The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, February 26, 1902, Image 3

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Spring Goods Arriving
Ewery Day ...
" We take pleasure in calling your attention
to the finest line of Spring Goods that has
ever been brought to Columbus. Come in.
and examine our many bargains in white
Dress Goods, ready-made Skirts and Skirt
ing and especiallyour Silk Waist patterns,
which are extra good values.
BL S3.50
Per patters,
w aa yon
would hare
to pay
Call and see what you get
with every $3.M cash pur
chase in Dry Goods.
Hulst Adams,
Columbus fonrttalL
We have devoted a great deal of time in making
a careful selection of our Garden and Field
Seeds for this season's trade, tmd guarantee strict
ly first-class stock, both as to quality and germi
nating properties, but we do not guarantee a crop.
We will duplicate prices of any reputable seed house
so bring in vour catalogues.
Red Clover, ftlsike Clover, White Glover,
Alfalfa, Tlmothu, Red Top," Orchard Grass,
English Rue Grass, Meadow Fosgiio, Hard
FosGiie, Tall Foscue, English Blue Grass,
Kentucky, Blue Grass, Rape, Bromls
Inermls, Cane and Millet .......
Mon varitiea and
a larger stock of
Planet, Jr. Hand Drills
and Cultivators at
Dr. PaL demttet.
Mietenz f or best
Blaake's Coffee at Gray's.
Dr. Nauu, dentist, Thirteenth
street, tf
Horns.-to rant" Inquire of John
Eusden, Eleventh Street
-Jay, no of A.R. Leedom, ha. th.
scarlet fever. Albiom
Dr. Haas Peter
eurgeoa,omee Olive atreet. tf
Dr. C. H. Gtetsca, dentist, in Ber
ber block. TtirUeatk street, la
An equity term of the district court
will be held, beginning March list.
The McKinley memorial fund in
Nebraska is nearing the $2,000 nark.
Tony Schafik,a farmer aoath of the
Loop, has moved to Whsatlaart, Wyo.
For fine watch impairing; call on
Carl Frosmel, 11th St, Columbma, Kb.
-Dm Martyn, Evans Gr,omce
three doora north of Prisdhofs store, tf
Chicago Inter Ocean and Coxvucs
Joubsal, one year, in advance SL75. tf
Born, recently, to Mrs. Angelo Pick
ett of Riverside, Calif a son, the foarth
Some of the merchants of the city
report an unusually large business Sat
urday. Do not fail to see our 8-foot galvan
ized steel mill for $32.00. A. Dnasell k
Son. tf
Frank W. Wake has been nominated
for postmaster at Hartington; John
Peters at Albion.
Dr. McKean's method of making
aluminum plates places them on an
equality with gold.
Dr. L. CToan, Homeopathic nhyai-
-Hon. Geo. D. MeMejohn ma. a
Columbus visitor Satarday.
First-class baggies, carriages, road
wagons, eta, at Louis SehretberTs.
Ber. Luce will begin next Sudsy
homing a series of revival services.
A. Cue want to Omaha Monday, and
it is reported he wfll return with abode
Small, choice farm for sale, under
irrigation, joining town. BLE.Babeoek.
Will Sehram could not stay away
from the Hookiss' dance and waa hat.
At Charms Moras, sale Friday,
everything put up waa sold, bat at pretty
low prices.
amateur, a at In Jmcuwai. asnea.
E. L.
Ibwavie ecpeeted
liver a tectum,
of Burhngkm,
March 14, to de-
th.ana.aess of the
is well
wfll be mall worth
of Colfax eomnty has
f tawTJi
iag taxae amounting to $6, da. school
district No. 2, the comnaaj
thsm to b. BTrmwiia. The
cisims isms ta. levy of s mum m i. ex
cess of the legal rate. The sns war day
wfll be March 34.
vCv5B sEISa
! if wr rnin n prhvf
" - ""' """-J
To your entire satisfaction that it is to your
advantage to do your fall and winter trading
in Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods and
Shoes with us, would you not say:
Well, that is just what we can do, and all
that is necessary for you is to look over our
stock and get our prices.
Mschholz Bros.
L- ,
seyTTTyy Ww-ts--esccacwegeg;
Columbia, Victor and Ideal buggies;
Mitchell and Old Hickory wagons;
Bock Island plows and cultivators;
Bock Island cornplanters;
Cadet cornplanters;
Little Engine, the new lister,
where the operator can see the corn drop while planting;
Jones' Lever binders;
Jones' Chain mowers;
Jones' Self-dump hay rakes;
Jones' Hand-dump hay rakes;
Walter A. Wood's mowers;
Woodmanse and Aermotor windmills;
Jmck-of-mU-Trades gasoline engines;
and all other machinerv needed on the fkrm Call
and see for joursel We wish your trade.
Charles Matthews is still in Omaha,
suffering from internal injuries received
by a street car accident.
Miss HattieSelzer is now in Chicago
in the interest of J. C. Ffllman's whole
sale and retail millinery business.
Samuel E. Bell, who went to Okla
homa last fall, has returned thinking
more highly of Nebraska than ever.
Richard Ballard of Madison return
ed home Friday from Pueblo, Colorado,
where he invested $6,000 in city property.
Dr. Dassler, eye and ear specialist,
wfll be here March 1 to 9. Spectacles
scientifically fitted. Office, Berger block.
For sale or rent, eighty acres of good
hay land; two crops a year on part of it.
Four miles east of Columbus. B. Mc
Teggart. 1
The provident farmer is looking I
carefully over his machinery to see what
needs mending, and is getting it in read
iness for work.
The first couple joined in the holy
bonds of matrimony by County Judge
Ratterman, were F. Craig and Miss Elsie
Noah, on Saturday last.
Dr. Haughawout, formerly of this
city, now at Genoa, was quite badly
burned on the face one day last week by
the explosion of an alcohol lamp.
Louis Held of this county was
appointed as one of the committee on
needed legislation at the recent meetings
of the county supervisors at Fremont.
Eggs should come down at ones, as
they have a big German Hennery in
New York this week, is the latest at
tempt at wit of a Columbus gentleman.
Sam Harris, the young man who was
quarantined in the Buachman boose for
smallpox, was released Sunday and want
to Lincoln. His parents live in Central
Seward county is canvassing the tel
ephone situation, and the probability is
that before long all the small towns, at
least, will be connected with the county
Charles Whsley purchased some land
back of his building on Nebraska Avenue
the other day at the rate of $100 for a
tract 16x22 feet. How much is that an
Licenses to wed were issued last
week to Andrew John Eng and Miss
Anna Mary Larson; John Bupp and
Miss Mary Eisenman; Win. H. McGamn
and Mrs. Ellen A. Chase.
Farm lands near Central City have
lately been sold at from $35 to $45 an
acre one eighty-acre tract bringing
$&L50 an acre. Several large offers at
good prices have been refosed.
O. G. Oteson of Omaha, a former
painter in the Echols ahop hen, and
who is well acquainted with many of our
readers, was married February 11th, to
Miss Anna Powers, of Osaian, Iowa.
Mis. Homer Bobinson of Columbus
visited in Clarks this week at the home
of her brothers, Fred and George West.
George has been very ill but is much
better now. Central City Nonpareil.
Miss Ida Ceder, cousin of Mrs. Chris
From, and Mr. Barclay Jones, engineer
on the Union Pacific, were married
Thursday morning, by Ber. G. A. Luce,
at the residence of Mr. and Mm. From.
At C. E. Morse's sal. Friday last
Prof, Garlicha purchased North Star,
who has a record of 2:18Jf. The pro
fessor evidently dont intend to take the
dust from any of the roadsters here
abouts. The friends of Mm. Ben Hske were
not surprised when they received word
here from Denver last week to the effect
that the charge, trumped np against her
were false, and that she had been releas
ed from custody.
Miss Bos. Coghlan is doiag an enor
mous bsinem everywhere with her revi
val of that brilliant sodsty drama,
"Forget Me Not," which will receive its
first presentation nan Marcn Cat ta.
North opera house.
If yoa are afflicted with what your
friends or. yourself have heretofore re
garded as an incurable disease, dont
give up. See Dr. Chan. L White; con
sult with him; he has cared peoplsworss
afflicted than you are. tf
Mrs.LH.BriteU and Miss Martha
Turner entertained about forty teams
and gentlemen of the Methodist church,
Friday evening in honor of Miss Bsrtha
TiaBAekar.who will be aaarried Thurs
day morning of this week.
- A numhmr of people m thm viaaity
have got the Oregon lever pretty bad
this spring, and ami al are gettmgready
to go ap isto that state the first af
name to meats asm wttsn t.
George Mentzer has moved his
ily from Richland to the Batter farm,
north of town.
The road, are getting good now, and
you will enjoy a fin. new baggy. Ss.
Louis Schreiber.
Miss Alice Lath was aaable to teach
her pupils the first of last week, on ac
count of sickness.
' H. D.Bescroft will move hi. famflr
and stock of merchandise to Colamba.
next week; so says the Genoa Leader.
Two new dwelling house, for sal. on
the installment plan, a bargain for some
one. Becher, Hockenber Jb Chambers.
Ground green bone for chickens,
ground daily. The greatest egg pro
ducer in the world. At Duffy's feed store.
The White City Show company waa
here Monday between trains, bound for
Silver Creek. They had been at Madison.
The dance of Saturday night is
regarded on all hands ss a good test of
the strength of the Orpheus opera house.
Wm. Schilz make. boot, and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the very
best stock that can be procured in the
market, tf
E. vou Bergen went to York Thurs
day to attend the annual Y. M C. A.
convention, which met there from Thurs
day to Sunday.
Deputy Grand Master Workman,
B. B. Wilson, of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen is in the city in the
interest of the order.
"Doodge" Plath leaves the State
bank the first of March, to take a posi
tion in the hardware department of the
Gray Mercantile company.
J. E. Nichols started Friday for
Marseilles, Illinois, where he was called
by the death of his father, who passed
away on Wednesday, aged 87 years.
Thursday evening was the seven
teenth anniversary of the birthday of
Bert McOwen, and the occasion was duly
celebrated by a number of his friends.
The general meeting of the Woman,
club will meet Saturday afternoon with
Miss Minnie Becker. The household
economics department have prepared a
good program.
J. D. Stiree goes today, Tuesday, to
Denver where he is sent ss a delegate
by Governor Savage to the Interstate
Irrigation congress which meets a few
days in Sterling, Colorado.
George Window's sale two weeks
sgo today amounted to some $2200,
horses bringing from $50 to $120; cattle
$20 to $31; hogs about 5c a pound; farm
machinery, fairly good prices.
Wm. McGamn of Bell wood, editor of
the Gazette, and Mrs. Ellen A. Chase of
Fallerton were married at the parsonage
of the Methodist church by Rev. Luce,
last Saturday evening at 7 o'clock.
Bev. Chute of South Dakota, preach
ed in the Baptist church Sunday, morn
ing and evening. Next Sunday Ber. T.
H. Graves of Cedar Bapids will preach
in the church, morning and evening.
This Tuesday evening at the Or
pheus opera house, see the moving
mcture entertainment. it is most ex
cellent. The exhibit Monday evening
was highly pleasing to those present.
The JocbsaXi is in receipt of No. 2,
YoL viii, of Forestry and Irrigation, a
magazine published at Washington, D.
C and filled with very interesting dis
cussions, concerning subject, treated of.
A. H. Ives moves bis family today
(Tuesday) to Carson, Iowa, where they
will make their future home. Mr. Ives
has lived near Columbus for twenty
years, and the community will miss a
good citizen.
"Standing room only" is the pleas
ing sign which has been displayed nearly
every night during Miss Boss Cogh
lan. tour in "Forget Me Not," which
will be seen at the North opera house on
March 6, for the first time in this city.
Rev. Munro will preach next Sun
day morning the second of a series of
sermons on the advent of Christ, the
text being "We have found him;" in the
evening, the theme will be, "The Higher
Criticism, what it island what it is not."
The following line, are credited to
Budyard Kipling, who wrote them in a
girl's album:
"There was a null boj ia Quebec
Frank Clark i. patting in wood some
ideas of Judge Henawyia regard to an
automatic railroad coupler, which has
the appearance of being a success, snd
ha. been pronounced a good thing by
several an isaiml railroad men who
have examined it. W. hop. that th.
judge may hare am hi. device a batter
thing than a gold
ten in "Forget
taaM braa wawai aw
... ;
Me Net"
it to
Oeghlan. slaboraf eoataaung
tk aannt note.
worthy. Hsrmipeisoastioacf Stepasate, I
MarqamsdaMohrivact, which aa played
tan. hsadred times at the Fifth A venae
Theatre in New York, aaariMfi conceded
by all prominent critics to be the most
faithful ptetar. of a tigisss lirs advaa
laiass im I he niiari sfsgs Tickets
Friday last, on three special trains,
nearly L00O regular aoldiera paaaed
through thiaeity en th. Union Pacific,
en rente to Sam Franciseo, where they
th. Pafliaaiaas They had
at Fort Shendaa, BL,
of the Twenty-ninth U. & In
fantry, GaL Evan, in charge. Thar,
war. 885 eulmted mam, thirty-six omosrs,
and thamgaal aorp. accompanying con-
of four cancan aad twenty-firs
ly of thm dry, nephew of th. Turner
brothers, was among th. soldiers of D
New Store,
Opened for business,
I Staple and
Fancy Groceries,
Crockery, Glassware,
Woodenware, Etc.
Who wm boned ia aaow to th meek.
Wbea asked, 'An job. OUT
He amid. Yea, I ia?
Bat thiaisrt cold ia Qoebee."
The government has sent three sol
dier', tablets to this place to be erected
at the grave, of Myron Stearns. Chester
Adam, and C. C. BidelL The tablet,
will be placed in position ss noon ss th.
frost is out of the ground. Fulterton
Harlan Dussell and Clyde Frazell
have recently taken examinations for
positions as government mail clerks.
Harlan will take a thirty-day run on the
Columbus and Norfolk, and Clyde on
the 'Columbus and Albion, begiaaing
March 15.
Last Sunday waa one of the many
perfect, or almost perfect daya that am
so aumerou. in this region of Unci.
Samuel', domain. During th. 365 day.
of the year, our ratio of such weather is
probably not exceeded anywhere on the
Prof. E. E. Blackwan of the State
historical society was in the city Thurs
day on mia way to Genoa. White here,
he received aa a gift to the society from
Hon. J. E. North, a type-written manu
script life of Major Frank North, of 308
pages written by AL Sorenaon.
Notwithstanding the cold wast her of
the past few weeks, building goes right
along in growing Cotumhaa In one
block ia Beeher Place addition im the
art of th. city work is pro-
on four dwelling mommm far the
William Kerssnbroek of this dtvis
branching out quite .xtemaivaly in 'th.
fancy chicken basis sss. Bsosntly he
purchased a bone-cutter aad i. now feed
ing thrsekundred chicks sneajtoe each of
the meal per day, which has increased
thf laying proclivities wonderfully.
The young man think, he ahould have
purchased the cutter long ago.
Louie Schreiber, at bia place on
Olive street, ha. for aate the Hapgood
Hancock Diac Gang, the best in the
market. Among the guarantees on this
implement are these: against wear or
breakage for twelve months; to cut a
furrow 2A inches wide, six to eight inches
deep, with one-third to one-half lean
draft, and do better work than any other
disc or mould-board plow on earth. 4
No society play of the pest decade
has proven so entertaining and dramati
cally atroog aa Rose Coghlan'a "Forget
Me Not," which will beseen at the North
opera house on March 6, with Boas Cogh
lan as Stephanie de Mobrivart, a role
possessing every requirement from airy
comedy to passion nts declamatory emo
tional scenes necessary to display the
wonderful talent of America's greatest
actress in parts of this class.
About sixty of Henry Backenhua'
friends cams in upon him last Saturday,
at his home seven miles northwest of
the city, and constituted a veritable sur
prise party for him, it being the 61st
anniversary of bis birthday. A long
table was spread, and the eeeta were
occupied for the fifth time in aosommo
dating the company. The occjsion was
a very snjoyable one. F. Brodf aehrsr
was the only representative present from
the county aeat.
Myron J. Brown of Polk county via
ited a couple of daya last week with C.
E. Morse before Charley atarta for hi.
new home in Waahington. Mr. Brown
has labored long and patiently with
trotting horses, and it is a source of
great pleasure to old friends to bear him
speak of bis promising filly, "Lilly B,"
who with very little training last year.
was one of the best in the state. Myron
certainly deserves success, and bate's
hoping that it comes to him in abundance.
A. H. Gould, the defaulting bank
cashier, plead guilty to the forgery of
about $15,000, in the district court at
David City. Judge Sorenberger sen
tenced him to the state penitentiary for
eight years, also to pay the cost, of th.
court. When the length of term was
announced there were hisses in the
courtroom, and the strong feeling of
those who were wronged by Gould's act.
was plainly expressed. The limit of
sentence was twenty years, and many
looked to see it imposed.
The time of Justice Hudson's court
was taken up Tuesday afternoon last by
a jury trial, charges having been mad.
against Charles Gerrard of Monro, for
violating the fish laws of the state. It
was proven that he had in his possession
and disposed of some twenty carp and
suckers, but as the law don't seem to
favor much protection to these specie, of
the finny tribe, it took the jury only a
few minutes to return a verdict of not
j guilty, and the cost, of suit war. tazsd
against the complaining witness.
This Wednesday, Feb. 26, is the day
appointed for the Platte Valley Wolf
hunt. If the weather ia very atormy, the
hunt will be on March 6. David City
and Bell wood will meet five miles west
of Bellwood on the eest line; Rising at
the Carpenter hill for the south line;
Shelby and Silver Creek at Rochon for
the west line; Columbus and the river
sports at Clear Creak mill, and take ear.
of the north line. Be at the appointed
place at 1030 a. ql, sharp. No rifles
allowed, or shot larger than BB.
r- rTwo attraction, in Lincoln next
weekrill doubtless draw large number.
ofNebraskana to the capital city to wit
ness the entertainments. On Monday,
March 3d, John Philip Souaa, jast
returned to thi. country from a highly
successful European concert tour, will
appear with his famoas bead, and on
Friday evening, March 7, Jan Kubetik,
the great Bonemitn violinist, will give
on. of his unrivaled recitals. Spseisl
rates, we understand, can be assured on
railroad trains.
Several friends of Mm. H. B. Musnsr
gave her n surprise Friday evening to
celebrate her birthday anniversary,
gueste eame'mssksd in all aorta of
turns, and ststassgu. face
all nationalities aad type, of the
race. Mrs. Masser was tsken completely
with baskets of lunch. Then, present
wen: Mr. sndM&Yoan,iaiktt, Spates,
Farrand, Barney, McFaydea, Rothleit
ner, Hohl and Covsrt, Misses Ethel
Raiser, Todd, HohL and Mr. Louie
'Monday of teat week when M. a
counted the porkers in his yard.
of the city he had 52 head which he
intended to put upon the butcher's block.
-Died Sunday morning, February 23,
at 7 o'clock, of dropsy. Christian Boss,
b yearn Mr. Boss was bora in
Camtom Bern, Switzerland,
to Asaerisa ia th. spring of 1869,
settling at Groetli, Loup township, about
13 mites west of Caluaibua. Besides his
widow h. leave, two daughters, Mrs.
Mike Btesssr, Mrs. Paul Blasssr, five
sons, and a brother John Boss. Funeral
cervices at the family residence this
Tueeday afternoon at 1 o'clock, Bev.
Braun omViating. burial in Groetli cem
etery. Mr. Boss was n good man and
highly respected in his community.
Yitaopathy, or magnetic treatment,
has cured thoasaads of case, when other
methods have failed. If a sufferer with
disssseof the eyes or chronic disease,
why not consult Dr. Cans. L White at
hia oUc at Mrs. Merrill's on Fourteenth
street back of the Thurston hotel, or
drop him word through the mail? Con
sultation and examination free, and ev
ery cans treated under a guarantee, if
not benefited or cured, no charge for
treatment. No knives, no drugs. Just
nature's own remedy. No matter what
the nature of the disease, magnetic
treatment will give relief at once, tf
America', greatest actress and cer
tainly the moat regal looking woman on
the American stage is Rose Coghlan, who
will appear here March 6, in "Forget Me
Not," one of the most sensational plays
of high society life ever staged. All the
men and women of the play are chosen
from th. highest and best grades of
society actors and actresses in New York,
and Miss Coghlan as Stephanie de Moh
rivart often receive, as many aa nine
curtain call, for her magnificent emo
tional tour de force in the fourth act of
the play, which is creating a tremendous
sensation and evoking unstinted praise
from the critics and public
This waa on. of the news paragraphs
in teat Wednesday's dailies: "Judge
Mungsr, in th. federal court, decided
that the city of Columbus, Neb., could
not bring an injunction suit against the
Union Pacific Railway in the court of
Platte county. The railroad proposed
to erect depot, and other building, at
Columbus, which th. city restrained it
from doing by injunction. The city
moved to have th. came tried in the
county court but Judge Monger decided
that tii. railroad company was a foreign
corporation and that the case was triable
only in the federal court,'' We suppose
that the merite of the case will now be
amrlt kma neem tsneeisJIr ttleetrm1 witk a Tie tv the I
frets ef mmr p resjaeetiTe emmtvamers. The seem, are all 1
aew aa ires. Tier aave leem Mmgat ay as ta maaait
ties, at faTerahle prices, which fact we aarfeae shall he
ef heaeft te ear easterners.
A Yery e.rmial iaTitatiea ia externM te the feeale ef
Celeaahas aai Tieiaity te call aai see as ia ear'aew stere.
Specials in
Ladies' Coats.
A lot of New Samples at Bar
gain Prices.
A fine, drop head Oak Machine, with all the lat- B
aa- est improvements, warranted for 10 years. In- -9
s - troductory price, only $15.00. J
F. H.LAMB & CO. 3
TaesdsT when A- H. Gould
before the court Judge Sorenberger in
formed him that he must not look for a
light sentence; that a short time ago he
sentenced a fellow to ten years in the
pen for stealing a set of harness. It waa
the fellow's third offense; but A. H.
Gould had eleven offence, filed against
him, confssssd that b. had been forging
note, for fifteen years and yet the same
judge only ordered him eent to the pen
for eight years. O, how glorious it is to
be atag thief. It is rumored that a peti
tion is going to be sent to Sorenberger
asking him to resign, as the people in
m. vicinity and throughout Butler
county, have no more use for him. Bell
wood Gazette.
Our Coal Wagon
IMwgpiS H Ht
a jar.
coli water Cars tMat
We are aleliferiae; Pa. Hard
Ceal either Seraatoa er Lehigh
for $10.50 aer tea.
Hard Coal per ton at shed $10.00
Ouita " " u " 9.00
R. S. Lump " " " 7.25
R. S. Nut " " " 7.00
HannaLump " " u 6.25
C.C.Lump " " 7.25
Jackson Hill " " " 7.00
Trenton " " " .....' 5.75
School oameers will law ia the ahere list the hest aai
stroagest heating coal ia the worU.
W. J. Hughe, of Newman
Grove met her death Thursday night of
test week as the result of an accident.
It aeemed that, white using a sewing
mahinjL a temp, which was on the
found he
Seott, Wm. Lahr ami BL G.rriaks
a re-count
two head short, aad
he-discovered two
track, which ted to
the outside of th. yard, where it was
they had beam loaded into a
wyhJM, fell forward, breaking the bowl,
spilling oil over the unfortunate woman
and setting her clothing on fire. She
started for the outside door, but fell, or
laid down to smother the flames before
reaching th. door. She then opened the
door and flung herself down the stairs,
rolling nearly to the bottom, but her foot
caught in the railing, where she was
hanging whsn Marshall Mack reached
her. 8b. directed his attention to the
fire, and th. fact that the baby was in
the room, snd it wan rescued all right,
but the woman died daring the night
from the effects of her burns. Newman
Grove Herald.
Pioneer Hook k Ladder Company
No. 1 are congratulating themselves on
th. success of their twenty-eighth an
nual maak ball Saturday night last. The
resent was the largest in ten
and there were about a hundred
Th. galteriss were crowded
fulL Two hundred and thirteen dollars
cash had been taken ia up to Saturday
night, snd, $60 worth of tickets were
sold at th. door. Dancing began early
and quit much earlier than usual. It ia
euppossd that the net amount cleared
by the enterteinmsmt may reach $130.
Th. afternoon', parade headed by the
Ceiumbme City Band was a special fea
ture of the day which kept the public
mind apprised of the evening's doings.
Th. Orphans orchestra furnished delect
able music for the dances. The decora
tion, of the hall war. in line with the
bast that ia don. on such occasions, and
th. work of the various committees in
looking after the comfort and enjoyment
of tmmr posts for the evening waa aim
ply without fault of any sort. Every
body was higMypteased, and the general
vmrdiet is -the best ever."
Boy McEee, night clerk at the Me-
naian nocei irom ovemoer qui udui a
few days sgo, was arrested in David
City, brought to Columbus, and had a
hearing before County Judge Ratterman
Monday morning, charged with stealing
letters from the private mail box of the
hotel. For about a month past letters
mailed from the hotel and addressed to
parties at a distance failed to reach their
destination and complaints had been
made, but no trace could be found until
recently, when the missing letters, which
had been onened. were found in the
commode drawer of the room occupied
bv McEee. Checks to the amount of
$68, $100 snd $140 had been removed
from the letters. McEee pleaded not
guilty when arraigned before Judge
Batterman, and was given time to se
cure counsel. Date for the preliminary
hearing has not been set.
Richland aad Vicinity.
Who says we are not preparing to
I entertain Prince Henry?
Mrs. Hoppe returned Saturday from a
two weeks visit with Columbus relatives.
Bev. Anderson, Jerry Grady and Oran
Poole transacted business in Columbus
John Wacha has purchased the old
Nelson farm of Oscar Peterson for $30
per acre, and takes possession March 1.
Miss Wertx from Dublin has been
employed to complete the term of school
in Dist. 23, left vacant by the resignation
of G. W. Mentzer.
Owing to the illness of Bev. Anderson,
Lincoln's anniversary service waa post
poned until next Sunday night, when an
excellent program will be given by the
Epworth League.
G. W. Mentzer and family shook the
Colfax county dust from their feet last
Thursday and left for Platte county
where they will make their future home
north of Columbus.
lufgisa! luffiss!!
Just received, at Louis Schreiber's
place on Olive street, a carload of bug
gies, road wagons, carriages, spring
wagons, etc
Anything in our line will be sold to
you at very reasonable prices. Call and
aee oar stock.
.THOSE me-
eggs for set
tiag ef the
Barren er
Baff Hym
eath leeks,
White Wynawettes, FartrMge
aad Baff Ceehia, aai Ceraish
lamina Gaaaes, shealm heofc
their eriers at eace. Ammress,
Columbus, Nebr.
WABiro-amauLPnaoxs of caaa-
l tm each atata (oa im
wagon amd carted away. Mik. a
mmmmm of who theraltvsmrtVH. which
tfcJa eaaatr isaaaiad) to npnaaa aad attracts
eM lUialTii ai wmtj s iaaaa wsmm of aalid
aanaaaaaai eaawavmneni awamaaA van aaaasiaa amaki
Salt or Exctage.
R.G-T.MEEKS grad
uate under founder Dr. A. T.
Still, and American School of Osteopa
thy, Kirksville, Mo. Take this opportu
nity to team Nature's way of caring
dieses, other than artificial treatment,
(a ecience). Learn about Osteopathy
and its principles from the Osteopath,
not at second hand.
Make thia one thing to do today, not
I tomorrow.
I Chronic dmmme. a specialty. Litem-
. .
1 tare free, uoaeultattoarree.
Immocmwat of Mttawmmt church.
HATE eae Urge, black
Belgiaa Stalliea, eae large
Clerelnam Baj Stalliea aa eae
large Clya'ese'ale Stalliea, for
sale ea reaseaahle ternms; er
will exchaage fer life stock.
Call aam see before yea ear
chase x
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