The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.) 1874-1911, September 19, 1888, Image 3

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:,- WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 19. 1888. '
V ; - A. N. TIME TABLE. 1
I: i- : : - ' Pass. . Freight;
Leave OoluniHis . . .
' - .ttonni ,
. Anlfasat Lincoln
1 T !.. 1.. .. ).TC Vk TTV ATlfl
The passenger jeave. iuwu -.; ; .
arrive atColnmbus .70 p. m; the freight loaves
LUeolnat7.-U0a; m.. andarrivei. at Columbus at
t:Q0 p. m. ,
uiivn atiiT.
" AUanticKx.., 4:0n.m.
. Local..-. ,.,-:.. 7:10a.m.
TwtlE. ...... 1:15p.m.
Pacific Ex.... 1220 a. m.
iw.1 -. 6:00 p.m.
Fast Kx 1W0 P.m.
jo'r tsorfolk.
Passenger Iww...
1:45 p.m.
.....11:15 a.m.
..j.. 6:30 p.m.
uxed leave -
PassMiger arrive
Mixsd arrives
Paaarager leaves.-...
"Mixed leaves
Passenger amves
Mixsd itmrt :--
..,.. 7.-00 a. m.
10 p. m.
ra-All notices under this
heading will be
charged at the rate of 12 a year.
, Regular meetings -M Wednesday in i each
outh. All -thr.nvjted.d.
H.-p;CooutQK.Bec,y.- Wl
Avfoon. All an coniiiti i:
11. J.
JIuimom, Piwadent.
-District court in session.
Platte county fair next week.
It pays to trade at Kramer's.
New-tailoring goods at Kramer's.
Pra Marlyn & Schug, office Olive fit
"Get your team insured with Hen
rich." List your property for sale with
Ladies' shoes, cheapest in town, at
Ladies' hats, cheapest in town, at
A. full line or German knitting yarn
at Kramer's, 5-20-3t
Books! Toys! Follow the crowd to
Fitzpatrick's. 21-5p
Best store, cheapest and best goods
at DelBtnan's.
Legal blanks, n full line, at John
Hamburg eels, clam juice, and ca
preBat E.Pohl'B.
Henrich pays all insurance losses
promptly and in full.
If you want any blankets, go to
Kramer's to buy them.
Fall woolens for suits and trousers
just received at Kramer's.
, '.For sale, an almost new $25 zither
for $10. Inquire at this office. 20-2
' For dry-goods, clothing, groceries,
v. jcrookery, etc., etc., go to Delsman'B.
JIhe best assortment of dinner sets
and lamps at Herman Oehlrich & Bro.
First-class goods, through and
through, at lowest living rates, at Dels
man's. Hagel Je. Co. are doing a rushing
business in fruits, jobbing to retail
--Frank Daugherty, formerly of this
sjjlace. haB started a blacksmith shop at
"' -Creston..
., -The Harrison and Morton club will
meet Monday evening next at Fitz
patnck'fl i Halt
rbreaC. slashing in clothing, fhats,
caps, tc.,vat Geo. F. Cremer's in the
JocBNAii block.
Ex-Senator Van Wyck speaks here
on the second, day of the fair next week,
.September 27th.
It is well to remember that P. W.
Henrich leads them all in fire insurance
and farm, loans.
. Pi W.. Henrich has purchased a
. handsome pair of blaek horses from a
party in Schuyler.
0Valter Meade is engaged, this week
a in putting up pens and stalls for the
fair association..
Insurance Is a good thing when
placed in a good company. Henrich has
. the best companies.
'" Miss Alice Plumb has been engaged
r .10 teach the school in W. H. Selsor's
district, aear Humphrey.
-Joorxax. and Omaha Weekly Bee, to
any address, in the United States, to
V Janwiy lst 1889, for $1.00.
.-i-The Public Schools will have one
'.day to attend the county fair. The day,.
' as yet, has not been chosen.
JouBSAii and Omaha Weekly Bee, to
'akv - address in the United States, to
"January lstl889; tor $L00.
"-The Columbus "Kid" nine played
fiinat ft man nine of Benton Saturday
4-55 to 8, infavor ot the " Kids."
. . i-Mose6 Kunzelman, who fell from a
tacicer.and had three of. his ribs broken,
- Bad m: restless rughi of it Monday.
. '... Tbe Firemen s band render good
'mastc, and at the rate" they: are improv-1
in wUl soon be Excelled by ffw." .; .
rrSpedal prices given, on application,
i- ;toitK)seirishing to lay in'their winter
Supply of coaL L. W. Weaver. 21f6t "
' -The. invitations are out for the lnar
...riitbda.y'pf P..W. Jacobeon and Mrs.-J'-'AaBiHar,both
of Lost Creek township.
'"'fJXh&jovusxii is on" sale, each .week,'
V'aV'tnjbopk 'and news ftorea :qf E. D.
'- -RUpstiick and J.Heitkempert 5 cents
copy. -. " "
" '-T-Fbr steainBhip'iickets;see Gus. "G.
BaehM '""i CoJ- they 'sell - ticket, from.
Eteope.tq Columbus at a reductipn oY
ti2Iorfie."preeent. r , . 19,
.: SkMt'kDeeches-were made' at the J
'.Haniibo : and :Mbrton'olub meetiag Sa;t
.mrdaT'.eTwiing '$ 'JM: .Macfarlandi W.
-jt McAllister and Carl Kramer.
' .- " . . .- " . . .
; " VM'fcinzelman; while working- with
a'kay stacker sit -Turner's farm-south of
v lto:cityVa3: threeribe on.nis left'tpde
broksa. Dr. Scfaug tended bin:
"- - .. v- . : - .
says the Platte
. 4p.m.
813 " .30. " .
'..'. 10:07 " 6:10 "
...1l2J5 " 115
. -i .-. --Haiy ia-
-w .. - - . :
5HBTa.l 3n-5ka HsBB .iSBBmBBBBBf bbMbm,
Boclr Springs coal, always on hand
atL..W.;Weaver. 21tf
Secure bargains in crockery, glass
ware and lamps at John Heitkemper's.
For rent, two unfurnished rooms,
with or without board. inquire of Mrs.
Hi L. Winterbotham. o
. ", Joubsaii and Omaha Weekly Bee, to
any address in the United States, 'to
January 1st, 1889, for $1.00.
Henrich loans money on farms: at
six per cent, interest and a small com
mission paid at the end of five years.
D. J.-Chesnutwood has been pro
moted to be second clerk in the railway
mail service between Omaha and Chey
enne. The Columbus B. B. Association
give a ball next Friday evening, Sept.
21st, at Fitz Patrick's new "hall. Tickets
75 cents.
Thurston has returned " from Wis
consin and -goes to Indiana to open the
campaign on the 25th. John's fame is
now national.
Notice! We want a correspondent in
every township in Platte county not
represented regularly in the JotTRNAt
Apply at once.
At Seward they are complaining of
the road workers not making the grades
wide enough, and leaving the roads
rough with clods. .
If the" Columbus -Democrat is afraid
of 'republican "ghosts," what will be
come of it when republican flesh and
blood enters the White House?
Do not trust a traveling solicitor
but place your insurance with Henrich;
he has been in the business for -years
and thoroughly understands it.
Some mean devil (no other name
will suit) kicked a hole in the Union
Brass band's drum and knifed the Fire
men's drum one night last week.
Bishop Worthington has given a
special invitation to Occidental Lodge
No. 21 K. of P. to be present at the
Episcopal church, this city, next Sunday
afternoon at 3.
The Uniform Bank K. of P. have an
invitation to be present at the opening
ot the corn palace at Sioux City. They
have accepted the invitation and will go
in a body on the 27th.
B. Ellis, late in the season, planted
a few acres to corn, for the fodder only,
but it looks as though he would get at
least twenty bushels of ears to the acre,
besides an immense crop of provender.
There are 76 pupils in the primary
department of the Third ward. The
board of education intends having a
building erected on the school lot, in
order to have the extra number accom
modated. A great many more farmers than is
usual are cutting up corn. Mostly it is
being done to feed to fattening steers,
but all who can possibly find the time
6hould cut up the corn, and thus save
hay for sale.
Mrs. Drake of this city was one of
the judges of the babies competing for
awards at the state fair; the recipients
were Miss Ruff, 9 months, Miss Hennes
sy, 3; Master Bnshmere, 23, Master
Baldwin, 11.
The program of the Columbus As
sociation of Congregational churches is
out for the fall meeting at Clarks, Oct.
2 to 4. We notice that Bev. a V. Bice,
Rev. J. O. Jasker and C. G. Hickok have
places on the program.
Edward Jones, the colored gardner
of this city, took the first premium on
carrots and the second on Irish pota
toes; at the state fair; A. Berger, the first
on display of brooms; John Tannahill,
first premium on sweet potatoes, garden
The:state fair last week was proba
bly, all things considered, the best ever
held in the state. Wednesday's receipts
alone were sufficient to pay the entire
expense. Great crowds of people were
in attendance, and the exhibits were
At the meeting of the school board
Monday evening the board determined
to rent the Bollin building on Olive
street for occupancy by Mrs. Geer's de
partment; Miss Clara Weaver was se
lected to take charge of the Third ward
One of Platte county's mechanics
who runs a farm cleared $1,000 last year
on hogs, and thinks they are decidedly
the best paying property on the farm.
Another year he will be still bettor pre
pared to. care for them, although he now
grinds and steams their feed.
While in Chicago J. C. Fillman pur
chased an elegant silver tilting ice pitcher
and other articles which he will give
away Jan. 1, 1889. Every person making
a cash purchase of $1.50 will be entitled
to a drawing. Call and examine the
prizes and secure a number, as the draw
ing is now open. 1
P. W. Henrich has recently made
the following sales. The prices show ah
advance in real estate: The Rev. St
Clair property on Fifteenth street to
Chas. H. Conner, engineer on the U.T,
$lj500 cash; 560 acres of land in Lost
Creek township for Geo. P. Shebbins ot
Omaha, for $7,900.
It is estimated that at Mason City,
lav, the heavy frosts of last Wednesday
and Thursday nights damaged the corn
crop- to the extent of twelve bushels, to
the acre. Nebraskans can be thankful,
so far,.for the mild fall weather we are
having, in which thousands of tons of
hay are being put up.
. Nebraska has, so far, been wonderfully-favored
by the weather clerk..
While much com was planted late, and
much besides, owing to the very rapid
growth- ot the early season, was soft,
frost has kept off until, all matured. A
few -more such days and'-.the. latest
planting wouldprobably be entirely out
of danger; - .
-. Talk' about raising hogs! Mr. P.1
Higgins tolls us that he lias sold within
the last -four months $1500 worth which
were all 'raised within the past twelve
months and that, during itke past year
he-has sold about $1800 worth. Tins' as
the Tight way to utilize the corn crop
and Mr. wpn kaowa how it-is done.
-SABylarSwil. :
i Bbb Ya WkKi rendered Satur-''
last 'at the Opera House,
py the asdience.
is always interest-
CoL Merritt is in the city.
E. A. Sheets has returned to Denver.
John McMahon was in the city over
D. C Kavanaugh of Platte Center was
in town yesterday.
Mr.'Apgar, the Woodville postmaster,
was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. D. McDuffy returned last week
from her trip to Missouri.
Mrs. B. H. Henry arrived home from
the state fair Saturday evening.
Mr. T. Wolf, a banker at Creston, was
in town Wednesday on business.
John Harr left last week; with his
family, stock, eto, for Lusk, Wyo.
Mrs. H. B. Faublo is visiting friends
east and will be absent several weeks.
Mr. Flemming and John Barrell of
Creston were in .town several days last;
week. . I
S.' J. Wheeler and Mr. Byers of Cres-j
. . .. 11J 1
ton twp. were in town yesieruay, mjukuikj
hearty. 1
Charles Coolidge went yesterday toi
North Platte to work for Mr. Foley, a'
merchant. Success to him.
John Wise, Esq., of Sherman twp. was;
a very sick man last week; we are very'
glad to learn that he is better.
W. Saunders of the Platte Center Ar,
gus passed through the city Monday
morning to Fremont on business.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Westcott, Sr., go
this week to Creston to visit their son
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. ClarlL
Mrs. Bloedorn and children returned
from their Colorado trip Tuesday, great
ly benefited by the mountain air and
W. A. Hampton, Esq., of Humphrey,
the republican nominee for representa
tive, was in the city Monday, in attend
ance on district court.
Sheriff Bloedorn attended the sheriff's
convention at Lincoln Thursday. This
was preliminary to a meeting during the
session of the legislature.
Mrs. W. H. Winterbotham and daugh
ter Hazel, who have been visiting friends
in the city the past two weeks, returned
Saturday to their home in Genoa.
Mr. and Mrs. a B. Cowles of Clarks,
(former well-known residents of Platte
county) are on a four week's visit to
Mr. C's old.home at New Haven, VL
Mrs. H. J. Hudson started yesterday
to visit her daughter, Mrs. W. H. Win
terbotham at Genoa and her son James
at Woodville. The Judge will follow
Miss Clara Martin visited Columbus
friends last Friday and Saturday. Miss
Martin commenced teaching a term of
ten months in the David City schools
last Monday.
Ed. Hoare, of Lost Creek twp. was in
town Monday. He is one of the most
ardent republicans in the county, and is
posted on the wages problem as con
nected with the tariff.
Mrs. H. E. Ballou was quite sick for a
few days last week with pneumonia, but
under Dr. Schug's care she has recover
ed. While she was ill her son Edward
took her place in school.
John Huber and John Freeman, both
of whom were employed at the state fair
grounds last week, returned home Sat
urday. Freeman says that John Tanna
hill had a magnificent display at the
fair very nicely arranged.
David Smith and Chris. From have
returned from their trip to the fairs at
Norfolk, Omaha and Lincoln; they must
have enjoyed themselves, as they look
brown as nuts, fat as pigs and as pleas
ant as a basket of new pine chips.
Judge Bowman of Columbus, repre
sentative from Platte county, member of
the republican state central committee
and of the executive committee of the
state central committee, who has been in
the city for some days attending the fair
and to business, returned home last
Thursday. Lincoln Journal.
G. N. Crawford, Esq., returned Satur
day from Idaho, where he has been
spending the last few weeks grubbing
sage brush and seeding some land to
Alfalfa. On twelve acres last year he
raised three crops, 72 tons in all, which
sold at $12 a ton, or $72 an acre; $10 an
acre represented the entire expense,
leaving $62 an acre as the net profit.
Mr. Crawford says that the inter-state
commerce act has been a detriment to
that country, because the miners of
high-grade ore have held railroad com
panies strictly to the law concerning
rates, and have .virtually ruled out the
miners of low-grade ores, and their ven
tures are being abandoned.
A Narrow Escape.
Monday at about five o'clock, Mr. and
Mrs. Rudolph Kummer were going
homeward from the city in a wagon
loaded with merchandise, barb wire and
a wardrobe being a portion of 'the load.
On the west end of Eleventh street, the
bit of one of the horses fell out of his
mouth from some cause, the team be
came unmanageable and 'ran away; for a
little while they ran on the straight road,
Mr. Kummer holding to the lines, until
one of them gave way. At once a front
wheel was cramped against the wagon
box, which was overturned, throwing
the occupants to the ground, fracturing
Mr. K.'s right shoulder and Mrs. K.'s
left wrist. Cap. Tschtidy, who caught
the team and from whom we get the par
ticulars, thinks Mr. K. was struck on
the shoulder by. the wardrobe and that
Mrs. K. was hit by the wagon box.
The many friends and acquaintances
of Mr. and Mra. Kummer will be glad to
hear that notwithstanding their injuries,
.they had strength and pluck enough to
walk into the city and place themselves
under the care of Dr. Willy;
It-was certainly a narrow escape and
the JocBXAx, expresses the universal
feeling 'of thankfulness in this, commu
nity that the .lives" of two of its best and
most respected citizens have been spared
for further' usefulni
Unusualprearatiohs have been made
by the managers of the 'Columbus Driv
ing Park and Fair association .to make
their 8th annual fair, to be held Sept. 26,
27 and 28, the most successful 'one of the
series.- Already. large number of en
tries have been made and several special
attractions arranged for. . This associa
tion is a member of .the.Cen.tral Nebras
ka Fair circuit, and promises, to give' one
of.theTsry bast fairs in the circuit The
premiums are iiberal'and the entries'
will be large. Full informatirn maybe
had of G-W. Phillips, fecntary, Colum
hm, Nab. 82-2
Celaiisas Tewashi.
From A. W. Clark, the gentlemanly
supervisor- of Columbus township, we
learn some facte of interest to the pub
lic. . .
The' grading now being done is under
ft contract with Mr. Fuller, and the
work is preceding with a Gould & Aus
pn machine; about two miles of 'grading
is completed .on what is known' as the
JBrowner road and Becher road. The
contract is at 35 cents a rod, the 'grade
to be not less than 28 nor more than 30
feet wide, nd not less than. 2 nor more
than 3 feet in perpendicular hight be-
( tween the. top of the ridge and the bot
tom of the ditch. .
About five miles of work-has been-con-
tracted for, and work is now being done
on the. grade south of Westcott's on the
Ernst road. It is intended also to grade
the hill north of Ernst's into better
shape for travel.
Now is certainly a good time to work
the toads; the weathor being, dry, the
dirt will get packed.
The ..township authorities are to be
commended for the action they are tak
ing, being convinced that more is got for
the money by contract in this way.
A township hall was ordered in the
spring,and has now been contracted for,
further operations 'awaiting the selec
tion of a site. 'The building is to be
18x24 feet 10 feet ceiling, brick founda
tion. James Salmon has the contract,
the building to cost'$375. It should be
located so as to be as convenient as prac
ticable for the voters of the township;
near Fred Gottschalk's has been talked
of, and near C. C. Miller's, but the site
has not yet been determined, and any
one desiring to donate can call on A. W
The JouBNAii is not disposed to quit
saying a good word now and again, for
the establisement of a canning factory
here. We .are satisfied that it is only a
question of time, but we want the time
to be short so that we can have some of
the. benefits to follow. The main thing
lacking all along has not been the money
necessary for the. enterprise, but the
man of practical knowledge to invest
his time and talents and some money.
We believe that stock for an $8,000 in
stitution could be secured in an hour
after the practical man makes his ap
pearance. Under date of Sept. 16, Judge H. J.
Hudson is in receipt of a letter from E.
H. Potter of Warnerville, this state,
(where he is superintending a success
ful factory) telling him that he will give
any information desired concerning the
business. He does not state that he
would take a moneyed interest at all,
but it may be that if he could not, him
self, he would find a man that would.
Nothing like ''pegging away" at what
you -want.
Platte Coanty at Lincoln.
Our county's exhibit at the state fair
is thns spoken of by the Lincoln Call:
"In charge of John Tannahill the large
variety of products of this rich county
are nicely placed and are demanding a
large share of the visitors' attention.
Fruits, vegetables, grain and grasses in
all varieties are here and all of mammoth
proportions and of finest quality demon
strating that quantity and quality can
bo combined in the products of this rich
Mr. Tannahill is among the early set
tlers of the county and is in every way
posted and is certainly representing the
county very creditably. Some of the
finest varieties of apples, grapes and oth
er fruits are to be found here.
The display of bottled goods is exten
sive and very nice, consisting of table
sauces, meat dressings, eta, made from
the products of the county.
The garden seed display is the largest
yet shown, there being over 100 different
varieties. The vegetables are among the
largest and best ever exhibited in the
state. The specimens of artificial stone
made at Columbus is a drawing card..
One feature of this exhibit worthy of
mention are the wooden bottom shoes
manufactured by Siegenthaler Bros. &
Lutz of Columbus, which are pronounc
ed as exceedingly fine.
The exhibit is second to none and is a
credit to the Platte county people.
Hon. M. K. Turner, the vetern edi
tor of the Columbus Journal was in the
Center Friday last. He made, a pleasant
call at- the Argus office, and expressed
himself as being surprised at the rapid
growth of the town."
So says the Platte Center Argus. We
seldom object to anything said of us,
but we must this time enter protest, in
a good-natured way. We object to be
ing quoted as "surprised" at the rapid
jjrowth of the town. In eighteen years
we have seen Boone county grow from a
country without a white man living in
it; Nance the same, except government
employes, at the old Pawnee agency;
Madison and Polk nearly the same, and
it is too late along for us to be Surpris
ed" at rapid growths anywhere in Ne
braska. If the Argus will accept the
word "pleased," we will call it square.
Colanba Honey at Lincoln.
Aside from its newspapers, mills and
banks, there is probably no single busi
ness represented in Columbus that bet
ter advertises the city than the business
transacted by Mrs. if. N. Heater. Of her
exhibit at the state fair last week the
Lincoln Journal says:
"Each succeeding year the apiary de
partment finds Mrs. Heater, of Colum
bus,, present with a large showing of
comb and extracted honey, wax, imple
ments and all bee-keepers' supplies.
The exhibit is in the form of a large
pyramid of jars of .Honey arranged
around an ornamented velvet back
ground, bearing the name and residence
of 'the exhibitor. This exhibit shows to
advantage what well directed intelligent
study and years of experience can do in
this direction, and all who visit the state
fair should not fail to visit apiary hall
arid inspect this exhibition;"
It is little paragraphs such as foK
lows that attract the attention of sensi
ble, farmers east more than all the brag
and bluster that can be heaped' up:
James M-Frost, though haying Jand Of
his own in Kansas, has rented for several
years; a tract near this city, of. Patrick
Murray. This year he seeded 300 acres
to corn and 100 to oats. While his oats
were about as the usual run, his corn he
thinks will not be less than 14,000
bushels, Pat Murray estimates -it 15;-,
000. vMr. Frost has lived in several
different places,' but he thinks Platte
county is the best 'farming -country he
hasstruok. ..
.Columbus teachers seem to be in
demand. A-few days ago a committee,
from an adjoining- town visited Colum
bus andv offered' tha present city super
intendent a much larger salary than he
now receives if he would, take charge of
their -schools.' And now comes David
City offering D. G. Christy a larger sal
ary if he. will accept a position as assist
ant principal in their high school.
This book, lust out, is the life of a
great man by a great -author. .
It is a superior' literary production
worthy, of special attention.
Both subject and author have'risen by
superior- qualities,. indomitable energy
and application from the quiet walks of
life to world-wide fame.
They have been life-long friends; both
have had thrilling iBxperiences on the
field of battle; have served in the council
chamber of the nation. How fortunate
that the man whose illustrious- ancestry
shall be put in the shade -by his own'
elevation to the presidency of a. far
greater 'nation and whose fitness for.
sucn exalted position the people desire
iu uvcu.oie.iamuiiar witu, suouiu nave
such a biographer. One' who has pass
ed through like experience in the war
for the Union and in the national coun
cils and rho can intelligently unfold
and discuss the views Gen. -Harrison
holds upon national issues. One also
who wields a pen of such wonderful des
criptive power as to have reached un
challenged fame as authorship.
The work is issued by the Messrs.
.Hubbard "Broa, of Philadelphia, Chicago
and Kansas. City, is intensely interest
ing, elegantly illustrated, and we under
stand is having a remarkable sale. It is
sold through agents and undoubtedly
affords exceedingly profitable employ
ment for a great many activo young
men as every true American should cer
tainly read this book before Nov. 4th.
d E. Barrell, local agent hero ot the
B. & M., left Saturday week, ostensibly
for .Plattsmouth, whither his- wife hiUl
gone the day before. Not arriving there,
it was ascertained here, by a letter left
for his wife, that nsome debts; contract
ed before bis arrival' here, had greatly
troubled him, and ho would leave until
such time as he could straighten them
up. It is said that he was given to mag
nifying affairs greatly, enlarging mole
hills of trouble into mountains of diffi
culties, and it is thought that a tempo
rary giving way to this feeling so pos
sessed him that he became completely
discouraged. There is no evidence that
his accounts or transactions with tho
railroad company were anything but all
Bismarck Township.
Threshing is in progress now.
Hay making is almost finished here.
Small grain is a very light crop this
The corn is drying out very fast and
will soon be beyond the injury of frost.
Jacob Karline sold two loads of fine
fat hogs last week to Rickly Bros.
O. D.Butler and W.H. Swartsley took
a trip to the Lincoln fair last week.
The enrollment at the academy has
increased to twenty-one, with new ar
rivals almost daily.
Messrs. John Conley and J. C. Swarts
ley put np tho hay from forty acres of
land in two days, which is a pretty good
record. Charles.
Lyceum Program Sept. 22d.
The first meeting will bo held at Fitz
patrick's now hall, 13th street.
Opening remarks II. J. Hudson
Piano solo Clara Lehman
Recitation GracoGeer
Souk Misses MorriHon
Recitation Francis Barnhart
Select reading - L. Phillips
Piano solo EnorClother
Recitation Kate Taylor
Debate: Would it be for tho best interests cf
the city to vote the bonds as called for, at a
special election to be held Oct.. 3d, 1848? Affirm
ative Carl Kramer, W. B. Backus; Negative M.
P. Hard, C. A. Brindley.
A resident of this city, a red-hot
democrat, lately on a visit to New York
state, says although he is a democrat
himself he must confess that the jig is
up for Cleveland in New York, and it is
the tariff issue that is doing it. He
speaks of the workmen at a slate quarry;
they -will all vote tho republican tickot,
every one of them, because if free trade
prevails their occupation is gone, and
they will have to hunt another job. So
it goes. The men who toil for a living
for themselves and families know on
which side their bread is buttered.
H. H. Huntomann was in town Wed
nesday last on business and gave the
Journal a very pleasant call. He has
lately contracted for the erection of the
following improvements in his section:
a dwelling-house 28x36, two stories, for
Fred. Behlens, Shell Creek township; a
dwelling, 34x26, two stories, for Henry
Robert of Sherman township; a barn 48
x60 foot and posts 16 feet for John H.
Democratic sheets take great pains
to deny the fact that some John Jones,
a clerk in one of the departments, is in
charge of the distribution of campaign
documents, but we notice they
are not engaged in denying
that Graver Cleveland, president of
the United States, has furnished $10,000
as a contribution to the fund designed
to re-elect him president. If the former
is civil service reform what is the latter?
We are in receipt of a letter from
J. A. Beed, dated on steamship City of
Berlin, on mid-Atlantic, Aug. 30, 1888.
It is a lengthy, interesting letter, but,
received just as we go to press, we can
not find space for it this week. He
writes that his health is improving fast
and that he is enjoying his trip exceed
ingly. His address, for the present, will
be care of Inman Inter-National Steam
ship Co., 13, Pall Mall, London, England.
.Good Enongh!
1 lost a mare. recently, by disease, sud
denly taken down with, brain fever. She
was worth $175, which would have been
a total loss had it not been that I had
insured her. P. W. Henrich was the
agent for the company, and my loss was
promptly paid me without delay or
trouble. Walter Mead.
Base Ball Challenge.
The E. D. Fitzpatrick base ball club
hereby challenge any organised base
ball club in Platte county to play a
game of. ball on the .second day of the
fair at the base ball grounds in Colum
bus, , Chas. Raymond, Capt.
For. Sale or Rent.
My feed lots, containing., 30 acres, with
all necessary buildings and facilities for
handling .stock; located in west endrCo
lumbuscity. -. ' D.Akdebsojt,
".." South Omaha,
2T-- Or. L.-WEAVEB, Columbus.
One man from Piattsmouth and two
of Omaha, belonging to the StAndrews
society, spoke at the EbiscoDai church
last Sunday, and: urged that more men
join in doing church work: A large aur
aience was jut attendance.
PARVATTOa . u- ..- ..-...
TKi.r ocjjuuwr lain, to Jirs. W.-H.
yarnanan, a bob.
CJJPtewbjw' . to Mrs Aifert
BECKER-Sepfember 13th, to Mrs. Wm.Beck
er, a aaagnter.
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbU bbbbbbbbbbH
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb) tsbbbbbbbbbnv hbf
LbbbV- IF- 'Lr '
WA11 goods guaranteed as-represented. I use nothing but the. very best of
stock and employ none but thd most skilled workmen: It you. are in, need .of any mjr line&will pay you to look at my goods before- buying. By strict
attention to business and fair dealing I-trust to merit a share, of your-patronage.
tWBxPAixaa neatly done, on short notice, and at .low Trices. Call and
Loan, Real Estate
oner ta Uu oa Farms at lowest rates of interest, on short and .long time, in amounts T
""cemfUAfcrtraets sf Title to all Keel Estate in Platte coanty.
Notary Fobuo' always in Omcz.
Farm aa City Preserti for Sale. .
luwaaee against Fire, Lightning and Tornadoes. Lira asd Aocidejjt Insurance, none bat
Cha very best companies represented. oQ-t
Meaauhlt Tickets to and ficom all parts in Europe. 28jaIjSCMf
Did you hear how they are
Clothing, Eats, Caps,
"JOURNAL" Block, 11th
Come early and
Aug. 29, 88-tf.
Wholesale and
Fresla. i 2veots.
Gaae, Paaltry, aid Fresk Fish. All Kinds f Saisage a Specialty.
CVCaah paid for Hides, Felts, Tallow. Highest market price paid for fat cattle."CJ
Olive Street, twa Dears Ntrth tf the Fint Xatioial Bart.
WILLY-fiept. lltii. or inflammation of the
boweK Mrf . Amanda Willy, aged ffi! yearn. Tho
fnneral took placo Hnmlny from the late resi
dence of the deceased on Eleventh Ktreet, Itev.
O. V. ltice officiating.
The deceased came here a year ago last July,,
from Shelby coanty, Iowa.
usiness Notices.
Advertisements under this head five cents a
line each insertion.
"POR SALE! A house and lot west of High
School building on Ninth street. Inquire
of J. Waoneb. lSjunam
FOR good young breeding Stock of all kinds,
c-.ll at Bloomingdale Ktock farm. A. ITen
rich.Plntte Center P.O. Neb. 30-tf
WM.SCHILTZ makee boots and Bhoesinthe
liest style, and nsee only the very best
stock that can be procured in the market. SZ4i
POll EXCHANGE.-WU1 excliange good milch
cows and some young cattle for a good
young mare or work horse.
23joUp J. W. WlTCHCT.
Duncan P. O.
Lecal Xotlee.
To all whom it may concern:
The commissioner appointed to locate a road
cominenring at the south end of Monroe street
in Oiila Villaze addition to the cltv of Colum
bus and running thence due south until the
same intersects the Columbus and l'hitte river
roadand terminating thereat, and known and
designated at the"Oida road," has reported in
favor of the establishment thereof, and all ob
jections thereto, or claims for damages, mnst
be filed In the county clerk's office on or before
noon of the 15th day of October, A. I. 18&3, or
such road will be established without reference
thereto. Joiix Stauffer.
Conn It Clerk.
Dated. Columbus. 3teb., Aug. IStb. '88. -it.
Resolved, That a special, meeting of this coun
cil be held on the 29th day of September, 1588, at
8 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of asseftging
upon the following described lot, to wit: Lot
one in block 150 in the city of Colombns, the
expense of laying a sidewalk upon Lincoln,
stroetabutting said lot.
Further" jefeolved. That notice to Frank Egan
of the timo, place and purpose of holding said
meeting be published by the clerk in the Colum
bus Joubnai. for four weeks prior to said date.
By order of tho city council.
lAttest.j 2,Jt City (,,ert
By Virtue of an order of sale directed to mo'
from the district court of Colfax county, Nebras
ka, on a judgment obtained in the district court
of Colfax county, Nebraska, pa the 6th day of
August, 1888,' at an adjonrned 'session of the June
A. D., 1888. term,'in favor of F. N: iloffstatt and
W.JJ. Taylor, partners, as F. NI Hostatt Co.,
as plaintiffs, and against John Graff, James I.
Bennett 'and Kobe rt Marshall, partners, as Graff,
Bennett & Co., as- defendants, for tho sum" of
Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred and Three
dollars and Twenty-eight cents, and costs taxed
at fW.08, and accrningcosts. I have levied upon
the. following reel estate.laken as .the" property
of said defendantsto satisfy said. order 'of sale
iuwii. a uu wui. uau vt. uie nocinwest quarter or
section thirty-one (31), the east haH of the north
east quarter of section twenty-one (21), the east
half of the-sontheast aoartef, the west half f
the'sontheast quarter.-the east half of the eodth-
wesi uuaner oi section- twenty-two 422), the I
north hall of the northeast quarter, the west I -
the northwest quarter of section twentr-thres
(23), .the north half of the southeast nuarter of
section twenty-four (24). Lots five (5). six (8)
and seven (7), m section thirty ), all in town,
ship ' eventeen m), nohof range one.(l), east
of the. sixth (6th) principal meridian In Platte
sale to the highest bidder.f or cash ia hinH tka
&. .&..! : .!. I ,... " - ,. wm .... m
...w am awmmiii.iii. imi,. r m mmmmmm
1 of court was held, at tli kwlf 7rS '
p. m 01 saia qar. wbea aad . dm -:
ante wUl be by fommimmim-i. T t
Harness Depot.
. . .
. . .
. - ..
Jl you wish to get value received,
. . . .go-to " :
-. OppMHtUhldil tW.
. .
r hare constantly, on hand all -goods, from,
the cheapest to.the "best, and will sell them
'at -lower prices than the same quality 'of
goods bought anywhere else ia Platte
county. You can find here single and double
Carriage and Buggy Harness, -Farm harness
light and heavy, a beautiful stock of -Robes'
and. Blankets, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Hal
tersj' Whips, Sleigh' Bells, Curry Combs,
Brushes, Wagon Covers and. Tenia, Trunks
'and Valises,- Buggy-tops, and in fact every?
thing that is kept in a
Ool-uxxibus, ITolaraajlca.
Street, Columbus, Neb.?
secure bargains.
Retail Dealers in
Notice probate of will, Thomas McPhillips. de-:
ceased. In county court, Piatt County,. Neb.
The state of Nebraska to the heirs and next of
kin of the said Thomas McPhillips, deceased:
Take notice, that npon filing of a written instru
ment purporting to be the last will and testament
of Thomas Mcl'hillips for probate anil allowance,
itis ordered that said matter bo set for hearing
the 22d day of September, A. D. 1888, before said
county court, at the. honr of o'clock a. m., at
which timo any person interested may appear
and contest the same; and notice of this proceed
ing is ordered published three weeks successive
ly in the Coluxbus JouHNAfc,a weekly news
paper published in this state.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and the seal of the county court,- at Co
lumbus, this 25th day of August, A. I)., 1888,
29auglt H- J. Hunsox,
County Judgo.
In the estate of Willard Eltzroth. deceased, ta
county court, Platte, county, Nebraska. To tho
creditors, heirs, legatees and others interested
in the estate of Willard Eltzroth:
Take notice, that John Hnb-r has filed in tho
county court a report of his doings as adminis
trator of said estate and it is ordered that tho
.tame stand for hearing the 20th day or Septem
ber. A. D. 1888, before the court at th hour of 10
o'clock a. m., at which timn any person interest-.
ed may appear and except to and contest the
same. And notice of this proceeding is ordered
given three times in Columbuh Journal prior
to said hearing.
Witness my hand and .the seal of the countr
court at Columbus this 30th dny of August,
A. 1. 1883.
if. J. Hudson.
County Judge.
The object of this school educatv practic
ally, to prepare teachers', fpr their -prpfession, to
promote the commbn schools, ahtl'to' giv thoeo.
who are seeking a scientifie and cl.issic'.e'luca
tion that privilege at this school. Th organiza
tion is s-icli. that Istndents of any- 'grade m.ij
enter, 'and pupils are'not detained oq thft inoHIc
iencyof some one ols4. Industry anddetprmin-
ation are rewardel. A thorongif. knowledge of
the subject.taught is tlie.reiuisite forprumotuin.
Fall term opened September 4, l&r9." "
First winter term opens Tuesday! Nof-feinber'
. For further information address."
21-5t Fresifient.
WMtebrait, per ton'
$5 00
6 00
Sock Sprang;'
Canon City, .
7 001
:i- T (DO
Easliri & Wcslin Har. GoaJ.
'A 1
amfcaad. 8pecial .'
WiUJ I .
Tuesday af ternooii,-and artf correct utl rjtlifM . -" -
gt the time. -" -".""" . .-.-w fm . i
Whes......-: ...v ....".. :..-.. i. . ? ." .... .
Cora -(jn oar) ...-....-...,.-........ x "...-., ?" ;
Vprn (sbeJIcp......?...v-.'":r-.:--aP V . -"" -". .
Oats... .,. .m. .... ..... .v "- . ia . m
hjl - . --.-- ;.. ;.---as..- ...
Flour....,..- t. ..x".-."... ..,..;;... $24wB"08.-r .. ,. ;
Buckwheat.. "C....".... .!... ..-.-.".l ... .!$" -". :..-.-- - .
Flnv . - 1 j""" -. " iU6 .i "
X U&& .... ..... ....... I . ..I. w. ..... .. -. .3 ww . -. .- . .
- ." ..- .PnoUUCB." "--.-".".! "- :".-:.i' ''
Butfcr ..
...XKATS. ..-.
Shoulders.... Vy .... .rj:..r... .7-- Sjf ',
aiiltir.:.. .....x.. !.. -."v.......". . tMmj
. :'.: J4TK STOCK.. .-.
'B.'p " -" ' . .
lU.CUWB.M a '
- .-. .-. .- inn n ... -. '
m mBIs . ABrfcAJSf
Fat Btaero. ........ ....i. .. ........ ..'j laJiW,"--;. i ..
In.- -??A? '- ""-..:". ' SB""- f '" ' '' " '
Hani, lVniij-VlVauia.'..-. .-,---.......:. o.. ,"-- -l.-.' : -.-. -..
Hant.-lJ,tror;to.,... ...... "....i.;-;-.,.' t :- l1 :".. ?. .,;".
luK-k. SnrinirS. liut . ' . 1 '. . . . .-"-. S-0S.. .". . -C - .
lCork Springt,luiiiV .-.;.... ...;.. ;... .. ' DS-- -. ..
vartM.-.... .-;. .....-.,.. -..c. .- v-- .:..!" . .-. .. ..
Colocuio :-..'-: t'.-....' a ow..--...--... .-.j. m' t
AU Kinds of
Olive St.", ajtarly. apaetita f ast-aJtoc.
j-"-". ' jun8S.y . '''': -.
' -'" .-
CARpiS;- ;.:- -:.-- v'.
. ENVEtOPES;.: r . -t -. -
XOTE-ilEAOS;-... -;:
- Rltili -HEADS. ---.-:
; .-". .i3IRBULAVRS, ... ,;-l
. ." l'WpjirufiStT&TU..
..--r-.jeetof.OiHtiha;atW-. -"-V."--"-.-:".i -"V"-.- .
The best ; rnjinnfiiutories of .-.tlie eouatry.-v v " -. -".-:"..
roproeented". .Nt)t";to bo linSersol-J-'':' -" ".. '. . .'- -'" "."
s" bv'unvbudr. -tL'oti.ean'd- see '--" ..-:. "V " -.:'
lv an ybbd ..-. ;Cpiiie" an'd-
... - pn(jorai. ... ..-'.-.;
BHOS ever invented. .
ltls very QENTOII. and TJHSSfiTaadi-rras
(ho earao protectloa as a boot or over-caltor. Atls '
tnamnlent to Dut on and thrt ton can br aril:
fif fnv 1rTn Tit fl(mnl Tnfir4r"tftrtl.ntln
Special ADDODQceieit!
Furnishing Goods !
GraIy-:-Rediced-?fice r
-'HTrCnlij'samine Goods and learn.
prices.. " '. -. ' ".-' ..' '," '".--.
Grcican Eros. S. Co.
Pat. "S,5a. IBm'-v..-paijBja!-
-4aaP-aaBB'- JK s " bbW -bW-sbbf -
t - -. "" r " '
- ' '.'..-' 22epSC-7 I .';
': I "j fi I nbailaaJgfcafsBBBBBBaTi.
CANNED ANP DNIElV OF. AfL.: nUSDBr ;- - u .-
" frCAISASTKEW.TOHEOPBEST-".:; --.'--'.'-- " -
QUALITY., ..;.--:-..:: .:-...-.-. -
' :'."- '
V- ;-.; . .
BT-TH AT DEFY C.pM'.lbilTIpNV"-'-""'-.1-'.''-. -i
AndallkindAof .counti.'produ'cefakenintradaV"' "- '-'. i!
"-" : and' all goods delivered free "of charge :' V. :;'." ;. '.-
"- "- : to-any'part .of ,the citjr.- -:.;""..' C . : .' . ". '.;". " '
. V
-.- .-v.-. '
".. - I'm,
.V.-A. .--.' . V.-
--'- ".'-'. .. .
"..-. :. -. -" --.v..
' : - -.O
''. - - . -r -
"' - . -
v:-: :.. :.
lilt- -y-'Sim.l
?&.$& '&:. gat'SlZ
a j
,- -a., -... .
--r .-:. T--vT-3
: t-t
T fc.i r -
BBBBBBBBBBeS&S'::- V- ' . "J. '- -, ' -SkkLj&&ZJJ-- I 22-:'5Ci; JikV's?