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fs Gash
Beginning Tuesday, March 22, and contin- t
. urns until Saturday, March 26. J
? Queensware. ?
ISe H":nL-oaeIv Decorated Serai Porcelain Cream Pitcher, 10c jt
-- 4-JC
V -25c
- 4oc
- 45c X
Vegetable Dish ..20c
- 30c 4-
Columbus onmiaL
Wi!1CSl)AT, MARTH 3.
J. A handsome blue Serai Porcelain dinner partem, a single piece
" trai 10j-mece set at a bir redaction. A few of the oriee:
2.08 jvr daz. frp- ad
Nmrit!N .nl Tint
5L2S pr ic T-inca HrwirTi-r
Piaj sail jtjct? .
SU2J pr dor. tS-iaca Tea PIar-i Qtf"kr """
alf pra 7VJv
ic pir doz. S-mcn Pitr Plan- 7fYf
alepricr WV j
70p per dor. sasctr Biche-. ATkf .
-ai price XJUr V
25 Pounds of Sugar for Sl.OO.
With every S3.'M pnrrhar in anv department, except in tht
rrocery department, the purchaser wilt get 25 pound.- best granulated
Groceries, except where mentioned, the Pri
ces are Good Every Day:
. 9c
5c bottle Snyder's Home JIade Ketchup
'"P-c 5cyder" Oyster Cocktail Sacce.
jZc Bakic Ponder. .-.
HKc Golden. War Beans, very nne. per can
3te cake Vpouad Walter Baker'5 Chocolate
-iJV-cake 1-pocaU W. H. Baker's Chocolate .
1 bars rood Laundry Soap, for tcese days only
' cars Best Standard S-et Cora, for thte days ocly
te Package Search Licht Matcnee . .
40c Cream Cans at 35c.
ZS Compare thee pnct with tae credit stores aad see for yourself
tlat the credit stores are from 2i to 25 per cent higher on the same goods,
xsich aeons a loss of $5.lj on every 525.U0 yon purchase on credit.
Bans hs yoor better and es:rs . we pay the nurhest price.
Dry Goods Department.
-: Shirt Waist Snitmcs m all the latest styles and weaves.
y. rniiar 20c to 40c smtms so at
'" &. and Isnb Novelties for waists and suits. 50c value, at . ...
White yatma in Pi:ce. jforas. Etammes and Brocades.
". iarre assortment in Champagne colors. 25c to 60c values. . .
ijj Fe assortment of colors in Danish Cloth this is half -srool and
-1- extra sood quality, a 20c vaiue. our pnee.
X v0c Mohairs in black. Thite and cream per yard . ...
: Black saperrme Vode. sold everywhere for SL25. our price .
-j- 44-mch Voile Crepe SL50 uuahty at per yard
4- 42-incfa blaca and colored Tone. 90e quality, at per yard ...
T 'f-jnch colored ilohairs. extra value per yard
25c to 50
. . 47c
. ..5L00
Straw Mattinss.
Larr?e assortment, very neat pattemi
at per yard
extra scod values
14c. 20c, 30c aad 35c
Hulst's Cash Store.
Both "Phones 26.
Eleventh Street. I
r t
In Fnaay ani Saturday tve will sell 16 oa. Hint's Bakinc
PoTder xortn 25c for
U oz hLmcr s Bannz Po-wTier -worth 4Jc
tlrain ' a cerea. cotTee. larre paakase worth 25c. on
Frmaj and Saturday
;uter Bakers Chocolate. Wm. H. Bakers Chocolate. W. E.
Bakers Chocolate every day of the week and every day of
the year for per cake
I- ?ure satisfy the consumer. It i always fresh
and deiicatr absolutely purs there is positively
n ";tvre tate" about Yacht Club. It is like the
ott h-.nit-made mayonaise. creamy in consistency.
ari imoart- the nnst appeU2hi2 relish t ?alaL.
meat-, ri-h. vegetables, hash, bakal beans, etc en.
H r mm H
3A22 advertisements r the local
cohnrnts are charged at the rate of 5
cents a line each imuc. Hemryfoot tfpc
double price.
Eitr goads at vec Baryac's.
Aivic. Z. Pool Tiolisiat. Tkcne 65.
Dr. TaHier, OstMph, Barber block.
Camil? at North opera house next
Men day.
Dr. Gietzac, dectiat, over Pollock's
Calling cards printed m the latest
j style at'this office.
j i Dr. Chas. H. Platz. homeopathic phy-
J sician and surgeon, postotace baHding.
Drs. JLartyn. Evans, Geer k Han
sen. oiSce three doors north of Pried
hors store, tf
Dr. Paul visited relatrraa near
Grand Island, going on Satorday and
returning Monday.
Will fieuer, who is engaged in the
McKilhp store at Humphreys pent Sun
day with home people.
To rent, a small building suitable for
shop purposes. In good locality. In
quire at Jochsax. office.
G. W. Brown and Mr. Flynn of
Cedar Bapids were in Columbus Friday,
on their way to Omaha.
Humphrey bowlers will play Colum
bus a match game at the Eagel alleys
this Wednesday evening.
Farmers ten miles north of town
reported Friday that the ground was
still frozen to a depth of one foot.
For fancy Easter goods, opal ware.
chickens, rabbits, novelties and candies,
50 to von Bergen's, Eleventh street.
Residences and vacant lots in all
parts of the city for sale on easy terms.
Becher. Hockenberger x Chambers.
The members of the Hibernian lodge
enjoyed the evening in the 3L of P. hall
Thursday. A musical program, was ren
dered. Wm. Schilz makep boots and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the very
best stock that can be procured in the
market, tf
Five of the Schuyler teachers includ
ing Prof. Sherman, superintendent, vis
ited the city schools of Columbus last
F. Adolpn Gores will leare this Wed
nesday morning for St. Louis where he
will work on the World's Fair ground as
one of the painters.
Charles Jones, John Becher. Gas
Speice and J. C Byrnes constituted a
party of hunters who camped at the
Haney island last week.
Profs. Pool and Funk, and Miss
Maud Bums gave a recital in Enmphrev
Thursday evening under the auspices of
the Woman's club of that city.
Mrs. G. M. Loseke expects to go to
St. Louis about April 1, and Jasper
Nichols will move his family to her resi
dence north of the High school.
Buy the lest. The Tryfcer Fians
leads them all m construction, finish,
durability and price. Sold on monthly
payments. Auditorium Music Co.
Judge Eatterman issued only one
marriage license danzg the past week,
that bemc to Lcrrie Pearson and Grace
F Nelson, both of Newman Grore.
Basil Gietzen returned home last
Investigate Oaranfthyriti earaa a
Pi T r Tw. TTnaiiiLiitMi ajsf
dan. Celaaabac
ismemr mm. ir mantra
aa an
per bottle
lOc, 30c, 50c.
Everyone appreciates a Chili
sauce if it is a simon pure dandy
that wiJ stana up with any home
made one on earth. MONARCH
will do it every time
Price. Iarse bottle
A highij concentrated extract of
fresh Mint. Can be reduced with
water to strength desired. It is a
hummer on roast lamb, mutton
or cold meats.
Thirty Thousand Barrels
the Tnfiis where PHUbunj' B
milled. A good many people must think it
the best.
a day are
made in
Best Flour is
The WMie Lily Waster
Tk White Ui Wasters Wasl
Uiy Wlits-
made from the best
Jjousiana Red Cypress,
the only wood that
withstands the ex
treme hot and cold
GEARING Simplest,
strong, easy running.
HIGH SPEED Highspeed is one of the very
essential points of a rotary washer. The
speed of the White lily is 2 3-8 turns of the
fly wheel to one turn and return of the
BOLTED All hinges and parts are bolted
no screws.
IN SHORT There has been no stone un
turned to make the kHi Wfclte Waster the
most perfect machine made. CA QC
Tuesaay from Marquette, near where he
has been engaged on a ranch all winter.
He expects to remain for the present at
Miss Ethel Galley will render
several vocal selections before the
Butler County Educational convention
which meets m. David City next Friday
and Saturday.
Don't send away for your engraved,
wedding announcements or invitations.
Leave your order at Thh Jorax.ii, office
and we will guarantee satisfaction. Call
ana see samples.
If you are not a regular customer at
the -Live and Let live" meat market,
give it a trial and yen will be satisfied
that the quality of meat sold there is the
best and the prices lowest.
Suit was brought in Justice O'Brien's
court by the Fremont Brewing Co.
acamst Leo Borowiak to recover 3200
en ix promissory note. The case was
postponed from Friday to April IS.
Mrs. Tena Hcppen underwent a crit
ical operation at the hospital Tuesday of
last week, but is now improving. Mrs.
Emma Chappie, cf Omaha, her sister, was
sent for and will remain a short time.
Mrs. E. J. Young has rented part of
her farm one mile north of town to the
Emerson Seed Cku of Fremont. The
company will plant the cultivated land
while Mrs. Young retains the frait crops.
Holt county capitalists with others,
contemplate building a light draft road
from O'Neill to Chambers and from
Chambers to Ericson and Spalding. The
road will be operated by gasoliseenginas.
ProL.Pool is having erected a neat
seven-room home on his residence lot
east of G. O. Bums. Walter Scott has
the contract and expects to have the
house complete for occupancy by May.
Some one has figured that the aver
age man wears oat nearly two inches of
shoe leather in a year, and that if a man
had shoe made to last him a lifetime
they would have soles nearly nine feet
Eev.HaJaey went to Monroe Wed
nesday where he performed the marriage
ceremony the same evening rwiHwB; V?
Wiifard Coffey and Mas Ansa Doxaaas.
The couple will many s few miles Berth
of Monroe.
Frank McTaggert is anTTng" goods
for his Omaha firm in this part of the
state, takisc the place of the regular
man for this district til he shall be
appointed to a regular roate. fie vest
to Humphrey Monday.
Dr. Van.Ee cf Fsigo. Sbrth Dakota,
was a Columbss visitor Sawnls- ssd
Sunday. The doctor will be remesabered
by many Cohzmbss people, he having
been a veterinary haigsuai sere Sar two
years, leaving Cohxmbss ten year ago.
Walter Scott is bmtxbj the rastdesee
- """ '"-'"-'-r-r tt r wrir aim hsssiT lij
the former, to one of hsi rasUsBfie last
in the marts, psrtsf tows. 3fr.Botsisi-
ner expects to bwaida
lots sorth. of the Tkird wsrd sehooL bst
Neb. -
sv ice
Alley. 2t
One Night in June" as North opera
house Friday evening, Marea25.
George Bsxrd, the Coissbss ssd
pgTrifny nf? dsrsvui taking s siw dara'
Do not fail to see our 8-4oot gaiTss
ised steal mul for SSLflG. A-DssseH.
Son. tf
Dr. McKean's method of
aluminum plasas piaees them
quality with gold.
Miss Mabel Drawbaugh, who is
teaching school near Gardner, visited at
home over Sunday.
Prof. Waters attended a meeting of
the Nebraska Schoolmastersr club in
Omaha, last Saturday.
Miss T.isrie Gibbins will engage to
do sewing in the aty. Address inquiries
in care of Ed. Morrow. Boate 2.
Lands in Boone. Sherman, Buffalo
and Custer counties for sale or exchange.
Becher, TTy1rntwgr - rf-aihawi
H. E. Babeock returned last Wed
nesday from New York where he had
been looking after the canal interest.
Paul Duffy writes from Pittsburg,
Fin saa "that he has a good paying posi
tion there and evidently likes his work.
Miss Mabel Beecroft was in Genoa
last week assisting m arranging the stock
of merchandise placed there by L. Cohen.
The infant child of Mr. and Vtc.
Samnel Dnnnin northeast of town was
seriously sick for h few hours Tuesday
Fred Navel left Saturday for Si.
Louis where he goes to work on the
World's Fair grounds at the carpenter
E. A. Stadley, for many years living
near Platte Center, has moved his family
to the Babeock farm three miles west of
George, son of Gerhard Loseke. and
Gustave Gaver. two young men from
northeast of Columbus, were callers at
this office Friday.
G. J. Hazel is arranging to have
match games at bowling in the near
future with Schuyler, Genoa, Platte
Center and Humphrey.
Swift's Pride Soap saves a lot of
needless wash-day worry. It cleans and
softens without in any way injuring the
fabric. Sold everywhere.
Barred Plymouth Eocks exclusively,
-Orchard strain, bred for size aad lay
ing qualities. Farm ranged. Eggs 15
for SOc: 30 for SL5G. Hetty K. Truman,
E. F. D. L, Genoa. Nebr, 8
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Baker are the
happy parents cf a nine pound girl who
arrived at their home last Wednesday.
This is their first child and Mr. Baker is
a very proud parent.
Attorneys Barnes. Tyler, Mapes and
Eobertson all of Norfolk, were in Colmn
bus Sunday. Judge Eobertson is a can
didate for the nomination for governor
at the hands of the republican party.
The remains of Mrs. Frances TaHan.
living nine miles west of Surer Creek.
who died suddenly Tuesdaymorning last,
were brought through Columbus Thurs
day, being taken to FuIIerton for burial.
A L. Kocn has sued John E. Eauf
maan and W. L. Easton in O'Brien's
court for the sum of $100 he claims as
by the
ed qsx$
on the
will be reached by an
lower floor asefc. of
a private roam hi the ast part of the
bsildxsc and the sressas hi the rear.
The Halst state sssxated! s farry a
i day Saturday at the Platte txrercarry-
ing groceries to their costossers sosxh of
the rivet. An extra deirwary wagon was
roc freis. Columbus aver to the bridge,
or ferry iarrrrng. and the rural telephone
eame is. nsmay m tafcxag orders. Wui
Sekwaderwas ferryman for the day.
L. T. Hsvsriand, who for a number
of mnsths has been, workhag for the
Amdftorfsm Music Co., will begin work
the first of the month for a Chicago
fees for services in the selling of a resi
dence property. The case will be tried
April IS.
Rev. Maxxo goes to Norfolk next
Monday where he will meet with other
Congregational pastors m the north part
of the state, and before whom he will
give a discourse, his subject being fiow
to Beach Men.
Mrs. Ernest Dussell entertained
members of the Bebekah lodge Wednes
day evening, at a tusch- party. Prizes
were won by Miss Anna CogH and How
ard McCray. Twenty-eight people were
present to enjoy the occasion.
Bring your poultry and eggs to
Swift Jc Co. Will pay you highest cash
price each week. Hens 9c "b springs
6c to 9c tb., eggs 12c per dozen.
Watch for our prices in this paper each
week. Just across from the Bee Hive
livery barn.
(- Louise Says, well known to
many Columbus people, is lying very
sick at her home in Clarks. having con
tracted tuberculosis. She is reported to
be near death's doer, and her sister, Mrs.
George Spear of Norfolk, is with her at
her home.
Did you know that there was an
American girl on the throne of an em
press? Bead Arthur Hoyfs article in
the April Woman's Home Companion on
The Chicago Girl Who Bales India.
It is an intimate and sympathetic study
cf Lady Curxon.
S. A. Grant, who had made a charge
againsr Frank Baker for embezzlement
which we mentioned last week, die not
appear at the time set for trial last Wed
nesday, thus admitting that Baker was
nor wrong is receiving money for wages
he claimed due him.
About seventeen dollars was receiv
ed as proceeds from a basket social
Friday evening in the Adamy school
BMresntxIe firm as a traveling wholesale
and retail agent. Hu territory will be
Fan saw and Nebraska, and he will make
Columbia his headquarters for the next
two months,
So successful has been Georgia Har
per as Camille, both from an artistic and
financial standpoint, that a Pacific coast
cntc has said: "Georgia Harper will
become identified as Camille as was Clara
Morris, Joseph Jefferson as Bip Van
Winkle, and Booth as Hamlet." At
North opera house Monday, y" 2S.
Wm. Hosfelman. of near Oidenbosch.
who has been a reader of Thk Jottbsxl
since its inception thirty-four years ago,
renewed his subscription for another
year. Mr. HoeMman is the pnenronor of
760 acres of rich Platte county land, an
investment that has proven to be gilt
edged. WmHoefeman. iru was a caller
at this offce Thursday.
We made mention of Fred Stenger
leaving for Calif nrnfn for a visit to his
mother. Mr. Stenger did start for the
west and got as far as North Platte
where he was to meet his brother Ernest,
who planned to accompany tm, but as
the latter had urgent business to detain
him several weeks, the trip to the coast
was temporarily abandoned.
Bob Gentleman's livery barn at
Platte Center burned about 1 o'clock
Friday morning. Sixteen horses were
destroyed, together with hay, grain, and
all the harness. The b aggies were saved.
The origin of the fire is a mystery. Mr.
Gentlemen was in Norfolk on business
at the time. The loss is considered at
$i.000, with SL515 insurance.
Captain August Wagner treated the
inilitia boys to an oyster supper Thurs
day evening after the recular meetne cf
the company. The crowd, numbering
about thirty persons, enjoyed the feast
at the Knight i Corbett restaurant, and
speeches were given by the newly-elected
captain. Mr. Wagner, the former cantain,
Lee Rollins, and also J.B. Brock.
The remains of Mrs. Amelia Lieber,
mother of H. W. Lieber, living north of
Monroe, passed through Columbus
Thursday for burial at KswanecHlmcis.
beside the body of her husband. The
deceased was 73 years old and died last
Tuesday cf pneumonia, after eleven days
ulness. Mr. and Ms. Lieber and their
little daughter accompanied- the remains
The Albion bowlers, consisting of
Cline. Porter, Wailic, Brian and Thomas
met their second defeat at ten pins here
last Tuesday night, the score at the end
of the series of three games standing
2-425 for the visitors, while Columbus
scored 2537. D. C Kavaaaugh, G. J.
HageL A. Drake, J. W. Fauble and W.J.
UTegonus represented this aty iu tne
The attraction which will appear at
the North opera house' evening of farrh
I 25 is said by all critics to be one of the
strongest plays on the road. Its scenic,
electrical and mechanical effects are ex
celled by none. The cast of people in
cludes the celebrated emotional star,
Miss Grace Turner, and the wonderful
child actress. Little Genevive, who will
positively appear in One Night m June.
Mrs. Katie Horan died at the hos
pital Monday morning at the age of S3
years. The deceased was a native of
Ireland, but was an old settler cf Colfax
i county, she has been confined at the
hospital since last October. One son
and one daughter, both residents of Col
fax county survive her. The funeral
services were held this Tuesday at Schuy
ler and interment made in the Kelly
cemetery over in Dodge county.
The Congregational church members.
their families and their friends, enjoyed
a social gathering at the home of B. S.
Dickinson last Friday evening. Tacb
person present was requested to bring
one of their baby pictures and the crowd
amused themselves by guessing who they
represented. The married gentlemen
were askedtc write a description of their
At a recent ministerial' meeting-, the
pastors cf the Presbyterian. Mtbr.Hf
Congregational and Baptist churches
aeeidea: to sash Brest; Li from their res-
Oa ifaC ptlve fsspias. aext asmday. sermons
will have touching maaa the sabject of -Law
Breaking; la. the City of Columbus.""
There will "be some direct charges made,
the vices in their many aspects-will be
r discussed, and the wW- is urged to
attsad ehoreh at one of the above named
piaees to hear these discourses. Voters
are especially invited.
A meeting of considerable importi
anee wOl be that of the Grand Island
District Conference of the Methodist
enures, which will be held is. this city
April 19, 20 and 2L The assembly will
bring a large number of the pasters and
members of the church to the city, and
an interesting program has been arrang
ed for the occasion. Two lectures, one
Tuesday eveniag by Eev. Green of Scotia.
the other Wednesday evening by Rev.
Horn of Grand Island, will be of special
interest to the public
a large assort
Carden Seeds
We have
ment of
that will grow. In bulk
and in packages
The picturesque little town of Barre,
Vermont, is the locality where the story
of -One Night in June" is laid. This is
the most successful pastoral play on the
American stage today. -One Night m
June will be seen here Friday evening,
March 25. It has been playing to stand
ing room throughout the country for
the past season and patrons of the North'
opera house should make an early selec
tion of seats. Manager Saley is to be
commended in securing tfr'a attraction
for the amusement lovers of our city.
Mrs. Ansa Schutt died at her ham
five miles northeast of town last Thurs
day morning. The deceased was born
in Germany m 1550. She came to Amer
ica in 1SG6 and was married to Mr.
Schutt in 1S73 at Calhoun, Nebru com
ing to tins county shortly after their
marriage. She leaves five daughters to
mourn their loss. The funeral services
were held Saturday at noon m the Ger
man Lutheran church in this city, Eev.
Miessler conducting the same. Inter
ment was made m the Columbus cem
etery. Felix Hammerquist, the mar Tho
was killI by a tram a week ago Sunday,
was buried Thursday afternoon at 3
o'clock from the Gass undertakisff rooms.
Rev. Lnce conducting a short service,
after which interment was made in the
Columbus cemetery. C. A. Liustrum.
in whose employ the young mnr; had
been the past few months, received word
from Oscar Danielson of Fort Collins.
Colorado, an uncle of the deceased, in
structing him to bury the remains here.
The tailor shop of Mr. Lmstrum was
closed while all the employes attended
the service
jtaik Crocksry. Blnutp uL,
We have just received a carload of
fine Colorado Potatoes for table use.
kj lipii. Co.
X 13th Street,
Columbus, Nebr.
llll Hill II I 1 I I I I I I II I I III I I I II lllllll lllllllll
New Spring
and Summer
We wish to announce to the people of
Columbus and vicinity that our new line of
Spring and Summer" Dre G4 has just
arrived and we are now showing one of the
largest, most complete and best selected lines
ten miles north of town, the pro
ceeds to be used far the purchase of new
books for the school library. Miss Win
nie Young is the teacher m. the district.
Friendsof Mrs. F. W. Biemer gave
her s a ni prise Friday afternoon at her
homein the eastern part of town. About
thirty ladies were present and enjoyed
soaal conversation. Tne pension
the birthday anniversary of
were brought by the
Next Sunday a class of twenty-two,
seeu boys and eleven girls. will be con
firmed in tie German Reformed ehaxeh.
Bev. Neumarker has prepared extra ser
vices fcr the nrrasiiii'i widen will take
place at 1030. The following Friday
morning- communion service will be he'd
in the enures at the same hosr.
The suit tiled is Justice O-'Brisn's
eoart by Hsary Lssf sgaxast David
Jones, the young mas who several weeks
ago injured Loaf by striking him an the
head with, a board while tie two
a assise sale wast of Platte Ceater,
mm. As
wives weddingdresE, and each of these
was read, to the amusement cf the list
eners. C K. Davies returned from Kearney
where he purchased a farm containing
160 acres of choice land which lies in the
city limits of that place. The Davies
family expects to move next week to their
new home and their many friends here will
very much ragret their departure. Mr.
Dsvies expects to engage in the fiA
stock business and will no doubt make a
success in his new location. His princi
pal ressons fcr leaving Columbus is to
secure a larger farm tha he h fra
here and also to be nearer good schools.
Judge Albert will return, to his reg
ular practice of law after April 10th. at
which time his term as supreme court
commissioner expires. The nff of
comsusssaner was created by the legisla
ture of 1591 and was renewed by the last
wssm in of that body by an act which
provided that it should consist of nine
members for one year, and three for the
Tierti Six commissioaeTS retire from
oface April I0y Mr. A Ibart being included
among these. The other three remain
oave year Ioagec Mr. Albert has proved
an able man for the place "rd is so rec
ognized by the judges. He will now be
free to take up his practice of law in this
Henry Gragert died at the home of
hm daughter, Mrs. Wm. Borneman. four
miles northeast of this city on Monday
sight of last week, fie was bom is
81 years ago aad eame to Am-
is. 1S5&V settling ialliiaostIn 1S79
dsat of the Grastii settlement west of
he fired uatfi last De-
whiek time he has made
his home with his daughter, fie leaves
two sobs sad one daaghter,his wife
to the spirit world
Mesdames M. Bragger and W. N.
Hensley entertained eighteen ladies
Thursday afternoon in honor of Mr? A.
J. Arnold of National City, California.
wno is visiting relatives nere. A Hand
some boquet of dowers was presented to
Grandma Warner in honor cf her being
the oldest lady present, she havmc reach
ed the advanced age of eiahty-two years.
Fifteen cf the ladies present were zraud
mothers and four were zreat-eraud-mo
tiers. The guests were all former
friends and neighbors of Mrs. Arnold
when she was a resident of Columbus nt
t.h early days.
Miss Georgia Harper m Camille
There can be no-dcubt among those who
have watched the steadily increasing
patronage at the Theatre Roval since
Monday evening' last, that GecnnA TTir.
per and her well balanced company have '
caught the fancy of Vancouver theatre-
goers and even despite the approach cf I .
Christmas with all its unirrudged drains I "
upon the purse are m fcr a profitable '
business so long as their other routed
engagements permit them to remain.
Nor is the explanation at all obscure to j
any one who has seen -vg favorite com
pany. Dady World. Vancouver, B. C.
At North opera house Monday, March 2S.
Tuesday of last week farmers Irving
south of the Platte river telepconed to a
Columbus grocery man to have a "bus
meet them at the north bank of tne
Platte nver bridge. The farmers man
aged to row across the waters with their
baskets laden with segs and butter and
were a jolly crowd when they arrived in
town. This is the first trip made since
the bridge went out. One ma" brought
in fifty dozen eggs. In the crowd were
Herman Siewert. M. J. Lmdsley, August
Anderson. Fred Meyer, Wm. Meyer and
others. Columbus is a good trading point
and the farmers south of here find tne
loss by the bridae beinc out as ;rreat a
disadvantage as do the merchants who
depend so much upon their patrcsage.
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three years ago. TW faaeral aerviess
ware held Tteaaay aasraiac st the
j"""it"- lataraasEt was made is the
sPBbbs""b"bY bbs"bbbbMbbsT7
The Nebraska State Sportsmen's
association will hold its annual shooting
tournament in Columbus four days dar
ing May. and the president and secretary,
D. D. Bray and G. A. Schroeder. respect
ively, botn of Columbus, say tms will be
a great event for this city, as sportsmen
from all over the United States will be
present. The time has been set for May
13, 19, 20 and 2L A number of liberal
donations have been made to the com
mittee, but as the expenses of the meet
ing will amount to about 3500. cinzeoe
will be called upon for tnr;fral help.
A number of pnxes will be given to
winners of honors. Mr. Schroeder says
they expect about cne hundred sports
men, and the Gcttschalk grove northeast
of town wfll be the- place of meeting.
Five of the boys of the Senior class
in the High school were arrested upon
complaint cf Ed. Bossiter Thursday af
ternoon charged with threatening, as
saulting wounding and nirmarrng Arra
Bossiter in the school trouble at the
Elliott home last Wednesday. As stated
elsewhere in this issue the boys, in thee
endeavor to throw an offensive chemicai
into the rooms, threw it into the faces
of Miss Bossiter and the young daughter
of Mr. Elliott. Miss Roasiser received
a large quantity of the carbon bisul
phide and had it not been diluted, chem
ists say her eyes would have been raised.
The rhenfral is frequently used for kill
ing prairie dogs. The boys summoned
to appear before Judge Curtis were:
Dwight Dickinson. Fin Howard. Will
Farraad. Harry Jerome and Myron
Gray, bat before time for the haT-g
which was set for 10 o'clock Saturdav I
morning, County Attorney
prusecntng attorney, w&hdrew the cotn
plcnt. his view in the ease being that
the charge of assault was too great for
the offease. Miss Bossiter is under the
doctor's eare and although she is attend
iagaehool, her eyes have been much in
flamed and are stall grmsg her much.
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has sot yet decided
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