The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, May 20, 1891, Image 4

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A Weekly Newspaper isned ererj
32 ftlmras f petdiig Batter.
adstii-gtf Nebraska State Newi
Items, Selected Stories aid
C-ample copies seat Ve to
Bnbscriptioa prios,
SI a yar, ! Idvtice.
M. K. Tvtatwm k Oa,
Platte Ocx. Nebt
Olive St., nearly opposlta Post-sffloa.
AH kiln's tf Repairing deie n
Skort Netice. Baggies, Wag
tas, etc.. Bade to order,
aid all work Guar
anteed. Abo tell the world-fanons Walter A.
Weod Mowers. Reapers, Combin
ed Machines, Harvesters,
and Self-binders the
bast made.
tWShop opposite the " Tattersall," on
OIIto St.. COLUMBUS, 2C-ir
Judicious Advertising
Creates many a new business,
Enlarges many an old business,
Revives many a dull business,
Rescues many a lost business,
Saves many a failing business,
Preserves many a large business.
Secures success in any business.
So Mr a man of business, and we add that
Judicious advertising, for this section of country,
As one of the mediums, because it is read by the
beet people, those who know what they want ani?
pay fom hat they get. We challenge comparison
with any country paper in the world in this r.
pect twenty years publishing by the same
management, and never one dun to subscribers
published in The Jocbnal. This, better than
an thing else, shows the elass of people who
read The Journal every week. tf
Wore win aa4 slats, cut willows, split boards
r aortal
bine of the sort, nsed: after Doeta are set.
feme can be made and stretched oa the groaad.
ia the winter, by a boy or ordinary farm hand,
M to M reds a day, and caa work it ever any
Croud. The man who has one of these ma.
caiaes osa baild a fence that ia mere durable and
safe than any other, and make it at less cost.
The Bsachiae aad a sample of its work caa be
tea ia the city oa 11th street at Ernst Bchwars
hardware store. Willsell racainse, or territory,
or contract to pat ap fasces.
The beet book for aa
advertiser to oos
salt, be be expert
need or otherwise
paBeraaaa estimate
aamA ana dollar. Sad la tttfce lav
tea awjeOred thousand, dollars ia aeV
esae u laoieatea wuea wiu
reoulremeat, or earn at sbmU
lelj wo jam, t aay address for Heta.
Witt t GEO. F. lOWHi
var w we
l a oo.
1"i ill nfT-'- Y-'' --"
eat hiss as laHnetad for MODEBATl
OFFICE. We have ao sab-agencies, all
(.aeaeewe earn transact pateat
LatUCSauoST taaa tfe
dzawiacor cheto,witk
We advise if patentable or mot. free of
Bet ae tin pateat is secured.
to Obtain Patents." with refer.
teaetmal clients iayomr state, coaatyas
seat free. Address
laifar Afwats Wawte.1
r Cncciaae
tjSM Brmtav aaftty Bete 1
mrsafj away latiedee
tag beys from I to Llsss
en. reasaieaaaa
ssssBissssssiiaasiaaHlssssssssssssssM -ssflvjiiiWlV
naaafalaa lists af
This I beheld, or dreamed it in a dream;
There spread a cloud of dust along a plain.
And underneath the cloud, or In it, raged
A furious battle, and inenyeUed, and swords
Shocked upon swords and shields. A prince t
Wavered, then staggered backward, brmnwl
by foes.
A craven hung along the battle's edge
And thought: "Had I a sword of keener steel
That blue blade that the king's son bears 1 But
Blunt thing!" He snapped and flung it from
his hand
And lowering crept away and left the field.
Then came the king's son, wounded aore
bestead, . . . .
And weaponless, and saw the broken sword
Hilt buried In the dry and trodden sand.
And ran and snatched it, and with battle shout
Lilted afresh, he hewed his enemy down
And saved a great cause that heroic day.
Explaining-WliyTher la Less Deafness.
A perceptible decrease In deafness has
been noticed of late, which is partly ac
counted for by those in position to know to
the more general use of artificial means now
perfected to a degree hitherto impossible.
A very complete device of this kind was in
vented in Bridgeport, Conn., a few years
ago by H. C. Wales, which, being placed in
side the ear, is worn with a secret delight
by many whose deafness is thus never sus
pected. McHale, the able Minnesota legislate!
who was the father of the anti-tights
bill, is said to be the most utterly crushed
man in the United States, excepting,
perhaps, Mr. Ingalls. The people of his
state, of every sex and condition in life,
have apparently conspired to make life
a burden to him, and they have suc
ceeded to a remarkable degree. He
does not dare to tie his horse to a hitch
ing pest but some fellows come along
and incase the animal's legs in old
trousers. When the girls meet him on
the street they giggle. If he orders a
meal in a restaurant the chicken's legs
will be brought to him wrapped is
When Baby was sick, we gave hi
Whea she was a Child, she cried f or Caetoria,
When she became Kiss, she ehmg to Castoria,
t ahs hid ChiMrea, she gave them Castoria
Josiah Qcikct, the pompous demo
cratic leader of Boston, not long since
left the state house for the city hall, and
was passing along a corridor of the lat
ter edifice when two city laborers ob
served him. "Who's that, Pat?" in
quired one of them. "That? Why
that's Josiah Quincy." "And who's
Josiah Quincy?" "Mike, I never saw
the likes o' you. Did ye never head o'
young Josiah Quincy? Why, he's he's
the grandson of the statue out in the
yard there."
The best cough medicine la Piso's Cure
for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 25c.
The Rev. Thomas James, who was
born a slave at Cauajoharie, N. Y., in
180-1, died a few days ago. When he was
17 years old he was sold for a yoke of
steers and a colt. In his youth he was
called Tom and Jim, and he afterward
united the two names and became the
Bev. Thomas James.
The Turkish Sultan's kitchen costs
the empire $200,000 annually. The
building extends 150 feet ofl every side.
The dishes are scaled in the kitchen by
no less a person than Osman Pasha, the
hero of Plevna, and are unsealed in the
Sultan's presence.
Talk's cheap, but when it's
backed up by a pledge of the
Iiard cash of a financially re
sponsible firm, or company, of
world-wide reputation for fair
and honorable dealing, it
means business
Now, there are scores of
sarsaparillas and other blood
purifiers, all cracked up to be
the best, purest, most peculiar
and wonderful, but bear in
mind (for your own sake),
there's only one guaranteed
blood-purifier and remedy for
torpid liver and all diseases
that come from bad blood.
That one standing solitary
and alone sold on tried, is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery.
If it don't do good in skin,
scalp and scrofulous diseases
and pulmonary consumption
is only lung-scrofula just let
its makers Know and get your
money back.
Talk's cheap, but to back a
poor medicine, or a common
one, by selling it on trial, as
"Golden Medical Discovery"
is sold, would bankrupt the
largest fortune.
Talk's cheap, but only "Dis
covery " is guaranteed
The snecesa of this Great Costa Cere k
without a parallel in the history of medicme.
All druggists are authorized to sell it oa a poa,
hive guarantee, a test that so other care caa sac
cessfully stand. That it may become kaowa,
the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are
Discing a Sample Bottle Free into every home
In the United States and Canada, Ifvoaaavt
a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, fat
it will care yoa. If your child has the Croup,
or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and rebel
is sure, it you areaa insx msaiou
Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist foe
SHILOH'S CURE, Price to cts., co cts. assl
fl.oo. If your Langs are sore or Back laas
aee SbHoh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 eta.
at the head of
all blood medicines).
Has Cured Others
of boils, pimples,
eczema, dyspepsia,
sciatica, rheumatism,
catarrh, and scrofula.
If taken promptly,
Will Cure You
tLJBffloiM Mad icime.
Cosasaents aad Criticisms Based ITpo
the Happening or Us Day-Historical
susd News Note's,
The cochineal insects famish a great
many of the fine colors. Among tbem
are the gorgeous carmine, the crimson,
scarlet carmine, and pnrple lakes.
A Japanese writer says that Dr. W.
E. Griffis well-known work oa Japan,
"The Mikado's Empire," is by far the
best American -work on the subject.
When the carpet has been soiled by
ink, instantly apply blotting paper,
then milk, then blotting paper, and so
on until the Hoot is out, as it will be.
Don't rub.
The exquisite Prussian blue is made
by fusing horses' hoofs and other reftue
animal matter with impure potassium
carbonate. This color was discovered
The dust collected by a small patch
of snow between Xov. 27 and Dec. 27
last iudicatei that 1000 tons of soot
settles monthly on the 110 sqnare miles
of London.
The trustees of a Pennsylvania county
school didn't have catarrh and didn't
want it, and when the school ma'am
wouldn't spell it -catar" they bounced
her and got a teacher who would.
Pennsylvania wants English as she is
The first water mill ever built was
erected on the River Tiber, at Borne,
A. D. 50. Wind mills were in original
use in the twelfth century. Tide mills
were operated in Venice about 1708.
Saw mills are said to have been in use
at Augsberg, Germany, about .1332.
The term "bine stocking" was orig
inally used in Venice about the year
1400 to designate literary classes by
colors. The application of the term to
women originated with Miss Haunah
More's description of the "Bine Stock
ing Club" in her "Baa Bleu."
To make an impermeable glue, soak
ordinary glue in water until it softens,
and remove it before it has lost its
primitive form. After thi9, dissolve it
in linseed oil over a slow fire until it is
brought to the consistency of a jelly.
This glue withstands water.
A substance having all the essential
qualities of silk has been made from
wild hemp of Japan. The plant grows
on moors and hillsides, and could be
cultivated. The fiber is strong and
glossy, and several silk factories are
said to have found it to be in no way
inferior to silk.
Bells were invented byPanlinus,
Bishop of Nola, in Campagnia, in or
about the year 400. They were first
nsed in France in 550, in Greece in 864,
and in the churches of Europe in 900.
In Switzerland they first appeared in
1020. The first tuneable set of bells
kuown to England were used in Croy
land Abbey, Lincolnshire, in 9ti0.
SoFAnasthe hotels of Europe are
concerned, not one in .fifty has a fire
escape of any sort, and not one in a
hundred burns lights to point out the
stairways in the night The idea that
any of them will ever bnrn up is the
last thing to be considered. When one
does, the guests are of course charged
with "extras."
The whaling schooner William A.
Grozier, of Provincetown, carries one of
the youngest sailors afloat the captain's
son, aged 13 years, who is now making
his seventh voyage whaling. He goes
as assistant mate and navigator. He
is regarded as a mascot both by owners
and crew, as good luck has followed
every trip.
The first martyr to American liberty
was Christopher Snider, 11 years old.
On Feb. 22, 1770, a mob, principally
boys, attacked the house of Mr Rich
ardson in Boston, owing to his having
attempted to remove certain marks set
against the house of Lille, who had
contravened the importation law.
Richardson fired upon the mob, killing
young Snider.
Several lota of French paintings for
the Berlin art exhibition arrived on the
Berlin-German border on Feb. 28. The
breaking out of the anti-German move
ment in Paris had, however, so appalled
the artists who sent them that all tele
graphed to the custom house officials
instructions to hold every consignment.
A few days later orders were received
that the pictures should be returned to
Paris, and back they went.
It is estimated that there are always
50,000 Americans in Italy, and that
there are now ten times as many Ital
ians in this country. Nearly all the
Americans in Italy are well off, and
nearly all the Italians who came to this
country are in poverty. In most cases
the Americans who go to Italy spend a
few weeks or months there, while the
Italians who come to the United States
expect to stay here. The Americans in
Italy spend their money; the Italians
in the United States earn money.
A new glass is said to have been in
vented which is as Lard aud tough as cast
iron. It is proposed to employ it in the
manufacture of stairs, street lamp-posts,
and gas and water pipes. If it can be
nsed for the last named purpose, and
thus do away with the dangerous lead
nipe, it will be an acquisition, indeed.
It is thought that these and similar
articles can be made of this new glass
30 per cent cheaper than they can
be made of cast-iron.
An old crank named Conner, living
in Iowa, tried to upset the last State
election because he was too busy to go
to the polls and vote. It cost him $800
in cash and a good deal of trouble, and
the courts put a flea in his ear which
made him lose fifteen pounds of flesh in
ft day.
At one of the steel works in Alle
gheny City. Pa., there was recently
rolled a strip of steel for a spring six
inches wide, one-quarter of an inch
thick and 310 feet long The order for
it had been tendered to all the large
English and Continental works, . but
none of them wonld undertake the task.
"I ah going to die!" exclaimed a de
spondent youth, as he entered a Sac
arsaento saloon not long. ago, "Give
aaea glass of beer in which'to take this
poison." The drink was handed to hint
by the obliging barkeeper, who a mo
ment afterward saw him sprinkle a
small powder in it and drink it Two
hours later the man died, having taken
strychnine. The barkeeper, when in
terrogated by the police, unfeelingly
replied, "I' didn't think he meant what
he said; but anyhow it isn't my
The proportions of the human figure
are six times the length of the rigfcl
foot Whether the form is slender or
plump, the rule holds good on the av
erage. Any deviation from the. rule is
a departure from the beauty of propor
tion. It is claimed that the Greeks
made all their statues according to this
rule. The face, from the highest point
of the forehead, where the hair begins,
to the end of the chin, is one-tenth of
the whole stature; the hand, from the
wrist to middle finger, is also one-tenth
of the total height From the crown to
the nape of the neck is one-twelfth of
the stature.
"The music of the future," says a com
poser of comio operas, "will be a blend
ing of the German and Italian not
one, but both. Harmony is what the
public demands. We have not at pres
ent any distinctive American music or
school of music. The only distinctive
school we have are the negro melodies,
the great composer of which was
Stephen Foster. These melodies em
brace the 'Swanee River,' 'Old Folks
at Home,' 'Gentle Annie' and other
well-known tunes. Beyond these we
have developed no seperate music. Our
music, like our race, must be com
posite." One of the properties sold by Phila
delphia auctiosers is of considerable
historic interest It is the house on
Seveith street below market This
has been known for many years as "The
Jefferson House," and is said to be
about one hundred years old, having
been built by Jacb Hiltzheimer, who
owned the corner house where the bank
now stands and in which Jefferson
drafted the declaration of independence,
during the revolution. The present
Jefierbon House occupies the site of a
part of the garden of the corner house
and was built after the English soldiers
departed from the city.
Captain Cauuie, of the British ship
Wayfarer, which arrived in Oakland,
Cal., a few days ago 54 days from Ant
werp, reports a weird phenomenon on
the night of Xov. 13. It had been blow
ing for several days, but with nightfall
the air became perfectly calm and the
sea as smooth as glass. Overhead the
sky was as black as ink from the dense
masses of heavy clouds, and with the
barometer at 28.50 a rainstorm was
looked for. The expected downpour
did not occur, but the sea glowed with
a phosphorescence beyond anything the
oldest mariner had ever seen. Tho
ship's surroundings were lit up so that
it was possible to read on deck. No
body cared much for readiug, however;
the contrast between the light from the
sea and the inky clouds was so grue
some that all hands could not help feel
ing that some unnatural catastrophe
was about to occur. The crew were
much relieved when a breeze dissipated
the clouds, and the phosphorescence
was cleared at the same time.
The largest apple-tree in New Eng
land, according to the Boston Journal,
is in the northwestern part of Cheshire,
Ct, and it stands in the dooryard of
Mr. Delos Hotchkisa, Its age can be
traced to a family tradition to 140 years
at least, and it may be twenty or
twenty-five years older. It is now of
symmetrical shape; the trunk is nearly
round, without a scar or blemish; there
are eight large branches; five of them
have been in the habit of bearing one
year, and the rumaining three the
next Mr. Hotchkiss has gathered in
one year from tbe five branches eighty
five bushels of fruit, and his predecessor
has harvested 110 bushels from the
same five branches. By careful meas
urement, the circumference of the
trunk one foot above the ground, above
all enlargements of the roots, is thir
teen feet eight inches. The height of
the tree is sixty feet, and the spred of
the branches as the apples fall is 100
feet The fruit is rather small, sweet,
and of moderate excellence.
Macanlay'a Appearance.
Although not an athlete Macaulay
was active and high-spirited. He nsed
to amuse himself at Cambridge and
probably in later life with such sports
as horn blowing uutil bis neighbors
wished him far enough away. He was
a good walker, aud that if it can be
dignified by so pretentious a name, was
his only bodily accomplishment Bide
he never could, aud whea, as Cabinet
Minister in attendance upon the Queen,
he was informed that a horse was at his
disposal he replied that if he were to
ride it must be on an elephant
In person he was not prepossessing.
Mrs. Beecber Stowe, in "Sunny Mem
ories of Foreign Lauds," describes him
as short, stout, and commonplace in
deed, thoroughly English, to quote her
uncomplimentary language. Fat and
rather ungainly, with a countenance in
repose was singularly wanting in ani
mation and intellect he might have
been mistaken for an unlettered farmer;
indeed, he was actually taken for
"cholera doctor" so, at least, Mr. Gre
ville informs us, with exquisite good
taste and very scant courtesy to the fol
lowers of Galen.
That very accomplished gossip de
scribes with some good humor his first
interview with Macaulay and his con
sternation when he discovered that the
fat, silent man" at his side, who had
lieen so badly absorbed getting through
his dinner, was the' famous Thomas
Babington Macaulay. The model in
Mine. Tussaud's gallery is faithful
enough, and is in no sense that of an im
posing or particularly .handsome man.
He dressed expensively, but with want
of taste, and he looked more like a
good-humored, country-bred tradesman
of slender parts than a brilliant wit,
distinguished statesman, and irrepressi
ble talker.
Talking, when he was in the humor,
was his delight He would talk for
hours, no matter who was present, and
he rarely gave his hearers those brill
iant occasional flashes of silence, as
Sidney Smith humorously and felici
tously called them. Gentleman's if ag
ozine. A Week's Node.
Theatrical Manager (hurriedly) Got
anew play for next week. Scene laid
in New York 1,000 years hence. Every
body traveling around in flying ma
chines. Stage Carpecter (bewildered) Well,
Manager I want you to make tha
flying machines. Street & Smith's
Good News.
Hot la Farsait of tk Itata-Escape or the
Vassal Places Cae'e Sam la a Peculiar
PeetUoa Qaesttoa or Indemnity,
a Uantttrh from Washington savs:
The most pressing thing in state affairs
now is the escape of the Itata. The pos
ihiiifir that-this nan result in anv seri
ous destruction of our relations with
Chili Is remote, but tbe ever present
specter of "Indemnity" is what scares
the State Department "Indemnity"
has become a hair-raising word in state
circles. The Italians started it ana me
hm f Mil Triav also hoist an emblem
with indemnity emblazoned on it causes
uneasiness. Ever since we maao ureac
n.itin n S15.000.000 for vcrmittinK
the Alabama to escape we have kept a
weather eye keenly strainca upon every
Cokini, emanir that mleht be susnected
of wanting to carry a revolver to an
enemy. Hence the first business 01 tue
administration is to recapture the Itata.
Tnctt-iictfnnx were sent to Admiral Mc-
Cann, now at Valpara!so, to put to sea
with the Baltimore ana i-ensacoia in or
j. tn informant, tlin insuraent vessel.
Similar instructions were sent to Ad
miral Brown. The last report from mm
was that he had left Caliao, Peru, with
the San Francisco. His exact wherea
bouts along the coast is not known.
Orders have also been sent to the
Charleston, now at San 'Francisco, to
start in pursuit as soon as possible.
This last dcos not amount to much, for
t,a Ttnta. liaa fivR hundred miles and
at least two days' start from any vessel
that could sail from fcan t rancisco, ana
:t ic dnnhtfiil if tho Charleston could
catch her in en even race. If the ship is
caught or intercepted it win oe oy one 01
Admiral McCann's vessels, though if the
Charleston should catch her in one of
the Mexican ports she could undoubted-
ly fasten on to her and tow her back to
San Diego.
The actual status of the Itata is not
that of a pirate, but an authorized ship
upon tho seas. She has no flag, no
clearance, no charter. Any ship of any
nation can seize her, and if she resists
she becomos at once a pirate.
The position in which tho United
States is placed by the escaping of tho
Itata is a peculiar one, bearing in mind
the forcible argument which Mr. Evarts
and other able representatives of the
United States laid before the tribunal at
Geneva in respect to the escapo of the
u29,"aftorvard tho rebel cruiser Alaba
ma, upon which arguments Great Britain
was mulcted in heavy damages. In that
case it will bu remembered the suspected
vessel got away before tho British au
thorities had received suflicient in
forii ation. as they claimed, to war
rant them in seizing her. In the
case of tho Itata tho vessel was abso
lutely in the possession of tho United
States Marsha!, and the responsibility
for horesiape ean not Lo evaded. It
may be a question between tho Depart
ment of Justice and tho United States
Marshal as to whether proper precau
tions were taken to insure the dctension
of tho vessel, but as between the United
States and tho recognized Chilian Gov
ernment should Baimaci-da be successful
in the Internecine warfare now in pro
gress, there can be no manner of dispute
as to the complete liability of tho United
States Government for whatever dam
ages the Itata uncaptured may be able
to inflict. There is quite a feverish all
of expectancy round the Navy Depart
ment as to the developements of the in
cident, and many of the officers on shora
are envying the opportunities which the
Charleston and other cssels aro likely
to have of brisk service atloat.
The question of the right of the United
States to tako the Itata on the high sea!
is not altogether settled. The Slate De
partment peoplo have searched theii
authorities and have scrutinized the
facts in the ca;e, aud are inclined tc
doubt the right. The whole question
arises from a dispute as to the charactet
of the vessel. Were she a pirate,
a ship in the service of an
enemy to this country, and a vessel
of American register engaged in act!
in violation of treaty stipulations, th
case would be a simple one But she is
merely a Chilian vessel, engaged in the
transportation of a suspected cargo, a
cargo that may possibly be contraband
in the light of the treaty, and there i!
a very great risk involved. No on
doubts the right of the United States to
arrest the vessel in our waters for th
purpose of examination, and her deten
tion was in accordance with this belief.
Bui now that she has landed the deputy
marshal and sailed along on her business
she may prove a hornet that will sting
In after years
In the matter of the international law
Involved it would seem as though the
State Department is not in entire accord
with the rest of the administration, foi
both Attorney General Miller and Secre
tary Tracy lean to the belief that the
vessel Itata is legitimate prey.
A report has come from San Franciscc
to the effect that Itichard Trumbull, a
member of tho Chilian revolutionary
Congress, has been arrested there. Nc
knowledge of such an act has reached
the Department of Justice. It is stated
there that it would be an easy mattei
for any one to cause the arrest of Trum
bull on the charge of violating the neu
trality laws. The marshal is bound to
recognize an order to this effect con
tained in an "information" or complaint
sworn to by any citizen. In case thcr
is a mistake and false an est, there i!
redrcss only in the form of a suit at law
against the informant Tho marshal ii
not responsible.
iSparks and Flashed.
The way of tho whirled Round and
Is no sense abroad Those who arc at
How to make home sublime rut limi
in your cellars.
Thosk who wed are bound to bo happy
For a while at least.
Mioiit intellectual gifts not inaptly be
termed presents of mind?
The saddest woman on earth is the
wife of the funny man.
Scientists say the orango was orig
inally a berry. In point of size some of
those to be seen at tho present time
might readily pass as such.
Uaviso ascertained that an elevator
is in charge of a regular attendant, it
would seem absurd for the Insurance
man to ask if it has a governor.
Collars and cuffs Tho mother whs
deems it advisable thus to discipline hex
James Owes O'Cosnor lives on Storm
avenue, Jersey City. Thero's also '
barn close by.
Probably no physician, whoso um
brella had been stolen, would hesitate to
pronounce recovery doubtful.
The freedom of tho press depends
largely upon whether or not the old man
is peeping through a crack in the parlor
door. By. the way, a widow is an ax
pressed freedom to marry again.
A fashiosablb "sad gown" for Lent
costs $150. No wonder Lent is so much
dreaded by the gay world.
A Bis Tark's Jastlee.
Ahmed Vefyk Pacha, the Turkish
scholar and statesman who died a few
days ago, had been ambassador to Paris
and grand vizier, and was the subject
of many pleasant stories.
It is related, for instance, that when
he was governor of Broussa a rich man
had judgment pronounced against him in
favor of a poor man. The latter," owing
to the bribes of the rich man, could not
obtain execution, and complained to
Ahmed Vefyk. After explaining his
case, Ahmed saw the debtor riding up
to the conak upon a beautiful Arab
horse. He ordered the creditor to sit
down, called a messenger, and whispered
to him. The debtor entered the room
and was surprised at tho exceptional
cordiality of the pacha, who Invited him
to sit down, to take coffee and to con
verse. Presently when he rose to leave
the pacha pressed him to remain, and
kept him upward of an hour, until, in
deed, a messenger entered tho room and
placed a small bag on tho table before
Ahmed. When the debtor next rose,
Ahmed took tho bag from the table aud
gave It to him, stating, "This is yours.
You owed so much to this poor man.
I havo sold your horse, paid him. and
this Is the balance belonging to you."
; UhaBglas; Defeat to Victory.
Tbefewnlus of Sheridan at Winchester changed
defeat to victory. So when feeble adversaries
In the shape of inefficient remedies fan to stay
tbe progress of that obstinate and malignant
foe, malaria, Hostetter'a Stomach Bitters tarns
tbe tide drives tbe enemy back. Nothing in
materia medico, or out of It, compares with this
as an opponent of every form of malarial dis
ease. Chills and fever, dumb ague, bilious re
mittent, and ague cake It matters not one aad
aU are extirpated by tbe Bitters. To take a
coarse of the great preparative la advance of
tbe malarial season is to bockle oa, as It were,
an armor of proof which defies attack, 80 for
tified, so protected, yoa shall be scatheless.
Bemember, too, that the Bitters Is aa eradlcatoi
of Uver complaint, constipation, rheumatism,
kidney complaints, aad dyspepsia.
The 100th anniversary of the birth of
Mrs. Jennette Chisholm was celebrated
at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs.
William Allen, near Keokuk, the other
day. The venerable lady was born In
Inverness, Scotland, in 1791. When 13
years old sho came to Baltimore, the
ocean voyage lasting thirteen weeks.
From Baltimore she made the trip to
Pittsburg by ox team, there being no
railroads in those days. In 1860 she
came to Iowa, where she has since re
sided. Eighty-two years ago she was
married, and of the union was born four
children, all of whom are dead. Aside
from grandchildren, the only surviving
member of her immediate family is a
sister living in Ohio. She is still hale
and hearty and attends to her own room.
Among her articles of furniture is her
bridal bed, which sho still uses.
The young emperor of Germany now
has no less than three thrones. One is
the old-fashioned affair of the days of
the king of Prussia, another was fur
nished for the occasion of tho Princess
Victoria's wedding, and now a
third appears, to be used only
when his majesty appears as
supremo head of tho United German
Empire. This last one is created in the
white hall of the German Schloss, and
its canopy is of yellow silk and gold
brocade, into which tho imperial eagle
is beautifully woven.
"Papa." said mamma, "bring" home a box
ot Bull's Worm Candy." She meant Dr.
Bull's Worm Destroyers, but then the chil
dren call it candy and papa knew what she
wonted. By mail. 23 cents. John D. Park.
Cincinnati. Ohio.
Ges. Lee and Wade Hampton were
passing over the field in the battle of the
Wilderness... They came to a narrow
pass between woods, and Gen. Lee,
noticed that the passes were well covered
by the northern sharpshooters, who
were doing effective work. "Hampton,"
said the commanding general, "I reckon
you had better go 'round through the
trees and meet me on the other side, as
the fire of the sharpshooters is very
.dangerous here." Of course Gen.
Hampton said, "Gen. Lee, I guess if
you can walk there I can follow you."
. "A dibtt house and a scolding- wife are
poor companions." SAPOLIO will cure the
tlrst. and perhaps moderate the rancor of
the latter. Try a cake.
Vegetation in the Alps recedes
downward from year to year. For
merly Alpine roses grew at an altitude
of 7,C0O feet. Now they are seldom
found higher than 6,500 feet and aro at
that height stunted. Beeches have
gone down 1,200 feet. Various berries,
which onco flourished 7,500 feet above
sea level, do not grow in higher altitudes
now than 5,800 feet.
IN 1830 "Brown's Bronchial Troche1' were
Introduced, and their success as a cure for
Colds, Coughs, Asthma, and Broachltls baa
been unparalleled.
. Secretary Foster has no ambition
'to die in harness. It is said that he
called his aides around him on taking
the office and said to them: "You may
do all tho work you want to; you may
even work yourselves sick devising new
duties and cares in fact, the harder
your work tho better for me but I want
it plainly understood that I don't intend
to kill myself while I am here."
Nervous Ills.
Pills core Bilious and
Jessy Lisd, according to her mem
oirs just published, disliked her career
as a professional songstress very much.
Writing to her father in 1842 she ex
pressed the desire that God would save
her from being obliged to sing on the
stage. During her whole life there was
a gradual increase of religious feeling,
which doubtless induced her early re
tirement from tho stage, although not
through puritanical motives.
F1T& An Fits stoppeff flee by DrJCUae's Great
5'erra Ranlorer. No Fits ftr first dara nue. Mar
vellous cures. TrestiM aad S2J0O trial bottle (re to
Fit cast. SaatoDr.aUiabaUAreaat.PaUa.Pa
Iwabago, Beadache,Tootbache
Son Throat; 8wlltafFreet-Mtes
Sprains, Braises. Boras, BcaMgi
WMtn tmc Drrar ta awesa me
acanixT fever, colds,
mix. f mm laaja an imilm
la tmrmiii W Ulm m Imam
fail OTMIlnK. Faattlmljla-
tiBa, miauMwciK
vMkM. warn intm nam 11
Package mitn 1 gallott. DrUcistM. pvalt&f ul appeuilag.
Said bj all drain. DcaaUrvirtcianBaaK and Carta acatltaa at
aaj m aeadlsc tfcrfr addreaa la Taa C. K. HISXS CO, nilad
15 to!
, won
9 atArvina-. lo ineonvmiiaiiei
gmil . for rirmlar. an .iratinioiitaia. Addisas !-.
'anil nn hajl itffaetm. StrietlvranSdantiaL
Be. TO See. A ROLL.
p-write for samples.
oa 8L. cnicaso, w.
THE HOLY LAND, Bound tke
World. Select partes. bsstUekatiag
tadUttee.oceanUcktt. HjUAZBat
OS.SSJBroadwax.S.V- (Est. ISM.)
bm aroaSwsr. Kew York. CUr.
Kf TrasvtaaeattT A vsJasble Ulaatrstsd book of
Basses seat tree, oa receiptor i osbmJo cover east
es ssauug, eu.
P.O. Box Hav PhUa, fa.
Iadlaa Mease XK
"At the last legal execution In the
Creek nation I was present," said Mr.
Leo E. Bennett, the government agent
for the five civilized tribes, the other
day at Washington. "The details were
very different from an execution in the
army. There a squad is detailed, aad
some of the guns are left unloaded, so
nobody can tell who fires the fatal shot.
At this last Creek execution the .con
demned man was seated on the ground,
with his back against a tree and his legs
stretched out in front. He was not
bound to the tree, nor were his hands
tied. Just before the execution some
one put a bandage over his eyes, but the
prisoner tore it off and threw It away.
Perhaps the strangest part of the pro
ceedings was the selection or the execu
tioners. That was left to the condemned
man. lie was told to pick out the two
men who he wanted to do the shooting.
Strange to say, one of the selections was
his cousin. Both men were from the
Light Horse of the nation. The two
men without any unnecessary delay
walked out in front of the condemned
man 12 or 15 feet, knelt down, leveled
their revolvers, steadying the barrels
with their left hand and fired. Both
bullets struck the left breast over the
heart and not more than an inch and a
half apart. The man fell over on his
side and in a few seconds was dead. Ac
cording to the Creek law the third of
fense of larceny is punishable with
death. For the first offense the penalty
is 50 lashes, and for the second it is 100
lashes on the bare back. If there is an
attempt to carry out the death penalty
again for larceny, I Intend to try the
effect of habeas corpus In the federal
court at Fort Smith. Shooting a man
or an Indian for lareeny would come
under the constitutional prohibition of
cruel and unusual punishment. At least
I shall see what Judge Porter thinks of
the proposition. The last Creek execu
tion occurred several years ago. A
Creek woman was condemned to be shot
not long since, but she was
the chief. The Seminoles are the only
other civilized Indians who shoot their
ujesslag a Seal.
In San Francisco a few days ago Sing
Song, priest in a Chinese josshouse, was
arrested on the charge of cruelty to ani
mals. He was found on Washington
street.wearing a square hat and a long
robe. He was making a horrible noise
by beating cymbals and ringing a bell.
Near by he had a white duck in a tub of
water with its legs tied together so
that it could not swim. When asked
what his performance meant, Song said
that a Chinese woman had died In the
house which he was in front of and he
was trying to "joss" her soul into the
body of the water fowl so that when it
died its spirit would carry the woman's
soul off to the flowery kingdom beyond.
He was very indignant at being arrested.
The pleasant flavor, gentile action aitt
soothing effects of Syrup of Figs, whea in
need of a laxative, and if the father or
mother bo costive or bilious the most grat
ifying results follow Its use, so that it la the
best family remedy known and every family
should have a bottle.
Fecnadlty of Fish.
It is said that between 60,000,000,000
and 100,000,000,000 codfish are taken
from the sea around the shores of New
foundland every year. But even that
quantity seems small when we consider
that over 8,000,000 eggs have been found
in the roe of a singlo cod. A herring of
six or seven ounces in weight is pro
vided with 30,000,000 ova. After mak
ing all reasonable allowances for the
the destruction of eggs and of the young,
it has been calculated that in three
years a single pair of herrings would
produce 154,000,000.
DB.. L. L. GORSUCH, Toledo. O., says:
"I have practiced medicine for forty years,
have never seen a preparation that I could
prescribe with so much confidence of suc
cess as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure." Sold by
Druggists, 75c.
Lived to Flgbt Another Day.
A Japanese general who was supposed
to have been killed in battle during a
recent rebellion, and to whom a monu
ment was erected, surprised his friends
recently by appearing among them.
It seems that ho fled at tho time of the
battle and since been hiding.
Doh'tvou want to taw money, clothes,
time, labor, fuel and health? All these can
be saved If you will try Dobbins Electric
Soap. AVe say "try," knowing If you try it
once, you will always uso it.
"Luxubt, like wine, both stimulates'
and weakens," Is tho conclusion of AI
phonse Karr.
Makes the
Weak Strong
Tbe war In which Hood's SersapsrlEs traUda op
people la ran down or weakened stats of bealta
eoaeloslTely proves tbe claim that this siedlclae
oakes the weak strong." It does aot act like a
sttaanlsat. lsaparttag ScttUoas strength from
which there mast follow a resctloa of greater
weakness than before, bat la the most natoxal
war Hood's Ssxsapsrllla overcomes that tired
feeUas. creates sa sppetlte. purines the blood,
sad. la abort, gives great bodur. aerre. mental
aad digestive strength.
SoIdbysDdragglsst. ft: six for SB- Prepared onlr
by a L HOOD A CO. LowelLafass.
KX Dose On Dollar
Before you buy two questions
-warifr laamHV"arl Ki wiltratit iff
rhese quesHoriSSfcmay make you rich
pur meywtn nevetpreveni- you from
Duyimj eoM-c
Its uses are many and so are Us friends;
for where it is once used it is always used. To
clean liouse without it is sheer folly, since it does
the work twice as fast and twice as well.
Thej Are Far .Ahead of All Otkers ia Good Work aad Dtrasilitj. Catalagat ftJOL
aT-XAxe this Kg every time yea write.
Bjl aaaSOama Maa4. mfyT
H CnrwwjiewanclMfAia. Pluaat and srfjaaKU wnw nS
fj tale. Chfldrsn saha it wttfcosrt frfreSBT drwaiafrla. JJ .
9 BBBBBa-.
, TwaefasTeiai aaa agwewja sai
raaaaavaai sawaws a eaasssays awawa
Tbem is Bctk
Dyspepasim. mtt at Ifalofea-oa-
the-Hodaogt, N. Y.,
named Captain A. G. Pares, who
has written us a letter in which it
is evident that he has made up his -mind
coocerning some thiafs, and ,
this is what he says:
" I have used your preparation ;
called August Flower in my fiumly
for seven or eight years. Itiscon
r.taatly in my house, and we consider
.t the best remedy for Indigestion,
and Caostipatkm we
IndlfrncrJon. have ever used or
known. My wife is.,
troubled with Dyspepsia, and at
times suffers very much after eating.
The August Flower, however, re
lieves the difficulty. My wife fre
quently says to me when I am going
to town, 'Weareout -
Constipation of August Flower, .
and! think yon had
bettergetanother bottle.' I am also .'
I am, I take one or. two tea-.
spoonfuls before eating, tor a aay or
two, and all trouble is removed."
that -."'
Cleans .-
is Lenox.
fcavCw-witawi .wo.aaw'faaaavsa sfejUAH,
CJsTImc aAd Surgical Dtstasts.
rcMlblTr feat t rr err Ana afaiia ra
aastrkag MEMCAI. me BCKtilC AlaTatEATaUl i
Memrd and Attendance. BtUAoeomodaibmelmWmt,
tsrwniTE ran mce nrrr e wirinue
"" aigarjx Tawijaa
bivt. ibmotv m.jw, aisaal I
KFKR AF nflawKM ASPECIALl-r. Book.
vawwnvwwwa nnan.nmseaM.or womcaritfE.
H tharelatelg addtd a Mno-fm department for- icon,
em during confinement. (iTKICTsVT K1TATE.)
talr aelsiMe Memcal toeUhrte awJaaf a Seeclalty el
of yoothand manhood. All Blood iTMseaaes,
lively aaat aeraaaaeatlir Cwr1. SyphlllUo
Poison removed from the system wtthoat mercnrr.
ttevr Restorative Treatment or Lots of VITAL POW
CK.Partlesanable to visit us mar be treated at homa
br correspondence. All communications nrnWilea
tial. Medicines or la trnments eent by asaU or ex.
press secTxrelr packed, no marks to indicate contents
or sender. One personal interview preferred. Call
mi aeon ui puuu wispper, uur
"StrviTi: yairi rMiMcniM" -fauns
vate. Special or Nervous Diseases. Impotencr. SrpA
His, Gleet sad Varicocele.wlth question list, Address
st -- ---- - -" .-- -
ininib awMnvna. wvwHVaVLaVVTl Upon
' 98 ? LYE
Powdered aad
The ttronaest and street X.VS
WUl 1
make the beef vet
famed Hard Soap ta SSalaatea
without boiling. XI
for softeaatat wat
cleansing waste-pipes, disinfect,
tag sinks, closets, washing DOW
ties, paints, trees, etc.
lAStZSaWse Dr. te Oe"PerlodlearTinafoGa
i -1--" i . ' j . .-- --
, Catta Saataa, ISR. " i ill lt n I MnnilaHMax T'
mmlUj mmnmmmimmf. Sa., karate, ralktkl. Taay laSlhllr
aaaaaatketakradariscprafnaBcy. Tttahag IliailMaa Wills
S akh las an llakl. la !& ract raasJt U a. aranS saA
fcrafalar iiaatniartn.. CopHctW aaaaUlyaaiaiaBa'iiai laiitl aa
Mood aaaaaJat aa4 avn com.tnaOna. SSaii'"ar Sfar Sa.
raraal!,laaIafaaaaU4aTlopa,oanaatptorarlaa. TtoJ
caa nil Vs., w aolaaaMia aaa MjHj rrofrtaton.
The gaaalas pill aU ay SEDGWICK a OKIjOcTO.
aaa CUy, law, Wkaaaale aaaal
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