The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 04, 1901, Image 3

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MStekm&f ? f, '
t-iSWlWn cco.cT-lr 1
Ewerytmimc Kept ia MmMmi
in Oar Liie. ....
REMEMIE" that we are sole agenta for CHASE Jr SANBOOTS
celebrated COFFEES and TEAS.
and GLASSWARE always kept in stock.
Telephoae 38
. Coffees .
Represents the product of years of expe
rience. They are the result of the most
careful handling and attention that ex
perts can bestow. They can't help but
be good-THE BEST.
Faust Blend
sessing a rich, delicious flavor
not known in any other brand.
EQUAL. For sale at
0 FOR g
Sc Columbia, Victor and Ideal buggies; X
X Mitchell and Old Hickory wagons;
55 Rock Island plows and cultivators; v
kock isiana cornpianters;
K Cadet cornplanters;
H Little Engine, the new lister,
where the operator can se the corn drop while planting;
H Jones' Lever binders;
5 Jones' Chain mowers;
H Jones' Self-dump hay rakes;
H Jones' Hand-dump hay rakes;
X Walter A. Wood's mowers;
55 Wpodmanse and Aermotor windmills;
S Jack-of-all-Trades gasoline engines;
and all other machinery needed on the farm. Call
M and e for Yourself. We wish roar trade.
Dr. Sewniaa. the wrfl kaown Earopeaa Ere SpcialMt. wfco h temnithe iwt eqeeydy
ha tinciiied to locate permanwiUr in Colambaa, mahinr ta biwlinntirw from wmiea fa
Tiat Bomber of citi aci cowos ia thi aection. Dr. jtwesa m mjqmimte ot tae at
MAK--rv1 n K "infill r1 nforinnatr frwik- a timtxJTnmr Minm IB EoRiap. BlM VOBOBIITBl 9rStAWi
of eoireedsjc errors of sLsht haa eiven hnudzads better Tinioa aad amvad Mil' from bliad-
lr. Mrnia will -rxsit a number ot tae
Dr. Sewmaa ata clafi9 for all defeeta
i-omniirngd mnna aoetnailr
t or me kaife. All iliiwwii of a
"nffmteanm frr SatiwmmcB.
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tova aart com at hub rvexaxxj. uax. win am
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niwifs L raaa sb auecsa caaam raw m
wsbV SaawV waaawav IsKsbw BawsBBBaUa UaawaBfe
Remember the
Mislsaz for bast
Lediss'Sfc shirt
The Fair.
tor 25e at
Dc Hi
street, tf
J. A. Kflbarm has sold his xl mate
to A. B. Cramer.
The A. O. H. had a picnic at Ste
vens' grove Sanday.
Blank Cam leases for aala at Tkb
Jocmxn. islra, tf
Dr. Bakar, physidaa and eargeoa,
omes Olive street, tf
Bring us joax job work. Wa wfll
endeavor to pTnaaa yoo.
Monarch canned fraita vegetables,
Sab. and meats at Grays.
Fred. Stevens lost a horaa Friday.
He dropped dead oa tke road.
C. W. Mediae of Derid City waa in
the city Monday on bnsinass,
"Disciplined moral energy" is oae of
tke an tills of good character.
Dr. C. H. Gietzea. deatist, in Bar
ber block. Thirteenth street, lm
Window shades complete at 25c in
alleolara. The Fair, 11th Street.
Pawnee Bill's Wild West akow is
coming to Columbus, Friday, Sept. 13.
Marriage license has been iaamed to
Charles Sliwa and Miss Katie Torsos.
For fine watch repairing; call on
Carl Frosmal. 11th St, Colambos, Neb.
Dm, Martym, Etsbs Jt Gear.oeVe
three doors north of Friednef s storsc tf
Chicago Inter Ocean aad CounofCB
Jocusxl, one year, in adraaca SL75. tf
Do not fail to ase oar 8-foot gabraa
ized steel mill for 132.001 A.Dwaaall
Son. tf
The German Before! art Smnday
school held their picnic in Stevens' grove
last Friday.
Herman Briggerman started Sunday
for Germany, where he will visit nntil
next spring.
Engineer McEathron waa called to
Kanaaa Saturday by the serious illness
of a sister.
Last week Henry Bagatz went to
Chicago on business. He may be kome
any day now.
Wm. Eimers of Humphrey and Frank
Eimers of this city are now in Chicago
baying goods.
Jacob Gerber and E. J. Ernst of
Butler township were in the city Satur
day on business.
A juvenile Wild West for the little
folks, is a special feature of Pawnee
Bill's WUd West.
The grade stakes indicating the
levels established by the city have been
about all driven.
Dr. McEean's method of making
aluminum plates places them on an
equality with gold.
The weather is not too hot for
bowling because of the electric fan in
operation, at HageTs. tf
For once in a good many years, the
old saying ia true: "potatoes are small,
few in a hill and easy to dig."
W. M. Cornelias took a drive into
the country the first of the week, abont
the first outing for the summer.
Thomas Jaworski has been acting as
watchman at the Union Pacific crossing
on L street near Schrreder's milL
Mr. Lanner began excavation Mon
day for his new brick building adjoining
the Brugger building on the west.
A new dynamo, 100 K. W-, twice the
capacity of the one now in use. has been
ordered for the electric-light plant.
Dr. J. E. Paul, dentist, southeast
corner Olive and Thirteenth streets,
Rooms 1 and 2. Niewohaer block, tf
We are still giving away a handsome
rug with every carpet or linoleum bought
from us. The Fair, Eleventh street.
R. L. RosBiter and George Lehman
expect to visit the G. A. B. encampment
in Cleveland, Ohio, starting Saturday.
Mr. Herrick, since Wednesday last
has been moving his large stock of fur
niture into the new Brugger building.
August Wagner of this city was
admitted Thursday to practice before the
interior department at Washington, D. C
Standard Fashion Sheers are fur
nished by J. H. Galley. September
supply just received. Gall and get one.
August 26 occurred tke marriage at
the court noose, by his hoator. Judge
Bobison, of Edward Sokael asd Anna
Charles Segelke, jr., started this
morning for Oklahoma where he expect
to start pop factories at Lawton and
The quilt made and rsaaedoa? by tke
ladies of the German Methodist church
of Duncan was won by Mrs. Satrinavon
Bergen, last Saturday.
Jimmie Jones and Harry Lokr west
down to Schuyler Moaday afternoon to
help the Schuyler team show the Osaka,
Originals how to play beJL
We hear that tke candidates for
county judge before tke fmsjns eoaves
tion will be Messrs. Rohisoa, Heasley,
Duffy, Batterman and Tatham,
George Douglas wast to Genoa
Monday to wire Banker Gretas sew
idence. Mr. Green snticiparisg tke
tion of an electric-light plant ia tke
Tke editor of tke Argaa takes aboet
a column of its space to ecaiau why he
changes publication from twins a week
to once a week, tke plain truth being
that it didn't pay.
B. B. Cowdery, formerly oae of
Platte county's proaussat politicians,
waa tke ckairmaa. of the Colfax county
republican convention at its late aaanon.
He is now located at Leigh.
The Colmmbae ball team helped to
make fun for the crowd of sicnieera at
Shelby Thursday, toeing a gaaae to
Shelby players in a aeore of 10 to 2a
Take life as it cornea, aad make the
most of all drcuasstaneas, bat for a bad
ooagk or cold, take BALLARD'S
HOBEHOUSD STBTJP, the heat known
remedy for quick relief
Pries 35 sad 9
Poiloek Co-
jmmam MUawVwaV Wb
Drink Blanie'M cosTeea, always uni
form, always tke best, at Gray's.
Will Giegorxas. who kaa bees work
ma oa the Madison Star for several
returned home Saturday.
On sale 50 carpet sampler suitable
for rags, all new patterns, at 25c each, J
while they last. The Fair. 11th Street.
A bif crowd of people from the
misili trains were here Monday morn
ins;, bound for tke State fair at Lincoln.
Tbe beautifying of arms and hands
is described in the September Designer.
Thai magazine ta for sale by J. H. Galley.
-IsmmsT Good, wrappers,
etc. Bargains, Great Bargains at E-D.
Fitzpatrick'a tbe White Front dry goods
Wm. Schilz makaa boota and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the vary
best stock tkat can be procured in the
market, tf
Get a number on Eastou's buggy
drawing bafore Sept. 7th, as it will sure
ly go on that date whether whips are all
sold or not. Just a few left. 2
Fob Sale 200 acres of good farm
land, north of Genoa, in Platte county,
for sale at a reasonable price. Call on
Becker, Hockenberger and Chambers.
E. M. Blore, in helping move a
dwelling-house Wednesday near Oconee,
sustained a severe scalp wound by the
falling of loose brick from the chimney.
WilL Boettcher returned Saturday
from Norfolk, where he had been tem
porarily employed at the asylum for the
insane. He accepts a position with
The corn crop is still looking up,
and farmers who were grieving over the
supposed fearful shortage are now con
gratulating themselves on a fourth to a
third of a full crop.
Amateur camera snappers will find
something of interest to them in the
September Designer. It describes cari
cature photography. This magazine is
for sale by J. H. Galley.
The prohibition state convention is
to be held at Lincoln today. The dele
gates from Platte county are: E. W
Borders. Joel Warner, W. J. Belknap,
Isaiah Lightner and Henry Kelley.
A Mr. Proctor of Omaha bought
here last week seventeen horses for the
p.ngKah cavalry r shipping them to Oma
ha Thursday night. His brother shipped
twenty from Albion Wednesday night.
The German Reformed church held
an annual mission service Sunday even
ing. Bev. Neumarker was assisted by
Rev. Grauenhorst of Shell creek. Rev.
Traubel of Howella and Rev. Herring of
J. G. Boeder received a telegram
Monday morning announcing the death
of his father, at Erie, Pennsylvania, for
which place he left on the first passen
ger train east. The deceased was 82
years old.
Charles Hutchins of Meadow Grove,
Madison county, was in the city Mon
day. Twenty years or more ago, when
he waa farming, he was a frequent visitor
at Columbus. He is now a business
man at Meadow Grove.
An unknown tramp is accused of
having assaulted Mrs. Lapoor, the wife
of a well known farmer living near Clark
son, Colfax county. The people were
enraged and threatened lynching. The
tramp was taken to Schuyler.
Corn-hnskers' sprained wrists, barbed-wire
cuts and sprains, or cuts from
any other cause, are quickly healed when
promptly applied. Price 25 and 50 cent.
A. Heintz and Pollock 4 Co.
In the Schuyler game of ball Mon
day where Lohr and Jones were the
battery for Schuyler, the Originals could
only hit Lohr seven times, still the
fielding was so ragged that Omaha made
a score of 15, while Schuyler was able to
make but 3 runs.
Carl Hohen expects to open up
about November 1, a first-class drug
store in the new brick building, being
erected by L Gluck, on Eleventh street.
Mr. Hohen understands the business,
and will no doubt have a share of the
public patronage.
Our base ball team promise the fans
an extra good game here on Thursday,
when they try issues with tbe Omaha
Originals. The Columbus team have
already beaten the Omaha boys twice
this summer and they expect that his
tory will repeat itself.
OINTMENT is not a panacea, but is
recommended for blind, bleeding or pro
truding piles, and it will cure the most
obstinate caeca. Price 50 cents in
bottles. Tubes, 75 cents. A. Heintz
and Pollock Co.
Thousands suffer with torpid liver,
producing great depression of spirits,
mdigestion, constipation, headache, etc.
HERBINE will stimulate the liver, keep
the bowels regular, and restore a. health
ful buoyancy of spirits. Price 50 cents.
A. Heintz and Pollock & Co.
The fire which destroyed the Stan
ton, Nebraska, roller nulls Monday of
last week, is believed to be from spon
taneous combustion in the engine house.
There was only SL500 insurance, and the
loss falls heavy on the owner, J. R.
Cookus, formerly of this city.
The schools opened Monday with
the usual interest. One youngster
going home after the assignment of
lessons, was "heard to remark that they
were bound to make tke work harder
than it was last year. He would have to
"study like thunder' to keep up.
Bev. Weed of the Episcopal church
notified his congregation Sunday evening
that on Oct. 1. he would leave for Ne
vada, Mo., whither he goes to be arch
deacon, presiding over twelve counties
in southwestern Missouri. There will
be many regrets at hu departure.
Herman Oehlrich tells a Jocbsal
reporter that he will open up his new
brick store on Thirteenth street with a
stock of groceries and hardware, October
L This will be welcome news to Mr.
Oehlrich's host of old customers and
friends who have done business with him
for so many years.
We are led to believe a number
of persons is this county will receive
within the next fewjlays a bulletin from
the University of Nebraska School of
Agriculture. We earnestly nrze all
sack persons to give this bulletin a
careful reading and advise those whose
names are not oa the University mailing
list to write for tke hulletin.
tkkaassamaC tkw
lecises wills of m
v Ths Dasanar foe
September coataiaa asveraL This
(for sale br J-H. Galley.
If yoax are troabled with isodoroaa
scidity, pains after eating, loss of appe
tite, persisteat melancholy, sr low spirits.
Too. need a tswie, s few desss of
BDEE will gtvw yes tke
fores to
50 casta. .BsmtzasmiRnloeksVCo.
CW. Talhitssr of this conaty
selected by his
dent of the Ohio State organization at
tke Hastings rsamios. Daring part of
tke week there were 20,000 people ia
attendance Got. Shaw of Iowa, promi
nently talked of for tke next presidency,
delivered one of tbe idrtssas.
There has-been so mack somplaiat
lately as to tke plaeiag of
poles in the eitr that when next
sious are asked of tkis city tke prohabil
ities are that very strong objections will
be made to aay location of poles except
in alleys. There is supposed to be reason
in all things tkat are tolerable.
A Saturday's special to tke Omaha
Bee from St. Edward says: The first
lumber waa hsaled for the new Swedish
Lutheran church northeast of here yes
terday. A parade was formed of the
thirty loads of lumber aad headed by
the band, marched through the principal
streets.. The new church is to cost
Sskoitlsy the Haskell Iadisas played
a game with the Columbus team; the
first part of which was very interesting,
but in the seventh inning the captain of
the Indians tried to get fanny with Um
pire Segelke, and he gave the game to
Columbus, 9 to 0. When the play quit,
the score wis 19 to 15 in favor of the In
dians. Mr. and Mo. E. H. Jenkins start
tomorrow on an eastern trip. They will
stop at Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the
G. A. R. reunion next week, tken go to
Providence, B. L, where the Sons of Vet
erans hold their National Encampment
from the 16th to 25th of September, to
which E. H. is a delegate from Nebraska.
On their return they will visit friends at
Cadiz, Ohio.
The Omaha Bee aaya that one of the
most complete experimental vineyards
in the state is that planted by Henry W.
Yates at his home ia Omaha a few years
ago. There are ten varieties in the col
lection, and Mr. Yates gives it as his
opinion that the Niagara ia the grape for
this state, for it bears abundantly and
the bunches are closer set and ripen
more evenly than those of any other
The Schuyler Sun of Friday last
contains this paragraph : Frank Stibal,
a former prominent resident of Richland
precinct, passed through this place this
morning with the body of bis wife who
died Wednesday evening at 10 o'clock at
their home in Gretna, Nebraska The
funeral at Richland took place this
morning at 11:30. Mr. Stibal has the
sympathy of a large circle of friends
Among the changes in the stores,
C. G. Hickok has accepted a position
with the Gray Mercantile company as
book-keeper and cashier, and Peter
Webber as clerk. Vinson Freda Pilling
and -Alma Gertsch are clerking in E.
von Bergen's store. Miss Edith Sterner
of Madison is in the photo gallery of
Robert Saley. Peter Duffy has left the
Gray Mercantile Co., and will engage in
business for himself.
"All Through The Year" department
in Table Talk is filled with timely topics.
The illustrated dishes in the department
cookery is a permanent and desirable
feature of this helpful household maga
zine. Menus for each meal during the
month are given with careful instruc
tions how to follow them. Copies of
back numbers will be sent free to any of
our readers. The current number is 10
cents. Table Talk, Philadelphia, Pa.
When Mr. and Mrs. George Zimmer
man and family returned from a drive
last Sunday they found a twenty-six inch
snake enjoying a nap on the parlor car
pet The slimy visitor put up a gamey
fight but Mr. Zimmerman finally dis
patched him with a broom handle. The
species of the reptile has not yet been
determined by the snake editor, but it
was nronounced a prairie rattler by thoee
that have seen snakes before. Madison j
In a letter to W. A. Way from R. Y.
Lisco, he says that he thinks they will
6tart for home the last of August or the
first of September. It is very dry in
Ireland, but he has not seen a nice,
warm, sunshiny day since he has been
there. He has to wear winter under
clothing to be comfortable. He writes
his letter sitting by a good fire of turf.
There are many objects of interest in the
country, and among them is the monthly
fair in nearly every town.
Patrick Haggerty died Monday at 11
a. m., of typhoid fever. For tbe last
three or four years he had made his
home with a daughter at Lincoln, and
was on a visit to his former home ten
maSw south of this city, coming about
thme weeks ago, when he was taken
sick. He was 79 years old. His wife
died many years ago, and he leaves four
sons and two aaagnters, all grown up.
The funeral services were at tbe Brown
school-house, 2 o'clock, Tuesday after
noon, and burial at Bell wood cemetery.
Of the twelve or fifteen men who are
at present working under Jim Fauble
doing the brick work on tbe opera house
and Gluck building not one from, the
highest priced brick layer down to the
artist who mixes the mud but what
thinks their boss all right. On Monday
with Mr. Fauble as host they all went
to the Loop together fishing, eating and
making m?rry. A g-mdly number of
sand pike were caught, tbe lanm-t of
which was ensnared by Georje Brad-
shaw. Sume nf the boys say thy are
already looking forward to the next La
bor day.
A Berger, living wast of th city
near the Union Pacific bridge, has sho n
us samples of his ten-acre corn fild. a
great many stalks having two eara. and
all filled oat as nice as any one could
wink to see. He says he will surely have
50 bushels to the acre. O L Btkr.
north of the city hi3 eT-wlleit rnr-i. ml
thinks he will have moremd b ttT Aim
than last season. In going thnuib his
field it was noticed that the hnsfe on
the ears were vary open, which Spencer
Bies says kaa old aad true sign that we
smmmms sammmsssV
!39mmm asammwmmwkmmmmwmmmmwmwmmmmmwmm mmmwEm
mm Jut mt the time when people are beginning to think Urn
Wm of school again, The Designer for September has a B
! special article regarding Aprons for School Girls. It K
Wm is for sale in our Pattern Department. Be
mml Mff U 1 1 J ma a a lsms4 ssasasi mmmv
jish wo Bars a raa uae ar aimSjBara rsiiBTmS ajasi aactfse ajs?
ajsmmmms! saBBHp
asmmmsm SBSS
mmmmmmmt mmmmmmw'
3BSBJ asm
3 505 Eleventh St., COLUMBUS, HEBR. B
The comer stoaeof the greatest build
ing to be erected ia this eity this
is to be bud September 11, with
A brief summary of the facts of its
history will not be oat of place at this
time, all prensussriss having been pro
vided, and the project begun with every
assurance of completeness at a very early
Mayor Bagatz called a meeting for the
second day of May last for the purpose
of taking the initiative ia the organiza
tion of a company.
At this meeting there were present:
Mayor Henry Bagatz, J. E. North, Geo.
Lehmaa, S. C aad C C Gray, Jonas
Welch, Herman Oehlrich, Gus. B. Speiee,
Charles E. Bollock, Charles Beinke, C.
H. 5holdos. C. D. Evans and Daniel
Schram, aad this meeting was the sub
stantial start of the project.
The incorporators were: Henry Bagatz,
Leaader Garrard, & C. Gray, George
tith-", J. E. North. Charles Beinke,
Jonas Welch and C. D. Evans.
After the articles were signed, stock
holders met. May 7, and selected as
board of directors: Bagatz, Lehman,
Evans, Speiee, Schram, Gerrard and S.
C. Gray, who met and elected as officers:
L. Gerrard, president; Henry Bagatz,
vice president; D. Schram, secretary; S.
C. Gray, treasurer.
At this meeting the total amount of
stock appearing on the subscription
book was 415,000.
June 8 plans were submitted. June
26, the method of raising more capital
stock was discussed. July 9, Walter
Phillips on behalf of committee, report
ed a donation by various citizens of
$2,000. At this meeting tbe secretary
was directed to advertise forbids for the
auditorium according to plana submitted
by Architect Toes.
July 29 it was found that the bids ex
ceeded the subscriptions all told. A
committee consisting of S. C. Gray, J. E.
North and George Lehman were appoint
ed with instructions lo report in two
July 31, Mr. North announced that he
would donate 1,000 if others present
would jointly give $1,000, which was
quickly done. It was at this meeting
that, on motion, the building to be erect
ed was named the North Opera House,
and it is on the anniversary of Mr.
North's birthday that the corner stone
is to be laid. Two days later, the con
tract was awarded to C. J. Scott and
after, the contract for plumbing, to
Dussell & Son.
The building committee, under whose
supervision tbe work is rapidly proceed
ing, are Messrs. Welch, North and
The oficial bat of stockholders is:
Lsander Gerrard $3,000
Henry Bagatz 1.100
J. E. North U00
Philippine Becker 1,000
George Lehman. 1,000
CBLSheldon. 700
H. P. H. Oehlrich 700
B. S. Dickinson
Elliott, Speiee A Co
Jonas Welch...
CRPollock 600
Charles Beinke 600
Ida E. Schroeder. 600
AbtsCalto. 600
Anderson 4 Boen 600
V.AMacken 500
H. Hughes. 500
D.Schram. 500
Wm.SippIe. 200
Frank V. Tunis and Mies Mary E.
Scott were married this Tuesday morn
ing at 8 o'clock in the Catholic church.
The couple will reside in this city. They
have the hearty congratulations of their
many friends with hearty good wishes
for their future happin
is essentially the child's tonic. It im
proves the digestion and assimilation of
food, strengthening the nervous system
and restoring them to the health, vigor
and elasticity of spirits natural to child
hood. Price 25 cents. A. Heintz and
Pollock Co.
Clean old newspapers for sale at this
Fm. uhcolm. we.. rX iz
f m IS jmtrm fc Oei " at '-----
Uaw M Ifirr-1- -""-
lev's IwTai im T- '-i
iZaX sW ' MSB"J
rmmmff - " woi
bSbsISbbsl - iyi IVivate DissBss ass
UmmM QBopBg of hei -
iEVK Dswliicifjgpicpa
Vi Tawms9 mwavasa. Liver. Basse.
r lsnwiiri F ----'- - -BWamaaVmrnmHamnVV
iaeawlavOawetrawa, GawS-HlaiTFistal aad :aa4p-PBBSPEPAwHL
BSroSbosr?saafeC CATARRH . -JBgiHH
L0OOIKHOWacasascawifcargto j jW . HkSB
Eviry Laiy Rtttim
Think of it biscuie baked perfectly, browned top and bottom, in
Tkree Ximates. We don't ak you to accept this statement on the
bare assertion, but we do ask and extend to every one in this commun
ity a cordial invitation to be in attendance at our store any day next
week from
9th to 14th SEPT.. 1901
and see this wonderful baking performance with your own eyes, have a
daintv lunch and a delicious cup of coffee with us and hear the demon
strator from the Majestic factory explain why a
bakes so quickly and so perfectly. When you have examined this mod"
era cooking wonder you can readily see from its construction why this is
MAJESTIC RANGES are entirely different from all other cooking
apparatus. Will not clog with ashes and clinker?, allow smoke and soot
to escape into the kitchen, crack or break, or subject you to the expense
and annoyance of every other conking apparatus.
Made of MALLEABLE IRON and best opm hearth cold-rolled
steel, 10 to 50 per cent, heavier throughout than any other range. Flues
lined with pure asbestas, and the entire ranse rivited with the best Nor
way iron rivets. Air-tight and dust-tight. This explains why a Great
Majestic Range will do its work in half the time, and consequently with
half the fuel.
After investigating we find that the claims made for MAJESTIC
RANGES are true to the letter, and have selected them for our range
department, and give our personal guarantee that the Great Majestic
Ranges are the most complete, durable, dependable and economical
range made, and that's why, at great expense, we're having this cooking
exhibition. We want all our citizens to .-see for themselves the proof of
the claims made for Majestic Ranges.
We are going to give, absolutely free, to every purchaser of a Ma
jestic Range during the sale only, a complete set of the celebrated Majes
tic Cooking Ware made of copper, steel and enamel, worth $7.50 cheap
at that and the best at anv price.
MAJESTIC RANGES are made in all style and ze, to tit every
condition and every purse. Examine the Majestic Range glad to show
it to you whether you intend to buy or not.
C. S. Easton,
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