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Fictare for W
Iibm aw mm, there is act a
cn lack la my. whole body. 1mm
weak at any atoaueh aad have face
geatkm aocTiWj, aad palnitatiea at
the heart, aad f mat losiaf iesa. Thia
Btadarhr aad backache nearly kills
see, aad j ismday laamrly hag hyster
ias; there is aweagat ia the lower part
f nsv Jaowels has i lac dewa all the
time, aem aaiaa.i5ax gnMM aaai
thighs; 1 enaaot sleep, walk, or aft,
aad 1 believe I am iiwe'i all over;
bo oae ever suffered as I do."
Trie, is a description of thoaaaads of
cases -which come to Mrs. PinkhamB
attention daily.' An inflamed aad ml
cerated condition cf the neck of the
tb can produce all or these symp-
Mbs. Jobs Williams.
ail tin vnmtn should allow
fceraelf to reach such a perfectioa of
misery when there is absolatelj bo
need of it. The sabject of oar por
trait ia this sketch, Mrs. Williams of
Eag-lishtowB, N.J., has beea eatirely
cared of such illness ?ad misery by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
poand, and the guiding advice of Mrs.
Hakham of Lynn, Mass.
No other medicine has such a record
for absolute cures, and no other medi
cine is "just as good." Women who
want a cure should insist upon gettiag
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound when they ask for it at a store.
Anyway, write b letter to Mrs. Pink?
bam at Lynn, Mass., and tell' her all
jour troubles. Her advice is free.
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in the family
everyday. Let us answer it to-day. Try
a delicious and healthful dessert. Pre
pared in two minutes. No boiling! no
baking! add boiling water and set to
cooL Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry and Strawberry. Get a package
at your grocers to-day. 10 cts.
The .First Elevator.
A patent was taken out on a passen
ger elevator sixty-six years ago. But
the first patent for a complete and
practical elevator was given to Mr. E.
G. Otis of Yonkers..N. Y., in January,
1861; so that while the idea Is much
older the elevator is only 39 years old.
. Increase of AI-hbIrbib Oatpat.
The production of aluminum for
commercial uses began in 1889 with a
total output of 47.468 pounds. In 1898
ft had reached 5,200,000 pounds, and
at 'present the rate of production is
over 7,000,000 pounds a year.
Some people's mouths look as if they
were perpetually tasting unripe per
simmons. Magnetic Starch is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
The most beautiful object, it will be
t allowed, is a beautiful woman.
TtuukscitlaK Dinner
may be enjoyed by all who use Garfield
Tea; it promotes good digestion and
cores stomach, liver aad bowel troubles.
Rather than waste time arguing a
wise Jean will let a fool have his own
way. .
Impartant te Mathers.
carefully ertry bottle of CA8TORIA,
a safe aad rare rcaedy for iafaats aad childtea,
sad ace that it
Bears the
sigaatare of
ta Uaa For Over 30 Years.
The Kiad Toa Bare Always Bought
During the present century 400 hu
man lives, 1125.000,000 and 200 ships
have been lost in fruitless efforts to
find the north pole.
For a Raasoll State.
English jurists have started a move
ment to set up a statue of the late
Lord Chief Justice Russell in the high
. court of justice. Chief Justice Fuller,
James C. Carter and Ambassador
Choate aie the Americans who have
beea asked to aid in the movement.
Faravlan Itoys to Stady Hare.
Alvarez Caldcron, the Peruvian min
ister at Washington, has placed two of
his sons and two nephews as students
at the Maryland Agricultural college
at Hyattsville. They will take the
regular course in agriculture and me
chanics. . HO! FOR OKLAHOMA!
Meejuwt acre new lands to open to settlement.
SabsertB far THE KIOWA CHIEF, devoted to tef or
audaa sheet these taade. Oae year. tueo. 8tai
eopy.iec Sabacrlbersrecelre free Illustrated booh
ce lyishsaaa, Kurgan's Manas! r.O page Settlers
(aide) with fine sectional Jnap,sl.ttt Mao 35c All
ahrre, aus. Address Dick T. Morgaa, Perrr. O. T.
Cwm a Cwtfli or CoM at .
Qoick. sere reaatta.
SPECIAL Tours .to Florida. Key West.
Cuba, Bermuda. Old Mexico
and the Mediterranean aad
Rates for- the roaad trip to
maKV?,Ini? waSLth on sa'e first
aad third Tuesday each month.
To Sot 8prlBcs. Art. the fa
antin water rwm nt ..
ea sale every day in the year.
Tickets aewea 'sale te all the winter
resorts ef the south, good returning until
Janse 1st. tm. For rates, descriptive saat-
ter..MasBlets and all ether Information.
mB at C A: JSt L. R. R. Cltv TIoTk
ee, lflS iraraam st craxtea Hotel
rt or write
C.P.dkT. A.,
Far aiff iprices aad sattsf aetory rsaalis. aht
TcaL aides, sad rars to am. Pstataes sad OaJoaa
. - - 'sawss vm
i aeresisrs, uauui a. xsa.
Wr N. VWHAHA. Ne. 47-"m
aBnan? annnBB
bs M ht nnnnBnF'
SK m m sanas
bu annBani awner
The ashes ef Dante, ia am Item era,
Utea free a charch la Rareaaa aad
letac STocreied ia the eater .wall ef a
caaaeL are Bheat to he trassaerted
with great eereaaeay to the mew li
hrary aalace at Flereace. It seeaui,
that a scalptor swaei raasl has for
yean aeaBBsTeea this extraordlaary'
traasare. aad has bat recently handed
it ever te Flereace, where Dante was
bern and whence he was.exlfed.
Yoar clothes will not crack XL yon
ase Magaetic Starch.
It is expected that the census re
turns will show more than 5,000 car
riage factories in the United States,
with over 158,008 employes.
Use Magnetic Starch It has bo equal.
The Hebrew population of London
has more than doubled during the last
twenty years.
Br Yarn Vaaag aBasr raat-BBasT
It Is the only cure for 8woUea.
e-martlag. Burning. Sweating Feet,
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shakes Into
the shoes. At ell Druggists and Shoe
Stores. Xc. Sample seat FRBB. Ad
dress Allen 8. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. T.
A stingy Quaker maketh
a close
May aVese His Sight.
There is said to be grave danger of
Lieutenant Hobson's going blind.
While in Manila and Hong Kong he
contracted a disease of the eyes, ag
gravated by overwork, which is re
garded as serious. The young con
structor consulted an oculist, who
advised him to take a long rest. It
is said he is preparing to spend sis
months In Europe under the care of
eminent specialists.
ilala's Jar Prodaeer.
People ia Honolulu indulge in a
beverage known as "swipes." It is
the native beer of Hawaii, and is a
dangerous concoction. The principal
articles used in its manufacture are
sugar, corn, pineapple-root and Chi
nese ginger, bran, Irish potatoes ani
sliced pineapples. It is fermented af
ter standing four or five days and
then it is "ready for use.
Odd Penalty-far a 8 pre.
At Wllkesbarre, Pa., three well
known citizens who had been indulg
ing in a spree were brought before the
mayor the other day to be disciplined.
He sentenced each to saw up five rail
road ties for the miners' widows, who
have no wood and who apply at the
woodyard each day for fuel.
Thlaness of Geld Leaf.
Goldbeaters, by hammering, can re
duce gold leaves so thin that 282,000
must be laid upon each other to pro
duce the thickness of an inch. They
are so thin that, if formed into ai
book, 1.500 would only occupy the
space of a single leaf of common pa
Others, Proaaiaeat Minnesota
TLady, TcSi a Kaaaarkaale Story.
Albert Lea, Minn., Nov. 19. (Spe
cial) There are few men and women
In this state or Indeed in the whole
northwest, who have not heard, or do
not know personally Mrs. Henriette C.
Olberg of this city.
Mrs. Olberg was Judge of Linen and
Linen Fabrics at the World's Fair, at
Chicago, and Superintendent of Flax
Exhibit at the International Exposi
tion at Omaha, Nebraska, in 1898. Mrs.
Olberg ia Secretary of the National
Flax, Hemp and Ramie Association
and Assistant Editor of the "Distaff.",
Her official duties are naturally very;
onerous, and involve, a great deal of
traveling and living away from home.;
-She says:
"During the World's Fair in Chi-,
cago, my official duties so taxed my
strength, that I thought I would have
to give them up. Through the con-ri
tinual change of food and irregular;
meal hours, and a poor quality of wa
ter, I lost my appetite, and became
wakeful and nervous in the extreme.'
My Kidneys refused to perform their
usual duties. One of my assistants,
advised me to try Dodd's Kidney Pills;
and sent for a box. I am pleased to!
say that I derived immediate and per-
manent benefit. I used three boxes,;
and feel ten years younger.
"I have great confidence in the ef
ficacy of Dodd's Kidney Pills, and am'
always glad to speak a good word In
their favor.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are weak wom
en's best friend."
All Dealers. 50 cents a box.
A Lawyer's MeaaoraadBia Book.
"The Green Bag" says that It oc
curred to the late Hall McAllister
shortly before his death that it would
be a good idea to purchase a memor
andum book in which to jot down the
Items of his daily expenditure. "I
can compare notes from day to day,"
he. said, "find out how much I spend,
and so learn to regulate my expendi
ture here and 'there." So the book
was bought After the great lawyer's
death his executors, while going over
his effects, came across the book. In
terested to know how far successful
McAllister had been in "regulating his
expenditures," they opened the book to
find this, the sole item contained
therein: "To one memorandum book,
25 cents." . .
Aaxloaa Aheet Waaataaker.
Several life insurance companies
are watching with great Interest for
dally news of John Wanamaker's con
dition. The ex-postmaster general
has over a million, on his life, and is
probably the most heavily insured
person in the country. He has just
undergone a surgical operation for the
removal of a carbuncle and has not
quite recovered. notwithstanding
which he made campaign speeches.
Dicky's Had Mis Ualr Cat.
When Richard Le Gallienne arrived
in New York from Europe a week ago
he was so changed in appearance that
few familiar with his face knew him.
While in Europe he cut the long, flow
ing black hair, which has always dis
tinguished him In the past and most
deeply impressed his face upon the
Helen Keller n Caese Player.
Helen Keller, the deaf and dumband
blind girl, who has just entered Rad
cllffe college at Cambridge, Mass., is
a descendant of John Adams and a
connection of some of the best New
Eaglaad families. Her latest accom
plishment Is chess, at which she play3
a capital game.
The Jaarneylng ef the Bye.
A French statistician has calculated
that the human eye travels over 2,080
yards la reading aa ordinary slsed
aoveL The average human being is
calculated to get through 2,500 miles
of reading la a lifetime.
Die atli
Qneea Isabella. 78 years old aad
saaly broken la hea:th and snlrit.
to end her days in Spaia. from
he has been banished for
twanty-three years, aad there Is good
that her wish will he granted.
The aeetWacks of Boston have beea
forsaddea by the police authorities to
deniny "saining" en Sundays in the
frtWctBifafttefUwcltr. . .
mfKiJIBttmrJl99mSMtK JAwShjasjaasafy.-t a
A Cntaose Classic.
(Comrades in War Time.)
How say we have bo clothes?
One plaid for both will do.
Let but the king, in raising men,
Our spears and pikes renew
We'll fight as one, we two!
How say we have no clothes?
One skirt our limbs shall hide.
Let but the king, in raising men.
Halberd and lance provide
We'll do it, side by side.
How say we have no clothes?
My kirtle thou shalt wear. -
Let but the king, in raising men.
Armor and, arms, prepare
The toils of war we'll share. -The
Book World.
"Hake Theaa Iaxy."
Volunteers in the late Spanish war
are not apt to have their pension
claims adjusted for some time to come.
It is stated that the pension bureau
will not be in any hurry to pass upon
their applications, because 'pensions
for young men are apt to make them
lazy." At least this is the reason
given- for the bureau's delay in ad
justing these cases by an attache of
the bureau, who said:
"They are just beginning to come
in. I suppose they will come in rap
idly soon, but it is too early for them
yet We are not pushing the Spanish
war claims very fast. Most of the
applicants are 'young men, and they
do not need the pension very badly.
Of course, they will get their pensions
from the day their applications were
filed, but we are in no hurry to grant
them. It is a feeling at the pension
bureau that it is not a good thing
for the young men to draw pensions.
It makes them lazy, and it is not good
for them morally."
Regarding the' number of applica
tions being made, the attache said:
"The bureau has already on file 30.
000 applications, and they are still
coming in. Over 50 per cent of the
members of the District of 'Columbia
regiment have filed applications for
"How many of these men were
wounded?" was asked.
"Not one." he replied, "as far as I
know. Most of them claim they have
been permanently injured by con
tracting fever or other diseases In
"About what will be the aggregate
sum paid out annually for these 30,000
"I should say that not more than
50 per cent of the applications will
be acted on favorably. But about 15,
000 men will get pensions, and they
will average about $150 a year each,
or, say, $2,250,000 for all of them."
"Do you think that $2,250,000 annu
ally will cover the. Spanish war pen
sions?" "No," he said. "Experience has
shown that the pension list grows for
a number of years after the close of
the war. But lots of men who have
applied for pensions are young men
who have nothing whatever the matter
with them. The examinations of our
surgeons plainly show that"
The Fearless Coward.
Gen. Henry Kyd Douglas was chief
of staff under Stonewall Jackson and
learned the art of war from that great
general. He was called one of the most
fearless and dashing, riders In 'the
whole southern army. Among the stor
ies he tells of his army experience Is
that of the bravest man he ever knew.
He saw a young fellow start to run,
then halt and go forward marching
into what seemed to be the very jaws
of death. He expected, as a matter
of course, that he would be killed and
gave no more thought to him until
after the battle. Riding over the field
he recognized the rash youth. He
asked him what had impelled him to
do such a brave thing. The reply,
after some hesitation, was as follows:
"Well, colonel, It was just this way:
I am the -worst coward on earth, and
I started to run, and I intended to
keep on running till I got home, but
all of a sudden the face of a little girl
rose before me, and when I saw her
eyes I knew I just had to fight, and
then I waded in and did my best"
Saturday Evening Post.
French Service of SB Tears.
The first thing that distinguishes
the army of France from all others Is
its character of microcosm of the
whole nation, says Paul Bettelheim in
the Nineteenth Century. All classes
are represented, and every French
soldier may hope some day to wield
the marshal's baton which he carries
in his knapsack. France is the only
European country which arms ajl Its
children without distinction, and even
those who choose the army as a ca
reer, and succeed in entering the mili
tary colleges, are bound to enlist for
a period of three years. In accord
ance with the last French army law,
passed in 1889, every Frenchman
serves for twenty-five years. He' en
ters the army at "twenty ae, remains
three years with the colors, and at
twenty-four Joins the first reserve,
where he remains tea years, during
which he is called .out for two train
ings of 'twenty-eight days each. At
thirty-four he enters the territorial
army, where he remains six years, be
ing called out once for a period of
thirteen days. The last six years are
spent with the territorial reserve, a
force specially intended for the de
fense of the country itself.
a Kverv FajnUy.
One of the stories that the late Sen
ator Palmer was fondest of telling had
to do with an aged gentlewoman
bearing the same same as himself,
who lived somewhere down' oa the
eastern shore of Virginia, ia the coaa
ty where Senator Palmer's grand
father was bora. Oae ef the senator's
Washington frieads happeaeal to meet
the old lady down there, ami. asked her
if she were aot a kiaswomaa of his.
She did aot kaow, but thought per
haps she might be. The. gentleman
was of Virglniaa descent was be not,
aad ia the United. States senate? Yes,
she was quite sere he was a kinsman
"Was he ia the army?? ahespkei..
"Tes," answered the senator's friend.
"He to tne army ana
The old lady ra aoslrlve that the.
was n relation.
"But,", west ob the friead, "he wan
general ia the Union army."
The old lady's face fell, but she raj.
"Well,- she said, "you know there's
n blackr sheep in every family."
Washington Post.
Tea rrleeaer JeBersea Davis.
General James H. Wilson was ben
in Illinois and went to West Point la
1856. He graduated just, In time to go
into, the war. After serving la mlaor
capacities he was made a lieutenant
colonel after the battle of Chattanoo
ga. From May to August, 1864, he
commanded the Third Cavalry divi
sion in the Army of the Potomac, and
in October of that year was given
command of the Cavalry Division of
the Mississippi, and was made a brlga-,
dler general In the regular army after
the battle of Nashville. In March and
April, 1865, he led a cavalry expedi
tion into Alabama and Georgia, cap
turing Selma, Montgomery. Columbus
and Macon, and on May 10. 1865, took
prisoner Jefferson Davis, the president
of the confederate states. He was
made a major general of volunteers la
April,' 1865. Jn 1870, after several
years' service in the regular army, he
resigned from the service, since which
time he has been prominent as a
railroad manager In this country and
in China.
A Canadian Victoria Ci
The only Victoria Cross ever won
in Canada was won during the Fenian
Raid under the following circumstan
ces: On the 9th of June, 1866; Priv
ate T. O'Hea of the First battalion of
the Rifle brigade, was one of .an es
cort under Sergeant Hill in charge ef
a railway van containing 2,000 pounds
of ammunition en route from Quebec
to Kingston for the use of the militia
on the frontier. On reaching Dan
ville the van was found to be on fire,
and was hastily pushed down the line
away 'from the station, the inhabi
tants of the neighboring houses flying
in terror. O'Hea ran down to the van,
burst open 'the door, tore away the
covering 'from the ammunition and,
extinguished the fire.
A Soldier er Saint,
Garibaldi has been called not a sol
dier but a saint Most great heroes
have outlived their heroism and their
worshipers have outlived .their wor
ship, but Garibaldi has never been
anything but the unselfish patriot who
wanted everything for his country, but
nothing for himself.- He has been
described, on his return to Italy from
South America, as "beautiful as a
statue and riding like a centaur." "He
was quite a show," said the sculptor
Gibson, "everyone stopping to look at
him." "Probably," said another Eng
lishman, "a human face so like a lion
and still retaining the humanity near
est the image of its Maker, was never
Aran or Cnarlestown Tarn
Charlestown navy yard's area is
more than 100 acres, and Its water
front facilities a mfle in extent "With
the .new ship channel projected for
Boston harbor, the facilities will be
even better for ships of any draft
coming directly to the yard. Again
another advantage which Boston will
always retain. Rear Admiral Sampson
believes, Is that it is the center of an
extremely large population, among
which are the best and most Intelli
gent mechanics in the country. Near
ly all the tools and machinery used
at all yards 'are made in this vicinity,
another advantage by reason of the
workmen's intimacy with them.
MnJ. KaMleaCs Condolence.
After the recent death of John G. B.
Adams Department Commander Peter
D. Smith at Boston received the fol
lowing telegram from the commander-in-chief:
"S.t Louis, Mo., Oct 19, 1900.
"Peter D. Smith, Department Com
' mander of Massachusetts.
"Shocked by telegram, announcing
death of Past Commander-in-Chief
Jack Adams. His loss Is irreparable to
the order. Extend sincere condol
ence of the Grand Army of the Re
public to his family.
'Leo Rassieur,
Baden-FoweU's Marriage Offers.
Soon after the rescue of General
Baden-Powell from Mafeking he re
ceived at least a dozen offers of mar
riage from single or widowed wom
en in England, who were desirous of
partners. Two or three of them rea
lized that they would not be the only
women who made offers and tele
graphed him in order to get their of
fers in first
tost the Feertb. IV g.
A volunteer in the Philippines
wrote to his father, "Send fifty dollars
quick lost another leg." The old
man replied, "As this is the fourth
leg you have lost according to your
letters, you ought to be accustomed
to it by this time and wobble along on
any other legs you may have left."
Was In Maine Explosion.
Lieutenant John Hood, who is In
charge of the sounding for the route
of the' government cable from San
Francisco to Hawaii, Guam and Ma
nila.' was one of the officers on the
Maine when the battleship was blown
np In Havana harbor.
Cracks of.
If ajiathtub has part of its enamel
worn off it it is hard to keep clean.
It is very easy, however, to re-enamel
an old tub at slight expense. Scrub It
first with a strong solution of soda la
water. When perfectly dry apply the
first coat of enamel. Allow this two
days in which to dry, and then put on
the second coat After drying for 24
hours fill the tub with cold water aad
let this stand six hours. Empty, dry
thoroughly and add the third coat of
Miss Jennie C. Powers, who is a
member of a Presbyterian ' Sunday
school ib uermaatowB, re., aaa
presented a gold medal by the
gatioB for what is believed to he the
world's record lp regular attaaeaace.
!she-mwrt to taejKheoKasB baby
ia .her mother's arms, aad 'has aot
missed a single Sunday ia tweaty-flve
A nafaSBor ef the Kansas Aartoal
taral Callage says that the pocket
softer hm Its ran three to fear
laches nneer the surface, catting eel
the roots which happen to lie la Its
path,' hat worst of all It throws P
a caalB of mounds along the ran
which render mowing very dlmcalt
If BBntoleated, this pest will carry on
its depredatloBs to such aa extent that
the flaw will have to, be plowed up.
They aiso feed on alfalfa roots. No
preventive has beea found. Trapping
Buy be employed against them, hat it
Is tedious aad generally uasatlsfac
tory. Poisoning is perhaps the easiest
and most satisfactory method of de
stroyiag; the gopher, aad if properly
done they may be almost entirely ex-
terminated. To poison them, as sooa
as a fresh mound Is seen, get some
potatoes and cut them as they are
usually cut for seed. A bottle of crys
tallised strychnine, which may be ob
tained by any adult at a drug store
at 6$ cents per bottle, should be at
hand. Then, with a pocket knife or
old case knife, silt the pieces and drop
a crystal of strichnlne not larger than
a wheat grain In the slit so it wiU
lodge near the middle of the potato.
The potato being moist, the strych
nine win soon be dissolved and car
ried all through, it, and it should be
used as soon as poisoned. Take a
spade and a wagon rod and tne pota
toes and proceed at once to the "goph
er patch." With the rod poke into
the ground around the fresh hill until
the ran Is located, and open with the
spade. Drop In a potato, cover up and
proceed to the next hllL Gophers are
very fond of potatoes. One dose usual
ly kills the gopher. ' If too much
strychnine is used, or the potatoes are
not used as soon as prepared, the
poison is not so effective. If the field
Is gone over once a week, the old hills
leveled down and the new ones given
a potato, the gophers work will soon
be -very much lessened. Now and then
one will be too smart for the potato
and wili keep at work. Try to trap
Cats la Cold Storage.
The effect of cold upon the capillary
properties of certain animals was
strikingly illustrated in .New York
some time ago, says an exchange. A
warehouse man in Jane street was an
noyed by the ravages of hordes ol
mice. He had little trouble in the
main part of his building, where a
couple of well-trained cats kept the
place tolerably free from the pests,
but in- the cold-storage portion the
mice held full sway. They nibbled
Into packages and boxes, and destroyed
such Quantities of fruits that heroic
measures were necessary. It seemed
rather a cruel experiment, but the
nuisance became so unbearable that
he decided at last to install a cat in
tho ld-8torage, warehouse. Provision
to a vertaia extent was made for her
comfort and she was left to her own
devices and the mice.
.Pussy seemed to flourish, notwith
standing the cold, and in the course of
about a week became the mother of a
fine litter of six kittens. After a time
three of the latter were removed, but
the old cat-and her remaining progeny
were left in their arctic quarters.
When allowed'out it was noticed that
she grew weak and listless. She tot
tered about in an aimless way, as
though all energy and interest in life
were lost As soon, however; as she
was returned to her old quarters she
recovered her vigor and became as
bright and active as usual. -A
curious feature was soon observed
In the kittens. They grew to an lra
mense size, their coats became long
and shaggy, and the fur much coarser
than that of an ordinary cat; it had
also a peculiar tendency to curl. The
feelers, or whiskers, too, grew to near
ly double tho lengtn, so that when
they were placed beside the members
of their own immediate family the
difference was so marked that they
might have easily passed for an en
tirely different breed.
The change took place within three
months, giving a curious example of
hew suddenly and completely nature
will adapt itself to the exigencies of
climate with the young.
Met Alwnys Cholera.
A swine breeder says that it Is hb:
observation that very many of the
sicknesses that are called hog cholera
are not that disease at all. As soon
as a man's hogs fall HI with any
trouble remotely resembling hog
cholera the dreaded disease is at once
reported to be present This man
says that In some cases he has observed-it
has been sickness due to
neglect The owner of the swine im
agined that the only protection the
hogs needed was a wire fence and
gave that to them and no more. As
a result, on cold nights the animals
piled up. Some of them would sleep
very comfortably ail night and In fact
would be altogether too warm. Then
In the morning the cold winds would
strike them and the animals, would
become chilled. The inevitable result
was pneumonia and many deaths. It
is certainly true that proper accom
modations for the swine will elimi
nate many cases of sickness that are
now charged up to hog cholera. No
one questions the prevalence of cholera
among the hogs in some of our states,
but it is certainly true that many
cases that are pronounced cholera by
the owners of- the hogs are not due
to a germ infection at all but to other
Tfce Teang Figs.
As soon as the pigs are weaned giro
them a food that contains both muscle
forming and fat forming ingredients.
Remember that the food they have
been having np to that time was well
balanced and was suited to make both
muscle and fat as well as bone. Do
not yield to the temptation to give a
large proportion of corn meal, though
corn meal may well form a good part
of the ration. But to this should be
added some form of peas, oats, clover,
middlings, bran, and the like, which
will start the pigs in the development
of a good frame and make it possible
for them to form flesh, that will later
be easily finished Into a valuable
ket product.
Favk frens SMmanHlc.'
1 There is no doubt that skim milk is
a great feed for hogs, out sometimes
too mnch is claimed for even skim
milk. When a man claims to "fatten"
hogs on skim milk we confess oar cre
dulity Is stretched to the breaking
.point As Is well known, skim milk Is
rich in the elements that make mascle
aad sinew, but deficient In the ele
ments that make far. Thus, sklmmilk
Is exceUeat for developing the frame
of the pig, but after that some fat-
food moat be teoBgat ia ta
the koga for market Skim
milk Is excellent as a partial ration,
bat nothing is gained by claiming
every virtae for it
en- whe had the pala.
Try Magaetk Starch it will last
longer than aay other.
The hette?' aays will come oaly
yon do yor beet today.
Tea caa BBsnre Feet-
Write today to Allen S. Olmsted, Le
Rey, N. Y., for a free sample of Allen a
Foot-Ease, a powder. Itcaressweating,
damp, awollea, aching feet Makes new
or tight shoes easy. A tertain cure for
Coras aad Baaioas. All druggist and
shoe stares oell it; 25e.
-The mere intensive yoar faith the
more extensive yoar influence.
far the Bowels.
No matter what alls you. headaehe
ta a cancer, you will never get well
until yoar bowels are put right
CASCARET3 help nature, cure you
without a gripe or pain, produce easy
natural movements, cost you. just 10
cents to start getting your health hack.
CASCARETS Candy Cathartic, the
geauiae. put op ia metal boxes, every
tablet has C. C. C. stamped en it Be
ware of imitations.
The church without a prayer meet
ing is a body without a heart
lake LaXATiva Baono Quismb Tablkts. AH
Ironists refund the money if It falls to care.
E. W.Grore'a signature is ob the box. 25c
Some people would
find fault in
Fabkbb's Ham Balsa la the farorlte for
the hair sad isssslsa Its life aad color.
uixaaaooB. the bast cars for corns. Ucta.
We are determined; other people arc
Drags hare their ase. Bat don't store them la
yoar stosaaeh. Beesaan'a Pepsin Gnu aids the
aataral forces to perform their functions.
It is hard to look pleasant 1b too
tight shoes.
Pirn's Care for Consumption la aa iafalltble
medicine for congas and colds. N. W. Sabcsx,
Ocean Grove, N. J., Fab. VT. isoa
The best way to keep an umbrella is
never to lend it
There Is a Class ef People
Who are injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed in all
the grocery stores a newpreparation
called GRAIN-O, made of pure grains,
that takes-the place of coffee. The most
delicate stomach receives ,lt without
distress, and but few can tell it from
coffee. It does not cost over one-fourth
as much. Children may drink it with
great benefit 15 cents and 25 cents
per package. Try It Ask for GRAIN-O.
Some people are willing to be good
if paid for it and others are good for
Thanksgiving Dinner
Is recommended by all physicians and
so is Garfield Tea, as it cleanses the
system and purifies the blood.
Many a man has got into a peck of
trouble by trying to hide his light
under a bushel.
Leave Kansas City via the M. K. &
T. Ry. every Saturday at 9:05 p. m.
for San Antonio, Los Angeles and San
Francisco. First Sleeper leaves Kan
sas City, Nov. 3rd.
A man likes to Le told he Is hand
some even If he knows he Is not.
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
A prominent druggist says that men
use more hair dyes than women.
Best Publlshed-FRKE.
J. W. GUNNELS, Toledo, Ohio
Don't say "rubber neck;" "celluloid'
is the latest and most polite form.
Each package of PUTNAM FADE
LESS DYES colors either Silk. Wool
or Cotton perfectly.
The care of one's clothes has much
to do with a well-dressed appearance.
Stats or Ohio, crrr or Toledo, ,
Lucas Cotnrrr, f
Fran J. Cheney makes oath that he Is the
senior partaer of the una of F. J. Cheney ACo.,
doing business in tho City of Toledo. County
and State aforesaid, aad tLat said Hrm will pay
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cared by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6ta day of December. A. D. 188&
iq... i AW. GLEASON.
SBALJ Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Core is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, a
Sold by Druggists. Tic
HaU's FamUy Puis are the best.
Twenty-five per cent of the shares in
American railways, are owned in Ens
land. Btrs. WlnsleWs Soothing Syren
for children teething, softens the gams, redsees ts
SsmsMtlon. sllsys sata.cnws wlaa colic 2Je a bottle-
Belgian Africa, the Congo State, has
'an area of 850,000 square miles.
The Cosmos ef lSee.
A booklet giving the population ot
nil cities of the United States of 25,000
and over according to the census of
1900, has just been Issued by the Pas
senger department of the Chicago,
Milwaukee ft St Paul Railway, and a
copy of it may be obtained by sending
your address, with two-cent stamp to
pay postage, to the General Passenger
Agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee ft St.
Paul Railway, Chicago, )ll.
- Modern statesmen sometimes
take patronage for patriotism.
If you have not tried Magnetic Starch
try it now. You will then use no other.
Sleepless Vigilance,
A Vermont lawyer sent to a client a
.bill containing the following item:
"For waking np in the night to think
over your case, SO cents."
The value ef a paiafal piety
Stomach, Liver,
and Bowel
For Sato fey All
1 Wed iPirtt Tiaftv
JltttlMmt POTM
Colonel T. P.
a prominent
JCnlATht Tnmrnar. U-well
evenr citv hm the Cnlted States
Bnalo.-N "T.r-as s,-Jewelerw - A
ttoaeer. Ia the city of Chicago as a
prominent lodge man, -being a mem
ber of the K. T.'s aad also ef the
Masoas. The cut' shows' CotofMl
Moody la the costume of the Oriental
Coasistory Maroas. 32d degree.
Ia a recent letter from 5Sf Mkal
gaa avenue. Chicago, HI, Mr. Moody
says t&e following:
-Ftrmr twtmiyitrw
awvtrBJrem mlikimtomii
cimmmnd kmv bm
Uklm4s of 4octon, m
of murmcqmaiatmacm
ia dUUrent mmrifttkm Ci
Stmtm, when Ihmv travel, bat
tka relief warn oaly temparmry,
aadl a little aver a year age
arasamt time I am Utter taam I
for tweatyy
aca aatlrely aatt Lam free ft
iatfigeetioa an44yammemamlwtil
say to mil who are trouble wkM
catarrh or stomach trouble at amy
hiaa eToa'tput It off ami mutter,
bat begia to take Permaa tight
awayVaad keep it ap matU yam
are cared, as you surety wUI be it
yom persevere?
"My wife, as many in the southwest
caa say, was troubled with a bad cough
and bronchial trouble, aad doctors all
over the country gave her up to die.
as they could do nothing more for her.
She began taking Peruna with the re
sult that she is better aow than she
has been; In years, and her cough has
almost left her entirely. The soreness
has left her lungs and she is as well
as she ever was in her life, with
thanks, as she says, to Peruna. Tours
very truly, T. P. Moody.
Catarrh In Its various, forms Is rap
idly becoming a general cursed Ab
undoubted remedy has been discov
ered by Dr. Hartman. This remedy has
been thoroughly, tested during the past
forty years. Prominent men have
come to know of its virtues, and are
making public utterances on the sub
ject To save the country we must
save the people. To save the people
we must protect them from disease.
The disease that is at once the most
prevalent and stubborn of cure Is ca
tarrh. If one were to make a list of the
different names that have beea ap
plied to catarrh in different locations
and organs, the result would be as-
by theTrast.
X . a is B, BBBBBBj
T JJJsBbbBB JJVmL gBBBBmrlailk
I Notasadc
! Nature's Delicious Breakfast Food
Good to eat the year 'round by all the family.
Received the diploma at the 1899 Iowa State Fair over all
oempetitors. 'Once tried, always used. Price 15 cents for a
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He who lacks time
lacks time to. mend.
to make also
as a rule find V ry dif
ficult to get tip their linen
in a satisfactory manner,
chiefly owing; to the
of inferior starches. By
using; flacaetic Starch
yon will find it a simple
matter to turn out as
good work as the best
steam laundries. Your
grocer sells it. Tryitonce.
It costs only 10c a pack
age. Insist on getting
Promotes Good Digestion
saPSaBB&h,, I
taSBnnnnnBeiB'. unv
-.BBnnnnnnnnTC Bb 'li'
eBBnwHrSnnnnnnVv B
jB nBSEftK
"WbbP S ganr aBnnnnnnnnnnnannrB
t LX VnaaBaf
t sannnnnnnnnnna3SK
1 in
aVvBjggMavaMnaU mumfmaaumm
f!$Ss$SEmml8Jm cmmm
Celeaol T. P. Moody, ef CHcage, Issnt
Canarrk Tweaty.five Years asm -WaeCiHcdhyPerBaa.
tonishing. We have often published
a partial list of these names, and the '
surprise caused by the first publication
of it to all people, both professional
and non-professional, was amusing.
And yet we havo never enumerated all
of the diseases which are classed aa
catarrh. It must be confessed.- how
ever, to see even this partial list drawn
up In battle array is rather appalling.
If the reader desires to see this list,'
together with a short expceltioa of
each oae. send for our free catarrh
book. Address The Peruna Medicine)
Co., Columbus. Ohio.
in Iowa from the finest Iowa
by our patent process, remov
ing" from the wheat all impurities and
indigestible substances and retaining;
all the gluten and nitrogenous
and phosphatic elements which
make perfect health, bones and
sntaFsnnTQIstann W.MBnUUHL
fj tsSsRlncfpaJBrtmlnar u.3. Paneloa Bureau.
BJ 3 rrs in eiril war. IS nditnli, alma claim, atty sinew
nDADfiV "Ew BtSCOVERY; gire
1lfVr ) qaJckreltefandcuresworst
book or testimonials and is bats treatmest
a. a. a. axH-s sens. s.xB,
"ZTZtTmmiimrt Eft Wat.
hmus couassm currs
sue raws or iws stakh
MnMUFArniarn naiiv av
ammmmw mariafasmJ
yp tlTB I
It Cleanses the Sys
tem and Purifies
the Blood.
if ;
vtisCl - -
"Z rZX
- . T