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Colmulhis glmtrual
Entered at the Post-office, Colombo-, Neb., M
vr-,a J-clr-ss mail matter.
t. 1. TURNER & CO..
Columbus, K"el.
ixam or sobbobifhos:
ice year, by mtJ, poetaje prepaid...
Ix months... - "
Hires month
.. 1.0i
... JX
Payable in Adrance. .
tsrSpecimen oopi mailed tree, on appnea-
.... . T t...M )M Vklajh r.ff tvaI
.i-aca they should at once notify us by Je.ter or
pmal card, giving both their former aadtbc: i
iKwnl post-ofiice.-the firrt caablee na to readily
rind the name on our mailing hat, from wuit...
lioias in type, wo each week print, either on I he
wrapper oTok tho margin of yonr JoCBKAij the
date to which year subscription is paid or ac
twin;.l for. Kemittances should. be inadfl
t,;;i,iT by monsy-order. registered letter or rlran.
tojablo to the order of . & Co
All communications, to secure attention, mort
Twrcciup-miodbTtho full name of the writer.
W Twww the right to reject, any nanusenpt.
t.-.d .ainnot aeree toretura the eamo. We Ainj
c ,:.-.spondent in every school-district of
!!-; county, one of pood judgment, and r.
Jia.-.- i:s every way-Write plainly. acli itni.
jjniUjly. (JivenafftcU. Ori-OHKK 1L-. 1R92.
ISoimlilicnn Xalional Tieket.
For President,
For Vi.-o Piesident,
of Now York.
For Congressman Tliinl District,
of Nanco Connly.
For Governor,
Or Wasbinston.
For Lieutenant Governor.
Of Nemaha.
For Secretary of State,
Of Red WUlow.
For Auditor,
Of Madison.
For Treasurer,
Of Holt.
For Attorney General,
Of Saline.
For Com" r Public Land and Buildings.
Of Custer.
For Sun't of Public Instruction,
Of Webster.
For County Attorney,
For Representative,
TnsfNYSOs, the great English poet,
died October fith.
Tnn funeral of Ernest Renan, the
celebrated French philosopher, was held
ut 9 o'clock, Oct. 7th.
Tjie democracy are really alarmed over
the situation in West Virginia, and cer
tain congressional districts in Tennessee.
The tariff, reciprocity and honest money
policies of the republican party are
doing their work.
The New York Pres3 iB pretty good
on cartoons. Picture a small boat, but
large enough to hold Grover Cleveland,
the Free Trade boat at anchor in Buz
zards Bay, Grover anxiously looking
over tho side at sword fish ( D. B. H. )
that has pierced a hole through tho side
of tho boat, big enough for a big leak.
Tho sword is labeled "Peck'fl Report,"
and that samo has given the democratic
national committee much anxious
At San Francisco tho other day a
man took too much chloroform with his
whiskey, and did'nt come down stairs
tho next day. A doctor was called and
and turned the man upside down, and
ho was restored to consciousness in a
little while, tho doctor's theory being
that chloroform poisons by producing
anemia in tho brain, in plain English by
driving the blood out of the head, so to
contract this, let the blood in the feet,
lega and body flow down into t he brain.
Amovo the latest sensations from
New York is that one J. U. Moore had
committed snicido in accord with tho
rules of a Hub of which ho was a member,
iuHof the conditions being that each
member, on joining, is compelled to fiv.
the dato at which they are to take thoir
own life. By a special request of tho
club, it seems that he was offered a
parole of ton yars but, he refused to ac
cept it, and before killing himself wrote
a letter to the coroner of Now York:
"Sir I havo committed suicide as per
club. PIcasu give verdict to such effect
and oblige."
Senator Paddock has returned to
his home at Beatrice. Ho says that ho
spent several hours at republican head
quarters, New York city, on his way, and
he is satisfied that not only will New
York state bo for Harrison, but that a
republican house will be elected in No
veinlier. As to New York he gives these
reasons: "The party organizations are
very strong there. Ex-Senator Piatt is
working liko a Trojan for President Har
rison. So is ex-Senator Warner Miller.
The Hill support of Cleveland is merely
perfunctory, and the impression among
the best informed republicans of that
state is that there is very little sincerity
in Tammany's protestations of loyally to
Cleveland. " In fact there is but very lit
tle doubt but that we shall carry New
York easily."
PiiATTE county farmers are interes
ted in knowing what the policy of pro
tection to American interests has done,
during tho administration of President
Harrison, to further their business, one
of the principal branches of which is
that of raising hogs lor tho market. An
exchange presents it in the following
Tho increase in our exports of pork
and hog products, for tho ten months
ending Juno 39, is seen by the following
table which gives tho figures of our ex
ports to the three countries in which the
rescinding of the prohibition had been
operative for ten months, for that period
of this year as compared with the same
period of the previous year:
- UVS,ttli
$ 1S.7&
In Austria-Hungary the decree re
scinding the prohibition of the impor
tation of American pork had been in
operation for sevon months, in Franw
but six months and in Spain one month
While the figures show a' goodly in
increase, it is also pl.-unly to bo soen that
the prejudices of the people against
American pork must be overcome by
time. Aa they see that no harm come?
from using our pork, the demand will
Platte county and Nebraska aro inte
gral portions of thi3 great country,
which it is to be hoped will keep right
along in thepath of progress.
A Sample Coin.
Every indignity offered General
Weavor in the south will be used by the
northern republican machines to inten
sify sectional feelings and hold tho un
thinking class in line with that party."
The above is a sample paragraph from
the Argus of this city, and it is about its
usual conception of things. "To inten
sify sectional feelings!" Ever patriot
recognizes the fact and always has recog
nized it that when a community will
not listen to argument; when it assails
a political opponent with stones and
stale eggs instead of cogent and honest
reasons for opposition; when it intim
idates and bull-dozes; when it brow
beats, and stuffs ballots; when it does
not hesitate to kill its political opponents
to get them out of tho waythere is
something very radically wrong, whether
such things occnr in Georgia or in any
other democratic or other party region
north, south, east or west, and so far
as republicans are concerned, they
believe with that old-fashioned demo
crat, Thomas Jefferson, that Truth
should be free to combat Error, and tho
party will not be satisfied until every
man in the United States who lias a
legal right to vot shall bo perfectly
free in casting his ballot as he wishes,
and have it counted as he casts it.
When this shall be tho rnle, the egg
throwing incidents will be reduced to
a minimum. There ought, to Ik con
siderable more intensity of feeling
everywhere on this subject than there
is. Weaver is entitled to as respectful
treatment as Harrison or Cleveland- it
in not a matter of persons or parties
at all. it in a matter of right to Ameri
can citizens, and one of the first steps in
its accomplishment is an impartial,
though national election law that will
put. the hoodlum element so completely
under cow that it will find no alterna
tive but submission to the will of right
minded citizens.
--Hold the unthinking class in line
with that party." Just read that again,
yo republicans who have been thinking
all your lifetime; read it again, ye re
publicans who indorse the spirit of Gov
ernor Cronnse's utterance the other day
when ho said he desired only the votes of
honest men; read it again,ye republicans,
and see the utter depth of meanness
which lies back of the remark.
Dun's Review Says That All Brancuea
or Trade Are Dolus Well.
New Yor.K,Oct-10. It. G. Dun & Co.,
in the weekly review of trade say.
'The first week of October shows
more activity in spite of the near ap
proach of the Presidential election.
Business is distinctly better at the
South on account of the improvement
in the price of cotton, more active at
the West with improved crop prospects,
and only slightly retarded at the
"Trade at Boston is somewhat nar
rower as the election approaches.
Cotton goods arc decidedly firm and
wool stcadj- in price, with holders con
fident. "Chicago reports a large trade in
merchandise and good collections, with
bank clearings 14 per cent larger than
a year ago, and decided increase in
real estate and lumber transactions.
Receipts of cattle, hogs and sheep are
slightly larger than a year ago, but
receipts of Hour, barley, cheese, hides
and dressed beef are double last year's
decrease, being noted only in seeds,
lard, wool and rye.
"The business failures occurring
throughout the country during the last
seven days number 220 as compared
with totals cf 203 last week. For the
corresponding week of last year the
figures were 270."
Secretary of State Foster Pretest to
Represent the 1'resldeat.
Wobujin, Mass., Oct 10 It is out
lined that 20,000 strangers attended
the quarter millenial celebration. The
weather is all that could be desired
and the big procession, the feature of
the forenoon, was a pronounced suc
cess. The climax of the great celebra
tion came in the banquet in the ar
mory iu the eveniug.
Ex-Mayor Johnson performed the
duties of toastmaster in a most grace
ful manner. In his introductory ad
dress he called attention to the fact
that three Presidents of the United
States Franklin Pierce, Grover Cleve
land and Benjamin Harrison traced
their ancestry to families now or
formerly residing in Woburn.
The first toast was "The President of
the United States," and after a brief
letter of regret had been read from
President Harrison his representative,
in the person of the Hon. John W.
Foster, Serve tary of State, was pre
sented and given a reception that must
have stirred his heart witn delight.
Word Received Here That the Hie
Vessel Is nt Bayfield.
BurKAt.o, Oct. 10. The owners of the
passenger steamer Idaho, which was
believe tl to have been caught by the
furious storm off Stannard Kock, have
received a message from Capt, Byrce
of that steamer that he is safe
in port at Bayfield. The reports
of the loss of the Idaho
caused considerable alarm in this city.
She was bound for Duluth and was
known to have encountered a terrific
storm while in the vicinity of Stannard
Rock. The wind at the time was blow
ing fifty miles per hour and it was
feared that the Idaho could not weather
such a gale. How she succeeded will
not be known until Crpt. Bryce reaches
his destination.
St. .lames Catholic Church atSRockrord
Damaged SG.OOO.
Rockfokk, III., Oct. 10. The hand
some St. James Catholic church was
damaged $6,000 by fire last night. The
magnificent altar, which cost $3,000,
was completely destroyed.
Jackson, Tenn., Oct. 10. Fire last
night destroyed the furniture store of
W. Bensingcr & Sons. Loss 825,000;
insurance, S15.000. The Evening Times
was badly damaged by water. Origin
of fire unknown.
Troops After the Indians.
El Paso, Texas, Oct 10 Four hun
dred soldiers from the City of Mexico
arrived at Chihuahua last evening and
took up the march for Guerreo, to
day. They are sent as reinforcements
to the troops already in the field
against the small band of Indians who
captured Gen. Rejal and staff and
killed forty-one Federal soldiers some
weeks ago. The Indians do not num
ber over seventy-five and there are
fully 500 soldiers after them besides
the 400 now en route. They have re
treated iuto the mountains and taken
a position from which the government
has failed to dislodge them.
Hanged for Kllllus; Ills Wife.
Anderson. S. C, Oct. 10. William
Wilson was Sagged here yesterday for
the murder of his wife on May 10 last.
Wilson broke down while the warrant
was being read, but recovered himself.
His neck was broken by the fall, and
he was pronounced dead in twenty
three minutes.
The Sever Measeres Taken far Dlsla
fectleM Causa Kselteaieat Aanaar he
People T Bada-Pesth The Cholera
Situation la Earope.
BuDA-PESTH,Oct. 10. The cholera is
increasing daily in this city. ' During
the last ten days there have bean 259
new canes and 104 deaths. The trade
of the city is seriously affected. Coun
try merchants refuse to buy goods at
Buda-Pesth, fearing infection, and
business in all lines is stagnant. Bail
way traffic is almost suspended. The
police, in their auxiety to stamp
out the disease, are enforc
ing severe measures. The fumi
gation of dwellings is resented by the
ignorant populace, and numerous con
flirts between the oftlcers and the citi
zens have occurred. Last evening the
occupants of a large tenement house
drove back the disinfecting squud of
police by pouring boiling water upon
them from the windows. Several of
tho officers were so badly scalded that
they had to be removed to a hospital.
Bk':lin, Oet.10. The medical inspec
tion at the railway termini has been
Hambuko, Oct. 10. Cholera here is
decidedly on the wane.
Glasgow, Oct. 10. TheGeinwn oil
tauk steamer Energie from Bremer
hnven is held at quarantine for disin
fection. She will In released this after
noon. Desl rurtire Cyclone ill Fraure.
Paris, Oct. 10. A cyclone yesterday
visited the city of Chelous-Sur-Marne,
capital of the department of Marne.
The wind created much havoc and
roadways were rendered impassable.
A number of houses were blown down
by the terrific force of the storm, trees
were prostrated and unharvested crops
were leveled to the grouud. No loss of
life has been reported, but the damage
to property will be extensive.
Crespo lias Entered Caracas.
New York, Oct. 10. J. B. Garcia of
35 Broadway, a well-known Venezue
lan merchant and au intimate friend
of Gen. Crespo, received a dispatch to
dajr from Curacoa confirming the news
of the overthrow of the government
and stating that Gen. Crespo has en
tered Caracas at the head of a victor
ious arinv.
Kreedoiu or the City.
Liverpool, Oct. 10. Mr. Gladstone
to-day accepted the freedom of the
city, which had been tendered him by
unanimous vote of the municipal coun
cil, a prominent conservative second
ing the motion made by a liberal to
extend the honor to the Premier.
Officers Say Members Will Kecelre a
15 Per Cent Bonus
Pmt.ADEi.HtA, Oct. 10. An assignment
for the benefit of its creditors has been
made by the Order of Vesta, uu organ
ization which differed from Iron
Hall only iu the moderation of its
promises of profit. Officers of the
order says there is about $135,000 re
maining in the assessment fund, which
would be sufficient, after paying the
costs and fees incident to the assign
ment, to enable the assignee to
pay pack to each of the members
In good stan.llug 15 per cent more than
each has paid in. The membership is
placed at about a thousand, scattered
through forty subordinate lodges in
nine different States.
Railroads to Slake a Kcrittrtlon of 20
Per Cent frwn IJi- .'-ciieilule.
CiNciNNATi.O., O.-t. 1 0 The meeting
of general passenger agents, compris
ing representatives of the reads in the
Central Traffic association, settled the
matter of rates to and froie the world's
fair. The single trip plan was adopted.
It was decided to sell title's from all
points within the territory of the lines
here represented to Chicago at a reduc
tion of 20 per cent on all tickets from
the tariff rate and to make a reduction
of 20 percent on all tickets from Chi
cago. There are to be no conditions
required of purchasers of reduced
tickets in Chicago.
Weaver at Pal ask 1
I'Li.Asai, Tenn.. Oct. 10. -When the
train arrived this morning with Gen.
Weaver and Mrs. Lease there were
nearly 200 men in waiting at the
depot, iuohI of them mounted
011 horseback or in farm
wagons and baggies, and all of them
farmers. After an informal reception
a procession was formed and the visi
tors were escorted to town. The Demo
crats have had thirty-five depu
ties appointed to attend the speaking
and sec that peace is kept. Gen.
Weaver speaks litis afternoon and there
is not likely to be trouble unless he
opens up a controversy over his actions
here during the war.
Kansas Again Raided by Grasshoppers.
Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. 10. Myriads
of grasshoppers have appeared in
Buchanan aud adjoining counties and
are rapidly destroying the winter
wheat. The hoppers arc of the variety
that appeared in 1S71, but are the com
mon field grasshopper that stays in
one locality an entire season. The
warm, dry weather has hatched them
out by the millions, and unless a cold
rain or frost comes immense damage
will be done.
Bold Robbery at Kansas City.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 10. Twoun
known men robbed the saloon of J.
Sexton at Sixteenth and Main streets
about 12 o'clock this morning. One of
the men wore a mask. Both had re
volvers in their hands as they entered
the place. Sexton immediately drew a
gun and opened fire upon them. He
thinks he shot one of the men. They
overpowdered Sexton and took S70
from the cash drawer.
Aatl-Moratea Law UacoBstltatleaal.
Boise, Idaho, Oct. 10. A special from
Hailey, Idaho, says that Judge Stock
slager of the Fourth district court has
declared the Idaho test oath law un
constitutional. The case was brought
by a Mormon, whom a register in
Cassia county had refused to register
because he declined to subscribe to the
test oath.
Prairie Fires Spreading la Dakota.
Manda-v, N. D., Oct. 10. A special
messenger from Willlston says the
prairie fires south of the Missouri river
extend SO by 190 miles. Much of the
range is burned and several ranches.
North of the river the Are has Burned
over 60 by 125 miles. Live stock has
been moved to other ranges.
Mrs. Harrieaa'a Caatttlea.
Wabxdtoton, Oct 10. It was stated
at the White House this morning that
lira Harrteon bad passed a quiet nig-ht
aad wm fttout the Mm m uauah '
President' Kogrers Speaks of the Jfeeds of
the Northwestern -Valrerslty.
Sterling) III., Oct. 10. When the
Methodist conference opened Bishop
Merrill put in an, appearance from Chi
cago and was received with prolonged
applause. He is very popular among
the brethren. Bishop Fitzgerald an
nounced the transfer of the following
brethren into this conference: J. W.
Phelps, John Williams, I. B. Hilton, N.
W. Devcan, Myron W. Marsh, A. S.
Mason and James Mailcy.
President Henry Wade Rogers of the
Northwestern university was intro
duced to the conference and spoke of
the great school at Evanston. He said
that it had S4,000,000 of money and
2,550 students. A new library will
soon be erected, to cost 3100,000. A
polytechnic school is also soon to lie
erected. He declared this university the
best located of any school in Method
ism. The authorities want to establish
' a professorship of religion and, said
President Bogers, "We must have a
chapel. We have uever appealed to
Methodism, but now we are going to
make that appct'. Property has come
. into the hands of the trustees, not by
donations from Methodists, but from
' the rise of property secured in an early
j date in Chicago Dr. Rogers made a
favor of the Evanston schoo'.
The conference is getting along with
its business very rapidly and from ap-
J pearances will be ready to adjourn
, sometime on Monday. The roll was
called of candidates for orders and they
j were approved in studies and work, and
I were addressed by Bishop Fitzgerald on
the duties of the Christian ministry.
Twelve of them answered the
usual questions and made the solemn
vows. A deep hush rested on the con
gregation while the touching fatherly
address was offered. Nothing special
has been heard from the Cabinet, but
it is understood a great many changes
will be made. Several transfers have
been made, but nothing definite is
known. The reports of committees
will come in on Monday.
Unfavorable l:e3n.:. .f Its Conditlou
Ctmiiix In.
Housiox, Texas, Oct. i0. The heavy
rains did considerable damage to the
cotton crop, beating out a good ileal
and in iiumiv liclds discoloring the
staple. Planters rcrort the crop cut
down from one-fourth to one-third of a
bale from what was expected.
Dknisox, Texas, Oct. 10. There has
been no rain here iu six weeks ami
summer heat Las prevailed. The in
tense heat is drying up the cotton bolls
before they mature. Every day of the
present weather is cutting short the
cotton crop.
Charleston, S.C., Oct. 10 The last
week has been favorable for harvest
ing in the cotton fields, but the dam
age apjicars to have l.ecn done already
in the Pcdee section in the State. It
is safe to say that the falling off iu the
crop will be at least 40 per cent com
pared with last year's figures. This is
the estimate of experts who have been
over the ground. The advices from
the Piedmont sectiou make the falling
off nltont 30 per cent.
Child Fatally Burned and Others In
jured la a Xeir York Tenement.
New York, Oct. 10. The fhe-story
"double-decker" tenement, 100 Suf
folk street, was the scene of an excit
ing fire early this morning. The ten
ants, aroused from their slumbers by
the cry that the house was on lire, be
came panic stricken. There were some
narrow escapes. A woman and two
children were badly burned and a
young servant girl in the
hbnse was .lightly burned. The
injured are Mr?. Kachuel Levine, 28
yeara old, burned about the head, face,
and upper part of bodj'; Sarah Levine,
3 years old, burned on body, head, and
arms; cEsther Levine, 3 months old,
burned about the head and face; Sabine
Steinlof, 16 years old. slightly burned
on the face. Little Sarah will prob
ably die. The house was occupied by
fifteen families. The outbreak was
caused by the upsetting of an oil stove,
and the fire did only about 83,000
damage to the furniture and building.
A Divorce Suit Leaves One nt the Par
ties in a Doubtful Position.
Peoria, 111.. Got. 10. Developments
in a divorce ease here reveal a queer
mistake of facts aud the lawyers arc
undecided as to the proper standing of
one of the parties. Mrs. Francis
Whitaker, wife of Kobert Whi taker, a
wealthy farmer, eloped with the hired
man and divorce proceedings were be
gun. The trial resulted in judgment for
the complainant, Robert Whitaker, but
a divorce was never signed. The wife
returned toher husband and all thought
that the matter had terminated satis
factorily. It seems that Mrs. Whitaker
was secretly married to the hired man
immediately after the first divorce pro
ceedings. Yesterday a decree was
signed by Judge Worthington and it is
a question whether Mrs. Whitaker that
was is a bigamist or not. Matters will
be allowed to remain as they are and
no attempt at prosecution for bigamy
will be begun.
A Decision of the Courts Brings For
tune to the Woods anil Their Attorney.
Denver, Col., Oct. 10. l'he United
States Court of Appeals has denied the
petition for a rehearing in the case of
the Wood heirs against Jerome B.
Wheeler. The court had rendered a
decision giving the Wood heirs a onc
thlrd interest iu the Emma mine at
Aspen, together with a like proportion
of the product of the mine for the past
seven years.
F. A. Green, the attorney for the
Woods, will receive probably the larg
est single fee ever earned by a lawyer
in the country. He gets over a million
in money and a large interest in the
minc,for which a syndicate once offered
817,5000. Every one of the Woods heirs
is made independently rich by the de
cision. Killing the Last Buffaloes.
Denver, Oct. 10. Gordon Land, State
game warden, who has been with one
of the parties which are in pursuit of
hunters who have been killing buffalo
in Lost Park, has returned. He re
ported that about half of the herd of
thirty buffaloes have been killed and
the hunters have not yet been captured.
He says the punishment provided by
the law for killing these animals is so
very lenient that tlie settlers have de
termined to take the matter in- their
own hands, and swear that they will
kill the hunters if they capture them.
Troable for Hoasa. r
Washington, Oct. 10. Col. Heywood,
commandant at the marine barracks
here, is indignant because Prof. Sousa
calls his new organization in Chicago
the "New Marine Band." He proposes
to tryto make trouble for Sousa if he
awnrtte fc'ktobiff the aane-
Tho Philadelphia State Heard of Chari
ties Deauads an Investigation Iato
Alleged Brutalities Practiced on In
sane Patlents-
i Philadelphia, Pa., Oct 10. Mem
bers of tho State board of charities,
Thomas G. Morton of this city and
James B. Scott of Pittsburg, have pre
sented two petitions to Judge Fell,
asking for an investigation of the con
dition and treatment of insane prison
ers in the eastern penitentiary here.
1 The petitioners alleged that John
Clark, a prisoner whom they believe
insane, was found on Sept. 30 in the
yard of the prison confined iu a wooden
t box three and a half feet in width and
Height and long enough to hold his ex
tended body, apparently without
means of ventilation other than a door
at one end. which was fastened by a
, They further declare that ('lark was
naked wifli the exception of a ragged
i jacket; that his arms were pinioned by
a waist strap, which was connected
wild the box. They ask for Clark's
j n-iimval to a hospital. The court ap
p uiie.1 .1 i,i:iNter to take testimony in
tlie c:m-.
Freight mikI Passenger Come Together.
j Pi 1' Pa., Oct. 10. At 10 o'clock
last night a freight and passenger
train, both running at a fair rate of
j speed, came together on a curve about
two miles west of Xenia, Ohio, on the
Miami division of the Panhandle rail-
1 road. Engineer Joseph Nichols was
! caught betv een the boiler-head and
tender of his engine. Firemau Van
Home jumped from the passenger en
giue, but it is thought was fatally in
jured. The crew on the freight train
escaped by jumping. A number of the
passengers were badly bruised, but
i none of them seriously injured. While
. the freight train was shifting in the
i Xenia yards it parted, and owing to a
steep grade, the freight engineer could
! not stop his train, as the brakemen
were left on the cars remaining in the
' National I tea I Kstatn Board of Control.
I Bl-kkalo, Oct. 10. The Board of
Control of the National Real Estate
association has selected Benjamin
' Hardwick, mauager of the New York
. real estate board, as permanent chair
man. The method of selecting vice
presidents was discussed, antl each
j member was requested to formulate
j his views and present them at the next
meeting, which will prouaniy ne lieui
within sixty days cither at Huffalo or
Women Killed by an Kxploslou.
St. Loris, Mo., Oct. 10. Mary
j Meckic, aged 25, and Mrs. Elizabeth
Meckic, aged 53, were killed by an ex
plosion at their residence on Howard
street. A mixture of camphor and
benzine had been placed iu a closet to
kill roaches. About 7 o'clock they
went to the closet to see if the mixture
had had auy effect. It being dark
they lit a match and an explosion fol
lowed. The generated gas caught fire,
the fiames communicating to the
women's clothes. The younger one
died in fifteen minutes, the other lin
gered for some time. The side of the
house was blown out by the explosion.
Tin: Chicago. Milwaukee ,fc St. Paul
By is tho only linn running tcolid vest
ibiiled. elect ric lighted and steam heated
trains between tile Missouri river and
Chicago, consisting of new palace sleep
ing cars, elesant free reclining chair
carp, luxurious coaches and tin finest
dining cans in tho world. The Ixsrth
reading lamp in its palace sleeping cars
ia patented and cannot bo used by any
other railway company. It. is tho great
improvement of tho ago. Try it and Lo
convinced. Closo connection in union
depot at Omaha with all trains to and
from the west. For further particulars
applv to vour ticket agent, or
F. A. Nasu, Gen'l Agt.
W. S. Howell.
Traveling Fr't. and Pass. AgL,
SOjantf 1501 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Fj.volish Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused lumps and blein
inhes from horses, Blood Spavin, Curbs,
gpltnts, Ring Bone, Sweeney, StifleB,
fjprainc;, Sore ami Swollen Throat,
Coughs, etc. Save S."0 by uso of ono
bottlo. Warranted the most wonderful
Blemish Cure ever known. Sold by C.
B. St illinan. druggist- ilfinovlyr
St. Patrick's Pills are carefully
prepared from the best, material and
according to Iho most approved formula,
and aro the most perfecL cathartic and
liver pill that can be produced. We
soil them. C. K. Pollock A- Co. and Dr.
Heintx. druggists.
riO all whnni II may concern: The Iioanl (l
A- suporiNor. in regular fusion, September '!,
A. I. l.ri, declared the following citioti linei
ojn'U'tl .IV :i public road, viz: Coiniuencingat the
Moutlmctt corner of Motion 7. town 19, ratine 4
-!, ami running tliPDce due east on spctiuii line
tour and om-hnlr (4V.) miles, and there connecting
wilh tlie "Lookinif Class and Mcdlsnn I'oad."
lliomeraal following the line of said hit named
road one-half ) mile to the southeast corner of
section II, town IU, range 4 west, thence cast on
section line one (1) mile, and terminating at the
.southeast corner of i-cctiuii K. town 19. range 4
west, and known and designated a.s Uterolith
Center I'oad."
Now nil objections thereto, or tlalioi for daio
Rf;" caused therein-, must ho filed in tlie county
clerk's oflicc of Platte count c, Nebraska, on or be
fore noon. oveinber 'J9, A. I. 1S92, or the same
may l duly located without future icfercnce
Dated at Cohimbus, ebrask:i, Sentemlier it,
is. :. 1'iiiLLirc.
7vl County Clerk.
rilO all whom it may concern: Tlie board ol
JL MipcrTl-rs in regular !cs.ion September 'Si,
A. 1). Ib92, declared the following M.ctlon lines
ojicned as a public road, vis Coimncneiu at the
youth end of it public road known as the "Wilson
Itoad" 011 the half section hue running endtaud
we-t throi!;h fections one (1) and two '!), town 17,
rau;ce 'J nest, aud running thence on .suction lines
south to the Loup river, and known auddesi
nntedastUe'TMrtiMon to the Wilson Itoati."
Now :i!l ohjmioi.s thereto, or chums for daiu
ai?es 1-aov.1l theitl.j, uiii't lv filed in the county
clerk's otfice of VUtu county. Nebraska, on or lc
fore noon, November 2D, A. 1) 1S92, or the same
may be duly located without future reference
Dated at Columbus, Nebraska, epltiutcr 2t,
ir-'. t; v. Phillips,
7t County Clerk.
TO all whom it may concern: The board of
supervisors In regular nesiion September 2,
A. D. 1S92, declsred the following tection lines
ojcned as a public road, viz: CoinmcDcing at the
northeast corner of Section f, town IS, range a
west, and running thence due north ou section
line three (3) miles, awl terminating at the north
east corner of section 19, town 19, rouge 3 west,
auu Known ami uerignatcuajtne "iilass i:oaJ.'
Now all objections thereto, or claims for dam
3KC3 caiiMd tnercl.y, nniit lie filed iu the county
dcrk'ri otSc of Piatte county, Nchnwka, on or be
fore noon, Noem!cr 29, A. P. I Mr.!, or the same
way be heated without iurthcr rcfcrcucc thereto.
Iratcl at Columbus Scbraka, Heptembcr 21,
lfc (J. W. PHILLIPS,
7wl County Clerk
TO all whom it may concern: The board cf
sontrvlsois In regular (teuton September 22.
A. D 192, declared the follow I or section lines
opened as a public road, viz: Commencing at the
northeast corner of sectiou 2, town 19, range 2
west, and running thence Mtith ou section lines
thice (.1) miles, an4 termination at the southeast
corner or section 4, town 18, range 2 west, sud
known and designated as I he "K riots Itoad."
Now all objections thereto, or claims for dam
Kes canned thereby, roust be filed in the county
clerk's office of Platte county, Nebraska, on or to
fore noon, November 29. A. V. 1892, or the auie
may Lo duly located without further reference
Dated st Columbus, Nsbrsska, September 21,
1892. G. W PHILLIPS,
Twi County Cleak
C. E. Harrineton & Co.,
Near B. & M. Depot.
.Eaterstrialas; soaas; Manx Troa Co. uunrocUd
and ttaricit m. I worked stMdllr anil mad tnonaj ftsur
than I expected to. I tocaia able to toy an island and baUd
amall summer hotel. If I don't encceed at that. 1 will go
to work attain at tlie bctinese in which 1 made my money.
Trae Jtt Ce.i Shall we Interact and start yon. reader?
If we do. and it you work lodniuiatuly. yon will la due
tlmr be able 10 buy an istaud and boil J a hotel, if yon wish
to. Money can le etr&ed at our aen line of work, rap
idlv and honorably, bv tboee of either ex. yoonc or old.
and in their own loriUuiee. wherever they live. Any one
can dothe work. Li'T 1 3 learn. We forcUh everything-. Ha
riik. Von ran devote rimr spare moments, or all y oar time
to the ork. This entirely new lead Mugs wonderful me
cea to every worker. ltlnnrs are earning from SSS t
aV per week and upward, and mora after a little expe
rience. We ran fcrnish yon the employment we Us ch yon
Fit V.IU This is an a?e if mnrvrlons tbinsj. and here it
another sreai, n errtl. wealth-pitinc wonder. Cireatgias
will reward eterr in.iulrii-at vorSo-r. Wherever yon are.
and whatever ten are dotal?, you want to know about this
wtmdetfat work nt me. !Mv initns much money lost to
you. Nu space ti etplain lirc. Int ifyua will writ lo at.
we will make all plain to ou FUEf. Address.
Tltl'i: CO.. Box aou. Aiitmta, Maine.
IT TH A Is llf V vm aw mavawlf aael ft
lly ta sec the bene walae ler wear taener.
KcaaaausB la vaar featwearhv Durekaalaw
w . jveasjaa saaea. waica reareseat lae
. -Ti .- i -.
ttill testify
use ler ericee make, an tfeeaaaaaa
'TlfcE NO
M QUnE ..J.IJI..,..
A g-eaaiae sewed shoe, that trill not rip. line
calf, seamless, smootn inside, flexible, moro com
fortable, stylish and durable than any other ahoe ever
Bold at the price. Equals custom made saoeacosUac
fmm ai to is.
most at vllKh. easy and durable shoes ever sold
aaasa iiana-sewea, anccaniawi, laa
thenrice. TbcyeaiulrinslmrxnedSaVescostlBst
front w to 12.
o SO Police BStoe.vvorn by-farmers and alt
90s others who want a fcood heavy calf, three
soled, extension edge shoe, easy to walk la, and will
keep tho feet dry and warm.
tO 50FtBeCatr.SA,aSanda2.MWark
9eCaluraea'a Shoes will re more wear for tba
money than any other make. TTbey are made for ser
vice. The Increasing; sales show that worklagaea
have found this out.
nrtifer?ee na VentkV tl.75 Scaeel
PUIB Shoee aro worn by the boys every
where? Ttomootarvlceableshoessoldattaefitlcea.
Ladies' tiSSj sRLotUHS
All sstea are inado of the beat Dongola or fine Calf, aa
desired. They are very stylish, eomf ortablaaaddnra-
fromMX0toat.uu. Ladles who wlaa to eaoaowlto la
ue. -inPtSJLUuaoooeqiuuacuHomiuaueaBocacxjeuBa-
their footwear are finding thla out.
C'aMtien.vr. J.. Douglas name and the arlce Is
stamped on tho bottom of each shoe; look for It
when von buv.
Beware of daalersattemptlna; to sub
atltute other makes for them. Suehaubal
stitutions are
fraudulent and aunject to prosecution by law for ob
taining money under falso pretences.
W. ft DOUGLAS, Ilracktaa. Maes. Sold by
Wm. SHILZ, Olive St., Columbus.
mm bros.
Are now moving their old building to
temporary quarters in the stroet west
of Boet teller's and trill begin at once
the erection of their new building,
24x100 ft., two fitorieo high and of brielc,
on the site of tho old oiip.. Until the
New Building
Ts finished, they will bo delighted to
welcome all coiners, who wish to provide-
themselvp.t with
Fair Prices.
They havo always acted upon tho prin
ciple that tho best business is that when
tho customer gladly comes again to
buv. The kind of
loots Shoes
That this firm sell arc MADE FOP.
Furnishing Goods
Fair dealing every time is the reronrk
of even the boys who dpal with
sfMaaaaMr .J""?' c'HaaV
awMaaaBir--titt;t --iaVasWaV
KgjJT.Cili ti-rCH
Hemaan$fr vSaaHaRfe -'
Are the
Hats and Caps,
Gents' - Furnishing - Goods,
Ttli:ii: PLACE OF
Gl : Bltt
Yhis Establishment is now
And with full confidence of being able to suit
every purchaser, a very cordial invitation is. ex
tended to the public to give us a call.
Mntiim.iMiutuiiim;!!. litmus
Tlie Platte
Hoard, Room, llnt and Tuition for Term of Ten Vtka I 9.50
Tuition n!one, rxr Term 8.0U
Board. jcr v-k 1.05
Tutsi Kxpeufes fur Okf Tjr l'.'O.GO
A large superior Fsoxlty of expeucccii! IVriChers and I'tcfcssor.
Students may Killer a: air tiao aoi fiud c!o?s sui:ed to :Icir ktedi advaiic
Fall Term Opens Sept. 6, 1892.
Second Fall Tarm Opens Nov. IS. 1892.
Winter Term Opens Jan. 24, t -93.
Spring Term Opens April lO. 1893.
THE PLATTE INSTITUTE has been established forth..- purpceor r.lacliiy a liberal
education wWiln tlie reach of ALL.
It will cost you Ivs4 t ... to stay at home.
An ojjpr.rtniilty tII1 be afTortled number of tniknt to ray a'.I or a part of tlk-irexnensr by
-nil ::i youropplicatlon stencu.
"'bit sxhoo! is undVrthe jiirUdktlou of Rt. lr. Acson 1:. f5re?. llli-bop uf tbe Dlocrfe of
tue Piatt-.
REFERENCES: lii-hop Anson R. Crsw. K!irn-y. N-b. V. ('. Tilltou. C'aaMer Kcaxi.
National UauU. L. N. Mowry, Sec'y Midway Laud Cu.
Write for particular and lofottnaiion to
X'-'wfiw. . -
Sight it pricelon nml ita proner prf-Jervation
it it mnttor for tlie most wirntt coniitercitiou of
very portn f ordinary common n-n. Re
member that ft lonsc decenterwl one centimeter
Ithe ono hundredth part of an inch 1 producer h
rnnny pritttn dioptres a it pntwtesnet lenticulnr
dioptre?! of refraction. Don't wear poorly made
pectnfl!en when jou can et reliable ones at the
xaino price, itidorx adamantine 1i-iim are
irronnd from tht clearest crintal obtainable.
huildiiiK up the norve power. eaMiii; and render
ing natural the accommodation, ibey are with
out doubt best ndanted foronticnl tinno-o and
are recommended by all the mott eminent of the
medical fraternity. uiclaiiinK Pr. lirainyna, ex
Kovcruor of Zacatecaa. Mex.. Dr. Mariant ex
Kovernor of Ajuoh Calientet. Edward Jennmt.
M. D., vice president medical a.sioci.ition of
Canada. For wde only by A. Heintr, Prescrip
tion DmsKiid, i ol;nnhu-. iwp
Seiealile AaMritu
Aecy ftr
naaifiM tatbtmts
For tafOTTcatloa and fre Handbook writ to
MUNN A CO.. 381 Bboadwat. Nnr Vouc.
OHM barcaa for eaxrlns patenta In Ajnerlca.
Erery patent takea .oat by na U browat befor
the public by a noUca girao tre o cttirte la tb
Mutiftc Jmetinm
Laiftat cxroalatloa of any cUatlflo paper la tba
worn. apnmaiaiT umwrma. no
n lBtjlHaent
aiaa a&oaui na witnorn it. wcaat,
yeart ilw aiz mrmiBM. Aoaraaa m
itMHX&B. 9C1 -Broadway. Jtaw York.
A new and Complete Treatment, conation of
Kuppositoriw, Ointment in Capisnlcf, alo in
Box and Pill-:a IVwitive Cnre for External, In
ternal Ulind or llltdin Itrhiiitr. Chronic. Re
cent or Hereditary Pile, and many other disoaaca
and female weakuetwe. it i always a great ben
t-fit to th frencral health, l'he first discovery of
a raedicjtl cure reuderinfr nu operation with th
knife unnereMary hereafter. Tbia Rmedyhtu
never been known to fail. $1 per box. r for i-'t;
5ent by mail. Why Buffer from thin terrible di
eaie wben a written guarantee ia positively given
with 6 bozea. to refund the money if not cured.
Bend ataaap for free. Sample. Guarantee- tutted
by A. HEINTA sole acent, Columbus, Nab. I
'M-aBaar CAVti
& GRAY .
new dealers in
A Home School for Both Sexes.
Best and Cheapest School iu the West.
New Buildings Throughout.
Steam Heat in All.
Two Large Dormitories.
Preparatory, Normal, Collegiate, Rtmincs. Short
hand ami Typewrit Ii;jr. Mitsde, Art.
Plymouth : Rock
flioth thoroughbred.) ectrs. for hatchinir. for
sale, nt $IJS) for one settinK uf 13 egg.
CSOrder from n dtKtnnco promptly tilled.
ColnmbcH. Nebr.
IW.JIHI i iwiiianapiiawwii
U li lak af Tla. vlaar. aa4 imiU.wua
ta rjajwiMamarrafaaaacawaiaaa ammm
narB7isrAjTt4MMrrrith taiw. wlnir
10 XCCmiviu lmioAToiAinuSK
k TatlAL a'laB trial aaaaftCxSt taia.
."'' a. jaaac r !. aaStriac rna ttte.
I mill ta Srm Tark (afiM la mm .. a. ..i.. im au
S'AyifyJtJiVSf & edrttatta ranuu Truiaiaa.
.. - a
"- ltlVBaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaBBaaaaaaaaaaHR " -
I .KVbbCbVBxbbbV
50!5uCbbbbV :
!""! iwasBjDTIKIa. .War. Chamiata. -- VI
- . . V
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