun
day morning. 'So paid department in any
city could have rendered any better service.
Wc vish also to thank the citizens for
their-liberal help in removing the goods out
of the reach of the water in our Grocery
Now is the time to lay in a small supply
of tha best fiour on earth.
PillsDury s
aaaaaaaasxBl j
Ba T",a",!j
aHBaaaaariii. j
Untii new wheat is
fit to use. The fiour
that makes bread
and more of it. See
that Minneapolis,
Tnnn is prmtea
every sack oi
neapolis Flour
per sack
State Board of Eqoaiization.
:ET,T. OUT and locate cer here in
Polk ccanry where you can raise
winter wheat to perf ection. Price of
land comparatively low yet, ba: con
aaaacly caiaa; p. Get a aaore ok yom
and call on aa or write for Bargains.
Kins & Eirtaae, Agents, Oaceola, Neb.
Will S. HaiBman. a Colnmbss boy of
many Tears ago, was in Cclsmbns Fri
day rte now noius a responsime po
sition with the publisamg hcaae cf
Ginn & Co., and covers a wide terri
rory He has just returned from
Montana where ke spent a month in
the interest of his firm. Mr. Heitz
mi aas been prominently mentioned
as saccesflor to J. W. Crabtree m th
office cf state inspector of high
Mrs. Homer
t six o'clock
Robiason entertained i
Mrs. F. L. Aache was tak
coin, hospital for tae iaaiT
day for 1 Manama Save ki
a long aad paisfal illaeas a
of paerpural fever, and it
that ane may be roasored by
at the hands of Dr. Greeae, tke apae-
ialist in charge of tke T,iwoim boa-
Alice, the riagftftr cf Mr. aad Mrs.
her little girl friends laat Ikazaaay
afternoon. Tae party waa on the kwm
or the Fitsctn home, aad was is eale
neasxan of tke eiajktk hirakaay af aka
ved. aad the giria iaimigmi. i
outdoor amaaemeats to tke 1
joyment of all praaaat.
Carle T McKinnie. who
Sanday from the Boeebad
after registering for a riaiaa. gave tke
Journal an interesting report of a
ballot for president, taken on tae traza
of homesaekers on which ke waa a
passenger. Blank helloes were kaad
ed to avery tort oa. the ttaia, wixk
tke request that eaak wziae aaaaaa
his choice for TfTRMiaaar Wkam tke
ballocs were iniia it -waa Jaaad
if I
the tat
wr CmUtarmte.
1 tke caatotn cf the old Spanish
to name pL after the
at for wao& was aaawd the .day
which, they camped there. In Thfs
a great number or melodious
aoBoroos Spanish ri.irafs have-
over California, so that
of a great number of places
you in
In every
is :mot entirelv satisfactorr. we will
t wkaf t- fully refplace the goods or refand the X
vaaaWaeV "
t We aim to 0o a IJTTLE BETTER than
we promise. This may be a radical depart-
ore irom moaern metnoas, onx it is uu& i
Cftaaawl Fruits
and ViptaMts.
1? ItM
best Tame lor the money.
Wa snra the
Quality always
Flour! Flour!
Hff Hakwkaaaakikia
aad aia frieada will r
give it an. Be will
aaake Onlaiaai kia k
af Mr.
Mr. Nick-
en tke atria
aaa GakrM and faaana 1 Talteyn 1m
PTPa San Dimas. be it known, was
aae of the two men who were cracined
at either aide of Jesus the one who
aakad to be remembered by the Lord
He hi the patron wrfrtef robbers. The
way his name came to be given to
the San Gabriel valley villas was
thus: In early days a mimr of Mexican
thieves had
3i- -UJ--
aaayoBLtkere, which was snbeetpientJy
wftneil to as the Bobbers' canyon or
tke canyon of San Dimas. When the
aara Fe railroad came along and
laid act tke atatiaa there the name of
the canyon was adopted; hence San
TWaiH Loa Aageies Time
laat Friday at. her ' tiatf CIS p
home. The gaeaes were all ladies who
are visiting in Colaaibus, and were
Mrs. Mitchell and Mies Mitchell cf
Lincoln; Miss Maeller of Oaaaa,
itfisa Hendry of Oaaaha, Miss Hollo
way of New Tark City Mrs. Win
terbotham and two dasghters cf David
City ; and Miaa Marryn ct Omaha.
Inritatioas have been issued for the
wedding cf Miss Maude May Bazas
and 3tr. Eageae U. Byilesby, July 27
at the home of the bride's aaraaxs,
Mr and Mrs. G. C. Burns. 17th and
Bickly streets. Miss Bams is prom
inent in masical and octal circles of
Cclaninas. Mr Eyilesny lived in oar
city eight months as manager cf the
easiness cf Swift & Co.. and has re
cently keen traa&ferred to Fairbary
where ke haa charge cf the interest
Relatives here of Mr. and Mrs.Aag
ust Merz and Mrs. Anaa Lehman have
i received letters from them stating
that taey are ecjoyiag taeir Tisit in
Geraany. They experienced seasick
ness en the Tovage over, bat had no
ether difficulties. Mrs. Merer mayre-
main through the winter bat Mr. Mem
expects to rstars hoae ia a few
Alois Whittier, the four year old
son cf Frank and Mary Whittier. Irv
ing sis miles soataeast cf Madiioe.
was bitten by a rardeaaaks last Thnrs
day. aad died abcat midnight cf Sat
arday. The bay was oat in tke field
piayiagaeax his father, who was caiti
Tanag corn, aad after, ke waa bitten
ke aakad his father if ke amid go
aa his foot kactkiBL. Noaaaa-
gmmammmmm- I OK W Til IM MB UHEHBUC Bl
kaeaau ke kaalrykaau to caaakMat
Dr. Loag ia.Madiaaa,hss a? fewr-koarr
had eJaaaad the peiaoB. kad anraad
relieved byDr.
anthiag eaaild
' aaraeat eaTorta,
aave tkemrfaQoar.
ia A
vote stood aa
Parker. 135 .
eu . Debs, 2h .
follow I
Watson. 63;
Undecided. 51
of kuad all xaaide of
tke Tirana, ok wkick
laa koaae aad aara.
i If
which i tke;
What seemed fcramox
IS the:
ingj of a gocd blaze waa m
the Journal office yeaserday
shortly after six -o' cloak. Tke
when aanfkr- aaemkar of tke foroa
atrack a raarrh wishia two arthr
feet of the gaaoliaa wkick kad keaa
poazsd eat an tke fagm. Tkaa waa
jastclaae wanrghta igaite tka wapar
f rem the gaaolixe. aad tke wkaie aaaai
was ablaze in an iastaat. Tke fkuaaa
had a pretty good start when tke fare
man, C. A. Finecy, kad tke praaeace
cf mind to dig oat an old hjaarar aad
aaved the are departaMtt a trip.
Tke home of Mrs. a E.
the acene of two hrilkaaK 1
hut Thursday, la. tka
PoUock aad Mia 6aJ
Misses Winterbotkam cf David City.
The nense waa decorated Willi a pre
fasioa cf nagtartiaaM aad sweet paaa.
The prize was warn ay Mrs. Eaaaa. Ia
the afternoon k Pollack eaaartaiaad
a number of ibbii liul IbtHt at a ava
o'clock tea in
Winterbothaaz m
David City. Fa
ncn tne
ished ,
tarns s aad f n
Is. Sekautt
W.H.Beaaaaa aad Ganatt Hak
retazaed tke fine cf tke weak fraaa tfe
two paar aaaad akaaaaaaty aaaaaai
coaataaaBBaa wxta aaptBaaa aBBBa
foar jbbbbl Am raaaaaaaae alaaai
iotsery, ke aara Js at tka ajaaaaal ik
tseaaion there will ke kaaan
which will gxwe eaak ibh akaak m
rmmm'r ta iffy. Ta aaa akaja ;aa
kaaa aaaa tt,aK aajBaaaaaaB.
ator aW Wmmm TatiTt Waya mad
Tmkws wmmtr Ccmss.
Bear aim maaey doea It take to
ke change for a roarter?" queried
man whoae fad is freak mathe-
aiaziea. Tlweaxy-nve cents, hl You're
away oat. To change a quarter in the
TarJooa way it can be done requires a
capital of 70 caata! If a. fellow wanted
aieatj of coti far has qoarter he'd tax
you for t w ent j -ftre- ynnle On the
acker head, the ou who wanted the
laaat Vooar change for ,g quarter
waald. come at you for two dimes and
a aicfcei, The chap who wasted a dl
aratry cf coin ia change would
gat tato you for two- five cent pieces,
aae dime " rive pennies, which
waaM allow hist to jingle copper, sil
ver and nickel in his Jeans. Others
Bf aak you to produce four wHr.
aad five pennies, three Tvfri? , tw-
two nickrift and fifteen pen-
b or aae airkei and twenty pennies,
yoa eacapad these "laak yea
aaaat. ae reaaaated to come up wirfr
gre t three yfrg aad oae
dkaa aae niekd, aae dime aad tea pea
two dimes aad five pennies. There-are
Jaat twelve ways of -breaking" a quar
ter ia current United States coin, and
to be there with the goods for any
you would require twenty-rive
two dimes and five nickels
la aC, 70 eeats." Philadelphia Press.
i We have in stock :
J Way Up Flour, Gold Dust Flour,
Flour, Bride Flour,
Corn Meal Graham,
Ibnufactured here in Columbus, which
has the reputation of manu&ctariiagas good
a flour as anyplace in the stateTy our or
ders will receive prompt attention, and will
make you mill prices in quantities.
Minnesota Flour.
t We have the GOLD MEDAL brand, guar
I anteed in every way to be as good or better
J than any other brand manufactured in Min
4. nesota.
The many compliments we receive on
the quality and assortment of our dried
t fruits is highly pleasing to us. Our method
of handling and displaying thTP in glass
t- front fruit cases insures to our customers
i cleanliness and goodness.
You are Respectfully Invited to look ov erl
Our New Spring Goods.
OUR CLOTHING is made up in the best
of workmanship, latest styles, perfect
fit and lowest living prices Wc offer
you real bargains. : : We keep everything
that's good in the GENTS' FURNISHING
GOODS line in great variety.
cr nrtenncn to onr comulete line sf-
They-an: cspe-ciaLr made fjr us cf tHe fct
ra;-rel tT tne fw-remott manufacturers tif the
couatrj nnJ we sell tzem no higier tn
rafertar s are uld fLr t . r t z
We 'Repair Shoos Neatly ant PrMipdy
to tall a
Mr. Weak'-
rfi? the nTMrriirir! zs.
eleessciry itself there is stul no
but there are several hy
lys Electrical Worid. There
are eevwal theories for explaining both
eJectrtcity and magnetise: in terms of
the ether. None of these theories seems
eapahle of being submitted to erperi
BBBStal demonstration. It Is certain,
however, that, since the interconnection
between electricity and magnetism is
kaawn, a demonstration of the nature
of tke oae moat, by corollary, include a
dawJaaare of the nature of the otner
Mareever, it would net seem likely
that the complete unraveling of the
aatare of elertrtrrry would necessarily
iadaae a revelation cf the nature of
both aTirrr aad af gravitation.
411 Eleventh Su,
Columbus, Nebr.
Knii f aiir. t THE CAFE OF GOOD HOPE.
"Hamm ha3 zot a job at last with a T
good stact canipaay. I bear. i ,r "
"Yes. and he taints he's the cuiy ,
thimr. ! An
-Thar so i Diaz.
-WeI I shoul 1 say. Why. whenever
he hears anybody talklnr about -a dra-i
u at Ftrst
mt ail ta sm
earry naTisatcr.
comnnssicned by I
mane Eituanoc he
him.- Philadelphia Pres;
iar Joan H.
of Portnaal zo continue tne worit of
African erplcmtion down thr wsz
links thev mean coast, sailed from Lisbon In August.
A Ti;Bf i xl Coat. ,
Mr. 2sewedd Whatl No coik. save
nave you money to J tremirj
14SJ. -xitii a small force and landed at
several places, of which he took p&
stsssion in the name of his master
As he approached the- southern ei-
in the haue? I
ry of the continent he iva blown
lm arcmciBlmater AhbT-
It was formeriy the custom at tile
fieri! of a great man to dress up an
eflgy representing ;t- while in life
aad then to carry it before his hearse
to tke grave. After the burial it was
aet ap in the church, sometimes under
a auaporary monument, to which z
aBBcatory poem or an epitaph was af
axed. Th royal (!. m the abbey
eaa ke traced back to the fourteenth
eeararj. bat the oldest crigmal one is
tkat af Charles U. George P. Parser
euricas to watch on board a
how the men of different na-
behave to a lady no longer
who is traveling alone. The
is absolutely rude if he gets
tke chance; the German simply takes
bo aafrr; the Austrian, is frigidly po
gje; tke rhT-n takes troubie to
ae kind, if his aid Is oiicited; the Aser
kaa is kiad from hJbt and without ef
fort. Laadon Standard.
t ac.the changes in life and
about by time, a farmer
"then I was young I uaed to
: ary fatit -1 aaBBBBkIe sense,
y aaa kick oc aajaaCas a bom.
tke king cf avaaaa- ssfin:
r kaaw rocaa aBhsaaa;
: aponrfie faces afake queen's
at anTanaTTt James cr
of which
buy one. 3Irs. Ne-wedd Yes. my tore, out to ;ea by a tremendoas storm I'ii
bur I found I hadn't enocuh to buy a
stove and hire a cook, too. so I let the
doubled the Cape without knowing ir.
md was not azain saade until the
stove go. Eur the ccok is here. -r? mouth of the Great Fish nver was
she's a treasure. She has just gone , surhted. and the ships eaa&e to ancnor
out to-get us some- cracksrs and cheese. ". in Alaon bay. jl council held taere J-
-ew Ycri 'WeehlT.
Had Hrt It Ofiem.
Teacher TThat do voc hno-w- of 3Ies-
cpera Tin " Tommy fdubioui ar ursr.
dded to return, homei aad oa the wy
back the Cape was discovered aad
christened by the commander, la re
membrance of his arse ezpeneace.
but becoming zzor ccandent as he pro
ceeds -if esopotamia is is an -""?
that inhabte the rivers of Africa.
Toe shoot 'en with bin- double barreled
rifJes. Kansas City "World.
Cabo Tormentoso, or Cabo d- ToaVcw
les Tcrmientos; that la. Cape of All tae
"When the discovery "was repcrrad to
the Vr-f he immediately aa"r tv im
mense possibilities cf a new road to tae
Indies and bestowed upoc it tae hap-
Tw SetiT?. pf- r.-.e of tne Cape af Good Hope
Johnnie Papa, do two neuattres , By a smauiar corruption or its arst
make. aa arSrmative? Papa That's r ti- e cap -xs long- known to Eag-
the rule. Johnnie TTeH, you said "No. . jas seamen as tie Cape- of Tormeata.
'20," when I asked vgc fcr a cuarter ( ?. orr n r tt-'-. Trr--.
1 man vas localized there by a missa-
t8 memimr. When do I net it?
Ladl37 a. Doble Hie.
"invmer ''g a r a short distance
out in the- country, hasn't heT
Then what is he practicing medicine
in town for'
; derstandmg of the experiences cf this
I Purtuguese expedition.
Tke TTi
The umbreiia tree is found, in Ceyiaa
in greater profusion than anywhere
ie world. As a raar:ir of
tine fact, these trees grow to
to co it to make money
enouuh to pay what he loses by his greatest height and sTTatr: to
farmrmr. Chicaro Tnbune. greatest sire in very wet. rainy
tries. This growth frequently is da
A healthy younu man or young worn- ' to tne iact tnat the tree recutres a '.
an wno can and excuses for ignorance great deal of moisture aad act beeaua
or failure In the twentieth century it is needed 10 keep off the raia. Th
would not arrriri to knowleshre or srze- ' tree forms so complete an umbreiia .
ees3 under any crcumstances. Success. that a number of pexaaas might take
1 shelter under is spreading branches."-
sn ud tk. ' The foliage is. as a ratevao rhfffa tnat it--
The chief otiice- of sJence is to burr ' serves to keep off the "" almost Der
ail that is ev-3. and the chief orSce of , feetiy even in a heavy dewepaur. -" "
speech is to disclose and disseminate I
all that is good. Let this be cans with '
sincerity and eamt
and. let no
mrlrfTTr; discourage ir. for its ultimate
benefit to fa meter and. to coudacr Is ' yoc tell "' Pr1
Baaaaaa-keycnd.ardoakt. f gaaaC two gkr2a?
Gra Tou never
Efe. Way 1
r caaak .
. . .. t
a5t 'JBtsjaj''' SbbTk