The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 03, 1902, Image 3

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The Contest Dates are
NOV. 2, Until
Came in and see the
To a queen's taste ami it will look very tempting if served
on our dainty cliinawarc. You will find you need something
in the line of kitchen supplies. If so, see us.
,11 Be
If you I my here highest qualities
at lowot prices always.
aw.'.u.. i!
Are prepared and put up in the different localities wherein
they attain the highest degree of excellence. For instance
New York produces the hest apples and pears, Maine the
hest com, Wisconsin the best peas, New Jersey the best toma
toes. AH are put up fresh from the vines or trees instead of
being hipped to some central iMiiut for canning or preserving.
All we ask is a trial and you will detect the difference-between
the Monarch and other packs. Iiememhcr the Lion's head is
on every package : : : : : Telephone 27.
M$m wm wwmw
temm Mmmmbm
We have the
best line of i
i ('
The City
Msckholz Bros.
For Little Girls
Under 14 years of
age. Clip every one
of our ads containing
Buck's trade marks,
and the little girl get
ting the greatest num
ber of our ads will get
the prize. Its another
Work hard girls to get
it. Its a little beauty.
D6C. 24, '02.
little Rane at
Its not what you get to eat so
much as how it is prepared.
A Buck's Range will roast the
Monarch Goods
Climate and soil have ev
erything to do in the pro
duction of fruits and vege
tables of the highest qual
ity. One state will pro;
ducc the lest corn, anoth
er the hest tomatoes,
eas, or fruity etc., etc.
We have made the most careful preparations
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Another Advantage we have over those
dealers that sell "everything" (all kinds of
merchandise and no assortment of "any
thing") we buy in big quantities and it
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bought in small lots.
It would please us to .shop what we can do
for you. For instance, 'with a Ten Dol
lar Bill of yours. Bring your boy along
and let us dress him from head to foot for
little money. Would you buy the lest
Shoe in town for the least money? Shoe
repairing neatly and promptly done. Well,
get our prices and be convinced.
The Fetching
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either in the display or the low prices
Columbus Journal.
Toys at Snow's.
Dr. Paal, dentist.
Mielenz for best photos.
Blanket Coffee at Grays.
Immense Una of holiday goods at
Dr. Neumann, dentist. Thirteenth
street, tf
Dr. Gietzen, dentist, over Pollock's
drag store.
Dr. Martyn was in Albion Saturday
on a professional visit.
See "Alice in Wonderland" in von
Bergen's show window.
Mrs. A. Haight has been offering
with catarrhal fever for several days.
Jim Jones returned Monday from a
few days visit with friends in Omaha.
Fifty cents on the dollar china sale
at Xiewohner'e. Sea our north windows.
Dra. Martyn, Evaaa k Gear,
three doors north of PriedhoTs store, tf
Do not fail to see oar Moot galvan
ized steel mill for $32.00. A.Daaeall
Son. tf
We sell the single-row nnd two-row
Badger cultivator, the best in the market.
Loois Schretber. tf
Wanted, an experienced girl for
house work. First-class wagea given.
Mrs. L. W. Snow. -
Dr. McKcan'e method of
alaminam plates places them
on aa
equality with gold.
Louis Gietzen of St Loois has taken
a position with the Gray Mercantile Co.
Mr. Gietxen'e parenta live in Humphrey.
-Wm. Schils makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, and oaea only the very
best stock that can be procored in the
market, tf
Ella Otterpohl of Madison came
Sunday to make her home with her aunt,
Mrs, Ewing. She expects to attend
school here.
A large amount of freight was taken
north on the branch to Norfolk Sunday,
and an extra was sent np the Cedar
Rapids line.
Miss Hallie Post, well known in this
city, and niece of Judge A. M. Post, was
married at her home in York Wednesday
last to Arthur Moore.
The Bachelor Girls' club met with
Miss Jess. Schram last Thursday even
ing. They meet next Thursday with
Miss Mary Borowiak.
Sup't Leavy has been visiting many
of the schools throughout the county
the past few weeks, spending part of last
week in the vicinity of Crestoa.
The city council of Fremont will
probably adopt an ordinance to prevent
spitting in poblio places. Some each
ordinance is needed badly in Colambus.
The A. O. H. gave a dance in Orpheus
hall Thursday evening. The Orpheus
orchestra furnished the masie. A large
crowd were present and a pleasant even
ing passed.
Miss Lena Spear of Central City,
who until a few months ago was editress
of the Democrat there, left Thursday for
Chicago where she will take a course in
a school of oratory.
Frank Schram and wife have moved
to Columbus from Tarnov where they
have been for several months in charge
of I. Gluck's store. Frank baa not de
cided what work he will eagage in.
J. N. Umland, Ernest and Harlan
Dussell were in Schuyler Friday, work
ing at plumbing. Fred Curtis and Wal
ter Galley were in Bellwood the same
day doing work for the Daasell firm.
The lumber shed of Hugh Haghea
along Eleventh street, is being braced
and straightened. The building had
begun to show its years in the weakened
walls and repairing was found necessary.
Peter Duffy, John Early, George
Wilson and Miss Mattie Post, all State
university students, came up last Wed
nesday to visit at home. George Wilson
is visiting his sister, Mrs. Carl Johnson.
The first snow of the season came
lost Tuesday afternoon when small flakes
filled the air for a few hoars, bat not
enough to tnrn the ground white. In
Fremont one-fifth of an inch fell, equal
to .02 inches of rainfall.
Mr. and Mia. W. B. Kenney arrived
here Saturday from Kansas where they
had been on their wedding trip. They
stopped over Sunday with Mis. Kenney's
parents, Mr. and Mia, O. C. Shannon on
their way to Canon City, Colorado.
The aid society of the Presbyterian
church will give a tea this Wednesday
afternoon from 3 to 6 at the home of
Mis. W. A. McAllister. A musical pro
gram will be rendered from 4 to 5 o'clock
by Prof. Cunningham and Prof. Pool,
assisted by others. Admission 15c.
The Metropolitan Stock Co. which
was supposed to fill an engagement here
this week struck disastrous business and
disbanded in Follerton, leaving their
leading man sick and abort of funds at
one of the hotels, bat luckily lor him, he
is a lodge' man and will receive proper
An interesting jack rabbit hunt took
place Thanksgiving day on and near
Sheldon's farm soath of the Platte river.
About twelve borsebackers and six rigs
aided by ten hoands failed to catch the
rabbit, but the hunters enjoyed the day
nevertheless, as it was one of the fastest
hunts of the
Philip Grapbe, aged about 00 years,
a German by birth, died last Tuesday
at the hospital in this city, death beiag
caused from paralysis. The deceased
had been an invalid in the hospital aiace
last May, coming here from Saiat Helens,
Cedar coanty, Nebraska. The funeral
occurred here Friday.
Postal Clerk Oxnam is taking a two
weeks' vacation speediag the time at his
home in Norfolk. Y. 0. Bates is doing
his work on the Norfolk aad Colambas
run. Bay Eaton the postal clerk on the
B. k M. is abo taking hie two weeks'
vacation remaining at home ia Colam
bus, and B. E. Hill is on his ran to
Columbus is decidedly a ;
town. We have foar good orchestras
the Orpheus, Auditorium, High School
and Maennerchor. Besides these the
City band, the Cecal ian dab, the music
department of the Womaa'a dab aad the
several church choir orgaaitatieas give
good enooaragemeat for the masie teach
ers and Columbus has several exceUeat
instructors at thepreseat time.
Dolls! dolls! dolls! at Snow's.
Go to Snow's for burnt wood novel-
Closing out china at Niewohner's,
50c on the $.
Snow's is the place to get the late
copyright books.
Dr. L. C. Voss, Homeopathic physi
cian. Colambas. Neb.
Forrest Merrill arrived in thedty
Monday from Omaha.
Dr. Hans Petersen, physid
surgeon, oflce Olive street, tf
Pillsboryls Best XXXX Flour, the
best in the world, at Grays. tf
Fresh Roll Butter at 18c. Fancy
Roll at 20c Herman.P. H. Oehlrich.
Small, choice farm for sale, under
irrigation, joining town. H. E.-Baboook.
For fine watch repairing, call on
Carl Froemel, 11th St, Colambus, Neb.
Miss Hattie Baker has been quite
sick the past two weeks and is still con
fined to the boose.
Miss May RossUer has resumed
teaching her school, south of Cornlea,
after one month's vacation.
Buy your Christmas presents now at
von Bergen's. It will pay you to buy
them before the holiday rush.
Judge J. M. Curtis has returned
from his western trip and is now visiting
his sister, Mrs. Lee Beaty, near Monroe.
George Brodfuehrer resigned his
position with the Gray Mercantile Co.
Monday, to work in the Heller bowling
Invitations are out for an afternoon
party by Mrs. G. B. Speice and Mrs. D.
C. Kavanaugh at the home of the former,
Rev. W. J. Thompson of Blairstowa
Iowa, will occupy the pulpit at the Pres
byterian church next Sunday, morning
and evening.
The Advent season began in the
Catholio church last Sunday, which will
be observed by fasting and prayer until
the day before Christmas.
Invitations are out for an afternoon
party by Mrs. Dack, Mrs. Charles Dack
and Mis. Hansen Thursday afternoon at
the home of the Mesdames Dack.
Jackets, furs and capes, at
Omaha prices at E. D. Fitz
Patrick's, tke white front dry
goods store.
Attorney W. A. McAllister was con
fined to his home several days last week
suffering from a severe "cold," but at
this writing is again attending to busi
ness duties.
Rev. C. G. Lowe of Genoa and Rev.
Monro of this dty will exchange pulpits
next Sunday morning and evening. Rev.
Monro will also preach one sermon in a
country charge.
Walter Henry came over from Bell
wood Monday and was taken quite sick
with catarrhal fever. Mrs. Henry was
sent for and came to attend her husband.
He is now much better.
We have a 200 acre farm in Sherman
township for sale at a bargain. This is.
one of the best improved farms in the
county and is a snap for somebody.
Beober, Hockenberger k Chambers.
Have yon seen the Tunison atlas we
are offering our subscribers? Ask to see
one and you will be convinced that you
need it in your home. Only $3.40 paya
for one of these large books and a year's
subscription to The Joubnal.
The Poultry show opens up today
(Tuesday) with prospects for a good ex
hibit Much interest has been shown by
those engaged in the poultry business.
The exhibit is in the building third door
north of the First National bank.
Dr. R. A. Valuer, Osteopath, has lo
cated in Columbus for the practice of
his profession. Those who have failed
to be cured by other methods will do
well to try Osteopathy. It's cures are
permanent. Office, Barber Building.
Mm. Chas. Shields of Shdby, vis
ited friends in Columbus Tuesday. She
is on ner way to xx. uouins, uoio, to
join her husband who has lately bought
land and expects to locate there. Mrs.
Shields is a daughter of R. W. Finecy.
E. C Burr, night yardmaster for the
Union Pacific, was taken before Justice
Hudson last Tuesday charged with vio
lating the dty ordinance in regard to
the obstruction of the streets by trains.
He plead guilty and was fined $5 and
Judge Hollenbeck held an adjourned
session of district court Monday. In the
case of Agnes Mostek vs. Alexander
Koclowski, the judge imposed a fine of
$700 to be paid to the plaintiff and abo
thecostsintheease. The judge excused
the jury until December 15.
Marriage licenses have been issued
by Judge Ratterman to John Brunken
and Miss Mary Brunken both of Platte
county, and to Wm. Choat and Miss
Grace Earl both of Madison county.
The last named couple were married by
Judge Ratterman Monday.
Grand Pacific hotel, boarding and
rooming house. Rates, $1.00 per day;
beds 25 cents; board and room $3.50 per
week. Sixty rooms. Rooms single or in
suites for housekeeping, 50c per week
and up. Furnished or unfurnished.
Open all night J. Byrne, proprietor,
Columbus, Nebraska.
A corporation has been formed for
the handling of the Hensley car coupler,
articles to that effect having been filed
at the court house. The company con
sists of W. N. Hensley, G. W. Phillips,
Homer B. Robinson, Garrett Hoist and
O. T. Roan. Shares in the company are?
to be aold at $100 each.
The Auditorium orchestra have pre
pared a splendid program for their con
cert which will be given Wednesday
evening, December 10, in Orpheus opera
house. Mr. Joseph Benesch ia leader.
Some of the musicians who will assist on
the program are Miss Galley, William
Boattcher, Miss Hockeaberger, Prof.
Fool and Miss Stauffer.
A word to the wise. The great gala
event of the season, the occasion beiag
the annual appearance of the alwaya
reliable Stetson's Big Double Uncle
Tom's Cabin Company, this time pre
senting a program that excels all pre
vious efforts. The register of members
engaged, indudea the best obtainable
and highest-salaried American artists,
all of whom have clear records with the
best of organizations a word to the
wise is soJaeient At North opera house
Friday. Dee. 5. matinee after school.
I prices 10c; adults 25c. Evening, 50c,
85c aad 25c
Steteoa's Big Double Uaola Tom's
Cabin Co. at the North opera house next
Friday afternoon aad eveniag. Especial
mention is deserved by the many pleas
ant specialties. The two Topsies are the
best ever seen, and are accomplished
dancers. The Lone Star Quartette ren
der some pleasant negro melodies in a
fine manner.
The contract for the new Gray Mer
cantile Co. store building on North street
was let to James Pearsell last Wednes-
' day. The structure will be 44x80 feet,
two stories with cellar, light colored
pressed brick front, one front entrance.
The second story will be fitted up for
offices. The building will be rushed to
completion aa rapidly as possible.
A smooth individual who claimed to
represent a New York tea and coffee
house has worked Schuyler and vicinity
selling groceries which he claimed were
very cheap but in the end purchasers in
all cases faced misrepresentation and
fraud in nearly every instance. The
only safe plan is to patroaize your home
dealers, men whom you know are all
The people connected with Buffalo
BUl'a Wild West sail this Wednesday
from New York for London, England, on
the steamer 8t Louis. The horses and
other property of the ahow sail by trans
port next Saturday. They are booked
to open at tbeCHympia, London, on Dec
26V for' the winter season. Col. Cody's
hosts of western friends will wish him
abundant success.
The Humphrey Democrat says, it is
worth one's .time to go out to D. L.
Braen'e-place, near Oldeabusob, and
take a look at his pigeons. Ha has
about all the different varieties known,
some of which are the most beautifal
birds isaagiaable. Mr. Bruen has found
the pigeon business quite profitable,
having cleared a nice sum of money on
them the past year.
Congressman-elect J. J. McCarthy
has announced that he has dedded to
recommend or endorse D. McLeod for
postmaster at Schuyler. The candidates
were besides Mr. McLeod, F. L. Wertz
editor of the Sun, E. H. Phelps and A.
Luneburg. It will be remembered that
H. C. Russell, the former postmaster,
died last June and his widow was ap
pointed temporary postmistress.
The home of N.D. Wilson was the
scene of a family reunion on Thanks
giving day. The following named rela
tives met with their kin here: Mrs. P.
Smith, David City; Mrs. John Krucben,
near Beatrice; Mm. Benningbart, Jules
burg, Colorado; George aad Mike Horst,
Osceola; G. E. Smith, Rockdale, Wyo
ming; Irwin and HiUyard Wilson, St
Edward, and Myron Wilson, Platte
-r-P. F. Sprecher, who for many years
was publisher of the News and of late
years has been postmaster in Norfolk,
has launched again into newspaper work.
He starts with adx-column quarto with
four pages of home print Mr. Sprecher
ia one of the pioneer newspaper men in
this part of the state, and while he has
been connected with the government for
the past few years he has also kept him
self posted in newspaper work.
Henry Heaton, police judge of Cen
tral City, was found on the Union Pacific
tracks Wednesday night of last week in
an unconscious condition with a wound
over the right eye and bruises on the
back of the head. He died the following
afternoon. An inquest was held and the
verdict was that death was caused by
wounds received in a manner unknown
to the jury. Some think be was struok
by a passing train, while others believe
be waa waylaid.
The special commission appointed
by the district court in regard to the
ease of Mrs. Henrietta Zoooin of Lind
say, this county, who has been detained
in the Lincoln asylum for some time
past have recommended that the patient
be taken out of the hospital and given a
private home, and that a guardian separ
ate from the family be named to take
charge of her property. Mrs. Zoosin is a
wealthy German woman with property
valued at $26,000. The case waa heard
in Lincoln.
Horace, one of the Rev. Morrill
twins, dropped dead in Tekamah last
Tuesday. Heart failure was the cause
of death. He was 35 years old and
apparently in perfect health. Neither
one of the brothers were married. Sev
eral weeks ago the Rev. Morrill held
services three evenings in the Methodist
church here, when they were greeted
with large audiences to hear them in
thdr gospel services. Their- home has
been in Chicago where they own the
Gospel Ship church.
Thanksgiving Norfolk High school
foot ball team came to Columbus to play
a return game with our team. The score
stood 18 to 0 in favor of Columbus. The
game was won by fast and anappy play
ing. The teams were evenly matched
for weight although the fullback of the
visiting team weighs over 200 pounds.
This wss the last game of the season and
the boys have a number of dollars in
their treasury. The game was fall of
sensational plays and a good aized. crowd
were oat to see the game.
Postmaster Hays at Norfolk has
received from the office of the supervis
ing architect at Washington, a drawing
of the government building to be erected
in Norfolk for postoffice and federal
court purposes. The building shown is
a handsome three story brick and stone
structure and will cost the government
$100,000. The first story will be used
for the postoSce and the two upper
stories for the federal court The next
drawings sent out should be for a similar
building to be erected in Columbus.
Incubator people may be interested
in a report that comes from Saxony of
an efficient apparatus for telling to a day
the age of an egg says the Indiana
Farmer. The machine ia constructed
upon the prindples that the air-space at
the larger end of the egg increases in
size with the sge of the egg. When the
egg is placed in liquid it has consequent
ly an increasing tendency to become
vertical, with the blunt end uppermost
The apparatus itself consists of a glass
vessel, bearing at the back lines drawn
at various angles, each liae marked with
the age. The vessel is filled with some
harmless liquid, in which the eggs to be
tested are laid. Each egg will take up
a certain position, and, according to its
age, ita longer axis will be more or less
inclined to the horizon. The direction
of this axiaia compared with the lines at
the back of the vessel, and the age of the
egg read off at Unas to which ita
is parallel
The aew Carnegie library buildiag !
in Fremont will be heated by pipes con
nected direct with the boiler in the dty
water works pumping station. This
reminds us that Perry, Iowa, a city about
the size of Columbus on the Milwaukee
road has aa admirable system of beating
through the business portion of the city.
A large plant supplies the hot water
which is piped to store buildings, the
merchants payiag according to the value
received. It is a system of economy
which seems to be satisfactory and is
being adopted in many rities.
The Knights of Pythias elected offi
cers Monday evening, honoring the fol
lowing gentlemen with the respective
places of trust: D. M. Sullivan, C. C;
L. E. Phillippa, V. C; C. A. Lindatrum,
prelate; Will Zianeoker, M. of A.; P. J.
McCaffrey, K. of R and S.; Y. H. Wea
ver, M. of F.; George Fairchild, M. of E ;
W. M. Brown, outer guard; H. Schaad,
inner guard; FrecLGottschalk, M.of W.;
L. H. Leavy, trustee. The lodge is going
to make a canvass for the piano which
will be given away by the merchants and
ask their friends to help them.
Prof. Garlioha, formerly of this dty,
now of Broken Bow, this state, is report
ed as having lost fully $1,000 by the fire
in the two story brick building osed by
the Business and Normal college of that
dty daring the afternoon of Friday last
His loss was caused by damage to pianos
and on whioh there was no insurance.
The business and normal departments of
the college are in a separate buildiag,
and will auffer no inconvenience. Prof.
Gatiichs has secured quarters in another
part of the dty where he will re-open the
muaical department of the work.
Even in the timber sections of Iowa,
Missouri, and Illinois, really good fence
poet timber is becoming scarce and farm
ers are beginning to wonder where they
are to get the fence posts of the future.
In a very few years many of them will
be on a par with the farmers in the ex
clusively prairie sections and must bay
thdr fence posts as best they can. Good
timber for any purpose is becoming
scarcer ovary year all over tho western
atatee and before very many years farm
ers will be forced to grow their own fence
posts. They may just as well begin to
think about it now. Wallace's Farmer.
The Tunison atlas we are offering
Journal subscribers is larger than any
other atlas yet published. It shows each
hemisphere sixty inches in circum
ference, the two combined forming a map
of the world four feet by two and a
quarter feet These sre only two out of
many maps in the large volume. We
will give any of our subscribers an oppor
tunity to own one of these hooka By
paying up your subscription to date and
$3.40 you may have the book and one
year's subscription in advance to the
Jouktal. New subscribers may have
the two for $3.40.
The greatest success achieved in the
last decade by any "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Company is that won by Leon W. Wash
bum's which plays on Friday, Dec 5, at
North opera house, afternoon and even
ing. UC all tne dramatic successes
known, there are none that equals this
great play. It is established in popular
favor here aa well as everywhere else,
and needa no endorsement from other
dties. Suffice it to say that it will be
presented by an excellent company of
fifty people and with new and elaborate
scenery gotten up for this season's tour.
A grand street parade will be given at
Victoria G. Witcbey wife of J. W.
Witcbey of Duncan, died at her home
last Tuesdsy evening from liver trouble,
aged 65 years. Mrs. Witcbey wss born
in New York state. She came to Colam
bus and was married January 1, 1872, to
Mr. Witcbey. She leaves her husband,
three sons and one daughter to mourn
the loss of a kind and indulgent wife and
mother. Funeral services were held
Thursday morning in the Duncan school
building. Rev. Luce of this dty officiat
ing, after which the body was brought
here and interred in the Columbus cem
etery. Mrs. Witcbey was a woman pos
sessing very many friends and the family
have the sincere sympathy of the com
munity in their bereavement
The meeting of the Inter-State Slid
ing Handicap tournament which met in
Columbus last Tuesday and Wednesday
was attended by a good number of the
enthusiastic sportsmen of the state.
The weather waa bad for shooting and
no extra good marksmanship was re
corded. The traps were placed in Gotts
chalk'a pasture north of town. Among
the more prominent gentlemen present
were: Linderman, Weeping Water;
Illian and Roberts, Albion; Simpson
and Maloney, St Edward; Bray, Syra
cuse; Sievers, Grand Island; Douglass
and Campbell, Clarke; Burk, Elgin; Red
man, Genoa; Townsend, Omaha; Morill,
South Omaha; Atkinson, Humphrey;
Game Warden Carter, North Platte. G.
A. Schroeder waa host to the guests
while in the dty.
Lndwig John Plsth died Tuesday of
last weak at the home of his daughter,'
Mrs. John Branken, ten miles northwest
of this city after an illness of about
three months. Mr. Plath wss born May
25, 1826; in Prussia, Germany. He came
to America in 1869 and located in New
Jorssy where be worked at his trade, that
of finishing; carpenter. He came to
Platte county about twenty-four years
ago. His wife died in 1874. Mr. Plath
leaves three sons and three daughters,
Leopold, William and Qua Plath of this
city, Mrs. John Brunken and Miss Matil
da Plath west of Columbus and Mrs. C.
Kaaant of New Jersey. Funeral services
were held Friday from the Loseke Ger
man Lutheran church, Bev. Free offi
ciating, after which the remains were
laid to rest in the near-by cemetery.
The Epworth League of the Metho
dist church will hold a fair in the League
room all day Friday, when hand-made
articles suitable for Christmas presents
will be sold. In the evening Bev. Munro
of the Congregational church will give
bis lecture "The Canny Scot" in the
church. Bev. Munro baa delivered this
lecture before many audiences and those
who have heard it are anxious to have it
repeated. The Burlington, Iowa, Hawk'
eye (formerly Bob Burdette's paper) had
the following to aay in regard to the lec
ture: "Bev. Munro's lecture was replete
with charming stories of Scottish life
and people, and he told them in a nat
ural and pleastag manner, that charmed
bis hearers. A short time ago, he said,
few people read Scottish booka but now
s (tar AsMrt-
Mlt If . .
Staple and
Oir China and Glassware Dipartmt
Is now ready for inspection. We have hunted the markets over
5 for novelties in this line. Decorated China N 1 $C Ml
2 pieces in all the new shapes from WW w Wllnl
E Cut Glass at opuIar prices. Our assortment of Lamps in new
s shapes and decorations will please you.
1 Household Furnishings
E Woodenware,Willowware, Washing Machines and Clothes WriBg-
E ers at prices that arc right. A share of your patronage solicited.
-r-aa3333-w3aanaaTi i bj
((ff ((((?((((((( a4
You would iind our Paper Pattern
Department, which shows the well
known Staiulard Patterns, very help
ful in reaching a decision. December
patterns jut received show "lfcitwing"
and the "Grecian Tunic" skirt. Con
sult your Pajer Pattern Department
for any garment that you wish to
make. Our clerks will take pleasure
in displaying the stock to you. When
you are in, buy
The Designer
: At lOCmUmCopy :
Gall and See Qui New
Don't wait until every thing has been
picked over. We carry a lull line of
Wall Paper, PainU.PIastiM,Variilsies,
Brushes, Window Shades, Sash Reds,
Floor Wax and every thing pertaining
to the needs of a good housekeeper.
Painters and rapcr Hanicrs.
ra w v "arm -ar-. ctaawfaiB'B -. -k.
i rnii r. if. fii i ti
: : : DEALERS IN : : :
All Kinds of BnihliH&r
Estimates Cheerfally
Park Barber Shop
"Drop in and try a Shave, Shampoo,
Hair Cut or Bath. Everything first
class and up-to date. :::::::
Cigars of the very best make on sale.
k. G. ZINNEGKfcR. Prep'r.
Ik enlintiny new jvttroM S
S every iceek but many more
can be aecommoilntrd.
HEALTH 03iin
as ai ananas nssaai as ssaa j i.;ttvi!Hrjri muui
The great remedy lor nervous prostration and all diseases of the ceneratlr
organs of cither box, such as Nervous Prostration. Failing or Lost Manhood.
Impotency, Nightly Emissions. Youthful Errors. Mental Worry, excessive use
of Tobacco or Opium, vhich lead to Consumption and Insanity- With every
urn MHas order we guarantee to cure
Mi l Ml boxes for 83.00. OILilOTTS CMKJSlCan. CS-, Wvel
or and banish pains
of menstruation." They are "LIFE SAVERS" to girls at
womanhood, aiding development of organs and body. No
known remedy for women equals them. Cannot do harm life
becomes a pleasure. $1.00 PER BOX BY MAIL. SM
by druggists. DR. MOTT'S CUEMICAL CO., Cleveland. Ohio.
For Sale by POLLOCK & CO.
whoever confesses ignorance of these
works show one self unappreciative of
the best things in literature. Burns was
cited as the best example of these poets;
he sang of the hopes and joys and disap
pointments of mankind; he told of the
common things."
When you wish good, neat, clean
handsome work done in the line of
printing, call at The Joubkal office.
Fancy Grams
Is complete. We handle on
ly the reliable kind. If qual
ity and weight w not up to
standard we tell you so. We
give nearlv our whole time
to our grocery departmeat
Seasonable goods are bow ar
riving. New Nuts, dried aad
canned Fruit, Sweet Oder,
Maple Syrup, Mince Meat,
New Orleans Molaeses, Sor
ghum, etc. Try our Biefc
eliea roasted Coffee ia bulk.
15c, 20e, 25c, 30c Per lb.
Richelieu Teas and Coffees are
the best that can be produced
13vh Svacrr.
,TT3T, gerit,
Line ef Wall Paper. J
Material and t'eal.
ETgT, avCgvPLSiger-
Nfcwoliner Mock, corner 13th and Olive
BtroetB, Columbus, Nebr.
Gas admiais
tered far pain
less extractiea
f teeth.
Residence Telephone LSI.
Office Telephone A 4.
.N uit vjiUtzni
or refund the money, bold at Sl.wvner box.
They overcome Weak
ness, irregularity and
omissions, increase vig-
Stoves! Staves!
The factories have made another ad
vance in stoves, owing to tho scarcity of
material, bnt Eaaton's Red Front Hard
ware is still selling at the same low price
and will as long as his present large
stock lasts. The scarcity of hard coal
baa made such a demaBd for soft coal
stoves that there ia already a faauae,ia
heaters. Come early while my assort
ment is complete. C S. Eastojv
Eleventh St