The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, October 31, 1888, Image 3

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Columbus gotmral.
s errs- -rfX-iys.
Uivph Columbus
nl.?at Lincoln......
9:20 a. m.,
r.-OU '
6:10 "
8:15 "
11:45 "
1 1017 "
111 AC. "
12:15 "
Tlie iiafwencer leaves Lincoln at S5 p. m., and
arrivi-n.nt Columbus V:0u p. m; the freicht leaves
Lincoln ct 7:00 a. in., and arrives at C oluinbus at
210 p. m.
Atlantic Ex.. 4rf a. m.l Pacific Ex.. .11:12 P.m.
Local 7iVa.m.iIxK-al .. . S0p.m.
Fat Ex. .. .. ,1159a.m.
lasencer leaver-.
Mixed leave-. S:Wa.m.
l'aenper arrives : a. m.
Mixed arriviM ............ ..... ..... Saw i. m.
Passonser leaver
Mixwd leaven
Pa-wnRer arrives
Mixed arrive
S-Xi p. m.
9:20 a. m.
7:35 a. m.
7:45 ii. m.
ocictg puttees.
"jJj-AH notice under thi tieadins will 1
charRed at.the rate of $2 a car.
ft LEI! VXOX LODOENo. .V, A. F. A A. 51.
FCwIleguIar meetings 21 "AedneHiaj in each
TOT mouth. All brethren inyted to attend.
- yr J . E. Noeth. . M.
II. P. CootJrxK.ST';. 2Qjuly
Saint hold regular tr ice ever Sundaj
fit 2 p ut.. prajer meotine on Wednewlay evening
at their chhitel, corner of North i-treet and I utic
Avwiue. All am cordially invited.
13jnls9 Elder H. J. Hudson, President.
Dre. Martyn .fc Sclnis, offico Olive st.
Store full or new floods at Galley
QuxniTs speech is producing pood
Holiday joods at Stillman's drug
Lathes' states, cheapest in town, at
Ladies' hats, choajuvst in town, at
- At Watts 'a school-house, nest Mon
day evening.
- Braid setts, Uad trimmings, etc., at
Galley Bros.
Hebt btor. choapt-st and best jjnods
at Delsman's.
- Legal blanks, a full lino, at John
Hamburg eels, clam juice, and ca
pres at E. Fold's.
Shirting llannels and twilled flannels
at all prices, at Galley Bros.
Lota of New York grapes, away
down, at Hickok, Halm .v Co's. 1
Charles Wake has made a good
assessor, wh not elect him again?
Bejmblican meeting at Watts's
school-house nevt Monday evening. "
- For dry goods, clothing. grttcerles,
crockery, etc.. etc.. go to Delsman's.
The lies!, assortment of dinner sets
and lamps at Herman Oehlrich Sc Hro.
- Business room to rent on Eleventh
ut. Call at imco at the "Torus u. ollice.
--Rhordale compressed jeitst con
stautlv on hand at- Hickok, Halm .t
(Vs. -2
First chiss goods, through and
througlu at lowest living rates, at Dels
nian's. Lightner's perfume, the Itest made,
new and rare odors at Stillman's dnig
store. 1
Corn-buskers are in brisk demand
in these parts: 'a number of men could
find work.
Tbo Y. P. A. of C. E. give an enter
tainment Friday evening at the Congre
gational church.
Henrich thoroughly understands his
business, you had better havo him re
new vour insurance.
Work is now progressing on the
Loup bridge, a large invoice of iron
having been received.
John Huber says he saw in Polk
county a fish pond that was as nicely
fixed 4is Mr. Arnold's.
Wanted, girl to do general house
work; good wages will be paid. Inquire
at Galley Bro.'s store.
Journal and Omaha Weekly Bee. to
any address in the United States, to
January 1st. 1SS9. for 81.00.
Hugh Hughes attended the funeral
of bis brother-in-law Evan Davis, and
returned home yesterday.
Oysters, best grades at lowest prices,
and celery to go with them, always on
hand, at Hickok, Halm t Co's. 1
Rev. Mr. Knox is giving a series of
lectures in the Episcopal church on
Friday evenings on Future Punishment.
Joubxal and Omaha Weekly Bee, to
nny address in the United States, to
January 1st, 1889. for S1.00.
The JorRNAii is on sale, each week,
at the book and news stores ofE. D.
"Fitzpatriek and J. Heitkemiier,at5cents
a copy.
Giki. Wasteiv A good girl to do
house-work. Inquire at the residence
of C. A. Sjieice or at the office of Speice
& North. 1
Republicans are not ashamed of
their candidates nid are therefore not
biding anything of their lives from the
public gaze.
The 20th of Xovemler, ! a. in., is the
time set for the probate of the will of
the late Dr. Wm. J. F. Edwards, of
Platte Center.
A republican rally will le held at
Watts's school-hou&e in Monroe town
ship next Monday evening. Shakers
will le present,
Tbo ladies of the Baptist church,
this city, will give a supper Wednesday
evening, Nov. 14th: the ball will be
named later along.
Taken up Oct. 10, 18SS, 1 red mooly
steer, 1 year old, 1 red steer 2 years old
branded on. left hip. Curtis Hollings
bead, Monroe, Xeb.
John Huber tells that at Mr. Le
chyk's sale last week cows brought S15?
to $2(5, calves an average ol S9.75 and
and horses S100 to S170.
Tomorrow (Thursday) evening, Nov.
. 1st, Senator Manderson speaks at Platte
Center. Give him a big bouse. You
will bear an excellent speech. -
The ladies of the SCE. church will
have an Antiquarian supper at Fitzpat
rick's hall Tuesday evening, Nov. 13tfi,
from 6 to 11 p.m. Supper, 25c.
-ww & 5
Rock Springs coal, always on hand
at Ii. W. Weaver's 21tf "
The finest line of dress goods in the
citjyat Galley Bros. 5-23-tf
Riverdale compressed yeast con-,
stantly on Land at Hickok, Halm &
Co's. 28-2
Several hundred dollars' worth of
presents to be "given away this fall, at
Galley Bros.
Jocbxaii and Omaha Weekly Bee, to
any address in the United States, to
January 1st, 1889, for $1.00.
' G. W. Kibler, traveling salesman lor
A. & M. Turner, is in the city." They
deal in pianos, -organs and sewing ma
chines, guaranteeing what they selL 1
Harry Newman is now a private cit
izen, like the rest of us, having resigned
bis position as deputy sheriff. Mr. Bloe
dorn will try to do his own work in that
Now that flour has raised in price
the thoughtful grocer advises his cus
tomers to use more corn meal and po
tatoes, both of them good articles of
diet, plentiful and cheap.
James Demaree of Richland recently
lost by fire four stacks of wheat. He was
iway from home at the time and it is a
seriously loss to him that the man who
set out the fire should make good.
In another place in today's Joubsai.
will be found the advertisement of the
City asking for -bids for the exten
sion of our waterworks. Contractors
will read it and note what is required.
Miss Anna Turner, in a letter to a
friend, addressed from Cadiz, Ohio, says
that on 23 of 27 days she has been there
it has rained, and a six horse team is
required to haul an ordinary two-horse
Those who have sewing machines
that are out of order should call upon
G. . Kibler while he is in the city. A
Iostal card addressed to him, care of A.
ic M. Turner, will receive prompt atten
tion. 1
A man u ho in this enlightened age
is addicted to gambling is hardly a fit
person to send to Lincoln to help make
laws. A wilful, deliberate law-breaker
is not a fit character -for a legislator.
Vote for Olson.
The people of the townships gen
erally, in Platte county, have made their
nominations for township offices, and
from a hat we have seen of them we feel
confident that local affairs, at legist, will
le well attended to.
It is time the Adams or some other
strong express company were doiug
business in this city. Here's a small
package from Omaha -with 75 cents
charges that oughtn't to be more than
25 cents at the highest.
--November 3d, '88, has been set by
Judge Post as the day of hearing the
petition of Mary A. Early, administra
trix of the estate of J. W. Early, deceas
ed, for license to sell certain real estate
to pay debts and expenses.
Dr. L. E. Roe, dentist, takes this op
portunity of tlutnking his friends for
their patronage and notifying them
that ho will remain in Columbus only
about ten days; parties desiring lus
services should call it once. 1
Mrs. Henry Woods is agent for the
sale of F. A. Burr's life of Phil. Sheri
dan, also bis personal memoirs, both
books of great interest. Every historian
or student ol American history should
have one" or both these volumes.
The Joubxaij had no means of know
ing until within the past week that on
Oct Cth, at Chicago, Dr.LR Roe of
this city and Mrs. Martha Gailord of
Council Bluffs were joined in marriage.
The JbuBXAL tenders congratulations.
The speech of Hon. M. C. Quinn of
Illinois Wednesday evening last at the
Oiera House was a splendid and elo
quent plea for the election of the repub
lican ticket and the upholding of repub
lican principles in the conduct of the
Wagner & Barnes have done some
plowing with their traction engine as
the motive power and two gang plows
cutting five feet. They can plow ten
acres a day with the ground as dry as it
now is, and believe they could pull an
additional gang plow.
Wm. H. Holcomb, who succeeds to
T. J. Potter's place among the officials
of the Union Pacific, ia a thorough rail
road man, starting in 185& as a brake
man, then fireman, station agent, gener
al freight agent, etc. Thos. L. Kimball
is to be general manager.
The Democrat's reference to Mr.
Sam'l Alexander, one of Platte county's
most respectable farmer citizens and
aged gentlemen, as a ''bidexterous, ante
deluvian aquidic specimen" shows only
how smart the writer thinks he himself
is, and how little be can be.
While Messrs. Wolf and Thoraazin
were threshing on Mr. A. Hen rich's farm
one of the pitchers got mad at another
over some real or imagined insult and
cuffed and kicked tbo poor fellow a
green German in a brutal manner. A
law suit will probably follow. t
Bring your job work to the Jocbsae
office. We are thoroughly equipped to
furnish cards, note beads, letter beads,
envelopes, dodgers, circulars, sale bills,
bill beads, briefs, pamphlets in short,
everything in this line of work, on short
notice, at reasonable prices. Give ns a
calL " " 2Stf
An accident took place'iast Wednes-
-dav forenoon at 11:30 at Clarks, on the
U. P., caused by an open switch in which
a freight train was derailed, the engine
lieing a total wreck, several cars piled
up and smashed, the track torn up, and
the engineer slightly hurt. No lives
County Superintendent Cramer is
busy now visiting among the schools.
He reports the work moving well in
most places, and is giving direct atten
tion to the weak points, in our schools.
Many of the schools will not begin until
the middle of November, and the first of
The result of the financial operations
of the whole Union Pacific system for
the twelve .months ending June 30, 1888,
is: Gross earnings of entire system,
$29,029,453; surplus earnings, $11,159,836;
'total increase, $22259,482; total expenses
$7,507,103; surplus, less United States
requirements, approximate $335,579, ' -
A. good account comes from, the re
publican' meetings held last Thursday
and Friday evenings at..Lodkingglass
and Woodville,- and addressed by W. A.
McAllister, republican candidate for sen
ator, and Carl Kramer of this city. Lt
the good work go on. Republicans have
nothing to lose by the public discussion
of their principles.
Fisher's MA Cold Day Comedy Co."
held the boards at the Opera House.
Friday evening last and were greeted by
a large audience, and although there was
not much of a plot to their play, the
audience, by frequent and liberal ap
plause, seemed to enjoy the novel enter
tainment hugely. "Abe" and "Jake"
were lalla's, sure.
Ex-Gov. James W. Dawes wrote a
letter to a gentleman of the city to make
his excuse to the 'people for not being
present last Wednesday evening to ful
fil an appointment made for him by the
central committee: It wa3 impossible
for him to meet. the appointment, which
he regretted very much,' as he has spec
ially desired to visit this city.
The Nebraska Family Journal, pub
lished by M. K. Turner & Co., is a thirty-
two column paper, filled with news and
miscellaneous reading matter. The price
is $1.00 a year. It. is" furnished free to
very subscriber of the Columbus Joub
SAii who pays all arrearages and one
year in advance both papers thus, for
$2. Subscription may begin any time.
The men who are opposed to touch
ing, handling or tasting intoxicating
liquors are strenuously opposed to the
republican party; the great body of men
who believe in getting drunk occasion
ally are opposed to the republican party.
It must 1)9 that the stand republicans
take and keep commends itself to the
average common sense of the country.
The David City Tribune pleads with
the boys of that place to quit gambling,
and with parents to know where their
boys are and what they are doing, es
pecially of nights. This is sound ad
vice, and will apply to more towns than
David City. The voters of this repre
sentative district will do well to cast
their ballot for farmer Olson rather than
banker Green, who, it is well "known,
gambles for money.
The Annual Sessions of the North
Nebraska Teachers' Association will be
held in Columbus during the holidays.
There will be an exhibit of school work
made from the schools of "North Nebras
ka. The country and city schools of
Platte county should be well represent
ed in thi&exbibit. Platte county schools
made a very creditable showing at Fre
mont last spring, and the coming one
should be far in advanco of it.
Mr. Barnhart or the State Live
Stock Commission last week killed a
glandered horse owned by John Stupfel
of this city. By the generosity of the
good people of Nebraska, John will get
about $10 for the horse. All glandered
horses should be killed because the dis
e;ise is deadly and contagious, but it is
not every state that provides for some
remuneration to the owner who makes
the sacrifice for the general good as well
:is for his own.
The grading of our county "schools
succeeds well in many districts. There
is no doubt but that the plan proposed
by Prof. Cramer is the -simplest and
most practicable that could be devised
under existing cirenmstances. It proves,
in those districts using it, a great stim
ulus to both pupil and parents. It is an
incentive to regular attendance, and at
tention to duty. To see the end of all
our work is always inspiring, in schools
and elsewhere.
Niels Olson is not a prohibitionist,
sis his democratic opponents have re
ported, ne voted against granting a
license to certain parties in Creston be
cause the number of free'-holder peti
tioners was not sufficient under the law.
R. H. Henry, one of the staunches! dem
ocrats in Platte county, did the- same
thing for the ,samo reason, precisely.
Olson is a good man in every respect,
and ought to receive the vote of every
honest citizen in this district, without
respect to party ties. If you are inclined
to think the Joubsaii is 'not right in
this matter, examine into the character
of Mr. Green, his opponent.
A very large audience greeted the
republican and democratic candidates
for congress last Saturday evening, com
posed of adherents to both parties. Mr.
Weatherby opened and closed the dis
cussion, Mr. Dorsey's speech being sand- J
wiched between. It is our opinion that
Mr. Dorsey was far ahead of Mr. Weath
erby in jgiving reasons for supporting
his side of the political contest. Both
were very gentlemanly toward each
other, and as citizens made a good im
pression upon the audience. We be
lieve in political discussion by opposing
candidates, more especially for-offices of
this nature, for thus the people them
selves can judge as to personal fitness
for the office. -
- The anti-prohibition meeting of
Monday evening in this city, all things
considered was a very creditable demo
cratic side-show. The ' procession was
good, the torches were bright, the an
vils did their -duty, the bands' played
well, and Mr-Richey certainly advocated
voting for Cleveland and McShane, and
what more could be expected? . We were
not present at the meeting, but, judging
from what we have heard 'of it, -we be-.
lieve another such meeting would do
much good to the republican cause in
this city. These fellows know that the
republican party is not a prohibition
party, but they would be glad to make
somebody believe it is. The fact is that
extremists, both ways, are in deadly op
position to republicans, whose position
is fortified by common sense and the ap
proval . of the practical, wide-awake
Last Thursday evening a party of
boys gathered itt front of Mr. J. E. Tas
ker's residence while he was absent and
Mrs. Tasker was alone in the house and
proceeded to make a general racket,
blowing horns, beating drums, old stove
piper etc and causing further annoy
ance by turning the slats of the blinds'
and making remarks- such as "she is all
alone," "we will .wait till he comes
home," eta, which they kept up for about
an hour and a half. Mr. Tasker made a
complaint against all the boys whom' he
could identify and on Saturday morning
four of them visited his honor Judge
Cowdery and received a kind and gentle
admonition. The complaint, Mr. Tasker
says, was by no. means made in malice
but as a duty to society and in the in
terest of good order. Certainly it is high
time that somebody should take a. stand
against that relic of barbarism, the char
ivari, which' never did any "good, and has
been the cause of a great deal of annoy
ance, trouble, and, in .not a few instances,
loss of life. It may, in justice to the
drum corps, be stated, that they claim
they went to the residence to do their
best in the way of a serenade, with no
thought of disrespect or annoyance.
Wm. Graves was in town Monday.
J. C. Caldwell, Esq., of Lindsay was in
the city Saturday. " '.
Mrs. C. G. Hickok is expected home,
from the east today. "
Miss Minnie Meagher is home again
from her trip to Lincoln..
Geo. Lu McKelvey was down from
Fullerton Saturday last.
H. M. Winslow left Wednesday, last for
Brown and Garfield counties. .
W. M. Cornelius, Esq.. was at Platte
Canter Wednesday on legal business.
Nils Hasselbalch of St. Edward was in
town Thursday en; route to" Omaha on
J. O. Blodgett of Duncan was in- the
city Monday and attended the funeral of
Mr. Gates.
Wm. Strother of Oconee' was in tow.n
Saturday looking m good 'health, .like
his old self.
Hon. A. M. Walling, prohibition can
didate for congress, took dinner in the
city Saturday.
Mrs. J. R Robley and son of Iowa are
visiting with the family of her brother,
Hon. L. Gerrard.
Thomas Flynn has moved back to Co
lumbus, and will for the present occupy
the "Longshore" building.
Miss Mary Cooncey, who is -attending
the Sisters' school in this city, went
home Friday, returning Monday.
Rev. A. W. Snider went yesterday to
Lincoln to attend the Baptist state con
vention to be in session for a week.
Messrs. Stevenson, Kent and Saunders
of Platte Center were in the city Satur
day "evening to the political meeting.
Willis Kibler of Leigh has made two
trips to the city this week; his services
as liveryman .have been in brisk demand.
Mrs. Alonzo "Miller returned Wednes
last to her home at South Omaha, after
a few days visit with relatives in Platte
Mrs. "Lizzie Finley of Platte' Center
passed through the city Tuesday on her
way home from a visit to friends at
Duncan. Miss Akes Plumb left the city Wed
nesday last for- her home near Platte
Center, where she expects to remain dur
ing the winter.
Capt. J. E. Hill, republican 'candidate
for state treasurer, was in the city Wed
nesday.evening last and listened to Mr.
Quiun's speech. "
Mr. John England of Pennsylvania,
who has for several weeks been visiting
old acquaintances in this neighborhood,
has returned liome.
J. I- Robison, editor of tho Humphrey
Independent;, wa3 in the city Wednesday
to attend a meeting of the republican
central committee.
Grandma Griffin and Miss Mary Tur
ner returned, from their visit to Kalama
zoo. They report a very pleas'ani'visit
and good time generally.
John Cramer, who made a trip last
week through central Kansas, does not
give a favorable account of that section
of country. He met a great many mov
ers, coming north' to Nebraska.- - .
Prof. Wm. Sweeney, one of the ipOst
artistic cornet -soloists in tho whole
country, and director of the Buffalo Bill
cowboy band! passed thronirh the citv
last week on his way to North Platte to
visit relatives and friends.
C. W. Pearsall of Columbus, official
court reporter of tho Ninth judicial dis
trict, came down yesterday to assist the 1
state central committee in .conducting
tho campaign. He will remain until after
the election. Lincoln Journal. -
D. L. Bruenwas a caller at these head
quarters Monday. His talk was of -the
dairy and of politics. Every good Amer
ican citizen is interested in business and
politics, and. does well to make .his study
and his practice in both ' effectual fori
- T. C, Cain returned Friday evening
from Kearney where he had been called
by tho death of his father. His arm was
slightly burned, but it is probable that,
owing to suffocation, by smoke, he was
-unconscious. ne nre occurrea at two
o'clock in the night.
George W. Turner, who has been on a
voyage to England in company with
Buffalo Bill's Wild West" show, re-,
turned Wednesday night. He reports a
grand time, and that the boys all agree
in the opinion that the "Wild West" is
the greatest show in the world.
Fred. Matthews, who has become fa
mous the world over as the stage-coach
driver in Buffalo Bill's "Wild West"
show, arrived at his home in this city
Wednesday last-and expects to remain
among bis relatives and friends during
the winter months. Fred. loo"ks very
natural and still wears that good
natured smile as of yore.
Ed. Goetzinger of Helena, Mont., call
ed on ns Saturday. The case against
him at Schuyler, we are satisfied, is a
piece of spite work altogether, the arrest,
we think, lieing without warrant and
illegal, rendering the parties engaged in
the matter subject to prosecution". Ed.
certainly has substantial friends at'
Helena, as shown by their proffer of , a
bond for $2,000. We hope that he will
have no further trouble. '
Gen. A. J. Sampson, who had been
making republican speeches in parts of
Ohio, Missouri and Nebraska, and who
according to the reports of newspapers
in those localities has great credit for
making' excellent speeches and rendering
good service to the republican cause,
stopped in this city to tarry a few
days with friends, and left on Friday
last for his home in Denver, to meet ap
pointments to speak in Colorado before
Petit Juror?.
For the December term of the district
court, beginning Dec 10th, 1 p. m.
John . Clark, Daniel Wenrick, -J. H.
Cramer, Alfred Bodmer, E.O.. Newton,
Erik Erikson, William Shelp, Frank
Klebba, J. L. Sturgeon, -Edward Hig
gins, Albert Scbroeder, Adolf Jaeggi;
Charles Brake, Andrew. Brugger, R. T.
Blair, Edward Edwards, C'C. Miller,
David Noakes, William Sullivan, Henry
Clayburn, -Jacob Maurer, C. E. Morse,
J. F. "Siems, Jonas Welch.
Notice to School Children.
For every 25c worth of school books,
'stationery or holiday goods purchased
of me for 'cash, I will give free, one
street car ticket.
23-tf John Heitkexpeb.
Meat Markets will be closed, all day
Sundays beginning Nov. 4th.
' Hoffman & Mabtt,
26-3t RicKLTBuos.
For Sale.
A thoroughbred Scotch Collie dog
(male), young, enough to .train. Apply
at this office.
. Even- voter should know that the Un
ion Pacific,"the' Overland Route," and
the Chicago & North-Western Ry., com
menced Sunday,- October 14th, to rup
Pullman and Wagner Vestibuled Palace
Sleepers through from Denver to Chicc
jo via Omaha and Council Bluffs. The
principal line from Denver to Chicago.
The Through Pallaaa Car"
To Chicago via Omaha and Council
Bluffs, runs daily from Denver and
points east thereof" in Colorado and
Nebraska, -over the Union Pacific" Rail
way and "the "Omaha, Council Bluffs
and Chicago Short Line." of the Chicago
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, on the
following time schedule."
Leave Denver, daily 8:30 a in.
Arrive Omaha 7:50-a. m.
Arrive Council Bluffs 8:15 a. m.
Leave Council Bluffs 9:40 a. m.
Arrive Chicago, daily .". . . C:50 a. m.
This train connects with all -morning
trains departing from Chicago, or, if
passengers so elect, they can remain over
in Chicago a few hours for business or
pleasure, and take tho "Limited." or
other fast trains, which leave Chicago
for the East in the afternoon. The
Sleeping Car fare between Chicago and
Denver is $6.00. "Proportionately lower
rates from intermediate points in Ne
braska. The finest Dining Cars in the
world are run on the "Short Line" of the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.
For .further particulars apply to any
Coupon Ticket Agent in the West, or to
John i. 31cClure,
Western Passenger Agent, C. M. & St. P.
Ry., 1501 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
ttood Eaough.
Leander Gorrarxl, president of the
board of trade informs us that he has
been in communication with several par
ties concerning the establishment of a
canning factory here, and that the pros
pect is good. It is desirable that ar
rangements be completed at once, so
that everything could be in readiness
for spring work. A full meeting of the
board will be called shortly to consider
this matter.
A committee has been appointed by
tho directors of the board Ol trade to
solicit $2,000 to be added to the $8,000
already voted to secure a- bridge this
fall yet across the .Platte river. Th's
action of the board will commend itself
to everybody, and more especially to tho
business men and property -owners of
the city. :
Columbus was never in better plight
every way than she is today, and united
effort now on these and other matters of
common iuterest. will put tho city in
mo&t excellent mood for not year's for
ward movement.
The Schuyler Quill of the 24th has
this to say in re.gard to a case recently
mentioned in the Joujutatj: "A couple
years ago a young fellow sold a soda
water fountain, to Jap Shultz for the
sum of $150 and 'collected tho money.
His name is Edward C. Goetzinger and
tho fountain was the property of one, U.
IL'Hribbell.' Last Friday Goetzinjjor
was brought here under arrest and has.
ljeen confined in jail since, under charge
of embezzlement instituted by Huhbell,
who claims that Goetzinger failed to pay
him for the fountain.' Yesterday his at
torneys, F. M. Hatch and G.iL Doughty
tried to get him released on a writ .of
habeas corpus. - The case was prosecu
ted by county attorney Zentmyer before
Judge Thomas and has been postponed
as a result till evidence cart be obtained
as he was brought here under requisi
tion papers from Helena, Montana.
Goetzinger claims he was to sell the
fountain for what be could get for it and
pay Huhbell $70 for it and it. looks like
the latter was trying. to make the former
pay him more for the article because he
sold it for so much' more. It fact it
seems to us as a piece of malice on the
part of Hubbell."
Monroe Tuwnnliip.
J. Crosset left for Council Bluffs last
week to visit his son, who was ill,
"Mrs. James Baker is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. J. Sallack of Madison,.
B. R. Stienbaugb. visited Columbus
Eriday last.
Mrs. Dr. Cook, who has been visiting
her daughter Mrs. Mosher, returned hist
week to her home at Glen Kock. -
X. W Jenkinson, who had the misfor
tune to have his collar bone broken, is so
as to be at work on his farm, although
still suffering considerable inconven
ience from the accident,
'"The young people of Okay have or
ganized a literary society, to meet once
in two weeks.
Corn husking is going on. rapidly and
there is a great demand for help. It is
found that corn turns out much better
than was expected. .
We noticed, two railroad officials from
Omaha riding about our neighborhood
this week looking very wise; some think
they were prospecting for a new town
The people of Monroa have organized
a reading club, or literary circle, to meet
from house to house, once in two weeks,
the object being entertainment and im
provement." As election approaches, the excitement
increases, especially among the ladies,
for since the position Mrs. Cleveland has
taken in regard to the wearing of bus
tles, the -ladies are using all the elo
quence that tongue can command to
persuade their husbands and brothers to
vote for Harrison, and then it is so nice
to le protected. t. d. x.
SHUTT-DIETIUCHS-Octol 30th, at the
residence of the bride's parent in this city, by
Jndc II. J. Hudson. Mr. F. ijhutt or Butler
county, ami Mis Dora, laxiKhtr of Mr.and Mr-.
Wm. "Dietrich-!.
The jQUBjf'u. tenders-the happy couple con
gratulations with gond'wirihei; for their futnre
.CLARK October 95th, of diptheria, Lottie,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Clark, atied three,
DAVIS October 2?th. of lnnjc fever, Evan
DaTis of Joliet township.
Four months ago Mrs. Davis departed this
LOSEKE-October. 27th. Gerhard Lnaeke' of
Colfax county, aged 57 years.
Mr. Loseke (father of Mrs. Otto Reu'er" of this
city) was a native of Oldenburg, Germany, -and
had lived in Nebraska about five years,
. GATES At his residence two miles south of
Richland, Oct. 27. 10:30 p. m.. of congestion -of
the lungs, Isaac D. Gates, aged 63 years, tt months
and 10 days,-
. The funeral, which was large, took- place from
the Baptist church in .this city, the remains
being laid to -rest in the Columbus cemetery
Ber. a". W. 8sider preached the sermon from the
If sVB
'All KOOda ffUaranteed &S renresantad. T iim nnthinf tint, thn vnrv float of
etock and employ none but the most skilled workmen. If you are in need of anv
thingin my line it will pay you to look at my goods, before buying. By strict
attention to business and fair dealing I trust to merit a share of your patronage.
ByRxPAiRisb neatly done, on short notice, and at low Prices. Call and
see me
Established 1870.
Loan, Heal Estate
oat? te Lean on Farm at lowest rates of interest, on short and lone time, in amounts tc
Complete Abstracts of Title to all Real Estate in Platte county.
Fam lad Citv Froaertv for Sale.
Iasaraare against Fire-, Lightning and Tornadoes,
the very beet companies represented.
Kteaaufclp Tickets to and from all porta in Europe.
Wholesale andHetail Dealer in
fine, Poiltry, and Fresh Fish. All Kiids f Saisage a Specially .
' tVCaah paid for Hides, Felta, Tallow. Highest market price paid for fat cattle."
Olive Street, twe Deors North f the First National Bail.
Stoves and Tinware,
Pumps. Guns & Ammunitions
The Celebrated Moline Wagon Sold Hero.
Sept. 2 t'
textc "1 kIi.iII fie Miti-lml hn 1 ity.uke with tliy
likni-' IV. r,;V.
The ileii'aivd lwives a wiil'iw and twn win.
grown to manhiHxI.
He was n until t of New York Mat, and re
moved "to Xhnsska in Vy -ettliiiK hrt in
Platte county near Duncan wiier" hf liied three
eari and then remoied to lu- Lite residence.
We leant that he joined the Ilnptist cjinrch at the
ago of 21, anil that he had everr4nc Hied a con
sistent chri-rtian life. To tho -world in general
liewasknoirn as a quiet, unasruinjng man at
tending to hiri own business thorouchly-- gotxl
man in every relation. of life. Peace to his
jgushtess otitei
Advertisements under this head nie cents a
line eaclrincrtion.
SHEEP! Taken up at say premises in. Colum
bus, 15 sheep a mixed lot.
FOR SALE!-A house and lot west of High.
Krhool hnildinir on Virith ttnur Innnim
of J Waonek. ISjunJm
TJlOHcood jonng breeding stock of all kinds,
A caU at Bloomingdale sto(.k farm, A. Hen
rjch. Piatt Center P. O. Neb. 30-tf
"TJCf-V- SCHILTZ makes boots and shoos inthe
best styles-, and uses only the very best
stock that can be procured in the market. 52tf
"EtSTiUY NOflCE.-Caroe to my premises H
-- ntiles south of Duncan, this county, this
count, Sert. 27th, SH, to calves, nne tiark red
steer and red and white spotted heifer Uth fine,
last spring call ex. Thtf owner will please prove
property, ia? charges and ttke them away.
2&-3J WlLUOt EflXST.
To all whom it may concern:
Tlie board of supervisors hare this dir declar
ed thatrupon the compliance of certain- infioed
conditions, the following section lines shall
ljer ojiened as vnhlic road's, liz: Commencing at
the HW comer of section -5. town 2tr. range 1,
eat, and running thence dueatorth on s-ction
line, and termtu-itjng at NW corner of section 3,
township- 20. range 1,. east.'Jind known ns the
"Moran Hoad."
Also a road commencing at SE corner of sec
tion 2, tow 15.. rangu 1, We.t, miming thence
ilue west on section line and terminating at SV
corner of SEU of section 4, town IH, range 1,
west, and known as thev"Meyer Jtoair.'
Also a road commencing at .NE corner or sec
tion 34, town ' IS, range 1, "west, and running
thence due south on section line, one nlile. and
terminating at '"the Town Line rmd, betwen
Shell Creek and Columbus townships in town 1,
range 1, wt, -anil known as th '"Waggoner
Now all'objecfions thereto, or elailps for ilnm
ages canted by the location of thealmie describ
ed road-, or either of them, munt 1- hlet in the
County ClerkV office tin or before noon of De
cember 20th. I, or the location thereof may be
made without reference thereto.
Dated Columns, "Neli., Oct. 4th, ls-s.
27-4t John Stu;fffk.
' Countj Clerk.
in; cur atkuwoi:k.
Notice is hereby given t hit the city council of
tlie citv of X'olllttibll-. Pl.ilto countl. Nebnuba.
will receiie '.iJed bids or proposal for furnish
ing the required material and doing tht work
necessary thereto, iu -altering the prenent dis-'
tribulion system of -the wntf rworksofsaid city,
and ufso for the extension of s.i:d distribution
sjstemj. The alterations to lie made require
about 7101 fi t of 4 inch pipe to Ije taken up and
new 5-inch piiir laid in lien thereof--the 4 inch
pipe so taken up. will lie laid in the estension of
said system: tlio extension aggnite about
13.U"iO feet.- Bids mnst be' for furnishing all the
material less. such as is t&ken np and must in
clude all th?work. Snch sealed bids or propo
sals will received until B o'clock p. m. December
3d, lsu. -Plans and sicifications for said work
ran be seen in the office of the clerk of said city.
Said city council reserve the right Ut reject anj
and all bids.
" J. E. Nobtw, Mayor..
GcS. Falb cm. Clerk.
Oct. 29. lsW. . . Sloct't
In estate of Mat bias Engelj deceased. In Coanty
Court, Platte cunnty, Nebraska.
To the creditors, heirs. legatees, and others
interested in tlie estate .'of Mathias Engel. take
notice, that John Engel has filed in the county
court a report of his doing as executor of said
estate and it is ordered that the. same stand for
hearing the 17th day -of Novemljer. A. D. 1W,
before the court at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.,
at which time any person interested may appear
and except" to and contest the same. And no
tice of this proceeding is ordered given three
consecnuve weess in tne colcxbcb Jocbxil.
Witness my hand and the seal of" the county T
urt at Columbus, this 20th day of October, f. J
.D.WJ8. H.J.Huioy, J
Coanty Judge,
Harness Depot.
If you wish to get value received,
VptMitt LisMI Mil.
. I hare constantly on hand all. goods, from
the cheapest to the best, and will sell them
.at lower prices than the same quality of
' goods can be bought anywhere else in Platte
county. You can find here tangle and double
Carriage and Buggy Harness, Farm Harness
- light and heavy, a beautiful stock of Robes
and Blankets, Saddles, Bridles. Collars, Hal
ters, Whips, Sleigh Bells, Curry Combs,
.Brushes, Wagon- Covers and Tents, Trunks
and" Valises, Buggy-tope, and in fact every
thing that is kept in a
F. H. eusche;
OOlUXXll3U3, N"
Lira akd Accidktt IitsCBAUCi, none bat
lk;al notice.
tieorge E. I)uirh-r will Ink' not ire th-t on the
13th dav of DcioliMr. IvA. J. (. Cmv.lMn. u ins-
Iticeof the iKWvof folumltus township.
I county, Nebraska. iiii-d an order of attachment
for the sum of S4U.UI in an action in-nditig lvfore
him. wherein William Dttring Company are
plaintiffs, and ieorg- K. Dutrhvr. Frfr:idRtit:
that property ol the(l.lenilant consisting of one
Deenng self-binder lias been attached tindtrsnid
order. Said cause was continued to the ltt day
of November, 1.H. at V o'clock a. m.
Yij.ijm Ducai vi & Co..
2loct4 - Plaintiffs.
Having rented my farm I. will positively ell
there, on Shell Creek, one and one-half
miles southeast of Postville. on
Thursday, Ytnitr 8, '88,
Commencing at 10 a, in., the following
property, to wit:
Horses, Mares and Colts,
One hnndred head of
Tkroghirri and Sigh hid bttls !
of itfl sizes,, nee andifexes, giving every one
a cliauce to get good stock. Also
A good lariety of Fanning Implements, some
almost new: Corn in the field and Hay in stacks,
anil loose property too niioii-rons to mention.
Tebh 14 months' time on sum oier S10 with
good linkable pajs-r at eight ier cent, eight r
cent off For cash. Under $10 cash. Please come
on thefcthof Noveml"r to see jour old friend.
liefreshmentH free.
J. IVCiluwfll, Auctioneer.
All Kinds of Pomps.
Olive St., nearly opposite Post-offlce.
Whitebreast, per ton - - $5 00
Ulinoii, 4 . - -. - 6 00
Sock Spring, " --,- 7 00
Canon City; "4" - . "'- -7 00
Eastsni & Western Hara Goal.
A'good supply always en lianil.
prices on quantities.
CiOnr quotations of tho market arr obtaued
Tuesday afternoon, anil are correct aaiireliabla
at the time.
nF4lVCtb SBr
v Oili 1" WTJ v 99
Corn (shellcu) 4D
HI9 ' XV
Mmjfv W
Backwluvit : MKSft
Flax . I
OQllVi A9J dV
( mi
Potatoes : 33340
HiiUlH.. r. .... .. m s 19
CVallxT 4
Fat hogs -I....: $i ftjt
"Hi Y " R5 fp
Fat sheep .". "S25tOSU-
W SltVrK, 99 iplJJw
Fil.- attfrs 00
Iowa $ see
Hard. Pennsylvania: t H0e
.Hani. Colorado: 120B
Kock Springs, nut , -aw
Kock Spring, lump . 7 08
1 arbon ... ... ..... SUB
vuinnHiti ............................. s iM.
Notice probate of will, Anna Banmann, i far ass
ed. In county court, Platte county. Neb.
Tlie State of Nebraska to tlie heirs and neat of
kin of the said Anna Banmann, deceased: .
Take notice. that npon nJinc of a written in
strument purporting to U the last will sad
testament of Anna Banmann for probata and
allowance, it is ordered that said matter be set
for hearing the 10th day of November. A. O. IS,
before said county court, at the hour of 9 o'clock
a. ut., at which time an person interested may
appear and contest the same: and notice of this
proceeding is ordered" published three week
successively, in the Coluxbch Journal, a week
ly newspaiwr, published in this State.
In testimony whereof. 1 have hereunto set my
hand and the seal of the connty court, at Colum
bus, this 15th day of October. AI D. IS. "
SLJ. Hudson.
lToctt Coanty Jndcel
west of Omaha, at
Tbo bt-bt manufactories of the country
repre6ontcl. Not to lie undersold
Iy anybody- Come and see
prices at
This Is th most FBA0TZOAZ
BiUJis ever invenienv
ltl3 very GENTfKXi and D&U8I aadcfrn
tho earao protection as a boot or over-naltor. itla
convenient to pat on and the top can bo adjusted (
For sale b;
i:;ii t.-i. vw-tr
Ko-t TiiKNr.xr
Furnishing Goods !
Greatlv-i-ReiiuiMMl-r-Priees !
CBCall, examine (lood-t ami learn
Greisen Eros. & Co.
And all kinds .of country produce taken in trad
and all goods delivered free of charge
to any part of the city.
fat CoBgrttJr HI BHWfc
uDscial Aioniiit!