The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, November 20, 1901, Image 3

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Crockery Queensware and Glasswirt.
"" -Vow- located five-doors east of the old stand or Eleventh
''. ". '-Vrivt.n'ilw mammoth 'new' store, the best and biggest in the
"-; "." '" coufiV'-Eveythin?new,.fresfi and seasonable, and a larger
.- . '.: 1aVirtnieht thah 'ever before. .
" :!-. .;3 - '. - Call. and insect our jiew line of fine CHINA and CUT
.; E ' ft LA'SS ,. which Ve self at prices that are right.
- " :
Columbus gdnrtiaL
Telepkome Mo. 36.
.-" -i
- '.i
. -
- -. .j
:. -4
llll I .J liy HK B PeV
Fruits and
Preserves and
It is this excellence of quality
and the great number of dif
ferent items under this uni
form label, that distinguish
the MONARCH brand
above all others. Money can
not buy better goods because
they are not put up ... .
Wa'lRvite Inspection,
We Urge Cmparisii.
.Prices same as last season at
Dr. Paul, dentist
Mkleaz for beet photos.
Stake's at Gray's.'
Dairy's feed tor for all. load of
feed. . ' o
C W. Jena is afaia in the Eiamsa
tore. -
Dr. Nasmann, deatiet, Thirteenth
street, tf
, Yon shoold seethe new line of books
at Snow's.
Blake Maker is ia'QarisId couaty
Weldm for all, kinds of indoor end
outdoor work.
Walter Ellyof Msdmonwsn in tke
dty Thursday westward bound. ,
Dr. C. H. Oietxen. dentist, in Bsxi
ber block. Thirteenth street, lm
Wherever roads are oat of order, put
them in good shape for the winter.
'-Bring your babies to Weldin if yon
want them photographed correctly.
Mrs. Fred Roberta, who has been
quite sick lately, is now improving.
For fine watch repsirins;, call on
Carl Froemel, 11th SL, Columbus, Neb.
Drs. Martya, Evans k Geer.omoe
three doors nerth of Priedhofs store, tf
Chicago Inter Ocean and Columbus
Joubsmx one year, ia advance $1.75. tf
Dr. Hans Petersen, physician and
surgeon, office formerly occupied by-Dr.
TUlrr " tf
Bishop Williams of Omaha preached
Sunday morning ia the Episcopal
Do not fail to see our 8-foot galvan
ized steel mill for $32.00. A. Dnasell
Son. tf
Wm. Mitchell has sold his flock of
Cochins to C. K. Dsvies, the well-known
C. K. Davies has sold his fine bull,
Scotch Lancaster, to Dr. Benthack of
Platte Center.
Blrs. Coulter, mother of Mrs. W. A.
McAllister, is better' after ber serious
spell of sickness.
Dr. McEean's method of making
aluminum pistes places them on an
equality with gold.
David Thomas of Poetrille came
SJ. .Columbia, Victor and Ideal buggies;
--; ;;$ m Mitchell and Old Hickory wagons;
: :,-.;. .Rock Island plows and cultivators;
.-' . Bock Island cornplanters;
.: ::. Cadet cornplanters;
.- Q-'-Little Engine, the new lister, .
'.; ... JJ" " ," where tin operator can see the corn drop while planting;
' Jones' Lever binders ;
- .
l'.:r':iZ-: Jones' Chain mowers;
v.-.a- Jones' Self-dump hay rakes;
O "Jones' Hand-dump hay rakes;
X. Walter A. Wood's mowers;
.WrtAmonco onri AArmntnr xn nn miiia:
... 0 Il.UVVkUXUUOV uiaaa. v .w -. '
: :." Jack-of-all-Trades gasoline engines;
a - Stf
:";. X
and all other machinery needed on the farm,
ami see for votirself. Ve wish your trade.
- --f5-
t-.'ffy w.
4 '
. ..
- : -It.
- :
To your entire satisfaction that it is to your
advantage to do your fall and winter trading
in Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods and
.Shoes with us, would you hot say:
down Saturday to take treatment of Dr.
Meeks, osteopathist.
For sale or rent, the residence knows
aa thA Delsman nroDertr. Inquire at
th (Vtlnmbus State Bank. 2
Standard Fashion Sheets are fur
nished by J. H. Galley. December
supply j received. Call and get one.
Dr. Hansen has purchased a fine
new horse that is said to hare eleren
gaits. The animal was sent from Omaha.
Born, toMrs. JohnG. Becher, Mon
day morning, a son. This is the tenth
child born to them, fire eons and five
L. A. Ewing and A. D. Garrison are
no longer at work at the Telegram office.
Their successor, we understand, is Will.
Foot reeding is a new phase of for
tune telling in the city of New York,
and may be expected to reach Cbhxmbns
ia due tiste.
Carl Hoehen has opened a first class
drug store on Eleventh street in the new
Gluck building, next door west of Hoist
& Adams grocery.
The Gray Mercantile Co. hare given
a steel range to the Catholic ladies to be
raffled off to some one on Wednesday
I evening, the night of the supper.
F. C. Cuahman, a music teacher of
David City, was in the city Monday.
He is endeavoring to make arrangements
to drill a large chorus for an operetta,
of his own composing.
Patrick Meehan received a telegram
Friday night stating that his brother
John had been killed in the line of his
duty as a railroad employe, and imme
diately left for Denver.
J. W. Tanner of the Fulletton Post
was in the city over Sunday, visiting
with Mrs. Tanner who is st the Sisters'
Hospital, under treatment and expecting
to remain another week.
Members of the Orpheus enjoyed a
dance at their hall Saturday night.
Music by the Orpheus orchestra. Be
freshmenis were served, snd altogether
it was a very pleasurable occasion.
Services were held Sunday, morning
and evening, in the Congregational
church. In the morning Ber. Munro
baptized two children snd received
seven adults into membership in the
removes the unhealthy tassae upon which
worms thrive; it brings, snd quickly, a
healthy condition of body, where worms
cannot exist Price 25 cents. A.Heintz
and Pollock k Co.
Mayor Bagatz has issaed a call for
a puDiic meeting ot sm miim wu ;
professional men of the city to meet
this Tuesday evening, November 19, at
the council chamber for the purpose of
organizing a commercial club.
William Hoefelmana was in the city
Tuesday of last week on business, snd
called at Jocbstai. hesdoasrters. He is
, staunch republican, and like the
remainder of us is unable to see how
men can well be anything else..
Never try to coax a cold or coach,.
use the remedy that unfailingly conquers
Lsandry stoves at Ensdea's.
12 photos, 25 cents st Weldin's Park
studio. 1
"Barry Lyndon" king of 5c cigars
at Snow's.
Blank farm leasee for sale at Tax
JovxxaXi offce. tf
Dr. L. C Voss, Homeopathic physi
eisn. Columbus. Neb.
TnefinestTaarfShantorforth least
money in town at J. C FUlmaa's.
Miss Ethel Boyd, who has been very
sick the past few weeks, is now better.
Comrade Henry T. Spoerry is report
ed in better health than for some time
Orders for feed promptly attended 1
to at Daffy's feed store on west twsueb
The-Albion Argus reports a mild
case of smallpox, ia that city, a son of
Wm. Neeley.
Farmers are generally through with
husking their corn a snorr norse is
scon curried." c
Si P. Drinnin was in the'edty Satur
day on his way to O'Neill, having in view
an investment in real estate
Solendid weather for getting ih
shape the winter fuel, and fixing up the
sheds snd shelters for stock.
E. H. Jenkins returned Mondsy
from his ranch at Kalamazoo, Madison
county, after a three days outing.
Two new dwelling houeas for sale on
the installment plan, a bargain for some
one. Becher, Hockenber& Chambers.
Wm. Schilz makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the very
best Btock that can be procured in the
market, tf
See Hardy & Lund if yon have leaky
roofs. They can sell yoa the stuff for
manrifntr at n leas cost than von can
buy shingles. tf
Miss Grace Clark came home last
Tuesday from St. Edward, near which
place she is teaching. She will take a
two months' vacation.
Carl Hoehen invites you to call and
see him for anything in his line, at the
new drugstore, Eleventh street- Fresh
goods, prices reasonable.
The Columbus High school boys
went to Fullerton Saturday to plsy foot
ball against a city team, but were out;
weighed thirty pounds, and lost- the
game, 16 to 0.
Drs. Newman k Daesler eye, ear,
nose and throat specialists, are at their
office at the Thurston hotel twice a
month, namely the 1st, 2d and 3d, and
the 15th, 16th and 17th.
Robert Folles, ditch rider for Mon
roe, in the employ of the Irrigation com
pany, made 8300 from a three-fourths
acre patch of cabbage, tended by him at
odd times during the season.
The celebrated passage from the
Psalms, xvii:15, has received this literal
translation: "As for me, in righteous
ness let me behold thy face: I shall be
satisfied when thy likeness is awakened."
W. D. Wilson of Oconee has renewed
his subscription to The Joukxai., his
usual custom for the last quarter or a
century and more, and strengthens his
opinion by telling us to send it along
Arthur Lamb has bought of W. B.
Jones the tract of .land known as the
"Old Henrich farm," on which there are
two flowing wells furnishing about 2,000
barrels of water every day. Platte Cen
ter Signal.
HERBINE sweetens, the breath,
brightens the eyes and clears the com
plexion without the slightest Hi effects
whatever, and ensures the natural bloom
of health. Price 50 cents. A. Heintx
and Pollock k Co.
The family of Jacob innecaer
moved into their town house Thursday,'
and the Musser family moved out to the
farm residence. Mr. Musser, we believe,
expects to engage in raising blooded
hogs and other stock.
Bev. Luce of Omaha (no relation,
however, to the Dr. Luce of the M. E.
church here), preached in that house of
worshin Sunday, morning and evening.
Rev. Mickel was expected, but Rev. Luce
was sent in his place.
Samuel Wheeler and Neils Olson
went to Trenton, Missouri, to look at the
country. Mr. Wheeler is one of Platte
coanty's oldest settlers. He sold his
land for $50 per acre and, is in search of
another location. Leigh World.
The Monroe Bepublican says that
the Irrigation company are pushing work
on the canal west of Genoa, so that by
next spring they will be able to supply
all the water needed and the inconven
ience of last year done away with.
W. B. Daniels of Albion, a resident
since 1872, was buried Thursday, Bev.
Worley his former pastor, preaching the
funeral sermon. Mr. Daniels was sheriff
of Boone county for ten years, and was
-prominent in other political and social
offices of the county.
A free, rural mail delivery irom
Madison west through two precincts and
touching two more will be shortly pro
vided, the route having been approved.
It is twenty-eix- miles long, and intended
to accommodate 110 families. C E.1
Bynearson has been appointed carrier.
Tuesday night of last week, Union
Pacific Freight Brakeman. Champnoy,
while making a coupling at Clarka on a
west-bound train, had a leg amputated
at the ankle, and was found by-fellow
trainmen. His home ia in Omaha, and
The City Bead will give
the opera hoaee. Aston the
feetarea oa.tae program are three solos,
by the renowned soloist Miss Julia
Walker, the "Black PattL" Also two
ambers by Prot Gmrlichs' Concert Or
chestra. 2t
Dr. Lowis Shaffer was Hied by a
Vaioa Pacific" traia near the chicory
factory, Sehayler,' Saturday ereaiag, hie
body literally eat in two. He practiced
medidaeia Sehayler eixteea years, and
carried K9D0 life insurance. He was
probably walking home when the acci
dent occurred.
Dr. Petersen of Chicago, who' has
practiced there the peat seven years,
arrived ia the dty lest weak aad will
take tk practice of Dr. A. J. Baker. He
has moved into the omce rooms of the
latter oa Olive etreet. Dr. Petersen has
a family noneisring of a wife aad two
children,awao will move to the dty in a
few weeks.
Tuesday evening Dr. Hamilton, a
surgeon, came to Leigh to assist Dr. C.
J. Alger ia an operation on one of Mr.
Meli Jenny's daughters, near the Nebo
ville postomce. The operation was per
formed sometime- Tuesday night and we
understand was entirely successful. Dr.
Hamilton returned Wednesday noon to
Omaha. Leigh World.
There is probably no disease more
distressing and annoying" than piles.
THENT is daily curing cases of years'
steading of itching and bleeding piles.
The cure begins on the first application,
a little perseverance makes the cure
complete. Price 50 cents in- bottles.'
Tubes, .75cent. A. Heintx and Pollock
C. S. Webster and son Harry, for
merly of Duncan, and well known in
Columbus snd vicinity, were in the city
Monday shaking hands with friends and
acquaintances. Mr. Webster has sold
his farm in Polk county and will move
to northern Oklahoma soon, where his
son Bruce is already located. He thinks
that that part of the country ia the best
and'riicest of any be ever saw.
A. counterfeit $10 silver certificate
with the Hendricks head has made its
appearance in this section, and those
who are fortunate enough to be offered
$10 bills are hereby cautioned toobserve
that the chief points of distinction be
tween the counterfeit and the original
are the failure of the counterfeit engra
ver to put in a comma between "Wash
ington" and UD. C." on the face of the
note, and a reversed letter in a panel on
the back.
"Right 'after election," remarks an
exchange, "is a time to hear of news
paper changes, consolidations, sales or
schemes," and so it is. All around the
sky ia Nebraska, reports are rife, and it
is even stated that one of the Colnmbns
editors is at the capital city of the state
endeavoring to interest a supposed
future candidate for (J. S. senator in a
stock company enlargement scheme,
with the noted politician as a heavy
The dty Library and Reading Boom
will be open to the public Saturday af
ternoon and evening, Nov. 23. The
library is located up stairs in the Barber
block: -The. librarian, Miss Fanny Geer
will have for sale soon finding lists, 10
cents each, and the "public will find the
new method of securing books very
much more satisfactory than it has been.
The rooms will be open on Tuesday and
Saturday, afternoon and evening, of
each week.
To be perfectly satisfied with a. home made dreat, be
sure to make it by means of a Standard- Pattern. Our
December supply, showing autumn and winter styles
has just been received. . Be sure to inspect these pat-
terns before deciding on your next dress.
. ...
SOS Eleventh St.
One of our fine hand-colored dollar
and a half Medallions free with each
dozen cabinet photographs from now
until Jan. 1, 1902, at Saley's Art Studio.
, Mrs.. Johnson and Mrs. Friedig will
give a "Tea," at the home of Mrs. John
son, on Wednesday, Nor. 20, for the ben
efit of the Ladies' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian charch. A cordial invita
tion is extended to the ladies of the city.
Look ot for Eastoa's bit;
adfertiseMeat ext week. He
iBTites yom to kls ew plaee
tke Hmlst k Adams olt staaw
ob EleTeatk street.
2 a TprNrm T.rrsrrc nw ft
i Cooking! Heating
The new bridges across the South
canal and Clear creek just south of the
Platte bridge are bow completed, and
the people of the surrounding country
may be justly proud of the enterprise,
because they have long been accused of
having the poorest roads to their best
snd nearest market, Columbus.
Also a Complete Line (it
- , crl
"5 C
sm ?
' ' "-IT
v. W
sr t'
I -r
-Wellvthat J11 wnat we cim do and aU
that is necessarv for you is to look over our
' stock and get our prices.
C WILL 110 Dtt IT?
i; friscnholz Bf os. I
. . -
. . ' "
STBUP is the great specific for all throat
and lung troubles. Price 25 and 50
cents A. Heintz and Pollock k Co.
Harold Daesell sntered the fracture
of the fourth 'toe of hip left. foot on
Tuesday of last week, white helping un
load a radiator from, a track at the Has
pitaL Dr. Evans set the injured mem
ber, all right, but Harold carries his foot
carefully. .
joKXuctioaa heing sent out to
authorities in sections
diseases are tareateaiajt;'to fumigate aU
maiL should the State Board nf Health
declare a quarantine. The experieaee of
last winteri not to go withoat its lesson.
The game of foot ban Saturday at
Lincoln -between Nebraska end 'Kansas
resulted in 29 to 5 in favor of Nebraska.
Five tonchdowas aad foar.
gained against Kansas with
ease aad oaly when it gaiaed ita single
seero oa Kansas gee aaywaere near taw
he was taken to a hospital in that city.
Many people are suffering" fearfully
from indigestion or dyspepsia, when one
single bottle of HERBINE would bring
about a prompt' and permanent cure. A
few doses will dp more for a weak'stom
ach than a prolonged course of" any oth
er medicine. Price 50 cents. A. Heintz
aad Pollock & Co." '
For all fresh cuts or'wounds, either
on ine unman suojecb ur us uiuuub.
excellent; while forcorn-huakers" sprain
ed wrists, basbed-wire cuts and sores oa
working' horses, rfc cannot be too highly
eommended. Price 25 and 50 cents. A.
Heintx and Pollock k Col . -
A man named Lewis- was killed in
Madison county a year agp -by faffing;
from his wagon and being dragged. A
ait has been instituted by Nora B.
Lewis et aL, vs, "rVW. Horst et aL, and
it is alleged that the death of Lewie was
Am in lienor nnrrhltlft Later. Mrs.
NersB. Lewis seeared a jadgment fori
$2,250., . 1
The JonaSAL registers one com
plaint against the use of beer snd cigars
in- the late campaign. It may readily be
believed that the very good laws of Ne
braska concerning elections are not
obeyed as they should be, but the im
provement upon former times has been
so great, that there is hope for the future
that the time will come when wagon
loads of beer and boxes of cigars will not
be sent into the country neighborhoods
on the eve of election for the purpose of
influencing voters.
Invitations are out for the marriage
Wednesday, Nov. 27th, in St Luke's
Episcopal, church at Plattsmouth, of
Charles T. J. Miner and Miss M. Delight
Wells. Miss Wells was for some time a
competent helper in the composing room
of the Argus office and became acquaint
ed with many Columbus people while
'here. Mr. Miner is a Columbus boy and
needs no introduction to our readers.
We extend wishes for their happiness
through life. They will be st home in
this city after Dec. 15.
A farm was sold in Madison last
week that" brought S52 an acre and it ia
the record breaker for some years at
least. It was the S. O-. Campbell farm,
two miles east of town, and Clint Smith
made the deal that brought the big
price. Peter Zumbrum of Platte Center
is the new owner of this splendid prop
erty and he takes possession of it March
3d. 'The farm is a good one and has
excellent improvements. Jar. Campbell
retains the eighty on the west. Mr.
Zumbrum got two handred acres. Mad
ison Chronicle.
Evideatly Nebraska's experience
with "apples this year is such that more
trees will" be planted and cared for. It
is ..only a few years since, many, now
enjoying the fruit for the first season,
planted trees, and the expense and
trouble have been more than compen
sated by this first crop of good fruit.
Everything tree-culture and
fruit-raising is more and more Interest-
ing tocftebraskans as-, they see what a
little forethought and care, will do.
Plant more trees. Look after, the win
ter protection of your fruit trees young
and old. You know what the rabbits
can do in the way of destruction.
. o
No man can be successful in home
dairying unless he has a thorough knowl
edge of- dairy machinery. Recognizing
this tact, the department of Dairy Hus
bandry in the University of Nebraska
School of Agriculture is making exten
sive preparationa to .give a thorough
comae in the manipulation of hand
separators. The denartment has ten
kinds d. separators for nee in the coarse
this year. We urge all yonng men who
are interested in dairying to avail them
selves of this opportunity to obtain' a
knowledge of the
The protective boards of the engi
neers and firemen of the Union Pacific
system have just adjourned, says the
Omaha Bee, after a session of forty-four
days. The entire wage scale was revised
and in several instances a substantial
increase in pay was granted. On the big
compound engines and the "1700" class
of big simple engines the engineers get
aa advance equal to 15 cents per 100
miles and the firemen an advance of 10
cents per 100 miles. For the "1820 class
of compound engines the advance is 15
cents for both engineers snd firemen.
The increase in pay granted by the com
pany amounts to about 945,000 a year.
Farmers in Jewell and Republic
counties, in northern Kansas are greatly
mystified over the sudden appearance of
great holes in their alfalfa fields. They
vary from two to eight feet in depth, five
to fifteen feet in width, and are some
times 200 to 300 feet long. The sink is
not gradual, but sadden. Boots of the
alfalfa go from fifteen to thirty feet deep,
and this is supposed to have something
to do with it, the theory being that the
roots reach to water and this somehow
stirs the foundation of the upper crust
sufficiently to let it drop, here and there.
Have any Nebraska readers of The
JocMTAii noticed any ill effects concern
ing alfalfa. If there are any, we wish to
know, because we have been led to
believe that the growth of it is one of
the most desirable things for Nebraska.
If, however, by ita means we are to be
let down into the underlying deep body
of water that many suppose surges
beneath these broad prairies, perhaps we
had best choose the hilltops for the
All first-class and fresh. JAVA AND !0HA
COFFEES CAN NOT BE BEAT. The hest goods for
a the least money, at
i Den P. H. Qehlrich s,
S I3th Street, OmssHi flu Ita lean mm.
I Specials in 1
Ladies5 Coats.
A lot of New
gain Prices.
Samples at Bar-
A large crowd of Methodist people
went to Schuyler Saturday to surprise
Bsv. Tosi, their farmer pastor. The
majority went down on the 6:88 morning,
train,, returning in the evening; others
drove overland. The occasion was a
genuine surprise on Bev. Yost and he
was not certain whether he should preach
a sermon of discipline to the impromptu
congregation or to run from them. The
crowd took with them all sorts of good
things to eat and prepared dinner and
supper in the church kitohens that were
fit "to set before the king. Those pres
ent for the day were: Meedames Hud
son, Eiseman, 'Jones, Lubker, Britell,
Oray,'Speioe, Terrell, Morrow, Newman,
Haight, Echols, Phillips, Alexander,
Luth; Misses Tunis and Emma Kagatz,
Elsie Hadsoa, Jennie and Emma Jones,
Marguerite Lubker, Louise Davis, Fan
nie Britell, Mary. Craun, and the Misses
Turner. Mr. David Jones, Vernon Ers
Irine, Sidney and Charles Craun. The
crowd were unanimous in declaring they
had spent a profitable day.
There is being an effort made to
enforce the new law passed by the last
legislature against the selling, giving
away or furnishing cigarettes or tobacco
in any of its forms to any minor under
fifteen veers of tfge. The fine for each
-offence is $25. The fine for selling
cigarette paper to any minor under
twenty-one years of age is not lees than
$100, nor more than $200 and costs of
prosecution. Naturally enough State
Superintendent of Schools Fowler is
interesting himself in the matter, as it is
well known that, in towns and cities,
especially, the practice of using ciga
rettes is entirely too prevalent, and has
proven itself very detrimental to young,
boys, compelling them to take twice the
time ordinarily required to complete the
studies of a grade.. When a- young lad
wrestles with ordinary studies of the
school course, snd handicaps himseli
with the tobacco and other bad habits,
life becomes a very serioas problem with
him, and it is but jaetthat he should
have all the aid and encouragement to
better things that can be brought to him.
Just a tew "words from. Horace Mann
resulted, years afterward; in the eradi-
eatioB of the tobacco habit by the writer
hereof, after a long series of battles. Be
a servant of. the Bight, and not aslave
fc A fim drop, head Oak 3Iai:hine, with all the lat- g.
0 e-t improvements, warranted for 10 years. In-- P
e"""""-- trodiwtorv price, onlv 1..00. """j2
F. H. LAMB & CO. 3
Our Coal Wagon
Helps to SKin wan frights if tfet
Tbanksginirf tint,
the Roaatizur Tnrkeyn mi
thu steaming good thlmp.
iljfSpffl ffRy 1
3 L - i. "
at shed 810,00-
..... 9.00
lVe are delnrerintr-Pa. Hard.
Coal either Scrantoa or Lehigh
for $10.50 per ton.-
Hanl Coal per- ton
Ouita " "
R. 5. Lump -"' m ; " .. VJ.. 7
R. S. Xut " . ". " ' .:. 7.Q0
HannaLump" -I4 '.' "....-. 6.25.,
C. C.Lump " ''.." .".2o'.
Jackson Hill-';".. " '.''" .. 7.0O'"
Trenton ' "'"'. ;..;. 5.50-
Sehool officers will fmd in the abore list the hest aad
strongest heating eoal in the world. . . - .
xR. t:
JF -43B"B"B"B"s"i!!!fIJIiIiI!J5'''"lB"B"Bm57'"
w '.BaaaaajBaaaaBBBBBBBBaw.
10 jol ly "
SPECIALIST and Expert Optician
of 107; 1609, Douglas st,, Omaha,
will my store Fridaj aad Satr
urday;.Vv. 22 aad 23. Two days
only. Consult the Doctor about your
eyes. : .' .
Consultation and Examina- -tion
Fro !.
aetKaad good wpstitiuwim mc& state (omm is
this eautr nufdni) to wsw t aad advertia
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