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by The Steiu-Iiioch C
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Then we have those Clay aad. tiersaaa Worsted. A
Suits at $10, $12.50, $15, $18 and $20.
They are something unsurpassed for STYLE and FIT
ami genuine fabric just the article for a Weslwiag
It' just'the time for Fall Overcoats. Drop in and
quiz us about our Top Coats. We have them
at $9, $10, $12, and up to $20.
Then it's not too early to think about heavier Over
coats. In a Men's' Kersey, black or blue, we can
fit you out at $7.50, $10, $12.50, $15 and $18.
For style and excellency in quality there's nothing
better on the market than our Men's Oxfferfl
Overcoats, ranging in price from $2 to $22.
BY THE WAY, have you thought about the
RaiHy Day. We mean one of those cold and
ugly rainy days, that come along during the fall
and early winter, when a Macaiatosk feels so
comfortable? We have them ranging in price
from $3 to $18.
Henry Eagatz & Co.,
ax tjs
C9TRi6Hi isor
''-ifaUwaU Bl c
aVtaTlTI 11 ii
Groceries, Crockery,
Glassware, Lamps, Etc.,
Is more complete than ever and invite one and all to come in aad inspect it. 'All
'-. of the leading STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES are to be fomnd in our store,
. including all of the latest novelties, and we offer, for the first time in Columbus,
- the famous FERNDALE CANNED FRUITS and VEGETABLES which are ab
solutely the best.
Jn "fine Teas and Coffees, Chase & Saxbobn's, as usual, take the lead. We
sell the celebrated Log Cabin Maple Syrup and warrant it to be the best
Yon will find onr Qaeensware and Lamp department very complete and can
easily find what you want. Persons buying in large quantities will do well to call
on as as we have the right goods and will make the prices right. Careful atten
tion and courteous treatment accorded to all.
a-fc Jiltphni No. 26,.
Eleventh Street,' - Columbus, Nebraska.
Columbus Journal.
Wheat, c? bushel 58
" winter 55
'Corn, shelled bushel . . . 26
Barley, "& bushel 30
Oats, bushel 18
Rye $ bushel 35
Hugs-V cwL 4 25 4 40
Fat cattle-Vcwt 3 00 4 25
Potatoes bnshel 4045
Butter t) 1518
Eggs dozen 18
.. Markets corrected every Tuesday af
ternoon. Mielenz for best photos.
. Dr. Nauinann, dentist, Thirteenth
street, tt
New goods, new, neat and clean.
Herrick. 3t
Blank farm leases for sale at Thk
JocaxAb office, tt
Dr. Baker, physician and surgeon,
'office Olive street. tf
Fifteen cases of scarlet fever are re
ported at Fremont.
Dr. L. C. Voas, Homeopathic physi
cian, Columbus, Neb.
Dr. C. II. Gietzen, dentist, in Bar
ber block, Thirteenth street lm
Drs. Martyn, Evans k Gear, oMce
three doors north of Friedhofs store, tf
Chicago Inter Ocean and Columbus
Jockxal, one year, in advance $1.75. tf
David Carrig of Platte Center was a
county seat visitor Friday on business.
For fine watch repairing, call on
Carl Froemel, 11th St, Colambus, Neb.
Mrs. M. J. Russell has gone to Chi
cago to settle up the estate of a daugh
ter. Do not fail to see onr 8-foot gahraa
iaed steel mill for $32.00. A. DnsBsll k
Son- tt
, S. E. Marty started Friday for Chi
cago, called thither by the illness of his
Dr. Naumann extracts more teeth
painless than any other person in this
county. tf
Bring us your orders for job-work.
They will receive prompt and carefal
Cleveland will be the first city in
Ohio to nse voting machines, says the
Cadis (O). Sentinel.
Jisa Frazier has returned from a
ks' trip into Holt coaaty, when
i bayiaff and shippiag cattle.
1 Tour AtientioL.
that we sell CLOTHING at the
same price as the "cheap tailor," and
give better material. We sell cloth
ing of the same material as the high
priced tailor, and sell at lower
prices. For instance: Our ele
gant lot of Men's 8uits in FaaejT
Stripes at $7.50, $10, $13.50
aid $15 will fit like a "taHar
aie." - . . .
A Careful Groceryman
fills your orders with precision and
promptness. We not only do that, but
we fill them with the choicest and best
quality in this line that can be procured.
We are expert judges of
and our i'aaaea1 Goads and Table
Delicacies we procure from the most
reliable and best manufacturers.
Snow Saturday.
C. K. Davies of Silver Creek was in
the city Friday.
George Speer of Norfolk was in the
city Friday, on business.
William Moore has ninety acres of
winter wheat up and looking fine.
Genoa schools have been closed the
past two weeks on account of diphtheria.
Dr. McKean's method of making
alnniinnni plates places them on an
equality with gold.
C. G. Hardy was at Leigh last week
putting np storm windows that be had
manufactured here.
Dussell & Son have the contract for
the plumbing on Attorney Critchfield's
residence at Fnllerton.
Remember onr 16x20 portrait
frames; we sell at $1.00. Canvassers
sell at $2.50. Herrick. 4t
A social was held at the home of
Mrs. Thomas Thursday evening for the
United Brethren church.
William Dolaad is suffering at home
with a crippled right foot, caased from
a sprain while at hk work.
Mrs. E. H. Chambers entertained
members of the Episcopal church choir
at her home Friday evening.
When yon wish good, neat, clean
handsome work done in the line of
printing, call at Tn Joubhai. oflce.
Bring yonr orders for job-work to
this oSce. Satisfaction guaranteed, and
work promptly done, as agreed npon.
The Sisters of St Francis Academy
gave a supper to the members of the
Catholic church choir, Sunday evening.
Dr. J. C. Clark, dentist, fine gold
fillings; crown and bridge work a spec
ialty. Oflce in North block, Thirteenth
street tf
Wsa. Schilx makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, aad naes only the very
best stock that can be procared in the
market tf
There will be a Thanksgiving ser
vice at St Boaaveatara'a Catholic
charchinthis city, Tharsday morning
at 9 o'clock.
A. W. Armstrong received word last
week of the death of his brotker-ia-law,
Robert Moon, at Bueaa, California, the
Blanch, little danghter of Mr. aad
Mrs. Wsa, Da weea, celebrated her birth
day annivstsnry fcp entertaining a few
friends Saturday.
-Kil 1n Wi are always to
the front with new tkiaejs new colors,
white, fancy and hjht shsdss, fitted to
yonr hand aad
Owing to failing health I am
pelted to sell my livery outfit Will be
sold at a bargain if taken soon. Inquire
at bam. W. N. LauaHUOB.
Formerly Baker's barn.
The A. O. H. will give a ball Thars
day evening.
J. H. Johannes, editor of the Biene,
was in Omaha, Lincoln aad Beatrice last
Friday aad 8atarday. -
George Berney returned home Sat
urday from Switzerland, where he had
been the past six months.
In order to clean up' oar immsnss
winter stock, we will reduce the prices
that will make you bay. J.C.Fillman.1
Beginning with December 1st, we
will close out everything in the line of
trimmed hate at cost Mrs. Eva Mar
tin. 1
Spillman Rigga is to give the second
entertainment of the High school coarse,
at the opera house Saturday night, De
cember 1.
Pillow tops, battenberg materials,
fascinators, silk mittens and a nice line
of straight front corsets' at Mrs. Eva
Martin's. 1
Charles B. Jscobs, son of Daniel
Jacobs of David City, is dead. He was
a soldier in Manila, enlisting in Co. F,
39th Infantry.
S. A. McFarland is heating his saloon
and opera house at Lindsay with steam
beat and regards it much cheaper than
aay other kind.
W. D. Askine of Lincoln was here
several days last week. He thought he
might come back here to live, some time
in the near future.
John Doersch of Neboville, who has
been in Europe the past three months,
was to sail from Bremen, Germany, for
home this Tuesdsy.
In all Columbus no-values equal
ours. The grandest exposition of new
fsll designs ever shoajn here, now to be
seen at J. C. Fillman's. tf
We have put in stock the finest line
of couches west of Omaha. The neat
est indestructible couch made. Call
and see them. Herrick. ' 2t
Married, November 20, at the Mer
idian hotel, this city, by Rev. William
Hauptman of Genoa, Thomas Hosre snd
Miss Fsnnie V. Thomazin.
New soft-top mattresses any size at
$1.90; iron beds $2.75; springs for same
$1.50. These are new, clean goods, not
mixed with old goods. Herrick. 2t
L. F. Gottschalk, who was em
ployed in engineering work for the Un
ion Pacific in Wyoming the past year, is
st home again, and expecta to stay.
Arthur Stull left yesterday morning
for Chicago to visit his father who is still
very sick at s -hospital in that city but is
somewhat improved. Osceola Record.
Committees are at work for the Fifth
Annual ball of the W. Y. Biseell hose
team, Christmas night December 25.
Doubtless they will have a grand success.
The corn crop in Polk county is a
large one. At present, all the old
cribs are full, and many new ones are
being built .to hold corn yet to be husked.
Funeral services for Lucile, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs.E..J. Meays were
held at the residence of the parents
Wednesdsy last, Rev. Corey officiating.
The remains of David M. Erskine
(who died at Norfolk), passed through
the city yesterday to St Paul, J. E.
Erskine and family accompanying from
Invitations are out for the marriage
next Wednesday evening of Miss Nellie
Post eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.
M. Post to Mr. Howard A. Clarke of
Fixun fob Saul Jumbo, high pat
ent; James, .No. II; B. B., half patent
Baled hay and feeda of all kinds, de
livered to sny part of the city. Conley
& Geiser. tf
J. D. Stires has moved his lsw office
to the rooms on Olive street recently oc
cupied by W. T. McKean. J. M. Curtis
has moved into the rooms vacated by
Mr. Stires.
acter to deliver aad collect ia Nebraska for old
established manafactBiiac wholesale boase.
SS00 a year, sure pay. Honesty more tbaa expe
rience roqnired. Oar reference, aay baBk ia aay
city. Enclose self-addressed stamped envel
ope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dearborn
St,, Chicago. 12mch
The Humphrey Democrat says that
Mr. and Mrs. John Eimers expect to
leave for California the first of next
month, where they will make their home
in the future.
A 240-acre, also an 80-acre farm,
both well improved, between Humph
rey and Creston, are for sale for a short
time. Enquire of Becher, Hockenber
ger& Chambers. 3t
Envelopes with yonr return card
printed on them, for 60 cents a single
hundred; for larger quantities, and dif
ferent grades, call at Tn Jouknal
office for prices.
Wanted, man to deliver and collect
in Colnmbns, and vicinity. Salary $60
per month. Reference and security re
quired. Address L. A. Warren, 80 Brow
nell Block, Lincoln, Nebr. 2
Knowledge is wsnted of the where
sboats of Fred. Jndson, his father hav
ing died recently at Fnllerton, leaving a
valaable estate, a share of which the
young man is entitled to receive.
Foa Raarr. In a few days, the rooms
now occupied by Dr. Daealer, furnished
or nnfnrniahed; also other furnished
rooms with board. Seasonable rates.
Mrs. C. Cashing, Eleventh street
Jadge Griauson has held that jus
tices have jurisdiction in eases of assault
or assaalt and battery only aa examining
magistrates, can impose no fine, but
simply bind over to the district court
Rev. Webster from Central City will
preach at the Methodist church this
Tuesday evening. The first masting of
the Evangeliatie Rally. Meetings will
contiane throughout Wednesday, No
vember 28.
HERBINE sweetens "the breath,
brightens the eyes and clears the com
plexion without the slightest ill effects
whatever, and ensures the natural bloom
of health. Pries, 5$ cents. A. Heiatz
and Pollock k Co.
Saturday last the literary depart
ment of the Woman's dab met with Miss
8heldoe, and after aa
Thanksgiving program, sad
which the titles of books
ted by object npon a table, (Mm Dr.
ias fergmessmgX
Wnrdemaaw fifty heavy hogs,
making quite a lengthy wagon train
Monday morning, were purchased by
Wiggins A Lewis, the well-known deal
ers northeast corner of Olive and Ele
venth streets.
Missed from my premises on election
day. a bay horse weighing about 1400
pounds; black mane aad tail. Any one
knowing of bis whereaboata will confer
n favor by informing W. T. .Ernst,
Cdumbas postonVe. 2
I have recently had a telephone pat
inmy house aad any one wishing fresh
cut lowers can have them on short
notice by telephoning to No. 95. Also,
take orders over the long distance tele
phone. Mrs. A. J. Smith. 1
Frank Boettcher is home to spend
Thanksgiving. Frank has a position in
the machine shops st Cheyenne, Wyo.
He aaya Dave Smith ia insistent fore
man, and wishes to be remembered to
nil his old Columbus friends.
removes the unhealthy tissue npon
which worms thrive; it brings, and
quickly, a healthy condition of body,
where worms cannot exist Price, 25
cente. A. Heintx and Pollock k Co.
Never try to coax a cold or cough,
use the remedy that unfailingly con
quers both. BALLARD'S HORE
HOUND SYRUP ia the great specific
for all throat and lung troubles. Price,
25 and SO cents. A. Heintx and Pollock
A Co.
Will. Hensley is enjoying n week's
visit with his home folks, expecting to
return today or tomorrow to hie duties
at the auditor'a oMce, Union Pacific
headquarters, Omaha. He had an oper
ation on bis left eye and has been using
a bandage over it
Mra. Burke, aged 65-years, wife of
M. Burke, one of the old settlers on
Shell creek, died Tuesdsy and was bur
ied Thursday of last week, services
being held in St Bonaventura Catholic
church at 10:30. She leaves a husband.
two daughters and one son to mourn her
We ommitted last week to mention
the inspection of Union Camp No. 134,
Sons. of Voterana. Colonel CO. Stull
of Osceola was the officer. When the
members of the G. A. R. post arrived st
the hall they were given a surprise in
the ehspe of a fine lunch. All had a
good time. -
Mrs. G. B. Speioe and Mrs. Robert
Wagner entertained the members of the
ladies Orpheus society Friday evening
to a card party in the Orpheus hall.
Louis Brunken won the gentleman's
prize, a box of cigars, and Mra. Gre
gorious won the lady's prize, a china cup
and saucer.
J. N. Heater came np from the south
last week and visited friends at 8t Ed
ward. While at St Louis, Mo., the other
night at a republican ratification, it grat
ified him a good deal to note the atten
tion bestowed upon Nebraska. Every
once in a while would come a transpar
ency "What's the matter with Nebraska?
She's all right!"
Miss Maud Miller of this city and
Mr. Leroy Hanson of Cedar Rapids were
married Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
at the home of the bride's parents, Rev.
Corey officiating. Mr. David Boyd of
this city and Miss Ethel McCombs of
Grand Island, acting as groomsman and
bridesmaid. The couple went Monday
to Cedar Rapids, where they will
their future home.
Many people are suffering fearfully
from indigestion or dyspepsin, when one
single bottle of HERBINE would bring
about n prompt and permanent cure. A
few doses will do more for n weak stom
ach than a prolonged course of sny oth
er medicine. Price, 50 cents. A. Heintz
and Pollock k Co.
Central City bad a big ratification
meeting and among the special features
was refreshments, given out in a thous
and "full dinner pails" which were passed
smong the audience, and it waa intended
that every one should get n pail contain
ing a Japanese napkin, two sandwiches,
a doughnut and an apple, which with
coffee provided a very comfortable lap
supper, says the Nonpareil.
Heart socials are getting to be the
proper thing. Paper hearts are num
bered, placed on a wall, one at a time,
and the gentlemen desiring to wound a
heart, are given aCupid'abowandarrow,
required to stand ten feet nway and
shoot Twenty-five cente, first venture,
ten cents each subsequent attempt The
numbers on the hearts correspond with
the numbers in the lunch baskets.
Say, have you noticed those swell
Box and Automobile coats so many
ladies are wearing? Well we sold most
of them, and have a few left, but what
we wanted to tell you was that we have
bought a lot of last year'a jackets, just a
little different from thin year's styles,
and aay, you can get them at one-half
the price. Good sensible costs, worth
$10 for $5. Ask to see them. F. H.
Lamb A Co.
An explosion in Jacob's shoe store at
Madison Saturday, startled business men
in nesrby buildings. A half hour after
the fire was lighted there was a load
report followed by pieces of iron. A
torpedo, similar to those need on rail
roads, had fallen in the coal and it ex
ploded, tearing the atove ia pieces. The
doable firebox waa wrecked, the doors
knocked off and several lengths of pipe
were flattened.
We have just received a new sample
line of strictly nil-wool carpete, which
we are selling at 50,55, 60 and 65 cents n
yard, also new patterns of linoleuma
from GO cents n square yard upward; a
new line of window shades, best opaque
at 25 cente each, in plain colors. Men's,
ladies' aad children's fleece-bned under
wear and hose, at the very lowest prices
in the city. Thebest quality of standard
caliooa at 5 cente a yard. We pay yon
the highest price for eggs. The Fair.
-John a 8precher of Schuyler was in
the city Saturday. He will hare the dis
tinction of serving our neighboring
county of Colfax ia the next legislatare.
Being a former republican, he has of
coarse many elemeate of good principles
in his make-up, aad the public eaa con
fidently expect good work from him, at
least along non-partisan linen, Whan
parties are about evenly divided in n
deliberative assembly, the minority have
n batter opportunity for faithfally serv
hnxthn pubhe, than when tan awjority
learned to be
For all fresh cute or wounds, either
on the hnrnaa subject or on animals,
cellent; while for eera-huakera' sprained
wrists, barbed-wire cats and sores on
working hnrsss, it cannot be too highly
commended. Pries, 25 and 50 osate.
A. Heinta and PoUook k Co.
There is probably no dint ass store
distressing sad annoying than piles.
MENT ia daily curing eases of years'
standing of itching aad bleeding piles.
The enre begins on the first application
a little perseverance makes the cure
compute. Price, 50 cente in bottles.
Tubes, 75 cente. A. Heinte aad Pol
lock Co.
Thirty yeara ago it was not an un
common sight in Columbus to see the
pipe of peace passed around from Indian
to white man, indiscriminately, but last
Saturday one white man met another at
a street comer, aad taajag a freshly
lighted agar out of his mouth, placed it
in that of hia friend. Customs change
somewhat, but human nature ia much
the same ia all generations.
The Monroe Looking Glass gives a
description of n fine new stable recently
built by H. J. Hendryx, and remarka
farther: "Thee he baa a horse (present
ed by s wealthy friend in Chicago) that
can take the breath from an ordinary
man when he saakes a brush, be is n bay
aad has a record of 2:23. We imagine
Mr. Hendryx will be fixed to enjoy him
self if his business does not keep him
too busy.'
- In? District court Judge Grimison
presiding, Mrs. J. O. Fillman waa granted
a divorce, with the residence property in
this city; n quarter section of land in
Butler county snd a section of land in
Boone county. The 8tate vs. Thandel,
charged with burglary, jury disagreed.
In Gillespie vs. Hollersn, plaintiff given
lesve to file amended petition in ten
days. McAllister vs. Reins, on trial
Tuesday morning.
Word waa received here Sunday
morning of the death Saturday night,
1030, of D. M. Erskine, of St Paul, after
an affliction of sixteen years, the last two
of which he was totally disabled. He
was 50 yeara old and for fifteen years had
been a traveling salesman for Paxton k
Gallagher of Omaha. He waa an elder
brother of our townsman, J. E. Erskine,
who has the sympathy of all hia acquain
tance in his bereavement
One of the jurors who was out all
night on the case of the State against
Julius Thandel, in one of the small jury
rooms of onr present court house, aaya
be would be more than willing to stand
hia share of the tax for a new court
house, and he ia a large land owner in
the county. It is estimated that a levy
amounting to V cento an acre would
produce a fund of $45,000, saying nothing
of a levy on personal property.
Jacob Trimpi, jr., 18-years-old, was
fined $10 snd costs Saturday for dis
turbing the peace. The evidence showed
that he threw a piece of broken plate
and struck Mrs. Baumgartner in the
temple making a wound from which she
bled profusely. The woman had in her
arms an eight-months-old child at the
time, and had the missile struck 2he
child the result might have been fatal.
In default of payment the lad was com
mitted to the county jail.
-In the
case 'of the State vs. R C
Fitzsimmons the case was dismissed in
district court Friday on a technicality.
The defendant was charged with dis
posing of mortgaged property and on
examination by Justice Hudson he was
bound over to the district court. Fitz
simmons was at once re-arrested on a
warrant issued by Justice Curtis, snd
the examination was continued until
December 14, 1900, the witnesses fur
nishing recognizance in the sum of $100
and the defendant in the sum of $200.
We find the following paragraph in
a late number of the Seward Blade. It
shows that we have a Chief Justice who
(besides being good at the law), is not
averse to a line of pleasurable business
that be has doubtless found profitable:
"Judge Norval won seven first and three
second premiums at the state fair on bis
Barred and Buff Plymouth Bocks and
White Wyandottes. He has 1,000 thor
oughbred cockerels and pullets, which, to
make room, he offers at low prices for a
abort time. They will cost more later
HOLIDAY' GOODS are now ready
for your inspection, snd we flatter our
selves that we can please you with our
complete stock of fascinators, handker
chiefs and gents' furnishings. We aim
to keep up with the procession in all the
various lines we handle, and our low
prices insure quick'sales and a new and
up-to-date line of goods on our shelves
st all times. Blankets, from 50c op.
Outing flannelettes at lowest prices.
Call and inspect our stock cf dry goods,
groceries, boots and shoes. Ascot k
A few weeks since the Enterprise
had occasion to refer to the presence of
Mr. H. H. Hake, a auccessful and prom
went citiaen of Omaha. Thia gentleman
has returned 'to Cody and htvisiting with
CoL Cody. It is with pleasure that we
.learn that Mr. Hake will very probably
be identified with Cody in a financially
responsible manner, a piece of informa
tion very acceptable in a business wsy
aad also in n personal manner by the
hosts of friends this very affable gentle
man has secured through his unaffected
and genial conduct during hia present
and former visits. Cody (Wyoming)
Mr. snd Mrs. M, Vogel were given n
pleasant surprise by the Maennerehor
society in their hall, test Friday evening,
the occasion being the . Twenty-fifth
annivstasry of their wedding. Mr. and
Mra. Vogel were married twenty-five
yeara ago in Indiaaapolia, coming to
Columhns, where they were in business
on Eleventh street for twenty years.
Friday evening Mr. and Mra. Graf and
Mrs. Greissn were sent aa delegates to
bring them to the hall, where they found
about two hundred friends waiting them.
An they entered the Maennerehor sang a
Carl Sonde, in behalf of
presented them a
china set, ssonnted in silver.
The City Band waa present daring a por
tion of the eveeuag. aad furnished maaic
for these who wished to dance, and aa
served in the west
Mr. and Mrs. Vogel have two chil-
- -.
ef .
.The Bhrk
foot hall
practicing daily
the game with the
There will- be an schawl em Friday fol
lowiag .Thaaksginng, it being a aUte
provision that the day be n hwiniay.
The students
placed a hast ef
in the
a eantribntien.
Hear Spills
the ft
huutorist ni the
85 and 50
evening, Dan. 1st
Miaa 8teUa Elliott, who ia teaching
near St Edward, pssssd through Colum
bus Saturday ea route to Omaha for a
week's visit
The monthly teachers'' meeting, which
was to be held last Friday afternoon, did
not occur on account of the sickness of
Prof. Williams.
Jack Neusaarker went to Central City
weuneaaay to referee n root bull game
between the Genoa Indiana and the
Grand Inland High school team. The
score was 23 to 5 in favor of the Indians.
He reports n very enjoyable time.
Koon To Mra. A. L. Kooa, Thnrsdsy
November 22, s
- Cart af Tnaikj.
We desire to express our heartfelt
thanks to the. neighbors snd friends who
so kindly assist sd daring the last sick
ness aad burial of our' darling little
Mb. axd Mas. E. J. Meats.
A Joukmxi reporter happening to
remark that two unnsual occurrences
had been noticed st the Union Pacific
waiting-room Wednesdsy last, a man
with n high stove-pipe hat, and a woman
(here it pleased the nine ladies to ask
the privilege of guessing, which they at
once proceeded to doss follows:) bald
head, spectaclea, pipe, bloomers, ear
rings, poodle dog, monkey, snuff,' bottle
of schnapps, satchel, lunch bag, snake,
limburger cheese, dress pocket, big bag
of money, sack of candy, ring in the
nose, automobile coat. Now there are
twenty of the things mentioned as
thought by this company of ladies, and
we know there were quite a number
more, but the article was still unguess
ed. It only shows what ladies consider
aa unusual Can you guess any closer?
The general meeting of the Woman's
clnb will be held with Miss Ethel Gal
ley next Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Par
liamentary drill. Mm. Brindley, leader;
response to roll' call, musical quotations.
Program Beading of Analyses, Mrs.
McAllister; piano duet; "Unfinished
Symphony," Schubert, Mesdames Geer
and Garlow; vocal solo, "When to Thy
Vision," Gounod, Mrs. Naumann; piano
solo, "Song Without Words." Mendel
ssohn, Mrs. Voss; vocal duet, "Wan
derer's Night Song,"Bubenatein, Mes
dames Garlow and Farrand; piano solo,
Impromptu Op. 142, No. 2, Schubert,
Mrs. McAllister; vocal duet, "Cold
Blown the Blast," Mendelssohn, Mes
dames Freidig and Heinte; piano solo,
Polonaise Op. 26, No. 7, Chopin, Mrs.
Jseggi; vocal solo, "The Wanderer,"
Schubert, Miss Galley; piano solo, An
dante and Variations, Schubert, Miss
The weather department at Lincoln
issues statedly reports concerning the
weather; in the last we find the following
which will be interesting to Nebraska
readers of Tot Jocbxal: "September
was a very favorable fall month in most
parte of the state; continued dry weather
in the southwestern section waa rather
unfavorable. The heavy reins in' the
eastern part of the state injured some
hay and grain, bnt the total damage was
small. No damage resulted from frosts.
A large amount of grain was sown in the
southern counties. The grain came up
well and was in excellent condition at
the end of the month. October was an
exceptionally favorable month for the
germination and growth of fall sown
grain. Considerable winter wheat was
sown during the month. The total
acreage of winter wheat sown is unusu
ally large, and the crop is now in exceed
ingly fine condition. The wet weather
in the southeastern portion of the state,
together with the high temperature, waa
not so favorable for corn. Husking was
retarded and in the areas of heaviest
rainfall an unusually large number of
moldy and rotten ears were found when
the corn was gathered. Conditions have
been favorable generally for fall plowing.
The pastures continued good during the
month. No damage resulted from the
killing frosts, ss practically all vegeta
tion waa matured before the occurrence
of a severe frost."
A Jourhai. reader is inclined to
question a practice of city teachers in
their markings ss to "deportment" and
"application." being of the opinion that,
on a basis of 100 for perfection, a pupil
marked 100 in "application," could not
justly be rated so low ss 60 in "deport
ment." He calls attention to the fol
lowing paragraph in the Lincoln Jour
nal of Friday:
The secretary of the navy dismissed a
cadet at Annapolis last week for copy
ing the theme of another student and
saying it waa hia own. Fifty-six mem
bers of his clsss who petitioned the sec
retary to pardon the- "gouger," aa he ia
called ia cadet parlance, were all placed
on the "third conduct grade" for their
pains. This means that they will have
"liberty" bat once in four weeks. The
moral effect of such discipline will
doubtless he plainly visible hereafter.
To tell the tenth is the first requirement
either in the army or navy.
It may be remarked that the military
ia more strict than the civil, and the de
gree of aaverity which is perhaps very
necessary in the "regular" asrvice,would
not be acceptable to the volunteer ser
vice, aad would not be tolerated in our
ordinary public schools. Doubtless the
ruling principle with them is: the larg
est liberty, onanist ant with the average
public opinion of the community.. The
secretary of the navy, in the ease cited,
dismissed a pupil for "copying," and
reprimanded fifty-six others for asking
pardon for the one. Bnt in civil life,
yon cannot he quite so strict sa that
the teaareof osaesof the ruler of the
school-room is too uncertain aad
cam to justify it
visited the BBHBHPnPB9
t examine- BawawawawawawawaSSBSnwaaPPiS
team w awnuammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
: awawawawawawawawawawawawaw
of the ) B
Menart awaTiwnwnwnwnwaJwnwnwaawH
Whore are You Bmyimc Your
Hardware, Implements, Wag
ons and Fine Carriages?
Didn't you know that EASTON carrjes the largest stock ia
Platte county ? He buys most of his goods ia carload lota,
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Thanking you for your liberal patronage and soliciting a
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st P
George Scott was in Omaha Friday.
Dr. Martyn was at Fullerfon Friday.
Frank Woods was in Seward Thursday.
Rev. and Mrs. Weed spent Thursday
in Bellwood.
August Wagner was a visitor to Lin
coln last week:
Miss Abbie Keating was down from
Norfolk Friday.
Mrs. Eva Martin will spend Thanks
giving in Lincoln.
Miss Cooncy of Fnllerton is the guest
of Miss Mollie Brady.
Miss Teca Zinnecker, who is teaching
near Osceola, visited at home over Sun
day. Messrs. Timm and Janing of Osceola
were guests of the Zinnecker family
Miss Stella Krause of Genoa visited
over Sunday with her aunt, Miss Bertha
Mrs. H. H. Ames of South Omaha is
here this week visiting with Mrs. Robert
Mrs. Mannington and daughter Mrs.
Kenyon of Monroe were in the city
Mr. and Mrs. Kinsman of Clear creek,
Polk county, went to Iowa Monday, to
visit his father.
Mra. A. M. Post and daughter. Miss
Nellie, returned Friday from a visit with
Chicago friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Murphy and family
of Rogers will spend Thanksgiving with
the Fitzpatrick family.
J. R. Kelly and sister of Fort Calhoun,
have been visiting at D. F. Donoghue'e.
Mr. Kelly owns land in the fertile Shell
creek valley.
Mas. 8earlea and daughter of Fairmont
returned basse Thursday after a visit to
Short-Horn Bolls
Merw Ball, Earl a
aerea TawraMsgfcmia,
iraa i ta s jean a",
Htran Pi Ii OwMridii
You can buy the best fsrm implements
for the least money at our store. We sre
headquarters for the most modern field
weapons of husbandry in the market. The
behind-hand fellows always have a hard
time of it. Make farming easy and profit
able by using the results of invention we
offer at figures on the level.
Mrs. Searles son, L. L. Searles. They
were on their homeward trip after eight
months visit to Cleveland, Ohio, and
other cities.
Mrs. Dr. Condon of Humphrey was in
the city Saturday and Sunday on her
way home from Omaha, where she
attended the celebration of the Sacred
Heart school. She was the guest here of
Miss Lizzie Sheehan.
Union ThaakxgiviBf Barries.
There will be a union Thanksgiving
service at the Congregational church,
Thursday night Rev. Corey of the M.
E. church will preach. A collection ill
be taken for the poor. All the people
of the Mveral churches sre sarnsstly
invited to this i
Haa permanently located at Colum
bus, Neb., and solicits a share of your
patronage. Special attention given to
female diseases, diseases of the womb
and rectum, piles and all chronic dis
eases successfully treated.
"Nifht er Day Calls ia the Country
promptly attended to.
OfrVca Talaplioit 59.
Sign of People's Dispssssry.
BK. --vr uuwanmnn
. c
SiAHiZZrft H