The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, October 03, 1900, Image 6

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IT Ragatz & Co.,
; "-
. T
sbssssV9Mi7 BV-w'ftM
mmmuzpBJ SJ SBSHYaSjBaj8f
i XKnsuBnM'UsSfKsn
:a J
Groceries, Crockery,
Glassware, Lamps, Etc.,
jug. -omplete than ever and invite one
of .Me leading STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES are to be round in our store.
Including all of the latest novelties, and we offer, for the first time in Columbus,
soiutely the best.
-In fine Teas and Coffees, Chase & Saxbobs's. as usual, take the lead. We
sejj the celebrated Log Cabin Maple Syrup and warrant it to be the best.
. Yon will find onr Qneensware and lmp department very complete ana can
eatilv find what you want. Persons buying in large quantities will do well to call
on us as we have the right goods and will make the prices right. Careful atten
tion and courteous treatment accorded to all.
Eleventh Street, -
C olumbus gourual.
L! (-!! .
O Malta.
I'm I -xo.
M. Jurah.
?. Ciljr.
M. Lunik mad all poiaU
t and snath.
Salt Lake t'lty.
Saa Fraarlfcro aaa all
pol.ta mtU
So. 2i faimfiwrr, daily except Sunday. 7 JO a. rn
N. 22 Accommodation, daily except
ftnrday. 4:50 p. m
No. 'Jl I'asnenger. daily except Sunday. 9:00 p. m
No. 31 Accommodation, daily except
Sunday 1:30 p.m
No 6.J ColumbuH Local lv :W
No. 102, Fast Mail 1J p.
No rt. Atlantic Express 7a "
No. 2, Overland Limited in' "
So t. Chicago Special :W a.
No. C, Freight
No. 22. Freight. 10:10p.
1. Orerlnnd Limited..
..1030 a. m.
101, Fast Mail
3, 1'acifir Express
fi f nln. Mltfil ......
.. . 65 p. m.
... 1:45 a.m.
... 834 p. m.
... 70 a.m.
... 70 p. m.
... 6:00 a. m.
...12:10 p. m.
...1130 p.m.
7, Columbus lcal
No. S3, Freight
ej, Paaseiwpr.
71, Mixel .
No if. Passenger.
Ni 72. Mixed .
No 69, Passenger 2:15p.m.
No.7S, Mixed 6:4ja. m.
No. 70, Passenger lvm-
No 74, Mixed 8:00p. m.
Norfolk paBsenKer trains run daily.
No trains on Albion and Cedar llaptds branch
Columbuc Local daily except Sunday.
W. 11. Bknhajj, Agent.
gorietg McHns'
fVAll notices under this heading will be
chargt-lattherateof $2 a year.
j LEBANON LODGE No. 58, A. F. A A. M.
A-.lteular meetings 2d Wednesday in each
aJT month. All brethren invited to attend
yr c. j. gablow. w. m.
tics. G. Becueb. Sec'y. aojalr
: ,it TnxiHv eveninss of each
Fweek at their hall on Tturteenth
btreet. Vitiiunc itreinren coraiajij
Invited. W. A. 1VAT.X. to.
Geo. Faibchilk. Sec'y. 27janfll-tf
the World, meets every second and fourth
Thursdays of tho month. 730 p. m., at L O. O. F.
If all. Thirteenth t,trtvt. Kegular attendance is
verj- dtirable. and all visiting brethren are cor
dially invited to meet with us. jan23-T5
Saints hold regalar services every Sunday
at 2 p. m.. prayer meeting on Wednesday evening
at their chapel, corner of North street and Pacific
Avenue. All are cordially invited,
lliulstt Elder H. J. Hudson. President.
School at V-30 a. m. Church every Sunday
at 110 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 730p. m.
Ladies' Aid Society every first Thursday in the
month at the church. Hnov-W
Wheat, y bushel
Corn, shelled e? bushel...
Oats, $ bushel.
Rye bushel
Hogs f? cwt
Fat cattle $ cwt
Potatoes $1 bushel
Butter f? t
Eggs-V dozen
Markets corrected every
4 650 4 75
3 00 425
Tuesday af-
Mielenz for best photos.
: Dr. Naumann, dentist, ThirteenUi
. street, tf
Streets were muddy again Monday
Blank farm leases for sale at Tot
JodbxaTj office, tf
Dr. Baker, physie'ian and surgeon,
oHce Olive street. 'tf
.-. Dr. L. C. Voss, Homeopathic physi
clan, Columbus, Neb.
And again it was warm after the
rain, Monday morning.
Dr. C. H. Gietzen, dentist, in Bar
ber block, Thirteenth street lm
Turkey Red seed wheat free from
'rye, 70c per bu. J. H.Drinnin. 3t
The McKinley-Roosevelt club meet
regularly every Thursday evening.
Jacob Greisen has been confined to
his hosse the past week by sickness.
Drs. Martyn, Evans t Geer, office
three doors north of FriedhoTe store, tf
' - Chicago Inter Ocean and Columbus
JocshaTj, one year, in advance $1.75. tf
For ine watch repairing, call oa
Cad FxcesaeC 11th St, Colambus, Neb.
A Careful Groceryman
jour orders with precision and
promptness. We not only do that, but
we fill them with the choicest and be
quality in this line that can be procured.
We are expert judges of
and our lasae Gecis and Table
Delicacies we procure from the most
reliable and best manufacturers.
and all to come in and inspect it. All
Mi 2bixa"ssassW' '
Columbus, Nebraska.
W. B. Dale was in Humphrey Mon
day. J. D. Stires was sick a few days last
Nelson Barber of Fullerton was here
Jacob Greisen was at thestore again
Born, Monday, to Mrs. Jack Elston,
a daughter.
Born, Monday, to Mrs. W. T. Ernst,
a daughter.
P. H. Kelley has sold his farm to
Thomas Shaffer.
Mrs. Elizabeth Erb has been quite
sick the past week.
Mrs. C. S. Easton has been very sick
the past three weeks.
Born, to Mrs. Lucy M. Terry, Mon
day morning, a daughter.
Miss Eulalia Rickly was quite sick
last week with erysipelas.
Born, to Mrs. M. Rothleitner, Fri
day night, Sept 28, a son.
Bishop Scauuel was in the city
Thursday on his way to Albion.
The Evans Rifles are preparing to
give a ball on hallowe'en night
Lawyer Kelley of Norfolk was on
the train Monday for Fullerton.
Murdock is building three houses
for rent; Sheldon two; North one.
The $3,000 bonds for electric light
system carried at Madison last week.
Buy your boots, shoes and men's
underwear and overalls at Honahan'a. 4t
A. W. Clark is building a large ad
dition to his house north of Col. Kilisn's.
Do not fail to see our 8-foot galvan
ized steel mill for $32.00. A. Dussell &
Son. tf
Special sale, 1000 yards of the beet
calico at 5c a yard. The Fair, Eleventh
Paul Hoppen has been confined to
his bed the past three weeks with
Dr. Naumann extracts more teeth
painless than any other person in this
county. tf
Remarkable weather for this time of
year, but mosquitoa more of a pest than
is usual.
Bring us your orders for job-work.
They will receive prompt and careful
The frame work of Wm. Poesch's
residence just west of L. Gerrard's, is
Rev. Johnson of South Omaha, held
services in the Episcopal church Satur
day morning.
N. J. Freese of Council Bluffs, car
inspector for the Union Pacific was in
town last week.
Dr. McKean's method of making
aluminum plates places them on an
equality with gold.
Charles Buschman of Columbus was
in St Edward Monday looking for a
location. Advance.
Last Thursday night a killing frost
fell at Niobrara, this state, but the next
day was like summer.
Miss Minnie Becker will entertain
friends Wednesday afternoon for Miss
Scott and Miss Olson.
Monday morning, lightning struck a
tree at Mrs. Saffron's, south of the court
house on Ninth street
The Platte Center Signal says that
R. S. Dickinson shelled about 10,000
bushels of corn last week.
James Frazier has sold 152 feeders
to Wm. Brown of Genoa, and 49 head to
Mr. McMeekan of Shelby.
Bring your orders for job-work to
this office. Satisfaction guaranteed, and
work promptly done, as agreed upon.
When yon wish good, seat, clean
handsome work done in the line of
printing, call at Tax JouaaAX. office.
H. E. Scripture of Stanton county
was in the city Sunday night, going to
Omaha Monday morning on business.
S. & McAllister, republican candi
date for county attorney, was la the city
Monday in attendance at district court
The U-year-old son of Wm. Will of
Oconee had the misfortune to fracture
the elbow of his left arm, last Saturday.
Fred Geiser and John Connelly have
opened a feed store in the warehouse on
North street, east of Hughes' lumber
Wm. Schilz makes boots and shoes
in the best styles, and uses only the very
best stock that can be procured in the
market' tf
Envelopes with your return card
printed on them, for 50 cents a single
hundred; for larger quantities, and dif
ferent grades, call at Tan Joraauii
for prices.
Ifiblisaa Maatiif .
A meeting will be held Friday even
ing, Oct 12, in the Hengeler school
house. Bismark township. Good
speakers will be in attendance. Every
body invited.
Dr. J. C. Clark, dentist, fine gold
fillings, crown and bridge work a spec
ialty. Office in North block, Thirteenth
street tf
James Hansy says it rained a good
deal more Monday at his place east of
the city than it did here, judging by tae
Mr. Leavy's new brick business
house on Eleventh street is being com
pleted, rapidly, so far as the brick wall
is concerned.
Thursday morning services will be
held in the Catholic church, celebrating
the feast of St Francis, the patron Saint
of this order.
"Judge" Allen of Schuyler was in
town Monday on his way to Platte Cen
ter, where be contemplates taking charge
of the Signal.
For a good set of hand-made harness
or anything else in the harness line, call
on F. H. Rusche. He will make the
price to please you. tf
It is rumored that Isaiah Lightner
of the vicinity of Monroe has been nom
inated for congress by the prohibition
ists of this district
Miss Mary Hand living northwest
of this city had the misfortune to sus
tain a Colles f raotare of the right arm
hut Saturday night
Joe Mahaffey has severed his con
nection with the Platte Center Signal
and begins an engagement with the
Telegram this morning.
M. J. Clark, one of the staunch far
mers of the Cornlea neighborhood, was
in the city Friday, and gave The Joub
nal a very pleasant call.
Opening days from Wednesdsy to
Saturday of this week. All the ladies
are invited to call and see our new line
of hats. Mrs. W. a Jay. 1
For Sale, my entire lot of thor
oughbred poultry, consisting of Barred
Plymouth Rock and Silver Laced Wy
andotts. H. P. Coolidge. 2t
Do the times demand a change in
the national administration of affairs?
Certainly they do not Therefore, vote
for McKinley and Roosevelt
The Ladies' McKinley clnb will meet
hereafter Tuesday evenings in the hall
room of the Meridian hotel. All McKin
ley ladies are invited to attend.
A new fence around the court house
yard turned cedar posts this work
done by Will Schroeder at the planing
mill with chains stretched between.
The coroner's jury, in the accidental
death of James Sandiland, Boone county,
returned a verdict that it was the result
of his being intoxicated. Albion News.
Senator Bereridge's speeches have
been published, in part by the Omaha
Bee, Lincoln Journal and St. Joseph
News. He spoke at Kansas City Mon
day. You can subscribe for The Journal
whenever you are ready, subscription
books open during all business hours,
and always room and welcome for one
Mrs. W. S. Jsy invites the ladies of
the city to call and see her new line of
pattern hats and millinery novelties.
Opening dsys from the 3d to 6th of Oc
tober. 1
A collection was taken Sunday in
the Catholic church by order of the
Bishop, for the use of rebuilding
churches and schools for the Galveston
acter to deliver and collect in Nebraska for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
SWO a year, sure pay. Honesty more than expe
rience required. Our reference, any bank in any
city. Enclose elf-addressed stamped envel
ope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dearborn
St., Chicago. 12mch
Hon. John R. Hayes, republican
candidate for congress, was on the train
Monday for a speech at Fullerton Mon
day night; at Cedar Rapids Tuesday
night; then at Elgin.
The Board of Education of Platte
Center has ordered that, beginning with
the first day of October, every child of
school age must be put into school ac
cording to the state law.
Ladies are invited to see our new
line of hats in the latest styles. Pat
tern hats and plain hats to suit any lady.
Call and see them. Mrs. Eva Martin,
the Royal millinery-store.
At the raffle Friday last of Lee Ben
nett's fancy braided horse-hair bridle,
Judge Curtis held the lucky number
which drew the prize, being 89. It is a
handsome piece of workmanship.
Found, a lady's cape, on the road
between Oconee and Columbus, Sunday
last Owner can have the same, by
proving property and paying for this
notice. Call at Dr. Neumann's.
Among the Nebraska pensions re
cently issued is that of $24 to Cornelius
V. Eagan of Co. K. First Nebraska,
wounded at block-house 7, near Ma
nilla, P. L He lives at St Edward.
Ed. Glass, engineer on the B. & M.
passenger train, was taken very sick
Thursday evening while at his work, and
the fireman, Bert Holmes, was compelled
to finish the run up from Garrison.
Among the visitors to hear the Bev
eridge speech were Mr. and Mrs. Man
nington, Monroe; J. T. Morris, Creston;
Jos. Apgar, Woodville; Robert Pinson,
Platte Center; Rev. Hauptmann, Mon
Martin, 11-year-old son of Martin
Costello, fell from a board fence at the
Catholic school Monday, and broke one
of his arms. He was immediately taken
to the hospital, where be had the proper
Good reading Frt 150 Sample copies
Magazines and Comic periodicals many
worth 25 eta each, all for 10 eta. to pay
postage. Send at once to Gopher Pub
lishing Co, Box 94, Spring Valley, Min
nesota. t3
Miss Matilda Fletcher, the noted.
lecturer, who gave the first entertain
ment in the High school lecture course
last year, stopped in the city over Sun
day, on her way to North Bend, where
she had an engagement
We have seen the frail infant when
the faiat struggle for existence seemed
alssost ended, resuscitated and made
strong by the use of WHITES CREAM
VERMIFUGE Price, 25 cents. A.
Hsintx and Pollock Go.
A good man with fasoily to go on my
ranch east of Columbus, and take charge
of it under .my direction.
A vote east for 8. & McAllister for
county attorney, is a ballot for a asaa
who is capable of conducting the
of that office as they ought to be
Hubert Burrass was in Lin
coln Wednesday and Thursday to visit
her parents and to see bar brother before
he leaves for India, where be goes as a
Dr. Terry, the eye expert represent
ing The Columbian Optical Co. of Oma
ha, will be at A. Brodfuehrer's jewelry
store Oct 18, 19, 20. Consult him aboat
your eyes. Consultation free. 3t -
Among the newspaper men here
Friday were brothers Ladd of the Al
bion News, Young of the Genoa Leader,
Burkley of the Schuyler Sun and Ken
nedy of the St Edward Advance.
The Platte county Sunday school
convention will be held in the Congre
gational church in this city Saturday
and Sunday, Oct 27 and 28. The pro
gram is being made out by the officers
Mrs. E. L. Temple of Polk county
died Thursday last at the family resi
dence in that county, ten miles from
this city. She was 30 years of age, and,
besides her husband, leaves five chil
dren. Jacob Greisen has purchased of
Mm. Dale the quarter block directly
east of the Second ward sobool-house,
and expects to build a residence in the
spring. The consideration for the lot is
Miss Marie Duffy, daughter of B. P.
Duffy of this city, went to Geneva
Thursday, where she takes the position
of matron of the girls' Industrial school.
The appointment comes from Governor
Dr. J. Will Terry, the eminent eye
specialist, who has done so much good
work in our community, will be at A.
Brodfuehrer's jewelry store, Columbus,
Oct 18, 19, 20. Consult him about
your eyes. 3t
James Salmon, nominee of the pop
ulist party of Nebraska for commissioner
of publio lands and buildings, was in the
city yesterday, canvassing for himself.
He says he will get a big vote in Omaha,
where he lives.
Grant Boyd of Co. F, First Nebras
ka regiment, was here Thursday last
visiting old comrades of the Philippine
war. He had been on a hunt in the
Keya Paha country, and was on his re
turn to his home at Rulo.
George Turner writes of having met
at St Joe Maurice A. Mayer, the old
Columbus clothing man; also at Kansas
City, Earl Phinney, who sells there Cal
ifornia fruit Both wished to be re
membered to old Columbus friends.
W. H. Thomas of Capitan, New
Mexico, hss been here several days vis
iting relatives, and Monday he and his
mother started for South Bend, Indiana,
for an extended visit at the old home of
the family before they came west years
A "stitch in time saves nine," and a
RUP at the beginning of a cold will save
you many weary hours and even days of
distressing and harassing cough. Price,
25 and 50 cents. A. Heintz and Pollock
R. P. Brigham on Thursday had his
right knee joint knocked out of place, a
thing that had somewhat frequently oc
curred with him before, but this time he
had to call upon a surgeon 'for help.
He has been going on crutches since the
The Quarterly meeting services of
theM. E. church will begin Saturday
evening at 7:30. Love feast Sunday
morning at 10. Preaching by Rev. Mill
ard and the administration of the sacra
ment at 11. Preaching by the pastor in
the. evening.
Nearly $2,0000 has been paid for
chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks the
past year by John Schmocker, who is
buying this class of stock for export, and
always pays the highest market prices
in cash. Bring your chickens any time.
John Schmocker. 3tp
Millinery opening Oct 3d and 4th.
Our trimmer, Miss Jones, hss just ar
rived from the east, where she spent six
weeks in studying the styles and se
lecting new and novel ideas in pattern
hats and bonnets. Every lady is in
vited. J. C. Fillman. 1
Corn Buskers' sprained wrists,
barbed-wire cuts, burns, bruises, severe
lacerations and external injuries of any
kind are promptly and happily cured by
MENT. Price, 25 and 50 cents. A.
Heintz and Pollock A Co.
The new bell of the German Luth
eran church was dedicated with befit
ting ceremonies Sunday morning. The
Frauenverein society of ladies of the
church, who purchased the bell at a cost
of $390, also celebrated the fifteenth
anniversary of their organization.
Mrs. W. E. Kent and Mrs. L. R.
Huffman are deserving of due credit
for collecting $35 among the business
men and citizens of our city for the
sufferers at Galveston. The amount was
forwarded to the stricken people of that
city yesterday. Platte Center Signal.
A Flambeau McKinley club with a
membership of 45 has been organized to
work in conjunction with the Bough
Riders, Charles Miner, captain and pres
ident; John Early, treasurer; Ferd.
Stires, secretary. They will meet every
Friday night at Republican Headquar
ters. By invitation, a huge crowd of busi
ness men and clerks of the city spent
Sunday at Peter Smith's grove on Shell
creek. Mr. Smith-hss made this a cus
tom for several years now, to entertain
his friends among the basin nos men. A
very pleasant day was passed by the
Lightning struck, the Methodist
church again Friday morning during
the storm, shattering the tower aa badly
if not worse than the time it was struck
before this summer. The church assess
to be situated on a rather unlucky spot,
aa this makes the third time within a
couple of years that it has been damaged
by lightning. The carpenters had just
started rspsiriag the tower frosa'the last
time it was struck. Lindsay Post
Notice is hereby givsa, to whom it
may coacera, not to give credit to Mrs.
Martha Evans Braaer, on my account,
as She has left my heaw aad table, tak
ing wjth her say and her child, Chester
Douglas Braaer. I will not be respon
sible for any debts contracted by her.
2tp F. Bbuxer.
had- quite a crowd at
to hear H. B, Fleharty of Turingf aad
F. J. Brobst of Chicsgo. There was
nothag safscially new or striking in
the sessesss, and Mr.Brobst's, sspec
ially, is thought to have dona good for
the republicans.
Happiness depends vary much on
the condition of the liver aad .kidneys.
The ills of life make but little impres
sion oa those whose digestion is good.
MpT'ir"' aafalate your liver and kidneys
IV -JfiRBINE and enjoy health and
buoyancy of spirits. Price, 50 cents. A.
Hsintz and Pollock k Co.
In snsemis and most women's ail
ments the digestion is weak, the soaking
of color, flesh and strength out of food,
is imperfect so that the patient is weak,
wan, nervous and dyspeptic This con
dition can be corrected by taking a
course of HERBINE. Price, 50 cents.
A. Hsintx and Pollock a; Co.
H. W. Howell, traveling freight
and passenger agent of the Chicago,
Milwaukee k St Paul By, was in the
city Thursday on business connected
with his company. Mr. Howell is a
younger brother of W. &, formerly here
with the Union Pacifio, and hss the
same genial qualities, 'which made the
elder brother so popular.
There are thousands of people, suff
ering untold torture from piles, because
of the popular impression that they
cannot be cured. TABLER'S BUCK
EYE PILE OINTMENT will cure them
and the patient will remain cured.
Price, 50 cents in bottles. Tubes, 75
cents. A. Hsintz and Pollock k Co.
John R Hays, republican candidate
for congress in this district, is an able
man and is soaking friends wherever he
goes, lie snouia De, ana we neiieve
will be, elected this year Lightning
struck the wheat stacks of Wm. Sullivan
south of town last Saturday morning,
setting them on fire. It is estimated
that about 250 bushels of wheat was
oonsumed. Albion News.
George Heuerman has raised four
crops of alfalfa on a piece of his land
this season, says the Battle Creek Re
publican. The last crop which he just
recently harvested, was well matured,
very thick and the stalks had attained a
length of two and a half feet In view
of Mr. Heuerman's success we would
think that more farmers would grow
alfalfa. It is certainly a very profitable
The posters entitled "Uncle Sam's
Balance Sheet" and "That Terrible
Eclipse," published by The American
Protective Tariff League, are perhaps
the most striking illustrations of the
difference in conditions between 1896
and 1900, which have been issued thus
far in the campaign. These posters can
be seen in the rooms of any local repub
lican committee, or will be sent to.any
address for eight cents. Ask for Posters
"G" and "H." Address, American Pro-tsetive-;
iTariff League, 135 West 23d
8treet, New York.
Rev. G. W. Corey, wife and daugh
ter, arrived here Saturday from Blair,
and will move this week into the Meth
odist parsonage, Rev. Yost moving his
household goods to Schuyler. Rev.
Corey preached Sunday morning and
evening in the M. E. church to crowded
bouses, and the members of the church
are well pleased with the prospects of a
successful year. Rev. Yost leaves Co
lumbus with the good will of all his
acquaintances, and the assurance to the
people of Schuyler that they will find
no better workers than Rev. Yost and
his estimsble wife.
The Omaha World-Herald of Sept.
28, has the following paragraph concern
ing a former Columbus citizen: "From
the beet information obtainable, 'Uncle'
Dave Anderson believes the fruit farms
near Galveston, Tex., are completely de
stroyed. Mr. Anderson says that bis
two farms are entirely barren so far as
the fruit crop is concerned, snd that
hundreds of cords of wood hsve been
washed upon his land and left. Other
fruit farms in that locality are entirely
destroyed, and the only thing left to
mark the once beautiful groves are the
tree stumps where they once stood.
Simon flahn, a young man living
south of Schuyler in Butler county, who
accidentally shot himself last spring and
was taken to the hospital at Columbus a
few weeks ago, was brought home yes
terday. For some time after the shoot
ing occurred he seemed to be getting
along cicely and his chances for recovery
were good. But a few weeks ago he be
came worse snd was taken to the hos
pital, where it was found that a large
artery had been ruptured by the shot
and a pool of blood bad formed around
the opening. Nothing could be done
for him so he was brought home to await
the inevitable.
The Columbus High school foot ball
team played their first game last Satur
day with the Fremont High school at
the latter named place, Fremont win
ning by the 'score of 56 to 0, both teams
playing fast ball but our boys were out
classed in weight, but not in skill, and
with a team averaging up with them in
weight will have to be "cracker jacks"
to down them. The game was quite in
teresting from start to finish. The f ea
tares of the game were the long runs
made by Havens of Fremont and the
tackling of Capt Neumarker for our
boys. Young Coolidge was also in the
game at the right time, barring a few
knock-outs of short duration. All the
boys came out whole and were royally
treated by the Fremont boys. W.
Schroeder and At Becker acted aa um
pire and time keeper in behalf of our
boys, and the team was accompanied by
Prof. L H. BriteU and a E. Early. The
Colambus team's line up is as follows:
Louis Raiaey, center; O. DeLand, right
guard; Sam Mahood, left guard; John
Early, right tackle; Fred. Plath, left
tackle; Ned Post, right end; & Draw
baugh, left end; Jack Neumarker, right
half back; Was. Baker, left half back;
Ed. Coolidge, quarter back; F. Kotlar,
The Ladies' McKinley dab with their
decorated carriages, traps aad buggies,
arshsllad by their president, Mrs. Gar
low, made a splendid showing in pro
cession Friday afternoon.
The experience gained on this occa
sion will stand them in good stead an
other time, and we know of several
ladies who will start to decoratiag about
daylight, in order to be surely on tiase
at 1 o'clock.
The prize decoration was by Missis
Madge Gushing, Doris Bscher, and Mat
tie aad Nellie Post All decorations
were handsome, but this was superb,
and attracted universal attention.
The Rough Riders under Capt C. J.
Garlow and Lieutenants John Brock
and George Winslow, made a fine ap
pearanceyand in maneuvers, did admir
ably for the very short time spent in
The City Band did their share in mak
ing the parade attractive.
A splendid audience, a crowded house,
greeted Indiana's young senator at the
opera house at 2 o'clock.
The meeting wss called to order by J.
D. Stires of the republican county cen
tral committee, and the Polk County
Glee club composed of four young gen
tlemen, the 8tull brothers and Webster
brothers were called upon to render
Senator Beveridge, upon being intro
duced, struck at once into the heart of
his subject aa bsiag a proposition to
change managera, whan the fact is that
the present manager (the republican
party) has been successful every time in
securing prosperity at home and respect
abroad, while its opponent (the demo
cratic party) has brought disaster at
home, and shame to Americans a'broad.
After the sample managements by
Cleveland, by Harrison and by McKin
ley, it is simply amssiag- that Bryan,
the candidate for hunger, should ask the
endorsement of the American people at
this time.
He referred to the tariff laws from
Washington to Lincoln, and defied the
delirium of partisanship to find fault
with the Grand Old Party, which ad
vances, constructs and builds.
Then he answered the questions What
have we done? and, What do they pro
pose? by an array of historic fscts sim
ply invincible, aa to what the republi
cans have done, both in times of peace
and of war. The opposition propose to
destroy what the republicans have done.
If they don't, there is no issue in this
Plainly stated, the republicans would
carry the flag in the skies; .the democra
cy would drag it in the dust
We do not aim to reproduce any por
tion of hie speech even his exact words i
could not do that, as they could not
bring again the peculiar manner of the
orator. , His style of oratory, and it is
oratory, is sweeping, convincing, irre
sistible and fascinating. Everybody was
pleased with the speaker, and it was cer
tainly a great gratification to republi
cans; undoubtedly the best political
meeting ever held here, with perhaps
oue exception, when Butterworth was
Jamai S. aTortk.
The republican candidate for state
senator of the Twelfth district, is well
known to most Journal readers, having
been in business here many years, and
always taking a lively interest in public
There is not a question of doubt as to
his ability to serve this district in the
office. Twice before he hss filled the
office of senstor from Platte snd Colfax,
and is thus all the more fitted for its
The coming session is more than
usually important, outside the selec
tion of two United States senators. The
first session sfter the census, a reappor
tionment of the various districts of the
state will be made, representative, sena
torial, congressional, judicial, and the
problems to be solved are always per
plexing. Often it has happened that everything
was thought to be arranged reasonably
satisfactory all around, when, on a sud
den, all arrangements were declared off,
and the tedious, tireless work wss all
gone over again.
Mr. North's information on county
andBtate matters with which ssoators
have to deal will probably not be ex
celled by any member of the senate, and
his acquaintance throughout the state is
such as to be of great benefit to him,
and through him to bis constituency.
Scheel jTetee.
Peter P. Duffy was in Humphrey Sat
urday. The Senior grade began the subject of
chemistry Monday.
Miss Ada Bloedorn of the Lindsay
schools wss in town last Saturday.
Pauline Bucher of the Senior grade
was sick last Thursday, but ia again in
O. A. BriteU, brother of our principal
visited our school last Tuesday while en
route to Chicago.
Gus G. Becher, jr., of the Clsss of 00,
is attending the Boyles Commercial
school in Omaha.
Miss Elizabeth Sheeban visited the
primary grades in the Omaha public
schools last Friday.
Miss May King of Fullerton, formerly
of our school, visited with us Mondsy.
She wss on her way to Omaha.
There are six tuition pupils in the
High echooL They sre: W. H. Larue,
Delia Newman, Bella Lisco, Gideon
Braun, Bertha Chapin and Cora Free
man. Prof. R. M. Campbell, principal of the
Platte Center schools, visited in Colum
bus over Sunday. The Platte Center
schools are putting in $50 worth of
physical apparatus.
Our foot-ball team played well at Fre
mont, considering their weight, as com
pared with that of Fremont, and al
though their score wss a very definite
quantity, their captain. Jack Neumarker
seemed satisfied with the efficiency
shown by the team. Prof. BriteU ac
companied the boys and all declare they
had a royal good time.
Fitzpatrick will give
you goods at Omaha
prices. Follow the
i crowd and see.
It's coming on winter, and I thought
you were going to need
so I concluded to give to my customers,
Sept. 26 and Dec. 29,
for every dollar's worth of goods pur
chased or paid on account, one ticket
good for chance on one
Steel, 6-hole Range, first prize; and one
35 Standard Sewing Machine,
warranted for six years, for second prize,
and for third prize a credit for
$15 Worth of Goods,
redeemable any time after drawing.
Do not forget I have just received a
car loaded with RADIANT HOME, ART
and GARLAND Heating and Cooking
Stoves, also a fall line of P. D. Beckwith
ROUND OAK Heaters.
I also have a fresh, new stock of Ma
sury's PAINTS and VARNISHES, and
my assortment of builders' HARDWARE
is complete, and prices are as low as the
lowest, for
i Will Not be Undersold.
Yours for Business,
hasn't located all the desirable property
we've some choice bits on our books for
sale at prices that appeal to the people of
common sense. The properties are located
in fertile sections, well watered and drain
ed, handy to market and shipping points
and at our prices and termB are decided
ThirtMBtk St.,
Material CsmTsatiM.
The republican senatorial convention
for the Twelfth district was held Friday
afternoon last at 1, at the Council
J. D. Stires presided, and John Hoff
man acted as secretary.
Platte county was represented by
Messrs. Hoffman, Chambers, Stires, B.
Galley, Anson Connor, E. C. Morrow, E.
A. Stockslsger, Roy Clark, H. B. Reed
and F. M. Cookingham.
Messrs. McLoud, Peiper, Wurtz and
Chriaman of Colfax were present
Mr. Hoffman placed James E. North
in nomination as senstor, and the nom
ination wss msde unanimous by accla
mation. Mr. North in a few remarks stated
that he had been a life-long democrat up
to four years sgo. He is supporting the
national republican and state ticket,
and pledged his time snd his efforts to
the success of the republican ticket
J. E. Hoffman was nsmed as central
committeeman for Platte, and G. W.
Wurtz for Colfax county.
ScHimrcxPFExsio Sunday, Sept 30,
at Omaha, after a protracted illness, the
wife of Rev. Schimmelpfennig, aged 22
Last spring occurred the death by
scarlet fever of their only child.
Funeral wiU take place at 1 o'clock, at
the German church on Grand Prairie
Seven thoroughbred, Short-born bulls,
old enough for service, snd also my
herd-bull, Earl of Fremont, No. 127,179,
four and a half years old.
tf Hgniax P. H. Oxaxaicx.
&jfJ 'Py f "BhaaW A vJ
copvwicwT Niiafjjy aZi SHmCjsI
Tou can buy the best farm implements
for the least money at our store. We are
headquarters for the most modern field
weapons of husbandry in the market. The
behind-hand fellowB always have a hard
time of it. Make farming easy and profit
able by using the results of invention we
offer at figures on the level.
i Club.
A general meeting of the Woman's
club wiU beheld at the residence of Mrs.
J. G. Boeder Saturday, October 6, at 3
Roll call Quotations from new bookB,
or vacation reminiscences. The work
for the different departments will be
outlined by the leaders, as follows:
Art Mrs. Herrick.
History Miss McMshoo.
Literature Miss Sheldon.
Music Miss Galley.
Has permanently located at Colum
bus, Neb., and solicits a share of your
patronage. Special attention given to
female diseases, diseases of the womb
and rectum, piles and all chronic dis
eases successfully treated.
ty Ni ht r Day Calls in the Cauutry
promptly attended to.
Offlct Ttlephone 59.
ef Dereatk and
Sign of People's Dispensary..
U9septf i