The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, March 07, 1894, Image 4

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Mrs. JermietDeckerj
"How Well You Look"
Friends Surprised at the
Wonderful Improvement.
"tL Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Demr Sirs: I take pleasure In writing the
good I have received from taking Hood's Sarsa
parilla. Every spring and summer for six years
or more, my health has been so poor from heart
trouble and general debility that at tines I Ufa
was a burden. I -would become so
Emaciated and Weak and Pale
that my friends thought I would not live long.
I could do scarcely any work at all and had to
lie down every few minutes. I began getting
worse In January, losing my flesh and feeling so
tired. I thought I would try Hood's Sarsapa
rilla and I am happy to say I am in better healtb
than I have been for a number of years. My
friends remark tone:' Why bow well you look.
I tell them it is Hood's Sarsaparilla that has
done the work. I would have all suffering hu
manity give this medicine a trial and be con
vinced. This statement is Tra ike Lcf
ser." Mns. Jeoie Decker, Watseka, 111.
Hood's Pills cure liver ills, constipation,
biliousness, jaundice, sick headache, indigestion.
The fatUwle eat iiowi Ue aatftt mkUk ma4 seta aMttei
eoetevt a Ue cz-IU at Um ttrU'a fair.
Chief Buchanan of the IVpt.
f Agriculture imlie-J it put up
tacit anl frtni feed for the
tck on exhibition and urged
tthr Windmill Co.'i to put
up outfit. They wuuld int,
and tried to prevent us They
Lad a regular organization
1or fighting us. held meet
ingi, and appoiuted commit
tees and fur weeks occupi
In this model outfit m
horizontal shaft was used.
We belted direct to othet
machines from the pulley,
which Is alnays a part of
the Aermotor Grinder, thui
greatly economizing in first
cost, an fwer, and in
ij-ace. It cut feed u rapidly
at two men could get it to the
ed a gTeat deal ex tiietr
cutter and ground IS to
own time end that of
20 bushels an hour.
rials trying to pre
A great many out-
vent us Irotu erert-
Ms were
told to
saw ft
work. It
ing one, and vur
outGt iraaartual-
Xy torn down and
wrecked oneeven
inz after datk. ho-
wal.Mt beared
f.TB it was complet
ed hv turtles who
Aermotor on a 40 f L
pallet) it orer with & rope.
steel tower, put up
on a light frame nam,
and in a C5 mile wind one
could lurdly feel the tarn
shake. The feet of the Steel
Tower rested upon two 4x4
lira ter laid on the roof.
Through these feet and
timbers long bolts passed
through the roof and were
secured down in the 4x4
Mr. nucha nan tent
Chief of SUIT, J A.Creen,
with a commitiee of the
kickers to m tt, and ia
his presence, th lies, f
the Aeinttrtur Co. offered
to par f leijcht. or express-
ace on (eard outfits
that any other wind
mill exhibitor wuld
put up and to furnish
tkdlM erectors to eiect
braces which pass from
each foot of the tower to
where they were secure
ly bolted to the 10x10
mast, 34 ft. long, which
extended from the peak
them in order 1o hare
something with which
to compare the Aernio- I
tor in practjc-1 -oik. "j
oi ine root to the floor
so that the entire weight
of the tower was trans
ruitted through the mast
to the floor. This shows
bow a high steel tower
This they roul1 not do
fur the reason that the
steel reared mills other
than aermoUtrs on ex
hibition wireeiien
mental and it was well
kuonthatlhe 12 ft.
Aermotor w ould do
can t put on a light
frame structure. In this
case the wheel was far
mire wk than any
lG-fl wniln wheel.
As it was, the outfit
enough ato e the baud
nigs to he unaffected by
the eddies and cur
her represented was
the cnly Knernull
pi.t up fr public
etc, and it neier sot
out of idcr in the
rents caused by them.
The f haft in the Tower
is suported by Steel
jtous atia ii races.
rh9 buy a Harm
JVww tctth srAidk
slightest particular,,
tuongii f pcraled l-y
unfamiliar hands.
If hafittg tools
aiie usnl im ttJt0
fVnrn f7e tmcet
to apjJif hoit jow
' chtn for CAe
Mime momey vow com
get a iwtwrd Atr-
tnofor rhrH tmp
tttul mW ran
v brought
Ii tea yeiiefwa
Mrrr tt na te
of trays Aar
ttotrtt fl
oua Mule.
& MODaPOWER OUTFIT at world's fair. '
The third adrertisemsnt in this reries will show a Steel Cir
cular Saw and Frame, for farm and sawyers use. It is a
Perfect !! Saw, wllu IV r feet Safety Guards and runs with
rery xnnch ! power thsn onlinsry burx saws and has a bettor
saw. ToU (10 haw and Franc will be glrea fer f IS aa4 Ave
reples ef this adsertlseeaeat, wnlrb la .No. 2 la the eerfe.1 if
sent immeilialely after the appearanrein this paper of the Saw
a Jv., Xo. 3.1 but only one saw w ill I furnished to any one per
con. Fur the extra four copies call en neighboring subscribers
to this paper, r induce other to subscribe, lecause we will not
accept these advertisements unless taken from papers mailed to
regular tubcrilers whoe names and addresses must be given,
together with the date of the paper from which thev are clipped.
Our Irrigation I'ump may be substituted for the Saw. Either
f.ob Chicago.
Where we can, we shall make Itteral e.fferto accept copies
of thee advertisements in part ijrment for lVindmills. If you
hue any thought of nmga windmill this 3 car srrft ws at
owor, sUtinz what you will need, whether Pumping or Geared,
and if possible we will make you a literal offer.
The Co proposes to dMiibute PSOO. CASH, 15
FRIKF.S for the lest essays written by the wife, son or daughter
cf a farmer or uer of a windmill, amwermg the question,
W1IT SHOTXD I fSE AN A EH MOTOR I9 For conditions of
cocipetitHtu and amounts and numbers of prizes send for par
ticulars to the Aermotor Co. Chicago, or t its branches, at San
Francisco. Kansas Citv, Lincoln, Neb.. Sioux City, Iowa, Min
neapolis, putTali, or ft lark Dace. New Tork City. Aermotora,
Fnmping and Geared same price, AU Steel, all Galranixed-After-Completion,
delivered free on cars at Cliicago and shipped t4
tny one, anywhere, at the following prices:
8-ft. S25. 1 2-ft. $50. 1 6-ft. S 1 25.
Highest Awards
(Mrdils and Diplomat)
World's Columbian
On the following Mtlcka,
rtElIlIl !. 1 CltCflllTE,
GtVM lints,
For parity of material."
excellent flavor." and "uni
form even composition.
! equals cuMom wock,-stinjj from
54 i" 5a, iicsi vaiuc lor mc money
1:1 i:ic rvoria. Manic and nnce
1 stamped onAhe bottom. Every
nr warranted. 7 akc no substi.
Mutc See local papers tfor full
urvcripiionoi ouroompiexc
, lines lor ladies and gen-
iictnen or send tor .
luftrattd Catalcjzne
Rh'nj; in.
i struct ions
'"TMISirUiT S how to or.
"dcrbvmail. Tom a je free. You can get the best
bargains of dealers who push our shoes.
Holds the worst rar-
turv wiUi ratio under all
krireumstanees. l'erfect
Adjatment. Comfort
Umprovementa. ilia,
trated cataJofroe and
rules for aelf-measnrn.
ment ent eecureW
aenlrd. O. V. HOU8K
UKJ. CO, 7H Broad
wax. Kew lotS otj-
CMi.MBtlp.a mnA twkrknla
who bare weak lunj-a or Artb
ma.fboulduse Puo'sCorcfor
Consumption. It has eared
tMesaada. Ithas r.otlnlur-
ca one ma i oi oaa iotaxo.
altsiue Desi coupn yrnp.
sola cverrwricrc. S3e.
212 TO W! SB Jffle workln foi
SlS "SLSSX IS. e1 al?,?s P'erredwbo
.Cf) HfCCIf ?n,ruraL,tbborseandtrav.
rEH Iff CCRi fL"Sh tbc country; a
y- Afewvaean;ieStr,-townndiScrt,1S
flfwmn9f P? charartPr will OnSlhUaexeS
h SSSJ1Kter rr1ProfltobIe cmplo.vmenu "w
S25JT-5m5!tl u'd '" P"1 JKlvantare. RF
JOHNSON CO, 11th and asin Sts.. RlctooadVVa:
THERE Is no larger or better selected stock In the
Norihweat, nor one anywhere better adapted to
the naes of Prairie Planters. Complete In all depart
ments. Fruit Trees. Forest Trees. Small Fruits.
'Sverareens. Ornamentals, etc- An honest, reliable
'Agent wasted In erery county In the Northwest.
Complete Outfit and the beat of terms offered.
-X870 C. I WATKOIS, Le Moines, Is. 1864
TBEE8 and "PAS prerenu sot
backs. Ask your bnmos dealer for
ttea. B.W. Cooft,Mfr.lMoUae,ltt
sal vn pl
bt.bsss.'bssi BaarSHw.
k avRMsssssBtJ7
g Vr7
What Month U Yoara?
An old astrological prediction give
the character of a girl according to the
month she was born in, as follows:
If a girl is born in January she will
be a prudent housewife, given to mel
ancholy, but good-natured and fond of
fine clothes; if in February, an affec
tionate wife and tender mother and de
voted to dress; if in March, a frivolous
chatterbox, somewhat given to quarrel
ing, and a connoisseur ia gowns and
bonnets; if in April, inconstant, not
very intelligent, but likely to be good
looking and studious of fashion plates;
if in May, handsome, amiable and given
to style in dress; if in June, impetuous,
will marry early, be frivolous and like
dressy clothes; if in July, possibly
handsome, but with a sulky temper and
a penchant for gay attire; if in August,
amiable and practical, likely to marry
rich and dress strikingly; if in Septem
ber, discreet, affable, much liked and a
fashionable dresser; if in October, pretty
and coquettish, and devoted to attrac
tive garniture; if in November, liberal,
kind, of a mild disposition, and an ad
mirer of stylish dress; if in December,
well proportioned, fond of novelty, ex
travagant and a student of dressy ef
fects. The Fire Department in every city could
not do better than to keep a dozen of Sal
vation Oil at each station. It instantly re
lieves all burns, scalds and bruises, and in
a few days makes an effectual cure of the
wound. 25 cts.
Reflected Light.
A dead white surface has decided ad
vantages for reflecting light over a
looking glass or a bright surface. Good
white blotting paper reflects back 82
per cent of the light cast upon it Many
persons arc under the impression that
looking glass must be a better reflector
than paper or whitewashed surface be
cause with looking glass a strong
shadow can be cast, while from a dead
surface no heavy shadow is obtained.
The reason is not so much that the re
flected light is less from the dead sur
face, but that the reflection is concen
trated in the case of the looking glass.
With paper or whitewash it proceeds
from a vast number of points. Brook
lyn Citizen.
Street-car drivers and others who are
constantly exposed to all kinds of weather,
and cannot find time to lay by, should ever
bear in mind this plain fact that Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup cures coughs and colds. It is
A Iong Sleep.
The longest continuous cataleptic
sleep known to medical science was re
ported from Germany in the spring of
1892; the patient a Stlesian miner
having remained absolutely unconscious
for a period of four and a half months.
The doctors in attenance could not re
port anything in the way of symptoms
which would suggest that there was
something out of the ordinary in the
man's slumbers, excepting a complete
rigidity of the limbs. One peculiarity
which was much commented upon was
that the hair grew naturally during the
whole of the extended nap, but his
beard remained perfectly stationary
and lifeless. St Louis Republic.
'and Manly Vigor, Nervous De
bility, Paralysis, or Palsy, Or
ganic Weakness and wasting
Drains upon the system, resuhr
ing in dullness of mental Facul
ties, Impaired Memory, Low
Spirits, Moroseor Irritable Tem
per, fear of impending calamity,
and a thousand and one derange
ments of both body and mmd
result from pernicious secret
practices, of ten indulged in by
the young, through ignorance of
tijeir ruinous coneequeoces. To
reach, re-chum and restore Bach.
unfortunates to health and hap
piness, is the aim of an associ
ation of medical gentlemen who
h va nmnAmd a. hook, written in
plain but chaste language, treating of the
nature, symptoms and curability, by home
treatment, of such diseases. The World's
Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors
of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y., will, on receipt of this notice,
with 10 cents (in stamps for postage) maiL
sealed in plain envelope, a copy of thia uaafal
book. It should be read by every young
man, parent and guardian In the land.
AM ALIA Business
U m A n A Houses.
Oliver Steel Walking Plows,
Barlow Corn Planters,
Dodger Cultivators.
Ask your dealers for above and
take no inferior goods.
HIGIIEMT CASH price paid for
rea nailer, send for circular.
ATBES BROM., Oaaahav
Wall Paper 4c Roll
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1620-1684 Douglas St., - OMAHA, MSB.
solute safeguard against any form of suppression.
If yon suffer from monthly tortures don't delay, but
send 11.00 to our afrenu. Sherman a McCoxxei.t..
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CITY u,t- nUni-lO
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Omaha, Neb.
Weakness and Secret
Disorders of
Erery euro guaranteed.
18 years experience-
years In Omaha. Write for
book. ior iuii parucBlaia.
I It h and Faraaas gta
- mlksw
F 5
EVER, never, will
I forgive you !
lou have spoiled
all my joy and
now good - by,
It was a young
lady who spoke,
a beautiful one,
too, and her eyes
were 'full of
looked, at
young man
fore her.
He looked with equal anger &t her,
and, taking his hat in hand, he said:
"I am son' Angelina, but my
mother calls me, and if you had a son,
an only son, you would feel deeply
hurt if he were to refuse to spend
Christmas with you.
"Oh, I but " Angelina broke down
and suddenly burst into a flood of
tear&J Her lover then thought so
little of her that he had" neverjCQji
sidered her own loneliness, and : what
a sad, sad Christmas was in store for
herself! She. jvas alone, she had no
mother, no" father. A stranger, she
had come to Florence as a teacher in
the public schools. No one there
knew that she had been once in a rich
home of her own, with loving parents.
Her mother had died in her childhood,
and two yean ago her poor father had
also left her, when she most needed
him. A lawyer had informed her that
the forjune which she thought she
possessed had been lpst in speculation,
and he persuaded her to sell or rent
the quaint little home in which she
had always lived on one of the small
canals of Venice. Sell it? -never! But
rents were very low, and she decided
to become a teacher that she might
make both ends meet and not be
obliged to sell the dear home. She
did not care to teach in her own native
place, and therefore she accepted most
willingly an offer from Florence.
There she had met Gino, whose na
tive city was hers also. He was a
sculptor and, though young, his talent
soon made him well known. He be
longed to an aristocratic family, and
had persuaded his parents with great
difficulty to let him study art. But
now he had attained an assured posi
tion, and he hoped soon to be able to
make Angelina his wife. Up to this
time he had hesitated to tell his par
ents of his love for the poor teacher,
knowing how proud they were. He
had intended to spend Christmas with
Angelina, and they had made many
plans. First, they would go to mass,
and then old Margherita, the faithful
servant, who had followed Angelina
to Florence, would light the fire in the
big chimney, and they would sit and
watch the traditional log of wood
burn, and have a nice little supper.
But now the poor girl saw nothing be
fore her but loneliness!
"Forgive me, Angelina, my love,
forgive me!" cried Gino, kneeling at
her feet, as he saw her distress.
She smiled through her tears, and,
as if her decision were taken at last,
she says quickly: "All right, dear, go
now, go quickly, for I am so tempted
to keep you!"
She extends her hand and they part.
As he closes the door she calls hastily
into the other room: "Come, Mar
gherita, I am going to Venice. I am
pining to see the dear old place again.
Come, let us get ready for to-morrow
And as if she were going to leave
within an hour, Angelina hurried to a
trunk, to the drawers and closets, and
soon she had selected the few things
she wished to take with her.
Her house had been rented to
strangers, but she had made it a point
to reserve one room for her own use,
in case she should wish to return.
Oh, how happy she felt when the
train started! Venice, dear old Venice!
She loved Venice as only a Venetian
can. "Marghcritar"shesays,"Imust go
to San Marco before I go home. You
take the gondola with the trunk, and
I will follow, after I have seen the
dear old church again."
Poor Margherita does not answer,
the tears arc running down her old
cheeks, for at last she, too, will be
back in her old home again.
As soon as Angelina sees Margherita
safely on her way, she speeds through
the narrow streets, toward the Piazza.
She must walk, for her emotion nearly
stifles her. It is bitter cold, and the
steps of the many bridges are slippery.
But the young girl's foot barely
touches the ground. The last bridge
is reached and she has passed it, when
she hears a sudden cry of pain behind
her, and, turning sharply, she sees a
lady on the ground.
"Oh, are you hurt?" Angelina cries;
and she hastens to help the lady rise.
But it is hard work, for she is not
"I must have sprained my wrist, and
bruised my knee," she groaned.
"Can I get you a gondola, signora?"
"Xo, thank you, my child. My
house is only a few steps distant,
Will you help me to reach it?"
"Indeed I will. Lean well on me,
and we will walk slowly."
Angelina supports the old lady and
walks gently, asking: "Does it hurt?"
"Well, yes, it was a bad fall for an
old ladj-. But I beg your pardon! I
may detain you. Perhaps you were in
haste. It is Christmas, and, probably,
you were hurrying to buy some pres
ents for your dear ones."
"I have no dear ones. I am alone."
"Alone!" The old lady looks up at
the young and pretty giri, and again
she says: "Alone? And no one to
spend Christmas with?"
"No one, madame. Do not wonder.
My friends who knew me when I was
a rich girl, or at least thought I was
rich, left me when misfortune came,
though not without a word of good
advice!" She smiled bitterly. But
soon her better nature conquered and
she added: "I am no better than they
were, for I have forgotten the one
good friend left to me. Our old serv
ant did not abandon roe, and I should
&$P" NT"
have forgotten to buy her a Christmas
gift if it had not been for you!"
In a few words she then told the old
lady that she was a teacher and earn
ing her own living. By that time they
had reached Meereoria, and turning
into one of the little streets branch
ing off from that, they stood before
an old palace.
I Upon ringing, the door was opened
by an old gondolier, who seemed to do
, also duty as a servant.
"Madonna santa!" he cried, "what
has happened to the marchesa?" and
had he not been prevented, he would
in his fright have called all the house
together. But the marchesa said de
cidedly: "Give me your arm, Battis
ta, and keep quiet." Then, turning
to the girl standing in the door, she
added: "Grazic, thanks a thousand
times, dear child. And please give
me your name and address. I hope
we may meet again."
Angelina gave the desired informa
tion reluctantly, for she felt almost
hurt at the brevity of this farewell.
But the old lady suddenly extended
her hand and, pressing Angelina's,said
gently: "Go and buy Margherita her
present. Good-by."
Angelina stood alone. - Why had
she felt almost happy, leading this
old lady? Now she realized again
how lonely she was. But Margherita,
at least, would be glad to see her, so
she hurried to dear old San Marco,
and tried to pray. Alas! she could
think of nothing. "Ah!" she sighed,
"if I only had a mother!"
Stopying at one of the stores
she purchased a warm shawl
for Margherita; then crossing the
piazza, she took a gondola, and in a
short time found herself at the door of
her own house.
It was a quaint little palace, con
taining only a few rooms, but it was
her home, and she had once been rich
and happy in it. Margherita was
watching for her darling mistress.
The people who had rented it were
from the Cadore and had gone to their
country home for the holidays, leaving
an old man in charge of the house.
He had been gondolier for Angelina's
parents, so that he and Margherita
were old friends, and he, too, loved
Angelina-"la padroncina," as he called
Soon the poor child had forgotten
her loneliness, sitting and chatting
with those two humble but devoted
The next evening was Christmas
eve, and Angelina, made some pur
chases also for the old man, and pro
vided for a nice little supper. Gio
vanni, the gondolier, was to take her
to mass at seven, and then she would
come home and have a quiet evening,
As she returned from her errands, she
saw a gondola leave her door, and
Giovanni standing at the door gazing
after it with a curious expression. He
was holding a little log of wood in
his hand.
"What is it, Giovanni?"
"I am to give this to the signorina."
ne handed her the little log, Angel
ina well knew where it came from.
While she had been shopping, she had
seen Gino in the distance with a gen
tleman, bis father, no doubt, and her
heart nearly stood still. She hoped
he had not seen her, and she hurried
hastily into a store. The log showed
that he had noticed her, and she was
glad he had not stopped to speak to
Soon it was dark, and Angelina
dressed carefully to go to the so-called
"midnight mass," which takesplace at
seven. She had turned the log of wood
over and over, hoping to find a mes
sage there, but the only thing she
found was the date of the day carved
on it.
As she stepped into San Marco she
told Giovanni where to wait for her,
and he returned to his gondola. She
had not seen how he had exchanged a
sign with some one in the distance.
The mass began, and she became
completely absorbed in it. She was
recalled to herself by the close vicin
ity of some one, who seemed to pro
tect her from the crowd. She did not
look up. She knew it was Gino, and a
sudden calm came to her soul. She
became lost to all but the pleasure of
knowing that he was there.
Mass was over. People hurried to
get home. It was bitter cold. Ange
lina stepped out into the air, when
suddenly Gino seized her hand. Draw
ing it through his arm he led her to a
gondola. No word was spoken until
Angelina found hersef under the cover.
She said: "Gino, my dear, you must
go to your mother. We have to-morrow
to be happy in."
"I shall go to my mother, darling,
never fear! And now tell me about
yourself. It is so good that you came!"
She told him of her home-longing and
of her sudden decision, her journey,
and then of the nice old lady.
"If I only had a mother like her, it
would be such a happiness!" she cried.
But here they are already at their
journey's end. The gondola has stop
ped; she has alighted, helped by Gino.
But where is she? Not at home.
"O Gino!" she says, "let me go
"Trust me, darling, and come," is
all the reply which he vouchsafes her.
She is so bewildered that she follows
him like one in a dream. He holds
her hand.
"Here she is, mother dear!" he sajs
at last, "tell her that we may be
Agelina stands in a beautiful par
lor, trembling before an old lady in
an arm-chair. She sees only a hand
stretched in welcome, and hears the
words: "My daughter."
She kneels at the feet of the dear
old lady, and all she says is: "Oh, I
have so wished that you might be my
mother since yesterday."
For she is indeed the marchesa. She
cannot rise, she cannot extend both
hands, but her eyes tell of the love
she has in her heart for the chosen
wife of her son.
"You shall never be alone again at
Christmas, my daughter. Make my
Gino happy!'
"Ah, have you no word for your
father, my child?" says another voice,
and again Angelina is held by the
encircling arms of Gino's father.
"God bless you both! And now
quickly come to supper and light the
fire of joy. Would you like to burn
the log I brought you, my pet?" says
Gino teasingly.
Supper is over.
It has been made happy by mutual
"I have no regret for my misfor
tune," says the mother, and as she
does not suffer, she is happy as the re
sult. Gino had told her as soon as he
arrived of his attachment, and while
they were hesitating to accept the
stranger as a daughter, destiny had
brought them nearer each other.
They sit and talk until the door
opens and the smiling old face of
Margherita looks in: "A happy Christ
mas, and please, signorina, may we
remain in Venice now?"
"Yes, my good Margherita." And
she smiles gratefully at her lover, who
has not neglected to include the faith
ful old woman in his plans for the i
Christmas celebration. Angelina has
quite forgotten that she was ever an
gry with him.
CeaiM Ag-eat Stone Request fer Advic
When Ills Team Baa Away.
There is one of the employes in
the census bureau in Washington
who is regarded by the Washington
Post as the most matter-of-fact man
in the government service. One
would scarcely call him a hero in tho
usual sense of the term, but he evi
dently has in him somo of the stuff
such as heroes arc made of. and there
aro occasions when ho would proba
bly rise to the point of tho sublime,
though, truth to day. he has not
done so up to date. His phlegm is
of the Teutonic variety, such as
would lead him to continue the caro-
ful indexing of his field notes in tho
midst of a shipwreck or a boiler ex
plosion, and if there should ever bo
an earthquake or a collapse of the
building in which ho was working he
would as likely as nos remain in his
chair while the floor was going
through and ask somo of his fellow
workers to hand him a ruler or shove
over the paper weights to keep bis
notes together. Up to date tho worst
story that has been told of him was
laid in Western Kansas during the
last year's field work. With another
agent of tho department he was driv
ing around tho country collecting
data. One afternoon they got a pair
of spirited horses and drove out on
one ofvthe long, level cross section
roads. After a whilo Mr. Stone
asked for the lines. IIo did not
know much about driving, but Pro
fessor McGillen, who was driving,
handed over the ribbons. Tho horses,
foeling a strange hand, started off
briskly and continued to increaso
the cadency in a sort of geometrical
progression. Faster they went and
faster, till at length Mr. Stone, who
was holding tho lines primly in front
of him, not unlike a Bociety girl the
first timo she tries to handle a T-cart,
turned his head slowly in the direc
tion of his companion and said:
"Professor, do not these horses
seem to you to bo going rather rap
idly?" yes," replied tho professor with
equal calmness, seeing that there was
but little danger on tho long straight
road. "Yes. Mr. Stone, it strikes
me that they are running away with
"Ah," was the unmoved response.
"In such a case, professor, what
would you advise a man to do?"
Keep the Knees Bent, Lean Forward
and Lift the Feet Slightly.
Physiologists and lovers of athlet
ics may bo interested in recent ex
periments and researches of a French
artillery captain. M. dc Kaoul, who.
some fifteen years ago, began to try
and find out the most economical and
least trying way of walking. There
aro many manners of walking, says
tho Popular Science News, some of
which are much devoid of grace, but
it may be supposed that as far as
efficiency is concerned, the best
method is that which he calls marcho
enflection. The principle is to run
without leaping, to raise tho body
above the ground as little as possible,
to keep the knees bent, the upper
part of the body inclined forward, so
that practically you aro always run
ning after your center of gravity.
The feet must be raised only very
slightly. M. de Raoul, who has now
somo years of experience, says that
ho can now take any man between
20 and 60 and teach him to run as
long as his legs can carry him with
out getting out of breath. Some
men can, on tho very first trial
of the method, run seven or eight
miles without stopping, while, with
the ordinary tactics, they could not
havo run over one mile. Tho first
kilometer (a kilometer is five-eighths
of a mile) is usually covered in seven
minutes and a quarter, tho second in
six minutes, and the third in five
minutes and forty-five seconds. An
interesting feature of M. do Kaoul's
researches is that even after a long
run, according to his mothod, a stiff
walk is no trouble at all; tho muscles
which work in both cases do not be
long to tho same set. and while ono
exorcise is performed tho muscles
which minister to the other rest.
In a Side Show.
A side show attached to a circus
which showed in a country town in
West Virginia last summer had a
big sign: "Only ten cents to seo
the most wonderful tiling in tho
world." Persons curious enough to
pay the dime, found a man sitting on
a chair inside whittling a piece of
wood. As ho cut away, with an out
ward sweep of his knife, ho re
marked: "Gentlemen, always whit
tle like this, and you will be In no
danger of cutting yourselves." This
was the whole show. People who
had been duped were so anxious to
have company that they went out
and advised thoir friends to go in,
and it is claimed that tho side show
did more business than tho circus.
Addln? Insult to Injury.
Colonel Gilbort Piorco, tho lato
minister to Portugal, once picked up
in his arms a young lady who stood
hesitating at tho corner of a street
in an Indiana village, unable to cross
it, because a shower had filled it with
a rushing torrent of water. Tho
young lady submitted without pro
test while the colonel strode gallant
ly through tho torrent until ho do
posited his fair charge on tho oppo
site sidewalk, with dry feet. "Sir!"
she then said, indignantly, "are you
aware that you have insulted me?"
"I was not aware of it," replied the
colonel; "but seeing that you arc
right, I beg to make amends." So
saying, he picked up the protesting
damsel and restored her to the point
where he had first made her ac
quaintance. Argonaut
Tlio Proof Xoc Wautliifj.
The Judge You say you arc a
quiet, peaceable, easy-going citizen
and avoid excitement of all kinds?
The Witness Yes, your honor.
The Judge What do you sav to
this, officer?
The Officer It is quite true, your
honor, and, as a proof, I can state
that he is passionately devoted to
the game of cricket.
A Useful Adjunct.
Guest, tenth story Porter, what's
this rope coiled up in the corner for?
Hotel Porter Dat's fo' use in case
ob flah, sah.
Guest, after a look out of the win
dow to the sidewalk Oh, I see. Very
convenient. If a man objects to be
ing burned to death he can hang
himself. Judge.
Ancient Books.
Some very ancient books are to be
found in the sacred relics of Ceylon.
They are formed of palm leaves, writ
ten upon with a metal pen, and are
bound merely by a silken string.
J Worthy Sabjeet.
If any aneaiotcs of General "Sam"
Houston are told which shew that his
tongue wai by no means sjbw orchis
wit dulLf As General K had been
financial agent to the penitentiary for
a number of years, and warmly op
posed General Houston's last election
as governor of Texas, he feared he
would lose his desirable office.
He therefore presented a petition in
due time, asking that he might be re
tained, his "long and faithful services"
being urged as a reason for granting
the request of the petitioners.
"It appears from this petition, gen
eral," said the governor, "that you
have been in the penitentiary eight
"Yes, sir."
"And you say that you have per
formed faithfully each and every duty
imposed upon you during that time?"
"Yes, sir."
"Then, sir," said the governor, with
a twinkle in his eye, "it seems to me I
ought to pardon you out"
Very Queer
Aro the sensations experienced by the ner
vous and dyspeptic. Unaccountable palpi
tation, buzzing In the ears, flushing of one
side of tho face, odd taste and tingling in
tho mouth, constant restlessness, stinging
in tho gullet and sinking in the stomach,
acute sensitiveness to slight sounds that
magnifies them ten fold, low spirits these
are only a few of the charming oxpcrlcnccs
of tho individual who suffers from com
bined nervousness and indigestion a team
that usually travel together. Thcr gay
and festive career is. however, brought to a
full stop by that greatest of stomachics.
Hostetter's Stomach Hitters, which also
overcomes their allies-constipation and
biliousness This popular remedy fortifies
tho-owhouse it against malaria, chronic
rheumatism and kldnev complaint restores
nervous quietude and promotes appetite,
vigor and sleep.
Bow to Cure a Black Eye.
The Medical Times some time ago
gave this antidote for a black eye:
There is nothing to compare with a
tincture of strong infusion of capsicun
annum, mixed with an equal bulk of
mncilage or gum arabic, and with the
addition of a few drops of glyereine.
This should be painted all over the
bruised surface with a camel's hair pen
cil and allowed to dry on, a second or
third coating being applied as soon
as the first is dry. If done as soon
as the injury is inflicted the treatment
will invariably prevent the blackening
of the abused tissue. The same remedy
has no equal in rheumatic, sore or stiff
Do you want fine vegetables just
twenty days ahead of your neighbors?
If so, send 81 for Salzer's 35 packages
earliest vegetable novelties (sufficient
for a family). His seeds are Northern
grown, extremely early, enormously
productive. Think of it! B. Bey, Cali
fornia, grew 1, 213 bushels onions from
Salzer's seed per acre. How? That is
the secret which Salzer imparts to all
who buy his onion seed. He offers a
cabbage ripening in sixty days; a pea
in forty; a new tomato, the Ferris
Wheel, measuring two feet in circum
ference! and many Ujh'er remarkable
sorts of small fruits', ' flower andlge
table seeds, potatoes, farm seejC etc.
If Yo:Will Cut Thia Out andSrad It
With 20c to the John A. Salzcr Seed
Co., La Crosse, Wttyou will deceive their
mammoth catalogue and a paonge of Ferris
Wheel Tomato f w
''A Dead Moe. f
When a bull moolies dead in the
forest, he looks like gome strange ante
diluvian animal, with his square pre
hensile muffie and horns spreading lat
erally a peculiarity which he shares
with the prehistoric Irish elk and the
nearly extinct European elk of later
times. The huge form tells of -strength
and swiftness, and withal the still dan
gerous gleam of the eye, glazed in its
last stare, bids the hunter pause and
feel almost guilty of a crime in the de
struction of so much that is grand and
weired.a fcelingvery different from the
sentinel supposed to attend the slaugh
ter of a deer. But the triumph of mas
tering the wariest and bravest animal
in the woods by fair still hunting and
by grimly sticking to the track for
many a weary mile amply atones for
any regrets.
TIvspppsi imnnirivl iliirpsrinn. wpal.-
stomach, and constipation will be instantly
reueveu vy ueecnam s rius. cents a dox.
"Let There be Kittens."
Jenny and Ned were discussing the
beauties of Tabby's new kittens. "Now,
Ned, why are they all born together?
Why aren't some older than the others.
like you and mc, you know?" asked
"Well, it's easier for the Lord to
make a lot at once."
"Well, how does He do it?"
"Oh, he takes dnst and covers it with
fur and "
"But He don't make babies like that."
"Well, babies aren't kittens, are they?
The Lord takes more pains witji a baby.
He only makes one at a time, but when
He wants kittens He just says, Lct
there be kittens!' and there are kit
tens. Jenny was satisiicd.
Oeafneaa Cannot Re Cnred
By local applications, as tbey cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There is only
one way to cure Deafness, and that is by con
stitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by
an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of
the Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or im
perfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed
Deafness is the result, and unless the inflama
tion can be taken out and this tube restored
to its normal condition, hearing will be de
stroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are
caused by catarrh, which is nothingbutan in
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send
for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
--gold by Druggists, 75c
Moderation is commonly flrni. and firm
ness is commonly successful.
The Pnzzle Solved.
Perhaps no local disease has puzzled and
baffled tho medical profession more than
nasal catarrh. While not immediately
fatal, it is among the most nauseous and
disgusting slls tho flesh is heir to, and the
records show very fow or no cases of radi
cal cure of chronic catarrh by nny of the
many modes of treatment until tho intro
duction of Eli's Cream Halm a few years
ago. Tho success of this preparation has
been most gratifying and surprising.
A soft nnswer often gets a fellow out of a
hard place.
When Eve ate tho npplo !-he didn't give
Adam for tho consequences.
flegemam'aCamplior Ice with Olyeerin.
The oricinal and only genuine. CuresChapp!Ilaiiis
and Face, Cold Sores, Ac. C. O. Clark Co.,S.lIa t-n.Ct-
The story of Lot's wife pave Hellamy his
idea of "Looking Backward."
83-35 to California.
This is our sleeping car rate on the
Pliillips-Koek Island tourist excursions j
from lies .Moines to i.os nngeie ir
San Francisco, via Omaha, Lincoln
ant! the' scenic route and Ogdcn. You
can go with Phillips, the best of all
excursion managers, for he has each
party accompanied by a special agent
who goes the entire trip with patrons.
These personally conducted excursions
leave Des Moines once a wcclc,
We have also a daily tourist car s"r- j
vice, via our Southern route, through
the beautiful Indian Territory and
Fort Worth to Los Angeles and San
Francisco. Apply to Charles Kennedy,
G. N.-W. Pass. Agt., Omaha, Neb.
John- Sebastian,
a P. A., & E- I. & P. R'y, Chicago.
The richest man is the one who can give
away tho most without regretting it.
CURES . . .
-i- --
THE U. S. Government Chemists have
reported, after an examination of the
different brands, that the ROYAL Bak
ing Powder is absolutely pure, greatest
in strength, and superior to all others.
Mlulfttcrlng to the Mlad.
A century ago a shrewd German
recommended to every man overcome
with sorrow to force himself each day
to study for a fixed period a language
or art whatever was most agreeable to
him. The work for the brain on a to
tally different side from its grief is stim
ulating, strengthening. A polical ex
ile, also a German, being sentenced to
a long solitary imprisonment kept mad
ness at bay by decorating the walls of
his cell and by making lists and sketch
es of people and places he had known.
He recommends a man in grief to pay
instant attention to the little pursuits
or occupations which usually give him
pleasure, and to obstinately devote
himself to them until his brain has had
time to heal. "If we are denied great
joys let us earnestly seek to fill their
place by small ones," he advises. Peo
ple of methodical habits should be giv
en occupation which will call forth
their genius for organization and sys
tem. In short, we should remember
that the brain is a material organ as
well as the stomach, and, when in dan
ger of disease from the exessive strain
upon it of one emotion, a counter irri
tation from other smaller ones is a
wholesome and usually successful treat
ment. The Modern Way
Commends itself to the well-informed,
to do pleasantly and effectually what
was formerly done in the crudest man
ncrand disagreeably as well. Toclcanse
the system and break up colds, head
aches and fevers without unpleasant
after affects, use the delightful liquid
laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs.
Very Dear atthe Price. -Queen
Caroline, tho wife of George
II., seriously thinking of closing St.
James' Park, in London, and turning
it into a garden for the palace, asked
Sir Robert Walpolc what it would cost
to do so. "A trifle, madam; only a
trifle," replied the minister. "A trifle?"
rejoined her majesty: "I know it must
be pretty expensive, but can't you tell
me as nearly as you can guess?" To
which Sir Robert answered. "Why.
madam, I believe the whole thing' will
cost but three crowns." The "queen
had sense enough to see Walp'ole's al
lusion to the crowns of England, Scot
land and Ireland, and said at once that
she would abandon the notion.
For Coughs and Throat Troubles use
Brown's Bronchial Trocues. They re
lievo all Throat irritations caused by Cold
or use of tho voice.
A lie a mile away is always tryins to
prove that it is truth.
160 World Fair Fhotos for 91.
These reautiful pictures aro now ready
for delivery in ten comp'eto parts !0 pic
tures comprising each part and the wholo
tot can bo secured bv tho payment of Ono
Dollar, sent to Geo. It. Heaffori General
Passenger Agent, Chicago, Milwaukee &
St. I'aul Railway, Chicago, Ul., and tho
portfolios of pictures will he sent, free of
exrens0 hy mail to subscribers.
Remittances shou'd bo made by draft,
money order, or registered letter.
A man in earnest finds means, or, if ho
cannot find, creates them.
do Soath Via the Wabaah.
Tourists' tickets now on sale to all points.
Homeseekers' tickets at half fare on ex
cursion dates, Detr. U'th, Jan. Vth. Fei. iltbk
March 13tb. April 10th and May Sth. For
rates or folders giving full description of
lands, climate, &c, call at Wabash Ticket
office, No. 1502 Farnam Street, or writs
Gko. N. Clayton, N. W. P. Agt.,
Omaha, Neb.
If angels had to live with some men,
there probably be more fallen one?.
v -ft, 1 1 ri nr
Who Are forthe
Woman's Severest
"ftothers' Friend
A remedy which, if used as directed a few weeks before con
finement, robs it of its Pain, Horror and Risk to Life of both
mother and child, as thousands who have used it testify.
"I used two bottles of '' Friend' with marvelous results,
and wish every woman who has to pass through the ordeal of child-birth
to know if they use 'Mothers' Friend' for a few weeks it will rob con
finement of fain and suffering and insure safety to life of mother and
child. Mrs. Sam Hamilton, Eureka Springs, Ark.
Book to Mothers mailed free containing voluntary testimonials.
Sent by express, charges prepaid on receipt of price. SI Z0 per l:.tlc.
Sold by all Druggists. HRADFIELD REGULATOR CO.. Atlanta, Oa.
MwEEBH'-APlSeS a!Baa3BaaaaVa-awl3BaaaaaT& 'iMart- 'aaS '
WaaaaaaaaaaOKBaWi ilmaBallHLIr-Wirllm "
aufaaaaaaaaaaaaKSrJaaK AEMVikJSi.
WaaaataaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaCatV J aaKaaaaaaaaMI I - l - r&- fT-9$,
ftaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniV' aaaaKaaiaaaaaESai I I aamaaaTaaaaY KBaaaaaVVV4l1iBC3BaaaBBataaal,:
HlaBaaaB aaaaaaaaaaK9iS- ,BJAX"WmKtwBfWm'
ANe.i;rlu-lveM-hNl if Itnilrua'I ami CoiiimTrial To'drap'tv LiKMt"l In laiwt K I: i-vnSpr In tlm
west. Toslt inns Guaranteed to Br.iilnafes. !tu(l"nt.s tinzlit to rimy wltli ty-n-rltfnllrcct from teli
Krapli instrument, ?tinlentcan work mrnlnir and CTenIii2 for lx:irZ an.l n..m ami weninc
sessions. Cut this out anil win! 'ic Matp for circular to
r4M.rtztxteg-J - y"-.cps; .M
S --:, i - aaaBn """'
BBBBBBBBv z Bri--- BBr
aaaaaaaaaalBWaaaaaaaaaTar .
t - :f----cBBBBBBBBBkBBBBBBBF v'L --er
I Sr- VaFaaaaalBal aaaaaaaV' V.Lf
T J BaaaaSBaaw BaVHBaaaaaV "--'
i -7 s -kv aamfaaaaaWfv'aaaaaaaaPJaaT-''' ;KH-
l -Y - JBBftSVlaKBV v -
j, , ." .-- !.. . !. TIWawaBBBBBBjyJtU,'BBjBBBBBBBjpBBBjBBBxy t
F - tTilsBin
Especiallv for Farmers, Miners, "R. R. Hands and others. Double sole ex
tending 'down to the heel. EXTRA WEARING QUALITY.
Thousands of Rubber Root wearers testify this is the best thej ever had.
Ask yOUr dtlltf for thOHt and don't be persuaded into an inferior article.
iHWaaaCaHHaafK ffCT THIS OUT acd
1 BmDlofour"0t There
(uaTi nl ourXammotn arm
lloirae and 10 Farm Grain Sample: or lie for cU!o;ru and IS I
I trta'a and clover samples. We
loepds. Potatoe'.Oranesanl
V lOUIIIQIlldlll
Made Her Sad.
An actor was one time playing in a
provincial town and observed in the
front row an old lady moved to tears.
Highly flattered, he sent an utteudant
to say he would like to see her after
the performance. When they met, he
was graciousness itself.
"Madam." he said", "I perceive that
my acting touched you."
"It did that, sir," saiil the old woman.
"You see. sir, I've got a son myself
play-actin somewhere, who I ain't teeu
for a long time, an it broke mo all up
to think that mebbe he warti't uo bet
ter at it than you are." Tit-Bits.
ffchlOmaan's Asthma Cure
Instantly rellercs tho mrwt violent attack,
facilitates free expectoration ant hi-t.iros ru-i
totnoee otherwise uniblo to alee? ccc-p; in a
chair, as a single trial will prove M-n t for a
free trial package to Dr. K Sclilflman.i, :t.
Paul, Minn., but ask your drugg-ii Ur..t-
Murgatroyd Binkerton is one of the
most courageous men I know.
Pilgarlic Shouldn't have thought he
was particularly plucky. What did lie
ever do that showed courage?
Murgatroyd Why the other day he
passed a group of boys who wore throw
ing snowballs, and he walked right on
and never once looked around. I'uck.
ahtlttlka Conaantptlon Cure
I mid on a ruarantr. It rnrra Inctpfc-m otiMnnp.
Urn. It B the lw Uoush Cure. Scta..Sii:ls.&SMti.
Waves of reform nro too often dndied to
spray on the rocks of indillerencc.
Tho society of womeu is tho e'eiuent of
good manners.
"HaMaoa'a Magic t urii Salvo.
Warraiitcl to cursor r-'funded. AU vour
arorcutt for It. rrn-.-I5iitv.
One of the best features alout heaven fc
the fact that thoro is no choir there
Tiie Best
in the
TieriSH UKAXD SLICKER Is warranted water
proof, and urillkccp ymulry lu thu hnnli t sionn. TIu
new I'O't' ". i:i SLlt KEi: U a perttct rliliiii i oat. an.)
covers the enure s.iJt!!e. Rcwaroof Imitations. I r"l
bur a cojt ii" tfic Fisli IlramV I not on It. Illn-trA-ted
ratal ctif lri. .. J. TUWKU. Kostnu. JIj.
Ely's Cream Balm
Cleanse- the Xasal
Passage. Allay. 1'aln
and Inflammation.
Restore the Scnc of
Tiinte and Smell.
Ilealsthe Sore.
Apply Balm Into each nostril.
Itok. "' tnetua
f Y.'.fJi
LV BKOS..W Wanen !sl..N Y.
Illnstrated catalogue ""hovcing WEL
Sxnt Fitci. Have been tceti-u and
all it-arrante.
Nlnnx fit J. Iowa
19 S. Canal St-, Chicago.
njpB19l',aBllJ" W.-tloKltls,
naaaraCMwIXl iVnliitititi, D.Vl
WP Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Lata Principal Examiner U 3. Fnnslon Burrnu.
B 3yra in last nar, IjailjuilicatiiigcUiui.t, at trainee.
IIPa-HP1' ri. tir. r iflMi. YVriif;'irrir-Mr'-H
W0wB9 Mu-r(.l -iii .!i rrirlirtfii -,,Jp0Tf
bjr.ltiLtxTV3t:w.y,N V.
T. :
wivac )
First Time to Undergo
Trial, we offer
- liTiKYi
send it with c poatase and get a WBI3TBM1
Ell" Radl-b. fit foriueln IS I
Beea catalogue: or joe tor ceta-
ari t no Isrsrt growers cr rann
Cloror 3l.t-.. n America." I
is thrown away if you try to
cure Constipation or 1)ys-
rtrsiA withdrnxs and meil-
irinn. Vor20 Tears I tried in vain and have btvn
cured by a InMrlea Treatment. Sond nilPI"
stamp for particulars. -.... II tt
II. J. Simpson. Norfolk, Nebraska.
W. I. V., Onaha-. l))il.
WIttB Answering AiivortUeiiients liiudly-
slittlvB thU f ayvr.