The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, March 30, 1904, THE COLUMBUS JOURNAL--Supplement, Image 5

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WHOLE NO. 1,723.
District Court.
District court was in session from
Monday to Thursday of last week with
Judge Hollenbeck on the bench.
Ernst & Schwarz were given a revival
of a judgment against P. 8. Griffin.
Augusta Piatt withdrew her suit for
divorce from John Piatt.
Citizenship papers were granted to
Hewrich Kapels, Johan Thielen and
Friederich Goehry.
D. N. Newman was asked to make his
petition more specific in his suit against
Peter and Mary KozlowskL
D. N. Miner was granted a divorce by
default as his wife did not appear in
court when the case was called for trial.
In his suit for damages against the
Union Pacific R. R Co. John T. Nelson
was asked to make his petition more
Odelia B. Patech was granted a di
vorce from Louis Patech by default
She was also given the custody of the
The Crowell Lumber and Grain Co.
was given a judgment of $70 against
Martin LuchsiDger.
The case of Aggie Mosilonka et al vs.
Louis Stull etalwas taken under ad
visement. The judge granted a dismissal of the
case of John Maslonka et al vs. L Gluck
et aL That of Grant . Johnson vs.
Charles Kopietz was also dismissed.
David Thomas' motion for a new trial
of his case against Owen Parry was
The referee's sale brought about by
the case of Wm. H. Kennedy et al vs.
Margaret Kennedy et al was confirmed
in the court and title granted. The
widow, Margaret Kennedy, was found to
be dead and the proceeds of the sale
were distributed among the plaintiffs
and defendants.
The divorce suit of Stephen 8. McAl
lister from Emma M. McAllister, was
taken under advisement.
Court was adjourned until Thursday
of this week.
Platte Ctmter.
From tbe 8iBaL
Mr. William Jones, nephew of Mrs. J.
D. Williams of the Postville neighbor
hood, after spending two years in that
locality, departed Tuesday for Liver
pool, England, from which point he goes
to India to accept a government position.
Government Postal Route Inspector
Llewellan has been in this locality this
week looking over a proposed rural route
northeast and east from Platte Center.
There seems to be a good prospect for
the establishment of this route.
A caucus was held last Friday even
ing for the purpose of nominating three
candidates for members of our village
board to take the places of Wm. Bloe-
dorn, D. P. Mahoney and C. J. Carng,
whose terms expire. M. E. Clother, P.
J. Riley and Robert Wilson were the
gentlemen named for these positions. It
looked for a time as though this would
be the only ticket in the field, but last
evening, after the time for nominating
had expired, a petition, with D. D.
Roberts and Lew Hoare as candidates
was filed, and now it looks as though
there was going to be something doing.
Sural Eoute Mo. 1.
Henry G. Lueschen has commenced
work on his new house.
Mrs. Gesine Aniens, who is making her
home with John Ahrens, is very ilL
Julius Wegner gave a farewell party to
his friends at Will Hake's recently.
Quite a number of farmers along the
route have commenced spring work by
cutting corn stalks. Henry Cattau has
sowed his spring rye.
Dr. Geer had an accident recently as
he was leaving John Ahrens place to fol
low a call to Humphrey. The front
wheels on his buggy got loose and thus
he lost control of his team. But the
horses were re-captured after a short
start, and borrowing a buggy the Dr.
was able to proceed.
Sale bills.
Hand bills,
Note heads,
Meal tickets,
Tnl Manks.
Visiting cards,
Milch checks.
Business cards,
Dance invitations.
Society invitations,
Wedding invitations,
Call on or address, Journal,
Columbus, Nebraska.
One of the most sensational sale of Dry Goods. Cloaks.
Dress Goods. Muslin Underwear, Wash Goods, Stripes. No
tions, Corsets, Hosiery, Laces, Embroideries, Trimmings, etc.,
will be offered to tbe public at auction witbout reserve, and
without consideration of previous cost or value. Every dol
lar's worth of goods must and will be sold at once.
Look For
Of the Auctioneer
at F. H. Lamb &
Co.'s; it will move
AE have arranged
to do something
else. Can't spend all
summer closing out
this stock. It must go
and go quick.
Tou know our stock.
It is a choice selection
of fine goods, too good
to be slaughtered at
auction, but we must
vacate soon.
We do not dream of
making profit on any
article sold. Our only
thought is to get out
of business quick.
IE will be pleased
to wait on you
at private sale between
the hours of auction.
As tbe Mighty Lever
we have employed to move it. This will be the most
determined slaughter of merchandise ever attempted
in this city. Do not confound this sale with so-called
special or clearing sales. This is a genuine auction
sale to dispose of $15,000 worth of first-class depend
able merchandise and retire trom business. We have
engaged Mr. Gus. H. McMasters, merchandise auc
tioneer of New York City to personally conduct this
sale. Sale will open
Chance of a life time to buy brand spanker new
foods, at your own price. Tou remember in "The
oosier School Master" "Get a plenty while you are
getting." If you are coming after goods, come after a
lot of them. Don't make a trip to mill after a bushel
of corn and come home with just a few kernels in
your pocket. Don't be half-hearted in your buying
buy a lot while the stock is complete. Be wise; lay in
all the merchandise you expect to use in the next
three years. How can you find a better
Look for the Red Flag. Be with the crowd at the
opening Saturday, April 2d. Doors open at 8:30 a. m.
A chance to buy goods for less
tban tbe cost of production.
Achance that comes but
once in a life time.
Come Early
So you will bave time to in
inspect tbe stock. Pick out
any article that you wish,
band it to tbe auctioneer
and be will sell it for you.
&e highest bidder gets tbe
2d, 1904.
We Give a Prize
to the customer
bringing in the
largest load of
people to the
opening of the
Auction, Satur
day, April 2d.
Look for the
tted - fn
of the Auctioneer.
Get in line for the
It 11 Only Last
a short time for we
intend to make
short work
of it.
We Appeal
to all people who be
lieve in makingtheir
dollars go the far
thest. This is a going
sale. The goods
We are going out
of business There
Is going to be a
big crowd The people
are going to get good
goods at their own price.
LAMB & C2.