The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 09, 1891, Image 2

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AxzBicA can manufacture just as good
goods aa anybody.
Axxbicax pork likewise goes into
Australia, the restriction having been
Tbtb American hog went ahead of
American corn, but both are getting to
the front in vigorous shape.
A bthamitk factory at Haverstraw,
N. Y a frame building 50x 150 ft, blew
np, killing four men. The shock was
felt twenty miles away. Cause net
Thkkb men were, killed and' several
injured by a rather singular railroad ac
cident near Providence, B. L, Friday.
Fonr trains were piled up in a mass
Tax next regular annual meeting of
the Nebraska Farmers Alliance will be
held in Bohanans hall, Lincoln, Tues
day, Jan. 12, 92. Each subordinate al
liance ia entitled to one delegate.
Dxxveb has uncovered a foul den of in
famy, right in the heart of the city; ab
ortionists who employed solicitors to
bring them customers. Tho city is very
much agitated over the exposure.
Tn oil monopoly and the chief oil
iaapector are absolutely silent in the
face of The Bee's revelations in connec
tion with the oil inspectors. Probably
this is because they have nothing to
say. IBee.
" The Adams Express company will lose
about $75,000 by tho robbery of the
'Frisco night express car near Glendale
Monday night of last week by six mask
ed men. At this writing tho robbers
have not been apprehended.
An organized gang of incendiaries has
been caught at St Paul, Minn., who
made a regular business of setting fires
for a percentage of tho insurance mon-
' ey that was in it It was a clever piece
, of detective work instituted by the insu
rance companies.
. Jkbk Busk is doing a very good work
in his department His corn agent in
- Europe, CoL Murphy, has succeeded in
introducing the use of corn as a ration
for the German army, bread made of
half com and half rye having been de
termined on and resommended for use
in the Imperial army.
Uncle Sam's most formidable cruiser
"New York,"has been launched, and it
is confidently said that nothing afloat
"will dare engage her. Her maximnm
peed ia 20 knots, sustained sea speed
1&5 knots, coal endurance, 13,009 miles.
She has every modern convenience, and
ia lighted throughout by electricity.
Two children of Mrs. Kitts of Lima,
, Ohio, were left alone in the house while
'the mother went to a neighbor's. Dur
ing her absence the house took fire and
the children were not rescued until one
of them waa burned to death and the
other ao badly that it died in a short
' time. The oldest was three years of
a reduction of the public
debt the past month of $204,986.92.
, The cash in the treasury aggregates
$7856,750. The gold coin and bullion
fennel in the treasury aggregates $271,
00 843493, an increase of nearly $8,000,00i
"daring November, and silver fund
ramonnting to $412,896,340, about $3,-
OOOjOOO more than it was a month ago.
Fnrx persons lost their lives last
Wednesday night at Detroit, Mich by
the bnraing of the residence of George
J. Baia. The fire started about 2
o o'clock. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs.
Reis were found lying in a heap at the
foot of a stairway, and on tho upper
floor the dead bodies of three children.
Too much care cannot bo exercised
against fire.
Eight workmen were instantly killed
by falling walls at St Paul, Minn.,
Thursday. The walls feU about 1:30
--yum with the result above stated be-
iajuring a large number of work-
The walls had been inspected by
architect and reported safe, so the
men worked on in comparative safety.
There waa not a moment's warning when
the crush came.
Tnn Western Normal College at Shen
andoah, Ll, was entirely destroyed by
fxeTnesday night of last week. The loss
was about $60,000; insurance -$28,000.
The citizens are caring for the students
and all the classes are reciting in the
churches. Not' a single one of the thou
aand students has left, bat all declare
their intention of remaining. The ori
gin of the fire is unknown, but all who
anw it agree that ittarted intbecupc-
called to order bv
Morton, promptly at 12
oVIeek, noon, Monday. At 1 p. m. it ad-jMhrne-Lto-TaeBday
at jioon1TJie house
wna called to order at the same hour by
The roll disclosed
of 336 members out of 332.
to -noon Tuesday. The
faaHot "of -the democratic
m ftaananr 17, Hatch otevensl. The
hu au
tnatandbythem. Latbb
of Georgia
rted for. Be;
ibis to tha assise
..rSwSfiu m
11 aiaaflHMflHniaL. ana anncnuw m
KSrwtt? iW ta iectav
and maaiil Mian fOTflrarn
n uriMt im wry
' h T-L wE2 SaSTiS
UHW in ,5'I "
Thk ordinary acceptation of the term
tramp k a pour, way-faring man who
does not want to find work (whicn,
seemingly, he ia huntinffor very aaeid
nonsiyX but who expecta to make his
living, and actually does make all or the
greater portion of it, by preying upon
those who have worked and laid'some-
thinir bv. It is this last characteristic
! that makes the vtramp he tries to get
nnmethimr for nothing. In character he
is not different from any other of his
kind whether they live in fine houses
and wear good clothes, or go from house
to house, in rags. The man who lives
npon society without giving an equiva
lent, whether he be called king or beg
gar, has the elements of a tramp, ordi
nary or extraordinary, and the better
classes of society should find fit reme
dies against both of them. The repub
lican party started out to lower tne
crest of one of the greatest tramps the
world ever saw in the shape of the lnsti-1
. ......a
tution of human slavery, assuming not
only to take the work of millions of
their fellow-creatures for a mere "pit
tance of what it was worth (their keep),
but claiming property in the flesh and
blood of men, women and children, and
a right to say that these should be kept
in the grossest ignorance, to the end
that slavery might spread. The wrath
of the slaveholders made emancipation
a necessity. There are now corpoiated
evils recognized by men generally as
belonging to the class of robbers of the
public, (idlers, gamblers, wreckers or.
business values, etc) that must oe
checked, or overthrown, else the condi
tion of the people will become worse
and worse until bloody revolution and
anarch ' will do what indifferent peace
shall Lave failed to accomplish. The
Jotknai. has always plead for the solid,
sure, peaceable way of the laws and
their faithful and just execution every
where, and will so continue to plead.
The eye single that discerns the central
idea is better than a thousand-eyed
monster that looks everyway and really
sees nothing.
Big Fire at Liacela.
Last Tuesday evening at 8:30 a fire
broke out in the building occupied by
the Lincoln Paint and Color Company,
corner of Eighth and O sta, at the state
capital, and in half an hour the walls of
the large, four-story building fell in, and
in another half hour $100,000 worth of
property had gone up in smoke. Owing
to the nature of the contents several
car loads of paint and two hundred bar
rels of linseed oil, the heat was very
intense, and the adjoining property, the
wholesale grocery of Baymond .Bros.,
would doubtless have been food for the
flames, except for a double brick wall at
which the fire department were able to
make some headway. It is stated by
one of the Lincoln papers that it was
fully fifteen .minutes before the full
pressure was turned on the hose, and
water played till midnight on the ruins,
which were smoking yet on Wednesday
evening. The stock was valued at $05,-
000, machinery 15,000, and both were a
total loss. The amount of insurance
was S32.500. The bnilding was owned
by J. S. Gregory and was valued at $20,
000 to $25,000. It was insured for $10,
000. It is not known how the fire
originated; the book-keeper, Homer
Taylor, was the last man in the build
ing, and left it at 7 o'clock, after having
looked clear through it, and found ev
erything in the usual good order. The
company had been in business nearly
five years, and had a splendid establish
ment one of the best in the country,
their trade extending in every part of
the United States. It is said they will
renew business as soon as possible. Ev
ery business man in the city deplores
the loss as of one of the most nourish
ing establishments in the state.
At a quarter after twelve Friday, a
man shabbdy dressed and carrying a
brown hand bag, called at the office of
Russell Sage, Broadway, N. Y., and
asked to see Mr. Sage. He was told
that Sage was busy, but continued to
talk loud, when Sage came out to see
what was the matter. He asked the
man, who gave his name as H. D. Wil
liams, what was wanted. He said "If
you don't give me a $1,000,000 I will
blow you to pieces." On being refused,
the man opened the bag, produced a
dynamite bomb, and threw it at Sage.
Two of Sage's clerks were instantly
killed and several dangerously wounded.
One of he killed is a young lady type
writer. Sage's injuries were not serious.
The assailant was killed and the safe
was broken open by the explosion and
securities scattered about the street
Tariff Pictares.
The "carpet tax" liar has been singing
small lately. Np wonder. Every time
he shows his head a fact like this hits it
An Eighth avenue firm sells Axminster
and Moquetto carpets at
79 cents
a yard. That is less than the duty,
which is 60 cents .a square yard and 40
per cent ad valorem. Carpet is generally
a little more than a yard wide; but let
ting it go at that, the duty on these
goods is at least -
91 cents
a yard. And yet the Millses and other
free trade cranks are getting ready to
shout in the year 1892 "the tariff is a
tax." New York Press.
How generous the American people
when a real case of distress and misfor
tune is presented! A telegram from
Minneapolis says that the millers pro
pose sending a shipload of 40,000 barrels
of flour to starving peasants of Russia.
Five thousand American millers will be
asked to co-operate. The Russian min
ister at Washington had been communi
cated with, and in his absence the charge
d'affaires at New York wires that he has
laid the matter before his country.
Railroads are willing to give the trans
portation, and the deal will be closed as
soon as the Russian minister hears from
home. Minneapolis millers will give
200 carloads of the cargo.
Tire indications that Chili is prepar
ing for war, notwithstanding its declar
ation of a purpose to reduce its army
and navy, are numerous enough to war
rant the United States in keeping np its
naval preparations. Chili has not yet
shown any decided intention of making
reparation for the murder of the Charles
ton's sailors, and the chances are that if
it can get itself, into shape to make a
fairly successful stand agaiaat this coun
try, no reparation will be granted.
Thk FreisJaninge Zaitanjr of Bariin is
authority for aaying that th wpejaVbof
Emperor William, made a week ago en
the occasion of the administration of the
oath of allegiance to recraita of, the
guards, really contained the following:
Rr.rnititvou have. before prieat and al-
tar sworn fealty to me; that means that
you haye given yourselves to me, body
and soul. In the present socialist agna
tion I may order you, which God forbid,
to shoot down your relatives yoar bro
thers, even your parents and yon must
obev without a murmur.
Snow all day Wednesday at Fort Rob
inson. Beatrice had a $3,000 fire Friday
Kearney is after a bicycle factory that
will employ eighty to a hundred and
I fifty men.
The Lincoln Paint and Uolor company
expect to be in active operation again
within thirty days.
B. H. Vanlear, near Palmer, had aev
eral bones of his foot and leg broken in
a hay press Wednesday.
While coming down stairs Wednesday
Mrs. Felix Morgan of Nebraaka City
slipped and fell, breaking her arm.
While out sunning near Milford John
Grant and Lew Brown shot a gray eagle
which measured over sir feet from tip to
B. W. Barns and B. B. Marshall of
Nelson, shipped a car load of onions to
St Joseph antt received 50 ceats'a
The Omaha cooperage works were to
tally destroyed by fire last week. Loss
about $7,000. They will be immediately
A large white-tailed deer was killed by
coming in contact with a wire fence in
the outskirts of the town of Elkhorn,
Jacob Hoffman of Neligh, one of the
pioneers of Antelope county, 70 years of
age, has lost the use of his leftside by
A ten-months-old child of John Grib
ling of Gandy, was scalded to death by
the upsetting of a kettle of boiling
water Wednesday.
John Treber of Desdwood, S. D., who
has been sentenced to prison in Germa
ny for desertion from the army, former
ly lived in Lincoln.
N.M. Stanard living near Fairmont,
was killed Saturday by being caught in
fnmMintr rftH. Nearlv everv bone in
his body was broken.
Oscar Nandruff, a Clay county farmer,
lost the fingers and thumb of one hand
in the gearing of a threshing machine,
which he was attempting to oil.
The residence of Charles Wright of
Brunswick was destroyed by fire dnnng
the absence of the family, but neighbors
saved a portion of the household goods.
The last three winter exhibits of Ne
braska corn have been sent abroad to
CoL Murphy and were everywhere re
ceived with great interest by Europeans.
The contest between B. Wheeler of
Osceola and Judge Miller in the judicial
district south of us promises to be very
interesting, especially to the two parties
more nearly concerned.
S. S. Hoffman, a doctor of Beatrice,
presented a diploma to the state board
of health, from which the original name
had been erased by acids and his own
substituted. It wouldn't work on the
Will Orr of Summorfield came near
meeting death by his clothing being
caught by a rapidly revolving tumbling
rod. He wus whirled twice around when
his clothing tore off his body and releas
ed him.
The "Green Goods" man is yet in
business. Several business men herea
bouts have recently received most se
ductive proposals to engage in the trade,
but they have been in business some
time and did not bite. Blair Pilot
Three separate fires at Fremont Wed
nesday night after 12 o'clock were cer
tainly the work of an incendiary. One
barn burned. The fires were got- under
control. The man who would set fire to
residence property has murder in his
Two young traveling men selling rugs
and carpets by sample at Beatrice, re
fusing to pay $20 a day license, were
arrested and fined. They purpose test
ing the constitutionality of the law,
alleging the rate to be exorbitant and
Thursday, while L. H. Lyon of Madi
son was shelling corn, his right hand waa
caught in the gearing of the shelter and
was ground completely off. His forearm
was so terribly mangled that it hung in
shreds, rendering amputation necessary
at the elbow.
Frank Thiebault a 15-year-old boy of
Lincoln, was arrested Thursday after
noon charged with maltreating Reginald
Boyer, his 12-year-old companion. He
threw him down and rubbed cayenne
pepper into bis eyes, note and mouth.
Young Boyer'a eyesight will be destroy
ed. The Thiebault boy waa sent to jail.
It is expected that 1,200 teachers will
be present at the holiday meeting of the
State Teachers' association. The prom
inent educators of -Lincoln are making
extra preparations for the accommoda
tion of attendants. One of the special
features of the meeting will be an ad
dress by Judge Draper, supt of public
instruction for the state of New York,
on the evening of December 31.
At a husking contest Thursday on the
Pence farm north of McCool Junction,
York county, Elmer Day- and' George
Galvin husked '260 bushels of corn.
Day husked just fifteen pounds more
than Galvin. They were furnished
drivers and shovellers. Day was docked
forty pounds for having husks on a part
ot the first load husked. As high aa
thirty ears of corn a. minute was
shucked. ' ,
The residence of G. F. Lets, a farmer
living three miles of Steele City, waa
burned last Wednesday night Chil
dren playing with matches started the
fire and' the wind prevented neighbors
stopping it until quite aa extent of ter
ritory was burned over. Lets lost a
barn, cow and mid-wintarproviakn8.
Other parties lost large quantities of
hay. The loss is- about $2,000, with no
insurance. ' . '
A fire at Blair, which started in the
Odd Fellows building Thursday night,
destroyed six blocks, worth about $60,-
000. The L O. Q. F. loom, $4,000, in- J
avraaoe $100 a. E. Xelnp, druggist,
$3,000, inanranee $1,700.; Newell Jaek
aon, fSgOOO, no iasaranoe; N. M. Oater
lnnd, 16,080, insurance $5,0001 There
were other smaller looses. Oaterlnnd'a
clerk; who waa sleeping over the store,
barely escaped with hie life, anight
shirt, a pair of slippers and an overcoat,
the last gannent being put on after he
got a safe distance away from the tire.
'There is still some corn to husk in
these parts. Huskera were in demand,
not now.' The corn in some fields so
yielding beyond expectations, -other.
fields quite poorly. " Jl"' ,
. . W. 1. JSrnst will shut, nexw awhub
for an extensive hunt in the western
part ot the slate. We expect to take
in i ha snrrila- nn his return. - '-
Miss Kate Erb who has been assisting
her sister Mrs. H. B. Jeed tne past sum
mer, is stopping at home at present, for
a little recreation. -
Miss Katie Browner resumed her
teaching in Colfax county last Tuesday
the same school she taught last year,
in which she gave such excellent satis-
Fred. Stenger bad a turkey raffle last
week in which the young men of this
Munmnnitv triad their luck. We did
not learn who came nearest to catching
the turkey.
Alfred 0. Pickett grandson of our es
teemed neighbor, D. D. Picket, arrived
last week, and will spend the winter
with Mr. and Mrs. Angelo C. Pickett
As soon as Alfred Stenger can get his
business in shape he will take his two
children and join his mother, who re
aides in California.
A. W. Clark is affected with something
supposed to be the la grippe. Ai W.
seems to be unable to get rid of that
terrible disease.
Ella, second daughter of Owen
MoHan. ia verv low with rheumatism.
an had that she is unable to eat Her
recovery is doubtful.
Mrs. T. Johnson and Mrs. J. C. Curry
made a pleasant call at Mrs. A. C.
Pickett's last Tuesday afternoon.
John Herring is nursing a very bad
fnlnn nn his rumt hand.
SpteiMea Cases.
S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis., waa
troubled with neuralgia and rheuma
tism, his stomach was disordered, his
liver waa affected to an alarming degree,
appetite fell away, and he was terribly
reduced in flesh and strength. Three
bottles of Electric Bitters cured him.
Edward Shepherd, Harrisbnrg, HL,had
a running sore on his leg of eight years'
standing. Used three bottles ot Elec
tric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and his leg is sound and
well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had
five large fever sores on his leg, doctors
said he was incurable. One bottle of
Electric Bitters and one box ot Buck
len's Arnica Salve cured him entirely.
Sold by C. B. Stillman, druggist 3
Platre fester.
In spite of its many eyes the Argus
can not cee, and I believe an operation
will have to be performed. If one of
those many eyes could only have seen in
the true light it would not have made
the mistake of calling a man an egotiet,
when he simply joins with those. who
feel happy over the possibility of raising
an ntinnrinnt ernn nf nloror.
David Jfolliott or uurrows, lose iwoi
children recently with dipnthena, one a
bright little girl of about 8 years, and a
boy or about u, equally as Dnguu one
child remaining, a babe of about 10
months, is reported very low and not
likely to recover. The parents- are
nearly heartbroken in tneir dartc uouroi
Our new elevator is nearly-completed
and has been leased for a period of two
years to Michael Morrissey. a. s.
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St Panl
By is the only line running solid vest
ibuled, electric lighted and steam heated
trains between the Missouri river and
Chicago, consisting of new palace sleep
ing cars, elegant free reclining chair
cars, luxurious coaches and the finest
dining cars in the world. The berth
reading lamp in its palace sleeping cars
is patented and cannot be used by any
other railway company. It is the great
improvement of the age. Try it and be
convinced. Close connection in union
depot at Omaha with all trains to and
from tho west For further particulars
apply to your ticket agent or
F. A. Nash, Gen'l Agt
W. a Howell,
Traveling Fr't and Pass. Agt,
25febft Omaha, Neb
Weather Report
Review of the weather near Genoa for
the month of November, 1891.
Mean temperature of the month
Mesa do same month last year
Highest daily temperature 4th
Lowest do 17th
Cvlear days . .....................
vair oays ................................... "
Cloudy days U
ralndara 10
High winds days
Bain or snow fell during i
portions of days
Kaia and melted snow inches..
Do same mo. last year
Inches of snow.... ........ ...........
Do same mo. last year
Prevailing winds N.W. by N.
Heavy fog on 3d.
Very hazy on 5th,
Ground frozen on 17th.
Frost and slight ice throughout the
New Try This.
It will cost you nothing and will sure
ly do you good, if you have a cough,
cold, or any trouble with throat, chest or
lungs. Dr. King's New Discovery for
consumption, coughs and colds is guar-'
anteed to give relief, or money will be
paid back. Sufferera from la grippe
found it just the thing and under ite use
had a speedy and perfect recovery. Try
a sample bottle at our expense and learn
for yourself just how good a thing it is.
Trial bottles free at Stillman's drug
store. Large size 50c and $1. 8
Election of Omecra,
At the regular meeting of Baker Post
No. 9, G. A. R. of this city last Saturday
night, the,following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: S. L. McCoy, com
mander; O. D. Butler,- senior vice com
mander; W. W. Bice, junior vice com
mander; John Burrell, surgeon; John
TannahilL officer of the day; E. C. Mor
row, officer of the guard; H. T. Spoerry,
quartermaster. The office of chaplain
was temporarily left vacant Adjutant,
quartermaster, sergeant, sergeant major
and sentinel will be appointed at the
first meeting in January. .
SehMl Report.
Report ot school district No. 3 for
month ending, Nov. 25, 1891: Number
days taught 18; total enrollment 16;
number left school 3; average attend
ance 8; those not tardy or absent during
the month and averaging above 75 per
cent in examination Lillian Murie 81
percent Blanch Connor 79 per cant
MA. Welch, Teacher.
Ptteh-tft etri.
CltT CmmII.
'Mia tv council helda regular meet
ing last Friday night, allprtsent except
Councilman Grey and' Pollock, when
the following routine of business was
City Attorney Header preented coa
truei between eitv of Columbua and D.
N. Miner to build sidewalks on certain
described streets. The contract waa
accented and waa at once duly signed
kv Mavnr Ttaamtx.
A petition by a. neiniz, aanng ior a
franchise to construct maintain and
- .... "i . WW . m
operate' an electric plant to furnish
electrio power, was referred to judiciary
The committee appointed to report on
the matter of opening np"M" and "K
streets, over and across the IT. P. rail
road, were very much in doubt ot the
possibility of the matter, because of
ordinance No 55 passed and approved
June 4,1877, and requested the o.ty at
torney to render an opinion on the sub
ject. The question of Pauper Frankie now
mis and ftia nftnr onmmiaoioner was
instructed to investigate the matter and
report at tne next meeting.
A number of bills aiurreeating the
sum total of $657.03 were now allowed
and the clerk instructed to draw war
rants for tho same.
Adjourned until Dec. 18-1891
E. W. Sawyer, of Rochester, Wia, a
prominent dealer in general merchand
ise, anil who runs several peddling wag
otis. ii.-.d tine of his horses badly cut and
burned with a lariat The wound re
fused to heal. The horse became lame
and stiff notwithstanding careful atten
tion and the application of remedies.
A friend handed Sawyer some of Bailer's
Barb Wire Liniment the most wonder
ful thing he ever saw to heal such
wounds. He applied it only three times
and the sore waa completely healed.
Equally good for all sores, cuts, bruises
and wounds. For sale by Wm. Kear
;iiA 11
Baby cried,
Mothersighed, .
Doctor prescribed : Ca-toria I
ark Twain,
This noted humorist lives in Hereford,
Conn., and by hia own writings has
made life more pleasant to thousands.
By the use ot Mailer's Sarsaparilla and
Burdock thousands of lives have been
lengthened and life made pleasant
Both are benefactors and both are enti
tled to the thanks of mankind. For
sale by Wm. Kearville. 11
As a preventive and cure for croup,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no
rival. It is, in fact the only remedy
that can always be depended upon and
that is pleasant and safe to take. There
is not the least danger in giving it to
children, as it contains no injurious
substance. For sale at 50 cents per
bottle by C. E. Pollock & Co. and Dr. A.
Heintz drtggists. tf
A Hesse Bswa Sloe Vs.
Baby had a cold, Mrs. McGinnis said
hot whisky. Aunt Katy said catnip tea,
Cousin Em. said rhubarb was the thing.
but Grandpa (heaven bless him) said
Haller's Sure Cure Cough Syrup would
take the cake, and it did. For sale by
Wm. Kearville. H
St. Patbick's Pills are carefully
prepared from the best material and
according to the most approved formula,
and are the most perfect cathartic and
liver pill that can be produced. We
sell them. C. E. Pollock & Co. and Dr.
Heintz, druggists.
In the district court of Platte county, Ne
braska. In the matter of the estate of Peter J. Lawrence.
This cause came on for hearing npon the peti
tion ot Phebe J. Lawrence, executrix of the
estate of Peter J. Lawrence, deceased, praying
for license to sell the southeast quarter of the
southwest quarter, the northwest quarter of the
southwest quarter, and the west half of the west
half of the northeast quarter of the southwest,
nnartr of section number twenty-eight (28). and
lot number two (2), in section number thirty
three (33), all in township number seTenteen
(17) north, of range number one (1) east of the
Sixth principal meridian in Platte county, Ne
braska, containing one hundred and eleven and
thirty oneJinndreths acres according to govern
ment survey, ior tne payment oi ueoi ogamm
mill Mtara- and the costs of administration.
there not being sufficient personal property to
pay the said debts and expenses.
It is therefore ordered that all persons inter
ested in said estate appear before me at the court
house in Columbus, Platte county, Nebraska, on
iae ziui oay ox ueccmutrr, iovj. ntu wuv i. .,
to show cause why license should not be granted
to said executrix to sell so much of the above
described real estate of said deceased as shall be
necessary to par said debts and expenses, and it
is further ordered by tho court that notice be
given by publication of this order in Tas Co-
ixmBva JocBKAfczour successive weecs. .
Dated this 9th day of November, JgW.
a V DnQT
Judge District Court for Sixth Judicial Dis-
incu ...
Tn fthn district eonrtof Platte county. Nebraska.
October term, A. D., 1891, to wit: November
11th, UU. ....
In the matter of the estate of Olof B. Holm, an
insane person, uraer to snow cause.
This canes came on for hearing noon the neti
tie of William J. Irwin, guardian of the person
and the estate of Olof B. Holm, an insane per
son, praying for license to sell the south half of
the northwest quarter of section thirty, in town
ship nineteen north,'of range three west of the
0th P. M., for the purpose ot paying the debts
and expenses of and maintaining the said insane
person, there not being sufficient personal prop
erty tor ww purpose.
It ia therefore ordered that the next of kin and
all persona interested in said ward and ia said
estate appear before me. A. IK Post, judge ot the
district court oi riaiM county, neorassn, ax roe
office of M. Whitmoyer, in the city of Columbus,
in amid county, on the 24th day of December.
18H, at 11 o'clock a.m.. to show cause why a
license snotua not oegranua ie sua guaraisn
to sell said real estate.
It is further ordered that a oopy of this order
be published four (4) successive weeks in The
Cox.uiCBtm Jocwui. weekly newspaper pub-
usnea in we cut oi uubbhwi, in saia county.
uatea, nor. izw, ion.
Judge District Court.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb.,
November 24, KM. f
Notice is hereby given that the following,
named settler has filed notice cf his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the clerk of
the district court, at Columbus, Neb., on Janu
ary 9th, lSBvix: Frank Bok. Hd. No. 17053, for
the 8. H 8. W. H of section 2, township M north,
of range 2 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence npon and cultivation of,
said hud, vis: Joseph 8obs, Karminsx Boric.
Joseph Opiela, of Dnnean, Neb., and Frank
Bkor npa, of Columbus, Neb.
FBAinruir Bwnrr,
aderft Register.
E. T. AIXEK. M. D.,
Eye-and -Ear- Surgeon,
Secretary Nebraska State Board
of Health,
W turn Block, OMAHA, TfJBP
afTLnm tl mainaiii l II "
BnBart of BapervWws in Itgnlar
Movemoer nv imu, aeciarao. open m a
roaoinsccorannrewuna pemxion orne legal
ly required number of freeboders orBntler
township, the foUOWng dsecribe7WJand,Hrit:
A stripW land thirtfahree (33) feeNdde oBVf
the entirMrest aide otvhe northweefcuiuarter
(N. W. VjToWctton 28, tdte 17. range lsst of
Now all obiecOCsto the lodulpn of this road,
or claims for iIiiiimbii caused tnWeby, mast be
fillndn the county enck's dioeVor before
noonIaaua(T lltn, A. n803, or tnvjocation
may be nade without furtBnc reference thereto.
Ikted Cofubus, Neb., NofMLiaei.
18nov4 s County Clerk.
response to the extraordinary demand
Jackets, we did on juonaay place on sale the iol- ,
lowing desirable ' Garments.
1 '
1 -
Vwl-nn 1mm "DnnAvn To1rAfa vmaflA f 1'lCrVi'f' AVft
.EULULO lUUg JMTC&V7J. f C.sJV7l iuouc vi uguu utu n wi vuciiuv, wuoi "
edge of extra lustrous wool Astraghan heavy cord loops, this is a most0
Shruung garment, unequaieu lur voiuc. rvciuciuuer .but; yrux9 u.w.
am aaalaF vv apa.? 4 v
$6.50, $6.50, $0.50!
Extra long Reefer Jackets; made of fine wool heaver, in dark navy
blue, collar and edge of curly wool Astraghan, black satin facing, silk or
naments with Astraghan tufts. A very showy and stylish garment.
$6.50, $6.50, $6.50:
Our entire stock of Plush Jackets and Cloaks at cost. Plush Jackets,
satin lined, former price $10.00, now $7.50.
Plush Cloaks forty-two inches long reduced to $12.00, $15.00 and
$20.00, former price $15.00, $20.00 and $25.00. All of our Misses' and
Children's Cloaks reduced to close. m
Commencing Monday we placed on sale twenty-five pieces of all-wool 4-4 Tricot in all describable colors at the
low price of 25 cents a yard, remember these are all wool. 'Ten pieces of faucy Boucle Dress Goods twenty-eight
inches wide 12 cents a yard, former price 20 cents. Fifty pieces of Standard Prints at 5 cents a yard. Ten
pieces of all-wool 5-oz. Plaid Flannels, warranted not to shrink, at 23 cents a yard, worth 35 cents.
In our Clothing Department we are offering all-wool men's Suits for S7.50. Men's heavy Ulsters at $4.50.
Men's Melton Overcoats at 85.00.
A full line of ladies' men's and children's Rubber Overshoes at the very lowest prices. Respectfully,
What is
Caatoria it Dr. Sammvel Pitcher's arescriptiOM for Intuits
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OIL
It is Pleasant. Its cnaraatee is. thirty years' use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
fererishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, jiving healthy r, and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend.
Cantoris isaa excellent medicine for eM
dfen. Mothers have repeatedly told me of Ma
good eect npon their children."
Da. Q. C. Oeeoon,
CastorU to the bent remedy f or ehOdren of
which I am acquainted. I hope the day is not
far dhaat when nwUerawJUconsider the real
totereat of their children, and nee Castoria in
tead ot the various quack nostrmmtwhich are
Oeitroytoc their loved ones, by foreacopium.
Mrpbine, mowing; vnrp.ana oiner wa-uiu
i down their tnroais, uereoy
i to mmstiirs graves."
Conway, Ark.
PkA sTahnnr GamnnaaT. TI Mnxvay Stmnt,
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Lamps, Glassware,
Queensware, Etc.,
As Can be Found in This Section of Nebraska.
tyThe very highest market price paid in trade for country produce,
the present, in the Olack block, corner of Eleventh and North Streets,
Ktfun in uio . wwiel
Twatftfc tttwttp OnMsito II. P. Ocant
relief and to aa tnraiubie
Car Aw Mies. PricefL By
lajTljaai mfAUkU
Box mm, Newjrork CHy.
vtjj at jw avb?
S5S BfijairiBiijm
M y nn
ited offering ofl-adies', Misses and
5.00, $5.00!
" Castoria fe so well adapted to children that
I recommend it asaaperior to any prescription
known to me."
H. A. Ancsn,M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T.
"Onr phyaiciana in the children's depart
nsent have spoken highly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria,
and alttKl"e we only nave among our
medical supplies what ia known as regular
products, yet wo are free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it."
United Hospitai. asd wsposanr.
AixaaC. Surra, iVes.,
Mow YrkCtty.
l j. ami
cheaper 'than any bodr. opposite Clother bonse.
Parties interested am hereby advised to send
me proposals'at once for the purchase of
N. W. . SBC. 4, T. 19 N., of R. 3 WEST, -
as I have n oastonwr who desires to close cen-
Mac imwwpwwy. .rur uvucumid wuin r
call on nw at Colambtw, Nebr.
ataovSan B.McTAGGAKT.
Children's Cloaks.
for long Reefer
T7y1 SVk AYritfvt- A11wli airi1
50 vents out the dollar
east. WeVever buy
at regular
like other merchants
do, and we
re vou the benefit ot
our experience
AVe know our com
our goods are daai
. AVe can't control -
pernors tell yo
aged and shod
their mouths
only ask you to"
ite the senses Gl gave you to con-w
vict them of lyingand our money is .
always-ready to retuWlor any decep
tion. AVe buy the sank; goods they
do but of different partvs and in a
different way. The onlV difference
between their 81.00 UNPEkWKAK ami
our T0 cents, is the price.
Our 4ii.ovE3 at 85 others sell at.
We hd
( shoes at Sl.oO
that othel
iret from S2..10
lor. So
all through our
Our motto
underby and lUN-
"We have
:est vaneti
Christmas goods
bought from
of OmahV
larters and
shipped in by the cai
load so we
saved one dealer's profit
nd half the
freight, and you get the
tenefit. -
Come and see and sav
the dollars.
No usecoing to the city our prices -
are lower thajMii Omaha and we will
get anything you want if we don't "
have it.
Remember that all purchases of.ns.
before January 1st count on the con-
test for those elegant presents par-
855, etc.- No blanks.
Bring your butter and eggs.
F. H. LAMB & CO.
We have just opened a new mill on M etrset.
opposite Schroedem floarinc sill and nre Znl
pared to do ALL K1NDB OK WOOD WoET
Bach as .
Sask, Doors,
BliBis, MoNiHg,
Store Frosts, Coasters,
Stairs, Stair Bailing,
BaUsters, Seroll SawiBr,
Timing, PlaMiag.
tar-All orders promptly attended to.
or address.
Colambaa. Nebraska.
L. C. VOSS, M. D ,
Hiiiipatkic Pkysiciu
AtZ0Wl.nti in chronie
-.-- .-.,-. mwaiIUH BJlVVsst lO
aa mm
raurnucron OF TBS
The Finest in The Citn.
Bar Store
Our stores are Aw loaded
tne nmi
M, 1
jm$ ac
fisnn o
o o
i r
1 ?&
t '
r i
of the canons.
1 .',
r- ' .
.TJJ."tl.1-v j'V -. -
' -j w"-rE- xrL. ".. - v
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. .
W .''
.- --i T