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Cclcnel Michm Hign in New King's
Counsels After Leading the Das
tardly Plot King Issues a General
BELGRADE The German emperor
has sent Kmg Peter a telegram couch
ed in cordial terras. The Austrian,
minister has resnmed official relations
with the Servian government.
Kin? Peter had a reception. Only
two foreign diplomats, the Russian and
Austrma ministers attended. The
ether countries apparently were will
inz to recognize Kins Peter, but not
the Servian cabinet in which Colonel
3Iichhn. one of the chief conspirators,
holds a portfolio.
The king's reappointment of the
ministry is regarded as equivalent to
a notification that 20 punishment will
be meted out to the assassins of King
Alexander and Queen Draga.
Foreign Minister Kalievics has sent
a circular to the Servian representa
tives abroad explaining that the tone
appointed the cabinet because he con
sidered that he could not do better
than entrust the zovemment to the
men in. whom parliament had a few
days am expressed its full confidence.
King Peter has issued the following
general oraer.
"To My Dear Army On setting foor
on the soil of our dear fatherland, m?
cradle and the cradle of my ancestors.
my heart gives greeting first to you.
the hope of Servia, my dear, heroic
"On ascending the throne of my glo
rious ancestors I also take supreme
command of tne whole Servian, army
which, under the leadership of my im
mortal grandfather, by its virtues and
miMtary successes, astounded the
warfci and m the later war Tor the
liberation cf Servia afforded many
proofs of its military merits. I feel
happy that the supreme command has
been entrusted to me
"Omcers. non-commissioned officers
asd mes, at rlus solemn moment 1
greet you with the words. 'God be
with yoe. yoc falcons of the Servian
ptropie.' 1 am happy to see you all
suited aroana my tnrone. imbued with
ndeiicv and loyalty to m1 and to the
ideals of our ratneriand. I will en
rfeaver to maintain this spirit by judg
ihz and estimating each and all of
vo solely en your military merit. You
are all equally dearto me. I merely
ask that you will devote yourselves
heartily to the calling you have chos
en and that you will assist me to
guide you m the path 01 honor and
"I therefore cry: 'Long live the
tope of the Servian people, the
Sir Thcmas Lunches With President
tou. the challenger for the America's
cup. lunched with President Roose
velt at the White House Friday
The members composinz the Iunch
can party and the president discussed
the coming yacht races and the pres
ident exhibited much interest in the
event. ,
In addition to Sir Thomas the other
guests were the former ambassador
tn Germany. Andrew D White: Wil- j
Ham Fife, the designer of Shamrock
III: R. A. C. Smith, vice commodore 1
of tae New York Yacht club: Assist- ,
ant Secretary of War Sanzer. Adju- ,
tant General Corbin. Gorse W. Per- 1
kics ef New York. Senator Hanna and !
iecreary Mcody.
Servian Assassins Frs:r:cced.
3ELGRADE The promotions are
announced of various members of the
military deputation to King Peter at
Geneva. Colonel Popoivtcs cf th late '
King Alexander's palaco guard is cre
ated a general and first aide-de-camp
to Krng Peter; Captain Kosucs. who ',
opened the palare gate for the assas
sins of the late kinz anc queen, is pro- '
moced to be a ma:or. '
Jews Need Not Fear in Odessa. I
5i . ?ET
ERSBTRG General Arsfi-
erL the new prefect of police of Odes
sa, in receiving a deputation cf rabbis
recently, assured them that the Jews
of Odessa could pursue their avoca
tiaes without fearing anti-Semite out
breaks. Kansas Refuses Flood Aid.
TOFEKA, Kan. The extra session
of the Kansas legislature adjourned
Friday aftemoou after passing fifty
MSs. cf which twenty wre of a gen
eral nature. 7cst of them gave Kan
sas counties the right to restore the
bridges that had been washed away
by the Soou County commissioners
are authorized to aid fiood sufferers.
To the last an effort was made to
appropriate money for the relief of
the sufferers, but it was defeated.
Case Growing Out cf Flocd
KANSAS CITY. 3Io The m junc
tion suit ot the Mcffet Commission
company to restrain the directors of
the board of trade from suspending
cr expelling them, for refusing to pay
fcr flooded grain, concerning which
the- question of ownership is involved.
was called in the circuit court Wed
nesday, bur by agreement of ail par
ties interested, the hearing was post
pcaed until Saturday. June 27.
Ticket Placed Before Public in State
DES MOINES. The democrats in
state convention here placed the fol
lowing ticket in the field:
For Governor J B. Sullivan, Union,
For Lieutenant Governor John D
Butler, Iowa county
For Judge of Supreme Court John
R. Caldwell, Tama county.
For State Superintendent A. R.
McCook. Howard county.
For Railroad Commissioner W. S.
Porter, Hardin county.
The platform condemns imperial
ism, the Aldrich bill and the finan
cial policy; opposes trust3 and gov
ernment by injunction, and favors
tariff revision. His advocacy of gov
ernment ownership of railroads elim
inates Van Wegnen. There were no
tSJntests" for the" places aha"the""en
tire ticket was nominated by accla
mation after adoption of the plat
Servia Dens Holiday Garb ts Welcome
New Ruler ts Belgrade.
BELGRADE King Peter arrived
here at 10 o'clock Wednesday morn
ing. He was received with great en
thusiasm. The ministers, government officials,
judges, municipal and military author
ities and leading citizens were assem
bled an the platform of the railroad
station, which was profusely deco
rated. After the celebration of mass,
which was attended by all the splen
dor of the eastern churcc. King Pe
tfr drove in state to the new palace.
The officials were in unuorm and
wore all their decorations. Work
men were engaged all night long in
finishing the erection of Venetian
masts and triumphal arches and some
of the latter were only completed as
the firing of guns announced King Pe
ter's entry into his realm when the
train traversed the bridge connecting
Servm with Austria.
Castro Sends Force cf 4.000 to Fight
General Rclandc.
CARACAS. Venezuela. The gov
emmenT has decided to attack by land
and from the river Orinoco the town
of Cuidad Bolivar, which is still in the
hands of the revolutionary general.
Rolando, the only lieutenant of Gen
eral Matos, who has fied to the island
of Curacao and who possesses an
army of about 2,000 with guns and
Twelve hundred government troops
have left Maturin for San Felipe,
where they will join a sea force of
3.400 men. After the junction of the
two forces has been effected, they
will march on Ciudad 3olivar. which.
it is expected, will be attacked next
Saturday. A heavy resistance is
Denied That President Is Taking a
Hand in It.
WASHINGTON. D. C Published
reports that President Roosevelt was
taking parr in the framing of the
tariff plank to be adopted by the re
publicans of Iowa, at their coming
convention are denied here and it can
be stated authoritatively that the
president has made no suggestions
with reference to the Iowa, platform
and has taken no part whatever in the
work of outlining it.
Will Be Signed and Ratified.
WASHINGTON. D. . Senor Que
sada. the Cuban minister has re
ceived advices from Havana through
official sources that the treaties con
cerning coaling stations and the Isle
of Pines may be sisned at any mo
ment, and that the probabilities are
that they will be ratified by the Cuban
senate. He apprised Secretary Hay
of tnis matter
Funster. Inscects Alaska Posts.
Funston. rommandmg the department
cf Columbia, has informed the war
department tuar he has left tor Alas
ka tor an inspection of the posts in
that territory He will visit Forts
Liscum. Skagwa. Egbert, Gibbon. St.
3IichaeI and Davis.
Funeral cf Major Pond.
NSW YORK. The funeral services
for Major James Burton Pond were
held Tuesday evening at the family
residence in Jersey City. The funeral
rites of the Grand Army of the Re
public were performed by the officers
of Lafayette post.
Ba"k Orders for Currency.
WASHINGTON. D. C The finan
cial situation in Tien Tsin for the
last six months has been in a state
of panic, owing to the dearth of ready
money and the lack of confidence on
the part of these accustomed to pre
serve the equilibrium of this port.
says Consul General J. W. Ragsdale
at Tien Tsin in a report to the state
department. He says an era of com
mercial prosperity and expansion
awaits Tien Tsm.
Frauds in Timber Entries.
PORTLAND. Ore The examination
of Miss Mane Ware, former United
States land commissioner at Eugene,
and Horace G. SIcKmley. a timber
land operator, en a charge cf con
spiracy to defraud the United States
out of public lands, was commenced
Friday before a Unitsd States court.
A warrant has been issued fcr the
arrest cf S. A. D. Puter, who is nsw
reported to be hx St PauL "who is also
With Loud Applause the People Greet
Him as He Kisses the Holy Soak
Is Now the Ruler of All the Ser
vians. BELGRADE It was remarked on
all sides Thursday that King Peter
seemed hourly to assume a more com
manding attitude, and that he gains
a firmer grasp on affairs. His de
meanor when he took the oath and
the expression on his face showed
masterfulness and his intention to be
a""kmg in" fact, "as well as in name,
ruling unflinchingly as well as justly.
The demonstrations Wednesday even
ing apparently convinced him that he
is not merely the elect of the military
or a civilian faction, but that he had
the people at his back. The proceed
ings Thursday were marked by solem
nity The old parliament building, s.
bare, bam-like strucrure, with fiimsy
decorations, was crowded with repre
sentatives, official, clergy and civilian
spectators, who loudly cried. "Long
live the King," as he appeared. The
king glanced sharply almost sternly,
at the deputies, some of whom were in
peasant garb, while others were dress
ed in the height of western fashion.
Taking a seat in front of the throne.
over which his own portrait hung,
the king watched with calm assurance
for the ceremony to begin.
Lighted candles had been placed on
a table in rront of the king, on which
also rested a nchly-bound 3ible, the
text of the oath on engrossed parch
ment, and the jeweled cross.
King Peter stood erect while the
metropolitan proceeded with the reli
gious ceremony, the responses to
which were chanted by the presby
ters. When the prayers were ended,
the king kissed the Bible, and then
took the oath. When he had finished,
his majesty advanced amid profound
silence cf the assemblage and signed
his name to the document. A frenzy
of cheers followed. The king again
kissed the Bible and the cross proffer
ed by the metropolitan and without
the slightest relaxation of the stern
lines of his face, turned quickly en his
heel and walked out to his carriage,
amid salvos of cheers, which also
greeted him as he passed through the
streets to the parade grounds, where
the troops were awaiting.
Reiterates His Declaration that He Is
Not After Vice Presidency.
CLEVELAND in an interview
Senatcr M. A. Hanna reiterated his
recent statement that he was not and
would not be a candidate for the vice
presidency and if his nomination was
made that he would decline to accept.
He said further that his ambitions did
not lie in that direction of the White
House and nothing could induce him
to alter his decision in the matte
Colonel Myroii T. Herrick. whose
name also has been mentioned in con
nection with the vice presidency, said
that his sole political ambition was to
be elected governor of Ohio. Colonel
Hemck thinks that the present dis
cussion relative to a vice presidential
nomination is inopportune.
First Long Submarine Wire Ever
Manufactured in America.
WASHINGTON General Greeley
has been informed that 530 miles of
the submarine cable to be laid be
tween Pugsr sound and Alaska have
been shipped rrcm New York to Se
attle. The remaining 750 miles will
be shipped from New York m August.
This is the first lonz cable ever made
in -be United States. It is of tne
seamless rubber type. Captain Edgar
R.u.sU. signal corps, has started for
Seattle to make preliminary arrange
ments for laying the cable and will
be tcllowed in August by Colonel
James Allen, who has general chargp
Charged With Crookedness.
SCRANTON. Pa. A special com
mittee was appointed by the select
council to investigate an allegation
that eight members of the body d
banded together to hold up the Dalton
Street Railway company for S-iO
apiece. At the last meeting of the
council the franchise was to ccme up
for passage, but rhe cucram tras
broken by opponents cf rhe measure.
Roads Want More Time
WA5HTNGTON. D. d Petitions
have been tied with the interstate
commerce commission by the Boston
Maine and the Denver & Rio
Grand railroad companies for addi
tional time within which to comply
with the previsions of the safety ap
pliance act. The former company
asks for additional ume to equip its
passenger cars and locomotives with
power driving wheel brakes, which
will require further time.
Unoie Samuel's Cash.
statemenr of treasury balances in the
general fund, exclusive cf the $150.
000j3flt gold reserve in the excision, of
redemption, shows: Available cash
balance, S23Q,57a.32S.
First Steamer from Nome.
SEATTLE, Wash. The steamship
Oreass. tie first vessel to reach, the
city from Nome sfcace close cf naviga
tion last season, has arrived.
Connecttcat Yrttt
and Wins High H
Frederick. E. Pierce, who is eaUe
by professors at Yale tie aThteat:
man the university ever aaa for m
student, entered that college tare
years ago. He had taen jast cosrt
from bis father's farm, sear Soatav
Britain, Coan. ToOtea; beast ta
plow and in the fields had cot devel
oped grace of carriage. He was sua
burned and his clothes were fltfittia;
The students regarded him with good
natured amusement.
He hau just $20 tied up in a hand
kerchief when he arrived on the cam
pus. He did odd jobs to support him
seif and studied all the time he was
not working.
In his freshman year he captured
three prizes and the Wcolsey scholar
ship, the income from $1,000, for the
best examination in Tuin composi
tion. The highest honors the univer
sity accords are believed by the fac
ulty to be his by right.
Investigation cf Allotments in the
Oklahoma Reservation.
WASHINGTON. D. C The presi
dent has ordered a thorough investi
gation or the affairs ot the Kiowa and
Comanche Indian reservation in Okla
homa, and has appointed Francis E.
Leupp of this city to make the in
vestigation. The inquiry is based on
charges made by certain Kiowa In
dians, including Delis K. Lonewolf. a
Kiowa. living at Hobart, that of the
2.75S allotments made to persons pur- J
porting to belong to th1 Kiowa, Co
manche and Apache tribes, under the
act approved June 6. 1900. a number
were illegal and more allotments were
made than there were Indians
Grand Jury Put on Scent of a "Job"
in Connection with That.
WASHINGTON. D. C Having re
turned indictments against the parties
cencemea m the transactions of the
Graff brothers, involving street letter !
box fasteners, the grand jury has be- I
zun the investigation cf other con- '
tracts with the general delivery serv
ice. It is said the postoffice department,
through its inspectors who have been
working on the case for some time,
has made some discoveries which
mane it imperative that the grand jury
take the matter up. The contracts re
ferred to pertain to the use of alum
inum paint on street letter boxes
throughout the country.
British. French. Dutch and Turkish
Representatives Leave Belgrade.
BELGRADE. The British minister
to Servia left here Tuesday for Lon
don. It is understood the first bill to
be submitted to King Peter will be
one prepared by the minister cf jus
tice, granting amnesty for all political
In accordance with instructions
from their governments, the ministers
of France, Holland and Turkey left
King Peters train, which left Gene
va, passed through Innsbruck. Austria.
The kinr was enthusiastically wel
comed there bv the Servian and Croa
tian students.
Discovery is Made on Lower River,
Near Valder. Alaska.
SEATTLE, Wash. The first de
tails of the new gold finds near Val
dez were brought from the north by
the steamer Excelsior, which has just
arrived here.
The discovery is on Lower river.
twenty-three miles frcm Taldez, and
already SG0 acres cf ground have been
staked out.
During the last few days, before
the Excelsior sailed, there was quito
a stampede to the new find.
President of Santo Domingo.
PARIS. A dispatch from Santo Do
mingo City announces that General
A. Wos y GiL who recently became
provisional president through the over
throw of General Horatio Vazquez, has
been ele ted president cf the Domini
can republic
Eugsnio De Champ, who was a can
didate for the presidency, but with
I .
drew in favor of General GiL hs been
elected vice nresident.
Union Pacific Man Present.
SARATOGA The American Rail
way Master Mechanics association on
Thursday considered reports. A dis
cussion of technical subjects was par
ticipated in by W. R. McEeen of Om
aha and others.
Shaw-Will Net Go to Europe.
WASHINGTON. Secretary" Shaw
has returaen to the city frcm. he west
ern trip, and owing to press of public
business will not go to- Europe,
wSsw tfHSlS.
r gT ''vSaWr ft. j mSUr 9awSJ J sVAwal
-i iwP JBmSBB awla LvMJ AjjLF .MK W
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w ""; awaaBwBT.BwaaV' aaaBwaaw r 'awawawaw BawxV Bw
aVwiBBW9BwawamawlawawawaawawsBwawawawS,BwSBwawawawaw Bbv Sal
' -:5-fSaV"lMMwTXr I
AvaaaamaCL HaEKvft aaaaaaaaaaKa"''9C --V-aHar
TaaET t awBawSawPJ' V y -wT
There she comes.'
Chief Executive Suggests that if
Necessary Special Lawyer Be
Named to Probe Scandal and Secure
Conviction of the Guilty.
WASHINGTON. The president has
sent the following letter to the at
torney general:
"WHITE HOUSE. June 22. 1303.
Sir: As you know, the charges in
connection with the postoffice depart
ment are now being investigated by
Fourth Assistant Postmaster General
Bnstow, who has placed at his dis
posal by the postmaster general every
resource of the department, including
the services of Mr. Robb. whom you
detailed from the department of jus-
uce to the postoffice department im
mediately after the removal of Mr. ,
As a result of tnis investigation a
number of indictments have already
been found and it is probable that
other indictments will be hereafter
asked for. There can be no greater
offense against the government than
a breach or trust on the part of a
public official or the dishonest man
agement of his ofiice. and. of course,
every effort must be exerved to bring
offenders to punishment by the utmost
rigor of the law.
"The district attorney cf the Dis
trict of Columbia has faithfully and
zealously seconded the effo-ts of the
postoffice department m this matter,
but the amount of work in the office
is such as to make it difficult, with
out neglecting other important public
duties, to devote all the time neces
sary to the prosecution of these cases.
"I suggest, therefore, that if you
cannot detail some of your present
staff, you appoint special assistants
in these postoffice cases, not only to
take up the cases in which indictments
have been found or hereafter may be
found, but to examine mcu all charges
that have been made against officials
in the postal service, with a view to
the removal and prosecution of all
guilty men in the service and the pros
ecution of guilty men. whether m the
service or not, where the cases are
not barrea by the statute of limita
tions. Sincerely yours,
Carrying out the president's sug
gestion. Attorney General Knox has
appointed Charles Bonaparte of Bain-
mere a special attorney to assist in
these prosecutions, and on his return
here Mr. Holmes Conrad, former solic
itor gsneraL "soil be tendered z like ap
pointment. Postmaster Payne has taken official
cognizance of Mr. Madden's letter re
garding criticisms of the contract for
supplying carbon paper to the service.
Mr. Payne conferred with his assist
ants on the subject. Subsequently he
declined to say whether any reply had
been seat to Mr Madden and a simi
lar reticence was observed by those
who were in accord with Mr. Payne.
Six Skeletons Washed Up.
TOPEKA Six human skeletons
were found in a hole washed cut by
the water just west cf North Tapeka.
They are net the remains cf fiood vic
tims, as the evidences wnlch they
bear dearly show, and how they came
to be there is a mystery to all who
have seen them. They were evidently
buried there by some one. and un
earthed by the water, which washed
out a huge hele, in which the bones
were found.
Unrfeed States Minister Leaves. 1
WASHINGTON, D. C. It is learn
ed at the stare department that Uni
ted. States Minister Jackscn has left
Belgrade an has return to Athens, vn
Constantinople- His course will be
in line withx that, adopted by the dip
lomatic representatives of Great Erin
sin, Germany, France and the othe.
cowatries which havs. up to date re
faaed to recognize- the new Servian
Do you see her?
Corn Reported in Mere Favorasls
WASHINGTON The weather bu
reau's weekly saanary of crop con
ditions Is as follows.
While still too ccol In the districts
east of the Rocky mountains, the tern-
perature conditions of the week end-
ing June 22 were somewhat more fa-
vorable in the central valleys and
southern states but over portions of
the lake region and middle Atlantic
states and in New England it was
f colder than in the preceding week.
I Heavy rains in the two last named
districts interrupted farm work, but
in the Ohio and upper Mississippi val
. leys and gulf states the conditions
were very favorable far cultivatian
Rain is now needed in the Dakctas,
northern Minnesota and in portions
of the central and east gulf state:. 000.000 was needed for the purchase.
The conditions en the Pacific coast Record prices were paid at the Pa
were generally favorable, but In the land China swine sale held at Mnn-
coast sections of Oregon work was de
layed by ram. while rams are needed
in the eastern portions of both Oregon
aiIiI Washington.
A general improvement in the con
dition of com in the central valleys i3
indicated, especially over the western
portions. In the lake regions. New
England and middle Atlantic states
little or no improvement in this vrrop
is noted. In all northern and central
districts corn continues very late, but
is in a good tate of cultivation, ex
cept in the middle Atlantic smtes.
In the southern states early com is
7- i-oJt Inff? h-a- rj-r ts -iPirrnrr Tra.rrrr-
.UM.2..-.J .. w. w. ..- a
ity in Texas.
Winter wheat harvest has made fa- ed a resolution, which was adopted,
vcrable progress and is now general declaring that to put Trinity on its
in the central portions of the winter , proper plane among ether education
wheat belt, with disappointing yields, t ai institutions not less than 55.000.000
especially in the southern portions of should be raised.
Missouri. ECmais and Indiana. In the
middle Atlantic states a general im
provement is indicated. Harvest is
general in California, with nearly av
erage yields in most sections. In
Oregon and Washington some im
provement is noted, cnt the crop is In
need of ram in the eastern portion of
these states.
Spring wheat is suffering far rain
in North Dakota and portions cf South
Dakota and is affected by rust quite
generally in Nebraska. In these two
Inst named states, however the crop.
as a rule, is doing well, and bi Minne-
seta. Wisconsin and Iowa continues
in premising condition. In Washing
ton the crop has improved, wherp
moisture has been sufficient, but will
be materially shortened in central
counties and also in eastern Oregon corpse.
unless rain ceres scon. j The New York state encampment cf
The outlook for cats is less promis-! the G- A. R. adopted a resolution urg
ing in the Dakotas. Nebraska, north- ( nig the nffa-mi department to have
era Minnesota. Missouri and southern
Illinois. In Wisconsin, Kansas, on up -
Iandr in Iowa and m northern Illincis
a good crop is promised.
Russia Pr-sar-d fcr Trouble.
LONDON It is b-Leved that tha
fast cruisers of th Russian volunteer
fieur, which are iymg idle at Febasto-
pal and Odessa, are being held in the
Black sea for military emrncies, says
the Odessa correspondent cf the
Times. He adds that it is reported
that an intrmauen was given June 20
to the commanders of these vessels
that there is a possibility of their be
ing requisitioned to Sy the naval fiag
Netrasfcin Aids Librarians.
NLAGARA FALLS. N Y The twen-ry-Cith
convention of the American
Library association oncnet! Tuesday.
The secretary. J J Wy?r. of Lin'-iin.
Neb-, reported that the present mem
bership of the association is IJ310,
larger than ever before, while, ac
cording to the treasurer's rupGrt, the
assets of the association are mere
than 5100," 00. 3L Herbert Putnam.
librarian of congress, probably will be
elected president.
Peter Expresses
Peter has
' pressed hih auuroval of the program
i, ar,- -aj,a j,r
win include a gz!a performance arl
the theater. !
Dutefc Winirter Crcoren Home
1 h: HAGUE. Tho minister of the
Netherlands at Ec'grade V" been in
structed to leave that city before Emg
Peter's arrival nt xh? Scvial capitaL
:?: hi in :-rti!iit hkiihi
ttft? TOfwtUIS. i
n 1 1 1 i 1 1 ; I ; 1 : ; 1 1 r t : ! r 1 1 1 i
The Philadelphia relief committee
has voted another $2,040 to Kansas
flood sufferers.
John Morley has had bestowed upon
him the honorary professorship of an
cient history at the English Royal
General Charles Dick cf Akron was
selected by the republican state cen
tral committee to direct the campaign
in Ohio this year.
Admiral de Cotxrtheille of the
French navy, who died aboard his
flagship Masseoav ofts expressed a
desire to die in action.
According to the Novo Vremya of
St. Petersburg, the Rnsso-Chinese
bask ha? Seen authorized to open a
branch at Stn Francisco.
There isr?T jpJLondon of forw'Tg.
I a Pepsy club in honor of Samuel Pep-
sy. the two hundredth anniversary of
whose death fell on May 26.
Archbishop Katzer, wno far some
time past has been receiving medical
treatment in Fond du Lac. Wis., is
now said tc be on the road to rapid re
covery. The Mexican government proposes
to compel all signs and advertise
ments on walls to be in Spanish, with.
if desired, translations into other lan
Ricts arising out of collisions be
tween clericals and anti-cIeTricals are
reported from several towns in the
French provinces in connection with
religious processions.
A fire at Wetskawm. Alberta, caus
ed damage amounting to $200,000.
The fire started in a hall used for a
theater over the general stcre of Peric
J & Co
and destroyed a dcten stores
and other buildings,
j Dr. G. Deut3ch, professor 0" Jewish
1 history and philosophy of rsligion in
the Hebrew Union college h Cincin-
t nati for the past twelve
years, has
He pro-
t tendered his resignation.
( proses to devote his time to tditorial
and literary work in New York
' Gott fried Krueger of New Yorit.
Peter Hauck cf Harrison and idolph
Huhfel of New York. who. with oth
ers, sold their breweries to an Eng
lish syndicate, have bought back their
properties. It Is said that about 12,-
cie. Ind. The agrgegate sales of two
days were over S60.Q0O for ninety-six
head offered. The highest price paid
for any one hog was that paid for
Ideal Sunrise, which approximated
J1T.S37- "
The Toronto and Niagara Power
company called for bids en what tHI
be the largest power wheel pit in the
world. It is to be 4S0 feet long. ISO
feet deep and 27 feet
wide, cut
The work
through the sohu rode
will cost $1,250,000 and will develop
.000 horse power.
At the annual meeting cf the Trin
ity college alumni at Hartford. Conm.
t Dr.
J. E. Mears of Philadelphia offer-
General Bates has notified the war
department that he has found and
arrested in Chicago Lieutenant Thom
as T. Murtaugh. United States coase
artillery, who deserted his troops at
Cienfueos. Cuba, about three weeks
' ago. leaving the exchange accounts
mixed up. He will be sent to Gover
i I nor's ilsand for trial by court-mar-
1 tiaL
1 Archibald Morrison, a silk salesman
. of Now York, committed suicide in a
, novel way tram the Brooklyn bridge.
He climbed the platform railing south
J of the Brooklyn tower, jumped on top
of a tram bound for Brooklyn, fell off
the last car. struck the third raiL was
uung across the track, fell through the
ties, and landed on Front street, more
than 100 feet below, a mangled
; the date of Decoration day changed
! to the last Sunday in May or the
first Sunday in June, the idea being
I that, by the change of date, the grow-
' ? tendency to make a noliday for
' spcrt. etc- of D-coration day would
' fce done a:sra?' wiTil anii iie onld
j again assume its anginal import.
j Advices from Guam announce the
blnil tiier'e of Srst American
cid on xhe island. It is a girL and
j irs father is Paymaster Ryan. The
christening was markec by a big cele-
brarion. in which the entire commu
nity joined.
General Greeley bas been informed
that 580 miles of the submarine cable
to be laid between Puzet sound and
1 Alaska has been shipped from. New
York to Seattle. The remaining 750
miles will be shipped from New York
in August.
' Frank WUhert Stokes, the Ameri
' can artist, delivered with great suc
cess a lecture in French on the col
oration cf the Pclar regions under
' the auspices of the geographical sc
j ciety in the hall of the Collegio Ro-
mano. at Rome, Italy
i At the meeting cf the alumni ot the
; University of Vermont a committee
J was appointed fcr the purpose of rais
' ing SliW0,Q0Q to be presented to the
' sity m 120-i upon tne occasion
! of the celebration of the hundredth
of its foundation.
At a private meeting of the naticn-
alist members of the Dublin corpora
tion, it was decided bj tweuty-Sve tc
three not to vcte an address cf wel-
came and loyalty to King Edward on
the occasion of his majesty ccming
j visit to Irchmd
My Soot Hotes, I
SMaaTT nuiST.
A ddr Republic
of X X
County rf PUtte
Tbe Smeaf
United Statt,
M If Miltil
n Unit
Year, If Pud in Adranctv
Sample Copies Sent Tree t
ny Address.
Coffa and Metallic
afaSataaao! Upaaiawy
Cotumbua, it
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t B-aauaaax. oasmaa.
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