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And nervous prostration is something you don't want, that's
certain. Then don't have it. A perfect Sarsaparilla prevents'
this distressing and dangerous disease, and it cures it, also..
It keeps you up when especially pressed with work. It cures,
dyspepsia, and it
must be a perfect Sarsaparilla to do this.
learn, there isn't but one in the world, and
"The only Sarsaparilla made under the personal supervision of three graotiatess a
graduate in pharmacy, a graduate in chemistry, and a graduate in medicine."
JLOOafcottlc JU1 rsffbls.
" I, first treed Arer's Saniparilla in the fell of 184!. I case eat of the Mexican War run dowa in health and badly wed us.
It did we to much good then that I have always taken it erery spring as a blood-porifying medicine. I BtUasjtt toy robust aaaka
at 1 to the use of your Sanaparilla every apriag." S. T- Jokes, Wichita, Kaas., March 09, 1900.
The"New York
1i Boston Limited"
(Effective April 29th, 1900.)
Lv. ST. LOUIS - 8:00 A.M.
Lv. PEORIA .......................... ,j : 30 A. M.
Ar. COLUMBUS, 0 8: 10 P. M.
Ar. CLEVELAND, 0 9: 55 P. M.
Ar. NEW YORK 2 : 55 P. M.
Ar. BOSTON 4: 50 P. M.
still leaves St. Louis at Noon.
Ask for Tickets via
Big Four Route.
feUMJLsWr.AMYGenirssAgt. WARREN J. LYNCH. Genl Pass. Agt.,
fit. Louis. Cincinnati.
them. You will find
you wfll be well by taking
25r sarTMmlMSMiMMMM
Ti dm mraiaf aa'TirinrfmrnfrtnTT1
You know ill about it.
slave to your work.
the day and worry
There s no time to eat and no
time to sleep. Already you have
fiinrnnc Hvcitfftcfi firvnne Cflr
( kafmr "v t m i - v
tPJrJ headache, and neuralgia. Your food
distresses you. You
depression. The outlook is dark and for
bidding. You feel sure
termination to this
Nervous Prostration
builds up exhausted nerve tissue. But it
No matter tow pleasant your nsrroanfings
health, good health, fc the foundation for en
joyment. Bowel trouble causes more aches and
pains than all other diseases together, and when
you get a good dose of bilious bile coursing
through the blood life's a hell on earth. Mfflions
of people are doctoring for chronk ailments that
started with bad bowels, and they will never
get better tul the bowels are right. You know
how it Is you neglect get irregular first
suffer with a slight headache bad taste in the
mouth mornings; and general "all gone" feeling
during the day keep on going from bad to
worse untul the suffering becomes awful, life
loses its charms, and there is many a one that
has been driven to suicidal relief. Educate your
bowels with CASCARETS. Don't neglect the
slightest irregularity. See that you have one
natural, easy movement each day. CASCA
RETS tone the bowels make them strong
and after you have used them once you will
wonder why it is that you have ever been
all your other disorders rommrncf.
troubles and loo poor to bay CASCARETS
, Chicago or New York, sacatioainf
You are a perfect
It's rush through
through the night.
suffer from terrible
there is but one
So far as we can
Qacer Joseph Cawea Dead.
Joseph Cowen, the English journal
ist who died not long ago, numbered
among his friends Mazzini, Garibaldi
anil Kossuth, and Mr. Gladstone once
pronounced him "a wonderful fellow."
He began life as a brickmaker, and al
ways dressed so as to look like a work
ingman. Important to Mathers.
Exaalne carefnlly every bottle of CASTORM,
a aafe and rare rcsaedy for infants sad children,
and see that it
Bears the
Signatare of
la Use For Over 3 Tears.
The Kind To Hare Always Boaxht
In proportion to its size Britain has
eight times as many miles of railway
as the United States.
Men and women, boys and girl, all over
tbe United States. Big money, easy work.
Valuable prizes in addition. Writ C H.
Marshall & Co., Dep't 10, Chicago.
Ninety people out of every hundred.
masticate their food with the teeth on
the left side of the jaw.
Magnetic Starch Is the very best
laundry starch in the world.
Within a few weeks the Canadians
and Australians fighting in South
Africa for the British flag will number
Many causes ladaee gray hair, but Pabxsb's Hani
Balsam brtnga back the yonthtsl color.
Hmdkbcosss, the beat care (or corns. IScta.
Illinois is second in coal production.
For starching fine linen use Magnetic
Boers make good servants.
Tour clothes will not crack If yon
use Magnetic Starch.
to get better at once, and soon
tbau Aiinn
Asms Cat-
The scienUf c name Is HaTrlataui
Americana. The caterpillar it quite
destructive to the foliage of the
grapevine. The eggs are deposited
ia clusters of 20 or more. The cater
pillars of the Procris do not scatter
alter leaving the eggs, bat feed side by
side on the under side of the leaf,
their heads all directed towards the
margin of the same. These little black
and yellow insects eat at first only
the soft tissues of the foliage, leaving
the fine net-work of veins untouched;
but as they grow older aad stronger
all but the large veins are eaten. The
c I
caterpillars reach their full site in
August, and measure at that time
about six-tenths of an inch.
The little moth is a bluish or greenish-black
color. It has very narrow
wings, which erpand nearly an inch
across, and files during the warmest
hours of the day, when it frequents
Sowers. Its flight is rather peculiar,
and is quite slow and unsteady. Wher
ever this insect occurs in large num
bers it becomes quite injurious, but as
It leads a social life in Its caterpillar
state it can readily be destroyed by the
ase of arsenical poisons.
HerMealtaral Okserratli
It would be perhaps a good thing If
our horticultural and other similar so
cieties would give more attention to
drnamental gardening. It Is one cf
the needs of our Western farm life.
To surround a family with beauty fre
quently means to make them contented.
Trees and flowers affect tbe character
3f those that live among" them. If a
:are of such things Is necessary In the
Sast, where trees and plants naturally
abound, it is the more necessary In the
West, where homes have been estab
lished on plains that were once treeless
ind swept even now by drouth-breeding
In planting trees in regions that
have before been treeless many adverse
conditions have to be overcome. In
the first place the soil is covered with
a sod, and this Is not a promising
condition for tree growth. The soil Is
not naturally In the condition where
it will hold water, for it lacks humus.
The best way to overcome these ob
stacles Is to plant the trees close to
gether, so that it will be impossible for
grass to thrive in their shade. This
of course does not Include such trees
is the cottonwood. In planting thick
ets it is advisable to get rid of the
grass at the beginning and give the
trees a fair chance.
e e
In the effort to change bleakness
into beauty the greatest' ally is the
Tee. The tree is the easiest to estab
lish because it can send down its roots
long distances into the moist subsoil,
ind will exist when smaller plants per
ish with the drouth. The trees once
established protect smaller plants that
are afterward set out and become the
sturdy barriers against destructive
winds and withering heat Trees,
however, must be themselves protected
and fostered till they have obtained a
firm hold of the soil and have estab
lished the ability of appropriating the
soil water.
It may not be generally known that
heavy snows sometimes do great dam
age to planted groves of forest trees.
At Fargo, the location of the North
Dakota experiment station,' the trees
of the grove are protected by a row of
willows ten rods to the north and rai
ling parallel with the grove. The
mow drifts in the lee of the willow
trees Instead of In the grove.
Beneflt of Tea Giaftlaa
(Condensed from Farmers Review Steno
graphic Report of Wisconsin Roundup
George J. Kellogg read a paper on
top grafting, in which he said in part:
I have probably 50 varieties now
growing top-worked on different
stock. Twenty of these varieties are
on Duchess stock. I find Tetotsky
worthless as a stock. Transcendent Is
a good stock, but I find that winter
apples on this stock tend to early ma
turity of fruit. Many kinds are a suc
cess on transcendent crab, and I have
great hopes of seedlings grown from
this crab to give us roots that will
better stand our dry winters. For suc
cessful top-grafting we must have
vigorous stocks, and for this reason
I have great faith in the .Virginia and
other strong growing crabs; for they
get hold of the soil and get all there
is in it Virginia crab has particular
ly strong limbs, and Is much the best
of any I have seen. Shields' crab Is the
best one I have tried in the nursery,
as ona scion will form a top; but a
Virginia crab, with a leader and four
arms grafted is worth many times its
ooat for an orchard tree.
Thare is no limit to this top-grafting
enterprise. I am told that In tab
orcnard of Mr. Burbank ia California,
mere is one tree that has beta grafteu
witn 525 different varieties. What
sight that tree will be when it coses
into bearing! ,
My success with pears and plums
has not been as good as with apples.
I have increased the productiveness of
Miner by grafting one-third of the top
with DeSoto. I find no' plasa stocks
equal to Americana; the Mariana is a
There are a few pointers that lead
to success in top-grafting. After the
stock Is established the sooner it Is
worked the better. It stout enough
to hold the scion firmly, scions no
larger than your finger are best Avoid
grafting limbs needing the saw. When
top-working the Virginia crab the
scions should be inserted not score
than six to twelve laches from the
e1t t' I fl&ttl .
1 111 JrJ&Klny -
MB fy aatmr tmz sbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
f Ik
g'?IMflaT"aai Cm hf
body. The earlier la spring the graft
lag can be done the more saccs tal
la It likely to be. for it yoa wait Ul
Jane the scions are likely to be a
little off. Bat even In Jane, If the
sckme are la perfect condition, I have
had IS per cent of the grafts live,
when they were oa apples aad pears.
Plums aad cherries, for beet results.
must be grafted before the frost Is out
Liquid wax, applied warm, I consider
best; aad to protect from sun and
keep off the birds, a piece of newspa
per wound about the wax Is a benefit
Some prefer waxed cloth, but In what
ever way the wax Is applied, it is of
more importance than the setting of
the scions. Scions may be cut in
October or any time after that except
when the wood Is frosen. They may
be cut ia the spring when the buds
are swollen, if Immediately Inserted.
Great care is necessary to have the
scions in perfect condition. Old trees
are not profitable to top work, not
even Duchess of Oldenberg, while
Duchess may do fairly well when
yoaag to use as a stock.
Grawsas as Cora.
The demand for pop corn Increases
every year, yet the crop is never equal
to the market, says Joel Shomaker In
Indiana Farmer. Farmers do not con
sider the profits of this special crop
or there would be more grown for sup-:
plying home demands. Pop corn re
quires about the same soil as that de
manded by the sweet and field vari
eties. A sod or vegetable mould, con
taining more sand than clay and hav
lag previous clean culture is best
adapted to corn growing. If plowed la
the fall or winter and left to freeze
until the spring weeds begin to grow
before planting, the land will be in fine
condition. This crop wants plant food
like all others, but can get along with
little nitrogen. "jAn average fertilizer
might contain about 8 per cent each
of phosphoric acid and potash and per
haps 1 per cent to 2 per cent nitro
gen; from 400 to 600 pounds per acre
would be considered a fair application.
Another popular' fertilizer for corn U
a mixture of about 350 pounds of fine
ground bone and 100 pounds muriate
of potash per acre broadcasted and well
mixed with the soil before planting
Pop corn may be planted closer than
any other varieties. His plan of plant
log Is to make the furrows three feet
apart and have the corn stand one
stalk in a hill, 14 inches apart in the
rows. If the corn is planted very early
or late it will not suffer so much from
the worms as the medium planted
crops. Where irrigated, care must be
taken In keeping the water from the
stalks and not give the plants more
than two periods' of Irrigating during
the growing season. The poor ears can
be fed to poultry with profit and tho
fodder is relished by the cows, sheep
and horses.
Tfca KagUsfc Fig-atlas; Preservatives,
Reports from England indicate that
the British government has taken up
the fight against preservatives in milk.
Boraclc acid, as well as the more in
jurious preservatives, is to be brought
under the ban of the law. This will
be encouraging to the Americans for
the English example has been con
stantly urged as one reason why we
should not have more stringent laws
regarding preservatives. In some in
vestigations made by the government
one scientist said that he believed
this promiscuous dosing of the public
by ignorant persons to be very dan
gerous. That is the most potent
reason why preservatives be not al
lowed in milk. We have no certainty
as to how much acid is used, and it
is to the interests of the manufacturers
of the preservatives to have as large
doses as possible used. This is par
ticularly dangerous in the case of chil
dren living on an exclusive milk diet
We will never know how many lives
have been cut short by this "promis
cuous dosing of the public by ignorant
This poisonous shrub is called also
kill-lamb. It Is a weak-limbed, de
ciduous shrub, two to four feet high.
iPUtit Mriaas).
with thick, conspicuously veined leaves
and showy clusters of tubular white
flowers. It is frequent in low, dam?
soils near the coast from Connecticut
to Florida.
Give the Hoc Coaafort.
It pays to make the hog as comfort
able as possible. Do not think be
cause he has a thick hide because he
belongs to the order pachydermata
that therefore he will endure all kinds
of weather and all kinds of treatment
as to his comfort and still return a
profit for his keeping. Some of us
have come to regard the hog as a col
lector of all refuse and an endurer of
all hardships. No matter how much
lye there is in the dishwater, it is good
enough for the hog. One would think
that the hog had found a use for soap,
the way it is sometimes 'fed to him.
The dirty sty under tbe stable Is not
the place for a respectable hog. There
is no reason to be surprised If hogs
treated as some, treat them take dis
ease and die. Give the hog good feed
and a clean abiding place. He will
repay the cost with good interest
That the profits of beet sugar grow
ing are uncertain is proved by the
resolutions adopted at a recent meet
ing of the Michigan Sugar Beet Grow
ers' Association, which stated that the
business bad be? n conducted at a loss,
that the price of beets had been too
low, and that the association could not
raise them for less than 5 per ton for
beets showing a 12 per cent sugar son
tent "Crulkshank" shorthorns have low.
broad, deep forms, heavy flesh aad
xnnssy coats. tWaggailwaa
ssst 'a "u
emens m tmcr cttrs.
itatBtoatriea Fllle FaaMlaMM
far C lag Tear.
BEATRICE. Neb., May 12. The Wo
men's Relief Corps at the business ses
sion yesterday finished the election of
otlcers of the department for the en
suing year aa follows: President Mrs.
Sarah C. Sweet Creighton; senior vice
president Mrs. Fredericks Cole. Beat
rice; junior vice president Mrs. Lillian
Ludl, Republican City; treasurer. Mrs.
Alta Wainwright, Blair; chaplain. Mrs.
Elizabeth Hull. Omaha; councilor. Mrs.
Mary E. Morgan, Alma; secretary. Mrs.
Alice C. Dllworth. Omaha. Executive
board. Mesdames Elizabeth Barber.
Kearney; Sarah Felt. Superior; Mary
E. Ward. Lincoln; Kate Pond. Red
Cloud; Amanda Marble, Table Rock.
Delegateat-large. Miss Etta Brooks.
Lincoln. Alternate-at-largc, Mrs. Lib
bie Lesche; Beatrice. Delegates to na
tional convention: Mrs. Carrie M. Pe
ters:. Beatrice; Mrs. Diana Potter,
Litchfield; Mrs. Lucy J. Barger. Heb
ron; Lucy O. Austin. Tekamah; Mrs.
McCain, Kearney; alternates. Mrs.
Maust, Falls City; Mrs. German, Wy
more; Mrs. Cleaver, Neligh; Mrs. Bol
shaw, Lincoln.
A resolution was presented and
adopted to have Daughters of Vet
erans Incorporated in the Women's Re
lief corps. The resolution will be pre
sented to the national convention. The
convention then adjourned to Paddock
opera house, where a joint installation
of Grand Army of the Republic and wo
men's Relief corps was held. General
H. C. Russell was installing officer for
tho Grand Army of the Republic and
Past President Mrs. Rupiper for the
Women's Relief corps. The conven
tions then adjourned to attend the
benquet at the armory of the national
guard, given by Rawlins post, Women's
Relief corps.
The Ladies of the Grand Army elect
ed the following officers for the ensuing
year: President Mrs. Anna E. Mar
shall, Hastings; senior vice president,
Almlra Dale. York; junior vice pres
ident, Etta A. Tyler, Arapahoe; treas
urer. Inez Yarton, Omaha; chaplain,
Rebecca Walsh. Stockham; conductor,
Wllda Nichols. Scnbner; council of ad
ministration, Marian Cramphin, Lin
coln; Jennie Knights, Lincoln; E. F.
Foster. Ord; delegate-at-Iarge, Clara
Lyons, Omaha. Delegates to national
convention: Mesdames L. S. Stone,
Scribner; Rebecca Walsh, Stockham;
alternates, Ollvo Heckman, Loup City;
Isabella French, Lushton; inspector,
Mrs. H. Gray, Harvard; councillor, Mrs.
S. A. Mason. Ord; sergeants, Miss W.
E. Hessie, North Platte; Mrs. H. H.
Chase. Shelby; guard, Mrs. M. E.
Blackburn, Minden; assistant guard.
Mrs. Cole, Crete; conductor, Mrs. Wil
de Nichols, Scribner; secretary, Mrs.
Ruby Stout, Hastings.
The Staadard Oil Case.
LINCOLN, Neb.. May 12 The at
torneys for the Standard Oil filed a
brief in the supreme court in the case
brought by the attorney general to dis
bar the company from doing business
in the state. In opening the brief
pleads that the company is the victim
of popular clamor against trusts, and
says It has been forced into court as
a result of agitation. It goes on:
"Instructed by public agitation it is
competent for the legislative branch of
the government to enact statutes of
whatever wisdom or unwisdom in fur
therance of principles, doctrines, ideas
and notions which are to the public
good. But when questions of the con
stitutional validity come into court, if
justice is to be done, they will be ex
amined in a very different spirit. It
is not the business of the courts to
inaugurate! or assist popular preju
dices and popular theories. In the
calm and serene atmosphere of the
court room the imperative duty is to
exclude such influences and apply set
tled rules of law and constitutional
provisions so as to give to all the equal
protection of the law."
Tho brief then continues to argue
that toe act known as the anti-trust
law -1b unconstitutional, alleging that
it violates the fourteenth amendment,
which says that "no state shall deny
to any person within its jurisdiction
the equal protection of the laws." It
Is contended tnat the statute violates
this amendment by the distinction
which it makes between traders, man
ufacturers and carriers on the one side
and assemblies or associations of labor
ing men on the other, and also between
different classes of laboring men.
State Capital Notes.
LINCOLN, Neb., May 12. Acting
Governor Talbot issued a requisition
on Governor Shaw of Iowa for the re
turn of W. W. McClusky. who is want
ed in Omaha to answer to the charge of
grand larceny. McClusky is under ar
rest at Sioux City.
The populist and free silver central
committees have issued calls for a
county convention in this city May 17.
Auditor Cornell has been asked by
tho treasurer of Washington county to
cancel the delinquent taxes outstanding
against that county for the reason that
most of tbe people against whom the
taxes are assessed have died or moved
McXallea Stabbed by a Traaap.
SIDNEY, Neb.. May 12. Robert Mc
Mullen. employed, in one of McSbane's
grading camps, got into an altercation
with an unknown tramp this afternoon
at the Union Pacific stock yards and
tho latter stabbed McMuilen in the
right lung and tonight the doctors re
port his condition precarious. Nobody
was present when the stabbing occur
red. County Attorney Capen has tak
en an anti-morten statement and the
description tallies with a fellow who
has been about town several days and
the authorities think he is the same
roan responsible for some of the recent
Child Drinks Anaoala.
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. May 12. The lit
tle 4-year-old son of D. H. Blakeney,
t liveryman of this place, got hold of a
bottle of ammonia yesterday and drank
quite an amount, but prompt medical
aid prevented serious results.
Pent Weaaaa Kills Herself.
PERU, Neb., May 12. Mrs. Boiling,
wife of a farmer living near here, com
mitted suicido Monday morning by
shooting herself through the heart.
She was in a delicate condition and
her husband came to town for a phy
sician. Saaallpex Near Celaaabas
COLUMBUS, Neb.. May 12. A gen
uine case of smallpox "well developed
waajound in the graders' camp on the
new double track work of the Union
Pacific about seven miles east of t..s
city. Medical aid was summoned from
this city and a strict quarantine has
been established. As the camp is in
Colfax county, it will devolve upon the
authorities there to keep the case in
hand. When the case was pronounced
to be smallpox a number of the men
on the work fled from the camp. The
patient's name is O'Brien and he late
ly camo from southwest Missouri.
Prepare a Welcesae for Otis.
WASHINGTON, May 12 Represent
ative O'Grady introduced to the presi
dent a nr.mber of prominent citizens
of Rochester, N. Y., who came to in
vito him to attend the reception and
banquet to be given to General Otis on
his return from the Philippines on
June 15. The president spoke of Gen
eral Otis in terms of high praise and
said he would esteem it a privilege to
join in doing him honor. He question
ed, however," the propriety of his doing
so. No one, in his judgment, should
k. ,... iii hr r9cnn nf his su-
perior rank, would necessarily share
the honors which were intended for
General Otis alone.
The Fatal Kles.
"Electricity is a funny force," sad
the observant motorman to his con
ductor as he boarded his car. "Last
aight nearly all the current was sud
denly cut off from the wires in the
barn, and after a minute came on
again. Soon an odor like that of an
overcooked dinner filled the power
house. On examination two chickens
were found slowly roasting to death
on the main wire. For hours the feath
ered pair had rested in safety on sepa
rate wires. The minute chanticleer
reached across to give a good night
kiss to his dear Biddy, on an opposite
wire, a deadly current was forced
through their bodies, and hence the
odor of roasting chicken."
A Paris dispatch says that the Drey
fus case is to be opened again.
Ate Tee Vstas; Alleafla Peet-Kaset
It Is the only cure for Swollen,
Smarting. Burning, Sweating Feet
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen's
Foot-Ease, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. At all Druggists and Shoe
Stores. 25c Sample sent FREE. Ad
dress Allen S. Olmsted. LeRoy, N. Y.
The Infallible Prophet.
Samue.1 dough, who edited "The
New England Almanac" at the very be
ginning of the last century, was a good
example of a prophet who intends to
make no mistaxes.
"Perhaps," says he, predicting the
weather from January 15 to the 23d.
1702, "it will be very cold weather, if
it freezes by the fireside or on the sun
ny side of a fence at noon." In April
he hazards: "Perhaps wet weather, if
it rains. Now fair weather, if the sun
shines. Windy or calm." And in July
he ventures a small advertisement for
the town of his residence:
"If now the weather do prove fair.
People to Cambridge do repair."
Try Magnetic Starch it will last
longer than any other.
Ihe daughter of Mrs. Mirv Ellon
Lease is now making political stump
Xfrs. Wlaalov'a Soothlas; Syaaw
Far cBll&rea teething-, noftcna the ijntn, -dnrea In
aaauBatk9B,aUryapaiB.cttreswlndcoltc. 23c a bottle.
There may be two grand English
opera companies in New York next
to agents celling our household goods. Sell on
sight. Write C. H. Marshall & Co., Chicago.
Burglars secured $5,000 from the
vaults of the Bank of Coultcrville, 111 ,
and escaped.
Hall's Cstarrh Core
Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75a
Eighty-five per cent of the adult Cu
bans are unable to read or write.
PIso's Cure cannot be too fctehly spoken of as
a cough cure. J. W. OIIrien. 3! Third Ave.,
N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 6, 1900.
The Klondike district is also very
rich in copper.
A Beek or Choice Keelpea
Seat free by Walter Baker Co. L'jL. DorckeeUr,
Mats. JIent!ot tola paper.
The navy department has asked for
bids for 100,000 armor piercing shells.
Use Magnetic Starch it lias no equal.
Riley's ITalqne License.
The town trustees of Benton. Ky..
have granted George Rile- a license to
open a saloon on an agreement that he
is to keep his doors open all the time,
use no screens whatever and that no
one be allowed to "treat" or set 'cm
up" in his place of business. Every
man who drinks must pay for his own
I was vmry thin anal my
fHmmtls thoatgM I was m
"Ha ooatmual hmmm-
aokma, backaoha amttfaiS-
"Evary ona aotioodhow
maarly lootod aad I was
advised to tako Lydia .
Plmkham's Vegatabla
"Ome boida reitavad
aad after taking eight
m mow a healthy
woausa; have gained ia
weight from 95 poinds to
140; everyone asks what
makes me so stout."
MRS. Aa TOLLE, 1946 Hil
ton St., Philadelphia, Pa.
MrsaPinkham has fifty
theusand suoh letters
from grateful women.
I s.ooiv
g: JEb out!)
C tcs2 "or your family's comfort
W. -. sndyoarown. m
V HUES Roottieer k
JC will contribute more to It than B
ffffjs, tons of r and s cross of tooM. SM
t 5 gallons fo r Si cen ts. 4iTM
.W Write for !l of premiacu oSnwt ABKI
vN free 1-r l.h.1. aBBKl
C Malverw, em. jaWL
1 Examine the Package ! i
In view of the many mislsadr.g sr.d unscrupulous imitations of " Baker's
Chocolate " which have recently been put upon the market, we find it neces
sary to caution consumers against these attempts to deceive
and to ask them to
and make sure that
our name and place
s y
and cur j b Qocolatiere
trade-mark " m
If vcur CTOcer does
in know, and we will
getting it. Send for a copy of our Choice Recipe book, milled free to any ap
plicant who mentions this paper.
caraausNce irso.
Is Sought by Female Suffer
ers from Ocean to
Mrs. F. W.
Goalder, 1306
4th ave., Rock
Island, 111.,
"I was af
flicted for five
or six years
with catarrh
al difficulties
and was
grow i n g
worse all the
time. I began
taking your
1'eruna with
a marked im
provement from the first.
Independe n t
of curing
that, the Pe
r u na has
greatly im
proved my
"Every bot
tle of Peruna
is worth its
weight in
gold ; espec
ially to me,
for I owo
m y present
eood health
to Peruna."
All over the country there are women
who have been invalids for many years,
suffering with female derangement
which the family doctor cannot cure.
What a boom t such woatem is Dr.
tfmrtmaa's free advice I S tmrntBua
has Ms skill made him thai hardly a
hamlet ar iewm In the camatry eat
knows his mame. He cares teas at
thovsamd. am he afters to every
womam who will write to him her
symptoms aa a history of her tremble
tree aaWks and treatmeat.
The medicines he prescribes can bo
oLtainctl at any drugstore, and the cost
is within the reach of any woman. He
describes minutely and carefully just
what she shall do and get to make a
healthy, robust woman of herself.
The Doctor has written a book
especially for this class of women, en
titled "Health and Beauty." This book
contains many faets of interest to
women, and will be scnt-free to any ad
dress by Dr. Martmam, Celmmhas,' O.
Ik Wafer
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It polishes the Goods
It makes all gnrments fresh and crisp
aa when first bought new.
Try a Sample Packas-o
You'll llko It if you try It.
You'll bur t f yo tr "
You'll use It If you try It.
Try It- ..
So!d by all Grocers,
S3 &3.SO SHOES '
Worth S4 to $6 compared.
wnn otner manes.
Iadorsed by ever
l,0O0,ev wearers.
Tike omuin bare W. L. I
Douglas lume and pHcel
i tamped on bottom. Take 4
no substitute claimed to be
as good. Your dealer
should keep thun t.
not. we will send a nair'
on receiot of price and ztc.
extra for carriage- State kind of leather.
sixe, and width, plain or cao toe. Cat. free.
Mm w. b vuuvuw onvc i., vnKvm. i
If yoa taUe up your
boiacH ia Western Can
ada, the land of plenty.
liliKtrated pamphlet.
kIvIdk experiences of
farmers who haTe be
come wealthr In urow
lni; wheat, reports of
lli'iv etc.. nnd full
tuionnuuon as t p-duwd rallwar rotes can be
had on application to trie SuperlBtrndcnt of
Iniinisration. Department of Interior. Ottawa,
anada. or to if. V. Ilcnaett, 801 Xaw YcrlC
Life aide. Oaoaba, Neb.
nciicinii& st YurPMsiM
Write CAPT. O'FARRELL. Peastoa AMflt,
1435 flew York Aveaaw. WASHINGTON. D. C.
autl up-i-ajitc chums. The i rpr-
tir i nave worn peneciij. v,. lurai,
Allegheny Co..Pa. Circular free; wrlin
inlcKiy. OIIWIP.THii.nn"'
ru. ,!., uimodms, a-a.
BiO Israeli011 w.metisna,
LlwnMUIwTwraaklBWtea. St.C.
1 3 v rin ciTtl war. t) iutludicatins rlaiiu. at t r mc.
f Vf9 quick rellerandrarewort
cane. Book of testlmnnlasa nl la ! trentmen.
raic. aa. b. a. taars-s sess. as a. auaau. ua.
If afflicted
:Sil TktajisM's El Wafer.
xxe ejes.
According to a French newspaper.
Anglican ladies :irc making petu ot
Japanese mice, which cost 1100 apiece.
There are at the present moment be
tween 800 and 900 commissioned offi
cers in the army who have risen from
the ranks.
Queen Victoria always has her new
boots worn a few times by one of her
dressers. who?c foot is the same size
as her majesty's.
A London ankrupt has been ordered
to pay a debt to a green grocer at the
rate of 5s per week. It will take him
thirty-seven years to do it.
The depopulation of Peru is illus
trated by the fact that the Valley of
Santa, which In the days of the Incas
had a population of 700,000, now has
only 3.000.
examine every package they purcnase.
it has on the front a yellow label, with
of manufacture.
BAKER & CO. Ltd,
f on thi
not keep the genuine article, please let
endeavor to put you in the way of
Limited, Dorchester, Mai.
E&'nae'9BaFBBMJBjBja!! .ijS
jasinajsjffissa fsTal
w eJaaaTwaa mr
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