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Columbus g0urual.
Entered at the I'ostolliee, Columbus, Nebr., ns
seoond-clas mail matter.
Columbus, Telr.
tkums or M'BsrniiTioN:
Oneyear, by mail, postage prepaid $1.!0
Hix months. .................-.-.. ....
Threemonths W
The iKpe"s health is poor.
A SLir.HT earthquake shock was felt at
Wichita, Kansas, Thursday morning.
Tiie state fair managers talk of an
nulling the contract locating the fair in
Tun treasurer of Hamilton county
will furnish a bond for S1."0,000, given
by the United States Fidelity nnd Guar
anty company.
The American people are in favor of
the war in Cuba coming to an end the
sooner the letter.
The increase in internal revenue re
ceipts for the five months of this fiscal
year over the same of last year, is about
$S,0KtyKIO. or nearly twenty millions a
Mits. Nani'V Am.iso.v McKixlev, mo
ther of the president, was stricken with
paralysis Thursday morning and is not
expected to live long. She is in a semi
conscious state.
At Sheboygan, Wise, l'rof. (. W.
Ferguson was dismissed from the school
by the board of education because he
hypnotised :i number of pupils at a
private exhibition.
A new and fatal disease among horses
has made its appearance at Areola, Il
linois. The disease originates in the
throat, and renders the animal unable
to eat and drink, and it eventually
chokes to death.
The sale of Douglas county londs at
a large premium shows that good Iwmds
are in demand. There is money for in
vestment in this country and growing
confidence in the stability of republican
institutions. I!ee.
L. W. Osimucn of ltlair, who was ap
pointed consul to Samoa, has arrived
there, and says a Turkish bath is not to
le mentioned in comparison with the
Samoa climate. He was injured in a
runuwav since his arrival.
Av Ohio law requires that patent
medicine venders label on their packages
the ingredients of their preparations.
It will be a blow at them, because they
often contain small quantities of poison,
such as strychnine, morphine and ar
senic. A Mil Mai,oni:v of Philadelphia has a
contrivance that he sajs will revolu
tionize all methods of transportation -it
resembles an immense Ferris wheel, and
is arranged to roll along at a rate or l."0
miles an hour: to be run by electricity
at about one inth the present rate and
in one fourth the tune now required.
Ax exchange remarks that the order
recently given by George Gould for a 10
per cent increase in the wages of em
ployes of the Missouri Pacific railway,
which means an increase of $'.W)0,000 in
the wagfs of the l."i,000 men employed,
will not bo considered enough of an
item in the return of prosjierity to make
any note of, by the pop papers.
Am, classes alike are beginning to re
alize t he great economic importance of
termanent highways. Fanners feel
that they have too long been compelled
to build and improve country roads at
their own expense, and they are en
titled to stato support m this great
necessary public improvement. Upon
these lines, and upon these lines alone,
the good roads improvement is lound to
succeed, and will succeed, and upon
these lines the League of American
Wheelmen proposes to keep up its agi
tation, with the help of the farmers of
the United States, until our common
roads, neglected until now. the stepchil
dren, as it were, of a great republic,
shall have received at the hands of our
legislatures some of that tender care
and nursing which has been extended
in the past to canals, to steamship lines
and to railroads, many of which have
grown up almost entirely at public ex
pense. Otto Dorner.
Dr. Gamikuth of St. Joseph's hospi
tal. Omaha, writes a correspondent, has
unearthed a novel case of appendicitis.
It is that of Fred Ixuhns, a laboring
man who has been under treatment at
the hospital. Kuhns was suffering such
agony that he could not remain quiet a
moment. He could not sit down or
stand up, and simply wallowed aliotit on
the Hour. It was observed that the
cause of his suffering was strangulated
hernia, and during the operation found
necessary the discovery was made that
he was also suffering with appendicitis.
The operation was therefore extended to
the appendix, and when tho latter xvas
remox-ed it xvas found to contain five
bird shot, one of which had become en
cysted. After their removal the patient
recovered in niue days. He had never
lieen wounded in the abdomen and it is
said that a wound that xvould have de
posited the shots where found would
have necessarily proven fatal. The only
conclusion was that he had swallowed
the leaden pellets while eating game.
MOOllhrs SKXTKXt 'K.
On" Dec. 1. Eugene Moore, ex-auditor
of state, was sentenced by Judge Cor
nish to eight years in the penitentiary
and a fine of $40,410.10 for the embez
zlement of insurance fees amounting to
23,04 W When asked if he had anything
to say. he said he had nex-er intended to
do wrong, but that friends to whom he
had entrusted money had failed him
when it was needed, and that this was
the re.-'son for his shortage.
At first, the judge pronounced a sen
tence of ten years, but, Mrs. Moore made
an appeal for mercy, and the court
stated that on account of tho devotion
of the wife and children he would take
off two years.
Moore was remanded to tho care of
the sheriff.
The attorney general will not insist
on the sentence being put into effect
until after the expiration of thirty days i
With nineteen leading railroads of the country reporting an in- 5
0 crease of 10 ier cent in tho aggregate earnings for the month or Xo- 0
0 vember over the corresponding month last year the query "Have yon Q
met General Prosperity-;" loses its
Large Attendance at Opening
Session of Congress.
Coaci-esiiia Liirluter Presents a Itlll For
the Ktalllliiiicnt and Reputation "
Postal Savins It ink Stcui Miiu.-y
Order Office to Be IJrancli lt.wik Nnv
Mexico Statehood Hill.
Wamiixgtox, Dec. 7. The attendance-
upou the opeuiug session of the
senate, both ou the floor and in the gal
leries, was notably large, despite of the
well understood fact that little business
beyond the presentation of the presi
dent's massage aud the proceedings in
cident thereto xvould le transacted.
Prior to the coux-euing of the enate
the meuilHjrs passed half an hour in ex
changing greetings. Mr. Hanna of
Ohio, xvho has been ill for n week, xvas
given a cordial reception by his Repub
lican colleagues. Mr. Woleott of Colo
rado, one of the members of t ho inter
national monetary commission. was
also given a warm greeting. Dr. W.
Godfrey Hunter of Kentucky, the re
cently appointed minister to Guate
mala, was an interested .spectator of the
proceedings from a seat beside his
friend. Senator Deboe.
Charles Page Bryan, the nexv United
States minister to China, xvas a notable
figure in the reserved gallery, aud in
the diplomatic gallery xvere several
members of legation and
several other nieiiilx-is of other lega
tions. Senator Money, the nexv senator from
Mississippi, entered the senate, soon
after the recess, but the oath xvas not
administered to him during the session.
The reception and reading of the
president's message xvas the only feat
ure of the day.
Crouds Throng tlirSallcrie4.
The opening day of the regular ses
sion in the house parsed without un
usual incident of any character. The
formalities attending the inauguration
of the .session are dry and except as a
spectacle hardly rep-iid the croxvds
xvhich thronged the public and private
galleries. Yet xvith a fexv exceptions
the visitors staid through the whole
Mr. Dingley, the Horn leader of the
majority ; Mr. Bailey, the recognized
leader of the minority, and Grosveuor
(O.) enjoyed the distinguished honor of
being apjioiuted to xvair upon the presi
dent, whose message xvas, ot course, the
event of the day. Its reading xvas long
and tedious, but it xvas folloxved xvith
close attention by the members aud the
spectators in the galleries. There xvas
no ion until the reading
xvas concluded, xvlien the Republicans
joined in a hearty expicssion of ap
proval. Immediately after the read
ing of the message the house adjourned
out of respect to the memories of Sena
tor George of Mississippi and Represen
tative Wright of Massachusetts, xvho
bad died during the recess.
Congressman Lorrinu'r I'rcseuts a Meas
ure For Consideration.
1 1 Washington, Dec. 7. The establish
ment and regulation of a postal savings
bank system is provided for in a bill in
troduced by Representative Lorrimer
(Ills.). Under his scheme mouey order
offices selected by the postmaster gen
eral are to le branch iostal savings
banks xvith an office in the department
to be called the central bank. Any per
son may become a depositor under this
act, including married women and
minors above 1'J years. Deposits are
limited to $1 aud its multiples and not
exceeding 100 each and deposits accu
mulating above $1,000 xvill not draw
interest. Postal saving stamps aud
cards of the denomination of 5 aud 14)
cents are to be sold. Interest is to be at
the rate of 2 per cent a year to be added
to the principal on June :J0 of each
year. Passbooks are to be forwarded
annually for examination. The secre
tary of the treasury under this bill is
required to invest in interest bearing
bouds of the United States or xvhose
principal is guaranteed by the United
States, or in stale bouds and bonds of
municipalities and counties under stated
restrictions. Deports xvill not be liable
to seizure or deteutiou by legal
All status depriving crimes in the pos
tal service are to be applied to the pos
tal savings system and the act is to
take effect xvithiu six months of its pas
sage. Protest Agaiust McKeiuia.
Washington. Dec. 7. President
Echols aud Secretary Palmer have is
sued a special address to the councils of
the American Protective association.
The address says it is the duty of the
association to protest to the senate
against Attorney General McKenua'a
elevation to the supreme court bench ;
asserts that the government depart
ments are being Romanized aud Rom
anists given more than half the offices
in certain departments; declares
against the president's latest extension
of the civil service aud urges all mem
bers to xvrite to their senators and
representatives in opposition to the ap
propriation of any money at the pres
ent session of congress to sectarian pur
poses. New Mexico Statehood Bill.
Washington, Dec. 7. The Xew
Mexico statehood bill, introduced in
the house at the last session by Dele
gate Catrou. has been reintroduced by
Delegate Ferguson. There are several
modifications from the Catron bill.
Voters for the statehood convention
must have resided in the proposed state
for 00 days instead of one year ; the
convention is to consist of 77 instead of
SI delegates, based on a population of
2,000 instead of l.iHW for each delegate,
and an additional delegate is provided
for any fraction over 1.C00 inhabitants.
The election of delegates also is to be
held on the eighth Tuesday instead
t'-i sixth after the passage of the act.
Leaders of the Fatuous .Tennins "unsr
Lodged lu Jail at Muskogee.
Mi'shooke, I. T.. Dec. 7. Four
members of the Jeuuiugs gang of ont
laxx s xvere lodged iu jail here last night.
Al an 1 Frank Jennings, the reputed
leaders of the band, are among the
prisoners. The txvo Jennings brothers
and Tom O'Malley xvere captured by
four of United States Marshal Ben
nett's men early this morning, xvhile
traveling in a cox ered xvagou, east of
here, toward the Arkansas line. The
deputies surprised them on the road
aud they surrendered without firing a
shot. The deputies then xvent to a
house near Bond Switch and captured
sarcasm. - Omaha Bee.
Morris O'MalW, can hi :ig him in bed.
S; nee last Tuesday the deputies had
beenclos; up in the trail of the ban
dits, for xvhom there are standing re
wards aggregating $.,(hK. On Tues
day last Marshal Bt nnett's men eu
couuteied the gang at a house in the
western part of the Cherokee nation.
The deputies then sii'-ceeded in arrest
ing John O'Mtlley, but the others
made their escape at that time aud
had e"idciir!v si islKl themselves t hat
the ofiiccrs had h-vu eluded, as they
were not prepared to resist xvheu sur
prised. The Jennings boy.s and their follow-
er.s are charged xvith several crimes, but
xvere particularly xvamed for the holdup
of a Rock Island pa-senger train in
broad daylight several mouths ago near
Chicksha, I. T. They aw also accused
of having stolen -100 head of cattle from
the Chickasaw nation. Al Jennings
has been a leader in Oklahoma politics.
He was at one time county attorney of
Canadian county and is a lawyer of
considerable ability, and both Al and
Frank are graduates of the University
of Virginia. Another brother was
killed by Temple Houston of Texas dur
ing a saloon roxv ul-uut txvo years ago.
Al Jennings xvas shot in the armduriug
the same affray. The brothers come of
a highly respectable family. Their
father is probate judge of Woodxvard
county, Oklahoma
Kx-MltiMer Kxaii a Special Agent.
Moxn:::Ai.. Dec. 7. Patrick Egau,
ex-United States minister to Chile, ha
lieen in the city for several days. It
xvas stated that he came here to look
into the facilities offered hen for the
shipment of grain to Europe. Hoxv
over, today it leaked out that Mr. Egau
is acting as a sjK-ciil agent for the
United States treasury department at
Washington to look into the smuggHug
of Chinamen across t he American i or
der from this district. Mr. Egau left
for Quebec yesterday to continue his
investigation, but xvill return shortly to
continue his work in this city.
1'sritier Killed hy .Xlooitsliiuem.
LiriLK Rock, Ark., Dee. 7. Albert
Giles a prominent farmer living in the
west end of Van Rureu county, was
assassinated while passiug along thi
public road Friday. He xvas tired upon
from ambush and a dozen bullets from
ritles penetrated his body. The mur
der is believed to have been the xvork of
moonshiners. The scene of the tragedy
is but a short distance from the spot
where Captain Taylor ami his posse
xvere murdered last August. Giles had
lieeii very active in an effort to rid the
community of moonshiners and had
thus incurred their eumitv.
Railroad ranted Time.
Lincoln, Dec. 7. Tho state board of
transportation has issued an order al
loxving Nebraska railroads 10 days time
in xvhich to restore carload rates on live
stock. The roads recently changed the
method of fixing rates from carload to
100-pound lots, xvhich xx-as complained
against as raising the rates 10 per cent.
Pending an iuxestigatiou the board
ordered that the old rates should be re
stored and set Dec. ." as the date on
xvhich the temporary nstoratiou should
be made aud au application of the roads
for this time has been extended.
llryan liuutiug Otickn.
sroN, Tex., Dec. 7. 1
J. Bryan reached here today and left
xvith a party of friends lor Lake Sur
prise to hunt ducks. The party xvill be
gone three or four days. Mr Bryau
expressed himself as follows on the
president's message: "The message
indicates au intention upon the part of
the president to aid in turning the issue
of paper money over to the national
banks and iu the meantime a purpose
to give gold a further supcuority over
silvet as mouexM
Iaielgert Appeal for Funds.
Chicago, Dec. 7. Adolph L. Luet
gert, xvho is now in court for his second
trial for wife murder, has issued au
appsal to the public for funds xvith
xvhich to defray the cost of his trial.
He opens his appeal xvith au affirma
tion of innocence and t hen declaring
that the first trial used up his resources,
asks the public to send him money,
xvhich he promises to repay xvheu at
liberty. "
V Four Men StIoiiI Injured.
Moi:ki:ly, Mo., Dec. 7. Four men,
Martin Mears, Oeorge F. Bamhart,
George Darrell and John Rojaus, xvere
seriously injured here today by a fall
ing building. While tearing down an
ice house it suddenly collapsed and the
men xvere hurried uuder the debris.
Mears aud Baruhardt may die. Dar
rell's home is iu Iowa.
Ret. Keith U-titie4 a IVnilon.
ViNcr.NNEs, Ind., Dec. 7. The Rev.
T. J. Keith of this city has xvritteu a
letter to the commissioner of pensions
at Washington refusiug a pension aud
making full restitution of all money re
ceived by him $105. He says his pen
sion xvas not xvell based.
Two Dollar Tax on Whisky.
Ottaxva, Out. Dec. 7. Major Walsh,
administrator for the Yukon district,
ha notified the government that he has
imposed a tax of i jer gallon ou all
xvhiskv yoin; into the Yukon country.
If this tax does not stop the traffic it
xvill Le raised.
Austria-Hungary Compart.
London. Dec. 7. A special dispatch
from Buda Pest says that a bill xvas in
troduced iu the loxver house of the Hun
garian parliament today by the govern
ment prolonging for a year the compact
betxx-een Huugary aud Austria proper
xvithout referring to any action on the
same subject upou the part of the Aus
trian government.
Senators Must (So Dry.
Washington, Dec. 7, The senate
committee on rules instructed the ser-geaut-at-arms
of the senate to enforce
the rules of the senate prohibiting the
sale of liquor in the senate xviug of the
capitol. There xx-as no liquor on sale
iu the senate restaurant during the day.
Slosson ICecelies Two Challenge.
New York, Dec. f. Billiard Ch;i
piou George Slossou has received chal
lenges to defeud the title from Jacob
Schaefer and Frauk Ives. Schaefer
beat Ives in tiling a challenge aud post
ing forfeit, aud -The Young Napoleon"
xvill probably be secoud choice.
Captain Foithe 111.
London, Dec. 7. A telegram from
Callao states that the British bark
Alouby, Captain Forsythe, from Liver
pool, July 29, for Vancouver, B. C, put
into Calloa on a date not given, with
her captain sick.
Germany Gives Hayti Eight
Hours to Grant Demand.
it Is Also I'roltaMe That Yielding to Su
perior Force and In Order to Avoid In
ternal Troubles the llaytlen Govern
ment Will Aerept the Other Conditions.
German Cruisers at l'ort au Prince.
Pout au Puince. Dec. 7. The trouble
betxveen Germany and Hayti, as a
result of the arrest and imprison
ment of Herr Lucders, reached a crisis
yesterday. Two German cruisers en
tered this itorc during the morning and
au ultimatum from the German gov
ernment was delivered to the Haytieu
government, giving the Litter eight
hours in xvhich to grant the demands
of Germany for an indemnity to Herr
Lueders. The members of the diplo
matic corps here believe the govern
ment of the republio h-.s decided to ac
cept the conditions r f i ..-: many.
In anticipation of triable the citizens
of German nationality sought refuge
yesterday on board two steamers xvhich
xvere at this port, and the French
steamer Ville do Marseille has been
requisitioned by tho French minister in
order to servo as a place of refuge for
French citizens.
The Ville do Marseille arrived from
Port Orico. The population of this
place is in a state of great anxiety, but
the Haytieu government has strong
forces of troops at its disposal and re
solved to maiutaiu order.
W'illiug to I'.iy Indemnity.
The population of the city late last
evening appeared calm aud the present
indications seem to confirm tho suppo
sition that the government xvill accept
the conditions imposed by Germany so
far as money iudemuity is concerned,
and it is also probable that, yielding to
snperior force aud in order lo avoid in
ternal troubles the government xvill ac
cept the other conditions.
Tho exact nature of Germany's de
maud on Hayti is as yet somewhat in
doubt, but it is understood that the
German government asks :
First An iudemuity of $-.0,000
(American) for Herr Leuders.
Secoud The prouiise that Herr Leu
ders may return to Hayti aud there so
journ xvithout danger of any kind.
Third A letter to the German gox
ernmeut, iu xvhich Hayti xvill express
apology for the proceedings toward the
German government in the xvhole
Fourth That the president of Hayti
shall graciously receive the German
charge d'affaires at Port au Prince.
It is this fourth demand to xvhich the
most serious exception has been taken
by the Haytieu government as affecting
Hayti's honor and involving a deep
humiliation, for it xvas Count Schxveriu,
the German charge d'affaires at Port
au Prince, who xvent before President
Simon Sam ami rudely submitted the
demand for indemnity and apology.
Berlin, Dec. 7. A disKttch to the
Frankfort Zeituug from Washington to
day says: The republic of Hayti is
ready to pay Germany the iudemuity
demanded for the alleged illegal arrest
and imprisonment of Herr Emil
Lueders, a German subject, xvho was
subsequently released and enabled to re
turn to this country by the intercession
of the United States minister at Po?t-au-Prince,
William F. Powell, xvho se
cured Lueders' release from prison in
order to avoid trouble of a more serious
nature, xvhich appeared to be brewing
ou account ot the alleged arbitrary be
havior of the German minister, Count
Kingston. Jamaica, Dec. 45. Advices
rereixed here today from Port-au-Prince
show that serious trouble is im
minent in Hayti. The streets of the
capital are placarded xvith "Down xvith
the government," and th troops have
been ordered into the barracks.
Mrs, Hut It-r Resigns.
London. Dec. 7. It developed that
Miss Butler xvrote to Miss Frances E.
Willanl last week, resigning the suier
inteudency of the Purity branch of tho
Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
unless the latter, as president of the
World's Christian Temperance Union,
unequivocally pronounce against the
six propositions of the vice president,
Lady Henry Somerset, sent to Lord
George Hamilton, secretary of state for
India, iu April last, relative to the In
dian army, xvhich Miss Butler describes
as being an extreme form of the regula
tion of vice.
Kuglishiiien Imprisoned hy Turks.
London, Dec. 7. The Daily Mail re
ports that a party of Englishmen, in
cluding Robert Carr, the uovelist.xvhile
touring the Mediterranean, xvas seized
by Turkish soldiery at Snediah, a port
of Asiatic Turkey, 18 miles south of
Autioch. Nov. 2 last. They xvere de
tained 21 hours iu prison and experi
enced much ill treatment before they
xvere liberated. The Daily Mail says
that the government has addressed a
"serious remonstrance" to Turkex
Naxal Debate iu the Keichstag.
Berlin, Dec. 7. The reichstag today
legan debate on the first reading of the
government's naval bill. The chancel
lor, Prince Hoheulohe, made a state
ment saying that au efficient navy xx-as
absolutely required to maiutaiu Ger
many's position aud Admiral Von Tir
pitz. the secretary of the navy, ex
plained in detail the uecessity for
strengthening the navy.
I'eary Tendered a Itaniuet.
London, Dec. 7. Lieutenant Peary,
the Arctic explorer, xvas tendered a
banquet last evening by the Geographic
club. Afterward Lieutenant Peary
lectured in the theater of the Univer
sity of London uuder the auspices of
the Royal Geographical society. A
large audience receix-ed him and Mrs.
Peary xvith the heartiest applause.
Echo of World's Fair.
CniCAGO, Dec. 7. Judge Grosscupof
the United States circuit court has
named the amounts of damages in the
cases of the French republic and other
exhibitors xvhose goods xvere damaged
by the fire xvhich, on Jau. 8, 1804, de
stroyed tho casiuo and manufacturers
building at the World's fair. Two
weeks ago the court decided that the
World's Columbian exposition was lia
ble for damages, but at the time did
not give amounts. Judge Grosscup
found the plaiutifts damages as follows :
The French republic. ."i7.70r P H
Reimou. $l,4il.; Paul Sormaiu, 4;:;
F. Forest, $1,200; Maritime Claire,
Hawaiian XatitesWill Proteat.
Washington. Dec. 7 The delegation
of native Hawaiiaus, xvho have come to
this country to present a protest against
the ratification of the annexation treatx-.
reached Washington yestenlav. Thev
are Colonel John Richardson, James H
Eaulia, William Anld and D. Kalauka
laui. They xvere not ready to make
any statement concerning their mission
beyond the fact that they xx'ere here to
present a protest, adding that they
xvould be able to say more iu a day or
Filed by the Hawkeye State
Needed to Ilrliig Them In Line With Ke
eent Court Deeislons Uniformity of
Kates Km ployed as Beneiieial to the
Shipper and Consumer Hoard Asks
Greater and More Detluite 1'ower
Des Moines, Dec. 7. The annual re
port of the Iowa board of railroad com
missioners has been filed. The board
recommends some important changes
inth rai Dad laws to bring them iu
li.e xvit i recent court decisions. It
declares th it the most important decis
ion ever rendered on tho Iowa railroad
laxvs xvas iu the case of Burris agaiust
the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy
railroad, iu xvhich the supreme court
held that the statutory penalty of triple
damage for the shipper iu cases of dis
crimination in rates could be enforced,
even if the rates charged xvere the max
imum rates established by the commis
sioners uuder the law authorizing them
to fix such reasonable rates.
It xvas held that if a trial of such a
case on its merits developed that the
rates were in fact unreasonable, the
damages could be collected ; in fact that
the rate charged xvas the maximum of
the commissioners would be no protec
tion to the company. The commission
ers call attention to the fact that if this
decision stauds there xvill Le no guar
anty of uniformity of rates. Every
shipper xvill be at liberty to sue for a
loxver rate aud it xvill bo' impossible to
sustain uniformity. It is recommended
that the laxvs be ameuded to assure that
such uniformity may lie maintained.
Tho board also asks greater aud more
definite poxver in settlement of contro
versies betxx-een shippers aud railroads
as to sidings, elevators, xvarehouses, etc.
Des Moines Firm Kmbarasseil.
Des Moines, Dec. 7. The dry goods
firm of Blotchky Bros, has tiled chattel
mortgages for $4 1,5)7, covering their
entire stock. It is thought that the
financial difficulties cau be settled and
the business continue.
Kditor Commits Siilelde.
Ckdak Rapids, Dee. 7. E. W. Reed,
editor of the Preston Times, com
mitted suicide, this afternoon by shoot
ing himself. Tho cause is supposed to
have been financial difficulties.
Mrs. MeKinley Is About the Same.
Canton, O., Dec. 7. There xvas an
agreeable surprise to the children aud
friends gathered about the liedside of
Mrs. Nancy Allison MeKinley yester
day afternoon. She regained conscious
ness sutlicieutly to recognize not only
her children, but to extend greeting to
them, to her aged sister, Mrs. Osborne,
Charles Miller and to others xvho xvere
near. She relapsed into an unconscious
state aud is iu about the same condition
as before she rallied.
Deuter Capitalist Dies.
Kansas City. Dec. 7. E. F. Halleck,
a Denver capitalist, xvho has been very
sick for txvo mouths past at Excelsior
Springs, Mo., aud iu this city, died here
in All Saiuts hospital at an early hour
this morning. Death xvas duo to a
complication of troubles resulting from
disease of the kidneys. Tho remaius
xvere shipped to Denver.
What wondrous days indeed are thea
When sou-nee shov. a light
On any pathway that you jiluase.
That yoa m :y turn uright!
Yet life U liiK-.l with tt-rrors ne
The hc-aH giovv .lull n.ul Ionj.
For ".-. rythiag you can; u do.
The dov-tu.- s.y?. n wtong.
Who tries to warble is forbil
Li-.: grills a:t:i?2: his :hr af.
Tii" dancer's prowi'j i:iu-: Lo hiO,
T.viaii iu inny sonivh :i n.:f.
Who duitrt in .trelcs ,ncis complete
Is tc:2i:.f.l by tho throng.
But he who likes :o may not cat.
The doctor .says it's -.vroajj-
You Mum ih-. v.ater, !jiaiklii fair
Le-.t fo-J lurk thcro disguised.
You mustn't breathe utiles-, the air
Has been well luiulv''tl.
Thoughtless yon turn, as is your
With an affection stiont;.
To l;is. your baby. But you don't.
Tho doctor saj s it's wron.
Washington Star.
Wf Grow Old. Wo Itecall
Tliiug of Lous Ago.
About T3 years ago, upon a rainy
day, a small boy xvho had reached tho
mature age of 41 xvas j-itting xvith his
mamma and bemoaning the state of the
weather anil accompanying abseuce of
nox-el entertainment. Alanuua xvore en
iier linger a beautiful ring that xvas a
family heiilooin, and as she sewed j:t
tieutly the jewel glittered on her little
xvliito hand. The small boy regarded
the bright bauble for some time in
silence aud then sweetly requested
mamma to take it of? aud let him play
with it. It xva a xveak thing to do.
perhaps, but she complied. I dare : :y
there are mctheis at the present day
who cau sympathize xvith her, for hu
niau nature is tho same, though fash
ions change, and xvheu the "dear
child" looked up iu her face pleadingly
he looked with papa'n eyes, and papa
xvas dead, iso he got the ring aud 1M
it, as might havo beeu expected. Ho
always insisted that he had "put it
axvay to keep," but he could nex'er re
member xvhere.
The years xvent on. The gentle
mother xvent out iuto the great, iin
known to lind the light of her life that
shone iu "papa's eyes," and the cen
tury aud the boy having beeu young
together grew old in company too.
Finally age hecau to tell on them. The
ceutury got troubled xvith a complaint
designated "fin de siecle," aud the boy
lost his memory for the things of to
day, but became abnormally remiuis
ceut iu regard to the past. His thoughts
ofteu turned back to the young mother
long dead, and in the decline of life he
had as clear a mental picture of her as
his boyish eyes had ex-er wen One
evening, having pushed his spectacles
ou top of his head and hunted every
where for them vainly, he sat musing
befoie the fire, xvhen suddenly a flood
of light illuminated that dark corner
of his memory where hung the picture
of that small edition of himself losing
or "putting axvay" the ring. Hespraug
to his feet xvith an excited cry: "The
ring! The ring! I slipped it dowu the
crack iu the xvindow casing the one
that looks out on the orchard!"
Upou investigation the ring xvas
brought from its long hiding place,
xvhich xvas the exact spot the old man
had described. Buffalo Express.
Forgot to Wear Trouscr.
A certain uoble lord, xvho .shall be
nameless, duriug his journey north ou
a political mission changed his costume
for a full highland "rig out," intend
ing it as a delicate compliment to the
laud of the kilt, bet xvheu he looked
at himself iu the glasy he fouud that
the tailor had cut his kilt too short, .so
he made up his miud to put ou eveuiug
He changed his upper garments and
tbeu eat doxvu for a few uionieuts to
Etudy hie speech. This set him to sleep.
Ho axvoke xvith u start, ouly to find
himself running into th- .station. For
getting what happened, ho thrust on
his hat aud apppcared at tho xviudow
bowing, and this xvas how ho was
He had a full high laud costurao as
far as his waist. Above xvere a white
shirt aud swallow tailed coat, aud tho
entire edifice xvas crownvd xvith a chim
ney pot hat, nixin xvhich he sat doxvu
without noticing it. His lordship's hor
ror xvheu ho stepped upon the platform
aud felt the keen xvincl cutting his hare
legs changed to absolute agony xvheu
his valet appeared, scrambling" out of
the carriage xvith a pair of troasers m
his hands, waving thsn xviltlly and ex
claimiug, "My lord, my lord, youve
forgotten these. "Loudon Telegraph.
Tilt at a Baaq let Between Two Well
Knotva Meu.
"That remiuds me, ' remarked an old
pioneer to a San Francisco Post reporter,
xvheu General Halleck 's name xvas men
tioned, "of the banquet xve gave Hul
leek iu 18(jj. xvheu he ieturutd from the
war The people here xvere proud of
him, for he had more than regaiued the
laurels he lost at Corinth, xvheu he per
mitted the enemy to escupe uuder the
cox'or of a big battery of wooden guns
that had beeu made out of logs duriug
the night
"Among the friends of Halleck who
met him at the banquet xvas 'Bully'
Waterman, the old sea captain, xvho iu
early tlays commanded a clipper ship
plying betxveen Sau Francisco aud Nexv
York. Ou one voyage he had laid a big
wager to beat a rival clipper, hut when
he fouud on going to sea that some of
his crew xvho had shipped as ablebodied
seamen xveio incompetent ho xvas so mail
he hanged three to tho yard. Just how
many were hanged xvas never known,
but Waterman xvas tried for murder aud
"During one of these silences that
xvill fall over the merriest of banquets
General Halleck called to Waterman,
xvho xvas at tho other end of tho room:
" Noxv that you have beeu tried uud
acquitted. Waterman, won't you tell us
how many men you hanged ou that voy
age?" "'Yes, general, 1 xvill,' responded
Waterman, 'if you xvill ti:rt tell us how
many xvoodeu guns stopped you at Cor
inth." "The subject dropped there. "
An Avid 1'roof Glue.
Tiie following has hteii rci-uuituendeu'
as prcilmMiii; a cement which will fas
ten ilxss or poici'iuiu. etc., together
tirnily uml xvill not Le affected by strong
ucids: Mix together two parts of pow
dered u.sbcsf.M, cue part of barium sul
phate uud two pat ts of sodium silicate of
specific gravity i ."io A .still firmer glue
can Le made xvhich is particularly valua
ble, .since it i.s not attacked by hot acids,
by mixing together txvo parts of sodium
silicate, one part of the finest aud aud
one part of finely pulver"zed ashestus.
If potassium silicate is used instead of
the Milium salt, the glue xvill harden
immediately, but otherwise it xvill re
uuire about an hour to set Exchange.
An oltt ruin has ln-e:i uncovered ou
the Moqui ics.-rvation in Arizona and
nearly .'00 piece of perfect pottery
The star g.izcrs cf the Mount Hamil
ton observatoiy say that there are 300,
uOU.OUO burning suns in the milky way
fhu' eirjibbors.
4 4
Hooper Sentinel: Adam Schwalt ac
companied hy hiu little daughter, went
to Omaha Tuesday to eo liis wife who
13 under medical treatment at St. Joe
hospital. A little over two weeks ago
sho was taken to the hospital where she
underwent another operation and over
one hundred gall stones were removed
from her. Last reports she xvas doing
very well and her prospects for recoxery
are good.
It looks as though prosperity was
there, too. A telegram from Cincinnati,
Dec. 2 says that for the first time in six
years tho Mitchell and Franter rolling
mills in Covington. Ky., siro running a
double force of over 4(H) men: the Lick
ing rolling mills triplo time xvith 400
men; the Overman .V Schrader cordage
works, a double force of 300 men.
Krai Hstate 1 ransfen.
Becher, Jseggi .fe Co., real estate agents,
report the following real estate transfers
filed in the office of the county clerk for
the week ending December f. 181)7.
State of Ni braska to Certrude Stein-
IkicIi. lot ::. M-c. H-ls-iu. i h-e, I
Henry tinilrs to (lust Il.ihlin, v.". ne1.
.M-l.'-lw, adui'r deed
Heirs of .lenckim liiintiint; lollu-tar
1. niinin, t-w'i ::i-l--! i.eil to Christ hnd Win I.iitmi.ik', nv.'i
..." and neU, cd
Johan Hcrnd to Yinven; Zimmerman,
lot t. Idle US?, Columbus, ud
John W liotT to William J Luci-chen.
s' i IM'J-Iw, ud
John N Koch to John A Schmidt. u'J
bw1, :.-l.-lw, vd
VW (0
.-.400 00
rj co
22M) 00
1W) 00
Seien tmnftferf, total
l... IK
Weather Keiiort.
lleview of the weather near Genoa for
the month of Xovemlier, 181)7.
Mean teuiienttnre of the mouth 'M.Si
Mean do same month last jear It! (O
Highest ilailytemix-n.tiireou.'d 70'
JUmcnt do 2yth, lielow z.n 7
Clear ilaj
Fair days
Cloudy da s
Calm (Irtit.
IHkIi v.inds ilaj
Niuulier of dais on uhich rain or snow fell
Jnchenof Kiin fall
llo name mo. last J ear.
Inches of uou
Do same month last t-;.r
Prevailing winds from S.W. to X.W.
Ice more or less through the mouth.
Heavy fogs 7th and 14th.
Ititrlinxton Koiitc California r.xi-iirin.
Cheap: quick; comfortable.
Leave Omaha 4MTt p. m., Lincoln fi.10
p. m. and Hastings 8.50 p. m. ex-ery
Thursday in clean, modern, not crowded
tourist sleepers. Xo transfers; cars run
right through to San Francisco and Lob
Angeles oxer the Foenic route -through
Denver and Salt Lake City. Cars are
carpeted; upholstered in rattan; have
spring seats and haeks.are provided with
curtains, bedding, towels, soap, etc.
Uniformed porters and experienced ex
cursion conductors accompany each ex
cursion, relieving passengers of all both
er aliont baggage, pointing out objects
of interest and in many other ways help
ing to make the overland trip a delight
ful experience. Second class tickets are
honored. I'erths $i.
For folder giving full information, call
at nearest HurlinRton Route ticket office,
or write to J. Francis, General Passen
ger Agent, Omaha, Xeb. toilapr'S
To 1,'hirazo anil thr Kat.
Passengera goingeast for business, will
naturally gravitate to Chicago as the
great commercial center. Passengers
re-visiting friends or relatives in the
eastern states always desire to "take in" ,
Farm Loans,
And Insurance..
iuii-iu;u f n route, .xu classes oi passcn-i
gers will uml that the "Short Lint of
he Chicago, Milwaukee X' St. Paul Kail
way, via Omaha and Council itlutTs,
affords excellent facilities to reach their
destinations m a manner that will be
sure to gixe tho utmost satisfaction.
A reference to the time tallies will in
dicate the route to lie chosen, and, by
asking any principal agent west of the
Missouri rix-er for a ticket over ths
Chicago, Council HIutTs & Omaha Short
Line of the Chicago, Milwaukee .V St.
Paul Knilway, you xvill be cheerfully
furnished with the proper passMrt via
Omaha and Chicago. Please note that
all of the "Short Line" trains arrive in
Chicago in ample time to connect with
theexpresstrainsof all the great through
car lines to the principal eastern cities.
For additional particulars, time tabled,
maps, etc., please call on or address F.
A. Nash, Oeneral Agent, Omaha, Xeb.
What does it cost to get there? When
and how should one go? What should
one take? Where are the mines? How
much have they produced? Is work
plentiful? Whal wages are paid? Is
living expensive? What are one's
chances of "making a strike?"
Complete and satisfactory replies to
the above questions will be found in the
Iturlingtou Route's "Klondike Folder,"
now ready for distribution. Sixteen
pages of practical information and au
up-to-date map of Alaska and the Klon
dike. Free at Ilnrlington Houte ticket
offices, or sent on receipt of four cents
in stamps by J. Francis, general passen
ger agent, Bnrlington ltoute, Omaha,
Xelir. iSiaprSH
gmsintss potters.
Advertisement! uuder tliif hettd live ento i
lineeuch insertion.
Ht'llll.TZ iii'ikealtootitiuid idiofsiutht
bet attic, aud unew only the T tM-st
tM'k that can m iirocurwi in the m-irket . V.'-t f
In the count conrt of Platte county, Nelinisku.
In the matter of tlii-t-st-te of i'hristmu Koelt-
clur, d.ifa-. Notice nf final tH-ttli-aient and
To the cr ditor. ht-im. legatee and olheri in-
tereitled in the cata'e of Christian Ifaieitcher,
Take notice, that ('. F. lileason ha tiled in
the county court a reixtrt of hi doinirs us ail.
luinistratorof the cslnteof I'hristian Itoettrhrr,
iletfast d, and it ix ordered that the Mime t-t'inil
for hearing on the Iilli day of lleci iun r, s'.t7,
liefcre the citurt at the hour of III o'clock a. in.,
and except to and contest filename.
Thin notice it ordered Kiven in Thk IVi.rv
nrs .Iocknw. for two conwcntiie weekn rior
to the 17th day of Deceuilier, lsi7.
Witness my hand and the w-al of the count
court at t'olumhtis thin day of Decei.ili.-r.
J.X. Kii.ian,
''ilec'J County. I ikIkc.
In the county court of I'latte county, Nebraska.
In the matter of tin-estate of Daniel Schtick
er, deceased. Notice of final settlement and
To the creditors, heirs, legatees and others in
terested in theentateof Daniel Sehucker, de.
Take notice, that Walter li. liaiues his tiled
in the county court a report of his doinii as ex
ecutor of th estate of Daniel Sehucker. de
ceased, and it is ordered that the name stand
for hearing on the 10th day of December, Ki,
liefore the court at the hour of '1 o'clock p. in.,
at which time any fierson interested may it
iiearand except to and contest the Kline.
This notice is ordered uien in Til k Count ars
JoL'UN II. for two coUMKUtirc weeks prior to the
Ktli day of December, l'T.
Witness my hand and the seal of the count j
court at Columbus, this I'itli day of Xoicmlier.
J. X. Kll.ltN.
Idec2t County Judt;e.
U VIRTUE of an order made by the district
LP court in anil Tor I'latte county. .Nehraska,
on the i.'d day of November, t'.7, crantittK
licenw to sell the real estate hereinafter de. .
scribed for the purpose of tmjinif tho claims I
allowed Against tho estate of Henry S. iodfrc. I
deceased, and the costs of administering ou Mini J
estate, I will sell the real estate described in
said order, to wit:
The east hltlf (o't) of the southeast quarter
(seV)of Hection Mo. thirteen (12) in township
No. eighteen (Is), north of rantfe three (SI west
of the Hth l M.. in I'latte county. Nebraska, at I
o'clock p. in., on Wednesday, flee. 'lii, ls'.7, at
the front door of the court house in the city of
Columbus, Nebraska, for cash in hand, subject
to two mortgages, one for Sl.tiOO In favor of K.
K. Dedrick and one of iU0 in favor of Mnry K.
iodfro AUIKirr HLSSKIX.
C.J. (i m.ow. Administrator.
Att'y for Adm'r. Meet
In the county court of I'latte county, Nebraska.
In the matter of the ttnte of (iustaf K.
Johnson, deceased. Notice of final settlement
and account.
To the creditors, heirs, legatees and others in
terested in the estate of (Iustaf K. Johnson,
Take notice, that Henry (Juiles has filed in
the county court a report of his doiutfs as ad.
ministnttorof the estate of (iustaf K. John-ou.
deceased, and it is ordered that the name stand
for hearing on the 11th day of December, ls'.7,
liefore the court at the hour of 'J o'clock a. in., at
which time any ierson interested may apis-ar
and except io anil contest me same.
This notice is ordered tfiten in Tun
i:Lh Jochnai. for two consecutive weeks prior
to the Ilth day of December. 1K7.
Witness mi hand and Ihe i-enl of the count
court at (.'ollimbiis this -l!i day of Noveiuls-r,
Ink vi.. I
J.N. hll.n.N.
Idee J Count) JudKe.
We Carry Coffins, Caskets and
Metallic Caskets at as low
prices as any one.
W. A. McAllisTKK.
W. M. CoHNrLiC"
i The Ivatoh
Ml clfSiE
i & CO.,
Real Estate
. 1
rs make thi T
ingredient ot I
ary to a true W
s these both. 9
is well said that manners
imn.but the more solid int
character is also necessarv
type of manhood. If a man has these both.
ana a.M nas the good sense to dress well!
ne wm una tne "latcnstring out" tor him
all over the world.
In Material. Style, Fit, Finish, and Gentle
manly effect, you should order your tailor
ing of
M. BORN & CO., i
The Great Chicaga MercbMtTaRara
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rade. You can Ret a "BORN" Suit or Overcoat
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