The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, August 23, 1893, Image 2

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OMnnrtws gmtrnaX,
Hatsrcd at the Fcst-oEco, Cciambu3, Neb., es
fooad-olass mail icatter.
ivi. k:. TUiisrER & co.,
Columbus, 3S"ol.
TZBKS of Eruscsirnos:
gseyear, by xaiL, postags prepaid, $2.00
ix months... ............ - vjj
Three muaihs,. ...............-. 'M
Payablo in AdvBDco.
E57Spocimea copies mailed froo, on applica
7hro subscribers chsnffo tlieir placo of rosi
donco the; nhoaitl :tt onco notify na !y letter or
rptsl card, Riring both tht:jr former asd tnc.i
prc3r.t post-office, the first c-iEb!Bfl its to revuly
had the name on onr maiiinsr list, from which,
"bains in type. each -week print, cither cm tint
vwr.pp'-r or en tho manrin oi jour Jouiinai, tiio to -which yonr pabscripticn is iwhi or ?.c
co"rvd lor. Remittance!! ebon! J bo inaji-eitus-
by inonsy-orJer, registered letter or drait,
fa; able to tLa order of
. . 5L K. TUBSK3 & Co.
All communications, U'recnro nttnntion, mr-Ft
5ico:2pan'odbythe fail name of tnc -wntsr.
YA -ro the riRht to reject nay manuscript,
and -uniotafrrcoto ret u-n the came. o .a.iii
r. p-mtiiirtcnt Li fTcry fchcol-ditrirt of
I'KM cwuiirv, onn of c"od jn.iment, ar.. ro
:is!!n :si overy- -ray Write plainly, each iteii-tcp-ratcly.
Givocs facta.
.. V.'EDXESlttY, AUtiLST 22. 1S83.
ATroi::n:r Genornl Hustings is work
ing on tbe maximum railroad freight
rate case.
It is announced that the Cherokee
strip -will b9 opened between September
1st nnd loth.
TnE number of tho unemployed is
increasing at the rate or thousands every
dav in tho cities of the east.
Gen. C. H. Van Wick and family havo
started for XVtohinglon, D. C. The gen
cral is slowly improving in health.
Jain; D. Croighton has receheu notice
that three of his fine trotters were Imrn-
ed lo death in a lire at Donveail, Ky.
Tin: republican state central com
mittee meets today (Wednesday) at liiii-
coin. Chairman A. E. Cady, makes tho
DouoiiSs Crim? of Chicago, killed his
" daughter, shot his wife and ended his
own existence, at tho end or a protracted
. Ato.vzo Baicxis of Lincoln is to bo
storekeeper under Inlernel llovemie
Collctor North, at a salary of $150 a
The manufacturers of beet sugar are
trying to uinko people believe that $V2
worth of bcc-3 can be produced on one
aero of land.
Marei., tho 1 -year-old daughter of Mr.
and airs. Ch.nmce Clark of P::v.nco
City, fell I'pck'vardi, from a buggy Satur
day and died in consequence.
The New York Sun, good democratic
authority, says that -'democratic rule
has robbed i:ie American people of
SI ,000.000,009. in four months."
TitF alliaure propose to feed the poor
of New York ctt; and calls upon farmers
lo send con. and wheat, potatoes, etc.,
before disorder and bloodshed.
Gsuruk BAwnvrc -committed ' rnicide
Tuesday morning of last week at David
City by shooting himself in the right
temple. Ho loaves a wifo and three
It is nupposed that "VY. W. Dean, a
book-agent, found in the sand hills of
Thomas county, was murdered by Eisner
Gibson, as his horso and coat weio
found in his possession.
TELTiOW fever has broken out at Fen-
sacola, Fla.. and cholera now numbers a
score or more of patients in New York
harbor. It rjay be that the dovasta-
" tion can be confined to these few cases.
An excited crowd lirlened to Mi's.
' Lucy Parsons deliver au ni-arehistie
tirado at Chicigo Sunday. Her au
dience howled its approval of her cry for
broad and then spent money enough for
bcor to keep a dozen families several
- A Grcxoxi; formed about four miles
norflli of Pawneo C'ty Tuesday r.f tomoor.
of hist week at 4 o'clock traveling in a
nortbe:ista;ly direction. It tore the
farm house of .lohn Turnbull to tho
grouud severely irjuring the hired girl
nnd'a Email baby. The barn of IvIopc?
Irwin a quarter of uiilo east was blown
F. W. WEsur.s, managing director
and assistant cashier of the Omaha Sa
ugs bank, was foand waylaid, l;.ing
insensible in a pool of blood on the
south side of Webster street, west of
Eighteenth. It was supposed tint it
"was a car-e of assault with intent to rob,
bnt that tho highwaymen woro frightcn-
-ed awav before the robbery.
NnAi: ZIontrello, Indiana, Job Holmes
" was considered au undesirable neighbor
by some, and an attack was made on his
house with stonc-s: ho gave du warning,
and tho next time his eemis came they
were rcee;ved with lxth barrels of his
shot-gun, and Hugh Davis had ono of
his oyes destroyed and was otherwise
terribly injured. Others wero also pun-
- ished.
It look 10,417 bushels of wheat to
jiay Abraham Lincoln his annua! salary
." as president of the United States. This
took 801 acres of land worth $10 per
.'" acre, or $8010 worth of land. This re
. quired 1G hands and teams to cultivate
'. it. It now takes 7C.923 bushels to p.iy
Cleveland's salary. This requires 5.917
acres of land worth 30 per acre, or S177,
- 510 worth of land and 11 S hands and
teams; that is provided thev tilled and
harvested 50 acres to tho hand. If this
'. keeps on in this rut it won't bo long till
it will tako 1.000 men to earn enough to
.""support Cleveland one year! Great re
public this! Southern Itlercuiy.
TucTopeka Advocate, tho official stato
paper of Kansas, demands the impeach
ment t: Secretary Carlisle for having
failed r purcLuso i.000,t'00 ounces of
11 er under the Sierioaa law during the
month U July. It says that Secretary
CarlHe gnsI violated lift oath of office
and that President Cleveland is equally
guilty and should be impeached at the
same time, provided that on investiga
tion it is found that he is responsible for
Mr. Carlisle's conduct. Resolutions ein-
bodj my (he Advocat'es editorial will be
introduced in the populist bimetallic,
mass mc'tinge to bo Leld in each county
. pf tlae stale between now and Augut 31.
TnE approximate quantity of public
land in thoMcCook land distriot sub
ject to entry on July 1, 1S93, was 219,540
acres; distributed throughout the
counties as follows: Bed Willow county,"
510 acres; Hitchcock county 6,000 acres;
Hayes county, 58,000 acres; Chase
county, 59,000 acres; Dundy county, 122
500 acres. Tho land subject to entry in
Eed Willow county is in small isolated
tracts of forty acres or less. During tho
fiscal year ending July 1, there were 478
entries made and 27C entries relinquish
ed. Quite a number of pre-emptions
wero entered as homesteads by the
original eutrymen, and a number of pre
emptions in the -western part of the
stato havo expired so that the area of
public land in the district was but
slightly reduced during tho past year.
Final proof during the year ending July
1, was made on 59G timber claims, ag
gregating 1G,100 acres. Final proof also
was made on 419 homesteads, ag
gregating Gi,S09 acres; the land commu
ted and purchased as isolated tracts
amounted in the aggregate to 20,235
acres. This makes the total increase of
taxable real estate in this land district
as 137,435 acres. Chase County Cham
pion. Heavy liun of Hog.
The hog run yesterday was tho heavi
est since ono day in Juno. Yesterday's
receipts amounted to 10,200. There was
also received 2,800 head of cattle and
800 sheep. Tho total receipts from Jan
uary 1 to dato fiavo been 470,000 cattle,
SG1,1G1 hogs, 15S.8S5 sheep, 8,810 horses
and mules, showing a gain of 59,245 cat
tle, a loss of 235,G5G hogs, a gain of 57,
5i sheep, and a gain of 1,767 horses and
mu'es as compared with 1892.
Tho heaty run of hogs yesterday was
somewhat of a surprise and caused tho
market to slump off from tho previous
day, tho sales being mado from steady
to 25 cents off. Light hogs opened stea
dy and closed from 10 to 15 cents lower.
Heavy hogs opened 10 cents lower and
closed 25 cents off from the market of
tho previous day. World-Herald,
August ISth.
Tun Globe Democrat calls attention
to the fact that tho financial troublo
affects tho farmer less than any other
class: in fact, tho truth is that agricul
ture is tho safest business in the country
and tho one most likely to yield fair re
turns, taking one year with another and
considering tho amount of capital and
labor employed. Statistics show that
fully 90 per cent otlhe merchants fail,
whereas not 10 per-cent of the farmers
fail. The man who owns a quarter-section
or improved land has something
that is decidedly preferable to a stock of
any kind of goods representing an equal
amount of money.
Ti:;: abstract of reports made to tho
comptroller of the currency showing tho
condition of the national banks in the
United States .Inly 12th, last, has been
made public. It shows a decrease in
individual deposits of 193,000,000; in
loans and discounts or 8137,000,000; in
specie of 21,000.000, :md in undivided
profits or .13.000,000. These fignres are
supposed to bo as unresponsive to the
manipulations of expert accountants as
the multiplication table, and if theso do
not show very great distrust of the dem
ocratic administration, what does it
Ti:e long-headed Tim Sedgwick of t
York Times sagely observes that
would like to see tho government buy
1.500,000 bushels of corn per month at a
dollar a bushel. Certificates could be
issued aginst it and circulated as mon
ey. 1 low the price of corn would climb,
and how tho Nebraska farmer would
swim! Let the government change off
a while. It has boomed tho Colorado
product a long time, now let it lend a
helping hand to the great staplo of
more than a dozen states.
Washington Letter.
trrem onr regular correspondent.
Asido from Mr. Cleveland's disgust at
the reception given his message by his
party in Congress, his bad health and
his natural desire to bo near his wifo
just now. there was another weighty rea
son for his departure, which can bo fully
appreciated by overy proud man. From
the timo he arrived until his departure
ho was almost completely ignored by
the Senators of his party, less than half
a dozen of them having paid him tho
courtesy or a formal call. This was so
diTerent from what ho had been led to
expect by those who havo been pnrposo
ly misrepresenting things to him that he
was at first furious, and later humiliated.
Those Senators whom ho saw carried
him no balm for his wounded pride, as
they were practically unanimous in the
belief that it will bo impossible to get a
bill for tho repeal of tho silver law
through the Senate, unless it embodies
a substitute that meets tho approval of
tho conservative silver men in that body.
Truly Mr. Cleveland had reasons enough
for leaving Washington in a hurry, al
though none of them wero sutlicient to
excuse his departure.
The Senate has dono nothing and it is
understood that at tho last meeting of
the finance committee the silver men
who control that committee, made it
plain that no bill would bo reported
from the committee for tho repeal of
the Sherman law, without a substitute
that would bo satisfactory to the silver
men. A committee of democratic Sen
ators is now ongaged in trying to bring
about a compromise.
Hepiosentative Breckenridgo of Ken
tucky, has become involved in a very
ugly personal scandal, by tho filing of a
suit against him for 850,000 by Madeleno
Y. Pollard, for breach of promise of
marriage. Sho charges that he seduced
her when she was seventeen years old
and a student at Weslyan Female Col
lege at Cincinnati, and says sho has had
two children of whom ho was the father,
and that after his wife's death, in 1892,
he promised to marry her, but postponed
it from timo to timo, meanwhile con
tinuing his relations with her; and that
on the 18th of July, 1893, ho married
aaoiher woman. Breckinridgo brought
Miss Pollard to Washington and secur
ed her a government position, from
which sho was dismissed for having
publicly made disgraceful remarks about
Gen. Sherman at tho time of his death.
Mr. Breckinridgo has his bride here now.
Nice stato of affairs for a bride to bo
called upon to contemplate before tho
end of her honeymoon, isn't it?
Dr. Wiley is spending his racationif
Chicago. 3-
George McFarhuid waa in CrwUa
last weak.
Pat Mackea of PUtU CemUr, wm w
town Sunday. "
Mias Emma Wake visited her brother
in Genoa last week.
Mr. Mertz was in Saunders oounty
the first of the week.
William Hagel was at Cedar Rapids
Thursday on business.
Hon. Gus. Lockuer of Omaha was in
our city last Wednesday.
Byron Dieffenbach was a caller at
The Jocbnaii office Monday.
J. P. Walker of the Humphrey Dem
ocrat was in the city Sunday..
Mrs. G. BLKrause went up to Platte
Center Saturday to visit friends.
Mrs. C. E. Pollock and Miss Ethel Gal
ley visited relatives in Genoa last week,
Miss Alice Luth has been visiting her
friend. Miss Maggie Montgomery at
Gustav Kopp of California was here
visiting his step-father, John Eusden,
last week.
Ed. North, chief clerk of the revenue
collector's office at Omaha, was in the
city Monday.
Mrs. Carl Kramer and children return
ed home Thursday from spending the
summer in Chicago.
Guy C. Barnum of Idaho, is hore vis
iting his father, Hon. Guy C. Barnum.
Guy looks in his old-time good health.
Mrs. F. Coles of Platte Center was in
town Saturday to meet Mrs. L. W.
Choelor of Schuyler, who is visiting her.
Mrs. M. K. Turner. Misses Anna and
auto uuu viiug, wcuv vw vtaig, usui
Monday, for a week's visit with relatives
AKah nm.3 Hmiim WAt t ffWA nJAW
H. J. Alexander will go to the world's
fair again about October L The two
thousand entries of live stock take him
tliis time.
Mr. Joe. Mallalieu and Tom Mallalieu
of Kearney come down to Monroe to
visit with D. W. Ziegler, to says the
Looking Glass.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cornelius returned
Wednesday last from their trip east, en
joying the World's fair ten days. No
account can do it justice.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hostel and family
of Columbus, Ohio, are visiting the famfl;
he family
of W. T. Rickly, on a return trip
summer outing in Colorado.
Mrs. PexTyJTjUihbuhCufSdren,
and Mrs. 'Wmj&iMisQfiBPmildren,
went to Polk coantyTSiTOTnEy to visit
relatives for a week. Mrs. Wm. Lohr
accompanied them.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Barber passed
through tho city Wednesday, bound for
their home at Fullerton. They had
been at tho World's fair at Chicago, and
enjoyed their trip hugely.
Dr P. H. Metz, of Papillion, nephew
of G. G. Becker, of Columbus, was in
town Saturday looking for a location.
Business and professional men are look
ing Humphrey wards. Democrat.
City Coamcil.
meeting of the council
g. All present except
pbach, who was ilL Presi-
Gray presided.
ition was suggested totheoc
n ordinance fixing a tax of $LS0
for steam merry-go-rounds, or
for horse-power. Referred to com-
nittee on judiciary.
Bail road ordinance was read and re
ferred to committee on judiciary.
An ordinance regarding bawdy houses
was read and referred to committee on
An ordinance requiring certain officers
of tho city to give bonds was referred to
committee on judiciary.
An ordinance fixing the fees of the
different city officers was referred to
committee on judiciary.
An ordinance against obstructing the
streets of the city was referred to com
niitteo on streets and grades.
An ordinance in regard to sale of in
toxicating liquors was referred to com
mittee on police.
An ordinance in regard to contagious
diseases was referred to committee on
Adjourned to 28th.
Real Extate Tnuufer.
Becher, Jseggi & Co., real estate agents,
report the following real estate transfers
filed in the office of the county clerk for
the week ending August 21, 1893:
John M Wcatherbee to Mar; C Hit-
liunl. mU nw4 1I-I7-2W wd $ 1.3QB SO
IS ink of North Bend to And Reenter,
e: ne4 31 & liJ sw 3.VI93W Wd 3.288 00
Thorn s Lynch to Patrick Gleaaoo,
ii'; sc4 m'4 33-1 8-2 w wd 660
Kli.ts Jewell t Thomas Lynch, sej
nw4 lv wd . 1,320 00
Tvlieh:i!-1 l.icklv to Albert Boru. lot 1
FCC20-1G 2w wd ....... . 300 00
Caroline sc-hultz to John llei ts. un
divided A lot 6 bile 53 Oolumbus wd ISO 00
William Hcintz to same, undivided
! same.-... ............ 75 60
Minna Kulil to name, undirided
same wd .... ...... ISO 00
Ceo I. Carr to Pernella Carr undivided
ne'i C-20-lw wd . 0 00
Albert i' Carr to same, undivided H
same wd ........ .... 400 00
Isaac ri Gardner to A D Cole, lot 2 ft
sVi nwH 4-IG-2W wd 1,000 SO
Frederick Kohl to Herd. Klattenberg,
seU IS A ne'4 33-20-2W wd . 060 00
Franz Kritur to Josephiue Theleu, lot
2 bla '2 Humphrey wd..-. l 00
Laura C Backus to J A Turner, ui
lots 3 & 4 bite 5o Columbus wd 1 00
J A Turner to W B Backus, ntt lota
3 & 4 blk SO Columbus wd 1 00
John Wachterto Elisabeth Wachter,
lots 1& 2ollc lOUndsaywd 100
Western Laud Co toUeo Weiland, lot
11 blk 12 Ut add to Lindsay qcd . 23 6S
Seventeen transfers, U4al...-...S 19,242 65
Letter List.
letters remaining in the post-
fciist of
office at (
Columbus, Nebraska, for the
week ending August 22, 1893:
Anton Kolyeek, Walter Kerf,
Sir. A. F. Diver. Frank JohMM,
Charles L. Smith, 2, Miss Isa Beado taitb,
Mr. Isaac Smith. Mr. J. V. Deeds,
Miss Emma Lieberdgnt,Mr. C K. Frsnmsn.
James Franklin May, Mrs. J. 8. GardsMT,
Iter. F. Weiersnorth, Wiilie Bofaeasoa.
Edward Saunders, Mr. Harry Hawley,
J. M. Harris, Mrs. Lena Hiefkaa.
James H. Hurley, Mr. Blaber.
John M. Boyle. Miss M.- Bahlboc.
Mr. George Anthony, L. Acker,
Mr. O. G. Athery.
Parties calling for the abore letters
will please say "advertised."
Cam. Kbamxb, P. M.
'he undersigned, officers of the Cem-
-y Association, will give a reward of
85 for the conviction of any -one' found
destroying flowers; ornaments, or im
provements or valuables of any kind at
the Columbus Cemetery.
J. H. Galut, Pres't
G A. Speick, Sec'y. 23aag-3
j. i.
Y4BK41IT iw.c
BoatoNa Globe: Many a food Barest
does sot go to sleep UBtil "After the
Bawl is over." ,
ClMTiacs heart.
The fain
Be it's a i
For dosses are laid i
"They say the town starred ike editor
"It didnt. He waa eaaek fall wham
be died."
Detroit Free Press: Tom I'm ia the
fizztic arena.
Jerry What, gone into pugiliem?
Tom No; running a soda fountain.
Inter Ocean: "What claim has this
place as a health resort?
Resident Well, nobody has coaae here
yet that aint lost their health in no
1 t
Washington Star: "John," nid
reproachfully, as he came hoeme at 3 a.
ex, "you have been oat again."
"No, my dear; 'pon honor. This time
I was in $11."
Washington Star: "Mika," aaid one
tramp to another, "the woman that lives
in that house has just baked a pie an
set it on the window shelf."
"Hadn't we better go an' eat itt" . .
"I dont know. Maybe that's what
she put it there for."
Pittsburg Dispatch: Polite Tramp
Madam, may I inquire what variety of
fowl this is?
Lady of the House That ia Plymouth
Polite Tramp Er I thought ao.
Have you any stone crasher on the
A special from London to the Even
ing Sun says: The governor's dispatches
say that Bombay is in possession of the
mob. The troops are powerless. Every
mosque has been destroyed. Many per
sona hare been massacred. Europeans
are panic stricken. Troops are now pro
tecting onlv the pnblic bmildinga. The
governaaan has appealed for help, ask
ing for inRructions."
A oaxAT ckmd of grasshoppers de
scended upon Fort Scott, Kan., August
17th, from the south. The trees ware
stripped of their leaves by the pests, but
the corn crop is ao far advanced that it
has not been hurt.
Senator Huxton of Virginia has in
troduced a bill providing for the general
government guaranteeing the depositors
against loss, the government to charge
one-fourth of one per cent of said depos
its. .
Every day i adding to our listj of
subscribers, but there is yet plenty, of
room for more. We give yon now, Tax
Journal and the Lincoln Semi-weekly
Journal, both, one year, when paid in
advance, for $2.00. Subscription can
begin at any time. Now is the time, to
subscribe. The Lincoln Journal is issue d
Tuesdays and Fridays, and will give yon
a mass of news that yon cannot hope, to
equal anywhere for the money Both
for $2.00. '
Ready for Wert.
I am located f oar doors wat of Hegel's
building on Eleventh street, and am
prepared to do all kinds of carpenter
work. Job work a specialty. Will pat
up anything you need in my line.
5t-pd E. O. RacroSi
When in need of anything in the
line of job work cards, wedding invita
tions, dance programs, letter heads, en
velopes, sale bilk, receipts, notes, scale
books, bank checks, shipping tags,
blanks of any kind, in abort all aorta of
printing, give Tax Journal a call.
Just as we are locking our forms we
learn that our old friend, O. H. Archer,
has been appointed postmaster at Car
bon, Wyoming. Aa the Journal there
says: "It goes without saying that. he
will give entire satisfaction." Of
he will.
I will give $5 reward for the convic
tion of the person whe cut and destroyed
the flowers on my eon's grave in the Co
lumbus cemetery.
2t J. H. Gallbt.
Teuent markets, good
id excelljnt climate
and the Vi
ore advant
grass and Apit
can be obi
at low prion and ui
easy terms.
Iving towns! invite;
Abundance of
timber. Ire, water
power, etc Free
for manufactur
ers, v
For further formation, address M.
V. Richards, Land an Immigration
Agent, B. k O. B. R. Baltfere, Md. 2t
irimiMA a- a tf
, auKiiiiiw m, & .
By iMo only line running eotid veet&
ibuledJHectric lighted and steam heated
trains petween the Missouri river and
Chicago, consisting of new palace sleep
ing cars, elegant free reclining chair
cars, luxurious coaches and the inest
dining casa in the world. The berth
reading lamp in its palace sleeping care
ia patented and cannot be need by any
other railway company. It ia the great
improvement of the age. Try it and be
convinced. Close eennection in anion
depot at Omaha with all trains to and
from the west. For further partiealers
apply to your ticket agent, or
W. 8.H0WRLL,
Traveling Frt. and Pass. Agt,
lljantf 1601 Farnam StOmah7Neh,
Ekoubh Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, aoft or calloused lumps and blem
ishes from horses, Blood Spavin, Curbs,
gplints, Ring Bone, Sweeney, Stifles,
gpraine, 8ore and 8woUem Throat,
(Whs, etc Save $60 by use of one
bottle. Warranted the most wonderful
Blemish Cure ever known. Sold by C.
B. Stillman. druggist. Senovlyr
St. Patrick's Pills are earefully
prepared from the beat material and
according to the most approved formula,
and are the most perfect cathartic and
liver pill that can be produced. .We
southern. O. E. Pollock k Co. and Dr.
Heintz, druggists.
water an
a Horns
w "' "TJSTlf. a
WnUUJBtate O. A. JaUteuajoaVAuf.
TOerlei Fair Travelers WftH aVe it.
Brno pW demand throughWvice
veetfleJed tir7the CMpttCkii.
there jaW fthyjThia it the finest
and fattest eetvioe between the points
hJ Oaafffare far tee Bea Trip.
TUiPacinc will Wiiuksis to
Grand IalanLnd return at ele fare for
the found trlMor the aceo&Wdatioa
tsuuuMlouiiinc attend thalanual
8tate OtA-RTBeaVioc, which tjjl be
held Au&Mth to 8 3d. See5uur
nearest UnioPjaflo AWnt for partic
ulars. 9aug9t JTrMragurx.
The Werta's Fair BaiMtaav.
"horticultural building height of
doaaV 182 met Coat of building
taOOAO. The Chicago, Union Purine
and Northwestern June offers rates aa
cheap aa the .cheapest and unexcelled ao
commodations to Chicago. No change
of ears enroot. See J. is. Meacnc
agent TJ. P. system at Columbua for de-
tailed lazormauon.
RlMuaiatiam Cured to a Day. "Mya
tio Cure" for.Rheomatiem and Neuralgia
radicallycuresinl toSdaya. Its action
upon the system ia remarkable and mys
terious. It removes' at onee the cauee
and the dissaso immediately diaappaara.
The first done greatly beneits, 7o cents.
Sold by A. Heintz, druggist, Colum
bus, Neb. 14-y
see was a CkJM, sbe cried for Caatcrta.
she cluag to Caetorla.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castorla.
A Teeau BUa Teaease Rtte aratan
a tTaefal Xeaaea.
Tha yeung man made up bis mind
that ha waa not golf to have any
mere nenseaer from that glrL It waa
late. - declares the CiaoiaaaU Enquirer.
He had stayed the other man out and
now she loakad right at him and aaid:
'Ton have stayed loag enough. Ton
eaa home."
. Ha was between her and the door,
anyhow; and he looked very black aa
he said he wouldn't.
Then I will leave you," she retorted.-
"Good night"
He caught her wrist and exclaimed:
3fo. you stay here."
It waa n slender wrist, but she shook
it vigorously, sayiag:
- 'Aren't you ashamed of yourself,
you big. ugly fellow f Let go."
He looked very black and ugly. The
girl's red mouth set itself angrily.
don't want to stay."
You will have to."
i hate you."
You can stay till you get over It."
O-o-o. you ugly thing!"
They were quiet some time, she
snapping her angry eyes at him, he
stolid and sullen. Presently she
You hurt me."
You have hurt me." ha returned.
Let got"
Then she got angry again and pres
ently pouteit 'Oh. you can let go;
you think I will run, but I won't I
dent waatto stay, .and you stake mo
against my will but you needn't hold
me. you big. ugly thing."
He thought a moment then he let
go. watohing her narrowly. She sat
quite still, scowling furiously with her
pretty brow tied in knots and her
aaouth one angry pout Presently she
said. "May I go now?"
When may I go?"
Han't knew." jam
I hate you."
I lova you,"
He began to feel he couldn't keep It
up much longer. She waa so adorable
and spunky. She needed the lesson,
of course. It was time she learned to
he respectful to the man whose en
gagement ring she wore, and ha meant
to teach her right there. He got up
and put his hands on her shoulders,
held her stubborn little ace in place,
and kissed her. She squirmed fiercely,
and in an enraged whisper protested:
ts all very well to be kissed, but
not because one has to. How I just
wish I were big enough to pound you!
How dare you make me do anything?
O-o-o-o-oughl I hate you!"
Ho went right on kissing her, but
her little face waa tied up into suoh n
tangle ef rage and her pink fists were
doubled up so fiereely that he be
thought him that he might be going
too far. He dropped his hands and.
without a word turned Into the hall,
picked up his hat and laid his hand on
the door knob. There was a rustle of
crisp muslin beside him aad n plain
tive little voice aaid:
Oh. dear! Are you going and not
kiss me? How cruel!"
I thought" but she Interrupted:
Oh. yes; but you arent malting me
do it now!1'
Bto BeaC a Paper aaet Crept
Oat at
Fajlaa; Urn It.
A well-known gentleman in the city
UMved into a house that had beea
previously occupied by another gen
tleman who waa a subscriber to one of
the evening papers. The carrier of
course continued leaving the paper.
for the space of a year, never havlag
notified of the 'change Tho
recently went around to collect
for tho paper, the bill being made out
ia tho name of tho geatlcman who
hadsttbetribed. When the collector
presented the bill tho gentleman of
the house said:
Why. my dear sir. .that ataa hM
act lived aerd for over a year. You
are at the wrong house"
Well, has not tho carrier beau
leaving a copy of the paper all the
Tea sir. But I did not subscribe,
aad' I told the boy to quit leaving it
But he never dlsa
Tou have receive
ived a copy of tho
paper every day, haven't your
Yea our."
Then yen ought to pay for it"
Well, cxeuoo mo for a moment
nnd the gentleman weat into the
house. .Returning in a moment ho
lugged out a stack of newspapers half
Mtall m himselt Here are your
sir, I havo ao use for them,"
read them and carefully
until the bill should be pre
ItotemCsmttssooaa Times.
The oeUoctor-ssnt avrsnmtar wagon
to haulaway a year's accumulation ef
paper, the pay for which he failed to
gut because one ssaa returned them
the .other man never received
Pttohtr'vCattuvrla. ,
foot war MAW.
Apart ' nunlafi en thellcriia
enaet ensue, euemeuly upon n hoar
utaailuf Beaut n hoaah aad gnTely
amuuumma aueh articles aa ware
brought up brute waves, which
In plunder from the
faet that there haa recently been
tly been n
Tho author of "Wild
the South" thus
s trautiuuut of such
He would first look at an article,
then smell, it touch it with his paw.
aad finally, after deliberately seating
himself;- with his hind legs projecting
in front turn hit head on ono side
aad try to crack his new acquisition
with his tooth. Tho burlesque grav
ity of his manner waa tedcscribablo.
Ho threw away a coeoaaut aa belag
too hard to chew, ate an orange with
great satisfaction, and presently die
covered a small cask, which ho en
deavored to open. By dint of much
biting ho enlarged tho bunghole ao
that ho could insert n paw. then he
held the cask on one arm aad kept the
other paw busy in rapid journeys
thence to his ateuth.
authia asoOod of getting at
eeatoats did act satisfy hiss, aad
cutty. eUndlag erect en his hind leet
ho Inserted Ms nose In tho hurrcj. and
hen his head. Bow. a boar's acce Is
ee sharp that U face through a small
place Tcrjf easily, but owing to tho
heavy feU ef sua about
and She fact that the halt
arc set backward, it docs not
the same facility for Mating out
Bruin was fast mc began to pull
bach; but Mho pulled the barrel came
with ' aim, and- as he rolled oa his
back, pawing- ineffectually at its cen
yox sldea, it merely revolved about
his head m If it were oa a pivot
Thou, alarmed by the sound of our
laughter, ho took fright aad ran.
wearing: tho cask on hie head like a
Up tho hill ho rushed, loot all seaet
of direotion aad rolled head over heels
ua Picking hlsMelf up, ho
aad began growling and war.
iaghlepawa but wm speedily re
teased by cue of tho negro on who
broke the barrel with a Mow from his
dub aad scattered the mackerel with
which it had been ailed.
The boar rewarded him for this aer
vieewMhahlow of tho paw which
laid him en the aauda and la aactacr
minute wm biuuelf strstshsd there by
the discharge ef two rifica,
I Weai
curious tower wm built at Athena
by Audrcuioua of octagonal fena,
each side of whioh wm faced with a
rearesentation of the wind to which it
looked. Its spire wm surmounted
by a copper triton. so constructed m
to pout with a rod. as it turned with
each wiad, to that imago which repre
sented It
Each side of the tower bore beneath
the architecture a Greek inscription of
its corresponding wind, with appro
priate illustrations of its attributes.
A document of an earlier dato than
116 describes a Syrian tower sur
mounted by a copper equestrian
statue, which turaed with every wind;
beneath the vans were emblematic
figurea one of which, wm a scorpion.
Mention of weather cocks occurs
M early m the alath century.
Hew'e tola? You said you lateaded
topropoMto-Mlss Clamwhooper this
evening, nad here you are back before
atae o'clock Sho surely dlda't refuM
No-a I didn't propose I con
cluded to postpone the question."
"Vow. sm here, John, if you doa't
got that girl, lt'a your owa faulk The
idea of bolnr such a ooward. You,
who havo bravely walked up to tho
cannon's mouth."
-e-a but the cannon hadn't beea
eating eaieae," TeiM fiiftiafu.
i are correct aad reliable
SLjftaTBU m
SI 0082 40
. 10081 10
auV OOuau
Mi zed oats..
Fat sheep....
900)4 00
MttMM &titt.
AdrertisssiaaU aader tide head le cento a
liaeeacb iassrtioa.
g Mat styles, aad
aaakeebootoaad shoes iatke
1 oaur the tstt best
beproecrediatheaurket. U-tf
Of the ooaditioa or the
Golumbus Real Estate
mprovoMot Ctnpaay,
Of Columbus, Nebratka, on August 15,
Seal Kstate aad laiDro-
U tbereoa Jtetftl 86
CasbiaCoBiBMroial Beak
dMFS) we7
$44690 05
Capital stock ;.:.'
0UIS amrmDauTl
. 12900 00
. 0196 OS
aOutt ftawu lO09e
I. Dsa 8ehraaa, secretary of theahoTensmeH
Real Estate latproTesssat Coaipaay. do eol-
esaaly swear that the aanre statesaeatistraeto
Babeeribed ia but preseaee aad swora to t
fore aee this 15th day oT Ae4aet.UOt...
UALj W. A. MoAixutSa, Notary FebUe.
iaeM-tt toaadfbr.FSteCaaaty.Nebr.
CE IS HEREBt fRYER the by viitae
of a Bhsrtil
lied, aa
la tee
ef the eoaaty clerk of Platte
oa Ufe Uth day or March
by. William NeTeL Jr.. to 8.
teseeare th penseat of the seat of
tin.80.ead apoa whieh there ie aow daethe
seat of SJTtJO. v" " . .
Held amrtsase aad .the, gates thereby eeeared
oa or aeoac jaae w uaa. aajy soml
aad delivered to the nret Matloaat
CaeaAbBs. Nebraska.
DefaaJthaTiac beeaawde ia the payneat of
aaaaosauoroiaer prueeeniaaa iaw
haviaa; beea iastttated to recover' said debt or
my tmt thereof, thsrrfaeawe wUlaeU the prop-
ertv thereto described. ie Oae mar horse. 1
ware old, aad aaasrayaermS years old
years oM. sac eae cray sen
he - ia fraatof the el
of Basiea A
North, ia the cRy of Colaatl
Nebraska, on
o'clock p. m.
the Mth day ef Aosast, UOB. at t
of said day. .
nasT nATiowAi. atn ok umiw,
aorthof RroeaeBJBrfcwelry
a day aad aiebt. Teteaaoa
New IX
Counoos, NamussA.
efOntortoTeterissyyCsllsa. Oflee
14 000)4 90
SS 19014 00
What is
Caatoria la Dr. Samuel Pltchra uweoeriptle
aadChUdrenu ItcoutaUuiaeitlterOpi
ether Narcotic sabetaacc
for Parecoric, Drops, Soothinr Syrnpe, aad
It ia Pleasant. IU curajtte ia thirty
MOlUoais of Mothers. CasteriadMtreyaWen
feverishncss. Casteria preveats Tomltlne;
eutt Diarrhooa aad Wind CelkJ. Casteria
taetkias; treublee, cwrcs
aMfMllatoa the
bowels, giviac healthy aad aatmral
teria ia tka CsUIdrum'a
IsaaisiiMiilnilllin fee eaO
baTewsi Hilly test aeeef He
which I ai
I he the day la sol
waieeaafcler the real
of their cbfldrea, aad see Castoria la-
stead of the vartoesqaack aoetnaaa which are
destroyms their loredoaea, by foreiacoetoat.
aoothlac syrap aad other hartfal
dowa their throeaa, thereby aeaaasc
Ooaway. Ark.
', Tllfii
". N
BlattLsmithV: aM
ire on Plowm Wagons and
SoWAgents for
We are agents for these flrst-clsss
durability, light dhaft and clean work.
cmnes in tangiea graui. we are also neadqfeaaaor
aJ .
'ff --yr
Can far rIsm vor with
LflMber, LatJi, SMiiglBs.ffiors,
BLINDS, LIME, Etc., and
eVerything kept in the
South of U.F.RR. Depot, Columbia,
Nehniska. , '
S3 SHOE moVUp.
OeywwmrSNai? Whes serf Is seal try a poJr.l
out In the world.
laSUU. 1aMM0SMcstlMasmajSliaXaaf
weVMwet, JfymwUhtstctsseilwlsjeM fcetesar,
eesety sefduelag W . L Petgiss Saew. Unas aad
prfC9 MMHwel N MMMBy Mtet cWl VauTMJW suajf
afaff V mUafuaTmUasr AnV mmaaaaaaVuaaaWA TeTeimal aeulet KuF
WweWeawiJlJVaWsuatJsw aMoi VJ
Drink Habit !
Also Tobacco, Morphine and
othar Narcotic Habits.
EW Private treat meat giren if deeired.
aVerroath aHioct, Celujabue, Msb
jr Baw
iJMm Ito-aisi
2.25 m ii
aa MhM aWAWAK f
It la a
Caoter OH.'
ceantlumttam amal
food, regelate
Va. 7
: Wkonmakufs.
ry of all kin will bemrefuliy exMuted
naschines. They cannot bei
re self binder surpaases all other ma-
C. L Kftal.
,,-f '-
WHEN ydf want gfetE, LIOHT
NINQ or TORNADO insurance
on city and farm property; if you want
an ACCIDENT TOBICY; if you want
tp buy or seltofarm or city property: if
you want basgains in real estate, call at
tbe Real Estate and Iafurance Agency,
rWIHREE ACRES of first-class laad, jest oat
A side tbe city lira Hit of Colaaibasoa the
east, together with
Nursery, Apple Trees, Flowering Shrubs
Dwelling-house, Green-house and
two other outtdingt on
the premises.
PRICE $2,000.
For farther perUealexm. iaqalre of or ad
Or John Taknabill,
vibbbbs, netx.
om n
Don t losefhay time in taVinor ail.
vantage of thStparalled oner.
2t OlfAWA Vvt
- .
Vawwutv Tkma V tc uoava
O.D.BraceTador.Raa' --.
Jwutn-arter weariac year alaeees three
weeas i sset i caaaot say eaoaea ror thesa
for roar special atethod of sfcUlral Sttiac
Ua leRwerjrroeidsfectiTe siaht (Coaaneepd
aacSaetery aattl yow MBsauaattaa eUeTl
w miwh yaeie a aave I
w ww "nw sneanas. aaa taeateea see
at oaee with ceaSdeaes i ia MarahORr.
1 aow hare ao treable la -isiliae th Saest
bkjbk laneiiB 1 recoauaead vaa aa a
teOatleiaa. " sen as n
1 V B-u. ...
Mr. Tador will Mm&ltTZT'i2
U aa. Oaf erd St.. aVeeenya, V. T.
"Oar phyaWeaa la th aaihweau esnaUV
aMat have aaekea aisJHy ef their euaajf.
aad anaoagh we eary aaea aawas;.ar
laedkal imbI1m what is kaiwa en fuUUat
prodveea, yet wear treat eaatam thafcUM
Mrttsef Casteria has wea astolsakaUlj
Vama Haanrafc as Dtaraaaaar,
Axxasr C. Sarra. Aa.
From ncW to
ajgnuary ftrt, 1895
IW tllSK
aje-fflBS .SsRaw 'PBsBBBUBUUUaPaUa-
Wm2W -fSA. S'maBBBVBuV
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.t- m
,' fan- rain rr 1