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el its pecaliar aa aaaaaal caratfra
power, coawldar the Boat iaakUoaa
disease, aa4 tae disease waka taiata
the Wood of most people, prodaciaf
iaoalcaJable rafeiiac to away, while
ia others it k a lateat fire liable ta
bant Into activity aad ptodaee matalA
misery oa the least prereeatiea.
ScrOfllla the aly aflawat to
whiektbehaaua family a) abject, of
which the above sweepiaa; atatoateat
r can hoaettly be made. Now, a aiedi
ciae that can meet this commoa enemy
of aaaakiael and repeatedly elect the
woaderfal cares Hood's Sstakparllla
has, clearly has the rlcht to the title
of Asaera'a Greatast Medicine.
HOOd'S parilia
Is soM by all druggists. $iSfetert&
Hood's Pills JSJSOSSL T
Mirth and cheerfulness are but the
due reward of innocence of life.
af other Gray Sweet Powders for Chlldrea
Successfully used by Mother Gray,
naree in the Children's Home in New
York, Curs Feverishness, Bad Stom
ach, Teething Disorders, move aad
regulate the Bowels and Destroy
Worms. Over lO.OO testimonials.
They never fail. At all druggists, 25c
Sample free. Address, Allen S. Olm
eted. LeRoy. N. Y.
There is only one Latin newspaper
in tbe world.
ITo-To-Bac for Fifty Ceatt.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
aaca strong, blood pure. 50c fl. All druggists.
Already nine-tenths of the trads of
Bangkok is in English hands.
Talro Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets. All
Druggists refund tbe money If it falls to cure,25c
In Chicago thera is a hospital for
' sick and wounded birds.
Smoke Sledge Cigarettes. SO for 5 eta.
And what it led to.
Tt Is sot a common occurence that a
friendly word shculd be the means of giv
ing nearly torty vears of happiness and
health to the person heeding the advice it
carried. This was the case with Mary
Lingard. At twenty-five she was dragging
out her days in tntaeiy. At sisty-one she
finds hetselt so active ana strong; nc can
do work that would shame many a younger
woman, aad looks back on thirty-six
happy, healthful years of industry. But
let her tell her story:
"Thirty-sir years ago I had great trouble
with my liver. The doctors allowed that
there were tumors growing on it, and they
blistered my side in an effort to give me
relief. I was at that time earning my
living as a tatloress. but for five years,
between the pain in my side and the
blisters I was ia constant misery, and
work was a drag to me, with no prospect
cf relief: fortunately for me, however, a
friend advised me to take Dr. Ayer's Sar
tapanlla, and finally persuaded me to take
t regular course of it. When I first com
menced taking the Sarsaparllla my side
was so painful that I could not fasten my
dress, and for a time I did not get any
relief, but nv friend advised me to per
severe and relief was sure to come, and
come it did. This happened, as I say,
thirty-six years ago. My liver has sever
troubled me since, and during these years
I have passed through the most critical
period of a woman's life without any par
ticular trouble, and to-day, at slaty-one
vrars of age. I am active and strong, and
able to do a day's work that would upset
They are telling this story In Lon
don about the Countess Waldegrave,
who was married four times: One
evening she appeared at tho opera in
Dublin, during her fourth husband's
occupancy of the post of the chief sec
retary for Ireland. An audacious celt,
catching sight cf her ladyship in one
of the boxes shouted out with real
Irish tennrity: "Lady Waldgrave,
whica of the four did you like best?"
The countess was equal to the occas
ion. Without a moment's hesitation,
she rose from her seat and exclaimed
enthusiastically: "Why. the Irish
man, of course" a remark which nat
urally "brought down the house."
Garlic came from Asia and has been
used since the earliest times. It
formed part of tho diet of the Israel
ites in Egypt. v.-as used by Greek and
Roman soldiers and African peasants.
There are 110 mountains in Colo
rado, whose peaks ore over 12,000 feet
above the ocean level.
Every one exaggerates the good he
does for his kin.
"M Perfect Type of the Highest Order of
Excellence fa Manufacture."
Absolutely Pure,
Be sure that too get the Genuine Article,
made at DORCHESTER. MASS. by
with a -worid-wida
reputatiOB. Catalog
sCat-i YaVHT Pbbbbbb.bbbb.1
4aaNawYaffcAvasa. WASMNOTON, 0. C.
fa set Bad TRope BooSac for le
Tceraaj. TU. cap and naUa laclEded.
SBB-cUtstm for flatter. Sajaptn
rix utxaxAwmnwa ., caaax. . .
Em aster's Smss an Vsnaaui to rtiaui A
mm . Walter. LcKanTlUt. F mnmUtwd tkc wcjSl WBm
aaw vt mvtncXJO tmbci Salter con: J. KrrMer. WBBJ
Ntaicatt. WTlv. in bcaU. tartey. n ?-laM(.aSSJ
Baadalia. jtcw'bS lt mA. Salter! eata
mtkr. lfyeobt.'titaUm. Wriahn(ia BBj
W l30anrwatancn.naecwiU'KB4oa trial "
llitaitmn fina awda. HafTta. Sana Vctek. BTB
ffM aOtTa-hcai.-S'KcpKaitt. Jamaica Cacm. t. la.
IB ataalncarTaaiBWhSc4 Catalarac. rtac "UaBT
aam atemttht-OcUl-rirarl-A JTMW
aaB sew atmlai care anaaata. "RuaicM. fV
aV Bit trap caK. all walk jam Ba7
k. neript nf bat Mi -i!?T aaV
TaffaTa-- r ii Si 1 ust--. W
BaaW yg2yta'JaaMayr
WafcBwl' tgaa9Pctalaa
tWBdthisn-asjajajaaaaa-Bn"! SljtS.
adnaloas. aSaa o.w.e.
ft HoUaafacte Rente reeeotly
Kara tbe following account of Dr.
Leyd'a feat Interview with treBldeat
Kroger: "President," said Dr. Iyd
1 hafe aomething to tell you. I am
afraid It fenar arleVe you, and I do not
know it k is not sometimes an ob
stacle to one's filling the positional
believe in no God." Silence prevailed
la the room for a considerable time,
the article continues. Kruger draw
ing quietly at hi pipe and emitting
thick clouds of smoke from his raotttn.
He appeared to bfe deep in thought
and eventually,, looking at Dr. Lyd,
said: "Young man, what I nave heard
grieves me, it hurts me, and I blame
you most But if you do your duty
faithfully and trustworthily as an
honorable man, that need be no "ob
jection." Kew for tins Wheelmen.
The L. A. W. numbers nearly 2,000
below the 100,000 mark within the last
few weeks. In spitd of this startling
dimunition, the maximum of health
may be obtained by those who use the
comforting tonic, Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters, which promotes digestion and
regularity of the bowels.
There are in
lodging houses.
London 593 common
Beat Tetaecs Spit an Smote sr Ula
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be aiag
aetlc. full of lire, nerve and vigor, take No-To-Bac.
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists. 60c or II. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Kemedy Co.. Chicago or New York.
The harder you run up against the
devil the more his horns hurt
SEATTLE unquestionably best and
cheapest starting point and outfitting sta
tion for Alaska and Klondike, does aotask
or advise you to go, but yott will find
Seattle's facilities, stocks and experience
unsurpassed and prices the very lowest.
Washington state has Klondikes of its own.
Seattle is the chief citv. Strangers are
protected by Public Comfort Bureau. Ad
dress Chamber of Commerce,Seattle, Wash.
"Why doesn't a trained skirt know
enough to keep out of the mud?
Doubles the Pleasures of a Drive.
A fine carriage doubles the pleasure
of driving. Intending buyers of car
riages can save dollars by sending for
the large, free catalogue of the Elk
hart Carrriage and Harness Manufact
uring Co., of Elkhart, Ind.
Why is the hired girl of foreign
birth called a domestic?
roaay a younger woman. Ever since ray
recoverv I have taken a couple of bottles
of Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparllla each spring, and
am quite satisfied that I owe my good
health to this treatment. 1 give this testi
monial purely ia the hope that it may
meet the eye of some poor sufferer."
JlAKV LlSGARD, Woodstock, OnU
Dr. Ayer's Sarsaparilla has won its way
to everv corner of the world by the praise
of its friends; those who have ttied it and
who know thev ere cured by the ue of
the remedy. There is nothing to strong
as this personal testimony. It thtows all
theories and fancies to the winds and
stands solidly upon the rock of experi
ence challenging everv skeptic with a
positive "1 Incie." AVer's Sarsaparllla
with its purifying and Vitalizing action on
the blood is a radical reroedv for eveiy
form of disease that bcg:n in tainted or
impure blood. Hence tumors, sores,
ulcers, boils, eruptions and similar dis
eases yield promptly to this medicine.
Some caes are mote stubborn than others,
bat persistence with Ir. A;, cr's Sarsapa
rilla usually results in a complete cure.
Mary Lingard began with a bottle, and
went on to a course of Dr. Ayer's Sarsapa.
rilla. When she was cured she realized
that a medicine that could cure disease
could also prevent it. 60 she took a couple
of bottles each spring and kept in perfect
health. There are thousands of similar
cases on record. Some of these are
gathered into Dr. Aver's Curebook.a little
book of too pages which is sent free by the
I J. C Aycr Co., Lowell, Mass. Write for it.
Why is an umbrella never used until
it is up?
rractice In the United States Patent
There are 30 principal examiners,
an examiner of interferences and an
examiner of trade marks, and each is
practically a court There is also a
board of examiners-in-chief, composed
of three men,
. From the adverse decision of an
examiner, appeal may be made to the
examiner-in-chief upon payment of
$10. From the decision of the examiners-in-chief
to the commissioner
upon payment of $20, and from his
decision to the court of appeals of the
District of Columbia.
It is the duty of examiners in the
U. S. Patent Office to make objections
and refuse claims for patents as often
as they can find good reason for do
ing so, and the duty of an attorney to
overcome all objections raised if it is
possibTe to do so. An attorney who
does not know his rights and invent
ors' rights and lacks the patience,
ability and courage to prosecute
claims, in other words maintain his
rights, regardless of the time and
labor required to do so, is not such
an attorney as an Inventor should
employ to secure a patent.
Valuable! information sent to in
ventors free. Iowa Patent Office, Des
Moines, February 21, 1898. Thomas G.
end J. Ralph Orwig, solicitors.
Why doesn't some genius invent a
safety accordion for beginners?
Rev. Mary A. Hillis the note! Evangelist
writes: "I gladly give my testimony to
the healing properties of Dr. Kay's Lung
Balm. My son had a terrible cough very
winter for fire years and he took dozens of
bottles of tho leudino; cough medicines but
nothing seemed to help him or quiet his
cough. But two 25 cent boxes of Dr. Kay's
Lung Balm has cured him. and it has also
been a great relief to other members of
my family whea afflicted with colds."
We are positive that Dr. Kay's Lung
Balm and also Dr. Kay's Reno ator bayo
no equafc If you have any disease write
ns and give your symptoms and our physi
cian will send free advice and a valuable
6S page book with TiG recipes and giving
aymptoms aad various methods of treat-
inz neany an disease, tt w win ai.-u wuu
a Free sample of Dr. Kay's Lung Balm or
Dr. Kay's Renovator. Address Dr. B. J.
Kav Medical Co., (Western Office) Omaha,
Why don't they remove the scales
from the eyes of justice if she is blind?
State of Ohio. City of Toledo.
Lucas County,
Frank J Cheney makes oath that lie ta
the senior partner cf the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., doing business In the City
f Toledo. County and State aforesaid,
and that said tlrm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December.
a. d. isat
(Seal A. W. GLEASON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally
and acts directly on the tlood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Send for
testimonials, free. .
F. C. CHENET CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists. ac
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Why don't they keep cyclones lock
ed up in the weather bureau drawers?
A Haaasoaae Metal Paper Catter aad
Book Mark CoBabined.
Sent free of postage under sealed cov
er on receipt of ten cents in silver
or stamps. The latest, best and most
-serviceable adjunct to every library
and office. Address Geo. H. Heafford,
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Why doesn't the person who eata too
much angel cake feel angelic?
I shall recommend Piso's cure for Con
eusaptioa far and -.vide. Mrs. Mnlligaa,
Plamstead, Kent. Enrland. Nov. 8, 1S95.
Why do they speak of a man's dowm-
A copy of the new edition of Mis
Parloa's Choice Receipts Will be sent
postpaid to thy of our readers who
Will make application by postal card
or note to Walter Baker ft CO., Limit
ed, Dorchester, Mass.
The question of spraying f rolt trees to pre
rent the depredations of iasen pests aad
fungus diseases 1 no longer aa tisetuneat,
bat a necessity.
Our readers will do well to write Win. Stahl
81SH St.. Qclncy. 111., afed get his catalogue
describing; twcnty-ane styles of Spraying Out
fits and full treatise oh spraying the different
fruit and Vegetable crops, which may tc had
for the asking and eoatalca such valuable
Editor Rule of the Knoxville, Tenn.
Journal draws a pension from the
United States government, a salary
from the city as mayor and & salary
as editor.
Are warranted. They produce! We are
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est prices. Seed Potatoes only $1.50 per
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A modern philosopher says there
are people who declare that they hate
a thief, but who will borrow umbrel
las and books and never return them.
The Fallness Thereof.
Amid the discomforts of life and the
fullness therof, reaching to every
family, there Is that which can so
easilv mitigate or entirely cure, the
wender is why we endure and suffer
so much. From big pains to little
aches, which are the wear and tear
of the physical structure of man, there
are always remedies good, better and
best The choice .should be always for
best as the surest and the cheapest. In
chronic or acute suffering with rheu
matism, neuralgia, sciatica or lum
bago, or with the minor ailments of
sprains and bruises, or of soreness and
stiffness, the efficacy of St Jacobs Oil
and the fullness thereof in so many
complete and perfect cures make it
stand out as the best remedy for pain.
Why, then, should we stand on the
order of going for it, and not go at
once? In numberless cases the aggra
vations of discomforts and pains era
from delay. Why should we suffer?
Potatoes aro native to Peru, and
the Spaniards discovered them. From
Spain they passed into Italy and Bel
gium. Crescent flotel. Eureka Springs, Ark.
Opens March 1st. In heart of Ozark
Mountains, climate mild and bracing
Fcenery wild and beautiful. Unequalca
medicinal waters. Excursion rates,
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Why is it that a woman can never
throw anything straight but kisses?
Beaaty Is Bitted Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No beauty
wit hout It. Cascarcts. Candy Cathartic cleans
your blood and keeps it clean, by stirring ud
the lacy liver and driving all impuritlei from
the body. Begin to-day to banish pimples,
boils, blotches, blackheads, and that sickly
bilious complexion by taking Cascarcts.
beauty for ten cents. All druggists, satisfac
tion guaranteed. 10c 25c. 50c
Why does nearly all the milk of hu
man kindness taste of the can?
To Cnre CoastlpatloB Forever.
Tntn Ctt'cnret-s Candv Cathartic. 10c or
If C.C.C. fall to cure, druggists refund money,
Why do we use
wright" instead of
the term "play
'playwriter?" The Baltimore aud Ohio Southwest
ern Railway company has adopted a
plan of handling locomotive ashes or
calders at terminals and divisional
points which has resulted in a saving
of expenses. The device consists of
large pans holding about 3 cubic yards
each, which are placed in the pit aad
when full are moved by a crane to the
car where they are dumped. The ma
chinery is handled by one man and the
results have been very satisfactory.
You may lose your temper, but oth.
ers will find it.
Mr. Goodman, Williams Co., 111.,
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Why is a man who is really good
usually look so sad?
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Gloves made from frog skins are the
latest novelty
I Try Grain-O!
Try Grain-O!
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the most delicate stomach receives it
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Tastes like Coffee X
Look Wee Coffee
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The Best
Keeps both rMer and tattle per
fectly dry ia die hardest stonms.
iSa? l-tsn nana I'oauaei 9ocar
It is entirely new. If notforsatela
yomtumm. write for catalog
Sana tJpta-Bata BbiU Abeas ai
tlratloa if tae Soil aad tiuds
Tfaeraef Hartlcaltare, VltlcaUar aid
bow Peas and Seja Beaci;
For Fertilizer. The value of these
two crops as a fertilizer is largely due
to their high per cent of nitrogen and,
further, upon the fact that though they
prefer good land they will grow on
cither sand or clay that is "too poor to
raise anything else."
As the roots are small and nearly
five-sixths of the plant is above ground
the stubble alone does not enrich the
ground as much as do the correspond
ing parts of alfalfa and of clover. Sown
for fertilizer, the crop should be plowed
under, or, better yet, hogged down or
pastured off before plowing. They are
indifferent to fertilizers, except the
Yield. Rhode Island reports yields of
two or three tons of dry matter of cow
peas and slightly less of soja beans.
Delaware reports btlt 4 little over One
ton per acre of cow peas. Louisiana
over one and one-half tons and South
Carolina over three and one-half tons
of dry matter to which ten per cent
should be added to express it in terms
of hay. Ohio reports but one and one
half tons of green foliage, but the land
was poor. The yield of seeds varies
greatly in different localities, with dif
ferent varieties and with time of plant
ing. In general, cow peas and soja
beans are capable of about equal yield
in seeds, the former tending to excel in
the South and the latter in the North.
Both yield more in drills than when
sown broadcast; late planting tends to
increase Eeed production and early
planting to excessive development of
stem and leaf. Of the many varieties
of cow peas, the small upright growers
are most prolific in seed and the so-
called trailers, of longer growth, yield
most of forage. Yields of seed report
ed vary from ten or twelve bushels to
as high as thirty-seven per acre,
though twenty-five bushels is a good
yield of cow peas and twenty of soja
Varieties. The two common varieties
of soja beans arc the Black Medium and
the Early White, or Improved White.
Of these the first seems to give the
ranker growth of vines and the latter
the heavier yield of seed.
The sixty or more varieties of cow
peas differ greatly in character of
growth. In amount of vine, in yield of
seed, and in the time required from
seeding to maturity. Some of the
smaller varieties called "bunch" varie
ties are entirely upright, like soja
beans, others called "trailers" send out
long trailing vines fifteen or twenty
feet long, and still others called "run
ners" send out upright stalks which af
terward from extreme development re
sume a horizontal position. The real
trailers produce a heavy growth of vine,
but the crop is difficult to secure with
the mower, which rides over many of
the lowest vines, leaving them attached
both to the ground and to the tangled
mass of vines about them. Because of
Ibis, the so-called runners are preferred
as being easier to cut clean from the
ground. A few varieties will live in
tbe ground over winter in the southern
states and come up the succeeding
spring. The following supposed facts
will be of value to the prospective
grower: (t) means trailing; (r) run
ning; (e) erect " 0
Very Early. Sixty or seventydays;
New Erea (r), Chocolate (r), Congo (r),
Vacuum (r). White Giant (r).
Early. Whippoorwill (e). Red
Crowder (r), Granite (r).
Medium. Coffee (e). Large Lady (r),
Pony (r).
Late. Black Eye (r), Everlasting (r).
White Crowder (r).
Very Late. Unknown (or Wonderful)
(e). Black (r). Blue Hull (r). Purple Hull
Crowder (r). Clay (e). Conch (t), Gourd
(r), Calico (r). Quadroon (e). Redding
(r), Red Nipper (r). Rice (r). Speckled
Crowder (r).
North Carolina prefers Unknown and
Black for yield of either forage or seed.
Clay for poor land and Red Nipper for
dry, sandy land. Nearly all except the
northern states place Unknown first
aud Black second for general use, that
is, for both seed and vine. The Clay
recommended for poor soils has much
vine, but is a poor bearer. The Blue is
small, with few vines, but a good bear
er. Whippoorwill is an early variety
of great excellence, but is a "bunch"
pea with few vines.
Culture. Either of these crops will
grow on almost any land that is not too
wet, and may be sown broadcast at
the rate of one-half to two bushels per
acre, using least seed with the trail
ing or running varieties. They may
also be planted in drills of convenient
distance for cultivating, planting the
seeds five or six inches apart in the
row, in which case a bushel of soja
beans will plant about four acres, ami
of cow peas four to six, according to
the variety. The yield of seed will he
best from drills, but the culture is
cheaper when sown broadcast ou
ground well prepared as for corn, in
which case tbe crop now takes posses
sion of the ground to the exclusion of
weeds. In the South cow peas arc fre
quently sown in corn at the last culti
vating. In general, the best time to plant is
immediately after corn, though much
depends on the variety, and upon the
fact that the late planting favors seed
formation, particulrly with cow peas.
In all cases avoid cultivation when the
vines are wet
Source of Seed. Seed can be pur
chased from any reliable seedsman, and
at prices ranging from 75 cents up, ac
cording to the locality and other cir
cumstances. Southern seedsmen seem
to pay most attention to varieties.
Soil Analyses.
Prof. Persons, in his bulletin on "A
Chemical Study of Some Tropical
Soils," in speaking of the value of a
chemical analysis, says: There is prob
ably no one subject in connection with
their profession that is so little under
stood by farmers generally as that of
the real value to be attached to a chem
ical analysis. Indeed, I may say that
there is scarcely a question that is the
subject of so much discussion and dis
agreement, even among the agricultur
al chemists of the country as that of
the real importance to be attached to
such an analysis. One line of authori
ties, headed by Dr. Hilgard, the direc
tor of the California experiment sta
tion, relies most strongly upon such an
analysis, while others, of perhaps equal
prominence, at least in other lines, do
not place so much reliance upon it All
agree, however, that something is to be
gained by a careful chemical stady of a
soiL Even those who do not agree
wholly with Hilgard concede that,
whilst a chemical analysis fails to in
dicate the exact degree of availability
of coil constituents, it will at least re
veal the approximate total quantity of
the several constituents present there
in, and in this indicating either the suf
ficiency or deficiency of the several soil
essentials, it proves itself Tory helafal
to the axriculturist evea though tt
availability ot a single soil constituent
It must be conceded that if it does this
6hiy, a chemical analysis is of sufficient
importance to warrant its being under
taken, for if it can tell a farmer that
his soil contains a sufficient quantity
ef one element and is probably entirely
lacking in another, it at least affords
him a rational basis for inaugurating
a scries bt practical soii-test, experi
ments' with fertilizers that will enable
him to answer the question definitely
and thus save himself the risk of pur
chasing and applying certain fertllizen
on a particular soil that are not needed
by It and that would prove a useless
expenditure If applied. It will be seen
that the weak point In an analysis ii
that, while It reveals what a soil actu
ally contains and in what proportions
the several constituents are present,
it does not state with absolute accuracy
just how much of that plant food is in
an available form, that is, in a form
suited for plant assimilation. This is
an Important matter, for, other things
being equal, the actual productiveness
of any soil will depend not so much
upon the total amount of platit food it
contains is Upon the proportion ot that
food which Is In an available form. And
until It is nosslble for an analysis to
reveal with much accuracy the degree
of availability of any plant food essen
tial, It cannot be said that chemical
methods are entirlly perfected and ca
pable Of furnishing information in all
respects satisfactory. It Is encouraging
to note that many chemists are at the
present time engaged in perfecting
methods with this object in view.
It frequently happens that when soils
are barren their failure to produce is
due to the presence of certain poison
ous substances, such as sulphate or sUl
phid of iron. Whon such is the case, a
chemical analysis will reveal the fact
and chemistry will provide a remedy.
Boll for Pears.
Clay soil is considered best for pear
culture, 'and still It should not be too
tenacious and sticky. A pear orchard
will not thrive so well, says Green's
Fruit Grower, en any soil that has not
a clay subsoil. Next to a friable clay
loam, a gravel loam is most desirable.
A light, sandy soH is the least desirable
of anv. and yet poars can be grown on
sandy soil. Standard pears can be
planted twenty to thirty feet apart, ac
cording to circumstances and habits of
growth. If planted thirty feet apart,
dwarf pears can be planted between
the rows each way. I prefer a stand
ard pear for general orchard culture,
for the reason that they require less
fertility and cultivation, and for the
further reason that they are longer liv
ed and make larger and more perma
nent trees. When the question came
up for a vote, however, before the
Western New York Horticultural socie
ty, we found that the dwarf pear was
the favorite for orchard planting or for
garden. Dwarf pears have the advan
tage of coming into earlier bearing.
The dwarf pear is not short lived. It
requires more pruning and more atten
tion than the standard pear. Many va
rieties do better on the dwarf pear than
on the standard. I should not locate
a pear orchard or any other orchard in
a low piece of ground. I should locate
on a hillside. The pear is easily trans
planted. I transplant several thousand
every spring, and thty do not lose on
an average one out of one hundred
trees. Pear trees come into bearing
earlier than the apple.
Horse Famine Predicted.
At the convention of live stock feed
ers and breeders at St Paul recently
a horse famine was predicted. F. J.
Berry, a veteran horse dealer, said:
"Scrub horses will remain a drug on
the market, but good horses will sell
for big prices. The great depression
that we have just passed through has
discouraged horsemen and driven
many of them out of the business. For
the last three years there has been
but a small per cent of the usual num
ber of colts raised. At the same time
the consumption of horses has been go
ing on, until our supply of American
horses is reduced two or three million.
Farmers, in order to sell at all, have
been obliged to sell their best, thus re
ducing the quality as well as the quan
tity. Horses are Increasing in price,
and the future is bright. It will not
be long before prices will be as high
as they ever vere, and it is believed by
our best judges that a great famine of
the salable class of horses will be upon
us in a few years at the most. The
export demand is becoming the lead
ing feature and life of our Chicago mar
ket, it being headquarters for export
buyers. The export demand com
menced in 1893, and had a rapid growth
until 189G, when 35.000 horses were
sold for export, and during the last
year fully 50,000 horses and mules
were sold for export. The demand is
Increasing in England, Ireland, Bel
gium, Scotland, Germany, France and
Mexico, and our present correspond
ence would fully indicate one-third in
crease for the coming year. If Amer
icans will have an eye to their own
interests they will commence breeding
the best grades, and as extensively as
possible, and every horse should be
bred to a purpose, and the breeder
should pay the strictest attention to
the class he wishes to produce."
Intensive Culture. In France, ac
cording to authorities who criticise Ca
nadian agriculture from this stand
point, tbe art of fertilizing the soil is
carried to such an extent that, in case
of tenant farming, the tenant usually
reserves the right to carry the surface
of the soil of his farm or garden away
with him on tbe expiration of his
lease. This is the more practicable in
that country because of excellent
means of communication, the usual
smaliness of the lots cultivated, and
tbe fact that the French peasantry sel
dom wander far from tbe neighborhood
in which they were born. The returns
from a single acre of land cultivated in
the vicinity of Paris by the highest de
gree of intensive tillage often amount
to eight or even ten fold more than
the returns from an acre of land on a
Canadian farm. Rural Canadian.
Pekin Ducks. Rouen ducks are equal
to the Pekins In size, lay as many egg3,
are more beautiful and grow rapidly,
but no duckling will grow as fast as
a Pekin duckling up to the age of
twelve weeks, nor will any breed thrive
as well without a pond as the Pekins.
AH breeds have some disadvantages as
well as advantages. Pekins are white
and clean, but a dirty plumage on a
duckling that weighs five pounds when
it is ten weeks old is better than at
apparently cleaner plumage on
smaller one. Never mind the dirt, but
try to get the most weight in the short
est space of time and at the lowest
cost Kx.
Most people that keep account of th
egg production of their fowls are un
able to make them come up to the limit
prescribed in the books. This Is true
of even well kept blooded stock. Is
the limit too high?
Enow the soil. That knowledge
will save much useless expense espe
cially it commercial fertilizer gr
A Total Disability Claim of $1,650 Paid to
a Man Who Was Afterward Gored.
The Moiiltori a newspaper published at
Meaf ofdj Oat. Canada, first discovered this
case two years agd, aftd published it at
length; which" now eeerfoj .6wif 10 th
cure of it; to be a miracle,. The facts wart
so' remarkable tbatrnany people doubted
the truth of them. They said; It is too r
markable;it cannot possibly be frne;thg
paper is mistaken, and tbe man. although"
he may think himself cured, will soon" re
lapse into bis former condition,-" etc.,-etc.
Tbe accuracy of its report called ia ques
tion, the Afnor determined to find Out
definitely whether the facts were as stated
and whether the man would really ttav
cured. They accordingly kept a close'
watch on the case for (wo yeart after the
mmmmmmmmmmmnBKEmmmwmZ . V "t'TVmSSuZoitm
IlPiR Vt&J
Baa9VSiatf!aT Caunfmrattmm irl'ilfaM
W di w
first article appeared, and have just new
published another article about it in which
tike uritff na( rewrtart eompl'tclu rerlled,the
cure i permanent, ami they publish a fae
simile nf the cheek given by the Canadian Ail
tual Life Association for $1650.00 amount of to
tal disability claim paidhu them to Mr. Fetch.
The first account stated that the patient
(see address below) had been a paralytic for
five years.that there waB such a total lack
of feeling in bis limbs and body, that a pin
run full length could not bo felt; that he
could not walk or help himself at all; for
two years he was not dressed : furthermore
that'he was bloated was for that reason al
mc&t unrecognizable, and could not get his
clothes on. Tho paralysis was so complete
as to affect the face and prevented bim from
We always wonder at this time of
the year where the flies come from.
Kcw Inventions.
A very curious Inven
tion was that patented
by a German last week,
comprising a sleeping
bag for soldiers, the Lag
temg ligh easily
transportable. imper
vious to moisture and
till being properly ventilated. The
present war scare will of course, bo
responsible for a great number of in
ventions relating to mlitary and na
val arms. Inventors i pplying for pat
ents should be careful to place their
inventions in tho hands of registered
attorneys. We have just received from
tbe printer our illustrated hand book
xith some one hundred illustrations,
which will be sent uaon application.
Fres information ic'ating to patents
may be obtained in addressing uc3
& Co., registered patent lawyers, Bco
Building, Omaha, Nebr.
Between 1S71 and 1S91 nearly 2,
000,000 Germans left for their native
Educate Yoar Itowets With Cascarcts.
Candy Cathartic cure constipation forever.
10c, 25c. If C.C.C. fall, druggists refund money.
Muskets were first used In 1414 by
the French armv.
Coc'a Couch Hnitaa
Is the oldest an.t best It ill bmV. up a co'd qnlckei
than anvthlni: cl. It U (Utraja reliable. Trj It.
Speaking of the late -President Cat
tclf of Lafayette college, the Phila
delphia Press says: "A general win
ning peisonality, the dead divine de
voted the midulo period cf his life,
thirty years m all, to the cause of
education, in this period, by reason of
ability to command tho attention of
the young and win the confidence of
ho influential his fame is largely con
nected with his developement of La
fayette college, which, under his con
trol, prospered as never before and
became one of the leading institu
tions of tho state."
At an auction sale cf the effects of
a deceased woman in London the
other day a safe was purchased by a
man named Ponder. Behind one of
the compartments Mr. Ponder found
securitcs to the value of $52,000. Such
a discovery would cause most men to
ponder as to the expediency of mak
ing it known,
Swans, shirts,, canaries and trous
ers were among the personal effects
Sir liobert Peel's creditors auctioned
off at Drayton Manor, and the whole
let brought only a little over $500.
We are asserting in the courts our rizht to th
exclusive use of the word "CASTOHX.." and
"PITCHER'S CASTORIA." as our Trade Matt.
I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, of Hyaanis. Massachu
setts, was the originator of "PITCHER'S CAS
TORI A," the same that has borne and does now
bear the fac-simile signature of CHAS. H.
FLETCHER on every wrapper. This 1 the
original "PITCHERS CASTORIA" whica has
been used in the homes of the mothers of
America for over thirty years. Look carefully
at the wrapper and see that it is "the kind you
have always bought." and has the signature of
CHAS. H. FLETCHER oa the Wrapper. No
one has authority from me to use my name
except The Centaur Company of which Chaa
H. Fletcher is President.
Why does nature put a head on a
dude if it abhors vacuum.
Mm. 'WInslopr'a Soothing Syrup
For cliildrrn teething.fof t?ns the smiR.rluf e inflam
aution, allays pain, cures wir d co!i-. 3 cent! a bottl;.
The older a man gets, the more of a
fool he thinks a boy is.
Star Tobacco is trie leading brand of
the 'world, because it is the best.
Don't credit yourself with brains be
cause you are homely.
p 1
tccor.d li
hardly cetu papain. Now, I
ran walk without any pain.
k.h..r..l Rhamnatlam
Trade Mark. ,oth tbi month. He ha sained ten pound he besrar ' takinjr yoar
"S DROPS" I cannot thank you enough for what your "5 DROPb" has done for him. for I don t thin
JwatoT.rtvcVlthSrllf " "?" I rfi50onnwiub(ft"estt
be treated with your "5 DROPS." for Ik 1 boom to cnankinil. (Mr. Jonion wui ienu tesu
moalalUter on). Your, Gratefully. IUbt V. Jomo. Brldseport, Ala., January 5, U3J.
8w.,onIlheumatle Cure Co.. Chle.,0. tod&jSTi&JjfiS.
daff.Pntce, of headache -
m r.ror-5- famttaM.SeUtlea.aralKiUTPfP
Cftn TUIOTV niVQ inyCCD to enable sufferers
run mini i umo luaoui
v vw -...,. . - - .. An Ha-innnnM a upian
. Catarrh. SIeepI.neseroiBeSer.j..--.-:.v ... ... ----";.
.Heart Ucaknen, Croap, sweiuaaj, uiunri. ..... ..... -. -...
viae. yon. Atao. large bottle. JJiJHVUr.''
opefilagkia mouth sufficiently wida to taka
solid food. The doctors called the disease spi
nal sclerosis, and all said he could aotlive.
For three years he lingered in this con
dition. Then by some frieads ha was ad
Jisi taka Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
ale People. He took them and there was
m alight change. Taa first thing noted was
tt tendency to sweat freely. This showed
therv waa some lifelflft in his helpless body.
Next imm little feeling in his limbs.
This e&teadedf followed by pricking aensa
tions,aatilat last tbe blood began to course
freely, natarallv aad vigorously through
his body, and the helplessness gave way
to returning strength, the ability to walk
returned, and ftcinis restored to his via time
The above is the" Substance of the first
article published by the Monitor. Now fol
low some clippings, taken from ths- samo
paper two years afterward, and there is not
the slightest i-hadow of doubt, in view of
this testimony, that Mr. Fetch's euro is
permanent. Here follows the account:
Ob being again questioned, Mr. Petch
said: "Youseetbosehands theskinisnow
natural and elastic. Once they were hard
and without sensation. You could piorco
them with a pin and I won'd not feel it.aud
what is true of my hands is true of the rest
of my body. Perhaps you havo observed
that I have now even ceased to uso a cane,
and can get about my business perfectly
well. You may say there is absolutely n
doubt as to my cure being permanent. Indeed
: tr a"-3r-y . ...
tat hare sold direct to tbe con
tainer for 25 jeTJ at who!a-
B S aX!
ill ll l b
kus pncti. nria?
dealer aprouu. Miipany
uhoro I it examination.
Eyerjtaics irarraateiL
1 13 tylei cf Vehicles
iii a ( vrVl
& sttl-j or Ilarneu.
Tea Barries. S33 to JT0.
zes. Kiaetnn. Trap?.
ettes. Spr.ns-KoaJ
S. IT.
lorrtr Hanm. IWee.tM.e0. !?. senator
a ;ul aiatlla &f&. litalogn cJ au oar
FREE ADVICE ''.V our rhy-Iclan and a FREE SAMPLE,, .
of our medicine and a6j-aRe Free Hook treating ail itltea-e itli 50 excellent
recipes are some of the rcasona why ou should write us.
Dr. Kay's Renovator
Puma i. run- i.nnt nMnf Ilranpiisln. Cniitination. Ilendarl.c. I.lcr and
Kidney di-eiifC. fecml for irot oT it. Wo (iuiwrlra If. U'rite u about I
all of vour vmtiM. Dr. Kay's Renovator U said by druggists, or sent
by tuall on receipt ot price, 1:3 cents
Address Dr. B. J. KAY MEDICAL
Exaettr Wbat roi Want, f
The day for nauseating nos-
trums is past. People now
want a laxative that is purely j
vegetable, gentle but positive 5
of action, pleasant to the taste,
non-griping, antiseptic, con-
venient to carry, at a popular J
nrice. The only one combln- 5
tag all these desirable qual-
itiesis 5
LUCwCVCjlThey catch
A booklet and sample free for the asking.
or you can buy a box lot xoc, 35c, sec, ac 1
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MTfl )afft Sold aad pnarantccd to care To
1USMW bacco Habit by all druggists
larfttt Sd POTATO granm la lairrlra. Tke
' "Rani .Vw-YarW chra flirra lirll.t a jL'd (
f 4St batarli prr rr. Frlrr &". rhrap. Oar I
Xirval Zrtl Baok. II ftrai fferd Haairln. Wank
I f 10, la r a tlarl. for 10. aa-t this b.i:p.
( JOH1 A. StUEK MED CO., Ufnur, WI. v.r.
Can largely increase tbelr Income by placing their
account In my hand. Twenty year of Wall Street
experience. In addition to reliable Inside inform
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to fend his addrew on a postal to J. I. STRAW.
Scwnrtl. 111., fur free circular Hlii'tratlnctli :uo"t
husiane, protltahlc. practical and satisfactory tncih 1
of rtlMnir. hindlln?. feeding and kceplc cattle
known to husbandmen.
Agenrs prollts per month. Will prova
it or pa V forfeit. w ai tides jut out.
A IJW amplc and terms fr-e. Try c
CUIDLktek ito.,:S Eond fctrect, '. Y.
Late rrhsdpal Esaaiacr U. 8. ?estion Bsrtas.
3 jrj. m last war, IS ajatLcaiisg claiisi, atty. aiaco.
CfS nDADC'f g the moiteoncentrtted and powerful pecl2c known.
5 Unvrg Free from oplafa and perfectly harmless I.e.lcr Is
riually flt the very first nltrht. We have lettesa of srateful pral- from thousands
who have been cored t.y "3 OKors," and who recommend It to sufferers.
Swan-on Pneumatic Cure Co , Chlrajro. Gestlerr.m I rite tbU to Inform
roa all how much food your -5 UKOIV I dolrr? my hiuLand. He i tatln the
mttle now and ia improving every day. v hm u tVn ;" -"
rasrrrat deal with RheiircatWm end Heart Trouble-, awl weak-
In his Iirats, aad also had Houiacft trounic.ssa n ..... . . ".
ktr it. .t,kAn i.:. i- t.i.. .sk.tirr tnr vrftn lie ra. ciown i.u -uk-u
an. Lappy to tell yon he! k new man.and
If your medicine cure him it l.t cure anyone, for
for fortr vram and will Lor eienty year old tho
Is. Backache. Asthma. Hay
to a-lve
" UUUI7" aa least a tr:ai. wo mi wau u
aamole bottle, prepaid by mall, for SS cent. A sample bottle will con-
..r. W... 1J ... UHHf V.MJ .rj . !
, flaUGAfiOa Hafa
I am in ttrn better health than when J i
you the firtt interview."
"Do you still attribute yoar cre tfc
use of Dr. Williams' Pink PillsT' akeeVfftte
Monitor. . .
"Unquestionably I do," was the" twply
4,Doctors had failed, as had also the ntmr
ous remedies recommended by say friend'
Nothing I took had the (-lightest otfect upon ,
me until I began tho as of Dr. Williams' ,
Pink Pills. To this itonderful medicine I
owe my release from the Utitio death. 1 havo
since recommended these pills to many of
my friends, and the verdict is always iu
their favor. I shall always Mae the day
I was induced to take them."
Such is the history of one of the most
remarkable cases of modern times. Caaany
Vtit ta-R
f tt S 4
one sav. in the face of such testimony, that
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro not entitled to
tho careful coiiiileratioii of any suffering
man. woman or child I Is not the case ia
truth a miracle of modern medicine f
Tomnketheevidencecowpletewo publish
above a f ac simile cut of the check received;
bv Mr. Petch from the Canadian Urttual
lafo Association. lielnp tho amount dnctiinv
for total disability. It is tsnnecessary toAv
that this life insurants association did not
pay this large amount of money to Mr.
Petcb, except after the most caret ill exam
ination ot hir. condition by their medical
experts. Thoy mu?t havo regarded bim
as forever incurable.
Mr. Fetch's address h as follows, Reubea
Petch, Griersvillo, Out, Cannda.
cia las
aaJ JlUk
iarp. irea
Ko.SSSarrrr. Price. witanirtaiE.Oiniio.w
tbade.aproaaaJtcatlm.foO. Ac'uwl
9. W. 2. PKATT, SceY. ELKHART, 15.
mm sti.n.
CO., (Western ORco) Omaha. Neb.
W. N. U. OMAHA. NO. 10.-'.808,
cafcea Ansv:crinfj Advertisements Khdly
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4 to 0 fect lon and weighing' 100 to l."0
( lbs. all along the Florida coast. This
l in inid-wihtcr, mind yon. when Xe
Ibraska and Iowa arc covered with
snow, and the thermometer is any
I where from ten below to twenty aboe.
It co-.ts comparatively little to reach
rior.da If you i.un-liavj tickets vl.i tin; llur
lin;;tm route. Particular.-, at
ollicu or by writing to
1. Eraueis, General Passenger Ajrcnt.
Omaha, eb.
The 0
If you are interested and wish to
post yourself about the Gold Fields
of the Yukon Valley, when to go
and .how to get there, write for a
Descriptive Folder and Map of
AI-kn. It wtllhe sent free tinon
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surcd if you talce
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I f, 3ag?:MfaJlEASfcfiSaPaaj mz I
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Gunsim j
t'S-'jl "" u
. lSai1
v cs"iLyA r
JkV. 'SmrW
-a.".- - a- . v
"e-, ..
torn fall fa flhox uft
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BCj-ii--'? v 3irtE ?ieV
"&-- -
, . j, -
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