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Columbus Hourual.
Lavci Polinn!n..
David City
HowhhI ..
Arrives at Lincoln.
3:irp. m.
4:10 p.m.
7:10 "
10:40 "
. 8:. "
' J:H "
lH;".5ll. 1!1.
Thj pasin'iio-r !-.iv-h Lincoln at US) p. in., and
arrite at Colm:iliit 7:01 p. :n; tlnfn!i;lit Iiivoh
l.inr..ln Jit 7;K.a. in., nii.l airivcn at Columbus at
2 40 p. in.
noisn kst.
Pacific Kx. lliS:. in
Atlantic Ex.
fC a. in
l"it Mini
Cliiraijo Ex.
Uurj. m j Denier Ks
li) p. m Litnitrd
2S-S p. in
;.-:t.r. i. in
:li p. m
I l?.t Mnil ' t. tn
iuwiKr arnvt-M Sioux I it li:l- p. m
lenvTi"oliuiilii-' for Lmc'n 7iJ0 p. in
" arrive from Linooln . . Ti$) p. ni
" mvi for Siom City fifla. in
Mixwl la.- for Sioux City li-Jila. in
Mimwl KITIV. lost J p. Ill
PuiMiirr Ijivim
Minl l.:irt
Iiu"4in;-r arrive
Mixed ariivc
. '.i-ir. p. in.
tiTtn. in.
V2-M p. in.
h:2i) p. in.
Sonet tj glothes.
j-y-All initio- under this headiui: will le
cliHrKi nt the rate of J u jear.
s LKIttNON I.OIM'K No..'.-. A. F..V A. M.
g&w IW'dnr meetim;-"M Wedw-liij m earli
TLj inniitli. AM brethren to iitt.iul.
c. ii. siilimin, .y.
M. II. Whitk. S'-c'y. -'l)J"1 .
. WU.DKY LOIHiiCNo. u. I.o.o. l.
-S50SMk meet Tilexda vohiukh of eaeli
&Hwfk at th.-ir Imil on Tliirt.-nth
J:1" utrift. ViMititiK brethren i-ordiall)
invited. II. J. IIudm.n, V ..
II. A. MtTKLLKR. Sec'j. J.jHIl'.ll-tf
HiiintH liold reiruhir wrvirw everj biindny
2 p. n.. pnij-r in.i-tint; on Wednesday evening
their clmsx'i.corniTof North Mreet ami l"Jiwhc
AH ureeonumij invneii.
KMer II. J. llUJ.woN. President.
rSTUntil further notico, all mlver
tisemenlH tinder this homl will W charg
ed at Iho rate of live cents a lino o.-ich
issue. We make this lower rate to con
form with the limes.
Tho ground hog could have seen his
shadow Monday.
Notes from District 11 got to ur. too
late for this week.
A party at 1. S. Grillin's
last Monday evening.
-C. W. Pearsall has purchased a new
lteminglon typo writer.
ymm Old newspapers ly the hundred, 2.
"rW cents at the .TornxAi. otliee.
Ladies' SK-ial Unitui meets at Mrs.
m Friedhof's Thursday at ' p. in.
yj A nice tract of land for rent near
, Cornlcn. Inquire at this ollice. :it
JN. Calllfcpit-eTMVohjTC
' - Duncan Clark's female minstiels are
1m Hiked t appear here Feb. i!Sth.
Nl Dr. T. II. Clark, successor to Dr.
T chug, Olive st. In illico at nights.
V - Land for fanning this season is in
- inure active demand since the snow.
?hHslIa"ruy joot1h'OH
and JHiileNjtiUut HoirWwiMlor.v.
J - liook.-i, 1 01.1, I'lanos, organs, newing
Machines. K. D. Fit pat rick, Kith st.
. j - Korouiak ltros. have renmveil their
jBtock to th Henry buililing, coiner of
Olive and 11th.
.loo Drinnm now giacefully carries
n Missouri ineerchaum, hiiving tiled of
diuoking llavanas.
Ijots 1 and '2, block HO, in Stevens
jL addition for sale. Address 0. C. Nie-
colls, Schuyler, Xebr. 4J-:JL
A--Insure your property with North A
Ohatnbcrs. They will place your policy
ivith the best companies. C58tf
Tim t 'oliitiilnivi f'.iniot lillllll lini I
rented the Abts hall for their rehearsals.
taking possession this week.
-The celebrated Quick-Meal, and
Monarch gasoline stoves, the best, in the
market. For sale by A. Ikiettcher. 4tf
- Scarlet fever at Central Ciy. Hosa,
, daughter of .Tiidson Cullison, aged '.
years, 11 mouths, died Jan. 2Hd.
I have a good, large sized, lire-
prMf safe, very conveniently arranged,
P which 1 will sell cheap. Win. Iteeker.
I -j-si-tf
At the Methodist church, next Sun
day, Itov. Worley; text for morning,
Isiah, 1:3; evening, Psalms, cxix::0.
Richard Kempter, D. D. S., practical
V graduate dentist- Latest methods and
V skilful workmanship,
ti luck's block.
Ollice in I.
Be sure to renew your insuranco
with North Ar Chambers. They will, in
all respects, deal fairly by you, and pro
tect your interests. IJStf
The rotary snow plow, tho best
known to railroaders, arrived from Oma
ha Sunday, and has been doing good
work on tho branches.
Three companies of. soldiers from
the north camo down Thursday and went
west; we learn they go into winter quar
ters at Salt Lake City.
Schuyler has had three business
failures this winter, the last leing of
Theodore Mayer, dealer in clothing and
gents furnishing goods.
Judge Hensley issued marriage li
censes Monday to Thomas Sokal and
Miss Katie Gonka: Godfrey Fr'rscholr.
and Miss Paulina Bucher.
Mrs. C. J. Wagner near Platte Cen
ter received a stroke of paralysis affect
ing the limbs on one side of her Innly,
but is in a fair way to recover.
Next week we will find space for the
last speech of Mr. Windom on "Our
Country's Prosperity Dependent uiwn
its Instruments of Commerce."
Dr. A. J. Sanders was in tho city
saiuruay, biuiiiuk "- " .ucuumu.
;""'See the doctor's advertisement elsewhere
in The Jodksai. It speaks for itself.
For Harrison wagons and Courtland
"Ny spring wagons and buggies, call on J. A.
lQuizmer, opposite Dowty's drug store.
ne is sure to satisfy you in prices and
. f House and lot, with good barn and
. sJ other out houses, for sale cheap for cash.
TSmitlTs addition. Inquire at Arnold A:
. " "Kohler's real estate office or at The
Jouhnai. offi-e. 28jantf
Children Cry for
Pitcher's Castoria.
District court began its session
Monday afternoon, Judge A. M. Post,
presiding. The regular panel of jurors
were mostly conspicuous by their ab
sence. Conductor Steve Overton is taking
a lay-off on account of sickness, and
Hugh Compton is running the Union
Pacific passenger train in his 6tead.
Norfolk News.
Regular communication of Harmony
Chapter No. i:i, O. E. S. Friday, Feb.
Oth, at 8 p. m. All members are request
ed to be present. By order of W. M.
Maggie Mearher, Sec'y.
The SK i City passenger train Mon
day didn't get further than Platte Cen
ter lecause of the snow, and returned to
this city. The delay of trains lelates
The Jouknal. this week.
- Zinnecker Bros, have moved their
bailor shop to the Early building on
Twelfth btreet, where they will have
more room for the accommodation of
their increasing custom.
A short time ago here men got anx
ious, fearing that the ice crop would lie
short this season. Now, ua wo write,
Monday, Feb. 2d, the fear is that the ice
crop will be too immense.
Carl Khodo bought the .Toe SchiniU'.
farm at tho administrator's sale Satur
day for $3028,-100 acres. Four miles
from the city, it is a bargaiu in land. It
was si bad day for a sale.
Ouess the winter will l)e severe
enough, after all tho Italian weather we
have had. A miscellaneous assortment
of people must have variegated weather,
'.all taj.tes are to be pleased.
y Any ono wishing a iiret-clai
rvWon, Hiiitablo for a faiuilvor
ii-i i
wagon, also Hlfigh runners ailap
-class spring
lapted to it,
and a good single harness, can lie accom
modated by calling on in. Becker.
ing your job printing to TnE
ukxai.. ollice. We nave exceueni ma
terial, nice type to do work with, and
tho 1 iest of new, job presses. Work done
as promised, and satisfaction guaranteed.
- -Joseph Krausc of Genoa was in town
Thursday on his way homo from Omaha.
Loran Clark of Albion was in tho same
"boat." Omaha had a little snow, but
got the rest of her moisture in tho shape
of rain.
th;iuuscvWvmlJhd;iw ftiefmleuce
The family of John Rynearson, liv
ing near Madison, have lieen wonder
fully aillicted, all four children having
Ihhjii sick with diphtheria ami scarlet
fever at the same time. All are now
well again.
Newell South of Humphrey met
with a slight hurt the other day. Pre
paring kindling, he struck a lmard on
his knee, not noticing that it had a nail
in it, until the nail struck him. No se
rious damage.
- "The Spy of Shiloh" was produced
at Norfolk last Wednesday evening for
the benefit of tho Sumpter camp Sons
of Veterans of that place, under tho
management of the veteran author and
actor, Frank Howard.
Tho Ladies Musicale had an infor
mal meeting at Mrs. W. M. Cornelius's
Monday evening. Only a few were prea
ent, doubtless owing to tho severely-col
weather. Same program, same place,
next Monday evening.
if some means can lie devised so
that the fanner who raises sugar lieels
can get something of the profit there is
in the business, there will be considera
ble land devoted to the purpose; other
wise, not much any more.
Rev. Ensign of Omaha preached at
the M. E. church Sunday morning. At
the close of his sermon, he presented the
claims of the Nebraska Christian Ad
vocate, a church paper recently started
at Omaha by Rev J. W. Shank.
A series of meetings will be held in
the Methodist church beginning next
Sunday evening and continuing till
quarterly meeting, the Sunday following.
Rev. Worley expects the presiding elder
to bo present several evenings.
The lioys will have their fun. Wed
nesday, the Seward Reporter says, a tel
egram was received there from Columbus
announcing that "a snow nineteen feet
tin the level had fallen" and that no
trains would lie moved for six weeks.
-Siime ono quoting the scripture,
"The wicked stand in slippery places,"
to one who had just sat down on the
sidewalk, retorted that the quotation
must apply to tho quoter, it didn't to
himself, because he was not standing.
- Will. Ernst with a team of four
horses drawing half a load of hay wsis
the first man to break the road from the
north. John Plumb, from the Turner
farm, followed shortly afterward, b
oven his four-horse team looked tired,
Tuesdav last some sneak thief took
from a secreted place the key to the res
idence of Win. Jones, in his absence en
tered the house and stole a valuable
scarf-pin and $2 in cash. "Billy" thinks
he can place his finger on the offender.
The manufacturers of beet sugar
must give a bigger divide to the people
who raise the l)eets, or they must do
their own raising. So far as experience
is concerned, last year was sufficient.
A little more of tho substantial results,
next time.
The alliance ticket for next fall, so
far as we have heard it talked of is: For
county judge, J. S. Freeman; sheriff,
Fred. Jewell; sup't of schools, P. W.
Hess: clerk of district court, W. Saun
ders; county clerk, C. C. Carrig; treas
urer, J. W. Lynch.
"Fatty" Curtis went to Joliet town
ship last week to serve papers for Sheriff
Caldwell. We suppose that his heavy
weight (something less than 400 pounds)
would hardly allow him to venture forth
in the snow, which on some levels is, at
this writing, thirty inches.
John Howard of California, Mo.,
sends to the Omaha Stockman what he
thinks a preventive of hog cholera; says
he never lost any hogs with cholera; he
uses equal parts of copperas, saltpeter,
sulphur and madder, pulverized fine and
fed in salt or 6lop, a teaspoonfnl to the
hog once a week when cholera is around.
Mike Savage went ont to Grand
Prairie bef -e the storm and got snowed
in. He his way to Shell Creek, but
found it very laborious- work. Here he
took a little rest, then made himself a
pair of snow shoes out of boards and
came home in fine shape. A very decent
pair of snow shoes can be made of bar
rel staves.
Children Cry for
1 Pitcher's Castoria.
f t
V I aiinoVea(lvfor,reiySug
recVptilkgWr tV uixeyf IKln ly?
CceeJwlowwDitf. amd wwNMalilWfierv
tharWnstwMnid;yY Pnb
on fox ' jw section arv pun AJnet
treasurer.. 40-vU,
We have in this city a veritable
young Barnum, a twelve-years-old, Ne
braska lad that will some day make his
mark, in assisting his fellow-men to
amuse themselves. He met a Journal
reporter Friday morning and wanted to
know the cost of an advertisement for a
show, reading something like this: "On
next Saturday there will be a minstrel
show in Fuller's barn. The entertain
ment will be preceded by a free exhibi
tion on a tight rope. Admission to the
show, five picture cards." Don be
ashamed, boys, of your feeblest r rts
in the way of rational amuseu.nt
pure fun, alive. Every well-built man
has passed through the same stage of
preparation, and can relate you incident
upon incident of life in "awful childhood
dear" the improvised cirens, the me
nagerie, the armies, the snow forts, the
pitched battles, in which blows were
given and blows were received, and real,
red blood actually streamed from hurt
noses; men say that they have put away
childish things, but Pope suggests that
perhaps the angels exhibit Newton much
as we would an ape, and so, life is a
matter of degree, after all, and not an
essential difference in kind, the sports
of youth become the serious business of
older years; vigorous physical manhood
ought to lie indicative of strong mental
grip and spiritual strength, but don't
forget young Coolidge's show next Sat
urday at Fuller's barn.
Once in a while refractory black
guards who attend school wake up the
wrong passenger, and it would bo a good
thing for somo boys who go to school for
mischief if they could be put through
like Edgar Farmer, the teacher of the
Mount Hope, Indiana, schools, did tho
other day. The account of it says:
"Quite a number of the older Doys in at
tendance had been guilty of obscene con
duct toward the young ladies of the
school, and the facts coming to the no
tice of the teacher he resolved to punish
the guilty parties. He called out Chas.
Delph, who is nearly grown, for the pur
pose of thrashing him. As Delph left
his seat he was joined by four of his
schoolmates, when they all assaulted the
teacher at once. Farmer knocked his
assailants right and left, locked tho door,
and, pulling off his coat, fought the en
tire party single-handed, and succeeded
in thoroughly subtitling the refractory
pupils, but not until he had given each
one a pair of black eyes and a bloody
nose as mementos of his pugilistic skill.
After the dust had settled the regular
school programme was resumed as
though nothing had occurred, and Mr.
Farmer is master of the situation."
It was a wonderful snow, that of
Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.
Numerous old settlers comparing notes
concluded they had never seen so much
heavy snow, fall in so short a time. It
fell here two feet on the level, and came
down in a solid, business-like manner.
The truth is we have never known what
we regard so fortunate a thing for Ne
braska. There had, for many months,
iieen a comparatively light fall of rain,
but this will give the 6oiI a most excel
lent soaking and do no injury.
and von
- The Schuyler Herald says that Julia
Parsons, the year old little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Parsons, is very sick
with scarlet fever; also that the constant
presence of diphtheria in Schuyler mer
its the immediate attention of the city
fathers. No city is justified in tempo
rizing with that disease, and so long as
valuable lives may be lost the authori
ties should not cease in their efforts to
get rid of one of the worst diseases that
ever afflicted the little people.
Fun is all riight, and really there is
not much of it, unless there is some dan
ger connected with it, but the fun
should bo confined to those engaged in
it, and not run riot against others. At
Central City Thursday afternoon, so says
the Nonpareil, T. L. Hanson was struck
in the eye by a snow ball and suffered
very severe injuries. The eye is badly
hurt, lieing swelled entirely shut, but it
is hoped the sight is not permanently
IV "G&Od mornftW, Mr. Stontofer.y
Jr lf!fuftlinrnmrr iiuiptAr r
m a viu ..... u..H, .ru. . r
1 Vl SliAVisifar 17W vWii .rot NJ t lia
awe. .ixBKa..u. . Mr&ru E-.vmiA iiiv
Vnlflir an.l Mt1ka vi,l uflVt Ima tio'AV"
"VT"' fh" j-"m 'V"r i"-.w.
""hy, bless yoVr soul; weiavo not seen
a fanner in witliwroduee fonu weeb'amT
those fknt live cluWby come inVyvfiorse
Jiack. Acusa settlalfact that UnR that
domein 0Td willgeKa gooxf pri for
buWtr ami eftira "Wnfcjlhad iiiVa
liiml viio luvvji-mu i uir -viii ay
"Wellou just snarl out tomy
Til furnish The Journal, The
'amily Journal and the Week-
Inter-Ocean, one year, for 82.80, when
paid in advance. Subscriptions received
at any time. If you are not a subscrib
er to The Journal don't wait till your
subscription expires, but pay us enough
to make it one year in advance, and add
the Inter-Ocean, ono of the greatest and
best family newspapers in the world.
We learn in a letter from Wm. M.
Brooks, president, that there is no
thought of removing Tabor college,
from Tabor, la. Since the first of Feb.,
1890, fifty-two thousand eight hundred
and fifty-six dollars have been received
in cash donations, from abroad, and the
interest of the people of Tabor in the
college has always been of the most sub
stantial kind.
Borowiak Bros, have 'removed their
sioMf ot groceries to me tienry building.
hreerloors west of their former place of
business, and on the corner of Olive and
11th streets, where they can now be
found. Thankful for the patronage
they have received, they would be glad
to see all their old customers, and as
many new ones as desire good goods at
fair prices. 42-3t
Supt. Cramer started Saturday
morning for Lindsay, to be present at
the teachers' meeting there, but ,:ot as
far as Humphrey, when he found there
were no trains going his way., a there
were no teachers present, the Supt. can
go again "when the bloom is on the rye,
and the tassel on the corn."
James Reynolds, under sentence for
fifteen days, Clint. Wilcox and Thomas
Richards for thirty days each, are con
fined in the Platte county jail. They
are from Nance county, were sentenced
on a charge of stealing hay, and were
brought down Saturday by Sheriff Ma-Wbinney.
Al. Mitchell of Chicago is in the city.
J. S. Wells was an Omaha visitor last
G. G. Becher was at Humphrey Wed
nesday. H. J. Hudson returned Monday from
J. M. Gondring was at Platto Center
R. R. Sutherland of Lincoln was in
the city Saturday.
W. E. Walton of Genoa was a sojourn
er here Thursday.
George Scheidel of Platte Center was
a Columbus visitor Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Bowman of Omah
are visiting friends in the city.
C. C. Nicco'.ls of Schuyler has been in
the city several days on business.
Chauncey Wilt, and family of Fnller
ton returned Thursday from Florida.
Miss Cora Harmon returned Friday
from a visit to her parents at Fremont.
County-Attorney I. L. Alliert was at
Humphrey Saturday ou legal business.
Hon. G. 1). Meiklejohn of Fullerton,
was a Columbus sojourner Wednesday.
R. Cunningham of Lincoln, formerly a
resident here, was in the city Saturday.
Nick Blaser arrived home Tuesday
evening, looking in good health and
Mrs. M. J. Thomas has returned from
her extended visit to South Bend,
Hon. W. F. Cody was in the city yes
terday morning on his way east. He
has been appointed a commissioner of
the World's fair, for Europe.
Mrs. Inlay, mother of Mrs. C. W.
Vance, came to Schuyler from Michigan
last Saturday. She will hereafter make
her homo in Columbus. "Schuyler Her
ald. Clark Cooncy of Fullerton spent Sun
day in the city. He brought his young
daughter, Stella, with him, who will
visit among friends here, during the
diphtheria siege at Fullerton.
A Horrible Crime.
Tuesday night a fearful crime was
committed at Clarks, Merrick county.
A fiend iu human shape entered tho
dwelling of J. B. Cowles, a banker at
that place, taking from a window a pane
of glass, loosening the fastening of tho
window. A chisel was found, with which
it is supposed tho glass was removed.
Mr. Cowles, hearing a noise, got up to
investigate and on opening a door was
struck on tho forehead, evidently by a
man witit brass knuckles. The robber
or robliers stepped over Mr. Cowles's
body and on into the bed-room to quiet
Mrs. Cowles. Mr. Cowles does not know
how long he lay unconscious, but when
ho revived he seemed nearly frozen, and
staggering to Jus feet, he returned to
the bed-room to find his wife's lifeless
hotly, with no marks of violence except
the imprint of a hand upon her mouth
and face. The little boy slept through
it all.
Tho bureau was ransacked. About
$TA or 00 in cash was taken, but ap
parently tho thief or thieves didn't want
any jewelry, as two gold watches, dia
mond ear rings, a diamond finger ring
and othor articles of jewelry were dis
placed but not taken. In the road wer
found part of tho tools used, Mr.
Cowles's pants and empty pockclliook,
also a jewelry case with the jewelry still
in it.
There is no clue to tho fiend except
that ho is a man of medium bight, had
on a dark overcoat and slouch hat, and
below the eyes was disguised with some
sort of a mask.
Mr. Cowles offers a reward of $1,000
for the conviction of the murderer, and
the village authorities will doubtless add
to the amount.
Mr. Cowles is a banker at Chirks, and
had resided there several years; liefore
that ho was tho U. P. agent at Genoa,
prior to that an employe of tho company
in Saunders county; previous to that, a
farmer in Platte county. His wife was
a lady of very amiable disposition, and
it is no wonder that Mr. Cowles is al
most distracted with grief.
Nick Blacer in a letter to Gus.
Becher says that at Tacoma, Wash., ho
met M. If. White, Georgo Wandell and
tho Siegenthaler Bros.; at Colfax, John
Knoliel; at Portland, G. Heitkemper, all
doing well, and all contented. He thinks
Oregon and Washington sro good, but
that California beats all. They have
flowers, fresh vegetables, salads, etc., in
California, and although eggs are 0 and
40 cents a dozen, and butter as much
per pound, good meals can be had for
25 cents, with wine at dinner, instead of
coffee; wine sells at ol) to .r0 cents a gal
lon. The most beautiful country he has
seen was between Oregon City and
Eugene, and tho best land near Salem.
A picturesque journey it is, over the
mountains from Washington to Cal
ifornia. On the tops of tho mountains
four thousand feet high, plenty of snow,
while nt the foot everything is fresh and
Last Wednesday night an interest
ing incident at the U. P. depot attracted
attention for a little while. Yardmaster
Charles McCaffrey was out looking after
trains, and in endeavoring to couple two
cars, missed the connection, and at the
same time was struck on the head.
Feeling strange and faint, he got out of
the way, and made for the depot. He
didn't fall in a faint, but the feeling ho
had was most queer and perplexing, and
it seemed to him that his head had lieen
squeezed lietween the cars, and yet he
couldn't just make out how it was.
When he entered the depot, he got the
laugh from everybody, and to his dazed
expression they answered him that his
hat was crowned with a stack of snow
that gave him a very odd appearance.
The bumping of the cars together, had
thrown the snow on him, imagination
had done the remainder.
C. L. S. C. i'nigram. Fell. III. 18JI.
Roll call.
Quotations from Goldsmith.
Table Talk The First English Novels.
Sketch Burns and his Works. Miss
Clara Weaver.
Eng. Hist. Chap. XVI. H. Hocken
berger. Reading The Coronation of George
III. Dr. Voss.
Paper A Peasant Striker of the Four
teenth Century. G. W. Woodbury."-
Chancer to Tennyson, Chap. VI. Mrs.
L. J. Cramer.
English Phrase and Table. January
Ques. Table.
I Meet at L. J. Cramer's.
The business and professional men
of Platte and adjoining counties, which,
of course, includes everybody who has
business to transact with newspapers, or
through newspapers with the public; all
who wish to reach the public for purpo
poses of their own individual concern,
are hereby informed that we will dupli
cate the prices of any of our contempo
raries. This refers to advertising and to
rates for job work of all kinds. Locals
5 cents a line; displayed advertisements
running for a few issues, 25 cents an
inch, single-column, first issue; two
thirds thiit, each subsequent issue. We
have no old job-presses, and do the best
of commercial and legal printing. tf
The Shining l.isliN
world, soldiers, statesmen and
:, all write in the most ex
travagant praise of our facilities for
travel in America. And we are entitled
to tho praise. On every English line
there is the samo old dusty lunch coun
ter, known by all tourists for these many
years. Not even a drink of water, nor a
crust of bread to be had on the train.
No wonder our trans-atlantic friends
express amazement when they sit down
to a hotel dinner on ono of tho palace
dining cars on the Union and Southern
Pacific railways- an arrangement which
is the most perfect in the country today.
Itch cured in "50 minutes by Wool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. Sold by C. B
Stilhuan, druggist. 2(inovlyr
FKISCIIOI-ltUCIIKK- Fib. :t, 10 n. m.. at
St. llimtivftittim Catholic i:hurr!i, liy lttv. I'n
I'itiviii Kolmeu, . FriM-holi ami Mi-ul'auliua
Tlio li:iiy con il.' have tin; kmk1 wi.-iht of
their liu-itrf of frii'iidrt fur :i Iihik nnil rHiirrns
life-journey together.
tfi'"Oiirimttieiii.if thiMiiarkelxiireolttained
Tutelar aftoruonn.nuil art- eorreot mill roliablo
at thetiine.
I'lltntdl'rt ...
Fat Iiorh..
Fat cmvf ...
Fat ahivp..
Fat stis-TH.
FcmIith ....
IflllllH.... ..
8houl(lers .
?Z 10Q3 UO
1W 1.
. IPOiil'J.-.
$:i :au i oo
j u: so
lift I2i
justness polices.
AilvortiBiMiionts iimler thin hcail five contf n
lini'cacli iiiHertion.
M.oi'llll.TZ nmkfs IwHitminil Khm-cintho
Im'mI Htili-M. anil ugrn only the very l-rit
wt.Vk that can lx iiroeinvil in the market. .VJ-tf
l.:mil Ofiircat Cram! Ii.laml, Neli.,
January 27. 1M"1.
Ikttire in hrrrliy giii-ii that tlic foIlowiiiK-
imntal mIIIit lias liliii notiivoi iiih inieiiiioa iu
nmki-Minal proof in mipx:rt of his claim, unit
that wii.l proof will lie intuh before clerk of tho
tlibtrict court, at ('olninbiis. Neb.. on .March Pith,
l-'.'l, viz: John J. Eiwiiinnuu, hoineatenil Hit'ilT.,
for the N. W. U wction SO.-17,-2w. Ho nainm
the following witnuMsfH to prove bin continuous
rifiilciHv upon ami cultivation of, wihl laml. viz:
Christ iun Itie-n. Frederick Ileruer, John Hung,
('liarln Diihter, all of Duncan, Neb.
Any person wholf!ire to protest mj.iinxt the
allowance of hiicIi proof, or who knows of nuy
MibHtantial reason, under the law ami the ref
lation of the Interior Department, why hul-Ii
proof hhouhl not lie allowed, will be Kiven an
opixirtuuity at the above mentioned time and
place to crosa-einniiliH the witnessed of said
claimant, and to otter evidence in rebuttal of
that submitted by claimant.
Fl(NKI.IN Sweet.
4feb'.t Kei?iter.
To all whom it may concern:
The Hoard of Suiiervietore of Platte county,
Nebraska, iu regular set-sion January 15, ImVI,
declared lie-following lines oiened as a public
road: t'ontm.'nciuKat theS. K. corner of wclion
11, town J0. ratine east, and running thence due
north on section line one (1) mile anil terminat
ing at tho N. K. corner of section 11, town "JO,
range 1 east, and to lie known and designated as
the "Powers Koad."
Now all claims for damages, or objections
thereto, must lw lild iu the county clerk's ollice
of Platte county, Nebraska, on or before noon
March JI, ls".'l, or the road may be duly located
without reference thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb., January 15, ISM.
(t. W. I'Ull.l.II'S.
&janlt County Cleric.
Dr. A. J. Sanders,
'I .-M Hl-1D
Three Years Hospitalism.
Recently from University of Vienna, Austria.
r. o. box a:i.
.1. D.MoonE, I'res. of Bank of Commerce.
H. C. Howakd. Manager of U. l Shops.
V. 11. Puvrr. Mayor of lirnud Island.
Chas. Hikf, Kepresentntive.
S. N. WoLUtcu, State Senator.
(iF.o. H. Cai.dwkll, County Judge.
iSThose who have lieen sufferers for years
and have been the rounds of the profession at
home, without receiving relief from ordinary
tuethods of treatment, are especially invited
to call.
Ji.Allof our patients may expect to receive
goodeare, careful treatment and square dealing
from a business standpoint, as we always exjiect
to give value received so far as possible. Will
beat the
Meridian, Saturday, March 7th,
And at HKLLWOOD. Thursday, March fi.
JSCj.neultntion free. Address,
rniLi.n ..1.1
meiioi mirs
V Nolire of Hiss
Nofice isl herebyi'given that ho"fcart
nershipxisting lietwen theunder
sigirad, doKg business fundpr tlV firm
name jyilstW ojf SclLirb-Jth lyrahstji,
prior to (hircliSutli, VVMliXavasonwt
day dissovlby uVutuAl coiVn, allYc
coitnts die tliXtirtit i'ing ilaVd in lie
handV tiff C J.tUarldwsq., foKcolec-
X Vl. F. SanAFritoxH.
. Box 23, Grand Island, Nab.
To all whom it may concern:
The Boani or Supervisors of FNtte conntr,
Nebraska, in regular hcmiod January 1. IWI,
declared opened the following section line as a
public road, viz: Commencing at 8. E. corner
of section li). town 'M, range 1 west, and running
thtnee west on section lines to S. V. corner of
section i town "JO, range 1 west, and known and
designated as the "DrUcolI Koad.'
Now all objections thereto, or claims for dam
agi caused Uiereby must bo filed in the county
clerk's office of Platte county, Nebraska, on or
before noon March -I, A. I). ISM. or the said
road may lie duly located without further refer
ence thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb.. January 11, l.l.
n ur i)tf t ,im
County Clerk.
Tha Board of Smierviaors in regular session
January tiUi, 1V1, declared opened as public
roads: I
I. Corninncing nt S. Wt comerof section ,
town 17, rangevl west, and 'running thence due
north on section HuA andXteyminating at the
I jotip Fork river and knowniftnd designated as
t he -..McKira KoaJi" 7
II. Commenting at S.r. comer of section 13,
town 1C, rann 4 westbd running thence due
east on section line two. (2) mi lea, thence north
one (1) mile and terminating at N; E. corner of
section 17, town IS. range t west, and known and
designated as tire A. (i. Johnson IhwvL"
Now all objections thereto or claims for darn
ages caused thptebr must lie tihd in the county
clerk's oflictMif l'latte county, Nebraska, on wr
before noo. March ltith, A. I). 181, or tho final
location of the above dmcribed roads or either
of theuirttiay be made without reference thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb., January It), ISM.
(8. V. Phillips,
JlljanTUUt County Clerk.
To all whom it may concern: ,
TluAspecial commissioner appointed to view
and report Mn the practicability of locating a
public roud commencing at a ixiinf two C-) rods
east of tho northwest corner of NE. lt of seetiou
J7, town 17,. range I w6t, running thence due
south bOroiw, thence dueosL one-half (H) mile
to tho east Iiua of said seclfou 27, thence due
south on'aectiorline until same intersects the
"Lisco BoaiL" and known and designated as the
"(juiawa Koad," has reortd favorably uium
said location. ,'
Alfio the same commissioner was instructed to
report tioa the practicability of vacating nil
that part of tho "Vyfot Loup Itoad, commencing
at the N. W. ourarr of NXE. of said section 27,
town 17, range west, aml running thence diag
onally across mid section, and has 'filed his
reisirt recommencing thevyueatioa thus set
forth. V
Now all object ionit hereto, oHrlajms for dam
ages caused by the location or vautionof either
of the aliuve described roaili. musfNbe tihil in the
county clerk's office of l'latte cirfinjjC Nebraska,
on or before noon "tlarcli'lfith, A. Ulb'.'l, or the
location and vacation called 'for, or either of
them as the case may lie, may, be made without
reference thereto.
Dated Columbus, Neb., Januar) 10. 1M.
(8. Y. I'liiLLirs,
JlljanTlrijanit County Clerk.
At a regular meeting of the Board of Suiht
visors of Flatte county, Nebraska, held at the
court house in Columbus on January 1Mb, ISM,
the following estimate of funds necessary to de
fray county exenss for the ensuing jeur was
iinHtiiiiiousIy adopted by the Board, viz:
Exienses tor district court, etc . . $ 13,000 IM
" " MipHrt of MNir tl.UOtl 00
" officers' salary, fuel, etc. ".WW to
" records, stationery, etc . 2,000 00
' examining county rec
ords .1.000 UU
Total general fund
,UU 00
,000 IW
.000 00
For county road fuud
bridge "
For payment of interval on $sri,wo I..
X N. V. Ifatilwuy re-funding bonds.
For iaiiient of iuterest and r .er cent
principal on $l.',ou0 Butler precinct
im milt
For iNtyinent of interest on Ji".,0U0 Co
lumbus precinct lionds
For payment of interest on f 10,1 WO Co
lumbus township bridge bonds
For soldiers relief fund
5,000 Ut
3.000 00
2.0U) 11)
2.UU0 00
Grand total Jrts.WWUI
tA true copy.)
By order of the Board of Siierv isors.
Dated Columbus, Neb., January l.", 1-iUI.
G. W. I'm I.I.I I'M.
2Sjanlt County Clerk.
nf the district court of Platte county. Nebraska.
Daniel tggleston, t'l.untnt,
imel t'oliocK, .louiiii. i ii iocs. .iuu i ..i. .uc-
Cov. Defendants.
SainVel Pollock, one of thedefentlants in tiie
alsive ent it hi I action, will take notice that on
the Uth day of DeoemUT. 1W. Daniel Eggleston.
plaintiff herein, tiled his petition in the ilistrict
court of Platte county, Nebraska, against said
defendants, the object and prayer of which are to
set aside the instrument purMirting to lie the
deed of this plaintiff to said Samuel Pollock,
and a conveyance f nun Samuel Pollock to John
G. Pollock and the conveyance from John (J.
Pollock to C. J. McCoy, anil that each of baid
conveyances, as well as the pretended deisl from
this plaintiff to said Samuel Pollock be declared
null and void, and of no force nor effect whatev
er, and that the title to Iots." and ti in block KV,
known as the Lindell Hotel procrty situated in
the town of Columbus, Platte couuty. Neb., lie
ijuieted ill this plaintiff, and that the assignment
of this plaintiff to Samuel Pollock of the rights
to the rents from said hotel proiierty be declared
null and void, and that it Is; cancelled, and this
plaintiff lie put in imasession or said prcmiwH,
or that an order issue commandingsjiid C. J.
McCoy to uiy tho rents and pnttitsinto court
for the use ami benefit of said plaintiff, and fif
such other and further and different relief .as
eiiuity may require.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before the 17th day of March, lJI.
Dated Feb. 3. ISM.
By Woosi.v and Hitfiu.NS V G iui.ow,
Att'ys. 4fel-
fhc figure 9 in our dates will make a long stay.
No man or woman now living will ever date a
locument without using the figure 0. It stands
in the third place in 1880, where it will remain ten
years and then move up to second place in 1800,
where it will rest for one hundred years.
There is another "9" which has also come to stay.
It Is unlike the figure 9 in our dates in the respect
that it has already moved up to first place, where
It will permanently remain. It Is called the "No.
i" High Ann Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine.
The "No. 9" was endorsed for first place by the
experts of Europe at the Paris Exposition of 1889,
where, after a severecontest with the leading ma
chines of the world, it was awarded tho only
Grand Prize given to family sewing machines, all
others on exhibit liaving received lower awards
of gold medals, etc. The French Government
also recognized its superiority by thedecoration of
Jl r. Nathaniel Wheeler, President of the company,
with the Cross of the Legion of Honor.
Tho "No. 9" is not an old machine improved
upon, but is an entirely new machine, and tho
Gruml Prize at Paris was awarded it as the grand
est advance in sewing machine mechanism of the
ngc. Those who buy it can rest assured, there,
fore, of liaving the very latest and best.
185 and 187 Wabash Ave., Chicago
ti. W. K1BLEK, Leigh. Nohr.
And all kinIa of country iroltir tak-n in trad
anil all KwlMilelivertJ fret-of charge
to any part of tlm city.
10-tf J-i.lErLMH4-f
A - Sflttil - Stint !
We have just linishetl our inventory anil although only
nine months in business, we wager to sav that we have sold
MORE CLOTHING than any other house in Platte County.
This statement is very encouraging for us to make and we will
tell you the reasons why we have sold more:
i?TRST We are the only exclusive
Clothing House in Platte County.
SECOND We carry a larger assort
ment. THIRDOur Prices are the Lowest.
FOURTHOur fit is better.
FIFTHOur goods are all tailor
made, and trimmed superior.
SIXTH On account of our one-price
system which applies to every one.
And can not be disputed. We
have decided to give you a big
benefit after January 1st, in the
shape of a 25 pir Ctflt disctwit on
Suits g Overcoats,
and hope you will avail yourself
of this grand opportunity. This
is a bona fide sale, and these
goods must be sold under any
circumstances. We must have
room for
Now is the time to buy clothing
at your own price. Remember,
all our goods are marked in
so you won't be deceived.
Maurice A. Mayer,
Thirteenth St., Columbus, Neb.
W oil
C 9 3.. fZ
& W5 -r,
v isi i
CD Goo """a"""
1 hi
p-L o3 OO
p ; a
B op?
CO 03
p o
O eo
3 ""
p B
t 09
p $
Established lttJO.
Farm : and : City : Loans
-ii-nd. "E3ea,l Bsta.te.
MONEY TO LOAN ON FAKMSat lnwint ratM of iritwrvt, on Mmrl or I-n timf, in mnoiiiit
to Mitt ajilii'antK.
COMPLETE AHSTKACTS OF TITLE to all ett in Plattt.iounty.
Notary I'nlti-h1whh in rhV-.
Farm anil city irox-rty for naif.
Mukn collvt:tion of foreiKn inWitanc and wll oteiiuioliio tickvtn to and from all .nrt
of r.umpe. julSitf
General Agents for the tale of
Union Paeiie and Mldlaad Pacific R. It. Land fcr m1 at from 3.08 to f 10.00 pr acre for caak
or on five or tea year tima. in annual paymentn to eoit parchanera. W have alao a large and cnoiot
lot of other lands, improjed and nuiuiproTed. for sale at low price and on reasonable terms. All
business and residence lots in the city. We keep a complete abstract of title to all real estate it
Platte County.
Wholesale and
Gaae, Ptiltrj, aid Fresh Fish. All Kiitb f Saisage a Specialty.
IVCash paid for Hides, Pelts. Tallow. Uishsst market price paid for fat
Olive Street, twe Deere Nerta ef tke Pint Natieial Baak.
Retail Dealer. la