The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, June 29, 1904, Image 1

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- T " --
tberau no awro convenient way oT car
rying money than a draft. If you go
'abroad the draft ia paid ia currency of
the country yon are ia. If joh loae the
draft payment caa be stopped and an
other issued to you.
FirstNtloanal Bank
ttary ef Isessvelt's Eeausatism-
Teli by Oae That Wai There
(drafts in any amount. Thevars
good all aver the world. If you intend
traveling the Firat National Bank will
be glad to be of service to yon.
Time Table.
i City,
nH. Louis and all
potato Bast nasi
Calcago, Butte,
Salt Lake City,
an Fraajgleoo
aa all points
Mo. 22 lTBCMdaOr aiMl Sanday. 723 a.
Ho. S3 Aeeomaaadatioa, dally amat
tbaus abbxvk.
Mo. SI Aroomamodatiea, tally except
12. Chicago Special 1-5 I. .
4. Atlantic Rxpreaa. 445 a. am
8. ClBBbB CrfM! Iw Mb
Mo. 19j!,Faat Mail 1232 p. a.
jw. , uwni Bxpreaa.
Mo. S.Overlaad Limited
Mo. 5, PaciicExprew
No. 1L CVilo. HiwpuI
Mo. 101, Fart Mail
Mo. 1, Overland Limited.
No. a, California Kxpnm
Mo. 7. Colamba LocaL.
No.ZS, Freight
225 p.m.
535 p. at.
... 6:10 p.m.
... 2s94a. at.
..11:45 a. at.
..12:Mp. at.
.. 749 p. m
... 930 p. at.
.. 6:99 a.m.
aoarout bbabob.
No. St. PaaaenVer.
Mo. 71. Mixed .
No. S4. Paaaeasar.
Mo. 72, Mixed .
.. 7:10 p.m.
..7:15 a. at.
dip. at.
No.SS, Paaaeager.
Mo. 7S, Mixed
" 2!V P ant!,
veVei ens
mivas. Arrive
s" "aanstir ...... ...... ......... l!M9p. m.
Mo.,74, Mixed 8:89 p. at.
Norfolk paneeaser traiaa raa daii
No traiaa oa Albion aad
Baadara. .
Colaiabaa Local daily except Saaday.
W. H. Bnajut, Aseat.
KetrosAetaLire. ........
OIM?I 111 " !
J UtleTO .
-Joaic J. Oaixbt
Clerk of District Coart ClLGimcimn
Hanvyor K.L.Romru
Diet. 3........................Matbkw Dntnoa
Dint. 4 Fbahk Kikxman
Dirt. 5. Kcdolth C. Muixam
Diet. 6-7 Looi8llKXD.K.J. Krxbt
H. Dietrich, L H.
Dnrraitrr, J. 3.
O. 8. 8B!CAToas-Ckarlea
Mrmbbb or CoxaftEM, Sb
Governor. John H. Mirker:
OeorReW.Marah; Auditor. 1 karlea H.
Treaanrnr. P. Mnrteavon; Attoraey Oeaend,
Frank N. Proof; Haperiatendeat Pablic Iaatroe.
tioa. William K. Fovler; CommiaaioBer Pablic
ladf, Oeonre D. Follmer.
Hkkatob W. A. Way.
Kki-urmkntative 24th Disteiot-J.W. Header
CONOREClATlONAISabfaatli aekool. 10 a.
m. Preecbiar. 11 a. m. aad 8 p. aa. Jaaior En
deavor. U p. m. Senior Endeavor. 73BO
p. m. Prayir met4iar Tharaday. 83H8 p. m.
Ladiesi Auxiliary, firat Wedaeaday m each aaaath
taip.m. O. A. Mpbbo, Paator.
PRKSBYTKRIAN-SabbaUi 8ekooI. 9:15 a.m.
rWaim. 1IM a.m. Senior Endeavor. 7 D.m.
Kveaiiu: nermon. 80 p. m. Prayer meeting and
Mady of the Sabbath achool leeana,8di0 p. am.
Waltkb N. Haubt, Paator.
MBrUODISr-Preaehiaie. 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Sanday achool, 120. au Janior Leaae. 339 p.
m. EpworthLeaicae, ajWp. m. Prayermeetiac
innwVt bj p. wm. nam aid mnievf wvery
boos, D.D Paator.
other Wedaeaday at 2 39 p. m.
A U.A.
GERMAN REFORMED-Saaday School. 930
a.m. Preaching, 1939 a. am. Kadeavor. 739 p.
am. Idieit Guikl,anA Tharaday ia each amoath.
230 p. m. Kkt. NBnuBKBB, Paator. Sermon
il9 a.m. Jaaior B. Y. P. DS9.m. Mtv.
amoa. &t p. am. Pray t meHag. 739 p m.
Bar. K. J. rjuns, Paator.
GRVCE Eei8C4PAL-Lew celebration, 8
a. m. Madiy Schbnl. MjW a. am. Preackiac.
llAia. m. K.eaiaaerrrice. 8399 p. am. St. Aa
drew Broth, eeeuatd Taeaday of each month
DeacMefMof the Kiac. aeeoad Tatadar ef each
uauo, aaraaa wedaeasay ef
Kcr. W. A. Cam, Rector.
Sanday School. 2 p.m. Ladiea Society meete
Mar. H. HmaUK, Paator.
e'etaek, Saaday aekool aad heawdietiua at S
'elect TaeSeVlaekmaaaM.aveaiaPeiiah
aad tea ga'rlnalf mat amaa every :
Frieava, at S35 e'deek.
iMaaataaa aaia xrem
ataraeyeaBd f ram 7 to Sob
at 8
4 to S
The stery of the convention 'that
ratifed the aonuaatioa of Theodore
Roosevelt has keen written by a
thousand peas; it has been eloquently
proelaiased at a thoasand ratification
BxeetiagB. But no writer or speaker
Ism done or. will do the event jastice.
When yoa any that the American
people who believe in a strict and
fearless enforoeateat of 'the law aad
love a aaaa who is the personification
or' courage and honesty, nominated
Theodore Roosevelt months before the
ooaveatioa; aad when yoa add that
tea thoasand people, including the
foresaoit statesmen of the world,
yelled themselves hoarse for nearly
thirty minutes in ratification of that
nomination, yon have said tho most
that caa be said in cold words about
the republican national convention so
far as the presidential nomination is
Those at tho convention with sensi
bilities so calloused as to bo touched t
oalv by the excitement of a bull-fight
or a football game, were disap
pointed. But all of those whose
hearts could be touched by patriotic
sentiment and devotion to a great
leader, were thrilled with enthusiasm.
- Ia discussing the convention there
is little aeed of mentioning any name
bat that of Roosevelt. Roosevelt was
nominated -because his name was
written long ago in the hearts of the
people. The platform adopted by the1
convention is a record of the deeds
aad principles of Roosevelt. It re
flects his personality, therefore it in
spires the confidence of the American
It has been charged that the plat
form was written by a few eastern
seen who ignored the demand of the
west. It is true an eastern man wrote
the platform, but Roosevelt dictated
it,, aad he heeded the demands of the
West because he is himself a type of
the west.
The vice-presidency was the only
question that promised any excitement
for the convention, and that promise
faded as soon as it was learned
deaaitely that Fairbanks of Indiana
would accept the nomination. It
be, said, however, that Nebras
ka's candidate, John L. Webster, was
ia favor at many of the western state
aeaaqaarcers, ana baa Fairbanks re
fused the. nomination, our candidate
would have made a good .showing.
Aad, by the way. Nebraska's favorite
son is big enough to look over the
shoulders of any of the aspirants for.
theoffioe, including Fairbanks him
self. And Paddy Miles of Sidney,
who would have made the nominating
speech for Mr. Webster, was not oat
classed by the wise men from the
East. His voico rang out as loud and
clear as any other in the convention
when he rose to throw Webster's vote
to Fairbanks.
Other Nebraska republicans who
did not vanish in the presence of big
company were R. . Schneider and
Okas. H. Morrill.. The former, as
committeeman, had ovey detail in
hand. He had a kind word and a seat
for every Nebraskan who wanted to
see the show. Mr. Morrill, who suc
ceeds him as national committeeman,
is also a man who always controls the
situation and doos things. He is a
worthy successor to Mr. Schneider.
Conspicuous among the visitors at
Nebraska headquarters were Governor
Mickey. Auditor Weston, Congress
man Barkett, G. W. Wattles, Edward
Bosewater and Ross Hammond. If
we were asked to name five Nebraska
republicans who have the ability to
walk arm in arm with such men as
the only Chauncev and not annear
small, we should not omit the names
of Webster, 8chneider, Morrill, Wes
ton aad Mile.
While mentioning men who 'were
active at the convention, the names of
the Nebraska delegates, especially that
of Williams of( Albion.ahould not be
omitted. As a member of the com
mittee on resolutions. Mr. Williams
drew ap several resolutions covering
the questions of irrigatioa and ratal
delivery, and by aaraest work enlisted
the support of several western deleea
tieas. Bat Roosevelt's platform was
foaad to practically cover these sub
jeoots, so Mr. Williams resolutions
Rev. Ulster
day to visit his
will return to this city Satarday.
Usual Servians will ha hold ia the
Presbyterian oharoh 8uaday moraiag.
bat Rev. Halsey has aot yei datJisi
whether eveaiag service will "he held.
Saaday afternoon at 4 o'eloek ia
Frankfort park, a aaioa servioa will
be conducted, by the pssale of the
Presbyterian. Methodist,
tioaalaad Baptist ckureaes. A
chores cheir aad orchestra aaderthe
leadership of J. E. Erskiae will meet
Satardav eveaiag ia the Methodist
charch for reaearsal aad will furnish
several selections for the afmraooa
service A male quartette. jreaisaiioM
and short speeches .on thesubjeatof
good cdtizsaship will complete7 the
program. 8hoald this msstlsaybs
successful, similar arvices'aiay 'he
conducted during the warm season
Rev. Maaro will haveaa ouefatioa
performed next Saturday for
tuberculosis of the knee joiat.
V t1l 1. -.-. X A
wiu w amucamarj- . iu m ataman en
part of the leg aad the operation will
be performed at his home. There will
be no peachiag services in the Con
gregational church ihrouga'July had
August. Rev. Munro took .leave of
his coagregatioa 8aaday. morning in,
a Very affecting sermon, asking as his
subject Paul's aoooaat of. his persecu
tions and trials. The splritaal advaa
tage which is reaped from physical
disadvantages, the asoral strength
which ma7 be gained' from bodily
weakness aad trial, the reality of
earthlv sufferiag aad the rastsJalag
power of Christian .faith were dealt
with in the calm, strong aad simple
manner which has made Mr. Maaro
so much respected aad loved within
and without his church.
Uii t
?W &? t
' fJDA jt
Ua&& &
1. lt
H - .T .
ssrjerTisors, in
--. jii' o:n
a taemty board of
, - - '--,
aamaiamaa m. hnual - ..-.. .
plsted their labors and adWaed met
riday. Numtrous comphlnw ef es
08aasmT ajaHuMaBuaMuu " WuWal iuuuuuamunuamu
aad'' amassd-oa. ' redaetloas nsmwr
gmated ia'kmw eases aad' deniedoia
oth Theaost imnormat War. tkm'
f Wi- fktVr
' " ' ' - II BBBBmmnm-nnmuBBmanB
. --r . r -".-. MnejMew aneaaha
aaattwTsawmmamml ammuua aTCaaansam ! -- - m H aaamm m'saaln aii J ' . m-G i J:U"r'
v.vvavanajwmm . muaBammp mmmaama, dajmamsm am ar mmmm am an aa -w am -vasjmm-- - -
w- : wimu: : 9WmmimMiMMj2..jA-,s., .
mm iiuvwTOT, "v .my araaiaB .nBmjaSUBaLsu a Basra - v---. - 'jL f l
im m Kva bbbw ! jjw, d - - -. : -r - .
k z- -h :wimsffiaMs&
,.--' mmraa aa BmwmBaaamarmarBBaaaaMBm US i . . - - -
. -". ' rr- r7-- w.ywwmmi.B'm, Sal 3
ISIlMn !' liBHiniBMl , .--. - JVp,H;, utiu rmamamammr amam ymma
annvdBBVVWdsvwsl ueamNaBuTvafdmbWdBnMM s !. V '- 1"t 1 I A y- ri
weamm-ammammmva. ,x (1 tJA - - - bbb, ' . J-.n- - 1
p-r ' . - - 1 ' '--4. ' T--aBBBBBr-. BTBBlBBflin-BBaBBB'nBflBBSBBBBI
wuat to Beatrice msuv -------- -- .- -.v-w- ZT3'ST7Z .-- ?
J.!"""V"I anm -BBX XYBBBBBB) " xbbbbl biz BB1UB
haau -' aaul' ' " r .1...,. v,.-.' '. 1, . . .. . -t,--.v-', 1 j .1 . -j
i4 t
i v t .
t-ff'V?11" ,."t' T -A-v-
ajT:ioiaiwirj& v?
4 4-MBHlk.
tawl',faV4ayaAit '
JF?xx''Pm??M "r-i mz.
itatrnjai pammuiBU syxum aaaga;
,i nuat sal aVar .
: auriruii
- - -. i
ij5i--'-t? ..- .
, a -tuia' tr
.1 -.-r-. f j -.-t
1 a a .
or sue toiepaoae
Wm retaest of the
Oawaicthsy jMjJftf
bj xeu-cnoBs ia autaeBswB
kipt. was dejmk,aad.;ap;redaoto
wa. made., Ia the cam o the-Pkte
uounty istfsf andint Tslsrhaai
aredaotioa of cut). pert
ia the winmiut ofn
waieh brought llni amiimmnsl li
Igure brigiaully returaed by the a
paay's amaager: Poles
from 11.00. to 75c, and wire from r.OO
: flA -' -.It- -rn-l vi.. ''T-'al-1
-' '-f.-T- fr,"-.-- i-MBAB-
..'Mi- '
yuiaaB of ceeeen . -..
7tic .am r" -
VttBajfc of J iaimyA J. . g '
-WKSot poptiia. . :.. . ' af
.ynrmyF,-,,,,,;! -nBnk:Towi-Bip.
,...,. ;t .",
SJamaM'Tomraship,.. .,..? 3 "
aTtauuBBBam VB-BBmn-B-t . O 1 BT
.mBmamaimfamaMP. ' U
.tst?wwrii f- .
-" -
SLVCl'- W - "
B'.WBUatfiTewaehip ,.. , 5
Qrjaid Fralrle Tewasaip... IK
iHamphrey Tewaship. . ,. r" - 0
? .
4 .
BraWuUBW-" 'BIsmmaamaaaMmw
-totrpfrawaahlp. .i . ' .
BataVs,Towimaip.,. .,
OauaaTintofi -
The special train beariag a body
of representatives of the Omaha Com
mercial Glnb aad Live Stock Exchange
arrived ia Oolambas Tharaday, fore
noon. They carried a band aad glee
clnb with them, aad as soon as the
train stopped all hands alighted and
formed in proomaion, headed by their
band. They starched through the
streets to the park where the glee dab
sang a few aumbers. The members of
the party filled five, railroad ooaohea
and were hayiag the time of their
lire, a young man haadedoatpmalai
of Omaha beer, pat up in smallvsry
small bottles. The party was met
by the Oolambas band when their
, train pulled in, aad Oolambas people
joined in their prooession. The
special went from heie ap the Nor
folk, Albion aad 8rmlding bnmohes,
returning to Columbus in the evening.
Friday morning they oontiaaed their
way westward oa the main line.
a request that their wire aad
he amnsHat the same figure as the
Platte Counry compaay, and the re-
qasst was graated.
The Burlington railroad protested
aatumj tanas; BWBBBBBUiiaicne oamaa t
representing that all their property
hud been-returned to the state assiar.
ment board. Attoraey M. WhltauoyeT
appeared before the board,, rcpriitifr-
lag the Borliagton, and introduced
testimony to show that such' was tne
ease, and after listening to his argu
meat the board ineiracted the'.oounty
sammor and depaty sawssor' for. the
city, of Columbus to review the "Wil
road property ia the jcity rnd. take
from the assessment hook all the prop
erty that is ia aay war aeed or oooa
pied by therailroads companies with,
Ijacks of all kfnds and buUdiags. of
aaytaua au aesenpcioas.
.Inihe nutter' of the eonstructien
of a drainage ditch'in the Lost Creek
valteyf tike board asked the county at
toraey. to advise them as to -their
righto aad,. powers ia such oases, and
set July 1 Jth as the date oa which'
theywill renoBveae aad pass oa
Tow ashta:,. -r.
Joiielilawaabipl ... 5, . . . .
jBaraard Tewaehip. ..
WToBfaehip . . . .
Walker Township
r ?? -
. i
were not iatrodaced. His efforts,
Kelly Otto Twenty Tears.
James Kelly, convicted of the mardsr
of Arthur Snowden, was seateaced by
Judge Hollenbeok to twenty yearsja
the penitentiary on last Tharaday.
The motion for a new trial, made by
the defendant's attorneys, was over
ruled. Kelly was taken to'Liaooln
Satarday by the sheriff to begin His
long sentence. He was to have started
Friday, bnt asked' to have it pat off
one day,x sayiag that Friday was his
unlucky day. This, in all probability,
closes the case, aa Kelly has bo money
or friends so the case might be ap
pealed to a higher court. When he
stood up to receive his seateaoe the
prisoner did not seem much concerned
and when asked if he had aaythiag to
say merely said that he was innocent
and asked mercy from the oourt.
After being sentenced he seemed as
cheerful as ever..
deserve "credit,
things in detail might
about the convention. We
tell bow Hearst's Chicago
displayed a picture labeled
Schneider of Nebraska, hie
wife and daughter," wheat. Mrs.
Schneider was not ia Chicago at all.
We might expiate that Bam Bam
moni occupied one side of this piotare
and Ckaaaoey Depew the other. Aad
we might add by way of explaaatioa
Bcameider came the
daytejoiaher kushaad and
tag daughter aad to look at the pic-
tare of. her friend, Mrs. Edwards, who
for Mrs. Schneider.
A tuna-Hi imrideat af this kind
the eoavaatioa. bat the one
AUea Goes U Sana rteli.
Ex senator. Allen stopped ia this city
Monday on his way to the populist
natioaal ooaveatioa at Springleld, ,111.
Whea interviewed by a Journal rep
vreseatative, Mr. Allen expressed his
belief that Parker or some other coa
servative eastera maa would be aomi
Bated at St. Louis. When naked if
the popuilst convention Brpuldwitkold
its nomiantious awaitiag theactioa
of the democratic conveatkm he aairV
"Whftt'sthease? The democrats will
nominate an eatsera man that we'
could not eadorse. The tit spbssci
appeared to, be eajoyiag the best of.
health. He discasaed freely the repub
licaa tioket, referriag courtosasly aad
in complimeatary terms to
Fairbanks. - Ne Bcashsws who aa
eadorse Mr. Allea's political views,
recognise his ability aad woald'bs
glad to have Urn famored by thepreai-
deatml aomiaahaB at
next week.
The' democraHa aad jsjaalijl
dietriet a-M-ia
P. E..
. The board aoeepted the report of
the county, surveyor showing deere-
tioa aad accrstion of leads U aeocssW
i-lC-1 E.;aad sections, 33 4 84 lf-
I .Redaotiaas in, . aiiiBismsnt ware
-- -. rz. ". .-?-"
graated, oa reoommeadatioB af
committee oa oompmiats, as follows:
' E. A. Qerrard, lot 4, sec. 21 17 2
W.,1125 to $100.
Joaas Welch, w 1-3 seo 3G-17-S W.,.
606 to $560. - - A ,
J. W. Simle, parts of seo. 14-17--1
W., $720 to $640. "' ' .-
Katherine and O. A. Speice. lots 1
& 9,W 32171 E., reduced to $20
per" acre, aotaal'valae ; and part of see.
29 17 1W.. reduced to $30 per acre,
aqtital valae. ' - - r.,, .
John Walker, lot ia Humphrey, $440
I to $340. t
CathariBaBeriBg, two lom in Hamph
rey; one reduced to $00, oae to $i0a,
J. W. Beader, two lots in Humph
rey, $700 to $00. - '
Wml Daesman, two lots in Hamph
rey ; oae $00 to $80t, oae $00 to $fQ0v
M. F. Grass, lot ia Humphrey, $W0
to $700. .
Jos. Anselme, kit ia Hamtmrey.
$500 to $400. "
- Jas. Ward, two lots ia Humphrey,
$340 to $240. t
Newell South, two lots' ia Hamph
rey. $540. to $480,
John Weber, lot in Hnnibhrey, $440
to$34o. ; - ,;, " '; .
. Tboauaa Otti. fivo lots, in Hamph
rey. $15,400 to $13,600.- 4J , , ,
P. E. McKilip. lot la Humphrey.
$4,500. to,4.000 ; six lots, roduced to
$4,400; two Uockaj'iB Hamphrry, re
dnead 14 ner cent.
E.T. Graham, horses $to$420:
farm land $1,700 to $1,380. ' t ' '
Requests of the foUowing for are-
dactioa of their smassment
aied : Platte County aaakv Thomas
Ottis, P..E. McKillip. David Thomas.
Jemmy Kinaan, John rSa7aoa,' ,M.
Savage, J. E. tTaufmann, H. B. Feai
more, H. J. aTiaasa aad TaWpdors
Friedhof: - ,..-. r .
The board made the feUowiag addi
tioa and dedafltioas oa lands, horses
aad cattle ia the various township i
of- the coaaty.. .The bUbus afguJ1 '( )
will be used to indicate; deducti left blank. - '
Town-hip. Tsmas Horses. Cattle..
Granville Sparet -84 per ot meet
- -v 4jk-.
i !
''Theathool board met ia special sea
sioB Friday, morning, at 9 'o'clock.
whena large amount of businemwas
. The ooaaaiittw OB.naaace
an eetimate of the amount
of rerenue and expense of' the district
for tho ensaing fiscal school year at
follows i : J-momei state'apportionmeat
$$400.haes and linsnsws $8.000. sundHea
$100. 1-Csneaditaras, teachers' salaries
fifftoxt books $1.000,.. general
fund $7,000. The finance committee;
which la eomposed of M. Bragg er and
C., a Nanmann, Recommended the
levyi-g of a tax of 1 1-3 mills on the
'valuation of the diitriot'for
the .purpose of paying interest on the
boad GklebtadneeB of the district,
aad a resolution was presented to the
board by Mr. Bragger, and unani-'
useasly adopted by that body, instruct
ing the secretary to present the matter
beforotthe koard of supervisors and
also the eily council- The committee
fo-nd:that there is needed for the
suppartof the.eohools the sum of
m.?5, also $1,1K for paymeat of the
tufjaWt on school .district bonds of
$25,000 bearing date of May 1, 1896:
A, G. Mot a. graduate of Belle
rue eeUege.tbis 'spring, who was also.
tathe .high school of
i i BBanlmiiiiala le-1
K4cHr.Jlctojsn mar-
ee his -n-faa-Hhai a l-iu
" t i.i J - T ' ' !T n7ir?!w:T'
college, and is now in the western
part of the states
.Miss Clara -liehtoaberg of Cedar
Rapids sent? her resignation to the
' .a- mn . . m
wawu am -jbisb wiasno jmoraa was
last Friday anaaimoasly elected to
aake tberoom aaajgaed to her, the
ffth grade ia the First Ward, build
ing.. Mim Moran is an orphan. ' She
has taught in Wayae aad Norfolk
schbolsand comes to ythe,' Columbus
sohools with excellent recommends-'
The salary of Miss Marion Smith,'
teacher of drawing, was raised from
$60 to $55 a month." Mim Smith is now
ia Boulder, Colorado, teaohing draw
ing in a summer school.
The ooatract was awarded to Jas.
Pearsall,for the building of an addi
tion 12x30 feet to t the west room in
Third' Ward building. The addition
will cost $380, and will be completed
for use by the time school shall open
in the fall.
Hei te at Paint
-B-f m-B-a1-B--a VTamuV-l ar-mt -
V 'Lwma1w4lfBBV WHa-Ll faaTmmmramT
"rf .rT CMMlerlisi:
H ,i . : ;
, 4 w6aa-la Liadsay uses a aistal U
raseat what she considers aa insult.
She halWber man aad turns him aver
to aa ,offioer. The woman Is Mrs.
Aiidraws, anaaager of .the telephone
oMohaafSkhad the youag maa who
soiaarrowly esoapei aaearly grave is
the, saa of Thomas Jaaes, ex-post-.master
at Postville. Joaes was triad
U. jatlee coart-Monday moraiag -.oa
theehargeof disorderly ooaKlaetaael
the ase of improper laagaage ia tho
aressaee-of a-woman aad was
vs dollars aad oosts. As the
goes, Joaes calletl at the Liadsay tele
phoae exchange after 'oWsf hoars
Saaday niah-nnd ; asked to have a
Humphrey aaator ceiled for hU father
who is snSd to be serioasly iU. Mrs.
.Aadrewe, it is said, refused -on tho
groaad thUao; hoar was too mte.
Joaes insistedaatl aa argument of tho
qaetion'was eutcrxl upon which vary"
soon' boaums iafeBMly'personaL. Ia
the heat of the argument Joaes is said
to have ''called aames' unbeoomimr a
sntlema.'-Whereupon Mrs. Andrews
drew ai'revolver aad oommeaoei
it is said, started to
. laaAlBUwa-Ba- um---.x KX;j- :
- - - -a - - --" - f , . , .. maamtfauauaaVXra
of Raral Fam PeUvery. WsaMagt,,. MWPMl'
.u..jaaoe;imM.TORDsraiia9: aTsaBPuauBrBm
Tho Aot af OsBmraai aaBsdaur aaaaa aBUaauaauamava
Prt-atieaa tortaesm BEM-mLWmX!'
" i Fnianmaii. lit tti Besal year 'igagKaBuaaSK
9J9 i.as4, ta, b'i I In a ;HBkmH' '
thaaf-cemistsaler rVa-l ni-H-f
rnloBrriBaa,pfaTionsthat: Maaaf saPau
"Oa aad after said aaes (July 1st) WIKamMMm'mB.
aid earriers saaU aet selieit aaBaaaai MWflmi V bV -' aaual;
or reeeive orders of aay Us far aay tA.
Baa-ma. at " .. .. 'BmBBUBuaaaaauuBu
at. dariaw ---- '- ' v .r ' '"
!Zie J!?!! . j7M ,-ffi- a safe iNTaasmonr
-titd. That mid aarriata -my --t rlmmir It J, Jl
aram the request af fatraas rtmatiaf St-Ir".?!.'''1. ?'?.
pom their lasaaativa reaeea, whea- frt itZgfJS
aaaaaB mau asm mBmaraaro msjl l-lf -Mfc " .... ,.. -
the areper diawaarau ef their eaWal a-I-,? " BP t
datieaaad aad4asaeh rewhrtiaas as r --ni . f' ,-
ariha.V, v yoa? iiiiiJiyeearawaiaaahaia.
T-y tTiiTt if ths aasis aiailalia. r '- amaammmat is a
of law. It Is OBUDmBED: , iaw-w far every dtssaitsr.
tossstett buslnim ar ispaiiVmdisi af
i.- p - " WT1 BmBjajmamaaaa aj
aayUadforsaryperBSB, arm ercar-
poranam, 4 .
BUaamr mav aa aau-Uad
' ?
f - ---"
oaerisrs while servkag their
the !ropar aaatag has
cT6 Columbua
State Bank
Ined as before
leave whea; Mrs. Andrews
kim;toA"eoBM haok." Ho
aad:wa.taraed- over ' to aa
aad apoa- trial w
stated. J
4 Both parties' bear jood rspatatioa
and it it aafortaaate that sach a thing
should occur. As to the merits of the
case we are unable ,to Judge. There
may have been some -fault on both
sides. r There is no provocation grave
eaough. however, to warraat a fell
grown man in the use of violence aad
improper language in the presence of
a woman.
reejles, nmim, the aroaar aasfaia has
aaoajmaaM, wibhthe singie exeep-
tioa ef; nnuaii asassaiii i .ht I"--1 "MBammamaBBam
- -,"
mBnor,jajaw. are, permitted to
OBlTata. trOO thtaBmUamt tkm amatia 9
! waieh they aw pablishsd, to actual I
,itn i m, - ? 'i. .IS
BMB. aawiSaeai aowsaaaera ad-1
SBmesrilaBTB. ramUamaa I S
''Bemmim Brnmaat aBBBBBBBBBBBmam BHB B BBB
he -sposited at tho
84. Bermmrd 5
5 x
Weedvjlle 5 '
Crestoa -i$- "
Hump'rey -IS' ,
mmi-MBi - fjj
(Urai -Ui
Jolki: . -!
-28 -
V'i.: - Ifii-ft-Uw-
t.-7-.t.A. "Slii,.
' 5-15!-- if at r
t.ii.i " . '
X--d h
J- IVi
CU a
;' k- -a-W'..
r: s 4" ('Hi,t
, f-wUiC? !
Hamnhrav " ' Tha
J. - .,.. a t - . .. :-' a
' c' " - nanri waaugaiaoaoTwty oi exTJaaaaooa . .a .t-t .i-aw
V 1T5 1P a' - Wi IMWBU AMI aBWH '-
- - i iwbii aiiiiiinisii nnsaaiiB ooaaeider came the next w4 aiii -- Jbttat . .-lf .- -is... .. . ia.
e 'rt " n 1 : . - .- ' ' --r .. Bammmnamaa w. aBBamamM 4Bamaami aamBBamammaaaaaaamw BUBUS - ---., -- --' - -a- - , ,- j.
w T r'v' -''- gm-H lV3oiher hasaaad.and charm- tho-obadhallatllr. Mawtthenww .'' -- T . . oliraasemt i,twa weeks time wiy,r?ggy ,T ."ol!M.Ma
3e. x, & aBaaBmuBV aasmaamamaaammt aam, amaBBBa JBBBBBBBaaB auUBH jBBBaVsa , a, . . . . Baauest Bamr-aa-Bi mamammammi em. 4mmamju UBJ amauUBaxmjmar . -- af J?',- J . -we-v.1 -i 7- " m a - - i a- 9
S- -T ' .Psbi.I1. aaale smuat; Mra. FairrhHd, amaeVttj. lag daaghtw: and to look at the Die- i- , S Tsnit- -a Loan v ia s- ta . .-, aa . make. - Tarn bmW .ta ail alaav. w ;IJ!!HI, $& Imuia to
t --.. Tl, . A T O .. - . - . - " WH, MMHMB WW WIIU-IU - .- rf. . . . .- . -., Ivii!
? XBuaaaun -5 -k.v. . m. o. aaaai aae mrn SB BOT lTlPBfl, J ITS. KdBT MB. BrkMt x i.- m - m. - Tti liar . . ia
&j? adaadftmlhWiiaBm nf anh maall fa aT -""r"" b amw-jn. warn aaaaiaaoam BOmiastlOB at the hand- """syij !? -j rll.i.fe
?" -- ii?fc.haJ-mm-laaB mm J. M. amd laaa mfaUhsim for Mrs. Schneider. thm imiB,.itll gg-ma-iha-l ma Ttla-ai'm mmMas&mrMm mMEM?- !.?&'&;&??
- V ", rr. -t. - -- - A. llsamui lamlrtoaita. -f tti. M- - .. . -. r .. , . ..-.- -a.. ; ., TM'omlaalMjra MVaW
fr ,mar.ln. l-aMaW,T.C. eadtvesaa the crmveation, but the oae ..i,. - -S-Z -i ! 'mr' .Temlad hi.m. Mir "gV f nil l"fa " " '. "-V i the exearsiem tais year as ! -, ,
: ?1Eumm.K. aims ""- tta Pwaao - Mmospatre pjauJa-T " 7 ":, 71$; aaam emm " l!uoffli - - ltat wm there was a good siaasl mil . . ..-
hfe-g. jSv5!"-fe!mft5ri was ataaaavalt. Yotataaa Whwa " . - M&mS; "'" '? " ??yj?9g-, ;-' FM Ai a Md writers , aad ad 11 oajoyad tho trip. The Oliamw I lljnr
aSL V"" ' r tiarr TntaflaT S. a! fi n U U-1 ' ". b- - ; ...- vva Thiar JnWnftmM la-la-'"ri ii ti'V- l.l.r r rr. ii :..-! ,.- . .-. .-;,; -, ; ?.' : , - . i i B U i B i -
1 :- Z lmaft-llm Uaosl. was mmU-mUd 8sd.wh-re ami wlU ri eae week j "?-5jSMj,f rSaS- weU; tost-daum -e baa people and added maeh to the ; . ' SS
- ' ' igSf ir?iyffi!i.jjySlTi ----irrn njwl sank mlbumsaTa. MUH-Js--i..l,--wJ --g-JWy: jjjlwtmSaAm Tariff ' Head eoaHribaieas. Tho ttaea left huso as : ! O-umlai - J
BBjarri -" aamUBB- B UB am r ,. a a- aaaamaaaaa BBWBama 4 Baa ma BxaWamB BWJaTa vvaBVt J b am am am arBB aPaBU SB am a BSaUH B hm at F' a . sl t a i. aa 'at T! m " : 5--" "" 1 "'- - ' ' i '.' . t S. aV me a i i a
mV J$1,lyt - y1 ??y?i.M -."v?ir?" -?f',,y-W4B fBBBamamhVuBwm f'ikWiH'Akhkt--i- T-mb ' via-- saa B ar aaammt '-a4 A-'t T? -" Maaaauar'
SaaUaUBUaUa '..:yi4t'ilktt'&'JS'. I;"j?A. ,4 V-vli- --l?g .""'-l. ! . ,.-v . i. L ?i.f5"Kf!' . -
Heme from Philippines.
Fred. Rollins, arrived hero Moaday
from the Philippine Islaads where he
has beea almost continuously for the
past six yens. Fred ffrst "weat as a
soldier with Company K. to the Phil
ippines, aad after, oae year service
for Uacle Bam returned rhome to
spend oalyf two months, when he
agataealaBtaiand went to the Islands.
The rjast two years he has been post
master at Jolo, a city of about 2,000
iukabitaata on tho Island ' Jolo which
is about eight by ten miles in size.
The town is employed largely as a
miUtaryaad distributiag- station for
Islands La that district. The natives
areaearly aU Mohammedans, aad the
costameworn Is almost exactly alike
both for am aad women. s The pria
einsleoaBBCioaef the natives is the
sathering of the mother pearl from
shells, whioh is sold In tho rough at
about $t00 to $1,000 in.oar money.
lysthe clinmte ia
exceediagly cool to him,
tag aa, he -does from so
ooaatry. Ho has. had teaches,
bat b says -if oae does aot
to be active aad out in the sun
tho danger is aot so great. The
from 8 to 88
In order to taka a vacatioa
Fred was obliged to resign hir
aad is aot eertaia whether
he whU retara to the lalaads or re-
amU hi this ceemtry. He
wiaa1 aim amay.
amc them is a hat smvls by the aav
Ti. f ro- the tamsbmx It emm him
l f 1.-. - a--. - J , - m. mamm
about U.esv,amamy-a take
aeive'asoat two weeks time to
viae is aU deae by
keeping the stra
SBaBBUBkUa. ft- ?7ML 'jLJr -..-Bm .
v.r?? ": " r!r t rr
aaa rnaa taam BtiUH mr V7
r. - t! . ' t;- -j. - : " .
Academy Ceauaamcemeat.
Commencement - exercises for St.
Francis Academy were held last
Thursday, June 3, nt St. Bonaveatara
chapeL Bestowal of gradaatiag
honors was to the following: Mim
E. Brega. academic coarse; MimE.
Flaherty, literary coarse; Mim Eck
roat. No. 6 piano class. Pupils from
different classes in tne academy as
sisteaVia, the exercises, aad the fol
lowing excellent program was reader-
adinthejpreeence of aa audieaoe com
posed of the near relatives of tho
Kroennngs Marsch (aus der Opera
"Der Prophet.") G. -Meyerbeer. Pia
no Duo Misses C. Malloy and A..
vHappy Greeting to AIL Selected
Soag-Selected Pupils. PianoMias L.
Eckroat. . - -
n . Overture MeeresstilleGluecklicae
Fahrt ' Opus 27, Felix Mendelssohn.
Piano Duo Misses E. Brega aad L.
Eckroat. r
- Moral and, Aesthetical Influence of
Good Literature,- Mim E. Flaherty.
Overtare znr . Opera : ' ' Der Nord
etem." (Das Feldlager in Schlesiea.)
G. Meyerbeer. Piano Solo Mim L.
. ' Where the Hills. Are Heavea Ador
ing, -Frz. Abts. .Song-Selected Pupils.
Piano Mim. Eckroat.'
. Violin Masters C. Eckroat. D.
Murphy, O.'Abts.,
Mandolin Master B. Murphy.
Overture Das Lustspiel A. voaKeler
Piano Duo Misses A. Storch and E.
Oratory: Its Power aad Importaase.
MimE. Brega.
Miaaetaas, "Divertimento" W. A.
Mozart. -Violin Master" O. Eckroat.
Piano Miss L. Eckroat.
- Convent Bells, Selected Piano Duo
Misses C. Maloy and G. O'Frien
Slowly and- Softly Musio Snoald
Flow, S. Glover. Song Selected
Pupils! Piano Miss Eckroat.
Hoffnung ("Hope") A. Baamaaa
Piano Trio Misses Brega, Flaherty
and Eckroat.
Tho class motto was "Perseverance
the Secret of Saoceas."
Those present from a 'distance were
Mim' Flaherty of St Edward; Mr.
and Mrs.) Brega of Callaway; Mim
Eckroat of Wyoming. The September
term of the academy will be opened
with ad additioa to the present build
ings that will accommodate nearly
twice as' many pupils as formerly.
Iaaxmaoh as it is settled that the
tariff ris to be the predominant issue
ia the Presidential campaign of 1904,
the Tariff -Hand Book, jest issued by
the American-;. Protective Taritff
Jejagae. becomes of spaci9l valae. Aa
equal amount of matter relating to the
Tariff in its various phases has acver
beea iacorporated betweea the covers
of aay. single, volume'. There is ao
the Free-Trader
whieh is aot
in this heady book of aiaoty-six
Evtaei bearing upon the Tariff
Smtlstios ooveriBg
held of industrial.
ia wall ordered farm, all of
pcaw-oOee thorn
other sabseribera,
The hire for
reqaest of tho patraa af rami free de
livery mast be paid by taaaafToa.
Oarriers will aot be permitted to re
ceive aay esmpeumHsa from seller of
eauamt BmmmTMaBaamaam
Articles er. packages, 'which are
amilable, whieh are handed to tho
carrier or ispsaitsd ia the poetesses
or ia a rural lector box or ia a oollee
ttoa box located oaa raral route, with
request. that tho rami carrier deliver
same, are subject to tho rules regulat
ing mail amtter, indadiag tho pay
meat of postage thereon.
Articles or packages, that are aet
mailable, which the patroas desire
the raral. carrier to carry mast ho de
livered to the carrier ia iifiaau. ami
ia earryiag mernhandi as for hire raral
carriers are aot permitted to leave
their routes as omeially laid eat or ta
accept aaythiag that wilLia aay way
delay tne delivery of mail, or iaaay
war iaterfero with the eScieaey ef
the service.
Carriers, while on daty.
permitted to carry spiritaoaa liq
either tkeamelves, for sale or for tho
accommodation of their patroas.
Rani camen an reqaired to
mit pest-office iasaectors, or
duly accredited agents of
Office Departmeat, to
them oa their regalar trips over their
routes. They mast aot carry
passsagen aor permit aay
other thaa nnthorised postal ofldals,
to ride with them or to have aocom
to the mails.
Raral carrion mast aot oaaage ia
aay bastatim attar hoan which offon
the temptation to solicit pstToaage oa
their routes, or which, by reasoa af
their positioa ia tho Goverameat
service, gives thorn special advaaeage
over competitors, sach as book catt
vassiag. solicitiag iasaraaaot, atl
ling sewiaff-aaachf aes, or other kia
dred occapatioas.
Carrion mast aot, , either ia persea
or throagh others, directly, by aay
method whatever, solicit moaey, gifts
or pneeato, aor issue for
soaveain or postal haadboo
co-operate with or amist the pasi
en of same to secare the psiroaago of
the pablic; aor compile directories
for pablic ase or assist puftlishen ar
patrons of their roates, for pay, or
favor, to aay bastaess esrshlfshmsat,
or to aay individual.' except to those
deparrmeatal officials who, under tho
reguiatioas, an eatf tied to the same.
(Signed) H.O. Payae,
I JILT If, 1114,
Wa Will Have aa "-main ta
trip of 7 miles FREE
tern, iaelaaaaa its
latgeat ia tho United
which ths water
the "aatsL"
lands an all
a Bjwn rmireaa lawa aaei a
amrket. Prieeosad terms u
reacnecau. Aonram aw lay par.
tieukua xt
Elliitt, Spaiet
P. O. ulLOCtt
oaa af tho
raaaaet: A
amaraaaV. akav
MB1UC, these
s way aTva
ammlPlam VureMI Iw
tho Poet-
Call aad sea as abeat OCR
member tarn will ha tho LAST
CHANCE to get tho low prise
oa these leads.
F. T. Waluf's
A Hem Iamlftrj.
Was. Poesch has orden for $85 gal
lons of ice cream to be shipped to
various parts of tho state next Friday,
aad for the next day his oatoa -towa
erdsn. aaioaat, to 1TT gallnas Oaa
order goes as far west as Ogallala
which ia aoarar Dearer thaa Oolam
bas. Tho Oolambas creamery fur
nishes Mr. Peeseh tho cream whieh
they ia tara bay from the Platte
coaaty farmers. Tho msaafsctured
prodaet briags raon moaey ta Colum
bus thaa the mw product. Wo hops,
therefore, that tho time may come
whea tho Colambus Chamery Com
pany may not have to ship oat of Oo
lambas a piat of
oaehes carried
BJoaists from hen to Fremont Saaday
to the Orrjhaas' Festival- From Graad
I We have a castomer aaxioas ; '
to bay a farm of 120 er 160 '.I
acres dose to Cohmaaa. He
' ; will allow the present ewaer to ' '
4 a
. retain possession thai year. It ', '
1 1 most be r lajKi,iairly well '
; ; improved. : : : : : : :y
1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 n ii i m i.i t
liiiiim 1111111111
IHOloTS raltliuTj
We invite the pab
lic to look the line
oyer aatore
w at,
'' -1
.. t.-
. -j