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t olumb us gou vital.
Eatml at th IW-offic. Colambue, Xob.,aa
comi-claw mail matter.
M. Iv. TUKNER & CO.,
ColumbiiM, IS'el.
TCBM9 or suu-H-aimo:
On year, by mail, po-tago im-paid,. .
six month. ............ ..........---
' Three inoaUu), ...
. 1.00
.. .
Payable in Advance.
t9TSpecimen copies maikd free, on applica
tion. TO 8CBH01UBIBS.
. When miiwcriliorH clianRe th-ir lfc9 of reei-d?ncotij.-y..i...uliliitonce
notify us by leitrr or c-ird.Kivin IhiUi ti.-ir former ami t i.ii
jTr..,:,t ,mt-otlic.. -tl,o fiil !7 ' " !
L.,1 U.h namo on our niaihiwlwt, fnim '
Iwiitt in t. wo e.iL-h wwkiiniil. ti i u l
wrin-roron lh mantm ot our JoiraNU U'
UaI- t.. which your ilcrutioa i- iil '"
count.-.! for. Itemittaiicw should ''
Mllicr ! reKitered letter or draft.
.d,l t.. tla. order of r (o
All roramnnicati.m.tocuro attention, mnrt
U Mcifuiriiiiul b tlie Tull emu.- or ' .
W- t.-m-r., tho rfeht to n-jt any manuM-n .t
.... l.n. uutiiti Wt tlrSl!
,, .orn-MK.n.lent in every iri" "
.Malta county, one of g.l JV'uf u"l. iteT.'
li.t.!. in o-ry way. Write plainly, each Hen
Hfhirrttely. Givcm facta.
Loi'is Hkimkoii of Omaha has been
iipioito btt'le-oil itiBiM-r.tor, ire Cald
well. Omaha has packed 1in,(HKl hogs hinee
March 1st, a gain or 44,(100 over tho cor
reHtindinK period of 1S1M1.
1. T. Harsi'm. the great showman,
died at Jtridtfcport, Conn., last Tuesday
wVeninjj. If w;iH lxirn duly f, 1S10.
Hknatok Gi:o. R KiMUNis of Ver
mont, who has been in thU.S. senate
Hince 1HM, has rebigmwl, to hike effect
November next.
It. 1. Dittos, tho Iowa Falls giant,
weighing .l."i0 pounds and standing seven
foot four inches in Ids stockings, was
married hist week.
Two ljeautifiil young women of White
Oaks, New Mexico, committed suicide
by shooting- they were found clasp.M
in each other's arms and lietween thetn
a revolver.
. 1..-. : uiori wlifUtl1lr'lri4-l i
.IcimieGrksiiam is a man of consider
able wit, as well as wisdom. He says
the new Illinois senator is "a great man
for small issues, and a hiuall man in the
face of great issues."'
AN explosion of natural gas at llrad
tlock, Pa., Tuesday, wiecking a building
(which was afterwards destroyed by fire),
terribly burning eleven men, and fatally
injuring four others.
of Calhoun, this state, has been offered
and has accepted the position of assist
ant Becretarv of the U. S. treasury and
will le appointed soon.
Pennington", the air ship inventor, is
very confident that ho can make the trip
from Chicago to New York, in May, in
five Jiours. He claims his vessel will bo
Biiccess in every particular.
If ihe Mafia lynching in New Orleans
shall result in an effectual way of shut
ting out of the United States the crim
inals which have hitherto como here
almost without hindrance, the murder
of the poor Italians will not havo been
without some good resulting.
Miss Hattie, who was one of
tlie choristers in tho Methodist Episco
pal church at Mnquoketa, la., a few
years ago, is btudying ocal music in
Florence. Italy, and in a recent public
appearance recehed high praise for her
beautiful contralto voice and fine sing
ing. At East Itahway, N. .T., Henry Metz
shot and killed his friend, Anton Henry,
n bridegroom, just as ho was about to
enter a carriage to take tho train for the
honeymoon trip. Metz supposed his re
volver was loaded with a blank car
tridge, which ho meant to fire high as a
salute. He was under the intluence of
wine, and shot too low.
The ravages of typhoid fever and grip
continuo at Parkersburg, W. Va. Five
funerals occurred last Monday and three
more deaths were reported during the
day. Reports from different parts of
the county and from adjacent counties
and from tho west side of the Ohio show
that one person in ten is sick with one
or other of tho diseases.
It has Ivoen claimed that L. D. Rich
ards, late republican candidate for gov
ernor, signed tho petition to Boyd, to
veto the Newberry freight rate bill, and
that, therefore, there would, on this
question, have been no difference be
tween electing him or Mr. Boyd for gov
ernor. It may bo that ho signed such a
petition wo have no proof of it, and
don't believe that ho did. Anyhow, it
wasn't a republican governor who vetoed
the bill.
Lincoln is getting to havo a go -1
many suspicious characters. A mntiL -ted
human limb, evidently that of a
woman, was found Saturday, in tho
vault of a place not yet occupied. It
was found wrapped in three copies of
the Chicago Times of January l., March
15 and March 22. The city physician
gave it as his opinion tiiat it had
been recently severed from tho body,
and that it was of a woman somewhat
past tho prime of life.
Ten o'clock Sunday night the firemen
of Omaha were called to save the Paxton
house. At 11:30 the names had been en
tirely extinguished. The fire originated
in the kitchen and destroyed 823,000 of
property, fully insured. A falling wall
caught four firemen. Captain Carter,
one of the injured men, died Monday
morning at 6, never having gained con
sciousness from the time of his removal
from the wreck. At noon Monday,
Mulvihill, McGuire and Downs, the
other injured men, were reported as im
proving and resting easily. All three
are in a fair way to recover.
Sunday evening, Chicago suffered one
of the most destructive fires she has had
since 71. The loss is placed at fully
$1,000,000, with light insurance. Like
the great fire of Tl, it began in a 6table.
It was in the rear of J. M. Smyth's house
furnishing establishment on West Mad
ison, near Halstead street. Policeman
Patrick Sheehy stopped a stampede at a
-museum by threatening to 6hoot any
person who didn't obey his orders, and
all reached the street in safety except
one man who leaped from a window
: before Sheehy reached the landing. He
was frightfully injured. It took forty
fire engines and 300 firemen to bring the
. fixe into subjection.
How It Worked and Some or the Mi-UkM
Made by Voters.
Tho new law gave almost universal
satisfaction. It is certainly the best
method ever et devised for the casting
Of a secret ballot. The occupation of
the ward bummer and the corrupt ioli
tician has, of course, not altogether
ceased, but it is now imiossible to know
how a man voted, and the purchase of
votes cannot be readily effected unless
tho purchaser knows that he gets what
he pays for.
Another time, so many mistakes will
not bo made in the preparation of tho
Some were voted without any indica
lion of preference. Some with an X be
fore the name. Some with an X be
tween the name and the party designa
tion. Some with pencil marks instead
of ink. Some scratched the names of
candidates they didn't want, but failed
to signify their preference by placing
the X. Some voted for three of the four
names mentioned for school lxard, when
they were entitled to vote for two only,
and. jis it could not lie ascertained which
two, they lost their votes. Some voters
not using a blotter, considerable trouble
was caused to the judges liecause the
folding of the tickets placed a duplicate
X where not deMgned. Somo insisted
on telling tho judges aloud, how they
wished them to mark the ballots. Some
wrote tho name of their candidate after
the printed name and without making
the X. Tho most trouble came from in
sisting on the folding of tho ballot so as
to exKso the names of the two judges
written on the back.
If you can read and mako your mark,
your vote is absolutely secret; if you
cannot, tho knowledge is shared by those
who are sworn to secrecy in the matter.
There is no ticket peddling; there is no
pulling and hauling at or near tho polls.
Tho demand for tho Australian ballot
system Mas been met by the recent leg
islature with a good law, which will ap
p.oe itself more and moro with the
people, as tho years go by. There is one
feature that wo have noticed of value in
a few cities of tho state in tho late elec
tion, and that is very likely to be ex
tensively used in the future, viz: The
nomination of candidates otherwise than
by convention or primary, that is, by
certificate of nomination, signed by "not
less than ftMl electors, when the nom
ination is for an office to bo filled by the
electors of tho entire state, and need not
exceed T0 when the election is for an
office to be filled by tho electors of a
city, county, district, or other division
less than the state, and need not exceed
20 when tho nomination is for an office
to le filled by the electors of a town
ship, precinct or ward." Women can
sign such a certificate when it applies to
an officer for whom they have the legal
right to vote, aud no person shall sign
more than one certificate of nomination
for any office. Now that the ballot, for
tho first time becomes for all voters, an
absolute secret, tho above feature of tho
law may lo used honestly, in the public
interest, or it may be used (as can read
ily le seen), to weaken the force of a
party nomination by having a number
of candidates of liko mind, while the op
position remains "solid" for their own
party nomination. This, however, is a
game that two can play at, and the new
way is a long stride towards securing
purity in elections, as well as in nom
inations. The Methodist Conference.
The hearty manner in which people of
all denominations in this city havo taken
hold ot tho plan to secure the Methodist
conference for Omaha in 1892 promises
well for the project. To some extent the
preliminary work has been taken out or
the hands or the Methodists, or, at least,
lopped or its denomiuationalism.
Members or other churches have sub
scrilied most lilierally to tho guarantee
fund and Omaha has shown heiseir
ready ami coinjietent to meet tho emer
gency. It is to bo hoed that the in
tluence in tho church which opposed
Omaha in its fight for tho conference
will Ihj entirely satisfied with what she
guaranteed. Tho local committee has
accomplished a great labor in securing
the fund and procuring the necessary
accommodations. It has been success
ful! and tho appointment of tho various
sub-committees completes the arrange
ments. Tho Methodist church may rest as
sured that its memlers have not at
tempted too much in securing the con
ference, ami it may also bo certain that
Omaha sis a city will not Tail to welcome
most heartily tho delegates or so powor
ful and enterprising a church. IWorld
Herald. How folds Are Cured in Alaska.
Some or tho readers or The Journal
may wii to know how colds are cured
in th rroen regions or the north. H
j the rollowing extract from a recent
letter or C E. Coon, a druggist in
Juneau, Alaska, will interest them. He
sa s: "Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
selling lietter than ever. It is harder to
get into the boxes than to sell the Rem
edy after they are opened." Mr. Coon's
sales were rather light Tor the first year
he handled this medicine, but have in
creased each enr as the people there
become better acquainted with its valu
able proierties, until it is now the most
popular medicine he handles for coughs
and colds, which shows that real merit
is as much appreciated in the far north
as at home, and in time tho best is sure
to become tho most popular. For sale
by druggists.
If there is anything more that Omaha
wants, let her ask Governor Boyd for it.
It is hers. Telegram.
This is supposed to have been written
by Mr. Davis immediately after the an
nouncement of Heimrod's appointment
as oil inspector, a position for which Mr.
Davis himself was an applicant. A re
publican remarked upon seeing the
above paragraph "the pig squealing
under tho fence!" As a journalist, how
ever, we think he has a right to squeal,
and squeal long and loud, and keep it
up. It looks a little, sometimes, as
though the only class of newspaper men
who do not fail of ''recognition" in a
substantial way by candidates are those
who get into possession of ugly facts and
hold them suspended until paid for si
lence. The dispensing of public pa
tronage is a source of great weakness to
the dispenser, and is pretty sure, soon
or later, to tindo him. The better way
is not even in sight, in the dim distance.
Ax Eldora, la., man has a machine
that will make binding twine out of
common prairie grass or straw.
What Two Well liser in Seanh of
Water Found.
Henry Heiler and H. It. Fisher, two
well diggers, were digging a well on the
property of Lou Adams, Forty-fifth and
Leavenworth streets Saturday. When
a depth of forty-live foot had been
reached the lottom suddenly fell out of
the hole and the men had a narrow es
cape. They managed to save their lives
by quickly grasping the ropo of tho
windlass which was hanging down tho
well. As it was, all their tools were
swept away into what was then sup
posed to bo a subterranean stream.
For a time the water rushed by tho
opening with great rapidity and gave
out a peculiar sulphurous odor. After
a time the rushing and the odor ceased.
The water is very clear now that it has
become quiet and ban the taste of pure
mountain stream water.
Soundings were made in an endeavor
to ascertain the depth of tho cavern, but
100 feet of rope let down failed to find
the bottom.
Mr. Adams has abandoned tho hole as
a well and will have it securely lKmrded
up. Tho walls of the shaft near tho ljot
torn are rapidly caving in, caused, no
doubt, by tho action of the water during
tho first rush.
Last night the surface or the water at
tho lottom or the well was perfectly
smooth. No current was visible.
It is probable that tho well diggers
havo tapped soup of tho many subter
ranean streams that carry off the great
rainfall of Nebraska. Omaha -Boo,
April 7th.
KVus"ii to Visit Maryland. Opportunity
to the Crowing South.
eursion tickets to Hagerstown, Md.,
ml return, will lie sold May 20th to 2Sth
inclusive, from all B. & O. points west of
the Ohio river and connections at one
faro for the round trip. Tickets good
until Juno 30th, with stop-over priv
ileges at one intermediate point east and
west of tho Ohio river.
At Hagerstown low rate excursion
tickets will be sold excursionists to B.
.v O. It. It. mints in the Shenandoah
Valley, Virginia, West Virginia and
Maryland. Apply to nearest B. V. O.
agent for rates.
Information about low-priced lands,
investments, thriving towns, etc., will 1k
supplied by M. V. ItiriiAitus,
Laud and Immigration Agent,
B. & O. R. R.,
l-Jt Baltimore, Md.
Wisdom means w ise action.
Men lielong to two worlds, that of tho
senses and that of pure intelligence.
In our working hours the mind is
never without an idea passing through it.
Observation and experiment are the
indispensable bases of all human knowl
edge. Tho system of protection to native in
dustry is the true policy of a nation that
would develop its resources and elevate
its people.
Tho infinite mind penetiates and fills,
with different degrees of consciousness,
all the heights and depths of the
universe. Spinoza.
The formation of knowledge may bo
looked on as the gradual and sj stemntic
elimination of tho accidental and fleet
ing in phenomenon, from the necessary
and permanent.
Ord elected the entire license ticket.
License another year in David City.
At Harvard, the license ticket carried
At Aurora the high license ticket was
The now loard ut York will oppose
Ainsley voted for license by a ma
jority of 10.
Snow, three inches deep, at Kearney,
Monday night.
At Grand Island Rodeu defeated
Plat by 200 majority.
Leigh elected a license iMtard, having
tried prohibition tho past year.
Sunday night the wind did damage to
tho extent or $10,000 at Beatrice.
St. Paul had no question at issuo but
that or license, which won by 27 ma
jority. Fremont ravors taking, off the occu
pation tax except on saloons, ami elects
Mrs. C. M. Nye as one of tho members or
the school board.
The now opera house, which will seat
3,000 people, has been secured Tor the
use or tho general conference of the M.
E. church which will doubtless meet at
Omaha next year.
At Beatrice there were five candi
dates Tor mayor, three of them so by
petition. The democrat-independent
was elected by a majority of 15 over the
republican. The total oto cast was
Tho first shipment Troiii the Noble
sewing machine factory at Weeping Wa
ter was made last Tuesday. Two car
loads of machines left for (oiuts in Ar
kansas aud Texas. These aro the first
machines over made west of the Missis
sippi river. The factory is booming
On Sunday Carl Hollander, a barber
at Scribner, shot off his left arm while
out hunting, about three miles from
tow n. The arm was so badly shattered
that it had to be amputated above the
elbow. He bled considerably before be
ing attended to but was getting along
favorably at last report.
The Beatrice board or health has been
for weeks combating with a number of
contagious diseases which settled down
in the city, and now an epidemic form of
diphtheria is raging. A number of
deaths resulted from it last week.
Measles and the grip also claim a large
number of victims, and both undertakers
and physicians are having an unusual
Mr. H. S. Potter and wife, two of the
oldest and most beloved citizens of
Ainsworth. died Monday morning of last
week of pneumonia superinduced by la
grippe. They were eighty-six years old,
were married in 1811, never bad any
children, and five days before their
death took to their bed together where
the' died within about three hours of
each other. They were buried together
Farming does pay. A. S. Wills, the
farmer near Eight Mile Grove who last
week topped the market with 105 head ,
of cattle, has contracted with J. B.
Holmes to deliver 120 head mure that he
is utill feeding for May and Juno mar
ket, at $' a hundred. With no ill luck
from this on he will have made a re
markable siHvrsa of his winter's feeding.
having, along with his cattle, netted 2i0
pounds of pork to every steer. He an
ticipates netting fully SI a bushel for
the corn he has fed this winter. -Platts-mouth
Last Monday evening a man called at
the Norris barn and hired a team to go
across the river and returned with the
outfit about 0:45 in the evening. So far
all right. Tuesday morning, one Bode,
by name, of Linwood, arrived in tho city
with a friend in search of his wife. Ho
was "all broke up" as the bos say and
says he is out his wire and $300, which
ho worked hard to save, which amount
had disapKared with his spouse. The
man who hired the team and the woman
took the train here in the evening for
tho west. North Bend Argus.
A check tor S05 drawn on the First
National bank or Plattsmoiilh in favor
of W. II. Wood and signed by Wildman
& Fuller, and certified to by S. Waugh,
cashier of tho First National bank, was
sent br collection by an Omaha bank.
Upon investigation tho check was dis
covered to le a forgery, both tho signa
ture stud certificate Iteing immediately
pronounced forgeries by the parties in
this city. The check had been cashed
by a bank in Schuyler, which is conse
quently the loser. A similar check for
74 was received br collection by the
bank or Cass county Tuesday, which had
been cashed by a bank at Kimball.
Louis Heimrod, who 1ms been ap
pointed state oil inspector, has lived in
Omaha Tor many years. He was horu in
Prussia in 1817, and left there for Amer
ica in IStlS, coming direct to Omaha, but
ho only remained a short time, wheii ho
went to Laramie, Wyo., aud engaged in
tho grocery business. Ho returned to
Omaha alter two ears' absence and re
mained until 1875, when he removed to
Shreveport, La., where he remained six
years and then came back to Omaha and
engaged in the wholesale and retail gro
cer business. His now duty will call
Tor the inspection of all oils offered for
sale for any purposes in Nebraska. The
salary is 2,000 -ier year.
Washington Letter.
From our regular correHondeiit.
Secretary Blaine was closeted for sev
eral hours today with Sir Julian Paunce
fote, tho British minister, Sir Charles
Tupper, ami several other representa
tives of the Canadian government. This
conference is understood to have been
informal, and was granted by Mr. Blaine
at the request of the Canadians for the
purpose of exchanging views on the
subject of reciprocity. It is not known
whether a definite agreement was reach
ed as to a common basis for negotiation,
as Mr. Blaine declines to talk about the
conference, considering it only as a
friendly talk about official significance.
Unless there was a great change on the
part or the Canadians from their recent
expressed opinion as to what Canada
was prepared to offer us it is certain
that no agreement was reached, as it is
known that Mr. Blaine will never con
sent to any arrangement that will injure
the agricultural interest of this country.
There is a well defined suspicion here
that the Canadian government is laying
wires for the purpose of trying to get
some benefit in some manner not yet
clearly apparent out of the arbitration
of the Beh ring sea question. However,
ir they can bol Mr. Blaine they aro
welcome to everything they can get. He
hns not leen Tooled yet.
The international sensation caused by
tho request of Baron Fava, the Italian
minister, made of the department of
state for his passports lasted jii6t four
days. Last week everyone was talking
of the situation, today, owing to the
dignified and positive manner in which
Mr. Blaino answered the silly vaorings
and demands or the Italian government
ami entirely reversed tho situation in
tho eyes ot tho civilized world, tho inci
dent is regarded as a matter or history,
although it will occupy an important
place in tho diplomatic records for some
time to come. Tho silly talk uliotit
changing the constitution of the United
States for the purpose of giving tho gen
eral government authority to protect the
citizens of foreign countries resident in
any portion of this country does not
emanate from the administration, nor
docs it, so far as I can learn, reflect the
sentiments of a single memler of the
administration. If being put upon pre
cisely the samo footing as native Amer
icans isn't good enough for the foreign
subjects, they had better return home.
The idea of giving them more than our
own citizens is rather more than the
American people will stand.
Senator Manderson, chairman of the
senate committee on printing, after a
month's rest, has returned to this city in
ortler to begin the arduous duty imposed
upon his committee by congressional
resolution, of investigating the method
of printing and distributing all classes
of public documents including the Con
gressional Record, tor the purpose or
reporting a bill to reduce the expendi
tures in this line, ir it can bo done with
out injury to tho public interest. There
are unquestionably gross abuses in the
present system of distributing public
documents, but a reform would take
away some of the perquisites of con
gressmen and their hangers-on, and is
for that reason doubtful. Another con
siderable expense that may easily be
avoided is the printing of a quantity of
each and every bill that congressmen
are worried into introducing for their
crank constituents, an editing commit
tee could remedy this by reporting upon
the bills that should be printed at gov
ernment expense. About ninety per
cent of the bills printed under the
present system entail an absolute waste
of money, as they are not again beard
from until the next session when they
are again introduced and printed at
government expense.
Mirror osm.
The zephyr was something more than
gentle Sunday night, accompanied by an
electric 6torm.
George WT. Erb spent Saturday in
Mrs. John McGill has been very sick
with the grippe. Mrs. Martin Reagan
has been attending her during her sick
ness. Thomas Johnson will deal in well
tubing this summer; we understand he
has laid in a stock already. It would
be well for any one putting down wells
this summer, to figure with him.
A. C. Pickett and William Lockhart
have rented the 80 south of M. Reagan's,
which they wil! sow to early fiax.
William Lawreuce, whose death oc
curred on Grand Prairie last week, was
an uncle to Mrs. Luther Stewart of our
Three energetic and ambitious young
men from this part of tho little world,
have combined in a Hax machine trust.
Those who will indulge in raising fiax
this year would save money by speaking
to the boys. By doing so early, you will
avoid the rush. Success to their enter
Mr. John Curry and Miss Nellie Flem
ing made a very pleasant call at Mr. aud
Mrs. H. B. Reed's Sunday evening.
Some little confusion occurred at John
McGill's Bale Friday over an article that
was sold to two different parties, but as
this is a neighborhood that knows no
strife, the matter was settled to the sat
isfaction of both parties concerned.
Mrs. II. B. Reed and daughter May,
accompanied by Miss Kate Erb, visited
Miss E. M. Erb Thursday afternoon.
Miss Eliza Drinniu sfarted Saturday
Tor Osceola, near where she will teach
this coming summer.
Miss Ella Browner went to Grand
Prairie Friday to visit Iter cousin. Miss
Ella Byrnes.
Mr. Samuel Drinniu, who has lieen
keeping books for a firm in Fremont,
has resigned his position there, and will
assist his rather on the farm this season.
Miss Annie Hamer spent Friday to
Sunday visiting her mother.
A Sate Investment.
Is one which is guaranteed to bring
you satisfactory results, or in case of
failure a return of purchase price. On
this safo plan you can buy from our ad
vertised druggist a bottlo of Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption. It is
guaranteed to bring relief in every case,
when used for any affection of tho
throat, lungs or chest, such as consump
tion, inflammation of tho lungs, bron
chitis, asthma, whooping cough, croup.
etc., etc. It is pleasant and agreeable
to taste, perfectly safo, and can always
be depended upon.
Trial lnittle free at Stillman's drug
Many years practice has given C. A.
Snow .V. Co., solicitors of patents, at
Washington, D. C, unsurpassed success
in obtaining patents ror sill classes of in
ventions. They make a specialty of re
jected cases, and have secured allowance
of many patents that had been pre
viously rejected. Their advertisement
in another columu, will be of interest to
inventors, patentees, maniiracturers, and
all who have to do with patents.
Merit Wins.
We desire to say to our citizens, that
for years we have lieen selling Dr.
King's New Discovery for consumption,
Dr. King's New Lifo Pills, Bucklen's
Arnica Salvo and Electric Bitters, aud
havo never handled remedies that sell
so well, or that have givon such uni
versal satisfaction. We do not hesitate
to guarantee them every time, and we
stand ready to refund the purchase
price, if satisfactory results do not fol
low their use. These remedies have
won their great popularity purely on
their merits. Stillman's drug store.
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
- We will furnish The Journal, The
Nebraska Family Journal and the Week
ly Inter Ocean, one year, Tor $2.80, when
paid in advance. Subscriptions received
at any time. If you are not a subscrib
er to The Journal don't wait till your
subscription expires, but pay us enough
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the Inter-Ocean, one of the greatest and
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ISurklcu'x Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, letter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skill eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents
per box. For sale by C. B. Stillman.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused lumps and blem
ishes from horses, Blood Spavin, Curbs,
Splints, Ring Bone, Sweeney, Stitles,
Sprains, Sore and Swollen Throat,
Coughs, etc. Save S50 by use of ono
bottle. Warranted the most wonderful
Blemish Cure ever known. Sold by C.
B. Stillman, druggist. 2Cnov1yr
Bab cried,
Mother sighed,
Doctor prescrilied : Castoria !
lf.;ai NOTICh.
To alt whom it may concern:
Tho Hoard of Stiix-rvisorH at their regular
ineetin-s March, Ibl, declared tho following f
tion line o-!iid us public roadx, i::
I. t onuiieucinis at the .VV. corner of ectiou
1.), Inun 17, range 1 east and running thence due
outh on Mction line one (U mile and termina
ting i.t the S. W, corner of naid fectiou and
known and det-ignated an the "Dithner Hoad."
II. Commencing at the S.W. corner of Miction
H. town Is, range 1 eaitt and running thence due
east on flection line one (I) mile and termina
ting at S.E. corner of Raid section and known
and dcHignated a tho "Saal field Hoad."
III. Commencing at the 8.E. corner of suc
tion .10, town 17, range 3 went and running thence
due west on section line about one-half CD mile
to the Nance county line and there terminating
and known and designated aw tho "(irahaui
Now all objections thereto, or clniinti for tlam
aget caused thereby, munt be hied in the county
clerk's office of Platte county. Nebraska, on or
before noon May 2fth, A. D. 191, or the same
may be duly established without future reference
Dated Columbus, Neb., March IS. 191.
O. W. Pbilliph,
25marlt County Clerk.
Land Office at Grand Island, Neb ,
March 6th, lb91. )
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made Itcfore the clerk of
the district court, at Columbus, Neb., on April
20th, IsVl, viz: Frederic E. Davis, Homestead
No. 16SM, for the N.E. of section 8, township
19 north, of range 1 east.
.H names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of,
said land, viz: Herman (J. Lueochen, Herman
Lnedtke. Theodore Wenck, of Hoheet, Neb., and
Henry W nrdeman, of Columbus, Neb.
UinaiH Register.
ctn r taruM at our !f EW line efwrrk.
rjt41lr bd tiuiw.raklv. bv tU .f
itbr -m. Toung-cr ")0,,aiil In tb-Ir
own localities, .rTcr iUj r. Any
tttkm ran ito tliv auk lv n I...
nrurnibfTlbiuf Wa wart you. No rik You can Atof
your apare n.omala, or all your tim la th work. 1 tit ! an
WSSr.'iCr'SKJ, Zc?Z?Z':'?J:::
rnuraijMcwiNajwi criug-a wondt-trul autrvntovtirvwoik-rr.
so Milwaukee -fc Sc P-utl :
Rv is the ouly line running joint vet-'
xbuled. electric liUtetl amltei;:u heatett
trains betv-eett the Misuxt ner .md.
Chicago, consisting of sew palace-sleeping
cars, elegant free rovhaiug: chair t
cars, luxurious eoaehe- aud the tiuest (
dining ears in the world. The Ivrth. '
reading lam p ta iL palace sleeping cars
is patented and cannot be u&od bv any
other railway companv. t u, the great
improvement of the age. Tr it and be
convinced. Close connection m union
depot at Omaha with ail trains to and
from the west. For further particulars
appi to jour ticket agent, or
F. A., Gen'l Agt.
W. S. Howell,
Traveling Fi't. and I'ass. Agt..
25febf t Omaha. Neb.
Ijiii.I Oiliivut I'tiind IhIhiiiI. Neb.,
.March ii. l-.!l. )
Not if-' is hereb Kit en tluit the folloviiniC M-ltler h'W tiled nolhv of his intention to
make ir.Nif in Mi!K.rt of lus latin, and
that wild proof will le us.ide la-fort clerk of tin
district court, ut Columbus, Neb., on May Mli,
t-ttll. 'uz tieorije C. Smith, home-tend No.
111.51. for the K. xt, N. W. S. or Section SI.
Township IS North. r IIiiiik "i V'e-.t. He names
the following uitUfsMtt to prow hisfontmuoii
residence iiimhi and cultivation of, staid hind, if
Henry Chivhuni. of l'l.itte Centre. Wallace .
MutiiuKton. of Moiir-h. Charles K. Chiiu, of
Oconee, William W. Viho:i.of Oconee, Nebr.
l'ti nk i.i n Swucr,
i"march-t He-sister.
and other special
ties ror Uentlemeu.
Ladies, etc.. are war-
ranted, and so stamped on liottoni. Aildres
W.L. UUUUttASsUreckloB.LTlMas. aoiuiry
Win. SH1LZ, Olive St., Goiumbus.
Dr. A. J. Sanders,
Three Years Hospitalism.
Recently from Uaiversity of Vienna, Austria
T. o. BOX s:j.
J. 1). Moohk, l'rei. of Hank of Commerce.
H. C. How titl, .Malinger of U. I'. Shop-.
V. II. I'l.vrr. .vlaorof (J rand lhtud.
Cms. Rift', R preventative.
S. N. Woi.i:L'ii, Stale Senator.
(to., Count) .linltfe.
CBThow who have lieen .utlerern forjears
nnd have lieen the rounds of the profe-siou at
home, without receiving relief from ordinary
methods of treatment, are csjieciid I j invited
to call.
tAHof our patients may exject tu receive
gi mm! care, careful treatment and t-ouare dealing
from a business ttnudoint, as we alva)s xs t
to give value received so far as poisible. Will
beat tho
.-Consultation free. AddreM.
Hox 23, (iruud Island, Neb.
The figure 0 in our dates will make a lone .tay.
So man or woman now- living will ever date a
locurnent without uf.m the figure 9. It stands
in the third place in 1890, w here it w ill remain ten
years and then move up to .second place in 1900,
where it will rct for one hundred years.
There is another "9" which h-is also come to stay.
It is unlike tlie figure 9 in our dates in the respect
that it ha already moved up to first place, where
it will permanently rcm.iiu. It U called the "No.
V High Ana Vti-c!i r A. Wilson Sew ins Machine.
The "No. 9" was endorsed for first place by the
esperts of Eurojx; at the Iari Exposition of 1S&9,
where, after a M-verecontest with the leading ma
chines of the world, it wns awarded the only
Grand Prize given to family sewing machines, all
others on cxhihit having nceivt-d lower awards
of Kld medjla, etc The French Government
also recognized itssupcriority by the decoration of
Mr. Nathaniel Whei Ier, l'residentof the company,
with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.
The "No. 9" is not an old nrichir.e improved
upon, but is an entirely new m.ichino, and tho
Grand Prize at Paris was awarded it as the grand
est advance in .sewing machine mechanism of the
age. Those who buy it can rest assured, there,
fore, of having the vtry latest and best.
185 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago,
80LT) BY
W. KIBLER, Leigh. Nebr.
'tine little f innnMhifi'fn read at
Wvik ft, r u, l.y Ant.a I ';, Aunri,
rf cut Dfii'iiaretJcHifcrT'II Why
im ym Mreeau a.
limit It T-m rati do the rk a4 !
t horn. ilireier you are I tm be-
frinnr ji jair tarning- from t to
lOatv llr- ViriUwiouhotf
nd tit ti it f an work m . "re tln.a
or an itf iiru-r jhk nionT ni irn
r Jal'Mie un!t ' n anion a; ihent.
M. luil woiifftMftit I 'art it itrafi.
B.HallU)L Co., Hon BMtFortluail, Uaiwo
A IRAK! Iun1rrfaaa-I..!r.r
tcattiany fir! tit-lliani jrri tri."i
Itex.wii u i-j a ana Mrti,aul wl.
atur iiiiruttcu.iU work lnuainobtlv
VfarfnthIroKn loratin- Mhrrtnsr ! i Min.nnr.rn.
kAir lii van "lit 1 kaunkiil faIli..
b ailuaiionor-rini iMiii-ir,al MlIh u ran rm that aiuoui.f
o momr furmunlr ucr-ti!a ho r -tI aoI iuELT
lo-arnet) I J mi re ut on trcrkrr Iroi.t lt thairiii cr count
bat already taufcliC t I o!J-aI vr.tli emf Ii.M-ut Utgt
puiuber. wbo ar nk1'i? over Jo4l a ir-ti li UfA
and MOMII. Pull r,rtfciiUra KKK;. AtMrra.atoiMt
K, C ALU:.. Hx 420, AH.HtlM, Jlalt.
Itch cured in .10 minutes by Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Sold by C. B
Stillman, druggist. 26novlyr
?rn .
M. MHK-zr :: -
wr Hk. --fc
irt nu !-3adHhjin
w mmmmmi
iflil A BVf-vAJfc.9
Wfv1mmmf in
wfimrmtmmim'. uut -Lin t - twi jr
A 'fflMJ
' UrB
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcker
aud Children. It contains neither Opium,
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, lrops. Soothing Syrup, and Catr OIL
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishuess. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd.
cures IKiarrhcea and AVind Colic. Castoria relieve
teething troubles eures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea-tbe Mother's Friend.
"Castorf is an excellent medicine for chil
dren. Slothers liav o repeatedly told mo of its
good effect upon their children."
D. U. C. OsaooD,
Lowell, Matal.
Castoria fc the best remedy for children of
which I am ncipjainted. I hope the day is not
far distant hen mothers will consider the real
inter.- of their children, and uso Uustoria in
stead of the variousquaek nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, tKvothiug synip and other hurtful
aget-ts down their throats, thereby Bending
theia to premature graves."
Do. J. F. Xincbxlob,
Conway, Ark.
Tko Ceataar Coapaar, TI
That ia tho Cnaractur Almoat Universally UlTat
The Weekly Inter Ocean.
3o oreati3 its popularity that lor yoara it haa had tho UVEQEST CIRCULA
TION ot any Chtcaao weokly nowapaper.
uselulne33 i
It 13 amy ana careiuuy cuncu m o
iiaiur.uU'AI'i mi. mi unadnur, auu aox. oujaum w w.
is a vpnsisceijc
ButdlBCU33e3 all public questions candidly and ably. While It alve3 fair treat.
merit to political opponents, it is bitterly
OIiIE3asantagomstic to both public
Its contributors some ot the MOST POP
SHORT STORIES are tho equal otthosa
lit Youth's Department, Cnriosit? SHop, Iqim's linmloi, aai Tie loie
In addition to all this tho NEWS orTHnWORtD Is aen In Its columns
evory week. In all upaiUuout3 It U caietully edited by competent m.n otn
jiloyed lor tnat purpose.
THE SEMI-WEEKLY INTER OCEAN is published each Monday and
Thursday mornlna. nnd is an excellent publication lor tnose vrno can not secure,
a daily paper regularly tnd aro not satisfied wltfc a tveekly.
By Special Arranaement jrtththe PubUanarao
scrrRi3isiE:i?'sS magazine
That Maonzlne and The Weekly Inter Ocean ara
Beth Seat to Subscribers One Year for Two Dollars and Ninety Coats.
wiavr eSKd tor. Address all orders
Deal or s in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors,
I'uriHiii-s i-iiiiii: lii- -tvh- FKKK, to tin- liri-t
1 mthi in win :iiIi-t to him lifter tin lir-t til
icntinn of tturt :n.t ;-. in .Ihuk.wi. of nth
Jami-ir-,. !. Hi- t.-ikit thN iih-IIkmI f inllini
nttcntioii to I in f.u t tlutt
Ami can Tumii-h ou, CIIKAI'Kil tlnin :iu1kmI
el., mi) lxk joii want.
N-nr Court IIoiim. with nil iniprmt'im-ntri, for
call (.IIKAI-. Al-o two nmrcn i.nil tuo i-oltn.
Aihln-ni ColiunliiiM.
trv"W call )o:ir attention to tin Alin wifi-n,
riml tin iinixirtant fact that w ar- nowr otTerinu
a line of Mifit at riit lielow roiii'mri-ion ami
l.-)oml i-onix tit ion. for full jmrtit ulari ail
ilresrt t'oliiiiihii-. N !.. I'. . l!oX VI. 1'Ie.ui in
clon :: rent ntimip for n-pl). lljiin::iiip
Regulates Perfectly.
I Strong. Durabla
A" D
Wind Uiils, Pumps and Pimp Repairs.
On iloor nurth -f l!akrn larn.
L. C. VOSS, M. D.,
Homoeopathic Physician
Orhce over pot othce. SiciHlit in chronic
dieeat-. Careful attention given to general
" gxi?y'rFI
Sr , - !u -jgy' F&5H1; CeSt-3
WSyalLl i llXvTa?
VJsIIQj vvQr
" Castoria is tso well adapted to chiMrM thai
I recommend it aa superior to any pNKriptfcW
known to me."
H. A.AaCua.M.D..
Ill So. Oxford St., Urooklya. N. Y.
"Our physician in Uh childrso's depart
ment havo spokea highly of their Mperi
euco in their outaklo practice- withCaUori.
and although wo only hv among ixtr
medical supplie what U known an reulur
product,.yelwear free to coufeaa that tho
menu of Cat-toria baa woa ua to look wkfc
favor upon it."
UamtD IIosmtal. aho mwtwaaaT,
Alum C. Surra, Fret.,
Marray Strt, lUw Tack City.
v: y uoiu ku-ciii j .V-," iSVlTv-Ti a J.-Tfri.-
Kepuoucao newspaper.
and private lnteieats.
Ct tt.O pi
the pacer is excellent, andnaaamonrj
otany similar publication In ttwcounuy
active coaata SAMPLE COPIES aa&f
Planing ME
W have jiit niH-nil a new mill on M ntreot.
opMxite rwliril! r tioiirini; mill ami an. to ilo AM. KINDS OF WOOD WO
nch as
Stair Railing,
Seroll Sawing,
Planing, Kte.
Store Fronts,
Ital listers,
Tn rn in:;,
JfT"All onliTH promptly ntremli-it to.
Call on
ColuiuMm. NVbraaka.
The Bee Reduced in Priee.
Hat lieen reduced tu
$1.00 A YEAR.
Now 1.1 the time to Hiil-Bcri.x for tliv
l-eht rievHiiaier in the west.
Send hi your orders early to
i j. ami
tgifm. Repairing