The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, February 18, 1891, Image 1

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Columbus State Ban!
(Olfiait alaK Barton tha SaateJ
Aad E'.pi Its Csiislwi wiea they Nd El
LtiKDilB GF.r.XAKD. Pre-idaat.
G. aTTLSZ Vira-p-iBtv
JOHN STAcTTXB. Caa'alaa.
-HA5 i-
Anthorized Capital of $500,000
Paid in Capital - 90;000
H.P. H OHLP.ICH TiePrms.
C i N-Z"?THaN. Ciihier.
Daniel schbaal ami cm.
C H. Sbldoi. J T. Berar. "
Eersiin P. H Oaiitch, Carl P-rka.
Jcr.t Vitlet TV A. McAlUlUr.
J. Herrr Wcraeir E. iL WirsloTr.
Gvirs W GaUrr. S C Gry.
Fra&k Rarer Ar- Id ?. E. CWalrici.
Htsy Loei ueraari Lofeie
Ey3ir."r of dpo.f. tr-treit tlioi cs. tise
d-p&i'.ta. bay aaa xli exchizjs cz Uaitl Sutfvj
aid Lurope. aad orraai li iTiiUbIeect:ritie
? shall b p:auM tc ncetTp r& bii. "
sciicit yottrpat
Or 4.'. . UIBLEB.
'lraTcila? le-m.
ar"Tne- urji-' i--$ 1 Ttrj pr
trttiar. al w cuiriate-w
w . irLr.
TJ. P. Depot, Columbus.
tTEepairing of aU kinds 1
iCTy Goods.
pjJg JJjy$ Qp JT jy
Informaiion Gie&ned From AH
Quarters of the Universe.
- iprrch tb Tliut llCVrt the. - r!ar
oJ suit Cleveland . f're Co aa;j -Other
New of intere-t to ill W- rlX.
MoNteeal. .,... . - ' 1 ::
Mr ( s-.T.iar .. -is
vanada. m iL -jar- . L'- '::. -spe-ch
in lb- t'npaizn tr'a) a'.-.'.-i
i iL- many ("Tort- p.: fort! Tt-zoVf-rnment
to btain c',..-. r trau r -li
-n wim th- l : -.ted btaT"- au-j -at.: 1 1 -opposit.on
- aim .! .'- :.! t p
demands uf the A.u i .. ro-- ;
b acceptable. s-peaiinff of th- i.utTil
poiiev he said.
The object and am; of unre-trictcd re
cprocltv leads unirr-ervrdly to UiDfxtt ..
It eou'.vi perhar be S'iii- fa" t -a.
lutt the iioeral-of outar.. were j. ftvor
of un: r Uj ti.i In t--o te ' . .
tu-- Hon M Ma-kei. iji- . uar--..
d- "un.-ei : and M b.-kf - n
he- ut that h.- u. ' a'', n" -; t'
. t 2Su u:e t-iciTi tu-f .c- l f in - l:.- :.-:. Mr. .har.ton is. h er a Ai- -can
by birtn auds--p--t -- of aa'.exat -i-t
'eudencie- and aitn -urn Sir Ei'l.a:-1 Car;
vrr zot ha- far Kf p: -.lent u& thi- pu.ut 1:
is at .east - l:j &- t -ee tin..:ti-u: fau!)
:c: acy S .i wi-Ui Jr.. ln'nruin; arist
tL-coverziaut an'i 'Jutitr .tr. Ao.:
is- p.( It ' tee ut ii - ral.-i-: c!
ti. srn-j g n ! d siaist tteir Lan . P-ay-.a:
tbe cait.- of aaatiitXL. Ti.- Il&rr.
p-iy .j i j tsh.srui. for it-'
It -'-'t.v j.i.-;- fc- our et-s.-.-Ur..
ii. ie AEi r.cii. tepu' Ik. N
the anaciit."3 party of t'aptrj i- Doetre.
r:--au. I.&J iKri3s is act aead It--p.rit
iMxnates t-..- s- escrs at 2 if
,L-y tid :i txsrsict; thT wu.d square.."
A Letter Delinlns His Views Against Free
silver Colsaje
Yore. Pet 13. A: 2. a5 Eeet-.n,-
:- at Cooper Ur-!or; Ij oppose ine
- rr t'. . li. io ii':rg letter :ro-r.
-: ,-.-r Ci-relacc. nflarp;d 10 E Ellery
v..-- -rvt tcj pr-ia-- w-ss read
1 E -prv Anderson ilv lear Sir- I nave
, .:t-r -a rr c e : y i-r rote :nv.;:;;
:. t attend t t-a j-.'uW evet;:z. t at-n;
.. : f . t:.c p .rpu e cf ro.ciar tbe eppo
a r. i: tee t. s cfe ea cf our c.ty to ice
y- e cult-a-ie of a :er la toe United taies
1 -jiii lc. t,r al-ic to attend aaa s.d-sr-
i:t- ra is you rtue-ted. but I
jl ;id tnat tn tu: t-3 interests of New
1 tri. . r?o.t iiS" tob. a- trocn teiub.ert. It
-i.:c. ir.njt tr; ce-"t-ry for aic to make
.. forLj. .-tpttt5.o.. of u:y acrv;s:ent roith
iu.' Kt tiie-. tie -re&it-si perll
..l: b- inviterf by toe adoption of the
c-tr03e t?tii ra- a iu the raea-cre tio p-nd-:zz
:a 3m-3 for an ur.1 i.:ied co:aar -.f
T er at ,- r.t-t-. !f e Lsve oerriOped
ituLBespKtCacapac... for te-- iiml.a
uio(ur;r :sr-a c: lo.nse Of the
turret r ni evei. If we nrvr actiiOCitratol
.t.u.jUj.. of -u- an Incrca-e teest?
jud. t: -i, fa., far 'hort of m-urtEZ
d -aSter If . ti- prern- situation
r en:: up u the dasierci- ad reok.e5
-tx'.-ifc,.!.- of fret url.:itea and :ad--i-J-i.t
-..vercois-ze --r- very trUy
. Willlam-Oun; P.w.nn 3Ukf LnexpecteO
livcorie- hj i'rartlciiir It.
1 r o tLt- o.u l;r-5alcW Ericr.
...r l v-f V.'...:J.lS .r- i reachii:g a
-,.-- o.' -rai'jn- o- tii- .cccness of
. .-rio3.- auc car.-- 11a..- of -faicL
..r jj-r a rrea. many vr;:h;r. a srxial.
r.ii:u- of fas ii.arcL. He 1- ir tb- habit
f ut--aniinr hi- - er u. appan.'.. il.
L othu ::. a rj r v.h-. ted .--. n ha,
he r";it? the vrio- p:itc.- f publ:
aa.n?an;pnt in in- -ait'-rr. di-tKi cf
Brooklyn Lat cven.i. the s:iitr2.t-a-cber
aaensc-rbunil held 11? ineen;ii
anneal aasquerada b&i: siTcra hall, on
Me-ero -tret: Somt-d told
Mr lord that !f be -aracwd -
1 .ub.'ect
for h:? next t?
..rmoa ii- ?nojm - K'..-u-at
i&e ball Hr was lo'.d that the op-.
and flagrant anions of ice French bal.
wi'- nothing con oa red t. what he would
-e-"3t iae Turn Hall. Mr Fcra pu; on
hi- stotirh hat and tveu: u tbr bai1
Not- book iu hand, he wen: around me
dar.rinc fioor ana ia??ecied th bar-room
down--lair- H- js' & 55 r of genii
mew sitting at a table To hu z.-eai di
ru-t a pretty dan r. m combined Ore-;.
ret: l: aecina in Troup acd x-t her
arm- round tue u. cf n- of tLen:. In
oro r mat tbv illu-tranon 1 hi- ? rmoi.
:ui2i.: tv mor. ronp'ete iit iV.-- l
'. trouo t .earn 11. lsc- '. tu, -ti'-ma:
r. nad bn ?" -a teo Tftt-
j.-ooabi.ilie- ar that lb- raoa vi:'. not
prea.. Ll Tno a.-M'a.-.n wa- Mavor
A.Ted 1". Chapi.. and t.s compamon-
w. r IV1:- Captain Ennis aiw m- of
t, tc.c; KUOUi ri-ldfl,l- Of WllilEiS''- ani 'r n Poir.t
-.trikiuK Workmen .i ihe Clsrk Tiircad
Mill- Indnlce In lU&tlni..
Netv vkk. ." J . Ft s : 5 There M-as
r..t:n' auu blc5dshed at th t;ar''-
tLfiid Hi.i.s Ii:-t .".ZZ W'Lfli tne
i'!:-union spinner-u: ivuri. tce- w-r-carried
over tne anJ vl :h- on the Kearney -id ine; weri
tt : bv a throne of 'Z.Oui.' men. women
ana children A boy threw a rock and
me -pecia. police attempted to ru-h iu
t. crowd. Chief Turnbcll. o." the
Ktarnev polict. ordered th- -pe:iU
back i4 inev :et;red ImmnJiau'
fttr a omau trw another ?tou- au
the special- ths ;uihod upo- 'u
crowd! riouri-hme revtH.?r? in. -h'-nsr
11 the air The rro-d J-urved baik.
our ilutie a shower ? -ton - 'h.-l-crashed
through tne m.." K.Law Y 1.
in zA vmdow breae.. a- a.--pt -
ant;: the': attra :-d htnan-u- of
CKop!e iron "ea.L Far naif a m:.e th river front lite. jtretchc-d a
iaa-"of hunamiy. The nen lnlCe tin
niii plaved a line of ho-- &nd wet lh--rc-vd
' Tai- made ih- riour- Ein
mzry at-a u.c window ;ma5hmc w-nt
or "Several giriJ yvr r rushed and on
badlvclubitea. Wllli Kh-uraond. aced &.
wa- -hot throuch the foot oy 2. apet-ia.
oiheer. V, th carkne--th- crowd r -
psjrW Then- 1- scare :y one -- .
wiitQo tne niii- It 1- tuught il- re
tvi.; 5 uri r-o to-day and tn pre -t.!:ties
are lb- u:ii:j '' t .a.."d
. oat .
He Waited oitt "cry Gooa Conn I oa
the Indian..
Washington. Feb 11. Tne lt.d.jn
1 t. f- iio in me ettv cal.ei a' :l
white notice yesterday afternoon and
rji:a th:r respect- to the prea.dt nt.
Tl-v t-tened atientivelT 10 & slot su
dre '- v the president. He pointer . .u
tt f- T ' their going to war wit tb
xvLites. and nade 11 very plain that ;f
tb-y nade any sr, trouble ihf y would
b- pum-Ltd. H tolc liuim th-y ni't-t
tea t their younc nen not la d-- warrior-
but citizen?, and endeavor to earn
ttt-rowr l'v:nc by some p.-avfu :
dustrv The rovernnenu he ?aid. would
protcvt nd enconra-elTcry Indian who
is disposed tz be peaceful and :ndn
trlous. The Indians luct 5hook hand
with the president and witborv.
forsythe vindicated.
Ul Conilnct at Uoanricd ICare 1 En
, ilor--d anil He I Ke-torrt t Ut- Coui-
Wa-hingtos. Foh. 13. The secretarj
jf vrar lo-dav made public in repor; of
ti inv.t tirraiion c! ifae battle of
Hounded KnH.par:icu!arly with rvf"r
pn '-"lu Cj!. F'Tyih 5 conduct on :ra.
I oot-ajion. Th n1) ord of tw tour; of m-.i-rr
i-eodor-ed by Ma;. -tier.. Mile,
uiititr iiati- of Caicao. Jac. 21 He savi,
in nan.
C; t jTR-the had re-e:rd repeated
warn.-.?- a- to tae dspt-rjtl- as 1 deceit .li
hra -.-r 1 B. Ft band of luain
n !.: v ati. i irrde:s -t-j tiitj itM c'
-f -tut :i.a'.c ti. "uarxi a:aif-t ur
p r d jji-.i- r i.-,itT ait -irt-uto-tar.c .
" i - '.ar -a-'-.iu-J y-J-r- wr unber-ac-a--
ai--t. zard -a oy i -! Fi"-ivtit-I;
.- n!Cc .t t - L.tlvt; uoir vitrc -pi;t7t.
f trrj- ouid ba.f bet?n nAde
Tl.t te- :raay z-v- to -how n.ost of tin
t- o- wtr fof-d i trithi'-.Jd are.
!.-. ;r: ib- bruut of the aSalr to fii. pot.
x' c rzipan.- an. i wsrn r- a-ha 1
I., i a .uicJ bfik.e ti.r3-rli cr oTtTpo.
ftflltL: -iiijtl forer cl.rr.-tl. about ttitrss
. 1 rt-jh.a the camp occupied oy tronieii
aau'liUdrec The batter- of four Ilotcn-..-
run- nad uiati. then ben c-e!rv th
1 f it "i vr.nier uvin: seen remold fr-)-
ti- j' n- " . utsif- t.f tUr. captaiu ctua:aai
Icr t- battf . l.t tbe uaners .:rut l-'
tn-ir t-u.eni. ih- bar-tr tnv Pit-t-. jr.i
a tr - tb.: own ojuirad-.. lr.-c :in-we.--
. 'ritn. upf Zi e lnoiit, ct.p
ef- or tat t:r ? ;.iin: -n p-ri' ti-
tr - i -. -iin. jiLi- - u 1. t: . e -.
rLii- i -- . jlissl f rftnn - i-l-ti-.TOirir:
p u.e :.r. fr:
tui- cut- acv. from the sn.a'1 am.- uf
-itt-r i'rt::m- cf tht rotiaiard
Ti fata, o.-p -.tiOQ of troop- wa- -u -s l
o; ! ot.t--' u cocnierat ,i. a ?r-at
tc.'---rt iUr i t.tuens disparity of renztL
aao 'u.a hare Iwea .ncx-t.ibl- It. tu.
f.-r cf t.e -j-J and d-peritt: foe. f-veu
r a'l - - ...; i warn.cir and order btn
rt? t ''tt. ir it. auuo.':ty
o. l .noL-iU s-biaitif i tt.e
Lft-C t
war wiii. lb
met. 1 tLat tb .r.u.-reis of tee sc-rv:c- do
.:ii 10:
.uLtinuance o: '..
F .'r-vth'. s ju:'.;'.Cu i. I..- jud?E.eni
tb- conduct of th-.- r-r:mcnt wa- we.,
wo: r. 7 of in- comn-eniiation bcstow-d
pon :t by uim in his irs; te.crrani after
the eiiaremeni. Iz. retarcicg tn- pipe--
- i- ajor-geaera'. coiina- i n,
- re lt: :,:" V ar Proctor rev.ew ;
. '-'...zr-v a t the, ;
uli s or. the cesperate and s .-..
.. ira r of the hanu He savs
I t.. r. festly as :s.perai:v: ni--.-T
t T-Td- :e e-scap--t-f tnc-e ce-erau.v-ur
cr ta proc.-s i c!-.rn:tnr le trv- .
appafeo t . -.aiTo bocn wedd sp-'l : --
.: -. v. ::,;--is. tvuij.. no: u .
r-: ikfc .... Jirt.cipaied trrc-...a-
-- Noiuji; i.Iu-trs-. - :
:t.jt e-uf tji outbreak t..or for .t.y 1-.-1 .
Lr :uct mat tec.r srst nre wa - cirvctt-.; erery snot that did not Lit the -oldie -Ei-i
tjit rune through in... r own vu.are
f.ere : lilt e ao-S.t tu: that the- sr-t k.i
:ns of w .men an i cL.iaren si; be :nl- ttr--
re of : a: Ind an- They then mad- a. !u-..
!rea. throjh and artiund tne flack- 1 f
-.-od 1 ccmmania or tut ra -
. 1. f -pi U&u&cc and reacae 1
t . "rpee.- Kion tnan if
tt r. aau e t tne r arms with tie !',
auu nt aj" . t:ricr frvr. auiocr trei .w .
. !i u 1 - cti Idrea. uti winn thev -tar.tC
f i.. tLe.r c:iiiip the.r wot!:e i ami o.ldrer.
ere a.u-'.d tnet Th wo-tie-; an
t- .-re: wc-emv r away fru.. the ini'i e
c ate -..f. pany of the men aft -r the ia-t
r we f-.t.. in. .r-ie il-r. of then: ne
a a r. ... .-ol th:r pott fc eai .-.-.-il.
t- di-tirsu - . a bj'- i r i
- . W t a I t i Ul-tH'i'- wh'.n IC-UUtH.
".n trx: by th- tr. p w&s ent.reiy d.--.
t s ci the n eti .n tte :r.-- in.
-. u.r--tlo-. oppslte fr tu th- t 1
t 1- i.iG a . aft .- thti. --a
..:. i w.t: tne'r anu cL Ia--L.
tju- : tp si thct.. t tu- are of ti.etr o,-:..a-a
tar. me wer urav. . ,
aj. v ... ea ana woundec Tula fact i- 1 u'-.--;
y rerre.trsa vr tue ofitcer a:.o : l
: -u -e-Lt cviry Tu - unfo-tunt
1, 3 ri tue affair sre Ou. of trat --la-
"rs 1 - wu on lJe I .d.&n- tfc c-wr'-
s.t r .y if ot-.Lie 3ia... V. 1, 1- d
ei..p..a a. f u. -fare; that wi.y fifty -o-
V.-T. nr C br tlur lodlai.- tl.f-.f- The f..p-
r .n.Mi'.i Sre Tl coadu. .i -it.
ofr -Ti a:.- !.(." tt-on:h H.t the . -f.-r
u r-.-n-trate. a very satlfactori -t
ft--p "- '. lb- :-ev. ntL Crair Th- -tha
.or wa-coaracfrued b -ill. .-Lt-t.
dt-.-rct.o-. an, t rbearaace aau r -.
t tiie t:u.t pn5 ' 1-. credit up - tit
r- s treiit. wn cs -u-le tur I-- f ait
i m tr e--twenty -ne eni - ed rtjCi. . .'-i
aid tre. .tfb-rr- anu t'rt.. -1.. .'
i -.-. .ei. w.ejndec. Th- s'tuat.- ,
U.-u'a-c llr.-; creek ai a ery unu-u;.
ard'er. d.fh -ut on- fa" fij-ir- d.f -ult
than tt at in j.ved lc an ordinary LattiO.
where th1 otv ij.tmos t- cf :alr.:nr a
t. 10-y wi-h ut iLeSortt-' save tne !:"
of ta-'er-u.- It i- ea-y t-i make pian-wnf-
we ;jK backward, but in the icn- t
-T a nd:ti n- as they appeared t.. te
,- - ,.liri ofi.'-er. thtr do-- ict -ca in
re--u''-.:.J .fw crtU'r oi tiif p ir: 1 .
m- i- part', m' I it. rei rt apro t .' tt.c
ena r-e- et f the ma or-sttiTo. - c
l . i.i.r.-: tnV tie intere-t- f the ;il! a-y
erv:--e u r -t ottaacd acy furttter pr-d-iz.z-
u tt-i- 'a- ir wire-'ti-n ef tc. pr
ia-:.t 0. for-ytiie Ui rv-uc 'Ot-..-in-t
cf tti reri' --1
;n. MleJia- Nothins to.Vdii.
lui. ,.,.. ?tJ. :i Oei . Miie- when
-t-u t Kijt -notocr he had anyijic"
;.. ay rtcaramg ci Foreytn-'i rr.i.--tutcatei.t
I .c3 n. .thins ahout the action laVen
It: W4-11 crtoi. I u j tct car-to n.aie auy
fcti'. et-t . . :erard tu it. v r o.- I care t.
rv' le t&c Ca-c W'ha- 1 oivt I iou.j i
ria ucar il. ian.e iircuaataijee.
5ioux Cttylae Stock.
t iov stooi 1 Ann-. 5irx Crrr. Fti.l
Hoc t-t.a.,'-: rt-e:ft- 7. TLe
r.vxi nozs wr- ato.i a. trc-li repre-eritrd a
;ii.' There r out
t.u 1 .ad- i . on the mrn-
.i.z ard b-iweea ivt byer
thero st-e- iu.e -minted o?er- a' 1"
nizher Even ti.c -tff l-j. i.a
not -eea any activity fr at ie--t t
vrees. was in sood demand to-day ana -l.t
Uvt cake- Tae bulk of lt-s wer- -t. tot
t fric. ;U liaZ.SC The n.arkft - oh!
steady n monunz offers.
Vuotatiin- Llzht mixed. 53.13'-..".- .
heax-v. co. i-it.
Caul Estimated re--tst-. 50i tt . i.e
tae yard-were alieo wita ..I rral. - .-f
uf there was a t ticvacte ab re . ' al
Vino oi bareti Th cancioz
ce pd tae thinz out a iltue b.- tse.r u-aa
purccases cf fat atufl. t u" r
were U. many -ellr.. w 1 .. a
mcr ordinary zrad ! 'iei
hard- which wa- di-po-ed of -li 1 - a'
str-u; p-l""- A lltt.e -.-at :.z wa- u -e
rio . tt.. Bu' -.tu" i- -1: ..
aprr&d- tue emaeJ for cKi -:.' 'a
exttd BJ the supp'y afeuel.. t..iiz
aad tbe like and no raarkfe'
Cattle Uut.ts.tl3n-.
Fatteer- zood to prtrae. ra.75i4a
Fat steers, toa to rood 3.tu&3.f
Fe-ders "rtrae. Sui.U.vlh z.ta.- J. ?
Feeders, la u. g- ea&xia.
r pxkert. nnrai z & '.
Stoefeers. fa-10 zrod ... za5ii.
Stocteers. cotarnon z dfciy
Ycaruaz-- prate z..j.--i.-t.
Yearitmrs. fair to z xi ... ifji25
Fat cow-, prime j'
Fai cow-, rair to zood l-ti'T
5"a row-, connan l-t-'ii r
C&CSiZi. "-''I:'
Bulls, ehtficc . - - i.'.-z '-
Bull-, coraracn .!-. "
Cnlvr- , ifie5
Ca.:res veal . . -v-
onth Otn-iba Lit? tock.
Sorm 6vuiu. re- : . tlozs E-Umated
receipts, 6 fevu- Omc.1 Jr-te-rd;- :.-.--uib;pmenis
Market opened atruaz and
5c hither Iliivy t2---. 4-. u.lseu -. 1 .
&3-4J-iiztt, Sz &:..
Cattle Estimated receipts, 1. ?. Oa
cial yesterday. l.-- ?atpraent.-. G7 .-ar
Market stro-az. qnaliry coatmos
Chicaro Lave StocS.
Chicago. Feb. ii. Cattle Beceipts.
QQ. Market steady- steers- 5a..TJ"-v'.
caaneru. Tl 3-23 siocker?. 52.-.3
csmmoa. 5i-25a.4ii. mixpd aud packers
X433.3: prime neivy and "catchers"
welzht-. e3.2i02.C8: Uzfat. 2.505.i5.
Sheep Eecelpts. 6.CC0. Market steady:
satives. 54.Ki4.: westerns. 4.5p3-W .
Tsxan. 54.C055.W.
Fatty Oeceaeration of the Heart the Cause
Gen. sheiuian Alannlnc Illnt
Other "eir nl ote-.
Washington. Feb la. Admiral David
D. Porter died here this norning.
Hi- death ws very sudden. It oeccr
red at hi- residenc- here and was the re
sult of fatty defeneration 0! th- heart,
with which he has been affected since
last summer
A I'caccfat Ite ath
His death wa? caim and p.a-jefu!.
AVhen Dr Waie- left hin. a: 11.1 last
night hi; condition v.asaSoiit:Le.-cn5P2:
it had oeen for several wt-escs past, and
tnere were no lnd.cauoc- that medical
serices would be needd before the
time for tne do. tor's regular viit thi
mornmg. The nature of the- admirals
disease made It dangerous lor him to be
on his back, so that he wa-s accustomed
to rest sitting on a Jar?, sofa, with his
back an-i head supported bv pillow-.
Tne admiral awoke at 0:4."
mis mormne and took his nounsnment
a- u-J3i He afterwards fell into a hzht
sleep and gave no indiaiiti whatever
thai the end wa- so near at Lai.c At -o.
lock tne admirals son. ILicharo who
siei-:s b". his !de. noticed a vhane in
his father- ondition. He
icr with diSM miv and :
was breath
remed j be
cholrics. The housph.dd nt on. e arose
and Dr Wj.les was sent for The pa
tient's puise
Grew Fainter and Fainter
and at .15 o'- !. tea-ed to b-at. A
that ho;;r h- ras-d tonvnlsive;
s .d
expired Without a word Ir. Wa.
r-acnec tne no-ase ainost immediately
upon being nntineu. ai.d applied
al' restoratiTe- known to medi-
csi scienn. but without e3ect.
Vi ord was a: once sent to the president
and the -eereia
if th. navv. and
fags a: the white house and on all pub
lic buildings were placed a: half nasi.
Secretary Tracy promptly visited the
fan:. 7 and cu-uferred with tnem m re
gard to th funerai arrangements. It
was settled mat tho funora: ;no'ld t-
narked wltL
Blgnest .Military Uonors
and mat the Interment snould r made
f.t Arhnrton National cemetery A large
nenber cf people In orkia'. life calied a;
the nouse this morning and left messa
ges o: sympathy tor tne family T-l
grams of condolence were received from
prominent people a.l oer th- country
The time of tLe funeral ha- net y.: been
announced. An esejcttve o'der will be
issued from tnt nvy departmei.t thi
afternoon Tbe prvs:ce:.t wa- notined
of Aomira'. Porter's death and -em s
message of sympathy to tbe family He
subsequently -nt a message to congress
notifying mat tody of the admiral s
death, and later in tn afternoon i-;ued
an esecutr.e omer .osing the executive
department of tn- srovernmeni on the
cay cf the f antra, and directing thai
nars r- p.aced a: half mast durinr that
Extreme Unction A t- Not Admini-terni
to lien. Sbtnuuu.
New Yoke. Feb. 13 At lo:W o'clock
P J. n rmar th- i:encra"s sji.. when
spoKer. t-. regard to in- pnbii-hed
statement to tu-etTert mat (ten. 5ner
nar. rete'veu itr.-n. unctior., emphat
ically cent" that -uh wa- me case
Tne genera... ne said, was not a Catholic
and never had been or.e The family
thi- mormnr arf qu'.u- cneertui. a- mey
now entertain a hope for tm eenera.'s
recovery Son" trouble w3- experi-.
er."ed iu kepin the c-eaera! in oed. At
tais not..- z.i. cnang i reported iu tSf
general's condition.
An Early Ilnlletiti.
New York. Fvb IZ. Dr. Alexander
issued me following bulletin a. 9 o'clock
thi- morning.
After con-Uitatl n tuts morn:nr tee phy
..i.aE' anu that tne reaeral h&- io-t noth
.ac duricz the aisht c T Alexaspeh
1 he second Kulietin Still lletter.
Ns'w York. Feb. 1 lo a. a Dr.
Alexander said if me present condition
Df tren. Snormai. oontmne; throGshont
me day he nas more man a fair chance
3f recovery.
Think- the Crisis Past.
Al 12 o'clock p. n Ger. said.
--I think tt-n. Sfaprnar. nas passed ffco
crisis of L.- di-ea-e He ha foarteeV
nouis" nnd.-firHed r-t and fu!. reno-eN
iu.. .CrHise. ,
Oat iun: 1- enuren ::
anu tn- Other
only partia.iy nued win. mucus, mere
Is no indication of pneumonia and the
action of ;h' heart and stomach are
zooa. The tii ui-al is weak and still in
a critical condition out the chance; for
his recovery are rood
?he DUtlUe
- Explosion 'w. Arrived
to Occur Liit Moutlu
Chicago F
la ine-tiza-
tion of the Ginon piot to wreck Shu
feldis distillerv shows mat Gib-oa was
Drought to Chicazo oa a aecoy leit-r
fr?n Dewar L--ar instructed Gibson
to come to Ch.-.-azo on Wednesday and
enng a new txtt.'e of the explosive He
siso told him to brinz evidence that he
intended to pay him for tne jod The
.ontent- of iidsols mp were a shirt, a
f?v Cwl.ars. a i.jttk cf huuid and 100
shares if vj k-y-;rusi steak asjisned to
United States District Attorney Mi!-
cbr:st says the only aSense under the
federal statute for which Gibson can oe
tried 14 oflt-nnz a briae to a federal ofb-c-er
The extreme penaity for this is
mre- year- impn-onment. Tnere are
several state law- und-r vhlchhecan
y incictcd. but after a conference with
the stait's attorney to-day u was decided
thai the stat- would not meddle with the
case cnt;. m fedtral zoxernner:i niC
anisned iu pro-ecmioi.
Gibson is 11 P-oria and refu-e; to
Ui! ttuliroaa.
DeadivuoU. Feu 13 Yesterdat a
new earine wa- put in n- on tbe Dead
wood Central much heavier than aay
heretofore csed on the road, and just
2fter ieavinz Lead CVv for Dsadwoc-e:,
t.ife un iu Jiu-fGot grice'm Gold Htn.
uanyoL. the engine oecame ccnanaie-
aDie. due to failure on tne nan o
' rh.s
air-brakes to work, wnereopor. me
gineer. nreman. conacctor and one or
two passengers jumped. tha balance r--naiamg
ia th- car Th train cashed
dewz the incline at r: terrirlu speed, anq
on reacamz me junction of me" Bur.icf
lington ana ilissocri road, jenped tne
track, demolishing the car and snashins
tb ennn hadiT Ai' the s.zzis;
?ere rtors c: less injtired. but no fiis.?e
iie5 hava occurred D. A Wells. Dead
ood, received injuries that nsy zcc3
siiate me anp-iation oi cue arm.
Mebical nen In Berlin have nnally
dubbed the Kcch lvnnh "tuberculide-"
The work of rradinz Jackson park ia i-f"i it'-.n'- i,,..- r -
prepar-iioa iur ae urld a lair ha c-w-
The California hous has passed a bill
appropriatiuc S3CO.000 for California's,
eihibi; at the world's fair.
Many Measure ot 3!ore or le ltnpart
anee Ht-ing- Introduce! at the lreent
ieion ot the Suntlow? r Legislature
A Ita.T Session.
Buicoi.n. Feb. C Is the senate the bdl
p:ov.a:cz for a norraal school at Chadroa
wa-recommitted to the ci'tna-.ittee on uni
1 er-ity an : normal s.-hooi j.f ter the latter
bad reported that .: be lauehniteiy post
poned The -u.n.e con.iu!ttee reported
favorably upon th pas-ago of senate tile
s-. exctuptmr from poll tax members t f d s
trict school toara-. en.iOir sitz!er of
iwuzl.-. &s&rd to b-.- pertnmed to withdraw
from the senera! fiie the resiiuti. iu lain.
diice by hira i f c iays as" relating
t-i raiita nine the pren rule of interest
and the expecieacy cf estenoinr,
time of stays of exe-utiott t :. t-ortsace-.
The necessary penal ion va- granted and
the re-uiutioas wire jrousht us for consid
eration A vote was taicen on the adoption
of the re-olutjon and was practically uaan
ir30us.Randall of Phelps, and another only
votine in the neni.vr. senator ?witrier
zaoved the senate ro iu a bodv to the hou-e
t . lt,a to"0T. reed's me
?are. Carried.
The -enate returned truta the hou-e at 11 :50
a. t. lhe roll wa- called and a recs- was
taken until - p n. At the afternoon -e--sioa
imn-di3teiy after roli fail au adiourn
n.ent wa- taken until 4 p. m Tue-uay next
In tne hou-e eichty member an-wt-rrd to
roll -all. A from the rovemor
wa- received annotmeme that he had -i-ned
tne hill approprlaiin: ll.l."" f r in-relief
of tbe drouth -tncen sufferer-. The
committee 01. -usuranee recommended the
pa-arc of tc authoriziar the organi
zation of farmers' mutuai iasarance coa.
punies. Tj.e juuiciary committee reported
a Usury bill kii-.wa as committee bill No. 1.
By Its provisions the money leaner forfeits
to the borrower ave times the amount of
:t.terest inv-Jreu aud .- also subject
... lbe c: u .. '..and
Th---oma-ltte. ou lat-or r-por-e-i ir rvor
of -doptinr the Ilhnon law maitinr eirnt
hour- t lerai cay's vcrk except on farn.-
. . .. iK . n. ctrvi .. SI A
and for domestic -ervact- Tae coramitte
on public land- ana Lu..din:r? rcporteu 1:1
fav.r of esraMi-hio: a nri-' reform s?nT.t!
at iieaeva. Fiiimore count v. aad approprla SJ.oOj fr toe me. A cotton was
made o- Gunatt t.. so into omraittee cf
tae whoie to cotsider bills on tbe sreceru!
a. but tae -prater aaia it lacced but a
f-w minutes cf 11, tae hour appointed for 1
t:.e joint ccrjvectlon t roee'vt trovtrnor
Boyd Tc- mot.oc was lost
White the a a.uveu tht a coma-.ttee cf
two be appointee o ait ot. the senate and
invite taeir presence to It-ten to the Inaug
ural addres- of Gov Boyd The mot.oa
prevailed After the ;otct convention d.s-s.-ived.
oa rr.ot.oa of Wnit- it was ordered
mat 1 j.iwv eopifc- of the r.veraor 3 address
te printed in such laauarei js tne printing
committee a.i d-tera me Tae house ad
journed uutii 1 j a. a.. Taesdar
Lr.v oLN. Feb. 10 In the senate the fol
l'win: senate Sie- wBrc red the nrst
Ity switzier reardice appemtmeat of
actaries putlt.-. by an Houses, amend
ing m-urance iaw-. oy t.-ku.ter. for prtnt
mr comml ioners' proceedm" ir.
lacua:es. by Cnrlio2er- n iuiiitiar the
Carre -eaia
Senator Swltucr. of Douziaa. a-.ed for
ta- .-on-ideratiou of me b:.l. o 6T la com
mittee of the -enattr aloore. of
Lanca-ter wa- callea 1 . ta- ha r cf the
committee and the biil was read. If corr.
pe.s ail raliroad- in the state to eoastruer
cr--v.-iacs over their track- a a.l public
ro-d- to establL-h a rraae at ttsuse cn
ln-- of u-.t mere than T per cet.t t- m,ke
the crossing not le-s thau f rty feet iu
wldtk at thf top to plan. bef-etn the
track- and for one foot outside
of the sau.e and for at least tittce-fo-:rth-
of the wiith cf the cri::iz
After sll-ht aiuendm-nts ne committee rose
aad th-:r f vorabie report was adopteu.
r. tu- i.ou-e aft r ---j-iderabie d-;us-sson.
the oumat wa- aporoved
Ln m 'i.ji. of s: raoertne consideration of
tte tuaxitr.ur ta'iu" b:.i was po-tponed t...
; p. m. Thur-day auu mace a pe-ial oroer
for tuat ucur r.oti u cf Oakiey the lr
nratun coti.eniiOn wi-!v .ted to occ ipy
tne iia." 'WedLe-day aftrt.r,n and e"-enlE2.
A .artre aumbtrof Mui w-re introduced,
amour tbetu tne
By tne o- :u..tu or. arrtc-iiiure to pr--viae
for noldluz firujer-' institutes by the
Jud:--iarv cmn.:tt.-e to run.a u-ury: nr
Newberrv to amend thearri'-ultura. -cietv
act . by Vli..aru-. t) amend tue riction j
tAc- n 1 nin t. .T 4r.i. r.t.ti r 1
ua--. ersity
ta- convi.-;
by ?cr-der. for ap- i
pomtaent ef matrou for female prsoners
by Heats. !- provide for tne pub.K-ation of
the ies-ion iaw- by rrterosd'-rf. dxicz max
imum attorney f-es oa notes. Mr. Gale
-cnt up 10 the clerk's desk aa anonymou
ltter redectinz on hi- conduct as a mem
ber, aad asked that it be read. Tne lettter
was read, and detained a scatbmz reflec-
itoti or. ilr oaie - conduct ii
votinz ! recoznixe Itovd.
nan;i,e- rf Mi'- on -.-oad readiaz
wer read and referred Bill- on thlrfl and
final rad:nz wt re reached aad the Porter
Ac-trai'ai bai'ot h.i. was tatcn up and
pas-eu ayes. ;.- nay, nose- A b.Ii by
Capek re-iui'mz all employer-- t zrnt
leave cf a'sea' on elct'c-a day- to ah ec-
pioyes entitled to xoiv .n penalty of a are
health: bv conTu.: totrend th- a." w'tn '?rm,r ' "Hler ,"" -" "'a'ayra.
rczardti's-uooi district bonds by am-. " 'aa a quifteu, aad th gir. corn
to am-ad the cod- cf procedtore vy S milted sa".i-ide. I was made 50 warm
Heatu. t" amend t.'. lereau- -ttutt-s by j for u;m that he it ft Paimyra. rwinmmg
Ua.e for eret.ur. o a iaira.trr- at the 'in a few weeks, oiuv Uj be arrested
of not le taar. sz.. was ai-o pa-ed ny the . tcre. Says a earr-pGoOc!. li. lavor o:
-ame vou Hou ntli li. by Coml-u. htu- dnidinz Ijuzla count? -ontainmg
itiaz the life cf uotte-tic judztaents tu five j omata iuio .ezbiativf dnzn t- Uep
2b1-!" """" "Jre- w ' "-"" " AJ" j re-nta:iw Fev. wh , ha- mirodu- ed a bill
LiN-fuN Neb. tea. 11 The senate was ' " dixide the -late lnw repr-sentat..e
called ; ttfder at 11 o clock senator anc senatorial districts, -ay- he wi!!
Iysart latrodtice'l a petition :n favor of j probably move an amendment 10 his biil
A P Monteia. of IirtL. for 511 f r liices when it times up i:. m commi;:e.aak
resu!tnz from exposure with tht j w ;n4- .hanze H -av- fa.-the- tn-1!
dur-nz the lute Indian uprUnr. Keferred nialiV repubhcan5 fav.c Vhi- piaL a"
to the committee ou 1. ialras. Tne pre-Sden: ' . f ,. ,.. r.i, An.
..-. , r, t. - n,, rf , . 1 cordinz to the ensu. Danzla- conntv
app :ntel a-coram. it-e . attend ifie irr.- j ..,.-. , . .
zat.on coaretticn at .-uperior Feb li, re- ,vii' " "Hed lo a; -: nfteei m-m-ator-
Dy-art. Kandail and Brown The ' her- of tbe lower nou
foiiowmz -euate file- were read the ar-t ' 7
.4. i...-' rt Tr-t-if v- ..--....,.,.. 1 Ereats in eut a&Ku.
time senator aayiar. .0 x.sf,-- t. '
lift ;n-uranc- corapani Secatcr ' A Woji.sN n relief enrps ba- b- n or-
Tayio. an.endmz wcti.cs r.f chap
tpr 4 of the oumplled itatutt--rcaatjr
ray. pi resuiatesabs-ripiioa. f..r
aew-paptr and vther pertodtcaia. ;-eaat-
Collta.-.. amendinz section Vj of chapter
tf the complied -tatute. '-eaator Collins.,
anieadinz -ecttoa 2 of chapter f of the .
ccmpi.'jl ia-s ef l--s Senator rchraa. '
an.eauicz section- 1. z aad 1 of caapter rO
cf th- compiled -tatutes. s-aator schram.
umeadiar --ctton 4t. chapter Si, of th com
piled staiat senator .-hraa: aeadmz 1 of chapter IvZ cf th" -es-iar lawi .
of l-;7 Senator ccalier aii.ii.dfjg tu. j
banking law; sanutor Taylor amendis; .
e-11 i. 1 of an act entities -aa an to pro- !
..a- tor me fundlnz of oatstandinz s-aoA .
bonds" Hou-eroUN-.. I4i. Drovidinz for t
th1 iadependeacr of voters. '
-eaator Co.lins. of Gaze, raoved that tl
r-i be -a-peadec aad the senate z .-:.
' aim.ttee cf the ec- to Mn-:der biib ou
tas zeuerai lt- The motion prevailed by
a vote o: 1C to a. senator CoIUn- wa- '
called to preside over the committee. At '
tte a&ca nour the coraratt ee rose, tut in
ice afternoon, after tie aa-saz r 5-.un .-
I'v-art's b.ll boreste.d issocia- 1
tions. ?eniror zw.tzlur. of Dcuzlas. moved
t:e senate ro into a committee o: the '
waoia to consider concurred re-olutioa No.
t providinz for tae content
ef ttte cn'rrj. Tne raotioa prevailed !
seaatcr Poyater. of Bjoae. ti; cahed "t . ;
tue caaf senator Swimer moved thai the :
cuccurreat resolctioa be put apoa Ms pas- !
saze. Tbe raotlon prevai.fcd Taa 1 cdu-
- a ws rad as tohox,
xvestizas. 1-t soce cf representauT-s nas
r-acrilivEotiriea tiat a ecnt t rearh '
u. sev-ra. esecnuv-ofSter- cf th state -f t
VeSrosk-a fzr a term co-zraaudaz c-J:nrsi
Tntsaavaricriba arjt Tue5!.- '.' Janaory
. x -t a t-t-j t- t-t- t- . - -. - '
fcr ti.-office cf zovemor cf the state oi N-!
state of L-ca la cumesiant oadT J M.
t-ie fcr tae ozice oi aetiienaai-zav
r- r'
be state cf Xehra-S
N M-?trr-
is ccntestant ana john L Axiru is t-.ntest'-s for
the oroea cf teiary of stat- cf ta state cf
S ebfScka . Jonn 3att:e is rcntestant anl T H.
3ntcn la cont-siee ;or the ofnee cf aaiitor of
pablle accounts of the state of Nebraska . J V.
wolf e is contestant and J. E. Hm 1- eaa:eit
fcr tae office of uteasar'-r'f i; ta.e cf e
hrosk 2. 77 '.lvjan !: rr-.-tysm-.- --r
Gecrzely. xiasthar; Is ccntestee lor tie cfacc
attcmey-eeneral of the state ol Kearaata-,
-r- r -- u con-stan-. and a. B. immptl
ref is ccniestea fcr tae cfEvo cf ccraraisai-r
gJggFSfit BeSd'ifccSHanl
and a. K. Goniy li contest-- fcr the efne-cf
ral5S&Hr.2.f -2 1lct:0:i for te
state of Netrask. and thi: a latz-s trazzntcf
enta ssid srvt'i con
tests, wcicn u- awaiuii; rae cons dertt n
th" senate an.: nou-- of rertre-entiture- lu
;o'nt conversion.
therefore be it
(. Taat Tuesday, the fifa day of FeX
hiur of 10 o dor: a. si . t- nx?i for
1W1. a: ta
a nierjuns of rce -enate anj hou-e of rep--ent
saves in o:t oonv-nt on to c-a- act titer
mlne saM sev.T-al nuie-n vtth pom er to do
everything in u.e prerni-w nev-esar.-1 a fa!:
and tinil atemiinaaon there ! and that tbr
senate l a-kea v constr in this re-million.
senator SwStiier moved that the commit
tee do now ri-e and re.otuniead thlt the
re-olution do pa. Carried -enator
Poynter re-unied hi--eat on the Co-r and
the president ascended to the chi-r
Tne report of tae .-ommi'tee of the whole
wa- made thnurh the chairman senator
Poyntcr senato- --witzler moved tnat the
report of the o.rataltt-e of the whole
aaopted tarried The rc-oiutioa wi-ara-a
read and th" chlr aaaoui.ced that
the -arcf havinc been read a third time, the
questtou wa-. should the bil! now ps "
The yea and na- wredTnanI'd
Th-e vottnr for the ro'at;nn n-cre:
Day. Depart.
s levee-.
JiiU. Saaiers WUitaia 12:
Tno-e votmr aain-t the re-tlutiou were:
Brown. Moore, Turner.
Chrtstorersoa. Matter Switzltr
Coiltas s.hratt. Van Ku-eti.
Eszicston, sjnumway Wood- H.
Ketper. Thoniaa.
Ab-ent Uorn. Snea. Wil-on and Taylor.
Senator Siarhcck wa- paired wita Horn
r;enator Beck wa paired with Shea Seaa
icr Kuatz wa- paired with Wil-a. Imme
diately t.e -enate adjoarcej
On motion of Newberry, fa the hu-e 10.
GCu copies of e-G Thayer s me-iare
w-re ordered printed Tee hvu-o
lee on schocd- repo'ted in favor of the Fe!
.er bill, oae-th:rd of the members
of school boards in rncTr-jpoUtan -tties to bv
The camniitteo on mulctary reported
baci. a bill pro tdinc tuat both hou-e- -aali
meet at aoon oa the fifth cay of the orcan!
ration of the letri-ature to hear contest
cse- for esei-ctie olicts. tut rem
meadation that It do pa-- Th same com
mittee luade a sic.iiar report on hou-f- rMl
174. by V at-on. re;mrin al: fort-urn in
surance compaaie- to nave . .ap;;al
ecjaai to that required by losl ompime
Amoar tne bills introduced w-re tne fol
lowing By Elder t- amend sectl a - of
chapter Ti. of the cimp'led -tatute- - -cakiy.
to comp 1 children between the ase
of 7 and li years to attend sj?uii: bv Fei-tc-a.
to e-tab!i-h and maiatal-. a Central
per -na-e and supply depot Ur na.-.ta 'e
mti:ut.oas of ta stat by uraaer. t- ---ia
to buiidtn:. loan aad savia. as-o-ia-t.ous
by :cbiotfe'.dt. t. a'lisu fie offi -. ot
ma-ttr la etaactry aad tran-fe- it. U itie
tv. t-sherlu". by "at-oa rt;U na u'tjr
.trv to tje a tw ) year- oursw Before ad
mission to the bar
The house went into ecmnuitee of th
whole t casiaer bUis oa reuTal ti!o A
bill by Oakiey prohibit ai th- harh"r ag
cflris uade- Is auu cot- ur.cer .': iu
houses of iii-fam as taKeu up After
i considerable discu-sion. and without reach
ing any caacIuson. the r-omm-ttc arose.
aad the house adjournal
Liscot-s. Neb Te j i. tae aoa-e tai
rcoraia: eat .ut3 comr. .tte. r tu- w.nile
to consider the eoratuitte- . V. esiabits-.-n;
aiarlmua. freight tariC M I'.rter u!d
in -bill was ea-iiy expl&m.u I- s.rupiv
adopted tut Iowa -l"s-i&.-Ati jn uf vartou
ariicles of commerce and 3ed tu. -n.nie
rre.cht rate that ujw are ait- in that state.
Uiiluaa offered a rc-olatlou that tV. o 11
saould be considered witnout ha. mg the
cia-ssi5catioa reau. but before .. vote -to
reached ou aay of th proposition pendia-.
tut comm.tcet arose and the hous" ad
journed until p. m Iu tne -fteraoo' the
hou-e resumed coa-ideratrn of tae ati
mum tariu" biiL wh:c.-i wa- rad ectioa by
sectioc Snrader n.-'-ved tha tioa 3. rit
inz the distance tariff and carloa'i ra---
adopted wltho it readies tarr-ed. -hrader
moved to striice out all that par! of -e.--tija
which prohibited a :a:iroad from
testinz tne rate in -o-irt for -:x luoatn
after the law oes into effe-'t. He -aid the
!cri-iature coa.u a'.t prveut tur ra.lroad
fr m the.r case into ou-: wuer. taey
ft h ) di-p.-ed Larrieu O-. r ja of
Mr Reynold-a-i amsaumeat wa- acaei to
tn- penalty c.a-i-e. n.k.c2 t-i ra.lrod
coir par.y vio.atinz aay of tut pro .-.oci of
in'- act suhje-t to a ane of frou. 5S0j to
55 0 ia ilji.l of Alden u- committee
ar- and rep.irtel tl - bill ba-: f-jr pa--sase
and orderwd it eiurro ! for a third
Oetricc UN lay t He Coe Alou.
Ernest Kuttmam.. of Psimyra. se-m-
r ie in irout.t a., the tim-- A :w
Ta- ao tit- was arresteu at Palmyra.
tarred wim commuting; rap- upon a
charred with seinn" iiuor without
iicent.. He e&t out o! lni. rap, and
found a dozen or more similar charzes
azainst him Tnen he wen; to Cortianu.
A- soon a- he coi to ine town he wa
siapped into the county jail or. th- charz.
of cohabiting with a certain widow of
that place. Hewa lined and went back
to Palmyra. In a day or two an officer
is.-'G I ro:a Cortiand arrived and look Rott--ciT.l-
t mann back on th- cnarzr of '-arrvinz
concealed weapons waii thre lie paid
hi- ane. relumed 10 Palmyra and .
opn for me next f r.zazemnt.
Omahi' Inliii-nc too tir-at
Tber i- a -irunz fev:1azm th- lezj-Ia-
aaniied nt I:pubiiai. Oiy with twer.ty
mree m&niber-
John Pennek. of Gandy.has killed thir
teen coyotes ibis sna-on. which broJ7nt
him ;2.50 each
A large nninberof coanterff.: do.i rs.
halves and quarter1 ar in uirrtilatiop at
Fir.uU..N IL-'xtj,. o: t burltneton a
ili-sour rend, h.-.t; his foot bad ! mashed
In c ccJ:i-or. in ine Pattsmouih yards.
W ij CtrtxiEri ha- oven appo.nted
commissioner of Hiih-ock eoutity t,
"u-"" "-u-i. ti. iurr?. iu- t..wla;
-or -overacr. who Lact, . aib- t at :c-nu
to the dri;-;, ci co otn
si?iiivt.-hiiTiON arf beinz s...
unuyler t raise slouq to --
d ia
building of an oa;in-ai mi:i
William CL.vrpi5- v Cviaa ha- in
Tented a au.r! wa'r
.utrt a tnh far irngat:n2 purpu a.
'?ZS caurche- yrr Oulit iu I.:- '!n
iat year Th- Unll annna.
pats Lincoln's total bcildinz lrmrov
meals for laOo at S3f.0X.
Z ' '", ,' r" .
The coa. Shail 2. b&hueii. wu-'-.'i -
now 200 fsc; 6trrv will b- s-.n. : , a
dep'L or "rt-a feet. Thfc c.ti7n- naxe
raised SI. 400 for thai purpo-
. .. -
A b:g oc.i cnared .aroasra ire streets
o' Ragar u:& otner day and drove m-u.
vrcmea and chuciren into h& itcre. and fo-- i-"-
aui-- '- v-:
K. D ilfvuNtj. c&-of tbe-alv -'
fc41 -xtoji.3f.a. uta rt ut . . s.u ta ...
."- "rek imc l-. died Saturday
hight. He was the arsl postmastf-r of
cf the villaze and a war veteran.
The leva State Traveling iie'- as
sociation ha- nvr-r ten t.nmon?e.i to
do insurance. in Nebraska, al-th-uh
it has teen rakinz ;a i.V- do!ltr
oy the wholesale in the state tb past
IlENitr Ceitchfiex.d was fonnd dead
near his house, not far from Fall- Ciiy,
Saturday. He w-as lyinz tte&r a barb
wire fence with his head blown of. His
jcr rcaeed ca his body. It Is supposed
he was trying to get mrouzh the feac
aad accidestallv disbarred tfa. eon,
S'FlFTY-FIlteT (UMnil-:
j Measure- of .More or !. ImporUiiM ln-
trtMlureil by ariou- Vfmli;r and tht
1 Dlpo-ition ut the Naitif A CcmiaeI
VV-niMtroN teu 7.-lr. tne senate th-
hou-e lomt re-oluttoa to correct tne error
1 f punctuati -rt in the tariff act wa- taken
p. but nent over until V nlay Tae
hou-e bill for the :tdiu-tnieut of th- a. -1
count- uf wnrkiueu. et . under the e-;nt
hour 1.1W wa- t:i ken up aud di-cu ed. ..:
, leuzth am-uded ai.d modlhtd. and aaai.t
ou motion f -nsior Wolcott, re"rn-.aiittHt
, t. tht ntam.ttee on edu.-atioit y-a r
' nay- "I. !enii!n furth. r uctlou howere',
the death of ilr. Phelaa f T'nne-r wa-
ann..unced. a:! a- a mark f re--ct the
st- adjoure,i.
In th hu-e th- confer-nce r-porl ratify -,
ins the asieetaeui ith th- Sac- ani loe
i and l..was. iu Oklahoma. :i- arr -tl 1
1 The report of tne Rauiu inve-tlratinr, on -I
mittee wa- printed and reco.-unitted. Th-
hnuse then went i lo a committee of tin
i whoie. witn ilr. Pay-on in the chair, on th.
; sundry civil appropriation bill The p r
I tioa of the bill di-cu-;ed wa- th- approar.
j attoa for the world - fair aad -everul
i atneadments reaucins -alarie-iantlotnerex-
pea-es were adopted Tne a. .ml - fa.r
, i-laue wa- then pa ed. and wltimh! u..
', po-iu of the bill the commiit-e ro-. V
I McMill.c. tf Teaae-see uucour. -e: the
1 death of l onrre-sman Phelai.. an . tn.
hou-e. a- a mark of respect, adjourne.1
Wt-ntNuiON. reb. in The seaate n -j
moraine refused to re.-on-itier the ii .'
Saturdav resimmlttinc the euTnt-tmur
1 to tae commltt-e oa education anl iat.r
I aad the bill taerefore -land- revoiuru.tted
! The -enate took up in- house itht
1 bin Tae -enate took a rece-s tilt -pa
No quorum vva-then prent. and tne -en-;
ate adjourned
, Tne house weal into comaltt.v- of tbe
whole oa tne sundry clvi; bill, it, lU!,,iJ.
erution wa.- comaieted. intl ihr- .r-.....irt
j live approprlatioa bill Tae c-jt. u t e
. tcea ro-e. aad tae -undry liii bi . pa ed
! Adjourned
1 Washington, reb. l The nou o .
revi-e the wae- of tert-aln .:. u .
! jfoverameat priatia: oiice wa- pa e,
; the -eaate this with a -ut-!tute
1 proidiarfor an adane for r.izti en -
ployes. Tn- naval appropiati, ;, b... wn
taken up. A me aze from the pr.der.r
j with tt-t ccrr-spoadenCf ..:m;
, to tne Coadu-t cf .. ..u.aade
. Keller. was, pre-ented anit r.
f erred to the Conijidttee ou naa iStr
j Tae president - eio tae ae on tne - . j -'
& public buildiCZ at Dulls-. Tex ti tti-
action of the tioxi-e la pa.--in:j thelj... . vc
the et.- ra are-eatrd and refe-te- I.
, lozi ere deliered on the late Kei.r eu.
su:vc V of Mi our., and th -a
T .. iit.-e biil increa-tnz t.i rl"j
ta- it u-u-q 01 tte wido t f f.el
a- ; a el .: the house th.
Inr I '.jii.iaoi.- v-to-eat f..r t..
t...ii.- 1 1. .oinarr. veuht- . . '
ur t -i: during tne -....
hnu-e a zraated. The amy
aad appropriation bill- wet - w
lii . t!
' .--te-
' ta
.- - t. -ttit
confertrnce. ftcr ihecort-ider&tior. of s..m
other bit-ine-- the nou-e went ir.t.. s,n-n..l-
1 tee of the whoie oa the i-ct-iat ( - appr. -
1 prsation bli. In tae zenr-rnt ueuut- tte
Barrundta cai-wa reviewed t M- Da -rell.
of PenD-ylrani:i. wh' defendt-.i he j. -tion
of Commander Uetter. Mr I itnian f
1 Illinois oppo-ed the -hipplnz it.. 11.
lartuar of New York brteay d-f-i..i. d t..
bill, and without dL-p.--siaz of . ft
ta.ttee aro-e and the bou-f sdjourne..
W sni';Tii It-'. 11. In the -enate thl-cio-atnr
-aaU r T-i er offered a re-oiufoa ,
which wa- azteed t- .-rtllia- up-n tue -ec-retary
if tii t'ea-ury ftr mforn.anrn a- o
silver purcna-ed under the act of July li. 1
I 1-W. -nator Mr.rzan offered a r--oHitloa I
wh.t h was azreed to. calliac uiu t - -e.
rotary of th- interior fw otp'ri of tn- reg
ulations fo tarrvlns into effect t'e ianu
firfeture act of September . . 1-. th- mea-ure- takeu frou. tu- ..le
car tud paed wa- tht s-aatr . . t
authorize the '-onstruct'on o';
Croix n t eu V. -0 -sin
and Minnesota The aa-iderat:..i t '.
ttie anval auproprlatia-j bill -a- r-sm-.i
Al f t amend-i-nt the hill wa- tr. 1 :
-oryr!rnt i:l was taken up uut ! u t-ia.-.nformally
and 1 aurabr f b ,i- . ..
cal-ndar pa ed itu n tnr.. u. ut
'o.rt resoiutit n t. 'untince i:. - t- -K'ws
.f Nehra-ka in Uk!atviEa unt !
next. Adjourned
In the hoiiS-tn- senate arrer.j. -r j, ,
the ratt "; wes f c-.taiu wnw-i.- ..
ta- aovernment print in ;.il.-nti. 1 .-.., -carrel
ir The aate bill wa. ua
e-tabila a rr-oru and pen-iMi r.S- t ..
war departtneat Tne .u-e i-f -
into ommitlee of the Wiie Jr ',i. r
Iil.n.'i-. in tne Cha.r. on tue lez-- :.v- a .
prapnation bill After zenera. ci-j3t. :..
read az cf th- bill wa, cuatwie t'.ra
zraan relat'v- to th- .-1. -e. c .,
nit ion were pa ei over tor th. -.- -: t
and -ltu..ut dlspo-tnz 1 f tn b.. if.
tui;te- rtc: aad the rou-e ad ouru 1.
' x-hinoton. Feb 12 Amoaz the t:.
reported and piaceo oa the" .-alenda- .a
one tt. lacorporate in- ran-A-er a
Traa-portattor ro:. paiv Th- - .r -. r.z
b.U was laid a-idc informally .-tn;-.- !-.
trict of Co'uiutaa app-pria'in ;. . w
amended and pas-ed Ta- -ent- .!. -the
rtiief of settler- upota urUl- kcLy .,
Iowa wa.- p.-v-s-d. ;ii-j a nuiure-r r f - -.
blit-. includtnc the nou-e bill zraut -i. -a
month t.. Oen Bank-. Th- Mr. v.
ioa-rty eutrt-ur. bd! .-entot - -..
made vizort u- ob- l:ou aul ." t-i.
The -nate bil. wa- na ed e-ta-.. h . . .
port ef deliver. ' ie- Mt-n- I
The iiou-e weat n... cr-.-n .; t
wh ie on tua lezt-iauve apprpna.. 1
Mr Gtosreaor. cf Ohio. nt to im .-r -ds-.
with hi- nearly ictf-vr-emer.! a a
couat tf the me-ttnz at the wiper uu.oa '
la-t a.zat and Oiovt r Cleveland"-, te.ter oa
lte-cj:a3e Mr Gr -vrior -dpi n tji..
placed iht- important df-!ient ir in- p-r-aaeat
Teo-nl t tn- end "hat .r. th- -..-n-tcg
campaisn U -ivould b- jvanaW uatl-r
the frnk of th member- . f the next .-..n-??ttotr
u-rd a Ci -minatinz trtfrrtua
tfn tbrouzhout th- country .jirlted
Clcus-lou Mok place ,xer tn- pei,u a i:.o
Civil service 0. a u o tne bii. Wirhoi.:
dispo--inz of lhe b.;; te roas..n. ro '.
house adjr-t'tiec
ASHi.NGZON I en. 1-. The -:at. re
sumed uon-tdrration of tu cipyrtzht t ..
Tae p -adiaz qurtitio I-idz on uator .-hr-raan
- amecdmcr.t t.. -:.-i!c- out taewuru
-pioajbltlQu aud ins-rt --ubje-t t. dun-.
. prcxid-d by lw " Th- -bite on .t la-te.1
)1 ifteraooa aad the 1
finally- aztc-d to. zG to z4. and tb" tdll a
lald a-!de
Tne president'- ?s-az ar.noua.-inz the
death of; p.. r aavmz te r. .aid
r-fote ,1.0 senate e'stzlsti.- ren.ark er-.
:adc by Ssaator- Cha-cl-r M.-Vherioa
Piumb aad Haie. and it ut- aciwiuraed
. Tae not weal irv- comu-ttt-e or the ,
wnole oa tae lezuiatve kDpropriation bh.
Mr. McCcmas oi Mirjiand effer-d aa
Jtrafeiiomect maiaz appripriaioas far the
clerical force la lbs w.v; -cay. e rs,mi
sion Mr Cannon movd a amecdmeat
providinc for a -ecretary and steaocra- .
patr at $l.GC- eacr. A io z d-bat eo-utd.
participat d ia by M rs IV-dZe,, Oro
eaor. Gt-eahaize nj ether-. Finally
Mr Piazi-y moved to amend '
Caancn'. t..ndmec- by
i i prov.sioa appropriatiaz od.iCJ z eaahle
tae ccramiss.on t exe- .tv tae provision of
the act After deLitv U.e ameadmeat tm
azreed ti' iau Caaafri", iu.rBdn is
. amendeu Wa. adapted laacojr.miiv-c ros
ad rep-rted tae bill tu tbi hous. a nrst
question was, z the. rueuc:aeat providiaz;
tcr clrrkx to ieatrr. not cairrraen of coa-siltv.-.
it was aereatcd 72 to ut. Th- b.ll
sa tsen parsed.
Tha presiceal - messaze ansounclnz tne
dea'h cf Admiral Pcner wa.s read aac re
ferred to the cemmittee ex. aa.v affairs,
and la aouse adjoursto
Tb Eiinc ox W xwekace Notad.
Lcjnos. teb n The British brl
Amelia reaorls. hiving passed an in- '
mense cuantiiy cf ivrectaBe, evidently
. ci citiie. sieamer, of? Che-saoeake bay
iast moath. Ir. is btsheved this was the
missinz steamer Thanetnore. The I
owners of me vel Lave now siven her
Up for lost. She had a crew of Vhlnv-
iout aca twelve cattlemen were oa
f ooard.
. The Siotimn. fmmitrmu
Ikibby -popper, what Is this sack
clcih mat folk- wear at their prayers'"
1 Popper "Ask your mother. I xhink
lh prefer- ai plash." Pvci
J. 2i.bALLST. T1m Fnst.
First National Bank
lUott of Condltioa ifj 17, 1890.
C B. omit
! aat&t. taraitcr aad axtrt. baaki. . . ,.m
V. B.TkMtcry C13.90
Cukntiti mr.u
nit to
U.M6 9B
Mttt mA nntiu r.
Katmal baak &3tat oauiaalta...
U3 It
gasbtus tAs.
0a crtr Cclssbi Stau ParV. Colar:bu.
Babraaka. 20
0a crtr First KittaaA. Bia. Colar-.btu,
Hbruk, ju-i: j
liskl ad haarr ksnlt&. Good haaaW with
Jqiartfi at J P Becks-A CV etat.
X (.Wwcf 011 to Facile tt BuiktU) ,
. pyCetraetan aad tcilaen will Cad car
MckliH 1 ! aado?nl bt ramcosahls tvtoa.
W Ut siao pnparad to 00 al! koad cf brk
wrk. Usijiai
Propntor aad Paaliher c la
KirnK2 rcixsxi ut tii jixs. raxriT rensii,
Beth, pcAi-patd to aar addresj. for tZ.CC a jr.
atstir ia aayaaee Ii.m.T Jocxa1 &UCH
Tf. i. McAT.T.TSTZg. W. !L C0ENELIU3
Colambai. Nb.
xairrracrrxx?. oy
Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware !
Job-Work, ace2 aad Qctter
iag' a Specialty
rSaoj. ca lata trei Era Bra's old
KzA caTbtrfstatrtt Rtf
Caaj. F Ksaji-
Fulsx R. EjfiPr
Contractors and Builders.
'' '., '-"" t-i o'Mir.iri ana
taek oiatia aid or aw brick work to rpr.
"?. Pw'"l enex. a t pcialt7 Ccrrpoadas
telieitad. ciraa.
2arl7 ENAP? BEOS..
for ioi ta bne.. irr Talij.
car toiambu-v eoaiaia- is.0
B- acr cf laac aboct IS. rw
caaer caiariaor 1 j acre tfa'. y iiabrwi. r
z&aiader raoatly 1 c..-Tr aad bia cra p-xtaro
aad aa7 iaad 1U fmt tr appi pr.
cnarry. plaats. etc oe N-ar-az . of
oraameata. trs wad arahs. lit fa..baria
(rape Ttae. Tc farm -nitre is leased, aad di
rtdad into (moil Eeics by f saee Dw-Iiiat hocs
of sT9a rocau. grxr.ity. com cnh. larr- acrs
atahl wsth aar-mov cattl oara waich coles tO
tans of aar; bos hoce. 2 wl. raaaias wr
la patar. For furtar paracair taqair? at
Jtmsoi. ofice. or addr. H B car cf Jora
TlT f"1 -- h'acr. 'tirr.irit
: W Off Bei fir z. Ttsr. ci. tlM.
aha Jocasau U arkscw Wd n b uta ht
Mm aad faailr papar ia Putte coaar-xari Taj
Acmtt: Vmj;- it ta ca.7 h!tS-cis wa.
Ir Mlinii a-"rofd eatiralr t A?rca Lsa
ter. Amerieaa Thcczht ia.1 Prczsa, aad 1.
t calj dciad xpoceat cf Amertaaa I run la -ucai.
It u a ccod sj aar of io clsifr mazn.
ta fcraiabtc ta a jar o-rer LfoK pazea. cf i-
hcncet litrarare. wnftea uj tua zb!sl Aci-n.
eaa aathors. It ia &eazl.f.!r ici'rtci. an it
nca with charmiajcoanaaec aad acort otorta.
No mor spprupiaf preat can. be
sat' fiaaayear' taaacrsptica to Tae Aman.
ra.-. ifi .4iia.
It wui o etrasiallj- brilliaat dariaa; ths ras
Tta prica cf JcraxAi it a.CC. aad Tea AraarU
asMasaKaaiaSLCC. Wa aCar "aotit t ar H&L
EatlaatM raraiihd oa bn-k aad toa werx
aad alaftacac fr Staral tiui-lnn - m
Wit... ...L.. CztT i