The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 08, 1897, Image 3

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Columbus iJountal.
t. J.wepli.
Iliivi- lt.
t- I.nul-. jn.l all point
r.t 33i . atli.
alt Lake! il-.
"an Krinrir and all
points wt-
. tt Pa--e:izr. daily e-repr acsitn- " I'j a. m
No. 22 reodnMlaIion aa.. eiref r
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No. 21 Paf-t-OiT-- i.i. -ir.!'ii s T p ra
No. 21 V.-roj.o - a .. ' :a- "'
a'enda. t i n.
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t " K
AUnnt. r i
i. K
fir I- lrm ,; a -" i' I l-r.l. " 5 - m
fa-t Jlaui - t" P- n
fir. la. Lws! ' o m. daily n?pr ca.a
. 1. F Mail. ourie- ( fr
thriHurh puinb. 4itac ? a. lit p m ar
rive at fjeawr 7 - a. a. N-. - ? Mail rnr
rv to snajler Irrraaont. alVj
asi Omaha wun eaat at 2 15 p. m.
Th freidit tram lenrtsxr hen at - j p. c. car
ries pA-sensrs from hera to Hlle.
-' LllBt .! 1HFlLK
PVt-.en2r am-tt friwa siMH"ttj C3 p. o
3T i-l nm 11 V. p. ta
i ) a. m
-jS)p. m
130 p. :
12 p. m
Socictg Jloiiccs.
' il- XHiS 1 ' . t"
T J I ,-B-
1 !. VV- 1 ! i r s. '-. V r V. A M
Kiux cu-ii- -! v-.n taj m -u)
" cmi K.. tn-trj--i. uit-l t.- Mt-Hil
vivi -ii -v j Ziyi)
vlL.Uh. Li)LitV. -I ' ""' .
iihvi- ltnlaj vaiiL:- f nicti
r-i a: fc.-ir' lov. a rhirtt-ntii
.-.i .-i':nr t.ixap-Q c)nhiUlj
W U NvrE.T81 1 7janl-ti
GiHAUBtW U1P V :" WuJlIfc.N Or
fn.-HrM.oi-t.- -t "n.l aaufiarth
Tbnr--lai-f Ttw- ci')0; T J ; m . K .if I'
llali. fcinti. .'M liirulr ait-utaa- i
r "oiralie. on-t i. n-iUcr t.r-rnr-c ar-p.r-dtaLj
tnrii nf n.'i J- .aaS- '
at I p . prujf r' ! -Sc --ij --iuni?
ar tair .-hapi. '.rc'r..T N.-rn -rrw aa: fans.-AifLJ--
Aai ar- tjf.l.i. j .Ti .reI
I3tol- U.Irr H J Hi t--. Prwi-nt.
GfcliM VN Ur r.i. Mr I- H. ti- li Min-Uj
a. ii , j Ij-.-I it. t-o.'l-H K" " -' P a-
..,. ' - "
Dill Pickles,
Spiced Pickles.
Lim burger Cheese,
Brickstein Cheese,
Smoked Salmon,
New Holland Herring.
HUil QEHLRICH t 111.
C,LUMi.U- M li.KETh.
Wueat t- 'Usiie..
lixra. shelle.i - t bnsaei.
Hate p bashei.
Bye-y btishel
Hogs f cwt.
Fat cattle - '& r
Potatoes -f bnshei.
Butter -f' i.
71 ti
2 i4r 3 CO
4 Hi 4 2."
(u. "'
Eggs ? do en.
Markets orre-t-u e-rj Tuesday af-
- . r Hr-i ''
- Herrich ?- ctnre frames "
- Lowne' ''inn-n.afes a: Kramer's
Go to Strauss f- ti,e best photos.
Flee jb work, at TffE Jochnal
Dr. Neumann, dentist. Thirteenth
ssreet. tf
Fine grad buckwheat tiour at
HnbeTs. 2t
13rt styles in chairs and rockers at
Herncfcs. 2t
Try Weaver Newman when you
want coaL 2
A great stark of new grmds at von
Bergen Bros. tf
One dozen Maatello photos for 5V.
at Notestein's. tf
Baled hay and ehoppnl f-d of all
kinds at Hater's. 2t
Weaver Jt Newman sell evcelsior
nnt at 5.tl2T a ton. 2
Charley Bnwk shot twenty-eight
rabbits Thursday .
A fine assortment of books and
bibles at Kramer's.
Dr. L. C. Toss. Homeopathic physi
cian. Columbus. Neb.
If you want a photo that will do you
justice go to Strauss. 2-tf
The Swiss club meet with Sam. Gass
this Tuesday evening.
For a pleasant time, go the opera
bouse Thursday evening.
Wade's company is a guaranteed at
traction. Do not miss it.
Rev. De lieller goes to Leigh Satur
day for the W. (J. W. lodge.
F. A. Wade has the cleverest com
pany of comedians on the road.
See F. A. Wade's comedians at the
opera house Thursday evening.
The show Thursday evening will be
well worth the price of admission.
John Ahrens and his mother mar
keted seventy head of hogs Monday.
Drs. Martyn. Evans Geer. office
three doors ncrtn of Fnedhofs store, tf
Do not fail to see our -foot galvan
ized steel mill for S2.T.0O. A. Dussell .t
Son. tf
Miss Knight has charge of dress
siaktrg at Mrs. Walters. Thirteenth
street. Columbus.
A Chance for Yon.
For each dollar's worth of cootie pur
chased, for cash, from the 6th to the
24th of Deo. every one Trill receive a
number which "mil entitle them to one
chance- on two elegant pattern hats,
worth S10.00 each.
One. a Xew Blue. French felt. Vic-
tona riare. trimmed in gray feathers, jet. Democrat informs the public in a recent an(j iniiammation. The most pene
velvet ribbon and cnt-teel ornaments, issue of his paper that he is getting well, tratins liniment in the world Try 1:,
the ether a large black silk velvet. Die- and that it is Christian science which of-c Dr A Kemtz. and Pollack & Co.
tare hat. feather ede. trimmed in has accomplished the work,
plumes, spangled horse hair laee, and jr.. pnser frQm Dawson county
ornaments. Drawing to take place w m &e Clty i rtt looking- for a
Dec. 24. location for a middle-of-the-road popu-
Should the lucky numbers fall to par- . i paper. This ouirht & be a good lo
ties out of town, they will be notined canon, but wouldn't Fnsion howl?
immediately. - -Sunday evenm- Dec. 19, Rev. De
31k.-,. M. W. Waixebs, GeIle:. -y ivea jj usin-ashis
Thirteenth St.. Columbus. ebr.
: : : :
Paul Kael i back from his trip in Asne Has Uveti and worSetl m iexas.the mumus, ua. uc v.a Wlu iu xeuu
the west. lecture will no doubt be very interesting. ' sylvama in 151T. was a Union soldier in
.. , , ,- , , ' ,.,,. , the war of the rebellion, and was m
Nw feed store on ebniska avenue. ; Ballard's Korenound Svrup Is the. ,
J B Huber "t i best known remedy for consumption. 1' VeE ensaeements. For a num-
' coushs. colds and all throat and chest ' ber of years he was postmaster of David
-Loai uoa: - - "'
are m the coal busmee.- to stay. 2
tt-.. , x- ..
uz. winy, wuo is m .e une:uj.
had a slight attack of yellow fever re
-It will pay you to goto Kramers
bojk. tov and candv store for vour hoh- !
day goods.
Lioyd Sisson was in the city Thnrs
day. Ke is now traveling for a type
writer tirm.
Last Wednesday night the poetonice
at Madison was robbed of 3'-S52. $47
being in stamps.
Go and see one of the best enter
tainments or tne season mursuay even- AU the 5pe0Ialtlea. dacCeS and n
mg. at the opera. introduced in Wades Company of Com-
- The U. P. Company Friday night , edians are of the very latest and np-to-sent
the snow plow to Norfolk ahead of j date. Don't fail to witness this rirst
the regular passenger j c.iass entertainment. Columbus opera
Dolls for little girls, dolls for big1 house. Thursday evening.
girls, froo. IV up to SI 30. at Mrs. Wal- , We are told that last Sunday morn
ters". Thirteenth street. ' iEg at 4 o'clock there was a strong, warm
-Mrs. Willy had a second attack of , gale of wind from the north, and that m
apopU-xj Tiiesdav morning and is con- , North Dakota there was a dnTerence in
-idered dangerouslv low. ! temperature of some sixty degrees after
"High" Andrews sprained his ankle
Mondav of last week and had :o go
home, using two crutches.
-The literan department of the
V oman's club w i'l meet with Mrs. Al
brt Tuesday. Dec. 14. 4 p. m.
-With s manv entertainments and
so well attended, it lxks as thongh
there is some local prospentv.
- Dr li. D. McKean. dentist, succes
sor to Dr Honghawjnt. ground njr. 4
dixirs north First National Bank, tf
-John Hurst and his sou Cari were
down from Madison Snndaj to See Geo.
H-n-r. ttbo is still ar the hospital.
..'ir -non- will be refunded after
tne nr- a if on ar- not satisneu witn
tne er.trrt.unuient Thursday evening.
Miss Mattie Sisson went to St. Ed
'.var Th :rb ia. having accepted a posi-
, i i- , gi.eral merchandise establish' - ftr-- tne u'W of Thnrsiia and Fn-
I.-. Tile
ruing was prett good tor a
Li'-. im Mt-nda it was "aas-
Fall Dry Goods at E.
D. Fitzpatrick's. See
L-a"t.f-i. panor hots, cases, music
'a1 net-, ladies' dressing tables, buffet.
si't ioar'is and man other nice things
i HerncK's. 2t
can get an -foot Freeport Galvanized
steel windmill from A. Dussell .t Son
fo- only S2Ti.H tf
Walking hats ."3V. Tarns 2.1. 'X and
oic. children's hooks 2, 3.1 and np to
V"c. at Mrs. Walters". Thirteenth stre-t.
Columbus. Nebr.
Th central conference of the Ger
man Lutheran church met at Battle
Creek Wednesday last, eleven ministers
were in attendance.
Car! Kramer carries a fine assort
ment of toilet cases, celluloid boxes, al
bums, books, dolls, doll buggies and
?-itr;z nt 1attuT Trlri
-Don't forget that Mrs. Walters.
Thirteenth street, has a nice assortment ,
ot couuaj i
dolls, sofa pillows, etc
Mrs. sibbernsen wili give a ten-cent
tea Thursday afternoon under the auspi
ces of the Ladies" guild of the Episcopal
church. All are invited.
Carl Reinke is having th storeroom
on the corner of Olive and Thirteenth
street remodeled and painted for J. S.
Murdock ,t Son. who will move about
Jan. 1st.
Tf mn ., - n-, i,nn- Tt,
If yon go to ne opera house lhnrs-
dav evening, von will hear some of the
laiesi songs anu goou comeuv. as vvaue p
!-. " T ' .
is wel. known to th show goere through-
out the west.
W. S. Riel of Bloomington. Illinois.
with his family, arrived in the city
Thanksgiving evening. If they like the
country they expect to make it their
future home.
An experiment is being tried on
sugar beets, treating them by a new
process for extracting the sugar It may
revolutionize the sugar making indus
try if it works.
Miss Ettie Merns and Wade are
with the clever company. They were
the leading people in the Boston Comic
Opera Co. last year that made a big hi:
through this countrv.
Is your child punr p-eked and peev
ish Does it have convulsions" If so
it has worms. White's Cream Vermi
fuge is the only safe cure Every bot
tle is guaranteed to cring worms. 25c
Dr A Heintz and Pollock Co.
Orders taken for Electric Seal. Mon
key fnr and Astrakan muffs and collar
ettes. Goods as represented Call and
get prices that will surprise you. Mrs.
Walters. Thrteenth sr. Columbns.
Walter Elley of Madison passed
through the city Wednesday bound for
his boyhood home in Schleswig. after an
absence of nearly 25 years. He go2s to
visit his father, who is SO years old.
Make a list of things needed during
the week, and on Saturday, or any day
you do your shopping, call at von Ber
gen Bros, and see if they haven't just
what you want at a fair Irving price, tf
Miss Mamie Sheehan is now assist
ant clerk of the district court under G.
B. Speice. Charles Segelke. who has
held the position for several years, went
to Greisen's store as clerk, last week.
Baptist church. J. D. Pnlis. paster.
Services Dec 12. 11 a. m. 7:30 p. m.
Morning. -Eyes Opened to the Law:
evening. -On Choosing Husbands and
We had several days of snug winter
weather last week accompanied in all by
a snow of abont seven inches on the
leveL The cold moderated on Saturday
Editor Wells of the Central Citv
ai,;r -tu ;. t i-
( troubles. Errv bcfle i, guaranteed.
. t the best remedy for children. 25
nrni 30c Dr A. Heintz and Pcllock &.
I q
Jndge Sullivan. P. J. Hart. G. W.
rsi.:n.- t i pi.j- T v W.-I-;, tt v
. ncU5ir, u. v... iv.i.ii. tuu. ou .iuui;
Murphy of Rogers left the city Tuesday
i morning to attend the fnneral of M. Ma-
! her.
-The Norfolk passenger ran into a
snowdrift Sunday near Madison, the
snow coming against the cab window
with such force as to break the glass.
cutting the face of engineer Dan limes
pretty badh.
the chenoot strnck them.
Wh bnj high-priced Rock springs,
i coal these tinies. when you can get a coal
' for &' a toc that onr Palron6 !l n
takes the olace of Rock Springs and
' lasts much longer. Weaver .fc Newman
i sell it. and ail first-class coals. 2
F. A. Wade, the noted comedian.
, , i
win te nere luursuay evening next, ana
for the first entertainment will give "For
a Million." the ply which is having such
a run east. At the opera house Thurs
day evening, prices 2.1. 2o and ."0 cents.
ieorge W. Turner, who. in company
with three other members of Buffalo
Bill's Wild West snow, since the close in
October, have leeu having fine sport
hnntiug in the wilds of Arkansas, is ex
pected home the latter part of the week.
3Irs. Chas. Pearsall and children
will accompany her mother, i Mrs. Baker
of Ohio, who has been visiting here for
several months . to California, where
the wiil spend the winter in isan Diego.
leaving here Fnda.
Jay E. Williams, local editor of the
St. Edward Sun. has resigned his posi
tion and gone to Ft. Morgan. Colo., to
take his brother's position in the schools
there, the latter having been elected su
perintendent of Morgan connty.
Something useful is always priced
, as a Christmas present. Get a feather
boa. au ice-wool shawi. a pair of mittens.
or for the little folks get a hood. Tarn
O'Shante- or a hat. Mrs. 31. W. Wal-
1 ters. Thirteenth street. Columbus. Nebr.
William Roth, carpenter and con
tractor, holds himself in readiness for
all kinds of work in his line. If you are
thinKing of having any carpenter work
done, commnnicate with William Roth,
Columbus. Nebraska, and ct fig
nres. Iang3m
The Omaha Bee says the run. of
which we give a par: elsewhere, breaks
all records. The whole run from Chey
enne to ( )maha. was made m .1.19 min
utes, the distance being -11'. miles. The
latter end of the run was the real record
The Bel i wood Gazette savs that
faoj. choieni a ra1Ci: arouati piz. It
elunataJ tiiat tfce Jliea a: Ieas-
has destrove, 7-1 pr Cent of the herds.
One farmer lost -17 on: of 2. another 22 :
out.' -V a third Hon ' 17. and a '
f.urtn ,1t on: of 6.1 .
The Turner ranch
' OH the Island, for Tent j
on reasonable terms.
A 1 t- T TUT lr i1
Apply tO J . JM.eeKer, OiO-
ther SOUSe. I
, ,
-tq- dark brown taste and horr.d
I .rarh vou have ,a th mcrnins is
r-rtt i Kt- rtv t-it. lTTil S"tTM-i Oi
Ljr' . - ""'"' . uiu- n- ,
l.cmesJ1 rtlie!e foTrT a'hiIe oxhersior a
few days, but Heroine cures.
Dr A
! Heintz and Pollock & Co.
Nick Matthis. onlv brother of And.
Matthis. died Saturdav last at the asy-
lum at Norfolk and was brought here for
burial, the funeral taking place from the
merman rveiurmeu uuu.uu Jiouuaj aiusr- , had co occason to question his integritv
noon. Rev. De Geller preaching the ser- m rhe pagt tfaat thev wiH DQt
mon. He was 61 years old. disappointed in him now when the
-Tovs, toys and dolls, proper hOT"n: nade
dolls, 3,000 dolls, follow ! T,he SfadHon Chromc; m aiyIlu-;-
u ' ,ww uuiwjiuuui. rrated anniversary supplement No. 1.
the CrOWd tO E. D. FitZ- commemorates its twenty-fifth birthday
Patrick's White Front WIth rood-hnshl ec?raviE- showing
- , prominent local men and residences.
,, T- 1 -1 -T -T 1 . '
US y sUUU2 atux c-
Baker Post No. 9. G. A. R.. at their , in getting out such an expensive souve
reguiar meeting last Saturday evening. ' uir without more patronage m the way
elected the following list of officers- j of advertising. A pen picture desenp-
Commander. J. H. Galley: S. V John
Brock. J. V.. J. I Sturgeon: Q H. T.
Spoerry: O. D.. R L. Rossiter: O. G
John Tannahill: S.. Ed. Clark: C. S. I
Special meeting of the Woman's
club will be held m connection with the
meeting of current events department,
at the home of Mrs. Chambers. Satur
day Dec. 11. promptly at 3 o'clock.
Members of the clnb are urgeu to be i ., ,
., . , j 3yj p. m.. arriving at Columous at 4:49.
present, as there is important business ! - ... ., , . , , ,
aistance 612. miles; left Columbus at
to transact, ' , .
, , . T, , 4.-yo. arrived at Fremont at oi-.. aistance
A special tram over tne L . P. ves- ,,--, , ,. e. .. .,, . . ,
. . , ... , , ,r ' 4oj? miles; left Fremont o.39 ana arrived
terday carried a jollv crowd of Mvstic ,- ,-, -
au . u t? ' , at Gdmore a; 6:11. distance ctI6 miles.
Shnners from Omaha. Fremont ana , ..- . ., . , ,
, ., , . , t , , , At this point the tram was called down
along the line, to Grand Island, where .. v -t , , .
, . . .. j ,t:o not over 3 tmles an hour, thus spoil-
they went to attend a meeting of the a -, t. ..
r. " r- j tu i . ( a Sne " Council Eluffs was
Reu Cap order. Thev were joined nere t. i . - o- -r,
iT-i.Tr -r.- tri-. --e.' reached at t.a. p. q. Passengers ex-
bv Dr. Evans. Dr. Geer. H. Eilev, O. E. ' , . , , .
,-. u tv -o t. ., ... pressed surprise wnen told of the speed
Green and Wm. Fox. Thev had with f. ; , , , V
., i... .-m.1 x- , i. t..-.u '.? were twbne at. and from Co-
LL-eLLi iuc u iuuuu uciuu. auicu reu'
dered several selection:
-was -waitJLng.
while the train
Colombo "nrerie. Colombo.-. Neb.
Send for price list of everything in
the tree line and I will pay freight on
all cash orders to the amount of $10.
Send for my prices at once and address
all orders to
Joh- Ta--ahiix.
Sdeci Columbus. Neb.
Ballard's Snow Liniment cures rheu
matism, neuralgia. headache, sick
headache, sore threat cuts, sprains.
Kmn.'A.- a-il4 ia-a rryyyi c: ortH all TiilTTt
The Turner ranch.
on the Island, for rent
Q1-, -reasonable t e r m S
, 1
Apply tO J . JxLeeKer. UIO-
ther SOUSe.
. . . .
Capt. A. F. Coon aied at nis home
in David Citv Xov. 2 ased m vears. 10
T-- in j- rr, ..-i . i
r..- , ,-.,..,- u., v
i,. cu sa3 iui; -ti.
lhe laillea iiariey minstrel SuOW
, mj -t ,., nl- fK,v
uiUrt a Llnu. r lut iiiiuiut: auuuu bim-
tv of the blackest-faced cirls vou ever
saw. Singing and tallOUg in a tamiliar
voice you know yon know, and you have
. i . c
a wnole evening s entertainment, t rom
to last it was listened to with rapt
attention. About SIM was cleared.
James Compton gave The Jocrx.yl
a call Monday. He left here for John
son connty, Kansas, in the fall of ISh);
Mrs. Compton died fourteen years ago.
The remainder of the family are still
living there. Mr. Compton has been in
Colorado for a year past, and says that
is a wonderfnlly productive country,
under irrigation.
Sunday night of last week, at Green
leaf chnrch near Rising an altercation
tKk place between two young men
named Friday and Kin". Friday pulled
a revolver and shot a bullet through
KiiTs coat, but didn't hurt him. KiJ
then knocked Friday down, and choked
him neany into insensibility, when they
were seDarated bv bvstanders.
At thA t-Ar mnitm" of t'olumbLl
" (, r v th ftillnw.
mg officers were elected for the ensuing
year- R. L. Rossiter. P. il. W . J. E.
Hoffman. M. W.. E. D. Brink. F . Aug.
Schack. G.. W. H. Lewis. R.. L. Held.
F. F. C. Turner. R.. J. A. Turner. I.
W : Ed. Rocsiter. G.: O. L. Eaker, O.
w and p H jenkins. Trustee.
One daj last week the fast mail
tram over the U P. was behind time
owing to storms in the far west, and
made some pretty qnick work between
Cheyenne and Omaha. We select the
following Grand Island to Columbns. 63
miles in -12 minutes: Colnmbns to Fre
mont. 46 miles, in 4o minutes. Fremont
to Omaha. 47 miles, in 42 minutes.
The presentation of "For a Million"
by F. A. Wade's Comedians at the Grand
opera house Thursday evening was wit
nessed b an appreciative andienee. The
plot itself was well carried out. but tb
specialties seem to be what the people
wanted as the artists received encores
withont number. Beardstown iIILi
News. At Columbus opera house. Thurs
day evening. Dec 9
I have for sale a good frnit farm of
30 acres, about 1.000 apple trees bearing,
besides 200 cherry and apricot trees all
bearing, also pears, peach trees, straw
berries, raspberries and blackberries.
There is all the wood on the place that
a person would ever need for fuel, with
the best irrigation plant m the country,
with reservoir well stocked with fish.
Address. John Tannahill. Columbus.
Nebr. 4t
The ladies auxiliary of the Congre
gational chnrch wil! hold a "Festival of
the Holidays" at Fitzpatrick's hall next
Friday. Dec. 10th. beginning about 3
o'clock. The principal holidays of the
year wili be represented b appropriate
booths. Articles suitable for Christmas
presents as well as useful articles will
be for sale, anpper will be served from
.1 until 1') o'clock. Price of snpper 20
i cents.
Thre is no pam or discomfort wh-n
Tablr a Euekey Pile Ointment is
used It relieves that itching increased
by scratching. It is prepared with su
entin accuracy and professional
knowledge and is the kind thjt -ures
blind b4ed:ng. i'rhmsr n.d protrudmz
pu-s witn no pain i.r loss of time.
Hmt2 and Polio, k Cc.
Fully fifteen hundred teachers and
representatives from various parts of the
state are expected to be present at the
state teachers' association m Lincoln.
Dee- 2T-m Will,am T- Harris, u. s.
commissioner of edncation. and David
Star joruan. president of the Leland
Stanford university are to be present.
! Representatives of the Woman's club
, , ,
! tnroucnont .ne state are expecteu to
take part.
-John T Mallaheu. a former resident
of this city, late superintendent of the
State Industrial school at Kearney, asks
suspension of judgment concerning an
alleged shortage in his accounts, report
ed by the legislative investigating com
mittee. He says that his menus have
Mr. Seely has done more than he ought
tion of a bachelor's home in Madison in
1572. originally published m Thu Co
LCirECS Joubsjll. is among the interest
mg reminiscences.
Sunday Dec. .1th, the second section
of No. 2. fast mail on the Union Pacific
carrying the Colorado connection, in
charge of Conductor Malony and En
gineer Cunningham, engine 101, made a
fast run from Grand Island to Council
R?n TVi r 1,11 Tfr n .J T-l -
lumbus east nearly every one had his
watch in hand counting cliffo on rail
cr coTlnTiEg telecraph poles.
The Nebraska Central Irrigation Company will
hold meetings in the various school districts
of Platte County commencing next
week. Watch the papers for
places and dates.
"e eras'ja Central Irrigation com-
( pany headquarters are at the Meridian
noteI. AH persons desinns to take ad-
' vantage of the S.".t) perpetual water
' rurht rate mnst see them before the first
, T ,, ,. n .
UL t UUUtli ? iiJ- . " V-ww
,.. per acre.
Xo exceptions to this
mle will be made whatever. If you
want water from the Great Eastern
Canal, yon had better see them at once,
The Nebraska Central Irrigation Com-
. , ,, i . .
I pany nas openeu a lanu ueuiirtiueut iu
, ,...r..t,:.r, -;,i. rli-iV Vinii.
ness and are listing lands, improved
farms and town property for sale. They
. ..., .lrv .-.f Irin.t nr,.lr
I - .,.,, .K-. ,, , , ,rrre. ..n.i
hill- -. i, 1 J-- - If - .-. -...
' "" " ...-
: .,,, ,.. ,.., t u,r fj, ..... arv nf,r, ,n
j pjaltt e,mctv that can be watered from
the Great Eastern. They also are rent-
.i. -
personal jHmiion.
Miss Anna Taylor went to Seward
3Iiss Abbie Keating left for Beatrice
Saturday morning.
Miss Mnrl Wills of Madison was the
guest of Mrs. E H. Jenkins last week.
Miss Brodfenhrer came home yester
dav from Monroe, after a few days" visit ue coosty citric of Plait- cnancj NedrM-ia.
cnrii 11 clocs noun JantiHry .1. l-t. for the
With friends. tu-nishmir of the follow uu -apphe- or -. tnacn
li tt- then-of a may be nt-etll, rmreJ. aail from
George b. Brink Oi Janesville, U ISC . time ro ume onlereil dy the proper aathonty for
t -ov .kT,-.n t-. i - .r. -h. "! cnrnia.' jeiir. 1-1 . the maximum r-pr ent
cousm of rrank Donnell. wa in .ne iarft,ttIt
city Thursday last visiting him. and euoi.-,.
afterwards wen to Sr. Edward for a ,. blnak rwonl.
Visit with f riend- there. l " 'JaiI nenrai la.iex a- pr -ample in othee
i cleric district eonrr.
im ammmmmamm mmmm ' l " jaire jmimect ili'ki-r n.-, pr -ample in
Maheii At his Lome near Platte
Center. Dec. 1. at ID o'clock, a. m . of
pneumonia, after an illness of ten days.
Michaei Maher. aged 0 years.
Funeral services were held at the
Catholic church. Platte Center. 10
o'clock yesterday (Tuesday . and the re
mains laid to rest at the Gleiison ceme
tery. A more
extended notice next ' ceipt i-'i.
l d-ik- -nch i) coantj iriu-ur-r'tj tax iv
I ceipt l-i.
( iSIFFIN" Wednesday morning, at 4
o'ciock. at the Sisters' hospital. Miss
Anna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. H.
GrilSn. agel 21 years.
?B?S!S"'' B.iinl
iioot c.Mra
Tlie re-muirnieellllg WHS held Monday
all present.
The superintendent's report showed
70.". pupils enrolled. tioT belongmg during
tlie month, average attendance oN. The
half hohday was won by 31 r. Weaver's
room, on an attendance of 97 per cent,
and a punctuality of &y.99 per cent.
Bills were allowed and warrants or
dered as follows:
Gtnn i Co .
Same . . . . .
Sheldon ,t Co
Amer. Book Co ...
Stillman Pharmacy
R. Gism . . .
R, Hirschbnmer . .
G. A. Scott
M. K. Turner .v Co .
Weaver .t Newman. .
Columbns Telegram.
Ralph Turner
9 3
1-2 Ul
- -0
1 .7)
1 3o
On application and beeanse of physi-'
cal disability. Edna Beardsley was ex
cused from the stndy of Latin.
It was declared as the sense of the
board that President Galley attend the
state teachers association, at the ex
pense of the district.
The bond of the school treasnrer was
approved and directed to be tiled for
record at the connty clerk'- office.
An order was given for Ii"i copies Met
calf's grammars.
Zeno. lh wonderfnl Hindoo." gave
an exhibit at the opera house Saturday
night, to an audience of greater number
than generally attends a lecture. Those
who are familiar with the old-tim me--merism
will recognize these performan
ces as something perhaps a httle farther
along in the same road. "Zeno prefers
tc the name mesmerism and hypnotism,
that of suggestion. He seems more than
nsnally candid and fair, and evidently is
himself convinctl of the illimitable
strength of concentration of mind, and a
tirm purpose, but in this connection he
said that he would like to have some
body hynoptize him to such an extent
as to help him get rid of the tobacco
habit, which he detested and loathed,
but, thus far. had not bn able to shake
on". The delineations of character were
well received by the audience, and re
minded of the physiognomists and the
phrenologists. He claims that remark
able cures of disease have been made
through the exercise of the power of
suggestion, and that spiritualism t so
called 1. mental healing, and christian
science are dhTerent phases of the
power. Prof. Zeno will be here all the
week, and gives an entertainment thi.-
Tuesdav evening.
om.-in - rinli
Cnrrent events department of the
n- , , , -,, l tt r- t
v oman s clnb will meet with Mrs. t- ti.
PhamhAra iTtrtrilne TV. 11 P-e
Lnamuers. Saturday. Ue. il. fro-
Reading Traveling Library
Mrs. Herrick.
r .
Paper Character sketch of Henrv
George. Mrs. Weed.
Vocal solo Mrs. Chambers.
Paper Mrs. Bnndley.
Holiday itiuxls at Mr. Wal
ters. Thirteenth Street.
Ladies do you want a nice, yet inex
pensive present for yonr friends: such
can be found, in the line of China enps
and saucers, mdividnai sets, sofa pil
lows, etc.. at Mrs. M. W. Walters".
Thirteenth street. Coiumbus. Nebr
Holiday. Holiday !ood-!
We have more sensible goods that will
make nice presents and at one-half for
mer prices, than we ever had before.
You will miss it if yci do not come and j
see thee 2t Hhbhics. '
ins: such lands and now have several
tracts to rent for the season of 1596.
Bein in connection with vanons land
agencies, besides pnblishm? and circu-
latin? a 30-paire journal monthlv con-
. -- .
.U.U.U aw fnuu . , v i. IWVC 4
land for sale by them and bem? in cor-
responuence with irrigators throughout
the United States, they have unexcelled
facilities for disposing of farm lands.
They are also abl- to irrigate the lands
leased to or by them, thus insuring a
n . ., SI,.... ., -I .. T
iun uu ic.uuiraa ui (.nuiate. leLiunca
who n:n cilcmrr f:irrrm nr smull trurs
for sugar beets, truck or garden culture,
will do well to call on the officers of the
enmnnnv nt the hntl Pnlnm.
.r..- ,.. v..v ir..
hn.-. and th,-se who de-ir mr, fnr
hMP un,U. irher nnrrhnr nr unnu
can alo be accommodated. The ram-
pany means business.
Cattle r.r ?Ale.
J. L. Sturgeon i Son are receiving as
occasion demands, stock cattle which
they will have for sale at their ranch
near the city.
If vou wish good cattle see them at
onc.e rf tht?v jQt have on han j what
will please you. they can be sure to sat
isfy you m a few days at farthest.
They are m the business for good, and
will make business mutnallv satisfactorv.
N0TI t -- EEKEQY iI Uiur -aie-1
proporal- Kill Iv rwt-imi n 'n-on.i-of
otni-e cic nr tutnef court.
I I .jnir- m-amrer -, -;i.-n h.k.
1 .jcire treanrwr - mi-ivUant-m- ca-h book.
w per -sample
U - .jaire (lelimiuect t:iz rwanlr. at per-umple.
1- bookd ach 3m counrj treasurer - tax r
eeipta for I;fr;. nnain-'il. tlaphcate and tnpli
cire. a.- per -ample in trmsarer - othce.
5 book.- ach :X. county trea-ar"r'- tix re
ceipt 1;S7.
5 bi)k- ea:?t H county trt-a-aivr tax rv
ceipt 1j'..
" bitt-. earn i) county treaaatvr- fcix re-
ixeipt 1-3.
i . U..W1V3 &iv:ji -vj i;imuLy ire-isurers uix re-
? Hooks each J." county treasurer - Lix n- !
j Ct-ipt 1-lTi i
' book ach 2L count treaaivr'- tax re- '
'' t .'".VJ
-aeh 2to county trt-a-anr'-i tax re-
J book- each 3i rounty rr"t.-ur"r'- mi.-iellan-
I Kin- rei'eipt-
j rt book.- fHch 3m mkinptioix vmncate-.
-''n,t cIr,c - w"-lrr:lt boik. I
. llo,)1Ui lL1, nch ilttocraphe,l blank war- j
I rants, thrw- coli-rj, a- per -ample in clerk- i
1 i .mire clerk 3 account kok with treasurer. I
i -henn7- po-k-t iioekfl. !
1 pnnteil p.wkt-t memoramicm Uiok- fur
county ?cpTtntemlent visit- to public -rh.)!-. i
1- b;ok.-. O-O eaciu ctllector-' tax receipt-,
original am! icphcate. nnmfcertl aini
ertoratrrJ. .
l- bokj. rfteach. town ctalwitor-' t.ix rweipt-, ,
original ami .luplicat.- not nnmbwwi. ami per- '
S ?et of poU book.- ami envelope- t conform
to size for proper rvtarn.- of ballots.
" rojul over--r-' receipt boik.
00 ronii nwrr-' rwoni- ami n-turn-.
2 chattel nle-. nnmbenni.
Zl hie boxe- for tax linphrnr .
2 late-t ilie-1-.
Nehnika Ileports.
Ifl.L't') '- -he.t bLmka. pnnteti on both iter-.
lo.C) -. ....--
?XAi letter deaiis. printwl ami tabbeii. 12 lb.
rt.lM) note " " ij lh.
2.CW) Jjpan. e linen letter hiut. nrrntni .imi
1 -j) ' tahbil. - lb.
1 1.0O Remnore letter heail- pnstni and tabbeii.
r0 l.'co " note "
2.L.) -hr r bill h-iut- pnnte.i on both 3iiie
- "J ami wbbed. 1; lb.
11 Ca t.ti'o -. -h-t bill heiui- pnntni on both -uie-l"
ami tab.i. It lb.
'2 '2T W.ij0 XXX white envelope- - inch pnntrd.
1 r' -WJ " " 1"
1 L L. mnniUa 11 inch hea-v onal-
i retim- lestal cap paper t olmnbia abstract.
1 12 1b.
3 " "" a.- per ampl in otSce
clerk district court.
2.1 it.-. Arnold"-, wrttinir rhnd. black.
t -it.-. " "' " crimson.
1 pint duplicator copying ink.
l -It- arter - mnctLie.
.".J. 5 inca -jnar township plat..
2.U.0 -het- typ- writer paper a.- per -ample,
-uco heL-' tvDe-r:t n paper a.? ier sample.
1 doen tpe-wriun:r riooon- Kemuwrtcn 1
I doien type writing ribbon- -miih premier' .
25) iMitrt wrapie-. o 1Z. nver-lle and
lti court wripper- No 25o n.t pnntt-1
V) man lla -rapoer. plain a- peraiuple 1
(S-tro (iliiciiuun pen- n.j. i.
10:tro-. alloyed -liver pen-, os. U. U. 12.
ni-3 spenceriau pn- No. 1.
lit -zro-s Faber pecciU No 2 ' nmnJi.
i iron peiiril- N11. 2.
.5 ilozen ruber pen il- No j
1 2ro lux -s pencil-.
2 .tro copMn,; pencu
1 duen pencil-, red.
1 dozen pencil blue.
1 dozen drauznnns pencil- E:ile).
doen coram 'U pen holder-.
1 sro p-n holder-, rubber up.
10 oote-, Txi) each, rubb-r banit No 1U0.
1-) 2ro-i t'aber Daml-. ,isored Jmi
2 dozen peacil-1. :-urteI colors.
1 dozen -.atef. ink -VI' l V 1 1.
1 dozen afey Ink we.i- , z.
sni -j-mch rnblier band-, a "irted.
1 ili)en W e.rfnlt tin T tk ndee !rmvrf4
txeo tiiade- ' '
2 dozen alienor rubber rj"er- No 12. 1
20 'i AlcGilN n.und lieaii paper fastener '
lrrteii .
2 ti McGUK eyelet p-ipr Lsteuers.a.-'-ortn:. '
30 slot. congress lie !iv-iu8et IVi-ra1 111
10:)2nnieil eal-iuld 1
Dotmds -eUn wax. 1
5 1- iiu"b cone tve r-.i'er Faher
.! 12 i.ich 'tm o.v- ruler-. Faier 1
2 21 in-ii heavr rubber tuier ,
12 dozen -h-et3 carbon paper.
. dozen liiuriiae pot.-. 1
2 dozei. Fbr cr trr- lypetvriter..
j dozen oil can -i fr typewriter. .
1 dozea botlle- oe-,t typ-wrlter nil. j
JO hallow niiiiibrnil tnim t to 30. incitiaive
10 zrasH tee pins in cu-Iuona. , j
I sru-a nickel tin pen holder-. !
1 dozen 1 tine inn;- cuihion ruhw1: stamp-.
1 ':-;ine t ookN cusliKiti rubber c.mnip w:ai 1
2eopv holders
2 bottles rabbi r M.imp ms
1 copy book. t
1 tuu.tiDiex Jnpiieaior.
2 pair office shear'. 1
', dozen Excelsior mk cads
All reeonls to b full leather bound :t n i 'e
mide fr m the be-j .jcality af We-too s nuen
leiiirer paper anu endorsed wiui sopr-ipn .te and numbered a tn.-y be ieina:rd.
5:1th patent bac iat ooenin. At maren 1
tisd for and -t.itiouerv ron-t be of 20.-1!
ta.w!!y onnteit a..d riimiiii .i" r iren
separatf prop-'a.s ma: ti- pr ,, f,.
boek-. bia.iX- and t-Uunerr or-.tenv eu ,
.j1r.t an the outside of each et, veio.e j
The board of supervisor- re-erve, he niiht
t. fM)tH.t Jn rall f,u. or al tn-C:scrrt,(,n
aa.-:irtl tile .s.ntracr for farm-ii inline suppiie-
adverti-ec tor one or mo -departments mil
n-iw;t th- remainder The surce--fal -udder
xiA be required to 21 v- gol and sufficient
oond tor the tuitl'lnient of the pniv-
ionsortns iintraet.
E. FOHt.
' ountv Clert
fialed ( oliimbus Neb . Ic. z. lST
Musical Instruments !
A line line of new string music
al instruments for the Holiday
trade on has 1 a our store
Also 2" duferent styles f
pocket knives from Z cents up.
bought at a great bargain and
sold at one-half usual price.
This is your cnance for Christ
mas presents.
Our counters and shelves are now over
flowing with the largest stock of
Dry Goods,
Caxpets, Clothing,
Hats and Caps,
Drfc GooIs. Cloak GootLi and Silks, tancv brocade, Dress
Goods including black double width at loc a yard.
40-inch wide, all-wool Dres Flannel, all colors, at 25c a yard.
4fl-meh wide black Mohair Brocades at 35c a yard.
o?-inch all-wool Fancies at 26c a yard.
special attention L called to our line of Serge? at 28c, 40c,
50c. 75c. a yard.
2sev Silks in fancy brocades at 50 and 75c.
Roman Stripes and Plaid Silks entirely new.
Late-t novelty in Dress Trimminsr, comprising beaded and
silk gimp and braid.-, braided and beaded setts.
Ladie-.' and children's Hosiery, at oc, 10c. 1 5c. and an iron
clad Host- tor children at 25c a pair.
Ladies" men's and children's Underwear, at 25c, ladies and
children'- ribbed vest and drawers, tieece-lined, worth Soe.
At 5c, ladie-" anil children's all-wool vet ami drawers, great
value, worth 75c.
At -!c. men's natural wool shirt and drawers, worth 50c.
At 5c, children- heavy ribbed Union suit?, ail sizes.
At 50c. men"- tleece-lined shirt and drawer?, tinishetl seam,
worth 75c.
We call your attention to our line of BLANKETS, COM
FORTERS, etc.. cheaper than ever.
Carpets ! Carpets !
Now i- your time t huv your Carpets, to get the benefit of
the old price-. Our a ortment i- the most complete west of
We invite your inspection to the most complete stock of men'.
and boy-' (lothinsr to be found in Columbu.-. AH bought before
the recent advance. We invite . u i,, inspect our stock.
Staple and
Fancy Groceries.
Eleventh Street, -
We invite yuu to come and see u. We regard the interest; of our
patrons as mnttml with our own. so far as our dealings are coneerneii our
part f the obligation being- to proviile ami oti'er
Good - Coods - at - Fair - Prices.
&sfEVERYTHIN'i KEPT that i- expecteii t" b tiunI in a first
da. up-r.-iati jrn.-erv -t"r-.
Trr'uOLfC'! .1 sTlP.t2;
intn'STe-r comer Eleventh anil N.rr streetrt
linly.y 1 oLmtars. Ns3a-s
""Thousands of
women are
troubled at
monthly inter
vals with pains
in the head,
back, breasts,
hips and hsibs.
Eut thev need,
not surer.
i nese pains are symptoms of
dangerous derangements that
can be corrected. The men
strual function "shou?1! o cerate
makes menstruation painless,
and reaclar. it puts the deli
cate menstrual erg ins in condi
tion to do their work, prouerlv.
And that stops all this pain.
Wiy will any woman suffer
month alter month when Wine
of Cardni will reliev- her It
costs at the drug store.
Why don't yon get a bcttle
For advice, in cases requiring
special directions, address, grv
ins symptoms, ' The Ladies'
Advisory Department," The
Chattanooga 3Iedicme Co.,
Chattanooga, Tenu.
n. aazMA trans
of Oanaville Texas, ssis:
" I aas troubled it montnW intenils
wttn temtjle gains in my nean and bac.
aut nav an sntirsij ruiaim S Wine
at Caraui."
Clothing !
I dentistry!
Chicago Prices !
S pR.DWriiHT. Thirteenth St.
J wi.l perform following op- ii
erations at prices below, for next
E 30 DAYS. all work standard and
E Rubber plate S 5 00
E Besr Rubber plate made 7 f
E Uver nllings .7)
'tui.1 rlliings. SlJ") and up- E
E ward.
E Oold crowns. 2 karat . )
Bridge work, per tooth ." 00
E la?Teeth extracted free, when E
E pbite- are ordered, by use of lat- e
E es and most approved methods E
E m amesthesia. E
Jcf Thirteenth Street. S
-racpairroa jFthi-
Omsk M U
P'reh. and
Salt Eeats.
Same and Fi in Season.
SafHigheet market prices paid for
Hides and Tallow.
iiiiilifiaiairiiiiiii7Mi iirfiiiiilr iihiii jrii3-
" rfrn'rr"J3c'"iiTr-'Hiiii limn n