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Gafflblcrs and Dwaotut Wamen Pack
' ct m Fay af SoWiera Army Trials
Twice as Numerous Incraaae m
Deacrtions Tarticulariy Noticsaalt
.WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. Brigadier
.General Frederick Fusstoa, in his an
nual report for the Department of
Colorado, points oat that the percent
age of trials by court martial of en
listed men has nearly doubled during
the past year. He saysz
' "It is therefore plain that tkere ass
.a. dsplosahle increase jplapcaas
in general and of desertion in particu
lar. In my opinion, there are two
principal causes for this state of af
fairs first, resentment of accustomed
limitations and restrictions felt by
men coming from field service to the
monotony and routine work of the
gamscni second, the abolition of the
canteen feature of the post exchange.
Sin?e this action was taken saloons
ci the lowest type haTe been estab
lished just outside the boundaries of
the various reservations, their pro
prietors in almost every case unprin
cipled scoundrels who leave nothing
undone to debauch the soldiers and
obtain their money. Being in all
cases outside the limits of any city
the proprietors of these resorts are
subject to no municipal police regula
tions and sell liquors regardless of
hours and whether the buyer is al
ready intoxicated or net. Gambling is
universal in thse 'dives' and they are
frecjuented by dissolute women. The
"soldier whose desire for a drink would
ordinarily be snnsfled by a few
glasses of beer in the canteen of the
post exchange goes to one of these
resorts and does well if he escapes be
fore he hns spent or gambled away
arl his money, overstayed his leave or
engaged in an altercation.
Secretary cf Treasury Offers ta Buy
Outright ISO Bonds.
.T.-ASHINGTON. Sept. 2lL The sec
retary of- the treasury has made pub
lic announcement that he will buy 5
per cent bonds of IS04 at 105 fiat.
There are J19.4OO.0t3O of these tends
Secretary Shaw also issued the fol
lowing circular, carrying out his an
nouncement of yesterday regarding the
pre-paymeat of the interest on. bosds
of the United States
"In pursuance of authority contain
ed in section 3639 of the revised stat
utes of the United States, public no
tice is hereby given that the interest
maturing on the several interest dates
between and including November 1.
1302, and July 1, 1303. en the regis
tered and coupon bonds of the United
States will be prepaid with a rebate
of two-tenths of 1 per cent per month
on the amount prepaid under the fol
lowing conditions
"Owners cf registered bonds desir
ing prepayment must present their
bonds to the treasury or some assist
ant treasurer of the United States,
who will stamp upon the face cf the
bonds the fact of such prepayment and
return them to the owners, with the
interest for the periods above men
tioned, less the rebate.
"National banks owning bonds de
posited with the treasurer of the
United States to secure circulation or
deposits may obtain prepayment upon
application to the treasurer of the
United States. The bonds so held,
cpon which interest is prepaid, will
be stamped, as above indicated.
"Coupons maturing upon the dates
included in this circular may be pre
sented for payment at the office of
the treasurer of the United States, or
any assistant treasurer
"In circulating the amount of re
bate to be allowed any fractional part
of a month will be reckoned as a full
month and the rebate for such frac
tional part of a month calculated as
a full month will be retained by the
United States.
Veteran of Two Wars.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. General
Francis J. Lippitt. a lawer and vet
eran of the Mexican aad civil wars.
died here today aged 90 years. Ee
was borne in Providence. B L
- Getting Out of China.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Sept. 27.
The state department has a cablegram
from United States Minister Conger
at Pekin. stating that the evacuation,
of Manchuria has been begun by the
Keinze Starts New Party.
BCTTE. Monu Sepc 27. The fol
lowers of F. Augustus Heiaae. who
were denied seats in the democratic
state convention at Baseman, where
they appeared as a contesting dele
'gallon, held a mass meeting here. It
was announced that there would be
launched an independent party con
sisting of Heinze democrats who are
opposed to the party leadership of
Senator Clark, tai fusion with the
populist and labor parties:
To Buy the Clark Rail
CHICAGO, Sept. 27. It" was an
nounced on gocd authority tar a
S25.0ee.0C0 increase is to be made in
the capital stock of the Chicago. Mil
waukee c St. Paul railrsad. This ad
ditional stock will be issued to stock
holders at par. It is supposed that
the increase is for the purpose o2
acqutrtBc Seaator Clark's rights im a
road which, is planned for ccaatrac-
Salt Lake City aad Los
ST Nsrttt
His Hassl Off.
NOfiTH BEND, Neh. Sept. 25.
Cltiseaa cf this place were horrified
to learn of tie death of Fred Hoff
man, aged sixty-two years, by his
own hand. Hoffman blew off .the top
of his head with a shotgun and his
body was found lying in a room of
the shack which he occupied alone
in the southern edge of the town.
A saotgu lying Bear by told the
story of self destruction. The sight
which met the eyes of the party as
they entered the room was a most
sickening one. The brains of the
dead man had fallen into a pan and
looked as though they had been taken
out and laid there. Blood aad par
ticles of Hash aad brain were scat
tered oa a. soft aad the walla aad
t ta raoaa. A stream of Mood
aad flowed the entire length of the
room, leaving pools here and there.
The dead man had carefully fasten
ed all the doors of the house before
killing himself He left a letter ad
dressed to his children which read as
"NORTH BEND. Neb., Sept. 24.
Dear children: Don't let the county
bury me. Bury me as cheap as you
can. I have worked hard all my
life and can't work any more. God
will help you remember me when this
you see, so goodbye.
Hoffman had a wife and nine chil
dren, five of whom are married, but
he had become estranged from them
some years ago. He lived the life of
a bachelor, cooking his own meals and
doing his own. housework.
Deputy Labor Commissioner Watson
Completes Compilation.
LINCOLN. Sept. 29. Deputy Tabor
Commissioner Watson and his office
force completed the compilation of
the acreage for the crop season of
1902 in all the counties of the state.
as follows: Winter wheat, 1.304,939
acres; spring wheat, 645.S2S acres;
com, 5,51fi,S01 acres; oats, 1.538.647
acres; bariey, 7S,414 acres; rye, 4iC,
554 acres.
The labor commissioner's figures
are based upon official returns from
the assessors in all bui a few coun
ties. The missing ones were esti
mated, but are believed to be fairly
Figures for the yield have been esti
mated by the Nebraska Grain Deal
ers' association on all but corn which.
armot be compiled accurately before
the end of October, or perhaps later.
The other cereals, however, show a
very satisfactory increase over the
year of 190L The estimate of the
vields of the various crops, with the
lverage per acre are:
Winter wheat. 44.735.963 bushels.
3 per acre; spring wheat. 645.S2S
aushels, 12 per acre; oats, 32.144.119
bushels, 35 per acre: rye, S, 573,520
bushels, 19 per acre.
Represented in Displays.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 23. Secretary
3ay has sent urgent instructions to
dl of the United diplomatic officers
ibroad to do everything within their
rower to insure displays at the world's
xposition at St. Louis from the coun
Ties at which they are accredited.
The purpose was not only to secure
cnsiderable individual displays by
rreat manufacturers and merchants.
aut also to have the various govern
ments themselves make national es
libits. as these features of interra
Jonal fairs have usually been the
sore interesting-
Fear Damage to Range.
Neb., Sept. 29. This
part of Nebraska has been visited
by the heaviest rain known at this
time cf year. Three inches of water
fell and stockmen fear the grass win
again get green if the weather turns
warm and be injured by the frost.
which win greatly damage the winter
No Replies to Hay's Nate.
LONDON. Sept. 27. Thus far the
British government has received no
elies from the signatories of the Ber
lin treaty to its note supporting Sec--etary
Hay's initiative in the treat
ment of Roumanian Jews.
Balloon Bursts in Midair.
ALM. Neb.. Sept. 29. At the street
fair Thomas Andrews, an aeronaut of
Omaha, was making an ascension in
a ballocon when it burst when about
seventy-dve feet from the ground- He
fell, sustaining severe injuries.
Organize a Gas Company.
ORD. Sept. 29. The Ord Gas and
Electric Lighting company has been
organised with a capital stock of $12.
300 and a Colby system of cold stor
isje gas plant will be installed by De
cember 1. at the latest.
Jury Fails to Agree.
TECUMSEH. Neb Sept. 29. The
damage case of Otto Hoffman versus
John Boatsman et aL. was given, to
the jury in the district court here.
Butterneid Much
FATRBURY,. Neb.. SeptL 2S, Con
stable Tom Butterfield, who was shot
by William Spraggins at Daykin, is
stSl alive and exhibiting very prosa
ising symptoms. County Attprnay c.
BL Demaey'aad County Judga C C
Boyle went to Daykfrr to seeme the
injured seam's signature to a complaint
rgainst Spraggins, and found the con
stable in. excellent spirits- tth phy-
"i" JV. barring nufnrowp com.
sOcatioBs, he win recover.
Attempt sf Rebels to Board Train is
Prexentad by Fares Governer Sala
zara Pulsate What He Says Con
cerning LanaHng of Marinas,
WASHINGTOX, Sept. 26. The navy
department has received the follow
ing cablegram from Commander Mc
Lean of Cincinnati:
"COLON. Sept. 25. Wednesday
afternoon 300 insurgents attempted to
board train about leaviag Empire sta
rioa tmsksjajsasaK-CnlHwliisi,. officer.,
passenger Colon to Panama. Marine
knocked insurgent officer with butt of
musket. Guards trained Colt gun. an
them, but did not fire, as they fled."
The second dispatch was as follows:
COLON, Sept. 25. Russell and
three companies mannes railway sta
tion and wharves Panama, one com
pany marines Colon, Marines sharing
duty with sailors who had been doing
all guard duty. Placed Mason com
mand forces doing duty ashore."
Commander N. F. Nash was sent
down to Colon to relieve Commander
McLean cf the command of Cincin
nati, but, as indicated in the above
dispatch, he is to co-operate with him
there for a time.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. Secretary
Mocdy was more fully advised of the
situation en the isthmus by another
and a longer cablegram from Com
mander McLean at Colon. It was said
at the department that the command
er's report was to the effect that con
ditions on the isthmus, while not seri
ously disturbed now, are snch that the
United States forces at present there
can not be withdrawn or diminished.
A squadron of the North Atlantic
fleet is to rendezvous in the Caribbean
sea a good while before the appointed
time for the assembly cf the vessels
for the North and South Atlantic and
European stations. It is said at the
navy department that the big cruiser
Olympia, flagship of Rear Admiral
Ccghlan, will b ready and at that
oflicer's disposal by October 20. The
cruiser San Francisco is now on its
way to the West Indies, and there ars
already in these waters Cincinnati.
Montgomery, Marietta and Panther.
Besides these vessels, the navy depart
ment intends to attach to Admiral
Coghlan's squadron the protected
cruiser Ealeigh. the unprotected cruis
er Detroit and the gunboat Machias.
The navy department has two objects
in view in this early dispatch of war
vessels to the Caribbean, namely, pre
liminary work in regard to the man
euvers and the disturbed situation. It
is argued that as the vessels are to go
down to the .West Indies anyway, it is
just as well, in view of the state of
affairs in Central and South America,
to have them go earlier.
PANAMA. Colombia. Sept. 23.
Trade across the isthmus is free, and
part of the revolutionary army having
retreated to Agua Dulce, the danger of
a battle on the isthmus is believed to
be removed.
McLean Says Keeo Forces.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 2C. Secretary
Hoody was more fully advised of the
situation on the isthmus by another
and a longer cablegram from Com
mander McLean sr Colon. It was said
ct the department that the command
er's report was to the effect that con
ditions on the isthmus, while not se
riously disturbed, are such that the
United States forces at present there
carrot be withdrawn or diminished-
Cures a Chinese Leper.
ST. LOUIS. Mo.. Sept. 26. Dong
Gang, the Chinese leper patient at the
St. Louis quarantine hospital, is rec
ommended for discharge as cured by
Dr. M. O. Woodruff, superintendent of
the hospital.
Rooeeveit; British Colonel.
LONDON. Sept. 26. The Daily
Chronicle this morning gives currency
to a rumor that a moveiaent is on
foot to make President Roosevelt a
colonel in a British line regiment.
Indorse Alger for Senator.
GRAND R A PE)S. Mich Sept. 26.
The candidacy of former Secretary of
War R. A. Alger for United States sen
ator to succeed the late James McMil
lan was endorsed.
Makes Facoo at Uncle Sam.
TTENNA, Sepc 26. The Roumanian
conservative organ. La Roumania, pro
tests energetically against the unjust
proceedings of the United tSates and
contends that neither mrna nor any
other of the powers is any more en
titled to interfere in the affairs of
the Jews Than is Roumania to demand
explanations in regard to the FDifnno'j,
Boers. Finns or others. The. paper ac
cuses the United States of a desire to
meddle in other states' affairs.
State Eentry Into Dublin.
DUBLIN, Sept. 26. The earl
Dudley; th new lord lieutenant
Ireland, made his state entry into Dub
lin yesterday an horseback, accom
panied by the duke cf Concanght, com
mander cf the farces in Ireland.
Countess Dudley and a. sumcienxiy im
posing proceserni, which traversed the
troop-lined bLreau to the castle. Thers
were few decoratiaes. The sight3eerv
were not nasseross. and there wa
very little cheering.
Ths) Ticket
SARATOGA, N. Y., Seat. 25.
aaortly after 10 o
and sckl
business. Edward
of Sew
York City presented the
which was promptly adopted.
following nominations were
For Governor B. B. OdeH, jc.
For Lieutenant Goveraor I.
Higgfna of Cattaragus.
For Secretary of
O'Brien of Clinton.
For Treasurer John G. Wieksor oil
For Attorney General Heaxy & Co-
BSBBof Madiaoa.
For Comptroller N. B. Mifler a
For Engineer E, A. Bond af Jeffer
son. For Judge of the Court of Appeado
W. E. Werner of Monroe.
Decision to Abandon Scheme Influenc
ed by National Administration.
CHICAGO, Sept. 2a. The combin-
tion of. the great packing houses of
the country which, has been under coa
sideration and in process of actual
formation for the last six months has
been abandoned, at least for the pres
ent, says the Tribune.
The decision not to complete the
combination is due in a large degree
to the attitude of the national admin
istration toward trusts as outlined by
President Roosevelt in his recent
speeches and to the possibility that
in the event of a consolidation con
gress might remove the tariff o cat
tle. It was learned last night that a final
meeting of the heads of the firms
known as the four big packing houses
in Chicago bad been held, at which
is was agreed to end all negotiations
at once.
Secretary of War Assigns Men 1
March with Grand Army.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. At the re
quest of the local committee having in
charge the armm! encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic, the sec
retary of war has instructed the com
manding general, department of the
east to direct the following named
troops of the army to participate in
the military parade of Tuesday, Octo
ber 7:
The Fourth artillery corps band and
four companies of coast artillery from
Fort Monroe; three companies coast
artillery from Fort Washingtonr one
company coast artillery from Fort
Hunt; three companies coast artillery
from Fort Henry; one company coast
artillery from Fort Howard; the engi
neer band and Third battalion of engi
neers from Washington barracksr the
Second cavalry band and Second
squadron. Second cavalry, and Fourth
battery, field artillery, from Fort Myer:
Governor Stone Orders Ninth Regi
ment to Mobilize.
WTLKESBARRE, Pa.. Sept. 7 In
compliance with the request of Sheriff
Jacobs and numerous other citizens of
Luzerne county. Governor Some today
ordered the Ninth regiment to mobilize
at Wilkesbarre. The regiment had it3
headquarters here and three hours af
ter the order was received. Colonel
Dougherty, the commanding officer,
had the regiment, with the exception
of the Hazleton companies, ready for
the field. The regiment consists of
twelve companies and has a member
ship of about 750. There are quite a
number of mine workers in the regi
ment, but all responded to the calL
The soldiers will remain in the ar
mory ready to respond to any raTf
Would Abandon Fort Yates.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 23. Brigadier
General W. A. Kobb, commanding the
department of Dakota, in bis annual
report says that the discipline and in
structions of his conmand are good.
because, as a rule, tne omcers are
capable and painstaking. He quotes
from Major Alfred Reynolds, inspector
general of the department, to the ef-
ect that he is "inclined to the opinion
hat the abolition of the beer feature
n post exchanges has not materially
ncreased the number of trials by court
nor called for other extra disciplinary
Moras Are Hard to
WASHINGTON,. Sept 25. That the
task of reducing the Moros to terms
is proving difficult is indicated by the
following cablegram received today
by the war department from General
Chaff eer
-MANILA. Sept. 22 1902.-Adjutant
General, 'rashingtcst Captain John J.
Pershing returned to Vienrsr unable to
reach Marin form;, water and swamps
prevented. CHAFFEE.'
Ear! Roberts Calls a Halt.
LONDON, Sept. 25. As
cf the recent Gregson incident, Earl
Roberts, commander-in-chief of the
farces, has notiled all Trauma ndfrrr'Trf
ucers of the necessity of
with a strong haadV any
as "ragging," which be declares to be
a disgrace to the army end. most per
nicious and prejadicml ta iMoi ij,ill u
Earl Roberts threatens to severely
punish in: the fwtiire
to the Gregson 'Wt
the FWoL
cHod There While te
WASHINGTON, Sept. 25. Secretary
Corielisei at :3 laot Bight saade the
OBxeraiBS Presi-
- The Breaideafs afcysieiaBs report
fast be stood the trip hosse very well.
aad it bi believed that the local in
laojBMliuj symptsau win subside in
fa wu;h so tea day if tap kg i&m
solutely at rest."
Presidemt Roosevelt returned to
Washington, at :3 last Bight from
Iadiaaapolis, where be was compelled
to abandon bis western trip because
cf an abscess oo bis leg which de
veloped as a result of the trolley ac
cident at Pittsfieid, Mass. He stood
the journey from Indianapolis remark
ably well, and when he was carried in
a wheel chair from the railroad car
tc his carriage he was in excellent
spirits, and appeared to be free from
any pain. With Mrs. Roosevelt the
president was driven directly to the
temporary White House on Jackson
place where, according to the present
arrangements, he will remain until the
wound is healed and he is able to again
be on his feet. The president was
taken to his room on the second floor
of the house, and made comfortable
and his wound dressed. Later he was
reported to- be resting easily, and the
expectation is that within ten days
the president will be himself again.
The trip home from Indianapolis
nas an uneventful one. He remained
In bed all day, and executive business
en the train practically was dis
continued. Few letters or telegsams
were written or received. A telegram
was -put on the train at Pittsburg from
Mrs. Roosevelt, stating that she had
left Oyster Bay for Washington. The
president slept soundly all through the
night until 8 o'clock this morning.
Even the noise in the depot at Pitts
burg, where the train remained in the
.early morning for about twenty min
utes, failed to awaken him. When Dr.
Luny went to the president's state
room shortly before 9 o'clock, he found
his patient in rare good humor aad
excellent physical eanditiom, uorriBS
the wound on his leg.
The slight fever which the president
had yesterday afternoon had disap
peared, and his temperature was nor
mn', In fact, he felt so well that he
told the doctor he would like to get
up and go into the parlor of his car.
Dr. Long strongly protested against
this, telling the president that It was
absolutelynecessary for him to remain
quiet, and President Roosevelt good
naturedly gave in. The pain in his
leg had practically disappeared, and
he conditions there were so favorable
that the doctor did not think it necss
sary to redress the limb. The presi
dent's leg is tightly bandaged, and Dr.
Lung does not look for a recurrence
of the swelling, although this would
be nothing unusual, and would cause
re alarm.
Confidence of Foreigners on Isthmus
Greatly Restored.
COLON. Colombia. Sept. 2a. Three
companies of the United States mar
ines who arrived here on the cruise
Panther have reached Panama. Thej
are commanded by Lieutenant Colcme.
Benjamin P. Russell and will be quar
tered in the railroad station.
Another company, consisting of eigh
ty men, under command of Major Geo
B. Arnett, will be kept in Colon and
quartered on the dock of the Pacific
Mail Steamship company. The men
of this latter company will be used tn
guard the daily trains across th ei3th
mus. The confidence of foreigners on the
isthmus has been restored in a large
measure by the arrival of American
men-of-war and the landing of troops.
ST. LOUIS. Mcu Sept. 23. Ardashes
Requests Hay's Intervention.
BLKeleian, president of the American
National union, composed of 20,000 Ar
mpnians in this country, has written ?
letter to Secretary of State John Ha:
requesting his intervention with, the
European powers in behalf of the Ar
menians in Turkey.
of Marshall Isi
SA3C FRANCISCO, Sept. 23. The
schooner Louisa D. has returned ta
this port after a year's cruise among
the' Marshan and Gilbert faTac
Twice it was almost wrecked on eoral
reefs and on Janaary 14 one of the
crew. Ernest Weasel, fell overboard
and was drowned. Captain Moore
tells of a. tidal wave which visited
Marshall islands and took severe
Volcano Faints Fictures.
KINGSTOWN, St. Yincenr, Sept. 23.
The. eruption of the Soufriere volca
no yesterday was a darzlfng phenome
t p. nx the crater emitted a
effervescing cloud which kept
rapidly ascending, changing from black
f te gray and then to silver color, cor-
olckiy and suddenly until it
is if a red cauliflower had
bloomed on its crest. This cast a.
over the city, but proved harm
Tbe emptioB lasted about five
Pill !!! Bail OB te LotMj Risfe Ro-
ill is I j Watt lo TatasR te Tem
porary White Mw WIH Be Doom-
of 91
LINCOLN. Neb Sept. 27. The
state of Nebraska suffered a loss ol
II&BQ0 by Ire, the stables at the hos
pital for the insane in the outskirts
of the city being totally destroyed.
Slx head of horses were incinerat
ed, a dozen others being saved by the
asylum attaches after the latter were
leariy suffcated and badly scorched
by their efforts. Large stores of pre
iBce grown on the asylum farm were
destroyed, along with implements and
vehicles housed in adjoining sheds.
Fed bv several hundred tens of hay
the names leased high in the air.
The asylum was distant about 2D0
yards, but most of the patients were
aroused by the din and added to the
general disorder with their
The iswMmj a ml Hipl ImAed-
their apartments and the excitement
soon subsided.
" Superintendent Greene suspects in
cendiarism. Within the last eighteen
months the state penitentiary near this
city and the Norfolk insane asylum
have both been burned, representing
a loss to the state of $30),000.
Boy of Sixteen Abducts Miss a Year
SIOUX CITY, la., Sept. 27. Arthur
Nichols, aged sixteen, of Emerson.
Neb., it is charged, enticed Flossie
Haynes, aged fifteen, also of Emer
son, to take a ride with him. She
was enjoying the ride when he drove
into Hubbard, took her to the depot
and waited until a train came along.
He put her on the train with a ticket
to Sioux City, and said he would drive
back to Emerson and follow on the
next train. When he reached Emerson
he was met by an officer and arrested
for alleged abduction. The girl ar
rived here and was enjoying the Elks
carnival. She chanced to pass the po
lice station just after her father had
telephoned her description to Chief
Devenport. The chief, recognizing
her, put her in the woman'3 ward un
til her father came, when she buried
her face in hl3 coat and wept.
Balloonist Drops Into River.
SUPERIOR. Neb.. Sept. 27. Fred
Butler, who does the parachute drop
act for the Superior street fair, had
a rather unpleasant experience. The
balloon ascension was a pretty one and
the drop perfect, except that the para
chute dropped him in the middle of
the Republican river, which is now af
flood. Butler cannot swim a lick. He
drifted onto a flooded island, and re
mained there with the cold water up
about his neck for over an hour while
a boat was secured in which to rescue
him. He lost his parachute. Butler
nearly lost his life in the same man
ner at Lake Manawa this summer.
Father Begins Peculiar Suit.
BEATRICE. Neb- Sept. 27. N.
Brockhinzen. who resides near Adams,
this county, ha3 filed claims for J100
damages against Gage county "for the
death of his daughter, killed on a
bridge between sections 20 and 29, in
A dara? township, because of the bridge
being in bad order, causing the team
to shy into the railing of said bridge,
throwing the girl out." This accident
occurred several weeks ago.
Horse Thieves In Otce.
NEBRASKA CITY. Sept. 27. Horse
thieves are operating in this section
again after an absence of several
years. They went to the stable of
Thomas Blevins. a farmer living three
miles south of town, and took a horse,
buggy and harness and made their es
cape. The horse was a very fine gray
animal weighing about L200 pounds
and valued at about $130.
Placed in Beatrice Jail.
BEATRICE. Neb- Sept. 27. Fred
CIds, charged with being one of the
slayers of David Jones of Wymore,
was brought here from Lincoln by
Sheriff Waddington and placed in the
county jaiL Eph J. Herrod. whom
Olds .implicated in the murder by mak
ing a confession, win be brought here
for trial.
Struck in Eye with Scissors.
BEATRICE. Neb- Sept. 27. Pearl.
the 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Gilbert Reynolds, residing near this
city, was accidentally struck in the
right eye by a pair of scissors, aad win
probably lose the sight- She is under
the care of an oculist, who has little
hopes for her.
Cold Storage Building Burns.
LEXINGTON, Neb., Sept. 27. The
Merritt cold storage and produce
building was completely destroyed by
fire. Many bushels of potatoes were
roasted ready for eating.
Nelson Fair Postponed.
NELSON. Neb- Sept. 27. This sec
tion has been having heavy rains. Ow
ing to this fact the directors of the
Nuckolls county fair decided to post
pone the fair to October 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Wilcat Fire Insurance.
LINCOLN, Neb- Sept. 27. Deputy
Insurance Auditor A. H. Babcock. re
turned from a trip to West Point,
where lie went to .pursue some wildcat
insurance companies and an agent rep-1
resenting them. He found John Weld
ing, a betel keeper, willing- to admit
that he had written policies for some
an authorized insurance companies,
cut the gentleman, said he had not
written any policies since receiving
notice, froat 3r. Babcock to cease.
................... ...
I mm 1QHIM6L I
Russia's crops this year are the larg
est produced in ten years.
M. David, the noted Paris stock
broker, was shot dead by an artist.
Mgr. Guidi, apostolic delegate to the
Philippines, bee another conference
with Pope Leo.
Representative Newlands urges that
the democratic party co-operate with
organized labor.
Commissioner Ware's report will
show that the pension list now contains
over L000,000 names.
Diplomatic relations between Vene
sseia and Great Britain are on the
verge of being severed.
The state deartment expects no an
te Secretary Hay's note to- the
Wesleyan university. Mlddletown.
Conn., has received a gift of S30.000
to equip an astronomical observary.
Dr. Guy Potter Benton, late president
of the Upper university of Iowa, was
inaugurated as president of Miami uni
versity. Estimates for the rural free delivery
service for the next fiscal year aggre
gate between 111.000,000 and H2,000.
000. Alaska has aid its cost twenty times.
It was bought for $7,200,000. and has
supplied 1150.000,000 in furs, fish and
President Palma requests withdraw
al of remaining United States troops
from Cuba, and the matter has been
referred to Secretary Root
Lord Cunon. viceroy of India, tele
graphs that the agricultural prospects
in that country have been further im
proved by the general rains.
The human body of average weight
contains three pounds thirteen ounces
of calcium, which at present market
rate is worth $200 an onnce.
The forces of the provisional gov
ernment of Hayti commanded by the
war minister. General Nord. have sus
tained a severe defeat at Limb.
Major J. W. Powell, director of the
bureau of ethnology at the Smithso
nian institute at Washington, died at
his summer home at Haven. Maine.
The earl of Dundon. the new com
mander of the Canadian military, has
just issued a sweeping order abolish
ing the sword as a cavalry weapon.
Within the past fifty years 164,539
persons have emigrated from County
Mayo, Ireland, nearly as many as in
habit the county at the present time.
Monsignor Guidi, who was recently
appointed apostolic delegate in the
Philippine islands, win be consecrated
September 23, Cardinal Rampolla offi
ciating. The naval board of inquiry exoner
ates Rear Admiral Coughlan and the
ofcers of the Brooklyn far accident
to the cruiser during the recent joint
King Leopold's refusal to be recon
ciled with his daughter, the Princess
Stephanie (Countess Lcnyai), ar the
bier of her mother arouses indignation
cf the Belgian;?.
Manila papers received at the war
department report that the "Katipu
nan." the society which is secretly
pledged to oppose American sover
eignty, is again active in ilanila.
All the gas companies of Greater
Boston are to be merged and eventu
ally will furnish gas for fuel only, as
the result of a conference of some of
the most prominent capitalists of the
A directory company has completed
a count of the inhabitants of Salina.
which shows that the city has a pop
ulation of S.207. an increase of about
1.000 over the number reported by the
city assessor.
William H. Craddock. fusion nomi
nee for governor of Kansas, has filed
suit against Secretary of State Clark
to have his name placed on both the
democratic and populist tickets on the
official ballots.
Stanley Spencer, a well known Eng
lish aeronaut, successfully accomplish
ed a remarkable flight over London in
an airship of his own invention. It is
estimated that his 3hip trraveled near
ly thirty miles.
Mrs. John Doley and 3Irs. John Car
ney, sisters, met at Springfield. Ohio,
after fifty-one years of fruitless search
ng on the part of Mrs. Doley. They
became separated in New York harbor
after landing from Ireland
Captain Pershing of the Fifteenth
Infantry captnred seven forts of the
Moros in Mindanao.
The tariff bill may not pass the
German reichstag owing to the deter
mination of three leading parties to
abide by agrarian increases.
Archbishop Riordan's counseL is
heard at The Hague in. opposition to
Jesuit claim in the Pics fund case.
The eruption oi a volcano checks
cable laying on the coast of Sc Vin
cent and the steamer had a narrow
Winiam Nathaniel Roach, who was
United Stares senator from North Da
kota from 1833 to 1S33, died in New
York. He had been in from cancer al
most from hi3 coming to that city.
where he had made his home after re
tiring from the senate.
Owing- to a strong demand, the price
of Bourbon whiskies cf the years 1353.
1S9;. 1S33 and 1333 have advanced
from 10 to 20 cents a gallon. The
whiskies are closely held and orders
to buy in lets have proved uasuccess-
f ul
American dressmakers-, in conven
tion in Xew- York, win lay plans, it is
. reported, for an invasion of Harope. in
retallanan for the manner in which
the- modiste, of Paris aad ether Euro
pean crties have been making inroads
upon their custcm-
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Sample Copies Sent Free to;
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