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Cawtra-t-. te Favored lid-
and Were Extravagant and
Was-efu One is Guilty ef Petty
General Payne on Wednesday remov
ed frcm offce ichael W. Louis, su
perintendent of supplies ef the post
ure department Louis Kempner. w Te -e Waited States suastan
h;ef of the registry division of the uaJI -11 the t-rritory The line corn
third assistant postmaster general . Pleir clears all the bays and inle-js
3-- and C H Terry, a SW d-rfcr in
Jie postcfiee dep5.rtn.ent. and direct-
id the pcstaster at Nr York to re-
tnov Otto Wets, a clerk.
aese r-movais are th- first result
a Fourth Assstaa; Postmaster Gen
eral 3ristow"s reporr en tne irreru
lanties in the nosroSce department. on th contemplated di.
chargsp did not lea. oet nt the depart
ment nntil after 4 o deck, and at 40
the postmaster zezenl mace an c!L
ciai anncrmcemeni of hr? action a
-Michat; -CT." Itis --. n . - n-r.
ed frcm the cfSce cf sutrintendent.
3f the diTisn cf supplies because
theTec-nt inTesxiatlcn shc-rs that he
innuenced the a-rardin? of contracts
for supplies to favered bidders, that
h has been eitravaxanr and -"asre-
fcl m the admnitratu:n of his of- '
re. and that . has paid escesrive
prices for sipphes to favored contm--tsrs.
"Lcms rempner superintendent
e rejnstry system, haj
for mcomoetency. fcr
reckless e-rravaance
ben remove
"-stefuI and
ei- ,
pensive manifold remstry books to .
la-Te number of small fourth-riaw
oces. and for vioiatinft the rev
ue I
la -"s oy a system of ptty smundinr. -
r t.-- .7---- -- -r -sj ,-j
- - - V 4 . 4 4l . Al. .
at the supplies, has been remi
ovec for
oakcz faL aSdavtts attemptms
obtain monev from the cJ t -ks under !
the ruis that he could influence their
promotxin. and general ceciency.-
The postmaster aeneral also stated I
tnat tne postmaster a- Ne- York had
fc-n directed to remove Otto "Veis.
clerk in the Nei- York postoSce. for
coaectmsr money from clsrks to influ
ence iesislaaon and to secure promo
pen. in reply to questions :Mr. Pavn said
rh discharges -cere tne result of dis
desares made bT the 3nsto- repon.
"I anve read th report. he said.
nnd am tree to say that my acnen
as the resl o: .i perusal"
Mcney Maee by Seiimg Cans and
Est- 3arrli.
Ni.V YORK. The Tar depart
sa invesrinaisz cuarsr-s of
ho-esai" fraud in t- 5arrermas--r"
&-parTm-nt ca Governors
Jame L Svil -:so i tinned his
H-rksnip r. ts'5 de
partment of constra-Hjn a? Gov
ernor's Island, and F K. Herald, chief
cl-'rk of the qu3rerma5er IecarT
raeat ar tha. pc?T. have been lor
years .'inr tne empty h! cans and
afl barrel-, thai accumglate in isree
quantities at that p.j?t. and thar no
iccocn'inu has ben made to the cov-emm-n?
of Th- proceeds The bar
rel have a market valse of JL15
Peci- Get Scare- zr.z Witr:arv
Funsa. Cauris a Failure.
M--.vHTO CI i i That portion of tht
catamenity nr &esHr. Trith tn
varioes American i.Ji'rk te thtf city
save rrt?E eicKi over tfee fzihnv of
is.e i-Siernanenil Bank and Trust cca-paa-.
'iioh hau an o5v in N-w York
id hrrtr
Recent rtac hai potntTrd i trot
Wc ctff.:ng' far th- tnstcutxn. and
Pt-k-nt Hent. la an intrviw. ays
:ii: th-c- cans? ot ti eiosmg a; noh
inj" mort or !t tnan enormous "itii-cra-s-ais
of funds y ceporitors. TTIth
in the past -reek depctsrtcrs took out
aor- than $00.w There is still due
them tSfti3.v
Creditors Lse S4O0CC.
ST. PAUL. 3inn. A specral ?Tcm
-Mankatc. ilinn says that the losses
of the creditors of Alfred H. Buck,
ng cashier of the ifapleton State
bank, are ov estimated at J0.
Admiral Glass Sails Away.
miral Glass. -vih his squadron. left
this port Thursday, bonne for Acap
uico. I is supposed that the war
ships are romg on a practice ruis-
Jee for Senater Qsay's Sey.
WASS1.-MJ1U-.. A. U. U. WUay. ;
. - - -. -
. S TTT Jr.-f T" .i. W.TI L .
- - - ' -.--" -1 4
appointed dep- j
m eriic
Prussian govs
'- r ' ' '?
.5 TftBL Zt III 1 .;. I
- i - - JJt-- !- i flg
nty te issae tse
e. praposed iast
of J5T.0W
Trigs -'" eeic lights.
Waticsal Ti
o tr-nT t-1! im the -- s
re sf tSs 1X5-.3C" 000
vm2ah j
-sat, acid, ties.?.--
f"l.T i
IB??:-- ' .2,,"" -i"fcw-i-i"-P--- IH-I1IB1M 1 v.
K- " ' Z &5Cai " r " "-Sel-- of pig lead. levyiag hlackaiaiL j ze21 P&nadel?ha on November j L
vxj --aTd c-cer
rW- --wa jd eie--Ixhts H , - - -. WSL resaiss ti? , cury, w a-y JbI tie Te-' .-. iv, ' aS-as ar Caxas. has 4eii-d . --c -x.1-cn5-srcs.w , 1 i
p- -wa -, e-e-- grt5. rg g gg- - - - , , w. , r f , t-Tgr tuei- mastTe2--i- the fr te j -- te-tisa ha4 cf rrt Mi-
jit- West xirgjjf - aj-ri- farcrm? the tr of 2aal reals iag the east--- herrse-j Tiiinsf ts-B-set Sonar. . jgj f the fcKe lacal tixec ' As ararsr cf 5.Ac CLUE W11HTHE
Wataesal Traas-rry a-t'-ncaa. j I 5rss dr- ?-? --v -r:..-x---'-- the. m--;f ,-unt, cf rrs 3 L the ser. A e-t T WASHZS-BZOK. D C Maier ( "a--- 4rit?'"i ass-SK ia r.r!.M-ft tc A 2 stygm tie sIM c
. y1 1 i
Canada Is
Net Reconciled
te the
LONDON. The eagmssed copy cf
, the Alaskan award vras sigaed at -.:!)
p. m. The Canadians deciiaed to sign.
tne aware.
The -Alaska award rolari-- to the
Portland canal giva the TJaited
States two islands. Kaaaghunut aad
Si-frlar.. ccnimandiug the entrance o
" the Portland and. the ocean
passage to Port Sanpscn and destroy
ing the strategic value of Wales aad
Pearse islands, rhich are given to
The mountain line adoptee as the
bscndarj lies so far from the coast
-Jd--a of access to the sea. ?1?i
-& Crated States a complete land
--THr between Canada and the sea.
! from tne Portland canal to Mount St.
a. Around the head of the Lynn
canai the line oI1ots the Tratershed
som-har in accordance with the
prssent prDrisional boundary
In consequence of thr aiutude
mammied sy the Canadian commis
sioners Lord Chief Jusrice Alrerstone
decided this momimr nor to hold the
proposed pchhc meetins of the Alas-
Iran boundary com
sion. hut to
zx cscs3 to Messrs roster
Md Silla- respecuv-iy agents of the
American and Cnn?r. n zovemments.
, iE- uaaaB ccmmissioners ret
' -lj d!-iis-d si- -ae a-rard. hut
-Id lh3' "5'o;i!d PbHcly Tvithdra-r
fre1 - commission.
mey. as -rell as the Canadians
connected '-"ith the case, are very
Telegram? from Premier X-urner
, and ether
prominent persons in Can-
' aaa s--" tnat this sentrsient is
narea reneraiiy tnrourhoat te cc-
' Messrs Ayles-rcrth and Jeae have
issued a lonn statement in the aaturv
ct an ar
iment expnin? the con
Canada and hv it should
te:i:i0:: c
ilessrs. Ay!esrorth and
Jette -i!2
ubmit their contrary opinions to th.
-nbc--11- so as to go oicially 3n
reccrd -- i3 they decimed to szn
a-trc. they sinned the maps
-1?r--d by the majority
Cresccus Beat: tne Wcrid'i Trcttinn
WICHITA. Kan. Cresceus broke
the -forid's trotting record for a ails
ilonday afternoon, soin? the distanc.
m 1.534 beatmu th previous rec
orti held or Lou Dillon and Major Bel
mar by a quarter cf a second.
The day vras ideal and tne track
-odd not have been better. 3Ir.
Ketcnam -rorked the horse out before
the final test in 2 15 af then sent
him the record. He broken -s-hen he
nrst scored for the record, but on the
nevr attempt "vas sent c. sroing tn
th- first quarter m :3i) Sat. Ther.
-r-is a cheer vhen he reached the hall
.a? and. "vhen the three-quarteri
"is passed m l.-o tne cheer became
an uproar.
Just before he rcach ae nzs
Cr3ceus broke and r i believed lost
fuliy three-quarters of a second. K
canrhi handilj" anc Sashed under the
Tre a 1.5?r. No wind shield -ra
used. Cresceus vras paced by MIks
the Tmmp.
Such an ovation as --as given Cres
reus -ivhen ne trotted a mile in 1:554
zzd made a ne-r -rorld's reccrd
rarely been -sritne-sed. The stallior
vas nearly smothered, so eajer Tert
th? people to pat him or set nen
encsih to touch him.
Georg- H Ketcnam. rho owns Cres
ceus and drove fr?-- saia. "The cend:
nous -were perfecr "When I -vas her.
""r-ek ferrfore mst the "track ras z
fe I savr its aavantnses and ceter
2D-d to come fcaric. The renlt jes-
fined my -itrrcianons. I kn.-. bs-fo-
thtr rcr tha: tht- taiJn tciU
bai hs rr-or-i. bet I did iot antic,
sairr a tnn?h so rermplete. I -r'.
?o to oishou.- City and fort Sco:
rij-ht a-ray to keep engagements an
tnai vriil -. the las' time Cresc-tr
ii .pfcar
Steamer Leaded Wrtn Gale.
PLYMOUTH. Ens: The sum cf
$5.-O0.0tr in sld was landed here Fr.
day frcm 3cabay. This is the larsss:
snipmem every brought to Engiand
on one steamer
Eiectnc Csr Attains Hgh Spesd
-An elecmc
car on Fri-
cay in tie nigh speed experrmeats cm
the Mariennelce-Ejossen line attained
the speed ct 13 2-5 miles per hour.
Annual Report ef the Q.
CHICAGO The annual report of
the Chicago. 3urrtoa Quincy
. railroad fcr the year Tfj-.g June 30,
just issued, shcs an increase is.
gross cf SS43 J.ZL and in
' net earnings of C35S53S. The sur
plus was increased hr $-14S. Th
,.-. 1- n-.l ,Trri-- , .. .
- r - 1 - - i. ....w tAJ - 1 m 1 1
ma - r : rrr! anrmrof.
leagth of road oaerated
ja - 3a
SjSZi mile?, as -agatast
g.1,4 mUes at the end of rhe preced
rag ascai year.
RcsseveJt Carrrrs
S 1 V ' m T a 5
-ire -
.-ai- v 303
s ox iar?ca .Har-
m c--r 1 .n -- IgtllK 1 ma.f p Tya trwm ' TTT kr ,r- .o. .i . --. - ,r : w rmfs. - r- ---- --, T -.- . ILUT aSC2Tr rnr 2 TOOf DSM 229 5A rF MTV - 'T
1 - ' -- - I Jit TEnl Mit Wr I l. ....'W PIP-I
x gss ter. i..t! --- i? -i at ..... tz- . Maasttn care ec3t .? j . -r . . . w
water. ,t? cyrss -- aad Bartsa -
1 per. coal masr3. who were ccavrrted
I m est v '" - c
I - T--g ds ---wi
- n srui Earner to imrri
estt 'T-?', -i 3s tts
scat icr rra ??, ;
SC3jl5" im- " i.TLr. .Qab.K3Ttoerir tw ! t--t-.- . r sad g. COlJIVrRV.
EitnMttt cf Departmental Expetne
r P-paitiiniil Wni Require
Mncyr mvt War Department
fer a Uttie Mere.
eral Pmyae on Friday sipied an order
debarring K. J. Barreu of Baltimore,
nephew of former Attorney General
Tyner and for some years la clerk
and acting assistant attorney zeneral
for the departmenr. from practice be
fore, the depAmneat. J3rren. -ras ia
fiicred bythe rand jury In connec
uen with the investment cases.
The poTuuKer accepted the resig
nation of William H. Landvoisht. chief
of the division of ciassiacauan cf
mails cf the postolfice. to take e'ect
at the close of business Saturday.
Estimate far Interior
The secretary of the interior has
ccmpleted and forwarded to the secre
tary of the treasury his estimate of
the appropriations ueoessry to con
duct the affairs of the interior depart
ment fcr the fiscal year endinr June
Zd. 15v5. The estimate places the
tctal requirement for the department
n; S15o.GX),000. -which is abour $.
000,000 less than the appropriation for
the current year The proposed re
duction Till be made in the pension '
bureau and the Indian o5ce. The es
timate for pensions is SI2t-.SOO.000 or
11.700.000 less than the appropriation
made for this year. There also is a ,
cut of 11.300.000 in the estimate for
the Indian bureau. The estimate for
the expenses of cenductras: the a2airs
of the five crvied tribes cf Indiana
is J52S.533. The reduction in the pen
sion estimate is due to the calculation '
of deaths of pensioners made by the
commissioner of pensions. ;
War Department Estirnataa.
The estimates for the " depart
ment for the nscai year ending June
30. 150C. shovr a net increase over
the estimates of the previous year cf
about 1130.000. This, including 115.
Gi0.0 for river and harbor improve
ments, for -which no estimates rere
submitted last year. The -.stimate
for the military. Trhich includes the and supplies for the
armv. is about $T3.0.0'.i'. ,i.000
less fna-- last year. The estiaes j its to the country. Nothing ha. i oc
for public -arorks of a military char- curved -sliich -xould lead the few cu
acier. -xhich includes arsenals, forts. lookers even to suspect that the dis-
barracks. buildmas znd urounds. a?-
rresate J24.0K.0-. which is
s about
SliOOOw less than last y-
rtstow-s Report Ready.
Fridays meeting of the cabinet ivas '
bnefl Only four members. Secretary
Hay and Cortelycu. Postmaster Gen-
eral Payne and Attorney General
Knox, were present. Postmaster Gen-
era! Payne announced that the report
of Mr. BrisTo-r on tne postoSce in- .
vestizatioa -rould be placed m the
hands cf the president either Satar-
day or on Monday. It has not been .
decided -srhen the resort "xill be riven 1
to the public.
Wiliiarn H. Lantfvsign- cf Pasta! De
partment Resigns Upcn Requsst.
WASHINGTON William H. Land-
voisht. chief of the ciassiacatmn dir -xhich Leimer is vice president, ha
vision of the Pcsto5ce departmenr. been ordered bj the state officials not
on Thursday presented his resimia- , to open its doors for business for a
uoc to Postmaster General Payne.
The resignation vms requested by
3ir. Payne as a result of the investiga
tion by the inspectors of the charges
nro-sring out of the employment ef
itr. Landvoiaht's son in the General
Ianifoding cempany of Franklin.
?a -s-hich had a contract for suppty
m: patented rr-istry kouki 10 the
Mr. Landvoigh: va. rhief ol the
registry divisicn of tht- epartmtnr
prior jo hi cumparatively recent
transfer 10 'take charge 01 the dassi-
tirIoi -work, of th !
tie tiepr
China Uses Wirtrss Z,ftzzrz.
. PEi-ING The Marccni system of
wireless telegraphy was inaugurated
Plct te Kill Russian Consul.
j quence cf rhe discovery of a military
plot akffllL 3elaiei. the Russian .
--.- .. "T-' 1- T
.. l. s government nas
rusred so. battalions of troops thith-
er irem opruxu anc rriepe.
African Prise te Kansas SchccL
African 4
prince is to attend school in this city ;
tor the next two years.
nor of this city
Lai Lai. Basctniand.
sons arte:
proaie two ,
jr. " iia - fc j
:ctg sccoci rn r.agi?i-!d anc
. . . .. -
-.: f -m . 1. . M .... .1 - t
--- - .-i..:-n- ii ,-e ii tuit; :
r . . ..
j . w ,.. ..., mmia Ui t
A f . ( ? t 1- M . . . M- .1.;
cosrtry. Tee yo prtace will beard
a rasp-ctable colored famil- in
Wauld Banish Ftrewerks.
TTaiy, secrgtsTi- of the Mississrarsi
rn - -it. . ,.r. . -.- -. J
.-. - 1 w 1 1 . 1 1 i: .jr
Sc a -. tf resalariaas rv--y a atr;
staaHl ar;"t the sale of toy ?frT. r as
1 -. 'i2fc the cnt of itI
Sunday h-tween Pekmg and the coast, dier at Fon Sam Houston, who was crorract. is ejected a member of con-
taken sick before the cost cuaran- i -. ., - - - -.-- . ji
aoBaaexi far wBk htu- f-j ; ... ---- t- .- -1. .--..--i.. . . .. . - - - -- - -- --.. . - " 1 aws-- -
I-J--- wertfdfapt-si tr the csT-sti.5f :-!a---r--i-rT5tfe sjaaBf. whfcm seat - C tfes deoarJ-' sacasrf tag ec gscda od at Cta 1 1 " .- f OP TW
--rt t mT - ifc j - , , , 1 1 1 -i ii T7 trpT jvv 3" ff? '" -
United S
..M &-i
LONDON. The Aiaskaa
commission has Teaeaed aa
---hereby aH the Aaerican
are sustained -with the
thcse in relation to tie Portland t,
; canal, rhich Canada wias- All ibmz
noT remains to he done is for tie
- commissioners to ax their igak-Bxes
t to the dedion and compete the mm
which Brill accompany it. Os. tJse sap
nLl U iJlI.U LSM iRJUUU-UTk " tC- J
TIT !. .J 1 .1- - -
nitely fixing the divlsic-t of JUMQan r
and British terri-ory en such a taeis
that no American tntttea -rill laae -m
foot of land he already believed he
held. sriHe the "Cnirel States lrtH re
exrep-fa. ef r
tain ail the ra-xvs to te xLt-
AlaskTn territory, rith the -Jteni t
oi tne rcruanu caaa.- -nucs. (-
- T - ..T - .
i2nAua. j-n-Q gh oauti gip so -w-.
The Icng-sraudi-g. cipute -ras only ;
settled after a t-eek cf keen tryiatt. j
secret deiibcratioc. bersreen the arbi
trators. Even up to Bithia a. few
hours cf the end of the conference
there ras an acute possibiliry that a
disanreemenr might result and the
whole proceedings fail to the jround. i
Lord Alverstone. tlicugh openly in
iT? m hoJiPTc in z& tosticp of the i
American argument, that the TJaited
r . -. .-tts , .--, vr? ,
states ras .ntitlea to tne neis or m-
lets, as contained in questics. firve. held .
- that Canada had established her
in cnvssrrr;T!; rsn aad three, del1-
ense m questions tsx and tnree, '
inn -svith the Portland canal
After luncheon Senator Lodge. Sec
retary Root and Senator Turner
azreed to cede those points and to
start the American boundary line'froai.
the head of he Portland canal, thus I
giving the Canadians that channel and
some small islands on which there are
only a fer disused stone houses. This
acccmplised- the majority of the tri
bunal azreed to Sx. -Kith this excep
tion, the enure boundary as outlined
in tne American case wnetasr
Messrs. Avles-rorth and Jette. the . " - "c 3aI ? x ajmoroec.
Canadian caarmissioners. vrtll refuse Xt Iook to me as if Caaada had -won
to sisn the decision and aiake it f the case aad lost the territory.
uanimous is not vet kno-n. but it wCl Uor "--aais of Vaacouver
nct af ect the validity cf the agree-, tii--5 xhK - --!-- ri may
. (f , -..--,fTr.;-. ,-. i5 sn?
mined. By next Ionday afternoon it " -ciHix --i-is
hoped that everything -sill be ready
for iaxure. thounh the actual mark- Conaratulaias American
r of the line on the map -c-hich shall
fcrever determine the respective ter-! fdal advices caaceraiag the award of
ntcries. -"-Hi occuir seme time. I the fi Boundary Comzsissicn
The majority cf the commissioners j President Roosevelt seat the follow
left the foreicn office hurriedly, in. or- j ins eablegraa- to Messrs. Lodge. Tur-
der to catch trains
for week-end vis-
pete hnd reached its practical end.
ins ccmmissioners themselves are
stO L-cund to secrecy until the decis-
loc -nraiiy rendsreti. and practic-
ally few others ere really arfare how j
sreai a degre- cf success had attended ;
the efforts of the American members ,
cf ttfi trfcunaL .
The Banic wasftier Matcss Ccr.Tessicn
cf His Transgression. j
PRINCETON. Wis J. E. Liemer.
cashier of the Prmcon bank, has J
been arrested and taken to Dartford.
-mere ne 1.- m jau. 1
state Bank ammer cr?n stated
Monday nirht that Liemer had con-;
fessed that the forgeries amount to
the sum of 3S5.oO
The Princeton State bank is closed
and the MonticeHc ' State bank, of
fo-7- iays.
Specui-tion in srani.
vras the cause. Lelmer
Leimer says.
Caae here as i
casmer ot tne rrinceton bani- eigat
years ago, and the examiners believe
tnat the icTgeries nave coveru a pe- ,
riod cf six years.
Ne Cszz Rscrted
Is at Fcrt
Sarr. Hcustm.
ieer sitctk.c ui Si Antcniiv at the
" cios- oi tie lay vris Very courajf
int. The buHetia at night follows.
New .. I :
cases.-3: otal
1LI Bt
ncue: total
ue-u. . me ue
T ? -T .
case reportea tocay is tnat or a so.-
tined the cry
- ne state quarantine
ban Aarnatn has
zarion here, as the
caused much indi
governor has act declared a state
quarantine agains- Laredo.
there are nearly Sw cases, against
j;e cases in Saa Antonio.
I Unr- M.-es to Be Clsaed. ,
GALENA. Kas. The rin nd Tniae. ?
o - ruers aad operators of the Galea-1
1 -s"-i-
ore acove m.e unces now aSered bv .
j.i ijiTr .a ijt .- rTT - n. .
the smelting combine. Exteasive
uijeraix - : cjt- i.k to r- tm
. - . .t- . . ..
- "
. . . .
i.mi a tiec-rre way ot ;
raising the price of ore and Tr 1
1 ' i
the -mice on a iar with rie -m-i- f
of pig leasL
Scientists Find
"EOCE SPRINGS. Wye a aartv sf ' .
ss2r.c ae frtrm TVasii-.Tr- v-it
- , - -,. .
J - 1 - '
B. R. O COS- JoDjTT! disrriT -s:i m -r-T-r' nine nn
a son living in ; Friday fcr a total shut-down of the
Rhodesia. Sinn-! mines ! Tiils tn fnrro tho nriw nf 1
M-..M-K i mm TK u,, STATES.
- e - M---
X c ------.
If Mat ft UJ mm Will Tl-
j ' am laaaaaaHaar
. -. . ,
! VAJICOUVDL B. C Lflcml fnih-C
!i yfkr hitter ever the mwmrA C the
" --v
at what they
th Uaked State-, It i
of- iimmi ii that the
the dHca-tteatad are
Slish-Ms. TT-ifTrir here. Maay
these say that rinii -rtH
achieve its creatcat aaaaihO-1
til it hecaaa a part of the United
Rev. Eliot S- Save, the leadiws
leth4et miaiater rf Britiah Ccht-
I bi wfco' H"
1 ter- co-tauiated the Lahor
j .
in aa ia-
I I Frill-
Bxlther aad I have al-
-ys been a Britisher, but if Great
i Britain, is to haad CBsia orer ptece-
meal to the United Staiaa. I aay let
us jean the Ameneaa repobtte
By dnae so aow e are large
popuicus eaoagh ad fecyartaat
esoajeh to have anTfttac to aay re
garding the terms of saeh aaaexatioa.
aad also woahl he potest esoagh to
have someiag to say in the -Eairs
of the republic, of -which we would
form a part. Bat it we -wait aatil onr
best aad richest territory is given
' ieaa to tae estabiiahment of Canada
. -- - ...-. .
WASHINGTON. On receipt of of-
J ner and Root
the American members
rof the comacssioni
"Congratulate you heartily in the
name or the people of the United
j States.
PreJminaPy Haaring Befsr 1,,,
ZmsrX fcr Wmrnkfhinm 1,tL,lt,
WASHINGTON Leopold J. Stem,
the Baltimore contractor arrested ia
Toronto uader two warraats charxnie
false pretense in the sunplv to the '
soveraaMat of satchels for rural free
delivery carriers, was given a pre-
liitary hearing in the sopreaie court
Tuesday. Stem pleaded sot goiltv
Postofllce Inspector Walter B. Mayer
-xho worked up the case agatast Stem. J
-aras called to the witness stand, but
before his examination was coaduded
corrt adjouraed for the day. Tie
case win be continued Wednesday.
Assistant District Attoraey
reviewed rhe charges agarast Stem,
who. he said, submitted a bill aad re
ceived money for sztch'1
which he aever famished. "The biTf
on its face." said Mr
Taggart. "was
. a lie. There
r T tat ti li-lT-i nm
nTr? imr tnT- J?f mnr bra r. .--.
--.. ,-. . . mm m u mm .- --.
, m- - - .,- -b--. ! - mmtmm -- wm.. -..-
stipulated ia the etmtract."
On cross-exaauaaricn of Iaspectcr
m-3 rha .. 1, ---,-.- .. .t
'". ' ' vt fcT- .-(. ww.. vmi. t.e
. admissicn tint Stem had claimed
, tnat te secured tae permission of two
postal officials to furnish the satchels
Tvithout etiap.
Election Oan't Awct Qwttract.
A5HINGTON. On a qutitijn
1 . In . .. . .
..k- . . ... t m ICtUeSTUAUIC-
I el-ct in cuagrs. who owns property
lapsed to the Poetoftce der.
hs h- ,- rir ..----
made by the proper ccer with a per
. aey Geaeral Rodaey. rsadered ia 1SCS.
a year azter tee passage of an acti
of coagress prshibittaa: aay
a eoatract
over by Otto Biekr
ittee's deciaic-i
ever the oppaatrjen ia. a dispcted etec-
a-m a tae .eeeaaes axaenct eaeie
... .- . j .
upueiu-i gasea iowt seats.
cabinet, made up cf
ygltmm ar aAmvmam TiwaT -rfTt
fc-ed ggo, Kta Oacxr test
- .
! 1 11 1 tj 1 rr id: 111 tbi
r aoa who. dariaa the existence of a
- , b- . - - kuw f wi. t eCT.i a.n
based aa a deciaiao of Atror-
has resaed ia
Tinai mi 1 IT:. - - - . t Decides Aaainst Vemmse-- m preparations are being mad I I llrrll r
I " " -- ' . T W TFTW - . - .-.- B m
- . . -"727 POST OF SPAIN. Island of Trmi - proposed visit c .-aag .Aifcnsc . J I 11 I .
T W-Tm MMIT TT' tn & fWI , - .. MM mmU m M w
. . - . " dad Jackacn HL E. Balstrar cf Ws Qi jata in PeitU-2 1 is rumored , At --- - - -
I . i mm m. f ..--..-.-.-- ----------- H
fai--. H (AIM WHmWttaWm, 1 i --------- ------- - IWWlWlllllTLl ."
the Priaiieat cf the United
of ia.r'ri, a Proclaaatic-i:
Py the resolutjoa of the
of March 19. T93, the ap
hy coagros- of the reciprocal
eoeTeatiwn betweee the
Uaitsd States aad the republic of
Z?afca. ssgaed at Havana ea Daec-aher
IL IS9S. is aeceaaar? before the said
shall take effect, aad
It is iapcrtaat to the
yaMic in these TJaited States tJmt the
mid eoa-eetiaB shall become
-trre. as aearty as aay be.
therefare. L Thccdore Roosevelt, pr-s
sf the TTaited State3 cf America.
f?y rirtae of the "power .esied in 'me
ay this constitatiosx. do hereby prc
hum axe -declare that an extraordi
sary oceasion requires the convening
3f both he sat- of the coagress cf the
United States at rheir respective
-hambers in the city of irasciagtoc.
-& the ainth day of November next
t 12 o'clock coop, to the end that
Ihey aiay consider and determine
whether the approval of the coagress
fcall be given to said convention.
A1I persoas eatitled to act as mem
bers of the Fifty-eight coagress are
iequited to take aotice of this proc
mati Gtvea trader my hand and the seal
of the United States at Washington
a the 20th day cf October, in the
fear of our Lord. ca thousand nine
-usdred and three, and cf the inde--eadesce
of the United States th
me huadred and rrenty-eiiht.
By the Praaideni.
JOHN HAT. Secretary cf State.
America Cains Title te Mere Terri-
tsry Than Anticipated.
"" WASHINGTON. D. C fhe im-
rressioa prevails a: the State depart-
nent hat all the details of the Alaskan
Boundary Commission's deci-on vj
10c be kno-ru until the mails brings
opies of the maps and other docu
ments actually laid before the Com
mission. There is a slight zap in the
JUtliae descriutioc of the faoTrsdarv in
the acrthern portion which win prob- j-aer at w-Ston in its elventh aa
tbly be filled in -hen the full tran-1 aTri1 convention with nearly 2W defe
script is received.
Closer inspection of the charts
1 here, in the light of Mr. Poster's dis
patch of yesterday, adds to the satis
'action of the oScials. particularly as
the commission actually extended he
American title over a lare territory
orth of the Kliehini river boundary
"ine claimed by Secretary Evarts a
quarter of a ceatury ago. instead of
limiting it to that stream, the bound
ry tentatively 3xed by the Hay
Pauncefote modus Vivendi.
L ' The treaty requires expert survev-
tts to personally fix the boundary Ihw
5B the general data furnished by ih
commission aad the State department
intends to turn this work over to the
coast survey and to prosecute it with
all vigor, to obviate further friction
-. aawng the miners alons the boundarv
Federal National ef Pittsburg Fails to
Open Its Doers.
PITTSBURG. The doors of the
Federal National bank were not
opened for business Weduesda- morn-
- t fnJTo-rr-. ---,-, ,
t ---g- -- .w-r ww .ti i.- .--
in explanatiac
"Qosed by the authority
of the
, comptroller of the currencv.
Soce such action as this
within the possibilities for the past
two days, forecasted by the deter-ii-ed
raid mad-- upon the institu
tion's stock on the Pittsburg Stock
Exchange Th positive statement-.
hc-wever. of the president. J A. Lang
itt. to the e3ect that the bank w
t ia need of aioney. that its losses
would act affct its T,rml or surplus.
liid much toward allaying distrust on
j the part of its depositors, thus pre-
ventiaa ran.
to Fifty Years.
ST JOSEPH. Mo. Wffiiam 3Cat-
xraer. aged 23. ember of a good f
family, was sentenced to ram for '
frr -- frm- tT,-. tt-- vr.-
- - . - - - -- i-mv. ---- k,.. UL J1M5
Alta May GaDiritore- which occurred
rh yn i
Here nnininir mi.- 1
HELJENA- Moat. Aorir to rn
aathearicated reports, the Northea
Pacifc Eaihray company is act alone
in ia trochles with the dynamiters !
though it has beea so far the only suf '
ferer. Tor several days there "ha..
beea a aurxber cf Great Northern se
er-t serrice aea in Helena aad. vicin
rty. aad it has developed that theL1
adsIcB is rn rrr- rn Trwar rv tv-- :
try to locate the persct: j
iwho has sent tne
levyiag hlackaiail
IT T - S
over Ji
is the Sfteeath
The sale of a aeat oa. the New York
stock exefcaage at S3L0O was reported-
A year ago jtesLheiJ-Lipe
were held at otct ISO.000.
A Saa Fraacisco Arm has- made a
bid for the earire issse of Hawaima
boads. wllich Secretary of tie Terri
tory Carer is sow eagaged ta Hoarrag
in the eaatera states.
Last week Lord Roberts received
coagrataiatioBS ea his 71st birthday.
It. was is 1S3? that the presemt cem-aaader-tn-chief
cf the Brith army
-tras-bcTB is Cawapere
The fc.os-ccrt of appeals hash
ed do-cm a decisioa that the iasuraace
coaxpany has not the right to repair
damage done to properrj- by fcrc with
out the consent of the insaredL
At Springfield. HL. a telegram was
received announcing the death at Aa-
bum Park. IIL. of aicther Stuart, the j
famous temperance advocate, aad one
of rhe founders of the W. C T. U.
William H- Leavitr. the artist -who
married Ruth Bryan, intends to take
titd his residence in St. Louis aatil
after the World's Fair, as he expects
there w-ill be remunerative work there
President Roosevelt authorised the
statement that there is so truth ia
the rumors of r.ereaces of opiaioa
bereea himself or Secretary Shaw
or imrrg other members cf the cabi
net. George Duncan, a lawyer of New
York, was accidentally shct and kffl
ed near Rassellville. Ky while oct
hunting. He is a nephew of George
B. Edwards, president of the Deposit
A careful revision of the losses by
the Sre at Aberdeen. Wash- shows
the aggregate to be $323,000. with
S1S3.000 insurance. Plans fcr rebuild
ing with brick and stone are progres
insr rapidly.
I J. Hart, secretary of the St.
Paul. llinn beard of trade, and a
prominent business man, died as a re
suit of seif-cted bullet -rounds in
th- head. President Durke rfcr??-- the
dearh -ras accidental
The National Spiritualists associa
tion of the United States and Canada
cates present. This is one of the
largest conventions ever held.
3L Pepin, a socialist nember of the
Belgium chamber of deputies, was
staboed at Mons whllr walking on the
street with wne friends. There are
slight hopes of his recovery The as
sassin struck 3L Pepin from bhiad
and succeeiied in aV.::g his escape.
One of the concluding acts of ia
Union Veteran Legion, which closed
its annual meeting ar Dayton. Ohio.
"as the adoption of a resclHtioc bit
terly protesting against th plan of
placing a tatue of General Robert E.
Lee tn the hall of fame.
The death mask of President Wit
iam McXiuly taken some few days
after his death bv Prof William H.
Holmes of the bureau of ethuoiccy.
has been placed on exhibition in th3
National Museum, occupying a con
spicuous case by itself near the main
A Rome dispatch published m the
Pans edition of the Ne Tcrk Herald
says the marriage of Marquis Carlo
RudmL son of the ex-premier and
i Dora, daughter of Henry Laboechere.
the English member of parliament.
Tvfll take place at Florence towards
the end of the month.
"The Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt" is
the name of a new lily waich has beea
hybrid-ted by Joseph Tailby of Yel
lesley and received a silver acedal
from the Massachusetts Horticultural j
society as beiag the finest novelty in
the wav cf decorative plants ever hy
bridized in the United States
In the United States district court
at Pittsburg. Pa- L N. Rc. peaJI
$ity to an inditmnt for emt-ez
iim moner- of the United State
Ross Ls the former deputy wirveycr
of the port. ha on S-ptemLer 11.
tooX a pat-ge cf nyiaey from tne
ofcc of the coliectcr of tne port rcr
be shipped to the suit-treasury in Phil
adelphia. The package contained J3.-I
! and when received ia Phfladeiphm.
S&iO was missinz.
That T3 per cent of the J4.600.000 ia
judgaenrs against Chicago are based
upcn bogus and fraudulent persoeal
&J2TT daim
is said to be the charge
"e' pre-
Pare- to maice oetore zm aty hau
grart committee.
Dockery of Grand Ranids.
Mich- e after 'a? six stories 1
w P"31 4aw- Ke landed
apon co1 of rept- ""icil broke
tiL Do-k?r7 suffered a fracture of
th fef c '"rTist Bd ri:t aiI-
--a15 uaiajured.
Arraagsmecu have ben. aiade by
Commander Browracn of the aaval
acae7 --i Colonel MHls of the aH-
ttary acsxieaty tor a i.oor ball
XeGorera 90c the aeissr
tmarr rtsas ot wetasa a tae
acadeay at Bostoe. Maas.
!- -- T BSPSi HH
2 l Pltt
Z -c
U tkebest tMnc we
2 hvetfftr,
Other Z
c c
. m
I Columbus 2
I State Bank.
County of Platte,
TVt Stjataf
United States,
r .
Urn tic cT
pTc--rfIIMi a
Copies ScniTrM l
any Address.
L IlCass
I Columbus
w I :
. HI
BfcJEE T F!r?JawaBSiB! - si Jfr-h,,,,.! - '-B Bf3"w-biPmIjjb'S J)w ? i -. tfv hfiP9!H ? y j -ff ky"SsjSteE2r f- --s . SjjpjcMr