The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, January 06, 1892, Image 4

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Tffl li truly, wlaa who
ralna wtodtna
.1 Iron another's mishap.
Tiinr are nover alone that are accoa
pantel w.lth'noble thought!.. '"
Bxsaro, my sob, and remember' that
ihe bent -men always make themselves. .-
... -. ." Ma-t a dangerous-temptation 'comes.
" to as In fine gay colors that are b'utskln-
.- - deep, . -. .. Sk
"No- phasurb. Is comparable . to tho
standing upon' the vantage 'ground of
truth. -. . -J
Ax old bachelor Is a." ways ready to tell '
you hew you cnghVta bring up. yor
tbi'dren: - ...- "J
- - --. .
.'-'- StxTr-TTvp pounds. Is .said to bo--tho-
- "we!Rh"t of a Defiance, Iowa, .man 5 feet
' e.luches in -height- f .
. ".-:---Old fr'e.nds -ans best King. James
ured-to call lor iris old shoes;- thoy were
. -. laziest for his feet -..
.Women jnay hare-no -voice In" the;ov-
- -ernlng'-o'f this great country.- but she's
feet lacking In tongue. .
-. . Bisiibr Brooks Is'-a- very rapid, talker
. ' " end-a terror .to-'stono'-rraphera.-IIe speaks
". : ever 300 words'a'-minute. .
." -. Wtten a-young man I .writing -a Jove
.-.- Jttt-r ho'should-Keop constantly before
hi nil'nd how it would look In print'
- sfuics of a f aco are nevr alike.- .
.' -The eyes and ears are Invariably' out of
. - " ".llrit and-oth'er fc'atures are dissiml'ar. -
--. Iris sadly butfrequentlythecaselh'at
. .... th man who -hurrahs the loudest has the :
Jleakt idea of what ha'.ts hurrahing about.
--.--..- A-iiKAi.Lf great roan -Is -known- by
...." '-"-'three. slgiiST-'generosIty In the "design,
- " . . . "hunla.tilty.In tho execution,, and sttodera-'."""--."
tion. fn success. - . .. ...."
Ti - ''.. (r a' man -cannot do so at. any other -.
;' -Jlmeho f-a.M'-ReneraUy laugh whea the
. loko":. 's - against .Someone' who. ence
. - - .'lauphi-d "at him.. ; ' '" ' t- '''"..:
When Baby was i
When she was araiM.ahe cried for C-eitoria,
When she became Miss, she cmf to Cassnrtai
Wbea cb bad CbOdrea, she carat
" '-' MbonahtBetV Tricks. :. "
-. ".. : Ten bnshe'"s or more of shelled eon
. ",:-...-. . :t"oi 3 ' Jocretly somo where, about the
".''"---. ." i;jSirs.' of. a inquntalneer In"-Tennessee
'-'.-.". .,"'' hr!" "aU almost to a certainty t: .the
' '"""-" '"". d ;.u".y Hiftrhals on tho trail of ;mooa
'" .th-.iWni that a still is not faraway, but
'-'.." ''.'. a 'vr th.'y have observed: the.J'ndi.catieM
-- y-y " "the, .ha-e io-.-9ierab'e difficulty: la 1a-
..;- -"- - cat..ii-$-'.t'io s'Ul. In "a recent raid la
-.-." -. ln'JV-Tsoh County .the marhall i stepped
': ' ;'" the ojr hou so of a
tv ..; . !" ' l:eiej to bo a "m.-xrisbiueiv-'but they die-
-.:.2"." .'rco.eroj nothing to satisfy them -until,.
. '': - just bofor they were ready- tfr leave;
-".""""- "" ' eneor tiiom noticed a jcracJt over a loosa
" ':-" board of tho .-amb near' the fireplace.
'.r ':. WIiTe tho othprs were mount I hR i.e
.'.("' ." . fijlied out tho board, crept through the
"I"-'.- hols and" down into a. square -to as part-
'-' -'- men t half filled with corn. The saoun-
"v. taineer was arrested, and the search for
r . ;' - -:- tho fctiil was begun. Pach deputy took
''J '.': a different j ath- A short distance frost
'",': ' ." the hrrJo the deputy" saw a fat hog In
'-: tho bushos, and as It was a well-known
-.":-"--'. fact that when a hog .is called 'It will
. . "tart Xf-r Its feeding jilace he' hoped by
'-"--' raliing. and fol'owina: the hog to4nd the
."'-". - " . trough, whirh, he believed, would be
:'.;. . noar the ftlll... But bo lost track of the
"v".; ".-. ' heg Jn the "bushes, and another deputy
. .''---..'-'. . ftiimbled on the stfll, which had beea
". - ". . built la ths'bank of. a creek
"-TIIR6AT DISEASES commence With, a
Co'upii;. Cold of Sore Throat.- '"Brown's Brim
ci'ii Tixchc&" give immediate relief. Sold
'w;.y fn bor. Price 25 .cts..
."".- -.,'-- Stnwbeny-T-a.
-""" .".yot one American in a hundred knows
.. prepare an excellent
. ,sVi'b'stiti:to.fbr- fe.i from tho leaves o7 the
cD..vion straivberry plant When ,the
. rn-B cro about' ; half grown they are
.'.-.( icrt T-frQm.thcs'p'ant by children, cate
..b' inj'.talren'i.o.t.t'odQp.rive anyone plant.
of-:cd..;jnan'y. Tho steins are. pinched
; xK- ud" ; h K'avcs carried to" a dry place
-" 'u;.di r i over. : AVhcn wilted they are
ro iod up .by hind, "this woirk ; -'being also
'.ificux by children, and are then spread
-:i., oards; to. finish, drying.. After -be-
. oinilirs afinoit dry they .are; slightly
.' toast-d iii -lo?e.d pans, and are then put.
:. R-v-ayJji tight boxes to bo -kept for use.
' "V!irn needed, tho tea -is mad from
.tl.euT.iri.tho..5anio-wayis from the Ghii-
' rice product,, .and. the'.resem'blaince. In
fori u'mo and il'avbr is very striking. If.
..'. 30 per cent, of Chinese tea be mixed.
- the. strawberry leaver, It is.impos-
.6be-inr any" one' to; discover that he Is
. iiol drinking .'an .extra quality of the
' best Ciiinese-made product..
.- i ; ,..
- Dov't fool wftb rndlrostlon nor with a
. diaur'd.end'lirer.'bbt'taka Beecbam's .Pills
; . lor Immediate, relief. 25 cents .a box.
. Ai.05fci" the. Creole coast; between Mb-
i). Te .an.d.'.New Orleans, roses-of the'
'-la"re-hal- Kiel, Jacqueminot .find other
"rare ya-riettes-arb abloom .all winter; no.
-matter what the'weather i& .'
". Y1T9.-All fits stopped' Dr. KHae's
Great Kerve Sestorer." No meaner nrstdays
etc. Marvelous cures. Treatise and fBJCD trial
tottle free t o.Ht cases. Send to Dr. Kliae. B81
1 - -"--i --
Something is lo
. Khqri ,you 'xu6 Jfri Sage's Catarrh
Remedy. It's Catarrh. The worst
L. -cases yield to- its mild, soothing,
clbjinfcing,. and healing properties.
No matter howlad 'your case, or of
-'-how long stndingyyou can be cored. ,
Incurable oases are rare. It's worth
y"$500 to yon,if you have one. The
"manufactorers.of Dr. Sage's Remedy
. are looking for them. They'll pay
you that amount in cash, if they
" can't. cure you-It's a plainreauaro
. pizer .from- i;-responsible business
. house; and they tni'an -it. It seems
too-onersided, tooimuch-"of ' a risk..
. lt would be witn "any pfJier.medK
-' ' cine behind-it." ...It only goes to prove'
' what's been. -said : incurable cases
rq mw-with'IXr. Sage's; Catarrh
.-'Remedy. . " -
- Other so-called remedies maypg
..- Zioiftforatime; "this ctrre for all
.time. By its mild, soothing cleans-;
- -ing and healing "properties,-it con ,
qucrs the' worst-cases. It removes."
- offensive, breath, loss, or impairment
- of tha sense of taste;. smell or -hearing,,
watering or-Weak eyes", whop
;, caused .by. the violence of Catarrfa,--"
m they all .frequently are.
Remedy sold by druggists, sjeuy
0 cents.
PeqaaUy eSfccrtre; psorw wetrei
S-OSCS awe a-WB----i maimmr.
'Tea are a geei agssrtf. -
Yew caastUesr llmpMlesl -.
Aeecni.fFUc to erer-fbody who keeps aet-em-ats.
It will imybcth the agent and the etmbaaer.
S. ed lor circtamrs to i
J S. VsvnTJoren Sc Ob.,
bbbbF'sJsbtC'IsW. sset "'aTsassw
the -History of 1891 "JI DrieMy
' Taid ud. Beelete with Bemlalacaatl
IbOmUtnmi-Great Jtm Hare Horn;
' GrMti4WU.BenIoae:
Tale off Twelve Wraths.
' . Tht er.d of 1691 has come, and a retro-,
specttvo glance may'not be.'nninterest
stinjr. It9 history 1s:much the same a;
th'at'oflaby year 'of tho pas decaJi',
except that it was marked by tttc.b'outh
American revolutions. .- Bclqw -wl 1- bo
.found an" enumeration of- th'c principal
-events: ' -
- . ToUtlcaL
. 1 Balmaaasfnmea'dle'atorehlpor Chill.
7Clril-w'arlnufnnitdln "hlll.
ftNrbrukft anvaiJig Board- dpelared Boyd
(Dbfi.r'elected OoTernor; Thayer. (i-rp.) mala--talncd3oyil's.lueriblUtr.
and held -u-.tned poi
txtronr or hi official quartet until the '.8th,
--vrheo, h. surrendered. under .protest; on the
18 .b.. the fcnjJTeme Court sustained Boyd's
claims. .
' j Speaker Hanna d? the Colorado Hnee re
fused to vacate rd seat to bis laccestbr, Mr.
-White; .mllita" called out on the JS:h,. one of
-.White's bodTgnard'staotatHann'; in quel la;
'disturbance L'olios Inspector Ilawler aas tt'.a'.
lyshct; White was. Anally seated the 515th. by
' UJoHnpreme Ceurt.
ai-lMvJd H. HU1 chosen United EtateA Senator
from New York. ., .
-.6-Henry IL Swan takes his seat 'as Pltirfct
Juttice United States " onrt la Ulcuig-in, t.'co
H. B. Brown,'-ralscd to --upreme Coarr.
.J8-Feffer elected. Se aiorfrour Kansas suc--ceedlns
Inf alia.
- a Uluokalanl proclaimed Queen of the.
Sandwich Islands.
"SlT-JThas. Foster confirmed Secretary of the
Treasury by the Senate!
-S7-6enator Blair of Nw Hampsblro appoint,
d Minister to China.
6 Conserratlre party In Canada, ir John
Macdoiald lead r, successful by reduced major
ity. - -"
-11 Gen; John M.. Palmar chosen Senator from
" Illinois on the VHXix ballot:
SO-Uarbn FaTft recalled by Italy.
." abix.
.6" United States-Senator Edmonds; of Ver
icoht, "resigned. . - '
Jfu-LorensoCronnse.of Nebraska, appointed:
AftristautSecrctaryof the Treasury.
1 -K H. Xebeker, of Indiana, appointed
Unite 1 states Treasurer.
.' Gt Boyd of V.rj ska declared incltglble.
lu ixiniia.ii a or People's Party ai. cincia-.
nail. -
a The Junta aasanles control "in C.hlU.
- 12 Poll! Jcal rloU In slonicrldeo ; many killed
and hurt. .
86 Minister Egan demands satisfaction from
Chill for the Baltimore Incident.
- .iH-t hill returns an linpndeht answer, to Min
ister Egan.
-S Flower elected Oo-wrsoi in New- York,
Boles in. Iowa. iicKlnley in. .Ohio. Bus sell in
M assachnsetls, Uepubllcan sneeess In Pennsyl
rania. ir'onsecn proclaims., himself Dictator of
Brazil..!. Admiral Jorge Montt elected Presi
dent of Chilt
0-ProTluoes rebel against Fonseea hi Brazil.
2S Fohseca forced to resign in favor of Pelx
otto. Peace en snas.
7-Chas. F. Crisp, of Georgia, chosen Speaker.
9 -President Harrison's message-" submitted
to Congress.
JiirtJART. - ;
IS Express- robbers ist S20.000 tram, .a -IUo
Grande train, near" New Orleans.
517 Nellie Griffin. 1 years old. killed ty
Bnssell C-Cacfield. In AUoiilgn,- -Canfltld sau
.tenced to Jackson fpr life.
11 Geo. J. Gibson arrested ensvaed with la-
.tant to blow np Sehnfeldt's" dlstUUry, Chicago.
Jadlctmentfollowed loth:
mibch. .
1 PtscoTery of embozsIenK'nt of 9490,1)90 by
J. T- HIU, deceased, President Ninth National
Bank of New f ork.-
10-David H. Posten. attorney, killed by U.
ClayKlxjg, attorney, Mexri phis, Tenu.
11 Attempted:assaseInatIon of the Russian
Cxarowtteh at Otku, Japan, two jinrikisnamen
"rescuing him.
-31 Greek brigard Aiia.tstu-i raptures a rail,
way .train. In Turlciy In Europj. nccuriuR Tast
-plunder and the persons, of. EugliiU and .Ger
man tourists, for wbom ho secured $10,U(X) ran
som from Germany.
. . 15 Train wreckers kill throe at Coon Rapids,
a-JEx-Treasrrrer Eardi-ley. of Philadelphia,
-sentenced to fifteen .yrs lor mlsaiiproprlatibc:
f nnds, and fliiei aspo.O'o:
.? A band ot West Virginia Italians kill o.
man, his. wife and fire children, and! bum their
. 8 Bank, robbery -at Columbus Grove. Ohio,
in daylight; Farmer Vanaemark killed by tho
thief.... V. .J. Elliott, Cleveland. Ohio, e&tefr.
aentenoed for life fr 'murder "of A. C.-Osbor-.
2i-"Thro8 killed at "communion aerTicelq
chnrch'at'Gla-isy.Blpuntain, S c. .
86 Eendall-JarTis'feud la Kentucky result
In three -deaths. .
-29-Jrs: Batter, insane painter, killed his
Wife, two children and himself atJNew York.
5 Sloan. Iowa, bankTobbei of i 'W.
10 -A man land woman-jump info Niagara'
cataract, .going-over the fails. ,. .M. .B. Ourtis
Pfanrlce StreUlnger) "Sam 1 o Tojen" kills
oltoeman Grant, of San Francisco.
12-Fred.Wlley.psged 15,.kills his half-brother
In a qnarrcVwith a shot-gun, at lratt,. Kansas,
and escapes to Indian' Territory.
, 17 Wscove'ryof dynamite under San On en tin
(Cat) -prison walls; revolt subdued .-.-. J-'verett
Hoore, Sulphur Springs, Texas, editor, klllbd'by
E. W. Tate of Hopkins County Echo.
SSr-Prlsohera attempt to lynch the. Sheriff at '
uaasaent-jua..M.rureeinnraer a-; juiu. Mtia.
SO Express train robbers eet-fl0.Cn near Uti?
ea.N.Y.... McCartney's Eicbaut Bank, Fort
Bo ward, Wis:, robbed of iJ,WJi. . "
ocri b-sk,
:2-TJlster County (N. V.) bank robbed or half
a million.. '..Flight 'of Stan'diford. Dros., (hrls
man (lit) bankers, with SAX'.OJu. ... Wm. Boust-n
and Spencer Cameron kill ea:h other near Ken
ton, Ohio. '"
1&-Bankv at J-Jiterprise. Neb., rebbed of
S300..;.W.hitcap troubles at Orangerille. KyM
result' In. five deaths.
S2 Eugene Garcia, teller at Hew Orleans, erni
bezzleai9a,00C. , . ... J
29 'ihree .convicts .tunnel ont of Jackson
(llioh.) prison.
ai Homer ewe liana at inucota uity, Neb.,
robbed of si,eoa
12 Express robbery near Milwaukee.
S -Attempted assassination of Kev. Dr. Hall.;
at New Toik.'by a demented Oerman.
1 Isaae EawteUe.condsmned to. death in. New
Hampshire for killing "his.' brother, confess? s
.the crime, "but. alleges ' Maine' aa the soene,- to
avoid- -capital traclshmtnt... .Express-train
robbery" atA Old Orchard, llo; loss $30,000....
Attempted lyncbiuy in Iiidia'napolis.
4 Unknown. man- d.mands""Sl,'Zvl.OOO.'ot Bns thro As a bomb, killing himself
atd Sage's socretaryTat New York. " . " .
5 Biram Saw':elle bead' "found burled in.
Maine, confirmico ki rnlhors confession.
13 jiurder of lour - -.-" York iopbat;New
Smyrna, Fla..j by cnknowii 'parties'.
lu Five men rob a nii'U ,''.'Dst "Chicago of
3.ju0"cashandfi0i.00 sscuritiei. : " '
. -. .- '.- ANrn.
19 Jamei M. Enbaqks at San sJose, Cat
26 Kanioh Lope2 at i-Miia Barbara, CaL -
- . -rnim:.Br. -."'.--- ,;
S-Michel -EyieudV the. btrangler,- guillotined
at Paris. --
.18 Jesse H. Proctor and Frederick Young at
Dover. Dei.: .
as William Westat Washington, Pa.. ...Ben-'
ry Marshal Ehensburg. Pa.
"it -BCH.
8 Shakspeafe Beeves at Newcastle,- J)eh...-.
John-Oscar Tnrlington at Boonville, 31o.
-.M-Wra.; U- rswtord at D catnr, 111 .
S-Gecrge W. Uqii at WUkesbarre. Pa.,..
OUter W. Stangleriit Maunch Chunk, Pa.
S Joseph and David Nicely at Somerset; Pa.
3 Emest.Forbes at Annapolis, Md: -17
William Green at New Orleans. La.,..
.George and .Fred Unnawa at Tahlrqnab, I. T.
21 William Muscoe at Charlotteevllle.-Vai'
Waite 8. Martin at Colombia. 8."-C ' ..
.BUlMU-s at Pickens, & C... Edmund Bolliday
8 -William Price at Marshall, Mo.
o-Charles Ford at'OtU-ra, J 11.
-15 Bolus Moore at Trenton, Ga....At De
tcersville, Montana.. a gambler' named. Jurden.
SI James Kane afBeUevilfe. Ont.
. M -Albert Ha venstlneat Itroken Bow, Neb.... .
Walter Johnson at Petersburg, Va..;. Henry
Sheridan at Magnolia, Miss. . r
S7- Anderson Baymohd; Miss.
, S-Eug-ne Story at "Lexington Miss.
-J---Narclse Laroqueat L'OrlgtnalOnV
S-Chrisflan Furst and Charles Shepherd at
Fremont; Neb". . - ,
10 Ler James at Hickman.. Ky;
lS-WUIlam BlKBey at JJalUmore, Md. .
1 Jacob .Scbeele at Bridgeport (. cnn. ,
Si Thoma's'Harris at Shreveport.-Ui:
. ' SO. Boadlnot rumpt on at Fort Smlth Ark.
7-Fonr murderers James M. SloenmrB arris
A. Smile--, Joseph Wood and'SchlhiosrJnglro
suffer death by- means of elactrtcitT at Sing
Sing N. Y.) prison.. . .
' l-Kobert Bbhrns at Pine Blnff,' Ark.
-S Charles H-Oztmrn-at. Atlanta Ga. .
" . "" Atavr. . - .
S---Jaases Thoroaghgood at" Dover; Det
- IS Manlpnr rebellion leaders.-
Sli-F dward Blair, CoinmbusOhio.
. SLewls Balling, St. Joe; Mb. ,
- -' ociobfb: ' " . -IS
Win: Bose. Redwood Falls", Minn.
.83-Thos. wnitamson at Sedalla, M-
- vothosb. ."
S3-W. H. Frizzle at Abeline, TexaaL
a Wo. Blash, Savannah. Ga. . . "-
- - mrnnm. "
S Jnfcp y4i-. ifyynjtriHyJ TPy.
7-M. D. Loppy, by -electricity, at Steg Shig.
1-W. Xi Ffr-sjsr-nd.'at Yonngstown, Osda
1 Eleven girls burned to. deith at
a church
xawiniieeda, England.
IS Steamers Bear and -Britanni In collision
in Firth of Forth ::thfrteen drowped..
18 Gas explosion at FlndUy, Oblo. klQing
two, hurting twelve.
nowstora la tew Bast dees fe.osaom
n-Comerrerplosloa atSooUdale.Pa. MIU
lSlmUMrs.' .-...
t-StaasMr Chlswlek fonhdered off. SdUv
Islands; eleven drowned.
10 Boiler axelosloa -at Hare Point. Qnebeo :.
Itwtaty killed, twentv-nine e.onnded.
90 la New Tork Ity, on Boston aad Albaay.
six onrsed to death mxoutslea.
Sl-Oollery.ezpk)BioBe.Cma?dsrlaad, K..&,
130 perish. -
a-At Eaa Fraadsco, teasel SlUabetk wteek
ed twenty drowa. .
- Fire mlaets teseaed 1st JsAmtUb,. FsV
after atghtesa days' impr.sommt...-..Parkra
barg, W. Va, flooded: dsmtcett.oeO,eaX '
aj-Yama, ArUona.' ftabuMtgedi
KABtH. . ... -. '
B Lots 'Ot steamer Buekere oa Pncet Sound :
23.dron..'..J. H. . tralh near Hsn ana, I1L,
derailed; many Injured by burning. . . . I
li---Insane '-asylum near " NashTiUa, Teun.,
buraed; -six perish.. ..Steamer Koxburgh Castle
collided With Biltlth Peer. :n agllsh Channel ; '
twenty -three drowned.
ii nnuiQ sicamtr -Utopia sinas -xoaciaa
Bodneyin Gibraltar bay, 56u Uauaas drowned.
- 24 Steamship Stra Jialrlymeked off - North
Carolina coast ; nineteen perish.-
27-On .Yiigtola coast, ..bark Dictator; eight
lost. . ' . ' '
SO-SnowslSdes la -Western saoaatalBS kill
ftftypeopl.. . -. .' -.
8-Wreck of BriUeh ship St. ' Catherines off
Caroline Islands -.90 perish. - -
' 1&-rt ire-damp explosiasi at Tftmaona, Pa.;
threeklUed. . ' r -
--18 Six .postal elrrks .and two .engiaeers
killed In a wreck at K'p'oa, Ohio.
. Viri 7
7 Gas explosion l'.a -larksbmrg W. Va-mine-four
killed.- r .
mO Tornado destroyed part of Ms. Temon;).
Tex." ..-".;.-. '. '
.1 - Several' Urea lost by tornado near Cea
tralia,Mo. .
. , JT-BK.
a -Six men from the United States cutter Bear
crowned. in icy Bay, Alaska.
lO-Unoreoedanted" rise in' the Bed Blver:
rreat loss of life and'Property in Texas, and In-
a:an Territory. -Floods become general. through-
Out the-ortn west.
14 Near' Bale. Switserlaad, 18). killed bye
train going throagh" a bridge ; hundreds hurt.
15 Swiss raiUoad reck, kllUnr 64 people.
S--Atlk)ng BmncVN. J.. Fjederickitrokaw
drowned- while' vainly a'. tempting to rescue a
drowning girL
3 Twenty-one killei In a collision at Be-,
venna, O.
11 Tornado in Prussia kills fifty people.
21 Deaths from cholera at Mecca reach 4801a
one day. " " .
S -Collision at St. Manda. France; flfty-one
30 Three" liunred person! drowned sear
Bombay. .
auoust. .
.6-A West Shore, accident kills .thirteen per.
8 Cyclone kills three people at ashbarn,
Wls.vand does S20.0IM damage at Ashland..
M Wtven lives lost In Boston harbor, by cap
sUing of a boat.
li Thirteen people killed on a steamboat by
a hurricane at .cold Spring Grove. Long. I-land
Tornado causes great "loss, of life in Debt-
1 1 Two killed at Catlettaburg. Ey.. by powder
explosion. ...Twelve fatady Injured la .a col
listen at Keg Harbor. N. J". .
la Two hundred killed by a typhoon In
11 Excursion train wrecked in- Switzerland,
twelve, killed Cloudburst In Anstrla'; f -rty
18 -Collision in Prussian Poland, ten killed. .
19-Cvclone at Martinique; twenty ' yessels
wrecked, over 300 iople killed, 1,000 Injured. . .-.-Thirty
miners killed In Belgium. "
zs i ouepse ot oui-amg in ark now, New
Tork. killing slxty-se enveople.
AJ- Ki.gland ravaged t-y i
appeals for ed.
storms. ...Martinique
-17 -Thirty kUled at 8Utesv01. X C In ra!l-
roal wreck, , . . loudburst "at-Tzoy, N. YI
. i Mqch damage by a' cyclone in Newark;
N. J.... Faulk onnty. North Dakota, swept by
fire ; much grain, burned.
3l-Five k.lled. Ihirty-ene Injured, by' de
railed train at Troy, lnd.....Two killed at
Ewinales Statloa. ial.. bv dandled nassencsr
train Alanzon Knot "and two daughters killed.
at cnaTaon, umo, ataerossing 'inree-nsnerT
men drowned, at Petoskey, Mich., two at .Mer
rill's" Lake. N. L.aud.twb at Annlsqcam, Mass;
....Four killed by Ugbtntog; at Magnolia, Ark.
This month fearful floods, oceurred la Eialn.
drowning over 4,000 people.
S -Schooner Pannonla wrecked. on Hawaiian
reefs; twelve perish... Dynamite Ifactory at
White Pigeon. Mich., explodes, killing sixteen
5 -Two killed at a Lafayette, Ind., railroad
6 Steamer Arizona sunk an anknowa schoon
er and crew at sea.' " . " "
9-Biillding collapsed In Berlin, killing eight,
10-Steamship coUIslon near" Greece; fifty
11- Four workmen killed t Saltsburg, Tit
Sirs. Wm. -Klein;" Barton 4 ounty, Kan.-; leaves,
tour- children iii. -lux home, and iht-yburn to
IS collision in the Mediterranean; -sixty: five
18 Empty whisky barrel explodes, killing
three' New York, boys; .
U-Five.killedin an-Idaho railroad wreck... i
John Sohalk. wire, .'and four children burned to
death at Chicago Seven .fishermen drowned
Off Newfoundland.
-Phil liillen and wife lo-rk twocbUdrehat
home; they jurli to. death Terrible fires"
Sweep Emmons Coiinty.lN. 1):
21 Five drOwued ;n tho .Hud-Qn-Blver going
to a christening..
itl Terrible forestfires In the Northwest.
. 24 Forirte- n Italians, killed by 'cannon -ex-i
plosion at Nowark. N. J.... during a ct-ltbration
..l.Ten lirt-men hurt; "'at'.' Minneapolis:' lo-s
tax.U))...;tix . lUliaiu .killed in. a wreck at
McKin's Station, i'a.... Twenty-four, kill
thirt. hnrt In a colllsiorl inSnnin.
'2 Boiltr explosion at Ticretta ra., kills'
28 Fa al forest fires in the Northwest....
Fatal storms -'-in MinnesoU.... Eight Phila
delphia firemen injured.. " -'
3-C 'Ihrce killed.- tfgbteen hurt in a collision
at Kent,.Cblo.-. .'.Six. sailors lost in a' Lake, Ho-,
perior gale.,
1 Four killed on tlie Harlem Boad. .
& Twenty Ncwfoundlacd fishermen lost.
4 Boiler, of tog .Parker explodes at t,blcajo;
eight killed, eight injured. . Kine". miners kill
ed by. a cavo-ln at 1'olts viUe; 1'a.r .
6 Nows'of lots of steamer Woles ?dn twenty- '
one crowned. ...rour JUtieu oy .an engine at
Crook's Crossing, N. Y. ".
11 Wreck of United States steamer Dispatch.
- 1 , 13, lt-r-Meny vessels wrecked en the Atlan
tic coast. -, "-..-''.
li-.B, id.:fastmall wrecked at Hleksvllle,'
Ohio ; two killed,elkbteen hnrU
13 Fly-wheel " burst at. Manchester. N. H.,
causing the death of- tiree, wounding tea...
Three members of the -Chicago Inter Ocean
staff- killed - at .. reto, "111 Terrific "storms In
Gleat Britain.- - .'i ""
13-Beports of many lives lost at sea In the
-storm." -,'"'-"
. iB Locomotive: at Tottsvllle, Pa., explodes,
killing three. .
a Wreck at Momnonth. Ill:, kills fonr.
2-Tn'reEher boiler bursts at Mayyllle( "N. D.,
ii.. . -
llislon at Thprsen SUtlon, Minn., kills
vS Co'
, .iT-Fusa factory' explosion' at Cleveland kills
four ...Beport- confirmed at JBoston of the
' fonn'deringof .an unknown fear-masted schooner
with all hands. ...Twenty killed at Lennox,
Fra'uee, by' the falling of. undermined buildings.
29 Cable reports of terrific earthquakes, in'
Japan, thousands beta! killed hy shock and
'floods. -
tr Twenty perish by burning -of steamer
Beirne at MiUken's Landing. Miss.
' 4 -Seventeen killed "by falling miner's cage at
Butte. City.' -
8 -Gas explosion at Nanticoke; Pa., mines,
kills' fourteen. '-,'
"9 Four men and thirty six horses :burned. to.
death at Denver.
13-Five trlshin a fire at" Columbus, Ohio. ..
'22 Be ported loss of schooner Finney and
twenty-five inen'on -Lake Erie".
27 Collision at Tolcdo.Ohio j ten killed.
30-Hve- killed by a fallins bridge at KaHspell.
" Mont . 1 . .Thirty killed- by an explosion at Black
' burn, Eng. ' "
DECXM B0C " . . .
1 Itcported loss of steamer Tehita, a slaver,
' in Drake's Bay, Pacific Ocean. .with.40O soule." -
' 2 Five killed by dynamite at Haverstraw,
N."Y...,BeI? family of. five burned to'death atr
Detfoit. .-.. 1 " : -.
4 .Three kill d In a coUisJon at Pem-ln'-ton,
N. J'...Tirenty drowned byovertnrningtr:
- barges-ji-the.Bndson Blver.. .?T"wo-kiUedi four
hurt, .at Fast- Thompson; Conn.-.'
6 NinekUled bv falling wA'ls at 6t Paul, '-
0-biity miners killed by firedamp at Paris.
10 Three killtd In a: collision at Anna. 1 1L
4.1 The Vessel Ma-gl9 Boss-lost-iu the Pa
cific; U drowned. - - .
li-Three convicts killed at Anamosa, Iowa,
by falling .scaffold.. ..Five bnrned. to. death at
Moosejaw, Manitoba.. ,
. 17-Twenty-six- salldrs dtowned in the
-Thames. . -. ;:'.'.
"Fires. . '.
, . icincH.-
. 17-AtNewYorit.ta.r0J,0J0.
" ' ' ."" APRIL- .:-
12 At Chicago. Smyth's furniture esUblisb- 4
ment; ..
- ju.s-x,- . .
16-Seabright,N.J.,03bnildlnge;8800.'-O. '
- 6 rorhknehe. Iowa, .burned. -.
12- Oberne. Eosick ft Cos" warehouse at ChT
caso ; loss S2jJ,goo; 1-
-" 18-At Jacksonville. "FJ Loss SL.000.GCQ;
. sixty-five buit-i-igs burned. -
. . Bfc'T-"BI,.: . - -
2 The DaBesv Oregon; eighteen blocks .-'loss
l.coo.000. . . : ' -ii - w i
"llDelawaie-Iro-n Works, Newcastle. DeL
Ssa3)0ir. - - ..'-
:VLT commerctU Advertiser feuildiagln New
York.., Ihree fatalities. LossSSOJ.ow.
17-Memphls, Tenn., theater; oldest In city;
loss S-i'.iOJ. -- - . v "
8 At Savannah, t"e. wholesale' .grocery,
houses; less S330u6a. -
. 27 FiTe fires" in'St. Louis; loss over $1,000,-000.
T-fo fatalities.
5 Squire A Co.'s peeking-hoaie, I,"M0.-live
bogs', burned at SoinertiUe, Mass. ; loss 15OX).
fi--Divinlty BaU, "Yale CoU-ge;'.loss 7i,0j0
t. . Davis .Co.,JiaL, court bouse apd records :.,.
Business portion of . Columbus Junction, Iowa. -15
,001.... Times --building, .Use, Ohij, and
"surrounding blockk,$100,00il "'
8-CnttIn mansion aad ait boUectlon ; Ne w
--Paradiae Park," New York ; .100 famOles
homeless. . . . .-
' 24 -tars aad cotton at Birds Potat, Md., $130,
60 V." " " " "
-23-At LonisWUe. Kt.j $800,000.
29-At lima, Ohio;$130,000.. ..
S3-At CUatoa, N. J.. S no,Q-M.
sov-oraxiu . -
ia-AtYhorCity.I5a,..$r)0.00a .
17---Atht. Zoeis.$LSS0.000.
S4-AtMihaeapoUs,tsVJ0.0)X , . .
S-At Plahttald, N. J., tr-0.000.
6-At Philadelphia. $350,004
' OMtoary.
- . . . iiXDiir.
S-Alexander W. Kiaglake, Englishhtstorlaa.
a. , Aws-snsesH wmnm
0M -
4-iVoas. A. LabeHsw Oaaadiaa lOaieter Aarf.
oaltnre, Qnebee.
S-Mme..Emma Abbott (Mrs. Cages Wet.
erell), opna slngef .
7Gen. Charles. Dereae, emkiert JmtiH aad
- io Geo. J: H. B-itierk fameee la Oaaadiaa
border reeelloa; At Lafayette, dad., suddenly.
1--Jm. W.- Boot) famous Cklcacd anldtect. .
A 17-Geotg Baacroft. the .venerable Atasrlcaa.
blstorian.aidfi: ..
SO-Ktof Kalakaa XL, aaoaank ef the Ha
Wailaa Islaads
82 Prince Baldwin, heir to Belgian throne.
9B-Ex4fcv. George E; Crawford, of Kansas;
. 9S-BxW.-WUllam Wladous, Ssentary U. B.
30 Hon. Charles Bradlaugb, esataeat free-,
thinker and .member British 'Homse of Cens.
mons." . "."" :
M Jean Louis Ernest Meis'sonler, the famous
French artist.- . -. . '
- . . '-nraauABT. .
8--Hqn. Julius Qonseman, Grand- Bapfds,
Mich. . -. . -
10 -James Bednath. famous lecturer, abolf-'
-tlonlst, red champion of home rule.
13 Admiral David Dixon Porter. U. A N. .
14 General William Tecnmseb 8hcrman,'one
or me foremost agnrea or tne ciru war.
-.- 13 Gsneral Henry; Hastings BIMeyfif st Got
'etnor ot Minnesota.
19 -Prof. Alexander WlacheU,. Mtchtgaa Vol
versit7.'enn Arbor. .,
UcV.C. Bodd, Grand Baftds, Mich., capl
- tsiist .."
23--Gea.- Bobert -McAlllstef adted eavalry
man; Belvldere, H. Ji - . .
M Ox & Senator . K.' WHsonot Maryland.
2?-Gn."-Jlsa Moue, Winchester, Ind. -.
28 -U. K---enator .George. Hearst, one of Cali
fornia's mining kings
'v mabch. - . .
. .4 L-onsj'd W. Jerome, famoas turfman; bro;
ker. and diner-out. ...'William P. Wells, profes
sor of law. University 'of Michigan, at Detroit ' .
.bMBJght Bev. Benjv.-H. Paddock; -Episcopal
Bishop of Massachusetts.
l'j-John F. Swift, United States Minister to
Japan, at Toklo.
li DlBethune DaffleM, prominentia wyer, at
Detroit.- "
. 13 Ai Mlnbr Grlswold, knownto readers of
humor as "The Fat Contributor..
14-Herr Wlndthorst, leader of the Ceutrlstor
Catholic party in the German Befohstag. . . .Hon.
Henry Fralick, Grand Baplds, JUch. ;
17 Prince Napoleon, soa of .Jerome Bona
parte, King of Westphalia.
2. -Lawrence Barretd one of the foremost
tr-&AMlt&nfi nf thi. tu.Hai1 . V
a Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, ez-Coafederate
. S3 Ex-Cot. Lucius Bobtnson of New York. . . .
Chas, F.'.i nickering, of piaao forte Came,.
25 Dr. J. P. Wickersham, ex-United SUtee
Minister to Denmark, Lancaster, Pa.
27-M. Baltobeff, Bulgarian Minister of Fi
nance, assassinated.
2 fiev. Dr. Howard Crosby, Presbyterian,
New York City.
SI Hon. Joslab. B. GrlnneU. founder of Grin
nsU, Iowa, at GrinnelL
S-Gen; Albert Pike, head of the ScotUsh BtU
Masonry..., Banker Paring; Rom. Italy.
7 Gov. DnielG. Fowls of North Carolina....
Phlneas T. Bainum, tbe'renowned showman."
" :9 Wju. Wallace, postmaster at Indianapolis,
brother" of Gen. Lew Wallace; and first .Jaw
partner of President Harrison-.
-13 Bt. Ben Bishop GUmoar, Boman Catholle
Bishop of (.leveland. Ohlo
14-r-Gen.J?. B. Bpinola, member of Congress
from- New York.
18-MJltofi. H. Butler, of Detroit. -Formerly
active in public life. .
17 Mai '.has. O. Wood, of Indiana.... John
Mulligan, Oldest G. A. B veteran.... Maj. Gen.
C. H UamUtch; Milwaukee. : .
19 Alsnson Sweet, one" of the .twelve foaad
ers of Chicago.
20 Bev. HenTy Darling, D. D , LL. D., Pres
ident .of Hamilton i oUege,...V-sry E: Gougb,
widow of John B.Gough.... Dr. Jat. K.Thateher,
Professor Yale Medical KchooL... .Congressman
Melbourne H. Ford, of Michigan.
'" 24 -Count Carl Bejnhardt Rein-rath von
-Moltke, Germany's famous Field Marshal.
2 Grand Dnke Nicholas, the Csar's unele.
29 Dr. Joseph Leidy, noted surgeon, Phila
delphia.. ". - lfTi
S Bev, Geo. Bothwell, SrodUyn, from a cork
in ais lungs:. . .Barry Sullivan, Irish tragedian;
5 Most Bev. Wm. Connor Magee, D. 1. D. C
L.r Archbishop of York.
7-Maiaiue Blrtvatskv, theos-phist
81 Judge Alphonso 'i'att, ix-U. H. Attorney
General, and one of Ohio's most gifted sons ...
Henry bhelton Sandfcrd, ex-U. a.-Minister to'
6-rBeer Admiral Carter. U,S1T.
27-John M: Hale, collector of eustoms .during
the administrations of the elder Harrison and
Tyler ; EUworth,.Me , aged 9 1.
23 -Judge S- J. Preckenridge. of St- Louts,
while addressing the Presbyterian General '
Assembly at Detroit ;. heart disease.
3 Dr. Benson J. Iiossing', historian ; Pongh
k'eepsie. N. Y., aged 79.
" -Sir John A-Macdonald. Prime Minister of
the Dominion of Canada
8 Chief Justice lease. G. Wilson, of Illinois,
at Geneva;
15- Joseph K. Emmet, noted comedian.
17 Ex-Go v. Harrison Lndington, Milwaukee,
21 Ex-U. a Senator Joseph E. McDonald of
India .'a..
24 Bishop Howell B. Price, of the M. E.
Church, Camden, N.-J.
4 Hannibal Hamlin, the. famous son .of
Maine, and Vx-Vice President (during Lincoln's
first term), like John Aaams.and'i'homas.Jeffer--son,
expired oh Independence Day.
20-Chlef W. H. Boss, a leading, statesman of
the Cherokee Natio.i..
23 -Mrs, Mark Hopkins Searlei. worth $i
OvO.OOO. ' . - ,'
1 7 Ex-Go v. Daulol Dilllhgliauv of 5-armont,
agedfla. . T
3 Bishop FJascb, at La rosse, Wi .
.2 Geo: Jones, eilitorof New York Times, at.
Poland Springs. Mo.....Jam-s BqsseU-'LbweU"
I American ) oet. essayist, "Statesman,- teacher
aivi cr.tic, aua ex-unibter to iicgiana ; at cam
bridge, Mass.
15r-Matsda Sorakichi, Japane-e wrestler, at
"New'Y-ik; ' '
17 CoL Geo. M. t ha-nbers, Jacksonville: 111.
-.0-H. W- Beckworth, United -t-UUs ConsuUt
Bermuda, Hinsdale, 11L . .
24 Postmaster General Baikes, of England.
6 lTECBKlt.
1 Bev. J. B. L. Soule,.t'ldcago. .
.8-Jonas M. Bundjr, editor New York Mall
and Express, at Paris..
9-Ex-l'resident Grevy, of .France, at 'Paris.
18 Prof. FerreL meteorologist, Maywood,
19 Barmaceda commits suicide at Santiago.
i'5-Dr. 8: D. Burch. fcaiafoga.
3J Boulanger commits suicide at Brussels.
. OCUl'Bl'tt.
1 Harvey M. Watterson. at Louisville. Ky.
3 Gen. Alpheus Baker.- at'Louisville', Ky.
6-rKov."Dr. llenedict. Episcopalian, at L-incin-nati,
OhlOi..;Bt. Hou Wm. Henry fcmitb, at
London.. ..King thailesof urtembozg....
Cbas.. Stewart; Parnell at Brighton Eng. . .Sir .
John Pope Hennessey; at. Loudon.
10 Levi M-1 ates, dry goods merchant at New
York, drowned : Ufe insured for $160,000.
. 11 Supreme Court Justice Henry W. Alien; at
; New York".
14 C- . Helnriehs, Inventor; at Chicago ; sui
cide. .
16-Ex-Gov.- Hale of .New Hampshire.
12 Donn.Platt, Journalist, at Cleveland.
19 W. J.-Florenctt comedian, at Philadelphia.
23 Gov; Wovey of Indi ana.
24 Earl of Lyttoh,"t Piris.
29 Xand Bill AUen, anthor of the home
stead act, at Columbus, Ohio.-
99 Josiah Carpenter, aged ISO, In -Preston
County,- West Virginia..
4 Dom Pedro. ex-Emperor of Bradl, at Paris.
20--rSenatof plumb, 'nf Kansas, -from apo--pleiy,
at Washington.
.- 2i J.- L Case, ltaclne manufacturer.
'. Chrobqloj-y. .
1 Skirmish on hi ta Blver r four Indians
S -Earthquakes at San Francisco.
ti-PbenomeDal snowstorms in Europe; many
cle iths from cold.
8-Uentenant Casey killed, on, a reconnofs
ssxtce....'.Bed "Cloud dotrts the hostiles.
14-T-"BIack Death" raging 'in Liberia; tcou
sands" dying.... Jack Dempsey .-suffers bis first
defeat in tne. ring, by- Bobt; Fitxsimmon s
18 Hostiles Surrender to General Miles.'
' 24 Storm shuts' off ' telegraphic ooinmaolce
tlon with'New York and tho East.
27 Jamaica exposition .-opened... '.Bnssell
Caalfield. murderer of Nellie" Griflin. in Michi
gan, captured. " -.-."'..
9 -Conneilsvillo region coke strike, Involving
18,0:'0 men and 16,000 pteno. '"...-.' -
10 Mardi GTas Carnival at New Orieans.
"12 Iquique. and. Pisagna bombarded by
Chilian Insurgents; surrender follows 16th;
government troops unsuceessfnlly attempt re
capture, 20th, end then desert to insurgents.
14 Eleven Italians killed by a New Orleans
mob. "-"
10 Minneapolis has 16,030 cases, ot -la grippe.
- MABCH.T --
- -Chilian. Insurgents gain control of Tar-
apacaprovlncA by a decisive. battle. -.
26 Tremendous business-failures at" Leghorn,
Italy, aggftga;lng$i6,00j0,00a. . .
29 Massacre-of 470 Goorkhas in Manlpnr, fol
lowed by deleat'of the "British force Under Com
'ml'ssioner Oulnton. and -the massacre of him
self, CoL Skone, Messrs. Grimwood, Melville,
and Cosslns- and Lieut- feimpson. dnrina a
parley. Thi s was followed by hcroio resistance -
of tne remnant oi troops. ana successrui retreat
led by Mrs.' Grimwood and Mrs. Qnlnton, to
Lakhipnr; -120 miles. Joth Jadiee were pen
sioned by British Government, and Mrs Grim
wood decorated by Queen Victoria with the
Order, ef the.Boyal cros. -After aa arduous
campaign, Britisu forces quelled heoattzeak,
.and sentenced the- leaders to death, in tbif
.campaign Lieut. "Grant 'gained great renown.
April 6 he repulsed .repeated assaults by4;000
Manlpnr ltn a force of S) men.
-. 3c Tremendous snowstorm.- in Colorado....
'Coke-strike, riots.. -
2 Coke-strike riots at Morewood, Pa. ;'; twelve
Hungarians killed,- fifty hurt.
5 Germsn pork embargo raised.
' a Twehty-tif th anniversary of the .organi
zation of the G. A. B. ai Decatur. DJ.-
8-Paten centennial celebration at ash
icrton. "
. u-Firsttrain through 6t..ClaIrKlver tunnel.
' 18 -Sinking" of Chilian- lnsurgnt. Iron-clad
Blanco Encelada, by the Government torpedo
boat- 'Almliante' Lynch.' in caldera Bay; .ago
lives lost.. .. Germany altaits American pork.
2 Chilian Government navalforces defeated.
.- 27 Ground 'broken at New York for. Grant
monument. -
. MAT.-
Thls month marked by.nnnsealperseeatleei
f the-Jewsin Bnssia; many thonsands lease
thi country-- ...
1 Fatal coBWon of anarehlstr aad antbori--ties
at Boms,.Flowooe. Lyon, JCacseiUes and
other point- .
a-Lnsurgent CWhan steamer Itaia sssspss
from Called States Marshal at San Diego, CaL,
convoyed by the Esmeralda.
. 9 United States cruiser Charleston purrues
19 Expulsion of Queen Natalie from. JSer-rla.
tho populace protesting. .
' '81 Convening of .10 hi ge-oeral asismbly ot
the Presbyterian Church at Detroit.
US Beginning of atrocities In. HaytL In'
queUing outbreaks 950 persons sbet la streeu
fr seder ef rresMsat SBp-peiyte.
: .
' " swS. ' -C
. $ Mem-seat to Gea..Graat aavsOsd at Gv
Isaa, 1U.... Confederate soldiers' monument nn
Titled at Jecksoa.-Miss. - ' i
. 4-Crulser Charleston arrivee-lh Iquique aar-
bbr. where Itata 14 surrendered with supplies. I
. S---Steamet Furst Bismarck makes wSstcni
beiseMe In 6 dy li .hbuft lo nihtft..i.Cor
nril vtetorions (Her CnivSlty Jf -Penn-r
Stltaaiaaad&eCuamblabddtaewtk .
-Barvird beat Tale' In fduf-miis elghtHiar1
iaee on Blver Thames..,
. . "JX7I.T.
1 Wk months' business tenures number 6,074,:
involvlat $92,009.000. .Appeirance of Saiton
Lake in Colorado desert. ..
. 25-BrlUsb syndicate" formed tdcolonlxsJews;
in Mexico.' . "
S Dakota crops suffer from halL
7-A flash ot lightning enables Montana offi-
cers to catch nine Chinamen smuggling therii
selvek into the country. '
8 Columbus Grove; Ohio, bank, robbed: a
farmer. Vandsmark. killed. , . '
10 Intense heat. in Central and Eastern
States ;.many fatalities: Accompanying storms
,f...UBUUVM, VAUO.C1A V UU. W JllUWi.AJilMt. .
can ciuzens.... a wo.uuauir-a people tmptizea mm
Columbia, B. C . I.
IP--- Qnneetlout 'thermometers register 10(
deg. in the shadr ...Terrific storms in Northen
Michigan, eaustej-several deaths ...Many fatal
Ities and ttfostraUons by heAi in cities east o
the Mississippi.
ja f' ooi wavo aispeis neat in .tne rsasi,..-
rtussia appropriates' J i.uumuiaj ruoies to relieve
famine. V . .. " .-
43 Ccqulmbo . evad:ated by Balmaceda's"
troops... ..Ed I'ardridge, Chicago Board of Trad
man. loses a million and auits. . . -;
13 -Aeronaut Die ve drowned at Syracuse, N. Y.';
W wneat toucnea fi.i as cmcago, ano,
$L13. at New York. .
13-ltain-makers score 'success at th.-ir.ftrst
experiment at Midland. Texas. '
19 Celebration ot the' battle .of Bennington
anniversary at. Bennington, Yt..'.. .Steamship
Teutonic makes western Atlantic' passage-in
3 days .Id hours 31 minutes fastest-time on
' 20r-Holy cOat exhibited at Treves; ninth time
In its' history-since" the Savior's death; first
time since 1311. ...Failure, of .the Ainerlcan!'
Wbeol i ompeny-' twelve plants Intulved. . "
2 Unveiling of' monument at New Ulmx
Minn:, commemorating. Indian battle twenty
nine years ago Reports fioni Bussla of
starving peasants selling: their -cnildrea ,
.23-rrFirst fro-ts -in the Northwest.
24-Battle'at Valparaiso, (.hill resulting in!
Insurgents! partial success...... S. of V. encamp
ment at Minneapolis.
93 Ergland swept by'a terrific- Storm:
- 28--Chillari insurgents: capture Valparaiso In
'the final battle. ...Bread riots in Bussla.
..-U Aeronaut Geo. Hogan falls one-half a mile
to death at Detroit... .Four "Treves pilgrinia
crushed to death in the crowd viewing the holy
coat. ' " i
:i Bnseia securei privilege from Turkey to
.patrol the Derdenelles. f
BliPTKTrrBF.n. . i-
1 Twenty thousand people. view Knights Tem-i
piers' parade at Saratoga.
2 Geo. Woods, spectator at r. bilbon ascenv
slon at OswejjO, N. Y.. carried up-l.-O" ietaiil
dashed to death. ...Mail reaches' New York front
Yokohama, Japan, in fourteen days..,. Severe
frost iii Wisconsin and Mlunoso.a.
-Mammoth Scottish picnic at Now York.
4 Further reports of Chinese outrages
Seventeen. killed. In Busslan riots over lnfectedr
cattle at Maikop,... The lie parsed IntheTen
nsssoe LegUIature; disgraceful row.
S Four die, 0 made' sick, by drinking from'
polluted well at Dundee, Minn ...Jlatilo be
tween Texas rangers and tral u robbers ; 13 of. that
latter killed.... $4,000 stolen from Slcan, Iowa,
7 Universal observance of Labor Day' In
America.. ..3t9th. anniversary. of Columbns' de
parture from .the Canary---Islands' ...U So
GoTemment recognizes the Chilian Provincial
Go Terninent.,.. Hurricane wrecks many vessels
en "Nova .Scotia's. coast American pork ad-i
ailtted to Germany .and Denmark.
9 Judge T; M.'Cobley resigns at chal man of
interstate oommeroo committee. . . . Her. Howard
McQutaiy perpetually suspended from (hi
Episcopal .Church, for heresy Suit a;aln9
Itata dropped,-and the vessel delivercd.tu Chili,
sv 'Aiona wi wMiur.---e vuve esp-u-e xa mjuoiiwsai-i,
.:.. Registry In London of Baron filrsch't
Jewish colonization society ; capital, $F-,0UO,O00i
11 -Prince Pisinaick suffers slight stroke o
apoplexv.- i
14 -Marriage of Edward Eggloston, aa'hor, to
Frances E. Goode, at Madifon. Ind-... -, Y..
Central, t.aln inns 436 miles In 4.0minUtes,
making three slops.... Btport of British seizure
of itylene island, Dardanelles. -
.15 Judge Swan ot Michigan deoldog contraJ
band Chinese may not be sent to China if they
have reel lence in any other country,.... .Tnrk sn
commander'elauhtrrs rebels in' Yemen. Arabia,
and. display their heads on -poles. j
IS Starving puasants in Southern Bussla
turn brigand;. j
"17 Steamer Furst Bi-marck breaks eastern
Atlantic passage ; time : 0-12-ia. ,
l-btaIlfon Nelson trots In 2:10 at Grand
Baplds, Mich.. ;
lu-htalllon Allerton trots a mile at Inde-j
pendence,- Iowa, in 2.M. '
20 Earthquake shock in the Northwest".
22 -Eastern!. Oklahoma' opened to .'settlers;
wil-l scramble for lots. v.. S. V. White, Tioted,
Wall street operator,. fails for 52,500,000. . . .Cbilf
celebrates. her new independence.
24 Tammany monument to New York troops
at Gettysburg unveiled.... Nancy' Hanks a.
CaiubrRVge i I y, Ind.. trots in 2 r 9.-
23--Shrinkago of. stocks $1.0,000,000 la Well,
2d Earthquake shock in Central States.
28 'Ponanzar Mockey completes a trip from
San Francisco to .sk York In 4 days' 12 hours
28 minutes i... Philadelphia cricketers defeat'
Lord Ha'wkes' tea :. ' . r
'9 Minister Egan at Valparaiso ordered to
assert his rights.... live hundred killtd in a
Guatemala. revolution..., Exeter Hall sends out'
107 -missionaries'.
8: Wild rush for Oklahoma lands... :NIne
thousand miners strike at l'itt8burg....$80,lOJ,
bank robber j',. Ft. Howard. Wis. ' !
octohk:. i
1 Seventy-two shipwrecked sailors land at!"
New York..;.Venner"& Co., .New. York' brokers,,
lose a million and fail..:. Jay .Gould has hys-;
(erics at a meeting of Missouri Pacific Direct
ors;... Attempted lynching in Chicago.:.. He-'
brews celebrate their New Year. -1
2 Poztonwin3 National Li-ague pennant....
Seventy-day record from Yokohama to .New
York... .Speculation in grain futures docla-4
unlawful by Minnesota Supreme Court..,.'
Standlford Hros.,.t:l:risman, Jll., bahkers.flee. '
S A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland.
5 News of destruction of vast forests by hur
ricanes in .i Inhesota.
7 Grant monument unveiled at Chicago.
8 -Allerton wins 310.00 stake from Nelson at
Grand.Bap ds (Mich.) race-track; , 1
9 .The C'leviland baby is named Ruth.
II Burial of l'arnellat Glasnevin Earth
quake shock in California.
12 Storm's on Atlantic coast.
14 Iit'grippo appears in Eastern States.
15 Allerton out:tiots Delmarcb at Lexing
ton. Ky.
l&-.ColUcton between Chilians and United
States seamen at Valparaiso. 1
17 F- ilnre of Harrison. Lorins A Co.. Boston.
.for $375,000.... Stallion St. Blaise sold to' has!
i:eeu, uauatin. Tenn., rot eioo.oju.... Italy ad-i
nil t s A merlcan ork.
20 Snnol trots in 2 -OSSf .at Stockton. CaL.
. 21 Statne to Henry W.Grady unveilod at At
22 Sir Edwin Arnold landed at New York.
8t Renewal of terrific ocean storms.
24 Ignatius Donnelly awarded $1 damages
from St. Paul Press; suit was. for $100,003
False reports of Victoria's illness. ...Martin
rides 1,466 miles In six days on a bioyole at Now
25 LaMareschale Booth-CUbbont of the Sat)
-ration Army lauus mt. new lors.
25 Discovery that Geo. Hetdeeker was harled
alive at Erie, Pa" Slosson defeats Schaefer a
Wlliards at New Tork. '
27-rC6a9t-defense vessel M'antonomah com
missioned.... S. J. Tllden's will declared, void
...Election rio's In Cork. 1
.- 2- Cruiser Detroit launched at Baltimore:
'89 Continuance of disgraceful riots In Cork.
30 Gen. .Grant's remains placed In the unfin
ished mausoleum, New York..... Police, rule at
Cork.... -Miners release '330 convicts .from Ten
nessee ttockades. . . . Veesels ordered to Chili.
1 Failure of Maverick- Bank. Boston, for
tlO.OOa.UCO, and President Patter am sted. i
2 More convicts released by Tennessee
miners. .
4 Dr,Brlj- acquitted of hereBy. ,
.9 Cir or Kuesia celebrates his silver weA,
ding. -
is Btartuntf reports or lanune inrtussia.....
.Western Union Junction.. Wis., express rob-,
bery. . '
13r-Anarchist raids in Lhicago. '
15 FJghtlng in Brazil ParneU memorlaf
meetlne at Mew .York. I
10 Water supply short in New Tork and
Brooklyn. '
17--Cold wave in Northwest.
vlBig.. hotel failure at Missoula, Mont.....)
Five hnn'dred miners strike at .Washingtonj
IniI....Rhsslapnhlbits'exportsof wheat.
22-Mad dog at Newark, N.- J., bites thirteen)
people. ...Brooklyn totally vrithoutwater. 1
83 -Terrific storms throughout the East, doing
Eiat d image at Washington and elsewhere. . .7
n-seapblls s. cures National Republican Coiwi
ven tlon.... Further -reports ot massacres ii)
23 Twelve -people killed at a Mexican bull,
fight. i
2 Celebration at New Tork of 106th anal-;,
versary of British evacuation.
' at Thanksgiving Day.. ..Tale defeats. Prlace
ton at f oat-ball.
27 Failure of Field, Lindley, Wieehers A Co.
atNewYorkfor$t,000,00i. .
8 Cornell defeats Michigan at foot-haU....-Plst
fight in Omaha's City CoundLmeetln.-
8-DisaDpearance from .New. York ot Edward
M. Field and serious illness of his father; CyrnJ J
W. Field. j. .The Shah of Persia burns cap.urea V
rebels alive
S-Warship New York launched at Thila
delpbla. 4 Severe windstorms general. . . , Attack upon
Bussell Page, New Tork. by a lunaUo demand
ing 1,900,OJ; ; .the.iiinn killed by his own bomb.
12 Conflict between rolice and Austrian and
Italian jnlners in -Cohrado; seven miners
killed. . ", .
Gboup3" of nations, even represent-.-ing
the highest phases of civilization,
must pass away. The time is comings J
ana ib may nob oe more inan .ten or
fifteen millions of years hence, when
this earth -will not be fit for the hab
itation of men,- for scienci pronounces
it nothing but a nearly- burnedout cin
der, or a bit of stellar dust, and tho
microscopic' life upon "its surface, in
cluding the historic races of. men, are
only transient and vanishing shadows.
Man'i a bubble,
Life's a dream; .
. The tiny craft
A moment floata
Adown the stream; '
Hrij- a man out bf a hoVonrje and he
may forjret you 'when h"e Isouti but he
will not fail to a I on ou the. next time.1
he falls In. "..
Be always at leisure to do good.
las-nii Says He Is a CWed.-
If WeU Treated Hei-e.
- I think thero are Just as many China-
. hien in the United States at present as
Ihero were -at. the time the'excltisloa
faeasurti $3 ttdopied, ind 1 dd dot &
lieve tk law hi beefa 'etSdedj siid S
'Chfnese Jttpoftr.ln Safa ' Fl-inclc , ik
centiy. top iniyfegard this i stfand
Utemct itx 'view. of. the stdtementi
bade from time id tfmfc fey .the nfe'wa
papers that Chinese -are leaving .thlrf
'tountry. by .almost every, .steamer for
China; and intend to remain there, ha-iuj
mado-mdnoy enough hero to keep them
for life In China- $owI ara a" China-
man, altho-jRh I have never been there;.
I'was bo'rn and. educated, in "-Au'stra i-a,
bnt know, the conditions and. pedplo of
China almost as well- as. if. I had.. I-
. know that tho Chihese.are the mosfmls
represented p2op!o-of any alien population-
In America.', 'i heir' -notices 'ar
impugned .their habits and custon.4 car d, and .the most ridiculous stor os
are fastened mpon their attributes by'ig writers connected with American,
newspapers. Thso- fools -they 'are
nothing else -except, pe'rhaps, liars
taake the -Chinaman a fr.eak and-barbarian;
a'hd. any -One' who really knows
anything about the-Chinoso 'eoptr tan
tell you he is neither, llo is. as loyal. t0
hi, adopted country as the thlrd-.genura--tlon
ovcr.lrpre.or two or. three-European
countries and much less .troublesomo.
The. Chinamen hi this countr.-a major:
'Ity. 1 aoean--don-t want to return .to
China, and are periet:tly satisfied to. re
main bera If a Chinaman is well-1
treated he is a good, citizen, aad will
give his money and his life to a" country
which shelters' him. He did not invadeL
this country, until your missionaries
came. to him and told him what a good
place' it was for him to -.come, and if be
bad known that pub Ic sentiment here
was- against him he wou'd. .not have- alL Plcaso bj ta very good aa
to tell your, pedplo so.
A' Very Caauaos 'Want.
Oat pf" jo-ts,- "diBtralt,'- -the bines." these
are fa-.-IHar appellatives fpr nncomf crtable, un
detlnable sensations. sce-:npanled With lassl
tntle. nervonsLet s, indigestion. Poverty of the
blood, to rmeJy -which en effective stomachle
persistently used Is the paramount need, is con
clusive evidence that the system is Insufficient
ly nourished becaute and for no other cause
-where organic disease does not exist the food is
not. assimilated. Be enforce, the flagging ener
gies of the stomach, reform an Irregular condi
tion of the bowels, keep np a healthful Secretion
of the bile wl h Hcstetttr's Stomach Bitters.
For over thirty years this popular medicino has
snppuea mo cotruncn paut oi-tne .nervous
valid, the dyspeptic and or persons .
deficient In
vitality, an efficient tonic. To Its power of im-
. ran inf? stre'egth is attributable lt efficacy as a
ITeventive cr mala I v ana ia grippe, inorouc
ly effective Is it, too. for rheumatism, kidney
'complaint and neuralgia. '
Napoloon Abiisedby Hli Subje-cts.
The German Emperor's spce-li -"the
Corsican paryonu -abo.nt 'apoleori I.
ha? caused the Prem h some trouble, but
it is a fact that in 1815 .h& was
by the French ia a very decided manner:
In that year Xsttoleoa's arrival in
Frmce was adnoiinced by a prominent
paper on successive days, in the, f oilmf
in'g -Manner
'j ho Ogre la? ccmijout of Ms cavo
the Corsicaa W.olf has arrived, in the'
Golf of" J nan.
The Tiger baa arriycd.ln Gay.
The Monster slept ia.Grenfiblo.
The Tyrant has passed through Lyons.
The Usurper has been seen sixty J
leagues from the capital..
Buonaparte, is advancing by forced
marches, but lie will- never enter Iaris.
Napoleon will be under our walls to
mo: row.
The Emperor has arrivcdatFontaino-blc'au-
His Imperial and Royal Ma'csty took
.up Ills residence yesterday evening at
the Tuiler.'es in. the midst of his faithlul
Why continue tlie use of remedies that
t only relieve, when Ely's Cream Balm, pleas
ant of application and a sure euro for Ca
tarrh and cold In the head, can be had?
I had a severe attack of catarrh and bc deaf I could not hear common con
versation. J suffered terribly from roaring
lo my head. I prtciired a bottle of Ely-
Cream Balm, and In three weeks could hear
ns well, as over, and riow I can fsay .to all
thaso afllicted nrl'tli tha worst of diseases,
catarrh, take Ely's C'reaih Balm and be
cured. It Is worth $1,00(1 to .any man, wo
man or child suffering from catarrh. A. E.
Newman, Graylln-;. Mich.
Apply Balm Into each nostril. It Is
quickly absorbed. Gives Kelieratroncc.
Prlce.50 cent-s at Drti'ssrists or by'mail.
.ELY BUOTIIEKS, 55 Warren St., New
York. ;
Ax iron buoy belonging to the Un'tod
States Hshthouso establishment recent!;
drifted across the Atlantic and wa
picked up on. the west coast of Ireland
Tlie lighthouse board, on. being- notlli d
o tho fact; presented the buoy to tho
Irish light service and it was thankfully
Alt, pieces of glass formerly wasted
are now, put to- use for de.'oratiyo j ur
poies . by a firm, of manufacturers in
Paris.. ' Fragments of various colors aro
placodin'a i rc-reslstlng. mold and raisod,
to a' high temperature, whoa a coherent
mas is prcdiked, which. an be .dressed
and cut Into blacks. These ar. of cotirso.
Irregularly colored. They may be used
as artlficia' marble, and, one surface of
each .block beih? usually rough, they are
readily secured, to walls by mortar. Do
signs In relief may bo pressed upon the
surface while still plastic
The Only One Kver Printed Can Ton
tlad the WordT
There Is a 3-inch display advertisement
In this-paper' this week, which bas no two
words alike except one word. The samo Is
true of each new one appearing each week
from. The Dr.. Hartcr Medicine Co. This placee. a "Crescent on everything
they make and publish. Look fpr it, send
them the name of the word, and they will
return you book, BiArni-m, utuogkaphs,
Botwer's CntuJfll'ed Propheejr.
In 1342 E. L. Bufwer, afterward Lord
Lytton, made these prophecies:. Fir-1,
that England would be iovadedi and
overrun by Americaand France, her,
naw cqilquercd and
second IT that aMTwouU
Inve back tho
encmuand flat thej
Tme would c5no
bf Europe would
parcel it utr uth-
Polandl it "Fiice must
ultim-jJply engulMEnrope, m Eur. po
crush "France; olalBislast Lpli certain."
Tho-vanity ojpblitica) paiphecy co.uld
not be letAer exetapllf a than by the
iacts that while happ!ly-no one of these
grave contingencies has arisen, the
writer of the above lines be arao, on'y
sixteen years latera cabinet minister 'n
a government on the "best of terms- with
. How About the Pbudesce of allowing a
Coujfh to run ,-on, rasping the Pulmonary j
and'BronChlal organs, when that approved
and speedy remedy Dr. D. Jayno's Expec
torant, can be obtained of any Apothecary?
There .have been 11,000 applications
fcr admission as students to the new'
Leland-Stanford, Jr., University, in Cal-.
. CeaEhiag Lead .to CeasBmptlb.
Kemp's Balsam will stop tbe Cough at
once, Go id your Druggist, to-day and set
aire sample bottle. Large bottles 50 cts.
gatlon companies In the world, of wfich
tne isngllsh own 6-1. the French 25 add I
tne uermans 12. la the United States
there are 15, ,
Tnafl. fb- mrMt
aaw a uaait-p.
Lavosai (
-Sprains,' Bruises, '
Brkt Hartk's English publishers lo I
yjear paid him fis.ooa
Mne. de -LKsinips te forty year.i
younger than her husband.
Patjl-.dc CHAiLi.'r it a bachelor, bdt
b$ 1$ said to have manners that chars
S ji Mohell M&cKtttzrz thinks with
Air. gjitirg'e'on that a etergyjnaa caa
Smoke a cigar "to ths glory bf God," if
tho cigar Is good, without harnt. -
It is do Ififigcr gocd form .to call tb$
emperor pfJdpin.tEo mikado lie is
now'ialIed kotei, and tfc'e. Chinese .em
poror answers to thJ title of-bak'tiJahart.
. that somo people think
there is stlil a ."eld'for'm'
United gates' Mmo:'La-Marochala
Bgoth, a Froncn'saivdtion army leader,
is goiu'g to'mako a tour, of the conn try.
. The ameer of Afghanistan- his-issued 1
a -pro-laaiation. announcing that he in
tohds to' visit Ebgjand. He has heard
o'f rile Jolly tfmoj his great friend, the
thah of i'.efsla. .had-whilo- visiting the
quocn and the -lirltish nobility. The'
'Tio.vs '4s q'ulto a surprlsa to England, as
the ameer has not beea invito'! to come.
VCTOKiE?r Saudotj's 'Wife -iut..tha
'famous. dramatic author for. tho'.'flrst
timo at breakfast ono morning at her
own homo, "V..era to had jcotiie to con-. -1
mi no..iainer,-Jir oouuo, airccior:oi
the naldco of Vcrsa'UUs It wai a base
I bf :ove at first- sight, and before Sardou
had Jolt to house she had given hljn.hor
Bow'e-llilsl , . .
We'-sffer Otie Hundred Dollars reward for anr.
esse of catarrh that cannot bo cured by taking
Ball's Catarrh Cure. .- ." '
"F. J. CBHN.EY. & CO.. Prtpsi qledo. Ohio.
ve, the tindersigned, havo known F.J.Cheney
for tho last 13 year, and believe him -perfectly-honorable
in all business" and
financially 'able to "carry put-any .'obligations
made by.ihelr.fir . . - "
YYkst A TBr-jix, Wholesale. Druggists. Toledo.
Ohio. - -. .
'!o, Kinxan A Mabvix, Wholesale I)rug-
Kists, Toledo. Ohio. ....
-Halls Catarrh Cora in tmVtm nrnKll-Bnt.
Ing directly upon ihe blood -and' mucous "sur-.
jai-t-B ui uie nysu-ui. . iree.
Price 73 cents per bottle.' Bold by J1 Drugglsta.-
" : : " ''.
How Ieep Iloes the Earth' )aake'.
Tho Miss'ssippi Xalley has recently,
tr pcrienced an earttiquako shbek which
for'sovority Utki not been -eqtrale'd "-for.
.-yeiirs. an incident which revives interest
Inlne query:- Jiow deep docs the earth
. "quake" when naituru shakes nor- crust
like tho cyclono does the circus tent?
At irginia City, Nevads.-tho great
earthquake of J87'J was. jibt noticed by'
the miners in tho deeper. portions of. the,.
Comstock mihes. Tho famous earth
.quake at the. Jamo place in 1874fc which
: shook- down chimneys, fire -.vall-v etc ,.
and cracked every brick building in the
city, was iueely noticed -by ome.-of the
miners working- in tho. "upper level?!"
but did them no damage, not e.err,sliak
lns down loose rocks, and earth:- .The'
station men in the various-shafts felt It
Strongest and thtf deepest DdTnt 'whe.rof-
It was noticed was by. the- ninth station
man, who was on watch at tho 000 foot
level, which is, of course, 900 feet below
the surface: He said it felt like a faint
throb -or pulsation of a'r, as.-though-a
blast had bcrn fired above, bc!ow; OTln
fo:no indoliuito direct on. In some, of
tlie " irgin a City mines tho sliock was.
not felt at all, not even by station men
in the shafts.
PtEABANrTwiroLEsoMr, SrzrDT: Three a-1-jectivos.
that apity to Balk's Honkt or Hoiie-m-UND
and Tar.
Pike's TooiHicrra Dnors Cure in one Minute.
Stove to Mature.
Thero aro records of elephants that,
have lived for 200 years, and an age of.
150 years is. not regarded as so very old
for : h elephant It takes about a quar-tur-of.
a century to get tho elephant tD
fall maturity.
Tiik lirltish poacher is now Leln fol
Jowi'djby tho electric s-arch Aght A
J1ht sovcral milo? away recent. y i'o-
.tect; an I identilied a (.ouple of th-s-n.
Special Care
Blion'd be taken lathe winter not toallow Uia btcod
to become depleted crlmpnre. salt ltdoesa tsduot
or nfnra'gt are HVelr to follow eiposur tot-oj J or
wet weather. Ilnod'n Soraparilla i an f-tcellont
preTe-.tive ot Iheie tronb!.ssltmkei tbe b'ood.
rich end pure, and ke.-p i the kldnejs and liver Ir m.
codk ttion. so liable t this f eis;n. If tou are u!
;'ect to rheumatic roubles. Uke ilooUTc barnptrlla
ss & aa eg. anl, and. we UUsto yon will be perlectly
aati-Qed -tth Its eJJects.
fcrc'i o-iic rbeumativa
Hood's Sarsaparilia
Id me more f-ood than anvthio else I have eer
taken." r.MiiXEB.Linieriik Centre. Pa.
HOOD'S PILLS enre liver ill. constipa
tion, biliousneiw. jjumlee, l"ck headache, indiges
tion. Sold by ell drauliti. Price 23 cents.
sh tunc.
ThisGREATCOUGH CURE; this saccefa
fnl CONSUMPTION CURE is sold By drag
fists on a positive guarantee, a test that no other
Cure, can stind successfully. If yon have a
will cure yon promptly. If your child has the
quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON
SUMPTION, don't waitnntil your case is hope,
less, but take this Cure at once and receive im.
mediate help. Large bottles,. 50c. and $1.00.
Travelers convenient pocket size 25c Ask
your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If yoai
lungs are sore or Back lame, use SbHoh's 'Por
ous Plasters. Price, 25c
Epileptic Fits, Fallis? SkineM, Hyster
ica, St. Titos Dimco, Kerreusatss,
Hypechosdria, MeludMlisu Ik
ebrity, Sleeplessness, Diz
diiess, Bralk aad Spl
at! W eafawsB
This medicine, has direct action .upon,
the njrve corirs. allaying .all.iiritabiH
tics, and Increasing tho flow and. $owpr
bf ncrvo fluid: It is perfectly 'harmless
--fr r - - .-- r "er.t.-t.
Vnlnahl Rook B N
INseaite-. sent iree to -bt snares-.
and' poor pattents can also obtain'
this inediclae free of charge.
This. remedy has been prepar-Sd. by the Beversnd
Bmutr Koeniir. of Fort wayne. no. since b-aioo
KOENIC MED. CO.. Chicago, lib
SritaTlrBmTsistBt9lvrIl6iat ftrS5..
f.jfc-1--., jsi.TS. 0RottIeirorS9.
relief, and iir an JSKAIXr---BLE
CUBE -tor PlLtH.
Price. $l; at'dnmlata or
. br.' mail. : ISamplea free.
Addreas "ANAKESD,'
Ilox-4ia !iw To nr Cttx.
P-aJVXC-Wa-i-p-ae an MKAnfeSI
M-diaabled. SZ-fee for locreaae. ayarie'z
pertenee. Write tor Iwa.-a.W.McOBM(c-s
A Boas.' Wabikotoh. D. C Cucimati.-0.
Bums, Swellings
1 -".l DB
r lower
This" U the query per-' .
What It petually oa your htUe
boy's lips. And he is
It For'?.- . no worse thautlebig-
- ger, older,
edboys Life is an interrfgatioii
: point. : V What is it for?" we con-
tifitijilly cry from -the cradle to the
grave. ScMrhhthis little introduc--.tory
sermon we turn and ask: "What
is August-Flower foK ?:; As easily.
answered- as asked : It is. for Das-"
pepsia.. It is a special -remedy for
theStomacli and Liver. Nothing,
more than "this-;- hut this brimfu?
We believe." An gust Tie: er cures
Dyspepsia. . -We know it will. We
f .have reasons for kriojving-it. Twenty-
years'ago it started in a'sniall country
tdwn; To-day- it has ah honored
pla'cein every city, and country store,
possesses qne.of the largest inanti-
facturintr plants' in the country and
-sells everywhere. -Why is this?, the
leaaon is us jiuiJic us a yunn -
thought. .It -is honest,- does, .one
"thing, "and does it .right alongr-it .
cures Dyspepsia. .. - .9
5ra j-wwwm r e t es JI T
U. U. UtUCN, '5lt aiamir,V uourj,n.j.
,It CTtiree CoM..Coach. Sore Throat. Croup.
Indiirnzii. WJioopiBk Couch. Ilruncliltl and,
AsUiiiim. A certain rure fiT. onnuiiU'tion it- t-t
S'aKrH. anl h Mir- rel)rf iii al,-iir-Hl.ttHt-p. -Use.
atn-.p. Voit w!Uiteet lie exr.etiet ett'ectr ree' .
-tatkitutthe tlrat rone..8oid.t-dea.r--eeirw. re,
'Large bolter. 3.) ceut and tlM. .'
-1-flH.pnrlfy BX.QOD; rertilate.
KIIJXE-eS, rcmovrf I.1VKR-.
ur. orncr, duih ireuu. renew..
. apietlte,:restore JiealUi and.
-- vlgortr youth. Dy-pepsla
lBtuselion, inamrcu it-n-
po-ver incroasea,
bonci. nerves', mu.
cle. recclveuewforce.
saffertox fro-a":ouiHatnt ne
T aafs AS-.KA.S jfWj frattrt - al"
-eaa-ssea)B-SBBB-aBBBBa-a'a --uce "i-f '-''1 J v-.e -...
roac bloom on ctiec,beautUleaCbruipreXloa.-
So)il -'ervwhe-'el Alt gepnlae roo'-t bear
"C-rscent.'' Send'Bsceattajxip forai-pajfa
pamphlet. r
.01. HAtTEHiMEBretat C0..W. todls. Ma,
llTCfTIiJ.TtlS-rPnt -ana -'tn .ta-mm.
If Bayotitaradncfrorn. choice and
cah tell'wheUier .far'niing".a8 air in
Vestraont pays. Dp "you make it"
pay ? Have.yon.;first-cIass-tool!-ix--tares,
etc.? iTou, say yes,, but- you
are wrong- if -you Bave.rro, .Bcarea
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