The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 10, 1890, Image 4

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family : j;.u:::;al
A W&okly Kc'.rsr- t Lz::sl ever;.
32 Columns of wif.Ir: ra".r. con
sisting of Xf'rr.A.i.. ii.s ? c;vs
Items, Sel?t-. (I S.oiics and
t-Cs?Js copies scat free to say cutlreE..'"tti
Subrcrir-iion price,
JT1.L C3
Ii.K.ltr.:rniC3, 1
VLi.'e Co., J.Vbt I
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puurs'.rr.r.D o;; siiolt
Olive Sf.t n :;.-'
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l 1 " ' C,T ' 1 -7 f M
J..UI I -1'ill,
All kiinls of Ip.inii; tlono oiii
.S'.iori Notice. Iu;-jrU.
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cub. olc, to viv,
sinil all work Guar
anteed. Is
AlFO SSH thewerll-f-.rS Tr.'! A.1 -
Woorl fti"'v:3. it """j i.:-;
ed Hiiiiiiafs, i..i' t.xs,
tint! b2li"-L.d'- o lie lziz.
t25"Shop opposite l1-1 " ' '"
Uilvo M.. col.'. M'-
A fir- ?yt
Ck.iU many a n -w bu-incss.
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jltvivcs n:.. a !
K&rct:cs v.: ::: .1 !
Save? r.':!.v :: !
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hi cures sut'o-vj i..
old I-
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Jndi. ton-., lm ...i.j.k. I...
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man ii,t..,tit. :"i 1 1
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imm! i':!C-V. i.x
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WoreD wir and V-., cut 'x Jlxs, s:llt '
rraa;t!inj;.f ' ?: ", r- '. u 1 x i
fecrcean l-'i"i;!-d r-- u 1 1 en t
in ih xr.ut. r. l, li"ri" -1 .
10 to ft( r.vls a e r. rod cm x . t
iiround. T .0 i--.n x'..- Ii-. - . . t
Hiimsfinle'" if'i...r .; - u - -
rafo i!-xt :i. y .e'. -, ; ."! ; ,1 -v .'
Tte cr. I i" sr 1 x f ' '
KNin intheci' on It ' . - ' . 4.
lianlwo '-..,. V 1 ' -, x..- .
or contract to pat uj ft
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fornsCf .. L--r-uve:o
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tertisirsT. a . -. .
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tidorybytil '.. v
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on: .i r ' 1-1 j ....
Ot'FIt IL Up 1. ."- . - : - .-'I I
iJiir-c. becce . 1 i t ' s ' '
h-slinicsuvS-' il .'"s x. ' -. t.. 1 s -- r
lrt.3S Wadunii c-.
Sosiii-irl'.'.. r ,-r,nr ,t -.v. . '.-
'.!. Wi ae". il 1 ' '
i.2Tp. U.rf. r-'lou ,- :'
.Ul.-.J -1 t'V- ii .--. v
vrcs to r..'. ".i r: ' -' u jolir . . , ' i
O?;iosi:o P..:cat o .. . - - '.
: ... ... 1
t"'5 j rT
Js is 5 ss f I i '- -" A
5 5irS ' : 1 1 1 .., . . . -
Ji-j.; 1, f 1 " ..- "
iC tj..--- - -
rSi tf to.-; i c : - . "
Wr-i .!x ;. ,;-" " -" -e l l ,:e :r ,:t'- 'j'-... t-rs i.i".w a:.vnrs l.i.'. but I m,-.. fMb.loU,. Ntar'; i.uw n-iat-acuc.
Ni w si'AiTi; a: : ".: .- . . . . ; . tv -, pr. )..t is nwr. iuc" ed some'' e '"-o h':.'. :U.:!. 1 eaau o thev ate i ..1 an ax. tage uiu l ?1-M0, have been
.-n.r9-t.lVa .m... 1- . ,,... ei. .,U .:il.c.t ...Me'va-Wtcd. vit.l tl.i- year, and ccnt.a.-u .,o ln
T A mTp-TVTrpOl. I.ryi:,cJtlVl4.rtrL.t-: T,, p, io-t way U ifrH, iuk-;
I X. J. -ill -is- -i- Dr!l' "'"..t 5 1 sMp o: thccr , trouoe. 1- to lev to bguton thoe of j a.-,- .uitrlotlcally jubilant
.,,Tr,.,.i .. ,,. ... o. n' ;-': -:-,r test H him '..' ' ''Jer 1 "-"'' , , , , ... ', t,....r the pi-o-ptcn. of sccnuou .!. iniahu
r35.:-. .'.... '! . . ' TiiJ'ncu whocor-.o-. iho dewl will l..... ,?....' ,, ,. 10 ail U.ut
CIU L.-...1" -X .
. . . .. 1
fg-Ji (fP h-v- ': i f huicil u-:ro..k. . v.l.eo o. ce the eonceraiiift hi .5.
."tL ' w "'rr-1 ' ' "S ld i '8 : l t"'--J -.'' o've a Whhn we ;' t lewen it v. ill siir-
M(V)KJ j . ., ai.or ,i,,;iVt.:le hi.wcttt ri-e, to f. . : S. w small the world
Hf i. n.7rf imiTV-, ! -lice -, fc t iLencc'dc -xe f tki-ii-hery ! frs ;n the y:
SSi: . n r.fT-ii. ";"' ';i, fV' r't '"" I e-'-"c- 2 ctcw e r snc.eeilieg tuo cny thing you !iae d no that Till uiftks
1 i'iv-.x! iVwi'M'Aj-'-c'.'n'''. J-'-' Lf 193 rs2.a ed sonvwui; asi? to a voit glad vos hate .i id?
iUr-y'iyj t-.' ,sUr i;. u., fs ';. -'.S
TlPir: (V TilF TI.,Fs !
I 01 11 Or l"L- II.'lL5.
Comments ais.l t-'utnl-ius l!ael ri(.
.i. i .v ii..i.,ii.ti
l'i.- ir.l:.:-:i.:i-. " il.e
,..i sen, Notes.
(.ii:.-i U. L-i i.lmw, the millionaire
a'aet-car sn-ir.ufac'.uur. is said to v.oik j
tea hours tnch dav looking afier his !
Bu'iirjoa."" iilesests.
Ti!L mo I iaajri.:ticont charily fund '
er c- .otn'- i.I i" tho world".- history
!l e Ji.b.i.-iovn rehef fund, which
was :t e ,i.i; mix-. -,
axcn:o.l to W.11C801. Uerfdc this I
ti:c:e e c cr-at quantities of the ceces- j
ai d-S w iJlO. M
1 etwee .
- result ofaonairel I etwee i n
th" Cki-wi IvLi-er and 1'iince Ui--
-I . ...::i !..!
m C-i i. Ii.i'.u tiiore :i j'l c-cii'j
1 lib 1 cd portion of the Emj eror ,
i.tWick diftiyMlucL give a in-t j
i.i ue lcc'jru of the la'c J
r.i..i o:cis jnco'di-ig-s and oi m-
:. frm Ho li'e uf hi- i
.- r :':' hi dep u tuie from San j
. o.i .:. jj -i J to tha throne. j
7.- "..-ii -ui t". '-fSon.h America, a j
t c
a'. V a t t io ig, oi - --
.i .. i i.U, is 1 oing n.Jp- ;
a t e o 1 1 f..t d into tins .
y. I'. : f n- d i i lnimeacc niim-
, il.e . a:.t...s..i ho Argentine 1-e-1
. . w.
. e
C K ...t'
tor hcen u
eel i :
The meat is
J esp t'.d lo Hdn.we and J -
c li
i ( del or.
of Sod I
tO'l". i -i
th. bwic.
', ... ul-, vho died alJo-lincf J
....7 .! i,;i:isiML-0'i in IMM
, ; ,.-(.l i;.i ui cTiijaign oflSl2, were'
I .r . I i r.i a i '. 'Ji.o a few days ao. !
J " o '.: e- wo o !!rt buried they wen-1
j ... , .1 ii: oi u !.i-o Krave. Some yours
i . v Pnsa anted the for a i
!...' r.- - si .1 the remains were re-
a l. ore convenient place.
'.. . .i
( t -Mriow ba tacks is to be ;
- . I
bait ah their feco:.(Ire-lingp.ace
I .:... rp.ii, they have had tS
-. I
.. . . .. i
at. ) "
2,c i.r.
T J. J'.-'dhii h-is ade.iuato'.y an-
- Aiicd 1 i-hoy 1 'i'ei's assertion that
II" a.d '.d I.cturcrsof thedaxs
e.e wo:t
;ian's on the platform
" 1,,.
i ' f. ... iv ' v liii'io is but or.i' name
! Locket ! humor ms" namely, that of
Ilr. jiaid '.'t1 i.:: '"!:" "and that one
1. ,e t tr ftinix, either," is the medtst
d'.'hi.d i-i.anip.l Alice Ue ig:a 1
. t
.r 1 .-
.. ky iu .tinotor 01 me imu-ii . - lnlt ,.,. ,hen m ;.,..,. ,., them-elvc- and their ulatL.n- a mile north of Nebraska my. was
si . .V I - i o-o-s count r riding. ! ' " '.." " ' ' . . .. totl.c other state-of the union are prepared ' de.-troved lit lire. Lo-s. ..OOO; in.ur-
-. 'ihn,- .en 00 mote wild ami he i.auiiori cuu .m i..n ' , . , j for-tateh-K, I or not. Th- re-dution al-o a nee, SI. 001 .. The lire caught In.m a
''.' j,1 i' the world than i hae mt,n a I urouna ,lu" !o'1 '7' vli:C ! ' authonzes the -ub-commiuoe upon it nip , detective Hue.
' V "" ' 'I .- . ... n .'giaduadv moved ti' Tho 1 ain j t,, siu-h loraliiie- in the t ni'otyof j m Ci,kmk:.-t has been appointed
i 1 ! 1 j'.... n.i.e- f .ew inn;. '"' "kitted tt his "do. and he has htttcrh I uh as they may d.-em proper and there ''iger or the Fanner-" allmnce ele-
i.. . : c mo out f' r the honor- wnen- ' -tinei' r in i 1 the I''and ivprt te-umony upon t.i" que ator at Khnwood.
;.t. t , curnb 1, th" saddle, ami, as J ' f' """'J1 ' '' & B -f- 1 ' ' tinil uf Ilie p.valeuce. .ecteiit or d cadem-e TIC I)udv Countv .Sunday bchool as-
,- 1., ...! i. ,-.n o.-tl. i somoiinf the :tI-dome:i. N lu.c at m.. , of fh. dwnllw!i aiMl j.uictioi of aud .s,.,,,- ....n iM1:,i :i conention at
;'"'''' ,,' , , '.,...,.. ,i a: lh. f'untirv he was doinjj some w.ik ,vje-ti-il mam:.!.-, a taught by th- heads Al!-ton September -t and Vi.
V 1 .t may be cahed .h- . -ma a , owWltM !lis stoo;,ing con-; ..f the Mormon chuvcu. Tho co-Hue U
r..- 1. 'el has ca ed a . lm, to lisake It8 re,vIt a, ,.,. .Md a ,,. tll.. olh,.r lls.y. ,lllt ullfortIIIl.
... . . ol enmont, b,U tlu. wildest riding - ; -e.ston 01 theprnt ,
tiieie i, di coui.ttil l' Horseman-1 ,, " , , , ,, i .,! ". ,, . , ., bumide b.-- re-', it wa- m picm ior
1 , 1 In- te-i u. the xicinity ,.f ', n nced'e, ai.d he had to -e'. ur, a.d, o, i 3lr. H to-.ay that be t,, nh, for W!1.. t,,. cm-rgid from
filial i.i- an J InvoLoieiMonliedi-coveicdtheblaeKonedl tl.uht congios.- would adij : 1 lietvpon .,,, , m,. . ... .,.,,, i.....,..;,..! stmir on
w -. .1 . . c.e t .c 1.- ... .... ,-..:; - j ru iSTxNU.v in -JXirkost Africa. J
Kl, ...... 1 v a,- to tho en-i ...en, l,j ,. . . . mf ,
-, ,Mh,l to-.. ay some o tire mo, n
1- . r'T a -d v..tne:i in the c r.nti ., , .,
. , -. r ,,, can tribes, and ha-, belter illustrated the
' '".ei'liL lecture 1 lat.onij. Jn the .. .... . e -i
.....i 1. in. -1-"1- . rtnlci: wavsof dealing with the loyal family
ec J 1 ..,,. t ,s.mii. ltn.iM-i the ohlesl in
i l"'-" i . in those tribes lhan anv other eulorer.
... -r :..i -i?,a.
Lgamht. succeeded o he '. j ...V W,, tlV.: foundation ivould ohstruct Tin: Iloo-ics of Kimball ami Ik.nnor
T :i :-i is a fi.ii.iy lhiug iu Athens j proceedeu to put to oea'.i al. his brolli-1 ;, Ilir, .1(. 1(.w f Gen. Jack-on'- -tatuo counties are nntkinu' preparation-to hae
Co. "who-p iead delights in lo; names 1 er'.s chi'die.i, and Aiwatiga oaly baie 1 ,,',., ,.,.- whito iioue :-nd 1'i.iii-j'vanla : srsand jiicnic in Ander-on'-gioe, -outii
f'r the ohil'die . The Hist ehs.d is his own life by lligl.t l-m the cuintry, ' axe...... il.e commission in charge has been of JlarrNbur,?. in tl.o near future ouuiue i-oc .... . ..,,. , ,.1... 1 , iM.l,:IMi i,;,n urgently -dlclted to baie a new location ! Suu v. the f..r aw:' northwe.-tein
...MedMa.y Ma-.- ma. dandy Mectum leaung all I... chil ..e . hehim. 1 mi - ThNo ,., a ,llW on ,Le ' ,.olIIltv in x,bra-ka. ha aaranged to
! T !,.!.. h Ue'. -v 1'oKv Afack Uanv 1, V. he 1 his orothe' , Ivarema. had .. . , 0,s I)ro1,iini for the i.-moval of ........ , buiiilinir of nr.tiAo nine 011 the
iiimiiiTi. ..I i'(. '...:. irjir- . ..... . ............
Auu i'j't-ra "aire: i; the third chLd i-1 drp-i. ho imd the pit i-i'imie 10 to
i":.ii'rlMf. ue rian'O.s Aura Trauna J killed himself, aud who 1 3Iranga e
i"ai p t"; i'e ft.:t 1 tlii.l i named i turned to occupy the tin one, which had
1 ',,, ;.,.- e. Ler lin-5i-r JJarrelt ;
. t . . . ,
c .. d 1- a . ed 'i : a C ry Los
c h -Li i e"t f.itio I.-iduler
:..v ii
. ii J
Ha- e. : ii o -is h chi d i- named Mon
ti, e C; :eu Uir.e't; and the .-evo'Jth
cu: I i name J J-Ll.'S U xai-t al i.denay
1 Vi t.i.i U'ltiet'
1 " ;
i A z .T.:..r. n n u.l ma .'ge ceremony
1 v.r. cr '.: el in biia-'Ieih, ?..'e., the i
. t
ii au" i C oi)'iiai-
A tnuV. Air- f u --1"- i'a-.iei 1..
Shaca.'ey wc.c mtr.ici thiricei years
. 1 . . . .. .rm. it . .-il.1i;ir the
v -, a: u ' " ....v-i - --- ?-
'rc-r mil V...O U. I c.l tht,..i died.
t t .'. T.. -.I,, ,' '.'n lint ln.!l"l!!V
i.e'i'i ..i.
' i ...iil-J'e ceilitica'e, became uuea-;.. 1..-
! -titu'.ed : .pi 10 and f-.ttsd that 1.0
'. T'.i leC'id ei-ted. So bho ue-..i-::
1 id l haws I he ceremony 1 er-
., i a 0 v nd piopcrly loeoided,
., d thi- v." t- U - e.
The wedding wu
i 1 :: e p'.c.-o'icc ot iuitcd guests
1 1 1 o.i a tk-x? c d e was omitted.
I : S;ruforopol. Kussia, recently, oe-
ra.. .1 ni'
!ei'.hof a Oiecian woman
altaiacd the age of 11-.
t;' o was worLiug ;u
:. :. last moment.
lier gaiden
f woi'i.
he lad herself down to i--t and
111 --en a.'av wiiuoui -"o jca-i uugg 'j.
Li r ' wtir,n vith ihu J',cMw,t th0
5 - "A of oae-a ; ;rt. that ll.0n.
,n:e;- oe'UC'iaiia s hi ui" xvixoicr..
i 'j"l'irt .:u. ago there was in Kertcri an
; j. .-.....
1 ...1 -1. Mi r '..h- c d-iui a. fros-i thejaiyi
.' .- .' ... .1 ,'fnin tii tinip .'I" Knthe.i. e I A
,. . ij ... ... .-.
'if n .1 x 1 o nuthe itieu'oa - dr:.-
, J... - ....--
1 uce .it J-"; vears,
1 - ai.12.tuf.
..;.. nstf the iieniesu'.a
j -10-, jari ei t;icok-.
. U .a"'Ug t lii l J ate - oi the
. l ..''-I pi lVgioil.
a ; d Samau'.sn on a
.1 ; H iia-iger tsitsoi.ipr
.. .. .,
i-'. 1, y.c. St.nrti'il
: 1 I
' : -i.s
r.ri.ey :
cir a .
the.e v.a,
. ,
. a .
.ce .1 I'lan.i'ti lour :ioi.
1.1 11 .j.a .wi.
hiabei. Ibd
si,- .... . :.
.' t.'.-, 1
a c
.. . a fPlrfc-b'-' .X:ao'it.p.l'Keor2!Ct- .. t. , .
.,, r - f,,tn . 1 :i-greatest ms-to.'tn'c ti:-.t c.i'i nay -
n tae .x 11. ,..1: a a e t lo anr c0;.i i to mi-ui'dcrat.'.-H1. iis
e 1 .1 J 1PW :.-.-!.' -':- I !aJ.0 " -
u jijt
: a . . ' . rr. -. 11 . e JUl tl-0 .in.-..-
. . , t . .'..;. and lau'a ip -" hj'
,... o.tiiie tuts I1.0I iaV.Lr a
j -- '-'
-r..5 rxTi.V..M.?oi-.
. . . ... ...v- ..
. , . --
:.. , a-, i . o e-.i..g an 1 Krntn.wn His -
c-o i.cioMi-.i- t::i' 'I t.ieic-
vra jiv4-d wha-.i.g Uw:.?. ahe
great industry's decay. Now, however.
fheyseemto -e recovering their old-,
i: H.s.. t..1 J j irkf imlilrol v flint
uaiu uueiu, "4 - " "" -
! an inheritance of the same ento-'pnse
which characterized them in the pa-t (
. x .
wi 1 once more push them steadily fr-
1 r,,.,,,. ll,,.
ud. New Bedford,, formeily the
greatest xvisaiiug port on mo ""m
coast, now boast a population of 11,-
Oil, a gain of more than ."'J par cent. .
I t-ince LSS'J, and Now London, the .cec-j
! uort wi imiK rtaiice. na gametl
omp jjO icr cent, or in ru in the san.e
, -r..T-.-i. r.f imnmnro vroforimns.
fa on
avera,.ef ucfc -oujr ouo hnarcd
- rtrt. rt,, k Mii-U' nr.d of iiiOjC
a-v ,.eii,h fn.m imager a id ciid. or i
a-y i
S!ic eVcn by w.)I
the frozen
..,,..,. n l.'.Ji .nrpi 11 .! in!iiOi of the
:.; u a u.-. ......-. ...
c u .My. All around the borders are
placed, at InU-rva's, bti ions where are
located a few offieers a'.d mute a nnm-
her of .sfhiieis or Cossack?, who inter-
cej.t r.'l ira-. e'er? and btop their jnogress
if thoy cannot show a i as from the
Ciovernor of some Drou-ic" or the Czar.
In the inteiior there are also many of
e j.tsitions, at ei".h of which the
iaV(.-t.r li,,,, hi- jouniey bared unless
,e 1BH ,hc pro. er ,M.:wrt; so it U a
t-uniciilt matter i ocape. but many
r iQ rf ,. tbeir H;e. on ,!uJ f,.(ye:i
,a;iM (han ,j;ai. lht, i,:ira,liip- of the
pri-o:i. There are three classes of
nfl.nnw,. Top lowest are the roarer
, j , j vo i,pen autcctetl in plots
' aaiast tho Car. Tl-. y -i e id tho most
i of their live; in the mine-, which pro
d",lce g'1' -JlVcr '' i'c-' " a 1
I.: li.uni,
h i- ex
tin. gituter p-rtion
f .vh
'""' .
V. i:ui s 3ItCutTH, o: I'liiladelphia,
w.i, the subject of a ecu'iar oj-eiaion
a! the Pio-bylerian Ho.spital. A needle
which protinded from his abdomen was
removed by lr. V. Ii. CHlliard. The
needle was much corroded and black-
ened. 3i-C.itthy said he c uld not ev
p!um how the nced'e got tiieie, but re-
1.V A 1.l 1!..
,.,oa.ivrea '.inn a-wuL iweuix -''-'
I t.d up . a nmUe
I.:... . i;',l!.- lml ras iio".-..r nso!) I'lOtt. i
iiim miiiio,
point of the need'e. Tho ea is one
the nio-t
ecniiar that has como under 1
ttea'me'il at the ho-pital for many
The tilling party can admit of 11.1 rivals,
and whea he has gained tl.o throne hi- secarity is m putli-ig all io,sibIc 1
rivais to death
When the late King oi ,
. . . , . . r ir. i . r 1 1
l.i led them all. as wen :i' ins own cnu-j
been hcUl 111 In-, ta-mly t r liireo cenui-
.. .. ...
he found hine-e'f to ue the only
surviving member of the royal family
of I ganda in existenco. This is a rem
iniscence of the lieatnieat of royal fam
i'ies iu earlier ages of the world, when
the livals to the throne weic put ont of
the wav hv destr.iig them.
i :
!.-..! tJie I. . . ii'rr. J
A Ml.r. man has a s;iiall ti u.
Wo is us v.ith ' Id iu them aie nvot
V::i:m: i:r a toul i- lod (led is di:
apnoiutcd. y(t ,n- en ,rot 1;c2l without Cod's
Nn inx, can helieie 1:1 a Ood he can
not love.
A ni'i Christian is always a useful
iiu; mjikeks and growlers have no
lilt;-:;: ) iwer.
Cwjj:-:.-"'si.vsr. and gcuuiue roiigion
always harmonie.
I M.Jrt you stand on iiui Jiand of
(it d Mill ee. i't lift niuch.
W.nPverio.iUyl:. a ti.i:,g uutn
we can ted it to (.the...
Tur. v.h ii a' ways looking - for
mii(ln".er ees the ,kv
..i...'. LascTorhailt a hon-o that
f,v. ,'(K,.tH'.r,i
,, .. . , .
.I'V " "Ce? l4!"lwo'"" a "-c"g
wn! beare 1 gi.. i'sp. r -y. -
JFJTV U. il a wjpB - U'VCcjFi1 IHUj-
5 Iot. j0CVLZVJ0r
.i 1 s raineti I ixe U e n-ai who 1!. . T. i.V, roeketb u-k. X.
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iv 1. 0.1 .vas n 't 11
d, 1'. "io w ui.l Le
J na -a-.a l'i:iT a ..10 twi s loxe.
i A -: I. t'l -". o;...-!ioil., but it
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...... iu.111 to. tnc!
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Til., .lei it 1 :?. :u l.c'er hetpor ciu.-;
aiico t'sa'i a la.iit-lbdi-ig piar.
Ai-tfi: tiie v.s:;e went ;-t r .111 ue
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, ril'r;0 'ciVVC ,Ul!. Wis.o 1 ovor b e
, ,, ., ... , j "McCattliv av. he did not oxrcrieULC .territory, and rt-ixrt wheth. rtlie tenitorlc. 1
,l, '., .'
! -AJ.:.a ehsiieh meraber.s ..'eir lor
i 'F i:--! . t' lo l.?b tend tho dw o'
i to li.o hc-M:i..-u i i--. ip-stf the v.i.t 01
! ,.T
. t ..
Wraiea'l tho tjnte iaB -V-
acter. whether we a;o d Mg frsvthr 3
j xh..
sron h..d Of.t mat I.c h-. to do it at his
ov. . ex c c
j s,. ,LL b n. Jia,Ci. w, lic i,..hin.t hi-.
tejN 4 Midsti-u man ii a good
j dia'. hkc-i.;!.-'
U.'3W1'j il; CUl.a .,S at. io
- . j 1 r 3 i II i.
( - ,. !..!.. . in 1.,, cnm..!n,lv
1 siavs 01 io.iiicue u. .y .cpi uuiwji.j
; o Kau-C;,r, '
:,'o o:T. cai e .jov peace and be in.
(jJye.t...t KK l3 v.liaJ sp.c.v he God's will
r,.,. .-,,,V,, .,; ,.(.Vor 5... xx 1 ... tui.arov 1. -......-.. . -; ":""'
Secretary Wlallio an I Reclprotlty-rato
of -,.,. Bu,WlnB ,us-Ti.e ia.-
rByette .Mnmnmv t -other intoicstinu
xtcs and comments,
v.asiiingto.n. .-. ji. correuoml-
,.ro. Congress has i cached the liesiuiilu
.-me. mh, .....,v ........
of the end. It i- a foie,-one conoluMon that
tho Umui. c committee amendment as a M.I.-
titutc for the Itlaine reciprocity piopo-I
tion will lie adopted by the senate. The
majority ot the way and mean- committee,
ii'Cozii?Iii? this, have been cnii-ideiins the
matter and have o far advanced tovraid an
uiidei-tandin? that it i probable they will
not 1m lonir in it-iu'hiii' an :icrociiicnt when
'! watu-r ?ei, Into ronf.-rencc.
Mr. Klaoio-- t.reat Stroke
The popular faor with which Mr. Maine"-
reciprocity -tipjre-tlcii wa- icccived h:e
ct nipelied the leaders in both hoif-e-. to
x it Id: but m o d.nnz they ate di-orudltins
ilit )ilan a- much n- po title and hius It
a- little -cope. While the committee
amendment to Mr. HlalWe Ideas will be
p-i td ly the -enatc. Iti tho hou-o, mem-Imi-
who had to abindoii the idea of icad
1:1 Mr. lUaino frjtn the paity. will relievo
llielr feelings l.y -lnrriiir at hi- plan and
then adopt Intra little of It. llaviiii; de
oidcd on thi- course, they aie counting on
an atijournm. at bet v. i en th. -I-t and
of tin- month.
Sjif-eiiy Di-jHi-al l'rohnblo.
Tut tJiritf bill will probably be -mi to
etitiietenct- cry -oon after it leaciies, the
hoii-e. aud thi'i-c the members ahead hav
Iiijr had the ijuo-tloti-. that will arNe under
t'ulr iiidividtiul con-itU ration, the iiiattef
promi-e- to he -peodily dispo-ed of.
C'liinint iMlahlu rasition.
Af a nieetiiiir of thi' liouc committee oil
territorit-Monday the -ubject of the cou--ideraiion
of the hill- for the admission ol"
.cu Mexico and Arizona into the Tniou bo
iir under dl-eu ion, a preamble and ieso-
liuioii in tojrntd to the matter was iiiianl-
luou-ly adopted. The pi i aiuhle icciie-that
there have hv n bills mtivducwl in tho
hou-e and icfened to the territories com
mitlee lookinsr to the future
adiiii ion of the tcrritoiie- of
New Mexico and Aiioua a -tale-, and
that meat con train ty of opinion exists a-
to the wi-doin and propriety of their inline- j
diateadmi-ioi. to tlie union. The le-olu- ,
tiou uuthoiii s the (.jiiimittee on teirilonei
.,...?.. r- h.wiii.iltnAo' LiO'ntl ilalT1kt. I
- - -;"" " "" "' "' '' ' ' "" ; j
. . . .... .. . anl 1..01 u coi.diiioii evi-uiir; 111 n.- 1
the ' and tl.O '-'5th A V p:i.- vz. .
I'aithe Kioi'i- - t;.S!-.
A siuuiborof niesi! -. -f the hauss Isitor-
tstrd in toe piiili. ha:! 1 -g bills, which '
hae . far fuiii-d 'i.e. cie final con-idera-
:!on In ii.c h esse, lia hiUhI in .1 foimal
i.tuert 10 the coiainitteo on inlcs tliat by
im ..u- f a -pveial ordur stifileieiit time be
..''..itI tn iiiiul'tvo on public build-
In,- an 1 'r muds to di-pose of some of tho
Lain, impoitant 1... :.s-iic-. 1
Tl. I...U ...... Mom.,,,0,. .
The Lafayette monument, winch arrived
in this ,.t Horn 1 .an. o -ome ten d-ii ago.
i--till homeii-s.-o far as the site for us
n..rn.,,... 'oc.tiou Ucncetued. A fonn- ,
,,.,,, In,ut0 p.,ik. co-tli.B tl.o gov-
,.,,. at ww. i- all ready for it-
1..,. .. tl.rt II..M Of lll III. Hill-
. . .
,il. ivace monument rtom iiit we-i enuanco
lo tin Capitol Siouuii- may otien a waj ei ui,lts Iloin Ill.U couiiiy.
a mo-t eoii-picuous and ..mmai.dlng -ite j-. d. Jn.i.s. of "Ve-t. rville. ami .lohn
forth- statue of that noble pat 1 lot. ha- jj,, of .Ma-on City, omrased in an
lajetic i .tjtofeatioii, during which .Mill-, in -ome
r.a...os.,i,lxvo Wheels ' a V not explained, ot his I.hs broken,tyhas lolly and sii.-ce-- , ju;t ;i!n,. ,hf. ailI;I,..
fullv inauirurated and placed tiliove ab-o- ,.,.,-. f
lute" lepioacb or censu.e the fu-cinutiu ' A .m i- meeimg was hold in .rant for
...l.tlwhoieme extic.-c 01 bi-cle ridl...- th- puipo-e of dl-.-HII.JJ in.S.ltlOI. II.
bv the ladies, and at any hour of the daj. I'.-rkm county. .Mr an Auke,,. the
ai.d.-peciallvin the oienit.jr. h.n.died- of enLMI.eer in charge of the work. Wll-the-e xehicieb e-u. t.eer. ' pn-ent and addlc-ed the p-ople. 1 ,e
glidm.'-uiftly alon-thes.mK.lhcoucieteof plan pipo-ed 1- Jo irinrate the entlte
the 1.. .in thon.ivhf ue-. propelled bj the county.
clue ladies of the city. A v I'lkhoiu railroad hrakeman naiia-d
A -.ticc..l.leJmir.xei.ieiit. lieoiiie l)-teiib.Ttf wa- 1'UII over bva
The -sinit.iiv condition and frci-l.l train at Sciibner. The .npiii..
or ihe hou-e co.iid...-, since peak.r I.Ned and . .-n cat's o.-i him. literally
cau-tMl a laid upon the pie xenders and no- cttttiiifi him to pie. e-, while portions of
lion women is .piiti
not ic able and favor-
ably co.iimcnted upon
Now. if -piohibi-
tlon" f lii.ioi's in Ilic c.ipitol lestaiirants ; I v Webster county, near ( OW les. there
was a- i-'i.H't.ii.lly a .-.I've n psalm of is a farmer who ha-crown rich this tear
juaisc ami thank-fiix ii-s would tn i.p ftom ' rai-ing onion-. lie dainined up Iho
a prat, ful ptople. and the dl-Ji.oeful er ek and imitated ieu acre of thi- fr.i--cenes
icceiiily in the hou-e would never ' "taut lruit. and a- a 10-ult lia- "J. 000 luiiivr hiu-hos of shame to tio pin- , bushel-. They are -oiling in the market
xi"-isid cluck of an American slat. -man. at -I.'.T. per bu-ln-l. lie will tune a net
Want itaiiii ' profit of -'.0J0 for his -ninmer's Wolu.
Ti.ocity street car .oriior.ition-haxo been j j Mdl roiiv. in coiiutv. by di-trici authority that :.fttr -i- ' m:,j,.x the follow itiir crop report, whi -h
nienth-from -Vptt ml.T 1 tl..-u-e of hor-e vjU sl,ow thai he is not onlireh doti-jkkii-i"
in. i-t trlxe way to -onus other and ,t,. ()f a . sop: Jle has threshed
!...! ii.ipiotti plan of locomotion. Tho ,UsKd- of 1 heal. 2'iO bushel- of rye, ami
adoption of the ei.ble -j-tem i-contern- ujH i,ave at the le.l-t calculation .1.000
plaud hx tho V'.!-hlui.m and (ic.inretown i,?,., (1f coni. Not -o bad for an o!T
1 in . and electric power b;. other lliu. The j.artll t'ha-e county.
I and xeneral.le- II-..'!-" w.Il lumber ' .,...,....-.. ,:.,. A,t.iril0V Kller
f r u. T' i "ulnXZ
j . ( M . t.,, Ii:jit ,, Ui, , r;Tt: .., tluHKJ
: . m ,, u. ,. ., uuiitni
I KamtMuno v. eti.iii.;r s're.eui. .
If lh't s.- ..iam. " ..ue.. ..f tl.e n,s Mes
Ifll-tuci. is ho,,,.- l.v .-p.!r.l iimihsloii 10
I at., ed the iu:uin.-e ciMMiiouvof hi-ilaugn-
u-r La(Ul v , 8, ., LV, Ilt vx ill t.kc place on
,,, 4-., ii,-t. a- a u. of for the
v.'anlh fri ndhir, of the father ami unl-
"ci-il u-iast for lu-r.tvoii.pH-lH d da.vh-
u. u, '. v..i dclecatio.i mausl l-i the pnr-
: - f auv.' -rid Kaui.iu.ij ciwmm
.. .et. nnd fo. ..! J,tw'ti -i:;p' io
, 1,11 , rruie. Tn - ua. ... t...
j ( iif a.(l drt(c wctt. tl., lWHl ,,, a tbj
! null.. I 001 at n x. -,...;
, J
hi r.-yiag ef-
, 1I.' COoi f;iimi 1. - ....
fr..: axi .. yai.y x... ...:.r.i-
n.iMC- i. c .i'.:i. ." it t '
ns u ho had
... ,,-.. in.,..r
ii 10.- -min-r
1v : j. it im" t
i. ui. 'rin fit'ci
cu 10 &e ii.-ot-i-
' ... 1 ..... ......i.' si...... inniri-
';. ktn- h.:..e-a. fr-.: up and bright-
1 ,l"" f -' " '''"'J ' U a"i 4'!Jl" '
! f. i.'a...' uimi-.r. aud 1L0 mercury
aT- - .4.k h ...
is -nu .eiuw ...c-j . -
Vreui i.iorarj.
The vork on the public library building
,. X;.J ftllJy Wl.n.aRd when fini-hed
' . .,. -.ction of the hind
: j.ithe'voiid ud c'.nt..m mt, ..o.t
I Jiai..l rjectiont.f publications extant.
' T junaiiuK i:o...n.
j Th, UuHdiuffltooni in WaslitoSlon seems
1 x,,ijton National ecaeteiy 1 tho pitipep
j lUl j,,ace for ti.u sreat general.
j,,.,,, l Ul, i- -,es In Xcv -juih
x.-.,ie3 hax-e formed an &-clf.t;.jr to flshi,
labor union-.
Tit second w iscon-iii .n-inti. ut-iuuin
JrUsional convention has uaanirnot
.ejominated Larivis.
Thk Danube. Iud, Adda and upper ul
7m: second Wisconsin dl-trlct democratic
rivors are ll-ms rapidly aud lar?je scctloni;
of land have been flooded. Several person-
hax-e boon drowned at tue toivji of
ixlosterneubinv. Austria.
The Pennsyixaiila G. A. It. has adopted a.
resolution fax-oring the tran-fer of the re-,
main- of Gen. Grant from New York to .-.
liUJton, provided that this removal meet;;
nliii the wishe.of Mr- Grant.
ftaiubliu.'; Hole; i-i Oawli i Tlo Kejjular
Ony for Suit Me :.i Syiaciise Maws in
l'nrasroil:. '
Since the i.t hi on eniuhlinfr dens hi (
Oinaha was made eu da apo the gam- i
bier have oven raMi'-r quiet. A new
place was oj-ciuh! uct the Turf Ex- j
ehamje on l)'":!as stict. and though:
carefully run. xx as injo.x inij line patron- j
111 t ' I .. I . . .1. I. .t..-. I
age. Hie iHiurc tit ciur.i in cuccu ue
alTair. and t'apt. .Mosiwi. with a -quail
0niT-. oWuulrd um.n tlu place.
J,1 ..!inonnded and .-apl. cut
)1T .phii thivt .. ,iiais (,f 1)rkUi;s
playei. and a man more load-of toot
were cuthcii'd in and tal.en to the na
tion. Arrangeniejtts for giving hail were
made and several of the arre-ted catu
bler were lelea-ed. Aiuonir tho-e taken
in weie. ;t uiiiuher tf will-known athlete-who
u re in the city. The affair
created ron.-iderable excitement. It was
a skillfull planned and eectited raid.
. .
Teinpimtril Iii-ani.
.Mr-. Ilenn Kramer, ag.d .V5.iesi.ling
two miles northw.-t of S.iracusc -ui-cided
hy lakinir -inchnine. She
took the poi-ou at '.' a. in. aud
died at ten. A ph-ician was called, but
too late. The coroner wa- summoned,
called a jury and nave a verdict of death
hy poisoning administered by her own
hand while l.ihurln under temporal-.."
aberration of the mind. This i- the
lourth ca-' of -nicide in Mnuiise in one
year: and each one occurred on Wedncs
de. Niihr.i-loi Citle-.
Tin' ctii-u- buieau at Wa-himiton has
announced the population of the follow
ing place- in Nebraska: 1 Sea trice. 13,
1,,1, hicrea-i.'. 11.171: Lincoln. 3.".. 111. in-eiea-e-
-IMS: Xeb'.a-ka City. 1 1.472,
increase. 7.'Jt0: Omalia. l.'lP.aStJ. increa-e.
100.00: ilatttnoinii, a,-50:i. inciease,
l ""N
A fceero AVoinoI.
I'ranlc Itobert-. an Omalia hoy of 1
oar.. wa- bitten hy a do;; owned hy .Mr.
Kae. The policeman on the heat shot
at the do twice, but the bullets passed
itini ami lie e-cap-d. The boy' wound
IS -eeie.
Men in "."elira-I.a.
Verne ('as-, a 17-year-old Aurora hoy
i- mi-sing.
'l't, .. ,.ii..ii... ,l? ...ftl. cr.i.i..t.k vt.v.1lltc ...'-
,.,.,,, j,, ,. (av IlWllllj at Uatth
x .. .. i ..ii.i .. tJ ...... -..w..'. ......j v.
Tm: IIUW n-banel tl.uirniK mill at
Tin: lesitienceof k-aiior Alogis, a'oiu
lil(. OMd of ,ljs J(iM u j,I(. yh. C;l,. ji:vii
a ,jllZ(.n on different pasta of h'-r pei-011.
(5nr.r.i.i: Ci:ntki: wants a system or
water work-.
Til r contract for a new school build-
ing at llrad.-liaw lias been let for .-.',. "00.
lvlIAKXl.V lias otetl bonds ill the
.imt. of '"..oi)0 for the erection of a
j,,, .,.;, ,,.,,! two ward School.
v irK-AIIj, hil, j,,.,.,, offered for
uf AIji(i iIoiv isnd Jo!ui ,.owt of
.j,,..,,, n,v, whll .kil,I(.(l ,w villi a
tun nri . h llllr,agl.,,.
'I in: annual -tato .iiv.'iiti..ii of the
Nebraska hristian will
'.',.' -? "- ; ' -' ' II........ .. .. .- r-'
.. . ... . . -
state fair kio.iii.1-. and (ill 11 Willi e-
j HI- '' were .-in-w 11 aioira ine uac.v 10.
a Ui-iance 01 minx
ami Volicenian Twy. constitutim; the
majority oi the sty government of I k.r-
ence. have i- -isnod. The re.-ignatio:i
aie ike :euh of public indignation at
the itrautiu? ol -alcons permi-i.u to ran
on .Sunday under protection of city
' TE Adam- countv honid of siip.'rvt-
1S ua-forni.tlly ace-tiled the m-w court-
hoif al 11a-: oi, 's.
Aijoirr fortv people loft Albion, -it
Kriwanls and Co.! lr ilaplds by a special
it: on ill" Union Pa- f fr she John
j;,., .. j ,. ,; viv . ' "Madrid f al. lie' n.p-
1 -.-ptatr.e of ii'p "lou. U K. .S'uitii.
a futner ni.i-iu of this r.uiuty. has
, l.e-u workins 111 thocour.iy for about a
monih. anu 1110 crow., .vuo ini i-mu
re.ut 01 l.i- utoor-. i m-.. ij o .. m-
' oneiatixe chnie and the b isin'-s to be
?nifaeJ in !- the rai-in srapo culture.
v ioisKix
on tho Ctieiis' bank
ouiiuu.h at ... c-,.,.- . ......
. . . ;. . n. i.... 1 cTiiii..i.i .... (. inn.
,M.un naji a,i run it esitlrolv tiiioogh
' 1" toot, making an uply aud dangoiou;
A i-if uwii.1) hiii .' Lew .Mitten, til
ing near ilr' feit on a board and
1 an a p!i'it-r in hl-ee. tie- iosi.ii f.f
v.lii.-h will prohab'.x be tola! bliiidne .
The !ate conxentiou of the W. ('. T.
I' of Xehraska. will be held at Seward
SepteuiOt 1 J k 'i i. -" and ;. Arrange
nteni will 1.- made tor ti ontortain
rient of tin' a.Viilelogatl-. Ml Flani c
n. Wltlar-J will Ik pie-.-nt. lrs. II A
!iu 1- cliainnan of the oiiU-rtainmont
l OMlllitt' e.
.loi'.x iJssiv, vvv. f L--.i-'-iU". while
co'.iii'cd in a.i lnsafi. a-iiuin, (in d of
The in vi Meth.jlit Imrrl. at L.!aud.
CO-t!Oi Cl ''.. JlSl- b ei. tl.iliejtod free
of .! ht.
The aiui.a.nceilihe as
se ed x-aluoof i. real and ptrsoiml estat.j
Ju New York state at S3.C-:s.C.'.a.O';.'.
ftt.3t.H- F 'Villvbo has written a letter
denying that the V. L. 7 V i- contemplat
jtur an alliance witji ihcs.uliats.iu e unj
Tur Liegan ami .-u-anville. Cal . -ta'.'e
na-stoppe.1 by a lone hiphwny man . near
Millford. snd WcU-, fatgoA-'o.VlHtaken.
The x-a!ue is ui.kiioixii.
'fur. hole of the property and asset- ot
the Union t'eny ompany, of llrooklyu
hax-e been sold at aootK.n for &i.'.Vj,GuO. It
Is -aid that II. IJ. HolllnsA Ca., and otheid
were the purchLser.
Oh. dear I'm awrn! loue-onie.
I don't iuiow what to do.
M- tnamiurs iroue to grandma's
Mj" papa's son.ewhere. too.
Mv caiV.s all broltru to piece-.
'i'he lien- dont lay no eirirs.
And Wtty's. eraUhed me awful
Hecaitsc I tied lit U-s-.
I eannot rllmhoti the haxnnow
Since Willie liroke hts arm.
I w1.-U I didn't live w here
Fun Is alwav.- harm.
UrooKlyu Ci!zn.
Safely Iron. :. Sfimrsu.
l'rottvtiou lrcm tho .bbcaso. uot a
ngjnt wluch liiorolx cheeks tho 1 nroxysuis, i.- tha
grand desideratum xvherexs r t'.o epuloniio
bcourge of malaria prevail, yumiao dcs not
alfor.l this iirotcctiou. lh' ch.of rt-a.-an why
Hostottor's htoiuach ln'.t -ra hn. won iin
niensf pojiularity is ttnit it pirparos the system
to iei-t tho malaniil p-st. 'I'hin it Co?- hy
l.rr.fins ur:.l tolling tho phi-ictl o.fnutsm, nig.
ulaliuja'iilprt.iuetiniitn o-iuai ilow ohil ttisSri
bntiou of ths ii'-ouat tlntds. m:d t ab'iahirg df
.ostion on 11 sound b i-is. Not only i forer und
um.o prexonttsl, but tho v.o st tyjioi of the
dissn-o are coiiipicrisl Iv it. Mtcli i- Uit only
couclusio.i to I o dru-x a from slio ov.nrvi hebuiug
ovi.JciU'c in Its favor It i-t yi:al! et.i r jo is
in dxfii't.psi.n. couRtipa'.lou, ll.r toMidaiut.
Rcn.rildclHitx', au.l ihsumfio ojuipL-unt, uuil
is 11 lellablo diur.Uc 11 ud lwrxtno.
In c rtain I.riti-h rcisimeiit- a pet has
btcome ipiite an in-titution. a iu the
ea-e of the Hoist h Wales Koinicrcr.
who-e uilt-horiud uoat is familiar to
mai.x as it march, s proutili along at
the head of the iigiuici.l. under the
iruiduitce of a pair of drummer b s.
"Ci.ii.xx eockcry is a 1:00 1 ajpetizor."
Hood cook clean tlt'dr ut uitls with SA
. l'()S.IO. It is a tolt I euVo of ricourinTtsoap.
Try it in clean. nir your pots ami can-.
.Mk. John A. I.oi.v.n i- unite an adept
with carpent. !-" tool, and can put up a
hhelf or build a cupboard almost .is -kill-fullv
a- if she had learned the irudo.
P.xkexts you do yourselves and yottr
children groat injustice if yoa fa I togno
your children Dr. bull's Worm Uo-troyor.
Many little hvos are aacritlced by such neg
lect. UucKs iu tlio Chinese Shtiplrc.
There are more duck- in the Chinese
empire, say an authoritv. than in all
the world outside of it. They are kept
by the Ceie-thtls on e-erv farm, on the
private load, on the public mails, on
streets of cities-, and on all the lakes,
pond, river, stream- ami brooks in the
countri. Miery Chin so heat al.-o con
tains a batch of them, 'lhere are in
numeiable hatching estabii-hinenis all
through the empire, many of which aie
sa'd to turn out about .o.ciH) yotinsr
dttcksoieiy ear. Halted and sniokid
duck and ducks' tggs cou-titnto two ot
the most common as.d important article
of diet in Ch'na.
T.Ii'.s. Japois lbrNTOV, of Linicssi. r. N.
IL, wiio has ijccn a bop, !e nixalid for
tl.o jiast -oxen joar. has made herself
the mist re of iic lansuage. including
Yolapuk. ;
Per washliur .(Tui.iirt. Dobbins' 1'lectrte
?oap is .nnirrlnu. Itlanl.ets and whU:c
wa-hed wit h i look like ?'', and there N
ab-oluti I uoyfuoiAfnti. No other soap it.
the world iiill do such h-ijl work.
Ir l.a-been calciila'c.l that th re aie
about '.'00.000 fan.ilie ltxing in London
on about ill a week, and tlu y : re i-, a
large measure ihe people of one room. ;
P. J. ( HKXIIV & CO., ToI.hIo. o.. p.. ..u-. !
of Hull's 1 ataiih Tuie. ottei ?t00resraid f. r
anv ea-e of cat.urh that can not U' em.o
l.-fikliig Hall's I'atairl. Cure. Scnd Tor
testimonial-, free, -old hy diugslst-. 7".c.
"WmiiN the Ia-t few weeks over l,00o,
ounces of silver have been bougln for
shipment to London in tho New York
V.'Utc Eaby was Gict. wo csro her Caatorli.
huu Bha xx -as a Child, the cried for Castotls.
Wucu fiho bocarae Jlis. Miu duns to Castorla.
J l.ea sho had Cj-IJrec. tho sravo tUeni Cistorla.
I3uw.i:i ak'Dowi.n. of Allentown,
Ta.. thinl.s he .fun- the smallest dog.
It is lie month old and weighs four
.i.tii. -.
!: 1 1 11 i-f 1'it.i.s cure Si a;. Headache.
Axiom, tin new -cttlefs in Oklahoma
aie a man and his wife who aie 1.-
-peieU T f et 7 niche- and i. feet in J
li, f!,! !
IJi.ox. inrrs I- cured by frijuent email
Jos- s ot riso's Curo for (.ontums
Tumi ar too d r lon-t- tu tl"
Ilciilauds of -. ot! tt:.l.
Plllt AM I '-fix. Vic 11 1 V.
I -.X'J It. II 'I"! lid XX- 1 I ll I r.) IL'I'
1 1 I ....j.K. 1... 1.-.'- v (( it." boo.'-t
1. 1 1 ii.i'ii' r 'r"i'U n.i'iv .Iff. r"P .iiielu
' 1 Ls I.... IJi.ta- is the uuj lucaitii).
0 . r r ... 1 u ' '.
)s. C. l'utiu!. UJ aibrif. S.
''Vx' ' IlLEBSAN 3 b l.i A L,L"(40 iitrcl
be-as in each bott!?-. Very small J
crr.v to tc.-B
Trice of cither sire, 25c. J
.re Iiri'is- li.S'.ruiitrs. s'lcl. us !'i;;si-h
.K S.nlucxsui;.'. Si r id Isxer.
' -.o: soi rilir i-lTMiiii ti.'-- oriJi'v
- ji :- t'.". '-..-.. ix - ",r - " -.
-1 . a.l': oait- S" the "hoi -' -t i-i-
Ji;9 yiixLLJsl&SSa?
i-'""'! piBT Easy
IF UCi; Ef Gfir: COr.PINEMEfil.
r 1 "v:... ' '! xt: v 1 :t
orst.'. '1 : :: - iujiji 1. xri.ix:.,t,;
t . . A- t. L...L.. .T3.
:.-.'.. c!-. x-..
s-vj asg Ra"etl
1P!HlS if life
..! .
.-. vi -. -.. -.T. r - . " .'.... 1. m i. . 1 . . . 1 11 ... .
f, j Best Couh feilVirc. IN'Mufcn'.l lifl'lv i "". .-'I
r-'; Cures where all ciso f.mia. l'leaa: t in i a;.'. c .. l t '. i ?.-J
l'--i taste. Ciiii'Ircr. t-tfee it v-.iuout .., '.4. o. l.v .- . ?. t- 4
'-- taste. Ciili'lrcr. t.tkf it -.'iJIieiit .., .'' ... Ijv '.-
r.-x ;
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l& x v" .
"R 3 H-er o u I" 0 r the w
I'noSii.'xn &. ,
t THE POSiTiVS CURE. fM-q - l ' " "".'- . V1
x-?.- rrai. -w .- crwf v, t-. ' t a - - - :-i
t-' H .4 V: ! -v V3 xA" " r. iri t -J " -L ----- ".'
'wQJtjj is. J u fc . - - . t-. , , . ..iv -,-r. , -y-..-cj nf r it 4 j,- -u. . j,..r i j ik w v j.
S for ncuse-cle&nmg- iris a solid - vfe-i 5-,,., ,,,,,. ,,,,,.
W$gL ce.ks of scouring soapTry it- -sW rMtft',P1Blt
"3-i " J I T I Oaborai.H Kii x:i - -iw-'i ti a-t
Cleanliness i$ always fashionable c.o.d the use
of or the negiect to use SAPOLiO me.-ks a wide
difference in the social scale. The b::t classes
are always the most scrupulous in matters or
cleanliness nnd the hest
i'lio Hot; Clal.ns the Kartl..
The hog claim- even the hi-torieally
polite fiance for hi 1 wn. At a discus
sion by the town council of Il'ixt'p upon
the regulation for city car Isn.v. one j
liieinlKT complained that iu ta. .- day-J
men sittim: in a car never (bought T3W,
giving their pliee-s to womeaff
even thou;li the latter srtight
hae tt stand ontoklr on the i!at
foriii in the rain. lie moved tho adop
tion of a b-laxv einpuwpring eondoetors
to compel men seated in th- interior to
surrender tin ir places to tvonnn outside.
Heveral other ctiinii lllors gallant !v suiu
portPil th' .Motion, but tho majority con
cluded that the tetnpvr 01 ihe aco would I
not permit any -ucli m. ial revotutuntv J
The cpiot!e la created eonsltleraMe a- I
tention in I:ri. when' titer.' i- getwral j
iuournliiiT oxer the I'cadene of Fier. h
I:ivc:muBt in Hi.- Snuttt.
....- ...... .-... ... ........ -. i. ,. -
from ( hi.-:. ;n im! : I -tathu. . 11 1.
Thc-Kxansxl'Ic Route" v id -. !l lie
01. -rU. ! ft ul ") UUU Ut'l. 1 , ri ra'eel. e t.;a.v :. u ..--v. . .. ..- -s.. .
raie for the routul trip. Io t'Ut- in Al .- 1 ico0r:.vl6 C086 Ox C"tV.rhv 110 "rtat- '
ba.,.a. .-J,rk?l,-:,'-l ri ria:'' ,iv "! i''H'" ier how bail or of how io'.i" .tsina-
lana. Mlissippi. Tonnes-. c :.n4 T.-xu.s. 1 ul , . ..
1 U'Kl'is will lie )iiiti ir return ..,.';
tinny usiy iivi.i .:-:c i -.: e. -o.ui iraiiu.
aiv run from rhtv-?o thix.utrh to Xa-hvillc.
where conu.. are m.uie In the I'uu 11
depot fir thtxMijrh lonnla- i.tx-ery
city of any Imuorlua.c in the Smth.
The irrc::. .olvaiu.s n... In-inu'. w tie in
many parts f ilie sntl. the ih-vcloplntjof
it-xa-t asrictiltnral ami 'i.'uia .e-nrrt". rapitl int n-a-e 1 f populaii-ni i.t lttuucr-
ous I.K-altties. .he coi.tinuai cimni r lutotx
lag of ihem-cixts in nu-me-s m pro- urn t'lo.dc of Iheoi-i l.tixoap-
parent tx realized ..'ore r..iix
aire-, stud I.. ic.( hshi1 . tin- north-iv.'-l
xlth t!u ou . tui.ltlc- olered the t
xoty loir rut. - h, . . lun in.iu!r.i!t:tl.
for!el- d.-.-rut.' ..f t'i.. Muh or
hiforina.lon a 10 rates or thkets. atiiliu-
William Hill, general passcn.-r aud ticket
agent. .-. and e. i. ii. K-. thH-ag...
iiiforina.ion a u rates or tit kcts. addle--
wi'in'i'iifm-w .futct-. ,.i poptiutioii ami fett atttt cures oi unromc
;rut;vra,t7Sr,:V'ir:: carrh m u & lT
spccuuitlon. iiito-fnant nnd .lit tsttMl-',- call teStUV. "xCild. Iti tilO ileait
- - 1 mo violence Ot wiarru, i uiej uu
Mmk-.I xv.xiMi.tK v. jilt), trie le-r next I f(?ntl ar() Kcmedy sold by
sca-o.i"- tour ri Provideiue. .V.ilcr '..., r , J
wi.ii an Kirrli-h'i of f)r. dru-sts, 50 cents.
llehiKch laini).-r"s -ilraf .:i K.-cv
ai tiair. of e.uirs' th- pan of a
Kli... th.
n.wtintuw"'!!' n imwn mi iTw 11
my Head Bs' Tired
Js r. Gorr.morj
Just Mow.
Goth Mind
And Ecdy
Are fAftade
Strong By
f ti f
. ' -'
15 s .-" &HiizLl?.-
M-ti - x s.- ctmfv---
rtE. K .tJ-Si.?.
i&s. &7
V"l v
:-. '. ::
EolU tho meilsoii and rcrultwhcn
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
andrefrc-hingtu the tasto, and acts
tjcntly j ct pr ::ipi !y on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowel, cleanses thry
tcmcflpotunlly, di p 'scold-, head
aches and ftvfrj a'l T. .iitiic'd-ual
constipationi j rm of Js is tho
only remedy of j-.s kind ever pro
duced, pleasing lo tho tasie anf ac
ceptahlc to the stomach, prompt in
ita action and truly hcneli.ial in ita
eflects, prepared o:.Iy from the most
healthy aud ncreabl- fubstances,
ito many exeelleac qualities com
mend it to all and have made ii
the most popular remedy known.
Svrun 01 Y'." ii for ado in 50o
and Si hotlles- ly all lea.liarrdr jj
! crisis. Anv reliahle drugL-fc who
I may not have it 0:1 hand ,;d pro-
1 cur0 itj prmr!!y for any olowIio
, wi-hes to try'it. Do uot ace r
any suhstitutc.
IDUtSVILLE Kf. AS.V t0R. .?.
of 1. Mr. nrr r.;;....ii'
ii.l Scii- I l sh'.i lit . I. r 1 -writ-iii
.tr..! Tel : ' '
-n i..!t. - ! ;
Tr. 1 --I . - 11.. 1 ..p.. 1
1 . 1 .11 - 11 I I
! t t.'auoa ?i: Htn
anew pr;3fo?i aw.
WM'I IIIII -AN s sM IMini'tflltll
jj4 11 .1 j. .... m.t 1 ; r 1 ' 11. a.i
U - 1 . . . ..!'. -ti 211 1 1 ' . ;. un
l.AVC ia)Xlxilss,,, K til' laexlO!I.
it . X :!.ax.A.X..HliXiltrti, I.U.
jI'a,li.a tr t.urj
........ '
r! . I 1 1 li.'. r .. t 1 -.lurf. Wlr .rWI,
'"' ,v "--''.
pFpglffP ? .'r-.H"
,i. i:. icvta t .? ..
tr 3
.i.-l ? ror lr. j
' .itt'i. -. l" 1
r--. '?4
j . . , np-r
.. 1 i. . Mfc 1 f 9 . . " Cj 4r
o r I d lh d,n o u r of c he
. .'.. - . lis ..-.
fUs tl IO
c asses use SAKLfLIU.
" &r
f I
i a .j
BfteffiV VOtB
-!.J C.l K"5 V7 .
ye olTev that's xaatJc hf tbo ixrpv
ipntor3 or is. z.'- uruarr:
II . ., . v' ,i e
irktorj of V;. b-.'j-9 Ualnrr!r
mij. Ji.j.v-jf iuw. ... j "-"V
they're respousibic, nnd tho orYcr
lias l)ecn made for yepra. It's- ei
on yoirr siile you Iosy your catarrh,
or you're paid $300 Tor bec-pinr? it.
But it's safe for thurij icer they.
l:cow you'll be cured.
Dr. Safe's Remedy produces pcr-
j js cured with a few applicatioiw.
;,. tixr i i :. .. i: ,.. I .... I
Catarrhal Iloa.lacho uj rolicved ami
cured tv if by magic. It remove-
offensive brcatss, 10-3 cr impairment
of tho sense of table, euaetl ur heais
jnfp xyalerintf or Weak CVCs, and
j . oy . , 5L.,... .!,., rt,,-.t K,.
impaired xuemoty, when causetl by
3usvt. nrrrirs
1 T!7r r?fx''7,7i-sr-3 'K37C'')T 5Tf
.S-i- I RSff':ea.-.-ll4jtfSSC;ii .
?A:;..r:.;Pv.i.fO, iC37, lMProvoJuiv20.!SS3.
Bi7. Dia. 15?, rtvi crnut ! ly iiaij5tic la
yoBiB..0f ' - 'Trri ilorinRielifr,
rj-Skstv io Brsrox--.' i s ."i.tiKs p : ajYiiau.
f.f a px!: o.- r.t r.'TOif ilJ?fll nc ' -
A'so nn E -rrln V. t.3 nntl MoIt C:mtdi9J.
f ... i -.- 1 . 1 .r .s .1 . It. ofc ' -i;Ti-, .tci wlltbl
- u., - irw1.:. ,o V Aj lii
-o NaihBr:a way. SI. LOUIS, IttQ.
9s5 Hi Kway, Nl.W VOP.1C CITY. . .. j
X YfdfT 3 ?lfth Sirswt, "
j . 1' ' ' ' ! Ul M..U, liHl iO
12. "' irt ' 1 ' ' " '! ;..s-if. prnrt'.vi
; ,v r, cail a'l S eiiuitt. Plc l-.'-v.
tf.- lures uiirHc.Ccci.l oe
.'j r . m'lr.l - tfiaryt I'.iJr. Tcrian
. V- i.l.'X,...i . 11 . tifj '.iril.t. . us.
1 ii-.e x'.f. . J r.... cr.nt.30
! . 1 nts .1 . .' --...... ticni.i. io. !-s
ft rrr ji'i.i? tr I rout y:i j . u
It. v tr r- an. I f( u.I f..- irjiSui. iiH.)it
t- . i . i.:tj;lna frWlT c. n.tat lil. pvtCu
n..v .. U lettr-tr. V(K)t! lias t.'ic tt.ixeflft
xcl. il tn.l Suri! l.tst.tuto ami krn
' 1 liar Infirmary 10 ttit Uisl-" .'.)tic
, '. .its nt " . .ul.. J-m-1 Uf. 1 t l.i. nai pwi(-.
' ! - ' mi.i'1 1 in. . 1 . fnr
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rai-fi.Mi Kits t:fi.n;-RI..1 .lut.t.,
t ..' .; "V' 1tt tUis ior.
m I BltS' S3 i' LYE!
6-A If t-mtsrrjxD..
VCrV l,! slrrr-ft and pnreit Ir
Wvjft ,A ..i.v wm .- ;! nt. '
f Z'&'Q r-. r.' .i..a Mn. 8 jt" ltoit-
1,,-. '7 1! I . I.ll "t 4. '. ft if
1 f tho Id t .'cr .Ii si. clt it tl(l.
I..-. 1 tU-.ius, wstxlmj l.lllt,
T-LHUK. fALT tf ANOr'tJ. CD..
fSon A Tl. It. I -.
T AO's.- lv XAUvnl-erlolt, ar-t- '.. 0ia
Bw .' . '. a. . I. r . - I. A I ... l ..vs.,
ti'l; C t. k S u. I r X'l 4 ". . a 1. lrti.eit., S
ew: !tc w iM .s fc... s!"1-, .!.!.. Tiy fvin-i'
twift .1 9 ..I. " irln- pr w w. X. TWflV.s ru;it a ut Mi
lwSl hlX '-. BT. 11 .Ml Wo tlir -iA . sZl. 6l a 4ifc fte. Aa
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t. Ip '"-i-!! !t. - 1. 1 s. ;..(..lx. .Slr. i- ii..i p vh . Y.ltvf j.nre. rhAcH
ciul'.ir ,r. - .. 1 I. i.'i 1 .I r.
" fc- . . 'l t -J "-I.1 tiKUiX.Misuxi,'
.!ddl.ijtl s, V..u. iaMl4-all..l.-4a..
j-p'lss n t prcrrth t rnUftk.
$ J-"frwal '!' BU - at Its only
'03ta xJ iH-cUlcfortli-cttUlccur.!
I TO b TII. i,f 1M1 dlur
a.nttul t tV u. U iNiUAn.M.U.I.,
AaiBlorc!a. If. T.
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faiSsaj4:S1.00' by nrusiiua,
The CM Afetfi, :re ; th XVcrrtis fref.xlly
Ii. IM B'.III'-.VS
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ftrt:ii.'n.i"i I I'l 'inl. n t n-o fr urarlr rx. In. :.. .re r .x .. . j.- 4.. -xi Ictk iiiuukliiil
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ti .ya't'-iru-.-l Tiloill-sON, fcoi'il
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111. I' 1..1. II . O. I I .' ill i ... .1 llirri.-. rf.f-
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. . . . n i. '. ue 1 A G. V i t '.
,.i. -. i:. . .! r'l.E. . 1 -&-
: , . ,- ffs?7i ia
X.fM.t.j x a. ti c ijh. Mr.' imt'irn. I s. : . i an.! iv.c
- S- - s- .. I - I.. ... 1, ... I I!-.... ''.Ji
crc "is5i5 v. . i.j-1'..-...ti. .,-,
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T- .tT Ai.t A iwii-'U I 'if -.J. .. Tit
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v.-r.v y i.t.t on
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Tdr: p:b:-!i co. 2:9 zMwaxt. uv;t y.t;?
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