The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, October 08, 1902, Image 3

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M KBSeIV Under 14 years
S B5-EmBm of age J
y jk WSfc-Er a Jonior Baage S
K wLWLK3 bakes tie best hatch of K
jl tfjffi Ol Oct. 22i. I
f z We furnish all the materials. Invite yoar mothers and S
I mentis in to see the fan. Z
4 ; tenGIrLs wishing to take part most come in at once and
J : register. S
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Breakfast tia--ftoa a sailMi Mar
can fee natfe warn aatf fjeaial fc
Barter's Ideal Oil Heater
It is instantaneous, cheaper than coal, can be moved any
where, near the table or as far away as necessary, and never
smokes or smells.
The only objection to oil heaters in general has been odor
and smoke. Barier's Ideal is the only oil heater that has stood
the test of eleven years for a perfect combusiion, giving health
ful hear, and nothing but hear.
We have them in all stvies, sizes and prices.
From 33.50 to 510.
I We have the
best line of
:tDf .
The City
Mschholz Bros.
Ppfl hi' RE here now, so you
I will net have to wait.
Bright, new and handsome.
each one perfectly finished
and the prettiest line ever shown
in Columbus. No useless trap
pings on these buggies the price
is pat htfo Twaftprial, workmas
sbip ad finish. Each ome is
ready to hitch, yoar horse to, and
the price woa't makea-ieary load
to carry. They're here, hot
they're gong. Can't I send oae
yonx way? Iaquiry and inspec
tion desired- r r : r r : r
We have made the moet careful preparations
to be able to offer the very best goods for
the lowest prices. We buy for cash and
give our customers the benefit.
Aaather AiTamtase we have over those
dealers rhnr. sell everything (all kinds of
merchandise and no assortment of "any
thing) we buy in big quantities and it
stands to reason at a lower price than being
bought in small lots.
It would please us to show what we can do
for you. For instance, with a Tea Dol
lar Sill of yours. Bring: your boy along
and let us dress him from head to loot for
little money. Would you buy the best
Shoe in town for the lease money? Shoe
repairing neatly and promptly done. Well,
get our prices and be convinced.
liaakt's Coffee at Grays'.
atzaet. tf
Day tui mil tf
$!! grab bag aale ie aew
aesnfjon. Oaryaseagxab.
Dr. Em Til , pajaMass aad
C J. GarJew mt to Halt Maty
"PjaWaawaVn- HK aSanasr M aVBSBBmarU. HEXubsbb
at the
-Dn. atartyn, vaae
worth at Frieda oTa
Do not fail to aae oar 84aet
eel mill for ISiaU A.
ev. Monro n
of afrieud.
We sell the
Badger cultivator, the bast in
Lome Sekmacr. tf
Don't fail to bear Hon. Joan T.
Kelleyat the Orphans opera haane Fri-
Dr. MeSeun'e method of nuking
aluminum plates pJaaas them on as
equality with gold.
No article with a valuation laai th
25c at Siewohner's grab-bay sale, and
some are worth 125.
W31 Farraad took his father's place
as traveling- ssleamnn last week while
the latter was in Omaha.
A new line of shoes as well as under
wear at the Bazaar store. Thirteenth
street. Enacts' old stand.
Bev. Baemaesec went to Palestine
Wednesday to be present at the ordina
tion services of a Baptist preacher.
Friday evening next at Orphans
opera hoaee is the date set for Hoc
John T. KeUey's address. Hear him.
T. L wunams, wao has a potion
in one of the state buildings in Lincoln,
spent a day at some returning Satnrday.
John T. Plumb, hring east of the
city, has the thanks of Tax Jocxsu
force for a sumptnona watermelac feast.
Wm. Schils makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, and nans only the very
best stock that can be proenxad in the
market, tf
Joseph Sokol, living sonth of the
Loup, while driTing home from. Dancan
Saturday was thrown from his wagon
and broke his left lag;.
Editor Howard as lodge, witness
and jury in the trial against Prof. Lake,
renders his derision in favor of the plain
tiff, although he was not present to hear
any of the evidence.
A U. Mayneld in the St. Joseph
News says: "Bobert C Beers and Hnlda
Peterson were married in Chicago. The
parson made the ceremony short and
simply said: 'Two Beers.'
I desire to hare it stated that I am
not the "Drake" who was arrested for
coal-stealing recently. X belong' to a
different --hock. " Bsapectfally, Bay
Drake, with C A. Beardaiey. lp
Mr. and Mrs. Bey Martyn arrived in
the city last week from Denver where
they have been for several weeks. Mr.
Martyn has bonght a sheep ranch in
Colorado and expects to take possession
The republican, hoes representative
convention for this district met in Genoa
oc Monday last and placed in nomina
tion George Scott of Colnmbns. The
nomination is a strong one. Genoa
The fixtures for the new postoCce
are expected to arrive here in afew days,
and it is thought that the osnee can be
moved to their new qnarters about next
week Tuesday.
The High school foot ball boys went
to Lincoln Saturday where they played
against the TjmrJ high school team.
The score was 13 to 0 against Columbaa.
but they say oar boys put np a splen
did game.
F. W. Young, of the Genoa Leader,
waa in town Thursday returning from a
trip to the carnival festivities in Omaha.
He is not the only oae who is making
complaint of the irregular running of
traias np the branch.
Bev. Tost, fonaeriy pastor of the
Methodist church here, later of Schuyler,
has been, transferred by the biahop to St.
Paul. Th "hssgn nrsn as i is iit in to
his Schuykr congregation who had nude
good progress ander hi
Mrs. Emma Page of S;
been a guest of Mrs. E. D. Camneell the
past week and ia a flslagsta to the Fed
eration this week. She is prominent in
woman clnb work and is spoken of as a
pnaafhla candidate for a leading osnee in
the Federation.
The Gay C Bsxnnm farm of eleven
hundred acres sonth of the Loop river
will be offered at referees' sale on Satnr
day, Nov. 1st. That is one of the beat
stock farms in the wast and the pur
chaser will aseosse the owner of a very
vnlnaUe tract of laad.
Mrs. Fred Bobarts of r m
arrived Satnrday to nay a visit to rela
tives and frisada hi the city J. B.
Geitxen and Shacaf Byrnes of
were in
Central Gty NoaparaO-
The Lady
XKZIHBIb HmavwasvW
tan. tf
isax ncac aanjvezaary east weasBBBncy
evasiB b taD aaw vn i
autiy panned in piayhar gaanm aad hater
wifs at the hmnmass maaager ef tan Ian-
nanav aBflBBBBBBBmaammn aBBBmn.vmBBmaBBBBBf,
wffl jam the F. S. navy. Mmw MeTng
awrt went te Oanahn n havens aan as
1iM'lBfe tf IE K f np MMsfJBBaT sTPaTTal. cnmssnffyynja; or TnT PIL -9
i' K I llanansnil MHII lllsllll HTOJS. fOtCaVCnXi-O ASD PliSCL 1
essBpsnAeasaDaw taM jfassC flC tasstf Wat TWAlTmmZ WPg-gMsiyaMQ nsnsnaMT ty
- - t a.i T 1 - 4at anVaTMaTsBBtfar aaK -ajsajBsnaanfr anTaafaT nVat Vsansat nnAanaMafnajan bsbbbVI amaanannBBBBBBBBBBBBBna asananaaw anaaaaae al eB
K nsffk Iflaf VVKIbbV K MOSJWm. XT P""af nsnanaaV fnafnasfasfgW aaTafaTs isataf ataTaaastssfsaasaaTafc Jsafw enVaTaH TsHsnT X
flEBBasaT GbbbbbbV OaT aKsnlHaW V w S AsaaflBBft HC Hsv aasaHHananBal JBHasBaVsnaBaV VCAsaBsatsW K
and awn's
store, Thirtseath
W. F. Monk, editor ef the darks
a viator at Tar JocnxiL
Fotbnrger i: SpsiiisTT formarhie
and granite work. 233 N.Beventh street,
Iiacc Nebraska. 8
Xheo. r . nageauan has oaagnt a
stock of harness in Crsston aad
charge on Satnrday.
Lida Tnrner
Monday m the Brann distrirt, thirteen
ihw wast of the city.
Anne 80-acre farm north ef Colnm
bns for sale at a bargain. Enqnire ef
Becher, Hoekenberger k Chambers.
Dance Postponed! The second nnm
her of the Orphena dance seriss will he
held Saturday evening, Oct. IL 1902.
If yon are lucky you might grab the
bag containing a S25 article at Niewoh
ners grab-bag sale now going on. Why
A J. McEelvey, of St. Edward was
a welcome caller at this office Friday last,
on his retnrn home from a trip to the
Ak-Sar-Ben festivities in Omaha.
Hon. J. J. McCarthy, republican can
didate for congress, will speak at the
Orpheus opera house next Friday even
ing. Everybody is cordially invited to
W.N. Heneleyhas in his
lot in the eastern part of the city a
apple tree some twenty feet in
from which was taken this
baehels of apples. There is a record
that is hard to beat.
The Columbia brewery has had put
in large scales which will be quite a con
venience in the handling of large quan
tities of gram purchased. The scales
were made at the Coinmbua factory and
Mr. Kemenbrock is more than pleased
with them.
In reference to the foot ball game to
be played in Norfolk Satnrday, the News
says: "It is expected that the game on
the 11th against the Columbns team will
be an interesting contest and there are
prospects that much local interest will
Hon. John T. Kelley of Wisconsin
will speak at Orpheus opera house Fri
day evening, Oct. 10, on the political
issnm of the day from the republican
standpoint. Everybody should hear this
famoas orator. Ladies are especially in
vited to be present.
"Such a bnninnsn " Everywhere the
same. Capacity bouses. Why not?
uCanulle'T is one of the beat attractions
en tour. The world and his wife and
neignoors will be at tne ortn opera
house on Wednesday, Oct. 15. Suppose
yon go too. You can't afford to miss it.
The returning home of a young Co
lumbns miss from her first day in school
was anxiously awaited by her adoring
family a few days ago. Her mother
asked: "Well, Mary, how do you like
your teacher?" "Oh. she has a very
sweet composition,'' was the dignified
Madam Myron's rich contralto voice
is wonderful in its resoaance and sweet
ness. Only too poorly can words do
honor to snch a voice as she possesses,
for it has that quality that finds the
shortest road to the heart. Creston
Daily Advertiser. At North opera bonae,
Thursday October 9.
John M. Wrmahan, a former Colum
bus bneiness man who left here a little
over a year ago and located in Boise
City, Idaho, has returned to Nebraska
and was here last Friday. He went np
the branch Saturday mornmg and will
look around some before deciding on a
sew business location.
About fifty bright ladies of the state,
delegates to the State Mianvaanry
met in the Congregational church
day, Wednesday and Thursday ef last
aad well attended aad the iattneeee of
the convention here has added a new
zest to the missionary work.
No better critics far the hospitality
of our aty will be found than the two
hundred or more women rtnlegitas who
will be here that weak. They represent
the intelligent- reined homes from over
the state, and it will be well for the rep
utation of oar town to treat the
as we would a pawns sT friend.
Mr. and Mr. A. H. Aden of Garri
son, Mr. and Mm H. L. Aden of Bay-
moadV Mr. L. H-Aden, Mm John
and Mr. Eyastoae and son all of
City, Mm Dey and children of Graaham
and Mr. and Mm Frank Mathews of
Schuyler, were all in the dty Sunday to
attend the funeral of J. L.
The following
tont Tribune, as a
from the Fre-
wnteh unaisa, aall am TftV WWW tan. VfPfN f IIVWO, laVssVTeB VUD. e
Bsatar TBM-i-. .. mmmmmm awfcss fwaTsSafhn TSsssaanm " A -
stand. saanan ahnniatraacaesisa. Mr. Phil- of re than onlai j saiTii j aad wowid
frne ailiiiliaau Celnmbns recarviag:
sank ants aaeaamj the hotel men of the
team isfsau to give say latlatthm todet-
saOl the Sana c Herman held their an
the laabsg ef the neat large nedy ef
J Jaw JBBBBBWaTsn VlL- USKBasBBnaVsaBsl eaaaanm. Jbsbbbbb
Salt Lake City, aanaaBsaj t ha same
T aft M Mm Aai. A i
vaaesay spaapw --F " -- ; apmafv a. k,auajau -
-J.lFmat has laasad the Oataar has the eeanViaaee of his party and
aaaae tonMr.Dnetanof Oassiils, Tier tmammtt of those who do not agree S
WelsarntaatMr-DntenaanoUhosnl wit pnfitisnUy. It is stated that
hanaag- jant essaaaad ef a aatal '" the aapport of a large at
hansassB m Onneaia. The eanmge will of daawemts who are hie per- 1
the 15th ef
this leeality this
far shipment
to the factory.-Platte Center SigaaL
Freight tram No. 19(aseoad ssetion)
on the Union Panic met with an acci
dent to two ef its earn on a side track
soa of the RAM. depot as they were
coating into the city Satnrday noon.
The rear trnakaf ene ear 'dimfaed the
frog;" as tram anm express it, aad broke,
throwing the front track of the ear to
the rear from the track. The two cars
were loaded, oae with apples. No par
ticular damage was done aside from the
broken trucks and to the rails and ties
under the ears where they left the track.
Madsmr Myron has a warm aad
mellow contralto, exceptional m tem
perament and style. Her first numbers
were Heneehel's "Donald Blair' and a
lullaby of the same composer, of whom,
by the way, Madame Myron is a pupiL
To this group a double encore was de-
In the Aria from Don Carlos,
Myron demonstrated unmis
takable dramatic qnsHfiea, aad her inter.
pretatioB of Schubert, Death and the
Maiden, which- she gave for an encore,
was most interesting: Dee Moines (la.)
Leader. At North opera bonne, Thurs
day October 9.
There was erected last weak in the
Gottaehalk family burial lot La the Co
lumbns usmutuj one of the
neatest and moat costly
placed in that burying ground. The
first base is a heavy, light-colored rock
in the rough; the second base, die and
cap are of Mssaachneetta granite, shape
ry and very highly polished, the whole
hesag about eight feet in height. The
monument with several assail head, foot
and corner atones weighs over 16,000
pounds. A Lincoln firm had the con
tract for furnishing the same which
would be an ornament to any cemetery.
The republican rinlrgatm to the 25th
representative district convention met in
Genoa Monday of last week and unani
mously nominated George A. Scott of
this city for representative for Platte
and Nance conn ties. The convention
was called to order by committeeman B.
G. Strother, W. F. Prowett was elected
chairman and D. Stephenson acted as
secretary. J. A Osborne and R. G.
Strother were selected as central com
mitteemen. The nomination is consid
ered on all sides to be a good one, Mr.
Scott having a very large acquaintance
throughout the district and many warm
personal frisada in all political parties.
M. B. Kennedy of Craig, Nebraeka,
arrived here Friday and remained over
night with mistimes, on has retnrn home
from a two weeks' trip to Canon City,
Colorado, where he enjoyed a visit with
his son John Kennedy and family. Soft
coal of the best quality delivered to your
bin in that dty costs but S3 a toe
Apple trees there this year are heavily
laden with an excellent quality of fruit,
many of the branches having to be prop
ped to save them from breaking down.
Notwithstanding MrEennedy's advanc
ed age, he being 77, be took great delight
in mountain dimbmg whilst mnrg the
Peter Schmidt, the Jolly Shell creek
miller is feeling a little more jovial just
now than nenalon account of the eom
pjetiou of his null dam and a new bridge
all at a east of 93,000. The dam, he is
quite sure, will eaaae him no further
trouble. A large number of piles were
ArTrmnI Mrth, hrmth , fa., fflUrt in fcig
it a very solid piece of work. In case of
very high water a hood gate has been
arranged so that the extra flow can eaauy
he carried away, without endangering
the aide banks. WaQe in Omaha last
Mr. Schmidt had an eye open to
of twenty tenaof flanr and brought back
ferty-aame head of cattle.
The republican senatorial
of the Twelfth district met m the
eonrthenee at Schuyler Tneaiay of last
lagafr was made chair-
D. M. Newman secretary.
Ernest H. Phelps of Schuyler was nomi
nated by aarismstinw aa raadidate for
of the Twelfth district coraoria-
the counties of Platte and Colfax.
Wertz of Sehuyler and J. E.
of Colli mbaa were elected cen
tral rommitteemsn ef the district, and
authority to Hi aay
aught occur en the ticket.
m imw TW turn Th
. K.- Um-wm.
mmri tk am mm I !! T nm -Ina -
bbbbis, bmbbbt aask7 sbse mwmmmmmtBmMt a a mJmmmw -vkl. a. -. . r- w
anaKaafB. lasffaVZnBBBar I . . i r Jir r
-- - - I wmr.n nnwsnaT ED H affansaaneanja atR Tnsm alfasamdaa
w- mm jaia- rsLe. aaaasaaBBaBBBBB: aaawaBBa. aaaBBBBn mwumwmwmmmt
rqaaiatsd with. Mr. Phelps say he ma
saaa who will honor the aaace for which
tmmm W 1. Omii TK"mtfmmmiw
TTamssMij. Jast a wank atsimaaij a
fittla haae waa hern te her ant Mvad eniy
asveanl aaaa In he raceimjag nankh
H day,
to a
will be ao charge of adi
at the door, as Tan Sqzksxl. stated
last weak. Everybody is invited to in
spect the handsome aew building. Chil
dren's hoars for reception will be from
430 to 5:30. Lunch will be served in the
t aad n hex will be arranged for
tribntioaa in which all who wish to
assist in the eaaae of the hospital, may
do so. A meeting of citizens will be
held this (Tuesday) evening to complete
arrangements for the reception.
Columbns was well represented in
Omaha last week at the Ak-Sar-Ben fes
tivities. Among those present were: E.
D. Fifat pa trick aad son Jerome, Mr. and
f Mrs. Chas. Stillman. Bert StHlman. Wm.
Bncher and family, Mrs. Lucy Terry,
Mrs. Fred Stevens aad daughter Hazel,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Murdoch. Mrs. Frank
Van llstiae, F. Asche. Bird Ellis. Homer
Bobtaaon. Frank T. Walker. A. L. Koon,
G. W. Phillips, Edgar Howard. Sheriff
Byrnes, L. J.Lee, Mam Minnie Meagher,
Misses Mstta and Rnby Heneiey, Mas
Angle Early, Mrs. A Oehlrich. Miss
Lflhe Ragar-, Bev. and Mrs. Lace. Judge
and Mrs. Sullivan. Mrs. L. W. Snow,
Mrs. E.H. Chambers, Mrs. C. D. Evans,
Mrs. A Hetatz. Mrs. Paul HageL, Fred
Staager and family, Mr. and Mrs. Far
rand and two children, Mrs. C A. Pollock.
Mrs. George Phillips.
Oct. A 1902-E. W. Salev.
Colnmbns, Xebr., My Dear Sir: The
Staekelberg Concert Co. played to stand
ing room only here last night notwith
standing the fact that a drenching rain
continued to fall from 5 until S o'clock,
just when people would prepare to go
out. But all were amply repaid for
going for it was one of the hnest musical
treats ever listened to in our dty. Every
of the company acquitted them-
I selves as only artists in their line could.
VR letter is not written at the solicita-
taou of any one only as a personal favor
thinking yon would like to know how the
entertainment was received in other
towns before they arrived in your dty.
Yours, J. B. Donovan, local manager of
the Steckelberg entertainment at Madi
son. The Lincoln Daily Scar, the new
paper published by D. E. Thompson,
made its appearance Thursday evening.
The paper is up to date, containing six
teen pages of good literary news, very
little of which is not of local and state
iatereat. Mr. Thompson is editor and
proprietor of the new enterprise, with E.
LP. Michel birrs manager. A. L. Gase
managing editor, Boy Bixby, son of A L.
Bcrby. is one of the reporters. Mr.
Thompson in his salutatory says that
many people thought a good H79 news
paper waa needed in the capital dty, that
the paper will be independent republican,
and not thrive upon sensation. The
Star has a beautiful new home of its
own, has been equipped with the most
modern machinery and accessories that
money can buy. and will certainly engage
the attention of the public with its neat
appearance and newsy columns. The
one thing needful is home illustrating,
and the Star will probably add that de
partment in due time.
A L. Bixby, formerly a resident ef
Columbaa, but at present writer of
"Daily Drift" in the State Journal, assist
ed by a quintette of musicians will open
the lecture eourse at the North opera
on Friday evening. Oct. 3L A
line of talent has been engaged
for the entire course. Bob Burdette.
editor of the Burlington Hawkeye and
one of the best known platform speakers
will give his faaanm lecture "The Rise
and Fall of the Mustache.'' Adrian
Neweas, who gave "The Singular Life"'
last year, will be with us again this sea
sen m "The Sky Pilot." The Macey
i Manual Company will also appear, and
an attempt is being made to secure Fred
Emerson Brooks, the "California Poet"
for oae evening. Although the local ex
penses have been somewhat increased
the class has sold tickets at the former
price of SLOO for the five numbers. As
single uTm anion will be 30 cents, there
is a saving m pnrrhaatng season ticheta.
It has been the intention of the class to
rant all former patrons of the course,
of the school and all persons
in bringing the best lecturers
to Columbaa. Orders for
tickets may be left at Pollock's
its may he reserved by
tan eanta extra as heretofore.
far the Bcrhy-Onintette
Co. will he on sale at PoUecafs drug store
,y morning. Oct. 29. Homer
shown ne during
the burial of our
L. Srcaoarar am Fiaor.
dmar store.
Gatmaf Tnaahx
We wmh to thank neaghhnri
themrkaaas aad at
Sbnaemaseehj guaa that the part-
A. Sviac and F.T. Whansr under the
naaae ef Ewmg WsUser is thas day
WsTim latiaagfiamBBidirmandLA.
Mahal asBsmaaa fan niaigi
St r.TLWassaw.
MagnifVaad Increase; as voa ifmd it, snasai
; it here. We will give you the fall Tata ef
your money in the best goods we cam any.
j You only need to try as once to prove, what
we any L true. We are handling soaae tne
fresh Fruits these days aad will pay strict '
attention to all orders for cannih?- r ; ; r
GIac Jars in the standard sxaes aad aafkn
. can be found here at reasonable prices, r r
1 J I When you think of anything a ffnf rTnr
; grocery should have, call up rphxe 29, aad
. ' J well have it in your kitchen In a harry.
' I M 1 I
HHUftffrflfittfttftrrttfff rr - - in mmmmmmT
ati tmmmitHmnH
received show Slot
Jackets, Waists and Skirts. STANDARD
PATTERN'S can. be relied upon In making your An
tnmn and Winter clothes. Be sure to visit our Paper
Pattern Department and inspect oar stock. Patterns
are issued for every need In wearing apparel. When
next you visit our store get a copy of
10 GENT&
It is the favorite Woman's Magazine, edited
bv women for women.
J. -ag. O-aA T ,T
Gall aid See On New
Don't wait until every thing- has teen
picked over. We carry a fall line of
Wall Paper, Paiata, Plastic. Vmlafea.
Brtuac. Wiaaaw &), &!. Rats.
Flaar Wax and every thing- pertaining
to the needs of a good housekeeper.
raiatcr a4
, c
JmmnUStkM'M ?
mmmmTmWmwmmm$Lkiti'mr i
All Kia4 of BaiMiaz
m Kt
Park Barber Shop
Ii enlixtinfT new vtrorvt
every iceeihui imnvj more
3" Drop in and try a Shave. Shampoo.
Hair Cut or Bath. Everything hrst-
rlsaa sad ap-to date. : : z r ; r z
Qgnrs of the very hast make on sale.
Orei Barber Building, formerly
- Seamed effects In Costumes..
,TTS aa&agegrt- I
Liie ef Will Papa, n
Paper tlianrt.
Our Mminery Stare
I? crowded every iaj with satisfied
customers. On all sides we hear
words of praise on the ?tvle and prices
or our Xew York and Chicago
patterns and tailor made hats. "
It is the excellence of materials and
work as well as the eorrectnea of
styles which make our hats so much
Material aad Cal.
I.Tn-n?gsr. I
Siewokner block, corner lam aad Miv
sf teeth.
Beutiene Tiepfaaa L. tl.
Loiii'iHi , 3er.
. teree Hr mmim- ;
- . :
to 12 a. i
to 5p.i
-- "vJ.