The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, December 04, 1889, Image 3

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fctt.iniB TABLE.
Tfca rMHHwhmi Iiaeela at M p. m., h4
arrivaaatCaanaaana 1-M p. aa; the f w-tibt leavaa
LialnaY7:af a:aBaaaarriee at C3ambaeat
Atlantic Ex...
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4'hicaeEx...l24a. ai
Pacific Ex....
Denver Ex.... ZP
Local Ex..... 8JMB.B
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tf a. ai. aad p. ai.
umki, aeumos axd acacxcm.
rarriveefrom Sioux City. ...l25p. m
; ..... lianj p. ai
laaveaColambae for Liac;a12d8 p. m
, " , arrive from Liacola 2dSp.m
.. ... . ...... 9:10 p. m
' leavea for Sioux City"."'."..... 2 P-
3ttxadlaavea .?? "
rom auiox awo oxin hmm.
1Meager leave
Miied leftVt
PiMiKr arrive ...
Mixed arrive
1205 p.m.
OTf &ices.
jyAll notice ander thi heading will le
charawi at the rateifS!ayear.
moath. All brethren lavited to Jrtiead.
Shfxdok. W. M.
M.H.Warrr..Bc'y. apaur
hawta hold ragalar atrea T ?
at 2 p. au. prayer meeting on Wedaweday &
SthSrllcoiBer Paciae
Avenue. All are cordially iavited.
Iljatt0 Elder H. . Hudson. President.
For sltorts or bran, call at Oelilrich
Always leads, never follows, Dels
man's. 'Choice stock of Michigan apples, at
pehlrich Bros. S24MH
Musical .instruments of all kinds at
Iowa is greatly troubled, in places,
by diphtheria.
Brick for sale, by the 100 or 1,000.
Frank B. Knapp. 31-4t
Dress goods Sets, a yard and up
wards at Deteman's. 31-3t
Take a peep at the big pumpkin in
Fitzpatrick's window. 2fMItp
Tka cold snap of last week made a
brisk demand for coal.
Go to Arnold's for jewelry. He
keeps the best variety. 32-3t-2
W. H. Albro has received a small
pension from the government,
Arnold's jewelry store is the place
for ladies to make their purchases.
More goods for $1 at Delsman's
than at any other place in the city.
The finest line of plush goods in the
ity at Heitkemper's book and toy store.
Boots and shoes made and repaired;
Itest stock and work in town of Honahan.
Lucie, daughter of Dr. Martyn,
sprained her ankle last Thursday, while
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Phillips enter
tainedafewor their friends at tea Friday
The suit lwtweil Spoerry and Gans
will be heard today before Justice
Jim Frazier shipped a large number
of hogs Monday, to South Omaha, over
v 'Remember that Schaf roth & Plath
make specialties of well boring and
tubalar wells.
The farmers' association received
. fifty-two loads of corn Friday and forty
Mght on Saturday.
The largest stock of dolls in town
from 1 cent to MR, at John Heitkemper's
mammoth toy store. 8-30tf
We notice by our exchanges that
5 lie Sisters are canvassing for the lienefit
of their institution.
The celebrated Quick-Meal, and
Monarch gasoline stoves, the best in the
market For sale by A. Boettcher. 4tf
The cheapest place in town to buy
your Christmas presents is at Heit
kemper's mammoth book, music and toy
Schaffroth Plath have the best of
harvesting machinery and can furnish
aay load of farm implements, at reason
able rates.
Bickly k. Wagner have an exceeding
ly Mat aad clean meat market and have
also provided themselves with a parlor
Gall at John Heitkemper's at once
aad aalect your holiday goods before the
took at brokea. He sells as cheap as
. Ue
TJas exaaiination in Latin at the
Schayler schools last weak included a
literal or metrical translation of the eec
bad book of Virgil.
Uakm Thaakagiving services at the
CVMgragatieoal charch were fairly-well
atteaded, Bev. Worley preachiag an in
tereatiag discourse.
- The third son of Boot Fleming, one
of tae proprietors of the Fleming hotel,
died yeatkrday morning, at his home in
Mksoari Valley, la.
Tax Jouxkai. hears nuaora of good
thiags for Colambaa next season. Boom
for alL Build ap the town, and add to
all present enterprises.
George Lawrence, near Richland,
hat lost almost all his hogs from some
aalaoaw dintanr, sapposed to be entire
ly datereat from cholera.
Mrs. J. B. Diane has broaght suit
ageiaet J. P. Abto for $300 damages for
sallaaglH to her husband, etc. May
aardHardisherattoraey. J. N. Taylor aad Geo. Lehaun go to
Fiemoat this week to iaveetigata the
i of the tow aull, with a view to
aular iadastry here.
Bafere Judge Post yesterday aaora
aagMithe case of Howelle va. McGaad
riea aad others, a decree of lorecloeare
iBthesaaiof 96J'KJa
Levi Jenlrias of
the many thanks of
Gohuabaa for 1
has ehaaa ef the
- '"''BmmarTmfJw
Arrivaat Liaeala...
' r ,V -! - - v '
ilrue. "',
" . V- 4. -
St yum want to save money, bay yoar
goads of John Heitkeataer.
Old aewspaer8bj:the hatulred, 25
ceais at the Jockxjuu OaVe.
See the large stock of holiday geoaa
of all kiads at Heitkeatper a.
The Nebraska FaraMr has eoaae to
he a geod solid paper, worthy the pat
ronage of every wide-awake tanner ia
the state. tf
Bay yoar holiday goods at Santa
Claas's headquarters in Heitkeniper's
mammoth book and toy store, and yon
will save aaoaey.
Hand-made cheese, brick and lim
berger cheese, the finest imported her
rings ia town, imported dill pickles and
anything else in the grocery line at E.
Pohi's. atwt
A big red heifer, full blooded Dur
ham, four years oldt and purchased by
John Wiggins of Henry Clayburn went
to market Monday. She weighed lfiOO
For Harrison wagons and Conrtlaad
spring wagons and buggies, call on J. A.
Gutzmer, opposite Dowty's drag store.
He is sure to satisfy you in prices and
quality. tf
At the Methodist church, preaching
morning and evening; text for evening's
service: "Our rock is not as tlieir rock,
our enemies themselves being judges.''
All invited.
J. A. Barber k Co. make an entire
change in their advertisement this week.
They, do a big basins, and are sot
backward about letting the people
know where to find them.
Comjmbcs JoraxAfc, Nebraska Fam
ily Journal and Nebraska Farmer, all
for M2M a year, when paid in advance.
Send for specimen copies.
The foundry at the Gilt Edge facto
ry will be ready for work next week, and
the Company will be prepared to do
work in that line, outside of their de
mands. Send in your orders.
Mrs. Mary Sinkula died in Colfax
county last week at the age of 97. She
had, living, children, grand children,
great grandchildren, and great, great
grandchildren. Nebraska is a great state.
The weather Monday morning was
warm and balmy, the frost coming out of
the ground, but before many minutes
had lapsed the northwest wind bore
down upon us, necessitating the use of
overcoats. ,
Try the new Bock Springs coal. For
sele by L. W. Weaver. Once tried you
will use no other. It is a harder coal
and lasts much longer than, the old
Bock Springs. You get no fine, duaty
coal in this.
The Gilt Edge MTg Co. have the
brick work for their foundry completed.
This Company are having an excellent
business and have been compelled to add
the foundry to keep within sight of
orders for windmills.
Hunteman Broa, with their large
force of workmen have erected twenty
eight good-sized dwellings the past sea
son. They think of starting here next
year a planing mill and we believe it
would be a good investment
H. M Winalow has been one of the
best dealers in stock, in all this western
country. Thoroughly posted for years,
he has known what to buy, and how to
raise; those who attended his sale yes
terday found some good .bargains.
The Ulysses Dispatch says: "The
cattle are dying off very fast in Seward
county. 0 It seems to make no difference
whether they run in the stalk fields or
are kept in corrals, they die just the
same, and some farmers have lost nearly
all of their stock."
The following were, at the last meet
ing, elected officers of Wildey Lodge No,'
44, I. O. O. F., for the ensuing term:
N. G., H. J. Hudson; V. G., Jonas
Welch; sec'y, Henry Mueller; tress, C.
A. Speiee; trustees, IT. J. Hudson, C.
Wake, John Huber.
The Nebraska and Iowa Insurance
Co., so we see by the Schuyler Quill, re
cently tried to scare Wash. Fulton into
paying a debt he didn't owe by sning
him. The Quill warns people against
doing business with this company, of
questionable standing.
The dance given by the Pythian
Light Guards Thanksgiving evening at
the opera house was well attended and
all present passed an enjoyable evening.
The Columbus Orchestra furnished mu
sic and Count D' Ramsey called with his
usual first-class ability.
Occidental Lodge K. of P. elected
the following officers last Wednesday
evening: C. O, G. W. Phillips; V. G,
George H. Spear; Prelate, L. G. Zin
necker; M of F., M P. Hurd; M.otR,
O. T. Boen; K. of R and &, J. N. Kilian;
M. at A James PearealL
Nebraska people would do well to
look after all sources of trouble from cess
pools, foul wells, etc. A good physician
once told us that if all water to be used
for drinking were boiled, certain dis
eases such as diptheria, scarlet fever,
etc, would be lees prevalent than now.
We are indebted to Senator Pad
dock for a copy of the report for 1887, of
Commissioner of Agriculture N. J. Col
man, now just published. It is a mine
of useful information on all manner of
farm subjects, and a copy should be in
the hands of every man who runs a
John Bedenbaugh, we understand,
left here Sunday last for Iowa; a num
ber of Colambaa business men are left
to mourn his departure to the extent of
several dollars apiece for groceries; dry
goods coal etc. We believe that John
will pay every cent he owes, so soon as
he can make it, above living expenses.
. -Joseph Bueher has again started his
grist mill on Shell creek. He is giving
90 to 32 lbs. of flour to the bushel of
wheat, aad is selling his best grade flour
at $L80 a hundred, rye flour at $L50
aad other products of the null at equal
ly low prices. Jo. is a good miller, as
everybody knows, aad is a first-class
H. T. Spoerry aad Heary Gaas got
iato a disrate last weak over-a brace atd
hit. Spoerry says be loaned it to Dr.
Hoeaea,be to Mr. Gaas's boy, and Mr.
that it iahJBowB,nnnejat by-
ww - ill ' mi mvm' ww ,a. ;.-
r auaar xsraaw wwaaaaaj.waa.aa;'
. -jtr
X. V. Clark of Genoa was ialthe ty
trad Jewell visited the, eeaeiy e4t
Charles Waldrea waa ap freai Oauha
Thursday. "
Ed. Jenkins was dowa frem rtaaia
aoo Saaday. "'
Mrs. Jacob' Wagner has heen Sc.ousIy
ill the.past week.
A. Dflssel is np and around agaia after
his serious ilk a a.
A. M Jennings was down from Platte
Center our Saaday.
Mrs. M Erb was visiting-friends on
Shell Creek last week.
W. T. Sibley of Humphrey was a Co
lumbus visitor a portion of last week.
Misses Kittie and Alice Cowdery of
Lincoln are visiting friends in the city.
Mies Anna Lath commenced Monday
to teach the school at St. Mary, this
J. S. Mardock returned the first of
last week from his trip to southern Cal
ifornia. Mrs. H. P. Coolidge is very seriously
ill, having been confined to the house
the past two aaouths.
Bert Galley was np front Omaha to
pass Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Galley.
JimScott is back front the east, bring
ing with him a blooded tares years-old
mare for his brother, of this city.
George F. Bohrer returned Monday
from Indiana. After a few days he goes
to Fremont as night operator at the U.
P. depot
Lute North is back from Wyoming.
While there he met O. H. Archer, who is
conducting a hotel at Carbon, and do
ing welL
Bev. W. M Worley went Monday to
Central City to be present at the meet
ing of the board of trustees of the M E.
college at that place.
Mrs. Bettie Jenkins of Kalamazoo
came down Thursday night, and could
scarcely recognize the old land-marks
for so many new houses.
Philip Hohl and family, late of Hum
phrey, were in the city Monday on their
way to Washington, which they will
make their future home.
W. T. Sibley of Humphrey started
Monday night for southern California
where he expects to pass the winter.
He thinks he may travel some in old
Bob't Sutherland, an old employe of
the Union Pacific here, of late, years in
Omaha, was shaking hands Monday
with his hosts of friends, who were glad
to see him.
Miss Nellie Curtis who has been teach
ing in district twenty, Monroe township,
is visiting her parents in this city this
week. Next Monday she begins her
thire term of school in that district
Lee Jenkins decided that be must visit
his Columbus friends, too, and struck
out from Madison Saturday afternoon
landing safely in Columbus in the iven
ing, and is now as happy as any rf the
L. Sweetland of the Lakeside Organ
factory at Chicago was in the city
Thursday on business. Six months ago
he was very corpulent, weighing 230 lbiu,
although he is short of stature; now he
weighs IBS, and is in prime health; no
teaj coffee or pastry; no dinner, and diet
mainly meat is the method of reduction
in his case.
Mr. Mnrdock was not very highly
prepossessed with affairs in southern
California, and for many reasons. The
receipts of money are not from the pro
ducts of California soil, but mainly from
the traveling public and invalids. There
is no raising of crops without irrigation,
and not one-fourth enough water to irri
gate the hinds; besides there is much of
the country that is too mountainous and
rough , for' farming. The inflation of
prices in city lots was away beyond or
dinary imagination and the fruits of it
are now being reaped. Around San
Diego there are additions and plats, eta,
covering an area far larger than the city
of New York. As an illustration in
fall of prices: W. T. Callaway (who, by
the way, has left that country) at one
time was offered $200 for a corner lot
which he was afterward glad to sell at
9600. Soft coal, shipped from Australia
as ballast, sells at $13 a ton; corn meal
three cents a pound, butter forty cents,
eggs forty cents; meats generally (except
fish) a little higher than here.
The publishers of the Homestead,
Des Moines, Lu, announce that they will
mail the Homestead, to every farmer in
this county, who is not already a sub
scriber, from now to Jan. 1, 1890, free.
The Homestead is a twenty-four page
weekly, farmers' paper, original, ably
edited, practical and progressive. It is
especially adapted to the wants of Ne
braska farmers. It now goes regularly
each week to more than 25,000 homes..
Bear in mind that this offer is to send
sample copies, each week to Jan. 1st,
and they are free. All papers will be
stopped on Jan. 1st, 1800, unless yon
want to become a regular subscriber, and
pay in 'advance. Send your name and
address on a postal card to the Nebras
ka representative, L. Cass Brown, Bea
trice, Neb. tf
Huntemann Bros, are engaged in
completing the woodwork on the Oehl
rich bktck, which will be one of the very
finest in all the city. The rooms are
extra wide, being twenty-eight feet, in
the clear, and being ninety feet ia length
they makeJuBflsoms aad very oonuno
dions places of basin ass. Everything ia
strong, substantial aad darable, and the
block, besides being valuable to ita owa
era, adda greatly to the attractiveness of
the street en which it is located.
Thieves aaeat to be abnndaatir, Col
fax county W. D. Fletohera reside) ce ia
Schuyler was entered by a wiadc .', $10
and other things taken, no one wakened:
also San Green's house, -where $15 in
money was taken aad Charles Morian's
house ia Shell Creek precinct ware taken
$35 in money bseidss Mia. Ma gold
watch aad chain. Something radical
ought to be done by the peace authori
ties to prevent such
The Jooasui. ia an
'oepy. rv !. P.?fiH Z -
at the beak aad aewe sterns ef E.D.
Faspstriek aad J. HenJaanaeerM eeats
T T BTusTaal MalaaVatala-aUaVaMaV
; - :-';: i. -r.-i-.-- i ;. - sZri j. -,
.ariawaaiaaaarH-u-Mu .. -;$;t
sVr MrMmtt1it alialnka B.-KaffaMMU lota S
aait,bUok3Cwty.rU8. , ,
U.BVteJos BjUivaa, pata wH tmH aa
vHaf4Mkl. " .
- Charts Asra to Marr Aaawaya, w d.. w!i
U: & ta Tial JtafJeL, aataat, a! J as a aw'i
JB. aV-te
Friasnaa Asm,
K. A.
ael wife to flten llor.
lata Si
, alack . Laekaer'a aU. to
Brian & Uaytoa to W. A. AMra. w. A, U
NUa rVwuaaa aad wife to aeapol Uutriet ,
part aS lt-l4v.
XaacfeBonhaaaad aaakwd toHuah E. Mal
liaa. w.L, let 2, Mark , IfcetreM add. to Co-
Mary. Aagaalya aad hnthiml to Jwtaph Mttya
w.iL.wiiaa14-B2v.tUML "
fJearga 8. Faawr to Byroa Blillett, w. iL, block
T. fMnrnaa it!
F. W. Deaaaaa aad wife to F. W. Fanmiau
loto 7 aad 8. block 7s, Colaabaa, S4O0.
C. C Mttlar aad wife to George Lehaua, aad.
H of lot t, aad eM ofjot 4. hlock as, Cahuaaaa,
F A. Oenard to Thin B. Oenard, pt of w
J. K. McFarlaad aad wife to J. H. Pope. BtH
of mwM aad aw4 a!4 44!w. $3,080.
K. 8. Soath aad wife to K. A. Htodwlacar, Iota
7 aad 8, block 8, Lockaer'a 1st add. to Hum
phrey $9.
VL n. Hoath aad wire to E. A. gtockidaaer, lot
laad S, block 4. Iockaer'a let add. to Ham
phrey, $1B8.
Joha Laaa aad wife to Margaret Maaabach, pt
J. A. Keaoa aad wife to Katy f. Reagan, lota
S.4,Saad s. bleek M. lat add. to llatt Ceater,
U. P. By Co. to Nick Van Dke. a sw
W. A. Haaiptoa aad wire' et al fo Peter 8.
BailtB. awK 344s4w. $4,890.
"The Liaitea Fast Mall."
The Union Pacific Railway, the Over
land Route, has just pat on a -Limited
Fast Mail Train to carry the United
States mail between Council Bluffs and
San Francisco and Portland. This daily
Fast Mail train will carry a limited
number of passengers, and in addition
to the United States Mail Cars and a
baggage car, will be composed of a Vesti
bnled Palace Sleeper and Pullman Din
ing Car for Portland, and aVestibnled
Palace Sleeper for San Francisco, thus
accommodating a limited number of pas
sengers. The sleepers and the diner will ran
through from Chicago via the Chicago &
North-Western Railway. Only first-class
tickets will be honored on this train.
This train, with its connections, makes
the extraordinary time of 107 hours New
York to San Francisco, and 104 hours
to Portland.
As acsommodations are limited, early
application for same should be made to
the Union Pacific Agents or to E. L.
Lomax, General Passenger Agent Oma
ha, Neb. 32-3t
The People's Literary was fairly
well attended last Saturday evening.
Messrs. Sullivan & Glnck were not at
hand to defend the repeal of the occupa
tion tax, A. L. Bixby taking their place
in the discussion, and CoL Whitmoyer
and J. N. Kilian speaking in the affirma
tive. We suggest that it would be well
to take up the same subject later along,
towards the spring election, and after
the Literary has got fairly under way,
By the way, this organization
that the young folks ought to make a
grand success, and they can do so if the
executive committee will place upon the
program those whom they know will be
present. according to announcements, or
who have been consulted and signified
their consent
At 9 o'clock yesterday morning Mr.
D. W. Murphy and Miss Margaret A.
O'Brien were united in marriage. The
oeremony was performed by Father Mc
Cartney at the Catholic church, corner
of Thirteenth and M streets, in the
presence of a few invited guests, who
heartily congratulated'tbe newly married
couple on the new step taken. The at
tendants in waiting were Mr. F. S. Mur
phy, a brother of the groom, and Miss
Katie Carroll of Columbus. Mr. Mur
phy is a resident of Lincoln of long
standing and a trusted employe of the
Journal. The bride has been a resident
of Columbus, where she is well known
.and has a large circle of friends. Lin
coln Journal, Nov. 28.
lataartaat Claaaiag Aaaoaarrairat.
We are pleased to announce to our
readers that we have made arrangements
with the publishers of the Nebraska
Farmer, the leading live Btock and farm
journal of the west by which we can
offer it one year with Thk Columbus
Journal and the Nebraska Family Jour
nal, all for $20, but very little more
than the price of one publication. This
offer is good for renewals or new sub
scribers. Let every one who desires to
take advantage of this liberal offer do so
at once. Address,
M. K. TURNKK k Co.,
Columbus, Neb.
Parents should be careful that their
children do not contract colds during
the fall or winter months. Such colds
weaken the lungs and air passages, mak
ing the child much more likely to con
tract other colds during the winter. It
is this succession of colds that causes
catarrh and bronchitis or paves the way
for consumption. Should a cold be con
tracted, loose no time but cure it as
quickly as possible. A fifty cent bottle
of Chamberlain's Cough remedy will
care any cold in a few days and leave
the respiratory organs strong and
healthy. For sale by all druggists.
Pcaale'a Literary.
Saturday evening, Dec 7th, 730 p. m.
at Maennerchor halL
JsnaBaaaaaaaaBRaaaa JnUOT uB(B
XrTeaBaO arSsjOaaaa saamsa JjBaaaaanasn
aalaat raadtac Warn, O'Brien
aaaay Abbie Diane
Dadaaaatioa - Kate Taylor
aBjajawl, avaanaaaagf
Grace aad Phoebe Garrard
than a pccaaaal devil? ASrauC.
A. L. Bixby; deny. J.N. Kilian,
We have made arrangements with
The Homestead, Des Moines, la, one of
the very best farmers' papers in all the
country, a twenty-four page weekly, to
dab with Tan JovuraL, and the Ne
braska Family Journal, the three papers
tor $2J0, in advance. Subscription can
begin aay tisae.- Specimen copies free,
onapplkation. Call on or address, M.
X. Taraer GoCohabujtirfc. tf
- yv -i"
to wary...
i i c "J mv zm
r - ----- jir'-t zr:
".-t-. -- - r jrm j,.
in. eeon tintetaear
lliSt; ---. -1 c- - V.wl". a i
anoa .iwnraw -antiacne- ww, wnaua nave a
A bak old ajnWMr. James Wilson of
Aliens Spriagej rllL, who. is rbver sixty
years of age, ssys:. UI have, in my time
vtried a great many medicines, some of
excellent quality; but never before did I
find any that would so completely do all
that is claimed for it as Chamberlain's
Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea remedy. It
is truly a wonderful medicine." For
sale by all drnggiats.
KLsmrrk Tawarihi.
The weatlier is rather-cool at present.
Some of C. H. Sheldon's steers took
leave of absence last week, but were re
captured a few days afterward.
Several of the neighbors have shelled
some of their corn already, and others
are selling it in the ear.
Thanksgiving passed off very quietly
except for the rattling of dishes, and the
hilarious shouts of the youngsters as
they crowded around the denuded tur
This week we are pleased to chronicle
two important events, i. e., the birth to
Mr. and Mrs. William Schrieber, of a
young eon, on Saturday, November lfith,
and Friday the 22d, ditto, to Mr. and
Mrs. Nauenburg lately from Russia.
This shows an increase, of population by
two, and a prospect for that many fu
ture citizens of Bismark. Charles.
Mrs; Bev. D. C. Worts has three times
filled, tbe appointment of her husband,
once at this place and twice at Timber
creek. In each case her sermons have
been received with marked acceptability.
Her manner in the pulpit is easy and
graceful. Her words are ready and her
doctrine is thoroughly orthodox accord
ing to the strictest sect of Methodism.
Cedar Rapids Republican.
Edwin Poppin, living west of town,
was arrested last Saturday on a charge
of assault with intent to kill. His case
was continned nntil Wednesday of this
week, when a hearing was had before
Justice Griggs. The trouble arose be
tween the defendant and the Nichols
boys, who were working his farm. It
culminated in Poppin shooting at them
with a shotgun. They were not hit and
nobody was hurt Charles Riley appear
ed for the defense, and conducted the
same with considerable skill. Albion
fla thlB deDBitment the neoole talk, ami not
the editor. Each writer moat hold hinuelf ready
to defend liis principle and hi wtataxientii of
facta. "In the multitnde of coonael there, is
wiadoau" Ed. Joubh.vl.1
Mb. Editor: Publishers of newspa
pers have the reputation of being wise
and intelligent but see what they are
doing all over the country. As a gen
eral rule they publish their newspapers
in such small type that no aged woman
or man can read them, even with the
best of eye glasses. I know the old
people love to read, and nothing would
please them better than a column or two
of general or local news published in
their home newspaper, in such large type
as to enable them still to read the news.
The young and bright-eyed readers of
the newspapers would not object to this"
gpeoial column or two, if they knew it
was to furnish a little reading for .their
aged grandmothers and grandfathers.' It
is a, satisfaction to the old people to be
able Ho read the head lines to news
and advertisements. Publishers, with
their intelligence, only need the sugges
tion. A.
In answer, somewhat The Journal
would say that something more than a
suggestion is necessary. The times de
mand all the newa that can be given, at
the lowest possible price, and this re
quires small type. It would be very
nice, and prolmbly some of the great
publishers of the country could see their
way clear to publish a weekly paper, all
of which could be in large type for the
benefit of the aged and those having
weak eyes. We hope so. In the mean
time,, for extensive news gathering, use
the eyes of the younger people. Inter
changes of courtesies and accommoda
tions are beneficial all around, and there
shonld lie far more intercourse between
the aged and the young than there now
is, and all would be benefited. A young
lady, very genial and social, by natural
disposition, seeing A. J. Poppleton of
Omaha in the same car stepped np to
him, and made herself known, she was
the daughter of an old friend of the
Judge's and though well known by him
when she was a child, she had grown
entirely out of his recollection, and his
memory for faces had grown dim. They
had a long and pleasant conversation
together about old times and old friends,
and the Judge remarked that he wished
all the yonng people of his acquaintance
would do as this young lady had done
make themselves known to hiin, it would
be such a pleasure to him. And bo it is
with most old people. This is the right
spirit Let the aged be sought out for
council, for plans, for advice in the
affairs of life in fact, let there be a
sharing of matters, according to their
strength. We believe it an excellent
plan for some member of the family to
read aloud, the interesting story or the
news of. the day taking turns. In this
way the grandfathers and grandmothers
can be blessed, the one reading does for
all (so far as it goes), and the value of
the work as a literary exercise, eta, is
limited only by the capacity for im
provement of the group.
MATHEWRnV-Nnnmhw 9fUt, In Mrm 3 II
MaUJewaoa, a danghter.
MACFABLAND-NoreBaber 28th, at Omaha, to
Mm J. M. Macfariawrt, a eon.
KELLEY-nJONES-NoTember 38th, by Bex.
J. V. Griswold, Chariee Kelley and Mary W.
Joaea, all ef thia meaty.
gmsiness tues.
AdverUaeaaeate aader thia head ire casta
liaeearb iaawtioa.
8CHILTZ Baakeebootaaad ahnea lathe
heat stvlM. aad mm onlv th vnrr IimI
atockthateaabeprocarediBlheaiarket. 52-tf
Head Violoncello.
Vielia. Yankee Swivel
plow and 45 Nos..
"Sdeatiao Aatericaa." W. O. Baliou, 2d block
SJS. of coast boaae, Colambaa, Neb. 32-2
Peerless Steam Coker. adapteil to aay kind
of eook stove, gasoline or oil stove. Saves time.
aavea labor, aavea food and fuel, aavea liard caslu
Waramted to oook pnddiags, castanb, saacea,'
awwta aad vesetabtes witboat aay iatenaiagliag
of Savor, at of oarcookera are sow ia aaa is
taiatown;difrreataizea to salt sixe of family.
Every family aeeda oae. Call aad see sample at
nll Triiitmlinlliam-a
I. nu XanTuas.
-5 - fcft-'fe?-
". 'TIb.l'. e. Ji--.
-T ,a.
4t V" J"".'
i -1
AfaMUked J97.
Loan, Real
an ffanaa at loweat rates at
Wami lean ean r Tim to aU nasi Batata
Motaby Pdbuo always OmoL
Farm aad Casr Praam ti far Sale.
hsavanea MJbMftflia, J
General Agent
UaloaPaaila and Mid laadPaelae R. K. Laade tar aalaat tram $J.W to $e9 par acre for cart
arenlTeertoByeaauaiaaaaaalBajtteatatoautparehaeera. Waiaivaalaoalarseaadcapiai
. . - .. . j. i,,, , , 1 ,,ni ..-j.,., IM, ,i fr ,- ..l.) mt Inwnrina aad niriai natnln tarma Alat
Platte C
aacetou lataa cy. wa Keep
Wholesale and atail Dealer ia
titae, Ptiitry, ail FreeM Fit. All Kiini f Sauage a Specialty.
laTCsta paid for Hidee, Pelts, Tallow, HigaaaT amraat priea paid for fat catUa."mi
Olive Street, twe Deere Nafta $f tat Fint Natiiaal Baak.
f3r-Ouriuotntiontof the markets are obtained
Tuesday afternoon, and are correct and reliable
at the time.
i . i
Wlieat w
New corn 1-Vcia
aaa t' lu
1 " a nt
a? A Mir P "J, JM
Bnckwheat -. 5C(353
Batter lOfflO
KK "20
sV "JtaAH HJU . J?
Apples perlibl J:S0Of100
Honey in comb ir lb 25
Hltouhlers -. 8ftl0
Ojtalrta aS
FathoRs i3'J0G32S
Fat cows S1SO200
Fat sheep,, $30Uti3M
Fat steers. ........ ... ,;t i 932561375
WRM. I S .................... .. .. ...... .. 2U 49
'" vTB rt,.l aj
Canon City 600
Hard, Pennsylvania.... 1050
Hard, Colorado . VM
Rock SprinKs, nut COO
Rock HprinKS, lump 700
Colorado BOO
Ity virtue of an order of sale directed to me
from the district court of Platte county, INe
boaska. on two judgments obtained in the dis
trict court in the September A. D. 188Ut.-rni
thereof of Platte county, Nebraska, on the 2hUi
day of October, 1SS9, one in favor of Charles P.
Dewey aud Albert U. Dewey as plaintiffs, anil
a;ainst Anna O'Neill, administratrix of times,
tate or Thomas O'NaIII, deevasel, Anna O'Neill,
widow. John O'Neill, diaries O'Neill, Delia
O'Neill, Mary O'Neill ami Willie O'Neill, chil
dren antl minor heirs of said Thomas O'Neill
deceased, and James II. Hloan as defendants, for
the snm of two thousand six hundred and
seventy-nine ilollars and twenty cents, and one
in favor of James IL Hloaa as plaintiff and
against Anna O'Neill administratrix of the es
tate of Thomas O'Neill deceased, Anna O'Neill,
widow. John O'Neill, Charles O'Neill. Delia
O'Neill, Mary O'Neill and Willie O'Neill, chil
dren and minor heirs of said Thomas t)'Nill
deceased, for the snm of two hnndntl and
seventy-nirie dollars and sixty-five cents, and
costs taxed at ftl.ftt and accruing cos a. I have
levied upon the following described real estate
taken as the property of said defendants, to
satisfy said judgments to-wit: The northeast-
auarter of section four (4), and the west hair or
le southeast quarter of said section fotir (4),
all in township nineteen (lit), north run.'" two
(2), west of the 8th principal meridian in Platte
county, Nebraska, and will offer the same for
sale in the following order: First, the south
half of the northeast quarter and the west half
of the southeast quarter of section four (4),
township nineteen (19), range two (2), west of
the 6th principal meridian. And in case the
amount of money realized from the sale or the
real estate last above described be not sufficient
to'.my the aforesaid judgments, then I will sell
the remainder or said real estate to-wit: The
north half of the northeast quarter of said sec
tion four (4), in the township and range afore
said, to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, on
28tu oat or DECEXBicn, A. D. 1880,
in front of the Court House in the City of Co.
ininoas, t'uuie coaniy, nenrasica, that being the
building wherein the last term of court was held,
at the hour or 2 o'clock p. m. or said day, when
and where due attendance will be given by the
Dated November 2Sth, 1889.
M. C. Blokdobn,
27nov-5t Sheriff or said County.
By virtae or an execution directed to me from
the district court of Platte county, Nebraska, on
a judgment obtained, before ltayard Fuller, a
justice of the peace in and for Platte county,
Nebraska, and on the 31st day of October. 1MM. a
certified transcript waa filed in the office of the
clerk of the district court in and for Platte
county, Nebraska, in favor of August Boettcher.
aa plainUS, and against Philip Schroeder aa de
fendant, for the sum of sixty dollars and forty
five cents, and costs taxed at $8.85 and accruing
ctsts, 1 have levied npon tlie following lands
and tenement taken aa the property of said
defendant, to satisfy said execution, to wit:
Lots one (1), two (2). three (3), four (4), and
courtesy interest in lot No. five i5), all in block
one hundred and fifty-two U2), in the city of
Colambaa, Platte county, Nebraska. And will
offer the aaae for sale to the highest bidder, for
cash ia hand, oa the
4th Dat of Jajiuaby, A. D. 1690,
in front of tlie court boase in the city of Colum
bus. Platte county, Nebraska, that being the
building wliercin
last term of court was held,
n'clock D.m. of said dav.
at the hoar of oae o'clock p. m. of said day.
wbea and where due attendance will be given by
the undersigned.
" vvmsiiiuo, ' -'" "1 '
rt-.rl Cjimkna V..K Wi 91
M. C. Bloxoobh,
SaovSt SheritT or said county.
To all whom it may eoacern:
The spactal coauniseioaer appointed to view
aad report apoa the practicability of locating a
public roaa comacnciag at B. K. corner ol N. E.
iBg jm. o. ju. come
18. raaae 2 west,
i. or aectioa a. town
tbence doe north oa aectioa line to N. E. corner
of said section 9, tiienca west on aectioa line
aad terminating at N. W. corner of said aectioa
in. inuus , una io. range i, wen. running
and known aa the Mahoaey" road.
Also to report npon the feasibility. of vacating
that part of a pablie road commencing atfli-j
S. E. corner of taeN. E. U of section 9. town 18.
range 2 west, aad running diagonally Uiroagh
the N. E. U of eaid section tf, aad terminating at
tne st. w. corner ox men. is. u thereor. lias par-1
formed that daty and filed his report in thia I
oflice, favoring the location sad vacation as
above ft forth.
Now all objections thereto or claims for dam
ages caused by the location or vacation thereof,
aa the case may be, most be filed ia tj eonaty !
clerk'a oSra of llatte csuitr, Nebraska, oa ttt !
before' Hoox, Jaaaary 30th. A. D. IKS, or the .
location or vacatioa madewiiaout far-i
thar resVreaee thereto.
Dated Colambaa, Neb., Nov. 21. VPft. !
t7asvst Couatjrcjet.
"- -rf --- ,-.r
m ?
i- . if3','.
BKa.W " -rf
iatwaat.oa abort and lean ttsax in
ia Flatta aosaty.
ura AjmAoatsasT lasenAaca,'
for the tale of
a complete aaauacioi uua raw rami vauua u
To all whom it may ooneern:
The special comminuloner appointed to riew
and report upon the practicability of local Luic a
public mad commencing at tlm H. E. mrnnr or
8. E. i of aectioa 2t, town It), ranK 3 went,
running thence north on section anil townnhip
limit abont 80 roU and thvnco in a nortliwostvrly
direction nbout 00 rode, nntil It ttrik tit !i
aection line on section 21, town ltf, mntt 3 west,
about 10 roils f nwn township line, tnenco ronninj;
due watt on ' swtion line interwwts the
section line road known oh the "Lewis" road,
and tliere terminal ins, and known and cIchikiuw
led a tlic "Farroll" ro.-ul, lias reimrted favomlily
for llw location thereof.
Also the same sx.-cial commissioner, apnoinr
rl nt same time, to view ami niort ujtun the
pructicahility of vacating thst nurt of a pnblic
road known and desiKnated an I ho "Mason" rott I.
now runninK dinxonally acrox the 8. K. ?i of
section 24, town 10, ranKO S west, commencing at
IIh! S. K. comer thereof and runninK in a north
westerly direction aoross said ' section, has
rcporteu in isvor ol saul vacation.
Now all objections thereto or claims for ilima
Kcs caused by the location or vacation thereof, as
the ense may be. must bo filed in the county
clerk's office of Platte countv, Nebraska, on or
liefore xoox January 21st, A. . ISW.or the loca
tion or vacation may bo made without further
reference thereto.
Dated Columbas, Xeh., Nov. 12, 18H.
Joitx Staufykr,
20novlt County Clerk.
Notice or Chattel Mortgage Sale.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue or a
chattel mortgage (Lite. I on the 2V.ii day of June,
13S9, and dnly ll for record in the office of the
willfif IT lArlr tt Pint!.. iwMinfv Ll,itiitri tin fku
-llli H-iv .if -Inn.. 1K!I nnil Yuiiln.l I.V I.
Fulfonf to Ira J. Nichoix, to seeun- the payment
of the sum of $2il0, anil uin which tiiere is now
due the sum of 200 witii interest at ten iter
cent. ir annum from date. Default having
bvn made. in tlie teruin of wiid mortgage the
mortgage; luw declareil said debt due, and no
action having been luul at law for the recovery
of said sum.therefon' I will wll the property
therein described, viz: All the corn grown on tlie
southwest quarter (m. w. W) of the northiiist
(n. e. -t), and the northwest quarter or th:- south
east ouarter (s. e. x,), of section eleven (11),
township twenty (20), range one (1) east in
Platte county, Nebraska, at public auction on
the foregoing described preiui.ies in Crexton
township, said county and state, on the
Utii Day or Dkckmber, 1889,
at 1 o'clock, p. m. of said ilar. alpo
a portion
of said corn to be sold at tlie resilience
eof Ira J.
Nichols in said township, county and state, on
same dny nt 3 o'clock p. m.
Dated Nov. 18, '.
Ira J. Nichols,
C. J. Gaki-ow. Mortgagee.
hisAtty. 20nov3t
To all whom it may concern:
The board of supervisors in regular session
October, IrirO, declKnii the following lines oen
edas public rowts, viz:
1. Commencing nt the S.W. corner of section
3, town 17, range 1, east, running thence west on
section Jine to within 80 rods of 8.W. corner of
section , thence north 33 feet, thence west to a
point 33 feet north of S.W. corner of sections,
and terminating at the last named point, anil
known and designated an the "Turner road.
2. Commencing at the H.K. corner of section
27, town 17, range 1. west, running thence due
west on section line one-half CJ) mile aad
there terminating, and known anil designated as
the "Mewlel" rood.
3. Commencing at N.W. corner of section 3,
town 20, range 3, west, running thence due south
on section lines four (I) miles, nnd terminating
at S.W. corner of section 22, town 20, range 3,
weet, and known and designated n the"UoeHch"
Now, all objections thereto, or claims for ilam
ag caused by the location thereof, ninst be
filed in the county clerk's office of Platte county,
Nebraska, on or liefore jtoox .of Decemlier 30th.
A. D. lft.
Dated, Columbus, Neb., October 29, 1889.
30octlt John SrACFrxK,
County Clerk.
l.-ind Orfice at ( irand IsLind Neb..
- October 2. IW. f
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler Un-t bled notice of hit intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Itegister anil
Receiver at (irand Island, Neb., on December
13th, 18M, viz: Ooorge Dtofenbach. homestead
134.of the S.E. U sect ion 4-lti-3w. He names
the following witnesses to prove his continuous
residence upon and cultivation of, said land, viz:
John Carson, Simon P. Howell, John Lavell,
Perry J. Piatt, all or Silver Creek. Neb.
sOoct'U Joax O. Hkkjixs,
Land Office at Grand Island. Neb., )
Oct, 21st, 18HW. J
Notice is liereby given that the foUowiaa:
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, aad
that said proof will lie made before Register or
Receiver at (irand Island. Neb., on Dec. 12, 1,
viz: John Carson, hoincetead entry 17208 for the
S.E. ix Sec. 10-lSn-3w. He naraea the followis
witaesseM to prove his continuous resilience apoa
aad caltivation of, said land, viz: George L.
DIefenbech. Phillip Diefenbacb, John Steea aad
Davkl Bbur, all or Silver Creek, Neb.
23octS Jomx G. HiooiKB. Raajatar.
Prof. Invoisette's
i at tka OrhaaaL ia saiteof
waaaataCMaa aa aatwaa woalaae
Imaattaef "tan aataaati toich"hi
n.(sB a.-hkJ
fitt aa4 pipaliiilj f Wataacaaw).
taw:tiailime7aevar la iwaated
af aamaaaatBaBVaaafaaataaaaT
Mftim at afaVaftnaVpSCl
fin iJi ifcst n U
rjaaftaav ajaaaamaariaa!
Teana aaa TasnajtaMa m
7.61 Ea9 IB n
a tae
TUB i d t ai KB.
'Tanan rhaanw i'i$ UaVan
M aw j Iteniwvai awaw
KaaafaNtsKM en tae Market.
GaH m U at ft Factory
aM SBAR am. :, v'
IffaaVaaanaV'nnBWanf i i,i 'T-J
I '' " K "" ? jJ.'-1
tevsaaae e- "'
Amaamman '
W i
- -ir-il
ONva St., aaarly aapasMa Patt-aflaa.
Til L1IEIST in nicT sna
vest of Omaha, at
Tkebest maanfactoriea of tka eenatry
represcDted. Not to bs nadsrsold
by anybody. Cosanaad ata
This fa ma
it ia very
mavealaK to aat en
ft any aakto by ateply
ista oet.'ta-ti
Special Anomniiil!
Furnishing Geeis !
viretly-:-Reired-:-Pr"reij !
ty('sll,eiaiiiiaetioMU aad leara
Greisen Bros. & Co.
And all kind of country irlnre takra ia trad
and all gtMWi!. liemr n d free of charge
to an !iit of the city.
.-A fHA ay.annaa an anmrnw.
Fatt caaayaa2anr va awj
m aaaLmw V
mat the aa eaa aaaiaaamtta
' V -
J x
nV.-r '
E? f.
'' - "',
. VI
r? .
WM -
'5- v"
"- 'v ' """ ' ,'" 1 '" '" ... . -" " ' - -. - . r.
',."'-.-:-.''- " " ' ' ' - .; ' r"
. . " - U ---.---".-.'-.'.
aJtllaaailaaaaaM " " SZJr . :V iV '' V X -'-,..
amnmmmmmnmmmmW r Sj
BanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaM . f J5VJiaafTas"
-;i '-.O.-C
n .' c. .